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June 2012
19495095House BussardFollowing on the heels of house Bulwark, /tg/ creates House Bussard of the Vale. Horrible rolling causes the vulture to be adopted as its sigil. Ours is what's left!bussard, house creation, asoiaf, buzzard, vulture2012-06-16 12 
January 2013
22638638GoT Quest: House Dredd "The Hand is Strong" Another /tg/ House is created, this time in the well-defended but relatively lawless Mountains of the Moon. Dredd references abound as bringing law to the Vale is made our top priority. Right after hand jokes and women.Collective Game, Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones, House Creation2013-01-17 8 
22657728GoT Quest: House Dredd (Creation Finalised)We make our final adjustments to House Dredd, and our until-now nameless character. Rollan Dredd, son of Lord Josephus Dredd will make his mark on Westeros. We also spend an almost certainly unhealthy amount of time decking out our lesbian-broette, Alyse Stone.Collective Game, Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones, House Creation, House Dredd2013-01-18 1 
April 2016
46556904ASOIAF House Creation Thread: Riverlands EditionAnd lo, House Gauthier was born. "With a Soft Hand."A Song of Ice and Fire, house creation, Gauthier2016-04-09 5 
46567400ASOIAF House Creation Thread: House Gauthier pt. 2Our slow attempts to finish house creationA Song of Ice and Fire, house creation, Gauthier2016-04-10 5 
46645642ASOIAF House Creation Thread: House Gauthier pt. 3Where we add more details and stat up Rotrick GauthierA Song of Ice and Fire, house creation, Gauthier2016-04-14 5 
46780545ASOIAF House Creation: Dorne EditionThe Creation of House Chancer, a load of up-jumped pirates nobody had heard of.ASOIAF, house creation, house chancer, A Song of Ice and Fire2016-04-21 -2 
July 2018
2653681ASOIAF House CreationWhere we make a Riverlands House with a shit fighting lord who is the saltiest fuck and the op doesn’t make the second threadAsoiaf, house creation, game of thrones,2018-07-03 1 
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