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March 2014
30888640 Cultures of the World/tg/ goes on a cultural dumping spree. Among other things, Maori tattooing habits are explained, Individual ethnic groups are discussed, and many really cool images support the articlesarabs, foreign culture, Indians2014-03-18 13 
May 2017
1495829A Foreign LandYou are a traveler in a foreign land.foreign, land, travel, exploration, hats2017-05-29 2 
June 2017
1513211A Foreign Land: Part 2You are a traveler in a foreign land again.foreign, land, travel, exploration, hats2017-06-03 2 
January 2021
4555200Sword Art Online: Foreign #1Wide data-miner ISN'T stuck in SAO, steals from a corpse, pretends to be an NPC, gets Shanghai'd by the government to help out. Sword Art Online Foreign, Sword Art Online, Quest, sao, SAOF, 4reign, Collective Game2021-01-03 0 
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