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September 2008
2600504Insert title here...Thin Fa/tg/uy begins the first chapter in a fantastic bit of writefaggotry concerning a rookie guardsman and his brush with Daemonic forces and the Grey Knightswritefag fluff warhammer 40k thin fa/tg/uy grey knights imperial guard2008-09-17 26 
2620824Insert title here chapter 2Thin fa/tg/uy continues to refuse to name his story about a guardsman named Jim brought before the inquisitionwritefag fluff warhammer 40k thin fa/tg/uy imperial guard2008-09-20 21 
July 2009
5063230Disney Goes /tg/A Disney comic about... Well... Tabletop gaming in general. It's funny because it's true.disney, neckbeard, fa/tg/uy, d&d, scrooge, donald2009-07-02 10 
December 2010
13055912fa/tg/entleman Alpha as Fuckfa/tg/entleman recall stories of losing their shit and thoroughly HUMILIATING douchebags, trolls, and what have you despite your typical nerd/neckbeard/wuss.fa/tg/uys, awesome, ALPHA, AS, FUCK2010-12-07 1 
March 2014
30754093What /tg/ does with the drunken sailorWe have discovered a horrifying reality. There are people who have never heard that song and new versions are pitchedSea Shanty, Songs, What Should We Do With The Drunken Sailor, The Drunken fa/tg/uy, Cowardly Guardsman, Muppets Treasure Island2014-03-12 9 
June 2015
40299770Fa/tg/uy Quest 0Wherein we discover that we are not a hero. We are a crazy. And in unison agree, that quest threads are shit.Fatguy Quest, Fa/tg/uy Quest, Collective Game2015-06-01 12 
40448919Fa/tg/uy Quest 1One man/bear/child's journey of discovery in a desolate world.Fatguy Quest, Fa/tg/uy Quest, Collective Game2015-06-07 8 
40598209Fa/tg/uy Quest 2Fatguy discovers himself.Fatguy Quest, Fa/tg/uy Quest, Collective Game2015-06-14 8 
40882994Fa/tg/uy Quest 3We ride together; we die together, bad boyz 4 lyfe.Fatguy Quest, Fa/tg/uy Quest, Collective Game2015-06-28 6 
July 2015
41178108Fa/tg/uy Quest 4The gang's all hereFatguy Quest, Fa/tg/uy Quest, Collective Game2015-07-12 4 
41479622Fa/tg/uy Quest 5We found a convoyFatguy Quest, Fa/tg/uy Quest, Collective Game2015-07-27 5 
August 2015
41623389Fa/tg/uy Quest 6We decide to work together with Zeke for a whileFatguy Quest, Fa/tg/uy Quest, Collective Game2015-08-02 1 
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