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December 2013
29100009Bord Quest - The Bord AwakenDeep in interstellar space, a massive ship trundles on. A pinnacle of engineering of its kind, its destination is an oasis in the middle of interstellar wasteland... Borgas IV. Will they reach paradise? Will they reach their doom? Only Engineer Hugo Packagebord knows!collective game, bord quest, primordial, colony ship, bord, shenanigans, drawquest2013-12-27 13 
January 2014
29402288Bord Quest - Two Bords, No WeaponHugo Packagebord finds something else as he searches for weapons or weapon-like things with Rando Bornum.collective game, bord quest, primordial, colony ship, bord, shenanigans, drawquest2014-01-10 6 
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