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February 2012
17976707Monsterquest/TG/ tries to make a fetish monstergirl, but the quest runner is having none of that shit. We begin as a blue imp named Chlaon WHO IS CLOTHED AND WILL NOT BE WHIPPING HIS DICK OUT AT PEOPLE. Jesus. imp quest, blue imp, monstergirl fetishquest averted?2012-02-16 13 
18040949Chlaon Quest (formerly Monster Quest)We make two deals and gain two souls. First one was easy. the second one, not so much.imp quest, blue imp, Chlaon quest, collective game, quest2012-02-22 6 
18056857Chalon Quest 2We meet our sire and are 'rewarded' by being granted the vice of gluttony. We're summoned back to the world by the apprentice and have a few encounters with a paladin, whom /tg/ is now apparently tsundere for, before stealing the soul of a guard.imp quest, blue imp, Chlaon quest, collective game, quest2012-02-23 7 
March 2012
18240567ChlaonQuest 4We find out who the Gilded Knight really is, and how dreamy, I mean useful, USEFUL he is to aid us in infiltrating and subverting the city.imp quest, blue imp, Chlaon quest, collective game, monsterquest, tsundere2012-03-07 5 
18476328Chlaon Quest 5Getting a new dress. I'm so pretty. Fooling the spymaster and the prince. I'm so witty. Getting invited to the festival with the prince. YAAAY!imp quest, blue imp, Chlaon quest, collective game, quest2012-03-28 5 
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