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July 2016
47946038Give Sisters of Battle an UpdateA thread where an anon challenged /tg/ to update SoB without going overboard or making them weak space marines. /tg/ obliged.Warhammer_40k Sororitas Sisters_of_Battle homebrew2016-07-01 1 
48009418More SoB Updates and DiscussionA continuation of a previous Sisters of Battle thread, which led to some good discussion and homebrew.Warhammer_40k Sororitas Sisters_of_Battle homebrew2016-07-01 2 
48049810 /tg/'s 7th Edition Sister of Battle PDF UpdateThe latest (and probably final) thread of /tg/'s 7th edition update for sisters of battleWarhammer_40k Sororitas Sisters_of_Battle homebrew2016-07-03 4 
48348811/tg/'s 7th Edition Sister of Battle PDF UpdateMore work being done on the /tg/ fandex for SoB 7th edition.Warhammer_40k Sororitas Sisters_of_Battle homebrew2016-07-22 0 
September 2016
49425553Sisters of Battle talk threadA thread that began with Sisters players nerding out and ended with more brainstorming for the /tg/ 7th edition fandexWarhammer_40k Sororitas Sisters_of_Battle homebrew2016-09-23 2 
49461055/tg/'s 7th Edition Sister of Battle threadA thread discussing the /tg/ 7th Edition AdSor fandexWarhammer_40k Sororitas Sisters_of_Battle homebrew2016-09-24 -3 
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