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July 2015
41064652Two Souls QuestWe meet our Spirit Pair, Tiamat, and engage in combat against revenants and a Greater Lich.Collective Game, Two Souls Quest2015-07-07 3 
41085335Two Souls Quest 2We enter the realm of Eris, learn more about the nature of the setting and fight some more Lessers. Collective game, Two Souls Quest2015-07-08 2 
41166827Two Souls Quest 3We head into the Dragon Citadel, which is a bit surreal, and level up for the first time!Collective game, Two Souls Quest2015-07-12 4 
41191061Two Souls Quest 4We head into the centre of the Dragon Citadel, meet Dr. Mario, remember things and discover we are way more powerful than first thought.Collective Game, Two Souls Quest2015-07-13 6 
41231742Two Souls Quest 6We decide to team up with the Bretonnians after hearing both sides of the story and then proceed to join the battle and go a little bit crazy.Collective Game, Two Souls Quest, Warhammer Fantasy2015-07-15 2 
41336210Two Souls Quest 7We are badly poisoned, and Mario makes it worse before making up for it by summoning THE STEED OF LEGEND!Collective Game, Two Souls Quest, Warhammer Fantasy 2015-07-20 3 
41464738Two Souls Quest 8, Ultima EditionWe play as Zophagros for one thread and discover that, yes, he is utterly broken, we discover a bit about the MC's past and more about the history of the setting. Giant explosions are had and a fight to begin and end universes takes place.Collective game, Two Souls Quest, Mirage, Zophagros2015-07-26 2 
August 2015
41612679Two Souls Quest 9We wake up from a week long poisoned knock out, get the king of vampires on our side, learn that Mario now kicks ass and fight alongside him.Two Souls Quest, Collective Game, Mirage, Warhammer Fantasy2015-08-02 1 
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