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May 2019
3460652Solo Experience QuestWe log into Tarnished Glory Online, a new VRMMO with an unusual take on PvP balance. Then we die twice and are inflicted with a tutorialSolo Experience Quest, Tarnished Glory Online, VRMMO, Kobold2019-05-09 10 
3504621Solo Experience Quest 2We complete the tutorial, get ambushed, go on a nighttime cruise down the river, and then get chased through the woods.Solo Experience Quest, Tarnished Glory Online, VRMMO, Kobold2019-05-28 7 
June 2019
3539742Solo Experience Quest 3We make a tentative deal, become a target of disproportionate response and enter another instance.Solo Experience Quest, Tarnished Glory Online, VRMMO, Kobold2019-06-18 4 
July 2019
3583246Solo Experience Quest 4We begin executing a plan to deal with the instance boss. Very short thread due to various IRL issues.Solo Experience Quest, Tarnished Glory Online, VRMMO, Kobold2019-07-01 2 
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