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December 2018
3082998Stand Quest RequiemWe are King Crimson, and we inhabit our new host who is a quirkless in a quirk-filled world.Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2018-12-11 26 
3115510Stand Quest Requiem 2We bust slime man's eyes, meet our Boss' childhood idol, order better pants and deal with Bird bro's uncle's spirit(Stand).Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2018-12-28 21 
January 2019
3156173Stand Quest Requiem 3We go to the tailor,get info from the tailor,go into haunted alleyways,kill a beast,get a visit from a friend and curb a bad habit.Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2019-01-14 12 
February 2019
3192075Stand Quest Requiem 4We get to the exam, meet an invisble cutie, kick some robo ass, freak 3 people out and find out a future classmate has a Stand.Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2019-02-02 10 
3272470 Stand Quest Requiem 5We continue on with the test, face off against the 0-pointer, defeat and dance on the 0-pointers destruction and befriend Grape Chad(Mineta)Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2019-02-24 10 
March 2019
3315312 Stand Quest Requiem 6Izuku goes exploring at the ol' Kira Manor, finds a secret underground bunker, finds a body and gets scared by a lamp.Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2019-03-15 8 
April 2019
3377048 Stand Quest Requiem 7We continue our exploration, extreme autism happens, we collect all the artifacts and kill a stationary gaurd with his help(Stand).Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2019-04-02 22 
3416784 Stand Quest Requiem 8We encounter crazy bitch, make a new stand arrow(spear),get stalked by said bitch and get an alter-ego. Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2019-04-15 11 
3452368 Stand Quest Requiem 9We look for worthy ones,encounter the love of our life,meet and KO Stain,drop our spaghet and have Italian with friends.Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2019-04-30 20 
May 2019
3487650 Stand Quest Requiem 10We tell a worried sibling blood thot's location,get accepted to UA and continue finding worthy ones.Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2019-05-13 10 
3519069Stand Quest Requiem #11Izuku in the act of creating an anonymous image board gets trapped in a modern art museum, where he faces off against a bizarre opponent Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2019-05-29 7 
June 2019
3566092Stand Quest Requim #12Izuku Midoriya begins his first day at UA but the Quest is cut short. Rest well STANDO, see you in a few months.Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2019-06-13 6 
August 2019
3724516King Crimson QuestAfter escaping GER, KC finds himself in a world of alien suffering and capes in this one-shot.Stand Quest, Collective Game, Worm2019-08-13 6 
October 2019
3861650Stand Quest Requiem #12.5Deku makes some friends and acquires forbidden knowledgeStand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2019-10-14 11 
January 2020
3990614SQR: Different Life, Same SoulThe quiet life of Yoshikage Kira continues in the world of ghouls.Stand Quest,STANDOQM,Spin-off,Tokyo Ghoul2020-01-15 5 
March 2020
4126852Stand Quest Requiem #13The battle trial begins with Deku and Sero facing off against Iida and Tokoyami.Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2020-03-25 7 
July 2020
4341081SQR: The Other Stands #1Kenny Ackerman tries to find the true man's world inside the walls.Stand Quest,STANDOQM,Spin-off,Attack on Titan, SNK2020-07-26 2 
September 2021
4980802Stand Quest Sagas: Okinawan Slave Quest #1Our protagonist begins his trials and tribulations on the shores of Nanjing.Stand Quest Sagas, Okinawan Slave Quest, Collective Game2021-09-15 0 
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