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September 2012
20601229Squat Crusade: The MusicalThe first adventure of the last squats in the galaxy rebuilding their race as told by Shas'o R'ymr.Shas'o R'ymr, Squat Crusade: The Musical, Squat Crusade2012-09-05 14 
20690875Squat Crusade Part 2More poor decisions. More burned fate. The Ancestors put these guys in charge? They must be crazy.Shas'o R'ymr, Squat Crusade: The Musical, Squat Crusade2012-09-12 9 
20751885Squat Crusade: Cities of GoldEpisode 3 of Squat Crusade finds the last squats in the galaxy looting a city of gold, and pissing off a VERY ancient enemy.Squat Crusade, 40k, Squats2012-09-17 5 
May 2013
24964549Squat Crusade ConcernsPhillip Ragebeard makes an appearance and points out the myriad of mistakes made by Shas'o R'ymrSquat Crusade, Squat Crusade: The Musical2013-05-22 7 
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