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April 2008
1498570Wallhammer Gen2 2More development, with nekomatons and...other stuff.Chip Crain, Beije, Faulty Kai2008-04-11 0 
August 2009
5321206WutquestA JonQuest style quest. Equip your +5 cactus armor and get ready to fight some dinosaur train conductors in space.quest, wut, space, train, cactus2009-08-03 1 
5480720World buildingCaptain teaches /tg/ how to build worlds.world, building, terrain, geography2009-08-17 3 
November 2010
12795631You are being teleported!You are being teleported to a fantasy world. You know this. You also become aware to the fact that the teleportation will take place in ten minutes and you can bring anything you manage to carry, Even if its in another thing like a backpack. You know the world your going to is going to be medieval fantasy, With magic and such but less on the technological side and anything with batteries will eventually die out unless you figure out some way to convert magic into electricity So /tg/ I pose to you the question, What do you bring?brainstorm, brain, storm, tg, ideas, whales2010-11-15 -12 
January 2012
17476855Are mind flayers confused by children's scribbles?A question about the written language of the mind flayers turns into a discussion of the Illithid's art and culture, mental greentext, and a psionic internet.illithid, mind flayer, qualith, elder brain, internet2012-01-10 11 
17508586Alternative Mind Flayer FluffInspired by a thread the night before, writefaggotry is made concerning insane Elder Brain supercomputers and the Mind Flayers who came to worship them.Illithid, Mind Flayer, Elder Brain, Writefaggotry, Dungeons & Dragons2012-01-12 10 
January 2013
22715800Fantasy Quest VIIRelationship troubles start showing, and then suddenly train robbery.Fantasy Quest, Fantasy, Quest, Collective Game, elf, girl, elf girl, bard, train, train robbery, robbery2013-01-22 10 
October 2013
27707106Washed up Villain quest 2In which we start our less than legal businesses, spend a day with a zombie in the town, meet an old woman who isn't as she's seems, hit a demon with a train, see the world from the eyes of John fritz, and decide to set out sights on the Devils Mustache Twirler, Collective game, Washed up villain quest, Train, Evil, Villain, 2013-10-13 12 
February 2014
30161181The Endless TrainOP Describes a setting centered around an infinitely long train that you can never leave, and if you do, almost can never get back on. The discussion within covers development of the setting further.The Archivist, homebrew, setting, surreal, surrealism, horror, train, trains, campaign, campaign setting2014-02-11 18 
March 2014
31171135Pokemon Quest #37 Part 2Bitches be Crazy Edition (Char Dev Edition) We confess our accidental kleptomania, study 'bout Evolution and teach Destiny Signal Beam! The night ends with everyone piled in one tent, Jeanine trying hard with Vance and Kat changing and teasing Robin. All is finally well!Pokemon Quest, Pokemon, gobble, Collective Game, Flute, Punk, Pokemon trainer, Destiny, Rain,2014-03-31 21 
August 2014
34100725Neo Survivor quest 1You awaken in a cryogenic tube, the news feed thats been plugged into your sleeping form tells you its Y2Kx10 shit happens and then more shit happens, its pretty goodNeo Survivor, Quest, First, Robots, Mutants, Mild Humor, Collective Game, Apocalyptic, Pls read, Brain, Agro, 2014-08-13 5 
34258027Salami Sandwich Quest.A salami sandwich quests to save his lover, Miss bologna who has been kidnapped from the kitchen, things take an un expected turn as the dark wizard plans to change all sandwiches as we know it. Action, Adventure, Romance, This story has it all!Comedy, Salami Sandwich, Agro, Brain, Romance, Lewd, Action, Suspense, Drama, Collective Game, Quest, The best fucking thing ever, HotSandwichlove, Funny, Great, 10/10,2014-08-20 8 
November 2014
36338781The All Guardsmen Party Teaches SchoolThe All Guardsmen Party goes to train some fresh recruits how be proper Inquisitorial Goons.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Cutter, School, Teach, Train, Necron, Necrons, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2014-11-23 132 
February 2016
45703703Quest: Blood Moon; Refrain. 1st Chapter.The beginning of the Fool's journey.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Blood Moon Refrain, Smiley2016-02-28 8 
January 2019
3132565Dream Catchers: Fourth Dive (Deeper) [Skirmish]After an extended rest, the party ventures into a train station, leading to highs and lows with a beloved party member departing suddenly.fenster, dream catchers, skirmish, collective game, collaboration, dream, dreams, haze runners, doomtrain, doom train, wizard lizard2019-01-04 2 
3150724Dream Catchers: Fourth Dive (Final pt1) [Skirmish]The party takes the fight from the station and out onto the rails, chasing down Doomtrain only to discover other runners... helping it?fenster, dream catchers, skirmish, collective game, collaboration, dream, dreams, haze runners, doomtrain, doom train, wizard lizard2019-01-14 2 
3178404Dream Catchers: Fourth Dive (Final pt2) [Skirmish]The party takes the fight to the tracks, chasing down the DOOMTRAIN to prevent its escape. First the hunt, then the feast!fenster, dream catchers, skirmish, collective game, collaboration, dream, dreams, haze runners, doomtrain, doom train, wizard lizard2019-01-25 2 
December 2020
4506554Bug Army of the Locustmotive [Skirmish]Under the purview of a scorching sun lies the remnants of Dry Hive. Early one morning scouts notice a train stationed nearby. Hope perhaps?fenster, collective game, collaborative game, skirmish, drones, bug army, bugs, bug, army, locustmotive, train, bug puns2020-12-01 1 
May 2022
5235409Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 8Short-ish Thread. Your Mystery Egg hatched into a Riolu, you made it to a pokemon center out of the rain, met an old friend and more.Pokemon Quest, Towel, Rain, Mystery Egg, SuperBusy2022-05-17 3 
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