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June 2008
2047216Little Folk/tg/ brainstorms about a game where all the people in the world suddenly find themselves 2 inches tall.Little Folk, RPG discussion2008-06-21 35 
October 2008
2714934MusicpunkImagine, if you will, a sci-fi/cyberpunk universe where the human genome has been cataloged and preserved...musically.rpg design music2008-10-02 10 
April 2009
4333539HighschoolRPGMaidRPG undergoes a massive overhaul by a namefag and comes out surprisingly well. Calls are made for this to become a canon mod.MaidRPG made better, pleasant surprise, high schoolers, user expansion2009-04-20 16 
May 2009
4516203Making S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Into a RPGThen finding a ruleset made by some other fa/tg/uy, then fixing it for hoursstalker rpg rule fix2009-05-10 -6 
June 2009
4915568Yet more roleplaying horror storiesYou know you love them, you know you've had them. Here are some more for your reading pleasure!rpg horror stories2009-06-18 1 
October 2009
6384176 Whats the most fucked up thing you ever did in RPG?Tells all about this thread. Contains decent amount of win and pr0nrpg rp roleplaying rape dh dnd2009-10-23 0 
December 2009
7054177Illusion TownIdeas for running a setting where everything is in fact a giant alien experiment, great ideas for a disturbing campaignrpg horror aliens sci fi2009-12-09 2 
March 2010
8562185Tg talks planes IVOp goes off to fly first mission with last minute advice from tg, then comes back for a debriefplanes rpg mercenary2010-03-14 14 
April 2010
9298656RPG SystemsVarious suggestions are made for generic RPG systems.RPG system hero tristat fantasycraft2010-04-20 0 
December 2010
13027500Old 40k RPG fluffPost on how the Imperium functions, in technology, language, culture and such.40k warhammer 40,000 rpg setting storytime science2010-12-04 6 
March 2011
14077407Touhou RPG: Tale of Phantasmal LandStep 1) Post a large and pretty PDF with Touhou selling point. Step 2) Mathfags, rollfags, roleplayers, Touhoufags converge. Step 3) Critiques and RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEG. But you have to admit... It's a fairly well done PDF. Let this be a lesson for all those ambitious homebrew makers: Yo shit gonna be picked.touhou toho homebrew rpg critique roleplaying rollplaying pdf d6 rpg rage system testing balance shitstorm fantasy mary_sue magic rules 2011-03-01 16 
14228987Neolithic Fantasy RPG Discussion/tg/ discusses concepts regarding a fantasy neolithic RPG.rpg homebrew neolithic nathandrals cave men bronze aliens2011-03-14 3 
August 2011
16062108Enjou Kosai AdventureIn the wein of being weaboo, this thread is dedicated to enjou kosai(componsated/paid dates). General faggotry started, and somebody is trying to make a RPG for it.rpg,enjou kosai, enjou kosai adventure, prositution, magic girl, mahou shoujo, monster girl, RPG making2011-08-25 12 
February 2013
23031407The return of Ivan D. StrelnikovThe glorious leader and hero of /tg/'s Chickensmoothie Invasion returns and tells us about his adventures on other Freeform RPGs.Ivan Dmitri Strelnikov, Communism, Communist, Russian, Stalker ,Chicken Smoothie, Infiltration, Invasion, Freeform, RPG 2013-02-08 5 
August 2013
26426539Pacific Rim DiscussionAnons discuss Pacific Rim and cry tears for Cherno Alphapacific rim, Cherno Alpha, RPG discussion2013-08-04 11 
December 2013
28554325Converting CthulhuTech to Void In which /tg/ merges the crunch of The Void with the fluff of CthulhuTech with good results.CthulhuTech, Void, Cthulhu, crunch, rules, conversion, rpg 2013-12-01 5 
March 2014
30959881Double Cross: Rules of Nature Quest 4In which the captain plays with a thread.Collective Game, Double Cross, Double Cross Quest, Japanese RPG 2014-03-21 17 
June 2014
32713124Dreamland D6: Kirby's Adventure RPG Thread Mk II: Bosses and Cards EdditionThe second discussion of /tg/s attempts to rationalize the Kirby setting into a coherent RPG.Kirby Dreamland Game Vidya RPG Homebrew2014-06-17 2 
October 2014
35271610REBORN IN AN RPG S01 EP09 EXTRA TIMEQ&A as well as rules discussion with authorcollective game, Eldric Lightbringer, REBORN IN A RPG QUEST2014-10-03 7 
35280430REBORN IN AN RPG S01 EP10go on a trip to a nearby dwarf towncollective game, Eldric Lightbringer, Lyann, Mako, REBORN IN A RPG QUEST2014-10-03 7 
November 2015
43853805(Quest Thread) Reborn in an RPG S03 Ep034A day in the life of Wolfric Lightbringer, as he deals with petty nobles and a government that doesn't want the responsibility to govern.collective game, Eldric Lightbringer, Lyann, Mako, Reborn in an RPG Quest2015-11-28 2 
August 2016
413735Stuck in an RPG Quest 8Betrayals and forgivness and necromancyStuck in an RPG Quest2016-08-07 1 
November 2016
797754The First Take of The One of a Kind Odd Story RPG QuestGod Tier's Disasterous First Take of the Odd Story RPG Quest. It's Terrible.Odd Story RPG Quest, God Tier GM, God Tier GM2016-11-07 0 
802744Odd Story RPG Pt 1: The Stranger who calls you a Avatar When someone is assigned to deliver a package and a new girl at school enters the fray, the adventure enters a whole new level of odd.Odd Story RPG Quest, God Tier GM, God Tier QM2016-11-11 1 
814314Odd Story RPG Pt 2: Through Trial and Time (Canceled)What could have been a good start to a quest has turned to ruin due to my mom's strict rules of no talking to strangers. Here's the questOdd Story RPG Quest, God Tier GM, God Tier QM, Canceled2016-11-12 -1 
February 2017
1113512Experimental RPG Quest - Part 1A lighthearted JRPG-inspired quest where an orphaned village boy goes to the Witch’s Tower to fight the Evil Witch. ExperimentalQM, Experimental RPG Quest, Collective Game, JRPG, Fantasy2017-02-08 2 
1123560Experimental RPG Quest - Part 2A lighthearted JRPG-inspired quest where an orphaned village boy goes to the Witch’s Tower to fight the Evil Witch.ExperimentalQM, Experimental RPG Quest, Collective Game, JRPG, Fantasy2017-02-08 2 
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