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September 2017
1900406PriPri QuestBrowning escorts some girls to a Casino event. What will go wrong?Princess Principal, Collective Game, 2017-09-30 3 
October 2017
1934367PriPri Quest 2Life in London seems to never be a borePrincess Principal, Collective Game, Steampunk2017-10-11 1 
1971921PriPri MG Quest 3Planning to rob a bank in Germania, get rich, party with Pixy. Good time for BrowningPrincess Principal, Collective Game, Steampunk,2017-10-16 2 
2014761PriPri MG Quest 4Not recalling the previous night's doing, Browning finds himself the proprietor of a warehouse, even though he has another job.Princess Principal, Collective Game, Steampunk, 2017-10-27 3 
November 2017
2090002PriPri MG Quest 5Continuing a vacation, trouble keeps comingPrincess Principal, Collective Game, Steampunk,2017-11-30 1 
January 2018
2203313PriPri MG Quest 7Doing some legal work, doing some illegal work, the usual for a merc-gentlemanPrincess Principal, Collective Game, Steampunk, Mercenary2018-01-06 1 
June 2018
2658234PriPri MG Quest 9After snooping around some estates, Henry A Browning takes up a distraction job that's more of a fight than anything... Princess Principal, Collective Game, Steampunk, Mercenary2018-06-23 1 
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