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October 2022
5385188The Dogbusters' March/Kuroinu GirlfriendA troll OP turns into an Ogre named Mouse and his men trying to find a way to fix the corruption that fills the world of an erogeCollective Game, Kuroinu, Monster Protagonist, Usurper2022-10-08 8 
November 2022
5427123The Dogbusters' March / Kuroinu Girlfriend 2Mouse the Ogre and his motley crew make progress on their quest to uncorrupt their world, through research, violence and friendship.Collective Game, Kuroinu, Monster Protagonist, Usurper2022-11-25 5 
January 2023
5478252The Dogbusters' March / Kuroinu Girlfriend 3Mouse's party reaches the Cathedral Fortress and finds its majesty and safety to be deceptively fragileCollective Game, Kuroinu, Monster Protagonist, Usurper2023-01-01 6 
February 2023
5522225The Dogbusters' March / Kuroinu Girlfriend 4In which Mouse talks to some people, eats some sweets, makes a goddess cry and sets out to search for a missing courier.Collective Game, Kuroinu, Monster Protagonist, Usurper2023-02-11 6 
March 2023
5572533The Dogbusters' March / Kuroinu Girlfriend 5In which Mouse and his friends visit a basement and clear out some trash in search of something precious.Collective Game, Kuroinu, Monster Protagonist, Usurper2023-03-18 1 
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