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March 2013
23882734Lich Quest 1 - The Living IntrudersCarl, an amnesiac lich, confronts a pair of young adventurers and makes them his pupils.Lich Quest, Collective Game, Carl the Amnesiac Necromancer, Nano, Kip, Library Labyrinth2013-03-26 10 
April 2015
39285326Old Fucking Lich Quest - AwakeningAncient senile lich reawakened after eons of slumber.Collective Game, Lich Quest, Old Fucking Lich Quest2015-04-12 25 
39307324Old Fucking Lich Quest 2 - Preparations We acquire waifu and prepare invasion of world orderCollective Game, Lich Quest, Old Fucking Lich Quest2015-04-13 22 
39347928Old Fucking Lich Quest 3 - EnemySwords, Guilds, and Adventures!Collective Game, Lich Quest, Old Fucking Lich Quest 2015-04-15 25 
May 2015
39946954Old Fucking Lich Quest 4Chariots, Dwarves, Orcs, and Very Angry Red Heads. Technically Thread 4 and 4.5 because 8chan didn't work out.Collective Game, Lich Quest, Old Fucking Lich Quest2015-05-17 12 
40052723Old Fucking Lich Quest 5We build an army in more ways than one to prepare to sack an unsuspecting town. Collective Game, Lich Quest, Old Fucking Lich Quest2015-05-20 9 
August 2016
48618824Lich Quest #1We claw your way back into the material plane, find spme local soldiers and press them into our service! Unfortunately shortModern Lich Quest, MLQ, Lich2016-08-05 2 
December 2017
2142414Lich QuestA lich is born.Lich Quest, collective game2017-12-17 3 
2167641Lich Quest 2Guards attempted to arrest the Lich and the Lich meets an old ally.Lich Quest, collective game2017-12-24 1 
January 2018
2181837Lich Quest 3The Lich fights an incubus. Fight is a strong word.Lich Quest, collective game2018-01-01 1 
2199775Lich Quest 4The Lich finds out that he has been found out.Lich Quest, collective game2018-01-09 2 
February 2018
2262682Lich Quest 5The Lich prepares for the imminent attack, but then the QM diesLich Quest, collective game2018-02-13 1 
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