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February 2018
2335608Kaleidoscope QuestA witch goes on an expedition for feathers from a roc.Kaleidoscope Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Incredible Decision Making 2018-02-26 5 
March 2018
2354018Kaleidoscope Quest 2There is an unparalleled amount of discomfort.Kaleidoscope Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Lack of Book Eating2018-03-05 5 
2371023Kaleidoscope Quest 3A royal wants something, and a herbalist attempts to perform surgery on a necklace.Kaleidoscope Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Lack of Witch Activities2018-03-12 4 
2393388Kaleidoscope Quest 4The first premonition.Kaleidoscope Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Flexing Recollection Ability2018-03-17 3 
2415858Kaleidoscope Quest 5Out of the Forest of Spirits and into Iorina Ruthaena’s grace.Kaleidoscope Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Complete Disregard for Privacy2018-03-27 4 
April 2018
2453556Kaleidoscope Quest 6A new dress for a new job.Kaleidoscope Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Syrup Tastes Things2018-04-09 2 
2490873Kaleidoscope Quest 7Someone brings a broom to a sword fight.Kaleidoscope Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Compliant Currency Exchange2018-04-23 2 
2509160Kaleidoscope Quest 8A curse, a shrine, and a keeper.Kaleidoscope Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Bear Stew for Breakfast2018-04-28 2 
May 2018
2592467Kaleidoscope Quest 9The night is spent at a shrine.Kaleidoscope Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Broken Promises and Plums2018-05-28 2 
June 2018
2619210Kaleidoscope Quest 10Return to Ristella.Kaleidoscope Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Solaria's Gifts and Blessings2018-06-04 2 
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