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December 2015
44173628Skirmish Sketch SuperheroesThe Grinch threatens the festive spirit of New Metroville, but handily a handful of c-list superheroes were in the areaCollective Game, Skirmish, Sketch, Superheroes, Hero Builder, art?2015-12-15 5 
December 2017
2089287The Stand at Dragonbone Pass: A Hero BuilderThe Empire burns! Its only protectors must overcome an unknown enemy, and each other. #Nation, Hero Builder, Co-op HB2017-12-04 6 
2126282The Stand at Dragonbone Pass – A co-op Herobuilder Thread 2The First wave has passed, but now new troubles plague the fort. A man on the run, and songs from the woods. Hero Builder, #Nation, Builder2017-12-15 1 
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