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January 2012
17649324Heist Quest: The Beginnining/tg/ tries their hands at being bank robbers. Hilarity ensues.Collective Game, Heist Quest2012-01-24 6 
17658419Heist Quest 2: Rock BottomThe gang gets its shit together.Collective Game, Heist Quest, heist, robber, game2012-01-25 6 
March 2015
38709014HEIST Quest Part 1It's time to make some money...HEIST Quest, Crime, Collective Game2015-03-15 22 
38859984HEIST Quest Part 2Carly arrives in Delta City to form a new crew.HEIST Quest, Crime, Collective Game2015-03-22 20 
April 2015
39143636HEIST Quest Part 3The crew explores their safehouse and figure out their next heist.HEIST Quest, Crime, Collective Game2015-04-05 20 
39293881HEIST Quest Part 4The crew goes on the first official job!HEIST Quest, Crime, Collective Game2015-04-12 14 
39432839HEIST Quest Part 5The crew tries to make their first getaway from the police.HEIST Quest, Crime, Collective Game2015-04-19 6 
39574208HEIST Quest Part 6 ENDThe crew move to hit a coke sale.HEIST Quest, Crime, Collective Game2015-04-26 6 
April 2019
3416832SkyHeist QuestThe heist beginsCollective Game, Skyheist Quest, Observer2019-04-16 2 
September 2019
3819877SkyHeist QuestA fresh start, the actual run of a heist on a train suspended on a chain high up in the Endless Sky. Who will survive to see the end?Collective Game, Skyheist Quest, Fantasy, Multi POV, Observer2019-09-30 0 
January 2020
4002848Skyheist Quest 2The train looms. Collective Game, Skyheist Quest, Observer2020-01-20 0 
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