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September 2021
4953445Age of Strife and Loathing Quest, a +25k CivIn the Age of Strife, Supreme Commander Aleksandr Kerensky tries to keep the government alive amid Warlords and dealing with the Apocalypse.Collective Game, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, 40k, +25k, Age of Strife, Terran Republic, Civ, Supreme Comander, Aleksandr Kerensky, Great Quest2021-09-27 0 
October 2021
4960755PANOPTICON QUEST 2Jack Ryan gets his ass beat, gets reconstructive surgery, saves his coworker's and superior's asses in a trial, and heads off to boot campPanopticon Quest, AllSeeingQM, Surveillance, Glowing in the Dark, Great Quest2021-10-01 2 
4975653Mindflayer QuestIn which our physically superior illithid goes on a quest to secure two drow nobles, adventure shenanigans, and plots to take over Marveil!Mindflayer Quest, Collective Game, Idle Thoughts, Fantasy, DnD, Mindflayer, Illithid, Underdark, Yphor, Marveil, Great Quest2021-10-20 4 
November 2021
5009140TavernkeeperPaul Aleman, a retired adventurer turned Tavernkeeper, fixes up his haunted manor, gets his business working, and other assorted shenanigansTavernkeeper, Fantasy, Adventurer, Tavern, Management, Great Quest2021-11-27 1 
January 2022
5075511OCCUPATION QUESTLord-Captain De Verne, Chief Delegate of the Wallsonian Kingdom in Occupied Galmschind, dreams of war and prepares for a diplomatic party.Occupation Quest, AllSeeingQM, Alt WWII, Post WWII, Allied Occupation, DUI, Great Quest2022-01-19 1 
February 2022
5088234Slavegirl QuestKimsey, Halfling Beguiler and Priestess of Liberation, becomes friends with a catgirl amazonian and a magi, liberates herself from slavery.Slavegirl Quest, Kimsey, Slavegirl, Halfling Beguiler, Benjamin Walsh, King of Liberation, Firearms, DnD, Catgirl Amazonian, Great Quest2022-02-06 -7 
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