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December 2016
885365Loto's Fate/Quest 1Loto's attempt at running a Fate/Quest. Shenanigans ensue.Fate/Quest, Loto, Fate, Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Shirou2016-12-05 3 
904599Loto's Fate/Quest 2This one ends really early because the author got hit with writer's block.Fate/Quest, Loto, Fate, Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Shirou2016-12-10 2 
972331Loto's Fate/Christmas QuestIn which Jeanne Santa delivers presents and stomps on GilgameshFate/Quest, Loto, Fate, Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Shirou2016-12-25 1 
February 2017
1157387Loto's Fate/Quest 3In which the QM is stuck in final fantasy crafting hell and doesn't have enough ram to run the quest at the same time. Please send help.Fate/Quest, Loto, Fate, Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Shirou2017-02-20 1 
March 2017
1213659Loto's Fate/Quest 4Patch day special. Died because of a tie after a mystery box. To be continued eventually.Fate/Quest, Loto, Fate, Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Shirou2017-03-04 1 
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