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April 2011
14440223Dungeons the DragoningWhat /tg/ initially assumes to be an April fools joke is turned on its head and revealed to be a complete and comprehensive homebrew system. Homebrew, Dungeons the Dragoning, April Fools2011-04-02 533 
December 2011
17330530Dungeons the Dragoning Book 2Lawfulnice give a Christmas present to all of /tg/: Dungeons: The Dragoning: 40,000: 7th Edition: Book 2: For a Few Subtitles More and a new edition of the core rulebookHomebrew, Dungeons the Dragoning, Christmas2011-12-26 63 
December 2012
22153374Dungeons the Dragoning, version 2.012Lawful Nice gives /tg/ another christmas present in the form of a D:tD update.Dungeons the Dragoning, Dungeons, Dragons, Lawful Nice2012-12-21 42 
January 2018
57225239Dungeons the Dragoning sessionSome anon talks about a game he played using Dungeons the Dragoning 40kDungeons the Dragoning2018-01-17 5 
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