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January 2014
29893687Can Humans Survive in a Fantasy Setting?The most successful troll in /tg/ history skews the OP's topic into a debate on whether Humans are the worst fantasy race. Humans, Conflict, Discrimination, HFY, Anti-HFY, Cro-Magnons2014-01-30 -6 
July 2016
361402Pokemon Conflict Quest 1Air force recruit Barry Sinclair says goodbye to his family, gears up, and accidentally unleashes a small, angry beast.Pokemon, Pokemon Conflict Quest, Collective Game 2016-07-12 10 
384799Pokemon Conflict Quest 2Barry is singled out, introduced to the rest of his squad, and meets his bunkmate.Pokemon, Pokemon Conflict Quest, Collective Game 2016-07-20 8 
410541Pokemon Conflict Quest 3Barry investigates dragons, tries to peer pressure his fellow recruits, and battles instructors.Pokemon, Pokemon Conflict Quest, Collective Game 2016-07-26 8 
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