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July 2014
33193421BLEACH QUEST: REDUX #1Bleach Quest returns! The reset button is pressed and the mystery box is selected. You can't go off the rails if they where never there.Collective Game, Bleach, Bleach Quest Redux, Cosgrove2014-07-05 28 
33730365BLEACH QUEST: REDUX #2The Quest for Dosh and Plot. BQR continues!Collective Game, Bleach, Bleach Quest Redux, Cosgrove2014-07-29 21 
33758287BLEACH QUEST: REDUX #3The Sword, the Stone, and the (worthless) Shinigami.Collective Game, Bleach, Bleach Quest Redux, Cosgrove2014-07-30 20 
August 2014
33922401BLEACH QUEST: REDUX #4"I really dig those Quincy Blues"Collective Game, Bleach, Bleach Quest Redux, Cosgrove2014-08-06 20 
34199992Bleach Quest REDUX 5Ichigo busts some heads and has a trip down Bad Memory lane.bleach, collective game, Cosgrove, Bleach Quest REDUX 2014-08-17 20 
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