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May 2013
25102444Shadow Quest 26Mr. Shadow and company trek through graboid mating grounds in pursuit of Adavan and Abigail. Turns out that worms are good news and bad news at the same time.Collective Game, Shadow Quest, Shadow Master, shadow, quest, master, 26, graboids2013-05-29 26 
June 2014
32956049Hellborn Quest 26Sierra has her fortune told, and goes through some repressed memories.Hellborn Quest, Collective Game, 262014-06-24 21 
32964328Hellborn Quest 26 (Part 2)Sierra gets dangerous in pursuit of vengeance.Hellborn Quest, Collective Game, 26, Part 22014-06-24 21 
33031132Shadow Quest 126The inner core.Collective Game, shadow, quest, 126, master, shadow quest, shadow,quest, shadow, quest2014-06-27 33 
April 2015
39585415Will of the Ice Quest #3Randal buys supplies, learns more about the gods, prays to Tor and then has a conversation about their love with TristaQMChills, Collective Game, Will of Ice Quest 2015-04-26 3 2015-04-27 5 
August 2015
42135687Hellborn Quest 126Sierra goes through some old junk.Hellborn Quest, Collective Game, 1262015-08-28 16 
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