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Happy Easter! Edition

>What is this?
EXPEDITION - an ~1870s era, Jules Verne-inspired retro-futurist, underground blood soaked adventurescape.
It is a Skirmish wargame. Two players with their own expeditions, on a hexgrid map, fight each other for victory.
A campaign mode is planned, and currently in the works. (you) are encouraged to contribute.

3 versions of the rules exist, TWO of which have been playtested:
>1e - proof of concept, recently updated with unit stats
>2e - lead by 2e anon, playtests started, ~75% done. Campaign system is developed here.
>3e - Replaced 4e because it died. Spearheaded by 3e anon, needs more playtests, rules present in the doc

>What can I do?
Shitpost, meme, get comfy. Read over the docs to settle in.
Familiarize yourself with rules and plan some playtests.
Contribute if you have ideas. Give feedback on contributions if you don't.

> TQ : Working on a timeline of recent events from the POV of the Deep Nations, anyone got any ideas or inputs? Rise to power of the TitKing, Lemurian move on Tonkin, that kind of thing.

File: 1e.pdf (346 KB, PDF)
346 KB
346 KB PDF
>TL;DR Doc
>Main Lore Doc, including links to anon-written short stories and additional lore in "Recommended..." section
> Unit Spreadsheet - Currently outdated, requires an update
>Unit Design Doc
File: ShapesIntheShadows.png (283 KB, 540x773)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
Loads of work done tonight!
Picrel for Shapes in the Shadows. I'll edit some stuff to it but otherwise that's the gist of it.
(Also uploaded the USA book to the Mediafire)
File: LostSeer.png (74 KB, 540x696)
74 KB
(I threw the image because it seemed the closest as I was offline, if you all prefer I can switch to the one we usually post for her)
I've been reading the lore of this. Props to the anon who wrote it down, it's very succint and to the point, very easy to follow all the important bits.
>I've been reading the lore of this. Props to the anon who wrote it down, it's very succint and to the point, very easy to follow all the important bits.
Which doc have you been reading?
Main Lore Doc, including links to anon-written short stories and additional lore in "Recommended..." section
Thank you!
Also, if I could add a bit to the history, I could suggest a resurgence of the cult of sebastianism. An early modern cult in Portugal who believed that the portuguese king Sebastian would come back and create the Fifth Empire, who would then unify all christendom under the flag of Portugal.
Oh that is really cool.
Gotta make sure I don't forget to include Zouaves and a Vatican unit or two in the Merc book this time around.
File: Fateless.png (56 KB, 544x502)
56 KB
>Vatican unit or two
I had ideas here actually.
Specialist unit. Can serve as an engineer, medic, diplomat, etc if fed LP. Can be recruited by the less-crazy underground factions (Gains slave keyword if recruited by Atlan)
Leader unit (or a weaker elite if we want to encourage trios for the Python reference)
Gets points for construction elaborate execution structures and destroying certain types of units with them (I was thinking you could specialize as either anti-deep, anti-italy, or anti-third thing.)
File: Balearic_Slinger.jpg (2.76 MB, 1695x2336)
2.76 MB
2.76 MB JPG
It surprises me that neither Atlan nor Atlantis have any slinger units, given their role in ancient warfare. Conceptually, I could see their niche in each army.
The premier armor-busters of the army
An option for a slave-soldier to promote to
Does this Atlantis have exotic/mystical minerals with noteworthy properties? If so, that could be an interesting way to diversify the slingers' attacks.
There's Titanium, but I imagine neither want to use it for ammunition. Maybe they use some other material, or bombs.
has the easter bunny, santa claus or bigfoot made it into the game yet?
>Does this Atlantis have exotic/mystical minerals with noteworthy properties?
Atlantis uses Orichalcum (sp?), which I figure is probably very malleable but much more heat resistant and tear resistant than bronze.
Yeah using Titanium for bullets seems incredibly wasteful considering a lot of Atlan will be looking at the stuff with semi-religious reverence. Atlantis probably doesn't have huge reserves of it, but even if they did they might not want to use too much of it on a single ship or sub given that that alone might justify Atlan in trying to capture it.
For slingers Atlantis could already uses Apples of Melanion and Atlan could have some rules so that they can throw the traps from their engineer.
I had a silly idea a while back for a slinger unit.
>Baron Phosphorous goes on a slaving expedition in Africa/South Pacific
>Notices a pygmy slinger taking out two Immortals before getting his arm cut off
>Finds it so hilarious he makes the pygmy his shieldbearer/attendant and gives him a Titanium prosthetic
>Model not legal in 4e
What about greek fire? If they use greek fire within a round container, they could launch fiery projectiles relatively easily.
>>Model not legal in 4e
Kek. Will definitely add slingers on the list for Atlan and Atlantis. Had them for Sky People not sure why I missed it for those...
Sure! Anything to boost the "throw incendiaries" side of Atlantis.
I think Atlan slingers should have different types of ammunition available.
>Greek Fire

In general, I see them occupying a skirmisher/anti-elite niche.
File: penzance.jpg (69 KB, 440x293)
69 KB
>Libertalian Pirate: (6 Silver)
AP: 2
Movement: 3
Accuracy: 6
Strength: 5
Discipline: 4
Evasion: 5
Labour: 3
Awareness: 2

2 Box

>General Rules:
>Special Rules:
-”An Orphan!”:
This model may be targeted by a special parley action, “I’m an Orphan!” If this action is successful the model which succeeded the check may not be attacked by any Libertarian Pirate units this turn.
When Libertalian Pirates are grouped up into one clump, each pirate gains +1 awareness for each in the group and Nimble so long as there are at least 5 in the grouping.

This model may take equipment from the mercenary and colonial lists
This model may be recruited by the Lost Men Faction

Penzance. I thought about giving them hide because cat-like tread but letting a chaff unit hide seemed a bit iffy. Grouping them up means both that they’re less vulnerable to the orphan rule and that they’re naturally prone to being a big greek-chorus horde like in the opera.
Also, for Rakkad, would making him a customizable hero-type unit be an idea? To fit with the "man of mysterious background and abilities" vibe.
Sure, we already have non-Hero models that can take Hero traits, there's a precedent for it.
File: FoundingofLibertalia.png (2.77 MB, 1605x1271)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB PNG
File: Lost Man.png (54 KB, 540x582)
54 KB
That's great, do you figure the Pirate should be recruitable by other factions than Lost Men tho?
Also, in light of >>92338744, wanna redo the Lost King or I do it? I have a couple of ideas already so if you don't feel up to it don't hesitate to let me know.
Also, mechanical question regarding picrel. Does the Dregs rule also rewrite the unit's Discipline? We can do both ways, but since LM have access to ALL mercs by rule, it does become a bit of a limiting factor when setting high Discipline for other Mercs.
What's the fauna of the lower levels of the Earth? Would a packmaster figure, akin to carnival ringmasters be a feasible mercenary?

Also, if the depths of the planet is proven to be inhabitable? What about the moon? Is it inhabited as well? Or at least are there rumors of it? Something like this, perhaps?

Lost King is definitely not something I have any ideas for.
Scotland is a strange and mysterious place which I will never understand.
>Also, mechanical question regarding picrel.
Since you can only copy an individual unit once I would say that yes it does copy discipline too. We just have to balance high power mercs with good discipline to be decently costed or have one of the forbidden keywords. As for high-discipline low power mercs I would say that it is rules as intended for them to be copyable without any price adjustments.
Cool, I'll get on it, its the last piece of the Lost Men if im not mistaken, so I should be able to post the book tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest.
>What's the fauna of the lower levels of the Earth?
Very varied. There's a long list in one of the lore docs, and some were worked on in more details than others. Saurs of all kinds can be found in the "higher" Layers (3rd and 4rth), Cloudelifants and Sky-Whales in the sections with the highest space between the Floor and the Roof. Tartarodons where there's enough grazing. 5th is low-light in many places, and with large bodies of water, so you have weird semi-aquatic megafauna and reef forests with bioluminescence. 6th has at least enough large plains are to sustain Lemuria's chariot and cavalry. 7th is a wasteland of dead mushroom forest. 9th is frozen.
The Firmament is habitable, there are fauna, Sun Dogs, Moon Rabbits, etc.
The Moon didn't get mentions I think, its probably the official gathering spot for Hyperboreans when the Deluge starts. Its craters might just be the result of the Hyperwarrior Cults celebratory nuke throwing as they get the go ahead.
File: BigLiz.png (2.11 MB, 1024x902)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB PNG
>Carnival Ringmaster
Interesting idea, what do you see him as doing?
Crunch-wise, he could have control of a number of animals (either common or fantastic ones) and could use them in combat, using their skills and abilities, but it needs a check every turn or every couple of turns to see if he retains control or if they try to either flee or turn against him.

Lore-wise, he could send hunters or mercenaries to hunt for exotic fauna and bring them to the surface, gathering massive crowds who would go to see the wonders from below.

Not sure if this is that much accurate, I'm still reading this stuff.
I think PT Barnum was mentioned at some point, though nothing was ever done with him.
File: stinker_gorg_scan.png (204 KB, 347x400)
204 KB
204 KB PNG
I was getting worried.
One does wonder if the Sky Pirates look down on the Libertalians or if they're fairly cordial.
It may just be a case of "Stay out of our respective turfs"
Also, it might be better to have the "An orphan!" rule for pirates give them all shaken for the turn. Otherwise I think they may be somewhat undercosted for what I gave them.
Having them be a generic merc option is also cool no comments there.
>One does wonder if the Sky Pirates look down on the Libertalians or if they're fairly cordial.
Sky Pirates look down on everyone, and yet are fairly cordial about it.
They probably do feel some kinship with Libertalia, after having visited it.
File: Timetrapped.jpg (34 KB, 474x355)
34 KB
my headcanon for if The Time Machine is canon or not is that someone did build a "Time Machine" which was effectively just a chair they shoved into an anomaly they found.
Where he went, who knows?
File: cloudellafints.jpg (361 KB, 1584x1200)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
Are we still good for the game tomorrow evening?
>An orphan!
Now I want a Fagin sort of character, the ring leader of a bunch of an orphan gang of ruffians. If they misbehave, he sells them to the mercury mines.
Should be. Around 8pm EST/1am GMT? I haven't actually played the game before, so I'll have to get my head around the rules, but other than that there shouldn't be any issues.

Wait, there are planned games of this?
Hell yeah! There's been several test games already, we're building this thing so it can be played! It's pretty alright from what I've seen of the battle reports.
That is awesome.
>the battle reports
Where are those archived?
I apologize something came up so I won't be able to this evening. I hope this is not too inconvenient for you, could we reschedule for next week? If 1am is too late for you we could set up an earlier time this way.
This will however let me time to finish up the quicksheet I'm making for rules to intro new players.
Yes there are, don't take my flaking this time around to mean anything, I'll do anything to get this thing to become reality. Being night shift however makes my schedule extra shitty latetely. If you would like to playtest the game just keep watching the thread, this time around notwithstanding, I'll should be available at least one evening per week (usually monday or tuesday).
>Where are those archived?
You'll have to dig in the site's archive, we haven't really set a spot for them.
Was the last one, USA vs France.
File: Skinslave.jpg (90 KB, 770x962)
90 KB
If truly you wish to witness the full extent of this madness...
This looks really fun, I'll try to read the rules once I find a moment (and once I finish with the lore).

>All the downvoting spam?
Oh, so that happened to Agartha as well? I thought the mass downvoting was only a troll against Giantstep.
>Oh, so that happened to Agartha as well? I thought the mass downvoting was only a troll against Giantstep.
I feel its particularly hilarious that the first 2 threads, when everything was just meaningless shitposting where upvoted but the moment we try to start getting shit done it we started consistently getting to -20. We did have one particular troll who hasn't shown his face in a long while but took real offense at some of the ways we handled lore, that was funny...
>>92067118 also has a playtest in it near the top, Brit vs Brit, run by another anon with his own play group.
Sure, that's fine. 1am GMT isn't too late for me, it's about midday here in aus.

My favourite one has got to be the Mu vs France one (I think?) where Mu started telefragging the frenchies when they got too close.
File: End of turn 3.png (600 KB, 796x895)
600 KB
600 KB PNG
Thank you for being so cool with this! I'll set the evening aside for the next one for sure so I swear on me mum we'll get to throw down.
>the Mu vs France one (I think?)
I think it was Mu vs Lemuria for that one. France fought vs USA mostly up until now (beside my own playtest, I remember Minister Eiffel punching the Saur General's trike to death at one point... although ultimately I think they lost that one). Brits had the most playtest I think, Brit vs Atlantis was the first playtest we got down (picrel, Atlantis close victory iirc).
File: BritsvsUsdep.png (1.85 MB, 2255x1581)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
>My favourite one has got to be the Mu vs France one (I think?) where Mu started telefragging the frenchies when they got too close.
For me I think its the one where the Brits used the Prediction Engine to put Grant alone in the open where he promptly got headshot. I've integrated it somewhat into my personal headcannon that during the Halifax Crisis, Brits used Prediction Engines to mirror every troop move from the US along the border, which is one of the reasons why the Americans got so reluctant to escalate.
File: j1.jpg (155 KB, 492x750)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
File: LostMen.png (1.17 MB, 1042x754)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
Working on the final touches of the Lost Men.
Are we good with this? Its a bit weird for Bleg and the Lost Seer but I figure they could call in favors from the Shapes as well as Malcolm's allies. For them I think it'll be more of a last resort thing, but for him he'll have a point to do it beyond just summoning more Followers

> Pact with the Shadows : Every Lost Men Leader may use the following Special Action :

> Summon the Shapes : [1 AP, 1 LP, 1 Dread, 10 Silver] Select an Pit Hex within 3 or one affected by at least Obscurity Level 3. Spawn a Shape under your control with 2 AP. Remove it from play at the end of the following turn it was Spawned (it did not die).
File: LostKingMalcolm.png (64 KB, 544x734)
64 KB
And this would be King Malcolm.
He's both a beater and a support Leader, and one you can keep relatively safe and push forward thanks to generating Obscurity himself. One big advantage he has is that while dependent on AP and LP, his abilities boost him and others at the same time, so you don't have to choose between support and beating face.
His obvious weakness is Light Sources, which while they don't hurt him they do neuter his abilities.
Might try running an Edison Boys Vs Lost King game at some point. Seems like a fun idea with all the light mechanics.
That last point's all the better to operate in trios. Perhaps anti-Italy is dunking a la witchcraft trial? Of course if there are no rivers/ponds about a barrel of holy water ought to do... Jesuits among Atlantean Chirst-ish sects would be amusing too.
Given they were sheppards who honed their arts at work irl it could be that blind cave fauna are best led by sounds, heat and gas. Perhaps such horrors that a human couldn't otherwise lead with more hands on methods.
File: OG.png (6.49 MB, 3450x3450)
6.49 MB
6.49 MB PNG
The chart that started it all for any newcomers.
File: DeepDrunkLost.jpg (64 KB, 536x512)
64 KB
I realized this morning I had forgotten to include the Deep Drunk Commander depiste him having a Lost Men Commission, so here it is.
He's gonna be a bit clunky (as intended) in that he doesn't have Obscurity rules baked in himself, so you have to find another way to reliably spawn Shapes if that's the way you want to go with it.
However, Shapes you do get that spawns close to him get an extra AP because of Deep.
I might try a short lore writeup of deep-drunkenness to add another theory to the pile at some point. I have notions.
File: olm.jpg (226 KB, 1536x864)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
>Perhaps such horrors that a human couldn't otherwise lead with more hands on methods.
Wait a second, Olms are largely blind and use ears, right? And Atlantis rides domesticated Olms, but presumably if they can get horse sized they can get bigger, right?
Fuck, when did that one guy post all his Olm-Men lore? If I can dig that up I bet you could tie it all together. It's all starting to add up though.
Found it:
>I have an idea for how we can have a THIRD gamemode that involves the surface world. Lemurians are known for seeding cults, correct? The colonial nations individual secret police/state agencies would most likely work to rid these cults like they would rebels or insurgents, basically like the 4th inquisition from WOD. The type of game could be at squad size and one could use D&D style models. The gameplay would be equivalent to Call of Cthulhu and focus on small groups of specialized agents wiping out cults in urban or sometimes rural environments.
Goddamn we need to start going through the old threads and noting down all the kino ideas we had in them.
Why not making a wiki, or an open GoogleDoc?
We do! Also we need anons to follow up on these ideas, so far we have
> Naval Warfare mode
> Deluge/Great-War Trench/Urban mode
> Campaign mode
and probably a few more. I'll definitely get the Campaign mode down eventually its a big part of 2e development. The RPG is something that I really want to see made real because I think it would have a lot of reach but I'll admit my experience with RPGs is limited to oWoD, which probably isn't the right source of inspiration, mechanical or otherwise.
>Olm-Men lore
Man I was thinking about exactly the same thing last night. Was thinking how the 5th would be the perfect spot for Lemurs (cavernous, low light) and how that would be problematic for Atlantis, and I thought perhaps the way out of that was that Olm-Men had a near fanatical hatred of Lemurs.
We should. I might just do that in a few days once I get the time to go through them.
Subterranean bump.
File: Surfacers chart.png (4.45 MB, 2728x2728)
4.45 MB
4.45 MB PNG
File: LostMen.0.01.pdf (350 KB, PDF)
350 KB
350 KB PDF
Mandatory (and at this point ritual) apologies for the lack of news, work has been really busy in the last few days. Here's the Lost Men Minor Faction book. I've started spitballing stuff for the Scion, if its calm tonight I should be able to post La Ombre also tomorrow morning, he's pretty much the only thing left for that one too.
I started preparing the Merc book and including the units suggested in the last few threads (dirtman, clockwork scout, libertalian pirate).
There is only the Eloi which bugs me a bit, the anon who wrote up that profile made them cheap troops, and somehow it doesn't the vision I always had of them, which was more of an elite special unit. As fodder troops they also compete with many options Mu and Mercs has, such as Degenerated DeepFolks and Morlocks. Would you mind if I used what you wrote for the new version of the DegenDeepFolks and made up an more elite Eloi profile instead?
>Mandatory (and at this point ritual) apologies for the lack of news, work has been really busy in the last few days.
All good man.
>There is only the Eloi which bugs me a bit
Yeah I only made them cheap because that's what the chart says and I am beholden to its will. Feel free to use your own freedom to change what I could not though I don't care. I will say that I don't think the statblock would work for a DegenDeepFolk without redoing the special abilities into something else or dumpstering them entirely. Also Nimble deepfolk should NOT have nimble they lumber and such.
>All this time
>No Archimedean death ray
We can't remember every single weird history thing to add in unfortunately. Though with the lore that the sharpshooters have really complex optic lenses to make up for their shit rifles I'd totally buy that there's a death ray somewhere in Atlantis.
Of all the weird things we haven't included I think that tying the Crystal Skulls to Atlan is another big missed opportunity. After all, titanium does slowly turn mystics into crystals, don't it?
>Of all the weird things we haven't included I think that tying the Crystal Skulls to Atlan is another big missed opportunity. After all, titanium does slowly turn mystics into crystals, don't it?
Pretty solid idea...
I've been meaning to bring this up at some point but I've noticed that pretty much all of the factions have one unique artillery unit (And usually one sneaky unit too)
If we want to lean into that death ray is a good pick. Maybe it gets more powerful the better lit it is?
>If we want to lean into that death ray is a good pick. Maybe it gets more powerful the better lit it is?
I honestly think the idea of capturing the warped, bending light beams of the Inner Sun for a death ray is pretty kino, but considering its Agarthan light we could also bring weird interactions into the picture too.
File: Terracotta.png (331 KB, 720x540)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
Get into the statue, heretic.
File: HYPERBOREA CONQUERS.jpg (41 KB, 500x647)
41 KB
Don't play with the light, for you don't know what might be summoned when those colours are separated...
File: The Scion.png (71 KB, 541x664)
71 KB
>Don't play with the light
Rather a propos...
An Atlan equivalent could be a "For Whom the Bell Tolls", a great Titanium cone rung by eardrum (and eventually other organs) ruptured slaves whose own moans of anguish are amplified along with the screams. Going by >>92387827 maybe a glass harmonica where it's unclear if the crystal ringing comes from the rotating glass or the player's fingers...
Regarding their relieving pain, animosity with lemurs and mentions of incensed olms being called by the deep they could be a sort of "meander" in the lemur-hyperborean and back loop. Almost like the Eloi, degraded from true humaniiy without falling into Lemurish atavism. In fact assuming Lemuria's prophetic games are a continuation of the lemurs' then the Olms by not acting especially concerned with the cycles could accidentally escape it (ar at least persist between one iteration and the next).

Think it was Veins of the Earth which featured them but I know I've seen torp-heavy olms elsewhere. It's a nice contrast to their short lives and apathy if they actually have long and eclectic cultural memory thanks to select members dozing away the ages in anoxic, frigid pools. In fact it gives one possibility as to why the mud calls to them, for lungfish-like cocooning and self-digestion. The eldest would become something like caecilian aboleth-wyrms. Some of this could be applicable too:
in that they doubt humans are sapient the same way we might suspect some being which doesn't dream (not even dolphin-like hemisphere cycling).
>their relieving pain
It would go some way to explain why Hyperboreans could not be bothered with them, if for some reason they are anthetical to trauma. Or perhaps developing that is the survival technique they had to survive their Deluge.
I was going for the latter but if time loops are at play they can both be true in a grandfather paradox sort of sense. Doesn't have to be literally true mind, it could exist as a dead end which is pursued by in-inverse experimental eschatologists.

On that note an alternate atemporal yet non-cyclic universal model could be that of "focal emergency", ie that all of reality came into being at some fixed point in time (and possibly space) with past and future radiating out from that nucleation to retroactively justify and extrapolate from it respectively. Of course the further you get from the more ways things could go/have gone while being consistent with that single supernal present so things like before and after get muddled giving the appearance of an endless loop. In fact the Lemurs and Hyperboreans are beseiging the present in search of that focal moment to substantiate their own model of reality around it (not consciously mind you). Sorta like how in 12 Monkeys sort of time travel you can go back and kill you grandfather so long as it turns out you actually killed a body-double or they were never actually your grandfather, either extreme wants to set things up so that the veil of mundanity around that point can be peeled away to reveal the world always was/will be them. Again, in universe probably a matter of demented prophets.
>I was going for the latter but if time loops are at play they can both be true in a grandfather paradox sort of sense.
I was thinking the same thing, you could have a number of them be the original denizens of their own iterations which have nomadically moved through the Layers and found the Hidden one and back, while other might be their descendants, both through the Loop and through direct repopulation (and possibly both at the same time paradoxically).
>On that note an alternate atemporal yet non-cyclic universal model could be that of "focal emergency"
Sounds like we have a new theory to add to the list.
File: Scion.jpg (135 KB, 513x633)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
(Also I might try another edit to fix the few spots that show the collage too much but here's the art I went with for the Scion.)
Those external gills could be points for asexual budding or else parthenogeically laid larval young attach amongst them as parasites (blood for surface exchange means blood for feeding). I also like the idea of the elder caecilian-wyrms contorting themselves into alien knots (the geometry was perfectly reasonable back in the world-as-it-was but here things are different and their old cartilage hasn't the suppleness to adopt a fresh configuration). Also the other Olm inspiration I mentioned:
File: Tenebrae.png (63 KB, 540x683)
63 KB
And new version of Tenebrae.
I removed a lot of its Health because that was just too much. He is no longer a Leader by default but can be taken as one if you pay for it. If you don't, alone, he is a strait up beater with the ability to Hide built in. His Marcheur de la Ombre ability only kicks in if you bring a source of Obscurity, which you can do through a Faction Pact ability which costs 25 Silver, causing all hexes which blocks LoS or adjacent to those to also cause Obscurity d3 (this way Obscurity should be relatively easy to track without affecting all hexes.) But when it kicks in he should absolutely wreck (and rightfully so because he costs you 60 by then.)
>Obscurity AND Illumination ability
>a glass harmonica
Sounds like a perfect Atlan instrument desu.
Also Aztec Death Whistles exist too.
Seems more like a skypeople/Lemuria thing
On that topic though, instruments are definitely something we could work out to expand the lore.

What instruments go with which cultures? Lyre for Atlantis, obviously.
Lemuria (Famously in fact) has Drums.
Drums of doom if the prophecy rules are taken as truth.
Mu gets Azatoth-esque music. The kind an Outer creature has its servants play while it sleeps eternal.
You can guess what Lost Men and Napoleon respectively get
Gorg music may be some variety of hitting things on their helmets to make funny noises
Most colonial factions I assume would hew close to their original traditions (Italy and Ottos nonwithstanding), though France may have Amazonian Can-Can dancers.
Italy? I have no idea.
Ottos? I'm not entirely clear on if husks can still speak outside of rasping screams let alone sing. Skeletal Dervish dancing is not out of the question.
And lastly, I want to point out that the Gilbert and Sullivan Operettas were at their peak when the game takes place, and the possibility of Mikado being Atlantis themed instead of Japan is a distinct one. Brits are eating good on that front.
>You can guess what Lost Men and Napoleon respectively get
how do we not have Lost Man bagpipers as a unit yet
can we give malcolm an optional bagpipe kit
By the way, what happened to the other Bonaparte? Napoleon III and his family?
Napoleon III is Charles LNB, at the bottom of the chart >>92385901. Can't remember what happend to his family, I think he doesn't have one since he never became Emperor.
File: arc rangers.png (1.2 MB, 1042x769)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
Added a small snip about the Edison Electrical Co to the Worldbook, to be developed further afterwards.

> Edison Electrical Co

> Travel in the underground is always a risky proposition. France relies mostly on securing intelligence from friendly locals to learn of safe and dangerous routes, while Britain circumvent most of the dangers by using waterways. Americans on the other hand have applied their typical industrialism to the issue, and tasked the Edison Electrical Co with lighting up Agartha.
Most Epigean colonies have set up lampposts fortifications on their more dangerous borders, as these are a proven way to prevent Shape incursions or Anomalies from manifesting, as well as discouraging Lemurs from settling. Americans are however the only ones currently dedicating a corp of men to extending a network of electrical posts throughout its territory. The task requires constant work, however, as the denizens and weather of the Deep regularly causes breakdowns. The Arc Rangers have had to arm themselves in consequence.
Surface scientists are only starting to formulate theories as to why electrical light seems anthetical to Anomalies, and weither or not it might have an effect on Deep Drunkness. Light therapy is currently beign tested at the Miskatonic Institute.
Also started putting more meat on the Metaphysics & Ontology section

> To understand the nature of the world, one must first accept that it no longer makes any sense.
> Most were forced to accept this through events such as the Fall of Paris and its subsequent rediscovery, or the rise of Volcanic Paganism. For the educated it was perhaps the Lidenbrock Expedition and the much published exploits of Julius Vernes. To the esoterists, perhaps it is the disappearance of Bonaparte after the loss of Waterloo that should be marked as the onset of the lifting of the veil.
> Whatever ends up the starting point of the new Era, suffice to say that we are no longer in the same world as our fathers and grandfathers. It is important to understand how recent most of those changes are, to the general public. Academics throughout the world are still debating the truth and implications of the discovery of Agartha and Hyperborea. So far, what we know for a fact :

(this is the important part, if there is something to be added/clarified let me know, its meant to be a very first look at how the world is)

> - The Earth is in large parts hollow

> - These hollow parts are shaped as concentric Layers, which each have large openings hospitable to life. There are 9 Layers (with possibly a 10th, Hidden one)

> - The surface is, in fact, not the surface, but the 2nd Layer. Space a psychic sea, and there is a transparent ceiling high above holding it.

> - Other planets do not seem to have Layers, in fact Earth does not seem to be describable as a celestial body.

> - The rules of physics and logic appears to shift the lower you go, and more so the deeper you venture. Frequent travels though the depths have been shown to cause physical and mental sicknesses, commonly known as Deep-Drunkness

> - There is a ‘Sun’ at the “center of the Earth” called the Inner Sun which provides something akin to light and a day/night cycle.

> - There are terrible and wondrous beings in the underground, all manners of mythical and eldritch beings or more mundane animals which were believed to be extinct.

> - Strange and miraculous powers have been witnessed, which in other less Enlightened times might have been called magical, but which are studied nowadays under the term “Agarthan Sciences”.

(should I add something about Layer Shifts?)
I imagine the Ottomans have resorted to Islamic/Orthodox chants with people freaking out about the fact the dead can walk again. Would make sense that religion fanaticism would come back with the seeming end of the world (for the ottomans at least) at hand.

>the disappearance of Bonaparte after the loss of Waterloo
Did we write it that he disappeared after Waterloo? I thought everything followed the same course as IRL history until he and everyone on St Helena mysteriously disappeared.

>There are 9 Layers (with possibly a 10th, Hidden one)
I'd amend it to 9 known layers, with the caveat that there may be more.

>There is a ‘Sun’ at the “center of the Earth” called the Inner Sun which provides something akin to light and a day/night cycle.
I personally prefer it if the INNER SVN is just a theory to explain why there's light underground, nobody actually knows where it comes from. The original Journey to the Centre of the Earth book described the light in the underground caverns as "electrical".

Otherwise seems good!
>Did we write it that he disappeared after Waterloo?
Yeah, he disappeared post-Waterloo for a while now. He did also spend some time beneath the pyramids while in Egypt.
>Did we write it that he disappeared after Waterloo?
Since the timeline was hammered down, yeah, but it does cause issues in that it takes away from the thematic weight of him getting stuck there in the 9th, since he's never been there. One possible way to fix that would be to change his first exile to be there too instead of Elba.
>I'd amend it to 9 known layers
Might as well.
>I personally prefer it if the INNER SVN is just a theory
The issue I see with this is that its pretty well established that there is a sort of relationship between the Star Ancestor, the Inner Sun, the Shadows in general and both Old Mu and Napoleon.
I also kinda like the idea that you can see the Inner Sun traveling the Layers throughout the day cycle, but its trajectory makes no sense and you can't really reach it even if it looks like you could, its just a weird afterimage. With perhaps some Sky-People lore as to what happens if someone manages to fly through it...
We could include a new "theory" however to play this angle, a sort of hermeneutical syncretism which denotes that nearly all civilizations or cultures in Agartha mentions an Inner Sun and worship it...
If the earth is divided into multiple layers, do we have a map to show it?
File: 3rdLayerUpdated.png (449 KB, 1500x740)
449 KB
449 KB PNG
We have maps of the 3rd and 4th Layers, yes (we are on the 2nd apart from parts of Doggerland resurfacing and some frontier changes its the same). I'll start working on a map of the 5th.
File: 4thlayerupdated.png (364 KB, 1500x740)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
File: LAYERS.jpg (221 KB, 886x820)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
As for a "cutout" map, I think that would be mostly impossible because distances, geometry and time breaks down pretty quickly as you go down. Despite being "concentric" layers the ones below aren't necessarily smaller.
Picrel might unironically be the best most accurate depiction of a "cutout" of the Layers.
So at what point does the maps stop being 1:1 with the layers above?

Also, now that we're talking about maps, do we have a map of how the 1st layer is divided between the nations?
File: tripods2.jpg (120 KB, 640x868)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
>1st layer
1st is Hyperborea, do you mean "our" Layer?
Hyperborea is pretty much unknown. We wouldn't want to go there and lay claim to land anyway, that would be very very foolish.
Our layer is going to be fairly similar to how it was divided back in our timeline 1875, with Iceland being British, some parts of India getting their independence, a few japanese island less. Italy and Austria would have a modifications too.
>1st is Hyperborea, do you mean "our" Layer?
Yes, the world's outermost surface.
>So at what point does the maps stop being 1:1 with the layers above?
Unknown. Possibly, all travel past a very early point underground involves some kind of anomalous space-time event, which could be why Paris didn't take a month to fall at its current depth in any shape that didn't leave it in little pieces, inhabitants included.
Also, possibly why traveling down and up frequently seem to cause Deep-Drunkness while just going down or up may not.
File: Overmap2.png (4.31 MB, 3825x2228)
4.31 MB
4.31 MB PNG
The 1st is not colonized in any ways, the Americans have sent a bullet ship (Verne's From the Earth to the Moon) which got stuck in the "crystal" dome and created the Antartic Pain Waterfall, that is the extent of how much we have explored it (apart possibly from Franklinites).
> holy shit I still have this map
That map was the first I made btw it is no longer at all useful I'm not posting it as a reference.
File: Worldbook.001.pdf (5.36 MB, PDF)
5.36 MB
5.36 MB PDF
I will repost the World Book, many of your answers may be in it, however know it is very much a wip and has a lot less detail than the googledocs. A few sections have already been added and just need completion before I post it, and I am in the process of replacing all slop art by other, so please bare with the state of it.
Since we are almost at the year mark we might want to look into updating the OP format to make things more accessible for new folks.
File: Atlantis.jpg (116 KB, 736x526)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
How aquatic do you think the fifth layer is? In my imagining it's maybe 85% ocean with the rest being small islands/cave riddled pillars. Libertalia corresponds with the Falklands, Atlantis corresponds with Bermuda, the British Entrances are where they are, and the vortex to get down a layer is near one of the horns (South Africa I'd wager) There's also some Mu City-States (Including some underwater ones) in the eastern portion below the pacific.
Also here have a Plato-accurate rendition of Atlantis. It's my headcanon that Agarthan Atlantis has partially abandoned their outer ring after something (either the fall or a sea monster) broke through it and flooded sections.
Are the white areas all open areas, or are they divided into tunnels and caves of varying sizes?
>ow aquatic do you think the fifth layer is? In my imagining it's maybe 85% ocean with the rest being small islands/cave riddled pillars.
That's exactly what I'm going for, basically the 5th is as closed to WaterWorld as can be. Pillars have been eroded down by the water/precipitation and so most are slivers in comparison to the ones highers, with snaking paths in between many.
>Libertalia [...] Atlantis [...] Vortex ...
Thank you for this this helps a lot!
Mix of both, the white area corresponds to the open areas, but in some cases the space between the Floor and the Roof becomes a lot thinner than in others, and you have "cavernous" biomes mixed in with others. The Pillars are similarly not entirely solid, many have small tunnels in them, or have been mined, or have magma vents going up the layers through them.
Get cultivated, son.
Pale Dweller is just happy to be here.
look at that little fucker
he knows that we know how happy he is
>It's my headcanon that Agarthan Atlantis has partially abandoned their outer ring after something (either the fall or a sea monster) broke through it and flooded sections.
Now that's an interesting question. Is Atlantis situated on an island in the sea, or is it inland and surrounded by a lake/moat? Would it be possible for Old Mu to fig up through the layers and attack them from beneath?
>Pale Dweller is just happy to be here.
I just love how his smile comes off in nearly all situations. Just like "yup, this is happening, might as well be happy about it".
> Outlander : *bleh*
> Cultivation Master : "Indeed, cruelty is the kindness of the wise"
> Pale Dweller : *smiles meekly and gives a thumbs up*
To the anon who wanted to playtest tuesday, did you want to play a full game, or just demo to learn the rules? I can do both.
Also, do you want to build you own list?
Demo would be good, since I've never actually played a game before. Not sure about building my own list, which folder is the brit book contained in?
Its in the Mediafire link, I'll point it out next thread.
Almost missed baking time. On it.

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