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File: Satsuma2.png (4.66 MB, 1193x1655)
4.66 MB
4.66 MB PNG
"Fast ambushes, no retreat" edition

>What is this?
EXPEDITION - an ~1870s era, Jules Verne-inspired retro-futurist, underground blood soaked adventurescape.
It is a Skirmish wargame. Two players with their own expeditions, on a hexgrid map, fight each other for victory.
A campaign mode is planned, and currently in the works. (you) are encouraged to contribute.

3 versions of the rules exist, TWO of which have been playtested:
>1e - proof of concept, recently updated with unit stats
>2e - lead by 2e anon, playtests started, ~75% done. Campaign system is developed here.
>3e - Replaced 4e because it died. Spearheaded by 3e anon, needs more playtests, rules present in the doc

>What can I do?
Shitpost, meme, get comfy. Read over the docs to settle in.
Familiarize yourself with rules and plan some playtests.
Contribute if you have ideas. Give feedback on contributions if you don't.

> TQ : Satsuma, yes?

File: 1e.pdf (346 KB, PDF)
346 KB
346 KB PDF
>TL;DR Doc
>Main Lore Doc, including links to anon-written short stories and additional lore in "Recommended..." section
> Unit Spreadsheet - Currently outdated, requires an update
>Unit Design Doc
File: stinker_gorg_scan.png (204 KB, 347x400)
204 KB
204 KB PNG
World doc editing persists. Picking at it whenever I have the time.
Another edit sample from early in the work, to keep things going.
As usual with edits, if you think I ended up stripping anything important just say so and I'll work it back in. And, these are full style edits not mere stynatx ones.

>1st Layer
>The Firmament

The sky above is its own unique Layer, home to the Hyperborean menace. The Psychic Sea therein produces an optical illusion we once called the stars.

The term Hyperborea refers to a collection of civilizations which, according to the Gano-Ducksworth, represent the inhuman end point of the historico-ontological process. Though diverse, the consistent behavior of disparate Hyperborean factions leads to this collective term. Hyperboreans do not trade or negotiate with others. They make no treaties or promises. Hyperboreans are dedicated to violence and agony. Their sub-classifications originate mostly from the Miskatonic Institute’s research into the matter.
File: 1708084511295370.jpg (64 KB, 600x600)
64 KB
Hyperwar Cults, roving bands of psychotic aliens united by fanatic dedication to a religion of suffering, partake in the most damaging raids. They show interest only in warfare, and often act contrary to other Firmament faction interests.

The autonomous Machinemen are possessed by a dark and cold mind. Their hyperrationalism views suffering as a process to be optimized, rather than an art form. Because of this, many fighters against Hyperborea consider capture by the Machinemen to be a mercy.
The section on Ubermen was incomplete with the [...] treatment, if you're up for finishing it.
And lastly, of course

The Historicals are individuals with the greatest propensity for casualty and cruelty, hand picked from this Loop’s cycle to be recreated as Hyperborean beings. This may be done to alleviate Hyperborean estrangement from their prey, an attempt to understand how to maximize previously unfamiliar trauma. Despite their lowly origins, a Historical’s natural affinity for Emanation mastery affords them great respect in Hyperborea.

We ought to explain Emanation prior to this entry. A quick passage about that would help also, as the listed Emanations passage currently within this text is empty.
Will try to get to it at some point this weekend!
Thank you for cooking
>Satsuma, yes?
Personally, I'd say yes, in part because the lore is awesome and in part because kitbashing them would be kino as hell. Not sure if women ashigaru miniatures are a thing tho.
Also, reposting new version of the rulebook.
File: Private.png (1.23 MB, 1206x1206)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG

I should mention that I found a great site full of 19th century British uniform illustrations, would be a good source of pics and inspiration to anyone writing for the brits. In fact, it's even given me a new unit idea.

Irish Conscript
>Explosives expert
>Needs a Sergeant Major to make sure he doesn't immediately rebel
>Rebels anyway
>Would join Malcolm but the Pope said no
>Just wants to home
*wants to go home
>Irish Conscript
Nice, will add him! Should he be a regular Soldier or Auxiliary? There was also the Mountie mentioned in the America compass I remember.
Conscripts usually fall into the Auxilliary category don't they?
>Would join Malcolm but the Pope said no
Do we think Malcolm still considers himself Catholic?
I would assume so, I think its the first "conscript" unit. In particular this would mean the Irish Conscript would not be supported as well by Duke Cunningham, for example.
Thanks a lot for this it is very useful.
> Royal Engineer for missing UK worker?
> Should I also put in a generic Medic (Royal Medical Corp) and Cook (Aide-de-Camp)? Fill up the basic roles for most factions?
The hero trait for Sarge gives him royal engineer. Making a navvy unit would fit for basic workers though.
File: landtransportcorp.png (1010 KB, 965x965)
1010 KB
1010 KB PNG
>Making a navvy unit would fit for basic workers though.
(under)Land Transport Corp?
Personally I would say that most factions don't need a specialized worker unit since the hired hand (supposedly) exists. I'm not opposed to giving them all one anyway though.
File: Empire (1).png (2.56 MB, 2280x1708)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB PNG
Last thread I floated the idea of a "Build-an-Aux" system that would work kind of like Heros. Assuming there was a caveat of only allowing 1 or 2 custom types of aux to be deployed in a British list would people be amenable to the idea? I could write up a prototype of it. As it stands a lot of the aux units don't have much difference between eachother.
Great idea, as far as I'm concerned we could just fold all brit aux under that system.
I'll write a prototype soon and expand it later.
File: BillyFish.jpg (25 KB, 661x397)
25 KB
Base Aux Profile: [2 Silver]
AP: 2
2 Health boxes.
3 in all other stats.
Weapons: Only medieval unless specified otherwise.

Home locations listed are not restrictions, merely suggestions.
“India” indicates loyal forces from the Mutiny or units from the few British controlled areas

>Free Diver: (Caribbean, Ceylon, Australia, Oceania, Fifth Layer) [4 Silver]
Unit gains amphibious keyword.

>Woodsman: (Canada, India, Ireland, Third Layer) [2 Silver]
Unit gains the woodsman keyword and terrain affinity for forest hexes.

>Translator: (Anywhere really) [5 Silver]
Unit gains the diplomat keyword and 2 awareness. Unit can spend 2 AP to perform “Translate” action, giving adjacent leader units the diplomat keyword for the turn.

>Well-Drilled: (India, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada) [9 Silver]
Unit gains “Line Fire” special rule, and the statline of a British Army Private Unit. Unit may take ranged weapons from the British list. Counts as two traits.

>Ancestral Weapon: (India, South Africa, Oceania, Canada, Third Layer) [4 Silver]
Select one melee weapon OR blackpowder rifles/pistols. This unit gains +2 accuracy AND training with that weapon. If a melee weapon is selected, the unit can gain +3 strength for an extra 2 silver.

>Born in the saddle: (India, Australia, Fourth Layer) [3 Silver]
Unit gains an additional +2 movement when mounted. Unit may take any mount from the colonial mounts list. For an additional 3 silver unit may take a cavesaur mount.
The idea is essentially that you can either build an aux which works as a workhorse soldier with a few niche abilities, or you could build one who works as an expensive specialist (Sniper, translator, etc)
So if I wanted someone who could snipe well from hills to represent an Afghan, I could take the ancestral weapon and the [Unwritten as of yet] trait that gives them climbing. It would make that theoretical model likely around ~15-20 silver as he'd be in a specialized role.
If I wanted 5-6 models with spears to run up and poke holes in the enemy, I'd take traits that make them cheaper overall so I could have more of them.
For it all to work there do need to be more traits, so I'll keep thinking about options and reading the Wikipedia list of actual British colonial aux units (of which there are many)
An interesting concept, but one thing we find a LOT in game design is that
>If "generic / customisable " units are good, the specialised units never get played
>If they are bad, they never get used.
Basically, "Build your own unit" is a recipe for the meta to die. Not that I'm against the concept, but I think I'd prefer units be specific.
It depends on what the Hired Hand can do. If they can do everything short of combat there's probably no point, but if we make certain units specialise in things (e.g Dirtman is good at digging through certain types of terrain) more units might become useful. The Underland Transport Corps might be good for grabbing extra loot, for instance.
Had a further look around that website and found a few other interesting collections, this one is of Paris in the 19th century. Haven't found a catergory as relevant as the Brit uniforms one, but I'll keep on looking.

File: Eiffel Base.png (1.42 MB, 1206x1206)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
Here's the base of the Eiffel.
File: Eiffels Tower.jpg (2.78 MB, 4254x3258)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB JPG
And a view of the Paris skyline (my own edit)
kek that neck.
Will look into shoping some caverns in the background
Stated as indicated here, with these abilities and the added caveat that all aux in an army must be identical (aside from equipment) I think it wouldn't be that much of an issue.
The only one that I might take out/change would be the Well Drilled one so as to not have any overlap with the BAP (and it would be a straight up downgrade from the BAP at a higher cost too, since its not a Soldier.)
File: ItalyOccupationCorp.jpg (297 KB, 980x643)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
Found this one here,
its mostly photos but there are some illustrations. The links in the rows in the middle of the page.
File: britsoldiersrebalance.png (158 KB, 1670x729)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
Looking at more options for reformatting, this is putting both the equipment and the special rules on top.
Here I reworked the Black Watch to lose Elite and be just a bit more expensive than the BAP instead, so you aren't stuck at 3 (or 1/50 silver). I removed one health box because 2 is pretty standard for human soldiers, added Tough instead which will give more play options I think. Quick Strike means they are better generally in melee too with sabers as well. Reduced armour and bumped Movement as well.
For the Iceland Guard I lowered to 5 Accuracy to make the BAP better. It had really good armour and I'm not sure if there was supposed to be a reason for it anymore, so I put it down to the usual 0, let me know if I missed anything.
I agree that there's a risk of fucking up in either direction, but the alternative is to have half a dozen profiles with very little difference between them. We could either try to give the preexisting aux units a better defined niche or give this a shot.
The idea with Well-Drilled was that you take it and then one extra ability to make an expensive add-on to a line fire list (Like someone who takes the brunt of a charge) I think you're right about dumpstering it though, since if someone wants line fire sepoy units they can just use sepoy units painted with British uniforms like how it was alluded to in the chart.

My current plan is to make around a page to a page and a half of these options, making enough so that you can recreate the pre-existing aux statlines and then filling in any of the gaps with new ones. If anyone has ideas for options I'm all ears, the possibility of Agarthan and Icelandic auxes in particular is something I've been thinking about quite a lot since they don't have historical parallels to draw from. The King's Morlock Rifles perhaps?
Also, does anyone know if the Brits have any presence in Egypt/Sudan given the Ottoman situation? Having a Dervish style aux or one of the options from the Egyptians in the Ottoman list would be cool, if only because Mahdist style models are pretty easy to get a hold of compared to Tinglits or such.
File: curiasser.jpg (314 KB, 1024x1269)
314 KB
314 KB JPG
I always figured the Iceland Guards had the armour because they were some sort of dismounted cuirassier.
File: Unhusked Ottoman.png (1.06 MB, 1206x1206)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
Found a French artist.

File: Gendarmerie.png (990 KB, 1206x1206)
990 KB
990 KB PNG
>I agree that there's a risk of fucking up in either direction, but the alternative is to have half a dozen profiles with very little difference between them. We could either try to give the preexisting aux units a better defined niche or give this a shot.
Could just have a single generic Aux profile?
If we did that we'd be cutting out half the Brit units and their big faction gimmick. Which would mean we'd need to add more units to give them a filled roster anyway instead of developing the existing auxes.
Not a bad idea but I advise against it for the moment.
Ah fair. Yeah, seems like you've found a good solution then. Its not so egregious if its just one faction gimmick.
Quick bump.
File: BritishArmyOfficer.png (1.06 MB, 965x965)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
Thank you!
So what are we coming up with for Auxiliaries in UK in the end?
UK have 12 units in their faction book atm (2 leaders & the Armoured Traction Engine and the Prediction Engine), 3 of those are auxiliaries.
To compare, US have 20 units (5 Leaders and the EEE being a placeholder atm).
We don't need to get all the books to US size, but we could definitely open up a few slots for UK homeland themed troops and still have space for auxiliaries.
Also, since I will be moving the Sarge to Hero, what do I replace him with? Just "Line Officer"?
We could shuffle around which rank is the hero, make a Lieutenant unit the hero and Sergeant the specialist. It would fill the Rorke's Drift reference.
I'm going to finish up the aux system and put that out, if it's trash then we can just rejig the current aux units.
Base Aux Profile: [2 Silver] (LIMIT OF 2 AUX TYPES PER ARMY)
AP: 2
2 Health boxes.
Strength: 5
Movement: 4
Evasion: 5
3 in all other stats.
Weapons: Only medieval unless specified otherwise.

>TRAITS (Max of 3):
Home locations listed are not restrictions, merely suggestions.
“India” indicates loyal forces from the Mutiny or units from the few British controlled areas

>Free Diver: (Caribbean, Ceylon, Australia, Oceania, Fifth Layer) [3 Silver]
Unit gains amphibious keyword and +2 Awareness.

>Woodsman: (Canada, India, Ireland, Third Layer) [1 Silver]
Unit gains the woodsman keyword and +2 Awareness.

>Dune Warrior: [1 Silver]
Unit gains the Dune Warrior keyword and +2 Awareness.

>Translator: (Anywhere really) [5 Silver]
Unit gains the diplomat keyword and 2 awareness. Unit can spend 2 AP to perform “Translate” action, giving adjacent leader units the diplomat keyword for the turn.

>Ancestral Weapon: (India, South Africa, Oceania, Canada, Third Layer) [4 Silver]
Select one melee weapon OR muskets/ blackpowder pistols. This unit gains +3 accuracy AND training with that weapon. If a melee weapon is selected, the unit can gain +1 strength. Unit gains the soldier keyword.

>Born in the saddle: (India, Australia, Fourth Layer) [3 Silver]
Unit gains an additional +2 movement when mounted. Unit may take any mount from the colonial mounts list. For an additional 3 silver unit may take a cavesaur mount.

>Home Territory: (Anywhere) [1 Silver]
Unit gains terrain affinity with a selected terrain, and +2 Evasion

>Ancestral Armour: (Canada, Australia [Ned Kelly says Hello]) [3 Silver]
Unit may either gain 4 body armour and 5 head armour OR 3 Limb armour, 3 Body armour, and 2 head armour.

>War Dance: (South Africa, Oceania) [4 Silver]
Unit may initiate “War Dance” ability for 2 AP. If unit remains undamaged for one turn after activating the ability it gains +4 accuracy and the quick strike ability in melee for two turns.

>Mountaineer: (Nepal, Iceland, Third Layer) [2 Silver]
Unit always counts as equipped with climbing gear. When resolving climbing tests, this unit has +3 strength.

>Dervish: (Sudan, Fourth Layer) [3 Silver]
Unit gains the dual-wielder ability for a melee weapon it can take. Unit gains +2 Evasion.

>Modern Equipment: (India, Canada, Iceland) [4 Silver]
Unit gains +2 accuracy. Unit may take weapons from the British ranged and melee lists. Unit gains the soldier keyword.

>Porter: (Hong Kong, South Africa, India) [1 Silver]
Unit gains the Worker Keyword and +3 labour. Unit may carry four pieces of equipment.

>Fearsome: (Nepal, Canada) [3 Silver]
Any enemy units killed by this unit generate twice as much dread as they would otherwise. Unit gains +3 discipline.

>Marksman: (India, South Africa, Canada) [2 Silver]
Add 4 hexes to the range of any ranged weapons held by this unit. When this unit is in Elevated terrain it gains +2 accuracy against units not in elevated terrain.

>Queen’s Own Morlock Infantry: (Third Layer, Fourth Layer, Fifth Layer, Belgium) [1 Silver]
This counts as two traits. Unit gains the statline and abilities of a Morlock Grunt, with the exception that they can only take weapons from the medieval weapons list, not the Mu list. May not be chosen in expeditions led by Duke Cunningham.

>Queen’s Own Neanderthal Infantry: (Third Layer, Fourth Layer, Manchester) [4 Silver]
This counts as two traits. Unit gains the statline and abilities of a Neanderthal Cond, with the exception that it does not have any armour, and it does not count as a merc. May not be chosen in expeditions led by Duke Cunningham.


>Zulu: (Adjusted Cost: 7)
2-Base Cost
4-Ancestral Weapon
1-Home Territory

>South Pacific: (Adjusted Cost: 7)
2-Base Cost
1-Home Territory
4-War Dance

>Tlingit: (Adjusted Cost: 10)
2-Base Cost
4-Ancestral Weapon
3-Ancestral Armour


>Afghan Marksman: (9 Silver)
2-Base Cost
4-Ancestral Weapon
1-Home Territory

>Chinese Coolie: (3 Silver)
2-Base Cost

>Morlock: (Billy the Fish) (7 Silver)
2-Base Cost
1-Queen’s Own Morlock
4- Modern Equipment

>Gurkha: (Billy Fish) (11 Silver)
2-Base Cost
4-Ancestral Weapon

>Bush Ranger: (12 Silver)
2-Base Cost
3-Ancestral Armour
3-Born in the saddle
4-Modern Equipment
Costs were adjusted with the 4-5 silver unit cost increase teased by 2eAnon with the other British units. I tried to balance ability costs around the idea that the currently existing aux units are around 7 to 9 silver a pop when adjusted to modern standards.
The overall idea is that each trait gives a unit an ability and a little bit of a stat upgrade to help with what they're supposed to do with that ability. Some traits give no stat upgrade because they are good enough as is.
The Morlock/Neanderthal idea is semi-experimental. While I find it funny it might not be the sort of thing we want to add, which is okay.

You can either build an aux as a cheap worker, a cheaper soldier than BAP (But not as good of course), or a niche but powerful in said niche unit.
Also I did just realize it's possible to get 9 evasion on these fucks so there is still a lot of balancing to do. Sorry about that.
File: French Fireman.png (1.34 MB, 1206x1206)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
The French Fireman
>Fights fires and hunts down arsonists
>Willing to pursue criminals to the end of the layers
>Armed with an axe and a hose (don't ask where he gets the water)
>Gets a morale boost from seeing fires
>Greek Iconoclasts HATE him
>Italian players resign when he appears
The French having a list that's just the Police (Bikes, Tiger Brigade, This Guy) is great. If we could get Inspector Ganimard as a leader unit the list would be complete.
I've compiled all of the units that were either listed in the British book or the charts, and then added one or two of my own. If it's listed as shared that means it appears in another list but was mentioned as British.

British List:

- Leaden Duke (Written)
- Modern Major General (Written)
- Blackwatch themed leader unit?

- Sir Conrad Beauchamp (Unwritten)
- The Neptunium Baron (?)
- The Treasure Hunter (Shared, Written)
- The Heiress Explorer (Shared, Written)
- Big game Hunter (Shared, Unwritten)

- Lieutenant (Take the traits from Sergeant and give them to this guy [Played by Micheal Caine!])

- Iceland Guard (Written)
- Crimean War Veteran (Unwritten, bonus against anomalies and/or cavalry unit?)

- BAP (Written)
- Blackwatch (Written)
- Aux (Semi-Written)
- Navvy (Unwritten [Worker with building bonuses?])
- Able Seaman (HMS Pinafore reference Unit, Unwritten and never should be)

- Sergeant Major (Written [If making Lieutenant, then revert this guy to OG statline])
- Analytical Engineer (Written)
- Generic Colonial surgeon (For all colonials?)

>War Machines:
- Traction Engine (Written)
As for homeland themed troops, there's always the Sappers and Cavalry. I figure the traction engine fills out the Artillery role well enough on it's own.
>7 to 9 silver a pop when adjusted to modern standards.
Great call, that's about where I would have put them. Higher competes with the BAP himself, lower should be reserved for either non-combat units or those that have 1 health box or some ways of dying in 1 shot.
I'll review this more in detail once I've slept a bit but it looks like solid stuff for a start.
Getting 9 Evasion is darn high but its not absolutely fatal either, as long as "always counts as Dodging" isn't thrown into the mix.
Bump while 2Eanon takes a big sleep.
Sleep well, mighty warrior!
File: Candleman.png (1.18 MB, 1206x1206)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
I don't know what to make of this character, but he looks like he'd be right at home in Agartha.
We don't talk about the madman with the moustache.
Man this 19th century illustrations site is great.
>Bump while 2Eanon takes a big sleep.
Thank you!
Got a few days off, I will try to get the UK book updated as quickly as I can, and then on to France. >>91937820 Thanks a whole bunch for this! I personally really like the idea of a Black Watch leader unit, it mirrors Garnier and the Troupe de la Marine for France.
I'm thinking for convenience sake's all the Characters should be in the book even if they have an entry in the Merc one...? Doing that for all Mercs is too much for France and UK since most mercs will work for them as of now but at least the Characters it might make sense.
Also, the Troupe de la Marine uniforms seems to have changed quite a bit between 1850 and 1872, picrel here is the earlier one, >>91944214 is the more modern look. It kinda overlaps with some events (Tonkin seemngly had troops in both uniforms). Which one is better?
File: Blackwatch.png (1.06 MB, 913x594)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
I like the later versions posted.
Also this:
>Black Watch Leader Idea: (NAME PENDING)
>Veteran of The Opium War, Crimea, The Mutiny, and a dozen other conflicts.
>Defected during the Malcolmite Rebellion
>Captured during the final raid, believes Malcolm left his men to die due to Lemurian influence.
>Now leads a band of Blackwatch, sworn to have his revenge on Malcolm
>Not an officer, but England won't sent anyone down to Agartha to replace him.
We could also have a Blackwatch leader who's not a member and more like a warden/minder. I like the general idea of a former Malcomite who wants revenge on Malcolm though.
File: workerbalance.png (151 KB, 1677x776)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
>- Navvy (Unwritten [Worker with building bonuses?])
I made this last night in order to start getting an idea of the balance level of workers. Let me know if I should replace the Land Transport Corp by another name, but I thought a worker that could carry a lot would be useful on its own.
File: UKleaderproposal.png (134 KB, 1102x769)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
And a rebalancing of the Modern Major General. I included the Leaden Duke as a comparison. I lowered the MMG's Leadership to 3 and his Evasion (he had 9 for some reason), his Discipline to 8 (Still pretty much nearly immune to Morale most of the time) and gave him Dogged instead of Tough to justify putting him at 20 Silver, which will be Mid-Low end of the scale for Leader pricing (~15s I think would be the low end unless we are speaking weird Leaders).
The abilities have been reworked to work on friendly Faction Soldiers, the Smattering was redone since there were now more relevant abilities to give, removed the LD cost on In Order Categorical but lowered it to 3 range, and the Knows more tactics was added instead to give it an LD action natively.
I think this will make a strong support leader especially at the start of the game, the first Move action of half your Expedition should be free, and if you plan well, this could stack up over a few turns and turn into a huge AP savings which can be better invested in shooting and reloading.
Also, getting off a lucky Deadly (Bayonets) on a Charge turn supported by what I'm cooking up with the Sarge will be fucking brutal.
File: Infanterie de Marine.png (1.18 MB, 1206x1206)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
I kind of prefer the newer version, though it would be nice if we could find somewhere to put a French Infantryman with hats.
How is carrying materials as a whole intended to work? Building a lot of fortifications could be pretty hard if most armies can only carry 2 mats per unit.
There's no reason we can't do a little uniform kitbashing. I'm already planning to give any BAPs I model Napoleonic backpacks because that's how the 1e art has them looking.
They don't need a full update, but the Atlan pdf in the mediafire does need the new units from November added.
I replaced the whole thing about equipment loadout in the rulebook so that by base every unit can carry 5 items total, between weapons and anything else. I will come back and add a section to the mounts so they provide extra luggage too. If you want to build a lot of buildings and fortification, you should probably share a Mat amongst all your troops, and then have 2~3 workers with Shovels, Torches and 3x Mats.
File: SergeantMajor.png (57 KB, 539x711)
57 KB
Rework of the (non-hero) Sarge.
Lowered him to 2 health and Accuracy by 1, reworked his abilities a bit so as to incentivize further his role as a support piece of BAP. The rule about him giving them Dogged was so that they do end up being a good tarpit unit as per the lore blurb. I might end up putting a range or LP cost on it.
Oh also disregard the image here this was a placeholder to differentiate the hero from non-hero profile. That's a medic.
File: BAPonthemove.png (1.14 MB, 965x965)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
File: sergeant.png (5.39 MB, 1890x1441)
5.39 MB
5.39 MB PNG
Here have some potential non-placeholder art.
Will use, thank you!
Anyone got one for Beauchamp?
File: Ur-Ca.png (885 KB, 745x438)
885 KB
885 KB PNG
File: beauchamp.jpg (262 KB, 2000x1333)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
Not sure what he's supposed to look like but I always imagined him as a shaved Mark Twain. Younger Mark Twain that is.
Also, what is your plan for the "Steals other opponent's gimmicks" thing mentioned on his chart slot? IIRC in the storytime about him he uses Lemurian mummy tongues so maybe it can be equipment/artifact based.
Thanks for the picture, that works.
>Also, what is your plan for the "Steals other opponent's gimmicks"
It's stomping me so far. Simply being able to copy any ability is pretty insane, and doesn't make much sense given the nature of some of them (him copying the Titking's melee abilities for example). It being equipment/artifact based is better already, fits more the theme, but then it might end up useless in many encounters.
Could be that you give him an artifact (or several) and roll to see what ability he gets. Make a simple table of all the other factions special abilities, or one per fation, and then make that his ability. It could lead to something extremely broken or useless, and it's entirely luck based.
Like he's digging around in a rucksack full of ancient magical treasures trying to find the one that fits the specific scenario?
Because that's hilarious.
File: wonders.jpg (178 KB, 1280x720)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Fuck it I could actually make a list of all the currently existing "crazy artifact" things we have like now. Like that Atlan metal shaper guy or Atlantean alchemy bits or all the Lemurian pieces or the Egyptian relics.
File: BigGameHunter.jpg (103 KB, 1280x720)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
> "The Apeman got guns now?!?"
File: ook.png (1.21 MB, 857x1200)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
> "OOK."
>The Big Game hunter keeps causing diplomatic incidents with Mu by shooting at Psysaurs and Morlocks and Neanderthals.
Collating items that could work as randomly rolled Artefacts or abilities for Beauchamp. It's not comprehensive since I'm going more by what I think he would use. (I.E, not heavy flamethrowers, but maybe grenades?)
File: beauchamp3.png (1.4 MB, 4633x2011)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
Here's the list of abilities and items I thought would work for Mr. Beauchamp. Please disregard some of the Mu grafts.
The possibility of him having Janera magic for a couple of turns balances because he would have to start creating volcanic hexes himself without any help, so it would take a while.
It might be fun to let him randomly get prophecy or necromancy for a few turns too, since necromancy would actually be a debuff with the dread requirements and prophecy is swingy enough to not be OP naturally. The chance for rolling any of the three should be lower than just getting an item though.
As for the items, I think it would work best if he only has them for a couple turns, or if it takes some sort of investment to get them out like taking a dread debuff when he opens the steamer trunk of doom.
Please excuse this nightmare of formatting I didn't want to write everything up by hand.
File: 1510121885827.gif (484 KB, 375x249)
484 KB
484 KB GIF
>Attempts to shoot grog
>comically sized cartrige gets stuck in his helmet
>The first grog to become a Five-Horn via an outsider
>Runs around headbutting people with the comically sized shell in his helmet now.
Thank for this! Now to try and make this user friendly ...
Very nice work. I like the image of him (or some poor servant) hauling round the Steamer Trunk of Doom wherever he goes and digging through it mid battle. Or even just adding to it after a battle, which might jive nicely with a proper campaign mode.
File: Heiress&BigGameHunter.png (129 KB, 1103x768)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
Here is what I went for with the BGH and the Heiress. I bumped the cost to 25 because otherwise I didn't see why she wouldn't be auto include, and even as of now, she may end up being just that.
The BGH I hesitated between this and just giving him an elephant rifle or something. I might give him Tough to justify his cost, but at the same time once I end up giving a Silver Value to Hostiles he might also turn into a huge econ engine by himself. The "I can smell it" ability might see a rework too once I finish the Alpha Hunt scenario.
File: CrimeanVet.png (46 KB, 535x658)
46 KB
For the anons who tried the Prediction Engine, did it work alright? Do you feel I need to add something or debuff it?
Having played a list with both the prophet swarm and the Analytical engine I'll say that both felt less powerful than they could have. Prophecy so far has felt really swingy, which is not in of itself a bad thing, but it's noticeable.
I do like the current engine mechanics at a basic level though. Maybe let it have a guaranteed prophecy if you don't rush calculations or something?
Explorer looks good, I think you did a great job with the game hunter. The Rifle Rule more than makes up for any lack of elephant rifles.
Crimean Vets look a little weak for an "elite" unit. They have good stats but giving them a cavalry ability would be nice. Especially with the scout abilities they already have it would pair well.
Waitaminute when did America get access to Hyperborean Ray Guns and Tommy Guns?
Never, really, the ones in the book are stand ins. The idea was that the US had access to enough Hyperborean and Time Trapped weaponry that it could field them with the oversight of the Miskatonic Advisor. It never really went anywhere and could be cut.
Miskatonic Advisor is on the to-do list, we could keep it in. Might want to cut it from the Beauchamp chart for the moment though.
Also, would the Blackwatch British leader being able to recruit Highland Rifles and/or Malcomite Rebels as faction troops be a fun trait? I was thinking about what it would mean.
>Also, would the Blackwatch British leader being able to recruit Highland Rifles and/or Malcomite Rebels as faction troops be a fun trait? I was thinking about what it would mean.
Sure, why not? How do you guys see him? I had thought of maybe having him be a cheap combat Leader, strong and tough himself, although still by Colonial standards, but with less of a focus on Soldier support as other UK Leader... ?
That works with the idea that he's not an officer, just a guy who really wants Malcolm dead.
>Convinced he's Malcolm's arch-nemesis
>Malcolm has literally no idea he exists
Make it happen
It's quite possible that he fragged the officer who was supposed to be keeping his band of Blackwatch in line, just so he could take control and go hunt the Lost Men. One can only assume that England decided to look the other way and keep supplying them because they continue to carve through mutual enemies.
That and the plausible deniability.
>"Oh no France, we're terribly sorry but it looks like a mutinous band of Deep-Drunk Scotsmen ransacked your border forts along our shared frontier. Rest assured that they will be brought to justice."
And then they give the Blackwatch more bullets and booze and send them back out.
File: GenericColonialMedic.png (43 KB, 539x594)
43 KB
Basic Medic for Colonials, the only flavor here is that he is a Soldier and thus can be supported somewhat.
I was thinking I could just copy/paste this profile in at least the UK/France/USA/Italy book and just replace the token art for more faction appropriate ones.
File: Napoleon.png (3.79 MB, 1920x1280)
3.79 MB
3.79 MB PNG
>>"Oh no France, we're terribly sorry
Perfidious Albion strikes again!
File: The Bulldog.jpg (50 KB, 527x516)
50 KB
Proposal for the Black Watch themed leader.
Just a dude that beats face, leading a band of half demoralized ex-rebels to their deaths.
I wanted to give him Hatred [The Lost Men] and realized I had missed Hatred in the main Rulebook for special rules. Previously it was just reroll failed hits, which I think is what it was in WHFB and a few other games. It always bugged me a bit because that's a weird representation of hating the enemy ... Given the system we have here I was thinking we could set it up to be a simple +1 Strength vs the faction/model specified. Makes more sense to have it more marginal, and yet this could mean you end up being over the Threshold for higher damage on weapons. The other option would be to simply state "This model always deals the highest damage possible on a Weapon against the model/faction specified", which would be more impactful but possibly broken.
Is there a way to get him to dual wield a webley and a saber instad of two webleys?
Looks great though, the turnaround you manage on new units is remarkable
Sure! Let me add that up.
As for hatred, having it be +1 strength in melee and +1 skill at ranged would work. That or extending the crit range by 1.
File: Baron.jpg (1.27 MB, 1600x900)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
>the turnaround you manage on new units is remarkable
And thank you, I don't want to hold up any potential games because of the rebalancing. But a lot of credit goes to you guys for feeding me stuff.
I've started doing Beauchamp, for the Analytical Engineer and Prediction Engine I think besides giving one free Prediction when set up I won't change much, for the time being the Traction Engine will remain the same but I haven't forgotten the idea of having modular points for it, I'll eventually come back to that specifically.
The Treasure Hunter that I had written up was a Leader for the US, do we want to keep that? US have more than enough Leaders as such and I could make him a Character easily enough.
Otherwise I should only have to do the Neptunium Baron and the Aux (which is already mostly done so that won't be long either, just mostly remaking tokens... ).
So the aim is to post the updated UK book either tomorrow morning (unlikely) or the next one (more likely). If you have ideas, inputs or feedback for any of the profiles or the profile formats posted up until now this is the time!
>dual pistols mechanic
my man knows scottish historical trivia
Please explain
do you think that the aux list could do with one or two more non-combat options to go with porter and translator? I was thinking maybe something to do with cooking or refreshing abilities so you could have an officer character waited on by his manservant aux.
scottish pistols were traditionally made from all metal (no wood grip) in pairs with hooks on the butts to hang them from your belt, one on either side
File: belt.jpg (19 KB, 474x296)
19 KB
Well whaddya know, They look exquisite.
While researching actual British Aux forces I found out about this:
Traction Engines really were used by the British Military to haul artillery in colonial campaigns in the 1870s.
Could be cool to include Royal Navy gun crews, too.
File: krump.jpg (325 KB, 734x1101)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
Whatever floats your boat, or sinks your sub, or flies your dirigible, or powers your engine.
On the topic of heavy weaponry, did we ever agree if Maxim guns existed and if so what they should do in the game?
I think the consensus is yes, Maxim guns exist. I know the US units can take a Colt-Browning in the doc. Maybe machine guns roll more dice, Bolt Action-style?
File: zeppel.jpg (591 KB, 1089x1509)
591 KB
591 KB JPG
I like the rules the French have for their weird gun:
>Special Rules :
Spray and Pray : When you declare a Ranged attack with this model, declare if you are doing a Short or Long Burst. After the initial attack resolved, roll a d3 if you declared a Long Burst. Scatter 1 additional shot if you made a Short Burst, or the number rolled on the d3 from the initial target hex, 1 hex for Short Burst and d3 for Long Burst. Models in the scattered Hex take 1Strenght 3 hit. If you declared a long burst, this model must pass a Labour Test or become jammed (Shutdown).
Gun emplacement : This model is not removed when its Crew Health boxes are all filled up, rather its AP is set to 0. Up to two friendly models may move into the same hex and be removed from play to take their places, restoring 1 AP and 1 Crew Health box per model removed this way. Remove this model
from play if its Gun Health box is filled.
Ammofeed : This model may fire 3 times before needing to reload.

Haven't tested it in any test games yet though so it might be too good or bad. Definitely a starting point to work from though.
What exactly "Strength 3 hit" means in this context is a little confused but you get the idea.
Its no longer valid, this is at least 2 versions of rules defunct. But I will rework it within the new rules very shortly!
File: BritAuxNew.jpg (233 KB, 1104x761)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
File: NeptuniumBaronprof.jpg (80 KB, 535x730)
80 KB
Here is what I went with for the Neptunium Baron.
Wells are an unfinished part of the rulebook but I will add them immediately after I finish the UK book. What I'm thinking is that they are an Engineer building, you can build them anywhere on the map. Cost 10 Material (so high), and don't provide any in-game advantage during the battle. However, whoever controls a Well at the end of the game scores an additional amount of Silver depending on the type of Well it is. If the Engineer simply succeeds the building test, its a Water Well and is worth 10 Silver (so not much, enough to be a tie breaker tho and still more than you invested in Material). If you Crit however its a Neptunium Well and whoever controls it gains 50 Silver.
It might be a bit broken economically since he allows Workers to do it, you could build a stupid list full of Hired Hands and Land Transport Corp and just race to fill your deployment zone with Wells, but on the other hand that means you have shit troops to defend your precious objectives, and the Neptunium Baron himself is an easy target worth 25 Silver to the enemy.
In awe at this.
Baron also looks pretty fun. I like the mechanic of spamming wells like it's an oil rush.
How do you determine who controls the well, and also can you destroy them? (Like from range with cannons if you can't control them)
Quick bump while I do other things.
File: SouthPacific.jpg (198 KB, 786x900)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
>In awe at this.
Its the aux anon's work, I only copy pasted it and formatted it!
>How do you determine who controls the well
I went with king of the hills rules, whoever sits on it controls it, if no one sits on it and only one player has adjacent models to it, he controls it, if no one has adjacent models (or both) no one controls it.
>and also can you destroy them?
I thought of the same thing. This would have to be worked in but its so obvious I feel it has to be. Plus it would give another reason to bring Artillery units besides just straight up damage potential.
Back at work tonight, hopefully it'll be a quiet night, I only have to do the Treasure Hunter and finish up Beauchamp and if everything goes well tomorrow morning I should have the book up.
File: me.jpg (20 KB, 474x266)
20 KB
>Its the aux anon's work
I just meant that it's crazy to see someone take something I made and put it in a thing. No longer am I simply an Ideasguy, now I have the unbound power of creation!
File: preacherman.png (283 KB, 282x803)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
What do people think about the idea of a Missionary Unit? He would mainly be a way to reduce a little bit of dread each turn, with the caveats that he can't attack Human units. The central gimmick would be that he could be taken by pretty much any faction (except Italy, Ottomans, and Hyperboreans for obvious reasons.)
Of course, if taken in an Atlan list he would gain the Slave keyword, but what can you do.
There are Zouaves incoming very shortly, Topside France is supposed to have a Vatican subtheme, so we could definitely be pushing for a few more units at the same time.
Here we go!
Beauchamp, the Traction Engine and the Lieutenant (only have prices to add to this one) are still left to finish, but otherwise everything else is functional. I will get back to these very shortly, in a matter of days rather than weeks but I want to shift my attention to France and the US (and beyond) asap.
> Running Brits
You have solid troops, who won't fail you often, and very solid support pieces for them. They are a bit on the slow side, but you have ways to bump their speed up to colonial average without any issues. They do ok at both range and melee, being very accurate and good with bayonets/sabers. They don't have that many ways to boost their damage output at range however. Where they suck is armour (like all colonials), so they will eventually die. They tarpit better than other colonials however because I don't intend to give Tough or even Dogged too often to Followers. Their gimmicks are also all tied to relatively expensive and fragile characters rather than built in. They finally have little to no terrain interactions/ways to disrupt the enemy plan short of killing them.
Morale is a non-issue most of the time for Brits, so outside of enemy gimmicks you can plan for the long run without having to worry with your troops eventually breaking. Keeping them alive is more crucial. You very likely match or beat your opponent's damage output over time, you just need it. Avoid Fire and Explosions (although, once again, this applies to most Colonials). They have few "cheap" units (~15 Silver once equipped) so you can't throw them away.
Hell fuckin yeah!
>Traction Engine is still left to finish
Just say the word and I'll write up a three+ page article on the technical development and tactical/strategic usage of them.

Also, if you have the time could you update the mediafire with the new edition of the corebook? sup/tg/ is not working right at the moment.
Did we ever settle on a name for the American lightning boys? If not I would like to throw the incredibly obvious "Thunderbirds" into the ring
>Spamming them in play is referred to as "Flipping the bird"
Yeah I can see that working.
>Did we ever settle on a name for the American lightning boys?
We did not.
Thunderbirds is pretty sick honestly, but copyright.

How about Thunderboys? "Boy" was quite a common diminutive term in America at the time.

Other options included many variants of Ranger.
FUCK it, we're doing it live.
Post potential names for the American lightning guys. We'll do strawpolls or something.
I like Arc Ranger as a play on Park Ranger
How about "The Linemen"
Since that's what their day job is when they're not collecting late power bills and frying the wildlife on break.
Linemen is pretty kino, added alongside Thunderbirds.
IIRC there was also "Faraday/Edison Boys" and "Lightning/Arc Knights"
I wrote shot in the dark, I tried to incorporate that ability into the story with the 22 pistols. Basically, he defeats an opponent that has that weapon and he gains that weapon. Same with powers. He's just a super looter.
"Benjamin Brigade" (After Ben Frank)
"Zeus Gunners"

Ranked choice. Since every name happened to have two words in it, I'm doing separate polls for first and second word because why not.
And the second poll,

>I wrote shot in the dark, I tried to incorporate that ability into the story with the 22 pistols
I reread it when I was making the list of artifacts for him, sorry I missed that detail. Just call me a Lemurian Degenerate because my Awareness is nonexistent.
Now we just need to figure out how long we leave the polls up before calling it...
new thread baking day is tomorrow, that seems like as good a delineation as any.
Also, I think I want to create a chart of how each faction views eachother. For reasonable reasons and certainly not on a whim.
To that end, how are relations between New Mu, Atlantis, and the Colonials?
>Also, I think I want to create a chart of how each faction views eachother. For reasonable reasons and certainly not on a whim.
Honestly a pretty great idea, how to organise it though?

afaik Atlantis has the best relations with the Colonials of all factions, which makes sense as they've generally settled into the "everyman" faction role.
New Mu would probably have decent relations with Colonials too, since being a relatively amicable front group is their whole thing.
I suspect Mu and Atlantis despise each other.
They have a millennia long grudge match about who rules the waves only for England to come in from behind with the steel chair
>for England to come in from behind with the steel chair
For relations would:
>True Hatred
>Grudging Truce
Work? I tried to make it one-sided so you can have someone like Hyperborea love Atlan for their violence while Atlan hates Hyperborea.
The whole system would be tied into a campaign rules idea I had to tack onto the existing ones.
>Also, if you have the time could you update the mediafire with the new edition of the corebook? sup/tg/ is not working right at the moment.
Oh shit yes on it now!
No Thunder prefix?
Yeah, that seems like a good range. Would we bundle all the colonials together, or make it so each major faction has a different level of relations? E.g Most colonials are Hostile to Hyperborea, whereas America is under True Hatred.
My plan is to do each playable faction. I'm busy at the moment but in a few hours I can explain the idea fully. It's kind of like the earthquake unit concept I put out a couple threads ago.
Might not bother with some of the merc factions to start, I'll see how I feel. Should be easy enough to get them done with a spreadsheet.
File: bicyclesoldier.png (532 KB, 511x660)
532 KB
532 KB PNG
Doing this >>91937820 for France, please let me know if I missed anything.

- Minister Eiffel (Written)
- Commander Charles L.N.B. (Written)
- Francis Garnier (Unwritten)

- Sir Conrad Beauchamp (Unwritten)
- Julius Vernes
- The Heiress Explorer (Shared, Written)
- Francois Rochebrune (Zouave Character)

- None, thought we could go with 2, 1 for Fallen Paris, one for Topside France

- Garde Republicaine (Written)
- French Zouaves (Unwritten)

- Troupe de la Marine (Written)
- Foreign Legion (Written)
- Indigenous Rider (Written)
- Tiger Brigade (Unfinished, maybe move to Special Units)
- Bicycle Dragoon (Written)
- Chevalier a Vapeur (Steam Knights, written tentatively, might go to Elite)
- Tireur d'Elite Cavern Climbers (Unwritten, maybe move to Elite?)
- French Firefighter? (vs Italians)

- Fallen Paris Engineer?
- Generic Colonial surgeon
- French Firefighter? (protects vs Fires and Anomalies?)

>War Machines:
- Mitrailleuse (Written)
- Fallen Paris Airship (Unfinished)
I gathered them from previous threads, either Thunder was genuinely never included in any suggestion or I just missed it.
oh wait yeah Thunderbirds lmao totally missed it,
Now I recall, it got lost in translation with double-thinking whether both Lightning and Thunder should be included differently, or as one category. F.
The polls are filling out.

>Arc Rangers
is a clear lead, but I can't help but think Thunder may have tilted things.

That said, I honestly quite like the 2nd combo...
>The Circuit Boys
It has this kind of colloquial ring to it, and it was adopted in electrical engineering (From its roots in sports/travel meaning circumnavigating something, ala a race track) since as early as the mid 1700s.

In 3rd we have Faraday Riders, which is also quite cool. Lightning and Birds are 4th, and I think its safe to assume Lightning/Thunder are interchangeable, so Thunder Birds is coming in a near-tie there.

Then comes the hilariously confounding and meaningless, potentially a historic linguistic corruption if selected, "Line Brigade"
Followed by the Edison Men, which is a nice rhyme couplet.

And in last, the Zeus Knights. Fuck those guys.

Hopefully we get more responses, but for now I really like The Circuit Boys even though Arc Rangers is in front.
Those are some pretty good names. We can always write the losers into lore if we want to use them. E.g the Zeus Knights are the deserters who've gone to Atlan/Atlantis. Edison Men are the guys who work directly for Edison, Circuit Boys are the technicians who sometimes get conscripted into battle if there's no actual Rangers around, etc.
>We can always write the losers into lore if we want to use them.
Fuckin' true that.
Eiffels tinkering mechanics were very fun to work with when I played France in a test game, please add more opportunities to use them.
Also, when did the airship get added? Sounds cool.
The Cyclop and the occasionally hinted at Parisian Molotov Wench were left off.
>Also, when did the airship get added?
It was mentioned about 2~3 months ago I think? maybe a bit more. There was a blurb in the French lore rewrite about them capturing a Sky-People airship early on after Paris sinking.
>Eiffels tinkering mechanics were very fun to work with when I played France in a test game, please add more opportunities to use them
Will do, thanks for the feedback! I was thinking of exporting his abilities to a short (4~5) "Agarthan Engineering Sciences" list of upgrades that can be built on mechanical units, and have him, the hypothetical Engineer specialist and may the Hero (as a Trait) have access to it. Does that sounds alright?
Are we comfortable with the ARC RANGERS?
Works for me, though I'll go with the idea that they have six to seven different names in my own headcanon.
> I was thinking of exporting his abilities to a short (4~5) "Agarthan Engineering Sciences" list of upgrades that can be built on mechanical units, and have him, the hypothetical Engineer specialist and may the Hero (as a Trait) have access to it. Does that sounds alright?
Parfait. I really like how the abilities have downsides that sort of make sense, like cooldown or getting extra armour shot off. Any more you make should definitely keep that style.
How do we think the Italian's foreign relations are? Do all surface powers view them as despicable fuckers or would someone like the UK be willing to trade for that sweet sweet sulphur? And do the Agarthan powers perhaps see a connection between the volcano spirits and their own sources of power/belief?
File: fort2.jpg (91 KB, 736x502)
91 KB
Okay, here's the campaign/faction relations idea:
While wandering around the overmap, you might find a camp/fortress/village controlled by a faction. If it's your faction, great! You can recruit new models, buy supplies, sell things. If it's by a faction yours is friendly with, also great, though the prices might be worse. But if it's a group you are unfriendly with, you'll either have to negotiate to get let inside to trade or to avoid a fight. (skill rolls in causal games RP in games with a referee/devoted players)
And if things do come to a fight, whether because you are trying to raid them for supplies or they don't like your face, then you use a prebuilt "Outpost list" that another player or the referee can play. The outpost list would in theory also come with a semi-modular outpost map with readymade fortifications and randomized buildings or something along those lines.
The idea is similar to the earthquake army list I posted earlier where it goes to show that you're not just down here to fuck up the other players expedition, you're down here to trade and negotiate and maybe fuck up everyone else too. It also helps to give players a way to spend silver on more units so one bad encounter won't hobble you for the whole game.
If I can find the time tomorrow I'll write up an example of a British Camp or Atlantean Villa to give an example of what I'd be going for.
>If it's your faction, great!
Seems pretty functional.
An option to trade has interesting implications.
Quick bump.
Solid stuff, I love the idea of bringing the relation chart into the campaign, and the fort thing seems like a good way to features factions that weren't picked up by players.
>How do we think the Italian's foreign relations are?
Probably "pretty bad" to "shoot on sight", at least as far as the currently playable factions are concerned. If we ever get to Austria they would be their one ally, although even that would be out of convenience.
>would someone like the UK be willing to trade for that sweet sweet sulphur?
Probably not officially, and it would surely make sense that the Crown has even put a ban in place. Duo(trio?)sicily is probably stuck raking the bottom of the barrel for trade partners. Profit from colonial efforts in Agartha, military successes topside and deals with the Volcano Spirits may or may not compensate in the long run.
>And do the Agarthan powers perhaps see a connection between the volcano spirits and their own sources of power/belief?
Personal headcannon which never got put anywhere was that Volcano Spirits and Shadows are two sides of a single overarching pantheon which includes most of Mu Royalty with the Inner Sun as their source. Many religious systems underground are variations on this theme. Volcanists focuses solely on the Layer Formation Theory, but technically, either that or the Loop Theory or both at the same time are compatible with this pantheon. Volcano Spirits are usually seen as terrible embodiment forces of creative power while Shadows are the embodiment of entropic forces.
Item six on the Lemurian list should be the ability to use prophecies during the battle. I'd also argue he should be able to do necromancy if he rolls a 4 on the egypt items chart but either of those are up to you in the end.
In my opinion if he was willing to use a mummy tongue to revive someone he'd be willing to ask a volcano spirit to cover his escape in exchange for some horses/enemies or necromancy up a couple of dead soldiers in a real pinch.
Don't forget to bake soon.
Looks like Arc Rangers is settled!
Se you all in the next thread.
Baking now:

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