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This power plant ain't productive enough for the both of us edition

>What is this?
EXPEDITION - an ~1870s era, Jules Verne-inspired retro-futurist, underground blood storm hellscape.
It is a Skirmish wargame. Two players with their own expeditions, on a hexgrid map, fight each other for victory.
A campaign mode is planned, and currently in the works. (you) are encouraged to contribute.

3 versions of the rules exist, TWO of which have been playtested:
>1e - proof of concept, recently updated with unit stats
>2e - lead by 2e anon, playtests started, ~75% done. Campaign system is developed here.
>3e - Replaced 4e because it died. Spearheaded by 3e anon, needs more playtests, rules present in the doc

>What can I do?
Shitpost, meme, get comfy. Read over the docs to settle in.
Familiarize yourself with rules and plan some playtests.
Contribute if you have ideas. Give feedback on contributions if you don't.

> TQ : What do we name the American lightning slingers?
>TL;DR Doc
>Main Lore Doc, including links to anon-written short stories and additional lore in "Recommended..." section
>2e Main Rule Book, Expedition & Tokens. Mu, Duosicilians & Lemuria ALL NEW RELEASED!
> Unit Spreadsheet - Currently outdated, requires an update
>Unit Design Doc

File: stinker_gorg_scan.png (204 KB, 347x400)
204 KB
204 KB PNG
Previous thread recap:
> Look for option for a "blog"/secondary repository.
> Mention of a Monster Manual
> Include Control rules in the main rule book.
> Think of a better name for World Book.
> Add Wizard of Menlo to US Leader
> Include descriptions of State's Navies as per what was working out by Navyanon.
> Add Franklinites in some way to the game.
> Snake Oil.
> Stink Juice and Gorgium interaction for Sky-People.
> Add Lightning Knights in USA roster (this is very serendipitous as the temporary rules I had worked out for the EEE was a really weird piece of artillery that forces you to select a model if there is any at the exact range rolled, and then arcs half that distance again, and again, so having units more or less immune to its effect you can position to arc it would work well I think).
File: Pale Dweller Approved.png (160 KB, 831x701)
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160 KB PNG
200+ Replies on our last thread. Impressive work boys.
All great stuff, too.
As the President of America, I hearby proclaim that all of Agartha is an American national park.
You have two weeks notice to vacate our territory.
File: PsySaur.jpg (106 KB, 750x434)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Indeed, it really was.
Maybe he was responsible for building the Wardenclyffe Tower earlier in the timeline, and the wireless experiments kept messing with Mu/Lemuria's psychic powers (does Mu have psychics?). As a two-pronged attack, Mu sent the Saur Knights after the tower, while Lemuria went for Menlo Park (knowing they were going to fail, just as planned).
Mu 100% have psychics, the PsySaurs, so it works without needing to include Lemuria. Even without the "electromagnetism disrupt psypowers" (which I really like), Edison and his lighting up the Underground would have been a huge threat to Old Mu, since the Khan and the Mother are born from the Shadows, and may have some form of relationship with the Shapes.
I'm not at all against including Lemuria mind you, but its not necessary.
>Teddy Roosevelt Commander unit
>Declares one terrain type as a "national park"
>Gains hit bonuses on any enemy unit on "national park" hexes
>Makes it so that anyone on his side cannot move into "National park" hexes.
Kek, but Mollmen is already Pres.
And he is much too meek to do anything like this.
>Points at a map of Agartha.
>"This will be our new national park."
>Assistant leans over the table and starts drawing out reasonable borders for the park.
>Teddy takes her pen.
>"No, this."
>Circles the entire map.
Manifest destiny works better when there's even more to manifest the fuck out of.
>Implying Mollman didn't appoint Roosevelt as the head of National forestry
Doesn't need to be pres to be a commander unit
Hell, with a role like that he could come with a unit of "Park Ranger Expedition forces"
Ooh that's good.
Some names come to mind.
The Faraday Boys
Pinkertons (because why not?)
Arc Troopers (with an in universe Lucasfilm lawsuit)
Shock Cavalry
>The Faraday Boys
Definitely reserved for a group of outlaws that stole US electric military tech to wage a rebellion.
"Little Edisons"
"Zeus Batallion"
"The Benjamins" (After Ben Franklin)
>"Zeus Batallion"
Zeus is honestly a pretty solid thing to bring in for naming, distant enough from Europe that America's anti-Europe sentiments may not block it out.

If anything, could be the name of the generator. The Zeus Engine or some shit.
"Zeus Engine"
"Thor Device"

I like "The Benjamins" as a name though. Ben Franklin hasn't gotten a nod yet
>I like "The Benjamins" as a name though
Fair enough, its solid maybe as a nickname but not an official one.
if stink juice makes lifting gas
wouildn't that mean gorgs who drink it have comically high pitched voices all the time?
It's possible that gorgs naturally have death metal deep voices so the juice just balances them out to a gruff voice instead of an infrasonic roar.
File: tsar.png (766 KB, 2310x2355)
766 KB
766 KB PNG
Well damn, we went from "It's over" to "We're so back" in the blink of an eye.
Anyway, going back to the serfdom discussion we've had, here's what I propose for the revised WB entries for the Tsardom:

The period between 1856 and 1873 is rightfully considered a Golden Age in the Tsardom's history. Their victory in the Eastern War surprised many, including the Russians themselves. The collapse of the British Raj then let the Tsardom march down into the Central Asia unopposed and extend greater ifluence over Iran, Afghanistan and the breakaway states of Kahsmir and Kalat. Prosperity followed expansion, as the Tsardom's stranglehold over the European grain trade and the new Asian markets allowed the economy grow rapidly. Alexander II's Great Reforms could proceed unopposed.
Finally, the victory in the Russo-Turkish War of 1871 seemingly spelled the death sentence for the Ottoman Empire. Whatever remained of it after the Congress of Paris was a lifeless husk, and it seemed like the Tsardom's dream of retaking Constantinople was well within reach. What nobody expected was that the "dead" empire would come back for vengeance. The Necropolis Incident saw the unstoppable march of the Tsardom come to a halt. With the Straits occupied by the undead monstrocities, the Black Sea trade collapsed overnight, devastating the Tsardom. Following the disastrous campaign in the Balkans, the Tsardom now remains on the defensive in northern Bulgaria and the Transcaucasian frontier. While the scale and frequency of the Husk raids have decreased considerably, there seems to be no end in sight for the Second Oriental Crisis.
The abolition of serfdom in 1861 was widely seen as a half-measure that left the peasants cheated out of their land and dependent on their former masters. This led to revolutionary unrest and numerous assassination attempts on the Tsar, mostly by the Narodnik terrorists. The most successful one, however, came from without, undertaken by an Ottoman assassin after the Russo-Turkish War. While failing to kill Alexander, it has cost him an eye, which has been replaced by an Agarthan artifact. While still in good health physically, His Imperial Majesty has never been the same mentally.
After the attack, any notion of further reforms has been abandoned and few now dare to so much as whisper the word "Constitution". The imperial security services were restructured leading the the creation of the infamous Departments for Defence of Public Security and Order, colloquially known as Okhrana. The secret police now engages in mass surveillance and repression of potential foreign agents and political dissidents on an unprecedented scale, limited as it may be by the overall clumsiness of the Tsarist Leviathan.
Following the experimental procedure, the Tsar has become obsessed with Agartha. Much to the chagrin of many landowners, the government launched an initiative to resettle a vast number of land-starved peasants in the subterranean colonies. Alexander II himself seems largely unconcerned with the mundane matters like the economic gain or power projection. All he had to say on the matter was "We can now see what you can not. Our Tsardom's future will be decided below, not above."
Vladiagartsk was the first Russian colony in Agartha, established on the Fourth Layer after the discovery of the entrance in the Gumyoshevsky copper mine. Aptly named, it is the "jewel" of the Russian subterranean empire. Legions of freed serfs, migrants from the Black Sea coast and refugees from the Balkans and Western Armenia settle here in search of a better lot, alongside the soldier-settlers of the newly established Agarthan Cossack Host.
The fertile steppe soils and rich Titanium deposits hold great promise for the colony, and it has already breathed new life into the industry of the Ural region. These prospects are only damped by the constant threat of the nomadic Deepfolk raiders and the Ottoman Husks emerging from the salt wastes to the south. Some nomads have sworn allegiance to the Tsardom, seeking protection from the Mu and the Husks.

Kitezh is a backwater penal colony under the Verkhoyansk Range, populated mostly by criminals and political exiles, like the Poles or the Narodniks. Due to it's remote location, it enjoys great de-facto autonomy under the notoriously corrupt administration. Those spared or freed from penal labour struggle to earn their keep as honest men, often turning back to the life of crime.
However, the great number of exiled intellectuals living in Kitezh has led to it becoming an unlikely centre for Agarthan Sciences. This informal gathering of scholars working in the shadow of the Tsardom's official scientific institutions came to be known as the "Invisible University".
The reclusive Old Believers have also established several homesteads in the area.
Apart from the wood from the Third Layer jungle, the colony exports precious Wapaq flesh used to aleviate the Deep-Drunkenness. The tracking, hunting and processing of the mushroom creatures is carried out by both the penal gangs and the free settlers, and even the local Deepfolk are obliged to pay a form of "yasak" tribute, but in Wapaq carcasses.
Given how Tsardom won The Great Game, I wonder if the eventual End Times might be UK vs Tsardom. Even OTL the Brits weren't that keen on them at the start of the war, what with the Pogroms and the Great Game and all.
OP. Add Tyrant of Italy to the lore doc. OP. Doooo iiiiit.
Also, how do we get together a test game, lads?
I just pull players from my regular tabletop group.
File: AbsGVh.jpg (518 KB, 1440x900)
518 KB
518 KB JPG
>Also, how do we get together a test game, lads?
I have to continue pushing the physical side of things before I can get anymore, unless we hook something up on Owlbear. I have a few friends who said they would be interested but not online, and I know if I build something that doesn't look too much like shit and have a lot of "aids" available for them (profiles, minis, terrains, maps) it could hook them up, but otherwise they are way more into boardgames than wargames.
To this effect I built an Atlan Warmaster yesterday, almost finished one Immortal, will get another one kitbashed tonight and then paint them in the next few days. After that I just need to find some gladiator models for Slave Soldiers/Retiraoi and I will be able to field a KoB vs Atlan game.
Also planning on making walls out of styrofoam, gonna cut them has hexes and have one side cracked so you can just flip them to indicate when they've been started to be mined.
Also, I need to figure out a way to take good pictures without having to empty my fridge.
File: warfareexistentialist.jpg (45 KB, 600x720)
45 KB
Added, thank you!
File: RIG.png (703 KB, 1270x1505)
703 KB
703 KB PNG
Glorious. May the Tsardom last eternally, Glory to Alexander! Glory to Russia!
Got an "editing" question.
As I move toward another pass over the faction books I was wondering if the profile might not be optimized to allow for more space. In particular the "Weapon" section seems useless 99% of the time. I made it thinking people might just snip from the faction books to a png to make their lists and so having that spot made some sense, but I have a roster for the whole expedition that works way better now, so that section could be cut and replaced with either Equipment, which I could list in columns, or Common Special Rules (most models have at least 1).
Thoughts? Any other ideas to better reformat the profiles? I'd like to free enough space to have a lore description of each unit ahead of the profiles.
Common special rules section would be nice.
>This informal gathering of scholars working in the shadow of the Tsardom's official scientific institutions came to be known as the "Invisible University".
I like this. An enclave of science and progress surrounded by backwards criminals and vagrants all located underground. A dim light in the darkness if you will. We should really do more on the intellectual/science side of things, right now all I think we have is the Miskatonic University, the French named college which I can't remember, and this one. The Brits don't have one to my knowledge, and I can't remember if we did anything for the Agarthan factions, beyond the Psysaur faction for Mu.
>After that I just need to find some gladiator models for Slave Soldiers/Retiraoi and I will be able to field a KoB vs Atlan game.
For Slave Soldiers, you can use Colonial models, just distress their uniforms and give them melee weapons.
In editing, removing redundancy is a high priority. If you feel something is largely useless, just get rid of it, don't waste time asking yourself if a useless thing should be kept.
If its 1% useful and needs to be somewhere, move it to an appendix or chart so its not cluttering up vital info.

I'd also recommend making a chart that briefly lists all stats for a faction, at the start of that faction's section, including unit page number. Stats could be abbreviated to, say "AP2 / M2 / A6 / S6 / D6 / E7 / L3 / A3" or similar, as this would be a reference chart and not a full resource.
And also, a chart at the very start of the book that lists every faction, and just the names of the units within, also including unit page number.

Useless, or less useful, things can be moved to less valuable real-estate within a book.
File: vehicular combat.png (22 KB, 461x517)
22 KB
>gone from "It's over"
>to "We're so back"
>in the blink of an eye.
>from hyperwarrior
>to cataphract
>/eadsttcoteg/ will never die
>OP. Add Tyrant of Italy to the lore doc. OP. Doooo iiiiit.
Require an upload of it to a google doc first to get a link.
That image brings me a question
Would Grogs ride cave choppers, or would they have massive ramshackle pickups to host massive drinking parties.
Definitely the drinking parties.
>Would Grogs ride cave choppers, or would they have massive ramshackle pickups to host massive drinking parties.
das a lemur bruv
What they *are* is intruding on the newest Royal Colony
That's a weird way to spell American National Park.
Good idea!
I dug some more models I forgot I had and would work alright for Spring Gunners, so there's going to be a few of those in there too.
I finished the Warmaster and Immortals tonight, but something's fucky with my camera, my computer refuses to recognize it, I'll try again a bit later.
File: Columbia.jpg (154 KB, 736x784)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
One thing that comes to mind with all the National Park mentions... What if a Nation decides frontiers extends straight down through Layers? Might seem silly, but technically, that would probably be how most legislature would see it (unless they decide to be uncharacteristically reasonable).
In addition to this, since the Layers are concentric, it means the plane shrinks further down, the 3rd being smaller than the Surface, 4th smaller than the 3rd, etc. So, if a Nation would take the position that frontiers do extend down, it would also have to figure out how it shrank down. This opens up plenty of room for geopolitical disputes based on drawing the wrong limits for your new National Park that actually ends up extending 40 miles across Canada (or Mexico's) frontiers.
There's a parallel to be drawn with the US-Canada salmon fishing dispute.
>One thing that comes to mind with all the National Park mentions... What if a Nation decides frontiers extends straight down through Layers?
Airspace upward is ours, why wouldn't it be the same downward?
>In addition to this, since the Layers are concentric, it means the plane shrinks further down, the 3rd being smaller than the Surface, 4th smaller than the 3rd, etc. So
I suspect they actually get larger as you go down.
You don't want to think about it.
The layers get bigger but also you can get across them faster.
Really don't think about it.
>Really don't think about it.
now I'm thinking about it
>The not-Gorgs from above show me word pictures.
>They say Mek-Tahr learn word pictures to give Gorg gifts to them.
>The word "Trade" they say make no sense.
>To give and to take at the same time? To Trade?
>Mek-Tahr learn word pictures to trade. Not-Gorgs above say this.
>Gorg not trade.
>Gorg give, Gorg take.
>But Gorg still learn, word pictures fun.
First writings of Mek-Tahr, Gorgian "ambassador" to the skies.
Also known as "That friend Lee-Dehr wanted to show cool sky people jewellery to."
File: img.png (305 KB, 400x436)
305 KB
305 KB PNG
File: G-Man.png (105 KB, 677x760)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
>In addition to this, since the Layers are concentric, it means the plane shrinks further down
Do they? How interesting...
Reminder to not reveal any Agarthan secrets in these threads.
They are listening.
Based, I had written something about how Gorgs don't make good trading partners because they don't understand the principle of it.
> "Wait, you want me to take this Silver here for all the Titanium we mined? But we mined Titanium, not Silver, why would we need that?"
> "What do you mean the Silver will have more value I needed Titanium I mined Titanium how can Silver help me?"
But this is much better.
Ah, to live a life so simple as the Gorg.
File: 1693947303344393.jpg (59 KB, 675x450)
59 KB
>Gorgs language has only a single division for all living things.
>Gorg, and Not-Gorg.
and Stink Beetle
So I didn't get much done relative to the rule book clean up last night, just redid the Health & Wound Section, and added a small section on Cover and expliciting the effect of Difficult terrain (Jesus fuck that had been missing all along).
Tonight I'll try to give attention to the Common Special Rules, I've been wanting to add stuff for Poison (which can be cured by Snake Oil of course!) and a few other rules based on what's possible with the system.
I was thinking, we don't have an effect for Orichalcum armour like we do with Titanium... Was there any effect associated with the ore? Is it just better bronze?
Maybe something like
> "whenever you roll on this armour location, if it has the (O) next to it, roll two dices and keep one of your choice. The first time you fail to save on one of those two dices, lose this effect (cross the "O").
We could keep Atlantis armour mostly low in comparison to Atlan and still have them be tankier than a Colonial with the same Armour score.
And also, I'm thinking that in Campaign mode you could eventually use Ores to give your models some Armour boosts and effects.
Armor material based effects could be interesting but only if they are meaningfully different in practise.
There's a few Location effects, not all Ore based
> Titanium : Ignore AP and the first Armour Loss on this location.
> Asbestos : Ignore Fire Damage on this Location.
> Gasmask (Heads only) : Ignore effect of Gas until you take the first damage here.
I think that's it.
Not sure if Laputite is the stuff you make armour off, or what its effect would be, seems like it doesn't react well to shock.
Gorgium is the only material that matters anyway.

>Ignore Fire Damage
Have we parsed out specific damage types yet?
Nah, Fire Damage is just an extra step after an Attack or a special rule, like Explosions, really. Roll an armour save on each Locations, take a wound of Severity equal to the number of saves failed to the first available health box (so 1 failure = Graze, 2 = Deep 3 = Grievous). Asbestos on a location means you don't have to roll that one.
Who pharaonic rite up in this?
freemason begone

Also, has anyone figured out the Japan lore? Did the Meiji Restoration happen? I had an idea for rebellious Shogunate forces retreating into the layers and fighting Mu-aligned tribesmen from the Jomon era.
>Did the Meiji Restoration happen?
I mean that's still ongoing, isn't it? It must have at least started if the Satsuma did their rebellion thing. Or if you mean the actual war to restore the Emperor Meiji, then that's definitely gone through, since I think Saigo Takamori is supposed to be the leader of the Samurai on Satsuma. Though I don't suppose there's anything saying that he couldn't have gotten the idea from Samurai he chased down during the war itself.
I know nothing of the Satsuma Rebellion, beside stuff online do you have any read to recommend? Doesn't matter how long.
New list of Common Special Rules
Setup: This weapon cannot be used until its owner spend 1 AP to ready it.

Amphibious : The model ignore Difficult Terrain in Water Hex and gains Cover in it. Additionally, while in a Water hex and Defending against Melee Attacks from non-Amphibious models, this model always counts as Dodging.

Backstab: Attacks targeting the direct back of a model double the number of Wounds dealt.

Camouflage […]: Model gains +1 Evasion while in a Terrain of the type indicated.

Concussive: Attacks from this weapon always cause 1 Graze, even if the target succeeds its Armour Save.

Deadly […]: Attacks from he specified Weapon where the defender failed (rolled over) his Defense roll cause 1 additional Grievous Wound.

Dogged : This model does not die when it has its last Health box filled with a Grievous, however it immediately loses all remaining AP and its Accuracy and Evasion are set to 1 for the remainder of the turn. It dies at the end of the turn if it still has its last Health box filled with a Grievous or if it takes any further Wounds before then.

Dual Wielder […]: This model may purchase two instances of the weapon specified, and may Attack with both in the same Attack or Charge Action. If it has a Reload cost, it must still reload them individually.

Fear […] : This model suffers -1 Discipline whenever within 3 of any number of models designated in bracket.

Floater : The first time each game a model with the Floater rule is Deployed, use the Wind Speed & Direction rule. This model does not block LOS, ignores non-Floater intervening models and terrain type unless it performs a Landing Action (see Uncommon Actions). Non-Floater models may end their movement overlapping with this model. After each Movement and and the end of its Activation, a model with this rule must move X Hexes toward the Wind Direction, X is the Wind Speed.
Flurry: The target of melee attacks with this weapon suffer -1 Evasion on any subsequent attack after the first one during this model’s Activation.

Flyer: This model ignores intervening model and impassable terrain other than Walls when resolving a move action. It must end its activation in an eligible hex.

Husked : Cannot be Healed (this only affect the Heal action). Each time this model would be killed as a result of taking a Graze or Cut Wound, Test its Strength. On a success ignore that Wound and the enemy player gains 1 Dread.

Nimble : This model rolls 2 dices during the Evasion test as a Defender, keeps one and discard the other.

Poison : After resolving an Attack with this Weapon which caused any Wounds, the Defender must test his Strength, if failed, he becomes Poisoned. At the end of the turn a Poisoned model must again test his Strength. If he succeeds, nothing happens, if he fails, he takes a / Wound to his first available Health box. If the Success was a Critical, discard this effect.
Quick Strike/Shot : This model may roll 2 dices when Attacking, keeps one and discard the other. Quick strike is for Melee, Quick Shot is for Ranged. This does not affect the number of Reload required. A Weapon may be specified in bracket next to this rule, if it is the case, it only affects Attacks made with this Weapon.

Reach: Melee Attacks with this weapon may target models 2 hexes away.

Soul-Rebellion : Anytime you roll a natural 10 while resolving any action or test with a model with this rule, test its Discipline. If a model with the Necromancer rule is within 5 of it, you may use the Necromancer’s Discipline instead. If you fail, the Husked model becomes a Hostile NPC until the end of the game.

Stun : Critical results from this weapon causes the target to lose 1 AP if it had any remaining this turn.

Terrain Affinity […] : This model ignores the Difficult Terrain rule for this type of terrain.

Tough : This model does not die when it has its last Health box filled with a Grievous, however it immediately loses all remaining AP. It dies at the end of the turn if it still has its last Health box filled with a Grievous or if it takes any further Wounds before then.

Terror : At the end of the turn, if the this model is within 3 of any Enemy model which is not Immune to Morale, the enemy player gains 1 Dread.

[Weapon] Training : This model gains +1 Accuracy to any attacks made by it with the indicated Weapon.
>Additionally, while in a Water hex and Defending against Melee Attacks from non-Amphibious models, this model always counts as Dodging.
Stuff like this, you should remove.
Every rule, especially "basic" rules, should do ONE thing. You don't need the fluff.
In that case I should just remove it altogether, its the same thing as Terrain Affinity.
An interesting though, perhaps parse each individual Terrain affinity into its own thing, noting how Amphibious also gives Cover in water.
So, the base Terrain Affinity would be ignoring Difficult Terrain of that type, but each individual terrain type has its own specific bonus atop that?
Oh that's good! It also opens up a lot of options too for specific auxiliaries.
Seems like it would really enhance both the flavor, and significance of different environmental maps.
It was meant to be fire/electricity resistant, that's why Atlanteans are so blasé about throwing fire everywhere, why the Italian "surf" boards are orichalcum etc.
Always wondered, what skin color do Grogs have? Is it an albino look due to being underground for so long, or do they have a greenskin/typical goblin look.
>it an albino look due to being underground for so long, or do they have a greenskin/typical goblin look.
Albino-type alabaster skin, bright green helmets is the aesthetic.
you STOLE stinky lifting drinks!
File: brits.jpg (423 KB, 1280x1664)
423 KB
423 KB JPG
Since the British don't have a Hero unit yet, I retrofitted The Sergeant Major during the last playtest. Having liked the concept, I homebrewed up five hero traits similar to the US or Ottoman officers. Let me know what you guys think the costs should be or anything else.
>Royal Engineers Officer
Unit gains the engineer keyword and the Rush Calculations ability from the Analytical Engineer profile.
>Colonial Service Posting
Unit gains the terrain affinities of adjacent auxiliary units, and training with one melee weapon.
>Penal Highlands Officer
Unit gains Hatred: Lost Men. Blackwatch units within 6 hexes gain 3 discipline.
>Colour Sergeant
Unit gains "Thin Red Line" ability. (Spend 1 AP, while remaining stationary any connected units can reroll discipline tests. Must spend 1 AP again to re-enable if moved. [Connected units are ones adjacent, or adjacent to ones adjacent, or so on.]) While unit is alive and using "The Thin Red Line" ability, Dread can be reduced at a rate of 1 LP per Dread. If the unit is killed all removed Dread points return.
>Royal Hussar
Unit gets a free horse. Mounted units within 5 hexes gain +1 skill and movement while charging.

The idea is that Royal Engineers is for a list with Analytical Engines or Armoured Traction Engines, Colonial Service is for Aux heavy lists, and Penal for Blackwatch/Anti-Malcom lists.
Colour Sergeant is intended to encourage line fire and cinematic flag waving, Royal Hussar is designed to trick players into re-enacting the charge of The Light Brigade because it's funny.
While American cav lists are about skirmishing, the rarely seen British cav list should be about charging in loose formation in my mind.
File: Gorg!.jpg (158 KB, 1024x1024)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Here's what we ended up on.
Apologies for the Slop art.
reminder to apply a noise filter to all slop before uploading to dodge tracking shit hidden in slop images!
Wait what that's a thing?
Jesus ok, thank you.
File: sloptracker marks.png (45 KB, 1176x642)
45 KB
I really like these, they are well balanced too, they will be added!
I was a little worried they might be underpowered, but with terrain affinity rules getting a buff and Ottoman-esque factions leaning into dread more it should hopefully balance out.
Also, I believe it is now possible to create and run Flashman in Agartha with the Hussar upgrade and some of the generic hero options. Do with this what you will.
Ah damn missed that.
I'll either have to think of something else, or make Electrical attacks into its own attack type.
File: Immortals2.jpg (191 KB, 1920x1080)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
My camera died so I'm sorry but this came from my shitty webcam... I'll get some better pictures up eventually.
File: Immortals.jpg (185 KB, 1920x1080)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
I really like the diamond kite shield look for Atlan. Angles and straight lines fits.
It has come to my attention that Atlan is amassing its armies.
Fear not, citizens. This is nothing to worry about.
Thank you, I really wasn't sure of the whole thing until there were finished.
They are Warmachine Cinerators, the heads are sallets from the Game of Thrones wargame, the Lannister troops (I grabbed a hundred minis in sales in a bin a few years back and been using them for spare parts, they cut and glue back like they were made for it) and the spears are from 30+ years old GW skeletons.
I hesitated a lot with giving them more elaborate weaponry, but without waiting for an order or buying more stuff, the only other choice I had was a bunch of Tzeentch AoS halberds from the muscle mages dudes (I forget their name). It had the "cruel" look I was going for, but they are all curves and hooks and I think it would have looked too much compared to how the rest of the minis are just angular.
I'll say this for Privateer Press shitty prints and materials : removing the relief on the shield and shoulders was a *lot* easier than what I would have expected.
I have a Warmaster started, and after that it'll be 1 Hospitalier and 3~4 Spring Gunners.
I have a model which I think would work alright for a basis for the Pearlescent Princess, but this one is pewter and needs a new head. so it'll be last.
Exactly the kitbashing kino that Expedition needs.
How'd you splice them together?
That's the magical part, I literally just used plastic glue. I've always hated PP models (either pewter or resin) for being impossible to glue well together, but I tried with some cut bits before and resin to cheap plastic glues within seconds. Not too much you need to worry about getting it perfect as soon as it contacts but solidifying within 10~15 seconds.
The resin is also really easy to "peel" with a knife so cutting the hands off wasn't hard at all.
I will be going to the LGS later tonight for some paints, as it was said before titanium armour needs to be silvery-blue, what about clothes and accents?
>what about clothes and accents?
I'd imagine just black.
>what about clothes and accents?
Charelston Green. Its black-adjacent and I think it'd pair great with silvery blue tones, and give a more distinct color set than just plain black.
Been interested in working on Japan lore lately, so I found this.
Did we ever get stats for the Hired Hand?
Thanks a lot for this, its gonna be my nightshift reading for a while
No, I don't think so. There's still a few units in the Merc roster which haven't been stated (dirt man, hired hand sapper, deep-drunk demolitionist). Not everyone needs to be stated, some can be left as background/lore/whatever characters, but the Hired Hand probably should, eventually. Units like him and the Camp Cook reinforces the feeling that this is not just a battle between gangs.
Exceptional find my friend.
The Battotai would be a great Japanese unit.
>Special unit of Imperial policemen created because conscripts couldn't fight for shit against the samurai
>Were so good at sword-fighting it led to a national revival in the practice of kenjutsu
Since we're dealing mainly with Satsuma underground, its great but unfortunately not on theme. Easily referable to in lore, however.
Were the Satsuma rebels driven underground by the Meiji government?
I do not believe they were driven, but the regions they had captured collapsed under before the conflict could be resolved.
Any details already worked out would be in the lore doc, though I believe the Satsuma Domain is one of the lesser-fleshed-out territories.
There is indeed next to nothing, however the idea that they sunk is pretty well established, otherwise this is it :

> Americans forced Japan to open up. (as per OTL)
> Presently being invaded by New Mu through Hokkaido
> Satsuma Domain collapsed underground in the middle of their rebellion. They are the only actually playable Japanese faction as of 4.1e, with Japan proper planned for 5e.
> Entrances:
> Mount Usu in Hokkaido, currently a fortress and staging ground for New Mu. Its opposite end leads to the Fourth Layer.
> Sunken Isle of Kyushu, occupied by the Satsuma Domain. The “Kyushu Route” is best handled by balloon at present.
> Mercenaries
> Units belonging to the Colonial nations that can be taken by any player
> Satsuma, Kentuckians, Sky-Captains and Aeronauts, Polish Partisans, etc. Basically anyone not from the Great Powers+some that are
File: Satsuma.jpg (177 KB, 768x736)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
I was just about to ask if it was the whole island or just the domain. Sweet.
Someone earlier mentioned that Satsuma was trying to go for some sort of techno-isolation with sea mines they bought, maybe that means that anyone who gets stranded outside can't return? There's precedent for it.
It would explain why they're merc options.
> drifted 14 months on the Pacific with no rudder
> survived on rice and desalinated water.
> They shoot cannons at you when you try to come back.
That's just rude.
Yeah, the Satsuma don't have much lore to them other than the fact they're Samurai ruling the Isle of Kyushu underground. Saigo Takamori is their leader. And they ride dinosaurs.
File: 06 - LEE_DEHR.png (11 KB, 384x384)
11 KB
Do it for THE GORGS.
File: gold_digger.jpg (65 KB, 680x626)
65 KB
File: Health&Wounds.png (266 KB, 535x757)
266 KB
266 KB PNG
Is this any clearer than the last version?
Also, I don't remember if I had made the decision myself or it was a group thing to have "floating" wounds just disappear, I changed it here so let me know what you think.
Try to avoid "There are.... [sentence]" wording whenever possible, if you want clean functional language.

>The two types of health are Simple and Detailed.
>3 types of Wounds represent severity: Grazes, Deep and Grievous.

Otherwise this is clear.
Thanks, will try!
"There are" wording is a brutally common not-exactly error but thing that trips readers up and makes language clumsy. I always harp on it, its basically just passive voice or at least adjacent to it.

At any rate, other than the obvious "onces its" that's underlined, its clear and I like the limbs blowing off setup.
I'm trying to come up with different rules for terrains that would be fluffy but also meaningful, but I'm not having much luck. I don't want to just put "Models gain "hide" in x Terrain" because that's just broken.
Was thinking
> Woodsmen : while in a Forest hex and declaring a Charge action against non-Woodsmen models also in a Forest Hex, this model may change facing and direction as it would in a usual Movement action.
Thoughts? Alternative might be to allow to disengage without paying the extra AP.
Seems like it would be a little unlikely to have a model charging another who was also in a forest hex given what I've seen of how maps often look.
+1 Extra speed rather than simply ignoring movement penalties. (Mountainous/rocky terrain? Like an angry goat rushing down a hill.)
Some form of accuracy bonus. (Plains/Open fields?) and maybe a separate melee/ranged bonuses for different terrain.
I like free disengages too, makes a lot of sense in woodlands for ambush hunters.
Yeah, more I think of it the more a bonus to disengage makes more sense than charging.
What are the terrain types where proficiencies may become relevant?
I could try to think of a few other abilities.
Well this is a great occasion to discuss Terrain Types, I needed to get to redoing that section anyways.
Right now apart from stuff like Walls, Pits and Magma, the "defined" terrain types in the Rule Book are
> Forest (Cover, Difficult)
> Jungle (Cover, Difficult)
> Desert (Difficult)
> Water (Difficult)
That's it. I need to fix this since a lot more Terrain Affinity than that.
> Foothills
> Swamp
comes to mind.
Its a tough question, finding the ideal number of variant terrain types.
On one end, you could just go for
and call it a day. But that's totally flavor-less.
But then you could go for literally every train from mud to snow to river rocks to knee-high mangrove roots.

I'd say keeping it to a respectable handful is ideal. Perhaps with additional variants for specific campaigns, not in the core rules?
Forest + Jungle can be rolled into one.
And its possible that terrain types should be region-neutral, like "Desert" is fairly region locked but "Loose Soil" is less so.

Though, maybe there's value to region-locking terrain types, as it would make Arctic campaigns their own flavor compared to Desert ones etc.
How about
> Barren
> Rocky
> Light Vegetation
> Dense Vegetation
> Wetlands
and then a sort of Biome chart to translate them so in a "temperate biome" it becomes
> Plains
> Foothill
> Light Forest
> Dense Forest
> Swamp
But in Warm Arid it becomes
> Desert
> Foothills
> Savannah
> Jungle
> Oasis
Or something of the sort. That way Terrain Affinities can remain relevant outside of campaigns.
File: whiteape.png (347 KB, 318x453)
347 KB
347 KB PNG
Seems logical to me.
I worked a bit on the NPC system last night.
What I plan on doing is having a system for Hostiles where all models behave more or less the same way, and players are encouraged to use a low amount of NPCs. The stats are going to modify a bit how far the models goes and how often it reacts, but otherwise its very bare.
However on top of this I'll have Conditional Rule "scenarios" which involves NPCs and modify a bit how they behave so as to fit more the flavour. Right now I have a Tribal Village scenario in the work (Scatter Huts before the game, Huts can spawn NPCs, you can burn them, thinking maybe you could have an alternative wincon by befriending them...), I was thinking about doing one specifically about hunting/being hunted by an alpha predator, and another one about facing a horde of NPCs (with rules to scale down the amount of time spent on activating NPCs).
Ok I'll write up a few more biomes and maybe replace the maps in the Mediafire by ones coded by biomes.
>Scatter Huts before the game, Huts can spawn NPCs, you can burn them, thinking maybe you could have an alternative wincon by befriending them...),
Burning huts could produce smoke hazards, and thus block line of sight.
Honestly, environmental fuckwittery is something that the game has tentatively been leaning into the whole time, what with mining and etceteras.
That's a nice side effect I'll work that in.
Rocks crumbling from explosions, smoke filling caverns, shifting environmental hazards are a quite untapped thing in wargames.
Lots of potential there. Maybe not worth bloating the core rules, but could be variant/campaign-specific rules maybe?
Firing cannon type weapons at terrain to collapse it on enemies sounds sick.
Maybe some sort of scenario guide
getting pretty schizo here, but randomly rolling the rock hardness of the cavern and other variables to set up an encounter could be interesting
I actually like the idea of them retreating as opposed to the entire island of Kyushu sinking. They're a rebellion, an army caught out in the field and running out of supplies, they take the only way out short of suicide. Deducting an entire island from Japan is just sort of messy.
>I actually like the idea of them retreating as opposed to the entire island of Kyushu sinking. They're a rebellion, an army caught out in the field and running out of supplies, they take the only way out short of suicide. Deducting an entire island from Japan is just sort of messy.
Its not retreating, anon, its CONQUEST!
Advancing in the only remaining direction (down)
>sees saur
>rides saur
it was the right decision
Bump from down under.
>Rocks crumbling from explosions, smoke filling caverns,
Maybe wrap up both with a Cavern Fight Conditional Rule to generate more cave-like maps?
>shifting environmental hazards are a quite untapped thing in wargames.
Yeah I'm thinking Smoke in particular might be put in as a generic rule in the main book instead of a faction.
Could be done, let me try to come up with something.
>Maybe wrap up both with a Cavern Fight Conditional Rule to generate more cave-like maps?
Conditional rules will almost inevitably come into play, and are a great option to keep the core rules streamlined while still bringing in flavor.
File: dreaded legfish.jpg (1004 KB, 1500x1125)
1004 KB
1004 KB JPG
Any recent developments on the beasties of the deep?
I've personally been considering a monster manual of sorts but haven't put any effort into it yet.
I'm gonna redo the lists for the monsters/saurs that were in the Mu book so they fit at least some of those in the main book too, and to avoid having results that are "Spawn D# monsters" since I want to avoid having a too large number of them, and thus will be cutting out the NPCs that weren't straight up hostiles atm.
I will bring them back at some point for sure since I found a perfect legfish model and I want to use it in some way, but they will probably get a different "Conditional Rule" entry to Hostile NPCs.
I am also tempted to split the Merc book at some point in the next polishing phase, between a Denizen of the Deep book for Gorgs, Apemen, Morlocks, another for Minor Factions like La Ombre, the KoB, the Lost Men and The War Existentialists, and an Adventurers & Mercenaries for the rest.
Is the Paulistaen Golden Syndicate a reference to anything? I swear they are but I can't place it.
File: Drachma.jpg (30 KB, 343x325)
30 KB
Crozier's Coins

>In 1874, during the first British forays to the 6th layer, an expedition of 50 men from the Prince Consort's Own was officially declared missing after failing to return. Due to the difficulty of the terrain and distance to Fort Wellington, the only trace found of the missing men was a crushed pith helmet, thought to indicate attack by lemurs. The men were officially declared lost and their names were added to the Great Obsidian Wall of the Fallen in New Kirkwall.
>6 months later, following an unprovoked attack on Fort Wellington by a Lemurian War Party, only repelled due to the Lemurian’s uncharacteristic attempts to take prisoners, a party of 3 haggard and dishevelled English soldiers entered the fort. They bore with them a leather wallet, and a letter addressed to the Admiralty. They were the only survivors of the missing 1874 expedition.
>However, the letter and leather wallet were not from the leaders of this expedition, now deceased. Instead, the 3 men claimed, forced to flee deeper by "dark phenomena", the remains of their party had wandered for a time until they encountered another living human in a great ruined city, a ragged and thin man who clutched a battered leather wallet to his chest. The man spoke English, and forcing the wallet into the hands of the closest soldier made them promise to bring it to the surface before he apparently ceased breathing, though several of their comrades swore he was still alive.
>Within the wallet were several coins of diverse shape and design, and the letter. Ancient drachmas, heptagons bearing the sign of Mu, smooth silver discs of intricate and colourful patterns, and a handful of gold francs minted in 1815.
>These coins came with a letter. The letter read as follows:
"To the Lords of the Admiralty.

I apologise that I send greetings in this manner, instead of conveying them in person. It has been a long journey for myself and my men, and there is more ahead of us. I beg you accept the coins contained within this purse; I have bargained much for them, and I believe they will be put to better use by you than the Beings who have priorly owned them. It is said that they have great power, for they are not just coins but bargaining tokens, a currency recognised by Powers that remain hidden from sight of mortals. Use them wisely and sparingly. The Beings which I took these from are cruel, used them carelessly in games, and it would not do well to draw their attention. Though they are not enough to free myself and my men from our curse, I hope it may be of some use to our countrymen.

As ever, Her Majesty's humble servant;

Captain Francis Rawdon Moira Crozier.”
That is really cool. Small exerpts of lore like this and the Franklinites from previous thread should be put a bit everywhere in the books.
File: JulesBrunet.png (48 KB, 220x499)
48 KB
Should we keep the French interaction?
> You will never disobey orders, go awol, cause an international kerfuffle, all probably for some qt geisha, fail, run away, return home and get hailed as a hero and decorated for the whole thing.
Pourquoi vivre?
It continues. Lots of work lately, still chopping through it though.
I think him sticking around until the literal fall of the Satsuma would be a fun idea. Then he embarks on an Odyssey across Agartha until he returns to Fallen France where's he's hailed as a hero and brave explorer.
File: Magmages.png (355 KB, 477x460)
355 KB
355 KB PNG
Love the smell of sacrifice in the morning
File: Hostiles.png (260 KB, 521x714)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
Gotta add a small part regarding Movement (unless activated freely, you have to spend all Movement unless it would force you to end in a Lethal terrain, for example, player who rolled on the table may choose between any viable movement paths as he choses, etc).
I've reduced the Monster table from 10 entries to 6, I'll probably end up putting in more tables to different "kinds" of monsters and include the rest back in some way.
Rolling "1" and getting to activate freely the Hostile is not representative of it allying with you, btw, more of you getting really lucky and having the Hostile behave exactly as you would want it to in this case.
Feedback appreciated, of course!
I will work in it a bit more tonight, as well as terrain and try to finish up the other conditional rules. If I have time I had an idea for a Tremors "scenario" (no, not the movie... well, we could add Deathwyrms) where parts of the map opens up into pits throughout the game.
>Lemurian Tiger
jesus christ how horrifying.
Looking fowards to using these though. Might even be able to rig it for solo play. (Ghost and the Darkness style)
Huh, I didn't think about that but I can try to see if the "scenarios" can be usable solo.
File: Neanderthalcondotieri.jpg (252 KB, 800x1196)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
File: Basetroops.png (176 KB, 1635x732)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
Proposal for a new unit template.
Also, I thought about using these profiles as a sort of baseline, balance them each at 10 Silver, any lore reason why a Troupe de la Marine should be better than a BAP (beside my inborn chauvinism)?
Baking time!
Will do a thread recap before.
Thread Recap
> National Parks
> Teddy Roosevelt Head of National Forestry
> Tsardom lore included.
> Terrain rules for individual terrain
> British Hero added
> Beginning to figure out Satsuma lore
> Smoke to be added
> Scenario with destructible terrain?
> Crozier's Coins story
> Solo play.
Don't forget to post it in the new thread too!
I won't!

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