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File: sky-pirate2.jpg (67 KB, 600x533)
67 KB
Sky Piracy edition

>What is this?
EXPEDITION - an ~1870s era, Jules Verne-inspired retro-futurist, underground blood storm hellscape.
It is a Skirmish wargame. Two players with their own expeditions, on a hexgrid map, fight each other for victory.
A campaign mode is planned, and currently in the works. (you) are encouraged to contribute.

3 versions of the rules exist, TWO of which have been playtested:
>1e - proof of concept, recently updated with unit stats
>2e - lead by 2e anon, playtests started, ~75% done. Campaign system is developed here.
>3e - Replaced 4e because it died. Spearheaded by 3e anon, needs more playtests, rules present in the doc

>What can I do?
Shitpost, meme, get comfy. Read over the docs to settle in.
Familiarize yourself with rules and plan some playtests.
Contribute if you have ideas. Give feedback on contributions if you don't.

> TQ : Should we include the Fuel mechanic mentioned in the compass for bigger airships?
> TQ 2 : Anyone wanna shitpost some lore for Satsuma? There isn't much.
> TQ 3 : Anyone want to suggest plot points from current time (~1878) leading to the Great War, and how it starts?
File: 1e.pdf (346 KB, PDF)
346 KB
346 KB PDF
>TL;DR Doc
>Main Lore Doc, including links to anon-written short stories and additional lore in "Recommended..." section
>2e Main Rule Book, Expedition & Tokens. Mu, Duosicilians & Lemuria ALL NEW RELEASED!
> Unit Spreadsheet - Currently outdated, requires an update
>Unit Design Doc

File: ModernWarfare.png (1.4 MB, 804x775)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
The Duke should NOT be given any ideas about flying machines.
I think we should just give England to the Hyperboreans as a peace offering.
File: AEONS OF SUFFERING.png (1.73 MB, 1017x780)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
>I think we should just give England to the Hyperboreans as a peace offering.
File: Sky-Bargeprof.png (106 KB, 558x811)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
So, we were missing a large airship for Sky-People, so I made this. This is for armies that want to have an airship centerpiece, which can carry its Leader and a "large" amount of troops into a single spot. The "bombs" thing will be made more explicit once I do the weapons, but I'm thinking airships will have a limit set for them to represent lifting capacity.
Airships will probably have some degree of customization available to them. Added Ballistas, improved Pods for nobles, that kind of stuff...
File: Spoiler Image (2 KB, 384x384)
2 KB
Wonder who could be behind this post.
>Airships will probably have some degree of customization available to them. Added Ballistas, improved Pods for nobles, that kind of stuff...
Might be a bit late of an idea, but perhaps other big setpiece vehicles could operate like this? Give them a number of slots you can mount weapons on, add the possibility to loot ancient weapons from ruins or salvage them from enemies in the campaign mode.
The Engl*sh Devil conspires still against the lost King of Scots.
>Might be a bit late of an idea, but perhaps other big setpiece vehicles could operate like this? Give them a number of slots you can mount weapons on, add the possibility to loot ancient weapons from ruins or salvage them from enemies in the campaign mode.
Not too late at all! I have to do a cleanup of both France and Britain at some point in the near future, (and we ca also discuss US setpieces, I haven't forgotten the EEE) so we will definitely have a good occasion to do this soon.
File: Sky-Noble prof.png (94 KB, 543x836)
94 KB
I didn't have that much inspiration for this one so I sorta mirrored what I have in mind for the Sky-Pirates but with a more "diplomatic" bent. Thinking of adding something where if someone wins it more than once they also get to drop a stalactite on the enemy, but that might be too much...
Oh, also, High Altitude Fall tests or whatever will be (if that's not obvious enough) what happens when an Airship transporting people blows up, thinking of something pretty harsh, but at the same time I don't want to have multiple throws per model if this could happen to 10 models...
File: stinker_gorg_scan.png (204 KB, 347x400)
204 KB
204 KB PNG
Sorry, I'm a bit late.
You're damn right I'm behind that post, Satan.
We know who is behind England now, don't we?
File: GorgWins.png (97 KB, 621x617)
97 KB
I was starting to worry!
All is good now.
Ok, so for Airships I've renamed the Sky-Bomb thing to Sky-Drop, and Bombs can be an upgrade worked out later. Here's the rule. By default it doesn't have an AOE, is very imprecise, but a single one can flatten most soldiers and you can drop them all in one go (obviously a long process to resolve but you are shooting your entire load early, its on you).

Sky-Drops : Sky-People & Sky-Pirates Airships often use ballasts or more advanced forms of ordnance to throw at their enemy. The number of Sky-Drops is indicated on the Airship’s profile, cross them as you use them. Whenever an Airship with remaining Sky-Drops resolve a Move Action, you may drop any number of them at any point during its Movement, on a unit either overlapped by the Airship or adjacent to it. For each Sky-Drop dropped while in an hex, test the Airship’s Accuracy, subtracting from it the current Wind Speed. If the test succeed, Scatter the Attack 1, if it fails, Scatter it d3. Models in the final Hex must pass both an Awareness and Evasion test, for each test failed it suffers a Grievous Wound, no armor Save allowed. (Airship upgrades may change this rule).

Difficult to see how Atlan's not gonna get wrecked by this but oh well...
File: tommy.jpg (213 KB, 720x960)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
And High Altitude Fall test.

High-Altitude Fall : Whenever an Airship that is not currently Landed is killed, models transported in it must immediately resolve a High-Altitude Fall test. The owner of the model must choose one of the Model’s statistics between Strength or Awareness, substract from it the current Wind Speed, and test it. If failed, the model immediately dies. If it succeed, Scatter the model from the center of the destroyed Airship x hexes, where x is the current Wind Speed, and Deploy it in the resulting hex with no AP. It then takes a X Wound to all its Locations if it has a Simple Health track, or an X Wound to all its Limbs location and its first available Body Location if it has a complex Health track. If there is a model in the Hex where the model would be deployed, resolve a Sky-Drop attack against that model.

> MFW I now realize that this opens the door for getting FFL to actually be dropped as bombs as the compass suggested.
File: 3rdlayerfrontiers.png (1.85 MB, 5738x3569)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
Start of Airship mods. Please suggest anything.

Tar Bombs Cost : 5 Silver Lift Cost : 3 Equipment

Tar Bombs : When resolving a Sky-Drop with this Airship, in addition to the usual Sky-Drop attack, models adjacent to final scattered hex of the Sky-Drop suffer Fire Damage.
Launch Strip Cost : 10 Silver Lift Cost : 15 Equipment

Launch Strip : This Airship is equipped with a launching strip for Sky-Gliders, and 3 Sky-Gliders. At any point of this Airship’s Activation and when it is killed, transported models may launch in one of these Sky-Gliders. Remove those models from this Airship and Deploy a Sky-Glider model transporting them adjacent to it, with only 1 AP.

Observation Nest Cost : 2 Silver List Cost : 2 Equipment

Observation Nest : This Airship gain +1 Awareness and +1 Accuracy. Models transported in it gain +2 Awareness (this does not apply to High Altitude Fall).

Command Deck Cost : 10 Silver List Cost : 3 Equipment

Command Deck : Whenever you Activate this Airship, you may elect one transported Leader, Character or Specialist model. This model may spend its AP (and LP) this turn as usual, may do so as part of this airship activation or may activate as normal after later on during the turn.
Why the spaces between borders? This is the 19th century not the 16th, I want skirmishes on the frontier! Map does look great though on the whole.
If you wanted to pay homage to the Major General's wargaming page you could add a rappel option.
File: 4thlayerupdated.png (364 KB, 1500x740)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
>I want skirmishes on the frontier!
Kek. 3rd is rightful Outlander clay, but Epigeans have only been at it for a decade and a half at most. 4th has at least Mu and Atlan sharing a border, and if you want I could expand a bit the "conquered" areas so it is adjacent to the French and Austrian colonies on the Atlan side, and the Russian and Ottoman on the Mu side.
File: Sky-Bomberprof.png (84 KB, 582x722)
84 KB
So what I think I'm going to do is just have a Sky-Bomber Airship such as picrel, and Sky-Gorgs (or Reformed Gorgs, whatever) as a Troop option you can load on them, without making a Sky-Bomber Brigade model per say.
Now gotta to figure out flying elephants and roof spiders.
Have you posted the definition of the floater rule yet? Curious to see it.
Something like this. Might see some change.

Floater : The first time each game a model with the Floater rule is Deployed, use the Wind Speed & Direction rule. This model does not block LOS, ignores non-Floater intervening models and terrain type unless it performs a Landing Action (see Uncommon Actions). Non-Floater models may end their movement overlapping with this model. After each Movement and and the end of its Activation, a model with this rule must move X Hexes toward the Wind Direction, X is the Wind Speed.
Bump. Early day tomorrow, but other than a short meeting I don't have anything. I'll shift to work on the World book.
File: pol1.png (5.84 MB, 3450x3450)
5.84 MB
5.84 MB PNG
World entry book for Yazata. Will probably add a bit about Sky-Gorgs and Laputite ore ...

Yazata Assembly of Sky-Clans

The inhabitants of the “Roof” section of the lower Layers are collectively known as Sky-People. Their origin are lost in time, but likely originate from some of the earliest waves of Epigean migration of Agartha. The Pillars and giant stalactites offer many opportunities to settle and expand upon, and to many, the inherent dangers of settling so high above the void is a worthy trade for the dangers represented by Saurs, Lemurs and Apemen. The Sky-Clans have embraced both the risks and opportunities offered by the Sky and the Roof, and in the same way that Atlantis rules the Underground’s seas, the Sky-People rule its skies.
The Sky-Clans have no known or claimed uniform culture or ethnic origin, but have overtime acquired a shared aesthetic and societal structure, reminiscent of ancient Mesopotamia. This coincides with a very recent push for centralization and a nascent shared national identity, centered around the 3rd Layer Pillar-City of Errum.
The natural isolation of the Sky-Clans is both a boon and a curse that has shaped much of its society. No other Underground nation has been capable of mounting anything resembling a sustained military campaign against them, leading the denizens of the Roof to claim that the Sky and the Roof have blessed them with an eternal peace. This stark contrast from the Floor’s brutal conditions also explains in part why Sky-People see other Agarthan and even Epigeans with such low opinions. While the Sky-Clans maintain order and a strict rule of law within their own communities, outside, anything goes. Seemingly refined nobles who care only for breeding the largest Cloudelleafint within Errum’s walls will not hesitate to partake in raiding and piracy as soon as he leaves them. (...)
The difference between a Sky-Clan raider and an Atlan one, however, is that the Sky-Clan one specifically seeks a fast way to profit, while the Atlan one seeks labour and nothing else. As such even skywaymen and Sky-Pirates may be more amenable than many other Agarthans. More than one encounter between Colonials and and Sky-Clan or Sky-Pirates started as a slave raid and ended with economic negotiations and feasting, with or without bloodshed.
With its low population and its natural frontiers, the newly formed Yazata Assembly cannot afford to maintain a large military, or even keep training the one it has. Any action it undertake requires it to shore up its ranks with Sky-Pirates, Sky-Gorgs or Neanderthal mercenaries. What it lacks in troop quality however it more than makes up for through its complete domination of the skies. Sky-People have long ago developed and honed the technology behind balloons and dirigibles, and keep a small force of relatively large airships to defend its airspace and mercantile interests.
>tfw you will never be a sky pirate on a raid that pisses off the edge of your aircraft and have it land on some savage barbarian below
Why even try at this point?
File: d-daywide.png (2.34 MB, 1930x1024)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB PNG
File: DalaiSeaShores.jpg (275 KB, 1000x747)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
Got some more work done on the World book, but nothing definitive worth posting, bit of a rework of La Ombre and the US entry. I'll finish them tomorrow and post them. Then its Atlantis I should be good to post. Hopefully it'll be done Sunday night.
File: Python Eel.png (778 KB, 1366x991)
778 KB
778 KB PNG
Thank you!
I got a bit of work done on the Atlantis world book entry today, nothing yet ready to post but a good start considering I had been blocked on it for a few weeks. I'll finish it tonight and post it.
File: 1691087896109464.jpg (636 KB, 1205x814)
636 KB
636 KB JPG
Any news on the RPG front?
Atlantis world book entry
(some stuff will be added to represent its social structure and recent rebellion)

To most Epigeans, the existence of Atlantis and its survival stands as the one positive change brought forth by Agartha. Mentions of the Underground still summon terrifying imagery of rampaging Saurs and savage headhunter to most a few decades after its discovery. Atlantis, in stark contrast, is seen as a glorious, rich and cultured civilization, and reaching it is often the very reason why one dares to face Saurs and Neanderthals (and much worse) in the first place.
Its Fall at the culmination of an Hyperborean raid, estimated to be about 7000 years ago, is an event shrouded in many mysteries and controversies. Even by the very flexible standards or Agarthan logic, it does not make much sense. It affected not only the city of Atlantis itself, but many of its remote colonies, including Atlan. Perhaps then it was targeted and artificially engineered by the Hyperboreans themselves? The Firmament’s denizen surely have such terrible technology, but this would seem to be counterproductive to their efforts. And while there are geographical traces left by the event on the 4th, none can be found on the 3rd. Atlanteans themselves have wrapped whatever fragments of ancient lore they kept in religious garbs, integrating it into the various Titanic cults, and most Atlanteans would likely not recognize an Hyperborean Tripod as the herald of doom that it is.
Atlantean culture has obviously changed enormously since the days of Old Atlantis, as no society can remain the same for 7 millennia. Despite this, multiple subsequent waves of emigration from around the Mediterranean insured it kept a distinctly “ancient Greece” aesthetic.
Its technology has equally advanced, and in the case of naval and submarine development, has even surpassed that of Epigeans Nations. Agarthan Science proved to be the element that missed from ancient and medieval alchemy and medicine, which finally established themselves into stable practices.
The wonderment of Colonials toward Atlantis does not mean that every encounter between the two has gone peacefully, however. The Akritai corps stand vigilantly at all of the Sunken City’s frontiers, ready to respond to any would-be trespassers. In particular, Atlantean mastery over the Underground’s waters clashes directly with Britain’s geopolitical strategy. The Crown’s Admiralty has so far not been willing to compromise, and British-aligned expeditions are more likely to fire or be fired upon by the defenders of Atlantis than by many other Agarthans.
No wonder Libertalia 2 exists, we've recreated nearly the exact conditions of the Golden Age of Piracy.
>2 maritime empires competing for colonial concessions and naval dominance
>An overflow of trade leaving a valuable region
>Excess of veterans from various conflicts
File: Tripods.jpg (60 KB, 800x600)
60 KB
Hyperborea world book entry

Space is not a vast empty expanse. It is a Layer, albeit a unique one in almost every aspect. The void of space itself is an optical illusion caused by the interaction between the stuff of the Psychic Sea and the transparent dome which stands miles above our heads. In its higher concentration, far above the spheres and planetoids upon which the Hyperboreans have buit their dystopian cities, this “Psychic Sea” proves just as lethal to direct exposure as the cold emptiness of space.
Hyperborea is not simply a civilization. Rather, it is a collection of civilizations which, if the Loop theory is to be believed, represent the inhuman end point of the historico-ontological process. These make-up more or less homogeneous factions, each with its own structure and goals. As Hyperboreans do not engage in much exchanges with anyone who isn’t already one of them, the classification used to refer to these are purely descriptive, and originates mostly from the Miskatonic Institute’s own research into the matter.

Still gotta finish the next part of it. Otherwise I've got to polish La Ombre and I'll post it. We should be good still for tonight, although it might be late in the night, had an early shift this morning, gotta go take a power nap or I'll cave in. It is currently standing at ~65 pages, although I did put illustrations in (these can all be counted as stand in for the time being). Almost all entries will see some more work to them, but at least it'll be something to give direction, and it'll allow me to shift back focus on Campaign stuff, which I really want to roll 1 version off at least in the next few weeks.
The great war would actually be an interesting time period for the setting and it doesn't have to be the main game to potray it either. It can be the Pathfinder equivalent, so to speak. Plus we'd be able to play out how city/urban combat would work.
Figuring out automatic weapons might be tricky with the current ruleset.
File: warfareexistentialist.jpg (45 KB, 600x720)
45 KB
Yeah, we'd probably have to modify a bit the system to better represent high rate-of-fire guns, but it would be doable a number of different ways.
>It can be the Pathfinder equivalent, so to speak.
What are you thinking it could be like? If we know more how you envision the game it gets a lot easier to come up with answers to things like >>91650186, for example if this was a "build your own small squad of ~5 soldiers and crawl through trenches & ruined cities while avoiding Lemurs at night" then we could go full granular with each shot being counted, ammo tracked, all the grog shit, if it its something larger we know we should look into disregarding or abstracting all of that...
Full granular sounds nice.
I think that would be the easiest conversion (not too surprisingly, considering 2e is a not-so-subtle mishmash of games that all represent modern or even futuristic weaponry). Just add multiple dice attacks, with the number of dices based on the weapon's RoF (so basically Infinity on d10 without rangebands). Track loaded and carried ammo, recharge as needed.
Could be a cool occasion to push the modeling aspect of the setting in an easier format.
Does anyone still have the deck of cards that had been made?
File: Montigny_Mitrailleuse.jpg (31 KB, 466x410)
31 KB
Here what comes immediately to mind.
> Scale down 2e armies to 3-10 model max, with 5-7 being the sweet spot.
> keep the same stat profile and general resolution system.
> apart from some special units per factions, models are recruited from a small shared list more similar to old necromunda lists, representing the experience of the model (so like Green, Rookie, Veteran). Factions would be more about equipment availability and special rules than a full roster.
> Track everything, including individual bullets and rations.
> Add maybe 1 Health Box to all Limbs and Body locations.
> set wounds to 1 wound per dice for most gun attacks.
> add effects for taking Grievious wounds (lowered Movement)
> possibly increase movement & lower map size, emphasis on obstructions.
> ?Card game system to add flavor and influence the game, like, flip to check how much logistics screwed you over, do you have artillery support, who has air dominance, that kind of thing?
> Warmachines and other bigger units are strictly offboard stuff or scenario objectives. This focuses on trench and urban warfare, if we want large scale strategic scale we should look for something else.
File: Worldbook.001.pdf (5.36 MB, PDF)
5.36 MB
5.36 MB PDF
Here we go.
Fair warning, I'm fully aware there's a bunch of things people have mentioned at least 4~5 times (ancient Carbonari cults, timeline fixes and such) that I have yet to fix, its all on a notepad, will get to it next cleanup.
Entry for Ottomans and Italy are still needed. Everything else beside Fallen Paris and the Warfare Apologists will see some stuff added to it to flesh it out more.
Also, I'm not super satisfied with how large maps are coming out of hexographer, it is alright as a game aid (although I'm not intent on having campaign mode built for it yet) but not really a lore art, so if anyone wants to suggest era friendly maps for the surface I'll attempt something.
>65 Pages
Most excellent.
Just need to colour a few spots in.
Repost every thread until I get to it.
If I can get this as a text (.docx, .odt etc.) document it will help massively.
Oh I will post it in docx for sure, sorry about that I didn't think it through.
Made a lot of headway on a potential simpler campaign system today, will also post it later on.
Proposal for a simple, episodic campaign system. Very shamelessly adapted from Old Necromunda.

> EXPEDITION : Agartha Descent : Struggle for Colonial Dominance (title entirely exchangeable)

> To start a Struggle for Colonial Dominance campaign you will need at least 2 players and preferably more. Players can have more than one Expedition.

> Expeditions represent groups of Colonials (mostly) who are trying to settle the Underground’s local area. They have already scouted a minimally viable spot to establish themselves, and must now face each other for overall domination of the area.

> The players must simply build an Expedition as per 2e’s normal rules, using 300 Silver (they can agree to use more or less if they wish). In addition to tracking a campaign Chest however they will also track Experience and Settlement Rating.

> Experience = Silver spent on a model during a campaign in order to give it Traits and Special Rules.

> Settlement Rating = Territory Value + (2x number of Settlers) + Value of Expedition Models (including Equipment) + Experience

> An Expedition’s Settlement rating will change after each game, as members gain experience, acquire control of other territories or either lose or gain settlers or must recruit them.

> Unless agreed otherwise at the start of the Campaign, a Struggle for Colonial Dominance game may be outright won by one player, if he manages to accomplish certain conditions. The two main winning conditions are that once a Player gains either 10 Territory or a Settlement Rating of 1000, all players get 1 more turn, and then the game end. Whoever has the highest Settlement Rating after wins.
>Expeditions represent groups of Colonials (mostly)
Don't really see the need for this.

> Every Expedition starts in control of a Settlement with three territories generated from the Territory table. Many scenarios will allow Expeditions to add territories to their Settlement.
(territory example)
> Territory Table
> D100
> Roll Territory Income Building
> 00 Deep Temple 2d10 -

> An ominous and highly dangerous Temple lies nearby. Artefacts and Relics can be excavated there, if one can survive the Lemurs, traps and Anomalies. If you want to search for these, roll an Awareness test. If succesfull, gain 2d10 Silver. If the Success was a Critical, gain an Artefact. On a roll of 10, lose the model assigned.

> If the model assigned was an Academic, on a success, it also gains the Deep Understanding Trait.

(Deep Understanding Trait for context : This Trait may be stacked multiple times. If among your Expedition members you get 3x this Trait, the next turn other players may force you to play an Assassination game. If at the end of that turn you still have 3x this Trait among your Expedition Members, win the campaign (regardless of Chest or Settlement Ratings)
True that can be removed.
Docx is too big for upload here directly so I'll add it to the mediafire, does that work?
Looking preddy gud! :)
I have a really fucked up schedule for the next two weeks it should allow me a lot of time to work on this beyond tonight.
Any particular direction you guys want me to go? Something to clean up specifically, beside pushing the Campaign system and slowly working on Sky-Clans and Hyperborea?
File: CampaignRoster.png (57 KB, 1558x858)
57 KB
Ok, so obviously not something cool or sexy but I made this today. It'll have a second page with another 10 spots to get up to the usual limit of 20, as well as a "Contested Territories" section.
File: Rockbreaker2.jpg (123 KB, 850x638)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Seems like we really are in a prolonged slump.
I hate to ask the question but I don't either want to be turning this into a personal blog, which is what it's starting to feel like, so... is interest in this dying?
I don't want to bring the thread down either so apologies if this is just me...
I honestly don't know. I've been here since thread one, so wrapping up is a scary prospect. 2e is fun to play but it definitely needs one or two editing passes before I'd call it finished. That is something I could do on my own and then post the results though.

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