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Pale Dweller Approved Edition
>What is this?
EXPEDITION - an ~1870s era, Jules Verne-inspired retro-futurist, underground blood storm hellscape.
It is a Skirmish wargame. Two players with their own expeditions, on a hexgrid map, fight each other for victory.
A campaign mode is planned, and currently in the works. (you) are encouraged to contribute.

3 versions of the rules exist, TWO of which have been playtested:
>1e - proof of concept, recently updated with unit stats
>2e - lead by 2e anon, playtests started, ~75% done. Campaign system is developed here.
>3e - Replaced 4e because it died. Spearheaded by 3e anon, needs more playtests, rules present in the doc

>What can I do?
Shitpost, meme, get comfy. Read over the docs to settle in.
Familiarize yourself with rules and plan some playtests.
Contribute if you have ideas. Give feedback on contributions if you don't.


> TQ : Pale Dweller, "The Monster," and other weird-one offs are pretty neat, what do you think their deal is?
File: 1e.pdf (346 KB, PDF)
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346 KB PDF
>TL;DR Doc
>Main Lore Doc, including links to anon-written short stories and additional lore in "Recommended..." section
>2e Main Rule Book, Expedition & Tokens. Mu, Duosicilians & Lemuria ALL NEW RELEASED!
> Unit Spreadsheet - Currently outdated, requires an update
>Unit Design Doc
File: d-daywide.png (2.34 MB, 1930x1024)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB PNG
Thanks for cooking!
Tonight I'll work on the Ottoman weapon list and equipments, and finish up Necromantic Spells. This should bring Ottoman almost done, as said previously, we could use another Leader for them, and/or a Hero profile.
What if the Pale Dweller is an actual Old Lemurian?
File: stinker_gorg_scan.png (204 KB, 347x400)
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204 KB PNG
Degenerated so far he emerged from his own hole.
>TQ : Pale Dweller, "The Monster," and other weird-one offs are pretty neat, what do you think their deal is?
I feel like the best way to incorporate the Pale Dweller is to have him show up in the background of art in campaign books and whatnot. Until the Deluge, of course, where it's revealed he's been a real character this whole time.
>Until the Deluge, of course, where it's revealed he's been a real character this whole time.
By Akmanandag, the real real main characater.
I like to imagine him as a really out of place and akward Grey Ayylmao who's just going along with whatever is happening.
>"Just as foretold! We've found a True Lemurian! What wisdom do you have for us, ancient one?"
File: Grey.jpg (117 KB, 1024x1024)
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> TQ
Pale Dweller, the "Monster" and others like the Time-Travelling Operative could be left to be both "lore" characters and special characters available only in campaigns through some story mode, so as to have them be "real" unit despite not being given a proeminent position in the game space.
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885 KB PNG
Btw since we are inching ever closer to a playtest-worthy Campaign mode we could also discuss Sponsors, we haven't brought them up in a while, might be worth it to look at the few we have come up with at least 1~2 per faction.
We've discussed rolling the Pope into France, so he could be a sponsor for them. In total I can see three for now, just brainstorming:
>Ministry of the Subterranean (?)
Basic bitch government sponsor, decent budget, supplies you well with military gear. Mission objectives are basic stuff like scouting specific areas, securing them by building bridges and forts, finding resources, fighting NPC monsters and Deepfolk, maybe diplomatic missions?
>National Academy of Agarthan Sciences
Tighter budget but they give you more high-tech shit and cool specialist units. Mission objectives are about exploring anomalies and ruins, recovering artifacts, escorting scientists, capturing specimens etc.
>The Holy See
Good budget, but shit gear choice? However you get access to special Pope-affiliated units.like Carlist volunteers etc. Mission objectives could be escorting/rescuing missionaries and... What else? Prevent the Italians or Mu from performing some ritual (doing their objective basically)?
File: Saur General.jpg (127 KB, 800x644)
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So should Sponsor work by setting a percentage of the otherwise agreed Chest?
Like, the Academy limits you to 75% of the regular budget?
Also, for USA, did we end up pushing the Miskatonic Advisor as a Sponsor or just scrap it altogether?
There was the Triassic Ranch I came up with, perhaps the Gov/Abo/ExConfed distinction could be worked into Sponsors as well?
File: MuradV.jpg (108 KB, 762x1048)
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108 KB JPG
Still trying to come up with a good mechanic for the Husks. Been thinking
> Whenever *any* Player's Dread matches this model's Disicpline, during Morale Phase, test this model's Discipline. If it fails, scatter it d3. If at the end of this movement it is outside of 5 of any Necromancer, it becomes a Hostile NPC for the rest of the game.
Its a bit heavy on the rule side but it has the advantage over the OG version of getting rid of the "d6 Husks turns", which I want to trash, it'll hit more often becomes it checks both players, and you could if you want to try and game it for extra movement (perhaps some future Hero or Leader could work with this). Plus it pushes the angle that a horde of Husks is hard to control, even if it doesn't just turn on you right away.
Has there been much development of the warfare apologists? I have a couple ideas to work them as a unit/sponsor deal I could post later.
None at all. I made them into a subfaction to set up their recruitment rules but otherwise they didn't exist in lore before that, and haven't been worked on.
>Like, the Academy limits you to 75% of the regular budget?
That's one way to do it.
>Also, for USA, did we end up pushing the Miskatonic Advisor as a Sponsor or just scrap it altogether?
I think the Advisor could be a unit you get if you're sponsored by the Miskatonic University maybe?
>perhaps the Gov/Abo/ExConfed distinction could be worked into Sponsors as well
I'm drawing a blank on what kind of organization the Ex-Confederates could be running and what it's aims in Agartha specifically would be (inb4: That's why we need to include the KKK, guys!), but then again I'm no burger.
File: iwm.jpg (432 KB, 1920x1440)
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As with most things, the story of The Warfare Apologists begins with Napoleon. More accurately, their story begins with his defeat. A vast class of aristocratic officers found themselves without a war to fight, for the first time in decades. Many of these well educated men began to write about war instead, or teach their successors in the new military academies. War may not have changed greatly yet, but the way these officers thought about it had. It was becoming a science, an art.
These “artists” published many works, they corresponded with eachother, met for drinks and debate and jovial kriegspiel late into the night. They formed an odd sort of brotherhood, joined by their shared social status and passion for war. Crimea and the Indian Revolt served as a testing ground for their new ideas, keenly observed even from as far away as West Point in the Americas.
After 1860 however, war began to sour for the academic officers. Previously it had been a distant concern, something which occurred in India or China or Turkey, now it became a personal matter. Where once German officers had traded letters, now they traded shells, where once American students had shared a classroom, they now shared a battlefield. From Paraguay to Prussia brother had turned against brother. To many of the officers the whole thing began to seem pointless and absurd.
A sensible sort of man would turn his back on warfare as a whole, but these men had dedicated their lives to its study. Most could not shake the belief that their causes were just, that the blade they thrust into their brother's chest was righteous. A few however, decided that the problem was not with war, but moreso the reasons for fighting it. Looking at the new philosophies of existentialism for guidance, corps of officers from across the world left their respective nations behind, reasoning that the science of warfare as they saw it could not be limited to the ultimately meaningless concerns of nations.
File: billiards.jpg (167 KB, 1043x683)
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167 KB JPG
By the mid 1870s, the loose fraternity had organized. The Warfare Apologists are known officially by dozens of names in dozens of nations (The Fraternity of Jingo, Students of Inazō [稲造の学生], The Tacticturn Ones [Die großen Schweigenden], etc,) but nonetheless share a philosophy and network. They believe that the reasons for fighting a war are irrelevant and absurd, and that meaning is bought from the act of fighting itself. Speaking charitably, one could say they value courage, martial prowess, and knowledge. Away from their ears (And guns) however, most sane people agree they are borderline sociopaths with no loyalties to anyone or anything except eachother.

In most large cities nowadays a sort of gentlemans club can be found. A well stocked library, a quiet bar and a large weapons exhibit usually mark the place. Men in disparate and symbolless uniforms mill about, debating philosophies and current events. Most are open to be hired, so long as you need an army trained or led. If a war is proving to be interesting enough they’ll tend to crop up on their own, volunteering their services or quietly infiltrating the lower ranks to observe. If a general doesn't mind losing men an Apologist in the ranks can be quite a boon to an ailing force.
File: joffre.jpg (45 KB, 498x732)
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If a war proves unique, the Apologists bring their own forces. Largely these consist of nationless men, sometimes those who followed their officers in the initial desertions, sometimes those who joined after for the training or philosophy. Kentuckians fight shoulder to shoulder with Serbs, exiled Italians and failed Malcomites share drinks in the camps of the Existentialists. Unfortunately, while the officers of the Apologists certainly appreciate their men, they do not spare them any more suffering than they would any other force. To do otherwise would show that same sort of meaningless factionalism they opposed in the first place, or so they claim. Some say that the Existentialist officers hold a sense of superiority over their men, considering any man without a commission as a lesser being at best.
With the opening of Agartha and the conclusion of the Paraguayan War, the organization has started to show signs of tension. Many Existentialists have led expeditions down, to observe new ways of Warfighting or offer their services to Agarthan powers. The Atlan Republic has proven especially tantalizing to the Apologists, though attempts at contact have been difficult. Others meanwhile have looked to the skies, noting the similarities between their own favored tactics and those which led to the incursion in Paraguay. A concerning number have attempted to discover or even recreate such an event, and more than a few have made their way to China to eagerly take part in the Heavenly events there. Debates march late into the night over which focus is more fitting for the organization, with more and more men picking a side. These two groups, dubbed informally by outsiders the lower and upper Existentialists, remain on friendly terms for now. But history has clearly shown that these men can turn against their brothers in the name of ideology, and it is certainly not impossible that the bonds forged by the Apologists thus far may be broken, just as they were before.
Warfare Existentialist
Chemical Grenadier
Kentuckian/Serbian Rebels (Non-Unique)
Can be taken by any surface power, any underground power (Except Atlan/L'Ombre/Lost Men?)
Place limits on how many non-combatant units you can take
Extra silver rewards for killing troop units
Upper Existentialists give high silver rewards for hyperborean relics recovered, Lower Existentialists give high silver rewards for Deep Weapons recovered.

Kind of spitballing with Lore/Sponsor ideas, let me know what you guys think
File: wilwildwest.jpg (29 KB, 474x268)
29 KB
For confeds I'd say that ripping the villain from Wild Wild West is the way to go.
That or tying them to the Golden Syndicate if you want the Americas to have one overarching villain organization
File: warfareexistentialist.jpg (45 KB, 600x720)
45 KB
Holy shit this is so much better than the halfassed attempt I had come up with. Great work, added to the World Book.
I'm a little worried that with the way I wrote them they're a halfway house between the Golden Syndicate and the Lost Men but hopefully the elements of Classism and Gentlemans Clubs make them more unique.
My only nitpick is that it *might* be a bit too early for existentialism to really take off.
That's fair. It's around a decade before Nietzsche started to really get going OTL but I figured that once the heavens started pissing murder rainbows and Italians started blasting fireballs people might have been a bit quicker to question their existence. Plus I didn't want to change the what the original chart guy called them.
It would be a different beast from what we have come to call existentialism, but you'd have Nietzsche & Kierkegaard already. Sadly too early for Bataille tho.
I actually had some ideas for a potential German entry. I'm usually the first to cry about faction blot, but if we are rolling the Holy League into France we'd just be swapping one for the other, and it would be weird to ignore Germany altogether. That included incorporating the Chem Grenadier as their special unit as a kind of retrofuturist node to their advances in chemical warfare in WWI (maybe they reverse engineered Atlantean alchemy).
One other idea I had for Germans (who would otherwise be a "straight man" faction like the Brits) is to utilize the late 19th century interplay between occultism and German nationalism as inspiration for some kind of schizo subfaction. A secret society of not!Ariosophists obsessed with Hyperborea, counting among their members some influential officers, politicians and businessmen. This could be linked to the CEAIC industrialization accelerating the cracking of the Firmament and the CEAIC rivalry with the Syndicate, as they would compete for Hyperborean relics. So all that really overlaps with this idea of a gentlemanly club of war veterans mind broken by recent events, especially considering how the German unification went.
Coincidentally, Germany would be a later, possibly 5e arrival, so an 80s thing. Which is just in time for some major Nietzschean works.
10. War and Warriors
By our best enemies we do not want to be spared, nor by those either whom we love from the very heart. So let me tell you the truth!
My brethren in war! I love you from the very heart. I am, and was ever, your counterpart. And I am also your best enemy. So let me tell you the truth!
I know the hatred and envy of your hearts. Ye are not great enough not to know of hatred and envy. Then be great enough not to be ashamed of them!
And if ye cannot be saints of knowledge, then, I pray you, be at least its warriors. They are the companions and forerunners of such saintship.
I see many soldiers; could I but see many warriors! "Uniform" one calleth what they wear; may it not be uniform what they therewith hide!
Ye shall be those whose eyes ever seek for an enemy—for your enemy. And with some of you there is hatred at first sight.
Your enemy shall ye seek; your war shall ye wage, and for the sake of your thoughts! And if your thoughts succumb, your uprightness shall still shout triumph thereby!
Ye shall love peace as a means to new wars—and the short peace more than the long.
You I advise not to work, but to fight. You I advise not to peace, but to victory. Let your work be a fight, let your peace be a victory!
One can only be silent and sit peacefully when one hath arrow and bow; otherwise one prateth and quarrelleth. Let your peace be a victory!
Ye say it is the good cause which halloweth even war? I say unto you: it is the good war which halloweth every cause.
War and courage have done more great things than charity. Not your sympathy, but your bravery hath hitherto saved the victims.
"What is good?" ye ask. To be brave is good. Let the little girls say: "To be good is what is pretty, and at the same time touching."
They call you heartless: but your heart is true, and I love the bashfulness of your goodwill. Ye are ashamed of your flow, and others are ashamed of their ebb.
Ye are ugly? Well then, my brethren, take the sublime about you, the mantle of the ugly!
And when your soul becometh great, then doth it become haughty, and in your sublimity there is wickedness. I know you.
In wickedness the haughty man and the weakling meet. But they misunderstand one another. I know you.
Ye shall only have enemies to be hated, but not enemies to be despised. Ye must be proud of your enemies; then, the successes of your enemies are also your successes.
Ye shall only have enemies to be hated, but not enemies to be despised. Ye must be proud of your enemies; then, the successes of your enemies are also your successes.
Resistance—that is the distinction of the slave. Let your distinction be obedience. Let your commanding itself be obeying!
To the good warrior soundeth "thou shalt" pleasanter than "I will." And all that is dear unto you, ye shall first have it commanded unto you.
Let your love to life be love to your highest hope; and let your highest hope be the highest thought of life!
Your highest thought, however, ye shall have it commanded unto you by me—and it is this: man is something that is to be surpassed.
So live your life of obedience and of war! What matter about long life! What warrior wisheth to be spared!
I spare you not, I love you from my very heart, my brethren in war!—
Thus spake Zarathustra.
The only potential problem I see is it could be a whole lot of rolls. Assuming you have a horde of identical Husks you suddenly have to check every motherfucker and then scatter them all. Maybe simply make it so that "Shaken" (not really Shaken, but Dread=Discipline) Husks roll Discipline to not go feral every turn they are outside of the Necromancer range and "Panicked" Husks simply go feral the moment they leave it? So, sure, you have this otherwise morale ignoring horde, but only as long as you keep a Necromancer near. But killing the Necromancer could rapidly turn a group of Husks into hostile NPCs. They are like discount Tit Kings, except the consequences are worse if things go wrong.
But this proposal posted a while ago also seems fine for something more chaotic:
>Anytime you roll a 10 while resolving any action or test with a Husked model, test its Discipline. If a Necromancer model is within 3 of it, you may use the Necromancer's Discipline instead. If you fail, the model becomes a Hostile NPC until the end of the game.
Ok, I'll go for the critical fail turns you feral method at the moment, it should be fine, I need to settle one something. Thanks for the feedback!
File: OttomansSpecialRules.png (108 KB, 543x818)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
Here we go. Even if this is not the final version we go with I'll settle for this right now. I'd like to wrap this book up by tomorrow night and go back on the World & Campaign book.
> Everyone becomes Chinese when they die.
File: NecromanticSpells.png (60 KB, 546x732)
60 KB
And Necromantic Spells I came up with.
I guess at this point I just need to touch up the profiles I got done and then the equipment lists. We can come back to the rest later.
Oh the Pasha's Beast Headed Warriors I guess are missing. How do I set that up? Troops with a special Devour attack that doesn't leave a Corpse token?
Give them laser eyes that burn bodies. Or fire breath or something.
Good idea, that works already with the rule as is.
In regards to weaponry, are Ottomans any better outfitted in general than say the Chinese? Or closer to Italians? Beside the Mansure Armyman who will be able to recruit European rifles and guns through its special rule.
File: BEWprof.png (80 KB, 582x763)
80 KB
Made them pretty strong, figured it was appropriate since they are a special unit of sorts.
>Lazer vision real
That's exactly the kind of goofy yet authentic schizophrenic conspiracy stuff I love in the setting

How does equipping it work if it's created from other units who might have ranged items or something along those lines?
>How does equipping it work if it's created from other units who might have ranged items or something along those lines?
Man I'm way too tired it took me 5 minutes to understand this perfectly crafted question.
I would say the most simple way to do it is that models need to be able to Equip something to use it, but don't lose the equipment proper if they turn into something else (unless otherwise specified).
This way we don't have to worry about Campaign mode where this could mean losing Silver spent on weapons, and the Beast-Headed Warriors could use Bayonets if turned from Mansure Armymen.
File: OttomanTraits.png (46 KB, 529x818)
46 KB
I started some Traits for Ottoman, as well as an Ottoman Officer Hero. I'll set him up so as to be able to represent both a Husked or "Rebel" officer. Will finish it tomorrow. Otherwise I'm still on track to post the book and add it to the Mediafire tomorrow evening.
Fuck I wish I wasn't so out of the loop on the recent developments.
This is the 1870s, the Ottoman army should be reasonably well equipped. The Taiping are still using a lot of matchlocks and melee weapons (it would have been historically justifiable to add bows as an option, but I thought it would be bloat).
The Turkish army had institutional problems (undertrained officers, terrible logistics, etc.), but purchasing modern small arms wasn't that big of a deal.
The Russo-Turkish war of 1877 is the IRL war closest to the time period, so that's probably a good place to look.
Thanks, I'll set them up to be about the same as Italians then.
File: Star Ancestor.jpg (253 KB, 1024x1024)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
When did you stop following? There's been a bit of a lull lately so it wouldn't be too much to catch you up.
Quite a while honestly, been trying to lurk lately but it'll be a while before I catch up.
File: FallenParis.jpg (50 KB, 429x400)
50 KB
Mechanically, the core game for 2e is pretty much settled. NPCs have been added but are yet untested, there's some changes left to be done to Mount Charges. A few more playtests have been done and the game seems functional enough, it mostly needs to be balanced.
Faction-wise, Mercs got filled up almost to the brim (the Warfare Apologists lored up by >>91291111 was introduced purely to give a recruitment roster to the Warfare Existentialist)
, Italians and Taiping were done (almost entirely by other anons, thanks again!), then I went over Atlan and Atlantis to clean them up a bit and build up the roster (they are probably amongst the most "finished" right now). We then started on Ottomans, which should be posted tonight, I just got to finish the Weapons on it. Next should probably be the Sky-Clans to balance Epigean and Agarthan factions a bit. We could also do Tsardom, Germany or finally tackle Hyperborea, whatever you guys vote for. We have definitely passed over the hill on faction release.
Lore-wise, we touched a bit more on the Ottomans and how Islam is in the process of being reinterpreted through Necromancy. France's lore will see a bit of reworking as well to fold the Vatican into it.
I started working slowly both on a World Book (sort of a condensed lore introduction) as well as a Campaign book. Very much work in progress, I haven't yet posted either or added them to the Mediafire. I'll try to get some progress on these this weekend.
Another anon started working on a RPG, there seemed to be good progress on it, but not much posted yet. There is also a naval warfare game being mentioned from time to time.
Well, that helps a ton at least. Nice.
>Quads of power
We know what the TRUE protagonist faction is now.
>Faction fights almost purely based on how entertaining it would be
>In a tabletop wargame
I think they really are the only ones who truly understand.
>Behaves like a meta-faction.
>100% committed to the in-universe cause.
Might I say, exceedingly based.
if you'd like I can post explanations of some of the weirder references and/or ideas I was toying with but didn't include in the writeup.
File: hful5-419644368.jpg (44 KB, 326x400)
44 KB
>if you'd like I can post explanations of some of the weirder references and/or ideas I was toying with but didn't include in the writeup.
Go for it, man.
Alright, I'll start with the example names because they're pretty simple:
>Fraternity of Jingo
On the surface, this is just a weird way of saying "Brotherhood of Warmongers," but Jingo is actually a mincing of Jesus, which gives the whole thing a second meaning as "Brothers in Christ" which while likely unintentional in universe was very funny to me personally.
>Students of Inazo
Named for Nitobe Inazō, a Japanese author who wrote Bushido: The Soul of Japan, a book which is largely responsible for what people think about Samurai honor nowadays. In the 1870s he would have been a teen at the oldest, so my headcanon is that he's spearheading a sort of bastardized youth culture version of Warfare Existentialism. Or something like that
>The Taciturn Ones
A pretty straight reference to Helmuth von Moltke the Elder, a Prussian General and fun option to click in Victoria 2. Also coincidentally the only man born in the 18th century to have his voice recorded. I don't know if he would be involved with the Existentialists or not but he did get around, even working for the Ottomans for a while. I just liked the name and stole it.
I REALLY wanted to fit in a line about how the Existentialists were influenced by translated Atlan writings but I had a hell of a time figuring out how to present it in a way that made sense.
I also wanted to mention that the Neptunium Baron was a former/honorary/current member (Because you look at that man and tell me he's not a member of a gentleman's club devoted to warfare)
There were also some attempts to weave in the Abomination wars but I don't have enough of a grasp on Italian history, real or imagined, to do it with any confidence.
I thought about creating a whole rank structure where commissioned officers who still served a nation would be let in without full privileges, but it felt like bloat.
>Named for Nitobe Inazō, a Japanese author who wrote Bushido: The Soul of Japan, a book which is largely responsible for what people think about Samurai honor nowadays. In the 1870s he would have been a teen at the oldest, so my headcanon is that he's spearheading a sort of bastardized youth culture version of Warfare Existentialism. Or something like that
Should have joined the Satsuma.
oh shit you're right.
The Satsuma-Jingo Crossroads
What do you guys use to make the 2e statblocks? I want to try my hand at one or two and see what people think.
Just copy paste from any book. Alternatively,

[Unit Name] Cost : [##] Silver
[Unit type, Keywords]

AP : [#] Discipline : [#]
Movement : [#] Evasion : [#]
Accuracy : [#] Labour : [#]
Strenght : [#] Awareness : [#]

Location Armour Health Weapons
Limbs [#]
Body [#]
Head [#]
Husked Ottomans.01 done and added to the Mediafire, as well as the tokens.
Let me know what you guys want to cook up next, in the meantime I'll work on the World and Campaign books.
Having officers and leaders soul-rebel if they're husked is interesting. In campaign mode would they un-rebel after the battle is over (And treat it like they just went berserk for a bit) or is there just a straight 10% chance to lose your leader?
It might also be good to put rules about how hostile NPCs behave in anything that would involve them like husking.
If you decide to do more than one or two, I recommend making a spreadsheet and using that until the material is finalized, it's much easier to work with than individual entries.
>leaders soul-rebel
Fuck, didn't even think of that, will go back to it. Thank you.
>It might also be good to put rules about how hostile NPCs behave in anything that would involve them like husking.
Good thinking!
Very sick overall, can't wait to try and organize a game only to be met with failure at every turn

In all seriousness top tier. I really appreciate that you've given every faction at least two or three completely different ways to play.
>Next should probably be the Sky-Clans to balance Epigean and Agarthan factions a bit. We could also do Tsardom, Germany or finally tackle Hyperborea, whatever you guys vote for.
Other than the Sky People, I think we should consolidate, so to speak, flesh out what we already have, do playtests and figure out different scenarios and campaign stuff. Tsardom et al. have kinda been relegated to later additions.
bump before work.
important question
we have Lee-Dehr stats right?
File: Amazon.jpg (168 KB, 668x800)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
I don't think so. I think he was the very first template for Leaders I made but eventually scrapped and moved onto more regular faction. Let me make sure I don't have him somewhere.
Plus there aren't many Gorgs in the game right now. Something that should definitely be fixed
I've worked a tiny bit today on the World Book, and thought we should have a section introducing the inhuman denizens of the Deep like Morlocs, Lemurs, Gorgs, Amazons, Apemen etc.
Since there aren't any outright description of most of these in the docs as of now maybe we should take the time to properly settle what they are/look like, in a way that can be used to introduce new players to them easily.
File: SGprof.png (79 KB, 570x698)
79 KB
This is the only Gorg in 2e stated right now, and it is 100% filler space. I think it could be scrapped entirely, the syntagm "Stinker Gorg" came to be defined as an insult, Stink Juice is a fuel source, Stink Brew is a drink/food source but it is likely all Gorgs stinks the hell up. We could replace it with "#-Horns Gorg" and have a few different ones.
They kinda suck in comparison to other "beefy" units right now desu, like Immortals or Rockbreakers have way more utility and killing potential.
>Other than the Sky People, I think we should consolidate
I agree, if any anons want to pick up a faction I'll put it to a book but otherwise I'll focus on the World Book and slowly building up some ideas for Sky-Clans.
Please anyone suggest some artwork for the tokens, it would be very much appreciated.
Sky-People Roster
> Skywaymen
> Cloudelleafint
> Sky Janissaries
> Sky-Noble
> Reformed Gorg
> Skyspider Rider
> Skypeople Bomber Brigade
> Ceiling Diver
> Sky-Priest
> Sky-Gorg Prince
Atlan's entry for the World book.

Survivors from one of the military colonies of Old Atlantis in what is now known as the Yucatan peninsula, they were cut offfrom the motherland during the Fall. Their account of the Hyperborean war and the Sinking, while similar to the Atlantean, bears a great deal of inconsistencies and conflicting details, leaving both quite puzzled. According to them, their ancestors took refuge under the Earth as Atlantis sank and the Hyperboreans ravaged the Surface, eventually settling in what is now known as the Fourth Layer. This confuses the Atlanteans greatly, who rather record that both fell together in the same cataclysmic event. It must also be said that this would be the only time a Layer Shift passed through multiple Layers…
Centuries of separation led to cultural differences, most apparent in the name - “Atlan” - a regional dialect for “Atlantean”. Almost no trace of Old Atlantis remained in “Fallen Mesoamerica” when 400 years later atlantean Expeditions from the 5th reestablished contact to them.
The Eternal War with Atlantis was sparked shortly thereafter, when Atlantis demanded that the Atlans resume their relationship as a colonial outgrowth. Atlanteans don’t like talking about it, but it was, in fact, them who, still seeing themselves as the metropole, demanded that the Atlans submit to them and struck the first blow when they did not. But the more Atlans fought, the more men they lost, the more they needed in the mines, the less essentials they had to go around, the more freedom got in the way of survival.The Atlan Republic gradually shifted into a much darker, harder place.
File: Immortals.jpg (153 KB, 1100x880)
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153 KB JPG
The militarism and disregard for the value of human life which is so characteristic of Atlan has reached a new peak in contemporary times. Indeed, the Atlans have lived under a Republic for most of their history separate from Atlantis. This changed with the Titanium King’s rise to power, a rather recent development, and many still remember the time before his reign: some with nostalgia and some with contempt.
The Titanium King was once but a general, fighting tirelessly to protect the Republic. In [####] he decided it needed to be protected from itself first. There was no room for debate, petty squabbles and other pleasantries, all had to fall in line and devote themselves fully to the war effort. And while many understandably find the way the King runs things quite objectionable, it does get results. The Republic was brought from the brink of destruction to becoming equal to their long lost brethren, who once thought to rule over them.
The Republic itself kept its name and stylings throughout this coup, however much of its functioning was streamlined. The King and the aristocracy were merged completely with the military hierarchy, with aristocratic titles conjoined with rank. To compensate for the harsh demand of the Republic, laws were enacted so that a lowly slave soldier could eventually become an Aristocrat in the Republic (if they survive, which is a pretty big if) - something most people in “democratic” Atlantis couldn’t even dream of. Even the King’s power is arguably not so absolute - he has been known to begrudgingly “postpone” a military expedition or two after incessant pleading from the court and his generals. Nevertheless, it is still a rather hellish place to live for anyone besides the warrior-elites.

(Please help with the end ran out of inspiration, perhaps something about the current wars they are involved in)
This kicks ass. What are we thinking wrt Mesoamerican cultural elements? Is life too precious for human sacrifice?
Other than that, I think a ritualized ball game would be great. Other ideas: elaborate calendars, leaders doing public bloodletting, lots of ritual plazas and pyramids.
>It must also be said that this would be the only time a Layer Shift passed through multiple Layers…
Another explanation would be that the Fourth Layer formed after the Fall and was always there as per Gano-Ducksworth.
Idk, we've been brainstorming some additions the Atlan lore in the last thread (like the Atlan-Mu remnant wars in archaic Mesoamerica), but it doesn't seem like we ended up firmly settling on something.
>Is life too precious for human sacrifice?
Precious isn't the right word, I'd say, but it seems to me life would in general be too much of a basic commodity to be thrown away. So maybe they have sacrifices, but they would not be huge affairs like the Aztec often did. Kill a select few slaves to bring favor to a war campaign in the belief it will save hundreds of life in exchange, for example.
Or perhaps like the weirder sacrifices the Aztec priesthood did for specific gods, instead of carving your heart out they'd give you a small stick and make you fight a starved jaguar... So gladiatorial fights in Atlan can be seen as sacrifice (with the added function of giving the smallest hope possible for slave soldiers to impress the Aristocracy through combat feats and be promoted to Neodamode).
>Sacrifice? When they have 30 more years of work in the mines ahead of them? PERISH THE THOUGHT.
>It's not that life is too precious to be sacrificed
>It's that life is not worthy of being sarificed
Dear Atlas...
>It's not that life is too precious to be sacrificed
>It's that life is not worthy of being sarificed
Its not glorious to sacrifice those who could yet prove themselves worthy.
Happy Holidays my Agarthan bretheren!
Do you think they celebrate Christmas in Atlantis?
>Precious isn't the right word
Christics probably do.
>Christics probably do.
Its Christmas in the underworld, too!
There has to be some sort of mock Christmas, there always is in these settings.
Oooh that's good!
A Joyful Christmas to everyone!
I was stuck at work with not much to do most of the day yesterday so I wrote this bit for Amazons for a World Book entry. There was nothing on them really so I did pull this out of my ass, if it isn't fitting let me know.


As Humanity moved below the Surface, it found itself subjected to forces it had never encountered before, both material and metaphysical. Epigean scholars have produced countless charts of Deepfolks de-evolution, most contradictory, however all have in common one thing. Each of them fail to figure out where to put Amazons.
This is somewhat understandable. “Degenerated” is simply not the word that comes to mind to Colonials when they meet these 6 1/2 foot tall athletic women. Beside their height, their atlheticism, aggressiveness and beauty are universally above average in comparison to Epigean women, has led surface biologists to posit that they constitute a subgenus of Humanity. This is supported by the fact that no male Amazon has ever been seen, as well as the utmost secrecy with which Amazons treat their pregnancy. Rumors about the difficult relationship between Gorgs (and the fact that no Gorg female has even been seen) further complicate the matter.
File: 1699037640830023.jpg (270 KB, 1024x1024)
270 KB
270 KB JPG

Most Amazon settlements have been founds in the 3rd Layer’s jungles, where they seem to thrive. These make valued trade partners to the Colonials, both for their proximity and the welcoming disposition of its inhabitants. Amazons may be fierce and quick to resort to violence, but they almost never attack unprovoked or fail to give warnings. Fallen Paris in particular seemingly seeks out every new Amazon tribe they hear about.
Other Deepfolks have varied outlooks on these warrior beauties. Sky-Clans and Atlantis generally attempt to establish trade routes to the villages they find. Amazon slaves are unsurprisingly among the highest valued commodities Atlan trades internally. New Mu is torn between its desire to further its economic goals and the constant demands of the various Saur Knight Orders for worthy targets to attack. Economically, Amazons are renown jewelers and can apparently find gemstones and precious ore where no one else could. They also tame some of the most dangerous Saurs of the 3rd and trade them. A successful trade mission to such villages are often considered more profitable than those with Agarthan Nations proper. Wars between the more powerful Deepfolk nations and Amazons tend to be ugly affairs, costly in comparison to the potential territorial gain. The warrior women are preternatural experts at guerilla warfare and rarely find themselves in a conflict outside of a known environment.
It should be noted that while Amazons are very hospitable toward Epigeans (until given a reason not to be), they hold other subhumans in utter contempt, and will nearly always kill Apemen, Gorgs, Murlocs and Lemurs on sight. Epigean colonies in Agartha have in the past hired Amazons as mercenaries when faced with undesirable neighbors of this kind.
Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal
Does that make Hyperboreans... superhumans?
Nobody's here on christmas bump.
and another one.
Today I'll try to get a bit of time to write an Apeman entry for the World book.
Hope you all had some nice festive times.
File: Neanderthalcondotieri.jpg (252 KB, 800x1196)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
World book entry for Apemen/Neanderthals

> Apemen are among the most common “intelligent” denizens of the Deep, and besides Saurs, constitute the main source of threat for both Colonials and the more civilized Deepfolks of the 3rd and 4th Layers. The appellations ‘apeman’ and ‘neanderthal’ are used interchangeably, even by surface scientists, and serves to designate any stable form of human subgenus which regressed mostly according to the evolutionary vector it had previously followed.
Mostly, because just about every iteration and variation of the general primate form can be found among apemen. Some appear to simply be very hirsute caveman, while many are no more than monkeys with a more upright posture. Their intelligence is dedicated mostly to cunning and some measure of crude crafting, which in many cases seems much more advanced than what they should have developed. Experts have posited that this is evidence of a vestigial memory from more civilized times.
Notoriously territorial and prone to attacking those who wander too close to their borders, apemen holds little value as potential trade partners for anyone. They care for little besides crude weapons (which they are sure to eventually turn against their sellers) or meat (they are all cannibals). There are, of course, a few exceptions. At least three groups of Apemen have managed to organize themselves into what approximate a functional society, called the Neanderthal City States. While the Peerless Citadel of Ook, the Great Polis of Eek and the Serene Metropolis of Ack certainly do not live up to their names, the contrast with the average Apeman community is striking.
File: BlegofOok.jpg (59 KB, 601x757)
59 KB
These are proper cities, with a level of culture and industrialization matching that of 15th-16th century Europe. Most Apemen found there are intelligent enough to understand Colonial language and even use it crudely, and they produce enough goods and raw material to justify trading with them. Their armies lack any form of firearms and suffer from poor discipline and training, but compensate through sheer numbers and the ferocity of the average apeman.
Regardless of their origin, the specimen gifted with higher cognitive skills often organize themselves in bands and sell their services as mercenaries to anyone able to endure their continued presence. Of these, Bleg of Ook is surely the most renown and terrifying. A general from the Peerless Citadel who was exiled for his bloodlust and the length at which he was willing to go to sate on the flesh of humans, he has since his fall dedicated himself to unlocking the secret of gunpowder and firearms, which he has achieved to some degree.
It seems we've reached the pleasant ultra-short thread limit.
It does!
I'll bake, got a TQ question ready.
See you there, Bretheren.

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