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>Be me.
> Sergeant Yuri of the Valhallan 545th armored
>Of course the planet we need to get to in order to find the guy we're after is in a sub sector that’s locked down due to the 4th tyranic war.
Previous Thread: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/2023/90184044/
>If we want to get in then we'll first need to defend this apparently strategically important planet from hive fleet Leviathan.
>Ark Mechanicus drops us off.
>Swamp planet.
>Reminds me of what Sasha told me about Y’Es
>I wasn't actually on there though, I think I was fighting Tau on a border world around then? Or I was drunk.
>Nothing but mud, roots, and vines everywhere here.
>Our mission is to link up with another regiment the Indomitus Crusade dropped off, maybe they can recoup our own losses?
>Either way the only available landing zone is miles away from the guard base, so after the lander dropped us off we are forced to hoof it through the swamp.
>No transports because frakk you that's why.
>Knee deep in mud
>Coat is soaking and adding to all our weight.
>Place smells like a great unclean one’s armpit
>Mosquitoes (or whatever the local equivalent is) keep biting us, definitely gonna need shots for the local diseases later.
>Definitely not how I wanted to spend the Feast of the Emperor’s Ascension, but it beats last year.
>I wonder if this place has mud sharks we could ride like Y’es?
I was wondering when we would get another one of these, unfortunately I have work travel in a few days
>Be Skitarii Marshal IX-999
>Hovering over the swamp in a skorpius dunerider.
>Arch magos explorator wants samples of Hive Fleet Leviathan, so she sent us down to this planet after the Valhallans.
>We're on our way to a reestablished guard base built here during the Indomitus Crusade
>My personal dunerider is packed with Genetors and Enginseers to help study the tyranids
>Others are full of more tech priests or skitarii, but we also have room in some to drag samples back to the LZ
>Hover pallets driven by servitors and packed with scientific equipment skimming over the muck filled water behind us.
>We're also bringing some turrets and the like to bring the bases defenses up to the Omnissiah's standards
>Ironstrider Ballistarii & Sydonian Skatros striding through the swamp at our sides.
>We catch up to the Valhallan 545th armored and see them and their commander Yuri stuck in the mud
>Order over the noosphere our convoy to slow down
>Climb up and over and down to the last rung of the ladder outside.
>Pull out my control stave for him to grab into
“Need a hand sergeant?”
File: images.jpg (7 KB, 168x300)
7 KB
>Be me
>Felinid merc captain Scarlett
>Be in between jobs
>Curently also be in the bar of a base built on a slab of rockcrete in the middle of the swamp planet called Y'Es II (pronounced "Why us to?")
>Place is a humid hell hole that makes me and my mercs sweat like crazy
>Bright side is Nyan Mc Fluffy isn't complaining about our uniforms for once since this is the environment they are actually designed for
>Downside is we don't have a way of making any money here.
>There's apparently a race of crocodile people xenos here, and I figured we could make some thrones taking contracts to assassinate them, but that hasn't really panned out.
>And with the bugs approaching no ones really interested in taking out the primitive xenos that keep attacking their supply caravans from the landing zone
>Go out to get some air.
>Find ogryns barbecuing tyranid burgers and grox dogs
“Oh ello. Happy feast uv da Empra’s Acceshun. Wan't sum grub?”
File: fuck working.jpg.png (1.16 MB, 1024x1024)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
>Be Trooper Sasha, Valhallan Ice Warriors
>Currently relaxing on a pile of sleeping bags, on one of the only patches of dry dirt anywhere near the landing zone
>After heavy losses taken during the past few campaigns, someone finally decided to scrape up a few dozen tanks and a few hundred misfits, fresh conscripts, and screw-ups to bolster our tiny excuse for a regiment. There are even some officers somewhere, but everyone still defers to Sergeant Yuri for anything even mildly important
>Since I am on Yuri’s tank crew (sometimes), I am de facto command staff, so the new recruits give me a lot more respect than is remotely justified. Which is why I am relaxing and drinking tanna instead of helping others unload stuff
>I take out "my" data-slate and skim through the mission briefing I probably shouldn’t have:
>We are on Y’Es II, in the same system as that other shit hole I fought on not long ago
>Tropical gear recommended. No shit, I grabbed one of the few sets of tropical gear left before getting off the lander. Everyone else is struggling with sodden flak coats or running around in their underwear. Even in the lightweight tropical gear I am roasting hot though. Maybe the underwear crew has the right idea. Or maybe I just need a nap...
>Tanks and other vehicles were deemed unsuitable for local conditions. Блядь Fuck Shit cyka Bag of Dicks. Some other regiment is going to get our tanks. Hopefully Yuri is on top of that.
>Lots and lots and lots of stuff about local parasites, diseases, and predators. Spined Candiru? Eyeball Worms? Orange Orifice Mold? Harpoon Trees? Why does this stuff even exist? At least the local mosquitoes seem to leave me alone.
>The rest of the report is annoyingly vague. If this is all the senior officers have to go on, no wonder they keep making bad decisions. We are heading to a nearby base garrisoned by “Militarium”, “Mechanicus”, and “independent forces”. How hard is it to be more specific?
>A Nid fleet may or may not be coming, and there are already scattered nids, heretics, marooned tau, and “miscellaneous xenos” on the planet, left over from previous fighting. Also not very helpful. If we do have to fight someone though, hopefully it is Tau. The blueberry boys can’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag.
>Then there is some stuff “for Yuri’s eyes only”. Probably something about his theory that one guy in particular is somehow responsible for all the bad postings this regiment gets. Except this one. Apparently Yuri requested this one. Asshole.
>Further reading is interrupted by the arrival of a cogboy force.
>The toaster fuckers (sometimes literally) aren’t my favorite allies, but maybe they will give us a ride in their hover boat thingies.
>Be me.
>Sergeant Yuri.
>Wading through the swamp.
>Mud up to the knees.
>Water up to the armpits.
>Hear humming behind us.
>Se a convoy of druneriders and hover palats floating over the swamp
>They slow down and a familiar marshal comes out and offers me a hand.
>While my men are scrambling aboard the hover boats hear some kind of horn being blown in the jungle
>A bunch of crocodile people in brightly colored jewelry and holding bone spears swim towards us and the men and women still in the water

>Why us to indeed.
>Also forgot to mention trophies like human hands and skulls on the xenos along with the brightly colored jewelry.
File: fishing.png (1.72 MB, 1920x863)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
>Be Exodite Fisherwoman Varmara
>Issa 'nother glorious day in Floridilin village!
>Walk out onto the decking of the village in the trees
>Swat a mosquito trying to bite my ear
>Now now, ya stay away from our eartips, ya pest
>Pass a couple of friends on the high rope bridge to the next platform
>Overhear some snatches of their conversation
>There's been 'goins-on upriver, summin' 'bout those mon-keigh we've been seein' overhead
>Dunno what they're doin', just so long as they don't disturb us
>They ain't found us yet, no need for any worry
>Anything happens, Biel-Tan's only a quick ring-ring away
>Still, wonder how the handful of blueies we fished outta the swamp the other day are doin'
>They don't say much, but that's summun else's problem
>I got mah own job to do today
>Those fish out there ain't gonna catch themselves
>Collect some dried fish and fruit to take for the day's food
>Head down the ladder to the boat
>Gawds, this is a long ladder
>Can't we get one a' those fancy pulley lifts like in M'aimi village next door?
>Boat's brand new this year, still in great condition
>Check under the seat for spiders and retrieve the paddle and rod
>Row through the swamp and the trees to one of my favourite fishing spots
>Not lookin' so good today, don't see no fish
>Musta been scared off by summin
>Still, see if we can't catch summin anyway
>Cast off and sit back
>Be tired after paddling here and the boat's pretty comfy
>Can't hurt to have a nap, can it?
>Be navy breacher “Nurse.”
>This might perhaps be the stupidest mission I’ve ever been a part of
>My commander wants us to breach a fucking HIVE SHIP!!
>And “assassinate” an emperor damn NORN QUEEN!!!
>This sounds like a job for the Deathwatch but they’re probably busy slaughtering Eldar trying to warn us chaos is the real threat behind everything again.
>Regardless all we can do is hide in the planet’s rings in our boarding ship until a hive ship gets close
>The wait wouldn’t be so bad if these suicidal nut jobs didn’t actively seam exited to quite literally ram ourselves at full speed into the belly of the beast
>Hope I can make it out of this mission without having to give the Emperor’s peace
>Be sergeant Yuri.
>I hop on one of the stubbers and begin firing at the xenos as they swim trough the mud closer and closer.
>The gun servitor proving fire support aswell as the other duneriders and their tech priest, skitarii and valhallan occupants
>Still the crocodiles advance, wiggling their bodies side to side making it harder to shoot.
>Eventually they reach the valhallans still trapped in the mud and start attacking with their spears and teeth, but by then their numbers have been reduced to well below half strength.
>Still an armored regiment isn't the best in melee (even one as admittedly experienced as us), especially against 7 foot tall crocodile astec warriors.
>Can't fire the stubber into my own men so I have to jump back into the swamp alongside the Marshal and his body guards.
>Be Trooper Sasha, Valhallan Ice Warriors
>It looks like we are getting a ride to the base after all
>Climb aboard a hover pallet and sit down in the most comfortable looking spot at the front
>But it is right next to the integrated servitor pilot
>The servitor looks like a limbless corpse with the face, limbs, and groin shoved into some sort of control sockets
>I honestly can’t tell if it was once male or female despite the lack of clothes
>I decide to sit at the back of the pallet instead
>Cogboys are creepy sons of bitches. Hopefully the raw material for the servitor body was a clone or a convict or something.
>Wait. I was a convict. Okay. Maybe if they used a convict who did something really bad...
>I might have dwelt on this for longer, but suddenly someone starts blowing horns in the jungle
>Some sort of crocodilian xenos with primitive weapons
>A few are wearing bits of human clothing, or bits of humans
>So it is going to be one of those sorts of days...
>Most of the regiment (such that it is) is still waist deep in water and a lot of the new recruits start panicking
>Yuri and a few others start firing on the xenos, but they are tough sons of bitches and not nearly as many die as they should
>I dial up my lasgun to max power and start trying to score some headshots, but they are hard to hit when they are wiggling back and forth in the water like that
>The hover pallet provides no cover, but it at least is a good vantage point for shooting, and it is not like the xenos are shooting back...
>The other woman on the pallet with me takes a thrown spear to the chest, the force launches her over the side of the NEXT hover pallet, about twenty feet away
>Screw this
>I jump in the water and hope there is no candiru in it
>The guy next to me gets pulled below the surface before he even gets the chance to scream.
>The water is turning very red very fast
>Screw this too
>Try to climb back onto the pallet, but it has drifted over deeper water
File: red water.png (993 KB, 1024x1024)
993 KB
993 KB PNG
>Try to wade back to shore, but the mud beneath the water’s surface is like quicksand
>Manage to get halfway to shore, but lose my lasgun in the process
>Something brushes against my leg
>Why does this shit always happen to us?
>Be me
>Magos Zeta-23
>Supposed to have been recovering from medium term chaos scrapcode infection and have better battery life and recharge on my mechadendrites
>Just found myself in a swamp
>Think I saw a sleeping eldar float past in a rowboat
>Clearly not completely recovered
>Cycle databanks
>I was supposed to be here with Yuri and the Valhallans in case the nids show up
>Hard to tell where anything is in the swamp but can detect a mechanicus convoy
>Apparently I wandered off ahead of them and off the route for some reason
>Also I'm just standing in the water
>Activate maglev coils
>Try to make my way back onto the route to get picked up but there's lizard people running towards their position directly
>Start blasting with ballistic mechadendrites, doing some damage
>They're still heading towards my allies for the most part but a few break off towards me
>Keep moving onto the convoy's route, drawing an uncomfortable amount of lizards from the main attack
>Frak it
FYI, I made a 1d4chan page with some basic information on it to remind people of what happened in past threads

>Be sergeant Yuri.
>Me and marshal Nines jump into the melee along with a couple other Valhallans and Skitarii.
>The marshal’s Ruststalkers slice the savages into cubes while he bonks them on the head then fires his pistol at point blank up through their jaw and into its brain
>Sasha is panicking trying to get to shore and doesn’t notice the xeno sneaking up behind her
>I grab the tribal by the neck and start strangling it, shoving its head under the water and taking out my rage at all the grox shit I’ve had to endure in the guard.
>While it writhes around and claws at my thigh I hear weapons fire.
>I see Zeta 23 hovering over the water drawing their attention.
>Once some start chasing him he leads them towards an exodite sleeping in a fishing boat nearby.
Thank you.
>Be Zeta-23
>More of the lizard-things are moving toward me now but I can see the convoy
>Point myself forward and overcharge the maglev coils
>Strictly against the rules but these are rated for higher voltage than usual in case the scrapcode acts up
>Jump over a bunch of the lizards coming at me who keep going for some reason
>Huh, apparently that boat with the eldar was real and not a scrapcode induced hallucination
>"Land" my jump just above the water and keep moving toward the convoy
>A spear in the arm sends me spinning but doesn't penetrate far
>Send back a lasbolt, rewarded with a roaring scream and a splash
>Lizards seem to be thinning out a little but I still have to use my servo arm and dendrite blades to get close to Yuri and the Marshal

>Be Death Jester Malarai
>One of the senior members of the Masque of Flowing Blood
>Got both my legs regrown. Can cartwheel much more effectively know
>Have also learned to carry a back up Shrieker cannon with me on missions.
>Velrani, our masques head Shadowseer has found a planet that is likely to be invaded by The Great Devourer in the near future. The Masque is assembling in force for this mission.
>We even make some call to some Anhrathe, Asuyrani, and Dhrukari allies who owe us favors, though we don't have time to wait for a response.
>The planet is rather diverse in its inhabitants. We have Mon'keigh forces stationed there, Tau stranded on the world, some divided Orks in the jungle, and even some Exodites are on the planet.
>There is also a race of crocodile people on this planet. Our sources say the name we gave them long ago was "Croc'ari".
>We are keeping a good amount of our troops in reserve inside the webway while we do some reconnasaince.
>Velrani is gonna take some troops to one of the Exodite villages, establish relations and see how useful they will be in the coming fight.
>I on the other hand will be leading a smaller team to assess the Orks and Croc'ari forces. To deceide whether or not they will be useful in fighting the Great Devourer, or should just be wiped out before they get here to deny them biomass.
>As we arrive on the world, our scans pick up a Imperial convoy getting ambushed by the Croc'ari
>I tell most of my forces to work on locating the Orks. I would take a single troop and observe this battle from the shadows, to see what the Croc'ari are capable of
File: Top.png (27 KB, 105x627)
27 KB
>Be skitarii sydonian skatros sniper 6676 Sigma
>Be striding through the swam along side my commander Skitarii Marshal XI-999's command skorpius dunerider
>We come across the valhallans we ferried here stuck in the mud
>We stop and help them aboard.
>While pulling them out of the mud I notice an eldar exodite napping in a fishing boat on the left.
>I don't shoot them since they really aren't bothering anyone
>Suddenly my audio sensors pick up a form and several crocodile xenos emerge from the swamp and start attacking the valhallans still in the water
>I load my Radium Jezzail and line up a clear shot before firing
>Take out what I assume to be the crocodile's leader based on the fact he has a bunch more trophies and a fancy feather in one shot.
>Load another shot.
>Notice one of the xenos sneaking up on a female valhallan
>Before I can line up a shot though sergiant Yuri grabs the thing by the throat and starts to drown it.
>A tech priest I'm not sure was part of our convoy skits across the water right between my legs before coming to a stop and sinking.
>MFW my arms are too short to reach down and help him up.
>Be Skitarii Cavalry Marshall Derro of Forge World Ryza
>Lead the second cohort of a scout and reconnaissance macroclade accompanying the Arch Magos of another Forge World's explorator fleet as a "martial diplomatic exchange" directive between our two Forge Worlds
>The fleet, my cohort, and I have accompanied the Valhallan 545th since we met on that shrine world
>Fought back a Genestealer cult, a heretic cult, and Hereteks
>Headed underground to pursue those last two with a unit of mine
>I and a rookie that got herself misplaced in my unit were the only ones that got out alive, then banished a greater daemon with some of the planet's local Sisters
>That's all I'll say about that
>The Arch Magos sent my cohort and I down to Y'Es to assist with his research on the local feral tyranids, most likely to confirm there isn't yet another fleet on its way
>It worked last time, so I split up the cohort into two halves
>I scout ahead with one half with Serberys riders on foot and Skystalkers to navigate the thick brush of the swamps and jungles
>Othello, my right hand man, has Ironstriders and mounted riders to support the bulk of the fleet's combined ground forces out back
>I put Piper, the rookie, on Serberys maintenance duty after that episode on the shrine world
>She did a good job and nothing else hit the fan all things considered, but she needs that lesson on focus and initiative
>Piper should be back with Othello's group now, in a hopefully less precarious situation until she works up more experience
>Nines is nearby too, so she should be in good hands
>Be Serberys rider Piper of Forge World Ryza
>Attached to a cohort under the command of Skitarii Cavalry Marshal Derro
>Boss put me on an "exercise" after I messed up on that shrine world, reckoned cleaning up our steeds and sitting them until we got to Y'Es was a good fit
>Suppose he's right, I should've used my better sense and we were lucky the chips didn't go down on my actual post
>Speaking of that, I'm back with the half of the cohort Boss placed under Othello's command
>Mounted on Serberys steeds with the rest of my unit to provide fire support for the rest of the entourage
>A Skatros sniper almost swings and hits my steed
>Before I or any of the others in my unit holler, reptilian xenos launch an ambush on our whole entourage
>The unit Alpha orders us to line up and draw our arms
>We fire, sending one scaly xeno after another down with the fish
>That Skatros's legs keep getting in the way
>Fething hell, this wasn't a problem with Skystalkers
File: paddle.gif (6.62 MB, 480x414)
6.62 MB
6.62 MB GIF
>Be Exodite Fisherwoman Varmara
>Crack one eye open
>Dangit, I didn't tie t'boat up
>Where under da sun am I?
>Oh, shit is that gunfire?
>Ouch, my ears, that's loud
>Did ah end up near t'humans?
>That's DEFINITELY gonna be scaring off all the fish
>Can ya buncha idiots keep it down over there?
>Some mecha-man skims past in a hurry
>Huh, must have inhaled some swamp gas
>Hear some telltale sounds from behind
>Oh រសម្នាក់ រថ កមួម ដហើយ! [I'm not translating that - Ed.]
>Why did it have to be a massive gawdsdamn Croc'ari?
>I'm outta here!
>Start paddling frantically
>It's gainin' from behind!
>Paddle even faster
>Why'd I have to leave my spear back at t'hut?
>Scrabble around the boat for something to throw at it
>Hands close around a metallic handle on something heavy
>Lob it at the croc
>Thing eats it without even slowin' down
>Wait, shit, was that my music tape player?
>Stole it from the mon'keigh on-world a while back
>Aw heck, I liked that thing, even if the village elders didn't need t'know
>A crackling noise comes from inside the croc, followed by:
>Be Zeta-23
>Punch through the last few lizards between me and Yuri, somehow taking a brief splash underneath one of those new sniper skitarii on the way
>I guess a swamp is a good place to be on stilts
"Greetings, Yuri, Marshal. I see the festivities commenced in my absence."
>Keep up the fire with mechadendrites, but it seems like the remaining lizards are mostly chasing the eldar now
>Be sergeant Yuri.
>The crocodile I was strangling stops thrashing around
>Looking around I see the others have started following after an Eldar red neck in a boat.
>I also see what I think was their leader with his brains blown out.
>I let go of the xeno and watch it’s corpse float back to the surface.
>”Greetings, Yuri, Marshal. I see the festivities commenced in my absence."
>I turn around and see Zeta 23 standing behind me.
>I shake his hand.
“Happy feast of the Emperor’s Ascension, I’d offer you some food but it’s not done cooking yet.”
>With that done we hop onto the nearest hover pallet and get back on track to the guard base.
>Be Trooper Sasha, Valhallan Ice Warriors
>Something brushes my leg again
>I stay still, hopefully it won’t realize I am a human
>Actually, this is stupid, the water is less than three feet here, and even with the stirred up mud and blood, it can probably see me well enough
>Plus these crocodile-things don’t seem like the gentle nudge types...unless they enjoy psychologically messing with their prey
>I decide it is just a fish or something and keep on wading to shore
>Nearby, Yuri is somehow overpowering a particularly large specimen of crocodile-thing, while a couple of other Valhallans and some cogboys blast or hack away at close range
>As I get to shore, some Valhallans arrive looking for something to shoot. In a rare flash of tactical insight, I realize that although our force is numerically superior, we were lumped together when the crocodiles attacked. Spreading out and trying to form a firing line would normally be the smart play, but the crocodiles are very hard to shoot from a distance as they are all either locked in melee combat or swimming around nearly submerged. In fact, the only good place to shoot them from is a high elevation, like those weird stilt snipers, or from one of the hover pallets
>I yell at the other Valhallans to get up on the hover pallets if they want to get good angles but they just look at me strangely
>To be fair, to get on the pallets they would have to wade through thick water and mud through the middle of a raging melee, and then somehow climb onto an object floating a few feet in the air
>Not that it matters, the crocodiles now seem to have been driven off in this particular area
>Yuri is already ordering some soldiers back into the pallets in order to head to the base right away
>I have a feeling some people will try and linger here for a while, until the shock wears off, to recover the dead and wounded, etc., but right about now being inside a nice fortified base seems very appealing, so I push my way through the crowd to be one of the first to get into a hover pallet
>This time I sit at the back though, far from the creepy servitor driver
>Some of the new recruits seem pretty shaken up from their first time in combat, but I have never been the emotional or sentimental sort, so instead I lean back, sip some tanna from my flask, and contemplate the universe, how being wet sucks, how tanna no longer seems to give me an energy boost after several years of drinking many liters a day, ladaladalada
>Be Felinid Mercenary Nyan Mc Fluffy
>Stupid Scarlett and her stupid fetish uniforms
>Sure it is better than wearing a heavy uniform, but the leotard doesn’t breath at all and has a knack for trapping water parasites right next to your skin
>Also doesn’t do much about the winged parasites flying around everywhere
>What we should really get is some sort of armored full body suit with built in heating and cooling
>I manage to keep quiet for a while, since I know Scarlett is annoyed by whining, but eventually she overhears me talking about my fashion wishes with another mercenary and sends me alone into the swamp to see what is holding up the Valhallan and Mechanicus convoys
>It is the 545th armored again, plus I think I recognize one of the Mechanicus formations as well. Strange how in such a big galaxy we keep on running into them
>Being in the swamps is very high on my list of least favorite things to do
>Aside from all the dangerous xenos, parasites, poisonous everything, and disease, it is also very wet, muddy, and gross
>Like any decent felinid I have a great sense of hearing, direction, and am highly agile, so I am not too worried about being ambushed or getting lost, unless it is one of rarer Tyranid lurker beasts, or maybe one of the Exodites rumored to live in the deep swamps
>But water, water just sucks
>In particular, I go to great lengths to keep my tail high and dry
>Not only does it look skinny and gross when it is wet, but it also means that sooner or later an unseemly quantity of filthy water will be travelling through the tail hole, and into my leotard, in one of the places I least want parasite filled water in contact with my skin
The trip takes a while, since where I can’t jump from tree to tree, I have to travel very slowly in the water to avoid accidentally stepping in a deep patch and getting my tail wet
File: Nyan McFluffy.jpg (184 KB, 1024x1024)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
>Eventually I hear the sounds of fighting and slow down even further. I recognize the sounds of Guard and Mechanicus weapons, and the horns of the crocodilians
>Those amateurs got ambushed somehow, maybe someone will finally pay us to get rid of some of the crocodilans
>I begin transmitting a short message back to base when suddenly my “Felinid Sixth Sense” starts tingling.
>I ready my lascarbine and silently begin to pan it around
>It is only when I turn a whole 360 that I see the figure directly in front of me, standing completely still like it was there all along
>My guts turn to ice
>An Eldar.
>Sneakier than a Lictor, deadlier than a Space Marine
>This one is dressed like a skeleton and has a fuckhuge gun
>It is probably one of those Kabalite types that murder-rape you, defile your corpse, then bring you back to life to repeat the process a few hundred more times
>Just in case it is friendly though, I yell out “I fought with you on Damnatum Lutum and appreciate your culture!” at the same time as I drop my gun, scale the nearest tree in a few seconds, then blindly leap from the tallest branch, wet tail be damned
>I land in a boat being rowed furiously by an Exodite
>”Fuck my...” is all I manage to say before it hits me in the head with a paddle
>be me
>nameless abhuman literally born yesterday
>squatting in air vents were the spawned-out remains of my mother and siblings lie
>heard the mind wracking call at birth: to slay them all
>looking out of vents now, listening, learning
“Entering Low-Orbit, Awaiting ‘Free Agents’”
>guess that’s
>this cavernous space, its floors, previously hidden in the inky blackness far below; opens up, and light pours in, intruding upon the broad silence and dark peace there before.
>in this light, the shifting shades of those that harried about are illuminated
>they are as I, but their limbs and heads different.
>then in this same light, “angels” ascend
>the sense of the word fills my mind, and I know them to be thus
>terrible beings of violence
>woe bringers, of an inexorable and total kind
>dealers of death destruction wrought in unmoving cold, of a fiery unquenchable just wrath
>as these beings burst fourth on wings of flame, soaring into the caverns chambers, every fiber of my beings is so too is set alight with the call to flight, to pull away and forget any other possibility that may lay outside of escape
>but within my mind, from its base, to its core, to something far beyond and veiled behind the stars, and to its most forward, within its, mine very eye
>it calls for something else
>something far more terrible
>a call so resounding
>so demanding
>my gaze lays locked in defiance off all else
>in difference to this call
>as in only this call, may all be set right
“Planet side in t-2. We’re home boys”
>Be Skitarii Cavalry Marshall Derro
>Mosey further up the river with the rest of my unit
>We figure out a way to hide our tracks and move along faster by leaping across exposed tree roots
>It'll be a long way back on foot
>Hear fire way out back
>Hopefully Piper, Othello, and the other half of the cohort are hanging in there
>Notice a fog begins to settle in
>Absolutely dandy
>It won't be an issue with the Omnissiah's gifts, but it makes small details at a distance difficult to pick out, not the best for shooting
>Mighty difficult calming down the Machine Spirits on our radium equipment after that
>Notice some foot-sized scuff marks running through a patch of grass when our auspexes pick up movement some ways behind us
>Barely make out a figure rowing like fething hell
>Something large is swimming after it, likely one of those scaled xenos
>Hear faint noise that sounds like music in Old Angli
>Shit, that could be another
>I grab an arquebus from one of my men and take aim
>Get still, let the Omnissiah focus my nerves and senses
>Wait for the moment I can pick the two figures in my sights apart
>Wait for it to synchronize with booms in the distance
>The reptile in the back takes a large, wild leap at the boat
>His mistake is my opportunity, right on time too
>A chunk of uranium makes a ghost of a tunnel through the fog and strikes Big Ugly
>The strange noise stops
>The smaller figure in the boat swings to the side and hits the edge of the boat
>A graze
>The distant boat kicks upward as the xeno plops on its rear before settling back down again
>Yet again, cranium makes contact with wood
>I take a quick glance at the arquebus, and the man who handed it to me shrugs
>Nevermind for now, we better bust tail toward that raft
File: America.jpg (79 KB, 960x1200)
79 KB

>After some minutes making our way backward, we get as close as we can along the shore of the river
>Gather rope, make a long lasso, and toss it around the nose of the boat with fortunately much better aim
>Pull it our way until its hull makes contact with the mud on shore
>Look inside and see one of the strangest sights I've seen
>A barefoot woman in shorts and a torso garment with a red, white, and blue aquilae lies across the small vessel, lights out
>My posse and I carefully surround and inspect this sight before us
>I pick up strong yeehaw readings
>Upon a closer look, notice that the graze had taken out her left ear almost completely
>Close contact with radioactive metal means she'll need medical attention immediately
>Flip her face around, splinters from the collision must have taken out the other ear
>Indeed, there's a large dent on one edge, but no ear tip to be found
>Her face has a strange... aspect to it
>I think for a moment
>"Aeldari?" One of my men ponders
>"Wearing garments like that? That'd be the first knife ear I've seen if so," another quips
>Indeed, most would prefer almost anything else than to bear the Aquilae
>She isn't as thin as other female Eldar tend to be
>Plenty of plastic case-sets lying around the boat too
>An Eldar spending her days in casual Imperial dress listening to unfathomably ancient Terran music, sleeping in a boat, and eating into human size?
>No way, but where could the other humans be?
>Regardless, we lift her and the boat out of sight before we catch attention
>We find a relatively dry patch of dirt away from the shore and sit the woman against a tree
>A Skitarii beside me hits the noosphere and sends an encrypted missive to the forces out back, updating on our findings
>Judging on the relatively fresh tracks we found, a settlement must not be far away
>Likely the local feral Eldar, but this lady we found raises some questions
>Speaking of which, just before I and a comrade with Biologis equipment prepare to scan her, we notice she comes to
>Be Serberys rider Piper
>The scaly xenos begin to retreat into the green density at the sides of the river
>Get ordered by Othello to board one of the grav platforms to assist with picking off stragglers
>See him gather up with Yuri and Zeta to plan our next moves
>Notice a woman standing in a Valhallan unit right next to my posse
>She was the first to suggest getting aboard the platforms
>Looks stern, but tired, but also cool
>Scuttle my way over as my unit is put at ease when the xenos are taken care of
>Spot her sipping her flask and pondering something
>Not sure what to say, but hi and an offer to handshake are a good way to start
"Hi! I'm Piper. That was a fine idea, my Marshal's right hand man thought so at least- I mean Othello- my head Alpha. I reckoned as well too. You've been at this for a while, it appears?"
>be me, lieutenant commander Xadrael
>I, alongside chaplain Mhadryvus, lead 9 of our fellows in contemplation
>before us, we lay out our arms, light the candles, and burn the incense
>our munitions
each branded with the name of their victim
>our armor
drenched in contempt
>our weapons
as one with our wrath
>our materiel having been properly ordered, we turn to our bodies, and prepare the oils
>one and all
we bare the proud ensign of S.O.W. division across our back
>each and every
we bare lotus of the H.V.R.T. Brigade over our hearts.
>to the last
we consign our glory to the emperor, for the legacy of our genesires by him we carry, in our throats, by this, our raised voices, and tremble
>to the last
>with preparation completed, the formal procedures of consign begins
>we kneel as chaplain Mhadryvus starts, an echoing scream tickles the tiniest hairs of my chemically post-human balls & inner ear.
>we all turn
>greater violence erupts, as torrents of gunfire and screams erupt in a maddening tempo
>I rise, unburdened but for my bolt pistol and power sword
“Finish the ritual of prepping”
>and make my way out the storage closet and down the hall, without looking back, a rivelet of blood guiding me
>as the river swells, and the screams grow closer, my pace increases, streaking down empty corridor, emergency signals now blaring around me, doors locking shut
>finally, I reach the door, pocked and broken, which contains the remains of those silenced screams as well as their source of torment.
>in a flash, I sense something, just before it grasps my shoulder
>it’s apothecary Smualoueas
>unburdened, save for his chirurgeon’s tools
>wordlessly nodding, I breach the threshold, and enter the flame filled docking bay, chocked with smoke, steam, and chemical retardants.
>amongst this war strewn wreckage, a lone living figure shrieks its challengers call, begging its final finished battle for yet another.
>I oblige
>stepping forward, I raise my sword to my chest in a daggers grip, and raise my bolt pistol, leveling it upon the targets twisted form, and unleash the emperors wrath
>Be me.
>Sergeant Yuri.
>Me, Zeta, and Sasha all sit on a hover pallet skimming over the water as we make our way to the base.
>We talk and swat mosquitoes.
>Along the way one Skitarii scoots right up next to Sasha and starts talking to her being overly friendly.
>We also pass a Felinid in a tree
>Maybe one of the stilt guys can get her down later.
>Finally we arrrive at the base.
>We see smoke rising from it and I fear it’s already under attack, but it turns out to just be ogryns having a BBQ.
>Don’t want to think about where they got the nids from since the bugs seamgly hasn’t arrived yet.
>The pallet and lead Skorpius Dunerider come to a stop at the HQ, the rest splitting off to begin setting up.
>We are are greeted by the base commander.
>MFW this base is staffed by mordians
>Well that explains why they haven’t left this hell hole since the Indomitus Crusade dropped them off months ago.
>Be Zeta-23
>Talk with Yuri and Sasha on the way to the base
>We find a Mordian garrison
>Databanks inform me Mordians are known to hold position even in illogical situations until explicit orders to the contrary come in
>Explains a lot
>Objective reappears on auspex back near where I wandered off
>Pretty sure this is the scrapcode but...
>Let Yuri know I'm going to have to consult with garrison command about local conditions and whatever's over there in particular
>Probably some warp bullshit knowing our luck
>He probably wants to talk to them anyway
>Be Death Jester Malarai
>Me and my troupe are watching from the treeline as the mon'keigh are fighting the Croc'ari
>The Croc'ari appear to be increadibly strong, but they are primitive (even by mon'keigh standards). If their entire species is like this it would probably be better to just incinerate as many of them as we fine to deny the Great Devourer their biomass
>Get word that our other forces have found where most of the orks are encamped.
>Tell them to keep an eye on them, and that I am on my way
>I call for a Starweaver to come pick us up
>We continue to watch as the mon'keigh finish up Croc'ari as we wait
>Not much left to watch, so I find some way to entertain myself,
>Is that a felinid?
>Is she wearing a leotard?
>I tell one of players near me to "Watch, this is gonna be funny"
>I drop down from the tree, using my flip belt to make as little of a splash as possible
>As I land in front of her, she does a full spin and then stares at me with a horrified look on her face
>She then says something about having fought with me on Damnatum Lutum, and that she appreciates my culture
>I have never been on Damnatum Lutum, she is mistaking me for other Eldar
>Before I can get a response out, she drops her gun, runs up a tree, jumps off a branch, and lands on a raft driven by a Exodite being chased by a Croc'ari.
>I begin to laugh extremely loudly
>My laughter is cut short by a gunshot that takes the Croc'ari down. And soon enough some cybernetic mon'keigh are approaching the raft, the take the Exodite ashore, no doubt for torture or experimentation
>Jump back into the trees and tell my troupes to stay quite, a fog is rolling in so we have that for us.
>Rescuing one of their own would definitely help us make friends with the local Exodites.
>Tell our star weaver to stay a distance away, but be ready for pick up
>We hide in the trees, waiting for a moment to rescue our fellow Eldar
File: Volcano Base.jpg (146 KB, 1600x681)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
>Be Warsmith Davvok of the IVth Legion, leader of the 5th grand company commander of the 1333rd, XXIInd, and 6789th warbands.
>Setting up base in an active volcano on a swamp world when the Imperials arrive and station a garrison of Mordian guardsmen within visual range of our base
>They don't attack immediately and instead focus on building a base, so we prepare the surrounding terrain ourselves
>Clearing away vast swaths of forest with our flamers, setting up trenches, minefields, sandbag walls, barbwire fenses, traps, and bunkers with auto stubbers for our mortal slaves to man
>Though through the months the siege never comes so we use the time to keep fortifying our base
>Again still waiting on the siege by the Mordians
>Our defenses should be visible from orbit at this point but I'm beginning to suspect that these troopers mght have been abandoned to rot by their weak Imperium
>Warp smiths and some dark Mechanicum adepts we salvaged from a void battle are down in the heart of the volcano working on “something awesome”
>Don't know what it is but whatever it is it's taking away resources from truly competing our defenses
>Captured astropath's nose starts bleeding and begins clawing at his skin screaming to get them out

>The bugs are coming here
>Be Exodite Varmara
>Good thing I got strong arms to paddle fast
>I hate these gawds dang reptiles!
>Whose idea was it to share a planet with 'em?
>Paddle faster, dodgin' trees and sandbars
>That song is still playin' on repeat from the croc's stomach
>I don't want the last thing I hear to be Thomas Petty!
>It's at this point that I hear the sound of someone fallin'
>A large shape lands in the tarpaulin in the front and mostly disappears from view
>Only the head remains in view
>A fluffy human head!
>Reflexively bash 'em over the head with the paddle
>Realise the boat has now swerved and is slowin' down
>The music is getting louder by the second
>Aw, nuts
>The croc leaps out of t'water onto the boat
>Start bashing its snout with the paddle instead
>The mega-varmint is largely unbothered
>Start praying ta Isha
>It's at this point a massive force punches me on the left ear
>Why's it always my poor darned ears?
>The croc bellows and dives off the boat, and the music fades as it disappears off into the swamp
>It'll be back for sure
>Hit head several times
>Dizzily come to again
>I havta stop doin' this
>I'm on land against a tree?
>Unfold my very painfully folded-back right eartip
>Ahh, much bet-
>Mah left ear?
>Where's mah ear?
>Whare in all the gawds-damn hecks is mah left ear!?
>A'ight, calm, calm
>Look around
>Scrabble to back away, but it don't work
>Realise I'm still sat 'gainst a tree
>Feel like an idiot
>T'human is still just starin'
>I could swear even a machine face could look confused
>What, like what ya see, metal man?
>Us lot are made'a tougher stuff than those Craftworlder sticks
>Every day is leg day out in the wild
>One of them is rummaging around in the boat, dunno if they found that fluffy-human.
>He (she?) holds up one of my music cassette catridges
>Ah yeah, that
>D'ya know how borin' it gets out on a fishing boat for hours?
>Can't blame a gal for wanting something to break the silence
>'Sides, some of the music ain't 'alf bad an' humans do like to leave a lotta things....unattended
>Like this T-shirt!
>Okay, the proportions are a bit wrong fer me, but the usual clothes are so damn itchy
>No idea what the design is, but it looks cool to me
>...hol' up, can they understand any of this?
>Ah don' speak Gothic
>One of them comes at me with...summin
>The heck they gonna do to me?
>Execute me?
>Vivisect me?
>Something, uh, "else"?
>Ah've heard t'stories of what humans do to Aeldari captives
>I ain't stickin' around to find out!
>Stand up and start running
>Head spins like a fishing reel
>Stumble an' bounce off a tree instead
>Ah, shit, we're on a small island
>See the flash of a scaled tail in t'water
>I ain't goin' back in there
>Trees should be thick enough to stay outta the water with
>Be Skitarii Cavalry Marshall Derro
>The woman we picked up from the boat and sat against the tree comes to
>She looks at me up and down, slaps the side of one of her legs like as if I was staring funny, then starts speaking some gibberish with a subtle drawl while gesturing at the case-sets and her attire
>My augments' Machine Spirits are scrambling to process what I'm witnessing
>Neither my unit or I have brought forth the words to calm her down and explain what's going on
>The lady eventually realizes we don't speak a lick of whatever she must be muttering
>She spots the scanner held by the fellow beside me, and her eyes widen like washer discs
>Sure enough, she's up and gone
>I gather my unit and we set after her
>Doesn't take so long to catch up with her; it's one of the larger islands in a small chain along the river it appears, and she's already out of breath
>Her stop is at a low branch, where she hangs and struggles under strained breath to heave herself upward before falling rear first onto the mud below
>My unit forms into a spaced out circle as I position myself ahead of her
>Can't think of how to communicate with the panicked bumpkin
>I motion my hands to tell her to settle down
"No need to panic ma'am, we're with the Imperial explorator fleet. That man to my right was just going to check out those ears of yours and patch you up. All there is to it."
>Approach slowly and try to appear as approachable as possible myself
>It's at that moment my auditory implants pick up something faint in knife ear speak in the distance
>"HA! Maybe if she didn't eat so much-"
>Could've sworn I saw a slim silhouette slap something from behind a tree
>Frag, maybe made too much noise by the feral Eldar settlement
>Experience tells me Harlequins, but why here?
>My posse, prepared as ever, draw their arms and watch for movement among the trees
>I reposition by the woman and watch around, pistols drawn in both hands
>Be sergeant Yuri.
>Zeta 23 and IX-999 wonder off to do Mechanicus stuff leaving me alone with the Mordian General.
>Apparently his forces were dropped off here to deal with an Iron Warriors base some months ago.
>But they weren’t specifically given a time frame for attack yet.
>According to him his orders should be coming in, in the next 12- 15 standard years give or take warp travel by his estimates.
>I try to tell him that a frakking hive fleet is on its way but he said that’s “not his problem.”
“It’s about to be your problem real frakking soon! You stuck up, overdressed, bureaucr—“

>And the next thing I knew I woke up in a cell with a broken jaw.
>Maybe someone can get me out of here before the nids arrive, if they haven’t already given the bug burgers I saw earlier.
>Be Skitarii Marshal 9s
>After a brief scuffle with the locals we finally arrive at the Mordian fortress
>The servants of the omnissiah waist no time in unloading the pallets and setting up a lab and local Noosphere uplink
>Several ranger and vanguard man the walls filling in gaps left by the guardsmen
>Audio sensors pick up a loud smacking noise
>Turning I see Yuri being taken away by Mordians passed out
>He must’ve been injured in the fight and finally passed out from the blood lose
>I make note of where they are taking him to visit later then get back to ordering my troops around
>It’s then I notice that Cavalry Marshal Derro of Ryza is missing
>I test out the new Noosphere net by trying to connect him for a status update
>Be Trooper Sasha, Valhallan Ice Warriors
>The hover pallet gets moving again.
>I belatedly realize I got in the same one as Yuri, Zeta, a senior skitarii, and a few other members of Yuri’s clique
>They talk shop while I relax at the back of the hover pallet
>I notice one of the skitarii riding one of those weird equine-canine things pulls up its mount so it is sloshing along at the same pace as the hover pallet
>At first I assume it is forming some sort of escort because Zeta and a senior skitarii are on board, but then it starts asking me about my career
>Its voice is feminine and cheerful, but also strangely tinny, like a vox recording
>Normally I don’t like small talk, or any sort of talk, but it is strange to see a cogboy/girl behaving like this, so now I am mildly curious
“I suppose I have”
>I reflect back on my “career” briefly, and decide I have been on a dozen or so campaigns over my relatively short life in the Guard, including several different theatres on Damnatum Lutum, but excluding several other deployments where I did nothing except hang back in the rear echelon
>I pass my canteen to the skitarii named “Piper” as a gesture of camaraderie, but actually mostly because I am curious if she has a face under that mask
>Generally I find Skitarii a bit more “normal” than other cogboys. I even drank with a few of them on occasion during that trip between the space hulk and the forge world that ended up being tainted. But Piper and her unit are from a different regiment, world, clade, whatever, than 999 and Zeta’s lot, so who knows?
>Piper just holds the canteen awkwardly like she isn’t sure what to do with it, or how to advance the conversion further
>Oh well neither do I, so I pretend to start listening to Yuri speak instead
>He is talking to Zeta and Anya about this whole secret objective thing again, where he will find out who keeps giving us bad missions
>Somehow I doubt it will result in much
>Guardsmen are expected to deal with adverse conditions, logistically it is easier most of the time just to pack fodder like us onto the next available ship, and drop us off at the next world it passes by with a war going on
>I haven’t seen a proper winter since leaving Valhalla, and fought in a jungle and a desert before even joining the 545th. With the 545th, the hive mission started pretty routine, the space hulk one was probably requested of us by Mu’s boss, the forge, water, and shrine missions were us basically hitchhiking between worlds on borderline AWOL status, and this current mission was Yuri himself pulling strings. The jungle and desert worlds were a bit weird since we were unusually poorly equipped for both, and both ended up having massive hidden xenos relics on them, that probably just meant a borderline heretic Inquisitor or Magos somewhere pulled some strings to get some extra expendable regiments sent on their own private missions
>Anyways, that is Yuri’s problem, not mine
>Unless he pisses of the wrong person and gets us all killed...
>But we are in the Guard, so that is kind of inevitable anyways
>I space out for a bit once Yuri starts talking about something else
>So I am a bit surprised when he orders me to grab some volunteers and go look for some missing felinid scout
>I suppose that would make more sense if I had been listening to the previous bit of the conversation, but feel that asking follow-up questions would make it look like I care, so I hop off the pallet and hope for the best
>I think I saw a felinid passed out in a boat about a mile back, but no one seemed to care at the time
>It is a place to start if nothing else
>I order the guy in the torn boxers and the girl with the hat to follow me
>I don’t recognize them, so they are probably new recruits who are less likely to balk at any orders I give
>Plus calling them “Hat Girl” and “Candiru Bait” is kind of funny
>the passage of time since Lt. Commander Xadrael has left us has seemed as untold eternities
>and far from silent ones
>as Chaplian Mhadryvus deep thrumming on our purpose and tireless cause ceases, we all rise as one from our stillness
>we our vessels, as cups of the emperors fury, we summon our armor, to bind us as one
>we begin to ready ourselves for combat
>as we do, the Chaplain departs, inhumanly swift and predatory where once there was only stillness as stone: a witness before eternity
>as he leaves, the gravity of our mission looms
>to gird the planet for fires of war, to rid it of weakness in preparation of time when even the mighty have fallen.
>the final ward
>the last pointed array of steel at the hungering maw of the alien menace.
>girded myself now in ceramite, and armed with the emperors wrath, I and my brothers make way to through the halls of mortals sooner than we had been called for
>it seems the enemy will not wait for us to make planet fall.
>that we will not abide by their hunger the peace of the void a moment longer
>so we must cast them back
>for I, Brother Nhotym, Space Marine, Sargent of Killteam T.N.D.
>for we, the agents of the imperium of man’s internal vigil into the long night
>shall never falter before the alien, the mutant, the heretic…
>but instead prevail, in eternal victory abreast the stars!
>suffer not the alien to live!
File: Spoiler Image (110 KB, 523x735)
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110 KB JPG
>Be Me.
>I do not know my own name.
>Born on this planet three weeks ago.
>Can feel that I am supposed to connect to... something. A presence supposed to be at the back and crest of my mind.
>Do not mind. Know I am also able to be my own person without outside aid, so do not mind.
>Many little species scurrying around.
>Know I, though I am larger, I am able to move unseen and unnoticed within their ranks.
>Can feel the skills to do so in my blood and bones and genes.
>Subterfuge. Mingling. Interaction. Stealth.
>Feel I am meant to mingle with the little species for... leaning?
>Know my instructions are... incomplete. Again, do not mind.
>Am master of disguise.
>Am master of subterfuge.
>I shall travel with and within them.
>Acquire their language by careful study. Observe their procedures through days of observing from the ceilings. Cannot replicate, but can understand.
>Also study all their motions, their drills and actions. How they move, how they walk, so I can blend in as one of them.
>Acquire uniform, "las-gun", and forge documents for "lawful service" on parchment, taken from those who were not observant enough to spy me, and were not seen by others.
>Wait until nexus is busy and hectic, because something in my bones tells me the more tired and harried they are, the faster they'll pass things through.
>See one trooper in big uniform get ordered by other trooper to go do task.
>Looks like minor ranking creature, being forced to physical task, but ordering others to attend.
>Approach at "familiar march" to the small creatures, make the "Aquila" symbol and present "documents".
>I am a master of stealth and subterfuge.
>Be Skitarii Cavalry Marshall Derro
>Watching for Harlequins in the trees with my unit
>Receive a missive through the noosphere from my buddy Nines
>Eyes kept toward the trees, I reply with a quick text missive
"Glad to hear from you. Possible KE settlement nearby. Spotted by HLQs."
>Ping my location
>Never thought I'd think this, but I hope the cavalry arrives soon

>Be Serberys rider Piper
>Learn the Valhallan woman's name goes by Sasha
>“I suppose I have,” she answers in light of my query
>She seems to gaze off yonder in thought for a bit, then hands me her canteen
>I surmise she's offering a drink from it
>My metal fingertips clink against its steel surface as I carefully grasp it
>Reckon I should sip, and give a nod of gratitude before I do so
>Swing open the lid to the ingestion port in my mask and pour some of the alcoholic liquid in
>The liquor runs like Nocturnian promethium down my windpipe... pipe
>Visuals go hazy for a bit, and I could have sworn that I heard my augments' Machine Spirits gasp inside my mind
>Body stiffened, I muster my best to not look shook, maintain a cheerful posture, and hold out Sasha's flask to hand it back
>She nods as she takes it back, perhaps seeing through my bluff
>Can't think of anything else to say, so we just sort of stand there
>Soon enough, her superior orders her elsewhere and Othello gathers my unit and the rest of us under his watch
>Wonder how Boss is doing and hope he's alright
>Get word that a noosphere hub is being constructed on site by Zeta, with Nines overseeing security
>Maybe I'll hear about Boss soon
>Be Zeta-23
>Local mordians have done barely any scouting and they don't seem to have much in the way of auspex either
>They just want to hold position because the Iron Warriors are here and they were told to hold position
>And people say techpriests are overly literal
>Leave Yuri with the general while I ask Marshal 9s and the Valhallans to try to set up proper auspex facilities
>Tell them the Iron Warriors are here
>And I suspect that they're causing some interference with my personal scanners
>Apparently the Marshal saw Yuri got arrested during all of this for mouthing off to the Mordian general
"Frak it, doesn't that dress uniform know a lord general when he sees one?"
>Augmetics lock up, time desync error
>Can't more or speak for a moment as my augmetics all think they're 20 years in the future
>Snap back to reality
>Getting started at a little
"...a lord general in the making I mean."
>No idea where that outburst came from
>Tell the Marshal we need Yuri out and to figure out what the Iron Warriors are doing because they're all heretek bastards
>Apparently he's managed to contact Marshal Derro and there's possibly eldar not far away
>Mention that maybe we can send the Mordians against the chaos marines to get them out of the way
>Rescuing our guys takes priority of course but the Valhallans won't react well to Yuri being locked up
File: Trys'ta.jpg (176 KB, 1315x1877)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
>Be Trys’ta, “Eldar Corsair”
>Currently collecting some samples from a poisonous fungus, because what I am actually supposed to be doing is boring
“What is that one supposed to do?” asks my companion Lou’sissara
“It makes a male jizz every color of the rainbow and pass out” I reply
“Really?” says Lou’sissara
“There will need to be a few extra ingredients, plus some surgery” I add thoughtfully
>Lou’sissara just sighs at this reply
>I just ignore her, she has been a bit of a buzzkill lately
>No murder, no mayhem, no torture or other sadistic behavior, no acquiring pets (sentient or otherwise), no feeding off other’s life energy, no weird sex stuff, no talking/laughing/giggling to myself, no talking to anyone other than Lou’sissara’s crew, no experimental surgery or botany, no petrifications or ossifications
>Who creates these rules?
>Usually hanging out with Lou’sissara is pretty fun even if I have to tone down certain things, but ever since those Harlequins called in a favor with Lou’sissara’s boss, she has turned into a total prude
>We are supposed to be scouting out the inhabitants of this world to see which ones will be useful allies, and which ones should be wiped out to deny biomass to the Tyranids
>Seems kind of dumb really, anyone who would actually be of use to us against the Nids can probably resist being wiped out by our relatively small force, and even as dead bodies, they would still provide biomass
>Unless the Harlequins have some sort of pinpoint accurate superweapon up their sleeves to annihilate anything not of use to their plan
>Which would be really, really cool, but Lou’sissara refuses to share anything she may know about that
>I decide that I have pushed Lou’sissara’s patience enough for the time being and pack up my kit so we can keep moving
>We are a strange little group
>Me in my most tasteful and modest armor that doesn’t look anything at all like what a Dark Eldar would wear
>Lou’sissara in a form fitting combat suit with a stylish coat and scarf over it, and a massive hat on her head
>Skittledoo in her tight pants/long gloves/reflective mask combo. I don’t know her well other than that she is a junior member of Lou’sissara’s corsair crew, and gives off the impression of constantly struggling to contain limitless neurotic/excited energy. I suspect she is a bored as I am.
>Anyhow, we are scouting out the base of some Iron Warriors and their vassals
>Lou’sissara figures if they are members of the Iron Horde we may be able to apply some political leverage over them
>So far it has been inconclusive though
>No signs of Thorakara or other distinct vassal units used by the Horde, and the Iron Warriors themselves look like any other group of Iron Warriors we have come across. That doesn’t mean much though, the Iron Horde uses all sorts of rabble as fodder
>Be Mordian Iron Guard Trooper Eva Drusok
>Assigned to guard prisoner
>Stand at attention, facing door to cells
>Wearing dress uniform, gun at port arms
>Hear him waking up, throw the analgesics I was given for him into the cell
>Return to attention
>It's a wonderful life in the Guard
>Bit worried about what he said about the nids though
>What if they get to the Iron Warriors before we do and we can't complete our objective
>Well that's for wiser heads than mine to determine
>Resolve to stand at attention even harder to prevent any heretical thoughts
>Be Trooper Sasha, Valhallan Ice Warriors
>So far the mission to locate the missing felinid isn’t going so great
.>There is no sign of the felinid I saw lying in the bottom of that boat, and the two new recruits I recruited for the mission are kind of useless
>”Candiru Bait” is dumber than a rock, his boxers aren’t even torn, they were just left unbuttoned, a fact he seems oblivious to
>”Hat Girl” is even weirder. No pants. No boots. Her shirt is a mess because she didn’t button it properly. She is hardly the only trooper to ditch most of their uniform in light of the wretchedly hot and humid conditions, but why did she keep the winter hat? Also, when I first recruited her she did the aquila wrong (though in this regiment it is stranger she even tried) and showed me a sodden lump of papers that could have once been anything. She speaks in an oddly nasal voice and so far most of the things she has said don’t quite make sense, and some of the words aren’t even real words. She is constantly sniffing things and putting random things in her mouth. I think she is “tracking” the felinid, but whenever I ask her this she doesn’t give me a coherent answer.
>She probably has brain damage of some sort, probably received even before being conscripted
>Only the best for the 545th...
>Just when I am about to call it a day and try thinking of an excuse to head back to base, Anya calls me on my voxbead and starts babbling about how Yuri got locked up for pissing off the Mordian general
>I guess things aren’t going so hot back at the base
>But at least it gives me an excuse to ditch my current doomed mission and head back
>We get lucky and hitch a ride to base on a hover pallet that was sent back to the landing zone to pick up stragglers, kit, dead and wounded
>The base isn’t at all impressive, definitely not at what I was envisioning an “anchor world” to look like
>But it is quite big
>Based just on observations made during the trip from the gate to our billets, there seems to be one large Mordian regiment here, plus a few smaller ones and some non-Militarium personnel like Scarlett’s mercenaries and 999’s cogboys
>But the base is big enough that there could be an entire other division here, and I wouldn’t know it if they keep to their quadrant of the base
>We reach our crappy pre-fab billet where Anya and the rest are already starting to come up with harebrained to bust Yuri out of jail
>I am sure they will come up with something...
>In the meantime I ditch my filthy uniform, head to the shower block, and tell Candiru Bait and Hat Girl to find me some better clothes
>Who knows, it might actually work...
>Be Ordo Chronos Inquisitor [REDACTED]
>Finally untangle the [Data Expunged] from the causality stream in [ERROR DATA NOT FOUND] after [Censored by His holy ordos].
>I [Expletive Redacted] hate Hrud.
>About to take a rest, maybe visit a pleasure world when I notice some temporal waves in the early years of the 4th Tyranic War.
>Track it to its source.
>Yuri and Zeta 23 are in the temporal area.
Of course they are.Chrono
>Set a course and arrive a few weeks before everything breaks out.
>Pass the time by being a quarter master.
>Out one day enjoying an Ogryn barbecue when I spot Zeta 23
>Storm right up to him and smack him across the face.
“You bloody idiot! I specifically told you NOT to go to Thass 8 and what do you immediately do!? You [Data Purged] [Error 404] right in the [Redacted]!”
“Do you what it’s like to have to work along side your own past self?”
“No you don’t because I [Information Redacted] after the moon fell to fix YOUR little [Hyperlink Blocked]. Wiping everyone’s memories.”
“Look, we don’t have too much time. Where is gen— SERGEANT Yuri right now?”
>Be Zeta-23
>Ordo Chronos Inquisitor storms up and slaps me, probably hurting his hand
>Starts yelling at me about Thass 8 and a bunch of stuff that doesn't input properly
"Well of COURSE I ended up going to Thass 8, the only ship left on the planet was going there!"
>Play irritated_sigh.midi
"Yuri got locked up by that frakking Mordian General. We need to get him out. You're wearing a quartermaster unifrom... requisition him or take command or something!"
"And give us some proper auspex to set up!"
"And why do my augmetics keep thinking it's 20 years from now and giving me weird locked files?!"
"Frak working alongside your past self! I'm working alongside my future memories!"
>Realise I sound vaguely hysterical
>This might not be the ideal behaviour of the machine god's servants but by the motive force I am pissed
>Be Ordo Chronos Inquisitor [REDACTED]
>Zeta-23 takes the time to vent his own frustrations right back at me, occasionally accidentally switching into binary.
>"Yuri got locked up by that frakking Mordian General…"
>Stop listening for a bit.
>Yuri got arrested by general Blythe already?
>Ok we’re a bit ahead of schedule on this one, but we can still make it work.
>Blah blah blah something in binary.
>"And why do my augmetics keep thinking it's 20 years from now and giving me weird locked files?!"
>"Frak working alongside your past self! I'm working alongside my future memories!"
>Zeta-23 had memories from 20 years in his future?
“You know that honestly explains a few things that happen later.”
“I don’t have time to give all the details but Yuri can’t see me since this still isn’t our ‘official’ first real meeting.”
“If we want this to work out in the end we need to find a certain harlequin death jester that should be here already.”
“It’ll all make sense later.”
“I’ll try and work on that on my end while you try and free Yuri.”
>Check chronometer.
“Also duck.”
it is more like a collective story-telling/world building exercise, but some people treat it like role playing
>Be Felinid Mercenary Nyan Mc Fluffy
>Wake up in the bottom of a boat
>I have vague memories of being hit in the head with a paddle, and later of some Skitarii dragging the Exodite out of the boat
>Ugh, I can’t believe they just left me here...
>All sorts of stuff in this swamp may have taken the opportunity to eat me or attach themselves to me while I was passed out
>I get out of the boat and am surprised it is no longer in the water
>It looks like the Skitarii lifted the boat out, then left it in some dense brush a few meters away from shore
>I guess this is them trying to be stealthy, though the boot marks and hoof marks of their strange steeds kind of gives them away
>I get out of the boat and my head swims
>Definitely some sort of concussion
>I also discover that my vox-bead is either damaged or being blocked somehow
>Scarlett has probably noticed by now I am not checking in regularly and declared me missing
>Once I get back to base, it is going to be a while before I live down screwing up a simple recon mission because I got hit in the head with a paddle
>This irritates me and I decide to go vent some rage at the Skitarii for leaving me for dead
>I follow the tracks and find the group of Skitarii surrounding the strangely dressed Exodite woman that hit me with the paddle
>On second thought, I am not sure she is an Exodite, her ears are covered in clotted blood and her eyes and body shape are kind of human-ish
>Maybe she is some sort of abhuman like me
>I belatedly realize the Skitarii are all making weird hand gestures at me. It almost looks like they are telling me to get down and be on the lookout for something, but I don’t know Ryzan combat gestures so they could be saying anything really
>I give them the old one finger salute, then another one with my other hand
>Be Zeta-23
>Inquisitor doesn't really care about my problems but says they explain some things
>And he can't see Yuri yet but I should go free him and a death jester should be here to help
>And I should duck
>Hit the floor hard and activate maglev coils now that I'm horizontal
>Shoot off into a corner as bullets pass through where I was standing
>Ready combat mechadendrites and start looking for hostiles
>Base seems to be coming to stand-to
>Whatever's going on the Valhallans are going to need Yuri to pull them together
>Sidle away as firefight breaks out
>Be Skitarii Marshal IX-999
>Marshal Derro responds back saying he’s apparently hunting Eldar
>Zeta-23 asks me about the possibility of setting up an auspex relay
>Before I can respond a Mordian quartermaster shows up and slaps him.
>They then yell at each other about stuff I don’t have clearance to listen to, before telling Zeta-23 to duck
>He does do and a crimson fur ball in a green cape flies by where he was standing and strikes me
“Ahudg gusshh a goooood kiiittttyyy, aregth I?”
>The Felinid female slurs out clearly drunk
>I grab her by the scruff of her neck and lift her up to eye level
“Oooohhhh herow dere shkull fave. You have a jooob?”
>I look over and the Mordian is gone
Derro and the unit he was with were traveling on foot.

>Be Skitariii Cavalry Marshal Derro
>Standoff between me, my unit, and the Harlequins out in the trees continues
>Spot a felinid scout in attire insufficient for combat operations walking about like it's a paradise world
>A few of my fellows gesture for her to get down
>She looks like she gets what they mean, but stands about and salutes anyway
>Her loss, of life that is
>My fellows realize she's a lost cause and their sights return to the trees
>I wonder how the rest of the cohort I've assigned to reconnaissance is faring
>Couldn't parse a signal from them when I rung up the main bulk of forces out back
>I'll have to make a note to request relay from Zeta or Nines between my unit and the rest on recon
>What a day it is
>Be Death Jester Malarai
>Stuck in a showdown with the horse riding cyber mon'keigh
>A full on shoot out could go either way, and I am not a fan of coinflips
>Get a call from Velrani, she says that she has contacted the Exodites, and they are readying what they can
>I inform her that I deem the Croc'ari as a target for destruction, and she agrees.
>She says she will call in the rest of our forces from the webway, including our modified void weavers armed with some tech we "borrowed" from some craftworlder fire dragons a long time ago
>Since the Croc'ari are primitive, simple fly by tactics should be able to wipe out a good chunk of their villages.
>She and I are to meet up to get the ork tribes here situated.
>Velrani also tells me that she can feel her psychic powers growing weaker, we are running out of time
>Whelp, I don't have time to wait for a good opportunity, and our starweaver is rapidly approaching
>Best I can give the Exodite is a distraction
>Tell my troupe to focus on evasive maneuvers and fooling them with our holograms.
>These troops don't look like cannon fodder, so avoid killing them if possible so they can fight the swarm
>Once the starweaver is less than a minute away we strike, throwing hallucinogenic smoke grenades, and deploying holograms
>Soon enough the battlefield is a miasma of smoke and
>I fire a couple shots at their leader, aiming to wound not kill
>I then spot the felinid from earlier
>Our starweaver is within sight now
>Before jumping up, I quickly drop down near the felinid, with a tree between me and the cyber mon'keigh. I then say to her
"By the way, I was never on Damnatum Lutum, and you will pay for the insult you degerate feline mon'keigh"
>Have no intention of actually making them pay, but fucking with people is its own reward
>Leap up the tree and then onto the passing starweaver
>Tell the pilot to step on it as the rest of the troupe gets on board
>Be Colonel Kernst, Mordian Iron Guard
>Currently overseeing the command centre for Fortress Base E72
>I have my forces on high alert since I am worried the newly arrived Valhallans will try to do something stupid to free that unruly Sergeant we arrested who later ended up being the regiment’s unofficial leader
>Suddenly the remote sensors north of the base all start blaring
>I check the screens showing the images from the well hidden pict-recorders hidden throughout the swamps in that area
>Huh, it looks like the Tau are attacking in large numbers
>They have got some pretty serious equipment with them and they will no doubt breach the walls, but I am pretty sure they don’t have enough numbers to completely overrun the base, though it certainly will get very bloody
>I wonder if it is a raid, a suicide mission, or maybe they are trying to do a hail mary run for the shuttles and leave the planet on them. Perhaps they heard the same rumors we have about a splinter fleet approaching
>I send orders for my men to mobilize at a number of preset fortifications both on and within the base walls, with a particular emphasis on manning the defenses around the shuttles, command post, and a number of predetermined kill zones
>Luckily the area of the base where fighting will be the highest is where the Valhallans and certain non-Guard units are billeted
>How unfortunate (sarcasm)
>Be Zeta-23
>Freaking out and running from...
>Not actually firefight
>Augments glitch slightly and seize up for a moment
>But the base does seem to be coming to stand-to
>Leaving a big hole around the Valhallan parts
>Can't be good
>Augments sync with local data from alarm
>Now I have a clearer picture of the swamp
>Incoming tau
>Seems like they'll breach
>Create some files from "segmentum command" with vermillion clearance access codes that won't exist for at least five years
>Go find the Mordian CO and tell him I need some Valhallans for a top secret suicide mission
"Their so-called Sergeant Yuri will be perfect, it's said the 545th will follow him even to their deaths."
>Give him the files and say if he doesn't receive my countermand that executing these orders at the time they unlock should ensure survival
>Not that I would have clearance, what with them being so highly coded
>Ask him to avoid interacting with the "lowly" Valhallans too much so as not to give the nature of the mission away
>Privately hope I'm not laying it on too thick
>Be Colonel Kernst, Mordian Iron Guard
>One of the senior tech priests from the newly arrived group comes in and starts waving around this plan the Mechanicus came up with, that for suspiciously vague reasons requires Sergeant Yuri and the 545th
>I had reviewed the 545th’s file and know quite well they have a history of serving together
>However, the codes he used seem to check out, he would have had to have gone several levels up his own chain of command to get those, so I send the order to release this Sergeant Yuri and temporarily put the 545th under Mechanicus command
>High Command has been emphasizing the need to play nice with the Mechanicus lately, no matter how strange their requests are
>And it is not like a few hundred men aren’t going to made a difference in the grand scheme of things, particularly not a rudderless rabble like that
>General Havock is going to be pissed though, but I will send someone expendable to break the news to him
>Be Exodite Varmara
>Of course ah couldn't climb after having ta paddle for mah life and gettin' shot
>The croc water is lookin' awful invitin' right now
>He doesn't seemta have twigged than if he ain't understan' me, I can't him neither
>He's probably making all sortsa dire threats in that creepy synthetic voice, as Imperials do
>But aren't those the same gestures we use to try and calm people down?
>Not sure whether to trust th--
>Everyone raises their weapons
>Shouldn'ta fallen for that ruse
>Ah well, not like I coulda escaped anyway
>It's that this point that everything turns into chaos
>Smoke and gunfire as something I can't see devolves into a blast-out
>What in da heck?
>Huh, multicoloured smoke
>There's only one sorta people who use those
>Either way, I'd rather the mad clowns to the Imperials
>Immediately skedaddle in the confusion
>Seems Sleepin' Booty woke up, shame ah don't have mah paddle to whack 'er 'gain
>Where da heck's mah boat?
>There, in t'bush!
>'Kay, don't think ahm being followed yet
>Shove the boat out of the vegetation and into the water in record time
>Those legs an' arms aren't just fer show, ya know
>For the second time today, paddle for my life
>Thankfully, the water appears to be croc-free
>Likewise, the boat is also fluffy mon'keigh-free
>Eventually stop and awkwardly climb a tree to get some bearings
>I ain't that good at climbin', okay?
>Squint a bit against the sun
>I'd recognise the shape of Floridilin's hometree anywhere
>Still, it's a fair way off, must'a drifted further than ah thought
>Better get goin' then, boat ain't gonna paddle itself
>Scrape some crystallised blood off of where my left ear used to be
>Gawds-damned Imperials
>Be me.
>Sister Trisha of the order of the Bloody Rose.
After our home world was purged free of xeno and chaotic taint we were reassigned here to Y’Es II to help with Tyranic War IV.
>I’ve never left our shrine world before and neither has Kimberly or most of our squad
>Looking out the view port we see the world of Y’Es II.
>It’s so green and beautiful and even has a ring around it.
>The navy is leaving to deal with the Tyranids that have just entered the edge of the system
>I hold Kim’s hand as we decend through the atmosphere in the Arvus Lighter
>This’ll be our first date, we’ll unless you count our trips to the sewers of Arraquesh to purge cultists

>The door opens on the landing pad.
>MFW the ramp slides down and this place smells worse than Arraquesh’s sewers.
>Be Trooper Sasha, Valhallan Ice Warriors
>I am still in the middle of my shower when alarms start going off everywhere and I hear shooting in the distance
>For fuck’s sake, that better not be the rescue attempt for Yuri...
>Then the large sewer grate in the middle of the shower block pops open and a Tau Pathfinder starts trying to crawl out
>Serious deja vu moment
>I grab one of the heavy, sodden towels some slob left on the floor and smash it into the Tau just as he is thumbing some sort of grenade
>The grenade falls back down the hole and goes off with a bright burst of light
>Photon grenade? EMP Grenade? It doesn’t really matter, it should disorient them for a bit while I make my escape
>I stomp down hard on the genitals of the Pathfinder who I hit with the towel before turning to flee
>I am not an expert on tau biology, but that seems to have had the intended impact
>I run into the main sleeping area where I notice someone has left a flamer on a bed
>Meh. Fuck it.
>I am in a bad mood, and I don’t feel like running through the battlefield naked yet again
>I grab the flamer, run back into the shower block and hit the curled up Tau and the entrance to the sewer with a long blast of flame, then edge closer so I can get a second blast of flame straight down into the sewer
>I think I got a few first degree burns from the resulting steam cloud, but the Tau got it way worse
>I can still here a few writhing and moaning somewhere in the sewer tunnel, but for now I will assume they have been taken out of the fight
>I find a good angle on the sewer entrance in case any more try to get through, and then sit down and relax
>This way I can avoid going outside and fighting while still being useful
>It is almost like I planned this out...
File: fallen_art.jpg (372 KB, 1280x1813)
372 KB
372 KB JPG
>Be Alaric of the 26th chapter of the Dark Angels
>Just coming to
>Didn't think astartes could pass out
>Don't know where I am
>Last thing I remember was the planet breaking apart
>But this isn't the forests of my homeworld
>And my brothers are nowhere to be seen
>Just me and my meltagun
>See a group in the distance
>Looks human
>Approach them
>They are start panicking once they see me
>Better look now, clearly not humans not with those feet, now their fear makes sense
>Need to move fast they are opening fire on me
>Remove them with a stream of melta energy
>Never seen xenos like this before
>But I guess it doesn't matter
>Vox channels are picking up human signals
>Guess I'll make my way towards them
>And figure out what is going on
>Be Zeta-23
>Hustle Yuri through the base, trying to get him to take command
>He seems a little groggy
>Tau are starting to breach
>Start yelling at Valhallans to defend Yuri and themselves
>That seems to galvanise them nicely
>Blast ready my combat dendrites and start trying to jam any tau drones
>Hard to even detect the little things
>Let "slip" the Iron Warriors location onto the tau network with a faked report like they're ready to take out the xenos
>Let's see who they think is the bigger threat
>They breach and I start firing
>Be Tau Pathfinder Shas'ui O'Kesh
>Supposed to be breaching the Imperial Guard base
>Falling back under heavy fire
>Literal fire
>Some kind of naked psychotic gue'la with a flamethrower is burning anyone who makes it to the end of the tunnel
>Must be one of those barbaric repentant sisters or whatever they're called
>Order my squad to breach to the side of the tunnel and find myself in a warehouse staring down an ogryn in an apron wielding an oversized carving knife
"Oi dat was the rest of my BURGERS!"
>Fuck my entire life
>Be Warsmith Davvok of the IVth Legion, leader of the 5th grand company commander of the 1333rd, XXIInd, and 6789th warbands.
>See over the sensors a Tau force is attacking the Modian base
>Ask my head Warsmith if his little project is ready yet?
>He says it needs more time
>Order the raptors of the XXIInd warband to attack the opposite end of the base
>Meanwhile I dawn my cataphractii and get ready to take a Terrax assault drill directly into the command bunker of the base with a squad of my personal terminator guards
File: IMG_4545.png (102 KB, 451x269)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
>Be sergeant Yuri
>Rub broken jaw.
>Decide I probably deserved that, I know not every regiment has been as railed by the admin as mine has and probably enjoy following the rules a bit more than most.
>Sweating my ass off in a humid cell.
>Still some how mosquitoes in here.
>Realize I still haven’t gotten a shot for whatever Death World diseases these things carry.
>The Mordian guarding me as a stick so far up is ass he doesn’t swat the ones bitting him.
>After a few hours Zeta comes in and carries me out
>He’s with Marshal Nines he’s holding Scarlett who’s passed out in his arms drunk.
>My jaw is still broken so I can’t thank him.
>I mime that we should probably go to a medicae so I can talk again.
>Once we get out side I see a bunch of Tau are attacking the base
>I thought we were in the opposite side of the galaxy from them
>See one being chased by an ogryn in a Chief’s hat with a meat cleaver
>Iron Warriors raptors have started flying in.
>And there’s a Deathleaper in a Mordian uniform trying to infiltrate.
>Also a random dark angle is here to for some reason.
>Be Zeta-23
>Chaos are attacking and the ogryn chefs are holding off the nearest tau for some reason
>Mordians standing their ground and firing repeatedly as raptors move in for the kill
>Valhallans responding much more pragmatically
>Realise Yuri still hasn't said anything
>Start dragging him to the medbay before we're overrun
>I could probably figure it out myself but I'm better with machines
>Blast a couple of tau on the way there
>A medic is taking shelter thankfully, get him to see to Yuri while I cover the door
>Blast a raptor or two while treatment is going on
>Start to sense underground movement via base sensors
>We need to get the fuck out of here soon
>Be Alaric of the 26th chapter of the Dark Angels
>Arrive at the base
>Everything is on fire right now
>Odd xenos are attacking from one side
>Some odd looking marines attacking from another
>Wearing iconography of the IVth what the hell happened to them
>And why are they out attacking
>Human forces also look odd, shoddy armor, all regular humans, something is wrong here
>Decide to help still, traitors and xenos get the boot
>See if anyone looks in charge try to continue to figure out what is going on
>And kill any xeno and traitor I see
>>And there’s a Deathleaper in a Mordian uniform trying to infiltrate
I thought it somehow took on a human shape and was dressed like a Valhallan

is he attacking the Imperials or the Iron Warriors and their vassals?
Iron Warriors.
File: jungletau.png (921 KB, 960x467)
921 KB
921 KB PNG
>Be Shas'O O'Bovar
>Be leading two Tau Cadres somewhere else
>That "somewhere else" being one of the main Imperial supply depots
>We've been stranded here for months since we got spat out of the Warp in a broken ship, all many thousands of us
>Considering the fate of the Fourth Sphere and that we didn't blunder into the Mont’yhe’va, we got lucky
>Even if the planet is a Goodforsaken swamp crawling with Imperials, Chaos and hostile wildlife and we are slowly losing numbers to disease, fighting, fauna attacks and even starvation
>All in all, could be worse
>Not by much though
>Hence, here we are approaching the place with our trusty Battlesuits
>It has everything we need
>Medical supplies
>Spare parts
>Even building materials
>The main assault on the Imperial base was a distraction with some disposable forces
>Of course we stand no chance of taking the world, but we don't need to, though any damage is a plus
>They've all gone running off in a panic to defend their base, and left the outposts on their own
>The depot is lightly defended, and we should be able to make short work of them
>Monitoring the Imperial radio shows we have a window to get in and out
>Take up your positions all around the base as we planned, everyone
>Stealth Suits, close to short range
>On my mark, open fire
>No, not now O'Noo
>You should have gone before we left
>In seconds, everything is explosions
>I love the smell of missile exhaust and plasma in the morning
>Be Death Jester Malarai
>On my way to regroup with Velrani so we can go hand pick a warboss to lead them against the Great Devourer
>Our ship got shot a few times by the cyber mon'keigh, but no major damage, except to the paint job
>Don't mon'keigh know how hard it is to paint the checkerboard pattern?
>Get a report from one of our teams watching the main mon'keigh base
>Tau and Iron Warriors are attacking it
>Oh Cegorach forbid that the younger races hunker down and prepare for the swarm, no they have to kill each other for no doubt stupid reasons
>Change of plans, we want as many mon'keigh meat shields as we can get, so we are gonna go help them repel this attack
>Around two fifths of our force is staying on the Croc'ari extermination plan, Velrani is going to continue to on the plan to scout out the orks, and I am to lead a force against the Tau
>We also have confirmed reports of some of our Eldar allies making to the planet, we let them know of our plans, but its a 50/50 on whether or not they will help or make their own objectives
>One of the pleasures of working with other Eldar
>A short flight from the mon'keigh base I regroup with my forces.
>A large amount of troupes, troupe leaders, skyweavers, and enough void and star weavers to support them
>Its not large enough to win against any army there on its own, but should be able to make the Tau lose faster
>Once we are in formation we punch it towards the mon'keigh base.
>Get there and see the massive hole in the wall the Tau breached with
>My forces charge the Tau lines, all of us getting into melee with the infantry and artillery near the rear
>In nobodies shock, Tau infantry and artillery don't do well against our melee excellence
>After we get through a good number of squads and artillery, we hear a battle cry
>We see Kroot they had kept in the rear were charging at us
>Now its a fair fight
>Be Ordo Chronos Inquisitor [REDACTED]
>See through magnoculars from one of the watch towers as Death Jester Malarai arrives.
>Watch him and his man charge a line of Kroot near a breach in the wall.
>I’ll let him deal with this then make my presidents known to the harlequin.
>I just need him to listen to what I have to say.
>Be Colonel Kernst, Mordian Iron Guard
>Still overseeing the battle from the command centre
>To give credit where it is due, the Tau attacking the walls are suicidally brave, they fight more like Guardsmen than there usual weaselly selves. Piranhas, Stealth Suits, and Vespids are able to get right up to the wall in several areas, then detonate large amounts of pilfered explosives to bring down sections of wall at the cost of their lives
>Then waves Fire Warriors and poorly equipped members of other Castes rush in on Devilfish and unarmed support craft, with support from a decent number of drones and some mechs
>The Valhallans, ogryns, and felinids do an excellent job tying up any Tau foolish enough to dismount (or whose vehicles were blasted out from under them). In the maze of small buildings and narrow alleys in that sector of base, the reflexes and innate brutality of the feral abhumans and criminal scum trump the mediocre troops of the Fire Caste despite their hard-hitting weaponry. Any Tau who succeed in running this gauntlet of death are wiped off the map by the overwhelming firepower of the Mordians the minute they enter our preset firing lanes
>There are also reports of Pathfinders and Stealth Suits entering the base by other means, but not in large enough numbers to make a difference
>Suddenly there are a flurry of reports that the Iron Warriors have entered the base. Only a few jetpack infantry for now, but no doubt more will be here soon
>Most unfortunate, but very much expected
>This base was meant to be one of several that would support a massive siege of the Iron Warriors’ base
>But High Command’s priorities shifted, and now they no longer have the resources for at least a year to either reinforce us, or evacuate us
>According to our best estimates, they have enough Marines and fodder to easily overrun this base, but not without some Marine losses, and those Marines are (hopefully) far harder to replace than anything we have at the base
>It was always inevitable they would attack at a moment of perceived weakness, and here it is
>This command centre will no doubt be one of their first targets, and we have little here that can stop a determined force of Traitor Marines. I give a series of orders that activate several back-up command centres as well as give field level officers the ability to take more initiative should all command posts be destroyed
>A few of the soldiers and aides in the room stiffen a bit as this order is given, no doubt well aware that I am predicting their imminent deaths. But like true Mordians they continue their tasks with no drop in efficiency, and no outward displays of emotion
>There are reports of some Sisters of Battle arriving somewhere on planet, and a solitary Dark Angel wandering the battlefield. Perhaps they will be enough to drive off the Iron Warrior attack, but it will likely be too late for us
>And then there is yet another flurry of new reports
>A small force of Eldar has arrived and starts butchering the second wave of Tau forces as they try and enter the breached wall, taking out a number of Broadsides and Hammerheads in a location where they are most vulnerable, despite a fierce defense by Crisis Suits, Stealth Suits, and large numbers of Fire Warriors
>But then the third wave of Tau forces arrive, most of them Kroot. I ponder briefly why the Tau would put their most expendable, but also most melee proficient forces in the rear. Pay dispute? Or perhaps to protect the rear from some yet to be revealed faction? I suppose time will tell
>Also, a smaller force of Tau is attacking a small supply depot at one of the abandoned base sites, not sure what they expect to find there, that site was picked clean by orks ages ago
File: Napalm.jpg (2.34 MB, 3000x2940)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB JPG
>Be me Lord Noctis Carrigan, General of the Burmaze Arsonists.
>A traitor guard force who turned to chaos because the Astra Militarum sanctioned us way too many times due to our regiment doctrine of burn everything down to the ground.
>Also because we heard the phrase, Let the galaxy burn from the Black Legion and we agree with that.
>Were given a mission from the war master to burn as many worlds as possible.
>Our first target is a swamp world.
>Perfect, plenty of foliage to set ablaze.
>And plenty of dirt paths for our rough riders to ride their motor cycles across.
>As we enter the system we see a hive fleet, a iron warriors vessel and plenty of Imperial Scum to set on fire.
>Our fleet is positioned away from the enemy fleets and I prepare everyone to get ready.
>First off it's time to order our marauders to go planet side.
>All teams load fire bombs as their pay load.
>We'll make The Burning of Prospero look tame in comparison
>The Marauders set off once ready and begin to head planet side
>All the while tetrarchs get ready to take my men, hellhounds, scout sentinels, motorbikes and finally the prized possession of mine.
>The Emperor that Weeps, a Malcador Infernus that's been in my family for generations.

>Be Marauder bomber pilot Bracker.
>Received orders from our lord to firebomb the planet.
>Don't even have to bomb any specific locations, just bomb everything.
>There are ten squads of us with four marauders composing a squadron.
>Order all squads to start bombing away.
>Letting out our fire bomb payloads to the planet setting foliage ablaze with burning promethium.
>Grab the vox speaker and announce to the planet below
>Finish off the speech with a mad cackle and then hang up
>Be Marauder Bomber pilot Bracker.
>Our payloads are fully dispensed, a good section of the swamp is now on fire, ablaze with burning promethium.
>I watch from above as it spreads
>If I could open the hatch I'd smell that lovely promethium burning as much as possible.
>Vox to Lord Noctis that we've spotted a section that's clear for landing all our troops at.

>Be Lord Noctis.
>Marauders have dropped their payloads off successfully.
>They've even found a good landing area for us to set down at.
>Begin landing sequence ordering the marauders to come back up to keep the tetrarchs protected from air forces.
>We descend down, our tetrarchs customised to remove all Imperial symbols only our burning skulls and the mark of chaos are allowed on our Landers.
>Upon landing we begin to bring everything out.
>Hellhounds get their drivers as do the scout Sentinels.
>All troopers are given their mandatory issued flamers.
>The Rough Riders hop on their bikes and begin to rev up.
>I clear my vocals and let out my speech.
>Resounding chaotic screams come out from all my men as the riders rev their bikes.
>Be Zeta-23
>Blasting xenos while guarding the medbay
>Wish they'd hurry up in there but the tau are thinning out a little
>The Iron Warriors are only getting thicker
>Thank the Omnissiah for my newly reinforced and higher rated systems, I put some overcharged hotshots right through a raptor's power armour
>Must remember to thank the Explorator too if I ever get a chance
>Oh frak me
>See Harlequins tearing through the back of the tau while someone is screaming from above
>Okay maybe the Ordo Chronos does know some things
>Augmetics glitch slightly, causing me to seize and spoiling a shot
>Objective marker shows on my auspex where the Iron Warriors are coming from
>Dark mechanicum symbol
>Frakking Ordo Chronos at it again
>Stand up straight again and fire at a tau who's trying to flank into the showers for some reason
>Databanks cycle in response to objective marker for some reason
"Oh frak me..."
>Look around for 9s but it's chaotic here
>Last I saw he had one of the felinid mercs in his arms
>Use internal vox, contact the Marshals and tell them there should be heretek forces constructing something
>We need to stop them but destroying it could be dangerous, I should be able to bring its systems down if I can get a remote link
>And avoid getting into a fight with any Eldar if they can, they should be more concerned with chaos than us
>Fire off an overcharged plasma at a group of tau getting ready to charge and step into the medbay for it to cool down
"Yuri, are you healed? I think we need to attack the marine base while they're busy with the Mordians."
>Be Alaric of the 26th chapter of the Dark Angels
>This whole base has become a mess
>Eldar have now started showing up
>they still look the same ever, and still die to melta blasts
>Mechanicum forces seem to be scrambling for some reason
>Worst of it all is the Iron Warriors
>Their armor is a mess, they now look like insane fusions of machine and something else
>Odd xenos are now sending in some sort of battlesuits of their own
>Need to watch closely they can cloak
>Still no sign of the loyalist forces commanders
>A new group of humans have arrived, declaring themselves for the warmaster
>Well that makes it easier to figure out what side everyone is on
>Time to show those traitors that it's useless to venerate a dead man
File: Atalan-Jackal.jpg (112 KB, 1440x1057)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
>Be Lord Noctis.
>I hop on my motorbike and begin to ride along with my rough riders.
>They let out their repeated shouting war cries as we leap over bogs and ride through the swamp.
>Nearby the Hellhounds and scout sentinels are breezing through the swamps setting all the nearby foliage on fire.
>Troopers march up through the bog burning whatever the vehicles don't burn.
>All the while The Emperor that Weeps follows behind them, majestic in all its chaotic glory.
>Soon we come across a scout party of Tau.
>They are the first of the enemy forces to taste our promethium.
>They take out a few troopers from range sure.
>But they are only scouts and as such fall quickly under the wrath of several inferno cannons from Hellhounds.
>Once their remains are thoroughly scorched my rough riders use their hooks and chains to drag the burnt bodies with us.
>All the while continuing to holler and whoop in giddy excitement at the burning swamp land.
>Vox to Bracker to see if there's any targets up ahead.

>Be Marauder Bomber pilot Bracket.
>The Boss orders me and my squads to find enemy bases.
>I order all ten squads to split up and search the planet and to drop off any remaining bombs if they still have them.
>Each squadron leader confirms and splits off.
>After all 40 marauder bombers all searching off into different sections of the planet split into groups of 4 should find something eventually.
File: Gor_Half-Horn.jpg (36 KB, 372x379)
36 KB
>Be Sergeant Ullor Flesh-Burner(formerly Eater) of the 122nd sacrificial Gor Herd
>Our regiment has been assigned to provide cover to a major defensive position reportedly under siege by tyranid forces
>Been conscripted for a few months better than dodging bullets in the underhive
>Not allowed to eat my kills anymore though but ogryns can make a good meal
>Ship just came out of the warp higher ups are freaking out
>Apparently there is more here than anticipated
>Orders don't really change just the enemy
>Attend staff meeting
>Commander says we'll be dropping in hot to flank tau forces
>Being assigned a full fledged Commissar as well, normally just a trainee but with possible chaos forces they need a trained eye to look for corruption
>Start loading onto ships
>Squads are doing their before battle rituals
>Ours is no different
>Grab the prisoner from the cage
>Some traitor human from the last battle, bruised, broken, and tongue removed
>Slice open his throat and let it spill onto the oldest of the squad
>He'll be the first in, and first to die
>All for the Emperor
>Ride in is uneventful, Minotaurs prepare for their charge
>Doors open
>See the minotaur charge into the tau backline
>Around 40% of the Minotaurs die within a few seconds
>Survivors wade into the tau, implaling and trampling as they go
>Rev up chainsword, and grab inferno pistol
>Wasnt even issued these just just brought them from home
>Rest of us have pilfered lasguns and random melee weapons
>Make sure servos in my mechanical arm are functioning properly(they aren't)
>Start our charge, will probably get to eat these xenos if I live
File: swamp-fires.jpg (402 KB, 1600x900)
402 KB
402 KB JPG
>Be Marauder Bomber pilot Bracket 5
>Finally one of the squads gives us a base location.
>Squadron 5 'The Ashen Crows' have located an Imperial Guard fortification, under assault from Iron Warriors.
>Mordian Iron Guards took themselves a nice location.
>Relay the location that squadron 5 found to Lord Noctis.
>Also order four more squadrons to go to squadron 5 to assist in gun runs.

>Be Lord Noctis Carrigan.
>Bracker gave us a location.
>Mordian Iron Guard, excellent that regiment loves their gun lines, our fire will spread throughout their ranks easier.
>Order all forces to begin moving to the Mordian base.
>Still order all troopers to enjoy setting the swamp on fire.
>God I do love the smell of burning promethium and motorbike fumes in the morning.
>I think it's morning anyway.
>Be Death Jester Malarai
>My players are still engaged with the Kroot
>Their instincts serve them well, but this fight looks to be in our favor as more of them fall or flee
>It also doesn't help that the Tau are now also being flanked by a group of some new Imperial Guard force
>I retreat to one of our starweavers to plan our next move
>After moment I realize something
>Kroot in the backline, less battlesuits than there should be, and many Tau favoring standing their ground instead of retreating
>Oh by Cegorach this was a faint, they never expected this attack to win
>I would laugh at this but new circumstances are coming fast
>First is a single Dark Angel melting into our forces. No idea where he came from.
>Of all the Khaine-damned targets out here, he has to come shoot at us
>Tell my forces to just keep their distance from him, no point wasting soldiers against a space marine that can fight Tyranids.
>Hopefully he will be distracted by the Chaos guard that just announced their presence.
>Get reports that they are burning large swaths of the planet
>Well at least they are denying the Devourer biomass
>And it is increadibly likely more Iron Warrior forces are on the way
>Tell my forces to retreat slightly, the Tau are almost routed and it would be best to hand back and wait for the next attackers.
>I want to get an idea of what the Imperials are planning, so its time for spy shit
>I have our flyers do some elaborate flying maneuvers to distract the mon'keigh, so my starweaver can drop me off near the base.
>As we fly over, I spot some mon'keigh in strange clothes, likely a inquisitor, staring at my ship
>Fire a some shots at him to make him duck for cover, gives me enough time to sneak in
>Leave my shrieker cannons, mask, and coat on the ship, no way I could hide those, so I enter with only a shuriken pistol
>I deiced that getting a disguise is a bad idea, but it would be kinda funny
>I take a look at my options
>Not enough cybernetics to pass as a Skitarii
>Not enough sticks up my ass to pass as a Mordian
>But the Valhallens?
>Those hats would cover up my ears well enough
>Eventually find one alone, he is grieving over a fallen comrade
>I am glad to reunite them
>A quick struggle later and I now appear to be one of the Imperium's finest cannon fodder
>As long as they don't notice the hologram projectors or flipbelt under my uniform
>Need a mon'keigh name though.
>Ice Icevan sounds Valhallen enough.
>I take a lasgun from the corpse and begin to move
>I make sure to run everywhere, as long as I look like I am in a hurry most don't bother me.
>Still have to run slower than I like, I have to move like a mon'keigh after all
>I keep hearing from the Valhallens asking about the name Sgt.Yuri
>I swear I've heard that name before somewhere
>My pondering is interrupted when a mon'keigh commissar grabs me by the shoulder and tells me to get in the firing line
>Well might as well make the most of this roleplay as I can
>I'll just make a break for it if shit turns bad
>I stand shoulder to shoulder with other guardsman who don't seem into small talk
>We are standing behind barricades before a shut door
>A door that soon begins to creak and crack, only to be blown open as Chaos raptors burst through and charge at our line
>Our lasgun fire takes down a few of them, but some reach our line
>Eventually I end up stuck in melee with one
>I try stabbing at him with a bayonet, but it breaks on contact with the armor
>Mon'keigh garbage I tell you
>I am able to dodge any of its attacks much to the surprise of my new comrades
>Be Felinid mercenary captain Scarlett
>Things have really kicked off here
>Tau, Kroot, Chaos marines, traitor guard, and even the clown elves are raining down on the place from all angles
>Me and the Skitarii marshal help escort sergeant Yuri to a med station along side Zeta
>There’s something really satisfying about sniping a Tau through your scope
>Once he’s inside I pull out my comm bead and order my mercs to form up around me
>Usually in these types of situations it’s best to stick by Yuri’s side
>The Marshal leaves to presumably rally his own troops
>Ears pick up whine of imperial aircraft
>I warn Zeta about a potentially air strike inbound and suggest be find cover before it hits the base
File: avzgn946ix741.jpg (288 KB, 1191x1559)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
>Be Davvok of the IVth Legion, warshith of the 5th grand company, leader of te 1333rd, XXIInd and 6789th warbands
>XXIInd is reporting incredible success with their raptors but also the presents of a lone Ist legionare
>Tell him to keep me posted and an eye out for others
>The traitor guardsmen we brought along are also doing well apparently according to my tactical display of the situation
>Though more enemy combatants have also appeared I wonder if this means the nids have arrived yet?
>No time to worry now though as the Terrax pattern Termite Assult Drill breaches into the mordian command bunker
>Me and my 5 other terminators leave the drill and start mowing down loyalists
>I let rip my auto cannon and smash through any approaching loyalist with my power fist
>The hallways are only big enough for us to march in rows of two with the shoulders of our cataphractii pattern terminator armour scraping against the walls producing sparks
>My resident tech marine takes half the squad to disable the power generators leaving me with just two terminators
>We reach the doors to the command room and find a lone cybernetically enhanced guardsman in a mordian uniform with a power sword guarding it
>He clearly expects an honor duel, but by right hand bodyguard just blasts his knees out with his storm bolter
>We march forward to the door crushing his body underneath our boots.
>Be Valhallan Tanker Mikhail
>Have no tank
>Have no vehicle at all
>Have looted bolt pistol from misadventure
>Cheerfully blasting at raptors while strange looking Valhallan engages one in close combat
>Cheer him on and shoot the raptor he's fighting in the head
>Tell him Comrade Magos Zeta has been calling for us to do something important
>And Comrade Felinid seems agitated about something
>See allied Astartes tearing into enemy
>Cheer on Comrade Astartes too
>Hear massive crash from underground and get thrown to floor
>No matter
>Raptors are above anyway, shoot from here just as easy
File: Skitarii Choir.jpg (172 KB, 1024x863)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
>You’re uplinked to
[galvanic rifle fire]
>00110001 00110000 00110001 00101110 00110001
[serbery neigh]
>Where we play nothing but binaric hymns! binaric hymns! binaric hymns!
[pipe organ for 0.5 seconds]
>This ain’t your fabricator general’s noosphere
[Starts playing Imagine Dragons Radioactive]
>Be Alaric of the 26th chapter of the Dark Angels
>Eldar are backing off a trick no doubt to catch me off guard
>But perfect time to start killing the traitor forces as they attempt to fly in
>Nasty fighters but I dealt with worse among Luther's forces on Caliban
>These ones have clearly succumbed to some corruption the fools they are playing with forces beyond their control
>Was this the great power Horus promised them?
>All that to get burned in their own armor
>These underequipped auxilia seem bolstered by my presence I yell out to them to drive these traitors and xenos back with all their fury
>But where are all the legionaries?
>It's just me and the traitors
>There should be more astartes here with all this going on
>Maybe losses among loyalists was greater than originally thought at Terra
>No reason to dwell on it at this point, need to keep focused
>Hear crashing underground
>Well that can't be good
>Still no sign of any ranking officers
>But plenty of targets
>Be Sergeant Yuri
>Medic does quick work to fix my jaw no questions asked.
>Wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't her first time doing surgery in the middle of an active warzone.
>With my jaw fixed I leave the tent and return to the utter chaos outside.
>Mordians and Valhallans fighting traitor guard and tau.
>Watch Scarlett slit the throat of a kroot and Zeta 23 blast a chaos raptor out of the air causing it to crash into another raptor before they both hit a fuel depot that explodes
>Burning promethium splashing everywhere.
>Marshal IX-999 is nowhere in sight.
>Mauraders start bombing the jungle around us.
>About to give my orders to my surviving comrades when a frakking Trygon emerges from the swamp and starts barfing bio plasma all over one of the intact walls of the base.

>Be Exodite Varmara
>Today's been a very exciting but unproductive day
>It's not even evenin' yet
>Should be just up ahead
>Round a corner to some familiar but surprising sights
>The giant gat'oro and their riders are out on patrol, they don't normally do that
>T'whole village is a hive'a activity, like erryone's gearin' up for war
>Whadda the Imperials do this time tha's got 'em all so riled up?
>Spot a friend'a mine on one'a the gat'oro, Escobaria
>T'arlequins are here?
>Explains that scuffle a't island
>We're moving out against the croc'ari this evenin'?
>I'll be glad'a see 'em dead, but wha-
>I'm on the jockey roster?
>Nonononono, ya gotta be kiddin' me, w-
>The elders are on the phone to try an' finagle some Craftworld help?
>Do we really need 'em, it's just a loc-
>A Tyranid Hive Fleet is coming?
>Well, ya coulda started with that!
>'Splains a lot, ah s'pose.
>Fine, fine, I'll get mah wraithspear and report in ten
>Knew learnin' how'ta ride them would put my in combat one'a these days.
>And let the healer know ah need a new ear
>Gawds know I ain't had'nuff excitement fer a day
>Be Marauder Bomber Squadron 5 leader Basil.
>Bracker sent over four more squadrons to assist us.
>Twenty Marauder bombers begin flying over the Mordian base.
>Not all of us thankfully dropped our payloads immediately when we reached the planet.
>Order my bombers to start dropping their payloads.
>Only my three other comrades in squadron five drop their payloads.
>Fire bombs begin to fall onto the base.
>Once they land they detonate into a big puff of burning promethium that spreads around the area.
>The other squadrons begin to shoot at the enemy with their Marauder's guns.
>I laugh maniacally at our successful bombardment.
>They didn't even bring any anti air guns.
>Be Zeta-23
>A bloody big nid arrives just as Yuri is recovered
>Melts a wall
>And Scarlet is talking about an incoming air strike
>Start running towards a gap in the enemy lines
>It's going to be tight
>Try to vox Dark Angel and tell him there's an airstrike coming
>Hope I've got the right frequency
>Thankfully the Mordians are keeping the enemy forces busy for the most part
>Exit through a breach in the wall
>Parts of the swamp are on fire
>Start yelling to go where it's already burnt out and hurry
>Valhallans scrambling
>Hear marauders above
>Be Marauder Bomber Squadron 5 Leader Basil.
>Order all squadrons to open fire on the enemy base.
>I've got a bomb left so I drop it on the nearest enemy unit.
>Watch as a couple Mordian Guardsmen catch flame. The fire spreads quickly due to how promethium works.
>Cackle at how loud the screams are as my gunners open fire

>Be Lord Noctis.
>We've arrived at the enemy base.
>Twenty Marauders opening fire as some Valhallans are attempting to flee.
>Spot a few Tyranid lifeforms.
>Pull out my sabre and yell out.
>Hellhounds, Sentinels and foot troopers begin to open fire upon the Valhallans.
>All letting rip their flamers upon them.
>In the chaos I need to assess who the commander is and cut off his head.
>Order Rough Riders to spear anyone they see fit for now.
>Motorbikes rev as we go around to flank the enemy.
>The Rough Riders are laughing at the tops of their lungs as they prepare Lances and flamers.
File: beast.jpg (1.21 MB, 2953x3543)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
>Be Sergeant Ullor Flesh-Burner(formerly Eater) of the 122nd sacrificial Gor Herd
>Tau are strategically retreating
>Vox says airstrike is coming in
>Continue fighting in the base moved onto the chaos forces
>Casualties are in normal ranges
>Giant tyranid creature shows up
>Commissar orders half of us to cover the retreat of allied forces
>My squad is ordered to join the retreat and cover the commissar
>Keep burning any enemy I see
>See some traitor guardsmen on a big attempt to win a game of chicken with a minotaur
>Nobody won
>Last I see of the base is some small horned neophyte get reduced to bone by bioplasma
>Commissar tries to raise command for the fall back position
>Give praises to my squad as everyone was bloodied
>And the old gor still lives, killed at least 10 guys, mostly covered in blue blood now, still time to prove his devotion by dying for the Emperor
File: Neurothicctor.jpg (184 KB, 1280x1475)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
>Be Neurothicctor
>Don't know why the hive mind gave me mammaries
>Or these leggings and gloves
>Onii chan trygon bursts out from the ground and melts the wall of the of the biomass defenses
>Now its my turn to lead a group of gaunts into the fortress and start consuming
>This is my big debut but I'm worried I'm going to mess it up
>Momma norn queen says I'll do fine giving me the confidence I need to slither out of the swamp and towards the breach
File: Slaanesh Aqua.jpg (259 KB, 1421x1421)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
>Be Slaanesh
>Day 28 in the warp of triple N
>Just barely holding on
>The slightest thing could set me off at any moment
>See Tyranid in stockings with gloves

Myself have mercy. I'm about to BUST!!!
>Be felinid merc captain Scarlett.
>Yuri says its time to GTFO and I'm inclined to agree as a bunch of bugs lead by a brain bug wearing lingerie comes in through the breach in the wall.
>I vox my girls to start jumping into any sections of swamp that look deep enough and have relatively few enemies.
>Me, Yuri, and Zeta-23 run for the nearest hole in the wall fighting our way through traitor guard.
>I try my best to shoot any I can while sprinting.
>One on a motor bike is making his way towards Yuri and I try to shoot him but before I can we are all blasted forward into the swamp by the base exploding.

>I land face down in the mud but am otherwise fine.
>Don't know if the negligee nid made it out but I hope it didn't.
>I dealt with enough slaanesh shit on my last mission.
>Getting up, I wipe off the mud from my face, do a vox checking for everyone still alive and scan the area for targets.
>Be Lord Noctis.
>Finally found something to charge my rough riders into.
>Beast men covering their retreating Valhallans.
>They too use flamers.
>Finally a worthy opponent.
>I ride forward on my steel horse sabre ready as does my fellow whooping and hollering riders with their lances.
>Push into the goat men stabbing them as they cook my riders.
>Laughing maniacally all the while.
>Suddenly the Nids come into the base along with a weird fetish bait looking one.
>Come to think of it a Psyker in my regiment said Slaanesh was suffering during NNN.
>Rip the Dark Prince's streak, Khorne is probably going to laugh at them more than normal.
>My Hellhounds go to say hello to the Tyranids and begin to cook them, multi melta sponsons burning through any that don't get roasted by inferno cannons.
>Be Death Jester Malarai
>Disguised as Valhallan Guardsman Ice Icevan
>Engaged with a Chaos raptor when suddenly he gets his head blown off by a Valhallan with a bolt pistol named Mikhail
>I ask him where he got it and he just says "Misadvantures"
>He tells me that a Magos named Zeta has been calling for some important mission
>Hear over the vox that Chaos Terminators are in the base
>Suddenly decide that having only a Lasgun isn't funny anymore
>Order the flyers in my command to attack the Chaos bombers
>Since the Imperials don't seem to have an air presence
>With the exception of one of the Star weavers to drop me off my Shriker cannon
>Me and some other guardsmen begin to run over to where this Magos Zeta is
>Along the way, a starweaver passes over and throws my gun near me
>Pick it up and start blasting
>If anyone asks, I'll just say misadventures, works for Mikhail
>Eventually reach where Zeta, along with a fellinid merc and a mon'keigh I eventually gather is the Sergeant Yuri I have heard about
>Yuri is about to give orders, when suddenly a Trygon appears and melts part of the walls
>Yuri then tells us to run
>Alert my allies that Tyranids have made planet fall as I retreat with the others
>Velrani says she is finished up with the Orks and is on her way to my location
>Gaunts rush at our position, I mow down as many as I can with my cannon, but there are a lot
>We are also being attacked by motor-bike riding Chaos worshipers
>And damn near everything is on fire
>The awfulness of our situation is immensely funny, so I begin to laugh my shrill laugh
>I only laugh harder when an explosion blasts us away from the base
>I am able to land on my feet
>I climb up a tree and lock around
>I spot the Chaos worshipers fighting a force of horned mon'keigh
>Let the mon'keigh commanders know what I see
>Tell my starweaver to be on standby, I think I will want to leave soon
>Be Alaric of the 26th chapter of the Dark Angels
>Knee deep in traitor and xeno blood
>Melta out of ammo, had to resort to knife and bolt pistol
>Hear call for a retreat
>See some giant xeno creature break through the wall
>What is that monstrosity?
>And followed by more it seems
>Agree with the retreat idea, while I'm this outnumbered
>Regroup with the auxilia have to find the commanders that way
>Try to help all I can as the traitor riders run through burning all they can
>Abhuman forces taking a brunt of it, odd they seem like they weren't servitored
>Lost sight of the Eldar, no doubt planning an ambush I'll need to warn the commander
>Well should at least leave a parting favor
>I grab a bundle of the traitors krak grenades
>This should cause some fun
>I arm and throw them all in various directions at enemies before joining the retreat proper
>A farewell from the Ist
File: [REDACTED].jpg (48 KB, 1169x1115)
48 KB
>Be Ordo Chronos Inquisitor [REDACTED]
>Stand on the wall of the base waiting for the perfect opportunity to talk to Malari.
>While I try to come up with the righ thing to say without letting him know about [REDACTED] later and screwing up the timeline I watch him seal a Valhallan uniform and make his way to Yuri.
>This isn't good, if he's next to Yuri I cant talk to him wi--
>See a trigon come out of the swamp and start melting the wall next to mine
>Wait isn't that about whe--
>Jump off the wall into the water and swim to the nearest tree.
>Climb up it and watch as the base gets destroyed by chaos marauders.
>Watch everyone get launched into the swamp.
>See Malarai do a flip then scramble up the tree I'm in laughing
>Uhhhhh I totally knew he'd do that yep totally
>Slide down the tree a bit and clear my throat.
>My old high aeldari is a bit rusty but it should be well enough.
>What I say roughly translates to this in low gothic:

"Greetings mask wearer. I am titled [DATA EXPUNGED] but you may call me [REDACTED]. I have a roll for you this play that will lead to many flowers and sweet smells after the blood is washed away. Our strands of fate cross many times in the later. This is not a tree falling unseen in the garden cut by a stranger. I require your [Error 404] to stop a big disaster from befalling this sphere and others. Will you join me in the dance?"

>MFW I hope I got my pronunciation right.
>Be me Marauder Bomber Squadron 5 Leader Basil.
>As we finish up our gun and bombing runs we see some Eldar aircraft approaching.
>Well then twenty Marauders Vs however many flyers they have.
>Dog fights assume and we begin to dump twinlinked lascannon rounds into the enemy.
>They are fast flyers however and preform evasive manoeuvres against us.
>Thankfully the marauders have four heavy bolters to act as defense.
>Two mounted on the dorsal and two mounted in the rear.
>Vox to Bracker to bring the remaining five squadrons to assist.
>We'll wipe out our foes easier with numbers.

>Be Lord Noctis.
>Narrowly avoided getting shot by a cat girl.
>Wait a minute cat girls?
>Oh nice Felinds are on the planet.
>Might have to capture them and turn them into slaves.
>Though for now me and my riders have culled a good amount of Beast men.
>Suddenly grenades going off all around, have to swerve masterfully on my bike.
>Most rough riders don't make it leaving me with only twenty experienced riders left.
>Decide to start pursuing stragglers, don't want to wipe out my riders now.
>Leave the Beast men to the capable hands of the Scout Sentinels and their flamers and chainswords.
>Laugh maniacally as I shout out.
>Begin to ride after them once again.
>Get some voxes from my foot troopers about them suffering losses from the Mordians and nids and blah blah blah.
>It's fine.
>Just use your flamers.
>MFW having fun on motorbike
(Seriously when are the Imperial Guard going to get bike units?)
>Be Zeta-23
>Blown clear of exploding base and into some kind of low, damp vegetation
>Set auspex for commbead tags, trying to see who's still alive before I stick my head out
>Dark Angel, Yuri, and Scarlet are all in the area
>Most of the Valhallans made it out
>Seems like a friendly abhuman regiment was cutting up the tau on the other side back there
>Can't see Iron Warriors outside the base now
>Sit up and poke my head out of the bush
>There's a Valhallan with an eldar weapon in a tree
>Remember what the Inquisitor said
>See the Inquisitor there too
>This guy again
>He starts speaking weird
>Databanks glitch for a moment and inform me he's talking about trees in Eldar
>Okay I guess
>Stumble away to find Yuri and rally the Valhallans and Felinids before the Inquisitor can yell at me again
>Those chaos forces have to have a lander somewhere
>And maybe a motor pool even
>We still have to find whatever the hereteks are doing
>No idea where the Marshals are right now
>Just need to get a hard high-bandwidth link to the heretek construction or the chaos voxnet
>We still have this
>It's definitely fine
>See chaos bikers shooting and wielding lances
>It's not fine
>Start blasting with overcharged ballistic mechadendrites again
>Maybe we can commandeer a bike or two
>It's not tanks but it's not nothing
>Yell at the Dark Angel to shoot, for the love the Emperor
>See Valhallans moving into cover and starting to shoot
>At least bikes aren't built for swamps

>Be Skitarii Marshal 9s
>With Yuri secure In the medicae tent I leave and decide to rally my troops around the noosphere relay to defend it
>Still no response from our Magos explorator, she must be busy with the hive fleet elsewhere in the system

>Kill a couple Tau with my pistol
>No idea where 6676 Sigma wandered off to
>Said something about helping a cat stuck in a tree

>Tyranids breach the wall and zerg rush the relay
>Before they enter melee range the base is bombed
>I’m blasted back and land hard in a pile of what I pray to the omnissiah is mud despite how it smells.
>My augments let me survive the blast, but I’m definitely going to need repairs, a shower, and I can already tell not all my Skitarii survived.
>Zeta-23 voxes me for a status update and I tell him I’m alright and head to his location also try and see if any Skorpius Duneriders survived.
>With the Noosphere relay destroyed we’re going to have much more limited range of communication.
>I ask him if he knows were Marshal Derro is?
>Be Zeta-23
>Shooting at approaching bikers when Marshal 9s voxes me
>Tell him I don't know where Derro is and to beware Chaos bikers on approach
>Mark their position
>Ready myself to meet their charge as Valhallans begin suppressing in earnest
>Try to ping Derro on auspex or comms as background process
File: COS-4OK-3.jpg (248 KB, 2141x858)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
>Be Sergeant Yuri.
>Get blasted forward by the base exploding.
>Land in the mud, and skid forward hitting what I think is either a tree or a rock with my head.
>Not my first time surviving a massive explosion, but not my best landing.
>Try my best to get up but the mud is sucking me down.
>Finally pull myself up by grabbing onto a tree root.
>Pull myself up and wipe my forehead
>Probbably gonna need stitches later.
>Look around and see Zeta and Scarlett getting up.
>The surviving Valhallans gravitate towards me along with some of the Mordians.
>Probably because most of their superior officers died in that explosion.
>Even spot a couple of the enginseers and biologuses 9s brought in the crowd
>The mud's too deep for most vehicles, aside from the chaos bikers who don't seem too bothered.
>One of the Skorpius Duneriders hovers over, slamming into a couple bikers on the way then slaps down its ramp for me to climb aboard.
>Once inside I ask Marshal IX-999 if he could call down some of the proper hover tanks from the ark since they're the only vehicle that can work here without getting stuck?
>Be Sergeant Ullor Flesh-Burner(formerly Eater) of the 122nd sacrificial Gor Herd
>Ordered to start reinforcing(read standing in front of) the Valhallan lines as the bikers continue their charge
>Stopped hearing vox calls from the ones left behind to cover the retreat all assumed dead
>Rest of us are bracing for the charge, maybe around 5% of the minotaurs alive still but they are preparing to meet those bikes head on
>Us gors are going into instead shoot into them like civilized folks, well except the old gor who has grabbed two chainswords and plans on jumping into them head first
>All into the name of the Emperor
>Grab a lasgun I found laying around, not even sure if it's one of ours
>Commissar is heading over to speak to the magos as they load into a tank to get a better idea of what is going on
>Why do I feel like some sort of insane admech plan is coming and we'll be at the forefront
>Well if what I know of the Valhallans is true maybe they'll be at the front when their leaders are calling the shots
>Be Alaric of the 26th chapter of the Dark
>Make it to where they are making their stand in the swamp
>Bikers are not far behind but luckily I slowed them down a bit
>Mechanicum leader yells are me to shoot into them
>I yell back I'm out of ammo as he's loading into a tank
>Swamp is slowing those bikes down a bit
>Well sometimes you need to work with what you have
>Run over and crash directly into one
>Rider flies into the distance
>Rip the flamer off this bike and try to make sure it still fires
>Other bikers made it past me but are getting into the firing line
>See that swarm of xenos not far behind
>I'm never going to talk to someone in charge at this rate
>Be Warsmith Davvok of the IVth Legion, leader of the 5th grand company
>Kick down war room door and mow down the Mordian command staff, we paint their cogitators, databanks, and tactical displays with their blood and brains
>Afterwitch our sorcerer back at Inferno base voxes me, saying Slaanesh quote: "Is about to bust a fat nut all over this world."
>Things are going to get very slaaneshy here soon.
>Make a call to check if the warp smiths and hereteks are done with their little project yet and they say not yet but almost.
>Start making our way back to the Terrax pattern termite assault drill to return to Inferno Base and am about to vox my tech marine and his squad to do the same, when suddenly the bunker shakes and some weakened tunnels collapse.
>I ask what happened on the surface and get a response from Marauder Bomber Squadron 5 Leader Basil, saying they've successfully destroyed the Mordian base and a tyranid trygon
>I commend him for a job well done only to be cut off as he engages with eldar aircraft.
>Just then 3 Raveners dig through the rubble on our left and hiss at us.
>I reload my assault cannon and hear my right hand bodyguard do the same with his storm bolter, and the one on the left with his heavy flamer.

>Be Lord Noctis.
>The Beastmen begin to charge at as along with a dark angel.
>Said Marine ends up shoulder bashing a very ambitious rider and taking off his flamer.
>Vox for help from the Malcador Infernus just as the Scout Sentinels make their way in to join us.
>My riders slow somewhat as to allow the sentinels to move up faster.
>They go into the lines of minotaurs and begin to slash and burn them.
>Anything the Sentinels don't get, we skewer with Lances.
>I lop off some heads with my sabre as we continue our assault.
>Soon enough our Malcador Infernus joins us and opens fire with its heavy stubber and two Lascannons, firing into the enemy.
>Too many of us for it to use its inferno cannon so it has to be precise with its other weapons.
>The enemy seems confused on how well we are able to ride motorcycles in this swamp.
>It's called burning down the terrain to give vehicles that nice bit of land to go across.
>Well that and also being exceptionally skilled bikers.
>Be Shadowseer Velrani
>Keep getting reports from Malarai's force that they are locked in a huge air battle
>Order a lot of a fliers from Croc'ari extermination duty to the battle, we have wiped out a large chunk of their villages anyway
>As I get close to their locations I see the air battle
>Harlequin and mon'keigh aircraft litter the sky
>Since our aircraft generally hits harder, but we are outnumbered, I focus on using my powers to make illusions and hide our aircraft
>Malarai reports more infantry on the ground, so I send Flameweavers (voidweavers modified with heavy fusion guns) down to the ground, they aren't gonna help in a air battle
>Hope whatever Malarai is doing isn't some insane joke

>Be Death Jester Malarai
>Disguised as Valhallan Guardsman Ice Icevan
>Suddenly realize that Inquisitor from earlier is standing next to me
>He begins speaking in a butchery of high Aeldari
>It doesn't help that he is trying to speak poetically
>From what I gather, he wants to work with us, and that he needs... something to prevent a disaster
>Couldn't make out what he said
>Don't know what he means fully, but if it makes the Imperials stop shooting us, that's fine by me
>Beyond basic phrases, my low gothic is rough, but I try to make it work
>Should could out as something like

"Our story must end with the Great Devourer crippled or slain. Your warriors will help serve this purpose. We will discuss your plan further when we are in a calmer act of this story. For now, avoid my the embrace of my namesake"
>By Cegorach I hate doing the poetic bullshit for Khaine-damned mon'keigh
>Get a report from Velrani that she has joined with the rest of our flyers in the air battle, and she sees no Imperial craft up there
>Since it looks like I am working with the mon'keigh for now, I tell my star weaver to fly up and support them
>But not before flying by and throwing me my mask
>I catch it mid air and put it on my face, no time for the jacket so I am stuck with the Valahallan look
>I look back at the Inquisitor, and having no time for poetry I say

"Also, I assume the lone marine is with you, tell him to stop melting my warriors. Second, my air forces are alone up there, so tell your primitive pilots to make like a play and get their act together."

>I then leap off the tree and head firing line against the bikes
>Hope the inquisitor gets his men under control, because I am done moving like a mon'keigh
>Be Zeta-23
>Firing at bikers while moving to dunerider
>Dark Angel with commandeered flamer and Beastman charge are keeping them off the Valhallans for the most part
>Databanks glitch but I don't seize
>Random vox file unlocks dated 20 years ahead
Our story must end with the Great Devourer crippled or slain.eldar
>Okay I guess
>Make it close enough to the Dunerider to hear Yuri asking for some actual tanks
>Tell him Eldar are here for the nids and not to fight us, we should aid or at *least* disregard them for now
>Use internal vox to tell our forces and allies too
>Hope that's what that meant anyway
>See some chaos aircraft taking fire from something less visible
>Think that's the eldar
>Don't have time to worry about it, trying to signal Valhallans and Mordians to rally at Duneriders to move the fuck out
>The few remaining guard base systems detect more nids entering
>Suggest to Marshal 9s the Ark might find a closer LZ wherever the chaos forces put all these bikes and shit down down
>Looking at their angle of attack, seems like they came from somewhere not directly towards the Iron Warriors camp but not far off that path either
>Share this with the Marshal and Yuri, it's really a command decision anyway
>Start blasting over the side of the transport with mechadendrites while remaining forces form up
>Still no word from Derro

>Be me
>Colonel Farragut of the Imperial Postal Inspection and Protection Service
>Flying through the void, making a delivery
>Drinking some vodka while I do, that Valhallan drink is good stuff
>Also helps me cope whenever I inevitably get sent to some warzone being invaded by one of the Imperium's many enemies
>Currently on my way to deliver winter valhallan uniforms to a Frozen World, Y’Es II, flashlights aren't enough to keep guardmen warm after all
>Though the receiving unit is Valhallan, so I think winter uniforms are a bit redundant
>Delivery order also includes orders for the CO to immediately put them on for a snap inspection from a general who's arriving later
>Also have a large box from the Inquisition that's supposed to be delivered to the same place, covered in [REDACTED] and DO NOT OPEN signs
>A crewman who said he'd try to open it earlier has already disappeared from the ship, the rest have gotten the point
>Also have several baneblade tanks with a blank addressee
>Someone's getting executed for that one. Thankfully not me, so I'll just hand them out to the nearest guard I find. Should be useful on a frozen world.
>Finally emerge from the warp over the world
>It's not frozen
>It's a swamp world
>Check when the winter uniforms were first sent
>Quickly look up the Lexicanum entry for Y'Es II
>Y'Es II is perhaps most infamous for a titanic battle between an invading Ork Waagh and the defending Valhallans[1], who heroically sacrificed themselves by detonating their ancient fortresses fusion reactors[2], forcing the planet's dormant volcano system to erupt[3], melting the ice and flooding the entire planet[4], and utterly destroying the invading greenskin horde[4]. Today the world is noted for being a particularly odious swamp. [5,6,7].
>As I recheck the viewscreen I also notice warning signs over Tau, Chaos, and incoming Tyranids.
>The post must be delivered
File: MalcadorInfernus1.png (1.11 MB, 1095x481)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
>Be Lord Noctis.
>My rough riders are doing well against the Beastmen, some have even breached through and used the speed to get towards the Valhallans properly.
>Spot two Scout Sentinels charge the Marine, chainswords revved and flamers bellowing out promethium.
>The Malcador Infernus keeps firing off shots after shots of heavy stubber and lascannon fire into the retreating foe.
>Really want it to fire off its Inferno cannon.
>Yell out to my riders and scout sentinels not going for the marine to fall back.
>Lose a couple more riders and some sentinels but with us finally cleared away I yell at the Malcador.
>The tank crew laughs inside the tank and lets loose the Malcador's Infernus cannon.
>Scorching the Beastmen, two sentinels and marine with burning hot promethium.
>Even catching some more of the wild life on fire.
>This sort of tactic is why we were heavily sanctioned by the higher ups.
>Most world's the Imperium wants must be somewhat inhabitable after being reclaimed.
>We however like the Tyranids destroy everything on a planet with fire so that nothing is left.
>Also should mention that our home planet of Burmars tends to have a high rate of Pyromania diagnosed as their mental illness.
>Pyromania's been in my family for generations.
>Gods do I love that smell coming from the Malcador Infernus.
>Order my men to assist by firing their own flamers or las pistols.
>It's up to them really.
>Be Ordo Chronos Inquisitor [REDACTED].
>Malarai responds in low gothic.
>"Our story must end with the Great Devourer crippled or slain. Your warriors will help serve this purpose. We will discuss your plan further when we are in a calmer act of this story. For now, avoid my the embrace of my namesake"
>He responded in gothic, low gothic, DEATH JESTER MALARIA UNDERSTANDS LOW GOTHIC!?
“Are you [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] serious!? So during [DATA EXPUNGED], [HYPERLINK BLOCKED], and the [DATA PURGED] campaign you understood me!?”
“I had to learn the Eldar version of Shakespeare just go to form battle plans with you!”

>A starweaver flies in rustling the leaves and tosses him his mask that he catches them turns back to me.

>"Also, I assume the lone marine is with you, tell him to stop melting my warriors. Second, my air forces are alone up there, so tell your primitive pilots to make like a play and get their act together."
>And he can also [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] talk normally when he wants to.
>Of course.
>I can’t even go into how long it takes me to decipher his riddles that reference Eldar mythology and history because we don’t have time.
>For now I just tell him he turns into a real dick in [CENSORED] years and jump into the starweaver with him, then give the pilot directions to a crashed Mechanicum vessel that contains an artifact we need to destroy before [DATA EXPUNGED].
>Be nameless munitorum clerk
>Stuck in the backroom of some ancient logistics hub
>No one told me how to do my job
>They just sat me at this desk and told me to do it
>May as well start at the beginning
>Start clearing out backlogs upon backlogs of orders
>Just make the books look good
>Good books makes the warehouse look good
>Which makes the boss look good
>Happy boss takes most of the credit
>Boss kicks me a small sliver of recognition
>Named "Conscript of the Day"
>Get a gold star purity seal stamped to my desk
>Feels decent man
>I'm sure the guys that get those shipments will be relieved to get them after waiting so long
>Be Marauder Bomber pilot Bracket.
>Finally arrived to assist Basil and the other Squadrons.
>Forty Marauder Bombers Vs the Skyweavers of the Eldar.
>Vox to Basil to keep at it, we're going to have some fun.
>He agrees and my gunners begin to open fire on the enemy.

>Be Marauder Bomber Squadron 5 Leader Basil
>Received some praise from our Iron Warriors allies for our bombing runs
>Had to cut off to focus on Eldar but it feels rather nice.
>Wonder if his warband are allies with The Despoiler.
>Bracker and his squadrons finally arrived and are assisting us in firing upon the enemy.
>We take down some of their planes for each one of ours they take.
>Marauders that end up going down but not blown up in the sky try to aim for areas of the swamp not on fire.
>The explosion will cause more swamp fires.
>Actually that's a lot of smoke around, wow we really did a number on the world
>Be Zeta-23
>Most of the guardsman and skitarii are aboard Duneriders and moving out, making a solid fighting retreat
>Some bikes break through the beastmen
>A fucking Malcador moves up and fires an inferno cannon scorching the front ranks of the beastmen and the marine
>Activate all sensors to see who's still alive
>Sensors were my original speciality but I can basically just see fire
>Boosted internal auspex detects new imperial ship on approach
>Overload my vox to send a request for a strike on the end of the base closest to the fighting, advice Valhallans and skitarii are close but moving away
>Send coordinates and pray to the Omnissiah they're bloody precise
>Vox everyone else to frakking move it
>Duneriders are faster than bikes over the swamp, even if they burn everything down, but not by much
>Take out the nearest biker with a lucky headshot right as he would've run over a Valhallan
>Decide not to mention I was aiming for the one behind him
>Be Lord Noctis.
>The Malcador Infernus The Emperor that Weeps continues to lay down it's inferno cannon.
>Eventually it clears up and allows us to ride after the retreating Valhallans and skitarii on duneriders.
>See a tech priest dome one of my riders taking him off his bike.
>They are faster than our bikes as well making me extra big mad.
>Order the Scout Sentinels to run along with us.
>Receive vox signals from Hellhounds about them basically just cooking nids.
>Tell them to save as much meat as they can, that'll make for some good rations when we get back up into space to continue our crusade of arson.
>Turn my attention on that damned tech priest.
>Riding with what's left of my riders after them.
>Doing pretty sick jumps over destroyed pieces of burning terrain.
>Feeling like Evel Knievel right about now.
>Can I jump onto a dunerider using only my bike and a decent ramp?
>Well better find a decent ramp in the swamp then.
>Might be easier said than done due to how most of its on fire.
>I just hope that unlike Knievel I don't shatter all of my bones upon landing after the jump.
>If I can even find the ramp to jump from.
>Be Alaric of the 26th chapter of the Dark Angels
>The traitors are relentless
>Bikers and sentinels keep attacking
>Long since ran out of ammo in my commandeered flamer
>Now just using a chainsword I ripped from a sentinel
>Still close to being overrun need to fall back
>Especially as a Malcador is moving up burning the abhumans around me
>Hear again on the vox to move out decide hitch a ride on one of the mechanicum tanks
>Knock on the side to ask the pilot where their commander is
>Hope he actually speaks with words instead of binary
>Be Sergeant Ullor Flesh-Burner(formerly Eater) of the 122nd sacrificial Gor Herd
>The bikes are tearing into us but we hold and fight hard
>Old Gor finally died
>Impaled on a lance as he dragged himself to decapitate the wielder
>A fitting death in this action
>Commissar once again gives another call to cover a retreat
>We're down do around 35% strength
>Half ordered to cover
>My squad is assigned to accompany the commissar in the retreat
>Will be ready to lay down our lives for him
>Young gor give an idea, one the commissar agrees with
>Orders go out to the ones left behind to start spilling as much fuel and promethium out of the enemies bikes and weapons as possible
>And set the swamp ablaze once allied forces are clear in order to delay their advance
>Whatever happened to the tau?
>Guess it doesn't matter anymore
>One of the few surviving minotaur's is following along, ordered now as the commissars personal bodyguard
>Lost a few servos in my arm it's a bit stiff now, I wonder if they'll be mad if I steal one of the dead skitarii's arms
>Be Trooper Mikhail
>Escape base before it is overrun then bombed thanks to timely warnings
>Even managed to bag chaos marine while he was distracted
>Nearly exploded on way out but no matter, duck in swamp to avoid fireball
>Old Valhallan trick, work better with snow
>Then fighting chaos bikers
>They are cut into by beastman comrades but punch through while retreat is called to Mechanicus transports
>Almost run over but Comrade Zeta gets good shot, saves me
>Commandeer bike and gun it
>Head towards Zeta and Yuri's dunerider to join convoy as it leaves
>Grab random female who missed ride, swing her onto back of bike, do not stop to check who
>Feel like intergalactic man of action on recruitment poster
>Drill Instructors say Misha, this will never happen
>"You will be latrine duty forever, regimental whipping boy at best"
>Who is laughing now?
>Well it is actually chaos force behind me
>Hand passenger lady bolt pistol gained from previous misadventures so as to focus
>Drive bike even harder, taking risks like chaos raptor on proscribed drug
>It's not a Russ but it still feels good

Looks like we've hit the wall on time lads
If Yuri would like to pick us up again tomorrow or the next day I'll be watching
>Be Nemesor Zahndrekh
>Be cruising through the void on campaign when I receive a telegram from one of the rebellious dynasties inviting me to a feast.
“Absolute smashing! What better way to broker peace than with a glorious banquet! Wouldn’t you agree Obyron old friend?”
>My body guard just grumbles to himself.
>I order the helmsman to make our way to the coordinates with all do haste.
>Upon arrival I find much to my horror that is in fact two dynasties fighting amongst each other.
>One having resorted to the most distasteful act of cannibalism
>I certainly hope these aren’t our hosts as I find Necrontyr flesh most unpleasant since my brief partaking of a soldier’s legs on one campaign were we ran out of rations.
>I puke at the sight especially since these chaps are eating the meat raw.
>Decide to send down a couple warriors. and arks to deal with the cannibal dynasty.
>Once this is sorted out I do so look forward to celebrating this “Feast of Em-Ra’s Ask-Tenshun.”
Yuri here. Thanks for telling me. I’ll make one tomorrow so we can rap everything up. Thanks to everyone who takes part and keeps these going while I’m at work.

Anyone archive this one yet?
>Anyone archive this one yet?
Looks like someone got it early but it doesn't have all the posts; not sure if this updates over time or if it assumes the thread died after no activity for an hour or something
it just updated after I posted this
we're good
Will be on tomorrow but won't be as early as I'd like
Looking forward to it

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