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File: JumpManinFallenParis.png (7.44 MB, 4103x3004)
7.44 MB
7.44 MB PNG
Cornered with nowhere to go Edition

>What is this?
EXPEDITION - an ~1870s era, Jules Verne-inspired retro-futurist, underground blood storm hellscape.
It is a Skirmish wargame. Two players with their own expeditions, on a hexgrid map, fight each other for victory.
A campaign mode is planned, and coming closer.

3 versions of the rules exist, TWO of which have been playtested:
>1e - proof of concept, recently updated with unit stats
>2e - lead by 2e anon, playtests started, ~60% done.
>3e - Replaced 4e because it died. Spearheaded by 3e anon, needs more playtests, rules present in the doc

>What can I do?
Shitpost, meme, get comfy. Read over the docs to settle in.
Familiarize yourself with rules and plan some playtests.
Contribute if you have ideas. Give feedback on contributions if you don't.

> TQ : How much base building would you like seeing in the Campaign mode? What buildings could be built by an Expedition?

File: 1e.pdf (346 KB, PDF)
346 KB
346 KB PDF
>TL;DR Doc
>Main Lore Doc, including links to anon-written short stories and additional lore in "Recommended..." section
>2e Main Rule Book, Expedition & Tokens. Mu, Duosicilians & Lemuria soon to be added!
> Unit Spreadsheet - Currently outdated, requires an update
>Unit Design Doc
File: OG.png (6.49 MB, 3450x3450)
6.49 MB
6.49 MB PNG
File: NPC6.png (261 KB, 536x807)
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261 KB PNG
Couldn't get as much done this night as I wanted, did this and started writing down some ideas for the campaign system, what I had done earlier got wiped during an outage apparently, but anyways I'm kinda glad, it was overly complicated and I've had a few ideas to simplify it since. Will work on it more today and post it this evening.
Did we come up with some specific mechanical theme or rule for Lemurs, or are they just lethal fuckers? Giving them Terror seems pretty obvious but was there something else?
File: Tripods.jpg (60 KB, 800x600)
60 KB
Oh and I guess secondary TQ
> 2e isn't far from having its "2nd Wave" done, so we should start taking the pulse on the "too many faction" front pulse. The two other factions besides the ones currently in the mediafire or in works that I really want to see done are the Sky-Clans and Hyperborea. I could push them back to later if anons here really wanted something else done first. This leaves :
> Tsardom
> Ottomans
> Austro-Hungarians
> Tai-Pei Heavenly Kingdom
> Satsuma-Japan
> Triple Alliance
> Is there anything you guys want me to do first before moving onto Sky-Clans and Hyperborea? Anything you strongly feel we should cut?
I'll just reiterate my suggestion to fold the Holy League into France as the Pope and his French and international supporters. Tsardom, Japan and Austria-Hungary have been relegated to later additions, which I'm fine with.
> Triple Alliance
My man, it's just the German-Austro-Italian alliance. Like the real one, but Italy is decidely less likely to betray them for France here. Not to be confused with the one from the Paraguayan War, which was Brazil-Argentina-Uruguay.
Germany's status is that they don't have direct presense in Agartha at the moment, so any inclusion can be postponed. Nothing was really planned for Germany, so I'm a bit of a loss with them. On one hand, it would be weird for them to not be relevant at some point, especially when Austria is, but on the other, it's an extra faction. Honestly, we could just fold any potential Austro-Hungarian and German units into Italy as their allies if we really want to cut out some fat.
Ottomans seems like the one faction that could be included sooner rather than later (they have actual units and stuff), but I have no strong feelings about it.
File: FirebreathingCavesaur.jpg (69 KB, 851x457)
69 KB
>My man, it's just the German-Austro-Italian alliance
Meant Holy League, sorry for the confusion. Too fucking tired.
>I'll just reiterate my suggestion to fold the Holy League into France as the Pope and his French and international supporters.
I am fine with this. Anyone else?
>Ottomans seems like the one faction that could be included sooner rather than later (they have actual units and stuff), but I have no strong feelings about it.
IIRC they have very few units on the doc or compasses so it would likely be a quick one.
File: stinker_gorg_scan.png (204 KB, 347x400)
204 KB
204 KB PNG
Gonna run another test game in 2e in an hour or so, any last minute rules pushes you want to put up?
Game fell through since opponent had limited time, but I've now introduced 3 members of my tabletop group to Agartha. I'm thinking it might be fun to scribble up a hexmap and have them do some sort of race to the finish campaign where they try to get to the source of a river or a cool location or something.
File: Napoleon.png (3.79 MB, 1920x1280)
3.79 MB
3.79 MB PNG
Sorry, slept most of the day. Not much as changed rule wise since your last game, at least not in any way that can be implemented yet.
Were you the anon who mentioned he usually played more hexcrawl/dungeoncrawl than tabletop normally? If so, do you have any recommendation for a procedural hexcrawl game? Looking for inspiration.
File: queen2.png (1.13 MB, 638x826)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
Nothing procedural, but have you ever heard of DrawHexGrid.exe?
It has innumerable settings for every type of hex you would want to make, and you can use it to turn anything into a hexgrid if you know how to use ms paint.
Like Queen Victoria
File: file.png (1.44 MB, 1024x1024)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
>The old world echos through bones to get me high
I kept internally snickering about to this lyric, and then realized that the entire song is an accurate description of a Hyperborean invasion, misinterpretation of "high" included.
The actual cover is overdesigned enough to pass for AIslop too, lmao.
>swordswoman armored with world war 1 technology, tearing through the fog / this sword brings light, roman legionaires with world war 1 technology, descending from above, This golden storm engulfs every open space within the sky,
Thank you! Will check it more tomorrow, seems like it could come in handy.
Ottomans would be cool with the whole husking thing, I think they have the most amount of units out of everyone on that list. Everyone else can probably be left alone for now, maybe incorporated into the merc armies if anyone wants to see their units urgently.
File: Campaignrules.png (55 KB, 585x817)
55 KB
Seems like Ottomans are going to be the next Colonial faction. It'll be good to set down Husks and Necromancy once and for all.
In regards to the campaign system, here's what I'm coming up with. Really preliminary stuff, I want to keep stuff easily changeable until I set down the "tile procedural rules" portion of it, I feel its going to determine a lot of it. I'm thinking campaigns will be set in a specific Biome which will tell you what tile set and tables to roll on for Critters and stuff.
Campaign rules

- An expedition may move 1 Hex on the Campaign map each turn. (unless specified otherwise by an event/explored location)
- An expedition which only contains 5+ Movement models (or have their models mounted or loaded as equipment in another model with 5+ Movement) may move 1 additional Hex.
- An Expedition in which all models, including Mounts, have eaten Rations this turn may move 1 additional Hex.

Tabletop Games
- If two Expedition end up on the same Hex, they must resolve a battle. If neither wishes to attack the other, players may choose to play any other scenario than Battle Royale.
- An Expedition may mount quick Raids against close-by Expeditions. A Raid may attack an Expedition adjacent to its own. If all models in a Raid are 5+ Movement models (or have their models mounted or loaded as equipment in another model with 5+ Movement) its may Raid 1 additional Hex away. Lastly, if all models in a Raid are Well Fed its may Raid 1 additional Hex away.
File: 3rdLayerUpdated.png (449 KB, 1500x740)
449 KB
449 KB PNG
Campaign Map
- Apart from campaign scenarios, objectives or special locations, a Campaign map will be filled with empty Hexes. By default, theses Hexes are “revealed” as players move into them (explored locations may allow you to reveal Hexes in advance).

Exploration & Locations
An Expedition may Explore the Hexes in which it currently is in order to find treasure, assistance and hidden paths.

Each member of your Expedition must be fed every turn in order to remain at peak effectiveness. The Expedition Roster will allow you to track if a Model is Well Fed or Hungry. By default, if you cannot feed a model which is already Hungry, you must remove that model from your Expedition.
do you intend to have any rules for splitting expeditions or establishing colonies/base camps?
>splitting expeditions
I'd like to try and stay away from that by default, this is why I put in the Raid thing.
>establishing colonies/base camps?
I'd like to also include some system to represent having established a working logistical line back to your Expedition's homebase, and slowly losing that as you go further. Something so that Expeditions that take special ways of getting around like the Airship or boats or whatever have a harder time to establish (to compensate for them having better ways of getting around).
Also, proposal for the Mummy Tongue thingie.
> Mummy Tongue : Counts as a Medkit, however if you succeed the Heal Test do not remove this Equipment, it can be used again. If the result was a Critical, the next time you use this equipment you may either remove all Wounds on the model Healed or put back into play a friendly model that was killed previously during this game with no Wounds on his Profile (this only affect the original model and not its Mount, you may have to adjust the profile in consequence), then remove this Equipment.
Does this fit with the story?
File: 1696380599664456.jpg (185 KB, 1024x1024)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
Also, since I'm leaning toward keeping your Expedition fed as form of "Upkeep", and so Expeditions will have to have a fair reserve of Rations (more than individual models can hold as of now anyways) as well as ways to semi-reliably get them, I'm thinking that every Expedition should start with a bonus horse-drawn cart, which could hold say 20 Equipement, and which horses could later be turned into food if necessary.
and also, a "Hunting" task (tasks are "actions" done by an Expedition on the Expedition Map, Exploring or Building are other Tasks, I'm thinking once you have moved your Expedition you can assign its members to Tasks).
> Hunting : Add the Labour stat of all members assigned to this Task. For each 10 points pooled this way, roll a d10. On a result of 1, 5 or 10, gain that many Rations.
I think there was also the implied danger of the subject turning into some sort of hostile creature/being possessed by some hostile entity after the Mummy Tongue is applied to the dead person.
>We only have the inscriptions to go by. Could unleash something else on the world.
>I make sure not to look at the stone as I place it under Ms. Elizabeth Heilig-Shultz's dead tongue and close her mouth. Send a silent apology to her spirit, a silent prayer to God.
And when Beuchamp sees her next morning he instantly notes that she is "close enough to bite" him and aims his pistol at Elizabeth under the table.
What if the resurrected model has to do a Discipline test after being placed on the field and turns hostile on failure?
File: hong_dick_flattening.png (695 KB, 1080x909)
695 KB
695 KB PNG
Alright, here's the Taiping lore hook:
In 1864, after the dreadful massacre of the Manchus of Beijing, Hong Xiuquan, the younger brother of Christ, ascended to heaven and came back wrong.
Ever since, the cooler heads of the Taiping movement, represented by the government of Hong Rengan (himself essentially a mainline Protestant), have had to thread a terrible needle. Several, in fact. They seek to pursue a reformist program of modernization, urgently needed to preserve their country's independence and rebuild its prosperity; to secure the recognition and respect of a largely hostile West without compromising their principles, offending the masses, or becoming puppets; and to harness the indispensable popularity and terrible power of a beloved leader who now terrifies and disturbs them—all while keeping him happy enough not to kill them.
Beneath it all lies the existential dread of Hyperborean influence—to be reduced, concealed, denied, at least by Hong Rengan's faction. But do they need it more than they would like to admit? Can they yet turn back from the abyss above?
Meanwhile, within the Forbidden City, the New King broods and changes. In his visions of heaven, he used to see his dead children—but no longer. Now, the things he sees are too terrible, too wonderful. Deep down, he doubts his ability to fulfill God's plan. Deep down, he knows something is wrong.
File: Cultivatedprof.png (84 KB, 532x820)
84 KB
>What if the resurrected model has to do a Discipline test after being placed on the field and turns hostile on failure?
Ok I'll try to work that in.
Meanwhile I took another stab at the Cultivated. So this would make him a support model that you want to keep alive throughout a Campaign in order to get him to spawn as much Artefacts as possible. Gave him three health boxes because otherwise he'll get shot the first game every game. This means its much more intended for campaign play or between friends that will agree to transfer items generated from one game to another.
For the other two Artefacts mentioned, I went with
Hairless Monkey Paw : Counts as Material for the purpose of building tests, however if you succeed the Building Test do not remove this Equipment, it can be used again. If the result was a Critical, the next time you use this equipment you automatically build any Building without making a Labour roll, regardless of Material Cost, then remove this Equipment
> Cultivated Eye : Models equipped with this item gain +2 Awareness (up to 9) whenever they need to Test it. If the test was failed, remove this item afterwards. If the result was a Critical result, permanently increase its wearer’s Awareness by 1 and then remove this item.
Nice. will add it to the timeline and the World book.
On the table: Lots of fragile models whose stats are fairly poor (Taiping Footsoldier, Paper Soldier) to medium (Tribal Swordsman, Tiger Soldier, Terracotta Penitent), which can be made more useful through judicious application of buffs (Standard-Bearer, State Exorcist) and support from high-quality Western-style units (Inexorable Host Regular). Demands an aggressive playstyle with little room for hesitation.
File: TaipingStarted.png (77 KB, 546x740)
77 KB
Good stuff, will start working on it, unless you want to do it yourself. Otherwise you can just keep feeding me stuff.
I actually have some more stuff typed up as bullet points. I will try to hammer it into more complete lore in the near future.
Oh you can pump out the lore and units name and mechanics, I'll just put it down to paper.
File: Star Ancestor.jpg (253 KB, 1024x1024)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
File: Enchantressprof.png (77 KB, 546x796)
77 KB
And the Enchantress to go with it. You don't need the Cultivated since she allows you to purchase the Artefacts herself but over a campaign it might be a good idea.
>Demands an aggressive playstyle with little room for hesitation.
I've been thinking. Do you want this represented as a gimmick rule or as something else? It could be represented easily by having very low Discipline and little Dread management so you are forced to win quicker or else suffer seeing your Expedition crumble.
A gimmick rule could also be "Discipline" themed. Since it seems to be a "spam" army you could probably have them have some form of Dread mitigation upon getting models killed, but you don't lower Dread at the end of the turn normally, so whatever Dread you take you can't shake off, and it becomes a sort of clock...
Or something else entirely?
I'd been thinking of them as a highly motivated but poorly equipped lower end plus glass cannons, as opposed to strictly low-morale chaff, but I actually rather like the idea of having to keep the momentum up, and that's a clever way to implement it. Maybe the darkness tests their faith unless they keep advancing?
One battle mechanic I'd penciled in is the "black standard", which declares a "no step back" advance when raised. (e.g., if any affected pieces move away from enemies, you start to suffer mass panic.) Dread mitigation on martyrdom works nicely, too.
Also, I've added a bunch of stuff to the Taiping section of the lore google doc.
Cool I'll have a look.
>One battle mechanic I'd penciled in is the "black standard", which declares a "no step back" advance when raised.
Would this be a special equipment or a special ability for Leaders/Specialist units?
So, in regards to the Campaign, I'm thinking we could have the "master" table, i.e. the first one you roll on and determines most of the rest be the Biome in which the Campaign takes place. Players agree to play a specific Campaign Scenario, then on a Layer in which it takes place.
Map tiles can be coded as "Light Vegetation" and "Dense Vegetation" and etc and given the Biome chosen these turns into "Woods" or "Jungle" and have additional rules to represent them. So an "Flat/Easy" terrain tile for a Temperate Biome can be a Plain while in Volcanic its an Ash Waste or whatever.

Would this be relatively accurate for the main Biomes of each Layers? Cavernous stands for any low-lighting closed off environment. I put in Time Anomaly in there because it might be fun, and I figure a Time Vortex probably fucks around a lot with the local climate.

3rd layer : Temperate, Humid, Volcanic, Lichen Jungles
4th layer : Arid, Desertic, Temperate, Time Anomaly
5th layer : Aquatic, Lichen Jungles, Shroom Forests, Cavernous, Time Anomaly
6th layer : Temperate, Humid, Cavernous, Desertic
7th layer : Cavernous, Shroom Forests.
8th Layer : Cavernous
9th Layer : Arctic
>Time Anomaly
I'm imagining it as something like Moulin from FL if anyone else has played that part.
I could also just have it be an Anomalous Area and Time Vortices are just a type of anomaly found in those? That would allow us to have it pop in a few other spot as well.
I'm thinking I might make it so campaign maps can shift between Biomes (representing a frontier area). And that some Biomes are more frequent than others...
File: Clatterwaul.png (1.72 MB, 1739x1004)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
>I could also just have it be an Anomalous Area and Time Vortices are just a type of anomaly found in those?
That makes more sense yeah.
File: terracotta statue.jpg (41 KB, 564x846)
41 KB
>He doesn't recognize his true lord and savior
Okay, get in.
File: TaipingFoot1.png (98 KB, 256x256)
98 KB
Anything more specific for the units?
bump before work.
Activatable ability for the standard-bearer (hero), who normally grants a less impactful buff.
Soon, work's been nuts. I'll be able to pay proper attention to it this evening.
Cool, thanks! Even if its piecemeal it'll be more than fine.
Pretty sure we had ideas for terracotta golems, people with terracotta prosthetics, that sort of thing.
File: IMG_20231108_174142.jpg (397 KB, 1600x960)
397 KB
397 KB JPG
Shitty pic quality but I stopped by the LGS and they had a clearance sale on D&d minis, so I thought I might start a Morlock spam army. Gonna build some walls "hexes" out of styrofoam I think.
What models are you using for morlocks? I looked all over for cheap fishmen but nothing satisfied me.
D&d primed Grungs, Kuo-toa & Locathah. They are pretty small apart from the Kuo-toa but I guess that'll play into the "they die to anything" schtick they've got going on. The Grungs are 6.99 for 3, others is 6.99 for 2.
I also bought a pair of Raptors, a Shark (for the sand shark) and a Giant Dragonfly for critters.
File: Taiping4.jpg (731 KB, 1024x717)
731 KB
731 KB JPG
Bump (sadly had no time to do shit this evening)
Incredibly based. Who won?
Yeah, they're in there, but not the list's main thing.
Anyway, here's what I have so far on the Taiping units.
oh, didn't play a game yet, these are both my minis, I'm getting a board up to introduce some of my lgs friends to it.
bump (will post some stuff later)
File: IMG_20231109_150731.jpg (447 KB, 1600x960)
447 KB
447 KB JPG
> A Knight of Britannia outfit comes upon a small pod of Morlocks and foolishly decide to charge it, unaware of a much greater threat summoned by the Mad Morlock Shaman.
Unless someone has a reason not to, I will add blowpipes to Mu ranged weapons.
Range 5
Accuracy -2
Penetration 0
Lethality /
Reload 1
Cost 1
Special : Deadly. Double the Armour Value of the Location hit by this Weapon (up to 9).

Also trying to come up with some special equipment for them, like Shrinked Heads and whatnot, does anyone have any good idea for those, or for rules?
File: turtle.jpg (472 KB, 1000x668)
472 KB
472 KB JPG
Stone turtles.
How would that work? as a mount?
And wouldn't it fit better in Taiping?
Some sort of deployable terrain/custom faction structure I'd say.
IRL they're just about the only standing remnant of the Mongol Capital. I just think it's a very striking image to have a single stone turtle where once a metropolis stood on a vast empty plain.
Waystones as a whole are cool, maybe as conduits for Old Mu power or something
Mu has a Central Asian thing going on, and I think the image is from Mongolia. Really, imo, they should have more Austronesian/Polynesian influence than they do currently, which, I think, is what the blowguns and shrunken heads are getting at.
Anyway, here's the Taiping document converted to a spreadsheet, which makes the stats easier to compare.
>Some sort of deployable terrain/custom faction structure I'd say.
Say like a barricade that boosts Discipline within a certain range?
>I just think it's a very striking image to have a single stone turtle where once a metropolis stood on a vast empty plain.
Holy shit that city was still inhabited 500 years ago. Fucking insane how quick some places can disappear and others endure for thousands of years.
Waystones are very cool indeed. There's something very primal about finding one in the middle of nowhere. Thank you for the idea I will definitely work it in somehow. There's already a special building (the Idol of the Deep) for Mu so I could make Waystones similar to that.
>Anyway, here's the Taiping document converted to a spreadsheet, which makes the stats easier to compare.
Holy shit thank you! Will convert it to book format tomorrow!
File: Footsolprof.png (106 KB, 567x792)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
Decided to get started early. I'll also try to include some tokens for alternate weapon loadouts/mounts whenever I can from now on.
As for your question in the doc for Polearms/Halberds, sure, no reason not to include them. Colonial Melee weapon lists are for the most part anemic enough, I don't know if any European powers would still be using pikes and polearms when you can have a rifle and bayonet, but there's plenty of depictions of oriental people at the time doing just that, so why not?
I'll add it also to the Merc list so that Knights of Britannia can take them.
>Notes: Look, it’s fantasy China, someone’s gotta be doing Kung Fu. The problem is that the Taiping pretty much despised Buddhism, Taoism, and traditional Chinese religion in general. So I’ll think up a kludge.
Could go for the simplest method and just say that they're misinterpreting what Christian Monks are like (Or alternatively they learned about crusaders but lack the money for armor, that way they can be a weapons using monk and so differentiate themselves from the other kung-fu factions)
Wait, the special rule is on the wrong profile, this one is supposed to be blank, will fix that.
Really like the lore for the Paper Soldiers btw.
There's a joke here to be made about the Chinese Room argument and the paper soldiers but I'll be dammed if I can figure it out
Oh, that looks great! (The "ideal soldier" rule was intended for the Paper Soldier, though.)
That's the other thing - the Taiping hated Catholics, too, and I don't see them cosplaying as crusaders. But it might be that some parts of the Chinese cosmology (Qi, etc.) were taken for granted or seen as innocuous, and so martial arts stuff might be alright even if monasteries gotta go, I haven't really looked into it yet.
Sry for the redundant correction, I had half of that post written for about an hour. And thanks!
File: Papersoldierprof.png (66 KB, 543x804)
66 KB
No issue, better safe anyways.
>the Taiping hated Catholics
I really got to read on this revolution, it sounds insane.
Also if you have any better art for the tokens dont hesitate.
File: TribalSprof.png (66 KB, 566x752)
66 KB
Might be worth it to add a couple more melee weapons available here. Don't know Chinese swords too much so any help is appreciated.
Very nice, anon. So glad to see this might actually progress to a proper tabletop game that people play. Goddamn, we've actually kept this going, making an entire setting and accompanying tabletop game from scratch.

>I really got to read on this revolution, it sounds insane.
Oh it was. Even ignoring the whole brother of Jesus Christ thing, the Taiping were batshit insane. Basically the Taiping cult kicked off a rebellion against the Qing, and everyone else, from peasants who hated westerners, the Qing, and each other, plus martial arts secret societies, and the triads got involved and by the end of it about 30 million people were dead. It's only beaten out in death toll by the World Wars and Ghenghis Khan.
>Very nice, anon
Thank you!
>Goddamn, we've actually kept this going, making an entire setting and accompanying tabletop game from scratch.
We have. Its awesome to see.
One of the best parts of this whole undertaking is that we've been able to spread out the 19th century lore. We've got anons for pretty much every niche we could want.
Thank you Taiping anon for your service thus far.
Yeah, I really glad we'll end up including a few more Colonial powers than the big European ones. Was afraid for a moment we'd start getting pushback after Brits/France/USA but having Taiping and Satsuma at least brings a lot of flavour.
And usually the obligatory asian faction ends up being the Japs so giving a bit of light to China is cool.
Just heard about this
Genuinely interested.
File: 1691087896109464.jpg (636 KB, 1205x814)
636 KB
636 KB JPG
Welcome aboard!
Feel free to ask questions. We are trying to get things more streamlined so its easier to introduce people to the lore. I will soon get off my ass and do a .png guide to generating your own maps and setting games up on Owlbear.
And if you wish to participate in the shitposting, you are more than encouraged. That's how this whole thing got built up.
> For Taiping anon
1) Do you have any ideas for the Leader's abilities?
2) Just to be sure, do you want the Standard-Bearer and State-Exorcists to be Heroes as in the Hero specifically in 2e, build-your-own-character type of guys where you buy traits and special abilities, or do you mean more Hero as Officer for 1e &3e, which are just "limit one per Expedition" type of models (Specialists in 2e)?
File: TerPenProf.png (48 KB, 577x642)
48 KB
Happy to be here!
re: Satsuma, one fun story about Saigo Takamori is that he was reputed to have ascended, bodily, to the planet Mars, rather than dying. Of course, the rebellion wasn't defeated in this timeline, but it's a potential source of sword-and-planet inspiration.
Twenty-Year Veteran is intended to be a sort of vanilla choice, themed around military skill and grim determination.
Possessed Luminary is more of a "caster", possibly with the ability to channel the voice of God to create magical effects or spur mania.
I'll get more specific with leader rules soon, after I take another look through the existing ones to get a better idea of the power level, etc.
Honestly, I don't know where the Local Magnate fits in - maybe more of a treasure-hunting glory-hound type. Could even be cut.
And I was basically working off the Mediafire pdf rules/armies, so 2e. I think the existing stats/rules would mostly work for either, though.
Also, very minor issue, but in some PDFs, the default "unarmored" armor value seems to be 1, but in others, it's 0. Not sure which makes more sense. Will probably try to find more unit art tomorrow.
Thank you! Will work on that today if I have some time.
>I really got to read on this revolution, it sounds insane.
holy fuck you have no idea
I managed to get some stuff done today for a change, so I'll be able to post Lemuria up and add it to the Mediafire for good. It'll still be lacking the Big Name Leaders but we can get away with it for a long time with just the generic ones.
Also did a bit of work on the Campaign system, nothing exciting or worth posting, just throwing stuff down to later put on random tables.
File: Thundermole.png (112 KB, 256x256)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
oh no.
File: Lemuria 0.01.pdf (854 KB, PDF)
854 KB
854 KB PDF
Oh yes, the spam will be real. (Just gotta figure out how NPC Beasts are recruited).
In the meantime here's Lemuria, its been added to the mediafire as well. I will add the tokens tomorrow (I'm gonna maybe try and sort them by faction could be easier).
If I can get some quiet time at work I'll try and finish up Mu as well tomorrow, and then I'll shift unto Ottomans while Taiping anon decides which rules he wants to go with for the Leaders.
>And I was basically working off the Mediafire pdf rules/armies, so 2e. I think the existing stats/rules would mostly work for either, though.
The stats works 100%, thanks for that. The only one thing that pops up (and we can wait for playtest to confirm it) is that the Inexorable Host Regular seems expensive at 11. Him being Mov4 on the Charge and the -1 Discipline aura doesn't seem to fully justify it. Did you base it on another profile (if so I'll want to check that one out to see what's up with it). Take for example Troupe de la Marine and FFL both are arguably better at lower cost.
But for the Hero thing it works 100%.
>Also, very minor issue, but in some PDFs, the default "unarmored" armor value seems to be 1, but in others, it's 0. Not sure which makes more sense.
Kek you are right. Initially I set 1 as the floor for the stat but since Pen could erase the save from the start, I realized setting it that way was just dumb and forced people to check to see if they need to resolve a step that rarely happened.
Then it kinda settled in my mind to "if you are completely butt naked you get 0, anything more than just a shirt gives you 1, which ANYWAYS gets erased by almost all Colonial weapons".
I don't know if its the kind of thing that warrants fixing. In most cases players should be able to figure out fairly quickly if they will need to check Armour at all, and even Hit Locations are not always important to check, and again I think you can figure out when fairly quickly enough.
Also don't hesitate to offer better images than the ones used on the tokens for this one (and I guess any), I got real fucking lazy at some point.
Also I guess for
> Ozymandias
> Prophet-General Vritravana
> Lady Pythivati
> Flesh Construct
> Lemurian Agent
> Lemurian Officer
I think that's the main ones I'm missing.
>Lemuria release
Fucking hell yeah! Lemuria is the faction I love to hate, so now I just need to trick a mate into playing it for the ultimate British grudge match.
please god no
The Lemurians look great! The alchemical artifacts, especially, are a nice combination of flavor and mechanics.
The Regular is intended to be pricier than equivalent units in other colonial factions because it represents a very small corps of modernized troops in an army which mostly uses older weapons. There were a number of these in late Qing history, notably the Ever-Victorious Army which opposed the Taiping, but also forces like the New Army and Wuwei Corps in the last years of the 19th century. I think it stands to reason that the Taiping would make efforts in the same direction. (Also, giving him Terrifying Rush was a mistake, it was supposed to go on the Tribal Swordsman.) I have boosted the stats a little, but it's generally based on the American Expeditionary Corps statline, which is costed at 9 to the Regular's 11. The major advantage the Regular has is a brand new breechloader, whereas the AEC man is still using a rifle-musket.
I'll probably change the 1s to 0s in the Taiping list.
In my half-informed opinion, the sensible armor gradations probably go something like:
>chain or brigantine (i.e., you might be able to penetrate it with an arrow or a good blow from a spear, but it generally stops things other than guns)
>metal plate (will stop anything but guns)
>titanium/magic/etc. (i.e., the point at which armor starts being relevant to long guns)
I don't think that pith helmets etc. offer any protection worth writing rules for, even from edged weapons, so it might be best to leave out the token colonial head armor. There are several colonial units which have armor >0 when they really shouldn't, imo (like the British Private and Black Watch).
>Say like a barricade that boosts Discipline within a certain range?
I like that idea. You could maybe also trap them. Like, some barricade tokens can be flipped to reveal an alternative function on the otherside, like one of those steretypical traps you find in temples. Would probably end up being a little indescriminate in who it affected when triggered though, and I can imagine it might be a little annoying to deal with when playing on line, if only because some people would cheat.
bump before work
Looks great anon! Once Mu is done that should finish up all the major factions, shouldn't it? We actually have a proper game! I really can't thank you for all the effort you've been putting in to writing all these up. I guess the biggest thing left will be writing more lore and playing more games.
guessing we're gonna need a new thread soon.
Holy shit I managed to get a lot of shit done today, for a change. I guess it also shows I had badly misjudged how much work there was left to do on Mu since without that I would never have been ready to post it today. As of now I only have a few things left to tweak on it and it will be posted and added to the Mediafire. I have to go eat and take a nap because I'm starting to look like the Husks I posts, and I'll get back to it later tonight. It will be done tonight 100%.
I have also cleaned up the tokens and organized them by faction so that will also be added tonight.
>Once Mu is done that should finish up all the major factions, shouldn't it?
Yes! Jesus fuck I had not even realized it (I mean Italy and Taiping got thrown into the mix early so that's probably why). There's the Sky-Clans and Hyperborea I really want to do, and the rest I think It'll leave to when people manifest interest into the faction like with Duosicily anon and Taiping Anon. Those probably won't have ~20 profile entries like the biggest ones, and if I'm building from stuff given it takes no effort whatsoever.
The counter to the "there is too many darn faction already" question is that we want to generate interest, and having anons participate or direct the creation of a faction will naturally create some attachment, even if its only one person, its one *more* person than before and that's based as fuck each time it happens. So while I don't want to dilute what makes this setting so great, or include something which is retarded or out of theme, I'm leaning toward not setting too many barriers toward faction entry in 2e.
Obviously if you guys disagree I won't force it on anyone.
But otherwise, let me also take this occasion to invite anyone interested in participating/directing the creation of the Husked Ottomans to mention it. There's a few units on the compasses already to use.
Ok will bake soon.

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