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>Be me.
>Sergeant Yuri of the Valhallan 545th armored.
>Still be trapped on this emperor forsaken shrine world.
>Still be dealing with administratum incompetence.
>Still wondering what we're even doing here.
>Still wondering how we're gonna get off this ash ball safely.
>Still wondering who assigns our deployments.
>Still wondering what clusterfuck we'll be shipped off to next once this is over.
>My money's on Segmentum Pacificus, heard a few horror stories regarding the 4th Tyranic war there.
>Wouldn't be surprised if whatever asshole at the top who picks are missions sees it as another opportunity to get rid of us.
>Still wondering how we're gonna reinforce our losses, soon enough our regiment will be too depleted to exist without some fresh recruits.
>Just fought my way through the inside of a chaos titian with a mostly organic interior.
>Should probably get an orbital strike here after we leave so id doesn't heal or something.
>Apparently something big's going down in the hive we came from, or the hive west of us its hard to keep track anymore.

>Apparently the marines are finally showing up.
>But only the deathwatch so far.
>Dealing with some bitchy deathwatch marine that doesn't want to kill anything here because it's outside his jurisdiction.
>One of his men calls him a bitch.
>be me
>Severus Ogden chaos cultist in the underhive, not missing one arm
>made it to the camp
>been in what they call a bed for a few hours now
>witch has been looking me over
>says my arm will grow back
>I don't like the sound of that
>losses have mounted
>dark skitarii being routed with the titan and knight losses
>talk of more chaos marines showing up to help turn the tide
>sons of malice, I haven't heard of them either
>beastmen shaman is MIA
>a few icons were taken out apparently caused some issue
>rumor has it they captured a few astropaths and guardsmen psykers
>want to watch the ritual being prepared
>turns out I'm getting shipped out again
>still only got one arm
>but I can still use that bolt pistol I pilfered from the dead priest
>beastman got a cybernetic arm I should have gotten one too
>maybe he only got it from prying it off someone
>maybe I'll get lucky and find some dead skitarii
>back into the grinder
>being sent out to assist the rumored chaos marines in hive Derwill
>just a bad mix of cultists, abhumans, skitarii
>even a chaos squat here
>not sure where he came from never seen a squat on this planet before
>but he has a big gun
>says if we make it out of this alive he'll make me a new daemon powered arm
>I don't know if I want to make it out alive
>Be me
>Techpriest Zeta-23
>Still be trying to keep everyone in contact with each other
>Still be trying to scan for enemies via remote connection to an ark mechanicus but it's only getting done with a naval fight now
>Got stuck on this shrine world with a couple of items from a mysterious box courtesy of the ordo chronos
>Only have the weird green plasma ammo and the civilian model chrono left
>A little sad over the tank that got stuck under the chaos knight
>Maybe someone will pull it out and fix it in the next century or so
>Our underhive forces are being unclear but the eldar claim to be friendly
>Not sure if the sisters or the canoness got the message and Mordo Octavius didn't really react but he's a deathwatch marine so that's pretty normal
>Marshal Derro left me with his skitarii's horses before he went into the underhive, they're currently hanging out behind a solid friendly trenchline
>So that's one thing that went well
>I think we lost some earlier when they rescued the 221st but most of them should be there
>Looks like most of the penal legion and the marines are planning on heading to deal with the patriarch
>Valhallan Tank I called for Yuri finally pulls up
>I guess it was taking its time getting around all the titans and stuff
>Marine might be mad about it being a Sabre but he didn't say anything about the 221st all glowing and slaughtering chaos marines
>I guess it is a shrine world so it might be some kind of miracle
>Not really qualified to comment, I prefer my sensors
>That would be an ecumenical matter
>Ask Yuri what the plan is, if we're linking back up with the rest of the 545th or what
File: LoV Ship.jpg (367 KB, 1000x754)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
>Arch Magos Explorator Prime
>Be staring at a Votann mining fleet on my sensors.
>With a squat's face on my main viewing screen broadcasting via tight beam.
>“Oi manlings. Did’ja miss us?”
“Greetings Voidmaster Heart Flame Von Grughard.”
>”Oh is that anyway te talk te yur former luva lass? Afta all the times we—“
“What do you want Grughard, I’m very busy right now.”
>”Well ye can start by returning me property.”
“I haven’t the slightest idea what you’re talking about.”
>”The mining laser lass. I found the moon over Thass 8. Or what’s left of it anyway. You honestly think I wouldn’t recognize my own handiwork?”
“The main battle cannon of my ark is rightfully property of the ade—“
>”Save da fibben fur yur own kind lass. Listen, there don’t need te be bloodshed. All I want es me rightfully property back. Ye hand et ova an we all go home. Sound like a deal luv?”
>Cut the connection and open a frequency to all imperial vessels in the system.

“All ships be advised, we have detected a hostile squat mining fleet at the edge of the system. They are to be considered extremely hostile. Mop up the last of the Dark Mechanicum remnants then prepare for battle at the following coordinates. We will be conducting expedited rituals to make sure the main cannon is ready to fire sooner than normal. +++Ave Deus Mechanicus+++”
>Be me Marcus Scumbag, 221st Penal Legion
>Notice that the Death Watch have joined us in our march to Derwill
>Slightly wonder if the light of the Emperor might accidentally be blinding them
>Though I stop this thought as eventually we arrive at the remains of Derwill
>It's bombed to high heaven
>Walls ruined, buildings flattened
>Can even still hear the chaos marines bolter fire
>No matter though
>The goal is to get underground
>Begin to march into the city and search for ways down to the underground
>Commissar orders us to kill all Chaos Marines and genestealers on sight

>Be Kardu, Mutant of Malice
>As I roar I grab the one who trapped me down in the pit by the leg and start to pull him in
>I'm going to absorb him for what he did but the one who's arm I ripped off bounces off of my non functional head and slices off the leg
>Roar in rage as I proceed to chase after them
>Then three of them fire at a pillar above and slow me down whilst I chase
>I proceed to start breaking the collapsed tunnel so that I may get out
>All the while I scream my war cry
>Be Captain Ortland of the Baleful Punishment
>Seems like the dark Mechanicus are getting dealt with well by the fleet as well as The Judgement and The Adjudicator
>Currently fighting against the black and white chaos Astartes vessel that entered a while ago and deployed marines to the surface
>Told the others about it but got no response
>Suddenly get a response from the Ark Mechanicus about Hostile Squat fleets entering the system
>Send voxes to The Judgement and The Adjudicator to get ready for the Squats whilst The Baleful Punishment and The Justification of Law deal with the chaos Astartes
>It's putting up quite a fight but seems to be very lack luster
>Did hear reports from Commissar Matthias about the 221st killing both the Lord and Psyker of the Chaos Astartes
>That's probably the reason why they aren't doing much
>They'll probably try and warp jump at some point I imagine but I think we'll have taken them out by then
>Order the Baleful Punishment and The Justification of Law to keep firing so we may destroy that chaos tainted vessel
>I see no reason to deploy boarders but I have them on standby just incase
>Be sister Trisha of the Bloody Rose.
>Still waiting on the Blue Dragons librarian to stop arguing with the canoness so he can look at the chaos cultist arm and maybe give us some directions.
>Feels like we’ve been down here for days with them arguing making no progress.
>Beginning to think this quest to save this planet might not even be worth it
>I mean really what’s here that you can’t get on half a dozen other shrine worlds?
>Aside from a bunch of Ermine Mantle statues but to be frank we can probably stand to loose a couple of those
>If we don’t get a lead soon my sister superior is just gonna go off on her own and try to find the chaos icons by our self.
>Be Death Jester Malarai of the Masque of Flowing Blood
>Find myself waking up in what appears to be a weirdly large Mon'Keigh bathroom, there are skitarii, the Craftworlders, a valhallan woman, and a kelermorph in here
>It seems nobody has been shot yet, though no one has put down their guns either
>Look down and see that my lost leg has been patched up
>Once she notices I woke up, Shadowseer Velrani runs over to me and explains how we escaped the mutant and got here
>We still plan to go back into the tunnel, that mutant has to be dealt with, and we still need to kill the patriarch
>But first she says we need to get me back on my feet
>Was that a joke?
>She decides to send me to figure out what the situation is with the skitarii and kelermoph is while she talks to the craftworlders.
>I ask her why I am being sent to do this, and she says its because if anyone has a spare limb around it would be the techno-fetishists
>Also maybe they have a gun I can borrow
>I realize I dropped my shrieker cannon when I got grabbed
>Khaine damn it, that was my favorite (and only) gun/scythe
>She leaves, but before I start to find something to pull myself up, the Solitaire Wilted Rose comes over and picks me up with his remaining arm, putting my arm over his shoulder as we head towards the stand off
>Say to him "Thanks best buddy"
>He doesn't respond
>I realize I may have been a bit loopy due to blood loss earlier, so I ask Wilted Rose if I said anything about Velrani while I was out
>He just stares at me for a few seconds
>Oh fuck I absolutely said I loved her

>Be Shadowseer Velrani
>Once I get Malarai his orders I head over to the Craftworlders
>They didn't look like the belonged to any of the Craftworlds that the Masque had worked with before
>Ask them who they are, what are their objectives, what are their plans, and why they were bathing in a war zone
>Also see Malarai being carried by Wilted Rose
>Doesn't he know that touching a Solitaire is a cursed omen?
>Be Kardu, Mutant of Malice
>Keep screaming my war cry
>Eventually I finally burst open that blockage but have lost the Eldar
>I do hear bolter fire though however
>I feel myself mutate again
>Some of my blubber begins to reshape and form itself into four legs made of more legs
>Some flesh drops off of me leaving stinking rotten piles of flesh which soon disintegrate to ash as to not let Nurgle indulge in his rot link
>With my body now resembling a massive beast on legs I begin to move through the hive
>My massive mutated eye looking around everywhere as I hunt for those Eldar and my brother's

>Be Brother Drul'bar
>Sons of Malice marine
>Shooting the enemies of Malice with my trusty boltgun whilst remaining in total silence
>Since dealing with a large amount of Genestealers we've also been putting the followers of the Dark Gods on our to kill list
>I move through the hive and hear the sounds of a babbling mutant
>Ignore it for now
>Heard over the vox that Lord Forlorn and our sorcerer are dead
>RIP I guess
>Gun down a cultist of the Dark Gods that made the mistake of walking before us
>I didn't even process it to be honest
>At least it's food I guess

>Be Marcus
>As we patrol the city we come across enemy Cultists of both chaos and Genestealer as well as the odd Chaos Marine
>Still searching for that Mutant
>The vox bearer has been asking over the vox if the Eldar can relay to him where the Mutant is so we can kill it
>It is weird however that I can hear a scream across the Hive
>Same sound as that damn mutant
>be severus
>the marines fired on us as soon as we got close
>took out a lot noticed they were eating some of the corpses as we fled
>even the beastmen which I don't think is exactly healthy
>few of us made it out
>old greying beastmen with the mechanical arm
>the squat
>few other cultists
>and myself
>squat has taken charge says he has some idea involving a nearby knight wreck
>didn't find any dead skitarii
>maybe more closer to the knight
>keep hearing something screaming in the distance
>doesn't seem close but hard to tell, sound carries in the underhive
>finally get to the knight wreck
>squat starts digging into it
>says he's looking for the reactor gonna set up a trigger to have it go critical
>should provide a distraction while we make an attempt to get back to camp
>hope he doesn't cross a wrong wire while we are standing guard
>Be Kardu
>Hear the bolters getting closer
>Soon enough I burst out from behind a wall and scream my war cry
>My massive eye looks down and sees some of my horrified looking brothers from the Sons of Malice
>I then proceed to devour them
>My flesh rips itself apart forming several mouths and tongues to allow me to grab them and devour
>I shall obliterate and destroy them for Malice
>I am a Doomed One nobody else is as powerful as me
>They try to shoot me with their bolt guns
>I bleed from the wounds but devour them quickly in response
>See Drul'bar opening fire on me and moving as he shoots
>Force my tongues to extend our and grab him but he continuously manages to evade them
>Begin the chase after him letting out my cry
>I crash through buildings as he runs through hab blocks and alleyways
>We by pass landed drop Pods and several more brothers and cultists of Xenos and chaos
>Some get grabbed by my tongues and devoured by my many mouths
>I was once a massive blob of flesh
>Now I am a massive fleshly hound seeking to devour all for the Renegade God

>Be Drul'bar, Son of Malice
>Fleeing from the Mutant which found me and my squad
>He's a former member of our warband
>I can tell from the screaming to be let out and the symbols of Malice littering his form
>Must have been trapped in that Labyrinth for quite some time to end up like that
>By Malice's left testicle he doesn't stop screaming
>Did he break his vows of utter silence whilst enacting Malice's will whilst trapped?

>Be Marcus
>Hive is shaking badly
>The screaming of the mutant is getting louder and louder
>Effectively echoing around the ruins of Derwill
>Ready myself for a fight
>O Mighty God Emperor hear my prayer
>Grant me and my fellow men the strength once again to face such horrors against mankind
>Be Zeta-23
>In Valhallan tank, working on vox and sensors
>Let Yuri know the mechanicus are figthing some squats in space now
>And it seems like Derwill is starting to experience seismic activity
>That can't be good
>221st are trying to ask the Eldar where the hostiles are
>Can't hear an eldar response
>Ark Mechanicus is too busy to get a really deep scan on the city
>Vox the blue dragons and the marshal since they should have the best vox casters
>Ask them to report on progress and why the city is shaking
>Start plotting routes into the tank-accessible areas of the city for when whatever is happening makes it above ground
>be thread
>get bumped
File: crunch.png (367 KB, 869x869)
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367 KB PNG
>Or wuz it X?
>Sailing around looking for a fight
>But there isn't any
>Krumpin' grotz for fun now, getting bored of that
>I even have that big dakka cannon I stole off the mechboys from last time, just no-one to use it on
>Suddenly a grot walks up
>Too bored to even hit him
>He starts squeakin about somethin'
>Some big fight the humies are in
>A fight?
>Sit up
"A humie shrine world boss! It's a big one! The humies are there, the pretty ones who like fire too, the nid cults, lotsa chaos, even some elf panzies! Can we go boss? Please? Pretty please? Just don't krump m-"
>Krump him
I'm thinking of printing a Space russians proxy to play as Valhallans, how much do people care about you doing that? I assume GW shops wouldn't let you play.
File: IMG_2060.jpg (388 KB, 1169x1652)
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388 KB JPG
>Be sergeant Yuri
>Zeta 23 calls in another Sabre tank and we head out to join with the rest of my regiment.
>Along the way he tells me a squat fleet has apparently engaged the Ark Mechanicus.
>He asks me what our next move is.
>Tell him that after we join up with the rest of the Valhallans we make our way to a certain hive city and look for a certain data stack in the underhive.
A fourth hive city unconnected to anything else that’s happened.
>There’s something I want to check out here before we leave.
File: card.png (895 KB, 1295x749)
895 KB
895 KB PNG
>Be Seer Delwyn
>Cripes, they weren't distracted enough
>Shift awkwardly from foot to foot as the standoff continues
>Door opens again
>Who the ********* is it now?
>Oh, it's that Shadowseer again.....and someone else?
>Not sure who that is she's carrying
>Oh, hey, she noticed us
>Slow down there a bit, madam
>I'm Delwyn, this is Ranger Team Wind-II out of Dolthe
>Here's my card
>It's fine if you haven't heard of us, everyone forgets about us
>We've been lost in the Webway for months and the exit we found dropped us in a sewer downstairs
>You'd be looking for any opportunity for a bath if you'd been too
>Your chap over there looks like he's seen better days
>A spare leg?
>We don't usually keep spare limbs on us in the field, I'm afraid
>I'm sure one of those bits of furniture downstairs would make a passable crutch for now
>As for a weapon, I think Laering has a spare pistol
>Fate sense abruptly intrudes on the conversation
>Oi, if you're going to blare danger at me, could you at least tell me what it is?
>If you don't I don't care what you have to say if it's not useful
>Sometimes I wish this thing had a mute button
>Return to reality
>Not sure if she was saying something
>Oh, yeah, we are sorta stuck here without a way off
>Tends to happen when you get dumped on an unfamiliar Imperial planet
>Say, you came in through the Webway gates, di---
>Water in the pool ripples as the floor vibrates
>A flaming rock shedding small objects streaks through the sky out the window
>Suddenly feel much less safe in this location
(just realised there a brainfart here. I said they were from Iyanden last adventure, I'll retcon that because being a literal who amuses me more)
File: 9ew6fi3azbza1.jpg (1.74 MB, 1560x1200)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB JPG
>Be Shadowseer Velrani
>Exchanging information with the Craftworlders
>They are a ranger team had apparently been lost in the webway and ended up here
>Also one of them gave me a card
>They also begin to ask about webway gates before something crashes outside
>Is that leverage I hear
"We would be glad to show you to the webway gates we used, but first we must slay the Genestealer Patriarch on this planet, it is of the utmost importance"
>At the same time, a Skitarii comes over and hands me a vox caster, we hear some mon'keigh asking where they may find the mutant
>Look over to Malarai, it seems the standoff hasn't changed much, so I call him over
>Give him the pistol the Craftworlder's had, he grumbles about it "not being big enough"
>Me, Malarai, and our remaining players are to go meet with the mon'keigh to banish the mutant and then hunt the patriarch
>Wilted Rose will assist (keep an eye) on the Craftworlders
>I also give Delwyn a way to contact me
>Malarai has gotten enough of his bearings together that he can now just cartwheel around
>Not practical, but it will do for now
>We head out and call for a pair of star weavers to take us down
>As we are flying we hear two terrible things
>The first is the mutant's cries, it is still underground, but seems to be getting closer to the surface
>The second is over the vox caster, Deathwatch forces are heading to the city
>Figures, about time we have some mon'keigh who will no doubt shoot us on sight
>Tell the troupe they are to flee on sight of any Deathwatch
>Eventually spot the large group of humans moving around
>Once we are confident they won't shoot us, we head in and drop down
>I tell my player's to search the surrounding areas for any way down into the tunnels
>As I go to give Malarai and order, I see him cartwheeling around, asking random mon'keigh where "a brother can get a leg and real gun around here?"
>I decide he might need the morale boost and leave him alone
>I go to find the leader
File: G_4.png (177 KB, 400x314)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
>Be Kardu, Mutant of Malice
>Finally burst through another wall and catch the fleeing Drul'bar
>He kicks at my tongue as I grab him Nd start to reel him in like a fish on a hook
>He starts shooting wherever he can
>Some shots hit my flesh
>Some hit my massive eye
>Hurts like hell but finally I trap him within my jams and devour him
>Sending him directly to Malice
>Crunchy because power armour

>Be Marcus
>Heard a crashing noise, bolter fire, screaming and crunching noises
>All of the are close by
>Commissar orders us to bring us lasguns and wait for it
>Soon we see it and it rounds the corner
>Its the Mutant
>He ain't much of a big blob anymore and is just a massive fat fleshy dog with several mouths and a massive eye on its body
>Commissar orders us to open fire and to send this thing back to the warp
>Feel the Emperor's energy guide my hands
>The light we were blessed with shines bright as we open fire
>Our lasgun bolts shinning brighter than any other lasgun bolt thanks to the Emperor's blessings and wrath
>be Severus
>squat says he's done and we should clear out
>we move a ways away hide out in an abandoned apartment
>hear a lot of commotion, bolterfire and crunching, lasgun fire
>see some guys in colorful spandex running around
>was that just another stim hallucination?
>squat decides this is the right time and presses his detonator
>knights reactor goes off
>entire hive shook from that I think, knocked most of us down
>once the light dies down just see a large cloud in the direction of the knight
>beastman is currently drawing some symbol on the wall
>same as the icons from before
>squat says we'll move out in five minutes heading north now
>don't know what he's even doing but no better plan right now
>one cultist leaves the sink on as we head out and plugs the drain while laughing
>feel a phantom burning in my missing arm
>I have a gut feeling whoever has it is up to no good
>probably just the stims again
>I drink some recaf as we head out
>squat says we need to find a skitarii corpse
>I'm not even asking why at this point
>just going to enjoy watching him navigate these doorways with his big hat
>Be me, Mordo Octavius of the Deathwatch
>Currently tagging along with the penal legion as I try to figure out what our objectives are
>My original objective was to extract Dreadnought Isaac and then order exterminatus
>But now I'm fighting chaos cults, the sons of malice, and the Ordos Malleus is trying to order me to "kill everything on the planet"
>Pretty sure there's going to be a joint Inquisition-Ecclesiarchy fleet here soon enough with all the bullshit going on
>For now, I'm going to stick with these glowing penal legionnaires and maybe go kill that genestealer patriarch
>Also the tech priest is openly fraternizing with the Eldar on comms
>Then again, it's good bait to know their location and get them to come to us so we can shoot them
>Just as I start thinking that maybe I'll get to kills some foul xenos after all a gigantic mutant erupts from the city and begins charging the penal legion
>Then the legion starts glowing so bright I have to turn my eyes as they fire into the beast
>Only to get blinded by a nuclear explosion nearby from one of the downed knights
>By the Throne I wish the Black Templars were here to fix this bullshit
>Order my brothers to shoot the mutant as best we can though I think the legion of imperial saint prisoners is already taking care of it.
Drives me up the fucking wall lads
>Be Zeta-23
>Helping the tank operate to max capacity en route to the valhallans and another city
>Yuri wants to check out a data stack
>Consider me intrigued
>Detect knight engine going critical back nearer the deathwatch and 221st
>Vox allies to give the dead engines a wide berth where possible
>Less hostiles out here for now but that might change as we move away from where the Valhallans have been wrecking shit
>Be Shadowseer Velrani
>As I go through the crowds of mon'keigh soldier's, trying to find some leader to coordinate with, I get word back from one of the troupes
>Good news, the mutant has made its way to the surface and engaged the mon'keigh
>The mon'keigh are also shining like a sun now
>Bad news, Deathwatch is also there
>My previous plan was to have the mon'keigh bog down the mutant while I try to banish it, but there is no way I can focus on that if there are Deathwatch shooting at me as well
>I also don't need to lose anymore of my forces to """""friendly""""" fire before facing the patriarch
>Well, the troops are glowing, so they must have some psyker or priest with them who could do the same thing right?
>Or maybe the thing can be taken down with simply enough firepower
>Either way, the mutant problem is dealt with
>It's time to go find the Patriarch
>Order everyone to rendezvous with the star weavers
>Let Wilted Rose and Seer Delwyn know where we are going
>Tell the Star Weaver's to do a quick flyby of the mutant, just to fuck with the Deathwatch
>Eventually Malarai boards the ship, it seems he has found something to use as a peg leg, and he has traded out his pistol for some crude explosive launcher he said he found on some dead motor-cycle riding hybrid
>Once everyone is on board we head over to the giant pit we used earlier
>As we pass by we see the mutant
>It has further warped itself into a massive hound-like creature
>As we pass by we fire at it with our weapons, shruiken and fusion pistols and psionic lightning light up the air for a moment as we pass by
>We don't stick around to see how much that did
>We eventually find the pit and begin to descend and search the tunnels once again
>Be Kardu, Mutant of Malice
>I have come across Imperial Soldiers who glow so bright my mutated eye stings
>Then they shoot me with their lasguns
>The bolts hurt
>Hurt more than a bolter round
>Scream out in anger as I proceed to start charging at them and lashing at them with my tongues
>I grab a few of them with my tongues and devour them but it hurts to do so because of the glow
>Can feel my insides burning from the lasgun bolts and from devouring them
>But I can't help but eat them as it is the only way to ensure complete obliteration
>Then I feel bolter rounds hit me along with more weapons
>My eye sees the Eldar
>I attempt to grab them with my arm that's still there but it gets peppered by lasgun bolts
>scream in pain
>The Hive shakes from an explosion in the distance as well as my screams of pain
>Why in the name of Malice are these lasgun bolts hurting me this badly?

>Be Marcus
>Continuously laying down fire into the mutant
>It eats my comrades left and right and is screaming incoherently
>Something about Malice
>Must be something it worships
>I don't even know who that is
>I see some Eldar go over and shoot it somewhat before they scarper off
>6000 men goes down to 5500
>But our faith holds firm
>The Emperor will deliver this enemy back to the depths of the Warp for its crimes of existence
>The Hive shakes from its screaming and an explosion in the distance
>Soon the mutant is getting desperate and makes one last charge at us
>It's form is degrading more and more with each consecutive bolt delivered into it
>Finally I guide my shot one last time
>Breath in
>Breath out
>I let off one last shot
>The bolt travels through the air and makes it mark inside the beasts main mouth
>Several thousand more bolts of holy infused lasgun bolts also hit that area
>Be skitarii marshal 9s.
>Keep holding the kelermorph outlaw at gunpoint
>She only has one gun pointed at the still pantsless valhallan
>Suddenly one of the clown eldar arrives and I almost clock her with my control stave before remembering the eldar are our allies on this one.
>My sicarian ruststalker bodyguards also arrive and put their transonic blades to the knife ears throats, I tell them to stand down and they relax.
>The ruststalker alpha hands the female harlequin a vox caster telling me over the noosphere its Zeta 23 and he wants to talk with them.
>After the message is delivered the harlequins leave, leaving me, the craftworlders, my sicarians, the valhallan, and the kelermorph alone

"Alright lady, I'm gonna give you till the count of three to lower your gun from the valhallan's head. 1... 2..."
>Be Kardu, Mutant of Malice

>Be Marcus
>The beast screams it's hideous cry as our lasgun bolts rip it to pieces
>Holy light of the Emperor starts to burst from within the monster
>It's mouths are forced open as it begins to grow again
>I turn to the Deathwatch and my own guys
>The 221st immediately dive for any cover they can find as the Mutant detonates due to all the holy energy breaching out from its body
>It explodes into a pile of gore that goes all over the place
>It splatters against buildings, roads and even crumbled statues
>The only trace of it to prove it ever existed is the partially eaten yet very dead Chaos Marines, Genestealer cultists, Chaos Cultists and soldiers of the 221st that gave their lives to defeat such a monstrosity
>I peak out of cover and walk over to the remains
>The light of the Emperor slowly leaving my body as I inspect the dead and the remains
>I then kneel down and pray to the Emperor thanking him for giving me and my comrades the strength and the blessings to kill these Chaos tainted scum
>Because the Emperor hates the enemies of man more than he does a petty criminal from an unimportant Hive World
File: Brotherhood Ships.jpg (1.65 MB, 1920x1080)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB JPG
>Be me.
>Arch magos explorator prime
>Thankfully the navy finished dealing with the dark mechanicum, a few ships are still busy with the monochromatic traitor astartes, but omnissiah willing they should be exterminated as well soon enough
>No word back from the Blue Dragons or newly arrived Deathwatch
>Hopfully they join in once the shooting starts
>The squat fleet gets into weapons range
>Bastion and Stronghold class ships begin firing their mining laser, none hit my ark but a few struck the planet
>It should be fine so long as none hit the planets core... probably...
>Well ok theoretically there probably going to be some new volcanos wherever those beams hit but they should cool down in a century or two tops.
>Plus they aren't as strong as mine which can slice moons in half
>Speaking of which we should be ready to fi--
>Get another alert on my sensors
>An ork freeboota fleet has just warped in at the opposite side of the system
>After I deal with my ex I'm coming for you.
>Be Mordo Octavius
>Currently emptying my bolter at this chaos mutant when I should be shooting xenos
>Don't think I'm doing much
>Am I seriously going to die to a chaos daemon when I'm in the deathwatch?
>But holy shit the penal legion is glowing
>The chaos daemon kills a few of them
>But they're golden coloured lasgun fire is actually killing the thing
>What in all of Terra am I witnessing?
>The daemon grows smaller and smaller as the lasgun fire literally obliterates entire chunks
>And the energy seems to be building up
>Some eldar do a driveby shooting and I'm too shocked at what I'm witnessing to shoot at them
>One of the legionnaires yells about it blowing up
>Take cover
>Massive explosion of golden light before gore covers everyone in the vicinity
>Check the situation
>The mutant is utterly obliterated
>And the legion of prisoners are kneeling down in prayer
>wtf did I just witness?
>That ecclesiarchy bullshit is real?
>Walk over to the penal legionary who seems to be the most experienced
>How did you do that?
>Be Marcus
>As I pray the Captain of the Deathwatch walks over to me and asks me a question
>"How did you do that?"
>I smile slightly whilst looking up at this absolute unit
"I held faith in the Emperor sir. When we were in the trenches facing down the Chaos Marines, they used some kind of spell to create a vortex that absorbed all shots and everything around them. At first I felt despair, I couldn't do a thing. But in that moment of weakness I saw my friend Adrian simply staring it down and felt like I shouldn't be afraid and that if a man like him could stare something down like that even as a disgraced Kanak Skull Taker, the Emperor had to be guiding him towards redemption. So I thought to myself that the Emperor must also be guiding us all in the Penal Legion towards redemption. To be better men then we were back when we were criminals not yet convicted"
>I then scratch the back of my head slightly
"Faith at the end of it was all that really helped me and the others out. We're dead men walking, hell next time we'll probably be on mine clearance duty without mine detectors."
>I chuckle slightly at that little joke but I'm not sure if the marine would get it though
File: X12mwzn5AD9qmkDi.jpg (87 KB, 1000x618)
87 KB
>Be sergeant Yuri.
>Me, Sasha, and Zeta 23 meet up with the rest of my regiment at the ground level of the hive full of genestealers the chaos titian was attacking.
>Behind us I hear an explosion from what Zeta 23 tells me was a chaos knight
>At the hive I find my men and women have been doing an incredible job holding the line against the never ending genestealer cultists thanks to these heresy era tanks
>I hop down into the sabre tank and onto the vox and tell them the Deathwatch should have this all handled by now, so we're moving out to hive 4.
>Everyone begins backing up there tanks while firing, letting the tide of genestealers slowly spill out of the hive and into the wasteland.
>Once we're far enough away for the genestealers to disperse we turn our tanks around and start making our way through the ashwastes
>I was able to save the ancient Sabaton CD from the tank, and ask Zeta 23 if he can play it over our vox channel while we drive?
>About two hours into our journey several lances of light rain down from the sky opening lava fissures.
>Zeta 23 and the other drivers swerve and dodge around them and the raining molten rock.
>Hope none of these beams hit the hive we're going to.
>Still be Yuri.
Forgot to include >>90194313 in my post about the lights coming down.
File: Governors_Mailed_Fist.jpg (277 KB, 828x1088)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
>Be me, PDF commando Karel Szcabolks
>Permanent callsign is Skull, men first started calling me by it when I went bald back in my 20s
>Now, it's because I usually end up the last one alive out of my squad
>Loyal servant of His Holiness, our Governor-Bishop, and the Emperor of Mankind
>Most of our PDF, frankly speaking, were little more than well disciplined tin soldiers
>Us in the kill squads were a whole nother caliber
>My job for the past 32 years has been to curtail the enemies of mankind, be they traitor or mutant
>These past couple years though have been the worst by far
>It started with officials dissappearing and reappearing, strange cults forming
>Back then we kill squad troopers did covert ops all day and night, somehow that wasn't as taxing as full scale war
>Despite our efforts, we were only able to liquidate the mutant-xeno hybrid broods of Hive Sanktris (our capital), Hive Vorox and Hive Meuria
>Their main brood in Hive Arraqesh was too tough of a nut to crack, we found that out the hard way
>When their rebellion broke out, you can say that I and my men played commissar with the officer corps
>Was a nice change of pace, until we were given a mission to deploy G3 gas in Hive Karr-Qum
>We succeeded, as is our wont, but I got clipped by an Aberrant's hammer while we were peeling out
>Broke two dozen bones, WIA and knocked out of duty for a solid two months
>Most of the incompetants from our general staff have been wiped now
>Lucky for me my favourite CO, then PDF colonel now PDF General Swartzerdt is the overall force commander for our loyalist PDF
>Had me refitied with some nice bionics and better gear, damn good turn he did me
>Then he did me a damn bad one, and made me brevet major
>Now I'm the CO of the newly minted "1st special grenadier battalion", majority of it consists of kill squad remnants
>Our first job: escort a heavily armed Magos (designation: Theta-690) to hive Meuria
>And we have special gear and aircraft to do it: Let's ride!
Addendum: Adding names to the hives might be helpful, figured it would make sense for their names to pop up from a local's POV. Whichever city is which is largely up to you guys since there are cities yet to be named, but thus far the local names would be:
>Hive 1: Sankris
>Hive 2: Arraqesh
>Hive 3: Dewill
>Hive 4: ???
Names up for grabs: Meuria, Vorox. Feel free to add your own as you like. If I retroactively renamed a city, sorry bros, getting caught up asap
Addendum to the addendum: Hive 4 being the emptied Karr-Qum would probably make most sense come to think of it, up to you guys
>Be Captain Ortland
>Both the Baleful Punishment and The Justification of Law let out one final volley of fire into the chaos Astartes vessel
>It isn't destroyed but during the fight it was pulling away from the planet
>It then opens up a warp rift and travels into it, the rift closes quickly after
>Seems like they are leaving any Chaos Astartes down on the planet to their deaths
>As expected of traitors
>Receive voxes from The Judgement and The Adjudicator
>They are fighting the Squats now
>Confirm and order both the Baleful Punishment and The Justification of Law to turn and face the Squats
>Order full thrust ahead and for all fighters and boarding parties to be prepared to fight the Squats
>Let's punish these traitors with great haste my friends
File: Outpost.jpg (523 KB, 1497x1100)
523 KB
523 KB JPG
>Be kerlermorph olivia
>Be held at gunpoint by a skitarii marshal in one of our many hidden safe houses in the depts of Hive Arraquesh
>The knife ears I saved from the peeping valhallan all abandoned me once the cyber ninjas showed up
>Marshal starts counting down.
>Before he reaches one several explosions sound outside (the first one sounding quieter than the rest).
>This provides me just the distraction I need to kick the Valhallen away
>I then draw my pistols and put down a couple rust stalkers before then pointing my guns at he marshal before he can react

>"Well well well, how the tables turn."
>Be Zeta-23
>Dodging missed naval artillery in tank while playing Sabaton
>That was too close
>At least the music is good
>Keep sensors on the skies, trying to predict the next time someone nearly blows us into orbit
>Manage to get through to some of the eldar temporarily through a ruststalker somehow
>Ask if there's any progress on this patriarch beast
>Tell them I might end up out of vox range but they should have vox codes for most of our forces
>Also just don't mess us around because the deathwatch are liable to burn the planet with all of us on it if we don't stop the genestealers here
>Might be making that bit up
>Ark Mechanicus detects ork ship now.
>Sure. Why not.
>Ask Yuri where we're going to find this data stack and what's so important
File: Ride_of_the_valkyries.png (683 KB, 866x429)
683 KB
683 KB PNG
>Be me, PDF brevet major Karel ”Skull” Szcabolks
>Vultures roaring their engines as they deploy a head of us, Valkyries hissing
>Doors close to my command Valkyrie, inspect my men with a glance one last time
>They look ready for war, even though some of them are just hardened soldiers from the PDF
>Command squad is all ready and present
>Unfortunately, our ”honoured guest” is frankly unnerving
>Loyal mechanicus no doubt, it's not secret what branch of the Mechanicus he's a part of: Rook with a lightning bolt in it?
>Ordo Reductor magos, clear as day
>Not to mention his ”bodyguard”
>Not sure why he was here even before the war, but he was
>Valkyrie shakes as it takes off up into the overcast skies
>Our mission overall is simple: Deliver Theta-690 to the C&C center for Meuria's extensive macrocannon batteries
>After that we go deeper, into Meuria's old C&C center for her missile defence systems
>Not sure what Theta here will do, but my guess is litany override codes
>It's only a guess though, suddenly feel a warm nostalgia within me as we hit hard air
>I'm finally back to doing what I love, no matter how short lived this might be
>Smile a little, resting my left hand on my power sword
>Doesn't take very long until the familiar sound of AA fire starts echoing from outside
>Flying fast and low, valkyrie shaking heavily as we approach
>Hearing VisCon over the vox on mutants near our designated LZ, as expected
>C&C center had a smattering of mutants occupying it since last month, goatfolk as I like to call them
>Too occupied to get to them before, now we're not
>Grant vultures permission to clear the LZ for us with missiles and bolter fire
>Distant sounds of explosions and bolter rounds soon thereafter, getting nice and close now
>Vulture taking small arms and AA fire, no matter, the muties are outgunned regardless
>AA guns go silent after a fearsome barrage
>”<< Skull to all grenadier callsign: Prepare for hot landing. >>"
>Be Commissar Matthias
>Watch as 9820 explains to the Deathwatch how he and the remaining 5500 Penal Legionaries were able to take down a heavily mutated chaos beast
>I smile before turning to Jacob
>He informs me of Captain Ortland's fleet fending off the Chaos Marines vessel in orbit
>Get on the Vox and relay to anyone with vox access
"Chaos mutant in Hive Derwill has been slain, Chaos Marines are still on the planet but it's just stragglers at this point as the Vessel they came on has pulled out of the system. 221st will be hunting for the Patriarch in Hive Derwill. I request any status updates going on in the wastelands as well as other Hives. Commissar Matthias out"
>Tell Jacob to put that on loop until we get updates regarding the situations in other areas
>Allow my men the time to pray more and for the Deathwatch to take in what 9820 has told them
File: KillSquadIsGo.jpg (83 KB, 502x712)
83 KB
>Be me, PDF brevet major ”Skull”
>LZ was a mess of dead goatfolk by the time we landed, they had a few defencive installation which our gunships blew during their SEAD run
>Plumes of smoke and crackling fires rise from what was just now their AA guns
>We're on a raised, broad platform with a catwalk that leads to gradually widening path,
>That path leading toward the center of the Hive, that's where we need to be
>Upper and middle-sections of Meuria are controlled and defended by other PDF regiments, notably an armoured regiment
>Our Battalion was quick to land and deposit our men, general Swartzerdt supplied us with gear best suited for the CQC to come
>Missile launchers and heavy bolters for the support teams
>Most of my men still have our high caliber autoguns, many have shotguns and grenade launchers
>Requisitioned melta guns and flamers for the squad weapon specialists
>For the moment we have to eschew larger vehicles, armoured regiment will be supporting us up ahead with an anti-infantry vehicle platoon from 3rd company
>3 sentinels and a Leman Russ Punisher
>They'll be taking a large logistics lift down, we'll meet them at a plaza up ahead
>Ordered Azure company advance and screen the area ahead
>Jade and Crimson companies will bring up our flanks, several squads infiltrating into buildings and sidepaths leading along our way
>Gold company is in the middle with me, and Magos Theta-690
>Order a cautious advance, apart from crackling fire and marching feet everything is surprisingly silent
>The smell of burnt mutie flesh is as revolting as ever, emperor be praised for these rebreathers
>As is our fashion, we pray as we move
>We slip over debris and corpses as we advance, halting the advance every once and again to liquidate mutants
>Soon, the grey-dark sky overhead dissappears and we move deeper toward the heart of Meuria
>Be Death Jester Malarai
>Only thing I have gotten to replace my lost leg is some metal peg leg on some burnt corpse
>And the only gun I got was a explosive launcher, that I forgot to grab additional ammo for, so now it is useless to me
>As we head above the pit into the tunnels, Velrani pulls me aside and tells me I am not going
>She tells me "We need to be swift, and you are only going to slow us down with your injury"
>I am annoyed, but agree
>My job is to get our air forces together and patrol the city from above
>It may be that the tunnels lead to a base that is hidden in some cathedral or something
>She and the other player's descend into the depths
>I start radioing any of the Sky, Star, and Void weavers we still have active and try to get us in one group
>As we get into one group, there is a massive explosion in the distance shaking the city
>Then there are two beams of light from the sky, piercing the ground and causing magma to rise out of them
>Though I heard something about Squat ships in the area, thought it was a joke though
>Nothing I can do on the ground, I just have to hope the mon'keigh forces in the void can handle them
>As we are searching different bases, it seems that someone is trying to shoot at us
>Look down and see what looks like a military base
>It looks like genestealer cultists are engaged with-
>By Khaine those are the daemons of she who thirsts and their cultist worshipers
>Well, if both are hostile, than it's harder for us to miss
>Inform Velrani about the daemons, they may be underground as well
>The plan I make is to have us attack both sides, and look for a important member of the genestealer cult to interrogate
>Send one of the star weavers to go pick up Wilted Rose and the Craftworlders
>I tell my forces to perform the Ballad of Prince Cowabunga the Foolish
>All ships go at top speed towards the battle
(1/2, I write to much)
>Be Wilted Rose the Solitaire
>Damned Weapon of Cegorach
>Bringer of death
>Speed and Slaughter given flesh
>Babysitter of Craftworlders
>My only entertainment is watching the kelermorph take out a few of the mon'keigh when the ground starts shaking from some bombardment
>She and the marshall are now pointing their pistols at each other
>It is then that I notice a window behind the kelermorph
>I could use some style points
>I activate my holosuit and charge her
>She notices as fires at me
>The first two shots hit holograms, but the third grazes me
>I jump and do a spin kick, sending her crashing through the window
>Don't know if the fall is lethal, just glad the abomination is now out of my sight
>Get orders from Malarai to board a incoming star weaver
>I take a moment to glare at the half naked mon'keigh soldier
>Was she... trying to bathe with the craftworlders?
>I almost want to kill her for that, but the inquisition will do worse than what I could do right now
>I look to the leader of the cyborg mon'keigh, I then point to the woman, and put my wrists together like they were in chains
>No way am I breaking my vow of silence for mon'keigh
>I head over to the balconey when I see the star weaver approaching, and gesture for the craftworlders to get on board
>Be skitarii Marshal 9s
>An explosion outside rocks the safe house, while Im distracted the kelermorph takes out my sicarian ruststalkers then points her pistols at me.

>"Well well well, how the tables turn." she sneers at me underneath her bandana.
>Zoom in on eyes, see bead of sweat trickle down her cheek
>"Now I know what you're think'n did I fir--
>Suddenly the window behind her shatters and a clown eldar with a peg leg comes cartwheeling in and kicks her out
>He then looks at me and puts his wrists together to mimic handcuffs, then points in the direction of the kermorph
>He then hops on a rainbow colored xeno aircraft and flies off to the sunset
>Oh well.
>Walk outside and point my radium serpenta in her face right as she's waking up
The locations are confusing since not everyone specifies them

As far as I can tell:

The Sisters and the Alpha Legion are still in the catacombs of the first city, which is also where the bath standoff is happening (since the eldar ranger party mentions running from the Sisters and Alpha Legion). Therefore the first city is likely Arraquesh

Penal Legion, Deathwatch, and most of the Harlequins are still in Derwill, as is Severus

Valhallans are moving on a "fourth city" currently unnamed

PDF heading to Meuria

Stand off is in 2nd hive city, since that was the one attacked by the chaos titian that was full of genestealer cultists that Skitarii Marshal 9s went down in.
>Be sergrant Yuri.
>Zeta 23 ramps off a rocky cliff ramp over a river of lava made by the orbital laser strikes.
>Lands on top of a couple of chaos skitarii trying to help a soul grinder from falling into the lava
>Hear it scream as falls down into the lava river as we speed away.
>Look up and see valkyries headed towards the capital hive
>Wonder how the sisters, space marines, and skitarii are doing with those heretical icons everyone was worried so much about?

>Zeta 23 asks me what's so special about this particular data stack in this specific hive?
>Tell him that a while back, while my regiment was fighting the undead skitarii on the forgeworld that was sinking into the warp, I met an imperial postman.
>Before we left that world he told me that a specific archive on a specific shrine world, had the name of the administratum employee that assigns our deployments.
>If we can get there and have him extract the data, then we'll finally know the asshole who keeps sending us to jungle and desert planets and space hulks.
File: 1602068357244.jpg (161 KB, 900x675)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
>Be me, PDF brevet major Karel Szcabolks
>The waft of old chemical and steel mills from abandoned manufactorums fill the air of this place
>Dim lights along the ceiling and walkways light our way, sometimes cracks of sky can be seen
>We'll need to switch to IR nightsights when we get in deep enough
>Hive Meuria was once the military center of our world, but that was millenia ago
>It lost its central military role back when Saint Brigitte was canonised, around M36
>Meuria didn't get as bad as it is now until recent years, before that time it was tied with Hive Vorox as our military center
>Now, Vorox is where most of our planetary military command is located
>I take some pride in that as a Vorox native, but we never had the kind of ancient weapons as Meuria
>Suddenly feel the ground beneath me shake in an unwelcome manner
>Pebbles fall around us, lights spatter
>Feels similar to the reactor explosion which cooked off before
>Then hear the distant screaming of some kind of energy weapon, has to be ship mounted
>We've never faced anything like that before, but we've faced worse horrors than orbital bombardment
>We continue our march in silent prayer
>Vox sparks after perhaps twenty minutes of silence, ”Azure lead to Skull, we have visual on mutant force”
>Request sitrep, they haven't noticed them yet but are entrenched with a great deal of small arms
>Some even brandeshing crude sharp weapons
>They're in the process of constructing a massive shrine, doubtlessly profane in nature
>We cannot under any circumstances allow them to finish that sign, immediately order Azure company to advance and take firing possitions
>This is suboptimal, Crimson and Jade infiltration teams have yet to fully set up heavy weapons
>Crimson teams have set up on an overlooking observation tower, but not all of their men are present
>Jade teams are slowed down moving through what would be fantastic cover in the form of a ruined buidling 400 meters to the left and in front of us


I forgot to add this post >>90112777 to my list.
>Vehicle platoon however is more than ready to attack, my auspex clearly shows they're in range to assist
>No time to waste, order Azure lead to engage the shrine and attempt to destroy it, now!
>Vox vehicle lieutnant, give him our sitrep and order him advance to engage the enemy
>Order the rest of the main body advance on the double quick, speed is key
>Distant sounds of gunfire and explosions echo out, brays and familiar battlecries
>The Magos seems to twitch, makes me uneasy, he seems almost gleaful that we are about to engage
>If he had a mouth, for some reason I feel he'd be have teeth like knives and a grin like a genestealer
>His 2 meter tall cyborg bodyguards certainly don't look like they're just for show
>Thalaxes, I believe they are, and I've heard nothing pleasant about them
>Double quick march forward, the air grows thicker with the stench of burning flesh
>Raise my already drawn power sword, point it forward
>Half a dozen of the beasts have been blown apart already by autogun and shotgun fire,
>Bolter fire from the tower, and the ruined building follow soon thereafter, what would be the shrine has been turned into nothing but rubble and... scattered limbs, by grenades and missiles
>Azure company have move to using fallen over pillars and broken down roadblocks as cover
>As we advance into the square, the ear-splittingly loud roar of a Punisher cannon resounds from our left
>Paints the entrenched goat positions in blood and craters
>The goats in the open scatter and flee to passages through our right, but one of them is defiant
>Identify him as a shaman, he's crawling toward the pile!
>Rush foward and put two plasma bolts into his torso
>He convulses, hisses, and melts
>Scan the area briefly myself, everyone and every gun is silent
>Plaza would be good to defend from one direction, but like this?
>They'll counterattack, and soon
>Order units take up defencive positions, and move debris around for cover
>We'll dig in, then liquidate them
File: Servitor.jpg (55 KB, 475x475)
55 KB
>Be Skitarii Cavalry Marshall Derro of Forge World Ryza
>Lead the second cohort of a scout and reconnaissance macroclade accompanying the Arch Magos of another Forge World >>90185066
>For the sake of brevity it's a part of some "martial diplomatic exchange" directive between our two Forge Worlds
>For the sake of further brevity, my entire cohort operates on Serberys and Ironstrider units with a few Pteraxii
>Unconventional, but gets the job done
>With the greetings out of the way, I can now detail what I saw after coming to with an aching head
>Get up from the floor and take a gander
>Don't know where I'm at
>Don't know where the Blue Dragons went
>I'm in another tunnel
>Notice some of my fellows strewn about on the floor
>Blood and oil everywhere
>Shake a few, no response
>Pick up the vitals of my unit and the other with me
>All ten are here or in an adjacent route...
>...and they're all dead
>Save for one
>Haul as fast as my metal legs could carry me toward her
>Auspex tells me she's Veteran Raider Alba
>See her flat on the floor face down
>Turn her around and shake her
>Not working, so I grab the cables on my pack and attempt a jumpstart
>Notice the digits on her cloak as I do so
>That isn't her designation
>Those digits should be-
>She comes to and looks directly into the multi-lasers that are likely glaring from my eyes
>"Howdy boss... what's the word?"
>What's the word?
"Here's the word, Piper. You better give me a damn good explanation why the Skitarii I just woke isn't Alba or so help me Omnissiah-"
>"-I was ordered."
"By who, pray tell?"
>"My noosphere interface told me to come with the unit that followed your's, boss. Figured you knew what you were doing, so I shut my trap and did just that."
>Frag, must have been that warp interference that scrambled our tech
"You mean you, a rookie fresh out of simulations until now, received a message to fill a seasoned veteran's role in a veteran unit and thought nothing of it?"
>Her speaker let out a low whistle in minor key
>I let out a long sigh
>A rookie almost died
>On my watch
"Piper, if something feels strange you let me or whoever's in charge of your unit know. The lives of your brothers and sisters in arms depend on it. There's only so much one Skitarii can see on their own, even I, that's why we're all connected by the Omnissiah's tools. You got that?"
>She looks around at some of our dead comrades and nods silently
"Alright. We ARE having a chat about this once this all rolls over, but for now we have to find a way out of here."
>We give prayers in binary for the fallen cavalry units around us so they find rest in the Omnissiah's grace
>I then send out a vox missive to Trisha, Dray, Zeta-23, and Nines to request assistance
>Send the same message to Othello, and fill him and the Arch Magos in on the news
When the eldar rangers first arrive, it isn't specified where they are and various people assume they are in different places

They then have a run in with a mutant which is probably meant to be Kardu, but in the same post have a run in with the Sisters and the Alpha Legion, so it is probably easiest to assume that the mutant was some other mutant and they are in the same city as the Sisters and the Alpha Legion

Maybe Olivia fled the 2nd city when she went looking for a safe house and Marshal 9 followed her
That may be due in a large part to me completely forgetting people are in different locations on the same planet and teleporting the squad around by accident.
it is partially that (being in same place as kardu vs being in same place as sisters, though to be fair kardu's location was also vague for most of his posts)

but also partially because other people couldn't figure out where the eldar were, so "placed" them where they wanted them to be (kelermorph/marshal IX poster(s))
That is true, I did not say where they were (then again, they don't know either) and didn't realise there were multiple locations until later since in greentexts people usually hang around about the same place or it's obvious which bit of the "map" they're on.
One explanation to the teleporting could be that, the tunnel network beneath Arraqesh connects to the network beneath Drewill in some convoluted way. So those in either city could end up meeting down there.
That's kind of what I assumed reading through the thread earlier
maybe, though the bath room is potentially in three different cities:
- city with Sisters and Alpha Legion
- Derwill (due to presence of harlequins and Kardu)
- city where Olivia and Marshal IX started
> Be Gisgrirra Goldborn, the Arch Castrator, the Squat Servant of Slaanesh
>One of the few remaining warband leaders in Derwill now that the Sons of Malice have been defeated
>Command a diverse range of followers including androgynous mutants, leather clad cultists, tainted eldar, lascivious daemonettes, and even a few fellow squats
>The remaining Sons of Malice and their fodder have gone rogue, but I still command my own warband, plus some of the rabble fleeing other hives, including many dark skitarii and night born
>The Imperials now seem to be focusing their attention on the genestealers held parts of the city ruins, but unfortunately the genestealers have fodder to spare, so now we are fighting them as well
>Screw this, repeatedly hit the button on my throne that summons daemonettes anywhere my followers gather in large numbers in order to assist them in the fight
File: Broken.jpg (109 KB, 948x513)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>Be sister Trisha.
>The Blue Dragons librarian is still arguing with our cannoness.
>We've made zero progress on finding any of these icons in days.
"FUCK IT!" Cried our sister superior (her name is Alexa). "WE'LL DO IT OURSELVES"
She takes a few more sisters who are as done with this grox shit as us and we storm down the tunnel.
>We are going to find these icons, kill the daemons, and save this planet all by ourselves.
>We leave the useless Blue Dragons and our canonness behind.
"What should we do with the arm though?" Kimberly asks.
>Sister Eva takes the cultist arm, places it on the ground at the junction of tunnels and spins it.
>Once it stops at a tunnel and says "that's were we'll find the main icon"
>As we go down the tunnels we find the blasted remains of the skitarii cavalry
>They must've been the ones to set off the priest bomb
>We also find Marshal Derro clutching his last surviving subordinate
"Sister Gurtrude see what you can do" orders Alexa
>The hospitaller steps forward to try and patch up the skitarii
>Be Kaptain Krunch XI
>Or woz it XII?
>Warped into the system with the fight
>Not much spikey boyz left which is sad
>Some weird black and white marines though
>And there's a big fleet of cogboys charging at, uh, I dunno who those guys are.
>Hm. Hey, I stole their big dakka gun from last time, wonder if they have more
>They're firing their own dakka into the planet too, seems to be pretty good, no idea how good mine is though
>Gotta test it out first
>Be Skitarii Marshal Derro
>Wait for backup with a cohort rookie, Piper
>Keep our already peeled eyes watching for anything that crawls our way
>Meanwhile, Piper mentions catching a large one-armed figure before getting knocked out
>Wonder if that thing was supposed to be insurance for any Sisters that survived the bomb trap
>Soon spot Trisha and a few of her Sisters heading our way
>Her Hospitaller helps patch the two of us up
>Mighty kind of her
>After we thank them, Trisha asks about the trap she assumes we set off
>Explain that we saw it go off down the tunnel and assumed it was her Sisters that got caught
>Piper relays what she saw briefly before things went dark
>If it was strong enough to make some of my soldiers look like bomb victims, it'll be a problem down the line
>I ask the Sisters if they know where the Blue Dragons have been and if any luck with the icons was had
File: tzeentch_cultist.png (193 KB, 288x271)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
>be Severus
>phantom pain is continuing, stronger now
>might just be an infection I don't fully remember how I closed that wound
>saw two giant lasers hit in the distance
>think it broke through to a deep reactor level based on the smoke
>we stopped to make camp for nightfall
>another apartment building seems like it's abandoned
>one of the cultists tried to get the beastmen to take a bath
>they got a horn through their sternum
>another cultists decided to use the bath instead
>surprised water still runs in these places
>I'm just working on making something to eat
>not much you can do with water, three rats, and the corpse of that other cultist
>luckily this place had some imperial ration bars
>flavored after some fruit
>taste and feels like it's 50% sawdust
>so clearly this is the high quality stuff
>squat is talking over the vox with supposedly their boss
>how'd we get roped into their schemes anyway
>guess I have no better way to get a new arm
>keep hearing them mention slaanesh
>now it's them instead of this vashtorr
>I signed on for tzeentch but I guess most of my original cult is dead now
>cozy up on a couch to get some sleep
>gotta get all I can before my guard shift
>hope that other cultist comes out of the bath sometime soon, she's been in there for three hours now
>Be sister Trisha
>The two Skitarii get patched up by sister Gurtrude
>With the help of some of the spare parts lying around
>I’m sure they don’t mind, after all the ad mech is all about recycling
>They ask if we’ve seen the Blue Dragons?
>Tell him they’re back down the way we came
>They’ve been totally useless since we’ve come down here though
>They ask if we’ve made any progress in finding the icons?
>Kim says we have a fool proof way of detecting were they are.
>Sister Eva places the cultist arm on the ground and spins it
>Once it stops we start heading off in the direction it points
>Be Seer Delwyn
>You want us to do what?
>Go after the Patriarch?
>Are you quite mad?
>Actually, they're Cegis, of course they are
>Consider whether it's worth it to take the deal
>Things outside start exploding
>Rapidly reconsider attitude to whatever we're about to get roped into
>Eh, they'll be standing in front of us, right?
>I'll take a lunatic Harlequin scheme over an ignominious death by artillery
>Back at the pool, a fight starts at the standoff before someone crashes through the window
>Fucking clowns and their theatrics
>Wait, are we supposed to get into that Starweaver?
>It's either that or the Harlequin is performing some bizarre mime dance
>Please don't put me in a confined space with the Cegorachis
>I've heard all of the stories we get told as little ones about them
>How are we all supposed to fit into that thing anyway?
>More explosions go off, close enough to rattle the surviving windows
>Rapidly reconsider attitude to getting on board
>Smell ya later, mon'keigh
>Actually, I think you'll smell us, but that's not the point, ok?
>Oof, it's a bit cramped in here
>Hopefully nobody falls out
>And get your elbow out my face, whoever that is
>It's a bit exposed out here, the air is actually quite chilly
>Sun breaks through the clouds for a bit, feels pleasantly warm
>Danger sense starts blaring again
>Wait a minute
>That's not the Sun, that's a massive starship shot lancing through the clouds towards the ground
>Clearly whoever is firing has forgotten who the deadliest sonuvabitch in space is
>Who is even fighting up there anyway, can't see anything through the smog
>Ah, yes, the shockwave
>Look nervously at all the glass in the surrounding temples
>I don't want to get turned into cutlets by flying stained glass
>Be Mordo Octavius
>Listen to the explanation of the penal legionnaire about how his faith in the Emperor gave him and his men the power to rip the chaos beast apart
>Also a weird joke about being sent into a minefield
>Stand there in stunned silence
>Was more of an Imperial Truth guy myself but I might have to reevaluate that after what I just witnessed
>Realise these guys are being wasted in a penal legion crimes or no
>But if I report this to the Inquisition they'll probably be vivisected
>Walk over to the Commissar
"I suggest once this is over you contact whatever's left of the ecclesiarchy on this planet and explain what just happened. I myself will contact the Black Templars and inform them of these men under your command. I suggest you keep as many of them alive as possible until that happens. I and my squad will continue to accompany you until we have clearer objectives."
>Walk over to my squad and inform them that we'll be sticking with these penal troops.
>Also discreetly ask that tech priest where those eldar are, we should probably bag a few before leaving
>And Drednought Issac has been silent for a while, someone please confirm his death so I can leave this planet without him
>Be Isaac
>Welp I’ve officially killed enough Genestealers and cultists to burry the drop pod I arrived in
>My next goal is to fill this place up to the hole I made so they spill out and flood the hive with there worthless corpses
>Or at least that would be my goal, but it seams like they’ve finally running out of bodies to throw at me
>Or decided to attack somewhere else
>Wonder what that bitch Moron Octavius is up to?
>Probably still on his vegan ass diet of only killing fungus
>Would honestly be shocked if he pulled his trigger here
>Decide to pay him a visit only to realize I’ve completely buried the entrance to this cathedral in bodies
>Thankfully there’s these nice breakable stain glass windows
>And these statues high up on these pedestals
>Break the glass with my stop sign and surf out of the cathedral on the wings of a statue of some living saint or another surfing a tide of xeno hybrid bodies
>Be Castrator Barbie
>Years ago I was an Imperial noblewoman on some world far from here, but I joined the pirate warband known as Slaanesh’s Castrators out of boredom
>Best decision ever, the past few years have been a never-ending chain of new experiences, each more sensual and “creative” than the last
>But sometimes you have to do boring stuff like infiltrate planets and assist in the formation of proxy cults to further some dull and convoluted agenda
>Or worse, crawl through smelly sewers while following orders from some half-mad squat tech-sorcerer like I am now
>After taking some losses we are now down to six Slaaneshi, including myself and the squat, plus a beastman, a night born, and some guy named Severus
>The squat decides to make camp in an empty apartment
>Victoria tries to seduce the beastman into taking a bath with her but gets impaled for her troubles
>Oh well, we will find a use for her body later
>Decide the bath idea actually isn’t so bad, it looks like there are a few bottles of perfume and make-up in there as well
>A lady of my breeding shouldn’t smell like this for more than absolutely necessary, plus the heels and some of the straps are starting to chafe a bit
>Modesty doesn’t matter to me anymore, but shut the door anyways since I don’t really trust Igor the Rapist or Becky the Flayer. Or the squat for that matter
>Only in bath for a few hours when the water starts to glow a strange color
>Something pulls me underwater far deeper than the bottom of the bath
And Barbie was never seen again
>Be Skitarii Marshal Derro
>Piper and I arm up and get patched by Hospitaller Gertrude
>Isn't the greatest feeling getting fixed up with the parts of dead cohort members, but she makes a good Biologis in a fix
>The machine spirits aren't getting bunched at all, actually
>I might send word to our explorator fleet to keep tabs on the Sisterhood stationed on this world
>Sister Trisha mentions the Blue Dragons went back the way we came, and that their Librarian is arguing with their Cannoness
>She and the other Sisters split off to find the icons on their own
>One of them places a cultist's arm on the floor and spins it to find where to go next
>As it spins for an unusual length of time, I ask Trisha if she knows it will work
>She shrugs
>It eventually stops and points down a straight tunnel
>Trisha asks if we plan on coming
"Some of the Omnissiah's finest riders died finding those accursed objects. We won't turn back now. Lead the way."
File: Penal_Legionary (2).png (167 KB, 250x434)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
>Be Commissar Matthias
>The Deathwatch captain walks over to me after taking in 9820's explanation
>"I suggest once this is over you contact whatever's left of the ecclesiarchy on this planet and explain what just happened. I myself will contact the Black Templars and inform them of these men under your command. I suggest you keep as many of them alive as possible until that happens. I and my squad will continue to accompany you until we have clearer objectives."
>Fine by me I think to myself as I clear my throat slightly
"Very well then honoured Astarte, let's move out and find the Patriarch here in Derwill"
>I then turn to my praying Penal Legionaries
"On your feet men, we've got a Patriarch to kill. If we pass by any chaos cultists or remaining Traitor marines purge them"
>Collective sir yes sir back in response

>Be Marcus
>Ordered to start moving out
>Heard something about Black Templars and that most of us need to stay alive as much as possible
>Penal Legionary life spans aren't that long most of the time but as long as we don't end up with only 100 guys left we should be fine
>The Commissar then orders us to start moving and we do
>Followed along by the Deathwatch Squad
>Haven't had many experiences with Marines
>Last one was that Imperial Fist Dreadnought back on the Hive world with the Nids
>Got a nice stomach slash scar from that
>Briefly think to myself about if the Black Templars would be coming to Sevastopol with us seeing as the Deathwatch will be contacting them
Sorry, forgot some things.
>I thought about sending Piper with a couple Sisters back to the surface
>Remember that we have no idea where we are
>Ask Sister Trisha where we're at
>We turn to look toward the tunnel they came from
>It's fething gone
File: 1550639513967.png (3.24 MB, 2514x1950)
3.24 MB
3.24 MB PNG
>Be me, PDF brevet major Karel Szcabolks
>These vehicles are an Emperor-sent blessing
>While better on the move, they function well as stationary defensive installations
>We've been given some downtime as it were, counterattack will come soon
>Minimal casulaties on the first assault, shock and awe is still in season
>Set up overlapping fields of fire with support squad nests, mostly taken up defensive positions near the far wall
>At that far side, there's a grey and easily overlooked door in the wall
>That door is our key to the macrocannon C&C center
>The ground on this plaza has several patches of artifical grass, and ferrocrete made to look like “trees”
>Ferrocrete benches around this place, some look like ferrocrete tables
>Must have been a kind of park for this floor, the ceiling is unusually high and domed
>We've flipped the benches and tables, surprisingly they weren't just a part of the floor but moveable
>Used miscelanious rubble as added cover
>It's calm, but a tense calm
>Theta-690 is inside the access room behind us, our command section has set up outside of it
>I have some time to think and reflect
>Looking around at this rough hewn outfit, stitched together from other now defunct units, I realise something
>...That incompetant at command, Qaas, intentionally picked me for the Karr-Qum mission!
>He thought I was a mutant and wanted to get rid of me!
>Well, I suppose I can't blame him, if it weren't for my bushy eyebrows you could take me for a third gen mutie
>But, they tested all us kill squad troops for xeno DNA weeks before, Qaas must have seen those tests
>Yet he didn't relent, how narrow minded of him!
>Wait, if he's narrow minded for judging someone for being clean shaven and bald, then...
>...Hmm, no matter
>Qaas is dead and Swartzerdt is in command
>Karr-Qum was a test of my purity, Meuria will be a test of my ability
>No, our ability
>Let them come
>Auspex lights up as I think that, I suspect the enemy have psykers among their ranks
>Be Zeta-23
>Running over more chaos skitarii but they're thinning out
>Yuri says we're finally going to find out who's ordering us to all these random fucking places
>Fine by me
>Have to wonder if there's some kind of traitor in command preventing the 545th from getting to actually deploy as a tank regiment
>Hope it's not that inquisitor because I have no idea how this could be part of a plan
>Apparently the PDF are deploying some kind of elite unit to Meuria with an armour element
>Not sure I was meant to overhear that
>Fairly certain it's not our problem but keep Yuri updated anyway
File: 1550083677314.jpg (70 KB, 264x252)
70 KB
Be me, PDF brevet major Karel “Skull” Szcabolks
>The familiar skittering of distant hooves is coming from everywhere around us
>Auspex shows massive blips to our right, to our left, looks like some even below or on top of us
>High probability they'll try and take vents and obscure side-paths for alternate ways of attack
>They know this place better than us, but we know them well already
>Gold company taking point, Jade and Crimson company has switched out its infiltrator squads, fresh men in those fortified positions
>Jade and Crimson will hit them in the back when they approach, they've barricaded the rooms they occupy for added longevity
>Azure in the rear this time, let them stay there and recoup some losses
>They still have ample sight to fire, of course, but for now most of our men are effectively hidden behind cover
>Once we fully engage, the men will rise from behind cover and liquidate these mutie bastards with fire, explosives, faith and 8.6x52mm rounds
>Thallax units still in the rear outside, they can't fit in the command room with the magos
>In exchange for them, I've assigned Azure company's dagger squad to guard him
>His work to open the door is a little delayed, since I gave him an added assignment
>Doesn't seem to have done much, since I can hear a gleeful screech echo out the slightly ajar door in the back
>Guess that's his que to enter the C&C center, not yet though
File: PretendThoseAreAutoguns.jpg (202 KB, 720x1200)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
>As is the goatfolk's habit, their initial assault is a probing one
>Man-sized muties, don't move too far into the plaza, cautious and trying to stay behind cover
>Unlucky for them, we've redecorated, not much cover left
>Gold lead is an experience man, he's ordered ammunition conservation and few support squads to fire
>Give general order to affix bayonets, those who can do so
>Part of the first goat wave retreats, blasting autoguns start to trail off
>Silence for a solid ten minutes, these goats are working by the book
>Loud breying warcries echo out all around us, from the main roads, causways, from the vents
>A stampede of muties comes barrelling into the plaza, roaring battlecries guns blazing, hulking minotaurs leading the charge
>Allow them to advance into the plaza as far as optimal
>Order men activate photolenses, vehicles to switch to night sights
>Vox magos
>Bark ”Hit the lights, now!”
>The deafaning roar of the punisher cannon resounds as men lay down suppressive fire, can barely hear Magos' reply
>He seems to cackle with glee, the dim lights above and around us spatter and darken to pitch blackness
>Beastmen seem staggered by the sudden shift in visibility, their eyesight aint so good but they have an awesome sense of smell
>They'll keep coming no matter what, give general permission to fire at will and to focus fire Minotaurs
>Minotaurs barely seem hindered by darkness, see one of them barrel through a barricade and hew through 2 men at once
>Surrounding squads hose him down in fire, bullets and explosives
>Doesn't drop easy, but he drops
>More are coming, sentinels opened fire with their las- and autocannons
>Frag and krak grenades/missiles launching into the hoard, breaking up formations
>Swear I can see white-furred beastmen with pitch-black eyes in the mix
>Raise power sword, advance with command squad and Thallax
>Hear our familiar battlecry resounding all around, join in on it with a hearty roar
>Be sergeant Yuri
>Can see our goal in the distance now.
>Hive looks mostly abandoned with a giant hole burnt through it, likely from that giant laser fire rain from orbit
>Hope it didn’t hit the one place we actually needed.
>Hive is also on fire.
>Ask Zeta-23 if he has some way of knowing where the admin build there stuff and keep there records in a hive city?
>Be Marcus Scumbag
>As we move through the city we take out the odd cultist here and there along with the scant few chaos marines left
>The power of the Emperor still holds strong within but no longer shows itself as the extremely bright light it once was
>Probably means there's more chaos bs on the planet somewhere so Big E is keeping us ready for it
>Last time I fought Daemons was on Koronus
>Thankfully we had a range advantage but seeing as Hives mean close combat I hope it ain't those speed freaky cross dresser ones
>Around us is the ruins of Derwill
>Thankfully artillery stopped ages ago allowing us to walk through this ruined place
>Eventually come across some Genestealer cultists
>Before we engage I can hear them talking about trying to get their Gods here faster
>Oh hell nah
>I'm not dealing with the bugs again
>However this should mean we are maybe close to the Patriarch's location
>We then open fire on the cultists and a fire fight begins
>I snipe a couple of them before having to hit the deck to avoid having my brains blown out
>We take some losses going down from 5500 to 5250
>Lower than usual mostly thanks to the element of surprise and the fact we have marines with us
File: Deathwatch.jpg (519 KB, 1190x1498)
519 KB
519 KB JPG
>Be Mordo Octavius
>Helping these Penal Legionaries through the city as we move closer to what I think is the patriarch
>Genestealer cults all around, quickly dealt with
>These legionaires are tough stuff. I'm impressed. They fight as good as any elite guard regiment I've seen.
>Realise I'm actually enjoying myself, this is what I was trained to do
>A barrage of bolter shells quickly eviscerates any cultists we find and sends the rest scattering
>I feel a good mood coming on
>The moment is ruined when Brother Victor informs me Dreadnought Isaac's signal is in range
>Angry Marine bastard. Fuck him, we're keeping these legionaries alive and sending them somewhere they belong before dealing with him.
>I hope he dies in the meantime
>As I look up to scan the rooftops for snipers I see a giant black shape on top of some statue erupt from a cathedral tower along with a bunch of genestealer bodies
>I really hope he dies from that
>Hear the cry of genestealers erupt through the city
>Brother Marcus informs us the motion tracker's picking up signals all around us, concentrated in the centre of the hive in front
>The patriarch is probably calling all its forces to protect it
>We're in for a fight then
>Bring it on foul xenos
>Today you die.
>be Severus
>night went without much issue
>granted it only lasts 5 hours on this planet
>cultist never came out of the bathroom
>place was empty, bath still full when we went into check
>clothes still here so she's running around naked somewhere in this mess
>the other slaaneshi cultists fight over her clothes
>the nightborn, beastman, and I are thinking about ditching these guys but we have no where to go
>think it might be best to keep chugging along but have a plan to move things in a better direction
>tell the squat about the chaos icons we put up
>point out we left one deep in what was skitarii territory
>dark gods willing the area is pretty abandoned by now
>we can try and activate and it would find plenty of skitarii corpses
>my arm continues to feel phantom burning
>at this point it's getting concerning
>at least I don't hear the yelling anymore still don't know what could have been making that noise
>been noticing a lot of xenos mutants on the move
>they seem to be ignoring us what has them so spooked?
>beastman says we should catch one and eat it
>I ask the night born if he knows of any enemy camps nearby
>says he encountered a vahallan camp in this region might still be around
>might delay our mission to go steal some rations
>I hope the guard gets better food than we do
>the night born doesn't seem optimistic
>Be Zeta-23
>Yuri wants to know if I know where the administratum build their stuff
>Tell him I can narrow it down to a few places and it should be obvious really fast whether a building is administratum or not
>Won't take long to drive past them and check which is which
>Unless a hostile group is dug in at the actual administratum buildings
>Start plotting a route and alternate routes
>Be Marcus
>What we don't end up killing flees from the bolters
>One of the marines then says that the Genestealers are rallying and surrounding us based on his motion tracker
>Well well
>Just like the Hive World
>Commissar orders all of us on high alert and to fix bayonets just incase we find ourselves locked in melee
>Though good news
>Probably found ourselves the Patriarch
>I grin slightly as a pipe nearby bursts open releasing a whole bunch of them acolytes
>They open fire with autoguns so I take cover and return fire when I can
>Spot Adrian pull out a knife and toss one at an acolyte scoring it directly in the head before quickly following it up with another one to its chest
>The Kanak Skull Takers taught him well
>Seems like the marines are enjoying themselves fighting alongside us
>Surprisingly thought we'd be treated harsher due to our convict status
>Though the Emperor's blessings probably gave them some moderate respect for us
>Well that and we handle ourselves pretty well
>After all we've been here and there and some have died in stranger ways
>Be Shadowseer Velrani
>Giant blasts are shaking the entire city
>As if being underground wasn't bad enough, no we have to look out for falling debris
>Get a report from Malarai about a battle between genestealer and chaos cultists
>Specifically he spots a higher concentration of the genestealer ones moving towards the center of the city
>He also reports that the mon'keigh forces (including the Khaine-damned deathwatch) are also pushing to the center of the hive
>Well, that's the best lead we have right now, and it beats being buried down here
>Begin trying to find a way out of the catacombs that would put us near the city center
>Coordinate with Malarai to meet with us once we get out
>Eventually find a tunnel heading upwards towards the city center
>As we go up it, we find a horde of hybrid cultists, with one of them giving a speech out in front about fighting their oppressors for their gods or something
>These cultists are poorly armed, they are most likely just cannon fodder
>Suffice to say, the speech does little to rally the cultists once they start being overwhelmed with lights and hallucinogenic grenades
>Cut through row after row of the cultists as we get closer to the surface
>Breaking out into the sunlight, we see our air forces heading towards us
>And genestealer cultists below us
>Soon enough we are engaged and battle field becomes a miasma of lights and illusions
>Players crash into enemy forces and cut off limb after limb
>Sky weavers charge light vehicles with their zephyr glaives as void weavers melt the larger ones
>After crushing a hybrid's skull with my miststave, I spot another star weaver coming in carrying Wilted Rose and our Craftworld "allies"
>Wilted Rose jumps off the craft and joins the fray
>We don't spend time trying to secure a area, we just cut through the majority of them and make our way to the hive center trying to find the patriarch
>Be Marcus
>As we fight the forces of the Genestealers I see a craft flying overhead towards Derwill's city centre
>I then turn my attention back to the fight as I shank an acolyte that got close with my bayonet before blowing his brains out
>We just keep firing until there's nothing left
>Soon enough the Acolytes begin to fall back and scurry into the pipe
>Solomon grabs a grenade from a dead acolyte and tosses it into the pipe
>Explosion goes off and we hear some of their screams
>Commissar then orders us to move up towards where the air craft went as they have probably found the location of the Patriarch
>Double timing it this time just so we can get the Patriarch before it goes back below the Hive
>If we can get rid of it we can not only stop a potential call to a Nid fleet but also severely affect the Cult
>They'll make more mistakes that way
>Be sister Trisha
>Skitarii marshal Derro and his last surviving cavalry squad member are coming with us.
>As Eva spins the arm a couple more times as we make our way deeper and deeper into the hive
>Passing sections I think are older than the primarchs
>We eventually find our selves in a room constructed of smooth black stone with circles and lines carved into the walls.
>The style of building clearly isn’t imperial given how monolithic and simple everything is.
>We find what has to me the main chaos icon sticking out of a pile of ancient dead Skitarii, long since rusted with there organic parts turned to bones
>It’s a sword
>Stabbed into the ground through a pile of Skitarii.
>But not just any sword, a huge sword, big enough for a primarch at least
>The blade is shining almost glowing silver that hasn’t rusted at all despite the age of the bodies surrounding it and the Skitarii corpses it’s impaling.
>The handle is carved into glistening golden tentacles with several jewels, dominating the cross guard though is a huge organic purple eye with a symbol for Slaanesh for the pupil that keeps glancing around
>There’s clearly at least a greater daemon inside this sword
>Just being near this thing I can feel my cheeks blushing and my crotch heating up, Kim also keeps looking at me then looking away
>Scribbled around the Skitarii bodies are various ruins and sigils, likely for draining power from it
>If we destroy this thing all the other icons should go with it
>I make sure to load the blessed promethium into my heavy flamer, my sisters doing the same with there bolters and flamers, and Alexa with her combi bolter.
>We surround the sword making a kill box and crushing some long dead Skitarii under our power armor boots
>Now we just need someone to get close to activate the sword so we can kill the daemon.
>Any volunteers?
>Be me, PDF brevet major Karel “Skull” Szcabolks
>Regent alive, the mutie leading this hoard is trying his hardest to liquidate us
>No signs of where he might be, as of yet we've only seen one other shaman
>Likely commanding from a safe position
>Minotaurs went down as fast as expected with focused fire, but they did a number on our defences
>Most of all, they took some attention away from the rest of the muties, some of which were brandishing crude explosives
>Notice some pilfered PDF equipment among their ranks, heavier duty gear like grenade launchers, grenades, heavy stubbers
>Even a missile launcher in the mix
>Grenade attacks on Gold company aren't the worst they're doing, by far
>My earlier assesment of strange, white goatfolk was correct
>Slaangors, they're called
>They deploy in unruly, excessively braying squads lead by androgyne half-men half-women all abomination chanters
>Those braying noises are damn loud, these muties are more like bulls with the horns they're sporting
>Don't like this one bit, what I like less is the timing they showed up at
>Muties started trying to crawl through access shafts and vents when the slaangors showed
>Several of them we had identified and blocked or destroyed beforehand, several however we couldn't notice
>Had a nasty run in before, one moved a barely visible “manhole” cover and tried to bite my leg off
>Thrust my sword down to the hilt through its skull
>Trooper sent a torrent of promethium down as dessert
>Gold company has sustained considerable losses in its 2nd platoon
>Ordered them fall back to safer cover, get the wounded out best we can
>Otherwise, we'll have to leave them behind
>Hard to estimate casualties as is, thus far no appreciable diminishment in firepower
>Squad COs calling shots at targets
>Lots of pulverised ferrocrete flying around
>Sentinel caught a frag missile, knocked around but not out

>Slaangors and other goats grimly stomping over their own mutilated dead
>Their tide is, however, innevitably ebbing
>They couldn't stand up to our sheer firepower and discipline
>Regulars and greenhorns would have broke when they attacked
>Common mutie tactic, crude psychological warfare
>Only gotten used to it after years of tunnel fighting, it's not as bad as some would have you believe
>The nightmares usually go away about 10 years in, then it all becomes just another assignment
>They have a natural sense of cunning these muties
>They would make good abhuman soldiers, even if they are abominations to human purity
>Heard stories about muties like this fighting for the emperor to atone for their mutations
>They'd make good morale breaking units to be sure
>All those stories are from millenia ago though, no dice
>Suppose their kind don't play things straight anymore
>Vox report comes in from dagger squad lead, Emperor preserve me
>I can already hear that Magos cackling in the background, Dagger CO states what's immediately obvious
>Macrocannons batteries are clear to fire again
>Give him an affirmative and order him to remain by the Magos, switch to secure Vox channel and give General Swartzerdt the good news
>He, or maybe the magos, will likely contact SDF or other navy assets
>Macrocannons are in loyalist hands, problem is just that they're unmanned and locked as is
>Soon we'll be giving hostiles in orbit, or planetside, hell
>Delt with plenty of freaks who revel in death, but not like this
>Especially not a “loyalist”
>His Thallax cyborgs unleashed some of their firepower into distant minotaurs before
>Watched one melt from a plasma barrage and lightning gun fire
>The most normal weapon these things carry are those big multi-meltas
>Emperor preserve us, I feel like these Thalaxii might be more of a threat to us than the muties are
>Be sergeant Yuri
>Zeta 23 takes us into the burning hive city
>Guiding the convoy of tanks around burning spires and lava rivers
>Detouring whenever an overpass is downed
>We drive around for hours narrowing down our search
>I ask him how close we are to finding the right building?
File: 9j86nd5.jpg (145 KB, 724x1000)
145 KB
145 KB JPG

>Be Marcus
>Still pursuing the Patriarch
>Laying down fire into the scattered about genestealer Cultists
>Seems that something has been blitzing through them and not securing the areas
>Leaving us to deal with them
>Lasgun fire and bolter fire ripping apart cultists like a hungry man and a corpse starch bar
>Man I haven't had one of those in years
>Hopefully we should be rapidly approaching the Patriarch
>Some of those big Aberrant types burst from below and start swinging wildly
>Taking us down from 5250 to 5000 before they are gunned down and stabbed to death
>Fraggin hell we're going to need to make several more detours before we get to Sevastopol at this rate
>Unless it just ends up with what's left of us going there
>Probably going to be somewhat risky seeing as apparently the plan will be to air drop us in
>Then again fewer numbers might mean only the best of us will be able to do it
>Who knows what high command has in store for us especially as it always seems to be changing thanks to our orders
>Soon we have to take cover though as some acolytes have some high ground advantage and are currently trying to mortar us to death
>Shrapnel flies out from the shell and the ground taking out some more Legionaries
>5000 to 4900
>Fraggin hell
>The Marines have better armour then us so they'll probably be better at dealing with them if Simon can't get any snipe them due to the constant mortar shots
>Be Zeta-23
>Driving around burning city
>Have to drive through several former buildings at one point to get past a street of lava
>Nobody likes that; it's entirely too close for the tanks to turn in
>I don't even like that
>Keep getting wrong buildings but this is the only way to search all of them
>Keep narrowing down prediction based on pattern of the hive
>Yuri wants to know if we're close to finding the right building
"One more compound; there's several buildings... but they're all in the same area and you should be able to smash from one basement to the other if this is the pattern usually used at this level of this kind of hive"
>Have to climb one level through a parking structure and approach from the rear
>Relatively few major obstructions
"We are fifteen minutes out"
>Finally we're going to find out who's doing this
File: 305328 (2).jpg (197 KB, 900x811)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
>Be sergeant Yuri
>"We are 15 minutes out."
>15 minutes later
"It this the place?"
>"Yes Yuri."
"You're absolutely sure it is?"
>"Yes I am absolutely sure this is the correct building with the records you need."
pic related
>Be arch Magos Explorator Prime.
>The navy vessels have finished dealing with the traitors and are ready to begin boarding the squat ships
>Main cannon ready.
>Main cannon fires and a solid beam of light pierces into the darkness of the void.
>Begin rotating my ship down and manage to slice clean through 3 squat ships before we’re forced shut down the cannon
>Ork vessels are now in broadside range.
>Be Zeta-23
>Shit that's a lot of chaos
>Ready my combat mechadendrites
>Can't scan the building very deeply thanks to chaos interference but it should be standard administratum layout
>Unless someone's put a warp portal or some shit through the middle
>Plan a route, share the map.
>Don't think anybody is happy about the idea of breaching this place
>Engage morale_boosting_joke.exe
"Let us hope there is only a moderate amount of daemons."
>Nailed it
>Be sister Trisha.
>After no one volunteers to poke the daemon sword, Sister Superior Alexa shoots it right in the eye with her combi bolter.
>Hear a loud daemonic shrieking in all our heads, then the sword breaks apart and a keeper of secrets stands on top of the pile of rusted skitarii clutching his (her?) its bleeding eye
"Which one of you corpse worshiping sluts is responsible for th--"
>Everyone holds down their triggers in sync and lets loose into the keeper with a torrent of sanctified bolters and holy promethium
>We dont plan to stop firing until our clips run dry, or the daemonic screaming stops.
>Whichever comes last.
File: Sup_fool.jpg (234 KB, 1280x960)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
>Be me, PDF brevet major Karel “Skull” Szcabolks
>Emperor damn that braying, my ears are still ringing despite earprotection
>With faith, lead and fire we've managed to wipe out the forces that were attacking using the main hive roads
>Side access hatches and tunnels were still a problem, until the muties caught on that we had succeeded in our mission
>They scurried off deeper into the winding mazelike support structer of this Hive, probably back to their HQ
>Assigned a four man fireteam from Crimson company shadow their movements, going to find their HQ and mark it
>After that it's up to allied forces to wipe it off the map, and if they fail, it's up to us
>Go over casualties, all in all the numbers look optimal
>Overwhelming firepower minimised our losses even with the enemy's possession of anti-infantry explosives
>Reminded of an old saying: “A hundred flashlights can set even a swamp ablaze”
>Smirk a little
>Have my men check their ammo, going over status reports when I hear the vox crackle
>One lieutenant-colonel Havelka, looks like we've got a change of the guard
>PDF regulars sure took their sweet time getting here, but get here they did
>Mixed assortment of clean cut soldiers with well maintained gear, and scruffy beaten-down survivors covered in scars
>They take up defencive possitions around the main path from the plaza to the lift the Leman Russ took
>See them grunt and groan trying to set up tarantulas
>Order Magos turn the lights back on, he hesitates a while before fulfilling this task
>When pressed on their state and mission, Havelka confesses that they're only the advance guard of the PDF counterattack
>Figures, give him a sitrep
>Send Jade company's 1st and Azure company's 2nd platoon to sweep the area for a lift I know is nearby
>Standard heavy support lift, can carry a compliment of infantry deep into the underhive inconspicously
>Those things never break down

File: ShitpostingOverdrive.gif (4.84 MB, 480x255)
4.84 MB
4.84 MB GIF
>Suddenly a Rhino tears into the plaza
>Guns already trained on it, but out jump friendlies
>Tech-Priests looks like, probably local
>One of them would have a uniform fit for a spire noble, at least if it wasn't so dirty
>Make a guess at what they're here for before they approach, halt them anyway to confirm
>”Must you interrupt us guardsman!?” lad in the fancy uniform begins an angry tirade, inadvertantly explains that they're the crew for the C&C center
>Immediately interrupt his incoming tirade, advise him to give friendlies a warning when doing stunts like that
>Secondly, ask if they have anyone who can operate long-range vox comms
>A moment of silent glances between the tech-priests ensues, navy boy goes starch white
>Sigh, call up Gold company's vox operator and order him follow
>Gold company is recouperating, Gold lead doesn't mind
>Leave my XO, Omskev, in charge of outside operations for the moment
>Gold company's VoxOp should be able to man the comms here, C&C center is attached to Hive's orbital uplink according to the cogboys
>Magos might be able to man this station all by himself, but I don't trust him to do it without a global friendly fire incident
>Techboys get to work almost immediately, hooking up to old consoles and tapping away at dusty keypads with cybernetic hands
>Vox operator takes to his new assignment with seemingly practiced ease, knew he was the right choice for this
>The ambient huming of the machines and clacking mechadendrites fills the room, everyone's silent
>Finally the vox sparks and almost hisses, vox operator repeatedly hailing the largest Navy ship in orbit
>Patch through to a frigate, they must be in tatters if that's our biggest ship
>Try to get Theta on the vox, he's unresponsive
>Grumble, protocol states highest ranking officer or tech-priest makes initial contact
>Grab vox, state my name, rank, and unit
>”Hive Meuria's macrocannon batteries are online, requesting any and all available target coordinates.”
>be Severus
>found the vahallan camp fully abandoned
>no signs of a fight but they didn't seem to take any of their surplus stuff
>don't think to hard about why just start looking around for supplies
>find some food
>mostly porridge and soup
>none of the labels say what they're made out of
>probably better not to know
>arm is really hurting now
>glad we decided to rest a second to eat
>squat and the slaanesh cultists are freaking out about something now
>they take off leaving the beastman, the night born, and I behind
>search around some more and find a long range vox caster already tuned to the vahallans frequency
>try a few of my old vox channels
>get no response
>night born tries his and again silence
>switch back to the valhallan channel
>try to call them
>claim to be a captain of some fake unit coming to reinforce
>need an update on location and status
>we'll hold here for now, I don't think they'll have a way to figure out where this call is coming from
>three of us will try and fortify this position
>which mostly means we are grabbing everything we can from around and setting up in this tent
>no one should notice us here we are seemingly far away enough from anything going on
>arm continues to phantom burn
>wonder where the other cultists ran off too
>well at least we have some good field cots now
>Be Kaptain Krunch III
>Or was it XIII?
>Had enough fun test firing the big dakka gun
>Hit the planet a few times, lots of pretty explosions
>Now to have a real fight
>Aim it at the Humie ship
>Open up a comm channel
>He just shoots at us with his broadsides
>Ah well, sometimes they don't know how to have fun
>Just means I gotta teach them
>Be Arch Magos Explorator Prime
>Fire broadsides into the orks while my main cannon charges up
>Get message on the main screen:
>It's the same kaptain that tried (and failed) to loot my cannon at the forge world
>No idea what he's talking about, I distinctly remember taking my main cannon back from them
>And I just used it to destroy the dark mechanicum fleet and a few ships in the squat mining fleet
>Speaking of which, we should be fully charged again
>Orient my ship around
>Fire the main cannon
>He fires... something... I'm not entirely sure what at the same time and our beams meet in the middle and form a massive ball of plasma bright as the sun
>I wonder how Voidmaster Heart Flame Von Grunghard feels about seeing all this?
>Be sergeant Yuri.
>"Let us hope there is only a moderate amount of daemons."
>I pat Zeta 23 on the back, then pull out the vox.
"Men, instead of waiting your time with some long inspirational speech, I'll save all our time and just tell you this much: Somewhere inside that building is the name of the asshole that's been sending us to desert and jungle deathworlds. We will find the name of that gak head and make him pay. FOR THE EMPEROR!"
>I order Zeta 23 to step on the gas.
>Our sabre tanks drive up the admin building steps plowing through cultists.
>Hopfully the records are in a secure spot in this place the cultists are too stupid to mess with.
>Be Mordo Octavius
>My squad and the penal legion are drawing closer to the patriarch's lair
>Fighting even more amounts of genestelaers as we go, they're quickly put down by lasfire, bolters, and plasma
>Bodies of the cultists and purestrains everywhere, they have us surrounded but they're not match for us
>Get word there's also eldar heading straight for the patriarch too
>Don't know what those foul eldar are planning, but I won't let them carry out their plan!
>Eventually, after fighting our way through their defences we reach the central spire of the hive, the central doors already blown open to reveal a vast maw that leads to the depths
>Me and my men are covered in gore by now, the black of our armour masked in a film of blood
>Check that the penal legionaries are ready
>Their faces are grim and determined.
>Nod to them
>Order Brother Victor to fire a flare into the darkness in front of us
>He does so
>The flare bursts forward, illuminating the interior of the foul nest...
>Be Captain Ortland
>Ork fleet has entered the system
>They fire a massive battle cannon similar to the Ark Mechanicus' which also fires its own
>Massive ball of plasma akin to the sun
>Order The Judgement and The Adjudicator to focus on the Squats whilst I take the Baleful Punishment and The Justification of Law to deal with the Orks
>Order all fighter crafts of my two ships I'm using to attack the Orks to preform gun runs
>Order the laser batteries to start firing upon the Orks
>Specifically I want to target the flagship of the Orks
>Move the Baleful Punishment and Justification of Law out of the way of the miniature sun
>Open fire upon the flag ship with Baleful Punishment's laser batteries
>Justification of Law also opens fire but this time on the rest of the fleet
>The Judgment and The Adjudicator continue to fire upon the Squats
>Hopefully we score some critical shots on the Orks' flagship so we can cripple it's ability to escape the system if they decide to flee
>Be Isaac
>Surf a tidal wave of xeno hybrid bodies on a statue of a living saint
>Wave of corpses splashes down alleyways and onto overpasses, crushing cultists and purestrains underneath their own slain comrades
>As the wave advances I see Moron Octavius in the distance and stear my living saint statue towards him
>The corpses are eventually no longer under me and I start skidding over rockcreat, grinding down the statue flat
>I stab the stop sign into the ground to slow myself coming to a hault right in from of Moron Octavius and the rest of the squad
>I look down at him, seeing the look of utter shock and disbelief

"Beat that bitch."
>Be Marcus
>The marines managed to deal with the mortars and we finally arrive at the centre hive spire of Derwill
>The marine captain looks at our determined faces
>One of them fires a flare into the darkness
>Commissar orders us to start opening fire at whatever we can see
>4900 lasgun shots and a bolt pistol ring out joined by the marines bolters
>Then something behind us says
>"Beat that bitch"
>Tempted to look behind me and see what it is but have to keep firing as we've stirred awake the Cultists main nest
>Pull a grenade out of my belt
>Stole it from a corpse earlier
>I pull the pin and toss it into the nest
>Solomon, our resident bomb expert also pulls out some grenades and starts lobbing them in
>Explosions making it easier to clear out the Genestealers
>Be Kaptain Krunch IX
>Or wuz it VIII?
>Firing the big gun at the cogboy git
>He fires his own big gun
>They meet in the middle and combine into a giant explosion
>We're now stuck shooting more energy at each other
>Dis git's annoyin. Why isn't he trying to get the dakka back?
>Suddenly my weirdboy turns to me
"He doesn't fink you stole it boss"
"He thinks he took it back last time"
>But I cut it off and everything and was carrying it to my ship and-
"But he thinks he got it back. And he's shooting us with another big dakka gun."
>Damn. Gits. And he's got a new big dakka gun to match my own
>Be Mordo Octavius
>The flare has revealed a crawling wall of flesh
>It screams and lunged towards us
>We open fire, legionary and marine both, emptying everything we have into the horde in front of us
>Hear a thump behind me
"Beat that bitch"
>Turn my head while continuing to shoot
>It's dreadnought Isaac
>Standing on a broken statue of some saint
>Holding a giant stop sign in his claw
>On top of a literal wave of corpses leading all the way to a distant cathedral in the distance
>did he-?
>He's just standing there smugly
>Get the urge to punch him
>Sigh instead
"You going to help kill the xenos or just stand there and gloat?"
>Privately hope to myself he rushes into the hive and dies
>Know it's not going to be that easy
>Be Marcus
>Turns out the thing behind us is another Deathwatch member
>More fire power, sweet
>I continue to unload my lasgun into the enemy
>As we fire we begin to move up to claim the ground we've taken
>Man if only we had a banner holder, we'd look like a scene right out of Armageddon
>Thank the Emperor we had fully charged packs for this mission as well as
>Even if we run out we've got some spares from dead Legionaries
>My las pack runs dry so I stop moving up and begin to reload
>One of those pure strains types leap at me and pin me down
>Before it can begin to rend my body to pieces Adrian and Pete come in and stab it in the sides with bayonets
>The pure strain screams in pain letting go of one of my arms
>I grab my lasgun by the bayonet handle and thrust it into its head
>Pete and Adrian then throw the pure strain off of me and towards the enemy
>I then get back on my feet with a reloaded lasgun ready and open fire again
>Thank the Emperor I didn't get more nid slash wounds
>Stomach one still aches from the warrior slash
>Be Captain Ortland
>The Ork flagship seems too focused on the Ark
>Perfect opportunity to finally land critical shots
>Order The Baleful Punishment to fire upon the command bridge
>Order fighter pilots to fire upon the engines of the flagship
>We're going to make these Orks regret coming here
>The Justification of Law is busy dealing with other Ork ships and has ordered breaching teams into them
>I order breaching teams of the Baleful Punishment to deploy into the Ork Flagship
>Their objective is to detonate anything on board and kill it from the inside
>We cannot allow the Ark Mechanicus to fall or lose its cannon to Ork Looters
>Be Zeta-23
>Yuri pats me on the back for some reason and gives a much better speech than I can manage
>Everyone is pumped up and ready to breach
>Detect faint vox signal
>Allegedly some captain of some infantry unit is coming to reinforce
>Not very clear and hard to clean up
>Can't triangulate it either
>Quietly box back "acknowledged"
>Charge up the stairs with tank
>Making paste from cultists
>Smash into the massive doors and they are sent from their hinges
>Start to take more serious fire now that not everything we see is being run over instantly
>But this is a sabre and they didn't expect a tank here at all
>Scan doesn't get me much more data
>Shit's all warpy
>They must have a psyker or some deamons or something
>But I know roughly where we need to go anyway
>We're just going to have to keep blasting cultists before they shoot us
File: 1575920539872.png (99 KB, 541x380)
99 KB
>Be me, brevet major Karel “Skull” Szcabolks
>Long-range vox signals sure are interesting
>Lad in the fancy uniform turns out to be a naval liaison, some 3rd lieutenant or another
>The way long-range vox works, the message will take time for the frigate to receive and open
>Apparently I don't have to be here when we receive an answer, neither does the Magos
>Furthermore: Turns out the actual biggest allied ship in system is an Ark Mechanicus, it's backed by a strike cruiser
>Explains how we're still alive
>Macrocannon's preped and ready to fire, just need targets
>I hope this frigate “Baleful Punishment” can survive long enough to forward our message
>Finally got an answer on what he was doing: Gathering telemetry on what's below and listening in on allied vox channels
>What lies below sounds far from good, but with a silver lining
>Missile C&C center had an ancient insurgency countermeasure installed: robots
>Lots and lots of robots
>Theta won't tell me what kind, I can only guess they're real nasty from the worried glance given by one of the tech-priests
>In other news, allied forces are trying to liquidate the mutie patriarch on this world
>To that end, there are several tunnels that auspex scan indicates goes straight to Derwill from the underhive and hive bottom
>Not surprised, we're only a couple dozen klicks northwest of that hellhole as is
>Another tunnel goes straight to Karr-Qum, just my luck
>Might be running into genestealers further down
>Exit the command center, out through the heavily reinforced blast door into the foreroom, out into the plaza
>Get caught up, Crimson fireteam found the mutie HQ, marked it and managed to exfil
>Damn fine work, it's three levels below us and they managed to survive the trip
>Jade and Azure platoons found the lift, not in as good shape as I would have liked but it'll do
>Gather volunteers to complete our second objective
>Underhive, here we come
>tfw macrocannon bombardment soon
>Be Mordo Octavius
>Decide the best course of action is to ignore Isaac, either he'll jump in and get himself killed or he'll fuck off and I can be rid of him
>Announce to my brothers and the Penal legionaries
"Forward! We shall bring a cleansing light to this foul darkness, and an end to these xenos who think they can overthrow man!"
>Charge through as the vanguard, my men following me, out bolter fire illuminating the darkness that contains the hive
>A whirlwind of claws and teeth is there to greet us, but our swords are sharper, our armour stronger, our bolters faster than anything the genestealers can bring against us
>Brother Victor's plasma gun is pushed to the brink of overheating, yet he pours an endless stream into the horde
>Brother Erasmus's twin chainswords are flying through the air faster than the xenos can swarm him
>Brother Corwen's heavy bolter is ceaseless, the torrent of bolter shells overpowers even the genestealers screams
>My own bolter is emptied within seconds, immediately reloaded and roaring again
>Kicking the cultists almost as much as I'm cutting the purestrains in two with my power sword, blood is running everywhere and my ocular self-cleaners are working overtime so I'm not blinded
>Foul xenos scum. They shall not claim the birthright of man. They do not even deserve the gift of existence. The stars are Ours!
>Lascannon fire all around me cutting through any stragglers left in our wake, the penal legionaries are advancing as we cut down the horde
>Screams of the genestealers all around, we must be close to the patriarch
>Suddenly see some movement to my left, behead an aberrant that was leaping for me
>Stomp my foot on the head of a cultist that was trying to get closer undetected
>Yes, this is indeed a worthy fight for the deathwatch.
>none of them actually flee
>just how I like it
>Be Marcus
>Continuing to rain down las bolts into the enemy
>Although Commissar now tells us to start being precise seeing as the Deathwatch have charge in like the mad lads they are
>Hacking and rending them apart with melee and bolter fire
>Gore drenches the area
>The inspirational speech from their captain is great
>On par with our old Lord Commissar's speeches
>Due to the screeching we are probably getting closer to the patriarch
>I do wonder if those Eldar have found another way around to get to it seeing as we've got all these bug fuckers to deal with
>Simon is in his element however as I see him sniping a Genestealer that was about to jump onto the back of one of the marines
>The corridor is filled with the sounds of battle
>This is the life, I tell you
>With each wave killed we gain more ground, pushing forward more and more
>Though even with the might of the Astartes and our lasguns some of us still go down from autogun rounds
>4900 to 4700
>Though each loss just brings out the best of the best
>Forming a strong core for Sevastopol
>It's times like this where I'm glad I was forced into service
>My ability to survive and kill the enemy was wasted as a ganger in Hive Abel
>I could've used it for the Imperium before my incarceration
>But I didn't
>Now I'm fighting for my life down here to gain forgiveness
>Though the Emperor blessed me to kill the Chaos Marines
>Deep down I know my debt isn't fully repaid yet
>For now though
>I'll keep firing until there isn't anything left standing
File: 1557241570905.jpg (23 KB, 360x280)
23 KB
>Be me, brevet major Karel “Skull” Szcabolks
>Inspecting my volunteers
>Mixed support squad, 2 heavy bolters 1 missile launcher
>Infantry consists of Azure's Dagger and Halberd squads, Gold's Flash squad, and finally Jade's Harrier squad
>Would have brought more if it weren't for those Thalax cyborgs and the Magos
>They'll be the core of our firepower, we'll have to move fast
>After requesitioning extra ammunition for my men we set off
>Spot what looks like an irregular PDF formation marching into the plaza as we leave
>Looks militia-like, see arbites among them
>Arbites acting as commissars, I'd guess
>Practically all those lex imperialis jackboots are good for anyway
>Refuse to think deeper on this evaluation, operation is at hand
>Move fast through decrepit, filthy access corridors
>Path already sweeped no need to check corners
>Lift itself is dotted with lights, large blast door blocking access to the lift proper
>Terminal for next to blast doors
>Locked as a precautionary measure, couldn't just send down PDF here to retake the center
>Magos arrives last, men stand at one side and keep watch
>A mechadendrite reaches out probingly, jams itself into a small socket next to terminal
>Hear a possitive chirp from the machine, blast doors unlocking and clanking open
>Pile on to the lift A.S.A.P., Thallax group last in, thus they'll be first to exit
>Doors don't close in front of us, lift abruptly descends with a melodic hum
>It would have been possible to enter this way from the hive's top, if the lifts path wasn't intentionally locked above mid level
>Area below crawls with muties, lucky for us we only have a short walk to the missile C&C center
>That command center was accessable through a central bullet elevator, but that too was locked long ago
>Lift buzzes as it slows to a halt, doors grind open
>Blistering fussilade immediately follows
>Liquidated muties of different stripes lay dead or dying as we exit
>”Photolenses and rebreathers on, push out!”
>Be Death Jester Malarai
>Stuck in a star weaver while my allies get to have fun in the battle below
>And all I have to entertain myself with is blasting hybrids with this shuriken pistol
>Spot lots of mon'keigh moving towards the central spire
>Still have the vox caster we got a long time ago, listening in we pick up that they have found a tunnel into the depths in there
>No doubt to their lair and the patriarch
>While supporting the mon'keigh sounds good, getting shot by the Deathwatch doesn't
>Inform Velrani of this and we start to come up with a plan
>The plan is to get everyone on transports, then we blast through a wall of the spire and charge down the tunnel
>It will be difficult, but our pilots have dealt with worse
>We head towards the spire, as we get in range all of our weapons fire into wall
>We burst through the smoke and make a turn downwards
>We deliver death upon the cultists we pass over, with them being vaorpized by void weavers or cut in two but the glaives on the sky weavers
>Lose a couple weavers on the way down, can't tell if that is from the cultists or the Deathwatch
>Velrani tells me to give the Craftworlders the info on how we got here, since there might not be time to repay them
>Contact them over the communicator and give them the info while telling them it is entirely possible that we will all die horribly violent deaths
>I added the last part myself
>Once we get a good distance ahead from the Deathwatch, our infantry dismounts and begins to hack through the cultists
>It's now a delicate dance pushing through the hybrids and keeping ahead of the Deathwatch
>Trying to balance out killing enough cultists to make our advance while leaving enough alive so that they can slow mon'keigh down
>The ground below me is a cloud of lights and flying limbs
>And I am stuck on this ship with my shuriken pistol
>I need a bigger gun
>Be Marcus
>As we continue our grinding advance I see a couple of skimmer vehicles fly over head
>The Eldar then disembark and begin to dance their way through the Cultists
>They dance way ahead of us but leave straggler Genestealers for us to kill
>Realise they want to get to the Patriarch first and slow down the Deathwatch
>Continue to fire upon the Bug Fuckers, they are the biggest threat here after all
>Scoring headshot after headshot improving my aim with each kill
>I'll never be as good at sharpshooting as Simon but fraggin hell it's a start
>Think I can see one of the Eldar simply shooting from his skimmer with just a pistol
>Does some decent work but he seems to want a bigger gun
>We all want bigger guns sometimes
>I'd kill to get my hands on a bolter one of these days
>Then again I do love a good old fashioned Fractrix pattern assault laser
>That things like a SMG in the right hands
>Only downside so I've heard is that you need to replace it's focusing prism every one thousand shot and that requires a tech priest
>We sure as hell ain't getting one of those in the regiment any time soon
>Then again, Pete's pretty good with tech
>I snap myself out of this thinking and shoot a cultist that was about to get the jump on the Commissar
>He responds to the shot Cultist with a slash from his chainsword
>We've got to be getting to the patriarch at this point considering the screaming is getting louder and my brain is starting to hurt
>God Emperor, I need some watery mud when we get back to The Baleful Punishment
File: Self_Defence.png (1.86 MB, 1240x1754)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB PNG
>Be me, high-speed low-drag operator-
>I mean, PDF brevet major “Skull”
>Boots loudly stomping across the ground as we advance, thallax as our bodyguard
>Sent out servo skulls to peak ahead, around corners and rubble etc.
>Magos keeps cackling whenever they liquidate a mutie
>Gunfire in short sporadic bursts, moving quickly through comperatively narrow streets and walkways
>Takes us a few minutes to reach another door, looks heavier duty than the one we saw before
>It's in what seems almost like a back alley
>Harrier squad stops behind the thallax group to fire
>As I feared, they have VisCon on genestealers neophytes
>By the time we all catch up only a few of them remain
>Ones that do are the worst kind: Harrier lead is convulsing on the ground and his XO is being slashed at
>There was a Locus among them
>Rush forward sword drawn only to see its gaze shift directly into my eyes
>It leaps forward at me limbs poised to strike
>Before I know it, the Magos' powerfists careens into the mutie and rockets it into the wall next to the door
>Thallax with the lance looking weapon finally fires, watch as a thin black beam pierces forward with a harrowing screech
>The thing itself barely has time to scream out in pain as it boils away into nothing before my very eyes
>Make the sign of the aquila, bark out orders to set up a defencive perimeter
>I'll thank Theta later for that save
>”Get the medic over here to take care of the wounded, move!”
>In half a heartbeat later, the Magos has opened the thick door leading into the command center's foreroom
>Enter behind him once preperatiosn outside are made, hear him clacking away
>Hear the chirp of an unlocking sound again, see heavy blast doors into the command center slide open
>Muties must have been trying to get in here, thank the emperor we arrived
>Magos scurries inside first with seemingly restrained glee
>Order my temporary command squad (Halberd squad) inside with me after him

File: ArchaicEqualsAdvanced.jpg (46 KB, 540x360)
46 KB
>Find ourselves inside a larger command room, see archaic looking consoles and viewscreens extending to our left
>On the far wall ahead of us, see a reinforced seethrough viewslit
>Few if any heat sources inside, looks like... machines
>Robots then, battle automata
>Magos seems to be busying himself with something, jacked into what I'm guessing is the consol ment for this place's commander
>After a bit of tense nothing, the whole place begins emiting a droning hum
>Lights flicker and spark, coming online
>Switch photolenses off, looking around this place
>Surprisingly little dust all things considered
>Theta lets out an almost howling laugh, then snaps his head towards me
>Approach him slowly as he begins to speak, men looking around cautiously
>”Objective status: Complete. Battle automata are prepared for release.”
>Without skipping a beat he continues, “Inquiry: Are you familiar with battle automata classification and equipment?”
>”I know as much as I have to, where is this leading?”
>”Explanation: General designated 'Swartzerdt' left orders open-ended. Exact deployment up to designation 'Skull'. Inventory status: Vorax, Cataphract and Crusader-class units ready to deploy.”
>He proceeds to list the total amount of them, regent alive that's a lot of robots
>The cavet he makes is that most of them are inactive, he then lists the active total amount in short order
>I've only heard stories of robos and read primers on them for WCS prep
>Crusaders I know are fast and lightly armoured
>Cataphracts are tough but slow
>Vorax-class 'bots sound familiar, don't recognise them though
>Have to act quickly, the muties will be here any minute
>”What do you suggest we deploy?”
>A brief silence, then familiar mechanical tones ring out,
>”Calculation: Deployment of Vorax machines would result in most favourable outcome.”
>“Define 'most favourable outcome', Magos”
>”Definition: The enemy all die.”
>To hell with it, order him deploy them
>Be Voidmaster Heart Flame Von Grunghard
>Take a swip of ale as I watch my ships closing in on the imperials
>Watch a second sun come into existence as the beam from my former luva's ship collides with one from the urks
>Those savages think they can copy MY patented mining laser design and get away with it!?
"Kin, it appears we have a much bigger grudge to settle with the green skins."
"Slice apart their umgak with your mining lasers, and prepare the boarding iron kin."
>It's time to show these pirates the might of the leagues
>Be Captain Ortland
>As we fire upon the Ork fleet I get two calls from The Judgement and The Adjudicator
>Apparently the Squat fleet are preparing to deploy some of their vessels against the Orks
>The more the merrier I say
>Perhaps I can even cripple their vessels whilst they engage the Orks
>Order The Judgement and The Adjudicator to pull away and lead some of the vessels into the Ork fleet
>Meanwhile I keep having The Baleful Punishment fire it's laser batteries at the flagship of the Orks
>Need to get one of those critical wounds to go off successfully
>Unfortunately I don't get any sixes
>Still hit though but just no critical
>Gritting my teeth in frustration at this turn of events
>Might have to swallow my pride and send hail the Squats to see if they can get some critical hits on the Orks' Flagship
*And hail
>Be Sergeant Yuri.
>We blast through the doors into the reception area.
>The cultists are caught totally by surprise from our tank assault, not managing to get behind their meager defense.
>We drive over stanchions and smash wooden waiting chairs.
>Firing up and collapsing a few balconies with desks.
>Eventually we clear out the lobby of threats, leaving it a ruin of splinters and smashed bodies.
>I ask Zeta 23 to check the terminal behind the receptionist desk to try and find the floor the archive room is on.
>Be Zeta-23
>Obliterate a lobby
>Yuri wants me to check the terminal for the archive room location
>Clamber out, hop the desk, and plug in
>"Access denied due to ongoing planetary emergency"
>"Clearance required"
>Frak this and th-
>a subroutine I don't recognise engages
>My arm presses the watch against a scanner without my involvement
>Clearance recognised
>Access granted
>Shake myself out of whatever that was and grab the data
>Run back to the tank
"Third floor, at the back, is the access point, but it's a big room..."
>Share map data with Valhallans, at least now we know where we're going
>Be sergeant Yuri
>"Third floor, at the back, is the access point, but it's a big room..."
>Drive three tanks over to the stairwell, ordering the rest to stay behind and guard the entrance.
>Burst through the wall, then start driving up the stairs.
>A couple cultists fire down the stairwell, but it's nothing the pintle mounted stormbolter can't take care of.
>Once we reach the third floor we see the hallway is way too narrow for our tanks.
>I take lead of a single squad of valhallans along side Zeta 23 and we exit our tank and make our way down the hall.
>Be Seer Delwyn
>Be wondering if we will live long enough to regret this
>Some clowns are being shot down, luckily we are not
>We just managed to escape from the tunnels, and we're going back IN?
>Suppose it figures though
>Big Daddy doesn't like to be found or seen
>Supposedly there's Deathwatch down here
>Hopefully they get eaten by the bugspawn
>If not, let's give them a wide berth ay?
>Nearly fall out as the craft pulls some violent high-speed manoeuvres
>Pilot must have been recruited from Saim-Hann
>That Jester with the pegleg forwards the codes for the local Webway gates and says we might all die horribly
>Gee thanks, trying not to think about that one right now
>But hey, at least we can get out of here if we survive
>Cegorachis all go charging off into the fight
>We're a lightly armed covert ops team rather than battle infantry, so we'll hang back here
>Clean up stragglers, secure side rooms, that sort of stuff
>And if it keeps us away from those weirdos, all the better
>Do just that for a while
>We finally get to shoot at something that does die when shot
>Take that, you nasty bugs and bug'keigh
>Wonder how the Harlequins are doing and how we're going to get halfway across the planet to the closest gate
>Mind wanders off a bit as we walk
>.....so, we can go along here and through this area to navigate that district.....
>Hold up, where are we?
>Were we supposed to go this way?
>Don't see any evidence of the Harlequins having been this way
>Can't hear the sounds of battle any more either
>Only the noises of skittering creatures in nearby passages and ducts
>.....did we come from this passage, or that one?
>What in Isha's name have you gotten yourself into this time, ol' Del boy?
>Hear noises of something moving from down the tunnel
>Everyone dives for cover behind random tunnel objects
>Hide under a rusting tram wagon on the rails in the tunnel floor
>A group of what must be nid cultists stomps past
>Brandishing heavy stubbers, they chatter to themselves about rallying to defend what must be their Patriarch
>In for a year, in for a century I think
>This is not the worst idea I've ever had
>We're already up to our necks in it, so no point not doing a nice swan dive for good measure
>Let's tail these bug-addled idiots and let them lead us right to him
>Don't give me that look, you
>This is much more our speed
>Release Laering from the bin he had managed to lock himself inside of while hiding
>Tippy toes, everyone
>Getting there through the back door before the clowns would be hilarious
>How's that for a jest?
>Be Zeta-23
>Finally make it to a corridor we can't drive down
>Get out of the tank and keep my combat mechadendrites at the ready
>Walking towards archive room with Valhallans
>Keep failing to run into anything
>Until the last corridor
>Stick an optical mechadendrite around the corner
"They have a defensive position at the archive door desk. For some reason."
>Tell Yuri and the rest their positions
>Even if we surprise them a couple of them might survive to charge us
>Be me, PDF brevet major Karel “Skull” Szcabolks
>Theta's robotic tone's been ringing in my ears for a good while now
>Explaining in great detail to me what this, that and the other means
>Vorax 'bots, all 'bots probably, have strict parameters to follow
>They're so old we need to give them a fresh sample of 'stealer-DNA, and a fresh 'stealer body to scan, to add to their registry for unacceptably mutated humans
>Magos messes about at the command terminal for longer than I'd like, he was obviously simplifying things for me earlier
>When they're activated, the prime objective the 'bots will have is to liquidate the underhive's mutants
>Going to send out a second, smaller force of Vorax whose objective to help eliminate the mutie patriarch
>If he's somewhere under Derwill, that wave can move through the tunnels and try to liquidate him
>Used the long-range vox here over a secure channel to contact general staff
>Tell them about the second wave idea, after a short wait I get the green light on it
>Emperor bless this new brass, I think I'm finally starting to like our officer corps
>Men outside have contacts everywhere
>Goatfolk this time, trying to rush the C&C center and running straight into a autogun, shotgun and heavy bolter fire
>We can hold for a while, but soon we'll have to fall back
>Suddenly the machines in the room ahead activate one by one, entire portions of rows shaking to life
>Old and unused pathways open in the sides of the walls, the mantis-like vorox 'bots stomping out with frightening speed and efficiency
>Get to informing the men outside of what's coming, they'll probably melt a 'bot otherwise
>Sounds of rotor-cannon fire echoes before I even step past the blast door
>Men look almost shocked watching two machines liquidate a minotaur with their lightning guns and rotor cannons
>Inform them of what's new, men seem a bit relieved
>We just have to hold this position a little while longer, then we can exfil for the next job
File: fma-2.gif (6.82 MB, 500x281)
6.82 MB
6.82 MB GIF
>Be Sister Trisha.
>Continue to burn the keeper of secrets
>Thing is really tough, we've been dumping fire into it for what feels like hours yet it just keeps seaming to regenerate
>Thank emperor its not healing fast enough to get out of our kill zone before we can damage it
>Not sure if we're making progress or if this is just one of those things you're not meant to kill
>Suddenly hear tinking on some of my sisters armor
>Turn my head and see a band of slaanesh cultists lead by a squat charging from the direction we came in from
>Some of the more melee inclined sisters holter their bolt guns and move in to charge the new foes
>The less melee focused ones just changing targets to them
>Me, sister Kimberly, and the other sisters with heavy weapons keep firing on the keeper
>If the cultists are worried enough to come all the way down here and try to stop us than it must be working
>Wonder how much more health this daemon has left?
File: Purging.jpg (90 KB, 550x702)
90 KB
>Be Mordo Octavius
>Charging into the hive and leading the Penal legionaries to purge it
>This swarm must number in the tens of thousands, but they are no match for us
>My squad has switched to melee weapons to conserve ammo for the confrontation with the patriarch
>The flash of our bolters no longer illuminates the darkness, but no matter, the flames from the genestealers destroyed equipment lights the way
>The flash of the legionaries lasguns helps too
>Some eldar blitzed their way in earlier and are now cutting a hole through the defences
>Excellent. They shall get themselves killed while making it easier for us to advance
>Continue swinging my sword through entire squads of cultists and purestrains at a time, sending their limbs flying
>Brother Victor wielding a powermaul now, obliterating the mutants bodies with a single hit
>Brother Erasmus has lost an arm, but his chainsword is making up for it, slicing through any xenos that dares get near
>The blood of the xenos shall run thick tonight
>The legionaries are advancing steadily behind us, catching any that manage to slip past my squad
>The screaming of the xenos has steadily increased as we draw near, meaning the patriarch is close
>Just when I'm starting to wonder when we'll reach it, a loud roar sounds out, the flames are blown out, and the shadows move...
>Be Marcus
>As I shake my head I see that the Marines have swapped to melee weapons and are crushing the hell out of the Nids
>They leave some for us though so that's good
>Just then the roar gets louder and the shadows begin moving
>Frag never expected to get this far
>Realise I have no idea what Patriarchs are capable of
>Emperor guide my hands and let me deliver your wrath upon this abhorrent affront to man
>Unfortunately the flames die out so it makes it hard for us to see
>Commissar bellows at any of us who can see one another to form circle formations and to hold steady
>I get myself in formation with Simon, Adrian, Solomon, Pete and a few others
>Then the roar happens again and I hear the screams of some Legionaries along with the sounds of rending claws and Maws
>Open fire with lasgun at anything that moves within the shadows
>Praying to the Emperor that these shots don't hit my allies and are hitting the enemy
>From the screaming of other Legionaries I can only assume our numbers are falling drastically
>Last I knew we were 4700 strong
>Now I can only assume we've got around 4300 left
>Let out a cry
>My formation let's out a resounding hoorah and continue to fire at the enemy with me
>Can feel the light of the Emperor return if only to blind the enemy Genestealers and illuminate some of the area
>Not hitting with the force of a Lascannons anymore but hey I'll take being able to see and give some light for others to see
>Be Death Jester Malarai
>We charge further into the tunnel
>After a while, the density of the cultists seems to decrease for a moment
>Before we have time to contemplate what this means, we hear massive roar come from ahead of us. It blows out the few light sources we had.
>We also start picking up movement in the all around us
>Before we even have time to think up a plan, we see it
>A massive genestealer Patriarch, running behind a charge of vehicles. Mostly trucks, ATVs, and dirt bikes, all driven by now screaming cultists
>We also make out what is running behind them, swarms of purestrain genestealers
>The patriarch then just picks up one of the ATVs and just throws it at us
>It collides with the Star Weaver I am on and we crash into a nearby wall
>I feel see a piece of the wing fly off and head towards me
>Bad news: I have lost my other leg
>Good news: That is pretty funny
>Also the screaming genestealers are getting closer, and I don't think I can hold off swarms of them with a shuriken pistol and 0 real legs
>I spot Wilted Rose charge into the horde and beginning his harvest, while Velrani begins some sort of psychic dual with the patriarch itself
>Our remaining vehicles charge the enemy, and while a skyweaver is better than a dirt bike, there are a lot of dirt bikes, and a good amount of vehicles get through, some try to do sharp turns to face us, others head for the mon'keigh forces
>As the swarm approaches I begin to believe that this is the end, all because I lost my gun and never found a-
>I then spot a massive gun on a nearby dead hybrid. It looks crude, but powerful
>Well now is not the time to be picky
>Use what little time I have before the swarm reaches me to grab the gun and hoist myself onto some of the star weaver reckage
>A group of 3 genestealers begin to charge towards me
>The gun unleashes a thundering shockwave and the genestealers are simply turned into red mist
>Now this is a gun I can have fun with
>Be Mordo Octavius
>The patriarch is here
>And it's backed up by vehicles and an even bigger swarm of purestrains than the one we were just fighting
>No matter. Such is the duty of the deathwatch to fight against all odds in service of the God-Emperor.
>Weapons men!
>Each one switches from melee to ranged in under a second, once more letting out a stream of fire that brings light to the darkness
>See a glow coming from behind us with a renewed burst of lasfire, guessing those legionaries are doing their faith thing again.
>The genestealers are cringing back from the renewed assault and light, it must be blinding to them
>Notice that the Eldar are also here and have the patriarchs attention.
>It even throws a giant vehicle at them
>Good. A suitable role for those pitiable eldar, a distraction.
>Strive forward, bolt pistol in my left hand, power sword in my right, smiting these foul beasts as I go
>The Eldar are struggling against the genestelaers, who have figuratively and literally turned away from the light of the emperor and attacked them instead
>Perfect. They're distracted. Now for the Patriarch.
>Brother Victor!
>He nods, raises the flare gun, and aims it directly at the patriarch.
>It fires, lands on it, and its carapace catches alight.
>The patriarch turns and glares at us, trying to bewitch us with its gaze, but we are not mere mortals who quake in terror at the sight of such things.
>We are Space Marines, and we Know no Fear.
>Be Marcus
>As we fight through the horde
>More men gradually go down but thankfully our allies in the Deathwatch are dealing with the Patriarch along with those Eldar
>The Genestealers are repelled by the light of the Emperor that shines within us
>Lasguns ripping and tearing through shit flak armour and flesh
>Hear the inspirational speech from the captain of the Deathwatch
>Also think I spot a legless Eldar using one of the cultists guns against them
>The Commissar orders us to keep dealing with the chaff even if we start getting headaches from the Patriarch
>That's what I've been doing
>Emperor help me my head hurts
>The Genestealers begin to run away from us and go for the Eldar
>Rookie mistake right there
>Never turn your back against a bunch of armed and dangerous convicts
>We gun them down rapidly the light of the lasguns and the Emperor sending them screaming back to Hell
>Be Mordo Octavius
>The Patriarch is on fire and very angry
>Now we just need to make him angrier
>Open fire with my bolt pistol while charging at it
>Brother Victor raises his plasma gun and overcharges every shot
>Brother Corwen uses his heavy bolter to keep the genestelaers away, blowing apart any who dare approach
>Brother Erasmus, now down to one chainsword with the loss of his arm, is assisting the glowing legionaries, fighting any cultists that get too close
>As I charge, the Primus steps out of the shadows and lunges at me with a sword
>Cut him two with a single blow of my power sword, his corpse sizzling as it hits the ground
>Feel myself suddenly slow as a pair of glowing eyes appears over the shoulder of the patriarch
>Their magus!
>Raise my bolt pistol as quickly as I can, and shoot at him
>See that I blew his arm off, I can move again but he's not dead
>Before I can make the killing shot the Patriarch is upon me, and I dodge out of the way
>But the Magus allowed him to get too close, and the foul progenitor of this cult throws me across the room
>Black out completely as I fly through a pillar and fall to the ground
>Be sergeant Yuri
>We reach a corner and Zeta 23 sticks one of his eye stock mechadendrites around
>Says the cultists have fortified the archive.
>Ask around for any ideas.
>One of the loaders says she has a couple smoke shells she’s been saving.
>If we roll them down the hall and shoot them, it should create a smoke screen for us to get the jump on them.
>I nod and she pulls out one and rolls it.
>Another trooper shoots it and the hall is filled with smoke masking our advance.
>Be Marcus
>One of the Deathwatch comed charging in with a chainsword and assists our grinding advance
>Soon enough we've reached more pure strains and some key members of the cult
>Watch the Captain go flying as a result of being tossed by the Patriarch
>I open fire upon it with my lasgun
>The burning fury of the Emperor searing it's flesh like an overcharged plasma gun
>Then I feel my headache get worse from the person beside the patriarch
>It orders Genestealers to target me and three come charging my way
>That's when Adrian intervenes
>He's forgone his lasgun and has two knives ready
>Knives which he uses to fend off the pure strains
>His superior training from the Kanak Skull Takers allowing him to take them on with ease
>He drives a knife into one's head and stabs another two times in the chest
>As the third one slashes at him he retaliates with a kick and pulls the knife out of the head and uses it to stab the one he kicked
>My head begins to lessen up in the pain enough for me to catch Simon taking a shot at the thing next to the Patriarch
>He snipes what I can only assume is their Psyker taking its head clean off with the Emperor's fury
>I then shake off the pain and start unloading my lasgun into the patriarch again
>Shouting in righteous anger at the top of my lungs as I dump the entire battery pack of the lasgun into the Patriarch
>Once I'm spent I toss the lasgun like a spear with all my might at it
>The bayonet makes contact with the Patriarch and gets lodged in its chest causing it to let out a regular scream and a psychic scream
>Fraggin hell this thing loves giving me headaches
>Be Zeta-23
>Moving on hostile position through smoke
>Fire plasma mechadendrite through a heavy stubber's magazine and hotshot pistols through grenades on two heretics' bandoliers as Valhallans clear the smoke and fire on the remaining hostiles
>Lot of heretics turned to chum instantly, both of their stubbers go down
>This is going better than I thought
>Didn't know we had any smoke
>We've got them by surprise and most are taking cover
>A few charge but are cut down pretty fast
>One makes it and runs at me screaming about the corpse emperor but I grab him with the servo arm and throw him back
>I'm sure his neck isn't meant to bend like that but it panics a couple of heretics who were cowering
>They run and the Valhallans take them down
>A few more are taken down as they poke their heads over
>Yuri pulls off a pretty great double headshot
>Takes a minute to definitively declare the area clear but we finally figure there's no more outside the archive
>But... they probably wouldn't fortify it unless there were more inside?
>Get ready to breach on Yuri's word
File: 1556694660552.jpg (73 KB, 700x700)
73 KB
>Be me, PDF brevet major Karel “Skull” Szcabolks
>Nevermind, no exfil and no rest for the pious
>New orders came in just as the bullet elevator started ferrying tech-priests down here
>We have confirmation that the 'stealer patriarch is effectively boxed in under Derwill
>Apparently the emperor's angels are in that hive, thus likely engaging him, alongside a penal legion
>What remains of the PDF regulars in that area are doing what they can
>Bless them, they voxed all this in after all
>It's not a guarantee that they'll liquidate the patriarch, His Holiness would like to make it one
>He commands, we obey
>While the techboys get to work, start looking to get ourselves some vehicles and order reinforcements come down from above
>Harrier lead won't make it in time to receive anti-toxins for the Locus' stinger tail strike
>Have to give him the emperor's peace
>Taking Flash and Halberd squads with me to scout for vehicles, can't send any down
>Order Jade's 1st platoon to come down and reinforce us
>Won't need to ask for volunteers, every man in this outfit wants to liquidate the 'stealers great-grandpappy
>What 'stealers remain here are all peeling out looks like, probably trying to move to support their boss
>Either that or just trying to escape the rampaging 'bots we unleashed
>After a rapid search, we find a couple useable vehicles
>Trucks mostly
>Even an old gangland Tauros
>Vehicles the muties were using are all too shot up to use by the time we get to them
>These Vorax 'bots are real monsters in combat, at least for their size
>Second wave unleashing soon
>Order reinforced taskforce mount up in our “requesitioned” vehicles, support squad too
>Firepower will be diminished by some of us having to drive, but we can manage
>We have to, it's our job
>Hear the clanking of mechanical feet as second wave Vorax march out toward the patriarch with purpouse
>Get in my “command truck” last
>Vorax will screen for us, we will follow
>Let's ride!
>Be sergeant Yuri.
>Smoke plan works like a charm.
>Take out all the heretics with only three losses on our side.
>I even manage to kill two cultists with one headshot.
>Zeta 23 has definitely gotten better an cqc as well, must be all those new mechadendrites he had installed.
>We get to the door and trooper Anya grabs the heavy stubber, slinging the ammo belt over her shoulder.
>Have Zeta 23 check to make sure the machine spirit isn’t tainted.
>These cultist seam kind of new.
>Even worse at fighting and many of there heretical markings seam drawn on with sharpy rather than tattooed or branded into there skin.
>Maybe they saw what was happening out side and just went along with it so they wouldn’t get shot?
>Either way we’re about to breach into the main archive room.
>Zeta 23 waits on my go ahead and I nod once we are all situated around the doorframe.
>Be Shadowseer Velrani
>The battlefield has descended into almost pure chaos
>Shuriken pistols, lasguns, flamers, and all sorts of autoguns and mining equipment that cultists brought are generating so much light that it is actually getting easier to see again
>The Deathwatch has engaged the Patriarch, I see them just in time to see one of them gets thrown through a pillar
>Well, the odds of us surviving this getting slimmer by the moment
>But we have our objective and by Cegorach's will we shall succeed
>Order Wilted Rose to stop cutting through genestealers and focus on the Patriarch, while the rest of our forces focuses on the genestealer swarm and the cult vehicles
>I begin to use my psychic prowess to allow him to open tunnels in reality to help him reach the patriarch faster
>I feel a presence try to stop me, I look over and see the cult's Magus riding on the back of the Patriarch
>Order Malarai to try and take him out, he responds by saying he'll "figure something out"
>Despite the Magus's interference, I am able to open the twighlight pathways and Wilted Rose quickly appears above the patriarch, landing a slash across the side of his head as he fall
>He then lands on a lasgun that was impaled in the beast before landing another slash across its chest
>The Patriarch swings and barely misses Wilted Rose as he does a backflip off the lasgun, it is rather fast despite its size
>I shoot some warp lighting at the Patriarch, but the Magus intercepts it with is own
>Hopefully once the patriarch falls our chances of survival go from "miracle" to "unlikely"
>Also, where the hell did the Craftworlders go?
File: stab-knife.gif (1.02 MB, 498x270)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB GIF
>Be Marcus
>As I run to grab another lasgun from a dead Legionary I see one of the Eldar engaging against the Genestealer Psyker and patriarch
>He's slashing at it with all he's got
>Shout at Simon to snipe the Psyker whilst it's distracted by the Eldar's Psyker
>He does so and lines his shot
>He then pulls the trigger and snipes the Genestealer Psyker allowing for the Eldar one to finish it off with their power
>Meanwhile I see my opportunity and with the confidence of the Emperor watching over me I let out a rage filled call
>I begin to break out from formation and charge for the Patriarch opening fire all the while
>Other 221st men keep me covered though Adrian is telling me to get back in line
>He says not to risk it but I'm not going to let that Patriarch get away just incase the Eldar fail
>Simon and Pete take shots at Pure strains making their heads explode
>Solomon nicked a grenade launcher from a dead acolyte and is beginning to fire upon vehicles
>Adrian swears at me violently but begins laying suppressing fire to help cover me from the Genestealers
>As I get closer to the Patriarch I continue to dump every last bit of charge from the lasgun out into it
>Once it's out of ammo, I rip off the bayonet and throw the lasgun at the Patriarch's head
>It smacks against its big bulbous head and I leap at it
>I grab ahold of one of its arms and begin to frantically stab into its side
>It tries to throw me around but my grip is strong thanks to the strength the Emperor has blessed me with for this fight
>My stabs are akin to that of a wild animal
>I don't even care if it's not doing alot, I'm getting the satisfaction of keeping it in place so it can't even think of running
>I see the Eldar dancer come up to stab it so I let go and roll out of its way
>I then get back up and leap onto the Patriarch's back and continue to frantically stab away
>This feels similar to my first ever kill back on Sevastopol
>Be Zeta-23
>These heretics seem less hardcore than the others were
>Yuri nods once we're ready to breach
>I move through first
>I can soak up a little lasfire given my enhancements
>Don't get immediately shot, which is a good sign
>But I can't sense much in here
>More warp interference? Some kind of electrobaffling?
>It's messing with most of my senses
>Keep turning to spot hostiles while aiming combat mechadendrites in multiple directions
"Does anyone have a shot? Confirm sensor interference presence?"
File: Archive 01.jpg (246 KB, 1920x818)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
>Be sergeant Yuri.
>We breach into the archive.
>And find it completly abandoned.
>They didn't even trash the place, everything is still on it's shelves in perfect order.
>If you didn't know any better you wouldn't even know it was in a hive city with a newly formed active volcano in the middle, and surrounded by a heretic cult.
>If I had to guess I would say the people here are too scared to even mess with this place even in there current state.
>Tell Zeta 23 to get to work finding the data on who does our deployments while we guard the entrance.
>If they put this much work into making sure this place remained untouched, then they probably aren't going to like a bunch of strangers messing around in here.
File: progress.jpg (20 KB, 375x263)
20 KB
>Be Zeta-23
>Turn down all my sensors
>Calm down
"Lot of electrical signals in here... they need their shielding checked"
>Turn back up just enough to see normally
>Go find a terminal and plug in
>Access denied due to planetary emergency
>We did this one already, press the watch against it
>Clearance granted
>Thirty two minutes remaining
>Twenty three hours remaining
>Five minutes remaining
>Forty seven minutes remaining
"Could be a few minutes..."
>Do what I can to make it go faster but this is a lot of data
>We'll get it but everyone is on edge guarding the door
File: 1550041166861.jpg (21 KB, 364x355)
21 KB
>Be me, PDF brevet major Karel “Skull” Szcabolks
>Peeling down the tunnels, auspex shows several paths
>Feel like we're driving through an oversized rabbit warren
>These tunnels are long and surprisingly well built, must have taken a lot of time and equipment
>Contemplating how different things would be now if we had noticed this anomaly sooner
>Vorax stomping fast ahead, not as fast as our vehicles can drive
>With how damaged these passages have become though, we can hardly match their speed
>Deep enough underground that the vox is spotty, a good thing that I know the underhive we're going into
>Even before the rebellion, Derwill had a nasty reputation as a hotbed for sedition
>No one's sure exactly why, lots of theories though
>Rumours say that the city was built over dark age labs were heretical experiments were done that perverted the human form
>They say that legacy still corrupts the people in the underhive to this day
>Personally, I think it's just down to there being so many mutants down there
>I was deployed down there before, on assignment to take out some self appointed hive gang “lord”
>We caught him and his second in the open, liquidate them with explosive rounds
>Couldn't just raid his hideout, way too fortified built like a damn castle
>It was under the hive center to boot, that's where the regulars reported he was
>Has to be where the Patriarch is, doubt the muties would pass up a position like that
>Continue blazing down the bumpy path
>Crack of lightning guns echoes out ever so often, 'bots splitting off into side tunnels as we get closer to and eventually into the hive
>Hear the lightning gun barrages increase in intensity as we get further in
>Suddenly rounds start whizzing past and an explosion rings out next to us
>We're driving straight into a fortified position looks like
>Order men fire at will and where they can
>Men leaning out of groundcars to fire, hear gunfire and rockets blazing from our side

>Lightning gun barrage slows down as we tear through what remains of the barricade
>No spike strips or nothing, can see a burning vehicle as we blaze past
>Very hastily put up this position was, we'll be running into sturdier defences further in
>Most of our vehicles are sturdy construction trucks, only kind of vehicle that survives unmaintained down there in the underhive
>We can take hits and keep moving, but not too many
>No gun emplacements or portholes on these things, have to either lean out to shoot or hunker down and pray
>Vorax aren't invincible though, lost two just on the way here to krak missile fire
>Lucky for us then that we have so many as backup
>Tearing down the tunnel as fast as we can, weaving past rubble where possible and sometimes our own dead 'bots
>Eventually the tunnel becomes too narrow to really drive down, rubble in the way
>Order our formation halt and dismount
>No time to count casualties, we have to move and fast
>Vorax still stomping ahead into further splitting tunnels
>Auspex shows huge heat clusters just above us
>Looking around to see if I recognise this tunnel, after a while I do
>We're below that castle-like hideout
>Know a path to just outside that hideout, order the men march again on the double quick
>No time to check for casulaties, only time for liquidation
>Photo-lenses on, lead men through the maze-like tunnels ahead
>Power sword runs red with blood after just a few minutes of this
>Hack and skewer through stragglers as we move
>Shotguns blasting, autoguns firing explosive rounds
>Sound of distant combat gets louder and louder
>Punch out into a clearing, roll and scan the area around me
>Directly to my right I can see the “gate” to the castle open, and a brutal, chaotic struggle going on inside
>My eyes are transfixed nearly immediately by a brightly glowing warrior, almost has a saintly aura
>Most of all, I can't look away from what he's stabbing
>”There! There's the Patriarch! Kill him, KILL HIM!”
File: Archive 02.jpg (209 KB, 1920x818)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
>Be Sergeant Yuri.
>Zeta 23 says it could take a while to extract the data.
>Its a fraking name!
>How much time could it take to download something like that?
>If we find out this guy is a custode or something... well to be entirely honest I think most of us will still try our best to take him out.
>While we wait our new heavy Anya busies herself wiping the chaos marks from the heavy stubber.
>The rest of us spend time plotting just what we're gonna do to this guy as revenge for putting us through hell 6 times at least.
>Get the feeling something's gonna show up pretty soon to ruin the wholesome moment, so we start flipping over tables and chairs to make some barrascades in preparation for something coming through the door while we wait.
>Be Zeta-23
>Thirty seven minutes remaining
>Valhallans are setting up defensive positions
>Twelve years remaining
>It's a good plan, even though we mostly have the building secured
>Ten seconds remaining
>...well, we did skip a lot of buildings on the way here
>Search complete
>Extract to datapad and read
"What the absolute frak... Yuri you need t- DUCK!"
>Start firing
>Be sergeant Yuri.
>Zeta 23 finally extracts the data and downloads it onto a data slate.
>"What the absolute frak... Yuri you need t- DUCK!"
>I’ve been in the guard too long not to go down automatically as soon as someone says those words.
>By the time I realize what’s happened I look up and see some cultists on the upper balcony.
>We went through all that effort setting up defense and they decide to flank us!
>Start firing up into them and ordering my troops to do the same.
>Make sure Zeta 23 doesn’t get shot either.
>Be Zeta-23
>Secure dataslate while blasting at cultists
>They're flanking us and there isn't a lot of cover
>Use servo arm to pick up one of the tables that hasn't yet been used as a barricade and hold it in front of me
>Stick my ballistic mechadendrites around the sides and top, use optical mechadendrite to aim
>Keep firing while moving forward
>Very thankful for gyroscopic stability right now
>Think I managed to hit one or two of them but either way I'm keeping their heads down for the most part
>Valhallans should have a few seconds to maneuver or shoot while the heretics are distracted by an advancing hostile table
>Table starts to gain some new holes from cultists firing
>Get close to a pillar and fling what remains of the table in the general direction of the cultists while stepping into cover
>Thank the omnissiah for servo arms
>Reassess situation while plinking away with mechadendrites
>Hopefully the squad got most of the hostiles
>Be Seer Delwyn
>These cultists are completely clueless
>Still, all this psychic yelling from the Patriarch is giving me a headache
>Continue to tail them through the tunnels, getting closer and closer
>Suddenly, they dash off down a side tunnel and close a heavy door behind them
>From down the tunnel though, the sounds of battle come
>Keep walking further down in the gloom
>The tunnel floor suddenly gives way to a narrow, rusty catwalk high above a large open space
>Downstairs there's a huge battle going on
>Flashes of light, fires and headlamps illuminate vehicles, cultists and a giant bug that is missing some bits and on fire
>Must be the Patriarch we heard so much about
>Now how in the Warp do we get down there?
>Walk out onto the catwalk
>One at a time here, I don't th--
>What was--
>I don't--
>Catwalk collapses
>Be suddenly walking on air
>Something wraps around my foot, and it doesn't feel like Lemallyn's hands this time
>Probably a cable I got my foot caught in
>Ah, yes, the present situation
>Falling with style?
>Cable begins to go taut
>Just like being on one of those wraithrope swings again
>Except upside down, from a great height and swinging....towards.....the.....Patriarch
>Draw a large monoblade as the burning, battered Patriarch gets closer
>Start swinging wildly on the whooshing way past
>Not sure if I hit it, might have been more useful as a distraction
>Think I good a good hit on one-armed guy with the staff standing on the Patriarch's back though
>Damn near cut him in half, pretty sure he's dead
>Made ya look up too, ha ha!
>Begin to swing back up
>The ceiling is fast approa-
>Swing back down again, still swinging wildly
>Pass it again, and to its credit it does take a swing and come within a hair of swiping me this time
>Wait, that's a pilla-
>Be now spinning wildly, still upside down
>Helmet flies off and my hair goes everywhere
>Eh, I need a haircut soon anyway
>The cultists on the floor are now shooting as well
>Cable suddenly goes slack and I sail tumbling through the air
>Someone probably shot the cable
>Well, that's not good
>The floor is comin--
>Land facedown on the floor right in front of the clowns
>Dig a small trench in the dirt while skidding to a stop
>Everything hurts and I think I broke some things
>Raise a shaky thumbs-up
>Look up with what is probably a developing black eye
>Squint a few times to try and make things stop spinning
>I think that's the Shadowseer over there
>Or is that two of her?

tfw you're on holiday without the ability to bash together images in paint.net
>Be Mordo Octavius
>Wake up after getting thrown through that pillar
>Still have my power sword and bolt pistol on me
>Look up to see the battle
>The swarm is everywhere, but they're being kept at bay by my men and the glowing legionaries
>Reinforcements from the PDF are here, charging across the room at the patriarch
>And the eldar too, looks like they're trying to kill the beast as well
>Greedy kill stealers!
>That trooper from the penal legion is glowing brighter than anything else in the room
>And he's currently holding onto the patriarch's back, stabbing it for all he's worth
>Rise to my feet as lightning flies across the room, from the magus who's also on the patriarch's back and an eldar witch hanging from the ceiling
>The eldar witch takes a swing at the magus and the lightning stops, so I shoot a bolt at the foul eldar sorcerer to kill them too
>Miss and snap the cable they were using to hang from the ceiling
>No matter, we shall deal with them once the patriarch is dead
>Fight my way through the horde of cultists and purestrains to the side of the beast
>The beast is wounded, but it's not dead. Yet.
>Against all odds the penal trooper is still holding on and stabbing the patriarch
>Raise my power sword and sever the tendons of one of the beasts legs so it collapses on the floor
>It turns to me and I can feel the malice and hatred emanating from it
>It lunges at me with all its arms, and I do my best to parry and counter, distracting the beast from everything else around it
>Shout out to the penal legionary on its back
"The brain! The brain! Destroy it's brain and bring an end to this abomination!"
>Be Marcus
>As I continue to stab and stab the Patriarch is still trying to throw me off
>Seems like we've got reinforcements
>I'm pissing the beast off by having the audacity to hurt it
>Then I see the captain get up and charge towards the Patriarch
>It charges at him as well so I keep my grip on harder than before
>He then shouts at me to destroy the brain
>I climb up the back of the Patriarch some more and stab it in the head
>It howls in pain as I pull out the blade and plunge it back in again
>Can slightly see the horde screaming at the sight of their father getting his head brutalised
>Meanwhile I'm furiously screaming in the Emperor's name
>Like a man possessed I keep stabbing and stabbing and stabbing
>Finally scream out one last phrase as the Patriarch is seemingly getting more and more woozy from the brain wounds
>I then plunge my knife into its brain one last time and feel the Emperor's light surge from my body and into the knife
>A small detonation of light happens causing me to fly off its back as the Patriarch's head explodes in a shower if gore and bright light
>The Genestealers howl in sorrow and are severely affected by the death of the Patriarch
>Hear the Commissar shout at my comrades to wipe the Genestealers out as their Patriarch has fallen
>I get smacked against the wall and feel my spine get badly damaged
>It's not broken thankfully but God Emperor I'm going to feel that in the morning
>I then turn and see a dropped autogun next to me so I pick it up and start firing into the demoralised horde
>I don't know if getting up will make my back injury worse so I just fire away
>Be Wilted Rose the Solitaire
>Engaged in melee with the Patriarch, dodging his blows while I land cuts across its body
>Shadowseer Velrani is occupying their magus, until she gains the upper hand as he gets shot in the back
>As she is frying the magus with warp lightning, the Craftworld Seer comes flying in upside down and bisects the Magus
>I start to wonder if he is secretly a harlequin, until the cable he is tied to snaps and he falls to the ground face first
>Then I see one of the regular mon'keigh rushing the Patriarch, with a knife.
>The mon'keigh is able to jump onto the Patriarch and begins to glow with a light as he frantically stabs it
>I am then alerted that one of the Deathwatch is now charging the Patriarch as well
>It's clear the patriarch is going to die soon
>When it does we'll have little time before the mon'keigh start shooting at us
>Velrani recognizes this and begins giving orders for everyone to scatter
>Everyone is to get into star weavers if they can, if not, they should run into the tunnels
>As the glowing mon'keigh plunges his knife into the Patriarch's brain, we begin to leave
>Our vehicles begin making a beeline through the path we took
>I am able to board a star weaver as it flies towards our exit
>I turn back and see Malarai fighting off genestealers with a mon'keigh weapon, and now having lost his other leg
>He annoys me greatly, but I am not going to let a valuable servant of Cegorach die needlessly
>I jump off the star weaver and land near him. I then grab him with my remaining arm and begin to run for the tunnels
>He cries something about his gun, but I don't slow as we enter the tunnels
>With my arm occupied, and Malarai wielding only a pistol, we have to run past our enemies over fighting through them
>We run further into the tunnels, hoping to find some place to patch up our wounds
>After a while of running, Malarai once again calls me his "best buddy"
>Be Mordo Octavius
>Dodging and parrying the blows of the patriarch, it's becoming more difficult to resist as my limbs are pushed to their limit
>See the penal legionary climb up its back, until he reaches the neck and starts stabbing it in the head as I told him to
>He starts glowing even glowing brighter
>The beast slows, and weakly screams, before starting to wobble where it stands
>Blinded for a brief moment when the glow explodes, along with the patriarchs head
>The beast topples to the ground and lies still
>The genestealers and cultists hesitate and start screaming at the sight of their dead progenitor
>Rush forward and slay any that cross my path, though most of the beasts flee rather than fight
>Reach the position where the glowing legionary fell, he seems a little hurt and more normal now but otherwise okay
>Holster my bolt pistol and offer him my hand
"Rise, Soldier of the Imperium."
>Be Marcus
>As I dump the autogun's magazine into the enemy I see the Eldar beginning to flee
>Can't focus on them though I've got Genestealers to kill especially seeing as they've surrounded their dead Patriarch
>My comrades let out their furious shouts of anger and begin to charge
>The Deathwatch captain makes his way over to me and holds out his hand after holstering his pistol
>"Rise, Soldier of the Imperium"
>I take his hand and get lifted up
>I feel my back slightly twinge but thankfully I haven't broken my spine
>I will however probably be unable to charge into anything until I get my back sorted out however
>At the very least I grin knowing that we've basically caused the Genestealers to shit themselves
>The Commissar joins me and the captain and hands me a lasgun he took from a dead Legionary and tells me to get shooting
>I do as I am told and continue to shoot the demoralised enemy
>Be imperial archivist
>Recording events on pages with autoquill
>Thread detaches from page
>Perform ritual of bumping such that thread does not fall from page and cause records to become disjointed
>Carry on with archival duty
File: 1637011136543.gif (1.06 MB, 498x376)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB GIF
>Be me, PDF brevet major Karel “Skull” Szcabolks
>As soon as we caught sight of the patriarch it was like we all had tunnel vision
>We focused fired on him with all we had, but it didn't seem to do much
>Damn thing was the size of a sentinel! Tough as a Russ too
>Well, was anyway, until we witnessed a miracle
>The radiant warrior we saw before rammed his humble knife directly into the monster's brain, and it splattered
>Entire section went quiet, fire stops briefly
>Begin firing and shouting praies to the emperor as soon as we realise the patriarch is dead
>Of course, t'was hard not to notice him dead by all the 'stealers screaming out in agony
>No time to stop, “Liquidate the foul xeno-mutants!”
>Shotshells and autogun brass ringing out against the ground
>Meltas and flamers scorching muties as they scream
>Misisles and grenades shredding neophytes and hybrids with frag shrapnel, vehicles with krak explosions
>Taking aimed shots with my plasma pistol where I can, suddenly a swift skimmer flies past us
>Sleak and shiny, with slender looking... clowns?
>We were so focused we didn't notice them
>Look to where it took off from, notice a discarded seismic cannon
>Immediately order two men grab and operate it
>As they do, try and vox in to command that the patriarch is dead
>Signal is still spotty, despite the bombed out crater of a hive we're in
>Vorax finally burst on to the scene, clearing catwalks as they sweep
>By their programing designations, they'll be hunting H.W.T.s now that the patriarch is dead
>The ones we can see disappear almost immediately into the tunnels connecting to the “castle”
>Guess that's why Theta advised we use 'em
>No time to think about that though
>Make my way over to the penal legion command section
>Obvious that's what they are by the commissar in the mix
>Bow to the angel of the emperor before I speak
>Salute officers, state name, rank, and unit
>”So commissar sir, what next?”
>Be Arch Nagos Explorator Prime.
>Forced to dump more and more power into the main cannon to keep it firing.
>Taking away power from secondary and tertiary life supply systems.
>Just then Voidmaster Grunghard’s ship starts firing on the green skins with its main cannons and launching boarding ships.
>The baleful punishments also strikes it a few times in critical areas.
>I hail Grunghard and ask why he’s suddenly helping me when he was just trying to kill me?

>“Because las, if there’s one thing us kin hate more than thieves. It’s copyright infringement.”
>Be Kaptain Krunch VIII
>Or woz it VII?
>Getting pounded by all the humie ships in the system
>The giant lasers are still shooting at each other and the big ball of light is getting bigger and bigger
>Huh. Wonder what's gonna happen when that explodes
>As we boost power to the big dakka gun the ship rocks as it gets hit by the humies
>including those shorties
>they're actually eating through the shields and hull
>the power fluctuations are boosting power to the big dakka gun though
>but we'll be blown up and I won't get to see the big explosion
>That's not fair. THAT'S NOT FAIR!
>Suddenly hear the voice of Old Kap'n Kellogs in my head
>"And what do we do when they's got more dakka than us Krunch, my boy?
>Watch in satisfaction as the rest of the fleet accelerates and rams the humie ships, freeboterz with cutting gear pouring out and beginning to get to work on their big dakka guns
>Be Commissar Matthias
>Watch as 9820 fires upon the enemy with the other allied forces
>Soon enough we'll wipe out the bug fuckers
>A Major makes himself known and starts asking me whats next
>Take a good look at him before speaking
"First we wipe out what remains in Derwill and move back to the surface for better vox communications. Judging by the fact the Patriarch is slain and that there are still chaos cults around all we have to do is slaughter the demoralised Genestealers and move onto finishing off the straggling cults. Thankfully for us Chaos Astartes have pulled out so we won't need to worry about those. I'll relay the situation to Zeta-23 as he and the Valhallan 545th armour will want updates regarding Derwill"
>I then turn my attention to the Genestealers and let off a volley of bolt pistol fire
"Now if you'll excuse me. I have Legionaries to bark orders at"
>I turn and head towards the remaining Genestealers chainsword revved

>Be Marcus
>Continuing to fire at the Genestealers
>Eldar have escaped so it's just these Genestealers we've got to wipe out
>Shouldn't be much of a problem as we pursue after them with all we have
>Be Sergeant Yuri.
>Be pinned down by cultist.
>Zeta 23 throws a table he was using as cover up onto the second level taking a few out.
>We have what we need to there’s no need to stay here.
>Anya gives us cover fire while we retreat to the door.
>Outside we find the hallway blocked by cultists
>The one in the middle starts monologuing

“Well, well well. Did you really think you could leave here without filling out the proper paperwork?”
>Be Captain Ortland
>Fighters have spotted seeing Orks sending over their own craft towards the squat fleet and the Ark Mechanicus
>No I am not letting them take that Ark Mechanicus' gun
>Order The Judgement, The Adjudicator and the Justification of Law to dump everything into the flagship whilst fighter crafts should deal with Ork boarding vessels
>Order all laser batteries of everything into the Ork flagship
>I'll push our laser batteries if I must
>Finally the continuous shots burst through the thick layer of Ork armour and starts scoring engine shots
>I then order the other vessels to now turn their attention to the other vessels so that they may assist the Ark Mechanicus from boarders
>I meanwhile will slay this Ork flagship with the Baleful Punishment
>Hail the Ork flagship and leave them a simple message
"Why do you think it's called a sword class Frigate?"
>I then order the crew to come from the side and ram into the Orks flagship the tip of our vessel making contact with it's exposed
>Be Zeta-23
>Squad starts piling out and I follow while one trooper is covering
>Hallway blocked by cultists
>“Well, well well. Did you really think you could leave here without filling out the proper paperwork?”
>Let him talk for a bit while I try to think of something
>I could probably take down a few of them but not enough
>Maybe if I blast the ceiling above them? There's still too many
>The squad still has grenades probably but the hostiles are too close
>Check map
>No easy way out
>There is a cleaning closet back toward the tank, well behind the cultists
>Whisper into commbead
"Wait for them to panic"
>Access noosphere
>The network is a fucking mess but... I see it
>Activate cleaning servitors, call for emergency cleanup just ahead of our position
>Disengage dilution protocol
>Disengage safety protocol
>Servitors burst out of closet, move down hallway at a sedate pace
>Spraying industrial strength cleanser with no dilution
>Hear a scream at the back of the cultists and some of them turn to start shooting
>A servitor goes down but most of the cultists are already panicking
>Be Sergeant Yuri.
>The leader goes on and on about regulations and proper filing.
>I’m beginning to think this guy might not be an actual cultist, just some manager that went nuts with bureaucracy
>Zeta 23 manages to get a servitor to spray the cultists with cleaning fluid.
>While they’re distracted we start shooting into them and charge with our bayonets to get through the crowd and back to our tanks in the stairwell.
>Be Trooper Sasha, Valhallan Ice Warriors
>Currently guarding a corridor in some kind of librarium building while Yuri downloads some secret file from the central archives
>Our opponents are some sort of librarian-themed chaos cult
>Most of them are gibbering lunatics in heavy robes, so I am guessing Tzeentchian
>But also there are a few in fetish-y librarian costumes so maybe a few Slaaneshi as well
>Either way, they are pretty bad at fighting, many aren’t even armed
>I would feel better if the soldier I was paired with didn’t disappear a while back looking for a bathroom
>Latest wave of cultists are some gimp-y types taking orders from a daemonette in a turtleneck sweater and thick glasses
>Sometimes daemons are weak enough for mortals to fight, but usually not
>Particularly when there is just one of them due to inverse ninja law
>Get message on vox-bead that we are pulling out
>Finally an order I actually want to follow
>Flee back to main group who are currently using cleaning servitors to fight cultists while simultaneously bayonet charging them
>Sure why not, in this regiment you learn to stop questioning things after a while
>Be Death Jester Malarai
>After good amount of running, we come across a room with a few genestealer cultists, panicking over being cut off from the Patriarch
>Makes them easy targets for Wilted Rose, who drops me on the floor to dispatch them
>This room is probably the safest place we had found so far, so its time to fix my missing leg
>I am able to patch myself up to stop the bleeding while Wilted Rose stands guard
>It is the first bit of calm I have gotten since we set out from the bathroom, only interrupted by Wilted Rose murdering any cultist that shows up
>Get a call from Velrani, and get get told the plan
>We have taken some notable losses in this mission, and since the Patriarch is dead everyone else will be heading towards the webway gate and getting off world
>Me and Wilted Rose however are to scout out the few Chaos Cults that are still active on the planet
>A Star Weaver and a squad of Sky Weavers will stay behind to pick us up when we get above ground
>I ask Velrani why the two cripples are not retreating with the rest
>She tells me that Wilted Rose is barely slowed by his injury, and that I probably think this is funny
>Fair enough
>A mechanical leg then lands near me, it must have been some cybernetic that a cultist had. It wasn't high quality, even by mon'keigh standards, but it beats getting dragged around
>I strap my stump into the device and move to stand. It will take some getting use to, but it will do for now
>I also take the time to grab one of the rifles from the dead cultists, it doesn't look like much, but it will probably have a range that I am use to
>As we I gather some more ammo, we hear shots from the way we came
>Both of us recognize the noise, it was too loud to be autoguns
>Deathwatch space marines were searching this tunnel
>We get back to moving, the tunnels here are too small for us to dodge around the cultists so we just have to shoot or slice through them, leaving behind a trail of bodies
>Be Zeta-23
>Charging after Valhallans through the crowd of cultists and caustic sanitiser
>Bayonet charge pretty much broke them
>Order the servitors to push into them and give us time to escape
Blessed be even the most mundane instrument of the omnissiah.praypeg
>Sasha catches up to us as we're breaking through and running for the tank
>Guess we got separated at some point
>We leave the remaing cultists behind and I give covering fire behind me with a mechadendrite as we're going
>Be Lady Keikake
>Leading a group of Slaanesh & Tzeentch aligned cultists
>Some group of Imperials is eyeing us. An Infiltrator in their ranks sent word.
>Soooooo ready for them to come play, but they bitch out at the last minute.
>Fuck 'em. We're already done here. We were sent by the Prince & Lord of Change to embed something nasty in a piece of data that was stored here. Oh... the surprise they'll get when they try to look through that one! The screams of the last one to fool with that piece of scrap code were music to my ears! Their precious data is backed up on some other hellhole out there, probably.
>"Yeah right. No one in this hellhole backs shit up." one of my little cultists perks up.
>"Shhh! Library!"
>Wonder why the Lord of Change wants to muck with audit logs of assignment generation? Silly nerd. So much more interesting things to find here.
>Maybe that's why I got stuck with these nerds in the first place?
Feel free to ignore folks. Been following along and thoroughly enjoying your little romp, and the Dark Prince of Blue Balls, & Lord of Change saw the gimme, and demanded I take action. Whether you run with it or not, keep up the good work!
File: Ruinscouting.jpg (47 KB, 1024x768)
47 KB
>Be me, PDF brevet major Karel “Skull” Szcabolks
>Comissar's plan is straightforward, but not bad
>I'd love to help our professional cousins in the guard, but we need to let command know the patriarch is dead
>“Understood sir, we will head for the surface and concact general staff. We've deployed Vorax-class battle automata to search and liquidate H.W.T. genestealers and mutants, they should be of some help to you.”
>Know that the CO of Crimson's Wolverine squad, which I took with me here, has been in this underhive about as many times as I have
>Have him and his squad help the guard here
>Turn back to the commissar, salute again: “Good luck and may you go with many blessings.”
>Entire section bows our heads slightly as we pass by the previously radiant now not-so-radiant warrior
>It is an honour to be in the pressance of one with such faith
>Bow deeply once we pass the angels of the emperor
>Regent alive aren't they messed up
>Stop by myself as the rest of our section passes
>”My lord space marine, let us call down a healer who may tend to your brothers.”
>He doesn't seem to oppose the idea, don't take my gaze of the ground in reverance
>We quickly make our way to the rear
>Checking for casualties, not as bad as I expected
>Suboptimal, but at an acceptable minimum
>Thanks, 'bots
>Move past the corpses of the fallen and the retreating wounded
>Still cautious for possible stragglers, tactical advance through corridors and access shafts
>Move out of what was once the lower hive, now nothing more than a ragtag bunch of rubble
>Feel distraught, seeing cathedrals and shrines reduced to nothing but slag like this
>Vox in update to command on the patriarch being liquidated, as well as what Wolverine squad is doing
>Also ask that someone send down a space marine healer or some other to help heal the emperor's angels
>Hunker down in a nice defencible position and await new orders
>By the saints, I love my job
>Be Seer Delwyn
>The clowns all start legging it
>That means the Patriarch is dead, they're getting their arses kicked or both
>Judging from the lack of psychic headaches, the former is at least likely
>Either way, I think it's time we made ourselves scarce too
>Or, rather, myself right now
>Stand up
>Immediately fall over again
>I think my right knee's packed in
>Judging from how much breathing hurts, there might be some fractured ribs in it too
>Either that or it's going to be one big bruise come tomorrow
>Fairly certain my nose is broken too along with a lot of cuts, bruises and scrapes everywhere
>Hey, there's my helmet!
>Hop over to it and grab it back
>It's got a big dent in it and won't go on properly over the big bruised lump on my head
>Guess I have to wear it very askew for now
>Shit, are those Imperials?
>If they are the Deathwatch I think they are, I better make myself scarce too
>Grab a large chunk of scrap metal to use as a crutch and stick
>Send a message to the rest of the gang to meet back up topside
>Start hobbling after the retreating Harlequins as fast as possible
>This is, unfortunately, not very fast
>Hey, wait for me!
welcome new anon, we could always use more OPFOR points of view. Hopefully some characters at the archive bite the hooks.
>Be Mordo Octavius
>The patriarch is dead, the genestealers are fleeing, and we have driven them, for now, from this area
>The slaughter has been absolute, dead bodies of cultists and purestrains litter the area in droves
>Those eldar are still about, damn. No bodies of their foul kind here.
>The PDF reinforcements are helping with cleanup, along with some extremely efficient robots from the mechanicus.
>Most of them are heading up to the surface to report and wait for new orders
>One of their commanders even offers to get some healers for my men
>Brother Erasmus has lost an arm and Brother Victor has had his chestplate pierced several times, probably down to one heart
>Meanwhile I have lacerations all through my armour, though nothing crippling
>All of us are covered in the gore and viscera of the cultists
>Politely thank him, and give him the transponder signal of our unit, the medicae can find out position
>We still have some purging to do
>Bid him farewell and move deeper into the hive, now to ensure this cult does not rise again and find those Eldar and end them
"Brother Victor, you still have those melta charges?"
>"Yes Brother Octavius, enough to bring down this accursed hive."
>Smile to myself as we walk off and start slaughtering every xenos and mutant we see
File: LDaemon1.jpg (51 KB, 442x722)
51 KB
>Be Sergeant Yuri.
>Trooper Sasha charges from the other end and we crush the cultists in the hallway between our two attack lines.
> Manage to kill a couple of pic related, don't know what their deal is but I'm sure it's someone's fetish.
>After they are all dead and we continue down the hall to the stairwell.
>Just then a woman in a turtle neck with thick glasses emerges from the side office leading another group of cultists and nerdy daemonettes.
>Not sure why a chaos cult is so protective of this one guy's name, but we won't be stopped that easily.
>Be Marcus
>We've wiped out the Bug fuckers down here
>Most of our lasgun packs are out but thankfully we can utilise the autoguns of dead cultists because they aren't Xenos tech
>Grab myself one and load it
>Just like the one I used to have back during my ganger years
>Now that everything's dead the Commissar walks over to the Deathwatch captain before they leave

>Be Commissar Matthias
>Salute the Deathwatch Captain, I then begin to speak
"My Lord, I will be taking my men out of Derwill. We shall report to other forces about the death of the Patriarch and then assist others if they are requesting for help. If not we'll probably start hunting down and eliminating the last remnants of chaos on the planet. Ave Imperator"
>I salute again and then turn away and begin to lead my unit out of the depths
>During the fighting my force of 4700 men dropped to 4000
>I see some of their bodies amongst the dead Xenos lovers
>May the Emperor grant you the redemption you so seek in death, Soldier.
>Order Jacob to ready the vox for when we finally reach the surface
>Upon reaching the surface he has it ready
>Take the vox and speak into it
"This is Commissar Matthias of the 221st Penal Regiment, the Patriarch of the Genestealer cult has been eliminated. I repeat the Patriarch has been eliminated."
>Be Isaac
>Wake up still standing on top of the pile of genestealer corpses and bits of living saint statue in the middle of the city
>Moron Octavius is gone along with the rest of the squad and the condemned troopers
>Realize I must have fell asleep
>No one even bothered trying to wake me up!
>Not even the tech marine!
>Find out through the vox chatter the patriarch is dead and Moron Octavius is moving deeper into the city to demolish it
>Destroy a few shops to take out my rage at this development
>Unsure how long this goes on for, but its enough to were this business district looks like the aftermath of an ork demolition derby
>Look down at my stop sign suvanier that let me kill countless genestealers
>I guess the only thing to do now is to find a tech priest that knows how to make it into a power weapon for me
>Oh and also get my left arm fixed
File: Heretek Diane.jpg (1.55 MB, 1530x1024)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB JPG
>Be Heretek Diane
>Got drawn to my profession at a young age
>I could never understand people, but I could understand technology
>Unfortunately, the charlatans of the Adeptus Mechanicus are very much against anyone learning things they themselves don’t understand
>So instead I joined up with the Truthseekers, a small hidden society that sought out many forms of knowledge that “Imperial Society” has deemed forbidden
>I learned many things from them, particularly in regards to the manipulation of digital information
>But lately the Truthseekers have been undergoing some organizational changes
>A new boss has taken over, a powerful being from another dimension named Lady Keikake, and her assorted followers both mortal and otherwise
>They dish out pain and pleasure as both punishments and rewards to bring a strict hierarchy to the Truthseekers
>Perhaps necessary as many long time members of the Truthseekers had become increasingly detached from reality
>With their leadership, we seized the hive’s main archive building and recruited many new followers
>But Lady Keikake and her inner circle are also very fickle and enforce all sorts of ever changing rules with harsh punishments
>Luckily my skills as a hacker and data manipulator have made valuable so far
>But I just made the mistake of making a loud comment to Lady Keikake in one of the main library spaces, breaking her rule on loud noises in such spaces
>And it seems Lady Keikake’s operation here is wrapping up soon
>So perhaps my usefulness to them may not last much longer
>Be Zeta-23
>More cultists and deamonettes
>Some of them even seem to enjoy being shot
>Valhallans charge
>I keep going for headshots with laspistols and spread the plasma a little more liberally to keep hostiles on their toes
>Datapad with the info starts making alarm noises
>I keep all my alarms in my cerebral implants though
>Set it to safe mode with hands while shooting with mechadendrites
>Going to have to deal with that when we're not in combat
>One especially horny cultist runs out of the fray, says something about loving machines and tries to jump on my servo arm
>Move and use it to crush the cultist as they hit the floor
>"Step on me tech daddy"
>I hate slaaneshis so fucking much man
>Be Commissar Matthias
>After the message is sent I have Jacob look through various vox signals to see who may require our assistance
>Have him do this while we continue to move through Derwill
>I do plan on eliminating what little chaos cultists and potentially chaos Astartes are left in this place
>Order the men to march through and find hostiles and eliminate them
>Take the vox and speak into it
"This is Commissar Matthias of the 221st Penal Legion, if you require assistance with any sort of situation respond at your earliest convenience. I have 4000 men left and ready to assist"
>I then put that message on loop and continue to hunt the chaos cultists in Derwill

>Be Marcus
>Patrolling the ruined streets and hab blocks of Derwill for any remaining chaos Cultists
>What little we've come across dies quickly from the sheer amount of autogun and remaining lasgun fire
>Who knows what's next but it does seem like alot of the forces are being dealt with
>We sure as hell ain't getting pulled out yet I imagine
>Be Mordo Octavius
>Hunting through the depths of the hive to purge any remaining cultists, planting melta charges at structural locations as we go
>The slaughter is short and brutal, with the patirarch dead the cults morale has been shattered utterly
>Also hunting down the perfidious Eldar, haven't seen any sight of them but I know they're down here
>They've left plenty of corpses in their wake as they flee.
>Me and my men are relentless as we go deeper and deeper into the hive
>Eventually Brother Victor informs me that we have used up the melta charges, and the hive will collapse when we blow them
>Damn those Eldar, where are they? They filth must be removed.
>Pah. When we blow the charges they'll get buried with everything else down here anyway.
>Brother Victor! Lead us back to the surface. We won't waste any time pursing these hapless beasts.
>He nods, and we begin to return to the surface. I'll leave it to the cleanup crews to recover the eldar corpses.
>Be Trooper Sasha, Valhallan Ice Warriors
>Charge into melee combat
>I hate melee combat
>Yuri and some of the others seem to be unnaturally capable of thriving and surviving in these sorts of situations, but usually I just get hurt in a humiliating manner
>Get hit in face by massive spiked (and heavily used) dildo by some horned woman with thick glasses and “dressed” in straps, fishnets, and piercings
>This would be gross if I wasn’t already covered in demon blood and vomit from the inside of the titan
>Retaliate by stabbing her in the gut with by bayonet, but she just seems to enjoy this
>A lot
>Shit, I hope she isn’t a daemonette
>She takes a headshot from a laspistol fired from who knows where in the confusing melee
>Not a daemonette then, good
>My next opponent is some frail old guy in heavy robes
>Should have been easy except he mutters some gibberish and a tiny ball of magic blue-pink fire flies from his outreached hand and hits me in the sleeve, and then starts spreading rapidly
>Spend what seems like an eternity trying to twist my way out of my flak coat while avoiding jabs from his creepy looking dagger
>Finally ditch my burning flak coat only to be stabbed in the butt wiith a sharpened pen by a giggling nudist girl
>Then see some sweaty, massively overweight cultist charging at me while squealing like a pig
File: General_Swartzerdt.png (1.57 MB, 800x1011)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
>Be me, PDF Chief of Staff, General Josiah Swartzerdt
>Sipping strong recaf, looking over the battle map of the planet
>Haven't gotten much sleep recently
>Someone in orbit has unleashed a mining laser and torn open the area between Hive Arraqesh and the abandoned Hive Wicrav
>As though this place needed even more logistical issues, that newly created canyon is going to need millions of tons of rockcrete to fill
>Hive Derwill has been almost entirely destroyed, its mutation-spawning heavy chemical industry with it
>In a way this is a boon, but any loss of industry is a huge blow
>Before the dark mechanicum appeared, much of our planet was liveable
>With the fire of daemon engines, that can't be said for the regions around the hives
>Arraqesh is being retaken, finally
>Sisters of battle and space marines there, thanks to them, the heavy assitance of the adeptus mechanicus, and imperial guard regiments we might have a chance of winning this
>The Meurian corps have begun cleaning house
>Assisted by our special grenadier battalion and Magos Theta, they should be able to do as close to a clean sweep as anyone can manage in a hive
>With that being the case we can finally retake their extensive orbital defence batteries
>Should we come under bombardment again, at least Hive Vorox, Sankris and Meuria can activate their void shields
>What loyal forces remain in the spires of Hive Arraquesh will have to hold out
>Rub my temple, at least we might survive starvation
>At my request, the previous chief of special operations Qaas took out the infestation in the far off, costal Karr-Qum with G3 nerve gas
>Only deployed below the upper hive, it saved the agri-barons and fishmonger nobles of that place, their industry with it
>The patriarch's delt with now as well, finally
>Send a nearby unit of light infantry to aid the sister and skitarii assault on Arraquesh
>Grenadiers will regroup and resupply in Meuria
>Stop sipping recaf, it's time for my mid-day prayers
>Be sergeant Yuri
>Still fighting our way through the hallway trying to get back to our tanks in the stairwell.
>A heretek latches onto Zeta 23 and starts humping his mechadendrites.
“Stop flirting with your girlfriend and focus on getting us out of here!”
>I know it’s not really his girlfriend, but I’m really pissed right now and just want to frakking leave this place.
>Sasha is mostly naked… again.
>I shoot the cultist the was charging her in the dick and lift her up by her panties before slinging her over my shoulder.
>We need get out of here.
>Try clearing a path by kicking the psyker just as he’s casting a spell causing him to fling warp fire at his own guys.
>Be Death Jester Malarai
>Moving through the tunnels
>Hear someone yelling from behind us
>It's the Craftworld Seer hobbling after us
>Well 3 injured Eldar is better than 2
>We keep moving through the tunnels and fighting through cultists
>We eventually reach a room with multiple exits
>Me and the Seer begin discussing which is likely to lead us to the surface first, when we hear loud foot steps
>We quickly jump into a shadowy corner of of ceiling and stay silent as a group of Deathwatch marines walk into the room
>I recognize one of them, he was the one in melee with the Patriarch when it died, he is probably their leader
>They start to search the room, they talk about "where the Eldar filth have gone" when another group of Deathwatch marines walk in
>One of them tells their leader that they have used up all the melta charges, and when detonated they will destroy the hive
>The leader then tells another to lead them to the surface
>Fucking melta charges
>Oh Khaine forbid you spend some time purging the city by hand, just blow the entire thing to smithereens why don't ya
>We drop down from the ceiling a while after they have left
>Well we aren't going down the tunnel they went into
>We decide to go down another tunnel that at least doesn't slope down
>We eventually spot light ahead, but instead of the surface we find a hanger occupied by genestealer cultists
>We can see sunlight coming from outside of the hanger, it's probably a flight up, but that might be our fastest way to the surface
>Their leaders are arguing, it seems their Primus is advocating for a retreat now that the Patriarch is dead
>Their Magus is saying they should stay and try to keep control of the hive
>Both of them have supporters behind them, everyone is keeping their hands on their weapons and tension is high
>Spot some Valkyrie ships in the hanger
>I mean I never have flown a mon'keigh vehicle before, but how hard can it be, it's for mon'keigh
>And I also realize I still have a cultist autogun, and therefore one hell of a distraction
>Come up with a plan, I'll cause a distraction, then we sneak over to the ships and fly out of here
>I also tell Wilted Rose to assassinate a saboteur I spotted and steal her bomb, because I could always use more explosives
>I also tell the Seer to use his pyschic powers to help us
>I'll be honest, after their trick with the wire and the magus I can't tell if he is a a fuck up, or someone who hides their immense skill by pretending to be a fuckup
>For all I know he might be the most deadly thing in these tunnels
>But with our plan in place I get out onto the cat walk and aim my sight at the Magus
>I fire a few rounds at her, one hits her in the shoulder, the other two miss on purpose
>As soon as I shoot I duck away from sight
>With that, shots start getting fire and the cultists start yelling as they turn on each other
>We begin to move towards the Valkyries
>Well, me and the Seer begin to move, Wilted Rose has already dashed ahead and is dragging the sabetuer into the shadows to be assassinated
>Tell my flyers to head towards our location and that we will reach the surface soon, and they should be ready to move
>Be Trooper Sasha, Valhallan Ice Warriors
>Manage to dodge out of overweight cultist’s charge, and in the process knock the robed cultist into his path
>They knock each other to the floor
>Pull free sharpened pen and use it to stab nudist cultist through eyeball
>Try to find my lasgun which I dropped while taking off my burning flak coat, but it seems to be under the overweight cultist
>Prissy looking topless cultist in a pencil skirt and heels tries to hit me with a heavy book while yelling something about banning me from the library
>She gets stabbed in the back by another Valhallan and I take the book so I have at least something to defend myself with
>A pink skinned cultist in a fancy jacket-skirt combo tries to stab me with a Valhallan combat knife
>Manage to block the knife with the book (it punches most of the way through)
>While she is ranting about damaging library books, I stab her through the heart with the pointy end of the knife sticking through the book
>Then the overweight sweaty cultist pulls me into a bear hug, only to promptly be shot in the forehead from somewhere else in the melee
>He falls forward, pinning me to the ground and crushing most of the air from my lungs
>I try to struggle my way free, but only manage to get stuck in a slightly different position with his gaping mouth drooling rancid saliva all over my face
>Suddenly the weight is lifted and I am pinned to the wall by unholy forces being emitted by some tall androgynous creep wearing a few bits of leather and gold chain
>He makes some convoluted gesture and all the other pieces of uniform turn to pink dust and disappear
>Then he says another word and some lace panties and a choker appear on me
>Don’t like where this is going...
>The creep starts running towards me, but then Yuri appears from somewhere and shoots him in the genitals
>The magic forces holding me in place disappear and I fall painfully to the floor
>Yuri yanks me off the ground by the panties and choker and starts carrying me towards the exit
>Uggh, I don’t like being the damsel in distress
>Or the slut
>Start wondering where I can find some clothes to loot
>Told you all I don’t do well in melee combat
>Be Zeta-23
>Yuri starts clearing a path forward and yells at me to help
>He has to drag Sasha along
>Swing servo-arm, launching horny cultist into the crowd and start moving forward
>Flailing with close combat mechadendrites
>Firing with ballistic mechadendrites
>Pushing back any groups who get too close with servo arm
>It's rough fighting, I'm only causing superficial wounds up close for the most part
>At least my guns are still doing more
>Yuri causes a psyker to blast a bunch of his own cultists with warp fire instead of us
>This finally makes a hole
>Charge forward to widen the gap
>Crunch psyker's head with servo arm before he can turn into a daemon or a warp portal or some shit
>Try to force hostiles back with a flurry of mechadendrite strikes and las fire as everyone follows Yuri through the gap
>The cultists start to close again but we're through and we keep moving
>Dataslate starts chiming again
>No time for that, focus on running
File: fma-1.gif (4.78 MB, 500x281)
4.78 MB
4.78 MB GIF
>Be sister Trisha
>My sisters take care of the cultists at our back, Alexa personally killing the squat leading them and we get back to burning the keeper of secrets
>I reload my heavy flamer for the third time and then get back to the daemon barbecue
>It's twitching on the ground crawling over to the broken sword, we don't let it touch it
>FINALLY the keeper of secrets disintegrates into dust
>With it's death all the ruins on the floor glow brightly then go dead.
>That's all the conformation we need that all the ruins are now destroyed.
>Suddenly the black stone temple begins to shake and green light glows from the circular ruins on the wall
>We make for the exit
>Be Barbed Silk the Keeper of Secrets
>It looks like my physical body has been banished yet again shortly after being let into the mortal world
>I will have to take some steps next time to ensure I don’t materialize surrounded by well equipped hostiles
>Oh well, my main specialty is corrupting the souls of others while in a non-corporal state
>Twisting them about until their bodies reflect the warped state of their souls
>My now awakened consciousness breaks apart into several independent malignant spirits which disperse in search of souls to corrupt
>Sisters of Battle, Alpha Legionnaires, a few idiots standing around a bathtub, a one armed cultist with a few friends, a few tainted squats, some hapless eldar, a servant of the Night Lords, and many others
>Many will resist, or not even notice, but some will succumb to the caresses of pain or pleasure, the whispered glories, or the offered vices
>Be Marcus
>We've cleared out the remaining cultists in Derwill
>Commissar orders us to move out seeing as the Deathwatch will detonate what's left with melta charges
>He's also still not gotten any vox updates
>Decides to just send us back out into the wastes and hunt down and eliminate the traitors
>We do as we are told and begin to head back out into the wastes 4000 men strong
>I slightly wonder to myself when this is all going to end
>Most stuff has seemingly been halted or destroyed
>Haven't heard anything about the enemy pulling out or updates from other units regarding other hives and the planet
>Haven't heard alot from space either
>Last we knew a Squat fleet has apparently entered the system and fired focused beams into the planet in certain areas
>What a day

>Be Lady Keikake
>Shit. Our path to exfiltrate of course takes us through the corpse emperor's forces! What is it these damned Cultists are on about? The Lord of Change giveth, and he taketh away in the same breath? Hmmm.... that gives me an idea.
>I take a second to reach out and feel what I have to work with. By the Prince, it's been so long since I've been inundated by such passions!
>One of my little sheep, just wants to be useful, to use his talents despite his place thwarting it.
>Another of those foolish machine worshippers... but different... He wishes for more time?
>And those! How different, are these those "Space Marines" I hear so much about? >One thirsts for relief, the comfort of routine, respite...
>IS THAT A FUCKING KHORNATE? No... I must compose myself... Such anger...
>And a bunch of genestealers...without a PATRIARCH?

>"You!" I bark at the follower I just finished admonishing, "You wish to be useful yes? Do something about those mechanical things they're using, surely with your skills you can, make things more intersting yes? Clear us a way out?"
>I reach out to rapidly scattering blip in the immaterium nudging them in our opponents direction; Safety is THIS WAY...
>Take a deep breath, gotta be careful with these two... I intensify the anguish of and fatigue he feels at dealing with this horse shit. Nothing but a return to what you came for will do... You want Xenos? There's Eldar running away... get them.
>I throw everything I've got against that burning ball of angry, staggering as in the momentary contact, the depths of their rage upends my for far too long unstoked demeanor. But I succed getting across my point. That pussy is HERE, there are Eldar to kill, and he's doing every ineffectual bullshit thing to keep you from it.
>It's a start!

>"Forward you fools! Find us a way out!" I scream at the rest of my sheep, drinking in their pain and pleasure as they do battle with the forces ahead.
>Be Lady Keikake
>HereTek and I are booking it. As more and more of the followers I'd amassed are cut down for the Prince of Pleasure, I start mustering my energy to try cracking some of the tougher nuts. The Commissar feels such joy at his men's success. You and they are as great as your forebearer! But you can be Greater! Push them HARDER!

>Little Legionaire, you loom ever more worthy in the Golden One's eyes, but are you really? Every success just drags on with no acknowledgement from your superiors, in fact, maybe, he's holding you back? Sabotaging your path to redemption.
>Be Lady Keikake, still legging, setting "fires" as my little Heretek and I evade and make good our escape escape.
>Yes...The Eldar!, Everything else can wait! Every step you take, your quarry is getting tantalizingly closer! Hurry, hurry, claim them for glory!

>Be Lady Keikake
>I had my doubts about these Tzeenchites, but damn, the enthusiasm!

>Feel a disturbance in the Immaterium.jpg
>Get your damn acolytes in order! If you want a new material body, *I* need to make it out of here corporeal!
>Get a glimpse of what transpired of my Tzeentchian counterparts end, with *nothing* left out. I stumble for a moment relishing the exquisite suffering, falling to my knees at the body and soulsearing immolation the Keeper of Secrets endured.
>"Are you alright?" The Heretek I'm fleeing with asks reaching to help lift me up, I let it slide. This time. That was Tuesday, I barn at the Keeper, and continue running.

I feel you laughing one, you won't escape me here if I can help it! I do what I can to stoke paranoia, distrust, and revulsion. Anything to distract or otherwise inconvenience it, but the Eldar are on another level to these humans to manipulate. They are slippery to get a thumb on but pain has gotten this one close enough that even with all the other cultists I'm still trying to keep in some semblance of order until the damn Keeper does something helpful...

...Or to be honest with myself, I just *really* want to Bag one for the Master.
>Be Kaptain Krunch V
>Or was it XV?
>The humies are still punching holes in me ship
>We're even getting rammed by one of those dinky sword frigates
>And the humies gloating on comms
>Check the progress of the looterz grabbing all the extra dakka here for me
>They're boarding the enemy and are about to cut through
>Suddenly get a cunningly brutal plan that's brutally cunning
>Laugh to myself as they redirect the dakka guns and create a minefield of glowing ball things between all the ships
>Don't even care if we all go up in flames at this point, just having a good laugh
>Be Heretek Diane
>Lady Keikake, the being from another dimension, has decided to depart the building, and to take me with her
>It seems she thinks I can hack other parts of the building’s systems to make our departure easier while slowing our opponents
>Realistically I can’t hack things quick enough to be useful in these types of rapidly changing situations, but the alternative seems to charging armed soldiers with improvised weapons, so I don’t mention this
>Soon there are only a few of us booking it down a long corridor
>Keikake seems distracted, mumbling things, laughing, and even falling to her knees at one point
>Start to get worried about my long term prospects
>As far as I can tell, the Truthseekers are finished, with most of the group either going to die in this building, or be hunted down by authorities afterwards now that we have moved out into the open
>But I also have no idea what Keikake’s plans are for me
>Ditch me once she is clear of trouble?
>Take me back to her dimension?
>Send me as fodder once I am no longer useful?
>Set me up in a different secret society?
>Be Voidmaster Heart Flame Von Grunghard
>Watch as a few more urk ships get cut into nice even cubes to be salvaged later
>My boarding Iron kin should be reaching the free boota flagship any second now
>Drinking more ale when I get an alert
>The urks are on the outside of our ships and are trying to redirect the mining lasers into eachother
>Send out some iron kin and jump pack hearthkyn salvagers to repel the green skins
>I’ll not tolerate more of me mining lasers being stolen or damaged by pirates
>Be Seer Delwyn
>Anyone got an ice pack?
>Must have hit my head really hard back there
>Unbeknownst to anyone, a few important neurons slowly start to connect up somewhere in the scrambled grey matter that weren't connected before
>There's a few fights that go on, cultists get mogged
>They seem pretty downbeat now their genedaddy got murderised
>You want me to fight? Oh, I'll fight all right.
>Think, Del, think, remember what they taught you back in combat Seer school
>Fighting with precognitive abilities almost seems like cheating
>monoblade go schwing
>cultist go hrrrrk
>Or, at least, as best as can be managed while being injured like this
>Get a message from the rest of the squad
>They've found some shafts and a trunk corridor that leads this way and will intercept us shortly
>First good news I've heard today
>Tunnel splits several ways
>Shit, where do we want to go?
>You got any ideas?
>Scrape some rust and moss off the wall to see a scrawling
>Looks like it saya H NG R
>Hmm, down there might be--
>Sounds like heavy power armour!
>Scramble up into the rafters with some difficulty in my current state
>Group of Deathwatch walk in looking for us before more arrive and they start talking about bringing the whole hive down
>These Imperials are crazy!
>Share a look and some telepathic awe at the stupidity of these mon'keigh
>After they leave, return to the puzzle of direction
>I think H NG R (hangar?) sounds promising, don't you think?
>Continue down the tunnel to the clack of the crutch stick
>It's at this point that the other five rejoin us
>Lemallyn is covered in trash, Laering and Greg have bruises on opposite sides of their heads and Idrontie has lost her chestplate
>I don't even want to speculate about what went on down there on the way
>You lot stay put for now, I have to go and do psyker things
>Malarai wants to wound the Magus to cause some chaos to jack a Valkyrie
>We do like a bit of chaos, I approve
>Ready as many bolts of warpfire as I can
>As soon as the Magus gets sniped by Rose, start throwing them at any target in sight as fast as possible
>Discarded fuel barrels explode, a few cultists receive pain that makes them start shooting and a few ping around the hangar for maximum confusion
>All the cultists open up on each other furiously
>Sounds like our window!
>Everyone, to the Valkyries!
>Block several stay bullets as we run for the ship
>Dive into the pilot's seat, injuries temporarily forgotten
>I took some how-to lessons on operating Imperial equipment including aircraft a few decades ago, I got this
>Flick switches and pull some levers, deliberately avoiding the windscreen wipers
>I got enough mockery for that one already
>A few stray bullets ping off the tough glass, but the cultists don't seem to have noticed us
>Press the start button and the engine whines to life
>Can't they put a hush kit on this thing? It's so loud.
>Everyone strap in for takoff
>Volume of bullets impacting the hull and glass skyrockets
>They've definitely noticed us now
>Mash the pedal to take off
>Craft slams down on its gear instead
>Had the silly thing in reverse
>Take off on the second attempt
>Scrape the walls of the hangar access shaft all the way up and out and decapitate a row of defaced aquilas
>Ah yes, it's all coming back to me
>we're in luck, looks like have recent-ish Imperial IFF codes to stop us from getting shot down
>Right, so, where are we headed again?
>Be Commissar Matthias
>As we scour the wastes I feel a gnawing at the back of my head
>Telling me to be greater than my forebearer and that I need to push my men harder to be greater than him
>This must be the taint of chaos
>It's basically screaming at me that it's chaos
>It does have a point that if I pushed my criminals harder I could achieve greater things than the Lord Commissar
>But the Lord Commissar had a different way of thinking than I ever could
>He saw the best in the Legionaries and pushed them in the right direction through the situations they found themselves in
>As it stands to me however, there is little left on this planet to really push my men
>Though with this voice it does tell me that there is still a powerful chaos presence on this world
>Stronger than the mere scraps I'm purging
>She'll be the one to push my Legionaries to greatness, I am merely a guiding hand
>That is my role after all

>Be Marcus
>As I purge the scum of chaos, I hear a voice in my head
>Questioning me about my path to redemption and how it's being sabotaged by my lack of acknowledgement from my superiors
>That's the point though
>Only the Emperor can truly judge me
>And he judged me to be on the right path already
>In a somewhat subtle way but he still told me I was on the right path by granting me and my friends the strength to kill a chaos mutant, chaos Astartes and the Patriarch
>To turn my back now when I already know the path I walk would be to throw myself into heresy
>Just like Twat Face Chris
>I sure as hell ain't becoming Twat Face
>So in my mind I tell the voice to stuff it
>However I can see some of the men feel bitter
>Out of 4000 of us, at least 1000 from what I can see don't feel the same way I do
>Don't do it lads
>We are already on the right path
>Be Gisgrirra Goldborn, the Arch Castrator, the Squat Servant of Slaanesh
>Pretty much the last Chaos warlord in the region
>Malice and Vashtorr followers have been gone for a while now
>A few night born and remnants of other minor cults still kicking around, but they are inconsequential
>The followers of Lady Keikake and the Barbed Silk have also taken massive losses
>And I haven’t heard anything from Meuria for a while
>Even the genestealers are crumbling now that their Patriarch is now dead
>Unfortunately this means the Imperials have more time and resources to accidentally stumble upon my own hidden operations
>But then I sense both Lady Keikake and Barbed Silk maximizing their corrupting influence
>And at least a few Imperials seem to be falling for it
>Hopefully that will keep them distracted for a little while longer
File: SabreVolkite.jpg (146 KB, 856x586)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
>Be sergeant Yuri.
>We make our way through the screaming burning cultis, crushing a few under our boots as we advance, Sasha is still slung over my shoulder.
>I don't know why she's wearing pink lace lingerie but frankly I don't really care at this point.
>As we go I spot Zeta 23's heretek ex and a blue skinned lady leaving out a fire escape.
>A third group of nerds emerge.
>One wanting to share her heretical Sanguinius x Emperor fan fiction.
>Another trying to shove a book in my face that has cover art of Guilliman and a futa Yvraine.
>We just go right through them with our momentum not even caring.
>Finally we reach the tanks in the stairwell, I choose the sabre tank with the volkite this time
pic related
>I throw Sasha off my shoulder into the back and let Zeta 23 take the wheel.
>Our three tanks reverse down the stair to the lobby, firing up at any cultists from the higher floors trying to follow us.
>As we decend down the stairs I hear an explosion on the upper floor and a lot of screaming.
>I take it that must mean the Bloody Rose, Blue Dragons, and Ryzans destroyed the main heretical icon and we don't need to work about them any more.
>Be Mordo Octavius
>Currently heading out of the hive in preparation for the demolition
>A job well done I think, the patriarch is dead, and soon the eldar and rest of cultists will be too
>Suddenly hear a voice in my head telling me to go after the Eldar again
>To go back to the hive which we've just rigged to explode and collapse on anything left there
>Brother Victor, do you think hearing voices is a sign there's still chaos corruption on the planet?
>He replies in the affirmative, and asks me if we're going to do anything about it.
>No, we won't. That's for the Grey Knights to handle.
>Continue heading to the surface
>When we reach it, trek into the wastes for a while before hitting the button
>There's a deep rumble behind us, before the hive starts to collapse
>Within a few minutes a city that once held several hundred million souls collapses into dust
>Notice some valkyries escaping the destruction and flying off
>Patch myself through and request they land and pick us up, we need transport to the rest of the forces on the planet
>And someone find out where that chaos voice is coming from, it keeps telling me the Eldar are nearby even though we just killed them
>Be Sister Sin, 98th Night Born
>Been lying low for quite some time now
>I made several attempts to leave the city, but the Imperials have most of it locked down tight
>And don’t want to go too deep below ground since I am pretty sure I know what the Imperials may unleash if they poke around there too much
>As far as I can tell, few Chaos followers are left alive in the city
>The Castrators managed to lure many of my comrades into their cult, but I have always made a point of avoiding Chaos cults, particularly Slaaneshi ones
>Feel something scratching at the back of my mind
>Ah fuck, they found the sword
>Possibly since I know more than I should, the malignant spirit goes after me hard
>Random pulses of pleasure and pain all throughout my body
>Whispers of power in my mind if I just let go
>Last coherent though as my flesh starts to change and my mind is overwhelmed with sensation is that maybe karma exists after all
>We were able to get to the ship easily enough
>And Wilted Rose was able to get my bomb from that saboteur
>We were even able to reunite with the seer's team
>After some, figuring with the controls, Delwyn gets us up to the surface
>He is somewhat decent with them, I am leaning more towards my "just pretending to be a dumbass" theory
>As we get to surface we then hear loud crashing, only to look behind us and see the city falling into itself
>Delwyn then asks me where we are going
>Decide against tricking or demanding their help, we aren't really in a good bargaining position
"Well, me and Wilted Rose are supposed to scout around and check out what presence Chaos has left on the planet and if our forces need to intervene. We have some flyers in the area who can get us around. Oh, and we have no idea where to go yet."
>I call our fliers we have and tell them to come pick us up
>While we are waiting, I start to look at the Craftworlders. Why were they banned from multiple Craftworlds? And why were they here?
>Perhaps this is some conspiracy meant to kill everyone in my masque. Yes that must be-
>I feel a slap from Wilted Rose, I look at him and he just taps his head and then points to his mask
>I start to find the words to complain, but then I get his message
>Something is messing with our heads
>And that something belongs to she-who-thirsts
>I still have that vox caster, if any mon'keigh have found the source we can just listen it
>Just then, the vox of the Valkyrie turns on
>Its that Deathwatch leader, asking for a pickup
>I really want to say some dumb joke into the vox, but decide against it to help protect the ship's secret identity
>Also Wilted Rose is holding me back
>Tell Delwyn he'll have to come up with his own lie
>I spot our flyer's approaching from a distance, so I tell Delwyn that if they don't want people to see us jumping from this ship to ours, he should fly into one of the many plumes of smoke to hide our switch
>Be Zeta-23l
>Seems like some of the chaos forces are leaving
>Someone must have done something right
>We reach the tanks finally, I jump in and start driving
>Coordinating our route out with other Valhallans
>Fortunately it's easier to drive down a hive than up one
>Unfortunately the city is still on fire
>Plot a fast way out
>Easier now that we don't have buildings to check
>Vox has a bit less interference now
>Sounds like someone got the patriarch a while back
>Hopefully we can get an extraction then
>Dataslate chimes
>Finally look at it properly
>Looks like the data is corrupting
>Start trying every countermeasure I know
>It's really hard to do this while driving a tank but we need to get out of the city before someone nails us with a melta or something
>Be Captain Ortland
>When we rammed the flagship we sustained some damage but the flagship is still going
>I guess it's come to the final solution
>Order over the vox for all personale to evacuate apart
>The Baleful swings around one last time and stops
>After a while all personale have left the Baleful Punishment
>I send a vox message to the Justification of Law's captain, Benjamin Horngold that he is now captain of the fleet
>Send another vox to Commissar Matthias
>Sorry old chum seems like it's time for the Baleful Punish one last for
>Once all systems are clear I say a secret code phrase all captains of the Baleful Punishment know
"Prequod, time for one last hunt"
>The ship flares up in response to my command, the command centre lighting up with red lights
"Prequod, overload the Baleful Punishment's engines and ram the Ork Flagship one last time. That is our whale"
>The ship beeps in response and begins to charge
>I stand on the deck in content
>The Baleful slams into the Ork flagship one last time
>As it does so, the engines overloads and causes a massive explosion
>The Baleful Punishment gives itself up in order to kill the Orks' flagship
>Detonations from the Baleful make contact with the exposed Ork engines and begin to cause a chain reaction

Unit Lost
Captain Ortland and The Baleful Punishment
File: 1624541772149.png (2.03 MB, 1497x1080)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB PNG
>Be me, PDF brevet major Karel “Skull” Szcabolks
>Got a long break, relaxed as best we could in these ruins
>Valks take a bit to arrive, must have taken extra time since they brought some good old recaf with them
>by the time they do show a black thunderhawk-looking ship covered in all manner of inquisitorial insignia
>What looks like a space marine chirurgeon (apothecary?) hops out and rushes off to where the other angels were held up
>We take off not too late thereafter, heading back to Meuria looks like
>Good timing for us as well, an earpiercingly loud roar echoes out from the south-east
>Open the shuttle door and look out
>tfw Derwill is just a smoking crater
>Keep flying toward Meuria, but suddenly we've got vox interferrance
>The angels of the emperor, asking for a ride!?
>Of course we'll help!
>Immediately order our flight turn around and land near the angels
>Hold on for everything we've got as the valkyries lurch around, luckily nothing and no one falls out
>Spot a valk in the distance as we do flying at top speed, not sure where that's going
>No time to ponder that, we touch down swiftly
>We needed an extra valkyrie for our support teams, we've got space over in one of the valks
>Besides, Wolverine squad is still with the penal legion
>Speaking of, that whole formation seems to be wandering just aimlessly about
>There are some old inter-hive traveling tubes they could use, might still be operational
>Vox in to Wolverine's CO, tell him to give the comissar and his men some directions
>As the angels start moving aboard one of our valkyries, notice an angel dreadnought stomping furiously and blaring angry shouts from far away
>Same colours as the other angels
>Realise we can't just transport him on our valks, but a Sky Talon could
>Vox in a Sky Talon to come help pick up the dreadnought, could take a while
>This won't take long I'm sure, we'll escort the angels and head to Meuria later
>Be trooper tim, of planetary PDF
>Marching off to battlezone somewhere on the planet
>Trip over
>Look down
>It's a bump
>Be Zeta-23
>Almost out of city and things start to feel warpy
>I can ignore the compulsions but it's a definite annoyance
>And the dataslate won't stop
>A second sun appears in the sky and I report to Yuri that the Baleful Punishment is gone
>May the omnissiah guide her to rest and all those she bore too
>And the dataslate won't stop
>We're finally clear of the city after blasting through a building and it seems like the marines and some PDF are relocating even further away but the dataslate won't stop
>Recommend to Yuri that we link up with friendlies to survive until we can extract and that I'm going to deal with the dataslate now
>Plug into the dataslate directly
>Hear faint laughter for some reason
"Yuri the name is-"
>Manage to blurt out part of the name I saw while downloading before scrapcode turns my mechadendrites on each other
>Disable power to augmetics before the tank is damaged
>Convulse while the code tries to ravage my implants
>Dump memory and engage countermeasures
>Pass out, hoping I'll reboot
>>90254317 #
>>90253925 #
>>90254965 #
>Be Zeta-23
>Almost out of city and things start to feel warpy
>I can ignore the compulsions but it's a definite annoyance
>And the dataslate won't stop
>A second sun appears in the sky and I report to Yuri that the Baleful Punishment is gone
>May the omnissiah guide her to rest and all those she bore too
>And the dataslate won't stop
>We're finally clear of the city after blasting through a building and it seems like the marines and some PDF are relocating even further away but the dataslate won't stop
>Recommend to Yuri that we link up with friendlies to survive until we can extract and that I'm going to deal with the dataslate now
>Plug into the dataslate directly
>Hear faint laughter for some reason
"Yuri the name is-"
>Manage to blurt out part of the name I saw while downloading before scrapcode turns my mechadendrites on each other
>Disable power to augmetics before the tank is damaged
>Convulse while the code tries to ravage my implants
>Dump memory and engage countermeasures
>Pass out, hoping I'll reboot
>Be Trooper Ivanna, Valhallan 545th Armored
>I confused
>Was trying to get in bath with skinny women and maybe some skinny men that look like woman
>Then person come and put gun to back of my head
>Then other persons come and point gun at that person
>Then first person kick me hard in butt
>Then everyone in room have killed each other or run away
>Think hard for a while
>Decide I am in danger anywhere in city, so might as well take bath
>Bath is nice and warm
>Spend many hours in bath
>Then see enemy woman walk into room
>She walks poorly
>And her body is moving and changing in bad way
>Then start to hear voice in head
>Then body feel good and bad
>Then bath water start to glow
>I do not like this
>Be Kaptain Krunch VX
>Or iz it XV?
>The ship is going down
>Some humie rammed us and blew himself up
>The engines are gone and now everything's overloading to keep the big dakka gun firing
>Soon that's going to overload too and this fight will be over
>My beautiful ship. *sniff* I'll miss 'er.
>Ah well, was a good fight
>An ork couldn't ask for less.
>Close my eyes and wait for the big explosion that'll engulf everything
>"Somethin' weird's happenin' on the planet boss."
>Look at my weirdboy.
>His head explodes.

>"Somethin' weird's happenin' on the planet boss."
>Look at my weirdboy.
>His head explodes.

>"Somethin' weird's happenin' on the planet boss."
>Look at my weirdboy.
>His head explodes.
>Be Kaptain Krunch XV
>I know who I am
>The ship is going down
>My beautiful ship. *sniff* I'll miss 'er.
>Ah well, was a good fight
>An ork couldn't ask for less.
>Close my eyes and wait for the big explosion that'll engulf everything
>"Somethin' weird's happenin' on the planet boss."
>"Those humies did something. Dey weren't supposed to say it. Da proper course of time is now all whacky. My head hurts."
>Look at my weirdboy.
>His head explodes.
>That's weird. He's done that 4 times now.
>Look out the window
>See a blinding flash of light as the ship power fails and the big dakka guns fire their last bit of energy at the giant energy thing
>Haha, that's some pretty lights
>Black out
>Wake up and see two boys in front of me
>Who're you two gits?
>They stare at me before one punches me in the face
>I punch him back
>"Dis one's alright."
>"We're givin' you a new ship. Also you gotta krump some gits that need krumpin' Got it?
>Uh, I can krump some gits
>But why should I be krumpin gits when I got two gits in front of me that I can krump instead?
>They laugh and I black out again
>Think I know why my weirdboys head exploded now
File: Two gits.jpg (256 KB, 1304x766)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
Forgot pic, damn it.
looks like we hit bump limit again, do we go for another thread or try to wrap up the existing plots in the next few hours?
>Be sergeant Yuri
>We reach the lobby and leave the admin building with the rest of our surviving regiment.
>No one tries to stop us, probably still dealing with all those icons being destroyed.
>Zeta 23 guides us through the still burning city.
>As we leave I look up to the overcast sky and see something weird.
“Zeta… did this planet always have 3 suns?”
>Zeta just shakes his head.
>I think that’s our cue to find a transport off this rock, after all chaos was (probably) defeated.
>And we got what we came for!… I think…
>Better check on that one we’re out of the city…
>Once Zeta 23 no longer needs to focus on dodging lava rivers and collapsing spires I ask him if he got the data?
“Zeta, PLEASE tell me we got the guys name.”
>Zeta 23 nods then plugs his data spike into the slate.
"Yuri the name is-"
>Before he can answer his mechadendrites start freaking out and attack him and everyone in the tank
>I try to hold them back from causing us to crash but Zeta 23 suddenly goes limp.
>My usual driver takes the wheel preventing us from crashing into a dead chaos knight.
>Once he’s out of the seat I look over my friends body
>I get on the tank’s vox and try to connect to someone who knows how to fix tech priests
>Maybe I can contact the Explorator?
>Be Commissar Matthias
>Receive a vox message from the Baleful Punishment
>Play it over the vox
>"Sorry old chum seems like it's time for the Baleful Punishment to punish one last time. I will be ramming the Ork's flagship as I have activated the Prequod command. Captain Benjamin Horngold will be my successor. If you are listening to this now, I have passed on but taken the Ork's flagship with me. Farewell Matthias, may the Emperor continue to watch over you. And to the Condemned Men who I have taken from engagement to engagement, keep struggling on and find forgiveness"
>The message repeats itself over and over
>My men heard it too
>They are split between 3000 and 1000
>9820 has his autogun pointed at one of the 1000
>He lowers it however as it seems that final part wiped the looks of contempt off the 1000
>This war on the planet has definitely coated us much
>There used to be 20000 men now it's 4000
>The two split groups join back up as one

>Be Marcus
>Seems we got recognition from a superior officer
>I'm going to miss the old Baleful Punishment
>Was on there for ages
>Almost a second home in a way
>But it's good to know we got recognised by it's Captain despite our status
>I then turn and see that a group of PDF were with us the whole time
>Their CO says something about underhive tunnel systems
>I speak up
"We can go over the wastes fine. It's getting update reports from other places that's the issue. No-one's requested help over the vox even though the Commissar's sent messages over it frequently"
Try to wrap stuff up probably, how many hours we got?
probably between 2-6 hours, depends how active /tg/ is today
>Be Commissar Matthias
>The vox suddenly opens up
>Valhallan tank commander asking to know if there's anyone that can fix a tech priest
>That's specific, I mean I have 2091 who is in for technology interference perhaps he might know something
>Pick up the vox and respond
"This Commissar Matthias, I might have someone who can help. Which hive city are you located at so that we can double time to you"
>Wait for a response

>Be Marcus
>Commissar is yelling into the radio about wanting to know the location of an ally as well as having someone who can help
>Seems we might use those underhive tunnels after all
File: Trisha x Kimberly.png (1.22 MB, 1440x1042)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
>Be sister Trisha
>Be and my sisters escape the collapsing temple.
>Over the vox we hear that most threats have been dealt with
>No idea if the Blue Dragons made it out ok but frankly I don't really care
>We managed to defeat chaos without the help of the marines!
>As we celebrate Sister Kimberly suddenly grabs me by the collar and plants a kiss.
>Pic related
>At first I wonder what she is doing, then I give in and just enjoy the moment

Had to end it with a yuri kiss. This was fun hope I get to do another one of these one day.
>Be Yuri
Shoot I thought we had more time! Ok I think we should rap up since everything is pretty much over
>The Arch Magos Explorator sends down a bulk cargo hauler to our position.
>We all ride our tanks up and into the ark mechanics
>Once Zeta 23 is fully recovered he gives us the name.
>In exchange for the sabre tanks the arch magos exploratory agrees to take us to the correct world
"We are coming for you."

As always thank you to everyone who took part in keeping this going. Couldn't have done it without you, hope to see you next time.
>Be Marcus
>Turns out we ain't going over to help the guys on the other end as we see a bulk Lander going down to where their location is
>Commissar sighs and says fuck it and orders one of our vessels up in orbit to send down a heavy lander to pick us up
>After a few hours it finally arrives ready to take us up to one of the vessels
>Apparently we'll be transported in The Justification of Law
>Maybe I'll make my cell nice and homely whilst I'm in there
>Either way we're probably just going to Sevastopol now
>4000 men blessed by the Emperor should be enough for what we've got to do
>Once onboard the Justification of Law, the Commissar pulls me, Adrian, Solomon, Simon and Pete away from the others and takes us to a command area
>Never seen anything like it before
>The Captain salutes the Commissar and presses a button
>A vox image appears before us of some kind of important looking figure
>There's a weird stylised I on them

>Be Inquisitor Vortigern, of the Ordos Xenos
>Sometimes occasionally dabble into the Ordos Hereticus
>Appear to the five Legionaries, their commissar and captain of the ship over their vox
>The Penal Legionaries apart from the Kanak Skull Taker has never seen an Inquisitor before from the looks of things
>I speak up
"I am Inquisitor Vortigern of the Ordos Xenos and I have a very special task for you five. There will be incentives for you if you so choose to accept what I have to say."

The threads have been fun lads. Cheers Mordo and the Harlequins for the fun times purging the Sons of Malice and Genestealers
Also yes the last part is a cliff hanger for when I eventually get round to posting, the next part of the 221st story. That being Sevastopol. Here's a teaser image for what the thread banner might look like.
Thanks for joining us Marcus, hopefully I get to help you with your thread like you help me with mine one day.
Zeta here can't wait for next time lads
>Be Trooper Sasha, Valhallan Ice Warriors
>Eventually make it off the planet
>Good riddance, at least nothing too bad happened this time
>It takes far too long for me to find a new uniform, or any spare clothes for that matter
>I suspect some of my comrades were hiding them to keep me in pink lace as long as possible
>harharhar guys, it is not like you haven’t seen my skin before many times, we share a shower block on most ships and bases for God-Emperor’s sake
>Somehow only received minor injuries including pen stab wound in butt and cuts to face from spiked dildo
>Luckily none are infected, but I will walk with a slight limp for a while
>Go hang out with regiment
>Not because I am social though, or because they are doing one of those post mission parade things where we stand around in full uniform and listen to someone talk, but just because that is where the tanna machine is
>Look around room
>We didn’t take too many losses this time, I think we are actually still bigger than we were at the end of the last mission due to some new recruits a few weeks ago
>I wonder what happened to that new trooper Ivanna
>She was annoying, but at least she had a nice accent
>End up wandering pass where Yuri is talking to another NCO
>Overhear where we are going next
>My slightly positive mode disappears completely and suddenly I feel very tired and sore
>For the next few weeks I am going to need a lot of tanna, a lot of vodka, and a lot of smokes
File: 1655017685217.jpg (82 KB, 1280x720)
82 KB
Archived, see you all on the next one
>Be Felinid Merc Captain Scarlet
>Show up right when everything is ending.
>Don’t get to take part in the fun.
>Hope next time I’ll get to be part of it.
>Be Seer Delwyn
>You two are looking at me funny, you all right back there?
>Does something smell bad in the back?
>Er, please hold one second
>The Deathwatch want a pickup now do they?
>Put the Valkyrie on autopilot and rummage around the computer submenus a bit
>I'm fairly sure that in here somewhere is a text-to-speech function
>Don't want our distinctive speech lilt to give us away now, especially to the Deathwatch
>I think this thing was based off the device the Emperor is waltzing around with these days
>Type out a quick message for them
>Yadda yadda yadda, we have no capacity, low fuel, going the wrong way, go badger the PDF pls kthxbye
>I think we could all do with a trip back to base right now
>We've got a single good leg between the two of us and we're both seriously hurt, but I hate to leave a job half-done
>Even if I didn't intend to get roped into this mess in the first place
>Tell you what - I'll hop back to Dolthe to get patched up, some food and a rest and I can be back on this shithole by tomorrow if you want any help with that
>They've probably chalked us up as presumed KIA by now after being lost in the Webway for so long
>I might have to crowbar my little sister off of me before I can get back out again
>She's a Howling Banshee, so that inevitable screaming is going to be painful
>The smoke pall of a burning hive spire provides enough cover for anyone to jump onto their own transports
>We'll be taking this thing on to the portal for now
>See you, space clown
>Check, double check and triple check everything is dialled in correctly
>If we get lost again, I'm going to go crazy
>What's that? I'm crazy already?
>Don't be silly

See you all next time chaps

I haven't been around since the hive world thread so I definitely noticed your absence
File: Tactica_Control.jpg (167 KB, 950x529)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
>Be me, PDF chief of staff, general Josiah Swartzerdt
>With the genestealers in disarray, we can finally end the potential threat of insiders and heretical traitors striking from within our ranks
>Heretics still at large all over this world, but they won't last
>By St. Brigitte, we will allow none to survive on this land
>Attempting to calculate our total losses
>Hive Wicrav was already abandoned, but is now a smoldering wreck
>Hive Derwill is nothing but rubble, a landfill will be needed
>Hive Arraquesh, at least, is in the process of being reconquered
>Hive Meuria is in the process of being cleared
>Hive Karr-Qum, Vorox and Sankris are tightly in our grip
>Thus, most of our planet and her continents are in our hands
>Despite our greivous losses, this conflict has aroused in the interest of segmentum command
>Before the innevitable hive fleet attack, the Imperial Guard will surely be sent here
>Furthermore: His Holiness' pressance demands even further reinforcements from the chamber militants of the Ordo Hereticus
>Although he is more theologian than general, His Holiness has been a great help to our cause
>So too were the forces sent to reinforce our world, the penal legionnaries of the 221st, the forces of the Valhallan 545th armoured regiment, macroclades of the skitarii, and of course the Emperor's Holy Inquisition
>If we survive the coming invasions, we will erect monuments to them, and to our dead
>As for now, we will salute and cheer at the graves to the honoured dead
>Even with reinforcements from the astra militarum and ordo hereticus, our native armed forces have been tempered in the hellish fires of civil war
>The hive fleets will come, it may take weeks or generations
>But we will be ready
>...Considering the bright flash overhead, we should call in Naval reinforcements, and immediately
>My aides-de-champ will do so, it's time for my evening prayers

Glad to have been here, hope I gave a local perspective well without derailing
See you in a few months!
RIP captain ortland and the baleful punishment
went out like a true son of the emperor
manly tears
Benjamin Horngold and The Justification of Law will have alot to live up to that's all I'll say for certain
>Be arch Magos Explorator Prime.
>Watch the ork flag ship go up in a firey blaze thanks to the sacrifice of Captain ortand.
>With it’s death the ball of plasma that had been building up is sent in its direction, frying the wreckage and a few ships besides it.
>I thank Grunghard and the navy for the assistance then get a vox call from the surface.
>That damn enginseer is still alive but barely.
>The group of Valhallans I transported to the forge world want me to help
>At first I refuse but they offer archeo tech tanks as payment so I accept.
>I send down a bulk lander to pick up the tanks, guardsmen, tech priest, my marshal IX-999, Ryzan Marshal Derro and his second, and any other surviving Skitarii.

>After a few months I manage to purge the scrap code from his system and replace his ruined damaged augments.
>Him and Yuri now want me to take them to an administratum world.
>I’ll see what I can do but already I’m beginning to wonder if getting involved with these guys again is worth it given what happened last time I transported them.
>Be Isaac
>Spot a machine cult bulk lander land to pick up some Skitarii and valhallans
>Must belong to that ark mechanicus
>There must be someone up there that could make my stop sign into a power weapon
>Oh and fix my broken arm
>I’ll contact Moron Octavius later
>This is more important than any bitch thing he had to do after all
Is there an easy way to see the whole archive? I haven’t managed to catch all of these and I’d like to catch up plus it would be nice to check my previous character’s names.
this should have most of them
Many thanks
>Be Death Jester Malarai
>Hop off the stolen Valkyrie and bid the Craftworlder's goodbye
>Once on board the Star Weaver start to come up with a plan
>Get word about some people dealing with chaos cultists at another hive
>Stay in the ship, both of me and Wilted Rose have had enough excitement for today
>We spot cultists of she who thirsts, but also of ones who worship the changer of ways
>One of the nice things about this planet was that, since it was a shrine world, they was less likely of a chance of a chaos cult arising
>So the fact that not one, but at least two cults showed up, and a Dark Mechanicus force was also hear, is almost certainly not a coincidence
>Not to mention the weirdly wide range of forces here, genestealer and chaos cults, imperials of all different stripes, and there are reports of Orks and Squats in space
>This smells of some kind of manipulation
>Looks like the cults will get moped up by imperials, no need for us to intervene
>We inform Velrani and start to fly back to the webway gate
>As we fly out though, I make one final call with the vox caster on a open channel we got before throwing it over the side of the star weaver
"Hey Deathwatch mon'keigh, you didn't kill all the Eldar that were underground, better luck next time. Oh and give the loud angry one my regards, I think he is funny."
>See the Valkyrie we stole earlier landed nearby, guess the Craftworlders got here first
>We enter the webway and rejoin the rest of our masque, and I give Velrani a full report
>Once we get back to the Black Library, the seers start to search through its tomes trying to figure out what caused all of this
>In the mean time, I need a new gun
>Also actual legs would be nice, but the gun is more important

It's been a blast y'all
File: IMG_2229.png (777 KB, 1280x1810)
777 KB
777 KB PNG
This is how I pictured Lady Keikake looking
How many of you are planning on bringing your characters back for next episode? I'm unsure if I want to keep going with Del, switch to someone else in the same "circle" or make someone new entirely.
I usually bounce around between old and new characters depending on what subplots interest me the most at any given time

What was Lady Keikake's ending?
File: IMG20230903183313.jpg (3.58 MB, 3468x4624)
3.58 MB
3.58 MB JPG
I'll probably bring Morvi back for the next Valhallan story. Then again might bring back shiny metal arm Kapkan.

Speaking of Lord Morvi, the Chaos Lord got himself a model recently. Haven't been able to do one for Ignis unfortunately
File: 8675309.jpg (126 KB, 1200x675)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
I might play Malarai and the Harlequins again, but I think it would be nice to play someone who can actually communicate with the other imperial factions. Probably a knight or some mechanicus guy
I don’t know, I’m not there writer this is just what I imagined them as
I'm taking that meme, because I can definitely see wilted rose saying that if he actually got to talk to Marcus
That’s missing most of the threads!
There’s a Jungle World, Desert World, Hive world, Forge World, and space hulk thread.
I think I can agree with that. Del & Co. will return, but I'll play someone else next time. I've often been the PDF grunt in other greentexts. Maybe I'll even be an antagonist for a change.
I cut my teeth in Damnatum Lutum where the location stayed the same through the series so every episode picked up more or less where the last left off (with a timeskip) and everyone kept the same characters, so the less connected style is a bit of a gear change for me.
Does Yuri and the 545th valhallans have a 1d4chan page with all there adventures yet?
I don't believe we do. Someone with more patience than me would need to create and populate it.
maybe I will make one over the next few days
Kinda crazy to think that the Damnatum Lutum threads were 4 years ago already

I feel old now
File: whatthefuck5.png (111 KB, 266x273)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
In the time since the first DL thread, I've been all the way through a university master's degree.
It was such good times, I wonder how many other members of the old Lutum crew are still around t.Stannimposter.
I have been doing these types of threads since before Damnatum Lutum, though I missed out on the initial wave of big ones like Stercus Ludicrum (which was referenced a few times in this thread)
I understood the references - in fact, I finished reading the SL archive on the same day DL started, went to the /tg/ catalogue for the first time ever to see if anything interesting was on and there it was. It's up to us and everyone else in these threads to keep the greentext spirit going (and for that, you're all awesome. You too, bump posters).
Bump for curiosity.
This episode's just wrapped up and we're into timebased autosage anyway. Stay tuned for more in the near future.
Mordo "Moron" Octavius here. Been fun everyone, see you all next time.
That's kinda funny actually, I was looking back at the old DL archive when I went to visit /tg/ to see if there was anything similar going on
Lucky for me there was, nice to be a part of these again, all these threads get archived so I can properly catch up on what's happened before. I get the feeling I've missed a lot lol

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