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File: Morlocksontheprowl.jpg (897 KB, 1000x1263)
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Fishfolk Edition

>What is this?
EXPEDITION - an ~1870s era, Jules Verne-inspired retro-futurist, underground blood storm hellscape.
It is a Skirmish wargame. Two players with their own expeditions, on a hexgrid map, fight each other for victory.
A campaign mode is planned, but is far from completion.

3 versions of the rules exist, TWO of which have been playtested:
>1e - proof of concept, recently updated with unit stats
>2e - lead by 2e anon, playtests started, unified document is in the works
>3e - Replaced 4e because it died. Spearheaded by 3e anon, needs more playtests, rules present in the doc

>What can I do?
Shitpost, meme, get comfy. Read over the docs to settle in.
Familiarize yourself with rules and plan some playtests.
Contribute if you have ideas. Give feedback on contributions if you don't.


> T.Q. What do you want to see included in the eventual campaign mode?
File: DrMoreauandhisband.jpg (803 KB, 1536x875)
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803 KB JPG
>TL;DR Doc
>Main Lore Doc, including links to anon-written short stories and additional lore in "Recommended..." section
>1e Doc (No units list, unless 1e anon posts a new version)
Click the picture, but this PDF is almost certainly out of date!
> Unit Spreadsheet - Currently outdated, requires an update
>Unit Design Doc
File: InnerSunSpawn.png (625 KB, 746x702)
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625 KB PNG
File: Miskatonic Advisor.jpg (577 KB, 1280x1632)
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577 KB JPG
Actually, the 1e doc got lost in the madness. Sorry about that.
I think I wasn't clear enough, until now in 2e you can only field one Leader per game, I was thinking making the Mad Morlock Shaman be an exception to this, as in picrel.
So its lovecraft and or pulp explorers skirmish game? What is the scale of the maps? Is it like, a large area to explore and units in the same hex are in the same temple etc or a single ruin/battlefield?
>So its lovecraft and or pulp explorers skirmish game?
Pretty much, in a late 19th century vernes/wellesian universe.

>What is the scale of the maps? Is it like, a large area to explore and units in the same hex are in the same temple etc or a single ruin/battlefield?
We're planning a campaign mode, but for now it's a hex-grid based skirmish game. Nothing more complex than kill each other, for now, but we're hoping to develop it into a proper all-encompassing wargame, dungeon-crawling-underground-exploring-artifact-extracting thing with battles that may or may not influence the lore if we can figure things out. Read the lore doc if you're interested.
File: OG.png (6.49 MB, 3450x3450)
6.49 MB
6.49 MB PNG
The chart that started it all.
File: IMG_2995.png (556 KB, 474x632)
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556 KB PNG
Reposting from the end of the last thread.
>Legends tell he rode in one day, perhaps from the east, perhaps from the west.
>Never from the Gorgs' own clan. He was always an outlander, cast out from his kin.
>His shroom cap bore no horns. His fate should have been to be butchered like the trash he was.
>But in those times, the Gorgs were weak. They languished under the twin lashes of Atlan and Mu.
>The No-Horn came to the Gorgs then. And, desperate, the Gorgs listened.
>It was from the Great Hornless Gorg that they learned to make war. Not merely to raid and to pillage, but to unite as a true horde of horns.
>He had learned much in his time between the clans. He had learned much from their captors.
>The Great Hornless Gorg lead a campaign of bloodshed unlike any that the depths had seen.
>Great cities burned beneath his steed's unshod hooves. Atlan in particular felt the sting of his rage.
>No one knows what happened to the No-Horn. He just vanished one day.
>His people liberated, for the time being, his work was done.
>Never again would the Gorgs endure slavery, for he had taught them to fight as great nations do.
>Never again would Atlan or Mu or any other slaver within the depths prey upon Gorg villages with impunity. They learned caution, to never take enough to spur another great horde into action.
>Many believe that the No-Horn still wanders, unwelcome in any clan, having saved them all from ruin.
>If he were to ever show his face in times of peace, he would be strangled and butchered and thrown in the stink pots.
>If he were to ever appear in times of peril, any Gorg would cut off his cap's horns for the right to march at that Gorg's side.
>Beware the wrath of the No-Horn, all ye men of the deep. Beware the wrath of the Gorgs.
I sure hope this is who I think it is, becuase it would be so fucking funny.
File: end of turn 1.png (514 KB, 1190x953)
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514 KB PNG
> Agartha is nearly 6 months old already
Thanks for this.
No-Horn as a Merc Leader for mostly Gorg units?
>So its lovecraft and or pulp explorers skirmish game?
Lovecraftian stuff are getting a lot of screentime right now purely because I'm working on the one faction which includes a lot of it, Mu (Old and New, which are "subfactions").
Its much more "kitsch"/"pulp" than cosmic horror stuff in your face most of the time.
>What is the scale of the maps?
Somehwere around 20x25 hexes should be good, maybe a bit less. Expeditions (i.e warbands) are supposed to be around 10-15 models, there's a max of 20 in 2e, but no minimum and you can build 3~4 men Expeditions if you want.
Most models have a movement of ~3hex per Action, 2 Actions to take a turn, so ~6 if you run, and ranged weapons have 10~12 Range, going up to 16 for some Rifles. The intent is that you may be able to take some potshots from turn 1, but you should definitely have most of you guys in range for turn 2.
Picrel is the first playtest run as example. We kept the map very open so has to not delay combat too much, so you should have a lot more terrain and obtructions normally.
File: SaurKeshiqProfile.png (79 KB, 542x835)
79 KB
Next is Sinister Dr Moreau.
There's a part of me that kinda wants the Gorgs working for Napoleon to thinks he's a reincarnation of No-Horn, regardless of wether or not No-Horn's actually dead.
Actually, before Sinister Dr Moreau, I thought it might be a good idea to finally put in Neanderthal Condotieri in Mercs, so that Dr Moreau may have a special rule allowing him to take them natively. So it may have more subhuman variety in its merry band.
>Is it like, a large area to explore and units in the same hex are in the same temple etc or a single ruin/battlefield?
We have skirmish engagements planned, but also a larger campaign mode that will ideally feature that more exploration side of things.
File: DrMoreauvsFenians.png (1.77 MB, 1170x821)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB PNG
> Fenians trying to reach the Halifax Entrance come upon Sinister Dr Moreau and his band of abhumans.
>No-Horn as a Merc Leader for mostly Gorg units?
I think we already have Lee-Dehr as a Gorg leader unit. There's always room for a Gorg hero.
>Great Gorg
>Customizable hero unit for Gorg heavy armies
>Number of horns determines bonuses, ranging from 0-4 horns
>No-Horn Zealot: Aspires to be like the Great No-Horn Gorg of legend, may be either an outcast who was stripped of his horns or a schizo who cut them off himself. Edgelord option. Enables Gorgs in your expedition to purchase and equip more advanced weapons than clubs and sharpened sticks, such as maces and pikes.
>One-Horn Labor: This one narrowly avoided being brewed into Stink Juice and mostly toils for other Gorgs by carrying around heavy pots of Stink Juice when he's not being strapped into armor and made to fight. All Stink Juice items equipped by your army can be used an extra time, on account of the refills.
>Two-Horn Stench: These fetid Gorgs are forced to work in the breweries, and the blessed Stink lingers on them in battle. Doubled stench radius, can equip the dreaded Stinking Ladle (Greatclub) weapon.
>Three-Horn Ferocity: These Gorgs always have something to prove, always striving to earn the rank of Four-Horn. If this unit would be impacted by Dread or any fear effect, it instead rampages toward the nearest enemy unit.
>Four-Horn Status: Not just any Gorg is permitted to bear four horns upon his brow, and the other Gorgs in your expedition recognize this one's achievements. Buffs discipline for nearby allied Gorgs.
>There's always room for a Gorg hero.
File: titking.png (5 KB, 960x960)
5 KB
The Seven-Horned Gorg is a myth. A fairy tale made up by slaves who couldn't cope with the bleakness of their reality. Nothing more.
Do not speak of the Seven-Horned Gorg. Do not investigate the Seven-Horned Gorg. Do not believe in the Seven-Horned Gorg.
May Atlas Himself strike down any who pursues this lie.
>Do not speak of the Seven-Horned Gorg. Do not investigate the Seven-Horned Gorg. Do not believe in the Seven-Horned Gorg.
Awesome, will work that in.
Also, we never figured out what would be the Traits for British and French expeditions? Anyone got ideas?
Maybe for the British they could have some veterancy traits? They get different bonuses depending on which of the many conflicts the British Empire has been involved in they served in/are connected to? Maybe based on different branches of the military?
>They get different bonuses depending on which of the many conflicts
Yeah, that's what I thought too, seems the most obvious.
What about the French? Culinary preferences?
Didn't we discuss something about France being more high-tech due to the whole minister eiffel thing and access to underground resources? I'm not sure how that would translate into the game though. Could also emphasise the underground france aspect too, the only colonialists who are down there permanently and still mostly sane (sane as in, not riding dinosaurs into battle for melee).
I think the French should have different organizations they belong to. Affiliations with gendarmes, socialites, Napoleonic loyalists, etc.
Britain seems to have a few routes you can go:
>Auxiliaries out the ass
>Heavy Armour (Traction engine, knights, lady of Cornwall)
>Whatever the fuck analytical engineers are doing
>Traditional line infantry
File: Germanic Mecha.jpg (235 KB, 450x771)
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235 KB JPG
Why don't we turn Germany into a mecha faction?
We have enough factions my friend.
True, haha. I forget we're already slightly overwhelmed as is.
I'm now just imagining how seven horns would look, and it's very crownish. Could the seven-horned Gorgs be the ancient kings of the Gorg people?
Do you guys have DINOSAURS somehwere? Or Conan the Barbarian types? It fits the pulpy aestethic.

They could be in an area of the Hollow Earth
File: saur rider.png (484 KB, 853x801)
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484 KB PNG
We have dinosaur-riding samurai. That fit the bill?
Somewhere? They are the staple beasts of war.
Lots of dinosaurs. We have dino riding ex-confederates, and lemurians are basically conan-type stuff
File: A day in Old Mu.jpg (47 KB, 602x280)
47 KB
There's currently more dinosaurs mounts in this game then non-dinosaur mounts.
I think the Brits are the only faction who currently do not have any access to dinos. Even the French does.
We do have quite a lot of factions already.
Mechs might fit if they are very niche, like the Republican Guard's stilt-walkers, and perhaps they could be a niche part of the larger war effort, like Skyships getting lore mentions but not appearing in the skirmish game (as of yet anyways).
Or it might be for Campaign play. Mechs as vehicles with off-field artillery support rather than an actual model.
And I think if we really want to include them we might roll them into France and/or Autro-Hungary instead of having a dedicated faction to it.
Makes sense. I cant help but feel dinosaurs would sort of undermine the whole stiff-upper-lip thing the brits have.
File: SaurKnightProfile.png (71 KB, 553x755)
71 KB
Lol. I just made this this morning while at work.
If the cost seems high, its because wholesale Hatred + Deadly is pretty much the easiest way to guarantee this delete ~1 Soldier model per attack.
Oh and I added a Megasaur (bronto) Mount to the Mu profile, because they are all over the arts we've been using, and Brontosaur jousting.
> Megasaur
> Movement : 2
> Accuracy : -2
> Strength : +4
> Evasion : -4
> Health : +4 (!)
> Charge : (10/4) (will need to revisit this its too broken)
> Cost 25
>There's currently more dinosaurs mounts in this game then non-dinosaur mounts.
We should think about some weird non-dinosaur mounts.
Cave Beastle Mount seems like the most obvious one. Which factions?
File: Devolveddeepfolk.png (81 KB, 607x740)
81 KB
I thought we were missing some follower for Sinister Dr Moreau's band, so I made up this. Mercenaries Inbred Deepfolks showing the signs of multiple generations corruption, but not yet turning into Lemurs and that Moreau can take to represent part of his own beastiarie. Idea is that Dr Moreau can mix Neanderthal Conditieri, Morlocks and these guys as if they were 100% native to Mu.
Degenaration means something more specific in lore so I wanted to avoid using that term.
File: wyrm.jpg (109 KB, 736x1045)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>Cave Beastle
Death Worm Riders?
How many factions we have?
do you guys have a page on 1d4 or bgg yet?
Main Factions
>Fallen France
>America + The PACT
>Japan + Satsuma
>The Ottomans
>Volcano Italians

Minor Factions
>Taiping Heavenly Hyperborean Kingdom

Lore-only Factions
>Holy League

Yeah holy shit we have a lot.
> 2E is ~50% done.
Nice, thanks for this.
That's still alive?
1d4 is still alive, just scraped from google. So you need to have a direct link
Are there any news from 3E anon? I submitted the italian roster a while ago but haven't had any chances to test it.
Finally, old /tg/ styled thread.
1d4chan is still alive, despite the creators' best efforts to kill it. It's the single best history of /tg/ in existence.
What makes the minor factions minor, exactly? Number of units, something like that?
Just going off number of units and amount of lore written about them. I should probably move Japan and maybe the Ottomans and Italians there too in all honesty, main factions should be the "big players" that are influencing the entire setting. But it's still a WIP and anything can change if people feel like writing for them.
I don't believe so, no.
Its not wasted anyways as it would eventually be useful for 2e too.
It is wasted insofar as nothing gets tested but I wouldn't be opposed to porting the roster and retro-fitting it.
there's also all kind of insects that could be used as mounts, like spiders, ants and who knows what other weird shit might be down there. birds as well, something similar to chocobos might also work.
File: MeleeWeapons2e.png (23 KB, 633x773)
23 KB
I (2e anon) wouldn't be the best to test it but if you are available tomorrow evening (about time of this post maybe a few hours later) we could give it a go. I'll have to review the 3e doc before hand tho.
Could work to give me inspiration for the next Colonial 2e book I decide to tackle.
In the meantime, I went back and redid the 2e weapons according to the last Wound mechanic change. Still have to balance stuff and add a few, but this is what it'll look like. It's a bit busy so I'm thinking I might look into cardmakers to make a weapon reference deck.
Probably I won't have the units ported in time by tomorrow. I will keep you posted.
File: TOKENS!.png (1.6 MB, 1731x971)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
Friday afternoon, around same time, otherwise? and by ported what do you mean? The images for the tokens? If you just upload here and tell me I can set it up on my Owlbear and do them myself, I have, as they say, become quite proficient at it (not really, tho).
I mostly mean the rules, since the roster was built for 3e. I am not sure they'd be playable out of the box if I just copy-paste them into the 2e document.
Oh no I meant I could check up the 3e rules before tomorrow and play it in 3e (sorry I get this stuff gets confusing), obviously I'm not the directing anon for that edition but if he shows up again he might appreciate the feedback... or eventually someone else might want to take over.
File: PhalanxmanProf.png (82 KB, 576x609)
82 KB
Pretty basic profile, however the Special Rule will turn them into Atlan-tier Armour with a bit of placement.
Also, you can once again clone this rule through the Idol of the Deep Building.
Wait, damn, there's supposed to be a "within 3 hexes" clause to it.
File: PrizeHunterProf.png (101 KB, 631x801)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
And also, since last thread (or the one before...) I ended up redoing the Treasure Hunter as a Leader for the USA as was intended by the lore, I realize I needed to remove him from Mercs as a Character, so I replaced him with the Prize Hunter.
Since we have a lot of Saurs, some even psychic, we need someone to remind them who inherited the Earth. Lemurs, of course
File: crab.jpg (42 KB, 839x464)
42 KB
Titanium Crab?
Perhaps not just as a Mount, but also as smaller cave critter. Regardless of their size, their don't have that much health (once you break the shell the gooey insides are doomed), but they have perfect Armour score, meaning you have to degrade their Armour or use High Pen weapons to hope to kill them.
Perhaps the small Titanium Crabs are actually the scarier, given they are faster and will still snip through anything.
>What do you want to see included in the eventual campaign mode?

Dinosaurs that occupy several hexes and are not controlled by either player but travel at random based on the roll of the die.
File: FeralMegasaurProf.png (104 KB, 602x779)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
Good call, this was already planned but put on hold, we should look into getting critters/NPC down soon.
>that occupy several hexes
I might come back to that but for the moment everything is 1 hex in size, with the Traction Engine for a while we tried doing multiple hexes with irregular shapes and its such a fucking mess, if something is just a 7 hex "circle" then it might work much better.
campaign mode should have settlement building and political intregue.
jazz clubs, speakeasies, maple syrup sugar groves, appalachian moonshiners with nascar racers, carpetbaggers, teapot dome scandals, a legit kkk faction
bonnie and clyde
herman cortez, the pilgrims, christopher columbus, vasco de gama, amergo vesupucci, the first people hung for treason i think they were italian brothers.
>a legit kkk faction
Reset the clock.
>> T.Q. What do you want to see included in the eventual campaign mode?
What about "unlockable events/mechanics". For example, it could be based on critters present, scenario objectives and types of enemies killed. So you have a series of tables based on events accomplished in the battle.
Say this battle your opponent bring Murlocks. You could have a table saying
> At the end of any battle in which you killed Murlocks (not a hard feat admittedly), roll d10. 1-5 nothing happens, 6-7 add 3 Murlock Grunts to your Rooster, 8-9 : gain 10 Rations, 10 : Gain Campaign Objective : Murlock Mystery.
> Murlock Mystery : You must succeed 3 Parley Action targeting Mad Murlock Shamans before the end of the Campaign. If you do, add 250 Silver to your Chest.
This could help build the narrative throughout the campaign all the while giving mechanical incentives to accomplish something else than beat face & dig deeper (not that there's anything wrong with that either).
File: psydinosnotsure.png (246 KB, 325x466)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
To the anon who suggested psychic dinos, were you intending more or less normal-looking mind controlling dinos, or evolved dinos as in Glorantha? I feel the first would be much more in theme, but your opinion matters as the one who suggested it.
File: file.png (441 KB, 630x314)
441 KB
441 KB PNG
NTA but just normal, bog-standard dinosaurs with psychic powers is much more fun.
File: dino.jpg (182 KB, 591x343)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Not the original psychic dinosaur anon, but I came up with the Mu aligned dinos, and those I envisioned as being regular ones. Even named them after human-sized dinos I came across.
It really is, isn't it?
They do seem like smart boys.
>a legit kkk faction
best i can do is a footnote about nathan bedford forrest dying like a punk somewhere underground
Sounds more 10s/20s, but we can work with that. Settlement building, intrigue, political manoeuvring etc. are definitely going to be a thing. I've got a few campaign ideas myself, just need to set aside the time to sit down and write it all up.
charles darwin and phrenology then?
Darwin as an enemy of Sinister Dr Moreau would be kinda cool I must admit.
What about some student of Darwin that is continuing his work, but in Agartha? Depending on the time frame, Darwin is either dead or near death and this would also give some room to work with. A spry, ambitious young man, fresh out of university and out to make a name for himself in the field of natural sciences. Quite akin to Moreau, in a way.
How about we mirror the Heiress?
Charlotte Darwin?
who was the guy known as darwins bulldog?
he might have also opposed phrenology.
does nietzche and/or husserl feature at all?

while its mainly a soviet thing of lyskoinism.
its considered the extreme form of "vernalization" basically a scientific theory that champoins plant grafting over germination from seed.
>who was the guy known as darwins bulldog?
Thomas Henry Huxley.
>does nietzche and/or husserl feature at all?
My man of apodictical taste.
I made the token months ago but didn't know how to insert him yet. Also felt like maybe we should wait for Austro-Hungary. But a young Husserl going absolutely schizo over trying to make his phenomenology works in the context of Agartha and constantly getting discouraged because there's always a deeper Layer with newer eidetic laws that makes no sense at all would be absolutely kino. Sort of a more reasonable Beauchamps, but so incredibly autistic about writing 5000 pages to describe how one case of Deep Drunkness proves that Lived Time is getting compressed the deeper you go that almost no one ends up benefiting from his knowledge and understanding.
As in rl :(
File: R(1).jpg (120 KB, 640x1007)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
wasnt "the vienna circle" with empiricism also contemporary to jules verne. i know they came before karl popper but i dont know how much before.
the whole ship of thesius?
>wasnt "the vienna circle" with empiricism also contemporary to jules verne.
No, much later, they started officially in 1928. Husserl was nearing the end of his life at this point. Its his students from the first Gottigen (and to a smaller degree those of Munich) Circle which associated themselves later on to the Vienna Circle after Adolf Reinach died in WWI.
There is a relation, Carnap was a student of Husserl, and I think they wrote to each other, unless I'm mixing him with Cantor (Husserl did write to Cantor, mainly to shit on set theory, that I know).
Technically its even a bit early for Husserl, he would be ~16 at this point. The members of the School of Brentano would be more in time, but Husserl seems much more in theme, somehow.
The big question the historyfag in me wants to know is how would the Meyerling Incident would go down given that Paris isn't there to psyops all young European noblewomen into thinking suicide pacts are the best thing in life.
File: Smoking.jpg (21 KB, 640x461)
21 KB
> "Zuruch zu den Mittelpunkt der Erde selbst!"
cs pierce was an american philospher that started semiotics.
i think he was around in the mid 1800s.
edgar allen poe was the beginning of the 1800s .

egyptology was pretty big in 1800s right?
that whole thing with that brown ochre made from ground up mummies?
who were the big architechts?
wasnt the statue of liberty made in the 1800s?

also cocaine in coca cola.
mark twain
the big industry magnates carneiggie, and rockefeller.
these are all american though.

the poison squad and the establishment of the fda.

but the medical industry was pretty wackadoodle back then all over the world.

what famous buildings got erected in the 1800s?
isnt that also when the amish immigrated to america as well?
>what famous buildings got erected in the 1800s?
the white house, for one
Alternatively, if you just tell me more or less what you intended with each units I could cook up a roster very quick.
>egyptology was pretty big in 1800s right?
Started by Napoleon when he went to Egypt with a massive scientific expedition in tow, since Egypt was the oldest (known) civilisation at the time, and suspected birthplace of humanity.
Anons, I want to rewrite the LoS explanation in the 3e doc to be more straightforward and make some diagrams for it.
Currently, it's explained as
> centre of hex to centre of hex
but in all of the playtests we played, we used
> hex side to hex side
I, sadly, don't remember how 2e does it

Does this work well or is there a better solution that I'm missing?
Hexside to hexside in 2e, with front facing.
I really don't see why you would use center of the hex for this, there's absolutely no point to it.
I'm pretty sure it was a temporary ruling that no one used or paid attention to, so it just kind of got left unchanged.
I know the other Edition anons didn't want to worry too much about facing or flanking, so maybe that was the objective with this.
btw is it me or is /tg/ really fast these days? to page 6 in ~40 minutes seems really quick. I would have expected September to make things slower.
Is Eduard Bulwer Lytton's story, 'Vril' suitable material for this or do people not like the word 'Vril' these days because of that weird, ironic broscience /pol/ association?
>'Vril' these days because of that weird, ironic broscience /pol/ association?
I'm not very familiar with it beside the few mentions I've seen of it on /lit/, but from the impression I got from it, its essentially the exact same as the Inner Sun's Chi for Lemurian Cultivation.
Any ideas for the Mu Hero Traits?
Whichever eldritch being they serve/call ancestry from?
I think there was some talk of Mu Heroes getting traits based on various experiments the Old Ones have grafted onto them
File: SinisterDrMoreauProf.png (83 KB, 461x713)
83 KB
Oh I like that.
In the meantime here's a profile for Sinister Dr Moreau. Lots of rules but it should be fairly simple to execute.
Interesting. He looks like a leader with lots of potential shenanigans in the hands of a good player. I like it.
File: 1694098193045632.jpg (275 KB, 1019x1533)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
How about something to underscore the "mechanical" aspect of the French?
> Effeil's Cuirassiers
> Generic troops under Eiffel, but limited to 3 under other French Leaders.
> Looks like someone made an armour suit out of trashcans.
> Actually fairly sophisticated on the inside.
> Surprisingly quick if walks straight up, but really cumbersome to turn with (high Movement stat, low AP, but must spend Movement to turn facing like in BT).
> Next to no armour on the Limbs.
> Counts as Mechanical so that Eiffel can use his tricks on them.
File: OIP(7).jpg (66 KB, 474x715)
66 KB
while theres alot of famous late 1800s poets from america, dickenson, thoreuax,whitman

heres some poets from other places
oscar wilde
rudyard kipling
robert frost
lewis carroll
william butler yeats
dh lawrence
robert broninh
william morris
victor hugo
robert lewis stevenson
khalil gibron
lord tennyson
herman hess
gk chesterton
ivan turgunev
elphais levi
alfred jerry
robert de montisque
sully proudhomme

keats and bronte died mid 1800s
baudellaire as well
geothe died mid 1800s
pushkin mid 1800s
kierkegaard was mid 1800s

melville was american

theres alot to work with.
File: R(4).jpg (272 KB, 1346x1536)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
big bad voodoo daddy albert pike also contemporary with the time
File: OIP(10).jpg (42 KB, 474x711)
42 KB
muh boy Gurdijeff
xref famous explorers of the 1800s
The general idea is that the warband plays one of these roles:
>Regular-ass expeditionary force, with a slight more focus on numbers to compensate for lower quality
>Jannarae cult centered around one-two powerful casters, currently the least supported theme
>A Volcano Lord Aspirant and his entourage
>A mix of the above.

Witches at the moment act best as support rather than having defined list-building guidelines. The fourth option (mix) is meant to have a faction that can also play silver bullet if needed.
For underground critters, not necessarily mounts, per perhaps
> Quinotaur
> Olm-Drake (smaller, more aggressive Olms)
> Tongue-Eating Cave Louse (slightly bigger than the Sea version, can infect humans too)
> Giant Crab
> Titanium Shrimp (like a mantis shrimp, but with a titanium shell).
File: TheOldestGuard.png (720 KB, 612x770)
720 KB
720 KB PNG
I have to go into work early tomorrow for a long do so will probably not be able to post until tomorrow night, hopefully it doesn't die before then.
>Tongue-Eating Cave Louse
Possible Mu-bred parasite equippable to any mount/beast that gives it a bite attack and makes it spawn a louse on death?
Is this even a game or still just a le heckin epic idea?
look at the editions and see for yourself
> T.Q. What do you want to see included in the eventual campaign mode?
An RPG, eventually. I know we've barely started playing the regular game, but I think it'd be a lot of extra fun to expand the setting even more with a proper RPG with player characters. Hell, we're already halfway there with some of the leader units for factions.
I've thought about working on something like that, given that I'm not really a wargame player, but I haven't started anything.
File: R(8).jpg (114 KB, 558x804)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
is there a point buy system to make units?
how arbitrary are the stats?
Wrong reply?
File: End of turn 3.png (600 KB, 796x895)
600 KB
600 KB PNG
For 2e Heroes, yes.
>An RPG, eventually.
I was thinking the very same thing a few days ago.
>Is this even a game or still just a le heckin epic idea?
Pic very much related.
File: Spoiler Image (218 KB, 358x459)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
Question for the historyfags in this thread.
Would "losing the King's colours" be as much of an issue in 1870 than say in 1809?
Say, it could be a piece of equipment you can buy if you have a Colonial's Military as your Sponsor. Lower Dread by 2 instead of 1 as long as its on the field, but the bearer causes 3 more Dread to be generated if he falls, and you no longer lower Dread at the end of your turn until another Friendly model picks it up?
The more I think about it, the more I feel like the 2e Stat block would almost work as if for a RPG, the only thing you'd probably have to change is to add a "detailed" health box to most models with a few more boxes, perhaps a few more locations too, and then maybe some Skill traits for specific Actions...
>or do people not like the word 'Vril' these days because of that weird, ironic broscience /pol/ association?
Why would you even care?
>Possible Mu-bred parasite equippable to any mount/beast that gives it a bite attack and makes it spawn a louse on death?
Oh that's absolutely horrifying and I love it.
What kind of RPG are we talking about? Something very freeform, the DM makes an adventure story and you play it, or something more procedural like Lancer, with a havy focus on a map grid system?
File: NewMuBoobas.png (54 KB, 471x634)
54 KB
I only added the Parley action, otherwise I pretty much copy pasted the unit's doc.
Eventually in a Campaign mode this could be very useful if you manage to keep her alive.
File: MotherUnknown.png (63 KB, 492x727)
63 KB
Obviously her and the Nameless Khan had to be pretty insanely powerful.
A bit of both, in my mind. A map grid system of a given region which your party plays in, say, all of Fallen France, and the combat is basically what we have now, but you get to travel across the whole thing doing narrative adventures in the slums of Fallen Paris, or the villages in the surrounding areas, maybe venturing to some temples in the surrounding areas and meetings Gorgs or Olm Men, or fighting hordes of local morlocks. Would require a lot of effort on the DMs part though, and obviously not something we should work on until we get a basic "complete" edition of the skirmish part out. But it's something I'd like to do eventually.
Thanks for this, maybe I can try and make some parts of the campaign mode and this intermesh.
Well, depending on how things work out, we could probably re-use the campaign map for the rpg, since it'll be the same general area. And depending on how complex we want to make the campaign itself we can probably re-use a lot of systems in that for this hypothetical rpg too, since the Expeditions would be only a little bigger than a player party. Just have to wait and see what we figure out for the campaign first I guess.
so theres a world map and battle maps?
File: 3rd layer.png (471 KB, 1500x740)
471 KB
471 KB PNG
There's a world map of the 3rd and 4th layer, but no campaign map. Battle maps are just basic things like here>>90240737

We'll probably make a proper campaign map of a region like fallen france and surroundings when we get to designing the campaign, but that's a long way off I think. We're still working on getting the skirmish mode to an acceptable level through playtests.
whats current priority ?
just play testing?
Playtesting, building the lore for the existing factions, updating the various docs, possibly finding replacement for the missing Edition anon unless he's come back (I mean its been what 3 weeks?), finishing giving representation too most if not all factions (not necessary but whatever it kills time).
Even just starting to reformat the lore docs into complete sentences would be of great help.
But yeah, playtesting would be biggest thing.
It's getting to be that time again.
File: Returned Explorer.png (126 KB, 568x623)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
One final bump for the road.
I have to go into work now so I won't be able to bake this time, I'll see what you guys cook up tonight I guess.
for a cosmology thats pretty much inverse of flat earth, it would be cool to have an arial aspect, but this setting existed before the wright brothers took their first flight right?
Wright Brothers flight was in the 1900s, this is firmly 1870s/80s though we do have airships (which haven't been expanded upon outside the original chart)
hot air balloons .
seems like they are the hot think.
aos dwarves have one, theres a goblin hot air balloon in moonstone, and then turnip28 has hot air balloons too.

New thread.

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