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File: j1.jpg (155 KB, 492x750)
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155 KB JPG
>Wandering In The Dark edition.

>What is this?
EXPEDITION - an ~1870s era, Jules Verne-inspired retro-futurist, underground blood storm hellscape.
It is a Skirmish wargame. Two players with their own expeditions, on a hexgrid map, fight each other for victory.
A campaign mode is planned, but is far from completion.

3 versions of the rules exist, TWO of which have been playtested:
>1e - proof of concept, recently updated with unit stats
>2e - lead by 2e anon, playtests started, unified document is in the works
>3e - Replaced 4e because it died. Spearheaded by 3e anon, needs more playtests, rules present in the doc

>What can I do?
Shitpost, meme, get comfy. Read over the docs to settle in.
Familiarize yourself with rules and plan some playtests.
Contribute if you have ideas. Give feedback on contributions if you don't.


>TQ : Why might someone lose themselves down there, in the dark?
File: RULESv1.pdf (346 KB, PDF)
346 KB
346 KB PDF
>TL;DR Doc
>Main Lore Doc, including links to anon-written short stories and additional lore in "Recommended..." section
>1e Doc (No units list, unless 1e anon posts a new version)
Click the picture, but this PDF is almost certainly out of date!
> Unit Spreadsheet - Currently outdated, requires an update
>Unit Design Doc
File: stinker_gorg_scan.png (204 KB, 347x400)
204 KB
204 KB PNG
>>TQ : Why might someone lose themselves down there, in the dark?
Because it's cold and dark. Honestly, why else would they get lost? There's nothing else to worry about down there. There's no shape to shadows, or echoes of forgotten gods, or even multicoloured pain warriors. That's just silly.
File: offjak.png (41 KB, 336x365)
41 KB
Thread is lagging, chums. I don't have anything to report, not being one of the edition anons, but I'd be happy to discuss anything anyone is working on right now!
File: 1683081710032582m.jpg (182 KB, 818x1024)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
keep it up bros
File: St.Helena.png (3.78 MB, 1920x1280)
3.78 MB
3.78 MB PNG
Would anyone be down to help me playtest the Italian expedition team for 3e? I feel like it might be a bit rough around the edges, underpowered in some respects and overpowered in others.
Today or on the weekend? I can today, but I'm kinda tired and I'd much rather do this on Saturday/Sunday.
Pick a time, I'm gmt+3
bump, slow night, huh?
Yeah, shit came up.
Sucks to see how much of a hit the thread takes when only one of us gets taken over by rl stuff.
I'm fixing the fucking chart TONIGHT.
>First step: 5x5
>Second step: get good quality jak images
>Third step: add the 2 new units that need to be put on their, plus anything else people want
We are currently at 19/25, we need 6 more. if you are a newfren and want a unit then just post a jak and some description (please keep it decently short) and I'll add it (assuming it's not the shittiest unit ever made)
File: mericacharttake3.png (1.94 MB, 2335x2367)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB PNG
Text tomorrow. I'll be resizing a couple of the jaks as well.
If you dispute unit placement, then come out and say it.
Feel free to offer suggestions for the last few slots.
Oh yeah, I found an unused American jack for Gunny so I put him top right. I might use it to replace one of the duplicates instead.
We've gotta get the Steel-Driving Man on here.
oh shit you're right. Do we have a jak for him or should I just use the art?
File: steeldrivingman.jpg (219 KB, 357x600)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
I was going to make a jak for him but couldn't find a decent base to use.
I propose he takes the top right slot, actually.
I also had an idea for middle right:
>The Wizard
>Sponsor, interested in electric moles and lighting crystals
>Lets you equip models with electro-rifles that fire leyden bullets (ripped straight from 20,000 leagues)
>Also provides better lighting for all units
>"Vision without execution is hallucination."
We could do sunday. Can you please tell me what time it is when replying to this message? Just want to grasp what's the time difference between our time zones.
File: canuck.png (300 KB, 576x602)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
Canadian Mountie
>Called Mountie by players, game mechanics, and all other official sources
>Technically not actually a Mountie due to time frame
>Can be given a mount for cheap, but cheese strats involve keeping them on foot
Forgot to suggest a spot. Put him below the Miskatonic Advisor.
signing off for the night, will update tomorrow. Can someone get a good Skinwalker pic in the meantime?
File: roguetripod.png (79 KB, 576x602)
79 KB
Rogue Tripod
>Whether caused by damage, madness, or ambition, this tripod has turned on its Hyperborean masters.
>Leader unit for any faction, but unable to take elites of any kind.
>The IRIDESCENT BEAMS will continue until morale improves, skinslaves.
Works for me, It's currently 16:26 here
Utter chad here with the custom artwork.
>The decapitated colossus reeled like a drunken giant; but it did not fall over. It recovered its balance by a miracle, and, no longer heeding its steps and with the camera that fired the Heat-Ray now rigidly upheld, it reeled swiftly upon Shepperton. The living intelligence, the Martian within the hood, was slain and splashed to the four winds of heaven, and the Thing was now but a mere intricate device of metal whirling to destruction. It drove along in a straight line, incapable of guidance. It struck the tower of Shepperton Church, smashing it down as the impact of a battering ram might have done, swerved aside, blundered on and collapsed with tremendous force into the river out of my sight.
File: Grant.png (26 KB, 639x819)
26 KB
Ex-President Grant
>Now Commander of the Army of Agartha
>Officially down there to finish what he started, unofficially to keep hyberborean artifacts "out of the way"
>Slightly fearful of meeting Napoleon
>Syncs extremely nicely with army units, awful with independents
Think he should be somewhere near the top left, maybe move some around.
Nice trips. Could we do 20:00 your time tomorrow?
I think we have 1 space left if I use the Gunny image to replace one of the dupliocates. It's the one right above the golden syndicate.
File: skinwalker.png (222 KB, 578x651)
222 KB
222 KB PNG
>Wife says he has been acting strangely for the last few weeks
>Everyone else just thinks he is a bit dense
>Actually wants to devour his commanding officer's gall bladder, raw
>It could be you, it could be me, it could even be...
sure, also bump
I assume you're already in the d*scord?
I didn't know there was one.
Only for playtesting purposes, Owlbear didn't have a chat application in the last version.
Needless to say I know nothing about this.
Thank you with this That will round up nicely the US Leaders.
>>Syncs extremely nicely with army units, awful with independents
I'm thinking buffs to units that have just spawned? This is mostly a "core-USA" tactic, or at least they have the easiest access to it.
Has anyone heard anything from the 2e/3e anons, are they still alive? I've missed a lot of the threads
I'm still here, I've been less inclined to work on it these last few days, I might put some work into it later this evening.
Not sure if the jack for this guy should look like some Nikolai Tesla style inventor, or just an actual wizard
>He doesn't know
File: Halfhusked Cowboy.jpg (44 KB, 453x640)
44 KB
And profile.
Before someone complains that its Halfhusked but got the Husked rule, it doesn't have the other half of the "Husk" rule combo in 2e, the Soul Rebellion rule.
File: Commander Grant.png (129 KB, 634x815)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
I had no idea what to do with him so here's what I went with.
Not a Burger so apologies if something clashes or some meme that should have absolutely been mentioned didn't.
File: sgtmaj.png (356 KB, 536x672)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
Left, right, BUMP.
Mate, we literally just discussed making Tesla an Austrian unit.
>Teddy Roosevelt
>Thomas Edison
>Alexander Graham Bell
>JP Morgan
>PT Barnum and his Circus (This one I think would make a good travelling show with an Agarthan twist)

We have a lot of historical American characters to work with, and I assume I've missed a few big names here. Anyone got any ideas what to do with them?
I'm aware. I was saying I wasn't sure what the Wizard would look like, seeing as the phrase "Tech-Wizard" is a thing, and the description sounded very sciency.
File: edison.png (23 KB, 900x149)
23 KB
I'm kind of sad no one got the reference
I did!
File: HuskedinAmerica1870.jpg (84 KB, 698x960)
84 KB
Getting past this feeling of lethargy I had for the last week over this. Got some work done on 2e USA today, I only really need to figure out what I want to do with Illinois Jack and then I'll post it.
>Getting past this feeling of lethargy I had for the last week
I get what you mean. I've got plenty of shit I'm supposed to be working on for various projects, and I just can't find the energy lately.
File: IllinoisJackProfile.png (128 KB, 611x835)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
I do find a lot of comfort in the fact that we've managed go through this slump without actually letting the whole thing die. It bodes well.
In any case, here is what I did with Illinois Jack. The duel thing was on the compass I think, I tried to make it as fun as possible, hopefully its pretty clear how it works. I don't think its really gonna necessarily make him broken, but I can see it being really useful to tie down.
And with this I only need to finish up the Weapon Lists and go back over the Recruitment section of everyone to include the various equipments before posting.
I'll go back to include newer stuff like the Fenians later, I figure I can always fit them in Mercs once I give it touches up, which should be soon. I will also leave the "subfactions" restrictions open for the moment, and see if its worth revisiting them. I feel like the units will mesh well enough with their intended subgroup anyways that you'd be playing with a handicap trying to meme Saur General + Buffalo Soldiers or Harriet Tubman + Kentucky Rebels. Figuring this out would probably take only a few moments, but I kinda really want to get to something more "weird" right now. I was thinking Mu but there's also the other anon going on about the Italians and that could be cool.
Input about direction is appreciated.
Oh shit forgot his Leadership dots.
Probably would be 3 at most. He's going to be able to take general Parley actions being a Diplomat, so he can regain spent point himself too.
File: USWeapons.png (17 KB, 555x468)
17 KB
How is this for Ranged Weapons choice?
I'm not dissing on the Schofield btw I just couldn't think of a peashooter that would make sense to have in an expedition.
Anything that is obviously missing?
(I didn't put the Winchester 73 because it might just have been released or not yet depending on where we end up specifically.)
And here we go for USA 2e. This is a big one.
The Hyperborean Relics section is unfinished, I also have to figure out what I want to do with the Dog Sled as a Mount, so I didn't include it.
Anything missing and which should be represented from >>90117915 once its finished can be included in later on. I figure some stuff might work as Sponsors too.
>Bestial Charge Whenever this model makes a Charge action, resolve a Mount Charge (8/3) against the model charged before resolving the Charge Attack itself. If this kills the model charged, you may redirect the Charge Attack against another enemy model within range.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but does this mean that the Skinwalker could have theoretically infinite attacks if it encounters a sufficiently large horde?

Boys I think we have found the hard counter to Morlock spam. Fuck, it might even be their natural predator.
>Correct me if I'm wrong, but does this mean that the Skinwalker could have theoretically infinite attacks if it encounters a sufficiently large horde?
Nah, at most its two (albeit pretty darn likely) kills per Charge Action. So a potential of 6 Morlocks erased per turn. Still good, since it can sustain that attack. Also, Reach +2, so the enemy models really don't need to be that close by.
And darn I just realized I forgot to add on the "it spawns with the previous model's wounds if that one is killed" rule.
Looks great.
Couple typos here and there but who cares, honestly. Biggest thing is that the ordnance specialist doesn't have any leadership but one of his abilities uses LP.
Only Leaders have Leadership points pool, you use theirs for Specialist abilities.
File: 3rd layer.png (471 KB, 1500x740)
471 KB
471 KB PNG
>Paraguay Incident
>Seizure of Iceland
>Volcano Italians
>Satsuma Sinking
>The whole Holy League thing
We have a lot of stuff going on above-ground, but I can't really think of anything below-ground. Conflict, political developments, diplomacy. Best I can think of are the Atlantean revolution and the Japan-Mu war mentioned in one of the Ranger Green stories. Anyone have any suggestions?
If the Brits don’t loot Errum, prompting a new age of Yazata aggression in retaliation, I’ll eat my hat.
Ottomans husks launching surprise attacks on Ack and Ezana by walking across the bottom of the Neo-Tethys.
Does fall of Paris count? That's kind of a surface event still.
Also, the splitting of fateless Lemurians is a pretty recent thing, right?
I think that's less of an event a more a general tendency of some Lemurians to abandon their society.
File: TheUntamedBeauty.jpg (168 KB, 957x720)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
>Best I can think of are the Atlantean revolution and the Japan-Mu war mentioned

> Atlan is in a perpetual state of war with everyone and everything, except Ottomans, who they consider pretty alright. They still do war with each other, but they can't kill one other fast enough, so eventually they tire and start talking.
> Mu attack on New York. No reason given why as of yet, but it happened.
> Brits and Atlantis are a bit like the US and Russia during the Cold War, and sometimes its a bit softer. They definitely are threatened by one another and have fought. Hawks in the British Admiralty may actively be petitioning the Crown to declare war.
> Fallen Paris has a large contingent of 3rd Layer Natives in it at this point, and integrated them as auxiliaries. Knowing the French, it is also likely they have sent lots of diplomatic expeditions to Amazon tribes in the area.

Is what I got. We would need something with Lemuria at least, and maybe some inter-underground civ politics too.
Oh and there's that blurb about Fallen Parisian women thinking the Pearlescent Princess is a horse-faced fuggly, and all Atlan men must be simps for worshiping her. I guess that might also count as diplomacy, to the French.
File: saurrider.png (960 KB, 728x709)
960 KB
960 KB PNG
>Mu attack on New York. No reason given why as of yet, but it happened.
It was funny, what more need be said?
Obvious Br*tish plot.
File: mericacharttake3.png (2.06 MB, 2406x2412)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
Does anyone know how to get text with a colored outline in paint? The black won't show up right on some of the jaks as it stands.

Also, assuming people are cool with the wizard for one slot, we still have an extra space. I was thinking maybe we put the Time-Displaced Contractor there, seeing as how he's sometimes a prohibition-era gangster/agent.
File: Mu revenant.png (109 KB, 256x256)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
It was indeed funny.
Starting Mu 2E.
atm we have
> Nameless Khan
> Mother Unknown
> The Imaterii
> Saur Knights
> Mu Doppelgangers
> Mu Revenant
> New Mu Geomancer
> New Mu Tallyman
> New Mu Blademaster
> Saur Keshiq
> Phalanxmen of New Mu
> Priestess of New Mu
> Mu Divers
> Morlock Grunts
> Morlock Tall-Fin
> Mad Morlock Shaman
> Morlock Apprentice
> Psychic Saurs
Anything to add on? Anyone want to suggest some mechanical theme to underlay the faction?
What should be her profile name?
Morlock Jezebel?
File: SaurGeneral's army.jpg (59 KB, 920x517)
59 KB
> Saur General on Flysaur with Lever Action Shotgun & Saber
> Ranger with Triassic Ranch Aficionado, Lever Action Shotgun & Saber on Flysaur
> 3x American Exp Corps with Henry 1860 Rifles, Daggers mounted on Flysaur.
Can tweak it to be a 150 Silver army on the nose with equipments.
I NEED to make to physically make this Expedition.
Godspeed, good man.
bump before bed.
Slow threads these days, huh? I'm guessing a lot of us are all busy right now. Surprised Atlanfag hasn't showed up to gloat.
They pick up with new activity and ideas
>Does anyone know how to get text with a colored outline in paint?
Paint no.
In basic image editors like GIMP it would go like this:

>Select the text
>Right click, and look for an option like "Get Path from Text."
>Create a new layer beneath the text. Go to the Select/Selection menu and select "Select from Path." (Usually this is Shift+V or Ctrl+V)
>In the same Select menu, "Grow" the selection. A few pixels usually works.
>Fill your new selection with your desired colour.
File: 09_THE_NAMELESS_KHAN.png (6 KB, 384x384)
6 KB
>Slow threads these days, huh? I'm guessing a lot of us are all busy right now. Surprised Atlanfag hasn't showed up to gloat.
I'm still lurking but yes, I've been very busy. Sorry my contributions have tried up, I have basically no spare time these days, and the spare time I do have is taken up by other commitments.
File: NewMuRevenantProfile.png (111 KB, 570x769)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
>Slow threads these days, huh?
Yeah, we had a huge boost when 2e USA started, and then it died quite a bit down. We've had posts from new anons showing interest but I think only one or two contributed. I have some time off coming after tomorrow so I'll try to set up a game before the weekend, this always help.
With that said, anyone got any idea for mechanics or lore for Mu? There's very little as of now on the doc.
> Is Morlock spam something every Mu armies should have access to, and some bring to ridiculous levels of spam, or should it be restricted to a specific build?
> New Mu Geomancer has a very fun ability, Idol of the Deep : Workers in your Expedition may build this building. Once built, this building can clone an aura on one of your Expedition models and project it [x]. Should Aura buffs be the general mechanic of Mu, like Reserved Deployment was the USA's?
> Idea for Heroes : have two profiles, one New Mu Noble and one Old Mu Noble. New Mu Noble is a "normal" Deepfolk human, maybe a bit bluish or mutated, but mostly fine. Old Mu Noble is an eldritch abomination, essentially a "build-your-own-Shoggoth".
> There seems to be a huge disconnect in the lore between how Old and New Mu are perceived, in what unit they have access to, in theme... Should we do subfactions again?
Also please feel free to upload any art that might be appropriate, it helps.
Maybe make Rest in Carnage (or something similar) in an army-wide (or subfaction-wide) rule but remake it as an aura buff? Like, most New Mu models get a special rule
> 1 LD : Use this ability at the beginning of the turn, before resolving Morale. This model and models within 3 of it gain Rest in Carnage for the duration of the turn.
And then some rule mechanic to pump your own Dread, perhaps?
Also, Mu has no workers, perhaps, to change from the usual "workers as chumps", we could have New Mu workers be single model Dinosaur construction crews? Huge Health pool, expensive, can actually fight, but is a really good labourer and you don't have many others so you want to keep that one alive at all cost, and maybe it depreciate effectiveness as it takes wounds?
File: NewMuGeomancerProfile.png (129 KB, 548x806)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
Morlock spam should definitely be something available to Mu, maybe in vary degrees of brokenness, beyond that I'm not sure. Maybe a heavy cavalry emphasis? Heavy hitters, but focused on temporary dread buffs and charges. And then there's the whole eldritch thing too. And the psychic dinosaurs mentioned last thread.
File: Morlock.jpg (94 KB, 736x1040)
94 KB
How weak should Morlocks be? Right now I think I only have Husks at 1 Health box in 2e, every other baseline human is at 2. Should the weaker Morlocks be at 1 too? That way we could pretty much spam them to wish. Have Mu armies have a blanket "If you have less than X models on the field at the beginning of your turn, Deploy D3 Morlock Grunts". with various units adding to the X (so it triggers earlier) or to the D3 roll?
Also, how fishlike are we going with them? Is picrel too fishlike or not?
>Have Mu armies have a blanket "If you have less than X models on the field at the beginning of your turn, Deploy D3 Morlock Grunts"
Nah, I don't think that's it. Could be a Tallfin specific ability, though.
>How weak should Morlocks be?
I'd imagine, the weakest single units in the game.
ok, will do something like that.
Gotta run to work, see you later /eadsttcoteg/
Something with "okay" melee stats. But goes down like wet paper.
The thing about Morlocks is numbers and buffs they give eachother
The Sinister Dr Moreau
>Surfacer working for the Mu
>Given free reign by the Emperor to experiment and create new creatures for their "feasts and festivals"
>Seethes at the existence of the leg fish
>Wants to create a sky-whale/lemur hybrid
>Failing that, a Morlock-Gorg hybrid
>Good leader stats crippled by local morale drain, the morlocks are revolting turn 1
File: demolitionist.png (223 KB, 939x1001)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
>88 replies on page 9
'Dem boys ain't cookin' right. Let me show ya how to BUUUUMP.
I got one
>Surface dwellers bring new food and chemicals down to the grogs
>Culinary Grog revolution begins
>Big divide on adding new spices to the Stink Juice
>Juice Orthodox purists will often come to blows with the Grog Chefs
Other options, not necessarily exlcusive
> Gorgs are one of the few "sapient" (let's call it that) humanoid specie which the psychic dinosaurs of Mu cannot mind-control, and therefore the latter have worked to set Mu populations against Gorgs wherever they go.
> Amazons kills all Gorgs on sight (which is long after smell, usually). Colonials have never seen a single female Gorg, nor have they seen a male Amazonian. The obvious and unsavory consequence of this is never directly mentioned by the lore, but sometimes obliquely referred to. Most players can add 1+1 tho, and this is only another reason why newer players hate Gorgs and wish them removed from the lore completely.
> Juice Orthodox Gorgs vs French Avant-Gardiste Gourmets fight a Gangs of New York war in the outskirts of New Paris while Minister Eiffel is just trying to get everyone to chill the fuck down. Tiger Brigade declare open seasons on anyone causing shit in the area, which leads to an interdepartmental war between them and the other Fallen Paris Police departments (as in rl).
File: MuBlademasterProfile.png (99 KB, 572x786)
99 KB
(I only now realize its supposed to be a ninja weeb model, I raided the Glorantha thread for art for New Mu aesthetic and this doesn't fit that theme super well, if you have something to offer, please go ahead.)
File: 1536275075117.jpg (136 KB, 940x1024)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
>Grogs fighting massive street gang war over spiced Stink Juice
>Parisian police tries to crack down
>JUst makes each side more adamant in their own ideas
File: MorlockGruntProfile.png (85 KB, 549x746)
85 KB
>But goes down like wet paper.
File: murlockshaman.jpg (778 KB, 1752x2401)
778 KB
778 KB JPG
So, Morlock Shaman.
Compass say he's an npc summoner unit, and summons Murlock Grunts on crits. Do we keep that? Seems funny, but we'll have to finally make up NPCs. What does he summon? Seems weird for him to summon Olm-Men, and LegFishes are supposed to be harmless.
File: madmorlockshaman.png (73 KB, 271x271)
73 KB
This guy? Not really an NPC, is he?
No, I mean he's supposed to summon critters, no?
File: SinisterDrMoreau.jpg (396 KB, 1024x576)
396 KB
396 KB JPG
Love it.
>Wants to create a sky-whale/lemur hybrid
Because the underground wasn't horrible enough already?
>Good leader stats crippled by local morale drain, the morlocks are revolting turn 1
Should he be able to roll and buff his troops on the Austrian Noble Birth Defect/Mutation table that was mentioned last thread or two ago?
File: file.png (875 KB, 800x1118)
875 KB
875 KB PNG
Make him a leader so we can have all-morlock warbands?
Or maybe a ''''More-lock'''', a big morlock leader becaue there is always a bigger fish
Shaman maker here. He was intended to be a leader unit that you could take. The Tallfin is the Morlock 'hero' unit
Yeah, that seems like a good idea. I wanted to make him a character who brings horrible monstrosities to the battle but they end up killing him instead, just couldn't figure out how to do it, but using a mutation table might work.
File: DrMoreauandhisband.jpg (803 KB, 1536x875)
803 KB
803 KB JPG
>I wanted to make him a character who brings horrible monstrosities to the battle but they end up killing him instead
I'll figure that out don't worry! Including him makes so much damn sense I'm kinda kicking myself we didn't think about it before.
File: tallfin.png (65 KB, 256x256)
65 KB
2e anon here.
Important rule mechanic question.
I am moving further toward removing the Wound Severity roll as is from 2e. I'm looking at options to keep Wound type variation up to some sort, and the keep the Strength Stat as somewhat important in it. Some options I've thought about
> 1) Have Melee weapons work exactly as Ranged Weapons right now, the profile tells you exactly what wound type and amount is dealt, no variation, just Hit -> Armour. Add a step after the Attack process where if a model would be killed, it may test Strength in order to remain on the field until the end of the turn (so there's a chance to heal it, and it may Activate), at which point it dies if its Health profile is still filled.
> 2) Same as 1, but work a second Wound dealt profile into all Melee weapons (and perhaps find a way to make it work with Ranged weapons as well). So an axe has two Wounds value, lets say Deep+Graze / Grievous + Deep. There's a few options has to how to decide which would be dealt.
>2.1) The Strength mod value on the Weapon becomes a Threshold. If the model has less than its value, deal the first Wound profile. If the model has equal or over, deal the second. Simple, but mostly static.
>2.2 Have the Players do another Face to Face roll, exactly as in the Hit vs Defense roll, but using Strength vs Strength instead of Accuracy vs Evasion. If the Attacker wins, use the second profile. If the Defender wins, use the first. Variable and pretty simple since its just redoing the previous roll with a different value, but it doesn't cut down on the step count.
> 2.3) You always use the first wound profile unless the hit is a critical, in which case you use the other. Worst option imho despite it being the most obvious, because its frontloading Criticals and the variation happens about 10% of the time.
I think I'm leaning toward the 2 Wound profiles, Strength as Threshold option, with the Strength test to remain on the field until the end of the turn by default.
I like 2.1 and I don't see a problem with it being static since having less rolls was what many people were advocating for anyway. But you *could* make it more dynamic by just making the attacking model simply roll their Strength, using the heavier wound profile on success. That's still one less roll than having an extra face-to-face.
Strength roll to survive until the end of the turn seems okay.
Thank you for the feedback, this is the biggest thing I want to get down before posting the newer version,so it really does help a lot.
Another thing that came to mind is that some models or some weapons might have special rules to use something else than Strength as the Threshold. I still wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do with the Dagger's Backstab special rule for assassins and that might be it.
File: Morlocksontheprowl.jpg (897 KB, 1000x1263)
897 KB
897 KB JPG
>Shaman maker here. He was intended to be a leader unit that you could take.
Understood, thank you! Would you mind I made him a Leader with a special rule saying you can take up to 3 copies of him? It would help tie down the whole "spam insanely fragile things with tiered aura buffs based on how many copies of the rules are within 3 and which you can incidentally clone with the Idol of the Deep" thing I was planning on them having.
>The Tallfin is the Morlock 'hero' unit
As in "Build your own Hero" thing I've got going on in 2e or as in a Specialist/Elite?
I think we need at least one big scary Morlock Soldier Profile, something that still may dies to a slap but less likely than Grunts or others (so just same rule as Grunt but higher Strength to pass) but actually can wreck in combat, so would you be open to having the Morelock be a Soldier and/or Elite and we keep the Mad Morlock Shaman as a Leader?
> Cymothoa holding a cigar
Jesus Christ how absolutely horrifying. Putting down Morlocks is an act of charity if that's something they have to deal with.
The Shaman's a generic "leader' unit for the morlocks. So sure. I'd say the only limited leaders would be Tallfins and the Voivode
File: ItsTrueForm.jpg (20 KB, 323x479)
20 KB
Anyone wanna offer some idea as to what the Khan's True Form looks like? I assume its shadow-themed?
I like the idea that they never provided an official model for the second form. And confirming how it 'looks' would be detrimental.
I honestly kinda like the idea of some big war between a bunch of Allied Gorg tribes and Atlan, probably over slavery, lead by someone called "The Great Gorg" or something like that. Only really cause I like the idea that this entire conflict is regularly de/re-canonized between editions, because people either hate making Gorgs serious and Atlan weaker, or love making Gorgs serious and Atlan weaker.
File: hornlessgorg.png (411 KB, 474x632)
411 KB
411 KB PNG
>Legends tell he rode in one day, perhaps from the east, perhaps from the west.
>Never from the Gorgs' own clan. He was always an outlander, cast out from his kin.
>His shroom cap bore no horns. His fate should have been to be butchered like the trash he was.
>But in those times, the Gorgs were weak. They languished under the twin lashes of Atlan and Mu.
>The No-Horn came to the Gorgs then. And, desperate, the Gorgs listened.
>It was from the Great Hornless Gorg that they learned to make war. Not merely to raid and to pillage, but to unite as a true horde of horns.
>He had learned much in his time between the clans. He had learned much from their captors.
>The Great Hornless Gorg lead a campaign of bloodshed unlike any that the depths had seen.
>Great cities burned beneath his steed's unshod hooves. Atlan in particular felt the sting of his rage.
>No one knows what happened to the No-Horn. He just vanished one day.
>His people liberated, for the time being, his work was done.
>Never again would the Gorgs endure slavery, for he had taught them to fight as great nations do.
>Never again would Atlan or Mu or any other slaver within the depths prey upon Gorg villages with impunity. They learned caution, to never take enough to spur another great horde into action.
>Many believe that the No-Horn still wanders, unwelcome in any clan, having saved them all from ruin.
>If he were to ever show his face in times of peace, he would be strangled and butchered and thrown in the stink pots.
>If he were to ever appear in times of peril, any Gorg would cut off his cap's horns for the right to march at that Gorg's side.
>Beware the wrath of the No-Horn, all ye men of the deep. Beware the wrath of the Gorgs.
Don't forget to bake!
Shit already?
Yeah, some sort of elite morlock sodlier sounds good. Still shit, but less shit than a regular morlock. Something to give a little bit of oompah to your spam.

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