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>Be me.
>Sergeant Yuri of the Vallhallan 545th armored.
>Ship dropped us off on a shrine world this time around.
>We file through the queue of refugees from the water world.
Link: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/2023/88962479/
>Entire place reeks of incense worse than the forge world a few months ago.
>Those creepy cherubs are flying around blasting hymns from their speakers at max volume.
>And several preachers are shouting loud enough to spit on us as we walk past.
>Eventually come to a group of sisters of battle, after some explaining they take us to their canniness so we can get assigned to whatever meat grinder they need us at.
>The sisters that escorted us are nice, in a “please just leave so I can kill some heretics” sort of way.
>Speaking of burning heretics, we actually pass couple the sisters are burning at the stake on the way.
>According to a sister with a heavy flamer, there’s a Genestealer cult at war with a Chaos Cult down in the underhives.
>Emperor only knows how how two heretical factions managed to infiltrate a planet like this.
>Then remain undiscovered by not just the ecclesiarch and inquisition but each other.
>Whatever happened, the two factions started fighting and that’s what got the sister’s attention.
>We also pass a stand selling action figures of some shirtless guy with a manta ray tattoo on his chest.
>Apparently he was some kind of saint that married a governor’s daughter.
>The governor’s daughter is also apparently sold separately.
>We reach the cathedral and the Canoness gives us the same rundown the heavy flamer sister gave us, but with bigger words and more religious metaphors.
>Apparently the war isn’t going too well so that’s why we’re "being given the holy honor of being put right on the front lines" with all the other able bodied refugees on the ship we were on.
>MFW here we go again
File: cultists.jpg (189 KB, 946x1370)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
>be me
>Severus Ogden chaos cultist in the underhive
>been dodging xenos mutants and nuns for hours now
>lost three squamates to an ambush not to long ago
>champion sacrificed another
>tfw he's a chaos spawn now
>chaos spawn ripped through all of the xenos mutants and three of our own squads before getting taken down
>more toxic alleyways to run through
>vox says more ships landing carrying guardsmen
>we're basically out of stims and caffeine
>may the dark gods guide my path
File: IMG_20230901_003141.jpg (3.06 MB, 1910x3468)
3.06 MB
3.06 MB JPG
>Be me Marcus Scumbag
>Otherwise known as 9820 "Scum" of the 221st Penal Legion
>Once again we were supposed to go to the Hive World of Sevastopol but were diverted to help out on another front
>Since last time we've expanded from the six thousand that were left to twenty thousand
>Also ended up having three more ships brought in to transport us from place to place
>Captain of the Baleful Punishment was very happy with that
>We've got our orders
>Head planet side and assist any allied Imperial Forces
>Should be a fairly easy task to complete
>Provided we all don't drop like flies which we probably will considering reports say it's a three way fight between us, genestealers and a chaos cult
>Been there killed that
>I then follow the orders of our commissar and board one of the many tetrarch heavy Landers we were given
>Also very useful to get us used to using these in active combat zones seeing as the higher ups want us to use these when we get to Sevastopol
>The vessels then begin to head to the planet and I think to myself
>Oh Frag, we've got sisters as one of our allies
>They really hate criminal scum like us
>Still be Marcus
>My thoughts end quickly however when the pilot tells us that we are approaching the LZ
>Our LZ apparently is behind the enemy lines
>Turns out the tactic is to drop us in as if we were storm troopers
>That's when I notice the parachute under my seat as do many of my colleagues
>This is the same plan they have for us on Sevastopol
>One of our many commissars immediately orders us to get the fuck up and to get our parachutes and lasguns ready
>Due to the lack of enemy anti air they've seen it fit for us to use these cloth parachutes especially as they don't trust us with grav chutes
>Soon enough the pack of the heavy lander opens up and we are ordered to under the threat of death to jump
>The first lot jump out and begin to fall
>Then the next
>Then the next
>Then it gets to my line
>I gather my breath and run out leaping out of the tetrarch and begin to fall to the ground
>Once I am about half way down, I and many others pull our chutes and begin to drift down to the ground
>Twenty thousand criminals all coming from the sky
>It would have been a miracle from the Emperor himself
>Had it literally been any other regiment
>Be me.
>Sister Trisha of the Order of the Bloody Rose.
>Been killing heretics in the under hives with my heavy flamer for months now.
>Can hardly tell the xeno heretics from the chaos ones now.
>Almost sure I saw a couple genestealers with horns one time, but sister superior tells me that's impossible.
>Finally get a break from having to slosh around waist deep in sewage only to work TSA at the space port.
>Watch as the newest batch of meat shie-- I MEAN
"Desperate refugees hoping to take shelter in the holy light of the god Emperor."
>A valhallan tank sergeant comes up to my sister superior and asks were to go.
>His guys look like they've been through a lot, but rules are rules.
>Along the way I catch the new fags up to speed.
>Take them through the hive to our canoness, along the way I see sister Abigail lifting up her heavy flaimer to barbecue one of those genestealer cultists with the three arms and cool sunglasses.
>She waves back
>We also pass a stand selling Ermine Mantle merch.
>Seriously what's so great about the Ermine Mantle? Just because they got a living saint at that one battle with all the factions?
>Why don't we ever get merch?
>Anyway we reach our base and the Valhallans are given their assignment.
>Back to the space port i guess
>Hope those new fags don't die too brutally
>Be sister Trisha.
>On the way back to the space port look up and see dozens of guardsmen parachuting down behind enemy lines.
>Not grav chutes, parachutes like it fucking M2
>My squad is apparently the closest so we're sent in to investigate and maybe salvage something from whoever asinine plan this was.
>We hop in a repressor and head out into the wasteland
>Be Marcus
>As I reach the ground I take off my chute and pull out my Lasgun
>Most of us make it safely down however five hundred men don't pull their chutes in time or have faulty chutes and so splat to their deaths
>Leaving us at 19500 out of 20000 men
>Not bad numbers I suppose
>Our commissar lands and orders us to move towards the city seeing as we've landed in no man's land
>He does seem pleased that we got the hang of parachuting in
>Then we see the enemy force, or at least one of them
>Chaos from the looks of it seeing as there are crucified hive citizens and some priests.
>There's also some chaos banners and a regiment banner that reads 98th Night Born
>Eerily similar to the Night Lords chaos marines symbol
>Commissar orders us to push forwards, get as close as we can before they realise we are behind them seeing as they've had to deal with those on the front line
>As we advance the traitors notice us and begin to open fire
>Commissar orders us to keep pushing on and to fire at the enemy
>My movement isn't the best as it used to be since my slash wound from a Tyranid warrior but I do as I am told and proceed to open fire on the traitors.
>Lasguns echoing around the wastes from us and the traitors
>Also apparently Simon says he can see a sister of battle vehicle coming towards us from the city
>He must've nicked a scope from the armoury at some point
>Be me.
>Sergeant Yuri
>Be gearing up for yet another underhive fight.
>Make sure we all have flashlights and spare power packs, check our rations, and secure our boots so no sewage gets in.
>Right when we're about to enter the elevator our newest vox operator gets a call.
>Tells us a large heretic horde has been spotted on the west side of the hive and we're being reassigned to help defend it.
>I ask him to ask if this means we get tanks this time around and hear laughing on the other end of the vox after he asks, our new vox operator shakes his head.
>Looks like we have to hoof it.
>We get down the stairs and find ourselves in the ash wasteland surrounding the hive.
>In the distance I can make out a sisters rhino barrelling towards the traitors kicking up dust, and beyond them some penal legionaries right in the path of the heretics.
>It'll take us forever to walk all the way over their so we instead decide to hang back here and start digging trenches.
>With the sisters and penal legion buying us time we should be able to get at least a few trenches dug for cover.
>The material here is almost perfect for it.
>The ash is very soft and easy to move around like sand, yet becomes solid when you pack it down like clay.
>Almost reminds me of snow back home...
>I think of this and try not to think about the fact this ash is most likely burned people.
File: Chaos Fleet.jpg (237 KB, 829x838)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
>Be me.
>Arch Heretek Tharaxxus.
>5th disciple of High Excrutiator Yux
>The scourge of the Seshva nebula.
>Bringer of the Rexnough Artifact.
>Breaker of the gate of Yigohognuss
>Admiral of the 00111001th dark mechanicum fleet.
>After those Night Lords took out our flagship and killed our leader I inherited the fleet
>I continued the attack on forge world until the Indomitus crusade arrived.
>I then ordered a full retreat from the system
>We exit the Immaterium and find ourselves on the shores of a weak shrine world
>Find out it's in the midst of a conflict between those faithful to the dark gods, those who worship the corpse emperor, and those who pray great devourer
>And no one invited us.
>Deploy corrupted skitarii, chaos Titians and knights to surface
>Skin winged archaeopters and helldrakes soar through the planet's atmosphere
>Coffin ships and black iron drop keeps fall like rain
>Soul grinders, daemon engines, venomcrawlers, and chaos dunecrawlers scuttle out from drop ships.
>Chaos skitarii marching behind them screaming glories to the true Machine God
>This world will be ours
File: 40-CHURCH-OF-STEEL-copy-1.jpg (380 KB, 2040x1264)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
>Be sister Trisha
>Our repressor's dozer blade plows right through the traitor's lines making our way through and toward the surrounded regiment
>Doors open and I let loose with my flamer while my sisters do the same with their bolters.
>We cut a swath through the traitors till we reach the regiment's commissar
>Just then hear loud whistling
>Severeal drop keeps slam into the ground
>At first I think the machine cult have come to help only for the knights inside to emerge covered in spikes
"Retreat to the trench lines!"
>Orders my sister superior.
>I nod clearing a path for the guardmen to follow with my flamer along side sister Kimberly and her heavy bolter, the rest of my sisters hopping back in the transport
>Sister Sara grabbing the commissar and placing her over her shoulder before entering since he is the highest ranking officer.
>Sister superior is hopefully going to use the vox to call for some backup.
>be me
>Griggs of the 18th Savlar Chemdogs
>last thing I remember I was helping myself to some Valhallan goodies when their quarter master was distracted
>got hungry so I decided some pills I found and some vodka I stole earlier will hold me over while I peruse their selection of grenades and see if I can't find a nice machine pistol
>I must have I fallen asleep in a crate and someone locked it up without noticing
>No idea how long it had been so i check my chronometer
>that was a week ago
>weren't the valhallans shipping to another planet?
>I break the lock from inside once I think noones near
>I turn on my flashlight briefly and scan the room
>funny symbols on the walls that I've never seen before. They kind of make my eyes hurt to look at, but that's probably just the hang over
>I hear approaching footsteps from another direction so I quickly hide behind a few other crates
>as a beam of light rounds a hallway corner, I prepare my illegally modified lasgun
>I can't make out what they're saying, but it doesn't sound like Valhallans
>I see a group of armed men in a mish mash of haphazardly stitched together flak jackets and gad masks
>oh thank feth, my unit must have stolen all this stuff and stashed it somewhere
>about to make my presence known
>suddenly notice they have a beaten up prisoner
>looks like a priest
>the trench coat man pulls out a long curved knife
>sweet emperor they ritualistically murder the priest while chanting something in unison that makes my heart pound
>after the priest is thoroughly bled, they heave his corpse onto a pile of dead that I didn't notice
>they leave
>I sit in the dark for a few minutes trying not to piss myself
>I go through the priests pockets
>nothing in them
>thanks for nothing
>I find a ration crate, steal a few meals and quietly look for an exit
>Be Sister Sin, 98th Night Born
>Maybe I can trace my origins all the way back to Nostramo, or maybe not, they say I have the looks for it though
>Leading a small squad made up of the worse serial killers, rapists, and sadists our lords could dredge up from over half a dozen prisons
>It seems our lords want to make an example of this planet
>It doesn’t really matter to us...
>And probably not to them either
>Currently stringing up some noblewomen from the outstretched arm of the statue of Canoness Konstanzia
>Catty bitches for the Queen of Catty Bitches, it suits somehow
>Suddenly come under fire from a few Valhallan soldiers
>Why wasn’t I warned they are in this area!
>Someone is going to pay hard for this!
>Snipe one or two with my laspistol as I run for better cover
>Be sergeant Yuri.
>Trenches are coming along pretty well.
>Not deep enough to walk around yet, but you can crawl through them and take cover.
>Look over and see the sisters tearing through traitors to get to the penal legionaries.
>Just then several drop keeps come down and some chaos knights emerge from the dust clouds.
>The sisters grab the commissar and shove him into the repressor then plow through the traitors with a couple sisters staying behind to clear a path for the guardsmen.
>Crawl over to our vox operator and ask him to call for some back up, or even better an artilery strike.
>Be Marcus
>As we continue to advance and shoot I hear noises from behind us
>Turns out it's drop keeps of more traitors
>Traitor Knights and Skitarii
>Oh Frag
>Commissar orders us to keep going
>Suddenly the sisters arrive and start to open fire upon the 98th Night Born
>Suddenly one of them kidnaps our Commissar
>That one was our highest one so now we are only left with his trainee and some other non commissariat supervisors
>The chaos forces behind us open fire and start to take out several of us
>That combined with the traitor guardsmen takes us from 19500 men to 17000
>Eventually we reach the traitors lines and proceed to get locked into melee with them
>Bayonets slash and stab into the opposing force whilst others lock their bayonets against the enemies and trade fisticuffs
>I ram my bayonet into a traitor's guts and proceed to pull out my issued combat knife
>I then stab him right in the face and pull both bayonet and knife out and move on to the next

>Be Commissar Matthias
>Highest ranked officer of the 221st
>The attack on the traitors and the arial drop were good so they'll be ready for Sevastopol
>just then one of the sisters of battle grabs me and shove me into their repressor
>If any of those penal scum even think about running whilst I'm not there to blam them, I am going to be pissed
>At least I'm over the shoulder so I can still fire at some traitors with my bolt pistol
>Even shoot a panicking penal Legionary
>He was probably going to run
>Spent last 2,461,842,256 seconds maintaining and monitoring thermal exchange system 786-B
>all in all exciting assignment
>Noosphere crackles
>[WRN] Unauthorized nodes in vicinity
>[WRN] Invalid security token provided
>[INF] Thermal output anomaly, probable cause: <UNKNOWN>
>[INF] Vibration on surface, source: <UNKNOWN>
>[WRN] Output spikes in power grid, source: malignant_agents
>[FTL] Thermal balancers {A4, C7, D8, D9, D10} on surface damaged
>[ERR] Efficiency delta: -17.8%
>[FTL] Unknown entity stream @ Data Loom #42
>[FTL] Cogitator Bank 57 69 6b 69 70 65 64 69 61 2c 20 74 68 65 20 66 unresponsive
>[FTL] Heuristic analysis: SCRAP CODE identified!
>[FTL] ALERT! Data Loom subsystem compromised!
>[FTL] ALERT! Cogitator aggregator compromised!
>[FTL] ALERT! Primary column compromised!
>I rip out the cable from the interface port and fall to the ground
>Thermal exchange complex around me violently stops its operation
>Machine Spirit cries as it is consumed by scrap code
>Stabilizers blows and heat is dumped directly to the atmosphere, incinerating everything in 2.42 kilometer radius
>Main core cracks and column of irradiated ionized gas rise 3.78 kilometers up
>aux.system.report: Checkpoint {A27, A28, D43} breached
>aux.system.report: Autonomous system {combat_servitors} unresponsive
>Capacitors on my ballistic mechadendrite whine, as laspistol is charged
I will defend and protect this place in the name of Omnissiah
>Be chaos reaver titian Scourge of Kaalgith
>What was once my crew is now just organs spread about the inside of my cock pit and linked to me directly
>Come out of coffin ship with warhounds
>Deploy near hive city that scans show is population 87% hybrid xeno life
Different hive city to the one everyone else is at
>They seamed to have been nice enough to disable the city’s shields for us
>Or this city doesn’t have shields
>Either way I let loose with my gatling blaster and Melta cannon softening up the city walls
>I then fire my vortex missiles into the city opening some warp portals for my brethren to come through
>chaos knights and warhounds start harassing the base of the hive and entering into it to reek havoc on the mortals
>I start walking around the city firing more into it
>”Who dares to challenge me!”.scrap code
File: tzeentch_cultists.png (688 KB, 300x923)
688 KB
688 KB PNG
>be severus
>the corpse worshipers had pushed back hard
>dropping out of the sky like mad men
>lost most of the warband
>champion and priest are dead
>only alive because the mutated ogryn managed to break a hole in their lines that allowed me to hide in a pipe
>scavenged the corpses when everyone was gone
>mfw these guys had more drugs and stims than we did
>must be good shit too as after I took them I start seeing a bunch of robots marching by targeting the guardsmen
>they tell me to regroup with the rest of the cultists
>I've never even heard of Vashtorr
>Be Marcus
>As I continue to stab and shoot my way through the trench line of the traitors the chaos forces that were behind us continue to rain down fire upon us
>Fraggin Hell there's going to be more craters here than the last world we were on
>Can't stop now however got to keep at it
>A large heat wave immediately is deposited from the hive city and I immediately take cover
>Managed to narrowly avoid getting roasted to death though my back is badly burnt
>Several men don't hit the deck in time and are scorched alive
>Taking us down to ten thousand men
>This allows some of the traitors who also bunkered down to rally somewhat and begin pushing back our assault
>That's not good as a traitor leaps on me and attempts to ram a bayonet into my throat as I was slowly getting up
>My arms grab his knife arm and I push it back as he tries desperately to kill me
>However Adrian better known as Kanak comes in for the save and tosses a hatchet into the traitor's head
>I then use this to turn the knife around in his hand and force it up into his chin
>Kanak then explains that something must have gone wrong with some tech which is why we were almost incinerated to the last man
>He then pulls the hatchet out of the dead traitor and helps me up
>I grip ahold of my lasgun and continue to move through the trench as dirt rises up from an explosion
File: yJO0CFXH3UNLGW2w.jpg (186 KB, 1000x1236)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
>Be me
>Kelermorph Olivia
>The best gunslinger this side of the Great Rift
MFW our oppressors are almost completely purged from this city
>Topple statues of the false prophets known as Living Saint Brigitte the humble and her friends
>Crush statues down with the rock grinders to dust
>Throw the blinded preachers from the tops of the spires
>Soon we will move south to the capital hive city and rip out the heart of faith on this world while also supporting our brood brothers already there with their fight
>Suddenly see black tears descending through the cloud cover
the stars have answered.broodbrother
>Our magus projects the images of our gods descending from the heavens into all our minds from the view of the governor's spire
>Get to see out the broken window the magus pushed him through as the dust clears
>Rapture turns to horror as we realize these are not actually our gods descending on us, but the icons of the false machine god
>One roars and fires missiles into our city that open tears in reality
>Our magus directs us through our connection to push back these new invaders
>One missile lands nearby and a rift opens
>Beings of flesh and steel spill out firing beams of purple light from their twisted guns fused to them
>I hop on the back of rock grinder and order the driver to charge
"Aditus salutis nostae!" I shout
>be me.
>Sergeant Yuri.
>The sisters APC reaches our trench lines and drives over us.
>Thank the emperor we’ve dug them deep enough to duck down as it drives over.
>Peak my head out to see if the sisters with the heavy weapons left behind have cleared a path through the penal legion yet
>Someone starts shooting at me, guess the enemy is in lasgun range now, or the have snipers.
>Either way start firing with our own las guns.
>Our vox operator crawls over and says he managed to get in contact with an artillery regiment in the city with basilisks.
>Give them the cords and prey to the emperor the sisters and penal legion get out before the shells fall.
File: giphy (3).gif (1.96 MB, 480x270)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB GIF
>Be Marcus
>Fighting like I'm an Astartes in this trench
>Adrian is lopping off heads left and right with his hatchet and knife
>Guess that's what all those years in the Kanak Skull Takers taught him
>I snipe a few guardsmen when another puft of dirt covers the trench
>The Chaos Knights have us near pinned
>One of the smaller knights has its massive Gatling cannon ready to wipe us out
>That's when it gets domed by several artillery shells
>More shells start raining down on our position
Oh Frag.Vox
>Immediately several Legionaries and traitors start clammering to get out of the trench
>Myself amongst them
>Thankfully for our allies, penal Legionaries are just a accident in the grand scheme of things
>I kick a traitor back into the trench and watch one of my mates stab him before making his own escape
>One of the trainee commissars orders us to fall back to allied trenches
>His reasoning being that ten thousand men will quickly reduce in size when there's artillery on two sides coming down on us
>What a nice guy
>As I clamber out of the enemy trench I immediately begin to book it to our allies as shells land and create giant craters in the ground
>I see ten whole men both Legionary and traitors fighting each other as a shell lands and destroys that scuffle
>Run Marcus
>Run because your life depends on it
why are they worshipping massive ringwraith statues?
>Be sister Trisha.
>Me and sister Kimberly clear a path for the guard with our heavy weapons, fighting back to back.
>Watch as the repressor makes it to safty
>just then Hear whistling again.
>At first I think it’s more chaos knights, but instead the ground explodes.
>Get knocked about like a cute Tau at a dark Eldar night club.
>Thankfully my power armor keeps me alive.
>Get up and see my helmets eye lenses are cracked, forced to take it off exposing my scarlet hair to the dust and ash
alright sound of who’s still alive.vox
>Hear Kimberly groan and help her up.
pic related
>We check our heavy weapons then scan for enemies.
>We’re behind enemy lines but at least we accomplished our objective
>Hopefully our sisters know we’re still alive.
>Be Marcus
>As I run to our allied lines I watch a shell fire off near the sisters behind us
>Oh shit our commissar is with
>Immediately turn from my destination and begin to bolt over to them
>I am not letting our Commissar die because they'll throw an even tougher one at us next time
>I know I'm running back basically into the bombardment but hey at least I can add, survived a bombardment on my résumé
>Who knows, maybe I'll get pulled out of the 221st and be slapped into a Kill Team or something
>I watch one of the smaller knights fully succumb to bombardment causing it to fall into the chaos Skitarii
>Just keep running Marcus
>Hope to the Emperor, that the commissar didn't die

>Be Commissar Matthias
>Shell detonated near the Repressor
>Thankfully managed to survive the blast albeit with some shrapnel in my arm
>Only my left forearm not any of my arteries
>Thank the Emperor for that
>In the distance I see Legionaries running back to our allies except for one
>9820 I believe
>Don't know what he's going to say to the Sisters but at least it's good to know he's coming back to get me
>He's one of the more veteran Legionaries in the regiment so that's a bonus
>Might have to send his résumé to the Inquisition if he keeps up with all the tenacity he shows
>be me
>Oshteron Micalos Engeseer of the 00111001th dark mechanicum fleet
>coordinating with dark skitarii and knight forces to counter loyalist advances
>lost multiple squads and knights in bombardment
>new orders arrive deploy battle thralls
>watch as the regiment of tank treaded slaves move forward armed with heavy warp weapons
>hear their screams in agony as they are forced to fight in pain against their will
>begin preparation summon an allied soul grinder to lead their charge
>01001101 01100001 01111001 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01010110 01100001 01110011 01101000 01110100 01101111 01110010 01110010 00100000 01100111 01110101 01101001 01100100 01100101 00100000 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000 01110000 01100001 01110100 01101000
>Be sister Trisha.
>Look over and see the repressor apparently got hit by a stray shell when it got back to friendly lines
>No time to worry about if our sisters are alright as chaos skitarii start to surround me and Kimberly.
>We look at each other then nod, going back to back we turn spin around and and create a radius of death around us.
>I start laughing and enjoying the screams of the unfaithful
>Kimberly is singing battle hymns at the top of her lungs over the roar of the heavy bolter
>God Emperor I love being able to do this with Kimberly, she’s the only one in our squad who gets the true joy of heavy weapons like I do
>We should definitely go out for drinks again after all this is over
>Last time I didn’t manage to get a clear answer if sh—
>After a couple spins I notice one penal soldier is actually running towards me and Kimberly’s death circle
Who are all these people and how are you all of them at the same time
>Because I’m Alpharius.
>Be sergeant Yuri.
>As I take shots at the traitors the artillery bombardment comes down right in front of us.
>See the two sisters that stayed behind get launched into the air like gif related.
>Hope they're ok.
>Suddenly realize it isn't stopping.
>The shells fall right on our own position.
>Manage to survive the bombardment somehow.
>Call out to the vox officer to get him to send another message and find out what that other regiment was thinking only to see he was crushed to death by an undetonated shell, and the vox unit is more fucked than an eldar twink fighting emperor's children.
>No time to mourn though, as a bunch of chaos skitarii that survived the bombardment have started charging our battle lines.
>Chaos skitarii again? Really?
>THe galaxy must be running out of ideas.

>Hope the sisters that were in the repressor are ok, we could really use some heavier firepower right about now.
>Be Marcus
>As I sprint towards the Sisters I see them spinning in a circle
>Letting out promethium and heavy bolter rounds into surrounding chaos Skitarii
>I immediately hit the deck and put my eye to my lasgun
>Take a few pot shots at some chaos Skitarii
>As my eye glances over it's just those two
>Commissar is elsewhere
>Suddenly shells start detonating near our front lines
>Those ain't ours
>Some of my comrades get left in craters but eventually make it
>Even if they are also being chased by Skitarii
>Once they slide into the trenches
>Then turn and open fire along with the Valhallans
>oh it's them lot we supported back on that Hive World
>I eventually get up and lessen up the pot shots
>Immediately I begin to turn and bolt back to where the Commissar actually is

>Be Commissar Matthias
>See 9820 running towards two sisters and not the damaged repressor
>I think the warfare is messing up his sense of direction
>No matter as I begin to run back to friendly lines seeing as it's where the action is
>Just pray to the Emperor the sisters don't run after me
>Still have no idea why they basically kidnapped me off the field
>I've got Penal Legionaries to inspire and blam damn it
>Be Kelermorph Oliva
>Shoot into the horde of tech worshipers as we charge
>Once I have there attention order the driver to reverse and lead them into an alleyway
>Manage to lead a group right into the claws of our pure strain brethren
>Watch as there claws tear into them, spilling oil all across the cobblestones
>See more Skitarii spilling through the portal
>Ask magus if there’s anything she can do to close the portal?
>Be arch magos explorator prime
>Need to resupply on candles and incense for maintenance work on my ark mechanicus
> Unfortunately the closest system that produces them in large enough quantities is a shrine world
>So that means I have to deal with the most annoying brand of meat bags in the galaxy
>Exit the warp playing Children Of The Omnissiah
> Unfortunately the one planet in the entire solar system I actually need is under attack by the dark mechanicum
>Im also pretty sure this is the exact heretek fleet who's ass I kicked along side the knights of mourning months ago
>Start the awakening rituals on the main cannon
>Prepaire fighter craft for battle
>Ready skitarii maniples for deployment to the surface
>Exload data to my newest marshal for his first mission
>Begin launching drop keeps
>be severus
>retreat to a safer position
>if raining shells and a flood of corpse worshipers can be called safe
>dark mechanicus seems to be on the defensive we can't hold here for long
>other cultists from around the hive are gathering in a big circle
>what's all the commotion
>one of the cult leaders has captured an astropath
>currently in the process of saying some unknown words too it
>the astropath starts screaming in pain
>gargoyles start crawling out of their neck and flying into the air
>get new orders
>go find more astropaths or enemy psykers and plant sacred icons around the hive to weaken the barrier of reality
>mount up with ogryn and beastmen
>now I have to choose if I'd rather go in a cramped space with a bnch of warp addled ogryn or a crmped space with goatmen covered in dried fluids
>my gas mask stopped working 5 hours ago
>maybe I'll get hit by a shell before it gets too bad
File: Archaeopter.jpg (86 KB, 673x481)
86 KB
>Be me.
>Skitarii Marshal IX-999 from the first jungle world thread
>Got promoted to marshal after Gamma Mu 07 sacrificed himself to kill those Night Lords in the Space Hulk
RIP.servo skull
>Currently descending through the atmosphere in an archaeopter transvector to support our long time alleys in the Valhallan 545th armored while our arch magos deals with the fleet in orbit.
>Inload the local data net and learn there's a kelermorph here, hope I get to fight her and test out my new Radium Serpenta on them
>Before we pass the thick cloud layer, dark mechanicum archaeopter Stratoraptor with skin wings emerge along side helldrakes.
>Our pteraxii piot engages them in a dog fight.
>Our own stratoraptors firing there guns into there heretical flesh sewn wings
>Watch through the window as our fusilaves get through the clouds, hopefully there tectomagnic bombs can support the troops on the ground.
>Just then a swarm of tyranid gargoyles explodes through the clouds out of nowhere
File: furies.jpg (88 KB, 920x950)
88 KB
>Just then a swarm of tyranid gargoyles
Admech should recheck their databanks
>Be me
>Got left back on the ark mechanicus by the inquisitor with a reasonably large transport a little while back
>Not sure anyone on the ship even noticed I was gone or that I'm back, I'm already on the manifest
>Fucking Ordo Chronos
>Apparently Yuri is important for time reasons
>Supposed to help him
>Can't launch my transport while all the skitarii are deploying, start messing with sensors instead
>Try to set up regimental commanders with better data and targeting solutions than they can get from a ground view
>Notice that apparently those penal legionnaires made it? Good for them
File: Raiders.jpg (57 KB, 560x578)
57 KB
>Be Skitarii Marshal Derro of Forge World Ryza
>Lead the second cohort of a scout and reconnaissance macroclade accompanying the Arch Magos of another Forge World
>For the sake of brevity it's a part of some "martial diplomatic exchange" directive between our two Forge Worlds
>I and the rest of my command lead our Skitarii brothers and sisters as a Serberys raider cavalry unit
>We're all riding some sort of Ironstrider or Serberys mount, albeit with some Sterylizor or Skystalkers at hand
>It's unconventional even by Ryzan battle doctrines, but we get the job done so our superiors don't mind
>They say we need to work on our machine dialect, so they've somehow managed to get the explorator Arch Magos to tutor us outside of engagements
>I reckon the way we talk was just how the Omnissiah made us
>Anyhow, they sent our posse to spot for the Titans that drop from orbit and light up heretek infantry that have the gall to survive their bombardments
>We spread ourselves some and find cultists and heretek traitors hiding out in one of primary candle manufactorums of the shrine world
>The Arch Magos ain't gonna be happy about this
>I figure we could make do like Jaghatai's sons and use incense rods, wouldn't be so bad
>Notice xenos strain mutants crawling up sides and into vents around the edifice
>Experience tells me one of their brooders or something must have been captured, beats me for what purpose
>All I know is it'd turn the battle in favor of the Omnissiah to blast it
>My command unit and I ring up the Titan Princeps and relay what we find
>In mere moments, volcano cannon shots and a hail of cannon shots shred the manufactorum
>Bodies rip and fly into the air along with the shrapnel and flames
>What glory for the Omnissiah
>As expected, some survive
>We hit and run them, taking shots at their leaders and cutting off escape routes
>Be sergeant Yuri.
>We're mowing down chaos skitarii and traitor guard with the surviving sisters as they come at us in waves.
>Still the knights that survived the bombardment are proving to be a big problem.
>A Rampager rears up its chain sword ready to slash down at the two spinning sisters in the middle of the battle field.
>Just then one of those admech ornithopters soars over and drops its payload directly into its chest.
pic related
>THe knight falls back and crushes a few traitors.
>More archaeopters land disgorging skitarii reinforcements to our battle lines.
>Thank emperor finally some reinforcements.
>Hopfully its enough to push them back for a bit.

Good to see you again Zeta 23.
File: Commisar_Officer.jpg (96 KB, 499x949)
96 KB
>Be Marcus
>Eventually make it to the Commissar
>He tells me I did good coming back for me and to get back in line with the others
>Situation turned dire but then got better as non traitor Skitarii drop keeps are being deployed
>Commissar orders his trainees to gather round him
>Penal Legionaries continuing to fire along with Valhallans in friendly trenches at the enemy
>Commissar orders us to keep firing
>He then orders a trainee he calls Jacob to go find someone who can link up with our four ships in space
>Wants to have exact details of what's in space just so we have a way off planet
>Jacob runs off and the Commissar turns his attention to the battlefield and begins to rally

>Be Commissar Matthias
>Step in line with my condemned men and open fire on the enemy with my bolt pistol
>I then snipe a chaos Skitarii alpha with my bolt pistol and watch his head explode
>If I get through this I am definitely going to need more transport ships and prisoners for Sevastopol
>Be Arch Heretek Tharaxxus.
>5th disciple of High Excrutiator Yux
>The scourge of the Seshva nebula.
>Bringer of the Rexnough Artifact.
>Breaker of the gate of Yigohognuss
>Admiral of the 00111001st dark mechanicum fleet.
>My skitarii have made wonderful progress on the surface
>Scourge of Kaalgith in particular has utterly devastated one particular hive city that was previously taken over by xeno hybrids.
>And Enginseer Oshteron Micalos is doing a wonderful job controlling the skitarii under his command
>I might just need to promote kill him later.
>Just then sensors pick up a warp signal at the edge of the system.
>I recognize the signature as that fucking ark mechanics that took out our flag ship.
>The ark mechanicus deploys fighters, drop keeps, and skitarii to the surface.
>Start to get reports of knights and skitarii falling in battle to fusilave bombardments
>Along with the defenses around the capital city getting reinforcements
>Forge world Ryza is also here now as well
>Reposition the fleet and open a hailing frequency to the ark mechanicus from my flag ship
>We will settle this the good old fashioned way
>Be Zeta-23
>All the artillerists should have good data by now at least and the launch bays are clear
>Climb into transport the inquisitor left me and launch
>See enemy fleet moving into attack position on the way down
>Good thing I left when I di- wait.
>Automated routine wants to fly along the Imperial line?
"Press any button or use any control to continue"
>Curse the Inquisitor and press the any button
>Transport starts airdropping tarantulas and sabres in front of the trenches
>Maybe the Ordo Chronos isn't so bad
>Didn't even know those were in there
>Hope I don't get shot down before the subroutine completes and I can land

It's been a while!
>Be Commissar Matthias
>Whilst firing I see friendly Ad Mech forces dropping down tarantula batteries and sabre gun platforms in front of our trenches
>Order my Penal Legionaries and bellow to the Valhallans to press forward and secure them
>The Valhallans probably won't listen but my men do as I see 9820 be the first to climb out of the trench and push towards the newly arrived gun platforms
>Jacob still has not yet arrived with news from orbit
>Decide to clamber out the trench and join my condemned men
>Mostly to shoot deserters

>Be Marcus
>Commissar bellowed at us to grab the new gun platforms
>I immediately do as I am told and clamber out of the trench joined by a few notable 221st Legionaries
>Adrian "Kanak, Simon Greenie, Solomon Rakghral and Pete Royce join me in the push to get our newly arrived platforms
>several other Legionaries join in
>Hear my fellow condemned let out glorious shouts of comradely
>Be Skitarii Marshal Derro
>As my own unit and those nearby under my command were giving our quarries the scare of their soon to be finished lives, we see a Heretek drop fleet closing in
>The Titans and Knights need our eyes, so we withdraw into a more favorable position further back
>Spot a mound of scrap and rubble that should be a good place for us to slip for now
>As we look around with our ocular arrays, we receive a missive that tarantula batteries and sabre guns have arrived at the front
>See cultists and Heretek Skitarii closing in on their position
>See our Valhallan and penal allies try to cut them to the chase, but they won't make it
>After quick deliberation, my units and I decide to split in two groups
>I tell Othello, my right hand man, to keep one half moving at a distance to pick away at the enemy infantry
>I take the other half to engage them with some more hit and run
>As the riders beside me weave through wreckage and abandoned trenches toward the enemy, we charge and yell
>Carbines and swords in hand, we smash into their flanks and take out whatever figures of leadership we can
>We speed back, charge, and repeat
>Omnissiah willing, this should by the Guard some time
File: Deathjester_Wargear.jpg (225 KB, 936x1154)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
>Be Death Jester Malarai
>Senior member of the Masque of Flowing Blood
>We like to keep an eye on tyranid movements into the galaxy, and nudging things along to hinder their advance.
>Like this nice little Shrine World the mon'keigh have, it should be at the very least be a nice bump in the road, if not a road block itself.
>That was until our seers apparently didn't see a entire chaos invasion happening
>So now its time for some good old fashioned course correction
>Warp onto the planet with my fellow masque-mates (they hate that term) on board a star weaver. We all have our objectives
>I am to help some of the human forces fight of their chaos worshiping kin.
>I tell the pilot to bring the ship into range of a nearby squad whose position looks like it is going to be over run.
>Lean out of the star-car (they hate it when I call it that) and start letting loose with my Shrieker cannon.
>Intentionally leave one of the dark mechanicus skitarri alive for a second, long enough for him to take a shot at one of the humans, killing them.
>I gun down the one that I spared, and with a grin hidden by my mask, I yell to the guardsman "Sorry, I would have gotten him too, but my aim is RUSTY!"
>I wait for laughter, but it seems that they are instead looking at me with confused looks, fighting off different chaos worshippers, or just screaming.
>The pilot begins to move again and I try to be beat my fly-by kills record.
File: SabreGunPlatform00.png (248 KB, 552x335)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
>Be Marcus
>As we charge towards the new armaments then chaos forces have almost met us there
>Commissar bellows at us to shoot and move
>Then some absolute mad lads on mechanical steeds come riding up from behind us and smash into the enemy
>Even some weird hover vessel comes in and proceeds to fire upon the enemy
>Though one is left alive and shoots one of the many thieves in the regiment killing him instantly
>Some clown looking person shoots the foe and then cracks a joke
>Continue to move on and secure the armaments
>Pete immediately runs over to one of the tarantulas and begins to fiddle with it to get it online
>Being our resident tech support he knows how to get the machine spirits up and running
>Commissar orders men onto the Sabres and to open fire with everything we got
>Simon and Solomon hop onto one that has twin linked Lascannons on it and begin to take precise shots at enemy armour thanks to Simon's sharpshooting
>I and Adrian get onto one with quad heavy stubbers and begin to rip into the infantry doing our damn finest not to hit the friendly calvary
>Much more fun to use than a heavy bolter trench emplacement I must say
>be severus
>been ducking through alleyways with cultists and beastmen for what seems like hours now
>not even sure what's happening anymore
>shaman says that the warp is becoming harder to read but planting the icons makes it more clear bit by bit
>erect another icon
>dodge some random warbands that slip past
>lost a few guys to a sniper not even sure whose sniper it is
>duck down as some sleek aircraft flies past
>don't think it noticed us
>shaman wasn't a fan of what was on there but wont tell us why
>just four more spots and the pattern of icons will be complete
>shaman also won't tell me what happens when it is complete
>next one is deep in mechanicus territory
>may the dark gods unsure I make it out without radiation burns
File: SabreNeutronClean.jpg (131 KB, 826x569)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
>Be sergeant Yuri.
>With the AdMech and penal legion's support we're finally able to advance and push the traitors back just a bit.
>Just then several turrets and space marine tanks fall from the sky.
>Look up and see an inquisition ship painted bright blue for some reason fly overhead.
>Id honestly prefer a leman russ, but its better than nothing so thanks
>The tanks look old and seem to be from several different chapters.
>A few have symbols on them I think I've seen on the list of "bad space marines" in the uplifting primer.
>I hop in the nearest one with my crew, its painted blueish green and has a wolf symbol on the side
must be a space wolf tank.Inquisition
>After a few minutes of fiddling withe the controls we get it to fire a giant white laser that blasts through a knight.
>After that we figure out the peddles and advance, forcing back the traitors.

>Finally make our way to rescue the two sisters who have been spinning for like half an hour now.
>They have to be running out of ammo by now.
>Be Marcus
>As I rain down fire with the heavy stubbers I hear the sounds of tanks
>Turns out that supply drop also dropped some tanks for the Valhallans to use
>Makes sense that one is a tank regiment after all
>Spot Simon snipe a small knight with his lascannons soon he and Solomon move onto the aircraft
>Pete finally gets one of the tarantulas up and running and moved into the next one dodging enemy fire and avoiding getting run over by Valhallans
>Now that's courage right there
>Soon enough the Valhallans push the enemy back and meet up with the sisters that were spinning around that I nearly ran into
>Somehow those two are the luckiest sisters alive

>Be Commissar Matthias
>Watch as the Valhallans push up in space marine sabre tanks
>The colour schemes and markings are suspicious but drastic times and all that I'll overlook it
>Order all Penal Legionaries to keep on the gun platforms
>Jacob finally returns back and tells me the news from the Baleful Punishment and it's three accompanying vessels
>Dark Mechanicus fleet is attempting to engage an ark Mechanicus up in orbit that's supplying our allied Mechanicus forced
>Grant Captain Ortland permission to assist as he pleases but to make sure that the vessels remain intact
>The Ecclesiarchy will be on my arse if I let what criminals I have left be stuck on one of their shrine worlds
>The sisters especially will get pissed off at me even more than they probably already are with me
>Be Skitarii Marshal Derro
>Thanks to the Omnissiah and a few brave brothers and sisters in arms that were unfortunately lost, our plan worked
>The Chaos horde was pulling back as our Guard allies began manning the tarantulas and sabre turrets
>Some of us spot an Aeldari hover craft zip by and fire upon groups of cultists and Hereteks some distance ahead
>It sure ain't a great sight, but there are more urgent matters to attend to
>A cavalryman by my side yells and points
>We turn and see an actual fucking Sabre strike tank
>It blasts a hole into a Chaos knight out yonder and darts toward a pair of Bloody Rose sisters, most likely to pick them up
>They'll sure have to hurry
>My group and I distance ourselves a little and shoot with our carbines
>Further away, a small group of cultists and bull-like mutants begin mounting a pole with a profane Chaos symbol on top
>My cybernetic gut instinct tells me they're up to no good
>Ocular sights locked and arms steady, I aim my rifle towards the head of one bastard in a robe and skull mask
>I fire
>Be Zeta-23
>Subroutine ends just as I almost crash into some kind of eldar craft
>Break right and get hit by some kind of stray knight weapon
"Zeta-23 going do-"
>Auto-electro alarm clock kicks in and shocks me awake me a few seconds later
>Crashed and the pilot's door is frakked
>Force my way out the back, throwing a couple of spare tarantula turrets out ahead of me with my servo arm
>Grab a miscellaneous ammo crate on the way
>There's a pair of battle sisters shooting the place up
>Throw them the bolter ammo
>Ordo chronos really does think of everything but we're down to some spare ammo after that crash
>Ready my newer combat mechadendrites and start blasting any heretics with plasma
>be severus
>lost ten more us us mounting that last icon
>skitarii noticed us from a click away
>saw a knight get taken out by some tank
>the hell is that thing
>three more icons to go all deep in enemy lines
>not sure if that last one will even stay standing they had it pegged
>shaman seems confidant
>vox tells us the ogryns are going to distract the enemies
>we see another knight go down, how many is that now
>haven't seen the xeno mutants in a bit
>hope they all died in this insanity
>next target is one of the corpse worshipers chapels
>shouldn't be a strong defense with the sisters so distracted
>one of the beastmen shows me the stockpile of nerve gas grenades he has to deal with anyone still alive in there
>good thing I grabbed a new gas mask off of one of the guardsmen
>Be Marcus
>With all the tarantulas online and enemy forces weakening due to tanks being utilized
>The Commissar orders half of us off the sabre gun platforms so that a bolstering force of hastily put together civilian pdf forces can man them
>The other half is backing up the civies
>Thankfully I'm placed along with Solomon, Simon, Pete and Adrian in this new task
>Some troops reported strange sightings of abhumans and need assistance at one of the many lines
>Commissar also wants us to test out our urban combat abilities
>Due to Jacob getting the news for the orbit front, he was also given the locations of places within our lines that have had reported sightings
>I check my lasgun battery and move out
>a trainee commissar takes control of the half still on the turrets whilst our commissar leads us to the warzones
>The 221st begins to move to the affected warzones
>Bring it on Abhumans
File: media_Fs9dXreWwAEJn1K.jpg (165 KB, 1080x719)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
>be me
>Dray Poch of the Alpha Legion
>Solomon sent me here to see what's up
>Chaos fighting Tyranids fighting Imperials
>"They'll be ripe for the pickings when the dust settles"
>Look up
>mad lads using CLOTH parachutes
>think 'that's the most ghetto shit I've ever seen'
>'Chaos Knights have entered the chat'
>what the fuck is even going on now
>Sisters of Battle plowing through cultists
>OK things are evening out now
>one points at us
>"Yes Sister, we are of the uh, Blue Dragon Chapter. Our battle barge was passing by when we heard the vox."
>"Blue Dragons? They'll never believe it" One of my battle brothers says through the link.
>she believes it
>"Shut up and play along, the other idiots look like they're losing"
>Lasfire dinks off my armor
>Chaos cultists running towards us
>fuck it
>mow them down with bolter fire
>sister and her rando guardsman in a fur hat look impressed
>"Astartes can you help us deal with those Knights?"
>you gotta be shitting me.vox
>"All things are possible through the Emperor, sister."
>fucking Solomon
>Be sister Trisha.
>Starting to get disy from all this spinning with sister Kimberly.
>Almost out of prometium now, and I think Kimberly is probably almost out of bolts.
>As we spin I notice the traitors start to retreat.
>Also a group of brightly colored tanks and skitarii serberys approaching from our side.
>Or at least I think its our side?
>THe tanks open fire on the traitors and push them back, even killing a knight or two.
>Once the traitors are far enough away we stop spinning and try to support one another as everything sways side to side.
>"Maybe we should hold off on the drinks for a while." I say trying to hold back puking.
>Just then a ship crashes down next to us and a tech priest comes out.
>He tosses a bolter clip to Kimberly but she's to disy to catch it and it just hits her in the head causing her to fall down.
>One of the tanks comes to a stop near us and the tech priest and the valhallan inside asks if we need a lift?
>I nod thankfully and drag Kimberly and my heavy flamer inside telling them to try and take us back to the rest of our sisters.
>The tech priest can come to if he wants.
>Be Skitarii Marshall Derro
>I dome the skull-masked bastard and my units take out most of his cronies, but not before the pole they were mounting is dug into place
>It's limp, so we figure we could blast it to tip it over
>Our bullets bounce off the damned thing like they were grains of sand
>Detect movement by some cultists and their mutants toward a cathedral
>Reckon it must be some ritual
>Notify the Arch Magos and send a missive to whichever Bloody Rose sisters are nearby
>It's strange that the Hereteks didn't move with the cultists
>As the Guard and mustered PDF regain control of the lines, my group and I meet up with Octavio's half
>We provide fire support for the front line and spot for the Titans, but we are mostly awaiting further orders from the Arch Magos
>Those Hereteks have got to be planning something
>Notice Zeta-23 with a mishmash of Guard, a few Battle Sisters, and "Blue Dragon" Astartes
>I greet him over vox, relay our observations, and ask if any command has come from the Arch Magos
File: Ark Mechanicus.jpg (379 KB, 1720x1355)
379 KB
379 KB JPG
>Be arch magos Explorator Prime.
>My skitarii and knights are doing well on the surface, seaming to turn the tide at several key battlefields, though my skitarii marshal is currently caught up in a dog fight at the moment, thankfully the one we brought along from Ryza is doing well enough in his stead
>Get an allert that someone is launching an unregulated ship from my hangars.
>Open up a pict feed and see its that samn scrap code damned engineer again.
>Try to stop close the hanger door and find out where that ship came from.
>Before I can look up what in the Omnissiah's name "lavender clearance" is I get a hailing frequency from the dark mechanicum fleet.
>Dont open it because scrap code and just open fire.
>Also detecting a space marine battle barge in orbit as well, wonder what there deal is and if they'll help out.
>>As the Guard and mustered PDF regain control of the lines, my group and I meet up with Octavio's half
I mean Othello. Sorry for the confusion.
>Be Zeta-23
>Accidentally clock a sister in the face with some bolter ammo but she's chill about it
>Better than the usual working relationship between the mechanicus and the ecclesiarchy
>Greet Yuri as he pulls up to the sisters and climb aboard
>Glad to see him, it's been entirely too long
>Skittarii Marshal Derro voxes, wants to know if there's any command from the Arch Magos
>Quickly explain about the space battle that's probably breaking out, tell him to use his best judgement and I'll share targets as I spot them
>Connect to ship to view the battle via the sensors I set up
>Some sort of chaos interference?
>Something is weakening the veil in the area
>Relay the probable locations of interference to the Marshal and other commanders, show Yuri and the Sisters on a dataslate
>Maybe the sisters can pray it away? That sometimes helps.
File: Too many chapters.jpg (86 KB, 500x616)
86 KB
>Be arch magos exploraor prime again.
>Get message over the vox from Marshal Derro that the teretics are planning something and the icon they erected seams to be immune to gunfire.
most illogical.datapacket
>He also informs me he's made contact with the astartes chapter on the ground.
>Named "Blue Dragons", yet another chapter I've never heard of but I should be used to that by now.
pic related
>Open a hailing channel to them to ask for help with whatever chaos thing is going on on the surface while I'm busy with the void battle with the hereteks.
>>Relay the probable locations of interference to the Marshal and other commanders, show Yuri and the Sisters on a dataslate
Forgot to add
>Tell Yuri and the Sisters about the icon the Marshal spotted, ask if they think it's connected

my bad
>Be Marcus
>As we continue to move up we encounter some stragglers of the 98th Night Born
>At some point they must have found another way into the city
>No matter as the Commissar orders us to grind them down
>Myself and several others are former Hive World Gangers so we know our way around Urban combat
>I lead my squad of myself, Adrian, Simon, Solomon and Pete up through rubble and smoke
>Taking potshots at traitors making them drop
>Adrian tosses a hatchet into one of their faces as we continue our assault
>We never stop, we never tire
>We are Condemned men
>Only death and the Emperor can set us free
>Soon enough we push through to the Cathedral
>It's heavily guarded by the traitors
>Chaos Ogryn, Beastmen and mortal men block our path to route them
>Commissar orders us to take cover and stand our ground
>His bolt pistol fires two shots that take out one of the Ogryns
>I spot Solomon pull a pin out of a grenade he nicked from dead 98th Night Born troopers
>He tosses it into a pack of Beastmen sending them flying
>My lasgun practically never gives up as Simon backs me up with precision shots
>Adrian and Pete take grenades from Solomon and toss them at enemy squads
>Though we do take casualties on our side as well
>After all this is a warzone
>Though I know deep down I'm still not forgiven by the Emperor
>And as such I'll keep on firing until I ain't got nothing left
File: 7q19j6g57zv11.jpg (112 KB, 1200x960)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
>vox crackles
>"Dray, who the fuck are the Blue Dragons"
>It's the boss
>"Yeah uh we had to get creative down here"
>"OK well your creativity has the Imperium asking us for help, genius"
>explain that Chaos isn't going to win this thing
>"Might as well be on the winning side"
>boss is quiet
>start looking at my helmet icons in case he decides to lance strike my ass
>"Yeah that our way"
>hear him start giving orders
>"Guess we're Blue Dragons today"
>cuts the vox
>random Mechanicus running around now
>let's salvage something from this mess
>"Please send over your codecs to our Battle Barge, servant of the Omnissiah. My chapter master has just committed to the void battle. For the Emperor."
>sound pretty imperial if I do say so myself
>one of my warband points up
>FUCK yuge explosion
>check to make sure it wasn't our ride
>thank Alpharius
>the boss is really selling it up there
>be severus
>demandable corpse worshipers tracked us down
>hear tides of gunfire outside the cathedral
>no matter we have an icon to erect
>should harm moral to have a place like this profaned
>still we are surrounded it seems no easy way to break out
>try to vox for assistance but get no response
>shaman orders the ogryns to stand their ground and delay responses
>even has some strap boxes of krak grenades and melta bombs to themselves and run into the lines
>all cultists and beastmen ordered to retreat into the cathedral
>shaman says we are going into the the catacombs underneath and then blowing the supports
>ensures the icon will survive
>not sure how he knows that
>hear over the vox that more guardsmen, and sisters are closing in
>no better time
>we file into the catacombs
>as soon as we hear the doors breech we set off the explosives
>now it's just us in the dark with the thousands of skulls
>no one actually knows where these tunnels lead
>vox is dead
>keep my flashlight close and be thankful we didn't bring the ogryns down here
>Be Skitarii Marshall Derro
>Receive request from Zeta-23 and a subsequent command from the Arch Magos to handle the sources of Chaos interference
>Not a ghost of an idea what's actually causing the interference, but they've got to be dealt with
>I inform Othello about the missives, put him in charge of a portion of our cohort, and set out with several Serberys units
>We meet up with allies from the Guard and Bloody Rose in pursuit of these forces.
>My command unit and I, along with another cavalry unit of ours, group up with Zeta-23 personally
>Wonder how the hell so many people are fitting in a single Sabre strike tank
>Be sergeant Yuri.
>I nod agreeing to take the sisters back to their base,
>Me and Zeta 23 help the sisters into the sabre back, they look like they're about to vomit and have more than earned a break after all they've been through.
>We leave behind the Ryzian marshal and space marine and let the skitarii, penal legion, and the rest of my regiment continue on with the advance to the neighboring hive city.
>Our tank turns around and we head back to the sisters cathedral, driving around fallen knights and over our own freshly dug trenches.

>Along the way I catch Zeta 23 up on what we've been through in all this time.
>Fighting night lords on a space hulk.
>Being trapped on a Forge World that was being consumed by a warp portal fighting off undead skitarii.
>And seeing an ork sub fight a kaiju.
>I then ask him what he's been up to in all this time?
>He hands me a data slate with a heretical icon on it.
>Tell him I don't know anything, but maybe the bloody rose cannoness we're currently on our way to see might.
>Be Marcus
>As we keep raining fire and pushing up I see the traitors retreating into the cathedral
>Apart from the Ogryns
>The Ogryns hold us off by continuously dumping fire off from their heavy weapons
>Some even start running towards us but are shot by heavy bolter rounds
>The Sisters of battle have arrived and dump bolter and promethium into the Ogryns
>Hooray back up
>This bolsters us to keep going
>Until the cathedral detonates
>Commissar yells at everyone to get down
>A few men are crushed by falling debris
>Chaos Ogryn are all dead
>Solomon's demolitions skills come in handy
"They must have secured an exit somewhere. Their task seemed far too important for them all to simply run into a cathedral and blow themselves up within"
>Solomon says as he walks over to the debris and dead Ogryns
>We move up and keep watch as Solomon looks through the non exploded Ogryns to see if there are any recoverable bombs

>Be Commissar Matthias
>Penal Legionary 1045 seems to be concerned regarding demolitions
>Decide to walk over to our allies and ask them some questions regarding the cathedral
"Sisters, I am Commissar Matthias of the 221st Penal Regiment. One of my men seems to have concerns regarding this destroyed cathedral. Does it by any chance have anything underneath it we should be concerned about?"
File: media_FpvlqryXsAAfQAh.jpg (246 KB, 795x945)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
>one of my brothers calls out
>"Looks like the ogryns have meltas strapped to them...Brother"
>his melta starts cycling
>"Good eye, uh Brother! Open fire Brothers!"
>can hear eye rolling from my fellow marines
>don't mind killing cultists, but this brother this and brother that shit is tiresome
>melta, plasma, bolters rip into ogryns
>notice melta markings on the boxes
>ah boy
>knocked off feet by wave of explosions
>stand up
>ogryns are big, have big guts. Currently covered in big ogyrn guts
>this keeps getting better
>notice mechanicus got knocked down as well
>help him up
>at least I don't have to call him brother
>Be Zeta-23
>Yuri's had quite a time of it
>Quickly ask him about the icon, he doesn't know much about it but maybe the sisters will
>About what I expected
>Tell him I basically just found myself on board the explorator again a while back
>Fucking inquisitors
>He's definitely had more excitement than me
>Let him know there's Astartes now too
>Marshall Derro rides up to us as we make it back to the sisters' base
>Reiterate to everyone that we need to find out what's causing the warp disturbance
>And then burn it or blow it up or something before they profane the entire planet
File: Crashing Thunderhawk.png (127 KB, 320x339)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
>Be skitarii marshal IX-999.
>Be mostly caught up in the air battle, making sure the enemy cant use there bombers and helldrakes.
>Thankfully Marshal Derro seams to be handling things on the ground pretty well in my stead.
>Forced to enter the cloud cover.
>One of the helldrakes gets close burns the Transvector's wing.
>Peteraxii pilot manages to stear us into a safe landing, we crash right through the top window of a hive spire.
Not the hive everyone is at, the other one with the genestealers that was being attacked by the chaos reaver titian.
>Exit the burning wreckage with my surviving sicarian ruststalker bodyguards.
>Before me is a very confused looking genestealer cult magus.
>We stare at each other for a moment, the sun setting behind me singing through the hole made by the crash.
>Then I draw my sidearm and put one between her eyes.
>Blow on the barrel i twirl my gun then holster it.
>That aught to get the kermorph's attention.
>Be Skitarii Marshall Derro
>Greet Zeta-23 and Yuri with a nod of my hat as they and their motley entourage pour out of the Sabre strike tank
"Hello sir, other sir. Good to see both of you on two legs. Just so happened that the Arch Magos made the same call you did. You two think alike in more ways than he'd probably care to admit, don't tell him that. Anywho, I've got some of my cohort on the case with our allies on the interference. You can count on us."
>As we tend to our Serberys mounts, I receive a message in binary from one of my men elsewhere
>The cathedral they were heading to was blown up by the cultists, and are making movements away and underground
>A Blue Dragon helped him up from the blast, mighty kind of him
>Underground movement doesn't sound like good news, especially for my cohort
>Be Commissar Matthias
>The Sisters eventually inform me of the catacombs beneath this ruined cathedral
>Order 1045 to step forward
>Seeing as he's a demolitions expert according to his criminal records I ask him what the best bomb type is for this
>He scratches his head for a bit before responding with
"Melta charges combined with Krak grenades ought to do the trick sir. Alternatively if we could get our hands on a vortex grenade or direct an ally knight over here if we have any, we should be able to crack this open."
>I nod somewhat and then speak up

>Be Marcus
>Begin to search for a way into the catacombs
>Normally I can find bullets and grenades quite easily
>But finding another entrance into the catacombs is pretty difficult considering how this thing detonated
>But we got to make sure there's no traitors actually in there
>Emperor knows what'll happen if something goes wrong
>I eventually see some of the sisters come and help us
>Their commanding officer stands with our commissar and seems to be talking about something
>Not sure what though
>Then a sister comes up to where I'm searching and begins to search with me
>We're both dead silent through the whole thing however
>She's kinda pretty though won't lie
>Emperor I hope you don't strike me down for thinking what we all think about the Sisters sometimes
>be Dray
>cogboys seem pretty fired up about something
>OK it's not us whew
>picking up some sort of "Chaos interference"
>definitely not us
>ask one "What's going on, by the Emperor?"
>explains icon, cathedral
>sorcerer says there's something going on below us
>vox lights up
>It's the boss again
>"You want to tell me about this icon they're setting up?"
>oh boy
>think "Fucking Solomon"
>explain things in Legion cant
>hear boss sigh
>probably gonna be assigned as liaison to the Death Guard after this shit
>"So are we breaking cover?"
>think it over
>have to keep calling each other brother or have some mutant with a vagina for a shoulder kiss my turquoise ass and call me "Mighty Lord"
>ez choice
>lock and load bolter
>"Servants of the Mechanicus! Lead us towards this foul relic of Chaos! We shall help you purge it with bolter and fire!"
>my warband chuckles through the vox
>boss is laughing as well
>never gonna hear the end of this
>be severus
>these tunnels just keep going on
>as do the skulls lining the walls
>shaman ordered us to mine the path behind us but we ran out maybe a mile ago
>and yet still more damn tunnels
>some of the beastmen seem on edge
>do they know something I don't
>eventually get to a large opening
>some inner sanctum candles still lit
>someone's been here recently
>scan the area whoever they are is long gone
>shaman sends scouts out through the three other tunnels hoping to find an exit
>drew the short straw
>heading up the north tunnel got handed a new flamer to deal with anything I run into
>and a krak grenade just in case I need to collapse the tunnel
>notice large sarcophagus in the center nailed shut
>shaman starts saying some unknown words near it before I head out
>what is he planning
>Be Zeta-23
>Now the penal legion are trying to find a way underground and the astartes want to help deal with the chaos icons
>Really bombastic astartes, even by astartes standards
what the fuck is a blue dragon.exe
>Send the astartes all the reported locations, tell them about these things not going down easy for some reason
>Tell them about the penal legion chasing someone underground too
File: mLwjA2LMJ9KsBJ9Z.jpg (660 KB, 1000x804)
660 KB
660 KB JPG
>Be sergeant Yuri
>Roll up in our Sebre along side Derro and find the cathedral we were just at is now a smoking crater.
>They must've looped around the other side.
>Another one of those icons standing in the middle.
>The sisters aren't going to like this when they wake up.
>The "Blue Dragons" are offering to help the sisters and mechanicus with destroying the icon, while the penal legion goes down into the catacombs underneath to search for the cultists.
>I decide it's best for us to drive our tank along the rim of the crater looking for the cannoness for Zeta 23 and the two sisters in the back.
File: 1690745698233439.png (437 KB, 1056x577)
437 KB
437 KB PNG

>be Dray
>hear penal legion
>that explains the cloth parachutes
>cogboy sends all the locations
>helmet lights up
>should have just avoided this mess
>says "They don't go down easy"
>Jahk revs his chainsword
>"That's what we're here for, by the Emperor"
>not sure if he's mocking me or not
>vox Ioz, our Sorcerer
>"Can you deal with that icon?"
>"Maybe, but my head might explode"
>already covered in ogryn guts, won't be much of a difference if I'm covered in his brains
>"Do it"
>tell cogboy "Our Librarius will handle the ward around the icon, for the Emperor"
>squad moves to cover Ioz
>he starts doing Sorcerer shit, waving his staff around
>pink lightning flies towards him from the icon
>he throws up some barrier shit, starts pushing the lightning back
>goes back and forth for a bit
>FINALLY lightning stop
>something shimmers around icon
>It's a Demon
>ah here we go
>Ioz falls to one knee
>everyone else opens fire
> lobster armed thing starts charging us
> dodging our bolter rounds
>give me a break
>Jahk gets ready to charge
>oh you idiot
>Lerm steps forward with his melta shoots
>misses the Demon
>hits the icon
>melts it
>monster screams
>not so dodgy now
>pulp it with bolter rounds
>now we got demons
>day keeps getting better
>Be sergeant Yuri.
>As we drive around the circumference of the crater I turn my head to the side and see the space marine librarian poking at the icon with his mind
>Start to feel tingly in the back of my mind.
“Wait sto—“
>But I’m too late as several daemonettes spawn in.
>Rotate the sebre and aim the cannon down into the daemonettes.
>The two sisters also wake up from there nap and get out of the tank, firing into the crater with there heavy bolter and heavy flamer respectively.
>Be Skitarii Marshal Derro
>Follow our Guard buddies over to the crater that was once a cathedral
>The cavalry units with me and I exchange information with other in our cohort sent after the Chaos interferences
>See a Blue Dragon librarian attempt to weaken the Chaos icon
>Suddenly the icon flashes
>Accursed daemons of the Warp appear
>My cavalry don't skip a beat as we prepare our mechanical steeds and ready our pistols in both hands
>I give the order to fire, as we loose archeo-rounds
>Fire every round in one pistol before switching over to the one in my other hand, as a light servo arm reloads the former
>We steadily form a half-ring amongst our allies, ensuring the daemons are shot from every angle our side of the crater.
>By the Omnissiah, we cannot afford for them to breach the outer perimeter
>Holler at one of my men to send a warning to the rest of our cohort elsewhere about the icons and instruct them to notify our allies
>We've got no dice reaching the Arch Magos over vox
>Those cultists are likely using this as an opportunity to lose our auspex scanners
>Hell of a day it is
>Be Marshal 9s
>Try and get in contact with Marshal Derro and learn his current status.
>Apparently he's busy fighting daemons right now and cant answer his comm.
>Look down out the shattered window.
>See the city flooded with genestealer cultitst fighting chaos skitarii coming out of portals.
>And in the distance a chaos reaver titian still launching vortex missiles into the city.
> Definitely going to need backup for this one.
>Try to get in contact with my arch magos exploraor or maybe those Blue Dragons ship I've heard about.
This is a great thread so far.
>Be Marcus Scumbag
>As I continue to search suddenly more reinforcements arrive and blast open a hole
>Immediately we are recalled by the Commissar and the Sisters return to their squads
>Notice the new arrivals
>Actual honest to The Emperor, Space Marines
>Some cog boys and and Valhallans in a tank

>Be Commissar Matthias
>More reinforcements turn up and I immediately recall my men
>I then turn my attention and stride over to the tech priest
>He's got to have some way of getting a box
"Excuse me, do you have access to a vox network? My regiment does not have any vox casters so we've been out of synch with other units"
>Just then a lound roar occurs as the Space Marines seem to have accidentally brought forth a Daemon
>They then begin to open fire upon it with one of them using a melta gun go try and hit the enemy but ends up going for an icon
>Immediately I yell at my Legionaries to open fire upon the Daemon
>9820, 1045, 3322, 7915 and 6390 seem to immediately open fire whilst some of the other Legionaries freeze up
>Thankfully the sight of those five opening fire calms them down and they proceed to assist the Marines and other forces in firing at the Daemon
>I turn away but stay standing where I am and let out a few shots with my bolt pistol into the Daemon
>Doesn't appear to be one of those powerful greater daemons so we might not need to worry about portals opening up anywhere

>Be Marcus
>Firing upon a summoned Daemon
>Haven't fought Daemons since Koronus
>Killed a juiced up chaos champion in the form of Chris Twat Face
>Ah that was a good time
>Even if I did end up with a knife lodged in my gut
>be Zeta-23
>Now there's daemons
>Interface with tank, start helping keep the fire rate up
>Vox signal from Marshal 9s trying to contact Derro or the Blue Dragons or the Explorator
>Not sure if it's a range issue or if everyone is just busy but triangulate his location and add it to battle data
>Remote link to my beloved sensors is serving me well
>He's in the next hive fighting genestealers and chaos skitarii
>Hopefully we can spare someone
File: IMG_1933.gif (1.8 MB, 320x134)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB GIF
>Be sister Trisha.
>As soon as we hear fighting outside me and Kimberly leave the tank and open fire.
>There was extra heavy bolter ammo and promethium under the seats.
>With our blessed bolters and promethium, combined with the firepower of the valhallans, skitarii, and space marines the daemonettes are dealt with before they can even take a step.
>Me and Kimberly high five for another job well done.
>Then I suddenly realize where we are.
>I recognize the buildings around us.
>See the street signs and abandoned vender shops.
>Along with the (now in ruins) statue of Canoness Konstanzia.
>Also notice my fellow sisters around the rim being tended to by hospitalers.
>Slowly step down into the crater with Kimberly
gif related
>Be Arch Heretek Tharaxxus.
>5th disciple of High Excrutiator Yux
>The scourge of the Seshva nebula.
>Bringer of the Rexnough Artifact.
>Breaker of the gate of Yigohognuss
>Admiral of the 00111001st dark mechanicum fleet.
>That magos didn’t pick up the connection so we would do our back and fourth before initiating the battle
>No matter, launch fighters and kamikaze ships towards the Ark Mechanicus
>Prepare Skitarii Classiarii and the smaller daemon engines for boarding
FOR_VASHTORR.5th chaos god
>Also notice Alpha Legion ship next to the ark, send them a message asking if they’ll be betraying the Imperium today?
File: 287h4x2n9ka11.jpg (1.83 MB, 2859x1500)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB JPG
>be Dray
>Blue Dragon now I guess
>mfw I was told I'd just be on recon patrol
>now I'm fighting dameonettes
>got skittari shooting cancer beams everywhere
>guardsmen with angry flashlights whipping beams everywhere
>Sisters of Battle lighting shit on fire
>Jahk eviscerates a Demon with his chainsword and then shoots it in the head with his bolter pistol
>"Now this is a fight, by the Emperor!"
>absolute madlad surrounded by madlads
>ah fuck more demons
>Ioz still shaking off that wizard bullshit
>OK shit is getting serious
>lock bolter and draw plasma pistol, grab out sword
>start waving it around and it starts to split in half
>fuck yeah Hydra blade
>boss voxes in
>wtf now
>"Dray, you made the right choice"
>almost get eviscerated by a daemonette, so shocked
>"Uh what?"
>"Dark Mechanicus are here, and we owe them a good one in turn"
>Battle of Raxes III, Dark Mechanicus betrayed us for some tech
>Boss was pretty pissed, lost a lot of good operatives and Legionnaires for "technology"
>hear him playing and moving into position
>orders full out attack once he moved into range
>shoot daemonette about to disembowel skitarri
>might not have fucked this up after all
>Be Marcus
>Continuing to fire upon the daemons
>Adrian lops a hatchet into a Daemon sending it screaming back into the warp
>Unfortunately taking the hatchet with it
>Adrian is now pissed
>Lasgun fire continues to be let out upon
>Still have no idea what might be happening in the catacombs
>That sister I found pretty is gleefully burning things to death along with her fellow nuns with guns
>The Space Marines seem to be really getting into it
>Must be enjoying themselves
>The Daemon waves seem to finally lessen up
>Commissar then orders us to lessen up our fire
>The rest have got this under wraps but whilst our shots have lessened we haven't been told to stop
>Probably just wants us to be precise now that some marines are in melee
>Due to going more precise I spot one of the sisters collapsed to the floor at the sight of the ruined cathedral
>Poor girl

>Be Commissar Matthias
>As my men begin to take precise shots I order my trainees to keep watch whilst I go to the tank commander's tank
>I knock on the hull and then speak up
"If you've got a tech priest in there. I would like to speak to him. It's regarding vox communications and my units lack of a caster"
>Be Zeta-23
>Daemons starting to ease up
>Astartes ship looks like it's about to engage the dark mechanicus
>Commissar knocking on the tank asking about vox casters
>Tell him to standby
>Look in ordo chronos ammo box because why not
>blessed Lasgun magazine
>Weird green plasma ammo
>Hellfire bolts
>Two Krak grenades
>Some kind of archeaotech tank shell
>Put that aside
>Autogun tracer rounds
>Box with vox caster and combeads
>Open hatch and give the commissar the caster and beads
"Does this help commissar? Just press here to pick up our network"
>Be Commissar Matthias
>The tank responds by having their tech priest pop out with a vox caster
>"Does this help Commissar? Just press here to pick up our network"
>I take the vox caster off his hands and mechandetrites
>I press the button as instructed and finally my regiment has a vox caster and access to cross planet Comms
"Most helpful, thank you tech priest. Now then I best get back to my convicts"
>I then turn back and link back up with my trainees and convicts
>I hand Jacob the vox caster and he begins to tune it to the Baleful Punishment up in orbit
>Order a message to be sent to Captain Ortland

>Be Captain Ortland of the Baleful Punishment
>Been up in orbit for quite a while
>Along with three other ships of different classes, but all modified to hold fighter crafts and prisoners
>Of course we have the Sword Class Frigate, The Baleful Punishment
>Two Claymore class corvettes, The Judgement and The Adjudicator
>And finally the Havoc Class Frigate, Justification of Law
>Receive a vox message from Commissar Matthias down on the planet
>Order the master of the vox to open it
"Captain Ortland, this is Commissar Matthias. Report the current state of events up in orbit"
>Send a vox message back
"Ark Mechanicus and a space marine vessel are currently engaging a Dark Mechanicus fleet. They have not yet spotted us"
>Commissar responds
"Acknowledged, gather your fleet for combat assist the allied fleet as best you can prepare boarding parties if you must but make sure you can still pick us up after this"
"Acknowledged, may the Emperor guide you down there"
>and with that the message is over and I tune my vox to the three other ships
"All ships prepare for void engagement. We are going to assist our allies in orbit. Prepare weapons systems, fighters and boarding parties"
>Here we go
>Be Skitarii Marshal Derro
>I, my command unit, and the other cavalry unit present continue firing at the daemon horde pouring out of the cathedral turned crater
>Penals, Bloody Rose sisters, Astartes, and Valhallans are also laying las and bolt
>Eventually, the daemon horde thins and disappears with one final shot
>I check in with everyone among my cavalry, fortunately everyone is in one piece
>One had a pretty close shave, but was saved by battle brother Dray of the Blue Dragons
>Mighty kind of him, that was
>I give him a universally recognized hat nod of thanks
>Look about me to see how the others are doing
>The Sisters of Battle present were gung ho just a moment ago, but seem to just now realize what that cathedral was
>They look dismayed, and the one with the heavy boltgun looks rather distraught
>Damn, ain't that sad to see
>I mosey over to Zeta-23, Yuri, and Matthias
>Ask if there's anything I missed, and apologize to Matthias for the holdup
>Zeta-23 fills me in on Nines, who's also been trying to reach me
>He seems to be in a big pickle, but I don't think anyone in my cohort can reach him
>He's a damn good shot so he'll be okay
>I'll owe him a drink after this, then another after I remind him why I'm the better shot
>Ask Zeta-23 to let Nines know he has my ear and that I'll ask Othello to send an Archaeopter his way
>I'll make sure he gets a keen pilot too, he deserves as much
>Be Captain Ortland of the Baleful Punishment
>Receive voxes from the three other vessels that they are ready to move
>Our four man fleet moves up
>I order all ships to send out their fighter crafts to assist in void warfare
>Hail to the Ark Mechanicus that we are here to assist but due to our ship classes we need to get close
>Basically a please warn us when you are about to fire the massive cannon so we can pull back
>Over the vox I order all ships to ready themselves as we come towards the Dark Mechanicus fleet
>I order all ships to fire and soon all four vessels start firing out their laser batteries into the enemy fleet
>The master of arms of the Baleful Punishment informs me that boarding parties are all ready
>Receive voxes from the other three captains that they have their men ready for boarding actions
>Relay them to order half their men for boarding actions whilst the other half defend their ships from boarders
>Bring it on Dark Mechanicus
>We've taken on Tyranid and Orks at once before
>We can certainly repel the forces of Heresy

>Be Commissar Matthias
>As I think about what my next orders are to send to my Legionaries
>A Skitarii Marshal apologizes to me regarding a hold up
>Didn't really bother me much considering my men have handled themselves well
>Order Jacob to check other vox networks to see where we are needed yet
>I'd rather not have any of the rapists in my ranks get too pervy around the Sisters
>I'd lose out on the man power needed for the meat grinder of war
File: media_FZPqvFBXkAEAsJX.png (673 KB, 827x827)
673 KB
673 KB PNG
>be Harrowmaster Jauntel
>Dray's boss
>no time for Chaos or Imperium shit
>just a legionnaire doing legionnaire things
>wonder what the fuck Dray got into down at the surface
>good Legionnaire, but a bit of a shit magnet
>fun to mess with
>get missives from Imperials about "assistance from the Blue Dragon Astartes"
>Dray wtf did you do now
>he explains
>consider lance striking near him to make him shit his armor a bit
>taking this Alpha Legion thing a little far imo
>decide fuck it we're Blue Dragons today
>send out vox to Imperials saying we're here to help
>start shooting at targets of opportunity, not quite committing
>something familiar about these guys...
>tell strike cruisers to keep powered down "just in case"
>get hailed by Dark Mechanicus
>oh hell no
>some jackass with too many tentacles from his back did us dirty a few solar years ago
>tell Warpsmith Occiten to start bracing the machine spirits
>this is where the fun begins.vox
>"Yes, looks like it's that's time, moving in position to support"
>move through dark mechanicus fleet
>Occiten begins surreptiously feeding target data and I give the order to brace
>go full fuck you
>FOR THE EMPEROR on all channels
>Dray isn't the only one having fun with this
>the Hydra never forgets
File: IMG_20230410_032441_037.jpg (89 KB, 935x1280)
89 KB
>be Dray
>put upon Alpha Legionnaire
>no more demons thankfully
>just surrounded by Imperials
>with fire cannons and cancer guns
>wonder how I keep getting into these situations
>return Skiitari boss nod yell "For the Emperor"
>my Harrow groans
>approach Ioz
>"Dray this is bad"
>what. Now.
>"One of these icons has a greater demon in it"
>"We've got to get out of here, or keep as many of these Imperials between us and that thing"
>try to call the boss
>vox connects
>sounds like he's busy paying back the Dark Mechanicus
>think he's taking this Alpha Legion thing a little far imo
>call the squad together
>explain the situation
>Jhak laughs
>so do the rest
>Lerm reloads his melta
>figures me and the Sorcerer are the only two sane people here
>go to the Skitarri marshal
>he makes some cog looking gesture
>do uh fist to chest, that always looks good
>"My Librarius says we may have an issue"
>explain greater demon problem
>think for 100th time "it was just supposed to be recon"
>Be arch magos explorator prime.
>Hear over the noosphere, glad to see my new Marshal IX-999 is getting along with Marshal Derro.
>He even has a nickname now, "Nines".
>Slowly get into position for battle with dark mechanicum fleet along with Blue Dragons and Baleful Punishment.
>I basically soloed these guys last time we fought, so I think I can handle them now again. Still the thought is nice.
>They might even be coming from when I kicked there asses the first time, since I don't see any repairs on their ships or new vessels from when they retreated.
>"My lady the main cannon is ready to fire."says one of the tech priests on the bridge.
>Aim my ship for what logic dictates to be the new flag ship of the Dark Mechanicum fleet.
>Also begin preparations for 9s to get a pick up after the void battle is over.
>Be Captain Ortland
>As we begin opening fire into the fleet the Space Marines join in with us
>Order all ships to keep evasive actions as to minimise the chance of us hitting allies
>Realise the Ark Mechanicus is the same one from when we were in orbit above the hive world
>What a small galaxy we live in
>Anyway I shake myself out of this thought when my vox communications flare up
>Ark Mechanicus is beginning to fire upon the Dark Mechanicus flagship
>Hail the space marines to fall back
>Order all ships to pull out before the cannon strikes
>Fighter pilots stay engaged in dog fights with suicide pilots and enemy fighters
>The Baleful Punishment, The Judgment, The Adjudicator and Justification of Law pull away just in time for the Ark Mechanicus to fire away
>Order all in the crew to observe this miracle of the machine God
>Be Zeta-23
>Still poking my head out of tank hatch
>Battle is going well
>Penal legion finally able to coordinate at range
>Astartes is talking to Derro, they both seem concerned
Can't be good.fuck
>Spot battle sisters kneeling and freaking out
>Reach back into ammo box, grab box of bolter rounds and some kind of ecclesiarchal necklace with a rose icon
>Some kind of conversion field? But it doesn't seem to have a power source...
>Guess now is a time to have faith and not question it
>Activate vox amplification
>Throw bolter rounds and rose icon at sisters
>Who knows, maybe the field will work for them
>Really hope I don't hit them in the head this time
>Be Sergeant Yuri.
>With the daemonettes dealt with I let put a sigh of relief.
>Its easy to deal with these sorts of things when you're in a acheo tech space marine tank and have an army or sisters, astartes, and skitarii cavalry backing you up.
>Though the two sisters we helped seam very upset about the loss of there cathedral
>Skitarii Marshal Derro approaches and asks if they're anything he can do?
>I tell him that if I know the sisters, they'll be up and fighting again in just a couple of minutes.
>Maybe even a bit harder than before.
>Notice Zeta 23 hand a portable vox caster over to the penal legion commissar and decide its probably a good idea to check on the rest of my own regiment over at the other hive city with the sabre's built in vox.
>Duck back inside and find the horn.
>While waiting for it to connect I stick my head out the hatch again and spot the bloody rose cannoness headed towards the two sisters with the heavy flamer and heavy bolter.
>I point her out to Zeta 23 if he wants to show her the dataslate and talk to her.
>Just then there's a bright light that shines even through the planet's seemingly constant overcast.
>Something big is definitely going on in orbit.
>Hope this planet isn't too attached to it's moon.

>Vox successfully connects to one of the other sabre tanks controlled by my regiment...
>Still be sergeant Yuri.
>And now Zeta 23 is throwing stuff at the two sisters and yelling at them.
>I don't know if the cannoness that's approaching will find that annoying or endearing.

he a little confused but he got the spirit.will smith
>Be Zeta-23
>Yuri points out the canoness right as I'm yelling at the sisters
>Massive light in orbit hopefully distracts everyone from my inability to interact normally
>Ask derro to vox over whatever the Astartes was saying
>Grab dataslate and climb out to share info and talk to the canoness about the chaos icons and daemons
>Maybe she knows how to exorcise these things
>Maybe I can interact with a battle sister without screaming or hitting someone in the head
>Be Skitarii Marshall Derro
>Finish my missive to Othello to request an Archeopter pickup for Nines
>Greet battle brother Dray as he approaches me
>Puts his fist to his chest in kind
>Figure the Blue Dragons might be a more "enthusiastic" kind of Imperial Fists successor chapter, but I keep this thinking to myself
>Anywho, by the look on his face I reckon what he's about to tell me ain't too good
>"My Librarius says we may have an issue," he says, then lays out that his Librarians expect a Greater Daemon to be hiding in one of the icon poles
>I let out a long, familiar sigh
"Oh zog..."
>One of those words us Ryzans "commandeered" from the Orks
>Those gits need to leave our home already
>Ask Dray if his Librarian happens to know which one it's hiding in
>I'll have to let the rest of my cohort on icon destruction duty, Othello, and the Arch Magos in on it with this bit of info
>I'll then give Zeta-23 a heads up to inform Nines, Yuri, and Matthias
>How the latter two let their men know, well, they'll best know how
>Still be Skitarii Marshall Derro
>Note to advise Zeta-23 to let the Cannoness know
File: IMG_20230708_143348_066.jpg (192 KB, 1080x675)
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>meet Marshal Derro
>explain the situation
>"Afraid not, just that he felt the presence when he was doing his Librarian ritual things."
>thinks 'librarian ritual things' by Alpharius get it together Dray
>"Apologies, but that kind of skill is little known to me."
>look skyward
>holy shit Harrowmaster settle down up there
>"It seems like my brothers are handling the fight in the void. Regardless, the Librarian senses a great force in the catacombs below us. That may be where we need to go."
>Chaos Knights, a void battle, suicide ogryns, demons, and now I'm going in the tunnels.
>Be Zeta-23
>Apparently one of the chaos things has a greater Daemon
>Awkwardly vox this to Yuri real quick
>Try not to freak out
>Start explaining myself to the canoness
>I'm liaising with the guard, there's daemons in the icons, there's a greater Daemon in one of the icons or maybe the catacombs
>Hope your sisters are doing okay but we need everyone in the fight on this one
>Astartes might be helpful and the skitarii definitely will but one of their marshals is fighting genestealers in the next hive
>Feel like I'm babbling
"Anyway do you have any experience with burning daemons back to the warp? I might have some sanctified ammo"
>Hope I didn't drop too much spaghedendrite
>Be Skitarii Mashal Derro
>Battle brother Dray gives the down low: his Librarian has no clue where the greater daemon is
>He also reckons we'll have to head underground
>Time to go play messenger
>Tell the people I set out to tell
>Do my best to keep up the morale of my men and women present as we dismount and prepare for indoor operations
>Ask Zeta-23, the only other member of the Mechanicus present, to take good care of our noble steeds while we're gone
>Some of them might not see their riders again
>Be Commissar Matthias
>Jacob finally gets another signal on the vox
>There's a civilian distress signal that's been largely ignored due to the heavy combat
>Set in a relatively unimportant hive city called Derwill
>It's got a genestealer problem with a dash of chaos cult dedicated to what they heard was called the Renegade God
>This hive city is unconnected from the one being blasted by chaos Knights and the one we are currently in
>Apparently the renegade God cult have slaughtered the pdf force there along with a small detachment of sisters
>Order Jacob to call all tetrarchs heavy landers to find a LZ and pick us up
>Tetrarch pilots respond and give us the coordinates
>We are going to need to go airborne in order to get there
>Thankfully there are spare parachutes on them because we always need to keep back ups
>Step towards my Penal Legionaries
>Hear a resounding sir yes sir
>As I head out I vox the tech priest
"We've got another city in need of men. We are moving to Hive city Derwill as we've picked up a distress signal. May the Emperor guide you and the others"
>And with that I begin to march to the coordinates of the LZ

>Be Marcus
>Moving along with the other men of the 221st
>Commissar says we are going to be saving a city from gene stealers and cultists
>Been there killed that
>Also heard something about Tetrarchs so we are dropping in again I assume
>Probably more training for Sevastopol
>Be Marcus
>We eventually arrive at the tetrarchs
>The pilots are outside firing at some under equipped Cultists with las pistols
>With the order of the Commissar we open fire with precise las gun fire
>With the LZ fully clear, the Commissar orders us to get into the Tetrarchs and to equip parachutes
>Yup we are going to jump again
>I take my seat and look around
>The Commissar eventually sits down and orders the pilots to take off
>Tetrarchs begin to take off and Jacob the trainee Commissar voxes to all pilots to go to Derwill
>The air is a bit choppy due to our anti air having to deal with airborne targets
>The tetrarch I am in shakes slightly due to needing to try and make evasive maneuvers
>Commissar begins to speak to us

>Be Commissar Matthias
>Rousing speech time
>Jacob tunes the vox to the other tetrarchs so the others can hear the message
"You lot are the scum of the Imperium but today you've done the Emperor proud, though you are not yet forgiven. Your orders are simple jump down to Derwill, slay the heretics and save the Emperor's people. Maybe then you'll get his forgiveness"
>That must have inspired some more confidence as we continue to fly
>Eventually the pilots inform us of our arrival at Derwill
>Unfortunately it would appear the Renegade God cult have started to shoot at our tetrarchs
>One of the tetrarchs gets hit but still manages to stay up in the air enough for us to make it over the walls
>Order all Legionaries to get up and prepare to jump
>They do as they are ordered and the ramp opens
>Order men to run out and begin to jump
>As my men jump out the tetrarch I am in gets hit with a rocket causing the tetrarch to begin to go down
>Thankfully all my men are out so it's just me left
>I jump out and watch as two of the five tetrarchs we have go crashing down due to being taken out by anti air
>Thankfully inside the city the cultists are fighting one another and don't seem to notice us
>Be sister Trisha.
>As I cry out on my knees Kimberly puts a hand on my shoulder.
>I turn to look up at her.
"Sister Trisha I... I never really had the courage to say this before... but since everyone might be dead I figu--"
>Suddenly someone starts throwing rosary beads and bolter shells at us
>Kim turns to face them only to get hit in the face by a bolter clip and knocked out cold again.
>Maybe she should put her helmet back on
>Its the same tech priest rushing down into the crater with us.
>If he's talking about Saint Brigette from the Ermen Mantle I swear I'm go--
>Suddenly a shadow looms over the tech priest causing him to stop.
>Its the cannoness! she's still alive!
>Quickly I get up off my legs, then get down on one knee and make the aquila sign with my hands
>The cannoness towers over the tech adapt and looks down at him over her breast plate looking pissed
pic related
>The priest swallows then pulls out a data slate asking her if she's seen what's on it before?
>Instantly her mood changes
>She said that she's seen these only once before, way back when she was a Novitiate
>I don't hear much of the story
>And the tech priest keeps inturupting to bable on and on
>"Anyway do you have any experience with burning daemons back to the warp? I might have some sanctified ammo"
>That gets him back in her good graces and he slaps him on the back almost causing him to fall over
>Then tells him to take her to the blessed ammunition
>Be Zeta-23
>Derro wants me to take care of serberys steeds, canoness wants the ammo I mentioned, the 221st are off to the next city, and I accidentally knocked out a battle sister. Again.
>Rite of multitasking.exe
>Tell sister the rose necklace is not a generic model
>Subroutine updating everyone about everyone else while I get back to the tank
>Subroutine ordering all the steeds to form up behind the tank until I can give further orders
>Dig in the bottom of the ordo chronos box
>Sanctified promethium
>Another Krak grenade
>Archeaotech sound only datadisk designation "Saba ton" (compatible with tank)
>Leave that with the tank cannon shell from before
>Holy melta canister
>Civilian model chrono
>Sanctified bolter rounds
>Give canoness the promethium, bolt shells, and melta ammo
>Realise a hidden subroutine put the chrono on my wrist while I was doing everything else
Fucking time bullshit.exe
>Make sure canoness has my vox code
>Ask if she needs anything else
>Realise she mentioned seeing the chaos icons
>Shut up and let her speak
>Be sergeant Yuri.
>Hang up the vox after getting the update from my second in command
>The situation over at the 2nd hive city is not looking good.
>The chaos reaver titian has proven to be a very tough nut to crack even with these heresy era astartes tank.
>What’s worse is all the warp rifts it’s opening has let some truly monstrous tech horrors through the cracks in reality
>The only upside being the genestealer cultists keeping most of them distracted by basically burying them in bodies
>Zeta 23 also tells me that apparently to get rid of whatever’s going on at this hive they need to go down into the underhive to fight a greater daemon.
>I tell him that the Astartes and Sororitas can probably handle that sort of thing better than we can since that’s what they’re for.
>I’m going over to the 2nd hive to lead my men better, he can come if he wants or stay with these guys
>I won’t make him come if he doesn’t want to.

>Also see the penal legionaries are on their way to a third hive to deal with another problem.
>I wish them the best of luck
>Be Zeta-23
>Jump back in the tank with yuri
>Tell the canoness sorry but she'll have to vox me about any developments
>Order cybersteeds to follow at a distance
>Not sure what to do with these but if there's anybody caught in no man's land maybe they can jump on
>Take up engineer's position in tank

>Be Sister Sin, 98th Night Born
>Been lying low for a while
>Due to the lack of advanced warning, our company was poorly positioned when the Imperial forces arrived in our area, so we all had to scattered and have been trying to regroup with a large allied unit ever since
>Have managed to kill a few Valhallan scouts along the way
>Perhaps they may even be from the 545th, but it seems unlikely given how few are left
>As far as I can tell, most of the lesser cults managed to get themselves destroyed in some pointless last stand by the cathedral
>Weak though they may have been, at least they were tying up the bulk of Imperial forces
>Out of desperation make vox contact with one of the surviving dark skitarii squads
>It tells me it is heading to the underhives to make contact with a greater daemon
>Wait? What greater daemon!?!
>Oh right, that greater demon....
>Time to get out of this hive, although there are few worse things in the galaxy than what happens when you fail a Night Lord, most of those worse things pale in comparison to what could happen if what I think is going to happen happens
>Be Marcus
>As I fall towards Derwill City I spot the cultists fighting each other
>Genestealers Vs heavily mutated Cultists dressed in black and white
>I then spot a good area to land and dive towards it
>Once I feel like I'm at a good altitude I pull the chute and begin to slowly drift down towards the landing area
>My colleagues also pull their chutes
>The 221st once again are descending down with cloth parachutes
Pic Related
>Upon landing I roll and pull out my Lasgun
>I ended up landing on a building giving me a height advantage against the cultists below
>Urban warfare activate
>Proceed to take pot shots at the enemy, I'm not as precise as Simon but at least I can still hit my targets
>Explosion goes off in the distance
>Seems those two downed Tetrarchs finally went off
>The Cultists are confused
>The genestealers anyway, the Renegade God ones just stay quiet and keep shooting
>They weren't expecting a three way fight I guess
>Soon more lasgun fire joins mine as 221st penal Legionaries open fire from roof tops and alleyways
>Laser fire ripping through whatever it makes contact with
>Eventually hear the iconic sound of a bolt pistol which drops a few acolytes
>Commissar made it out in time
>With the fire power of both Renegade God Cultists and our own, the Genestealers are forced to retreat
>They'll probably try to link up with other genestealers due to how badly they've been wounded
>Now it's just us and the Renegade God cult
>Suddenly a Psyker amongst them casts a massive warp cloud that makes it harder to see and hit the enemy
>They use this opportunity to fall back
>Frag, I think to myself
>Be me
>Deathwatch Brutalis Isaac of the Angry Marines
>Awaken from my slumber and find I am once again under the command of the FUCKING COWARD Moron Octavius
>Grab a bondsman in my Brutalis Claw TM and get him to squeal about where the fuck we are
>Apparently we’re in high orbit above some shit hole shrine world currently in the middle of a three way (technically maybe four way?) battle between: chaos, toaster fucker chaos, xeno fucker cultists, and imperium
>Moron Octavius is reluctant to get involved because apparently only one faction is currently only half xeno and he’s waiting for it to escalate
>Shove the bondsman nerd into a locker, then find the nearest tech marine and get him to seal me into a drop pod


>Target the city with the highest concentration of xeno scum
>Drop pod smashes through a stain glass window
>Kick the door down and get my bearings
>I’m in a cathedral
>Purestraines surround me and ahead is an aberrant clutching a stop sign with a chunk of cement still attached to the bottom.
>It roars at me while the second smaller head reeees
>I activate my Brutalis claws and turn my vox horns to the max volume

>Be Marcus
>As the warp cloud clears up Simon shouts that they've fallen back to another cathedral
>He saw this through his scope he nicked
>Commissar bellows at us to push up
>We do as we are told
>Because roofs are somewhat close together I go from roof top to roof top
>Others on roofs do the same thing I do and eventually we come across the cathedral
>It's partially ruined and littered with corpses, both alien and human
>Some of the human ones are partial eaten and it's a general gory mess
>Banners flying of a checkered black and white skull
>As we arrive the Commissar orders us to open fire
>The enemy are more fortified here so we have to take cover where we can as they have two heavy bolters firing away at us
>I spot the Psyker who seems to be attempting something
>He's devouring a corpse whilst energy glows around him
>See Simon line up a shot and fire at him
>However a mutated cultist absorbs the blow for the Psyker
>The Psyker then screams out a psychic energy wave that spreads all across the planet
>I have to temporarily stop firing and hold my head
>From what I can try and make out of it, the Psyker screamed
>Once I shake it off I return back to shooting
>Simon keeps trying to snipe the Psyker

>Be Commissar Matthias
>Psychic scream scrambles my mind somewhat
>But the litanies and the Emperor keep me steady
>Some guardsmen are collapsed to the ground eyes and ears bleeding
>Screaming about how the Dark Gods and all things must die
>One of my trainees is amongst them
>Order my other trainees to execute those who are afflicted along with me
>May the Emperor have mercy on their souls
>Once the executions are over I return to the task at hand
>Damn those heavy bolters
>It's hard to for my men on the ground to try and shoot anything
>The roofs offer some of my men the advantage but they quickly have to take cover the moment one of the heavy bolters turns it's attention to them
>Be Marcus
>We've had to take cover due to a heavy bolter turning it's attention towards us
>Making my ears go deaf at this rate
>Simon can't even get sniper shots on the gunners
>I crawl to the edge of a roof and shout down to Solomon when I spot him
>Watch Solomon duck into an alleyway as a man next to him gets riddled with enemy LA's and bolter fire
>He checks his stuff and pulls out two Krak grenades from suicide Ogryns we killed before they could go kaboom
>He pulls the pin of the krak grenade and runs out of cover tossing one with great gusto at one of the heavy bolters before diving straight to the ground and into cover
>The grenade detonates taking out one of the heavy bolters
>Simon takes this opportunity to snipe the last gunner and notices that the Psyker is missing
>Commissar orders those on the ground to push up and wipe out the cult
>Spot Adrian rushing into the enemy knife and auto pistol drawn
>He uses the brute force of his Kanak Skull taker training
>Other men get into the melee
>Even the Commissar has pulled out his chainsword
>All seems to be going well until we notice something happening above the church
>A crack in reality bursts forth and coming down from the sky is a massive mutant
>It's an enormous blob of sickly coloured blubber with chitin armour sticking out of weird ends and finally it's face was once that of a man but twisted into a horrific visage of an animals skull
>It lets out a scream
>Notice that it has the same symbol as the cultists
>Upon seeing this the Commissar orders us to start falling back
>The front line begins to fall back but some are unlucky and are smashed to pieces by a large claw on the creature
>I am in terror of the beast
>But even worse I see something descending from the sky
>Drop Pods in the same black and white livery
>Be Captain Ortland
>As we observe the miracle of the machine God we get a vox from the Justification of Law
>Another vessel has entered the system
>It's a chaos vessel in black and white
>Worse still it's started to deploy Space Marine drop Pods to the planet
>Specifically in a city called Derwill
>Immediately send a vox to the Ark Mechanicus and Blue Dragons about the situation
"This is Captain Ortland, one of my ships has just detected that a chaos vessel has entered the system and is deploying Drop Pods to the planet. Leaving The Judgement and The Adjudicator to assist you whilst The Baleful Punishment and The Justification of Law will deal with these new intruders"
>And with that I send the orders to engage the new chaos ship
>It's a black and white battle barge
>By the Emperor

>Be Commissar Matthias
>Ordering my men to fall back from the Cathedral
>I then scream at Jacob to send a vox signal to all allied forces on the planet
"This is Commissar Matthias, situation at Derwill as escalated, the Cult have brought forth a massive mutant and have brought enemy chaos space marines down to the planet! I repeat, Chaos Space Marines have made planet fall! City Derwill is lost!"
>Order Jacob to keep that on repeat so that the message can keep playing whilst we are on the move
>The drop Pods come down and the beast has inspired the cultists to start pursuing us
>The Beast attacks both cultist and penal Legionary
>Try to remember what the name of this warband was
>Think Matthias think what was their name?

>Be Marcus
>As I stand in shock at the drop Pods coming down, Simon screams at me to run
>I snap back to reality and begin running
>Just as the beast's claw smashes the roof I am on
>What has today been?
>As I flee I see one of the drop Pods open
>Genestealers come out from the pipes to attack the new comers but are cut down en masse by the traitor marines who fight in total silence
>Be sister Trisha
>After the canoness fills the tech priest in on the grisly details of her first time fighting something like this as a novitiate, he decides its best for him to handle things elsewear and flees with the valhallan commander leaving behind the blessed ammo for us
>Our cannoness gives a gloriously heroic speech that I do not feel like writing here in its entirety but just trust me when I say it really was super inspiring.
>I especially like the part how she gave the whole thing while standing on top of the decapitated statue head of Canoness Konstanzia statue
>Her eyes have terrified me for years so having her heel grinding into her crumbled forehead was a real moral boost
>She then goes over to the leader of the Blue Dragons to talk strategies for going down into the catacombs to deal with these heretics and whatever planning

>Sister Kimberly also wakes up and asks what she missed so I start to fill her in while reloading my heavy flamer from the new stock pile
>Also forgot to mention
>The light was shining while she gave her speech.
>Be sergeant Yuri
>Me and Zeta-23 make our way through the wasteland between hives with the Serberys following behind us
>We weave around the bodies of fallen knights, taken out thanks to these heresy era anti tank tanks.
>Still a few of the Sabre’s lie split open here and there
>Finally the hive comes into view, with the chaos reaver titian still firing into it
>with emperor only knows how many purestraines crawling all over it
>Thank emperor it’s void shields are also down as well, so we can fire at it and actually do some damage
>As I line up the shot with the neutron blaster cannon, I see a single black drop pod smash into one of the cathedral windows behind the titian.
>Hope this means more marines will eventually show up to defend this hive
>Then I fire.
>Be Zeta-23
>Keeping tank at 100% for Yuri
>Dodging knights and blasting them
>Being followed by serberys steeds like a mixed cavalry/armour charge
>Good to be back
>221st declaring their city lost and talking about chaos marines and xenos mutants
>It's always something
>Tell them to get to the nearest edge of the city for extraction by steed but it won't wait long
>Send the steeds to them with a simple instruction to pick up friendlies and return to a friendly position
>And leave after a short time if no friendlies appear
>Be Commissar Matthias
>Get a response from the tech priest Zeta-23
>Tells us to head to the nearest edge of the city
>Respond back
"Affirmative we'll hold out for as long as possible at the city edge, closet one to our current location is the west wing"
>With that I hang up the vox and keep moving
>Order my men to fire and fall back
>More drop Pods are descending fast smashing into buildings and releasing their heretical lot
>Bolter fire ringing out along with lasgun fire
>Some buildings are ablaze due to the drop Pods and the mutant is smashing everything it comes across
>Even the Chaos Marines aren't safe from its wrath as it keeps screaming
>Order Jacob to vox signal the distress signal's broadcaster and tell them to get the hell out of Derwill whilst they still can
>Jacob tells me the lines dead and all he can hear on the other end of it is the heavy breathing of an Astartes power armour
>Damn it, the marines must have already found the civilians we were going to attempt to rescue

>Be Marcus
>I've run out of roof to jump to
>As have many of my other guys on the rooftops
>Have to slide down pipes to get to the ground
>As me and the others descend a drop Pod lands directly near me
>I shout as the pod opens up
>Bolter fire rings out taking out two Legionaries
>I keep running ducking and weaving into alleyways
>I've lost them I think
>But I've lost contact with the rest of the 221st
>Well I've got a lasgun, combat knife and a grenade on me
>I might be screwed
>Remember hearing the Commissar saying to get to the west wing of the city
>I begin to move again
>The sound of gun fire and explosions are intense
>That combined with the smoke covering the city makes me feel like I'm back in the underhive
>As I keep moving I eventually come across five cultists slamming at a door with melee weapons
>Thinking fast I line up my shots and take them out
>Be Death Jester Malarai
>Got orders from my superiors to move to another hive city where Genestealer and Chaos Cultists were fighting
>It did not go well
>Within an hour of my arrival the star weaver gets shot down
>Fortunately I survive the crash with negligible injuries
>Besides the fact that I was knocked out for a few hours
>Enough stuff broke in the crash that I have no way to contact the rest of my Masque-Mates, no idea where they are or if they are even alive
>It's a solo act now.
>But one random gun won't do much, so I plan to find some Imperials to follow and assist
>Have to try and be hidden, Mon'keigh are often not appreciative of Eldar assistance
>Eventually come across some soldiers making a retreat from the city.
>Apparently everything got worse while I was out
>Chaos Marine are dropping in, and this group is being chased by a giant mutant
>My naturally good hearing has me pick up that they will be "extracted by steed"
>Steed? Like... a horse? I knew Mon'Keigh were barbaric but-
>On the other hand, I have never ridden a horse
>Run along rooftops following the retreating squad, shooting at any retreating cultists to help conserve the number of Mon'Keigh forces that can be thrown against them later.
>Still be Marcus
>I move over to the door they were banging on
>I knock on it slightly
>I then press my ear to the door and can faintly hear murmuring on the other side
>Something along the lines of are they still there, why is the banging stopped?
>Calmly I speak up
"This is Marcus of the Imperial Guard, we heard one of the many distress signals. Derwill city has been lost to the traitors but I and my regiment can escort you out of here. We have an evacuation zone set up for you to flee to"
>I wait patiently for a bit before getting a response
"Will the Emperor watch over us?"
>Instinctively I say
"The Emperor watches over all. He brings savoirs in many forms"
>The door then opens revealing two men, three women and one infant
>They are all scared of the situation
>The explosions in the distance really aren't giving them confidence
>I hand the two men the melee weapons of the cultists
"Come on let's get going, we've got ground to cover and enemy forces are within the city"
>As I lead they follow with me
>I have to take things steady though
>It's only me and two armed civies that are protecting unarmed people
>I come to a stop and tell them to stop moving
>A chaos marine walks past dragging the corpse of a Penal Legionary whose number reads 712
>One of the men seems puzzled by the number as well as mine but I quickly shut down his questioning one the marine is long gone
>I continue to move focussed on getting to the extraction point and to my regiment
>I am not going to die in this city and will not get executed by the Commissar if I bring some civilians
>At least there will be some survivors of Derwill left alive

>Be Commissar Matthias
>As we flee and shoot my eyes catch the sight of an Eldar on the roof
>He's shooting the cultists
>This in turn gets the mutants attention
>It roars it's battle cry
>It then brings forth its claw stopping in its tracks and attempts to slam its claw against the Eldar but misses
>Be sergeant Yuri.
>The shot hit the titian directly in the right knee.
>It didn't bring it down yet but a couple more shots like that should do the trick.
>Also found a Sabaton CD in the glove box while driving here, so were playing that while everything is going on
>No speakers to blare it to the whole army though.
>Zeta 23 is driving again, doing an excellent job making sure we dont get stomped on by a knight or hit with one of the cultists mining lasers, or whatever thing the dark mechanicum stuff is firing, as well as avoiding the friendly tanks and skitarii serberys here
>Dont really think anyone other than a tech priest could keep track of all the shit going on around us and make sure we don't crash..
>Tell him to steady us for another shot and tell my gunner to get ready to fire.
>Be Zeta-23
>Yuri asks me to steady tank
>He's plugged in the archeotech sound disk from before
>Say what you want about the ancients they knew music
>One of the serberys jumps over us as we fire and the chaos titan screams
>Did anyone get that on holovid?
>First cybersteeds starting to near the city walls but a lot more are still dodging titans and tanks
"Commissar your transport is arriving soon!"
>Hope they can manage to hang on as the steeds bring them to other friendlies
>Keep sending sensor data to Valhallans so noone gets flanked
>Be Commissar Matthias
>We have arrived at the zone
>Due to the mutant focusing on the Eldar we are able to get into cover and bunker down
>Jacob informs me that Zeta-23 has told us of our evac arriving soon
>Order all men to open fire upon the enemy until evac gets here
>By now Derwill is a ruined mess
>Statues of saintly figures have been torn down and crushed by the Genestealers and renegade god Cultists that fought before we got here
>Then the mutant and chaos Astartes arrived causing the city to burn
>Notice that 9820 is missing from my ranks
>I assume he's dead but a part of me knows he might still be out there
>Former Lord Commissar Gabriel the one with the intense bionic eye always said to me that 9820 has a habit of surviving longer than most in a Penal Legion
>I grit my teeth slightly as I open fire with my pistol into the enemy
>Begin to let out an inspiring speech
>Hear a resounding call of hurrah as the firing of lasguns increases
>Though from behind the cultist mass I see those traitor marines approaching
>They open fire with boltgun and autocannon
>They disregard the chaos cultists that brought them here
>Yet there are no yells of blood lust from these traitors
>Only eerie silence
>Then one of the men by the name of Simon sports 9820 escorting some civilians through the alleyways
>Oh right got to confiscate his scope once this is over
>Either way at least 9820 didn't take the opportunity to run away and also managed to get some survivors of Derwill
>Not all was lost
>Eventually 9820 makes it to the evac soon through a gap he finds
>Immediately order him to the lines whilst I get my trainees to tend to the civilians

>Be Marcus
>Finally arrived after sneaking through alleyways and destroyed buildings
>Immediately ordered to join up and fire upon the traitors
>Works for me as thankfully I see that Simon, Adrian, Solomon and Pete made it

>Be Death Jester Malarai
>Was hoping my shooting wouldn't be noticed among all the firing
>But I forgot that its called a Shrieker Cannon for a reason
>The massive mutant that was chasing the Mon'Keigh, is now chasing me
>This is actually great, because between my equipment and agility, I am far better at evading it than they are
>I lead the mutant away, taunting it as I go in case it can understand me
>Unfortunately, it is a bit faster than me, I am only able to maintain my lead by guiding it into cultists, before it chases me again
>The shots I land into it seem to just make it angrier
>As I am trying to come up with a plan to get out of this mess, my salvation comes before me.
>A giant hole!
>I stop my running and turn so my back is too the pit
>I feel fear grip my mind as I hear the mutant stomping towards me, if this doesn't work, I will surely die
>Soon enough I am in the beast's sight once again
>It charges towards me, and despite all my instincts saying other wise, I hold my ground
>Just before it is able to crush me I jump back into the pit
>The monster's momentum sends it over the edge and falling into the darkness below, after a few moments, I hear a massive crash below me
>I use my flip belt to jump onto a nearby crane, and climb back to the surface
>As I get to the surface, I hear from below
>Looking down, I don't see it climbing back up, but I do hear some faint screaming
>Start heading back towards the retreating soldiers
>They didn't shoot me immediately upon seeing me, I think, it was rather chaotic.
>And besides, I still wanna ride a horse.
>Be sergeant Yuri.
>The shot hit it directly in the right knee again and the titian cries out in pain.
>The knee still isn’t broken though.
>One or two more shots should do it though
>It’s noticed us now.
>It’s starting to turn its gatling cannon arm to face us
“Zeta, get ready to start dodging like crazy!”
>I close the hatch and brace myself for what’s coming.
>Be Deathwatch Brutalis Dreadnought Isaac of the Angry Marines.
>Aberrant charges at me raising up its stop sign
>I charge back and catch the stop sign then slash at his chest with my talons
>He roars out then grabs my hand with his third arm twisting it back
>Get warning signals blaring in my skull as my claw begins to spark
>Fire at him point blank with the meltas around my sarcophagus till they start to overheat only causing more warning signs
>As soon as he takes one step back I knee him in the groin, then rip the stop sign from his grasp and use it to decapitate both his heads while he’s kneeling down clutching his crotch.

>I spin the sign around, then address the crowd of cultists and purstrains.

>Be sergeant Yuri
>Macro shells rain down on us like a bombardment.
>Zeta dodging out of the way as they explode the ground around us
>Pretty sure that titian is mowing down his own forces just to get at us.
>We swerve and skid like we’re on ice dodging some shots down to the second, but we can’t avoid all the hits.
>Hear a few dings on the hull and some new dents give us a heat attack.
>Suddenly the shots stop, the Gatling cannon must be over heating now, that’s just what I was waiting for.
>Open the hatch and stick my head out, we’re facing the wrong way.
“Zeta! Rotate us 215 degrees left, then angle up 45!”
>We might only get one shot at this.
>Be Zeta-23
>Almost all the serberys steeds have cleared the area and should be ready to pick up infantry
>I have more immediate concerns though
>Dodging and swerving through a hail of fire
>"Zeta! Rotate us 215 degrees left, then angle up 45!”
>Turn tank on the spot while reaching back with a mechadendrite
>Archeotech shell from inquisitor box loaded
"In position, Yuri!"
File: The F-Team Returns.png (917 KB, 1159x948)
917 KB
917 KB PNG
>Be Seer Delwyn
>No, Idrontie, your feet are not tired and I won't carry you
>We've been lost in the Webway for NINE MONTHS and you've complained for all of it
>Eralia, if you say P for Primarch again, you're getting sent to Slaneesh
>Gods, I'd have rather we had taken our chances with that horde of Imperials back on that Hive World
>Uncalibrated Webway gates don't make good emergency escape routes in a panic, kids
>What's that up ahead?
>Ey! Eyes front, everyone!
>Looks like a rusty old webway gate
>Finally, a way out of here I think
>Shut up, I don't care for your caution
>You want to keep wandering around in here?
>Thought not
>Last one in's a cracked soulstone!
>Euggggh, this smells absolutely revolting and it's dark
>Must be another Imperial world, fantastic
>Ceiling shakes with explosions and distant gunfire
>Did we just end up back where we started?
>Only the Imperials would place candles and purity seals in their sewer tunnels
>Everyone drags themselves out of the foul water in a hurry
>Wipe some toilet paper off the PDA and search for a connection to the WayWideWeb
>Zero bars
>To borrow from the Gothic lexicon, fething frak
>With that, we have no communication, maps or orders
>Talk about out of the frying pan
>Anyone have any ideas?
>Put your hand down Idrontie, yours are always stupid
>Climb up a ladder and surreptitiously poke a head out of a manhole
>Utter chaos
>Of all the lion's dens to end up in, a Shrine World too?
>Go back down
>Let's stay down here while we come up with our next move
>But first things first, I want out of this sewer
>Empty water out of shoes and start walking
>Hey, there's light ahead!
>Exit into the bottom of a huge pit with weak grey daylight filtering down
>Search for a way up into the upper tunnels
>Suddenly a massive mutated THING comes plummeting down the pit and crashes down on the bottom
>Let out a very girly and undignified scream and start running Warp for leather the other way
>I'd rather the sewers!
>Be Marcus
>Continuing to rapid fire my lasgun into the enemy space marines
>Out of the probably seventy five marines on their way to us we've taken out at least two
>Overwhelming fire power and all that
>In return we lost half of our guys so we are only roughly about three thousand strong
>Ah Frag, might not get out of this one lads
>But I'm a survivor damn it
>I ain't dying here
>I keep firing at whatever I can
>Thankfully there's basically no cultists left due to the mutant and the chaos marines
>Actually that's a point wheres that mutant gone?
>That's when some skull masked guy comes and assists us by firing down on the marines
>Commissar is basically screaming from the top of his lungs to never falter
>Emperor I love this regiment

>Be Kardu
>I think
>Was trapped in the Labyrinth for thousands of years
>The warps bloated and twisted me from the proud Son of Malice I once was
>Incessantly keep screaming
>Hear the sounds of a very girly kind
>Some of my blubber bursts and a massive eye emerges
>Let out a roar and begin to pursue the fleeing Eldar
>I'll feast on them in the name of the Renegade God Malice
>I shall deny Slaanesh their souls for Malice shall rightly have them
>Also heard bolter sounds from above
>Seems my brothers came to spread the word of Malice through obliteration
>Be sergeant Yuri
>Instead of the laser, a ticking solid shell rockets forth from the cannon some how.
>I didn’t know it could do that
>Once it hits the titian the leg begins to rust
>Rust then spreads up the leg as I watch the god engine age before my eyes
>The Titians leg snaps and it begins to fall.
>Only problem is with all that dodging were now closer to it than we were before.
“Zeta reverse NOW! Get us out of here before we’re crushed!”
>Be Zeta-23
>Vox the 221st to get on the cybersteeds now now now
>Titan starts to crumble
>So that's what that does
>Yuri yelling at me to reverse
>Don't think just go
>Plug another interface into the tank
>Time to embody the motive force
>Be Commissar Matthias
>As the marines keep firing our three thousand is halved
>I have 1500 men left in Derwill
>Just the Vox flares up and the sounds of hooves make themselves known
>Zeta-23 screaming at us to get on the cyber streeds
>My trainees assist in getting the civilians on as I keep shouting at my men to keep firing
>Gradually the fire power lessens up as I order men onto the steeds to get the hell out of here
>Vox to Zeta-23 to fire any artillery on Derwill once we are extracted as to prevent the Chaos Marines from leaving Derwill if possible
>Another 500 men die due to marine fire but their sacrifice was not in vein as all of us are on the steeds
>Even that Eldar managed to make it in time
>Frag it I'll shoot him later
>Let's just get out of here
>The steeds begin to gallop off as behind us Derwill burns
>The marines attempt to shoot us off the steeds
>Order Jacob to vox the Legionaries still on the tarantulas and Sabre gun platforms to link back up with us at the hive they are stationed at
>1000 men ain't gonna be enough for whatever happens next
>Hopefully they'll be enough loyalist pdf to man the Sabres in our place
>Be Skitarii Marshall Derro
>Do my darnedest to boost the morale of my now dismounted cavalry as we prepare to head underground with the Blue Dragons and Bloody Rose sisters
>Binary chanting always helps a speech go down just fine
>I coordinate with Dray and the Canoness to form a plan
>Zeta-23 better be taking damn good care of those horses, he hasn't voxxed me about it at all
>Get word that the hive city those Guard went to is about to collapse, more Aeldari appeared, and Chaos Astartes have arrived
>I've been voxxing the news to the rest of my cohort and the Arch Magos as they come along
>Haven't heard about Nines yet, Omnissiah willing I'm right about him being right
>It truly is a hell of a day
File: Biophagus.png (473 KB, 900x429)
473 KB
473 KB PNG
>Be Death Jester Malarai
>Blasting Chaos worshiping Mon'Keigh to cover the retreat of the regular Mon'Keigh
>Eventually I spot in the distance what I assumed to be the horses
>They are a lot more mechanical than I was expecting, with metal plating and tubes covering their bodies
>But beggars can't be choosers, so I try to figure out how to convince them to let me ride one
>Most Mon'Keigh are kept intentionally uneducated, so perhaps I can just tell them I am a eccentric human who-
>Why am I no longer on the ground?
>Feeling a hand holding my collar, I look up and see our Masque's Shadowseer, Velrani, leaning out of a star weaver
>She pulls me aboard and demands to know where I have been, and I inform her about the crash and my adventures
>Looking around I realize that right now there are 3 star weavers in our group, each carrying a troupe and a troupe leader
>She then informs me that we are going Patriarch hunting
>As we get to the city with the most Cultist activity, we see a massive dust cloud rising up from a fallen Chaos Titan
>With no idea where the Patriarch is, Velrani has the idea to find and capture a high ranking member of the cult and "draw the answer from his soul"
>We spot a cathedral where a battle is taking place
>Dropping off the ships and onto the roof, we peer inside and see cultists fighting space marines
>I recognized the armor of the marines, it was the Mon'Keigh's "anti-xeno" specialists
>These guys could not take a joke
>They were also just as likely to shoot at us as they were to shoot at the cultists
>But behind the cultists giving orders was a man in a lab coat, wielding a staff with tubes and vials sticking out of it. He was surrounded by mutated abominations that were almost twice his height.
>That's our man
>We drop down so that most of the cultists are between us and the marines, hoping that will prevent them coming after us, while we rush towards the doctor.
File: Adeptas-Sororitas.jpg (281 KB, 1112x1920)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
>Be Sister Trisha
>We make our way down into the catacombs of the ruined cathedral
>The Blue Dragons and the front, Bloody Rose in the middle with me and Kimberly at the front group forming the vanguard, and Ryza skitarii at the back with a couple sisters at the way way back with the cannoness to make sure they dont get flanked.
>Tunnels only allow two at a time with power armour, but 4 at a time for the skitarii.
>All of us have our helmits on, both for protection, and because they have night vision.
>No idea why the cannoness wants us heavy weapons behind the astartes, but im sure she has her reasons
>We come to three splitting paths, no idea were we are going.
>Cannoness asks the librarian if he can sense the icon with his foul witch magic, or the skitarii marshal if he has some kind of blasphemous device to detect it?
>Be sergeant Yuri.
>Zeta 23 reverses the Sabre at full speed almost causing me to fall off.
>I cling to the edge then climb back up
>Once I’m back in, looking up I see the titian falling right on top of us
>Suddenly the tank falls backwards into a crater, the treads getting tangled in barbed wire.
>Before we can get unstuck the titian comes down right on top of us and I close my eyes.

>Am I dead?
>Everything’s dark.
>No wait there’s a little red glow
>I look up and see the face of the titian looking down on me
>We’re trapped in the crater with the dead chaos titian lying ontop of us
>Be Zeta-23
>Moving backwards at double speed
>Send steeds with 221st around the battlefield and back to the defensive line
>Tank drops and we're stuck
>Chaos titan on top of us
>Call for any artillery to fire on Derwill while I lean out of a hatch to examine the situation
>Stare up at the chaos titan
>Can't help but feel like it's staring back
>All I have left from the box is two kraks, some weird las and plasma ammo, and an honest to the omnissiah civilian chrono for some reason
>Can probably cut our way out with a lascutter dendrite but it would take a while
>Not sure it's safe either
>Blasting our way out seems like a terrible idea
"...any ideas, Yuri?"
>At least it doesn't look like it can melt our tank right now
>Be sergeant Yuri
>Tank is in rough shape from the titian's gatling cannon
>From what I can see in the dim red light of the titian's eyes the crash also messed up the neutron blaster, it might still fire but I wouldn't feel comfortable doing so
>ESPECIALLY such an enclosed space
>Treads are going to take a lot of time to untangle from the barb wire especially when we can hardly see
>Only way out I can see is to go through the titian, but who knows what we'll find in there or if the crew is still alive.
>Me, and my men help Zeta 23 secure the kraks to one of the eye lenses then arm them.
>With that done we get back into the Sabre for what might be the last time to protect us from the explosion
>Zeta 23 passes me the detonator but I insist he does the honors.
>be severus
>I've been in this dark tunnel for what feels like hours now
>keep hearing odd noises in both directions
>if I keep moving forward I need to reach an end soon
>I've been gone so long though I don't know if anyone would be alive if I get back
>I have some combat stims left over
>maybe if I take them I'll come to at the exit
>let the rage overcome as I run down the tunnel
>everything goes black
>come to in a clearing
>covered in fresh blood
>there's a dead priest here
>he has a vox caster
>decide to radio in to ask for a report
>hopefully the sisters don't realize I'm not the priest
>Be Commissar Matthias
>We've finally arrived back at the defensive lines
>tarantula batteries have been firing non stop as have the Sabres
>Spot some of my Legionaries teaching the conscripts left alive how to use the sabre gun platforms
>It's nice I think
>Notice at some point the Eldar left
>I was too focused on getting everyone out and telling artillery the coordinates of Derwill
>Derwill at this stage is effectively a bombed to pieces ruins
>Though I'm fairly sure the Chaos Marines might still be kicking
>Just a hunch though
>Once we demount the steeds I order all Legionaries into formation
>Nine thousand Legionaries are left in my command
>Those are some good fighting numbers
>Going to need those considering what's going on
>Tell Jacob to start searching vox signals for anything that requires help from nine thousand troopers
>I have some of the PDF escort six civilians to civilian evacuation zones
>Tell both PDF forces and Legionaries to keep manning the lines for now

>Be Lord Forlorn of the Sons of Malice
>The blasted Imperials have escaped us
>They throw down fire from artillery upon us
>No matter we'll just find a new place to spread obliteration to
>Order my men to start moving out of the ruined city simply by walking back to the piles of the dead we've raised
>The Psyker who called for us is a gibbering mess on the floor
>He'll be useful for one last action
>I order my Sorcerer to start using his power upon the Psyker
>Sacrificing him directly to Malice
>We stand in silence as the Psyker screams
>His soul is rent asunder before us
>The warp forces us to travel somewhere else
>Decisions, decisions
>In reality we simply emerge a good several hundred miles away from the city being bombarded
>Well then
>Time to find some prey to slaughter
>We begin our march through the ruined world
>We shall obliterate it in the name of Malice and then we shall make our pilgrimage to the Labyrinth for the ceremony
>Be Seer Delwyn
>I think we're being chased
>Immediate plan - run?
>The mutated monstrosity rounds the corner gibbering something about being let out
>That sounds like a yes!
>Lemallyn, you're our rearguard tail gunner
>Why you?
>You don't panic and spray everything, that's why
>And wipe that turd off your shoulder plate
>Now move and shoot it!
>Run deeper and deeper into the tunnel system
>Through pipes, along corridors, through ducts, up and down stairs, across magrails
>Eventually come to a huge barred grate
>We can squeeze through, but it can't
>Yah boo, sucker
>Let's keep going before it busts through
>Looks like this is the basement of a cathedral?
>Might be a way out at least
>Round a blind corner and see people
>Not those bolter bitches and Astartes again!
>Quickly leaf through a waterlogged copy of The Complete Aeldari Pocket Guide to Marine Chapter Identification
>Looks like...Alpaca Legion? Elpho Legion? Aipna Legion?
>Damn cheap water-soluble ink
>Still, it's the wrong colour so it can't be.....
>Come back to senses
>Back to the mutant, back to the mutant!
>Giant crashing noise from down the tunnel
>Back to the Imperials, back to the Imperials!
>I think they know something's up
>Death by Flamer and Bolter or death by hideous deranged mutant?
>Neither, please!
>Down this way and up the ladder, everyone
>With any luck, they'll kill each other momentarily
>Now, get us out of these tunnels
>We've been chased far too much lately
>Be Zeta-23
>Get in the tank for protection
>Thank the tank for its service and blow the kraks
>Unholy noises from above
>Crater is even more full of rubble now and our tank's not going anywhere unless someone removes the titan
>And a bunch of weirdly organic looking cables
>But it seems we've got a way out
>Through the bloody chaos titan
>Tell Yuri and the crew the most likely route from the eye to an exit
>And don't listen to any weird whispers, standard chaos precautions apply even while it's dead
>I'm sure they know the score
>At least the serberys steeds are behind defensive lines
>Ask Yuri if getting some of the horses would be a good idea
>Got to be better than walking
>Be Skitarii Marshal XI-999
>Watch as the chaos titian is finally taken out by a sabre tank only to fall and crush the ones that took them out
>That’s a shame considering how brave whoever was in that tank was
>With the titian gone I don’t need to worry about any new warp rifts opening in this city, just the ones that already exist
>I can focus just a bit more of my processing power into hunting the kelermorph
>Speaking of which I have a lead, I found some red cloth from her cape near a manhole cover
>Heading down into the sewer to track her down
>Be Trooper Ivanna, Valhallan 545th Armored
>Used to be Lieutenant Ivanna, but hump wrong man
>Also shit at everything
>Therefore, get transfer to 545th
>Also known as: suicide mission regiment for screw ups and gulag scum
>Most of regiment goes to city called Derwill, but I get left behind in other city called something else, I forget
>Random man ask if I am deserter, but I lie and say I am scout and go into tunnel so he leave me alone
>Get lost as bad at direction
>See skinny women in fancy armor run one way
>See skinny women in fancy armor run other way
>Then skinny women in fancy armor do down ladder
>Maybe I should go down ladder too?
>Be sergeant Yuri.
>The kraks blow without a hitch.
>Well aside from unholy screaming but that’s to be expected.
>We all climb up through the eye into the titian and are met with the sight of bloody organs and guts smeared all over the inside of the head.
>Though not like the bodies were pulped by the impact, more like they were exposed to too much radiation and were melted and fused to each other and the consoles.
>Nothing in this place is even recognizable as once being human with guts and organs fused together into the console.
>Sparks, blood, and other fluids dripping down.
>The only light coming from the red glow of all the screens.
>The place also reeks like rotten meat.
>My loader pukes
“Oh calm down, this isn’t any worse than the screaming flesh room we passed through on the space hulk.”
>Zeta-23 points out the door at the back of the Titian’s skull that is our exit.
>So we start climbing the gut cables to get to it.
>As we climb Zeta asks if getting some of the serberys as transport is a good idea?
>I tell him that I’ve never ridden a horse before so I wouldn’t know how to use it.

>Suddenly some the gut cables come to life and start rapping around us.
>I take it back.
>This is slightly worse than the screaming flesh room.
>Be Kardu
>Mutant of Malice
>As I chase the Eldar they eventually squeeze through a barrier
>I roar in anger
>I then begin smash at the barrier with my chitin claw
>Another claw bursts out and helps the other one by continuing slamming the gate
>Soon I burst through and let out a roar and try to follow the Eldar
>I lose them however
>Well I'll just keep moving through these tunnels then
>Bound to eat something

>Be Commissar Matthias
>As we stay at the lines, I observe the battlefield and see figures in the distance
>It's the black and white chaos marines
>Order all sabre platforms and those manning the trenches to open fire on the advancing enemy chaos marines
File: Shadowseer_Wargear(1).jpg (227 KB, 854x1180)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
>Be Death Jester Malarai
>Most of the marines seem to be occupied by the vast swarms of half-tyranid mutants to be shooting at us
>Not to say this was perfectly clean, between cultist and marine fire we lose a few players.
>I must say, they also have the loudest marine I have ever heard, and I have heard a lot of marines
>I focus my shrieker cannon on hordes of hybrids before us, trying to clear a path to the doctor for Velrani
>Velrani shoots out hallucinogenic grenades from those ridiculous looking tubes on her suit, leaving the feeble-minded aberrants easy picking for the blades and pistols of the troupe descending upon them
>As the aberrants are dismembered, Velrani is able to grab the doctor, and orders a retreat
>Calling in for our star weavers to pull around and pick us back up
>Velrani is one of the first on the roof, and immediately begins to probe the mutated human's mind
>You can tell she is making progress due to the doctor's screams
>As our star weavers are spotted approaching out position, Velrani takes her miststave and knocks the hybrid off the roof
>She now knows that the Patriarch is somewhere in the massive catacomb complex under the city that was just bombed
>Realize that means the mutant I dealt with earlier is in that area
>Good thing I play the part of the Death Jester, or else people would question why I was suddenly laughing uncontrollably as we began boarding our transports
>Each of our troupes lost a member or two, but Velrani deems this enough, along with contacting the rest of our masque on the planet and telling them to rendezvous with us
>They were mostly more troupes, with a few troupe masters, and most excitingly a Solitaire named "Wilting Rose" that had joined up with our masque for this mission
>That knowledge killed my laughter, it was considered impossible to make people laugh while a Solitaire was in the room
>But as a proud Death Jester I had to try
File: images (8).jpg (10 KB, 306x165)
10 KB
>Be Marcus Scumbag
>The marines continue their approach toward us
>It's not all of them thankfully but it's still quite a bit
>Commissar ordering us and the PDF to open fire upon the Marines
>Thankfully we have anti armour capacity in the form of our sabre gun platforms and the tarantulas can output a lot of fire
>I take pot shots where I can as marine bolter fire opens up at us in the lines
>Then something strange happens on the field
>One of the marines begins to conjure something
>Using the many dead that still litter the field
>A large black vortex is formed and begins to eat what we fire at it
>Horror grips me at this revelation
>Some chaos Knights that were felled begin to be consumed by the vortex
>Dead bodies too are devoured by this vortex
>The marines continue to advance though they don't fire away with their bolters
>Commissar doesn't want to order a charge because we'll get eaten by the vortex

>Be Lord Forlorn of the Sons of Malice
>We've found out targets
>They fire at us with heavy weapons
>No matter
>I give my signal the order to utilise our most powerful spell granted to us by the Renegade God
>The Eye of Malice
>It consumes everything whilst keeping us protected
>It mostly only consumes things that have souls or make contact with it
>We are safe however as Malice already has our souls
>I would laugh if I could but in the end it wouldn't matter
>So I continue to advance upon the enemy
>Watching as the bodies and wrecked vehicles to the other dark gods and imperium getting consumed by the Eye of Malice
>Be Zeta-23
>Cables trying to grab us
>Start lashing out with utility mechadendrites and ripping at cables with servo arm
>Glad that I upgraded the basic blades on these
>But maybe I should add a power blade
>Cut off a cable that almost snatched a guardsman
>Blasting at where the cables are coming from with all three ballistic mechadendrites
>Plasma and hotshot laspistols
>Hope it's enough
>Dropped the chronos box las and plasma ammo in the fight
>Kick the las ammo over to Yuri
>Ordo chronos don't fail me now
File: 9j86nd5.jpg (145 KB, 724x1000)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
>Be Marcus
>We can't do a thing to the chaos marines
>Our rounds do nothing
>Their vortex just eats it all
>I feel a sense of hopelessness before them
>These silent killers don't even need to shoot us now to try and break is
>I can see the Commissar gritting his teeth in frustration
>The PDF morale is broken
>Most of the 221st is feeling despair
>But that's when I look at Adrian who is just staring at them not even a slight twinge of despair or hopelessness on his face
>The same face that stared down the Slaanesh daemons on Koronus
>The same one that faced the Nids down
>And one that now stares at uncaring oblivion
>The way he stares them down brings about some hope
>Why am I feeling despair?
>I've been through the same hell he went through
>Here on a shrine world we've stared down Traitor guardsmen and Knights
>We've fought Cultists of all stripes
>No Marcus don't feel despair now
>You even saved six civilians in a city that was lost to these marines and their big fuck off mutant
>Might as well let off shots to show your defiance
>I feel my breath steady itself and become calm
>Then I fire but my shot is weird
>There's a faint golden glow behind it
>The shot pierces through the vortex and hits a marine
>Splitting his head into multiple pieces
>Similar punch to a Lascannons
>I stare in amazement slightly
>As does my comrades in the 221st
>I let out a scream
>And with that I fire again as do my comrades in the 221st
>All the shots have outlines of gold that pierce through the vortex

>Be Lord Forlorn of the Son's of Malice
>Lasgun bolts are piercing the Eye of Malice
>My men are killed en masse by these shots
>Then I am struck again and again
>What Warp magic is this
>The silence of our advance is broken as I and my marines scream in pain
>This pain, I can feel it in my soul
>My soul which I gave to Malice
>Why do I feel pain there!
>Be Kelermorph Olivia
>Receive phychic backlash of the death of our beloved magus
>The last image I see is the Skitarii Marshal burned into all our minds
>Without the magus out corrdination crumbles
>I’m forced into the sewer to take cover my cape getting snagged on the manhole
>I’ll try and make it back to our home and reorganize with whoever else is still alive
File: 9hq07602t7zx.jpg (230 KB, 488x1200)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
>Be Commissar Matthias
>I'm stunned
>What the hell is this
>My men are firing lasgun bolts that have a golden outline
>Similar to living saints and other holy things
>But these men are criminals
>Yet the God Emperor is blessing them with the ability to fight the very darkness itself
>As I watch 9820 firing his lasgun with the most calm expression on his face
>I think back to my last meeting with the former Lord Commissar of this regiment
>I used to train under him and I'd always ask why he decided to lead a regiment of vile scum
>He'd always say, "In ancient Tera, there was a man who once said that Diamonds are coal that did well under pressure"
>This always baffled me
>Diamonds require more than pressure to form to begin with
>Additionally coal hasn't been used in millennia as a power source when we have plasma
>On his death bed he finally explained to me why he chose that quote
>"Because when you put someone of low value into situations where they are constantly pressured, be it by the enemy, their own allies or their own sense of guilt for what they've done. Those people have the opportunity shine as bright as any diamond"
>I finally get it now as I watch my men continue to rip apart the marines with their lasguns
>The screams of the marines is a joy to listen to
>I even look up slightly above my men and see what I think is the ghostly form of the former Lord Commissar watching over them with his stern eyes
>It's nice to see that they are both his natural eyes
>Those piercing eyes of a man who judged all and could find the brightest of lights
>And when that clashes against the darkness of the heretics
>You get the Emperor's wrath fully realised

>Be Marcus
>As I continue to fire I take out the enemies
>They buckle and wein under our holy lasgun bolts
>Its light and energy powerful enough to spread throughout the world
>The Emperor has manifested himself upon this world
>Be not afraid, children of the Imperium
>For hope flows through you now
>Be sister Trisha
>While the Blue Dragons librarian and Skitarii marshal are arguing with my canoness we pick up a vox signal coming from the tunnel on the left
>It’s too garbled to make out the words, but me Kimberly and a few other sisters decide to investigate while the Mechanicus and Astartes argue about the best way to find the icon
>Part if me secretly hopes it’s some heretic messing with the vox so I can burn something
>be severus
>no vox response
>that's a bad sign
>lost my flamer during the blackout need to think of a good plan
>priest has a power maul and bolt pistol decide to take them
>also a inferno grenade
>get an idea
>rig the grenade so that if anyone moves the body the pin will fly out
>trail blood down the western door hope it will distract them
>run up the north tunnel
>back in the dark
>Be sergeant Yuri
>Zeta starts cutting at the living cables causing some to shreak and slither away
>He then gives me a few power packs for my Las pistol
>We get to the back of the head/ top and find the door sealed with skinny
“Zeta start cutting through this door we’ll cover you!”
>A couple of the screens are now showing close ups of eyeballs that watch us
>Just to be safe I start shooting those along with the living cables
>Be Zeta-23
>Yuri tells me to cut through the door while he's popping some screens showing looking eyes
>Use my lascutter on the hinges but it's fleshy inside and won't cut right, it grows back
>Stick in the mechadendrite with the plasma pistol and blow a chunk out of it
>Rip what's left off with my servo arm
>Truly they have desecrated this engine beyond saving
>Binaric screams at me about the glory of chaos and souls and stuff
>Heard it before
"Door's open! Not far now!"
>Keep pushing forward while blasting anything too chaosy looking
>Screens with eyes, cables that move like snakes
>We're going to be exiting into an active battlefield soon
>221st seem to be holding their own at the lines though
>Even pushing the traitors back at points
>...back towards us
File: itsatrap.jpg (5.33 MB, 4032x3024)
5.33 MB
5.33 MB JPG
>Be Seer Delwyn
>Huff, huff, huff
>This ladder goes up forever
>I didn't skip leg day, but might have skipped arm day
>Can't hear the monster any more and there's no yelling and promethium toasting our buns
>I think we might be in the clear for now
>Shouldn't say that, might curse ourselves
>Bring the PDA up to my face and start tapping away at it
>Realise we're all still on a ladder
>I think that's Lemallyn's shoulders I landed on
>Still, there are worse places to be
>Upwards, my noble steed!
>Oh, you killjoy
>Okay, I guess we all are compared to being a Corsair
>I'll grant you that one
>Come to a thick wooden trapdoor at the top
>Damn, this things heavy - help me here?
>One, two, three, heave!
>Hear a bang and something shattering
>I hope we didn't break anything too valuable
>Stop trying to climb over me, I'm the leader so I go first
>Looks like we're not in the sewers any more
>Some kind of storage space?
>The trapdoor seems to have been under a table with some glassware on
>Nobody comes to investigate the sound
>All right, you can come out now
>Place seems deserted, there's nobody in the corridors either
>Could have sworn I heard the trapdoor bang again, like someone else had followed us up the ladder
>Must have just been a shell outside
>Up a few flights of stairs, there's windows to outside and some swish decor
>VERY fancy indeed
>I'd wager this is the residence of one of the local bishops or their senior clergy ilk
>Coward probably legged it as soon as the fighting started
>Too many clergy on this one planet
>Hey, is that...
>It's the biggest bath I've ever seen
>You'd never see something like that back home
>Realise we're all still covered in shit, there's absolutely definitely nobody else in the building and not even any battle sounds outside
>Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
>I'll go get what passes for soap around these parts
>Be Trooper Sasha, Valhallan Ice Warriors
>Riding in weird tank
>Its called a Sabre Tank Hunter and apparently they haven’t been in widespread use for 10 millennia
>There was also some Sabre gun platforms earlier, maybe someone mixed up the names on the requisition forms and we got a few near-mythical tanks from some cold storage somewhere? Stranger things have happened, especially in this regiment
>The tank commander is none other than Sergeant Yuri, no idea why he isn’t at least an acting captain yet
>Apparently all the good tank crew members died in our past few adventures, since now I man the heavy bolter in Yuri’s command Leman Russ
>Except we aren’t in a Leman Russ, we are in a Sabre
>Basically Yuri and that enginseer do all the work, while the rest of us are crammed in the back of the tank with the big glowing generator
>The generators probably giving off all sorts of radiation, luckily I already got rendered infertile, but sucks for the boys, not that I really care
>Anyways, I was knocking back some spiked tanna from my flask when suddenly a chaos titan tries to crush us with its face and we end up inside it
>Been there, done that already
>Get completely soaked in rotting human fluids, also the loader projectile vomits in my face
>Been there, done that too, at least four times I think
>Then we get attacked by a bunch of rapey tentacles
>Been there, done that, waaay too many times...
>We end up hanging around (in some cases literally) inside the titan’s head for a while, shooting everything that moves or blinks while the engineer blows a hole in the door for us to get out
>End up outside the titan with a huge swarm of black and white goons charging towards us
>Because of course they are...
>Be Ranger Bunni’Viie Lemallyn
>AKA Jakk’Spi the Swift
>AKA The Hapless Corsair
>But that isn’t important right now
>What is important is trying to be the adult in a group for a party of the most hopeless screw-ups the Eldar race has to offer
>I mean sure, I am a standing joke on my old craftworld, two corsair bands, four ranger bands, and even a kabal I accidentally joined
>But this is Idrontie’s first time away from her craftworld (also she is dumber than a mon’keigh), Eralia is literally brain damaged, and don’t get me started on Laering and Greg
>Even Delwyn has pretty consistent bad judgement, but I am never sure when he is foreseeing something, and when he is just being dumb
>Like when he landed on my head earlier while getting distracted climbing a ladder
>Or like right now, where it seems he wants to take a dip in some mon-keigh’s crude but gaudy oversized bathtub
>Decide to stand watch on the entrance instead, but first I will try to wash of at least a bit of this filth off my face and armor with water from the sink
>Be Kelermorph Olivia
>Manage to make it back to one of our many hidden safe houses
>Enter through a secret passage hidden behind a book case and let out a sigh of relief taking of my sewage covered boots
>Notice footprints coming from the trap door under the table towards the bathroom
>That’s odd, everyone knows your supposed to take your shoes off before entering so you don’t track shit and mud everywhere
>Draw my side arms and slowly follow the footprints to the bathroom to see who’s here
>Properly just one of the lower ranked neophytes that don’t know proper protocol but can’t be too careful with a war going on all around us
>Be Commissar Matthias
>The vortex the chaos marines used eventually collapses in on itself due to one of my men sniping their Sorcerer with their Emperor infused lasgun
>See the remaining Astartes beginning to fall back and firing their bolt guns
>Decide here and now to end them
>Raise my chainsword and scream from the top of my lungs
>The 221st shout out victoriously and begin to rush out of the trenches
>I see 9820 and four other men leave first and lead the assault
>Going to have to put in word to the Inquisition of this miracle that happened and see what they do from there

>Be Marcus
>Leading the empowered 221st in a charge against the remaining 15 marines that are on the retreat
>Firing my lasgun several times over
>Managed to take down 2 marines as Adrian gets another 2
>Simon gets himself 3
>Solomon gets himself 2
>Pete gets himself 1
>The marines take some of us down in kind due to us leaving the safety of the trench but each man slain is a warrior in death the Emperor can send when they are needed
>Soon see some loyalists exiting a fallen knight
>Can't focus on them now as we wipe out the remaining Traitor marines
>The last one falls to the ground before our allies breaking out of the knight as the holy light of our lasguns renders him apart
>Can feel the Emperor's approval in the back of my head
>Look around the battlefield now to see what else can be charged into
>Be sister Trisha
>My squad find the dead body of a priest
>The corpse has been pretty obviously tampered with
>And very badly at that
>Serious who dies in that pose clutching a grenade pin like that?
>It’s like this priest was about to throw it, but got embarrassed and decided not to then someone walked up and stabbed him a bunch of times but somehow he still didn’t let go of the grenade
>Blood trail leading down the western door also looks about as fake as shit
>Again not really sure what narrative whoever set this up was going for, they were probably high on heretical drugs or something and thought they were being cleaver
>It’s honestly a bit funny how badly this trap was set up
>Disturbed dust leads west
>Sister superior points out that we should follow the cultist since he may know were the icon is set up
>So my squad follow were the cultist went
I meant to write: “Disturbed dust leads NORTH”
>Be Skitarii Mashal Derro
>Dray was right about their Librarian being "unconventional" but honestly haven't seen anything too out there from him yet, Omnissiah's teachings aside
>Salamanders Librarians, as much as us Mechanicus folk love em, are something else entirely
>Anyhow, as the Blue Dragon Librarian and I figure out a plan, Sister Trisha and a few of her companions are acting real uppity
>Should have figured, the loss of their cathedral lit a long fuse
>She storms off with a few of her own to investigate a vox signal down a tunnel
>While they're off, some of my own fellows assess the signal to see if there's any activity going on
>Our vox's machine spirit isn't feeling too well
>Something's off
>Dray and I gather a few to chase after the Sisters
>Hear a loud boom followed by an orange glow that takes a few seconds to dim
>Pick up burnt flesh particles on our scanners as we get closer
>That can't be good
>Be sister Trisha
>Hear the explosion of the corpse trap go off behind us
>Decide to send a signal back to the rest of the crew to see if they are ok
>be severus
>another dark tunnel that just keeps going
>eventually see light
>oh thank god another large room
>see the blood on the ground
>I'm back where I came from
>if I didn't run into anyone that means they either didn't come or followed me
>no more krak grenades to break the tunnel
>stims are still making my head convulse a bit
>I got it
>try and grab the inferno grenade from the priest
>forgot about the pin
>try to dodge out of the way
>managed to avoid most of it
>arm and face caught in blast
>can't feel my hand anymre
>decide to saw it off with the chainsword
>close the wound with the priests burning body
>blood pumping faster
>head light
>stims taking hold
>decide to run back down the south tunnel
>I don't remember how I got here but if I got here on stims I must be able to get out on stims
File: Wilting Rose.jpg (19 KB, 236x342)
19 KB

>Be Death Jester Malarai
>As we fly over the battlefield, we see that the mon'keigh are pushing back their Chaos worshiping kin
>Soon enough we see the city, which now has more craters than buildings
>As we descend down into the catacombs, we find what was totally expected, but still dreaded
>Tight corridors we will have to explore slowly (for Eldar) in case of traps,
>AKA the anti-thesis of where Harlequins want to fight
>Still, we must press on, the Patriarch's base is somewhere in these tunnels
>Shadowseer Velrani leads us with her "sight beyond sight"
>After a while Velrani stops everyone, she says she senses Eldar above us, Craftworlders she assumes
>At the same time, we hear a boom from down the other tunnel
>Velrani decides she will meet with Craftworlders, taking a troupe with her
>She then tells me to take our other two troupes and figure out what that blast was and "deal with it as necessary"
>She then begins to run down a separate tunnel that she believes will lead her to the other Eldar
>I lead the remaining troupes down the other tunnel, and luckily it begins to widen out
>Eventually we pass by a side tunnel, and I finally hear it
>Sure enough, down the side tunnel is the mutant I dropped down the pit, and it was charging towards us
>The troupes interpret my shrieking laughter (along with me firing my shrieker cannon) as an order to open fire on it
>Fusion and shuriken pistols don't slow its advance, and soon all of us are doing our best acrobatics around the room trying to avoid it's massive claw
>See a few players get crushed by the claw
>Then it lets out a massive cry, and I hear a wet thump as some of its body hits the floor
>I turn and I see the Solitaire we were told about, Wilting Rose
>As soon as his feet touch the ground he charges the mutant once again
>This figure of dread inspires many of the remaining players to charge the mutant with their blades and embraces
File: Deathwatch.png (599 KB, 1200x900)
599 KB
599 KB PNG
>Be me, Mordo Octavius of the Deathwatch
>Currently orbiting a shrine world that's in the process of runaway chaos corruption with a side of genestealers
>Yeah, nothing short of a primarch's fixing this mess
>Just waiting for the planetary forces to collapse so we can order exterminatus and move on
>Serf comes to tell me Dreadnought Isaac has already deployed to the planet to fight the xenos
>Fucking angry marines
>Still think it's complete bullshit he didn't die on that waterworld either
>Call up the squad, we're extracting him and then glassing the planet, fuck him and his murderboner
>Only hope we don't get bogged down, again, thanks to his defective ass
>Suffer not the xenos to live, blah blah, lets get on with it
>Be Deathwatch Brutalis Dreadnought Isaac of the Angry Marines.
>Continue to fight off a seemingly never ending army of purestrains and cultists while that FUCKING COWARD Moron Octavius sits on his ass in orbit
>Take out my anger by smashing a cultist’s face repeatedly with the stop sign till it’s nothing but flat red paste
>That fucking aberrant damaged my left claw so I can’t activate the power field, grip, or spin
>Still he was nice enough to give me his stop sign and it’s proving to be an effective weapon
>Bit of a conundrum, I can use my right hand’s claw but then I can’t use the sign I can’t use my claw on my left hand
>The sign has longer reach and it’s served me well so far so I’ll stick with it
>Plus it’s fucking hilarious to kill these things with a fucking stop sign
>Lost track of how many I’ve killed here
>But by now there’s enough bodies to completely burry the pews
>Thought I spotted some clown knife ears earlier take out one of the nerd cultists
>But I was too busy shoving the concrete end up the ass of an aberrant to really pay attention
>Wonder when the patriarch or primus or magus or something will show up
>Or when my fellow Deathwatch will get off there lazy asses and do some work for one Emperor fucking damn day in there fucking pathetic lives!!!!
>Be writer for Isaac
“Wow perfect timing on my post.”
>Be Zeta-23
>Readying my plasma to maximal when the marines start to call
>221st are running them down, by the omnissiah's left cog
>Absolutely glorious
>Eldar flyer passes over but doesn't shoot us
>Connect to ark mechanicus sensors for a thorough sweep
>Some random dreadnought slaughtering hostiles even more so than a regular dreadnought
>Deathwatch ident
>The deathwatch are here?
>Can't see into the underhive
>But the eldar seem to be going down there
>Try to vox the marshal, sisters, and blue dragons for a status update
>And to tell them some eldar might be following but they didn't shoot us so it might be fine
>Really hope they've dealt with whatever greater Daemon bullshit is down there
File: Penal_Legionary (2).png (167 KB, 250x434)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
>Be Kardu
>Mutant of Malice
>Hungry as hell
>Been moving down this cramped area my bulbous form squishes against
>Can hear scratching messages through the absorbed helmet I once had
>Something about my brother's being slaughtered by mere mortals outside the city
>Oh well
>I scream out
>As I burst out of a sideway I see the fucker who tricked me into falling down into a pit
>Charge directly towards him and his friends who shoot at me
>My flesh takes the shots and I slam my claw crushing some of them
>I roar out in satisfaction as I slam against the ground
>They all begin to charge me down

>Be Marcus
>The enemy seems to be falling back so I move over to the tech priest and Valhallan he's with
>Give him a salute because he's technically a superior officer by virtue of not being a criminal
"9820 reporting sir. I've got 9000 men here to divert where they are needed. Most enemy forces seem to be pulling back, I can confirm we've killed the Lord and Psyker of the chaos marines"
>I then stand ready for the next commands
>I then see the Commissar striding up along with his trainees to link back up with us
>Can still feel the faint glow of the Emperor around me
>Be Mordo Octavius
>Our drop pod has landed on the planet near the hive city where Dreadnought Isaac is doing his thing
>Seems like the site of a recent battle between Imperium forces and chaos
>Somehow a penal legion fought off several squadrons worth of chaos astartes?
>And they're also glowing?
>Whatever. I'm not a Black Templar. Hope they don't confuse us since this is a shrine world and we're wearing black.
>Wait, why aren't the Templars here? Probably off killing orks. Funny, that.
>Walk over to a gathering of mortals to get a rundown on the situation. We're in no hurry to extract Drednought Isaac.
>Tempted to leave him here and just call down exterminatus but I'd get yelled at by the forge master.
>Oh well. Back to killing xenos the old fashined way.
>Be sergeant Yuri.
>Fighting off all the wire tentacles that come at us as best we can.
>Zeat 23 finishes cutting through the door and we enter the main body of the titian.
>Inside we see that someone had replaced many of the machines with human organs that serve the same purpose.
>Not fused like the head, someone actually took the time to connect lungs and hearts to valves and pipes.
>We find the exit on the back of the titian and GTFO.
>Me, Sasha, Zeta23, and the rest of my crew all get out just fine.
>(Aside from the loader who’s probably scared for life but nothing some vodka can’t solve.)
>We’re still in the middle of a battlefield, only a new player has shown up.
>Some black and white marines fighting the remnants of the Genestealer cultists and dark Mechanicum.
>At first I think we’re finally saved only to realize the penal legion are mowing them down like Tau would orks at ranged combat.
>Also the penal legion are glowing now.
>Also a rainbow colored Eldar flyer soars over us.
>The penal guy I saw earlier climbs onto the titian.
>He’s also glowing.
> "9820 reporting sir. I've got 9000 men here to divert where they are needed. Most enemy forces seem to be pulling back, I can confirm we've killed the Lord and Psyker of the chaos marines"
>I give him a salute back out of respect for his shear bravery but don’t know how to respond.
>Just then the commissar shows up and starts barking orders so I don’t need to.
>Then I hear a black drop pod lands near the warp tainted xeno infected hive city.
>I squint my eyes and recognize the Deathwatch marine that gets out as the same one from the ocean world that interrupted my birthday party to try and get us to fight a giant psychic Kaiju in the middle of the ocean.
>Decide it’s best for all of our collective health to be as far away from them and wherever they’re headed as possible.
>Ask Zeta 23 to try and call one of the other Sabre tanks in control by my regiment to pick us up
>Sure we may or may not fit inside, but at least it would be transport out of this warzone.
>Be Marcus
>The Valhallan salutes back at me after I told him the run down with some of the chaos marines
>Am about to speak up about them but the Commissar orders us all to stand at attention
>Immediately do so and see a group of black marines with silver on them walking towards us
>No spikey bits on them nor any sign of white and black on them so no need to worry
>Still glowing slightly

>Be Commissar Matthias
>My men have stood to attention
>Spot the Death Watch coming over
>Now that's a bunch of marines I actually remember the names of
>Well the organisation anyway
>Valhallan starts talking to Zeta-23 about ordering tanks to come pick them up
>Calm down the barking of orders and speak up
"So gentlemen, what's the plan?"
>I speak calmly as to not be in barking order mode
>Finally the Death Watch make it to us
>I salute the marine and order the 221st to do so as well
>After all these are the Angels of Death
>Also ask him a question because he might know it
"Excuse me honoured Angel. Do you happen to know the name of this chaos warband? For some reason their name has eluded me, they attacked both us, other chaos forces and the Xenos"
>I point to one of the dead marines in their black and white livery
>Be Zeta-23
>Deathwatch marine arrives at the same time as the penal legion
>No word from our friendlies in the underhive
>Congratulate the penal legion and greet the marines
>Yuri wants a pickup, I vox for one
>Explain the situation to the marine
>There's some greater daemonic presence in the underhive and some sisters and skitarii went in
>They're being supported by the blue dragon marines so it's probably fine but I can't raise them right now
>Valhallans probably can't help with that they're an armoured regiment and they're busy blowing up chaos engines
>We lost a hive to genestealers but we can probably hold the line here as long as we have ammo and artillery
>Also some eldar around doing some eldar shit
>Make sure everyone has everyone else's vox codes again and wait to see if the marine can answer the commissar
>Be Mordo Octavius
>Tech priest is currently explaining to me that on top of the regular chaos infestation and genestealers and ecclesiarch fanatics there's eldar and maybe a greater daemon.
>Also a chapter called the blue dragons who I've never heard of and I'm supposed to know them all.
"Dammit cogboy, I'm Ordo Xenos not Ordo Malleus."
>Look over to the commander of the Valhallan regiment as he slowly tries to sneak away.
"Hey, isn't that the guy from-
>Get asked a question by the commissar of the glowing penal regiment
"Chaos Warband? Look mortal, I'm supposed to be fighting xen-
>Stop mid-sentence as I see their heraldry
>Look back at the regiment of glowing troopers who just took them out.
>Starting to really wish I had the Black Templars here.
>Fucking hell I actually do wish the Black Templars were here. God-Emperor save me.
"Alright. You see any more of those marines you, uh, kill them immediately. Good job by the way. Meanwhile I'm going to make a call to the Inquisition. Back in 5."
>Quickly get Brother Quintus to put in a priority call to our ship. This is not our jurisdiction.
>Quietly pray to the God Emperor that we're not going to be ordered to fight all the xenos and chaos forces on the planet.
>Start to get that sinking feeling anyway.
>Be Commissar Matthias
>The Death Watch marine looks very surprised at how my regiment dealt with the chaos marines
>Didn't tell me their name though so the name of the warband continues to elude me for now
>Zeta-23 then hands me the vox codes for the Valhallans and I relay that for Jacob to add to our vox caster
>Also heard about the situation regarding the Eldar, Derwill being fought over more, the Valhallans fighting against chaos engines as well as situation in the tunnels
>Sounds like three fronts to fight on but I'll discuss it more with each other so we can evenly split the 9000 penal Legionaries
>See 9820 looking down at his hand

>Be Marcus
>After saluting the marines we stay at attention for our next orders
>I then stare down at my hand and watch the light go dim
>It's still there however
>It'll probably go back to being blinding once we get stuck into our next engagements
>The Death Watch as the marines are called have very cool armour
>Their leader says something about needing to make a call to the Inquisition
>Didn't realise the Inquisition had control over their own section of Marines
>I always thought marines acted independently mostly and took the call to arms when Imperials requested it
>Be Death Jester Malarai
>No matter how much damage we do, it just seems to get angrier
>Start to wonder what god this thing serves, since it is clearly from Chaos
>Khorne? It's definitely angry enough. But the suffering makes me think it might be She Who Thirsts. It seems like the only thing keeping it alive is pure malice
>A few more players get crushed by mutant
>Luckily, Wilted Rose gets a good cut on its claw, cutting off it off
>Though it still is dangerous, trying to simply crush us with its body
>Banishing it seems like our only option
>Contact Velrani and let her know we are fighting some Chaos mutant and need help
>Have everyone move down the tunnel
>We have to move at our top speed to keep our distance from the mutant
>Eventually we enter a large room that connects multiple tunnels
>Decide this is as good of a spot to hold out for Velrani as any
>We once again begin our dance of shooting at the mutant while keeping our distance
>Only Wilted Rose even tries to get into melee
>We also start to here heavy stomps coming from one of the tunnels
>I spot a variety of mon'keigh forces heading towards us
>I yell out to them
"The beast is only slowed by real weapons, it must be banished!"
>I order our forces to focus on the mutant and run if the mon'keigh start shooting us

>Be Shadowseer Velrani
>Going to investigate the presence of Eldar I detected
>Eventually find a ladder up into a larger building
>Moving up the stairs I enter into the room where I sense them
>And most of them are bathing
>In a active warzone
>I don't know what to say, usually Craftworlders lecture us focusing on the mission
>We stare at each other in silence for a few moments
>For the first time since I have met him, I am happy to hear Malarai's voice
>He tells me they are fighting some Chaos mutant of Malice and need it banished
>Sounds better than this situation
>Leave the way we came without saying a word
File: Malal.jpg (226 KB, 567x960)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
>Be Kardu, Mutant of Malice
>Former son of malice but mutated by the warp after being trapped in the Labyrinth whilst trying to become part of the legendary Doomed Ones
>As I smash more of the Eldar in fits of pure desire to destroy my fleshly mass absorbs some of them
>Hopefully that'll deny Slaanesh their souls if I devour them for Malice
>Then they cut off my claw
>I attempt to slam with my body but the fucker who cut my claw dodges with efficiency
>They even start to run and shoot me
>Feel Malice stabbing me on the flesh and causing a hand to burst out from my form, losing some excess blubber in the process
>The hand is so very familiar
>I attempt to smash the one who slashes at me with it
>The Renegade God himself surges through the my arm and makes contact with the dancing slasher
>Another pain hits me as a massive eye bursts out above the arm
>It stares down the other Eldar with pure hate
>Not even the Blood God can hate more than the Renegade God
>They will know true obliteration
>For the Renegade God
>Let the galaxy burn
File: TOO ANGRY TO DIE.jpg (127 KB, 1152x648)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
>Be Deathwatch Brutalis Dreadnought Isaac of the Angry Marines
>I've officially killed enough genestealers in this cathedral to completely burry the podium on the stage in there corpses, and that's just the lowest point
>The true mountain of corpses it at the center
>My current goal is to burry the drop pod I arrived in
>Smash the stop sign into the face of one of those big laser cultists then punt him far enough for his body to fly out the hole I made on the stain glass window
>Get a vox alert, apparently Moron Octavius finally got of his fat ass and decided to come down here and start fucking killing shit
>I then overhear through the link though that he isn't killing anything and is instead talking to mortals
>Take out my rage on another unsuspecting cultist that's trying to run away over the bodies of his fallen comrads
>Once I catch up I beat him into a pancake with the sign
>Moron tries to call me
>Probably to bitch
>I block him
>Victor of the Blood Angles calls me
>I answer he says Moron doesn't want to kill stuff here because its mostly heretical
>I tell him to call Moron a bitch for me
>Be Zeta-23
>Valhalla tank is inbound to pick us up
>Marine is being bitchy
>"Dammit cogboy, I'm Ordo Xenos not Ordo Malleus."
>Almost say something about ordo chronos but think better of it
>Tell him I'm just reporting the situation and where his dreadnought buddy is while he's walking off to call the inquisition
>Tell the 221st they probably can't keep up with the Valhallan tanks but if they could keep the serberys steeds secure that'd be great
>Hope the marine doesn't freak when he sees our better than standard tanks
>He already seems pissed about everything that's happening he might try to claim them as marine salvage or some such
>Still waiting to hear from underhive
>Start scanning eldar frequencies to ask if they're going to help or if they killed everyone or what
>Be Commissar Matthias
>Told by Zeta-23 that we won't be able to keep up with the tanks but would be happy if we could keep the serberys steeds secured
>They are currently near the pdf forces on the gun platforms so perfectly safe
>Send three thousand men back to the defensive lines to keep them secure
>Order them to split into two groups
>One will secure the steeds
>Another will expand the front
>Leaves me with six thousand to spare
>Have Jacob keep the vox open for anyone to contact us
>It will probably will also help Zeta-23 out with trying to find more vox signals
>Whilst waiting for more orders I keep the remaining six thousand busy by telling them to keep the area secure for now
>Be Trooper Ivanna, Valhallan 545th Armored
>Hear lots of bad sounds
>Decide to go down ladder
>But then see skinny women in fancy armor are going up ladder
>Decide to follow
>In bad shape, take multiple breaks
>Take long time to reach top of ladder
>In some rich man apartment
>Hear sounds in room, go see what there
>See skinny women in tub, but some are maybe man that look like woman
>Bath looks nice
>Start taking off clothes to join them
>Be Kelermorph Olivia
>Slowly creep around the corner, bare feet not making a sound on the floor
>See 4 eldar babes and one femboy all in the bath splashing around and giggling
>Just stare dumbstruck for a bit
>I've always been a proud member of the cult, only ever thinking of finding a nice strong man to breed with.
>But even I half to admit seeing all these beautiful naked wom--
>Hear a crashing noise from the trap door room
>Did the marshal find me already?
>Fade into the shadows and hide
>See a man in a grey trench coat and fur hat arrive
>He doesn't notice me, instead distracted by the beautiful babes in the bath
>Suddenly he starts taking off his clothes
>Press my gun to the pack of his head just after he unbuckles his belt

"That's far 'nough partner."
>Be Death Jester Malarai
>Still fighting the Malice mutant under ground
>Can't quite tell what the Imperials are going to do yet
>Suddenly the mutant grows a new limb
>This surprises even the Solitaire, who is grabbed by the arm
>The Mutant then throws Wilting Rose against the wall, and a sickening ripping sound is heard as his arm is ripped off by the beast
>See him crash into a wall in a cloud of smoke
>A few troupes begin to flee into the different tunnels, not that I blame them
>It is now only me and half a dozen players left
>At the same time, on Eldar frequencies I hear the tone of a Mon'Keigh who likes his technology a bit too much
>He is asking if we are here to help
>I between shots I activate my comminicator
"The Masque of the Flowing Blood is not your enemy mon'keigh, we are foes of the immateriuem and the great devourer, tell your forces in the tunnels beneath your ruined city to assist us in battle, we know the Genestealer Patriarch is in these depths"
>As I finish my words I hear the mutant cry out again
>Looking towards it I see the Solitaire, it seems the arm he lost was not the one with his embrace on it
>He is charging into battle with blood still spilling from the stump that was his arm
>Hopefully the morale boost from that sight will be enough to hold for Velrani to get here
File: Malice-symbol.jpg (30 KB, 240x336)
30 KB
>Be Kardu, Mutant of Malice
>As I rip the dancing slasher's arm off I howl in glee before having my body quickly absorb it into me
>The one who trapped me into this pit speaks to someone else not here
>I will devour them next
>With the consumption of the arm I let out some new words stuff that previously only I could say in my mind
>Charge at the enemy
>The one who's arm I ripped off charges at me in order to protect his companions
>More of me bursts as the symbol of Malice makes itself more pronounced on my form
>Even my helmet makes a return as does my once human head which bursts out from more of my blubber
>Of course the head doesn't work I haven't had to eat with it for millennia
>They continuously shoot me with their guns
>I absorb the blows but still take the damage
>I'm just too much of a blubber monster to really care about it
>Praise be to Malice for mutating me this way
>Bring forth my arm to smash the Eldar once and for all
>I shall deny Slaanesh their souls
>For I shall consume them for Malice
>They are forfeited to him
>Not the debaucherous dark prince and their disgusting servants of excess
>Be Zeta-23
>Get a response
>"The Masque of the Flowing Blood is not your enemy mon'keigh, we are foes of the immateriuem and the great devourer, tell your forces in the tunnels beneath your ruined city to assist us in battle, we know the Genestealer Patriarch is in these depths"
>Vox the sisters and the marshall
>and tell the marines too
"Genestealer patriarch present in under hive, eldar currently engaged with something but they are on our side for now"
>Maybe they can actually cut off the genestealer problem if they take that out
>Hopefully the eldar do not clown us though
>Be sister Trisha
>Don't get a vox signal back from the Ryzans or Blue Dragons
>Sister superior bites her lower lip clearly nervous
>She decides to double back and check on them.
>Along the way we find the now crispy corpse of the priest, and a severed arm of unclear origin
>It defiantly isnt the priests.
>Examining it we find some heretical tattoos.
>We find the marshal, but the librarian is apparently still arguing with the cannoness even through the explosion.
>Decide to show him the arm we found and see if it can help us track down the chaos icon.
>Get a vox signal but its hard to make out through the static:
"cctt Genensteal- --atriarc. -cccttt-- unde---ive eldar --ccccccttttttt they are cccttt for now"
>From what we could make out sounds like we'll have to deal with eldar down here soon enough.
>Wonder how well they burn?
looks like we hit the one week bump limit
Ah shit
Didn't even use the watch yet
>Be Commissar Matthias
>Standing and waiting for Zeta-23 to tell us where would be a good place for the 6000 left to head to
>Soon he receives word about something
>"Genestealer patriarch present in under hive, eldar currently engaged with something but they are on our side for now"
>That part about the Eldar engaging in something catches my attention
>Come to think of it, the last Eldar I saw was being chased by the mutant the Renegade God Cultists brought forth along with the Chaos Marines
>Change of plans then
"Well then gentlemen. I'm going to take my 6000 men blessed by the Emperor to go assist those Eldar engaged with that thing. I'll let you know right now though, that thing is a chaos mutant. It was summoned in hive Derwill when we were dealing with the Renegade God Cultists. Zeta-23 please give me the frequency of that Eldar vox line so that we may figure out where in Derwill it is so I can send my men down there"

>Be Marcus
>Sounds like the Commissar is going to have us help the Eldar in killing that mutant thing
>I wonder to myself if it's possible to defeat it but then I remember that I've still got the Emperor's light around me that whilst dim is still there
>Yeah, we can kill that Mutant
we can always make another
>Be Zeta-23
>"Well then gentlemen. I'm going to take my 6000 men blessed by the Emperor to go assist those Eldar engaged with that thing. I'll let you know right now though, that thing is a chaos mutant. It was summoned in hive Derwill when we were dealing with the Renegade God Cultists. Zeta-23 please give me the frequency of that Eldar vox line so that we may figure out where in Derwill it is so I can send my men down there"
>Relay the info to the eldar, marines, skitarii, valhallans, and sisters
"Chaos mutant fighting eldar. Recommend available forces in underhive assist eldar, seek patriarch."
>Start sharing eldar vox frequencies too
>Idly wonder if the patriarch is going to end up fighting the deamon
>Valhallan tank starts to pull into view
>Time to start moving I guess
Yuri here.
Thanks for letting me know, I just got home from work.
I’ll make a new one tomorrow morning so everyone gets to rap up there stories
Thank you to everyone that keeps these going.
>I’ll make a new one tomorrow morning so everyone gets to rap up there stories
Outstanding. Are we archiving this one then?
>Be Commissar Matthias
>I smirk as Zeta-23 relays the info and hands the Eldar frequency out for our vox lines
>Turn to my men
>Hear sir yes sir from my men and begin the long march back to hive Derwill
>Derwill will be avenged
>The mutant and the rest of the scum will know our fury

>Be Marcus
>Beginning the long march back to Derwill
>Eyes focused on looking straight forward the entire time
>6000 men
>All with the same purpose on slaying a beast of calamity
>One that helped obliterate a city
>Didn't help that Derwill was classed as unimportant to most
>Reminds me of Hive Abel back on Sevastopol where I was born and raised
>Complete Hive of Scum and Villainy because that's where all the non desirables were sent
>Whilst Hive Jericho barely got by with what it had and the Nobles in Hive Paradiso lived in their fortified Hive
>I'll avenge Derwill
>Because that is our duty as soldiers
>Along the way we walk through the battlefield
>Ruined chaos war machines, destroyed Imperial armour and the many dead on all sides
>The light of the Emperor returns to us
>Shining brighter than any fire on this world
>Could quite possibly be seen from orbit with how bright and holy it is
>I still struggle somewhat in comprehending why the Emperor picked us to be ones to slay those chaos marines
>After all we've done against his Imperium
>Though our old Lord Commissar always seemed to hold Faith that we'd be redeemed
>We'll make it count

Well lads can't wait to wrap it up with part 2. Let's leave archive it with some hope
>Be Skitarii Marshal 9s
>Follow the trail of the Kelermorph through the sewers
>Sicarian Ruststalkers making short work of any genestealers trying to jumpsacare us
>Trail leads to a stone wall
>Have my servo skull look around for signs of a switch
>While I wait get word over the vox Eldar are to be treated as friendlies now
>I could use all the help I can get.
>Door to the secret passage opens
>See barefoot Kerlmorph with a pistol to the back of the head of a half naked valhallan
>Point my radium serpenta at the back of her head
“Now let’s not do anything too rash here partner.”

See y’all tomorrow partner
Yes we should archive this one, so I can link the archive to the top of the new thread like what happened when the Forge World thread reached the limit.
On it boss
>be severus
>been going in and out of lucidity
>think I ran passed a skitarii don't know if he saw me
>not sure where I am now
>think I saw a bunch of tall naked people
>I think one of them had three arms
>stims are hitting me harder than I thought
>keep seeing random corridors
>eventually everything goes dark for a bit
>wake up
>I'm being carried by one of the beastmen I left behind a bit ago
>he says we are going to camp somewhere in the underhive
>most of my arm is still gone
>turns out that wasn't part of the drug fueled haze
>well maybe they'll have simple recaf at camp

Was a fun time. Hoping for a good wrap up.
Not sure if it worked, archive seems to be acting up for me
If it doesn’t work I can always link Desuarchive at the top. Thanks for trying though.

BTW Sorry I haven’t been posting as Yuri, I’m trying to write the opening for the next thread for tomorrow.
File: IMG_2043.jpg (335 KB, 1169x925)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
>Be Arch Magos Explorator Prime.
>With one blast of my ship’s main cannon we took out what was likely the dark Mechanicum’s main flag ship.
>And with the help of the Baleful Punishment, and the Blue Dragon’s ship were mopping up there reamnants
>Soon this system will be free of the taint of the Dark Mechanicum and we ca—
>Pull it up on screen.
>Ships match the known patterns of…
>Omnissiah anyone but them!
>No NO! No!

>Recieving transmissions.
“Oi manlings. Did’ja miss us?”
>Be Seer Delwyn
>I should get one of these installed at home
>Look, I even found a rubber duck
>All right, all right, remember we're still in a warzone
>Get yourselves cleaned up and we can decide on our next move
>Let's be done before we get shelled or worse
>Door opens
>In walks some Shadowseer girl
>Trust the Agaithis to be ones interrupting bathtime
>Glare for a while
>What in Isha's name are they doing here?
>Eventually they turn round and walk back out
>I'll chalk that up as one-nil in the staring contest
>Go me!
>A minute later, door opens again
>In walks some Valhallan woman
>At least I think it's a woman, hard to tell under that coat
>She starts taking clothes off
>Excuse me?
>Door opens again
>In walks a even uglier than usual mon'keigh with an extra arm and pistols
>Everyone swims for their weapons and armour at record speed
>They proceed to ignore us and hold the Valhallan at gunpoint
>Door opens again
>In walks a Skitatii
>They proceed to hold the ugly one at gunpoint
>Be completely baffled
>Why is everyone in this one bathroom?
>Even the fates don't know what to make of this, going in all directions
>Pretty sure I saw this once in a pirated human comedy holovid
>I did always like those, Craftworld media is so dull
>Oh, yes, where were we?
>The intruders seem to be distracted with each other for now
>While pulling on clothes, realise I didn't get that shadowseer's number
>And not just because she was cute but because they could be our way out of here
>We're still stuck on this rock and have no idea where the Webway gates are
>Cego's gang make my skin crawl, but we could at least ask for the local Webway dial codes
>Pretty sure I can track them with my legendary psychic sense
>It's only led us wrong about a third of the time in the past
>Or was it the other way around?
>Details, details
>All right everyone, let's go chase some clowns
>Hopefully those three keep having their little standoff
>You still stink by the way, Lemallyn
It went through into the archive fine, don't worry. Could have just been downloading content and indexing stuff.
>Be Mordo Octavius
>Just received word back from the Inquisition, the Ordos Xenos and Malleus are yelling at each other for the ninth time this week.
>Mostly about the malal thing and whether or not it exists
>Orders from both, boil down to "Exterminate everything on the planet"
>Going to interpret that as "Exterminate every enemy on the planet"
>God-Emperor help me I really wish I had some Black Templars here
>But all I have is Dreadnought Isaac
>Who's ignoring my calls
>And who, as Brother Victor says, just called me a "bitch"
>Thankfully the Tech priest has informed us the Genestealer patriarch is somewhere under the hive
>Also the eldar are friendly.
>Quietly snort. As if. We're going to shoot them as soon as we see them and I expect they'll do the same to us.
>And if they don't that just means more dead Eldar.
>Maybe this place isn't so bad after all.
>Decide we'll follow these strange penal legionaires and let Dreadnought Isaac purge alone. We'll pick him up later, if he's still alive. I hope he isn't.
>Be Death Jester Malarai
>Get word from some of our flyers that Imperial forces are moving to the catacombs
>But that doesn't solve the mutant problem right in front of us
>I spot Velrani and the other troupe approaching us
>I tell her to banish the creature, she replies that she can't do it when it could easily attack her , it needs to be distracted
>We simply don't have the numbers for that
>We have to retreat, Velrani leads us back the way she came
>But as I leave, I feel a hand grab my left leg
>I am pulled towards the beast
>I close my eyes, and gather my wits for one final joke
"Well, I always knew I would die like I live-
>I open my eyes and look towards my leg
>Or I would, if I still had it
>Wilted Rose had run in and sliced it off, freeing me from the mutant
>He then lands on a helmet popping out of the creature, jumping off of it and into me, sending us towards our allies
>I feel myself being carried by another player

>Be Shadowseer Velrani
>Running through the tunnels away from the beast
>Spot some support beams up ahead
>It will at least slow the mutant and give us time to get away
>3 of our players have fusion pistols, and I order them to fire into the pillar once we past it
>This causes the tunnel to collapse
>We have some close calls avoid collapsing rubble ourselves, but we make it through
>Need to get somewhere safe so we can start treating wounds
>The only place I can think of is where the Craftworlders are
>Malarai needs help badly, he keeps mumbling about how the Solitaire is his "best buddy"
>We get up to the bathroom and find the craftworlders, skitarii, a kelermorph, and a half naked valhallen
>I have no time to figure out what is happening, Malarai just said he loved me so he must be close to death
>I tell most of our players to watch the situation, while me and another tend to Malarai and Wilted Rose
>Once Malarai is on the ground I tell him to not pass out
>He then passes out
>He thought that was funny
>Be Ranger Bunni’Viie Lemallyn
>Decide to go scout out the other rooms in the apartment
>There is like forty of them, so it takes a while for me to put sensing devices at all the possible entrances
>Assume that few others would know about the secret entrance we used to get in
>Return to the bathroom
>I guess I assumed wrong
>Some overdressed female mon’keigh soldier is standing there staring at my bathing companions
>You can almost see the two neurons in her pinprick brain flicking energy between the two of them every few seconds as she tries to process what she is seeing
>Not that Delwyn is any better
>I try to give him a few mental nudges to see what he wants to do, but he seems lost in thought
>The mon’keigh inexplicably decides to start removing her clothing
>I am not sure what the thought process was that led to her deciding on that course of action, there probably wasn’t one
>I am about to take matters into my own hands when a female genestealer half-breed bursts into the room and points a gun at the back of the mon’keigh’s head
>Then one of those crudely augmented mon’keigh shows up and points its gun at the back of the head of the half-breed
>The three intruders seem unsure what to do, allowing my dimwitted companions to grab their clothes and sneak out
>Delwyn makes a snide remark about my odor as we leave
>Your welcome...
>On the way out, a bunch of harlequins join us
>Sure, why not

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