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File: SaurGeneral.jpg (127 KB, 800x644)
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127 KB JPG
> Saur General edition.

>What is this?
EXPEDITION - an ~1870s era, Jules Verne-inspired retro-futurist, underground blood storm hellscape.
It is a Skirmish wargame. Two players with their own expeditions, on a hexgrid map, fight each other for victory.
A campaign mode is planned, but is far from completion.

3 versions of the rules exist, TWO of which have been playtested:
>1e - proof of concept, recently updated with unit stats
>2e - lead by 2e anon, playtests started, unified document is in the works
>3e - Replaced 4e because it died. Spearheaded by 3e anon, needs more playtests, rules present in the doc

>What can I do?
Shitpost, meme, get comfy. Read over the docs to settle in.
Familiarize yourself with rules and plan some playtests.
Contribute if you have ideas. Give feedback on contributions if you don't.

> 89947037

> TQ : What are the political relations between the various colonial powers?
File: pol1.png (5.84 MB, 3450x3450)
5.84 MB
5.84 MB PNG
>TL;DR Doc
>Main Lore Doc, including links to anon-written short stories and additional lore in "Recommended..." section
>1e Doc (No units list, unless 1e anon posts a new version)
Click the picture
> Unit Spreadsheet - Currently outdated, requires an update
>Unit Design Doc
File: embracegorg.png (188 KB, 347x400)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
File: Cowboy.jpg (45 KB, 453x640)
45 KB
> Additional TQ
> What weapons and guns from the era must be included in the US roster?
> TQ : What are the political relations between the various colonial powers?
I mean, we must first and foremost keep in mind that it should be plausible for anyone to fight anyone for gameplay purposes. So most countries are either healthy rivals or bitter enemies.
The obvious conflicts are Italy VS France and the Holy League and probably Austria-Hungary VS Tsardom. France and the Holy League were supposed to be on somewhat cordial terms.
The closest thing to an outright alliance is the Austro-Italian deal expanded into alt Triple Alliance, but I think the idea was that it's rather tenuous.
The only colonial nation that seems to be an outright pariah state are the Husked Ottomans. Italians may be monstrous but at least they are eager to do business.
File: BuffaloSolProf.png (112 KB, 576x773)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
I didn't know too much what to do with it so I kinda went with the obvious and the result seems pretty strong, hence the cost.
I really like this American gimmick of just spawning bullshit from thin air.
File: 453287972.jpg (88 KB, 640x906)
88 KB
We realized the timeline put America at the eclipse of the wild west era, only for said era to receive a resurgence because the frontier is just going down instead of west.
Combine that with the fact that I can't see cowboys and the like to be the kinds of guys who would line up in neat formations like the Brits or French, and skirmisher America was born.
Anyways, care for a glass of Doomshine? You're probably gonna meet your death down here in the caves, so might as well go out with a belly full of moonshine
Yeah, I tried to vary it so that there's a bit of a struggle to mesh it all in together from the various spawning abilities, but its undoubtedly going to end up being fucking broken for sure. It'll also be able to use these abilities as template to go back and put in some few places in the other expedition books.
Can't wait to playtest it.
Dare we..?
If no one has touched it in a few hours when I get off work I'll add the pre-existing ones to it. In the meantime people should give me positions for the various units that already exist.
Aeronaut Professor can be taken by "any civilized faction" but kinda gives me American vibes.
Illinois Jack is American.
The American Expeditionary Corps is, perhaps, American.
Treasure Hunter might be American but is non-factional.
The American Officer is, maybe, American.
Volunteer Rough Riders are American.
Les Cobras Fumantes are (South) American.
Miskatonic Advisor is from America.
Buffalo Soldier, Underground Railroader, and Harriet Tubman are American. On that note, so is the Steel-Driving Man, but he doesn't have a 'jak.
Kentuckian Rebel is (Southern) American. So are the other Ex-Con units. They need a better subfaction name, though.
I think that's all of them.
5,6 for buffalo soldier
(Remember, horizontal, then vertical)
Should Bellicose perhaps be replaced with something else? I feel like it doesn't adequately oppose Patriotic.
Thanks for the help pal
I'm going to swap it for independent since that's more American
File: Distintivo_da_FEB.png (14 KB, 441x531)
14 KB
>Les Cobras Fumantes are (South) American.
Brazilian specifically. So that would be "As Cobras Fumantes" if you feel like adding an article. I didn't make them but the name seems to be a reference to the WW2 Brazilian expeditionary force in Italy.
Rebellious feels unnecessarily antagonistic.
I like Independent better. More flavorful.
Where are the cobras on any of the charts? I can't fucking find them I must be blind or some shit.
File: agarthasurfacers.png (4.93 MB, 2728x2728)
4.93 MB
4.93 MB PNG
Left of Guinevere
Sweet thanks
Also, do you know if the American Expeditionary Corps and the Rough riders are different units? They have the same jacks and a lot of similarities but also some differences.
Same is true of Highland Rifleman and Black Watch
File: americachart.png (3.79 MB, 4813x4933)
3.79 MB
3.79 MB PNG
I think I may have made some questionable placements, but I'm not going to be assed to change them now. Feel free to on your own.
Also, it was only after I finished the chart I realized it is not fucking 5x5, but what can you do. We have 2 continents to work with and like 3-5 subfactions we'll make do.
>He doesn’t know how to check the archives for crisp ‘jak images
Many such cases
Do you mean the wojack archive site or some other place? I'll admit it freely that I am effectively net-illiterate.
I’ll spoonfeed, just this once.
Anon I have bad news, I did use that. The reason everything is weird is that I had to recolor the backgrounds and resize everything because the charts are differently sized.
Look for the posts in the old threads where those wojaks were originally posted instead of copying them off the old charts.
Man then I'd have to redo the text layouts.
Fuck it I'll do that tomorrow. Curse you and your reasonable complaints about quality control.
File: Fenian Raids.jpg (201 KB, 1500x906)
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201 KB JPG
What's the relationship between the Brits and USA in this setting? Because if its still somewhat tense, we could add Fenian Raiders as Mostly Untamed Mostly Independent to >>90031463 , they could make good troops for the "criminal" side of USA.
>Celtic Anti-English revolutionaries
Give ‘em some ties with Malcolm’s boys while you’re at it. Sounds like exactly the kind of shit he’d be quietly backing from down there, in the dark.
Isn’t the Golden Syndicate guy part of Italy?
File: FenianHusks.png (204 KB, 923x838)
204 KB
204 KB PNG
Plot-twist to continue the "criminal side are the weird ones" shtick : they are Husks.
> Despite his reputation for being a fence sitter, President Warren went full tilt after the Fenians, who were severely hurting his efforts at normalizing relationship with Canada. As a result many of the Fenians had to seek safety underground. As these were completely unprepared for the trip, and had very little knowledge of the conditions they would encounter, almost all Fenians that have since reemerged were near terminal-stage Deep Drunkenness, and have now fully turned into Husks.
Reserving top-right for General Grant. Ex-President, now commander of the United States Agarthan Army.
I'm pretty sure they live in south america.
They are also Brazilian, based in Sao Paolo, hence Paulista. If this is based on some niche Brazilian meme about Sao Paolo, I'm not aware.
I think I’d rather they’re in the late stages of Deep Drunkenness than fully husked.
No, they are a San Paolo-based occultist-scientific cabal, very much displeased PACT is forcing them to chill out on the Hyperborean Artefact Easter Egg hunt.
Might work well as a Sponsor from "criminal" USA rather than a unit itself.
Jesus fucking Christ thank you for this, I only now realize Illinois Jack and the Treasure Hunters are supposed to be Leaders, I was going from the unit doc where they are Heroes. I'll get working on them.
Also, before I make a fool of myself, is Illinois Jack some rl character or meme or something?
I won't lie I also took way too long to figure it out, but think of another famous archeologist with the initials I.J and a state as a first name.
I'm still going to fix the text and quality later but feel free to add jacks to either the chart directly or just the thread in the meantime.
I might also compress the chart to 5x5 while I'm at it.
>Can take natives as bonus laborers for free at half efficiency of a hired hand
Fuck you I kek'd
>but think of another famous archeologist with the initials I.J and a state as a first name.
Holy fuck even that took me waaaay too long to figure out, I was wracking my brain for historical archeologist, thank you!
So, are I.J. and the Treasure Hunter basically the same character, one good one not-good?
File: Miskatonic Advisor.jpg (577 KB, 1280x1632)
577 KB
577 KB JPG
How far do we want to push the Mythos references here? There's only the Miskatonic Advisor atm pretty much, an easy way to push further the theme would be to include a reference to the Innsmouth Look. Some small and remote villages of New England holds a dark secret, the villagers have long ago struck a deal with the Morlocks to assist them in their fishing enterprises in exchange for marrying fishwives. After the Mu attack on New York, the US government finally looked into the rumours of such degeneration, but found that these Morlocks and the halfbreeds had no relation with Mu, and seemed to have integrated rather well into their small community. As such, President Mollmen decided against removing them, and charged the Miskatonic Institute with overseeing the situation.
> "Innsmouth Fishermen(?) as slightly off-looking but mostly fine Workers that allow you to spawn Morlocks to come to their rescue.
> Miskatonic Advisor gives you the option to take Morlocks as Faction troops.
Too weird?
Honestly I think keeping it as a 'reference' is fine. I think we have enough of our own wacky, strange stuff that we don't need to 'copy' an already well-established mythos.
The joke with the Miskatonic man is that everything he thinks is wrong. Like he has this massive cosmology and theories that run counter to the Ducksworth paradigme. But you show it to anyone and there's so much shit wrong it's not even funny.
He seems like a good expedition sponsor, though.
No, you fool! We must not allow the whorelocks to proliferate! You are toying with powers you do not comprehend!
>He seems like a good expedition sponsor, though.
That makes sense.
>We must not allow the whorelocks to proliferate!
Trips of infinite truth, but I fear President Mollmen doesn't have the spine to stop such abomination.
>Like he has this massive cosmology and theories that run counter to the Ducksworth paradigme.
>is wrong
I like that very much. It would be fun to include a completely non-sensical conversation between him and Beauchamps in a future novel.
Remember: A “Morlock Wife” is an ally or lover you fully expect to betray you even though you have no plans to do the same.
Are you sure? I love my morlock wife and I would be heartbroken if anything happened to her...
It’s not what will happen to her, my friend.
It’s what will happen to you. Down there. In the dark.
Quick bump!
does this guy have stats yet?
No I don't think so.
Starting to look for miniatures for this.
Anyone got experience shipping Perry Miniatures overseas? A lot of the bits pack could be useful and I can't seem to find them on reseller's sites.
File: TreasureHunterProfile.png (114 KB, 628x853)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
I didn't have much inspiration for the Treasure Hunter, so I went with generic "sacrifice mooks to save my ass" type of bad guy. I didn't really mean it that way, but the compass will probably end up being correct, he'll end up being take because of the Deadly [Lever Action Shotgun].
It would be standard mid to late 1800's US-British relations, I think, with the setting's weirdness just making those shared feelings all the more valid.
People unironically thought a US-UK war would be a good idea, even though looking back it would have been silly. Only now it would just be 'take Canada' stuff, it would be colonialism underground as well. But I think the Special Relationship would overcome it in the end.

Maybe there could be some GW tier novel drama? Like a war in Agartha orchestrated by Napoleon, and in Washington and London everyone is running around screaming at telegram operators to tell people to stand down.
To add:
File: Woleseley Expedition.jpg (47 KB, 640x393)
47 KB
Given the size of Canada, it would make sense that there is at least one if not multiple entrances to Agartha in it. The fact that it doesn't want to enter PACT might bring additional concerns to the Americans. Also, it might become a venue of invasion. Bringing an army anywhere in Canada beyond the well urbanized areas in the ~1870s is absolute hell, you had to build your roads, your posts, everything (see the Wolseley Expedition). Going underground and back up might have seemed wiser (to fools, obviously) than cross the Great Lakes once Lord Cunningham parked his fleet in it.
>Like a war in Agartha orchestrated by Napoleon, and in Washington and London everyone is running around screaming at telegram operators to tell people to stand down.
It strikes me that if Napoleon had been alive and in any position to incite a war between the US and Brits over Canada, he would have done so with a diamond-hard boner throughout the entire thing.
And it would make for a good (if very predictable) and efficient way to wrap the event with everyone apologizing profusely for the confusion rather than having it escalate to a point where it would get End Time level war.
slow day, huh?
How about this for GW-tier Drama.
> Canucks discover an entrance around 1860 hidden under Halifax, from the coast, which could be engineered to allow ship travel into the 3rd Layer, opening a second naval route for the British into Agartha.
> Once established, Americans begin pressuring Canada to enter PACT on its own, which is obviously terribly received in Ottawa and London.
> Fenian Raids starts again in 1870, however this version President Mollmen is too much of a fence sitter to condemn as strongly the Raiders and actually pursue them, so at first he doesn't give much of a reaction.
> Fenians fails miserably on the surface, so their leadership come up with an insane plan only an Irish could think is a good idea. The Fenians will enter the Mammoth Cave down in Kentucky, trek over a 1000km in the 3rd, and come back up through the Halifax Entrace to attack the British contingent guarding the city.
> British/Canadian spies figure this out and set an ambush at the entrance, hoping to wipe the Fenians for good this time.
> No one knows how the battle went, or if it happened at all, as before anyone could learn about what was happening down there, one of the largest explosion in history (as of yet anyways) buried the entrance, flattening homes for about 2 km around, and instantly killing ~2000 people. An enormous rainbow-colored cloud could be seen from a hundred mile around.
> Naturally, both sides immediately suspected the other. At this point Grant got tired of waiting for Mollmen's permission and moved his armies to secure the border, while Canadian citizens began to ask for a punitive strike.
File: fenian.png (573 KB, 809x814)
573 KB
573 KB PNG
I propose the following addition:
>A handful on either side survived the massive detonation underground, miraculously completely unharmed, but with absolutely no memory of precisely what took place.
>None of them can even recall if they ever spotted the other side, their memories washed in a haze of rainbows and ash.
>The Fenians who survived the explosion mostly fell into one of two camps; those that joined up with the Lost Men and became mercenaries in Agartha, and those who succumbed to the transformative nature of the underground and became husks.
>The Fenians with Malcolm have sworn themselves to never lay down their arms until a free Irish state exists.
>The Fenian Husks, on the other hand, can often be found anywhere England has enemies, their shattered minds directing them to march ceaselessly underground for any opportunity to oppose the British menace
>The British Crown officially considers it a personal offense for any reputable nation to make use of these husks for any purpose and recommends their peers simply do the world a favor and put them out of their misery
>Naturally, this condemnation is widely ignored as free manpower is rarely turned down
>The surviving Fenians, having renamed themselves Clan na Gael, are among the few who actually make a concerted effort to eradicating these husks, not wanting to see their brothers linger past death, forever forced to wander the dark passages of Agartha
File: tall tale.jpg (250 KB, 800x1067)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
As a fan of hollow-earth fiction, I've been enjoying this thread.
Feel free to contribute, we're always welcome to new ideas.
I might have missed it, but is there a faction of intelligent saurs with humanoid slaves, similar to the telepathic dinosaurs from Pellucidar?
File: MuLizardmen.jpg (31 KB, 500x375)
31 KB
Sounds like something you might find in Old Mu.
No, because hes the only unit. We need to make more units to make Austro-Hungary actually a faction you know.
How is it going anons? anything new? Have any games been plyed?
File: OldMuFamilyDispute.png (754 KB, 670x506)
754 KB
754 KB PNG
>How is it going anons?
>anything new?
Since when? 2e is currently tackling the USA roster which brought us to flesh out more America. Next will be either Mu or Lemuria. Saur General was added, Skinwalkers, Fenians are in the talk. USA got big very quickly, so they are split up in 3 "subfactions", Govt, Abolitionists and Post-Confederates. Gameplay-wise, its a paper-thin-armour-medium-to-high-quality-well-armed-troops-spawns-anywhere-on-the-map faction. Lots and lots of Horse Mounts availability. I have to finish the weapons and I can post a first version. Should be tomorrow.
>Have any games been played?
Not in the last 2~3 weeks. If anyone is available on the 31st or the 1st we could set one up.
bump before bed.
>The Herrerasaur Clan
>Psychic dinosaurs that work for Mu, they dwell below the free cities in twisted crystal caves
>"Breeding" specialists, though what they breed they refuse to say
>Colonialists don't know they're intelligent, they just think there's an unusual amount of dinosaur attacks on settlements
>They've managed to build themselves a sizable human slave population which they use as test subjects in their laboratories
>Unknown who actually leads them since they all look identical
I like this.
So, which edition seem to be the more complete one right now? Or are all editions being updated equally?
2e has more units, but 3e has had more playtests iirc
Unfortunately there were no updates to 3e since the last playtest 3 weeks ago.
Thankfully I've finally got my irl stuff sorted out, so I'll try to add a few updates this week based on the feedback from the last playtest
I could be available on the 1st, but only after 4 or 5 pm GMT.
I'd like to play 3e, but I'm ok with 2e too
> Mu Saur Knights never truly know who is the boss, them or their mounts.
I try to post units for 2e regularly enough, every couple of days. The 2e doc on file tho is very much out of date, I've managed to cut 4 pages out of useless stuff with the last stat block change, and I'm seriously thinking about removing the Wound Severity roll altogether, I'm just looking at alternatives before I make my mind.
Anyone got that map of the 3rd or 4th layer posted a while ago?
File: 3rd Layer.png (471 KB, 1500x740)
471 KB
471 KB PNG
Funny that you should say that, I was actually working on the 4th Layer, but here's the updated 3rd.
File: 4th Layer.png (371 KB, 1500x740)
371 KB
371 KB PNG
And here's the 4th.
I'll be real with you, any notion of matching it to the surface geography has run away screaming and weeping tears of blood at this point. Even if you're generous about the distances contracting as you go deeper, it would still mean that Atlan and Mu are megaempires rivaling Britain at it's peak. So I sugest you treat the maps as very rought estimates.
Japanese were not stated to have presence on the 4th Layer, but I placed an area for them in case they do. The Ranger Green novels did mention Japanese (Imperial ones) launching expeditions against Mu, so there's that.
I also gave the Brits direct access to the 4th Layer through Srawak to keep them company in that part of the map. Their 5th Layer entrance goes straight from the 3rd, pictured here within solid rock.
Atlantean remnant colonies are situated around that one breach that allows aerial travel between the Layers.
File: RangerHeroProfile.png (101 KB, 594x820)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
US Hero Time!
For the new folks Heroes in 2e are "build-your-own-Characters-or-Leaders" sort of guys. Chose a basic profile, buy up to 5 Traits, that's your Hero.
So first US Hero is the Ranger.
File: OfficerHeroProfile.png (97 KB, 584x808)
97 KB
Second (and last for now anyways) is the Officer.
File: HeroTraits+USA.png (62 KB, 629x856)
62 KB
And here's the Generic and USA-wide Traits.
Restrictions are
Up to 5 Traits.
1 USA-Wide Trait max.
2 Profile Traits max.
All costs must be paid unless specified otherwise (so no Triassic Ranch Aficionado doesn't give you ~45 Silver of free Mounts you silly goose).
Reconstruction seems a lot more powerful than Homesteader, perhaps the latter should give nearby units the same terrain preference?
Typo in the Mu invasion, you wrote ranger instead of officer
Thanks, will look into fixing those. I noticed half a dozen typos the second I posted it.
Man I bet I could build an obscenely powerful cowboy guy with this.
Thanks anon! And 4th layer is looking good, I like how Atlantis+Atlan roughly correspond to the Atlantic. Must have been a force to be reckoned with before the split.
>Must have been a force to be reckoned with before the split.
Do you mean the civil war split? Because I've made this keeping in mind the "separated during the sinking" version of the lore. I suppose that doesn't matter too much for the map itself, but might be the good point to get everybody on the same page.
There were two versions of the Atlan-Atlantean split lore developed over the course of the threads:
1. Atlan and Atlantis descend from different groups of old Atlanteans separated when Atlantis sunk.
2. Atlan was part of Atlantis post-sinking and rebelled against them.
The pre-Sinking split was actually the first version, but it was briefly overshadowed by the civil war split, until it was seemingly retconned back and elaborated on with the Yucatan colony lore bit.
Which do we want to stick with?
Sure, Southwest Precise Duelist Big Iron Lone Star Ranger will shred, and that's just the most obvious build.
Easy. Atlan claims it was split from the beginning, while Atlantis claims they're rebels who left. Nobody but the scribes know the truth, and nobody listens to them anyway.
This, lol.
Aren't things behind Mu pretty mythos already?
File: wojak_studio.png (484 KB, 1196x1320)
484 KB
484 KB PNG
Just left of Illinois Jack
>Half-Husked Cowboys
>You lose a lot of things chasing confederates in Agartha
>Memories and personalities for one thing
>Decent skirmish cavalry, and suprisingly durable
>Will fully husk if they fail too many will checks, meaning that they'll go out of control and just keep attacking the nearest enemy unit.
1,1 should be the skin walker
I dont do art but herea some ideas.

>Subterranean Grenzer.
>Loves it down here.
>His homeland is a hellscape worse than the underground.
>Comes in Albanian, Croation, Galician, Transylvanian and Wallachian flavours.
>Best skirmisher in the game, gets bonus dice in the "shooting and running away" phase.

>Uhlan Captain.
>Leads a glider squad
>10/10 moustache and hat combo
>Makes a big impact when he lands his glider with his lance
>no guns though

>Nervous artillerist
>Mostly deaf
>hard to activate
>surrenders his cannon easily when not under direct supervision
>A french officer once captured an entire battery after walking straight up and telling them the war was over.

>Viennese grenadier
>highly disciplined
>can throw bombs between stalactites/stalagmites.
>revels in causing cave-ins on the enemy
>can accidentally cause cave-ins on friendlies
>very expensive unit

>Hungarian noble treasure hunter.
>Cheap leader with good charisma and useless combat stats.
>Only 1-in-6 chance of speaking the same language as your troops, mystery meat is a 1-in-3 chance.
>Can challenge other leaders to a duel that he will surely lose.

>Tyrolean peasant.
>Excellent worker unit.
>Expensive for a labourer.
>Skilled at animal handling and mining.
>Must be paid in goats milk.

>Fugger financier.
>Grants more points to build your force.
>Takes a cut of the treasure whether or not you win.
>Yes, you can have negative VP because of this.
>Common strat is to use the grandier to cause a cave in on him so he doesn't need to be paid

>Lesser Hapsburg nephew (non unique)
>Common leader
>somewhat effective
>1-in-3 chance of speaking the same language as any of your units
>1-in-6 chance of birth defect, consult incest chart.
>1-in-6 chance of birth defect, consult incest chart.
I'm thinking of a chaos-mutations random roll table? Based.
There should be a general purpose or "mundane" mutation table for things like this and then maybe a more extreme one for really fucked up stuff.
I think Austrians should have experimental Tesla-tech and, well, the man himself, if A-H is a 5e addition we go by the "5e is set in the 80s" idea.
yeah but didn't tesla do the vast majority of his work in the US?
Well, what if he didn't?
Does anyone mind if I try to add some units of the italian roster into the 3ed ruleset? Nothing definitive of course, and going forward I might even have some time to playtest.
could he be a subfaction accessible by a few different groups?
Tripbro, you are THE Italy guy, so go right ahead. There are also units in the design doc if you feel like revising/adapting them.
I was thinking more along the lines of him just staying in A-H and going all in on the Agarthian Sciences, becoming something like their Eiffel.
I think there was talk a while back of Tesla doing exactly that. Something about electric fences?
Not to dispute the general idea, but apparently Tesla went to the US to work with Edison. Bad idea, of course.
In our timeline, of course.
File: OldMu.jpg (316 KB, 1013x716)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
>Aren't things behind Mu pretty mythos already?
Yeah, but having them be behind a stable civilization of mostly-humans caring about mostly-human stuff kinda means they aren't "eldritch" either, their concerns have to be somewhat relatable to ours.
Which isn't really that much of an issue desu. The whole thing about Mythos beings being completely unfathomable never really did translate well.
So as of right now the eldritch stuff in here seems to be
> The Shapes
> The Oneirophobia
> The Imaterii (I think?)
Maybe we just need more stuff to underscore it a bit more.
The Shapes apparently have something to do with Malcolm, the other two don’t have any lore to my knowledge.
Old Mu gets more alien as you approach the top, with beings like Mother and Khan being utterly beyond human understanding. But they understand us just fine, and can use their understanding of mankind to further their own goals. I suppose, in that sense, they truly AREN’T Lovecraftian. We may be as ants to them, but they are as entomologists to us.
Am I tripping or the British Commander has a lower evade than the soldier? Why is this the case? Wouldn't a higher evade be better?
Which Edition, which doc?
It might be intended, especially if the Commander is a Modern Major General stand-in.
Some Leaders will be worse fighter than Troops.
File: americachart.png (3.93 MB, 4813x4933)
3.93 MB
3.93 MB PNG
Yeah putting a fresh jak next to the other ones really reveals how crusty they are.
I cut a bit to save space, sorry about that too. Great unit though, Ghoultown has given me an undying appreciation of undead cowboys.
3rd edition, this is what I am adding stuff to. I am making sure to check if it is intended.
Wait, Brasil is an american puppet state now? What happened to the Faithful?
I thought alliance of faithful was Ethiopia, Austria, and Spain?
Last I remember Austria was actually against the alliance and on the same side as Italy in exchange for access to the underground through Stromboli.
Below the Rough riders

>Deep Born Aztec
>His forefathers fled the devastation of their empire
>They fled to where the conquistadors could not chase
>Has lived in Agartha for several generations now
>Allied with some Morlok tribes.
>Special rules to sacrifice wounded units to gain stat bonuses
>May or may not be the origins of the husked conquistador unit
>"Huītzilōpōchtli had abandoned us. The great cannons roared. Many died of plague. But the earth and tunnels kept us safe."
File: americachart.png (4.13 MB, 4813x4933)
4.13 MB
4.13 MB PNG
I feel really bad about having to cut the fluff writing to units on the chart, but I am not good enough at paint yet to overlap the units without blocking the text.
File: jeffwayne.jpg (619 KB, 1600x1580)
619 KB
619 KB JPG
Would anyone flip their shit if I put a hyperborean unit up for the chart? I think it'd be cool if a single pretty strong unit escaped the South American exclusion zone and ended up in the caves. In game you could run it as a one-unit army or a narrative scenario boss or what have you.
Something like a tripod?
>Would anyone flip their shit if I put a hyperborean unit up for the chart?
I wouldn't, a one of isn't going to break the setting's theme and its about time Hyperborea gets some actual attention.
Make it a wounded/broken tripod that can still wipe the floor with most armies.
I think that's fine, innit? Still sufficiently lovecraftian
I mean this is a crowdfunded community setting that largely relies on pulp fiction and weird, gonzo stuff. It's a bit kitschy and I think that's part of the intention
And as such IMO it's okay to not be fully purist when it comes to this stuff
Also like, couldn't you theoretically make an army that's morlocks, imaterii and jazz like that? Could always brew some additional "old mu-leaning" side grades and justify it with "yeah imaterii summoned/made those alien critters". Nightgaunts, morlock ghouls, morlock geomancers on byakhees, augumented troglodytes, flying polypspolyps. Or if you'd wanna stylistically dilute it, rip off Night Land and give Old Mu shaggy men, great grey men or even stuff like Watchers or Silent Ones. Just to name/spitball some shit.
I am absolutely ok with keeping Old Mu a nebulous and distant force reserved to just imaterii though, it serves it's purpose great already.
There's also the second sun at the heart of the planet. Which seems to have a mind of it's own and gave Nappy his scion
>Not mentioning hyperborea
Not classically Mythos, sure. But they represent an existential threat and their motives are so utterly insane and inhuman that it's impossible to really consider them properly human.
That lore is as old as the Cobras Fumantes entry itself.
Faithful/Holy League were always Spain, Portugal, Italian exiles and Ethiopia.
>Also like, couldn't you theoretically make an army that's morlocks, imaterii and jazz like that?
I think Imaterii was a Leader for Mu 1st Ed until the units got taken out, I'm not sure if I'm mistaken him for someone else, but Morlocks were there too, so I was always aiming at that once I got to Mu 2e.
>the second sun
Oh good catch that is so obvious I completely when over it.
I'm more thinking aesthetic feel and theme rather than what niche they fill, but you are right in some aspects at least, the Brain Manifold is one such example.
My understanding was that the AoF was basically Iberian Union + Ethiopia + Former Iberian colonies. If it's really just iberia and ethiopia, I can't imagine it being more than a fourth-rate power.
Nah, the idea was that some volunteers from LatAm could heed the Papal call to arms. They were always meant to be a bit of a meme faction of quixotic crusader larpers, so I don't see a problem.
>Make it a wounded/broken tripod that can still wipe the floor with most armies.
I like this idea.
Alright, a draft of the roster for Italian forces is complete. It is a hot (heh) mess of different design ideas I had. Let's throw this stuff to the wall and let's see if it sticks.
>I could be available on the 1st, but only after 4 or 5 pm GMT.
>I'd like to play 3e, but I'm ok with 2e too
If you are the anon I think, I owe you a game of 3e anyways, so might as well do that. I'll confirm everything tomorrow evening, but it should be doable.
Where can I find it?
It's on the third edition ruleset, I made sure to mark the header of the entry in yellow (to establish that this is playtest material)
File: MRLN.png (750 KB, 1000x650)
750 KB
750 KB PNG
>Brain Manifold
Trips of eternal Loop.
Also will add this boy to 2e.
File: Spoiler Image (2 KB, 384x384)
2 KB
Started work on finishing the 2nd Chapter of Good for Morale, and laying out the ground work for the third chapter. Guess who will make a shadowy appearance?
I'm also deeply tempted to make it the first "novel" of a La Ombre trilogy, this one being La Ombre over Agartha, next one being La Ombre over America and covering the Fenian Raids & Halifax Entrance explosion, with a third one as of yet unspecified.
oh also wanted to add,
I absolutely love this.
File: Tripod2.png (3.16 MB, 2855x620)
3.16 MB
3.16 MB PNG
This is a weird question, but which tripod design should I use for the Rogue Tripod unit? There's so many to choose from. Right now it's a four way tie between the Correa Googly Eyed ones, the Classics Illustrated Mirrorshade, the Jeff Wayne Bug Eyes, and the Roger Dean Mosquito head
Correa has SOVL and also comedic energy
Mirrorshade seems pretty Hyperborean to me
Jeff Wayne has a lot of art to draw from, and the album rocks too
And Roger Dean is god-tier qualitywise, though I can't find too much of his work
All of those have soul, I think the Ski-Masks/Mirrorshades ones look the best for Hyperborea tho.
So, would this word as a sort of Merc Leader? One that can only take Husks, perhaps?
I'm picturing it as a 1-unit army. The sort of thing you'd see in a narrative scenario. Or maybe is has LOBOTOMITE THRALLS it controls with tentacles hooked to the back of their necks.
As for husks, has any connection between Hyperborea and husks been established?
>As for husks, has any connection between Hyperborea and husks been established?
I don't think so, apart that there are Hyperborean Husks (which may or may not be different from normal husks).
If you're thinking about Skinslaves, those aren't husks.
It wouldn't do for those fresh skins to be devoid of experience, after all...
Hey this is the first I'm seeing of this project, this fucken rocks. Keep it up. Bump
Maybe I am, I don't know I thought I saw a reference somewhere on one of the early compass but I can't seem to find it.
>It wouldn't do for those fresh skins to be devoid of experience
Maybe they would be what remains after all the painful memories have been extracted and stored? Why throw away the remains when you could turn it into a drone to cause even more suffering for you to feed on later?
File: G-Man.png (105 KB, 677x760)
105 KB
105 KB PNG

>The G-Man
>Government man from up top to keep an eye on things
>Nobody knows which department he's from, still hate him anyway
>Knows too little or too much about Agarthan dangers and entities
>Unclear if he's a generic leader unit or hero
>Debate over whether the lazy eye means he's unique or all G-Men have it
>Provides some nice buffs for non-army units
>Rumoured test model for planned rpg in 5e
Put him somewhere near the middle-top.
>Hyperborean Husks
Could be that's what the Oneirophobia are, or atleast what people think they are. Hyperboreans from previous Gano-Ducksworth loops that have lost everything, and all anyone remembers about them is that they are to be feared.
bump so I can work on the chart when I get back.
No time for dat Goku
We gotta bake

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