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playtest edition

>What is this?
What started as a simple political compass chart about a (completely made up) Journey to the Center of the Earth-style wargame has morphed into a (for real this time) Vernian-hellscape wargame.
Its an ~1870s era, Jules Verne pre-war scifi inspired underground eldritch hellscape.
It is a Skirmish wargame. Two players with their own expeditions, on a hexgrid map, fight each other for victory.
A campaign mode is planned, but is far from completion

Currently there exist 3 versions of the rules:
>1e - proof of concept, recently updated with unit stats
>2e - lead by 2e anon, playtests started, unified document is in the works
>3e - Branched of from 4e because it died. Made by 3e anon, needs more playtests, rules present in the doc

>What can I do?
Shitpost, meme, get comfy, playtest. Read over the docs to settle in.
Contribute if you have ideas. Give feedback on contributions if you don't.

THE OLD ONE >>89544852
>TL;DR Doc (WIP) - This needs a bit more fleshing out
> Lore Doc
I’m posting from my phone, someone be a pal and post this for me.
> Unit Spreadsheet - Currently outdated, requires an update
> Unit Design Doc
File: stinker_gorg_scan.png (204 KB, 347x400)
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204 KB PNG
I was wintering if I should post it or will it get posted automatically.
Never suffer a thread to go ungorg'd
I'm assuming people are busy most of this week?
The SKIN SLAVES never sleep, mein Fuhrer.
I think 75% of the thread are burgers
To 1e anon. I remember you having an idea about global wounds for an entire army. Did you work it out in anyway? I think that maybe making a global Dread system could be good. Depending on some stats like unit number and unit Will we can make it so that after a certain amount of losses everyone starts to suffer dread.
I wish to make 3e simpler and I feel Dread should be only for losing units + special abilities that almost all underworlders would have. While the Underworldrs will suffer dread and terror from our ways of warfare
File: naptime.png (508 KB, 777x675)
508 KB
508 KB PNG
4e anon here, I was gone for ~2 weeks, what did I miss?
I've been reading 3e and I've really been liking the development it so far. Anything I could do to help?
I'm pretty sure I'll be free to playtest Friday evening and Sunday if anyone's up for it
From what I know only 3e anon and me are Euros
>To 1e anon. I remember you having an idea about global wounds for an entire army. Did you work it out in anyway?
Yes, but not fully yet.
The current plan is something like "Cover" / "Position" or "Tactics" as your Army's single health bar.
When all of that is cut through, any attacks to any of your Units has two ways to survive it:
Either you Evade it, or your Armour stops it, or the unit dies. Also considering systems to have Units get hit directly, through the army "health".

Avoid Unit HP entirely. Saves a lot of minutia-tracking.
Perfeclty reasonable to call the army-wide Health something like "Morale" to signify the army's general sturdiness.
Here's a better explanation of the play order:

>Step 1
Check how many units can see each other in each army.

>Step 2
Check how many of said units can actually hit each other with current weapons.

>Step 3
Both sides rolls that many dice / plays that many cards / does that many whatever we decides at the same time. All damage is calc'd then.
Melee attacks first, then ranged.

>Step 4
If your Health bar is empty, or for each "critical success" (1 on the dice?), some kind of check is done to see which of your Units actually take the killing blows.
File: jebem_li_ga.jpg (2 KB, 118x125)
2 KB
gone for 2 weeks? My guy I have been gone fore 2 months and nothing changed in the doc. Not even a new comment. So I just went along, I hope you don't mind. I could use some help with formatting. I feel like the doc is all over the place.
I have no idea about Lemurian lore so I just made some shit up. feel free to leave comments and suggestion.
Next playtest I would like to test the Brits and Lemurians or ottomans, just to try out the Dread and moral rules. I also made a new profile templated thats at the very end, idk if its better then the current one.
File: 1687843182250123.jpg (210 KB, 1020x1024)
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210 KB JPG
>I have no idea about Lemurian lore so I just made some shit up
Nice. Fortunately for you, that's exactly how we do things around these parts.
File: white_cat_from_fren.jpg (114 KB, 918x1024)
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114 KB JPG
Yeah but I know there were some talks about Lemuraian lore I just didn't really follow it trough. I wont want to step on any toes. I would only retcon something if its really stupid. Like Austro-Hungary being competent or something like that.
Yeah, anon, these seem like straight up Lemurs, as in the neigh-unkillable monsters from the Deep, not the Sino-Vedic prophet-larper Lemurians.
Actually, would you mind if I try to adapt some Lemurian unit concepts to 3e? Ideally, you'd need some form of Prophecy system too, even if very simple.
I'll see what I can do
Wait, as in the people or the monsters?
The people have plenty of lore.
Proto-Indian BAP-equivalent muscle chads who channel the Inner Sun's Chi through cultivation techniques to become even more Chads.
Think of "might makes right" but wholesome.
>I’m posting from my phone, someone be a pal and post this for me.
Ah, I see. I'll have to bake next thread, then.
>I have no idea about Lemurian lore so I just made some shit up.
I'll give it a quick look and put some feedback in there.
Calling 1e/2e/3e/4e anons.
What is the most up to date link/document for your work that is currently public?
What are some rules you want feedback on?
What are some rules you just don't want to work on yet, and why?
And when the world needed him most... he Gorg'd
Just this one.

Any feedback is fine, but I'm doing a large overhaul so it may not be relevant.

The 3e doc is a online, in the 2nd post.
2e here.
Still on the release version of the Main Rules doc, I started editing it with a more agreeable font and adding some rules/fixing some shit, but then somehow tornados landed in the city were no a single tornado has fallen in over 40 years... and I lost the whole thing to a power outage...
Now still working on the Merc faction book, its taken a long time but its essentially 3 faction books in one. Should be done tomorrow (I've said that before tho).
File: pol1.png (5.84 MB, 3450x3450)
5.84 MB
5.84 MB PNG
our roots
>The prophecy is YOU DIE
Is there a single more based ability than this? Shut up, it doesn’t matter, I will simply Pronounce Death upon you anyway.
I assume he's Vritravana, and not a generic general, right?
Yeah, that's what he became.
slow day, huh? bump
Apparently. I'll try to push out my 1e overhaul soon to get things fired up again.
Its a beautiful thing, innit?
What I remember from the older threads
> Lemuria is a "cultural" group rather than a unified society, made of multiple warlike and mostly nomadic tribes which share more or less the same language, religion and cultivation techniques.
> Tribes slowly moved into the 6th Layer after gradually digging their way down and beating the shit out of everyone in Agartha over 2000 years. The Dravidians, the previous human settlers of Lemuria, were no exception, and were enslaved by the Chariot Kings and their warriors.
> No clue why its called Lemuria, maybe the Dravidians drove off the Lemurs before? But the name stuck to the region.
> Chariot-Kings created a religion around their own persona and forced the newly enslaved Dravidians to worship them as such.
> Over the centuries, with the development of Chi Cultivation techniques, this religion morphed into a philosophical-mystical practice centered around the quest for physical, mental and spiritual perfection.
> The central belief of Chi Cultivation is that each man should being infinitely ambitious, and that any ambition realized is justified in itself. Beyond that, it is much more a mindset and set of techniques to hone your Vrill-Chakras to the Chi of the Inner-Sun.
> For example, Lemurians frown upon slavery as a social institution, because it is the mark of a weak and degenerative society, but are *perfectly* fine with the idea that weaker folks should naturally serve stronger folks, *as long as the stronger folks are really stronger*.
> As such, Lemurian warriors and nobles are raised not to hate the weak, but weakness itself. The proper mindset according to Cultivation in such a situation is to be slightly (but not too much) saddened by the fact the weakling could not see he should become a chad.
> Prophets are the "I train at the library" side of Lemurian upper society. Focusing almost exclusively on their cranial Vrill-Chakras, they learn to momentarily boost their intelligence...
> ... in order to make accurate predictions, a bit like Mentats in Dune.
> A striking peculiarity of Lemurian prophets are the cranial holes which develop itself around where the mystical "third eye" is supposedly located. This hole is opened willingly by the Prophet itself through overuse of the Cranial Vrill-Chakras, and is believed to greatly help with prophetic skills. This is a very dangerous technique, and in the hands of an unexperienced mystic, the hole could "eat" out the entirety of the cranial Vrill-Chakras, turning the prophet into a Degenerate.
> Degenerates are a unique phenomenon to the Lemurians, one which confounds surface academics. People who'se entire face have been holed out and yet who still somehow survive and function, somewhat. While it is noted that Degeneracy can result from misuse of prophetic skills, it also appears that it can strike Lemurians of lower birth, servants, etc. Lemurians believe it is the result of lazyness, crass stupidity or too much menial work unbalanced by exposition to the Inner-Sun's Chi, but some Agarthan Society academics have advanced that Degeneracy might be a form of Deep Drunkness that is somehow specific to the 6th Layer.
> Cultivation as a whole is not without risks. While Warriors are not as much at risks of Degeneracy if they do not prophecize, the mix of Chi Cultivation and physical training may, if it isn't well controlled, led someone into turning into a Flesh Construct. The warrior will burst into a Shoggoth-like abomination of muscled limbs, perfectly sculpted abs and bone protusions. Flesh Constructs often retain a large amount of their former selves, but generally also believe they have simply reached peak performance. Normal Lemurians tend to accommodate them however they can but are also weary, since they are prone to growing a random proboscis just to eat someone's face without even realizing it.
File: threeeyes.png (238 KB, 1427x1597)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
Lost Seer Jayanyati
>A leader among the Lemurian Fateless, daughter of Lady Pythivati, and advisor to the Lost King.
>She was there when India broke free of the English yoke. She was there when Paris fell.
>She was there when Malcolm was crowned. Down there. In the dark.
>When the Sacred Wall was crossed. When Mu scarred Liberty. When Napoleon found his home. She was there.
>Though she has been cast out as Fateless for her defiance of the prophecy, she has completed her Vrill Chakra and a third eye has grown where she prepared its place.
>How is this possible? What does she know that the prophecies have not told us? What can she see?
>Unfailingly polite, even with her worst enemies.
>Seemingly shares her mother's eternal life, but hasn't been around nearly as long.
>"Shall I tell you of your fate?"

>Leader unit for the Lost Men, specializes in countering Lemurian armies.
>Buffs Fateless units, lets them benefit from hostile prophecy buffs.
>Rather fragile, but surprisingly hard to hit, especially at range.
How can a setting born ~2 months ago already have more waifus than what GW managed to produce in the last 20 years?
>Buffs Fateless units, lets them benefit from hostile prophecy buffs.
So she steals Prophecies? Holy based.
because its not produced by homos
That's the idea, yes. She knows things she cannot possibly know about the intricacies of the Prophecies.
We have our priorities straight. Or gay, I guess, in the case of that one anon

Anyway, time to trawl the archives and add the various Sponsors to the unit doc.
Should we use that art or can an art anon come up with a cute brown girl with a third eye picture?
Jaks are generally fine until we have something better.
>Anyway, time to trawl the archives and add the various Sponsors to the unit doc.
Alright, I think I got them all. Shout out to UR-CA, that's such a bonkers idea that we have to make it work somehow.
File: LNGBKR.png (351 KB, 3774x843)
351 KB
351 KB PNG
How quickly we forget when we don't write stuff down in the docs.
Holy fuck I must have not been there for that.
The funniest part to me is that UR-CA is a sponsor.
This thing funds expeditions somehow.
UR-CA is a wealthy killer sky-whale from beyond the firmament.
A (probably incomplete) list of female characters in E:AD
>Juliette Verne (Heiress Explorer)
>Priestesses of New Mu
>Mother Unknown (The Empress)
>Queen Victoria
>Satsuma Ashigaru
>Lady Guinevere of Cornwall
>Harriet Tubman
>Ayahuasca (?)
>Atlantean Heterae
>The Pearlescent Princess (The Polished Princess)
>Lost Seer Jayanyati
>Lady Pythivati of the Tigress Temple
>Lemurian Enchantresses
>Xenea of Knossos
>The Whorelock
How do we rank these waifus?
sky whale anon here, how the fuck did i miss this. holy based.
File: angryproot.png (141 KB, 633x758)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
>sky whale anon
>How do we rank these waifus?
Pearl Princess >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the rest >>>>>>>>>>>> POWER GAP >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Heiress
File: 1685174144565005.png (74 KB, 830x679)
74 KB
>prÖÖters BTFO'd
Don't forget the Olm-Wives, also known as the Whorelms.
.... Whorelocks and Whorelms unite!
Whorelock clearly didn't stab that Old Mu aristocrat enough times if he's back to his old tricks.
>Whorelock clearly didn't stab that Old Mu aristocrat enough times if he's back to his old tricks.
old tricks
new empire
>Jayanyati and Pythivati oyakodon
I love being a degenerate
Thanks (its 2e anon) , I missed a lot concerning Hyperboreans and I didn't know if something like this would be in theme for them, glad you guys like it.
So, the Lost Men have Bleg and Jayanyati. What lovable sidekicks does Napoleon have kicking about in La Ombre?
Miniature Cloudelleafint that he surreptitiouslyfeeds peanuts when no one's looking.
File: p_dumbo_19753_7f6610fc.jpg (131 KB, 540x810)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
>Napoleon's Pygmy Cloudelleafint is an optional terrain feature
>Extremely friendly and willing to follow anyone nearby, upon detecting any unit will attempt to follow it around
>Random chance to get distracted and wander off
>Whoever can get it to their deployment zone can expect a hefty reward (or ransom) from Napoleon for returning the only thing he still loves other than France and Mankind
Speaking of Elephants, would a giant mechanical version of this be out of place?
>no mention of Aryans, Nuristani or Kalashi
pozzed, coward lore.
Lemurian civilization predates all of those groups by over a thousand years. And they're the ones larping as inheritors of a prophecy that dates back to the dawn of time.
Is Jack a woman? If so, then he belongs on the list, my apologies.
I'm not making a list of every male character/unit, that would be too damn long.
The game will have delicious brown girls in it. You agree.
go back to /pol, brazilian child
Anon, this is the same retard who hates Atlan. The same retard who screeches anytime anyone develops Surface lore. The same retard who wants Atlantis to be reduced to a Greek LARPfest with no identity of its own despite them predating Greece. He never has the slightest clue what is going on in the thread, refuses to engage with any lore that is not his epic headcannon and dismisses everyone else as 'fanfiction trannies". He can't be reasoned with and people should wisen up already and ignore his instantly recognizable double digit IQ posts.
>SSS tier
Gog and Magog
>untouchable tier
Everyone else
>double digit IQ
Bit generous
>duhhhh, say Gog, what's dat dere epigea guy talkin' about?
>dunno Magog, but he says we're "ssssssss"
>Uhhh, what's dat mean Gog?
>dunno either, Magog, but I likessss the sssssssound of it!
>hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk
>hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk
File: COFFEE POWER.png (146 KB, 342x372)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
Fairly sure he's larping. I hope so.
He's been at it since it was suggested that the grogs in this game hated Atlan being introduced for having sidelined the Gorgs.
Perhaps a stupid question, but who can recruit the Kentuckian Rebel?
File: Merc.0000.pdf (367 KB, PDF)
367 KB
367 KB PDF
It isn't completely finished, I need to include the weapon & equipment lists, but its close enough and I thought it could wash off the taste of cunt that's in this thread right now...
Open to suggestions as to which Faction book to do next.
You didn't insert some big "idea" of Atlantis lol, you made some jaks (like everyone else). Atlantis had 0 lore beyond vague wojak lines until the "bandwagonners" (that is to say, other people) pitched in. This thread is a collective effort. You don't get to be the king of /eadsttcoteg/ now and demand the thread to follow some original vision you've never bothered elaborating on because it's supposed to be "your" faction.
>collective effort
>lul so random=lore

we already have the hypoboreans, lemurians and Mu, we need ONE (count it, 1) underworlder faction to be the baseline or relatable group. Making every single detail of every single thing underground some esoteric convoluted shit and you instantly turn off people from trying to understand. There's a reason the 40k lore textwall meme exists.
I've just realized that the themes/aesthetics for Malcolm and Napoleon are like
>Shadow, but French
I like the Husk death rules, they sound fun.
File: 911.png (52 KB, 152x254)
52 KB
>Three eyes.
Ok, but why are you being such a cunt about it?
Seething 1e player. Everybody hated the split in 2e too, but we moved on. No need to stay upset about it.
File: mama mia.jpg (37 KB, 529x518)
37 KB
Oh no, the setting with volcano-worshipping Italians and isn't historically accurate?!
>why are you being a limp wristed fag in response to it?
I don't know, I figure you might fuck off for another 2~3 weeks, that's be good.
At a minimum? Any forces capable of fielding mercenaries from above-ground based on the wojack alone. They were said to even work with the American armies in the original chart, despite their lore.

You could probably pass it off as them being underground for so long that they don't care who they work for anymore, I guess, but beyond that funny bit of info... I think the only guys they wouldn't work with would be the Ottomans, and that's because I doubt anybody would willingly work with them.
What will the main Chinese units be, beyond the Terracotta soldiers?
Bro just admit you're mad that Bophades can't benefit from the immortal formation bonuses anymore.
Probably Peasent levies who have low morale, but gain insane commander bonuses.
he'll never admit that
but he seethin'
Honestly, I think Rakkad could be made a La Ombre character. It would suit him, to a certain degree.
Other than that, perhaps some kind of stuffy and traditional member of the Oldest Guard, someone who's been with him since Waterloo and insists on trying to maintain as French a military structure as possible even as his boss keeps recruiting cave men obsessed with horrible green juice.
File: 06 - LEE_DEHR.png (10 KB, 384x384)
10 KB
Yeah so sorry I haven't been around to do more art. Just busy lately, had a huge project eating up half the free time I would otherwise have.
Meant for >>89648937
No worries, man. We're just glad to hear from you.
>I think Rakkad could be made a La Ombre character
Definitely. A madman in spirit, from the beginning.
Didn't even have to descend for that.
File: PPrincess.png (40 KB, 256x256)
40 KB
Since no one answered me, I'll take your post as the only vote with no quorum because fuck Robert's Rules who the fuck made him King?, and also since it's whats going to piss off >>89662554 the most, Atlan will be the next Faction book on the docket for 2e.
File: Pprincess.png (78 KB, 648x835)
78 KB
Pretty easy when you can mostly copy paste stuff from the doc.
File: 1510961253278.jpg (12 KB, 257x196)
12 KB
>Grogs in ill-fitting napoleonic uniforms painting the hats green.
>Hands are too big to properly reload a musket, so they just shoot once and then bayonet charge
Fund it.
Alright, I've finished rewriting the Titanic pantheon into a more general loredump on the Atlantean religion. I've also dropped every pretense of writefaggotry, since it was never really my forte. But if you find any traces of the old faux ethnography, tell me. This is meant to complement the loredoc and mainly focused on describing the two main pantheons and some rituals/festivals. Tl;dr incoming.
>Atlas - New King of the Titans, god of order, law, civilization, rulers, pacts, endurance and healing. Sacrificed himself to seal the Firmament when the Titans were wrecked by the Hyperboreans.
.Themis - goddess of the actual implementation of law and the public life
>Kronos - Old King of the Titans, cyclical deity of life and death, leaning on death, also a harvest deity
>Rhea - goddess of fertility and growth of all things: plants, animals, humans etc.
>Ophion - god of the sea, but he's a bit of a dick
>Tethys - rivers, springs, lakes etc. Freshwater to Ophion's salt
>Phoibe - fate and prophecy
>Koios - knowledge and secrets
>Mnemosyne - arts and memory
>Prometheus - fire, crafts and methals, a bit of a trickster
>Theia/Aethre - Undersky and weather (such as it is)
>Hyperion - Inner Sun, light, protector from the darkness and spookyness of Agartha
>Pallas - honorable war god

Protos Theos
>Poseidon - King of the Olympians, god of the waters, earthquakes, justice, change and life
>Demeter - earth and agriculture deity
>Despoina - not!Artemis, also presides over olms and other mounts and riding
>Zeus - reduced in importance. Weather deity, also merged with Heracles and became more martial
>Hades - apart from death/wealth stuff, governs the navigation of Agartha: digging, tunneling, scaling etc.
>Kore - Persephone, resurrecting vegetation deity, also a goddess of youth, love and beauty
>Apollo - associated with the Inner Sun now, otherwise same old
>Hephaistos, Hera, Hestia - same old
>Hermathena - weird mixture of Hermes and Athena, who emerged from the head of Pallas, when it was struck apart by Zeus. Goddess of wisdom, crafts, diplomacy and tactics.
>Zagreus - Dionysos
>Ares - nobody liked him anyway

Guest appearances
>Ouranos - skinned and castrated father of the Titans, whose skin was used to make the Firmament. He came back with the Hyperboreans and was very mad.
>Aphrodite - Not!Daji, evil seductress who tricked the Olympians into revolt
File: 1368047.jpg (153 KB, 568x785)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
nice work on the pantheon, did you take any inspiration from Cthonic ideology? I'd imagine in this case, Hades, Persephone, Demeter, and Hermes would be the major gods. Zeus was also sometimes called chthonios for example. The furies would also play a good part and I'd imagine would be used from a mixture of expletives to child stories to get them to behave. Would Mithraism or Macedonian culture play a part, I could imagine the sucessor split away kingdoms would eventually cause refugees to eek into the Atlantean lands, causing a almost byzantinean hybrid culture clash.
Oh, right, and Krios is the Titan of the hunt, wilderness, boundaries and roads. Anyway, here's a more navigable version with the contents.
I really like your work so far. It would be nice to have a brief section talking about the weirder rites, in addition to the detailed sections for the main two.
On that topic, I contributed to the discussion on the lore doc about the rites.
File: BaronP.png (40 KB, 256x256)
40 KB
o fuck
Would you like me to edit this?
Could you post it somewhere as a text file?
I could probably cleave a good 5-10 pages off in edits, and keep all the core content.

Great stuff at any rate.
Oh, by all means! I've replaced the older version in the "Anon pieces" section and it should be editable. Thanks.
The general idea was for a Poseidon-centric pantheon, which is something another anon came up with in the first place. The Poseidon-Demeter pair as the top gods was inspired by the older Minoan tradition. Then, since its Agartha, it seemed reasonable for Hades and Kore to play a more prominent role. In the Underworld everyone is ultimately chtonic, because even the sky is earth and Zeus shakes the Roof and casts stalactites instead of lightning.
I could easily see a syncretic minor rite that conflates Atlas with Mithra and recasts him as the son of Hyperion Aniketos or something. The other anon used some Egyptian elements into the Pharonic and Christic rites, I imagine those could likely have been brought over by people from Ptolemaic kingdom.
>Oh, by all means! I've replaced the older version in the "Anon pieces" section and it should be editable. Thanks.
I'll get on it soon then. I usually keep my edits light as usually it involves writer feedback and a long critique process,
but if you don't mind I'll just take an axe to it and cleave it down to size.
Yeah, don't worry. If I think something really important is missing I'll just think of a less verbose way to put it in.
Editing has begun.
Is anyone opposed to Atlantis using Hesiod's record of Aphrodite's birth, and Atlan using Homer's?
Or should it be switched?
Okay so, as I'm reading through this I think it needs to be re-formatted slightly. Or, entirely. Introducing Aphrodite before Iapetus, for example, sets things up strangely.

I'm on it, friend, but do check the doc occasionally. I know Greek mythos well, but from the looks of it so do you, and I may make mistakes in re-formatting so your eyes re-checking everything will be helpful.
I think both should keep the Uranic Aphrodite for that Hyperborean link. My own 2 cents on Atlan religion, in broad strokes:
1.Titanic purism and centrism, less Epigean elements. The reason Atlanteans even have such an elaborate account of the Olympians is presicely because they've integrated it from the Greek myth. Maybe Atlans have widely different names and imagery of their traitor gods? And likely less detail on them overall. Mostly they are just rebellious Titans/their children & others, and they are all either dead or enslaved by the Hyperboreans. They don't really matter that much.
2. Less Atlas-wankery. He's cool, but Kronos is still king.
3. Overall more warlike and bloodthirsty gods. Like Pallas being more like Ares in charatcerization.
I grouped her roughly with her "original" pantheon for simplicity's sake mainly. It's one entry in the end, I don't think it truly matters where it is. You could just merge it with the section where she first appears.
Oh, sorry, I misunderstood you. The thing with Iapetos is that he's not a major figure, so I didn't feel like he had to appear in the main myth at all, whereas Aphrodite actually plays a big role in it. In a way he is only mentioned to explain why he is not mentioned. If you need to cut something, you can remove him instead.
>I think both should keep the Uranic Aphrodite for that Hyperborean link.
Very noted.
My meaning is that, information ought to be clear. Nothing needs to be deleted, just that formatting-wise you should introduce Aphrodite's progenitor before her.

It is a very minor thing. I'm working on it, don't worry.
"Monomyth" section cleanup finished.
Please do go over it, double checking if I missed anything or removed important things. I added some details also, like Hyperborea being named after Hyperion, and should have kept all the core concepts you included.

Starting work on "The Titanic Rite"
Great stuff by the way. Very fun to take an axe to.
Also, have to mention, Aphrodite being a cunt and Zeus's bolts being powerful enough to pierce the firmament is fuckin' SICK mate.
Totally in line with Greek tragedy. Awesome stuff.
What was the name of Atlas's human bride?
I didn't know what to make up at the time. Cleito was reserved for Poseidon to reference the Plato account later. Could name her something generic but meaningful like Progonia.
Alright. Edits up through Kronos done.
Hope you don't mind the changes, mate.
File: BaronP.png (82 KB, 642x804)
82 KB
I've been meaning to add Will for a while now, apparently Atlan has many uses for it, so might as well be now.
Also, it was a bit quieter at work today so I managed to write a bit up on a continuation to the La Ombre story I posted a few threads back. Unless I'm mistaken it should be the first time our resident Mary Sue gets some "screen" time.
File: KofAtlan.jpg (82 KB, 736x1086)
82 KB
Trying to find images for Atlan Knights, this is the best (less shitty) one for "Knight+Atlantis", does this work? I feel it doesn't.
>I feel it doesn't.
That's probably because it doesn't.
The IMMORTAL wears armour thick and bulky enough to hide even his own humanity.
then please suggest something else.
Jesus fuck that's awesome.
File: ImTok.png (79 KB, 256x256)
79 KB
File: shank.png (23 KB, 691x694)
23 KB
>Live your whole life in accordance to the prophecies
>Turns out the prophecies have decided you're going to be killed and probably eaten by horrible cavemen who smell like shit
>Make peace with your fate, for if it comes to pass then that will serve as further proof of the will of those who came before
>Gorg don't care, gorg make stupid lemmy into stink juice
Is there anything more cucked than being a Lemurian?
>horrible cavemen
don't talk about the gorgs like that
they're perfectly civilised
Typical Yazata lies. You can dress up your little pets all you like and get them to play act at civilization, but they're still Gorgs no matter what you do.
File: yazata.jpg (99 KB, 456x810)
99 KB
>but they're still Gorgs no matter what you do.
¡ƃuıɥʇ pooƃ ɐ s,ʇɐɥʇ puɐ
File: IMG_2803.jpg (1.02 MB, 1500x1149)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
Get down from there, you smarmy fuck.
File: Titmintok.png (65 KB, 256x256)
65 KB
Wait, you're going to use Discipline AND Will as different stats? They were used more or less interchangeably so far. So unless you actually wanted to try some idea with using two stats, you could just treat any Will mentions in the doc as Discipline for the purposes of 2e.
An insane and permanently high Atlantean Orphic who thinks Napoleon is Zagreus and will bring about the universal apotheosis.
File: the sky man ponders.jpg (56 KB, 323x500)
56 KB
˙ɯǝɥʇ ʍouʞ oʇ ʇǝƃ noʎ uǝɥʍ ʇɐǝɹƃ ǝʇınb ʎʃʃɐǝɹ ǝɹ,ʎǝɥ⊥
˙sƃɹo⅁ ǝɥʇ ǝʇɐɥ ǝʃdoǝd ʎuɐɯ os ʎɥʍ ʇǝƃ ʇ,uop ʎʃʇsǝuoɥ I

Lemurians do "PROPHESY", that is, with an S.
"Prophecy" with a C is the actual written thing. Lemurian Prophesy is an action, the verb, that is, to actively divine the future.
Lemurians do not write a prophecy, they DO PROPHESY.
File: SS tomb colonist.png (197 KB, 334x438)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
Ariadne, the Singed Maenad
>A former Hetera who worked as a spy and assassin among the highest echelons of the nobility
>Swift and elusive as she may have been, it did not save her when her patron's mansion was set on fire
>She survived, but barely, leaving most of her body covered in burns
>Continued reliance on pain-relieving drugs and some old contacts have then led her down the rabbit-hole of the Orphic Rite
>While she has briefly found a new purpose and solace in the ecstatic cult, eventually she experienced a crisis of faith
>Ariadne then decided to go on a spiritual quest and descend further into the Underworld, just like Orpheus once did
>Either she would find a reason to go on living or be torn apart by the monsters in the dark and be reborn
>There she met the Epigean who once thought to rule the world, the king robbed of his kingdom, followed by soldiers reduced to shadows of themselves
>Once she learned of the man's goals it was clear to her that he could not be anyone but Zagreus incarnate, sent to liberate the souls of men from the cycle of life and death
>She now serves him as his herald, bringing new worshippers to join the L'Ombre ranks
So Greek Female Joshua Graham? I can dig that.
Sorry, Bophades. In real life, the Epigean gets the Agarthan woman.
More Atlantean Religion doc edits done. Finished up through Phoibe.
Yeah, I'm thinking I want a stat to differentiate Morale, Labour and *something else*. Morale working the way it does I think means I can't just 100% use it as a normal value stat, the difference between 3 and 5 Discipline in regards to Dread is just fucking huge, but as a "Save" stat its only a 20% increase.
Which Rite are you repping, /eadsttcoteg/?
Pharonic gang, btw.
Mithraic 4 life.
File: img.png (305 KB, 400x436)
305 KB
305 KB PNG
we surfin'
File: saurrider.png (960 KB, 728x709)
960 KB
960 KB PNG
Atlantis has gotten some characters recently. How about Mu? Anyone got any ideas for interesting Mu heroes, leaders, or patrons?
Also, on the topic of patrons, I was thinking that perhaps a standard piece of an army could include a little statuette showing who your army's patron is. In the case of patrons such as UR-CA, this could double as their model for when they get deployed.
>Atlantis has gotten some characters recently. How about Mu? Anyone got any ideas for interesting Mu heroes, leaders, or patrons?
You know, that's a good point. Old Mu has a solid cast of characters, but New Mu doesn't have much at all.
File: batur.png (347 KB, 2115x713)
347 KB
347 KB PNG
Reposting this because I don't think it got written down anywhere.
We should probably make a Characters doc, honestly.
We have the unit design doc, which is already basically filling that purpose.
No I mean like a doc for named character lore.
Radical suggestion:
A system that allows people to design their own hero unit.
Not so radical, that's what I (2e anon) suggested Heroes be by default. Just build-your-own character/leader.
File: TNGR.png (2.92 MB, 1330x1200)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB PNG
In all seriousness, I do feel like there should be generic versions of most named characters that can be used as /yourdude/ material.
Unless you're suggesting some kind of radical choose-your-own-stats type hero.
I retract my statement and alter it to:

Repeating 2e anon's suggestion.
>Unless you're suggesting some kind of radical choose-your-own-stats type hero.
Yes something like this.
It depends on how much freedom you want. I feel it would be hard to balance something that's straight up (Pay x Silver per y points of this stats), but you could have a generic Faction Hero profile that you can slap on different rules at cost through stuff like the Commission rules I did with the DDC.
Yeah, that might be the best way to do it.
What would each faction's generic hero be? Would some have more than one option?
>What would each faction's generic hero be?
Atlan Warmaster
Could reworkd the Atlantis Scion to be so
Illinois Jack for the US
Would need one for both British and French.
>Would some have more than one option?
Possibly, if its too hard to make a baseline, say you really wanted to have a Slave Atlan Hero, it might make sense to have a second set of rules altogether.
I figure Illinois Jack could be lumped in with Juliette and Julius Verne, Lady Guinevere, and other such characters as factionless hero archetypes.
America definitely needs an Abolitionist hero option and a US Marshall hero. Some kind of slave champion sounds cool for Atlan.
Something like...

>A set of generic abilities that all factions get
>Each faction gets a set of their own abilities that you can also include
>Mix and match abilities to your liking,. to a maximum of N abilities.

>Weapons tables are for Hero units too. Some system of managing stats. Perhaps Silver cost, maybe just a triangular stat system where increasing one pulls points from another.
>you could have a generic Faction Hero profile that you can slap on different rules at cost through stuff like the Commission rules I did with the DDC.
Sounds liek the best way to handle it. You could maybe boost certain stats for exponentially increasing cost, but that's probably a bit much.
Having one customisable "Hero" unit pera rmy is honestly a solid selling point.
I'll try cooking something like this today, but I'll be at work, I'll post it later on tonight.
I'm hacking together something too, might take a while though as I'm still wild busy.
File: torment nexus.jpg (53 KB, 640x523)
53 KB
So is everyone generally on board with custom Hero units?
Shifting all the pregame crunch to one unit seems sensible, and its also a good way to encourage people to dive into lore AND redoubles the kitbashing focus of the game too.
I don't see how it would hurt, really, especially if several people already have ideas.
>Let people make their own custom heroes
>Steal the good ones and put them in the lore
Perfect way to get more content
we call that "Self-fulfilling prophesy"
File: 1682596283336414.png (59 KB, 645x708)
59 KB
>"Self-fulfilling prophesy"
Just as foretold.
... its not foretold if you force it you big dumb lemurian.
File: brmjak.png (125 KB, 933x754)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
It was foretold. By me. Before I forced it. Simple as.
File: uɹoɔs‾ɐʇɐzɐʎ.jpg (168 KB, 814x1024)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
˙˙˙˙suɐıɹnɯǝʃ ,uıʞɔnɟ
Titanic Rite section edits finished.
File: IMG_2693.jpg (103 KB, 680x766)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
File: WarmasterHero2e.png (107 KB, 618x855)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
So, Heroes for 2e
You have a Profile for the base, comes from your Faction book. Picrel for Atlan. You can select up to 5 traits to build up your Hero. Traits increase the Silver cost.
You have also access to basic ones, which everyone can take.
> Born Leader : Model is a Leader and gains Leadership 3
> Strong Arms : +1 Str, +1 L Health Box
> Strong Legs : +1 Mov, +1 L Health Box
> Hardy : +1 Str, +1 B Health Box
> Agile : +1 Skill, +1 Evasion
> Military Training : +1 Skill, +1 Discipline
> Lucky : +1 Evasion, once per turn your may reroll a roll.
> Industrious : +1 Mov, +1 Lab
> Quick Witted : +1 Evasion, +1 Will
> Educated : +1 Will, +1 Labour
> Wise : +1 Ld, +1 Lab, +1 Will
Haven't costed those yet.
Nah, the momentum simply died some time ago, because there is only this long retards can post their compasses and wojak edits before it gets boring and stale
>b-but game
Bitch please. Who are you kidding? Yourself?
File: 1687591077589578.png (8 KB, 330x290)
8 KB
>being so mad at some anons randomly making a fictional world and tabletop game that you scroll 170 posts back to piss your pants over it
>>b-but game
>Bitch please. Who are you kidding? Yourself?
I mean, you sure as fuck didn't make it happen, did you?
File: SenBoph.png (99 KB, 644x778)
99 KB
Added Senator Bophades to 2e Atlantis.
Writer anon here (not James Green one, have yet to post what I'm working on), I've been wondering what kind of stories we could make for the Agarthan factions. Colonial ones seem easy to plan out, but I'm drawing a blank on what to do for the Atlans, Mu, Lemurians, etc. So far all I have is
>Lady K vs Lord Cunnigham in a deadly spy game in London
>The journey of a Dirt Man
Anyone got any suggestions?
Hell yeah.
>Docs are still being edited and contributed to on the regular.
>Systems still being developed.
>People still enjoying themselves.
>He's back to doompost
thus returns the atlan hatefag
time limit reached

>Writer anon here (not James Green one, have yet to post what I'm working on), I've been wondering what kind of stories we could make for the Agarthan factions.
We have some already, and in general classic pulp science-fantasy action stories set in the undergorund would be great.
Simple characters, simple premise, showcasing some simple aspect or interaction in the underground.

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