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These threads are fun, but they're always about settings that can only really be used in trpgs. Let's do one for a fictional wargame instead.

> Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth meets Made in Abyss and 19th century American Gold Rushes
> Skirmish campaign-based ruleset

> Notes must include references to a game loop
> Transparent background
> Wojaks are expected, but other MS Paint creations are welcome
Morlock Voivode goes bottom right
>those threads are fun
Maybe if you when you were dropped on your head dozen of times as a toddler
File: hrmjak.png (120 KB, 522x653)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
Highland Rifleman, up/left one from the Hired Hand.
>Survivors of the Malcolmite Rebellion.
>Listed as standard infantry, statted as highly durable skirmishers, doesn't cost extra.
>Casually deletes your cavalry charge.
>Impossible to dislodge from rough terrain, performs surprisingly well even with underworld penalties.
File: skywayman.png (91 KB, 334x450)
91 KB
All the way at the top, right one from the middle.

>Can be deployed anywhere, any time.
>High cost and exceedingly weak.
>No legitimate tactical value in any situation.
>Only ever used to cheese.
>Hated by everyone.
I should add
>Hated by everyone, except people that use them.
Nah, hated by everyone, especially the people who use them
Not bad.
File: dljak.png (845 KB, 5000x5000)
845 KB
845 KB PNG
Degenerated Lemurian, down/left two spaces from the middle.
>Shitty Hired Hand clone for Lemurian factions.
>Notoriously difficult sculpt to paint.
>Worst morale score of any worker unit.
>At least they get prophecy buffs like standard Lemurians.
Pretty good, here's the update
File: 168156111182351595.png (89 KB, 320x319)
89 KB
Gurkha Mercenary, to the direct right of Hired Hand but down one.
>experienced veterans of colonial wars
>surprisingly good jack of all trades, has higher damage in melee
>high morale despite not being a special unit
>higher cost then standard infantry choices
Actually, scratch that, probably just right of hired hand.
The Oneirophobia
Not sure where to put this one, definitely at the very bottom of Below and near Inquisitive

>Models look straight out of a Nightmare
>Their Psychology Mechanic is straight bullshit
>Every player owns at least one because they're "cool"
>only their playerbase cares what "oneirophobia" even means and never shut up about it
File: img(2).png (162 KB, 338x581)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
somewhere in the top right corner
Saur Knights of New Mu

>luv me saur
>luv me lance
>luv mu
>ate lemurians
>ate atlans
>ate outlanders (not racis just don like em)
File: img(3).png (330 KB, 1065x1078)
330 KB
330 KB PNG
idk where to put this

Phalanxman of New Mu
>best unlimited defensive unit in the game
>can't actually kill anything though
>Saur nights always steal their spotlight both in the lore and on the table
File: img (5).png (356 KB, 536x672)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
Sergeant Major, one up, left of Hired Hand in inquisitive.
>Easy to paint due to smooth flat surfaces on most of the model
>essential in any royal army
>great at mitigating morale loss
Pretty sure the Highlanders got misplaced
Given the Sergeant Major is going for the same spot, maybe put Highlanders there and the SM to the left or put SM there and Highlanders below, beside the Hired Hand?
File: grug.caveman.png (50 KB, 256x256)
50 KB
Primitive Local
>Very primitive
>Owns a club
>Dozens of them, maybe hundreds
>Can be friends with if given food
File: 1589832038725.jpg (252 KB, 800x1196)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
Ah shit, here we go again.

>Neanderthal Condottieri
>Mercenaries of Third Layer Republics along Neo-Tethys sea
>poor armor, but have longest range attack of any infantry thanks to their pikes
>delete cavalry; if flanked, they're dead
>due to mercenary nature, can be used as vanguard for any faction; may not be deployed in reserve as these shitflingers don't get paid to sit around
longest range of any melee infantry, mind you
What about this one OP?
Going to sleep, gonna update by tomorrow noon
Don't know why, by I really like this image. I think it's their smugness
Shit, sorry. Shuffled around the entries to correct that
Give me an image and a description anon, it's not that hard
Btw, since this is gonna be Made in Abyss inspired, we should probably nail down what each layer is going to be.

All I remember from Jules Verne is that eventually they hit upon the inner Earth that was effectively a lost world. Maybe the deeper you go, the more ancient life is - as well as the more hostile.

Rough draft, you are free to disagree:
>First Layer, caverns, modern day cave life; where the Surface Nations have their main bases, effectively 'the tavern your party starts in'/'where your dudes have their administrative HQ'
>Second Layer, Volcanically active and is basically 24/7 Hawaii or Pompeii, ruins of ancient civilizations and survivors hiding therein; Surface nations have diplomatic relations with them, although Mu and Lemuria have ulterior motives that involve returning to the surface, causing this to be an effective warzone between both surface nations and inner nations
>Third, Cavemen and Neanderthals, Mammoths, etc; Neanderthals are surprisingly advanced, but still at a tech disadvantage; this is effectively the beginning of the 'Inner Frontier'
>Fourth, Dinosaurs, possibly Reptilians
>Fifth, dominated by massive insects and fungal "trees", Lovecraft type races dwell here (as in Elder Things and Mi-go, not Cthulhu; sentient fungi and radial symmetry)
>Sixth, underwater life dominates, most ancient layer yet explored, extreme danger due to high pressure and heat, here be monsters
>Seventh, hypothesized but never reached, potentially inhabited by strange amoeba-like races
Again, feel free to disagree or add in. I just think we need to at least draft what the general structure of the inner Earth looks like.
And even saying that, there can be different sections of layers, and different factions within layers, and interactions between layers. The thing about a wargame is it needs an infinite number of excuses to fight.
I think this is a little too rooted in the actual history of reality. In this world, places like Lemuria are probably from a time before cavemen. Multiple societal collapses resulting in layers of buried civilizations atop buried civilizations, etc.
>aeronaut professor
>top row, third from the left

>main special is basically worthless since no one uses hidden deployment
>array of special options ranges from worthless to OP (looking at you, cryptozoologist)
>first gen model infamously included only the basket and minis, requiring players to make their own balloon
>"Can be taken by any civilized faction" once caused a big enough fight at a con that police had to be called
File: img.png (272 KB, 825x810)
272 KB
272 KB PNG
File: monk.png (495 KB, 1024x1280)
495 KB
495 KB PNG
The failed monk

>went on a passive pilgrimage, went terribly
>now teaches warrior monks to protect them self and others
>will train anyone
File: digger.png (51 KB, 265x230)
51 KB
The Digger
Down one from the middle.

>Doubled trench digging speed.
>Digs trenches to block enemy movement.
>Digs trenches to protect friendlies from line of sight.
>Digs more some pointless trenches because he isn't useful in combat.
>High-quality dirt stain paint jobs are points of pride.
oops, get rid of "some" from that fourth line
File: unpainted.png (9 KB, 225x200)
9 KB
And I got one more.
all the way to right of Greedy, dead center

Unpainted Mystery Unit
>No paint job makes it hard to discern defining features.
>Everyone always has to ask what unit it is.
>Is always a different unit based on the opponent's army composition.
>"I ain't paying for paint, bro."
File: img (11).png (255 KB, 794x733)
255 KB
255 KB PNG
Treasure Hunter, anywhere near the middle but also in greedy
>independent opportunist with a criminal past, blood line has outlaw history on the western frontier
>medicore leader model, taken because of their very good anti-infantry capabilities
>civilian clothing allows them to be painted in any way you want, popular for it
>lever-action shotgun can wipe half a squad
I would rename him as "The Sapper"
File: img (12).png (218 KB, 777x1112)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
British Army Private, most likely directly above Hired Hand
>doing this purely for the pension and his family
>mediocre melee, average damage and admittedly good range
>metford rifle gives multiple attacks per model but hit chance is garbage without numbers or a Sergeant Major
>easy to paint like the Sergeant Major, used for conversions
File: wojak_studio(2).png (223 KB, 939x1001)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
Deep-Drunk Demolitionist (right of the primitive)
>Came for explosions and treasure, stayed for the touch of the Deep
>At his best when destroying cover or fucking up trenches
>At his worst when expected to do anything other than blow shit up
>Sapper's worst nightmare
File: underwojak.png (477 KB, 957x845)
477 KB
477 KB PNG
1 below, 1 right of Neanderthal Condottieri
The Changed Noble
>His greed drove him deeper
>He's changing into something else
>His .44 puts a hole in anything
>Leader units he does kill comes back as something more like him under the control of whatever is controlling him
mole men. dead center on they y axis, bottom row
File: Olm-Man.png (2 KB, 198x183)
2 KB
Below the Degenerated Lemurian
>Lives whole life in watery caverns, only recently had tribes discovered by explorers.
>Adept at slinking through aquatic caverns and sunken cisterns to reclaim lost artifacts.
>Flees when larger creatures appear.
>You're looking into his ears, not his eyes.
File: img(4).png (1.7 MB, 2466x2928)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB PNG
Saur Keshig

>''You blocked my arrow? What about second arrow?''
>Somehow still meta after 4 consecutive nerfs
>bane of outlanders and their t-shirt saves
File: img(5).png (157 KB, 1042x1186)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
''Knights'' of Britainnia

>armour literally stolen from the British Museum
>desperate times call for desperate measures
>Only viable defence for colonials against massed archery, both in-universe and on the table
File: img (15).png (38 KB, 218x173)
38 KB
Atlantic Promethean, upper left in Inquisitive somewhere.
>when Atlantis sank, they took the schematics of Greece's most advanced weaponry with them
>the cause of seething for most horde army users due to AOE
>Atlantean technology is singlehandedly the reason Mu and Colonials barely make headway into the lost lands
>rules didn't get updated for two editions which caused even more seething amongst Mutards and their cav spam lists
File: Cloudeleaphint.png (8 KB, 315x389)
8 KB
Cloudelleafint (Right of the Skywayman)
>A high cost wall only able to be maintained by the control of low-cost units
>Beasts of burden for the empires of the sky, able to carry twice the cargo of the largest zepplin...but needing food to operate.
>Natural predator of Sky Whales, solving two problems at once
>(Actually not really now because Sky Whales are going extinct)
File: diver.png (4 KB, 261x247)
4 KB
All the way bottom left, or very close.
New Mu Diving Initiative

>Reasonably costed medium-ranged unit with movement bonuses in aquatic environments.
>They saw something down there.
>Don't ask.
>They won't tell you.
>You don't want to know.
File: img (16).png (236 KB, 404x434)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
Atlantic Akritai, closer to the Promethean, probably more to the right.
>veteran border guards, the workhorse of the Atlantean kingdom
>good melee fighters, but they lack range and move distance is pathetic
>armor used by Atlanteans are known to be bullet resistant
>painting this model is a complete bitch because of the detailed design
Anyone compiling?
Also bump.
File: img (3).png (144 KB, 430x502)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
American Expeditionary Corps, to the right and middle.
>part of diplomatic corps, in actuality funded by the US government and several interests
>made up of self-assured and arrogant men barely in their 20s who served with Teddy's Rough Riders
>good movement range and attack, but not much on defense nor save rolls
>cool uniforms and their option to use spanish mausers make them able to snipe leader models off the table
File: img.png (308 KB, 1184x1269)
308 KB
308 KB PNG
>Her Majesty's Royal Rifles
>slightly below, slightly greedy
>better shooting skill than other non-elite light infantry, but cost the same
>everyone hates the new sculpts
>cost effective and easy to use, new players like to load up on them and just paint them a flat khaki, leading to derisive nickname "Tan Tommies"
File: Smenticyst Phluph.png (5 KB, 315x389)
5 KB
Smenticyst Ploluph
>Banned from most forms of play for the broken ability of copying the stats of the nearest unit of the controller's choice.
>Casually disected by scientists or preyed on by Lemurians on the daily, an endangered species
>Hold the secrets to the noxious depths
>Makes really goofy sounds when you hit them.
Third Row, First Collumn. One space away from the Degenerated Lemurian
File: img(6).png (120 KB, 1200x1200)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
''Old'' one

>mmmm good ol' level 6
>perfect temperature and pressure
>actually doesn't mind the kids playing on his lawn
>pity they always disappear so quickly though
Finally done updating
If a your entry isn't here you probably to mention where to put it. Fix that and I'll add it in
File: Smokes_Your_Pipe_Root.png (171 KB, 663x657)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
The Saur Hakapallii
> Mercenary of the High Mountains
> Despised by British and Saur players and somehow ends up filling in both groups backline
> Ignores mountain terrain in climbing
> Only weakness is low numbers
> Has some wild lore

Placed In the Above/Inquisitive Space
File: General_Hoken.png (81 KB, 587x651)
81 KB
>General Hoken, Slightly Above & MAX Greed
>Leader Unit infamous for his mechanics and his Turkish fans
>Freely slots into Japanese & Ottoman Armies
>So insane he's immune to mental influence abilities
>Literally shoots his men if you fuck up his rolls
>Commissar RNG caused at least one IRL attempted homicide
File: img(7).png (154 KB, 829x1572)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
top left corner
The heiress explorer
>designated mary sure of the ''new'' lore
>massively overpowered special character on the table too
>grogs seethe at her existence
left of phalanx

right of british army private


near bottom left
File: img(8).png (137 KB, 1153x1080)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
right of neanderthal

Priestess of New Mu
>''Have you paid your tithe, honourable knight?''
>definitely not feeding the deep things gold
>model from the 90s aged poorly
>Akamnandag the Sumerian
>Beloved narrative device for games, novels & lore
>The only universally like character across old and new players
>Essentially entrapped beneath the Earth and has witness 5000 years of history
>"It is not about easy victories friend. It is struggle that will sweeten the wine of your triumph!"

Bottom level of Below, Straight in the Middle
File: img(9).png (217 KB, 1608x2235)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
right of changed noble

The Emperor
>''I assure you outlander, we Mu are just as human as you are.''
>Transformation overpowered since 4th edition
>New model made him even bigger, base-contact hits are absurd now

Fail monk is highland rifleman
Bumping with the update
Looks like Lemurians are in need of a leader and some real warriors?
And some unaligned mercenaries would be nice to fill the lower tiers of Above+Greed
Maybe some human occultist characters for Inquisitive
File: img (14).png (42 KB, 537x584)
42 KB
King Perseus II of Knossos, above Promothean, but below Aeronaut and Heiress.
>Ancestors used their wealth and influence to convince Cretan nobles to immigrate to the kingdom of Atlantis, has been trying to open diplomacy with the representatives of England and France
>ancient dialect has made that impossible to anyone but the most skilled historians and interpreters
>known for his huge radius buff to hit rolls and ability to have kataphraktos in reserve
>liked for his nuance of being a reluctant ruler in lore
Put them to one below and one right of the center.
File: styem4.png (361 KB, 861x621)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
>The most powerful land weapon fielded by the British
>Crew of 4 can operate as Army Privates independently
>Can carry 4 additional infantry, and blast nearly anything into paste
>Despite all this, the tank will get utterly defeated by a single piece of terrain and thus never be taken in any list
>And that's not even touching the boiler explosion rules
Been thinking of lore stuff to do with beeing "Deep-Drunk" and I reckon it's a bit like the curse of the abyss, but a lot more subtle and less fatal.

Basically, it's an affliction found in those who venture below that slowly ramps up the longer you stay down there. It's effects when below aren't exactly obvious. Improvements in vision and hearing that you could easily pass off as just being acclimatization, but there's another symptom: the infected don't want to leave the Deep. It's not a massive urge early on, but will become one as time passes, and the nasty side effects of Deep-Drunkeness show up when people go back up. It varies from some extra light sensitivity and mild depression to litterally being allergic to light and fits of wild almost religious mania. So yeah, get too deep-drunk and there's no way you can go home.

The problem is that different people under different circumstances can resist for different periods. The only thing that people know definitely speeds it up is isolation. Stay with people, and you'll last longer.

Not sure how it would affect the game though. Probably something that's an issue in longer campaigns.
File: Investor.png (113 KB, 347x363)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
The Eccentric Investor: (Below American)
>Insisted on coming along, its his money on the line after all
>Never explains where the money is from, just mentions "Industrial Concerns"
>When taken, players can select several mercenary units for free
>These units obey the Investor, not the player
>And the investor does not always have the players best interests in mind
>Game heavily focused upon climbing, mountaineering, & spelunking
>The British bring a tractor that cries if it gets sent north of York, not even getting into the battlegrounds
Truly a Haig moment. What were they thinking?
my headcanon is that it's the result of one-upmanship with the other spelunking powers. Someone brings a small engine to run winches or ventilation fans, then someone brings little steam launch boat to putter around underground lakes, then the British assemble a few of these in one of the larger caverns before watching as each and every one inevitable explodes, causes a cave-in, or jams itself in a crevasse.
It's like how the Germans built a gunboat, took it apart, and brought it at great expense by mule train to Lake Tanganyika so that their navy could dominate the lake!
File: Grimlockpepe6.png (68 KB, 795x942)
68 KB
The Morlocks: (At the bottom, same column as neanderthals)
>They have forgotten the secrets of fire, and the touch of The Sun
>They have forgotten how to be men, and have become as beasts
>With claw and tooth they tear. Their voices howl and their eyes see nothing
>Their lore and model design completely changes every few years
>Their statline has not been altered since the games inception
>Used as heavy shock infantry by Mu factions, sometimes turn on their masters halfway through a match
File: img (10).png (163 KB, 500x540)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
In the Jules book there was jungles and rainforests, so I think the "can't go through any terrain" might be a bit egregious unless the tractor engine benefits from a Sapper.
It's not exactly intended to be balanced, but yeah that makes sense. Having a list built around protecting the labourers while they clear a path for the big guns sounds pretty fun too.
File: empress.png (826 KB, 660x789)
826 KB
826 KB PNG
Proposal for far bottom right.

The Empress
>Hello, Outlander.
>Yes my dear Emperor is very nice, isn't he?
>I'm so glad you took the time to visit our palace.
Obscenely overpowered in theory, but never used.
Her stats just haven't worked in any meta.
Nobody can agree on how to properly paint her ridiculously complicated model.
File: 20230417_003609.png (344 KB, 533x538)
344 KB
344 KB PNG
The Arabian Merc

Below General Hoken
Next to Treasure Hunter

>One of those models that can be hired by every faction
>he has one single goal: make as much profit as possible
>His name is usually used to describe the business practices of the games maker by the community
Bottom left of the grey area, below Highland Rifleman
>Troupes de marine, expeditionary forces of Tonkin and Japan, one of the few reasonable groups amongst the colonials
>multiple attack rolls, èpèe bayonet is the only thing that has pierce damage against armor and beasts in melee
>incredibly swank color schemes
>due to reload and firerate, runs out of ammo more then other colonial standard infantry options
File: img(10).png (469 KB, 1209x1081)
469 KB
469 KB PNG
one above the emperor

the Prophet-General
>''The prophecy is YOU DIE!''
Prosecutes every Lemurian war
Has the only saur that breathes fire
Nobody actually takes him for the AOE attack, only for the prophecy buffs
File: img(11).png (112 KB, 379x385)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
one above the Ploluph

the Scholar-Prophet
>''War? Outlanders? I just wanna prophecy for Lemuria's sake!''
cheap and useful generic leader for any Lemurian army
taking 5 at once is hella cheesy though
File: img(12).png (13 KB, 244x206)
13 KB
one above sergeant major

Dare-to-Die Warriors
>dies, unless they stack a few prophecy buffs
>very killy if they get into melee though
bottom right corner

the deep one
>''please sir may I have a morsel or gold?''
>nobody knows if they eat gold or use it for rituals
chief patron of Mu
rules and model have been teased for years, it will never happen
so, to summarise, Atlanteans base their power in lost technology (magitech?), Mu draws on sacrifices to the deep things, and Lemurians use prophecies to predict the future?
Honestly sounds like a pretty based setting.
I'd say it's more "Atlanteans have titanium lamellar and greek fire flamethrowers."
The Shapes in the Shadows
Bottom left
>Peripheral flickers makes them nearly impossible to hit with ranged attacks
>Absolute monsters in melee combats
>What you find when you dig too greedily and too deep
>Bane of the New Mu Divers
>Kings of underground combat, completely useless while above
File: The shapes.png (10 KB, 634x768)
10 KB
forgot pic
File: camel_artillery.png (179 KB, 438x306)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
Lemurian Camelback Artillery

Right of Degenerated Lemurian / left of Primitive Local

>High cost, but fast, long range and with reasonable accuracy.
>Bonus mid-range "Spit" attack deters melee threats
>But the Deep Camels have low morale.
>Held in high regard by the community as a gold standard of unit balance.
File: img(13).png (154 KB, 720x720)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
left of Saur Keshig

the titanium miner
>backbone of the Atlantean economy
>always die in droves
>''Oh shit it's a cavesaur!''
>also the worst worker unit on the table, nothing going for it other than the low cost
File: img (18).png (149 KB, 614x700)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
Below Saur Keshig
The Gay Orgy Slave
>forced to participate in the human centipede anal insertion circle ceremony
>seethes over any slander of Mu by Colonials and Atlanteans
>depicted in rulebooks as swarthes despite Mu nobility being all vanilla or light beige skintones
>no actual model representation
i don't know dude, that's pretty gay
File: ezgif-3-30adb6f05a.png (685 KB, 800x449)
685 KB
685 KB PNG
>three varieties: Lumerians get Rocket Tartarodon, Turks get Cannon Tartarodon, everyone else gets Neanderthal Mercenary Tartarodon
>after 4th edition, is now too slow to get into melee range
>oddly stopped by tank traps
>basically just a tank for factions without one

I can't draw, tho.
>I can't draw, tho.
And that's a good thing.
Do it anyway. Your contribution will be most appreciated.
I'll try tomorrow then.
>Rocket Tartarodon
in know my faction
File: Bombs away.png (864 KB, 1814x1727)
864 KB
864 KB PNG
Outlander Sky-Captain
Top Right
>This isn't his war, but it is his paycheck
>Floating weapon platform with the longest ranged attack in the game
>Thirteen different weapon options but everybody chooses incendiary bombs
>Will work for anybody
>Will take out a quarter of the army with the explosion after being shot down, friendly or enemy.
File: img (19).png (380 KB, 528x574)
380 KB
380 KB PNG
Lemurian Vedic Warrior, above degenerated Lemurian
>Known for insane distance coverage and gaining hit rolls when wounded
>the civilization that originally subjugated the dravidians and made them worship multiple generations chieftains and shamans as deities
>made from really shit resin and very boring design, most just use third party
>upgrading to chariots makes them the most invaluable force for a Lemurian army list
*generations OF chieftains
File: img(14).png (213 KB, 696x700)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
top row, centre

the Titanium King
total warhawk
never takes his armour off for fear of assasination
''they crossed the sacred Atlan wall? THIS MEANS WAR!''
>cool new model but essentially an expensive generic leader, nobody plays him
>''they crossed the sacred Atlan wall? THIS MEANS WAR!''

>Nobody actually knows the location of said wall.
File: img(15).png (231 KB, 462x431)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
top row, one to the left from center

the Atlantean Warmaster

>only one holding back the Mur and Lemurians, and now also the outlanders
>tired of the endless war
>''Yes, your majesty......''
Ironically, everyone plays him for his leadership buffs
this is genuinely amazing, bravo anon
>Surface nations are confused and avoid all walls just in case it sets somebody off
File: swedish_chef.jpg (35 KB, 400x400)
35 KB
>Surface nations are confused and avoid all walls just in case it sets somebody off
Now that's some deep lore.
File: gunboat.png (15 KB, 284x213)
15 KB

This has inspired me.

>Just below American Expeditionary Corps

>Completely dominates maps with water
>Who the hells plays on maps with water?
>Widely reviled for later causing the introduction of the Hotchkiss Gun to the game

I spent about 20 minutes playing in GIMP to make a real picture work here; I hope it isn't too shit.
Now we need the south american dreadnought race
>decades of abuse by foreign gunboats causes irrelevant nations to invest far too much of their GDP into warships they will never use, sending them into downward economic spirals that will only end in regime change
File: TIME troovil.png (106 KB, 631x619)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
bottom left of the Failed Monk, same row as the atlantic promethean

Time-Stranded Contractor

has whatever he had on hand, probably wont work for long.
trapped by the 4th layer's one-way temporal veil
massive early game ranged stat-buff
buff degrades per move until equal to highest effective ranged unit in army.
>"Power of the Gods? err..yeah, damn right."
ridiculously expensive
>when life gives you lemons, man.
psyched out by inhuman units, accuracy debuff.
this is beginning to sound like its a wargame with a play field that has multiple layers like 3d chess

sounds based
File: img(16).png (1.94 MB, 699x726)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB PNG
above knights of britainnia

the Atlan Immortal
>heaviest titanium armour in the game, easily tanks bullets
>also completely broken in close quarters when upgraded with Greek Fire
>slow as hell, and models are due for a refresh
>Atlan players seethe that New Mu Phalanxmen are somehow still better defensive units
this. can't believe mu players still whine about phalanxmen needing buffs baka. at a per-unit scale they literally have the same defence with double the health for 2/3 of the cost
Hey at least the fucking Immortal can deal one point of damage over the course of the damn game.
Phalanxman DO need buffs mate.
>miners happily digging
>suddenly, hit a structure
>call for the archaeologist
>excavation created, slowly becomes clear it's some sort of large fortification
>Archaeologist: "We're leaving."
>Miner: "Huh? What do you mean we're-"
>Archaeologist: "WE'RE LEAVING!"
have you considered that an immortal unit (10 guys) equipped with greek fire (aka their only viable source of damage) costs as much as one basic phalanx unit (20 whole guys to kill) PLUS a basic Saur Knights unit (aka the damage dealers)

agree that Saur Keshig don't need a 5th nerf though, if you can't outplay them in current year you need to go back to warhammer or something
>call for the archaeologist
Speaking of which, should the bottom left gray square be "Archeologist" or something?
>have you considered that an immortal unit (10 guys) equipped with greek fire (aka their only viable source of damage) costs as much as one basic phalanx unit (20 whole guys to kill) PLUS a basic Saur Knights unit (aka the damage dealers)
Okay, point taken, but allow me to retort.
Have you ever seen a Phalanxman kill a single enemy? Just one. Not a unit, a single guy. Ever?
That actually would be pretty cool.
>three levels - can be variously themed (magma, rainforest, precursor ruin, weird coral filled pseudo-ocean, etc
>you can go deeper without consequence, but going up causes Deep Drunk
>going up multiple levels too quickly risks mutation and madness in the form of various debuffs
Surface units suffer the worst Deep Drunk debuffs, but various 'native' units have either less penalties or can avoid it entirely.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (37 KB, 1024x576)
37 KB
>New Mu players seethe about their army comps
>Atlan players seethe about New Mu army comps
>Lemurians seethe about Atlan "walls"
>Meanwhile me, a patrician of the skies
>Chillin' on my Cloudelleafint.
When will you all stop stressing and embrace the PROOOOOOOOOOOT?
File: img(17).png (214 KB, 385x647)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
And a key rule would be only one objective point per level, and potentionally mechanics like trenches, barbed wire, tank traps, man eating plants, outright walls (which you are not allowed to cross due to 'cultural sensitivities), and so on to encourage diving and ascending.
>Have to dig deep enough to avoid aerial bombardments from sky empires
>But if you dig too deep you get annihilated by subterranean natives.
>But only terrestrial factions can reach both underground and the sky at the same time.

Excellently balanced factions, honestly.
Wait, are the sky empires underground also? I'm slightly confused.
>I'm slightly confused.
We all are. That's what makes it such a great setting.
File: IMG_20230417_151028.png (294 KB, 671x794)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
below Saur Keshig

the Iconoclast
>love the smell of Greek Fire in the morning
>heh, kids with their fancy gunpowder, back in my day we had Greek Fire
solid, cost-effective unit and best damage dealer in the faction
pain in the ass to paint
I think on this point, it's important to be clear. Is there a large layer of the hollow earth where the sky empires dwell, or are we dealing with a "From Earth to the Moon" expansion scenario where the Sky Empires left Earth long ago but have recently been rediscovered and it's basically inserted a new superpower into the race for underground resources.
>Is there a large layer of the hollow earth where the sky empires dwell, or are we dealing with a "From Earth to the Moon" expansion scenario where the Sky Empires left Earth long ago but have recently been rediscovered and it's basically inserted a new superpower into the race for underground resources.
How about we just say yes to all of that instead of splitting hairs.
Yeah, I think that's a fine compromise.
I imagined something a little more modest.

In WWI, the British and Germans each hauled a couple of 20m boats by mule and human back hundreds of kilometers from the ocean to the lake. Each had a crew of 20-30 and carried a handful of 3" guns. Capable of dominating a battlefield in a remote colony, but hardly straining any economies.
I was imagining a sort of Hollow Earth thing. Everything is underground, but the caverns are more than large enough to support aircraft and entire "sky"-based operations and even civilizations.
>but the caverns are more than large enough to support aircraft and entire "sky"-based operations and even civilizations.
Terrifying. Ominous. I dig it.
File: Konkistadur.png (263 KB, 934x934)
263 KB
263 KB PNG
Left of Akamnandag
Husked Conquistadors

>"Creaking bones and dripping mouths, the first of the outlanders to find these lands, and the first to fall for the trappings of unseen glory"
Cheap melee chaff
unaffected by psychological or spiritual debuffs
usable by any faction
once placed cannot be used again by the player, instead, they move in a straight line dealing 1 wound to any unit upon contact
>"They're silent as the dead, pardon the pun, but understand you just fine. How they look at that gold, 's almost like there's still men in there."
shambling dead skill: every conquistador has a hit-point count of 3, will not stop moving and dealing +1 wound per contact unless damaged by 3 in one attack.
BEEG photoshop success story
i'm gonna go cry myself to sleep now
great mechanics though
File: img(19).png (182 KB, 431x462)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
top level, somewhere to the left

the Sky-Noble

>I am tired of the ground, these people, tired of being caught in the tangles of their wars
>still loves fire bombing them though
>finally became easier to counter in the current edition now that every faction is allowed to take flying mercenaries
File: 3125791417_fa076a7246_b.jpg (173 KB, 1023x638)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Tank traps would make sense if this was a 1900s related situation, but this is late to mid 1800s. Brits with their tractor engine and the germans with their hotchkiss cannons are considered rarities, like the steamtank from WHFB.
File: img (20).png (221 KB, 566x562)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
King Leopold II, Direct left of Saur Knight
>After having to relinquish his territory in the Congo, used his immense wealth to fund an expedition
>can take natives as bonus laborers for free at half efficiency of a Hired Hand
>all infantry and mercenary leader models gain rerolls for attacking lemurians, natives and beasts
>his influence is a danger to the Colonials, Mur and Atlans
File: wojak_studio(2).png (617 KB, 1248x1248)
617 KB
617 KB PNG
Above British Army Private

The Shroom Farmer

>Lives in the Upper-Middle layer, farming his shooms
>Loves his job
>Originally appeared in 1e, and only 1e
>A limited release of models appeared, and was forgotten.
>Has a cult following, making him the Johnny of this setting.
>The publishers are considering bringing him back for publicity.
>>Originally appeared in 1e, and only 1e
love these fuckin' guys like you wouldn't believe
newfags just don't know
Not canon anymore.
You shut the fuck up.
>The publishers are considering bringing him back for publicity.

I hope they do. I know it'll be some bullshit limited run for publicity, and they'll probably cost way too much, but individual minis go for like $200 on ebay, so almost anything would be better.
They're explicitly no longer canon, because the new lore is that the inner Sun provides for all Surface world agricultural needs - even if the crops are slightly mutated. Mushrooms were always stupid as a concept, because fungi feed on decay - they aren't just underground versions of plants.
Isn't the Inner Sun just a giant glowing fungus?
Only in 2e. Now it's a giant ball of metal that's mysteriously white hot (obviously from radioactive decay; the devs are being "clever" again...)
We don't talk about 2e.
Grognards gonna grog, fourth ed is right around the corner and will change how the sun works again, and you will bitch about it, again.
File: img(1).png (318 KB, 944x1199)
318 KB
318 KB PNG
I love how newfags pretend to be 1e ''grogs'' when they havent even heard of the original homebrew setting and rules way back in 2023
>he hasn't read the novels
The novels are inconsistent as fuck. In Sergeant Flashpowder, each layer has a 'landside' and an uninhabitable 'sunside'; in 'Dark Caravan' there is no mention of any light source at all; and in the recent 'Heiress of Exploration' novels there's only one inner sun that's as >>88478271 said.
Its not inconsistent if you use the only lore that matters, 1e.
1e had stupid shit like the surface oceans not being used for trade because a crazy Indian prince used a submarine disguised as a giant narwhal to sink every ship that tries to sail out of the UK.
Firstly retard the protag in Dark Caravan was a Anthropologist who slowly went insane due to spending months with the Mu merchants, it was a inconsistent narration. Secondly
>unironically taking any books to heart
The gamemakers hire literal whos to make books that use the setting as an excuse to make headcanon garbage. It's the entire reason we got Juliette Vernon as a female explorer because some hole wanted a woman explorer despite it being victorian era society.
>he doesn't like sweaty tomboy adventurer
do you fuckers really have to pick the weirdest, most esoteric and out-there shit for the different axes on these?
Yes, because that's where creativity flows.
hot tomboy explorers are meant to be conquered by chad Mu knights, not the other way round

new lore is actually garbage and panders way too hard
this does sound like a great alt-history element, bravo anon
New lore is garbage, but you are >implying that old low wasn't too?
File: 1680820413548520.jpg (118 KB, 700x960)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
old lore was garbage but it has SOVL
No they're not. The Antedeluvian series is explicitly the canon set of prequels to the setting while the other books are in-universe journals, prone to error, and the whole thing's been meticulously been planned out from the beginning to lead to the game setting we have today. You really mean to say you haven't started connecting the dots between the Earth's Core series and the Antedeluvian books and figured out that the white hot "inner sun" is a prison for a certain deity who first appears in Antedeluvian book 2 and whose fate has yet to be determined?
File: 717288.jpg (68 KB, 650x346)
68 KB
I like my victorian women as God intended; useless and always needing gentlemen to save them from the spearchuckers and bloodthirsty beasts.
Jesus that's a lot of jaks I have to add. Going to be late with the update, because I'm at work
I would just skim the pure meme ones and go for the ones that seem actually plausible as a not!tabletop unit
Something like
>Gernes Vulus
>Poorly concealed reference
>Lead the French scientific expedition, can be taken as leader by all French forces
>Give wide array of buff and abilities, is nearly useless by himself
>Hard to kill because of "uncanny luck rule"
>His curiosity will doom us all or save us all
>Main narrator of the rulebook

Full inquisitive, medium height.
suffering from success anon, you're doing god's work here
Steam Powered Electro-Bump!
so is knossos a seperate kingdom from the atlanteans now? or a subject/client?
I vastly overestimated how much I had to add and my migraine isn't helping. Sorry anons, I've marked reserved spaces for entries I have to add
You overlapped with the previous entries, tell me where to put them and I'll add them
>I vastly overestimated how much I had to add and my migraine isn't helping. Sorry anons, I've marked reserved spaces for entries I have to add
All good my friend.
This shit's turning out glorious so your work is much appreciated.
This is a rare thread where I'm left irrationally mad the setting we're making doesn't actually have a game.
Interesting locals, colonial powers, fun models. I'd play this in a heart beat
Then start statting units. Half of these already have general roles listed, so it's just a matter of translating that into crunch.
For real this shit is schizokino of the highest order.
File: 5c1.png (743 KB, 978x1019)
743 KB
743 KB PNG
The "Monster". Below Local

>is actually a human in a costume
>was used by Veórnian Subtarranean Company in a psychological warfare against natives
>locals started to revere "Monster" which only boosted their morale
>"Monster" eventually switched sides and is now a holy idol
at least give it a wojak face but that's pretty great
Have we ever decided on the scope of the game?
When I started the thread I had the idea of this being similar to MESBG's scale - ~20 to ~40 models on each side led by a few leaders. But now it seems like it could go in both directions in terms of game scope.
At least there seems to be a clear distinction appearing between unit roles: troops, workers, special characters/vehicles and leaders
File: img (2).png (262 KB, 600x602)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
Sorry, here
Its also got a variety of focuses, as you've got objective games, plain skirmishes, and potentially advanced campaigns.
lmao holy fuck
>You overlapped with the previous entries, tell me where to put them and I'll add them

Gunboat below Gurkha, to the right of Sapper.

>I vastly overestimated how much I had to add and my migraine isn't helping. Sorry anons, I've marked reserved spaces for entries I have to add

Thanks for doing this; it's pretty cool.
Night bump
File: the baron.png (130 KB, 352x311)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
Lots of competition for the Bottom right tile, I'll toss mine into the ring.

Roman von Ungern-Sternberg

>Forsaken by the surface, he found the Deep.
>The Russian Monarchy shall thrive in darkness.
>Friend to nobody, enemy to all.
>Overpowered leader that allows army compositions from all factions, but only a up to one unit from each faction.
>Banned in most tournaments.
Considering the era I imagine the Tsardom is still chugging. This strikes me as about 1870s-1900s.
That said Ungern-Not-Sternberg does suit the vibe of the game, so it needs minimal jiggling.
>Considering the era I imagine the Tsardom is still chugging
Fair. Alternate history where the monarchy fled underground instead of trying to fight on the surface?
Eh, doesn't feel like that would work for Russia, while the Ottomans are still chugging.
Now the FRENCH monarchy on the other hand... Yes clearly Napoleon has a claim to the throne of Quivaria and should despoil Mu.
I don't know, I'm down for ideas. Seeing the British, French, and Yanks in makes me wonder what everyone else is up to.
I have an unrelated political compass meme for a wargame I've been working on. Any interest if I toss it out into this thread?
Or RvUS hates Rasputin so much that he kidnaps Alexei and takes him to the Deeps to be healed by Lemurian magic. The treatments have made the boy strong and healthy, but also...strange.
File: napoleon_PNG39.png (103 KB, 292x348)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
>Yes clearly Napoleon has a claim to the throne of Quivaria and should despoil Mu.
Now that you mention it, Napoleon sounds perfect for the bottom right square actually.

Ignore Sternberg proposal. New proposal is

>Napoleon I, Emperor of France

>Forsaken by the surface, he found the Deep.
>The Russian Monarchy shall thrive in darkness.
>Friend to nobody, enemy to all.
>Overpowered leader that allows army compositions from all factions, but only a up to one unit from each faction.
>Perma-Banned from competitive play.
... french monarchy
not russian.

lmao that's pretty nuts too. Something's coming together.
File: alt.png (197 KB, 402x458)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
Alternate image proposal of him actually being emperor.
Why does Napoleon just look like a pale dunmer.
the deep does things to a man
File: Capitan_Charles.png (84 KB, 639x746)
84 KB
I'm cool with Old Napoleon as long as his descendent are alive and are doing their own thing. Speaking of which.

>Commander Charles L.N.B.
>Mediocre combat stats but frankly absurd morale buffs
>Got two good novels about him and being bros with Akamnandag
>"Strasbourg Coup? Prussian War? Come, lets get some water into you and get back to the expedition!"

Not sure were to put him. More Inquisitive than greedy though for sure.

>Le N'waeh
That's a cursed accent if I've ever seen one.
File: maljak.png (105 KB, 494x436)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
Lost King Malcolm, below the Lemurian Camelback Artillery
>Tragic hero of the Malcolmite rebellion, lost forever to the depths. Hail the rightful Highland king!
>Designated villain in a lot of stories involving the Heiress
>Huge bonuses against Royal armies
>Gives obscene buffs to Highland Riflemen in the same army
>This combo is not legal in any format
>They've been teasing an uncorrupted version of him since 2e
File: wojak_studio.png (947 KB, 2818x3290)
947 KB
947 KB PNG
French Foreign Legion 2nd REP
Below Aeronautic

>Joined the Legion to die, sent to where men die
>Okay with that
>When the airships aren't dropping bombs, they're dropping these guys
>Enemy would rather have the bombs
>Buffed as unit takes wounds
>Elite unit
>Makes players quit the table
Put Tartarodon below Neanderthals.
There's surprisingly few pure meme ones.
File: yuriy-mironenko-2.jpg (456 KB, 1920x1080)
456 KB
456 KB JPG
Just a rule of thumb lads, due to it being Rush for Africa and late victorian, the militaries of the world are still pre-WW1. So try looking up events in 1880s and 1890s specific to the colonial power you're making a unit of. my Troupes De Marine for example actually happened, Sino-French war. For america it's the spanish-american war, for Russia they're ten to twenty years after the crimean war and finally pacifying Poland, China is just beginning to formalize itself into nation but there's Discontent against the Qing etc.
>Just a rule of thumb lads, due to it being Rush for Africa and late victorian, the militaries of the world are still pre-WW1.
but also we have underground airships
File: Spoiler Image (6.58 MB, 6440x6440)
6.58 MB
6.58 MB JPG
It probably would have killed our OP, but I feel like we're sort of suffering from a lack of space. There's a LOT we could do with surface factions and so little room to put them in.
That's kind of a Jules-Vernism. Like the mainline colonials are all over but then you got Captain Neemo and his SUPA SCIENCE.
Focus is on Aesthetic, fun, and balance that doesn't lock out Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis, or any of the known factions.
I was here for Icewar and Leviathan. We just do it gradually and if need, be we just make separate charts and catalogue things.
Lemurian Officer, between Old One and Olm-Man
>Generic commander for the Lemurian army
>Had to spend three years of solitude in the depth to obtain the gift of prophecy
>Been down there so long he can no longer breath the surface air
>You really only bring him to give Lemurians rerolls to hit
>At least he is fun to paint
File: Officer.png (310 KB, 1482x1689)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
File: img (3).png (243 KB, 788x684)
243 KB
243 KB PNG
Lemurian War Shaman, near to degenerated lemurian.
>leader unit with morale and endurance aura
>the closest to magic the game system has, has communed in the deeper caves with the voices of the dead, slew horrors and came back
>one of the more recent models that make Lemurians have actual tactical options
>runes are fun to paint on them but have the same problem as the Vedic Warriors of model variety
File: BalloonLadysmith.jpg (55 KB, 719x800)
55 KB
Those are at least plausible since they've been used since the late 1700s and gained prominence for tactical usage in the american civil war. Anglo-Boer war had padded and bullet resistant observation balloons
File: crying andriod.jpg (234 KB, 786x600)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
>This setting isn't a real game.
There's only one solution, Anon. Make your dreams come true.
It won't be as fun if you make it a game. Now everything's vague; only the cool, interesting stuff has been defined (for the most part).

In a real game, people will have to fill out all kinds of stupid and boring stuff, lore will get contradictory, there will shitty writing and God knows what else.

Enjoy this for what it is.
He can't even spell "android" right, do you think this animefag can write up a real game?
Don't care. The joy of creation matters. Why else would I be here? Why would you?
I mean, the obvious answer is to shitpost, but hey.
Not to mention everything would be completely broken with several different anons writing the rules. Makes me want to play it even more now that I think about it, kek.
File: low-effort-meme.png (19 KB, 249x207)
19 KB
>Stinker Gorgs
>So named for their distinctive smell and fermented foods
>From an older edition of the rules when the lore was less defined / more up to interpretation
>The ones with four spikes on their helmet outrank the three spiked helmets
>They are a slow melee unit that are overcosted but have lots of kitbashing and conversion potential
>They were really overpowered in the transitional period of late 1st edition due to unintended synergy with The Shroom Farmer but have been non-competitive ever since
Yea. I'll be honest the jank sounds endearing considering community home-rules seem healthy.
I'm not sure if the IRL counterpart could live up to the imaginations, I do appreciate the outlandish concepts of 'a fun war-game' and 'a community where old and new players are able to bond over fun characters.'
Subterranean Plesiosaurus, Deep & Greedy
>1e Throwback to when certain monsters were expensive battlefield hazards
>Old intact 1e Plesis are collectors items now because of the fragile neck
>Pretty good unit if expensive in points and handler cost
>In canon more or less dominate the black seas of the deep
File: Solactee.png (198 KB, 418x470)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
Deep Folk Tribals, (can go anywhere, but probably sits at a neutral, deep position)
>The Common Clay of the Hidden Lands
>Currently you can do anything with their units with so many tribes, making them fun to customize
>Don't look up the 1e models
>Don't look up the 1e model authors' opinions on the Irish
I was really hoping we'd get through this whole chart without the fucking Gorgs being mentioned...
I actually know a guy who still plays them.
File: sad_kemonito.jpg (204 KB, 500x375)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
>Shroom Farmer is deleted from canon
>These guys still technically exist
File: skywhale.png (8 KB, 346x300)
8 KB
Sky Whale (right of cloudelleafint)
>added to the game during the controversial "template unit" push in 2.0, doesn't even fit in any specific army
>doesn't even have a model, just flies in the air and shits on anything within a plastic circle you place
>still can be killed though
>has it's near-extinction hastily written into the lore because of how little people liked playing with it
File: sh53ujujpqq11.png (243 KB, 839x726)
243 KB
243 KB PNG
>Can't keep a good shrigga down
Woe, spores be upon ye
>every coomer and horny teen owns one of the female tribal models
I remember that unit! Even the Deep Squadrons 2e splatbook that gave a damage bonus when taking three or more of them in a single list couldn't get those crappy plastic templates off the store shelves.

There is a reason they immediately re-sculpted the entire range with the release of 2e just 8 months later.
Man, I remember those guys. It was definitely an interesting idea; I wonder how stoned the devs were when they came up with it.

And then when that guy brought a hand-made model to the tournament, 2 feet long and cast in aluminum, that shit was crazy. The thing weighed like 50 pounds.
i literally remember seeing some 17 year old kid outside my shop selling an individual one of those models to some 14 year old outside my lgs for like $20, felt like i needed to take a shower after.
>I wonder how stoned the devs were when they came up with it.
It was 2e man. The better question is how long they stayed stoned after.
File: kas.png (266 KB, 1800x1800)
266 KB
266 KB PNG
You don't get into the Pulp era without cheesecake anon. Better to roll with the punches.
File: sappers.png (40 KB, 800x800)
40 KB
the trapper (below deep drunk demolitionist)
>generic mercenary worker model that sucks total ass at being a worker
>literally just exists to shut down 1 (one) tunnel
>is so meta dependent that they're useless in 4/5 battles
>beloved by the community purely for the fact their default color scheme looks like piss and shit
File: img (9).png (81 KB, 838x496)
81 KB
Illinois Jack, just below Heiress explorer.
>a blatant expy of a character that would get them a copyright lawsuit, if not for the retcon in 3E
>skilled diplomat, archaeologist and womanizer, enemy of the Treasure Hunter for his vandalism of ruins
>balanced leader, average damage with the ability to counter being swarmed
>Heiress Explorer book writer revealed she made the character because of their hatred for Jack in a twitter post
File: BULLY.jpg (45 KB, 335x335)
45 KB
Teddy Roosevelt (below the Gurkha Mercenary)
>President of the United States
>Spends more time going on hunts and walks in the lower layers than actually governing
>Completely broken, nobody's sure why he gets a bigger boost against tougher enemies
>Somehow also immune to all negative effects
>Senators and underdwellers live in fear of him
>His main weapon is a big club
Roosevelt definitely feels a little late in era for how the setting's developing.
Agreed. But like before this isn't so much an issue of character as timing.
This isn't the era of Teddy the President. This is the era of Teddy, fresh out of naval school falling into a hole and eventually having a jolly good time gunning down Mu soldiers and teaching the locals about very big guns.
NTA but i'd argue he just barely makes it into that pre-WWI period where i'd say it's acceptable, though he does lean a little modern. he'd be a good stopping point if it was right at the beginning of his presidency
>first year of presidency: 1901
>jules vernian era fiction
Checks out.
Maybe rename him to The Rough Rider? Have it very clearly be Teddy, but never confirmed.
Ironically the Napoleon the 3rd treatment does work here. Who else isn't really going to performing their role in IRL history but could be doing the scramble for Africa. Er. Scramble for Agartha?
Haggard, old Napoleon and young rough rider Teddy?
Sounds good to me.
Cecil Rhodes possibly, but in all honesty major politicians or heads of state being too numerous sort of ruins the idea that this is a distant expedition financed by nations through charter and fat cats.
>but in all honesty major politicians or heads of state being too numerous sort of ruins the idea that this is a distant expedition financed by nations through charter and fat cats.
True that. The politicians ought to mostly be still above ground, shouldn't they?
Seems like they are, as Napoleon 3 isn't even going by his last name and is taking a different path, Teddy is again giving Mu the bush treatment.
It feels like we should keep this in the line of the Scramble for Africa. This is mostly going to be charter, money-men, and eccentrics for the colonial powers. Unless you're a local at which point a bunch of pale (but not too pale) people are going to kick in your door to steal your golden toilet seat.
For the most part yes, plus heads of state during the african period didn't really get involved in establishing regions of control in Africa, for example. They got groups like the EIC, charter carrying business tycoons with military attaché, to establish colonies and open business ventures. It's only after they assigned governors that they were considered part of their realm, sending military and bureaucracy there to defend it. Consider the idea that the most authoritative figures during this scramble for the lost land would be foreign diplomats and representatives. Leopold II was an exception.
Honestly, Cecil Rhodes being on the surface or writing the British player book is on point. He got started in diamond trading and stuck his grubby fucking mits wherever he could fit them.
If they dug up a hole to Agartha I would eat my boots if he wasn't going to get involved in throwing scots into that hole to find treasure.
Allow me to complicate things by adding another suggestion for the bottom right corner.

The Rats
>All that can be eaten, they eat.
>All that can be horded, they horde.
>No creature in the depths is more immortal than the swarm.
>Cecil Rhodes got the idea for the Jameson Raid after receiving reports of the Mu-Atlantean border skirmishes
>All that can be hoarded, they hoard.
but yes that is correct
File: img (17).png (81 KB, 1000x928)
81 KB
Atlantic Aristocrat, Right of King Knossos
>elected by the people, for the people, in the name of the people
>can take two akritai squads for the price of one
>must take him if you want colonials in your Atlantean armylist
>having a mental breakdown over the political shitshow the Colonials created
File: questionable.png (530 KB, 601x599)
530 KB
530 KB PNG
>tfw your opponent paid for Chittering Attrition debuff on your army just to fuck your supply
If you do this you're a faggot.
Dude, inconsistent historical placement is completely appropriate for this game. I want Chassepot-toting French facing off against British with SMLEs (and of course Atlanteans with Greek Fire throwers).
Jules Verne wrote until the day he died. His last work was publish in 1905, months before his death.
We could go full alt history, with the intent being rather than to redraw the geopolitical map it just erases any famous people. Like there was a pandemic during the late 17th century and it rewrote the timeline.
>munch munch munch
Oh no did I eat all your titanium poor Atlan?
That's way too much thought and consistency for this setting.
I just had a thought: all this time I've been assuming that "titanium" was the same as real-world titanium. Maybe this gets retconned in 3 or 4e to some magical bullshit (like mithril)?
Honestly, I was sorta hoping it would go in a direction of like, historically-adjacent with very obvious pastiches of real world cultures instead of actually just having the English and the French and such be involved.
I put in what I felt was a pretty blatant analogue, but I think people just took it as being intended as the real thing. Shame, that.
The intent is purely to remove the temptation to put in famous people. No redrawing of maps, just a different set of individuals lived instead.
>I just had a thought: all this time I've been assuming that "titanium" was the same as real-world titanium.
Anon, titanium isn't real. Its a mythical substance invented by this very setting.
This could all be simplified if we just continued this into next thread by doing a completely blank political compass that explores the powers and how they develop their "colonies" in the lost land during the 1910's, with technology representative of that time, maybe even have a new alliance system due to the Boxer Rebellion.
>The intent is purely to remove the temptation to put in famous people
I dig it.
If we're going with Jules Verne as the bottom keyline, then the recognizable colonial powers are going to be present no matter what we do.

Honestly, what we have going works. Like we should avoid IRL Big-whigs as they are, but people who've been rendered politically irrelevant (Napoleon 3) or moved "downstairs" (Napoleon 1) work. Although a powers list like >>88490227 suggest also works.
It would be funny if there were a bunch of resources named after various real world elements, but obviously do not share their properties.
>Plutonium - similar to gold in its workability and brilliance, but is pale like a pearl
>Uranium - blue as the sky, this metal is extremely conductive and used in telegraphs and analytical machines
>Neptunium - similar to mercury, this liquid metal has curative properties but is also highly flammable

This may be too specific for some people, but my point is "what if we did this as a joke".
Oh, yeah, that's a good rule.

We could just be vague on that. Like, "the Rough Rider" like someone recommended, "the Bloody Baron", "December Man", etc.
>Phlebotinum - A dull, green metal that crumbles at room temperature. Used to make highly efficient fire extinguishers.
Outlander Irregular
Left of General Hoken
>Basic ranged troop unit, incredibly average statline
>Everyone has at least one model
>Doesn't want to go under, goes anyways, >hopes for a share of the profits, is doomed to die in the tunnels
>Devs admitted that they only gave him an armor save because he has a helmet
Yeah, I feel you man, it's why my contributions have only been on the blatantly fictional factions, speaking of, what are the current factions looking like? Far as I can tell we have
>The Colonials (Real world countries go here)
>The outlanders? (might just be another name for the colonials
File: img.png (508 KB, 1855x2082)
508 KB
508 KB PNG
Pic didn't go through for whatever reason
I think there's a division between "colonials" and "royals" of some kind. Also, there's Atlantians and then there's Atlans. Those might be the same thing.
i dont mind the idea of tunnel-rats being in the corner but this description needs an in-game function tied to them. are they just a horde army? do they give out debuffs? are they "invisible" models like the skywhale?
>there's Atlantians and then there's Atlans. Those might be the same thing.
The Atlans think they're the same, but the Atlantians really, really do not.
>True Outlanders; Various peoples who live near the border regions of the depths that interacted with the surface and the subterranean people
>"Outlanders" Everyone who stumbles into my cave and has a funny accent
Its kind of like the Cathay thing. A name used for a specific people eventually just turns into everyone else.
It's possible they are the same thing objectively, but Atlantis has gone through political evolution over time and it has resulted in two separate factions - both claiming to be the 'real' one.
>are they just a horde army? do they give out debuffs? are they "invisible" models like the skywhale?
Great point.

>Horde army only damageable by Greek Fire and explosive weapons.
>Turns the game into rock-paper-scissors, and thus is banned in competitive play.
>It's possible they are the same thing objectively, but Atlantis has gone through political evolution over time and it has resulted in two separate factions - both claiming to be the 'real' one.

"Yes, both Atlantis and we are real! We're brothers broken apart by the tides of time!"

"Holy fuck get those fucking titanium freaks away from us."
File: HIIIIIIIIDA.png (86 KB, 800x600)
86 KB
As the chart is filling up it is understandable if this doesn't make it in! but regardless of such I enjoy posting anyways.

Left of the Saur Hakapallii

Tlingit Auxiliary

Usable by British expedition and by US expedition
heavy melee infantry option for the mostly ranged US and British
warrior caste, see Anglo Corpsmen as pansies.
used to slugging it out with Atlan Akritai while the corps sit back and shoot.
serve with distinction despite their tribes being threatened otherwise.
Skill: Chieftain's Alacrity, when not in combat Tlingit Auxiliaries can move up to eight spaces per turn, making them one of the most mobile heavy infantry in the game.
We've also got Napoleon's Quivera. Probably other powers inside the Earth but we haven't really covered them yet. On the outside so far we have government and company powers so far, but we'll probably have more esoteric groups. Esoteric societies, the Catholic Church, Freemasons, psychologists. There is a lot of possibility in this era.

>English being confronted by the denizens of Sloane
File: 220px-Hpb.jpg (16 KB, 220x327)
16 KB
Is theosophy too late 19th century? Pic related spewed a bunch of bullshit about Atlantis and Lemuria.
>Theosophy was established in New York City in 1875
Imagine being an Atlantean and the first surfacer you meet comes up to you and begins asking you nonsense questions while you try to harvest your saltrice and mushroom crops.
I think that they're a "swarm" monster. Some kinds of game have one or more scattered throughout the playing field, and they act according to some rules (e.g., move 1d6" in a random direction every turn, except that they'll move directly away from any monster or vehicle within 12", and charge directly towards any infantry within 12"). Below native factions can sometimes take a couple, depending on the edition.

Inevitably, someone wrote up rules for an entire rat army, but they're completely unbalanced and definitely not official.
There's a few entries we've got that are definitely lacking in any defined mechanics.
so from what I see, the Mu are some of the most unscrupulous of the inner nations? not sure what to call the boys down under. cunning and evil emperor, nightmare fuel empress, corrupt priestesses, Morlock slave infantry, shit-stain jobs like a diving initiative making contact with god knows what. on the chart so far I see MU and then NEW MU, any distinction or are they synonymous?

Atlanteans seem to give very much so "the Old Empire" vibes, like the byzantium or eastern rome to the Mu's Sassanids or Caliphate. strong but aged, with metric loads of arcane knowledge that is loosely learned and kept,generally all seem to have come from the surface? not sure if the Mu or Lemurians can say the same, advanced sci-fi-but-not-sci-fi equipment...is Knossos a separate entity?

Lemurians seem to be a bit more lucid here, I cant really pinpoint a direct image of what they're like based on the chart unless there have been posts about this so far. anyone got insight based on group consensus as to what they appear to be?

Empires of the sky, vague, not 100% sure if there's been any more conversation on them but they're on the chart so they exist, technology or magic?

Outlanders, the colonial powers, the BRITISH STEAM TANKS. Wonder how they're reaching the different layers, natural cave systems or man made breaches? what has been the international response to powerful empires living directly beneath them, and do expeditionary forces of French, British, Ottoman, or American ever fight down under. Atlantis is called the bulwark that keeps the outlanders on the periphery of the world below, so I must assume war between them is continuous. due to being colonial expeditions the outlanders probably are always on the offensive, chances of a (wahtever you call the peeps below) offensive against the surface? I feel like Atlantis is content to sit on it's powerful haunches, but Mu may be far more likely to do so, and perhaps do some horrific shit to any outlanders it conquers.
File: 34534565443.png (1.23 MB, 1000x1000)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
Hyperborean Scout
Above General Hoken
>Global warming from the industrial revolution forced his people downwards
>First down, probably never coming out
>Hasn't seen the sun in 30 years
>Taken solely due to their cheap cost and to distract actual threats from the main force
>Suffering builds character
From what I can conjecture based on what's on here and what sounds cool in my head:

New Mu is the land the Mu people colonised in the caves after old Mu was destroyed by the cataclysm.

Lemuria and Atlantis sank into the ocean but parts of the continents ended up in the cave network (somehow, I don't know, look up Bionicle lore it could work like that), so they both still have some ruins and repurposed architecture from their hayday, like the sacred Atlan wall (whereever it is) and the House of Prophecies

Atlanteans are still the same people from old Atlantis. Modern Lemurians are another nameless race who found the old Lemurian ruins and essentially recreated their civilisation based around the House of Prophecies.
>anyone got insight based on group consensus as to what they appear to be?
The Lemurians appear to be some kind of prophetic / mystic faction that relies on Prophecy buffs to empower their armies. But, judging by "Degenerated Lemurian" it seems that these prophecies are acquired by paying some sort spiritual price.
A faction of mystics descending into psychosis, and the armies that protect them as saints?
Scratch that put him over Morlocks Hoken is way too high.
I imagine that Atlantis has been sitting in the middle of the Atlantic chilling in the assumption that they're the only way through to the underworld, but they've been blindsided by the industrial revolution and all those juicy coal mines and pits opening holes through the earth. The colonial powers have begun digging as many holes as they can find to get to buried treasure, and Africa remain the primary location of all their expeditions since it's only populated by backwards savages, and there's no risk to the precious cities or citizens from the underdwellers rising up and attacking the surface.
Do we think there's a distinction between the Degenerated Lemurians and the rest of Lemuria? If the Modern Lemurians found the Lemurian ruins, maybe they found the Degenerated Lemurians just hanging out in the ruins and enslaved them.
Lemuria Lemuria Lemuria Lemuria Lemuria
>Hyperboreans enter the fray.
Sounds like the "sky" empire to me!
perhaps, that does sound interesting. Atlanteans are a dying civilisation barely clinging on to their old glory, Lemurians are larpers messing with prophecies they barely understand, and New Mu thrive on embracing change at the cost of their humanity. Meanwhile the colonials are here to upset that balance and give every faction a chance to turn their fortunes around or perish quicker.
When you live in the North Pole everything is beneath you.
>Empires of the sky, vague, not 100% sure if there's been any more conversation on them but they're on the chart so they exist, technology or magic?
Literally just the comedy faction with only enough lore for them to fit into the setting and nothing else.
The Franklin Expedition (To the right of the Olm-Man)
>Got lost while heading to the North Pole
>Found themselves in caves of ice, caverns measureless to man
>Stuck in the ruins of Xanadu
>Always cold
>Don't ask them what they've been eating lately
Outlanders are anyone not from the lost land. So all colonials and adventurers. Pretty simple use of deduction, anons
>global warming nonsense
>in MY schizokino vernian agartha tabletop game?

Spare us, we already have Heiress for the political angle.
There is nothing more schizokino than the industrial revolution making the hyperboreans into schizo cavedwellers.
at least make it cool like smog demons or some shit
global warming is a 21st century meme it doesn't exist and didn't exist back then
>Only realise now I didn't put pic in
Fugg, will have to wait to be back from work
ok anon the ghosts of the children that died working in the factories became smog demons that inhabit the tunnels are you happy now
yes actually that's way more radical
Actually during the 19th century it was unusually cold. Known as the "Little Ice Age".
If you want an enviromentalist issue, coal smoke did destroy a lot of forests.
File: magicut_1681809115924.png (269 KB, 720x844)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
Imperial Japanese Army, Near Hoken, right, above.
>Sent by the Ministry of the Army under approval by the Emperor Meiji
>young and idealistic, but immensely confused by the situation
>doesn't know a lick of english
>as deadly in melee as a Gurkha or Vedic warrior, despite being a colonial

Fuck me was this annoying to do in photoedit.
this could be a better approach, bleached forests from industrial smog and runoff forced the scouts into new lives. touches the same ideas but in a more era-appropriate way.
How many spaces are left?
This is a little too early for Meiji Restoration. If anything, it's probably just started.
However, it would be interesting if the Japanese had been breaking their isolationism through trade with the underground.
OP here. Gonna start updating the chart later in the day, but it will take a while.
There are a few entries that could qualify as jokes, can't really work as a tabletop unit or don't fit the timeframe, but I'll keep them for now.
In case enough anons decide that this thread idea warrants an actual system we can decide what to keep/change later.

Here's a google doc I created in case someone wants to write something down
> docs.google.com/document/d/1bRrxdD1BMLmcMDFeszwqg2Rcjrt8DDo7tjAxoOB6KQ8/edit
I'm actually very happy how this is turning out so far
>I'm actually very happy how this is turning out so far
the finest aged schizokino wine I've seen in a while
Despite that, the french had sent their officers to train the japanese and reorganize their military. 1890s, especially the very tail end years, saw them comparable to the rest of europe, with the boxer rebellion in 1899, then the russo-japanese war in 1905.
Yeah the reason the Japanese crushed the russian fleet (beside the russian fleet being something of a joke) was Emile Bertin being sent to overhaul their entire fleet.
File: Jules.png (96 KB, 856x926)
96 KB
Julius Vernes
>Didn't even try to hide that one
>Leader of French Scientific expedition, can be taken by any French force or anyone with low greed
>Give wide array of abilities and buff but is nearly useless by himself
>Improbably hard to kill because of "Uncanny Luck" mechanic
>Might stop for a turn if he met a interesting piece of terrain and you roll bad
>His curiosity will end us all or save everyone
>Main narrator of the rulebook

Full inquisitive, dead center
Update coming through!
Marked off the reserved spaces I have yet to fill in, only 10 are left unused
There have been suggestions about expanding the grid, but I think that will only bloat the compass.

I propose we finish the compass and then move to a new thread and start slowly going over the factions one by one to flesh out their mechanics/units/lore
We should have a mad scientist somewhere. An Island of Dr Moreau, Jekyll and Hyde, Dr Frankenstein type. Maybe put him below the Arabian Merc or treasure hunter, someone who's retreated to the caves to pursue the advancement of science no matter the cost or consequences. I'd write it up myself but I can't find a good image and I'm a shitty drawer.
File: img (12).png (353 KB, 1749x1690)
353 KB
353 KB PNG
Just below the skywayman, sky empires Janissaries
>mountain tribes whose women interbred with the sky people, thought them to be divine
>in exchange for servitude, were given the knowledge of forging and metallurgy
>every time the sky nobles want something, they're the ones sent in to seize it with high casualties
>community hates their pricetag
File: img (6).png (248 KB, 517x695)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
Just below the Treasure Hunter, Polish Partisan.
>members of the Polish Democratic Society, volunteered in the french expedition for free but deserted camp
>the few troop choices for independents that can be used by a mercenary only list
>wants to make enough money to have their loved ones live in Austrian Galicia
>special ambush rule lets them deploy halfway into the fight, but low morale can make them turncoat
I'm pleasantly surprised how few shitposts there have been, and people have been surprisingly consistent (and the lack of consistency has been more charming than anything).
There's a few explorer/academic types. Now I'm trying to imagine someone trying to run a "University Expedition" list, which is probably a bunch of crap infantry and way too many special characters.
That was kinda the intention with Vernes, I imagined him to be available for all "scientific" type list as long as they aren't greedy as fuck.
We've hit the bump limit; should we make a new thread, or just codify and let this one die gracefully, since it's almost done anyway?
New thread! WE'LL DO IT LIVE! FUCK IT!
Anyone else making new thread?
We do need it.
fuck it
The "Monster" below Primitive Local is named "The Hired Hand"
wargames love throwing a oriental faction in the mix, so it definitely needs one of these
We have options for both the Japanese Armies and the Ottomans. Considering we're playing rule-of-cool in a Rush-For-Africa sense we can pick and choose things to match 1880s to 1900.

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