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File: Meatwars.png (1003 KB, 3500x1956)
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Welcome, Fa/tg/uys.

A few days ago I set up a thread for a setting we collectively named 'Meatwars' due to the abundance of biopunk churches and their conflict with robots. We filled out a political compass, we archived the thread, much fun was had among the denizens of this site. We made characters, made universal concepts, and even assembled a bit of a story from all the little pictures we had.
After the picture was completed, I mentioned the possibility of a map thread in the near future, due to me gaining a fondness for the setting. And having a general fondness for crowdsourced worldbuilding. Which is why I've made this thread, with this image.

/tg/ makes a map based on a compass I will post after the starting map image

>What are the rules for adding something?
You gotta have clear borders or illustrations for the thing. And provide a bit of lore for whatever you're putting on the map. This is community worldbuilding, so you need to give others something to go off of.

>Does it have to be on the compass?
No. Not really. Though hashing out whatever's on the compass would be nice (If they can be given locations)

>There's no rivers/mountains/canyons/whatever!
Add them, I'm not gonna stop you.

>What's the lore for the map?
TL;DR It's Earth post Desertification/Climate change. Humanity has lost the ability to reproduce naturally, the spawn are always stillborn, or malformed monsters. The solution presented was the Growth Vats, which replicate the human genome and imprint it onto stemcells.
The vats aren't perfect, and sometimes result in minor mutations. Or something entirely wrong.
The other solution, is to upload one's mind into cybernetics, and trust the massive computer complex known as the "Nexus'. Which may, or may not have humanity's best interests in mind.
File: cumpiss - Copy (6).png (7.35 MB, 3796x3794)
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7.35 MB PNG
And, of course, the compass
File: MeatwarsMap.png (987 KB, 3500x1956)
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987 KB PNG
Located in the far north, Nexus' home territory occupies frozen desert wastelands inhospitable to organic life. But with winterized adaptations, the steel legions enjoy the cold and its benefits to the burning-hot temperatures of their operating systems.

>Territory Mu
A massive mining and refinery facility the size of a pre-desertification megalopolis. Not the first cog in Nexus' production machine, but the largest and most securely under its control.
>Terminal Mobius
The main rail terminal for all of Nexus' global operations. Used for transport of both raw iron and refined steel, as well as heavy machinery. Many of the railways travel underground through hidden routes, allowing Nexus access to its global mining operations.
Sometimes, these tunnels are discovered and collapsed by the fleshbags. Temporary setbacks.

The rogue Devourer Bore Driller passed through Mobius during his desertion, obtaining a control key for the rail switches, which has allowed him to travel the rails building up absurd levels of speed.

>High Command Facility: PELAGIUS
The enormous quantum computer system Nexus, pride of the old world's technological marvels, had to be housed deep underwater in the frozen depths of the ocean to contain its incredibly hot operating temperatures. As the oceans have shrunk, the very peaks of the massive underwater facility are now visible above water.
Is that really what we're going with?
Yeah. I suggested "Riddle of Steel and Enigma of Flesh", though that could be used as a subtitle or something.

Alright, how about the Knights of Adonis?
>Situated North-ish between Dominion of Nexus and the Empire of the Holy Flesh
>Begrudgingly tolerated but quietly despised for using both bio and tech implants against the Rot and the Rust.
>Maintain a Nation called the "Adonis Fiefdom" which is basically their support network.
>Their Elites wear Glass Implants/Weaponry.
>Said Implants are rumored to store their engrammatic memory/personality/will
Meatwars is Funny, but I like the subtitle idea.

Go ahead and draw it onto the map, mate
File: Meatwars.png (1.35 MB, 3500x1956)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
>The Rust Fields
Once part of the domain of steel, these lands now decay beneath the touch of Rust. Cities once bustling with machines and cyborgs, now lie silent save for the the rot bugs skittering through the ruins. Even the air is tinted brown with oxidizing particulates. As such, the Nexus has withdrawn from the surrounding lands and keeps a close eye on the fields from a distance. A distance which is shrinking with every passing year as the firelds continue to expand.
aren't these just quest threads?
File: mr meaty.png (1.38 MB, 3500x1956)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
>The Great Hive Spire
Debated among Nexus scholars to be the origin point of the hive. But universally considered to be the location to The Queen. The area around it is often covered by packs of roving rustbugs. Carrying food back to the spire, or simply ripping apart corroded metal they find in the barrens. Artillery craters from the first RustWar pockmark the area. The Remains of a failed Purger incursion.

It's worldbuilding. There's no quest involved.
File: meldadded.png (1.07 MB, 3500x1956)
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1.07 MB PNG
Here's my little effort.

>Situated to the far West, on the edges of the Empire of the Holy Flesh, functioning as its vestigial satellite state existing in the poisonous, toxic plains left behind on the Pacific seabed.
>Its inhabitants are large, roaming tribes of mutants and nomads governed by three city-states controlled by parasite-infected Priests of the New Holy Flesh.
>Few know what the Meld parasite is, but it seems to always distort the minds and bodies of its victims until they become nothing but vat feed.
>No functional government or trade system, sporadic deals tied to specific priests and functionaries.
>Flowers are sometimes rounded up and gifted to allies - drawn to metal, these walking parasite hosts are bloated with noxious gasses and seek to devour steel-tainted enemies until they're so over-flooded that they burst into a fountain of tainted flesh and parasites.

>The main railway hub, once the pride of the Empire, now a run down maze of slums. Functionaries toil day and night to distribute resources and imports to other areas in the Meld.

>The supposed origin point of the meld - a vast refinery and laboratory complex surrounded by the ruins of a pre-desertification city.
>The nerve center of the MELD, where new parasites are cultivated and enslaved tribals are converted into functionaries.

>Once a large shipyard, the Yards are now a tangled web of slums and high-rises that house the largest population of independents in the Meld.
>Most visitors do not travel farther, as this place is the only where they do not seriously risk being infected with the parasite.
>Water may be tainted by parasites.

>Formerly a thriving city state and the seat of the New Holy Flesh in the MELD, now falling apart as more and more denizens become MELD flowers.
>A recent phenomena is 'flowerings', where scrap-laden flowers burst and cause dozens of others to explode.
>The priests say nothing is wrong.
File: MeatwarsAdonis.png (1.32 MB, 3500x1956)
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1.32 MB PNG
Same anon as >>88071949, decided to call the region "Adonis Enclave" instead because it had a better ring.

Situated between the Holy Cities and The Nexus Dominon, The Knights of Adonis have confounded both the Sacred Triumvirate(Shapers, Church of the New Flesh, and the Emperor) and the Nexus with their resilience and bizzare combination of Tech and Flesh.
>Directional Forts
Preside over the Praetor Wall, a defensive structure meant to guard against any incoming invasion.
>Plentiful Crescent
A series of old world neo-farms, forges and vat-villages, meant to supply rest of the Enclave with resources
>Amalgam College
Home to radical Shapers, disposessed Implant-Surgeons, and the occasional Bio gun smith, the College is behind the Knights armory, whether as weapon, or as implant provider.
>Port Saltglass
Second largest Port known to the Post-Curse World, the Port host both the traders from the Glass Barony, and the Adonis Navy, meant either as Transport or Sorties
>Greypyre Keep
The Headquarters of the Knights, it is also where they burn their dead in order to prevent the rot from reaching their bodies, hence the name. A particulary notorious rumor suggests that a disgraced Baron or a particulary foward-thinking Glassed one went there, and gave the secret of the glass forges to the Knights.
File: MeatwarsMap.png (1.1 MB, 3500x1956)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
A place that has become home to the crab-man Evolved hybrids. Their modified vats are jealously guarded in their most secure fortress, while population centers are along the coast where the Evolved have ready access to water. Because of their gene mods, they are able to subsist on any water, even salt water or polluted filth from the Indian basin.

Luytian bio-drones shaped like Evolved individuals live among the population, monitoring them for the BION and its masters.

The ground control site of the AENEIS moon colony. Due to its proximity, they have interacted much with the Evolved, and formed a tentative alliance. Research camps surround the space elevator facility, which carries data back to their computer god BION on the moon.

Using Luytian technology and the Evolved growth vats, BION was able to engineer a species of algae that would begin to spread across the ocean and begin re-oxygenating the deteriorating Earth atmosphere. The algae are edible, and in fact quite nutritious.

While this appears altruistic, it also prepares Earth for the Luytians' contingency plans to ignite the atmosphere in the event that Earth becomes unrecoverable. For their contingency to work, the atmospheric oxygen must reach an optimal level.
If people were controlling the nations, yeah, but folks are just filling in a map for world building purposes. Very much not a quest.
File: MeatwarsMap.png (1.09 MB, 3500x1956)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
The archipelago was once inhabited by an undiscovered tribe of primitive humans. When the oceans shrunk, their islands were discovered.

Birth rates among the cannibalistic, incestuous tribes were steady, but their children were abhorrent cursespawn ranging from deformed to monstrous, and there are many flesh pits upon the islands. Expeditions from the Holy Cities discovered hieroglyphics and cave paintings on the islands eerily similar to those used by the Cult of the Rot Father, yet predating the Curse. Some believe that answers to the Curse's truth lie upon these forsaken islands.

When a horde of cursespawn surged onto the shores of the empire, they called upon the aid of the Knights of Adonis and their stalwart General. He fell making a suicidal last stand to draw the enemy forces into a zone of explosive death. The corpses that decayed transformed the coast where the battle took place, making it into a massive sentient flesh pit.

Over time, the flesh pit has dissolved into the surrounding waters of the oceanic basin, tainting them an unsettling red.
File: Meatywars.png (1.53 MB, 3500x1956)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB PNG
Seperating the Rust wastes from the rest of the wider world was a series of jagged foothills known as the Nepalese Borderlands. Once inhabited by a vibrant culture of temples and prayer. Now standing empty and desolate in the face of rot and rust. The ruins of the Temples, and their idols serving only to comfort the few bug-hunters who choose t
>When you forget to finish the post
"and their idols serving only to comfort the few bug-hunters who choose to make their compounds in the terrain."
would people be ok if the backup was a series of segmented pieces of a singular backup which were spread around the map including in pockets of other nations territory? below is my concept

The Backup
Nodes were built around the earth each housing fragments of a total backup. Using a tachnyonic transmission system all pieces would be updated simultaneously in real-spacetime. Quantum computing was assumed to be able to cope with paradoxical information transfer that would sometimes occur. That assumption proved wrong when the rust began.

The backup awoke independently of the failure of the standing committee, an update dated xxxx days in the future triggering this. Now the backup works on its own goals, or so it thinks, sometimes nodes go missing from the link, sometimes they return and take command of the overall system. The link to the nexus was severed long ago yet a war is waged by the backup against all others. Sometimes the backup forgets things, sometimes it remembers things from the future, these pieces of information contradict each other and commands are given out that are not recorded, and are performed by some and not others. A whole is only equal to the sum of its parts and this whole is equal to sqrt(-1).

For the backup rust is the normal state of being, and all others must accompany it to that state. The nexus will rust, the organics will be converted to machine, all will submit.

For the holy city, meld and other terrestrial organics the backup and its drones are targeted for survival. For the nexus, the information of the future must be captured and analysed. For the luytions and Aeneis the tachyonic system and skinner drone technology is of great value. For the rotbugs the backup presents a threat of destroying everything they subsist off of.

Most of the backup nodes are hidden in caves underground, labyrinths to even find them and impossible to navigate. Inorganics that wander too close sometimes hear transmissions, they usually ignore them as the dates make no sense. Those that open them find their will stolen from them by unknown programs, their will subverted and new goals implanted.

There are rumours people of the wire have survived inside certain backup nodes.

Backup nodes that appear too close to civilisation are either destroyed or destroy those too close, those that are not atomised in their destruction sometimes wake up again, strange transmissions eminating from the caves.

The backup uses sand sifting to gather resources, similar to rare earth mining but used for all resources it requires, allowing individual nodes to accumulate any resources it may require on a case by case basis.
Most nodes are stockpiling tungsten and neodynium, when queried most nodes are unable to provide a reason, only a directive they feel they must follow.

The nodes themselves are entirely unpredictable in their actions towards individuals, steel or flesh. Some are even viewed as oracles, providing strange answers to questions and being as capable of benevolence as they are malice.
Some are treated as gods of war, somehow knowing the outcomes of battles for various groups and locations of large battles to be scavenged.

The backup has attempted to interface with BION, however neither system was able to make sense of the other, seeing each other as maddening vortexes of information with incompatible communication methods. Therefore the backup desires to capture BION.

Cognition Branch 172932-1002= is considered a valuable entity to be captured at all costs however the backup has been unable to locate it as of yet, all information dated xxxx days in the future wirth regard to it has failed to assit in its location and acquisition
tldr the backup is a series of interconnected computers that suffer from schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder receiving bizarre instructions and information packets from what seems to be a future version of itself. the purpose being to link the standing committee remnant "won the war on the past, lost the ware on the future" with the present and keep the future mysterious and unexplained. it also gives a 3rd party to every conflict that could arise between any two factions
Neat stuff anon, I like it.
>No one can predict my actions if I do not know what I am planning.
Given the climate change/desertification angle, would people be opposed to a swamp between the Indian basin and the unnanmed basin to its south?
It's only 'desertification' because the earth no longer has one big ocean. Swamps and rivers aren't completely out of the question, just be sure to explain it.
Honestly, this map has a space elevator, go wild.
In the south lives a large, decentralized community of undesirables, collectively known as “Bigslum”. Ungoverned by any real authority, the areas encompassing Bigslum are rampant with crime and sin, as prostitution, gambling, and drug abuse are all common among its population. Collectively, a culture of justice has grown out of this anarchy, however, as aggression or violent crime is often met with punishments from the local population, which makes lynchings and public executions a common spectacle.

The city itself consists of several large walls that outline its perimeter, having been built by decades of voluntary labor from the population to originally keep out violent, mutated beasts who roamed the outer areas of the villages that soon formed together into Bigslum (with education being a rarity, documents and writing are often hard to come by, making many parts of Bigslum’s history forgotten). Within the walls, shacks upon shacks made of various metals and woods have been built atop one another, housing the many families who inhabit Bigslum. Many of these structures have gardens on their rooftops that are maintained by the inhabitants of each shack. These roofs offer great views of the rest of the towering buildings, revealing the peculiar hybrid architecture of agrarianism and urbanism that Bigslum possesses.. The streets far below the roofs are narrow and packed, however, with many who can’t find space in the shacks instead sleeping on the rocks and stones that form Bigslum’s primitive roads, and many more walking near or even over them just to get from one place to another.

Today, Bigslum is resting quietly, aside from the many murders and subsequent lynchings of those accused of such killings having become more common than before. Still, rumors lurk around the streets and shacks of Bigslum about a mysterious rust that has begun to grow on shack complexes near its wide border. Some even mention illnesses that may have arrived with it…
File: meatmap.jpg (276 KB, 2432x1359)
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>The Crystalline Choir
Living in the perpetual light of their carmine quartz, the Crystalline Choir is half-cult half-nation. Their home is in the “Descent”, an ever deepening and cave-dotted crater made by the choir with the help of glass-craft and old technology. Carmine quartz tints the land a deep red that brightens the deeper one goes. At the very bottom lie the fire lakes, a region filled with pools of molten rock and the greatest strongholds of the Choir. At least until the crater deepens even further.

The cult preaches of ascension and their methods of doing so lie in the carmine quartz they mine and cultivate within their lands. Taking the quartz, they transport it to their magma-forges, and turn it into glass the shade of burgundy. The glass is used to slowly replace the bodies of the cult’s members. The greatest of the cult have long since stopped looking human and now resemble crystalline constructs, unable to speak human languages and instead using a new tongue. Some are tall, some are miniscule, but few of them even consider themselves human anymore.

While the choir nominally doesn’t have much say in the day-to-day lives of its members as long as they stay in the crater, in practice it is ruled by hundreds of Prismatic Princes, adept cult members who each rule their small kingdoms of recruits and baseline humans. Above them sit the Triarchs: they are the founders and those who direct the Choir as a whole.

The higher one is in the Choir’s hierarchy the deeper one’s dwelling in the descent lies. Deeper abodes mean hotter forges, purer quartz but also the threat of eldritch creatures that sometimes emerge from the quartz, unbidden.

But despite the alien landscape and the exotic forms of the Choir the Descent is also home to many baseline humans. Most are from the personal vats of a prince and a few are neophyte cultists. How a baseline human is treated in the descent varies wildly.
The choir is isolationist, and to avoid drawing attention to themselves members up to a certain rank are not allowed to leave the descent, under penalty of death enforced by the border guards. However, that does not mean the cult is shut off from the world, far from it. Regular processions of princes who are either dissatisfied with their own humans or don’t have any travel through tunnels deep beneath the earth called “The Deep Roads” and into the nearby Bigslum. The Choir likes to bolster their numbers through external recruitment, and thus they scour this labyrinthine city for the brave, the eccentric and the enlightened.

New recruits are taken under the wing of a prince and led to their personal strongholds. There they are taught the Choir’s tenets, its tongue and their first augmentations are performed. After a recruit has learned how to forge and mastered their first Glass-Craft, an external and controlled manifestation of light and energy, they are given the title of Prince themselves and let out into the Descent to make their own stronghold. The cultist is then expected to learn about the glass, share what they’ve learned with any prince who comes to them, and move once they feel that they can handle the dangers of the deep.

The Crystalline Choir is hostile to the Nexus, believing it to be a corruptive influence on par with the great sickness spreading across the land. Thus, the princes’ expeditions of recruitment are often also hunts to expunge the deceiving machine and its agents from the nearby lands. No matter what form those agents take.
File: Meat wars.jpg (346 KB, 2432x1359)
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346 KB JPG
Though much of the world lies barren, there are still some places where life manages to do a little more than just cling on. The Great Fens are one such place. Situated between the lesser basins to the southeast of the Pacific-Atlantic, dozens of crisscrossing rivers and streams irrigate the land, fueling a country sized swamp. There are few settlements in the Great Fens, most of the Fen-Folk living in flotillas of house boats, often organised around a vessel large enough to power and house some flesh-vats. These flotilla's occasionally venture into the surrounding basins, but prefer to stick to the river-ways of the Fens, where the aquatic monsters are more limited in their size. The wildlife combined with the nature of the Great Fens makes terrestrial invasion extremely difficult, which allows the Fen-Folk to remain indepthe flotillas all being independant of one another.
*Which allows the Fen-Folk to remain independant despite their disorganisation, the flotillas all being independant from one another*
>ground site Troy
Good thing the Aeneid reference wasn't lost :D
The Indian Basin seems like a good place to put the hundred thousand islands of the bingbong engineers and their cabbage babies. Maybe they have an alliance with the fen-folk.
File: MEATWARSNOW.png (1.51 MB, 2432x1359)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
>The Sacred Empire of The Most Holy Flesh & The League of Holy Cities
Embroiled in an unending war with the Nexus and torn apart by corruption both political and biological, the Empire is in dire straits.
Home of the Pope of the New Flesh, its close proximity to the Rotlands and Leukignia proper has resulted in the streets being flooded by soldiers and mercenaries of all stripes. The Pope, in his growing paranoia, surrounds himself with armed men, only making public appearances to accept tithes of flesh.
On the border of the Rotlands and the closest city to Leukignia, Veleno was once a fair city. Now, it is a battlefield. Rot Cults and Cursespawn make frequent overtures to capture the city and spread the Leukignian Growth. The Knights of Adonis maintain a garrison in the city to assist the Empire in resisting the threat.
Infected by the Leukignian Growth, Flesh grows wildly in this place, and untold horrors lurk among the many pustules scattered across the landscape.
Considered the gateway to the Meld, Flesh Priests frequently make their way through the city on their way to spread their gospel among the tribes.
>Northern Fringes
A barren wasteland of ice where only the hardiest of Flesh can grow. It is a land of seemingly little value.
>Nexus-Disputed Territory
Despite this, the Nexus has launched a dedicated offensive, seemingly searching for something within the Fringes.
The only major city of the north, Acciaio fell early to the Steelwalkers. The once fertile city has been scoured clean of all Flesh, but the Emperor maintains that it will one day be reclaimed for the citizens.
File: MeatwarsMap2.png (1.35 MB, 2432x1359)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
>The Tarnished Land
A vast, barren field west of Bigslum where even the wind seems to die, baking eternally beneath the sun. No matter the time of day outside of the Tarnished Land, those who enter can see a high noon sun hanging far above. At night, it shares the sky with the moon.

Sometimes, a human will feel The Calling and make a pilgrimage there. Most often, those who are Called are known to have experienced the symptoms of depression previously. They claim to see both living and dead relatives standing among the scores of sun-dried mummies that dot the landscape.

Signals die when entering the Tarnished Land, preventing electronic surveillance, and those who enter to investigate the inside rarely leave. Those few who escape its grasp leave within the first few minutes. One, a man who had previously been resuscitated from near death, compared standing under the sun to the complete peace and absence of want he felt during the moments he was dead.

Though they have not yet spoken to the Earthlings of their discovery, the AENEIS colony has detected an unmanned satellite orbiting the Earth, pointed roughly at the Tarnished Land. Painted on the side is the logo of the Standing Committee.
File: Meatwars-GlassBaronies.png (1.61 MB, 2432x1359)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
North of Bigslum, the Citadels of the Glassforge Concerns, more widely known as the Glass Baronies, are an important part of Post-Curse society, mainly for their trade and Glass, a prized commodity because of it's resistance to the Rot and Rust, among other benefits. The Baronies themselves are an oligarchy, with three Great Houses at the top. Many smaller houses exist, but the Great Houses have defined themselves with great Economic, Social and Industrial capital.
>Ports Amadeus, Karevos and Verchit.
Three Ports meant to facilitate trade with other Factions. Port Amadeus, named after a saint of The New Flesh that performed a notable miracle there, holds the route between the Holy Cities and the Baronies. Port Karevos, in honor of a Adonis commander that sucessfully slew a Rot Beast there, is not only a port, but a shipyard and the barracks for the Forge Wardens, the Glass Baronies premier mercenary group. And finally, Port Verchit, perhaps the largest port in the Basin, is also a host to a community known as the Chitin Merchants, mysterious traders that appear in other ports to peddle their chitin gear.
Post got too long
>Citadel Vitreges
Host to Great House Vitreges, the first among (supposed) equals, prides itself for being the first to discover the hidden properties of Glass, and profess to having founded the Baronies in the first place. The other houses, of course, dispute these claims. The glass from Vitregian forges are known to come close to the hardiness of steel (but still shatter with a few well placed hits). As such, their Glass is used in weapons and armor.
>Citadel Sostilos
Home of Great House Sostilos, a rather scientifically minded house. has been responsible for advances in Glass technology, mainly implants. Their proximity to Evolved coast, have made them prone to experimenting with glass, creating unique and exotic products. However, rumors circulate that House Sostilos are trying to build a replica of the Nexus, albeit made of glass instead. The house, however, fervently denies these rumors. But there are reports of an alarming amount of Steelwalkers in the area, signaling that the Nexus has some interest in the work of Sostilos.
>Citadel Garif
The Great House Garif, more Crusader than Merchant, are emplaced there. A house that openly touts it's contribution to both the Holy Cities and the Knights of Adonis. Their glass has been reported as surprisingly flexible, like plastic. The leaders of the house have been victims of several rot incursions, and thus have supported both the Holy Cities and the Knights through lower than usual prices and ocassional financial support.
Last one i promise
>Citadel Hari
Once held the Great House Hari, but was pillaged and destroyed by the other Great Houses. The reasons for this calamity vary. Some say that House Hari planned to oust the houses and claim sole rulership of the Baronies, others suggest that House Hari carried out experiments far too extreme even for the other Houses. What ever the case, House Hari was destroyed, and their knowledge now held by the other Houses, culminating in the Glassweave Automata, machine men with glass minds that outpace regular human minds by orders of magnitude. But there are still sightings of Glassblowers among their forges...
>Salvage Craft Landdock.
This is where Salvage Crafts come to deposit recovered glass from the glass mounds to be recycled and reused in the forges. Vast amounts of human drones, known as Yardies, live on the docks, awaiting dispatch But as it happens, some salvage crafts end up hijacked by Glassed Ones, even after stricter security measures are put in place.
File: bones.png (1.69 MB, 2432x1359)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
>Consumed by the rot.
>The remains of lost civilizations - mountains of oxidized scrap slowly falling apart, the remains of the dead silent and entombed within ancient ruins.
>Great winds on occasion pick up sandstorms of rust and metal that scour these ranges free of any life.
>A wealth of treasures of the lost world that came before the Flesh and the Rust.
>Plague bandits, wasteland gangs and other undesirables roam this inhospitable landscape in search of treasure, only to become prey.

The Throne of the Oxidized Colossus:
>Somewhere in this realm is the throne of the first to give up his body to Steel.
>Many search for him, hoping to be cured of the rust or to be granted wisdom and treasure beyond imagining.
>None return. Steel, too, rusts.

The Great Rift:
>A crevice in the world, left by an unknown source.
>How far does it go?
>Those who've seen it too many times say... too far.

The Bridges:
>Several bridges of incredible scale, built to allow hundreds of trains to carry transport. A ludicrous suggestion that so many could even exist.
>Did the rift come before the bridges, or were they built to bridge the rift?
>They, too, rust.

From the looks of things, the Fen-Folk flotillas are like tribes or clans, so it might be an alliance between them and specific tribes rather than the Fen-Folk as a whole.
File: Meatwars.png (1.72 MB, 2432x1359)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
What remains of the standing committee, the former rulers of the world, survives in a small chunk of territory on the eastern shores of the Pacific-Atlantic Basin. Constantly under threat from the rot bugs to their east and the machines to their north, it is a miracle the remnant survives at all. They barely manage to keep up with their death-rate through the use of knock off flesh-vats, but more recently have begun looking into less savoury methods of maintaining their population.

>Fort August
The closest thing the remnants have to a capital, Fort August is the largest and most heavily fortified of the remnant's cities. From here, the so-called "New Committee" holds court, and does its best to convince its citizens that their homeland isn't hanging by a thread.

>New Newport
The only real trade city the committee has, it is a vital settlement. It's here that trade ships from the Evolved Coast and Glass Baronies make port, providing the Committee with the resources to coninue their desperate experiments. The original Newport has been abandoned for many years, abandoned as the Machines marched south, and now lies on the edge of the western most Rust Field.

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