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>"How do your people know of such artifacts?"
>"They do not. I do."
>He hums, before going back to looking over his collection, picking up some objects, looking them over before handing them to one of the skitarii that entered carrying crates, almost as if he's preparing to leave... Well.. I guess that's a given, who in their right mind would want to stay in this chaos infested hellhole
>"So... Magos... Have you decided what you're going to do now?"
>"Well, leave of course. Either by finding a ship, or making one myself. Why are you asking?"
>"I was curious... And wondering if you needed any help."
>"Help? Help me with what?"
>"With getting out of this place of course."
>"And how exactly do you wish to help me?"
>I sigh internally
>He's doing this on purpose isn't he?
>I can already see his grin...
>"That depends on what exactly you want to bring with you."
>"My skitarii and my collection of course."
>"How much time will it take you to get everything ready?"
>"A few hours... If nothing unforeseen happens."
>We talked a bit more about smaller, not so important details before I went back and talked with Karansys and Yilith about what is going to happen
>As anyone might expect, they did not really trust the magos... and honestly, neither did I
>But I had a feeling that this will eventually pay off
>Is this feeling pure bullshit? Probably. But I don't really have a lot of options

>"Little Ears... You know I trust you with my life and I'll gladly follow you anywhere, but are you sure it's a good idea to trust these... creatures? They even remind me of... them"
>Them? Who is he talking about? Perhaps... Necron? I didn't expect him to compare the Magos to Necrons of all things. But it should be fine... as long as the Magos doesn't hear it.
>I was, however, worried about Yilith
>She is being uncharacteristically quiet
>"I know what they resemble, and I understand why you don't exactly think it's a good idea to have them join us, but he is necessary for my plan. If things really don't turn out well then we can just drop them off in friendly territory. Besides... he did manage to hold off those abominations quite well."
>He thinks for a second before nodding, happy with my answer
>"Are you really sure this is a good idea? He does give off a... weird feeling."
>"Not really. Normally I wouldn't even think of doing this. But here's the thing, I have something he wants, things I can help him with, so he will be helpful to us... for now at least."
>And with that Yilith seemed to accept it as well... albeit a bit reluctantly
>This is going to be a long trip...
File: 1672671150022393.jpg (472 KB, 1076x869)
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472 KB JPG

>be me, greatest Drukhari to have ever lived, captain of the fastest, strongest and most cunning of raiding parties, the cruelest of all, the dreaded slaver of mon'keigh, beasts and eldari alike, he who shall one day rule the universe; the strongest of all, the most cunning, the most evil, the king of pirates, the fastest flier in Commoragh, the singer of the blood opera, the most intelligent and humble, the great and powerful master of the seventh headed snake, he who has slain demons and gods, he who sails the universe as the beast of sin, he-
>A loud crashing sound cuts off my amazing and most eloquent of introductions for my beautiful and most cunning of plans, if not the most genius plans of all.
>"Khaine DAMNIT, Maar! Stop monologing internally like an idiot and give me your report already!"
>"Ahem. Apologies my most magnificent Mother..."
>"Hmph! Get to it already, Maar."
>"As you wish... I have succeeded in raiding a most curious of craftworlds!"
>"Maar... tell me... why in Isha's name are you raiding a craftworld... again... instead of, oh I don't know, raiding that mon'keigh ship I told you to?"
>"Well, mother, I, along with my crew and the... private contractors, which I so magnifically made to join my forces on this journey, with the use of my amazing charisma and intelect, have caught wind of a very interesting... and backwaters craftworld"
>I chuckle as my mother raises an eyebrow
>"They didn't even realize most of their leaders were like us Drukhari, well, to be exact, they were members of the old cults. I am surprised how they didn't realize it yet, but they are stupid so I should not be too shocked."
>"Get to the point Maar."

>"Yes, yes... I have found some... interesting little things... along with some fun knowledge that might interest you."
>"Go on."
>"Apparently... There used to be a young eldar here that created... this."
>I say as I smile and pull up a small sculpture of what looked like the final version of a project the Haemonculi were working on.
>Ah the face my mother had after seeing it was priceless!
>"Why is that there? How did that eldar even... wait... Where is the one who made that? And are there more?"
>I chuckle happily as my smile widens as I nod
>"Indeed... Along with other projects and even important figures! There are even some of that detestable Eldrad..."
>I scowl at the name before shaking my head and continuing
>"As for where that Eldar is... I have no clue. The brat left. Escaped to be exact, I couldn't find anything about where either... just that it was quite a while ago..."
>"That went splendid! Now..." Maar chuckles as he turns to speak to his shadow... "I believe that is satisfactory to you? We shall keep an eye out for that one, as you wanted... I assume our deal is sealed and done then, hmm?" And he extends a hand towards it.
>The Drukhari smiles as a shadowy hand grabs and shakes his own.
File: 1672634524661431.jpg (127 KB, 1400x700)
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127 KB JPG

>Be Yilith, the Screaming Banshee
>Looking around the ship after daily training, bored out of my mind
>Decide to go annoy- err I mean see what Little Ears is up to
>Little Ears is so funny, thinking anything but Little Ears is a deserved nickname. Moth, pfft. Yeah right. It always has been and it always will be Little Ears
>Is it an accurate nickname? Not really. But it's not my fault, if Little Ears doesn't want to be called Little Ears then Little Ears shouldn't have such amusing reactions!
>Wait why am I calling Little Ears Little Ears so much even in my head?
>...Eh. Habits die hard.
>Then again... Karansys did mention to call Little Ears a nickname or something similar at all times even in my head. Though I still feel a bit silly doing it.
>"Little Eeeaaaars~" Cheerfully as always, I greet the one who's ears I call small. "Whatchaaaa doooooin?" And to my delight I hear a groan of annoyance.
>"Can you stop calling me that...? Even the Skitarii refuse to call me anything but that anymore..."
>"It's not my fault they realized your naming sense is terrible. I mean c'mon! Moth? Reaaally? Little Ears is so much more fitting."
>"Sigh... you don't understand! Moth fits perfectly with my plans!"
>"Uh huh. Sure. Totally. Anyway whatcha doin?"
>"...well I highly doubt you'll even understand but I am working on a high frequency microblade that can be used alongside a small motor and machine I made with the skitarii inside a wraithbone casing that if I calibrated it right-"
>I zoned out mid sentence. Gosh Lil Ears here sure can ramble... Ah well. Hmm... Something sharp... maybe a shuriken cannon variant? Or some kind of weird chain sword? Oh oh! Or maybe- wait he seems to be finishing I need to pay attention

>"-and if everything works exactly as planned I can create what is basically a giant mace-chainsaw!"
>"Riiiiight. Sounds cool. Buuuuuut Karansys says you're skipping out on your training. Again."
>"What? No. Nonsense. I have done it today!"
>"That was last week. Do I need to remind you that you were never even close to beating me? Or even posing a threat? Now get up, Karansys is waiting."
>And as easily as ever, Little Ears relents and walks away... perfect for me to snoop around
>There were a lot of weird stuff. Including some weird... things... and odd writing. I hope it's nothing dangerous... anyway I'm gonna go rummage through these stuff!
File: 1527626158330b0f935210.jpg (116 KB, 950x1350)
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116 KB JPG

>Be me, Little Ears- I mean Moth- sigh... The Human Who Turned Eldar
>Be half dead from Karansys managing to shove an entire week of missed training into a few hours
>At least my project is going well
>Said project being an abomination similar to a whirligig saw
>Yes, it spins and shreds things
>Yes, it's incredibly impractical
>Yes, it's very fun to use
>Only problem is that it's heavy. Very heavy.
>Might be my fault since I barely train but don't tell Karansys, I really don't want to end up with all my limbs sore again
File: 17834634637455345.jpg (71 KB, 1024x909)
71 KB

>I have also plagiarized and made a barely functional drone to spy on planets
>The Magos, of course, helped me a lot with it. If it weren't for his help I highly doubt I'd be able to even make the bloody things

>"Let me see if I understand... you wish to create... a drone? Akin to a servo skull? But not like it."
>"Yes... And I know what you're about to say, don't worry, it will not be an AI. I have... made plans and calculations for it, and it theoretically should work. I have found a way to create an... intelligent one without the usual method of servo skulls, or conventinal AI. I will implant a mental link with it with the help of runes inscribed into a core, akin to a soul stone, that should help me connect to it mentally and give it orders, while receiving information back."
>...to say that I was chastized badly for even saying that is an understatement.
>"Please, let me finish. I know it is dangerous and could backfire terribly, but I've added in plenty of failsafes and safety features, I can cut off my connection automatically once a sensor is touched. I even made it possible to reconnect to the drone after the signal was cut. Although I highly doubt we'll get to the models I would like any time soon... I believe it is necessary to create them and upgrade them."
>The magos was quiet for a while, thinking my words over, before he begrudgingly agreed... after smacking, cursing and trying to beat the shit out of me for proposing this 'Insane and absolutely idiotic abomination'
>Thankfully I had not told him of my plans to see if I can create an artificial soul

>Ahem... where were we? Ah yes. Planets and investigating them. I have great news!
PC borked. Been trying to fix it for a while now. Can't access my updated writings. Insomnia helped keep me up so far but doubt I'll last much longer. Will attempt to continue tomorrow. If anyone else is even interested anymore. Otherwise... probably dump everything I wrote up here and leave it at that.
File: pert.jpg (84 KB, 490x401)
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are we healing /tg/?
will cupanon return to turn this frown upside down?
I am awake, PC still unuseable so going to edit my backup on my phone, hopefully won't take too long

>I believe we have just found Angron's World
>How? Good question! I have no idea! Karansys did mention some weird warp shenanigans happening- not his words, might I add, but the phrase fits
>And if my observarions are correct we arrived way before they even thought of giving Angron his nails
>I may have sent a signal to the Imperium about this place
>I may have also been a bit... vague and weird with my wording
>Eh what's the worse that can happen?
>Gave the Magos some stupid excuse... something something prophecy, son of the golden one, for the survival of both eldar and humans, yada yada
>It worked. I think.
>It's showtime.

>Be Officer in the Emperor's fleet
>Catch a weird signal directed towards us
>Immediatedly inform the Emperor of this clear threat.
>Well that was a fucking disaster.
>It started fine, went in, nobody noticed me, acted like a smartass as is the law of eldar, almost got strangled by Angron, convinced him to listen by showing him footage regarding what they were planning to do to him and his friends....which I may have fabricated since it was way too early for that to happen, started a fun rebellion, all was going well!
>"I do not trust you, creature, but there is no reason for me to refuse. However, I do not understand... are you saying my father is coming for me? How would I know who he is?"
>Gasping and rubbing my neck after his... greeting, I composed myself and chuckled, clearly signaling that I was expecting such a reaction and not that my life- I mean lives, flashed before my eyes. "Oh do not worry. You can't miss him."

>Until the Emperor's fleets arrived bringing fire and brimstone, He Himself at the helm, causing us all to feel His immense power threatening to swallow us whole
>Wonder why he did that
>Angron and his Buddies were fine though, they were even taken with him back, so mission acomplished!
>It does bring to my attention that His power can be felt by Eldar just by the Emperor's mere presence near us- near being a good distace away, I am not stupid, thank you very much! Though this time it clearly felt as if it was a lot more... intentional than usual. How do I know this, having just seen him for the first time? Gut feeling.
>Though I do wish i didn't have to experience The Emperor looking straight in my eyes from impossible distances, while I was stealthed no less
>Anyway I barely escaped with my life
>The Magos did not stay to join the Emperor, nor ask to be send back to Mars to travel again... instead he retreated with us. Which I find... odd, but strangely not unwelcomed
>But either way, mission was succesful! I even left a note to Angron to deliver to his Father
>Hope it conveys everything I wanted

>Meanwhile, the note:
>"Thou hast done well, Anathema. Thy quickness impresses us. But our goals have just been lightly touched. There are many more things for thee, and if thou wilt be willing, thou best check thine son's gene seeds. For who hast known... the taint of the enemy... of 'them' is already spreading. And thine concealment of the knowledge from thine sons shall be thine dawnfall... so let us not let the game end so early... there are plenty things to do and acomplish... For our entertainment to end prematurely would be a great shame. Thou shalt hear from us soon, He Who Brings Order."
File: agniface_live.png (342 KB, 342x1141)
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342 KB PNG
live thread
Sorry for that, my computer decided to stop working for no reason whatsoever, laptop wouldn't work either. Just started working again for no reason whatsoever, so I've decided to pray to the machine spirit every night and day for it to work. Proper update in a bit, also might do a few time skips, alongside a lot of warp fuckery.

>"So... Magos... Why exactly have you decided to stay with us? It would have been trivial for you to get back to Mars now."
>"Ah. That is a very simple answer. The chance to experiment with eldar technology is nearly impossible to get in other circumstances, alongside the fact that so far we've arived in interesting places, I have seen quite some... fascinating things while we were traveling the webway. And according to my calculations, we have very high chances to end up in more interesting situations. And, well, I do have to admit that I find this incredibly entertaining, especially your failure at being the minimum required of your species, let alone at trying to act mysterious and prophetic."
>"...I see."
>Am I that bad? Shit.

>It is I, Mon'Keigh! The Eldar Mon'Keigh
>I am once again traveling the stars, and I am happy to announce that... we are lost
>I am unsure what exactly happened but... uhh... for some reason we got teleported randomly, ending up... somewhere
>We were near a planet however, it looked temperate but not too odd
>And thankfully, in the time between ending up here and saving Angron I managed to improve my drone. I even managed to make it... somewhat inteligent? Though it is akin to a curious puppy. It looks a lot better, having added a long prehensible tail to it, causing the drone to look akin to a serpent like critter with small arms. I find it quite cute, and so does Yilith. She insists on naming it
>The Magos... helped and is happily cellebrating with his skitarii at the upgrade. Though he seems to be working on a personal project and asked me to help him... odd.
>Using Feyfey, the serpent-dragon drone, with a stealth system I barely understand, I explored a bit of the planet
>It was a human colony. It seemed to have quite a lot of psykers on it. Actually... it might be that all of them are psykers
>Sadly my thought-talker skills do not work through drones... and I had been slacking in my studies of High and Low Gothic from Constantine. Which meant I sadly could not read or understand anything
>I ended up looking around for anything interesting... oh cool! A big piramid! Let's see what's inside!
>Why do I have a feeling that I should realize something?
>as I entered and browsed around, looking at the magnificent place, I found a unique resident... a very tall, red skinne- wait a minute. Wait a god damn minute

Forgot the image
File: Prospero-0.png (1.54 MB, 1096x1024)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG

>Is that fucking Magnus?!
>We're on Prospero
>I have to talk to the red nerd himself
>This is gonna be a pain
>Wait. This doesn't make sense... the Emperor should have already made contact with him...
>Did I fuck up the timeline?
>No... It cannot be... warp fuckery time travel? Maybe
>I'll figure this out later, there are more important things right now
>Like the fact that the Emperor would be here soon. I had to hurry.
>Wait. This doesn't make sense... the Emperor should have already made contact with him...
>Did I fuck up the timeline?
>No... It cannot be... warp fuckery time travel? Maybe
>I'll figure this out later, there are more important things right now
>Like the fact that the Emperor would be here soon. I had to hurry.

>Infiltrating the place was surprisingly easy... which was odd
>...I am being followed by Yilith however, as she got fed up wth me acting by myself all the time while I am... 'Incredibly incompetent at keeping myself out of trouble and getting out of it'
>Which, while somewhat true, I believe is the best option. Even with my skills being... below average at best, this was the best way to mitigate risks! ...and not end up having to bullshit why I know or do some things
>Anyway I found the big red nerd himself reading a book while sitting on his chair
>Deciding to also test the new upgraded cloaking I messed around with... which was, to be honest, an abomination. The bastard child of Striking Scorpion stealth and Experimental tech from the Magos, who I'm starting to believe is a straigh up heretek. Probably future assassin stealth.
>Surprisingly the Magos refused to come down to the planet
>"Remember... As much as I wish to join you on this journey, I would rather not be seen or having to deal with other... annoyances."
>I should talk to him more...
>Back to the NotYetCyclops.
And so the curse continues. Technical issues, again. I give up for tonight. If this is still up by tomorrow I'll post more. Sorry for putting up so little, I have more written but it needs a bit of editing. Which I cannot do right now. Sorry.
File: LIVE.png (569 KB, 1400x1000)
569 KB
569 KB PNG
File: 1584451342187541509.jpg (997 KB, 1920x2722)
997 KB
997 KB JPG

>Appearing near him as I turned off the cloaking I greeted him as mysteriously and edgily- I mean as seriously as possible "Hello, Magnus. I apologize for appearing like this... Yes it is related to your father, so please stop trying to access the warp."
>He did get startled, almost jumping out of his chair. 'Heh. Fucking nerd.' And barely stopping to not blow off my head with psyker powers.
>"What? Who are you? Ah an Eldar I assume... very well. You may speak, Xeno... And hurry. I do not have time for unimportant squable, for I must pre-"
>"Yes, yes, prepare for your father, the Emperor, to come get you. I know."
>I cut him off, obviously knowing what he was going to say... due to it being god damn obvious.
>"How do you know that, xeno? I did not know I had-" I cut him off again
>"I have no spies, Magnus. All I have is knowledge, which I am sure you would greatly appreciate... as well as a warning. For your father might not tell you the full truth due to... quite understandable reasons"
>The Primarch just narrowed his eyes in response
>"Your exploring of the... what do you call it? The Great Ocean? It is the Immaterium... The warp to be exact, It and its many dangers are not as simple as you might think. There are... very powerful beings... Gods some may say, though that is not true. Their powers do make them somewhat deserving of bring called that. There are four of them but you need to be careful of one in particular... I cannot say any of the names of those entities, but... it is a... hmm how to say it... a thing. An annoying bipolar mollusk of immense power. The changer of ways... I shall not say his name... for he is one of the great enemy. He might... will... come to you. Offer you a deal to save your legion in exchange of your eye... but. Well. Guess who was the reason your legion had problems?"

>"The... mollusk?"
>I nod. "Smart, as expected. But yes, he's going to mess with your legion's gene-seed causing the... flesh change... yes that was the name."
>He frowned, getting up fom his large chair and crossing his arms. "Now hold on. You are clearly an Eldar, Father Himself told me of your kind... but you... why do you speak in such a... delinquentesque manner? Your actions are odd for your kind as well. What are you trying to acomplish? Peak my interest by acting out of the ordinary for your kind?"
>"Unimportant. Just that it will belp you and the Imperium... and prevent IT from happening. Just know that I want to help. But no, I cannot be direct about it... They are watching me after all. Also... although your father might seem... overbearing and he might seem like he is not taking you seriously but... he does have your best interests in mind. You are powerful, Magnus. Perhaps one of the strongest Psykers in the universe. But the stronger you are... the more others would want to take advantage of you. Oh and so I do not forget... there are some... Xenos... that desperately need purging. The Rangda... they will cause the Imperium to lose quite a lot of forces but... they must be dealt with. They are... incredibly brutal, turning others into flesh puppets."
>He blinked "I see... You are odd. But I cannot sense any deceit... Hmm... You shall stay. Father will be ariving soon."
>"I am afraid that is not possible. For there are thing I must do... but I can give you a token of trust. The location of most of your lost brothers. I have already helped Angron, him being with the Emperor now... unless there was some warp fuckery causing me to travel back in time to where I am now. Hmm I should research that."
>In hindsight I was rambling like an idiot and was probably quite suspicious but eh. I can just say it was bad eldar habits.
>Oh another note I am starting to think that I might have gone crazy.
Morning update, have stuff to do and will return to writing in around 4-5 hours.

>On Nuceria, long after the Emperor's visit and recovery of Angron and his fellow gladiators, the once powerful city-state of Desh'ea lay burning, yet it was not done by the Emperor, Angron being begrudgingly satisifed enough with the slaughter of the worst of his enslavers, for they had more important things to do
>No, the city lay burning at the hands of cruel black ships, spewing vile aliens hellbent on destruction and enslavement
>The important figures, however, had a different fate
>Face to face with the one in charge of all those ships
>"Well then, friends and those of the same feather as I, I will ask this once. Have you all perhaps seen others of my kind before? One with clearly inferior and boring armor than I and my troops have."
>A few attempted to bluff an answer but they quickly got a very painful death as a reward
>The servant of one of the slavemasters spoke up, fear dripping from every word of his
>"T-There w-was t-three, I-I saw t-them with that escaped slave. T-The one that disappeared with the g-golden man"
>"Well... There's one useful person here. Friends." He commanded with a smile as all the others present got swallowed up by their own shadows
>"Ah much better... Now... Tell me what you saw. And as much as you can. If I am satisfied I shall give you a quick death."
>'See mother? I am not called the greatest for nothing. These shadows of mine became a great asset, them leading me towards that odd eldar is just a bonus. The terror they inflict is much more delicious.'

>I've been talking with Magnus about things, mostly telling him important information in as complicated and confusing way possible, well until he got sick of my sheninigans and... uhh... I relented and explained things properly to him.
>It was, well, not too bad. Quite enjoyable really
>My companions did eventually join me, the magos clearly surprising the Primarch with his presence
>Those two had a chat together about... something. Though I suspect the magos is talking about some of the things I've done and said
>Karansys, Yilith and I ended up looking through the books at the giant library, though me and Yilith ended up distracted with some random trinkets a lot of the time. But otherwise the time we spent there was quite enjoyable
>"So... you know of the future, quite a lot about it, alongside a lot of important things about the universe, but you have no idea about basic things about the warp? As an Eldar no less."
>"That's idiotic."
>I did not really have anything to respond to that besides childish insults and comebacks, which I used the bare minimum of
>Overall a fun time
>Until Mister Killjoy McNerdface just had to anounce that the Emperor is ariving at the last god damn moment.
>So I did the only reasonable thing that I could think of
>I stole some interesting books and fucked off
>I am still unsure how I was the last one at the ship when I left first
>I did end up meeting the Emperor again... from a way smaller distance now but still quite a bit away
>He looked quite amused, smug even
>I was almost caught by a squad of Custodes, getting surrounded by them as they stood there, looking all fancy and cool and golden
>How did I evade them? Simple. I didn't. The ship appeared above us and Yilith pulled me inside.
>I would say my pride took quite a hit, but thankfully I have none
>And once again we escaped from the Emperor! Huzzah!

>I am starting to think that there's something wrong with the ship
>Somehow we got thrown out of the webway and ended up in the middle of bumfuck nowhere
>There was mostly nothing around, well, there was one thing around, a large and incredibly old looking space station of sorts
>It seemed human in design, though it looked quite advanced... perhaps from the Age of Technology?
>Exploration Ahoy!
>The place looked both ancient and stupidly new
>Dim glowing lights, eerie atmosphere, random grass- Is that actual earth grass?
>Looking closer and... yup. Looks like grass. Smells like grass. Taste- Uhh yeah really shouldn't try to eat mystery grass.
>Mentioned it to the Magos who took samples, his skitarii finally joining us.
>They were still weird, but kind of entertaining
>Looking around the place it seemed empty. Which was nice, would rather not find more abominations or weird creepy aliens trying to turn us into flesh puppets- by god I do NOT want to be anywhere near those things
>Anyway, the place was neat, though annoyingly lacking fun stuff so far
>Yilith found something, an odd looking floating cube in the middle of a room.
>The Magos and his skitarii rushed in like moths- heh, get it? Moth, heh -to a flame
>Saw them fiddle with it, turning it pressing small buttons on it and whatnot, the bloody thing glowing different colors, making the room look like a rave
>I did ask about it later and- drum rolls please! We hace no idea. It's an odd device that seemed to be reacting to... something. We have no clue what.
>And alongside that, Karansys and a few skitarii found some weird weapons.
>Balistic weapons to be exact, but they looked quite oversized... perhaps to be used for some kind of mech suits.
>I'll call it a cannon. Because holy shit the bullets needed for those things are ridiculously big
>Though sadly there were annoyingly little of them
>And from the looks of it, highly doubt we'll be able to make more.
File: 4-final+render.jpg (93 KB, 1000x540)
93 KB

>Constantine seemed incredibly giddy, hearing happy binary sounds was quite... an experience
>And, of course, then comes my incredible discovery!
>A door. A special door. Why special? Because it looked incredibly average. Too average. So of course I open it without even checking for weird sounds coming from inside, what's the worst that could happen?
>As the door creaked open I saw! An empty room
>Ah disappointment. At least it appeared so at first.
>Rummaging through random containers did lead me to finding some data pads of sorts. Neat.
>Looking through some drawers yields me with a lot of shiny and probably useless trinkets
>They look cool though
>I did find what I am pretty sure is a very advanced laser pointer
>The thing even had options on the opacity of the beam, hell even the length!
>Might actually be multi purpose, this can be used in quite a lot of things
>Like pretending it's a light saber and making stupid sounds while swinging it around
>It was incredibly fun and I regret nothing
>Well it was fun until I tripped on something and fell on my face
>It was a weird, small ball that showed a hologram of a large vat. Huh. Neat.
>Messing around with it, proved to be a success having managed to change the hologram to different kinds of tubers and machinery, even some chemical components.
>This is neat
>Returning to my companions with most of the things I found in a small crate, except the weird orb, which I was holding
>The Magos all but teleported in front of me, grabbing the orb and letting out a loud robotic cheer, raising it up in the sky as soon as he turned it on
>It took me an embarassingly long time to figure out what it was
>An STC. A fragment of one, related to what I assume is either chemical or medical related things
>The station itself was quite big so we ended up stopping and deciding to go back to our ship to research the things we found first, especially the data pads
>A map would be very much appreciated

>Our second expedition inside the desolate station yieled in far less interesting things, just materials and some semi-useful trinkets
>Having found a map on one of the data pads helped immensely
>I have, however, found a log, in english of all things
>"Hello. This is Captain Harlock of the Arcadia. This is my final message to my crew. I know you are upset for what I've done, but you're all earned your redemption, and with it, your time with me has ended. I always keep my word, and I have turned you all from scum and misfits into heroes. Rejoice my friends. You have earned it. As for me? I shall be on my way to find others to help, as I have planned from the begining. Thank you, truly."
>It feels quite nostalgic hearing it again, even more so after realizing that it had video included as well... it took some time and me fiddling with the options, but I finally got it to work
>It was nostalgic, melancholic even
>I asked the magos to help me reproduce the computer-like device used to view the log
>I kept the log itself secret, though I am unsure why, it just felt right
>Besides that... there was nothing much found in that expedition
>During the third expedition, we discovered a transportation system of sorts, which helped in the exploration
>From the fourth to the tenth we had found trinkets and useful items
>The skitarii have been working with Karansys, alongside some help from me and the magos, on our ship, upgrading and expanding it
>On the twelvth, we found an alien garden
>Familiar and unfamiliar looking fruits and vegetables
>Even some eldar ones
>Seeds and some of the devices were taken and adapted to our ship
>On and on we explored, all while upgrading the ship as much as we could
>But, sadly, after what was probably a few months, we had to leave
>I had a... bad feeling and decided that it's for the best that we leave it now
>Would rather not risk something terrible happening
>I could swear I was being watched when we left
File: 1651687836331.jpg (161 KB, 564x564)
161 KB
161 KB JPG

>Stupid Mon'Keigh and their stupid psykers...
>Of course they have a planet full of em, why wouldn't they?
>Let alone so well defended... ruins my good mood
>Why did that brat of a craftworld scum even come here? To waste my time...
>Couldn't even have som e fun and raid some idiotic, filthy Mon'Keigh
>What? Fine, we'll go back to following the nice smell

>Ah the smell... So enticing
>The shadows feel so much better when we follow...
>The taste! So exotic!
>The sounds! So much sweeter!
>We must follow
>We must find
>Take in? Capture. RIP! DEVOUR! NO! Imprison! Steal! Taste.
>...comfort... join? help...
>...protect... follow...
This seems like a good time to stop for tonight. Been trying to write more but I'm clearly too tired and distracted to write anything good at the moment. Enjoyable as it was, writing during breaks at work can only get so much done. Might have more time tomorrow, if thread doesn't die, which it's starting to feel like it will. Ah well, I suppose it's a given. Posting an update after almost 2 years.
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It is morning, sadly can't post anything yet. I'll try to post more stuff in at most 7-8 hours.
Work is annoying, might be delayed an extra hour. If anyone's even reading this.
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Thank you for reading. I am contemplating swapping to normal prose at times instead of greentext, since at time I feel like it's not very... greentext-y. Besides that going to start space adventures with what will probably be a lot of places and aliens that aren't canon.
just make to interspace some green in there
else it would just be like any other story

>Something is definitely wrong
>We changed location, again, and this time it was so sudden I saw it clearly
>One moment we were near a star, the next we were surrounded by asteroids with a large rocky planet in the distance
>Why was this so odd?
>Considering we were using the god damn webway, this was clearly not supposed to happen
>The Magos and Karansys did try to check if there were any traces of something happening, but there was notihng
>I did decide to check for any psykic activity and- nothing. I felt nothing
>So the reason it happened remains unknown
>We did check around the asteroids, they were useless to us sadly
>After going at the planet however, we saw what was clearly a space station
>A clearly in use space station
>Thankfully our stealth capabilities seemed stronger than their detection
>I sent Feyfey to investigate, but felt like going inside the station would be too risky, deciding to watch from afar for a bit, noticing quite a lot of ships coming back and forth from the planet
>Investigating the planet with Feyfey alongside some disposable stealth drones gave us some great results
>They were everyone's favorite abhumans!
File: SquatNecromunda.jpg (169 KB, 920x850)
169 KB
169 KB JPG

>They seemed to be having fun
>Digging into the core of the planet
>Getting drunk
>Having a good time
>Felt somewhat nostalgic actually, seeing something familiar like this
>Even if they were space dwarves mining and trying to hollow out the planet
>I contemplated going down myself to annoying the dwarves
>Did end up going down with Constantine and Karansys, though I never saw the striking scorpion at all the entire time
>The magos went off to both help and hinder them with fixing, pestering, helping and 'acquiring" some new technology. They seemed to not mind his actions.
>As for me? I was stumbling around like a bumbling idiot, somehow not getting caught by any guards
>Did leave around some obligatory cryptic messages
>I was a ghost, unseen by any, leaving nothing but what I wanted to
>I am the Master of Stealh
>Well... Until I accidentally bumped into a random intern
>"What in tarnation? An eldar? How the hell did you get here?!"
>"What do you mean? I am not here."
>She stopped in confusion. "Are you messing with me?"
>"I am not here."
>I handed her an incredibly complicated and fancy wraithbone statue I made a long while ago
>It was of a ferret coiling around a coin, biting on the top of it
>She glanced at it for a few moments before looking at me with narrowed eyes
>"...why are you here?"
>"Visiting and wanting to see how your people are like. That is all."
>"I see. Fair enough." She pocketed the trinket and left
>I may have sneaked in a small note in one of her pockets
>'Beware of bugs, miners.'
>I am the Master of Stealth

>I did eventually go down onto the planet, watching the miners breaking stone and hauling riches and minerals
>I quite liked it, even contemplated getting a disguise and joining
>Overall I quite enjoyed myself
>Sightseeing was fun
>I did hear from Karansys that these Squats are quite an interesting bunch. Human-like yet not quite.
>He seems to like them, especially some of their vehicles and machinery
>Though I would have liked it more if he didn't scare the shit out of me when he popped out of nowhere
>As for Constantine... He was having a field day
>I'm pretty sure he stole as much tech as he gave them... well probably more. At least he helped repair some of their things...
>I'm pretty sure Yilith sneaked off and took some plants and pretty looking minerals
>Since I found her with plenty of new mushrooms and underground plants
>They were actually really pretty looking
>How she knew which of them were edible is beyond me
>She sure is resourceful... and competent
>Now only if she didn't rub it in my face at all times
>Being called incompetent at any chance she gets really hurts
>Especially since she's right

>I have suddenly been informed that we shall not leave, and that we can reveal ourselves
>Magos Constantine and Karansys talked with the ones in charge of this mining operation and we've been allowed to do as we please, as long as it is not harmful to them or their profits
>Don't say I mind much, even met that intern again, quite a nice girl, fun to talk to
>Giving her that statuette was quite a good idea, she knew plenty of people that could help me improve my crafting skills
>A friend here, an uncle there, cousing there, grandpa elsewhere
>These squats are ridiculously dwarf-like in behavior
>Likable the lot of them
>Worked first with some woodcrafters- well mushroom crafters technically, but these mushrooms they're using are incredibly tree-like so it's pretty much the same thing
>Afterwards I ended up stuck with her and one of her grandmas learning embroidery and tailoring
>I did get laughed at by Yilith if you were wondering
>But jokes on her I can make clothes now!
>The dwarf- uhh squat grandmas were quite nice, very pleasant
>Did make me notice that I made a mistake in my first assessment
>It is a mining operation, but also somewhat of a settlement
>Quite cosy
>Though while Karansys and Yilith did end up taking off their helmets... I would rather not. Call it paranoia but I fear that I should not let others see my face if I can avoid it
>I did get scolded for it, even ended up having to quickly replace the helmet with a mask to stop the babushkas guilt tripping me

Wrote some more stuff but they still need editing. Will update tomorrow very early morning hopefully. Spending some more time with good ol squats. See you all in 3 hours, I need a nap.
Morning has come. Update coming soon.

>After being done with all of that I went on to learn some blacksmithing, metalworking and crafting
>The fun stuff! Mechs, tools, vehicles, good god there were so many...
>Even explosives! Those are VERY fun.
>Gunsmithing as well technically but that was later on
>And I do have to say, blacksmithing is quite fun. Hammering away to mold a piece of sturdy metal to your will. Satisfying and fulfilling.
>The uncle helping me with it, while incredibly friendly, was a very harsh teacher
>Yelling constantly, as well as smacking me for messing up
>But by the gods was he good at it
>I do also have to add that I discovered something fascinating
>It is possible to change the density and strength of wraithbone, as well as mixing it with other materials
>Oh how giddy I was when I found that
>Needless to say... I did get along with Uncle Brok
>As for gunsmithing... well... It came at a cost. Sort of. Grandpa Gunther was adamant that if I did want to make their guns, I had to earn it.
>How do I exactly earn that? By murdering pests
>What pests? Oh you know, giant, murderous alien bugs
>Not Tyranids thankfully
>Though they were very bloodthirsty
>I was even made to mine minerals!
>Wait why does this situation remind me of something?
>Ah doesn't matter. At least it was fun!
>Karansys seemed very pleased as well, saying something along the lines of "Well at least you're doing something physical for once."
>I was not happy about that comment
>Killing bugs and mining was really fun though

>We spent... quite some time on the planet with the dwarves.
>I know they're called squats but c'mon. We know they're just dwarves.
>I usually would be upset and uppity about having wasted so much time, it being a very precious resource and all, but... Yilith is right when she says I get too obsessed over projects and plans
>I had told the dwarves about a potential problem in the future, the Tyranids to be exact, and while it took a bit of time to convince them
>Even more time to make them realize just how BAD the threat was
>But I did manage in the end, which made me proud of myself
>Stubborn little cunts
>Oh and the Squat intern? Her name's Gloria and she's been promoted to a manager position for a group of miners
>Though I do wish she didn't want to keep that small statue I gave her as a family heirloom
>It's incredibly embarassing
>On a nice note, we were invited to a large feast by her family
>Apparently they've all been getting promotions and things have been getting nicer ever since we arrived
>The feast itself was... alright I suppose
>I got quite overwhelmed
>Well... very overwhelmed
>Those dwarves are very energetic
>They make nice friends though
>I've gotten plenty of data pads and even books on subjects I worked with here
>Really happy about it
>Magos has been helping me as well, showing me different ways I can go about some of the designs
>Ah learning! How fun!
>I have also acquired entertainment type books
>Adventure! Horror! Mystery! Even romance! Ah books, how I have missed you!
>I am trying to ignore Karansys' and Yilith's teasing about all of those extra books I got
>But I got so many! Working here for so long was so worth it!

>As for what the others were doing... Karansys was hanging out with the old squats, chatting and telling stories of the past
>Probably trading intel as well, which is probably a good idea
>Still wish he wouldn't pop out of nowhere and scare the shit out of me
>I swear he likes to just stalk me at times
>Okay that might be too rude, I know he just wants to be sure that I'm safe
>I'm just worried how long since I can't ever seem to see him
>Just how good is he? How old is he?!
>Ahem. Sorry for that. Back to the topic at hand
>Constantine was recruiting people of all things.
>We ended up with around 6 young squats, who want to explore the universe, and were skilled enough for the Magos to accept them
>Alongside one more squat, an older, clearly very experienced one. His name is Amadeus Mannelig, and he has a really nice beard. He is loud, obnoxious, happy and incredibly nice
>He's been making the same joke over and over for over 2 hours and he, alongside the other squats, STILL act like it's the best joke they've all ever heard
>The other squats were fine I suppose, not too bad or anything, pleasant enough. They were all either his nephews or cousin's nephews, or some other kind of relative
>They all have the same family name. Well... technically the full name of the older one is Amadeus Stout Mannelig
On phone. Laptop died. Thankfully I saved beforehand. Writing's going very slowly. A bit stuck

>As for Yilith, she's been having fun in whatever way she can. Even joined me at times in bug murdering, though she didn't bother getting any of the minerals
>Besides that she seemed to hang out with Gloria a lot
>She's apparently going to join us in our travels as well
>Because, and I quote: "Who cares about having gotten a promotion when I can fuck off with Uncle Amadeus alongside some cool aliens and a Magos?"
>So that's nice I suppose
>What's not so nice is that Yilith told her of the stupid nickname she gave me
>So she started calling me Little Ears as well
>The others soon picked up on that as well but thankfully they kept calling me Eldar
>Except when they were trying to annoy me. Then it was Little Ears.
>Why does Yilith do this to me?

>"I don't... think I understand Yilith. Why does Little Ears keep wearing that mask?"
>"Eeehh. Sorry, Gloria, I don't really know. Reason why Little Ears is even being called Little Ears, besides the fact that it's really funny, is cuz of... do you know what the warp is?"
>"Aye. The thing we go through to travel in space. And the place those psyker fellas get their powers from."
>"Yes that information is right. You see there's these... things. Powerful beings. Gods. Little Ears doesn't like calling them that, saying that they're just powerful entities. For us Eldar, one of them is after us, trying to consume our souls. But for Little Ears... Well... for some reason they are all trying to do... something. We're not quite sure what they want, just that it's notihng good."
>"So... no name anymore? Can't even refer to h- err Little Ears properly anymore? Just nicknames and vague references?"
>"Not... fully? Little Ears is going overboard with it to be extra safe and all."
>"Why are you out here? With a... Magos was it? I assume he's a human... or at least used to be."
>"Ah, yes, he is human. An odd sort, part of the Machine Cult and all. He's friendly towards us though so it's fine. He really grew on Karansys especially. Little Ears likes him as well."
>"He seems to be really good at technology, he knows a bunch of stuff. Though he is kinda scary at times with his Skitarii."

>"Sounds about right. Now... I know Karansys might seem a bit scary at times but he just wants to be sure Little Ears doesn't get hurt. Helps with all our training... well... Mine and Little Ears'. Though a certain nerd keeps skipping training. He's ridiculously skilled at what seems to be everything. Scarily so at times. I can ask him to let you and the others join us if you want."
>Oh! Sure! That'd be real sweet of you! I'm sure my cousins could use some training as well. Not uncle though. Not even gonna ask him, I'd rather not get beat up."
>"Hah! Gotcha. Oh and one last thing... Karansys really treasures Little Ears. Like a bunch"
>"Aww how cute~ Oh and one thing. Do you think I can get Little Ears to make me more stuff? This statue is great."
>"Do you really think I don't have a drawer full of statues? Where you think I got those from?"
>"C'mon. Let's get some goodies from Little ears~"
Slow day today. I think I'm sick. Hope I can write tomorrow as well. Gonna spread them out through the day to keep the thread alive. Especially if I end up unable to write for a few hours due to work. Anyway, see you all in hopefully 6 hours. With what I hope is not a dead thread.
It is morning. Updates coming... eventually

>"So why is Constantine with you all?"
>"Hmm? Oh right! His ship became a Space Hulk and got invaded by cultists and entities from the warp. We were checking the place out cuz of Little Ears, who suggested we help. We did, he was stuck however, planning on building a new, smaller ship from scratch till Little Ears asked us about letting him join us. Normally that would be a really hard no, but... we got persuaded. And well... Little Ears wasn't wrong. Constantine is incredibly useful to have around... doesn't help those two nerds keep making weird things together... At least we got Feyfey out of it."
>"This." Yilith stretched her arm. "Feyfey! C'mere!"
>The dragon-like drone quickly flew inside the room, landing on her arm
>"What in grandfather's beard is that? That ain't alive is it? It can't be..."
>"Not really? But kinda? Little Ears made her, got a long scolding from the Magos for it, alongside a beating... well more of getting chased around until Karansys stopped it, got told what the idiot did, ending up with a beating from him instead."
>"Okay but how does this thing even exist?"
>"I don't know. Magos doesn't know how it works either, mostly how it can think. How she moves and everything else though? Yeah he knows that. Probably due to helping make her. I looked over the blueprints with Karansys but... We didn't understand them at all. A lot of weird calculations and diagrams, alongside scribblings in a weird language. It has runes as well which makes it even more complicated. Only Little Ears knows the details... Honestly though, although it's technically a drone, we pretty much treat it as a pet."
>Yilith scratched Feyfey under the chin, getting a happy chirp in response
>"But... how is it smart?"
>"From what I understood... It's... technically a tiny part of Little Ear's consciousness helping her think? I have no idea."
>"That's dangerous. And insane."
>"You get used to it."
>"...can I pet her?"
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>"Wait let me get this straight. You want us, to make the ship bigger and bigger, while we're still traveling?! Are you crazy, machine-head?!"
>Amadeus yelling at what Constantine was asking was slowly becoming the norm
>"Affirmative, rest will lead to delay. New parts constructed inside. Skitarii shall install them while traveling in free space. My expecations of you have not been met, such a thing is simple and obvious."
>"I get that, really, I do. Your calculations are probably correct. But that's still bloody groxshit insane!"
>"Negative. Calculations error chance is 0.00001%. My plans are unorthodox, correct. But insane? Negative. Insanity comes from eldar plans, risks too high even for a positive outcome. Never seen before such things. Calculations do not add up. Things should not work but do. It is... fascinating. Wraithbone especially so. A very interesting material, I wish I was able to work with it."
>"Oh please! What can a kid even make?"
>"A living creature!"
>The Squat was silent for a moment.
>"Are you serious?"
>"Positive. "Positive. Creation method unreliable, danger probability too high. Foolish creation."
>The magos leans closer
>"But it works. Fascinating, is it not?"
>"You're all crazy." Amadeus shakes his head before grinning. "Ah who am I kidding? I'm in! Let's all be crazy!"
>A bellowing laughter could be heard across the ship, accompanied with the Magos' own laughter
>"Alright! Let's upgrade this ship, we'll make the biggest, most ridiculous abomination possible! Call that eldar kid over! We got designs to draft."
How you finding the story so far? I hope it didn't feel like I pulled squats and the like out of nowhere. I'm somewhat trying to do a bit more development between the characters. Also in regards to our eldar, I am being weird about things due to my inner desire to be a cryptic and fancy idiot

>Yilith POV
>"This is incredibly stupid, you know? You TOLD me those things are powered by an eldar who died and got saved into a soul stone."
>"Yes, that is what they're used for. What about it?"
>Yilith sighed, shaking her head. Little Ears and Amadeus have been working on that wraithknight for a few months now. Seems like the old squat finally realized what the true plan for it was. Why did she even stay here to watch? Boredom? Mild amusement? Something of the sorts
>"You wouldn't understand!" Little Ears was yelling now as well. Great. "IT SHOULD BE EVERY MAN AND ELDAR'S DREAM TO BE INSIDE A MECH! ALL I AM DOING IS MAKING IT A REALITY!"
>"May I remind you that imperial knights and titans exist?"
>When did Constantine get here?
>"I know. But this is MY giant mech. And I wanna smash shit in it."
>"Magos... can you please smack some sense into the kid before I lose my mind?"
>"Negative. I find this entertaining."
>And so they went back to working on it
>Think it took around a week or two before it was finished enough for them to test it
>Of course, Little Ears all but jumped into it. Powered it up, raised one foot, and then collapsed to the ground
>"That doesn't count. Try two!" Got up again, wobbly, but seemed more stable. Until one of the legs gave out and the wraith went to one knee
>"Got the hang of it! Joints need checking and fixing. They shouldn't give out like that."
>And there they went to more working...
>Got bored and left to hang out with Gloria and Feyfey.
>I'll go find those vid'heo gahmes Little Ears made. Wonder if Gloria will like them?
Taking a moment to rest my eyes turned into falling asleep. I'm sorry. More, proper updates tomorrow.
Before I go, one last thing. A question. Is there anything you guys want explained about anything in relation to the story?
It is morning. Have some things to do then more writing
Yeah about that. Some stuff turned into a lot of stuff. The worst kind too. Family stuff.

>Alright. Project Mecha is going really well. Especially since the squats joined us, before we'd been going quite slowly, only managing to make the skeleton in a few months. After the squats, we managed to complete the prototype in around 5 months
>So, overall, great progress!
>One problem though. This thing is ridiculously hard to pilot. We've tried to simplify it but so far you still need ridiculously high APM to properly use it in combat or anything intsense that requires fast speeds.
>We did attempt to make some weapons for it... decided to make as basic ones as possible to shoot and check how that goes.
>It went... acceptable enough. Sure it shot only in the general direction since aiming was incredibly hard without a targetting system. So that also needs to be made. Alongside with so much other stuff.
>I'm already getting a headache just thinking about it
>Oh and you must be thinking, why the fuck would you need such a high apm? Well let's just say moving a leg in the exact way you want isn't exactly a simple thing to do. At all. Even walking is hard to pull off. Let alone complex combat maneuvers.
>How would I even fix such a thing? Well I came up with a great idea! Make premade programs like a normal fucking person. Basic leg movements, hands, whatever I need! Though I'd probably need slight variations depending on which particular position and in what way you want to move and on and on and on.
>The Magos is treating this like it's normal so I guess it's fine? I think?
>Uncle Dwarf is about to rip off his hair though. He gave up on trying to work on that part of it and is just working on guns or physical parts
>Contemplating making it able to fly. Maybe laser swords from the arm? Who knows! It's gonna be so much fun though!
>Though at this rate Yilith is gonna come and smack me again since I haven't left the workshop in months.
>And I have been skipping training.
>I should hide.

Forgot image
Sorry for not posting much. I'll get another update soon. Today's been really hectic but on a good note I at least got my pc working again. So huzzah! Currently deciding on whenever to move the plot forward some more, or do some more things unrelated to the primarchs/imperium.
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No worries. Do answer on this if applicable though. I feel like I may not always explain everything properly

>Is there anything you guys want explained about anything in relation to the story?
File: E2OOPSAWYAMvNjX.jpg (295 KB, 1011x857)
295 KB
295 KB JPG

>Thrust! Stab! Stab! Stab! Slash! Pull back! Thrust! Stab! Stab! Slash-
>"STOP!" And Karansys smacks me on the back of the head. "AGAIN!"
>Ugh... And I begin the montions again, much to my dismay
>This is how I've been forced to spend most of my days
>Training with Karansys and getting my ass beat for being terrible at fighting
>The squats were training too, and getting told that even they, some random miners have more talent than me was quite painful
>Especially considering I was training back at the craftworld too... And us eldar tend to be better overall
>Sigh... Well what can I do? At least I'm smart- TWACK!
>"Can you please stop hitting me so much?!"
>"Can YOU stop being distracted! Little Ears! This is embarassing! You cannot expect me to be satisfied with just this!"
>"Oh come on, Karansys! I am good enough! I was on the same level as-"
>"I do not care what level you are on. We are not on the craftworld anymore. We are- YOU want to go on a dangerous mission. Do you really expect me to be happy and let you go when you could get killed at any moment?!"
>"Karansys I-"
>"No. You will not skip training anymore. I do not care how important it is, I am going to make a proper soldier out of you no matter what. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?!"
>"Y-Yes Karansys..."
>"Good. Now go do your physical training. Yiria can still run 10 laps in the time you take to do one."

>I grumble but comply
>He is right but... still leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I know I'm not weak but... I am by no means strong. Not even in the slightest. If I'm honest... Yiria can probably fight a Space Marine easily. Karansys? Hell I wouldn't be surprised if he was able to beat the Magos...
>As for me? I'll probably get my ass kicked by a random commissar.
>Needless to say, after days of training without a proper break, and I mean literal days, my everything hurt like hell. I barely had some time to eat and drink before getting kicked out to train.
>I slept like a baby afterwards.
>But when I was told I was going to be doing this for the next 3 months... Let's just say I was dragged to train kicking and screaming.
>After those months though... I have to begrudgingly admit that I did improve.
>A lot actually
>Even the Magos commented on it
>"Fascinating, after observing the training i can be sure that exactly 20% of Little Ears' strikes almost appear to have proper form and strength distribution."
>I could actually put up a fight against Yilith now! Hurray!
>Of course I'm nowhere close enough to even standing a chance at beating her
>But progress is progress damnit!
>And I'm proud of it! Of course nowhere near the level that Karansys is at the moment. He's been happier than even.
>I'm glad
That is all for tonight. Will write more tomorrow. See you later, Mon'Keigh. We're going to be playing with a very large kitty.
Morning. An intermission incoming with the Emperor and Magnus having a chat. Afterwards we're going to go to the main event

>"~Magnus. You wished to tell me something?~"
>"Yes, father. I see you've just come back from recovering my brother, Angron?"
>"And you have seen an Eldar, or were enticed by one to come, yes?"
>The Emperor smiles. "~Do you have something for me, Magnus?~"
>"Yes... A message from that Eldar. Of information about all of my brothers. I was waiting and checking them myself right after you left to continue the crusade."
>"~I had gotten a message, and had to investigate.~"
>"I have checked them... The list that is, and it appears to be true. Incredibly accurate even."
>"~Hmm... I see. I have seen that particular Eldar. Quite an odd one.~"
>"Do you believe it a trap? Some vile scheme made by untrustworthy xenos?"
>"~If that was a trap, then our enemy is incredibly incompetent. No.~"
>"Ah! I forgot to mention... the Eldar had a Magos traveling with them. Quite an odd sight."
>"~A magos? Of the mechanicus? Are you certain?~"
>"Yes I sure. His name is Vulf Constantine. I conversed with him little, but I was told he is a Magos Explorator. I have asked the Mechanicus about him and he is indeed an explorator. Although he had gone missing a very long time ago. They are not quite certain when exactly."
>"~And he was traveling with that Eldar? An odd duo.~"
>"There were... two other eldar. One seemed skilled and quite... mischevious. Though she seemed harmless. The other, however? He was dangerous, very dangerous. Especially with their stealth technology. I could not sense him at all... only when he was very close to me did I notice him."
>"~You believe that one to be capable to kill you, my son?~"

>"No. I would not say so. But given the element of surprise and... well... I could have gotten gravely injured."
>"~We shall investigate those worlds... And Magnus, I have a mission for you. Get a few of your sons to send a package at these coordinates. Deliver a spear."
>"A spear? Wait. Are you certain Father?"
"~It shall be a test. If it is passed... we shall give them a chance.~"
>"It shall be done then. Though I hope it goes your way."

Oops. Slight mistake there but no biggie. Writing on phone at the moment. Hopefully get a big chunk of the lion meeting done.

>The moment has come.
>The Emperor went along with my plan and a small ship, probably containing a few of Magnus' legion, sitting exactly where we asked them to.
>"Karansys, now's the time. Go."
>And so we decloaked and appeared in front of them, no doubt spooking them
>We moved closer before connecting with the Imperial ship, me, Karansys and Yilith entering.
>"Sons of Magnus. It is good to see you healthy. I hope the Emperor has agreed to my request?"
>They were... quite suspicious of us, but their leader came forward. Ahriman, huh?
>"We have brought the spear, yes. The Emperor keeps his word, eldar."
>"Excelent. I assume you're going to follow us towards the Lion? You may."
>Grabbing the box, I open it, seeing a seemingly plain looking spearhead. Checking its warp pressence confirmed it. It's leaking power. This will do.
>I bow my head lightly before turning around and leaving, Karansys following in the shadows while Yilith kept a close eye on them, not fully trusting them
>After acquiring the spearhead we power our ship again and head off towards Caliban, the Imperial ship, and no doubt the Emperor's own flagship further away, following us
>"Magos... is it done? The weapon, I mean."
>"90% Complete. We shall not have it done out fully by arrival. But. It should be useable. Are you certain you wish to wield it?"
>"Yes. The Boom Gauntlet and the Whirligigsaw are a must."
>"Very well."
>The travel time itself wasn't long, a few days, having chosen a nearby place
>This... this plan was going to be really dangerous...
>And then I felt something touch my leg
>No matter what Yilith or Karansys tell you, I did not scream like a banshee.
>It was a watcher. They've come to help.
>I'm glad.
File: Caliban.png (1.25 MB, 1000x1000)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG

>When we did arive on Caliban we were actually greeted by the nobles and the Lion himself. It seems the Emperor made contact with them huh?
>"Greetings. You all must have heard, I hope. For you all to be uplifted... we need to pass a trial first. Lion, Luther, are you two ready?"
>They nod and we all gather at the edge of the forest. Me, Karansys, Yilith, Constantine, Lion, Luther and a few watchers
>Karansys barely allowed Yilith to come with us
>Was I lying about them only getting uplifted if they win? Of course. I'm taking entirely out of my ass and they're going along with it
>Must be chivalry or something
>I nodded towards the small ones as we walked into the forest, quickly finding ourselves in front of a large mountain, a very large engraving in the wall. It is the sign of Ouroboros. It was time.
>I looked at the lion and nodded. The Magos, Yilith and Luther would stay outside along with half of the watchers. The rest of us? We're going to fight that monster
File: LionElJonson.png (1.37 MB, 1000x920)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG

>When we did arive on Caliban we were actually greeted by the nobles and the Lion himself. It seems the Emperor made contact with them huh?
>"Greetings. You all must have heard, I hope. For you all to be uplifted... we need to pass a trial first. Lion, Luther, are you two ready?"
>They nod and we all gather at the edge of the forest. Me, Karansys, Yilith, Constantine, Lion, Luther and a few watchers
>Karansys barely allowed Yilith to come with us
>Was I lying about them only getting uplifted if they win? Of course. I'm taking entirely out of my ass and they're going along with it
>Must be chivalry or something
>I nodded towards the small ones as we walked into the forest, quickly finding ourselves in front of a large mountain, a very large engraving in the wall. It is the sign of Ouroboros. It was time.
>I looked at the lion and nodded. The Magos, Yilith and Luther would stay outside along with half of the watchers. The rest of us? We're going to fight that monster
>As we walked in front of it, the mural shifted, opening but also not. Warp shenanigans. Great.
>I hand Lion the Spear and nod.
>We've changed it, the shaft was made out of wraithbone, and VERY sturdy. It will not break easily.
>We stepped inside and knew that we could not leave until we defeat the beast
>A loud, horrid roar was heard as the Lion took out the Spear of Destiny from its wraps, looking at the wraithbone for a second.
>"What is this? And... what kind of beast are we fightin?"
>"Wraithbone. It's what we use, it's sturdy and will serve you well. The beast... It's the source of this planet's monsters. Be prepared Lion. This fight will be tough. Prove yourself."
>A nod and we proceed forward. Karansys is gone, disappeared into shadow probably. We travel for what appears to be hours, but I know it's just a trick. The others seem to as well. Good.

>Soon enough, Lion spots it. And we do as well.
>It was... terrible. I do not wish to describe it at all, that by itself being quite hard considering the fact that it seemed to be constantly shifting and changing.
>I heard voices around me... oh no. I asked others and... nothing. It was just me. Great.
>The Lion charged, going to fight the beast head on as Karansys slipped in and out of stealth to rip and tear at the beast
>The beast seemed to be looking at me though. As I noticed that some of the whispers were coming from it.
>Wait what?
>The Beast charged at me, ignoring Lion, who managed to slash a very deep gash in its side
>It was ridiculously fast but I was prepared, whirling up my saw I used the momentul to quicken my underswipe, hitting it right before it jumped on top of me, the teeth biting into its shadowy-shifting shape
>I may or may have let it get to my head.
>I shake my head as the Lion regained control... I'm glad Karansys is here. He was helping a bunch with controlling the monster, alongside the Lion... they had it under control
>The watchers were helping as well... trying their best, but they were starting to get hurt
File: 1673121031547201.png (942 KB, 872x628)
942 KB
942 KB PNG

>Well until it grew two other heads and 2 sets of claws, swiping both of them away as it charged into me
>"Fool... My masters wish for your death! I will be greatly rewarded for granting it! SHOULD HAVE MINDED YOUR OWN BUSINESS INTERLOPER!"
>I attempt to smash it again with my abomination of a weapon. I succeed but... It ended up broken as it bit into the handle and ripped it. Double shit.
>They managed to pull back the beast, fighting it as I caught my breath
>I was in way over my head... This was no good.
>The fight got under control again, thankfully... Though it was getting harder. Karansys got smashed into the wall and the lion got stabbed in the chest, but somehow managed to stab the beast through the heart.
>A very loud, painful death cry was heard as the beast went limp... right before getting up and charging at me
>I panicked and raised my hand... but not fast enough
>I was going to die and I could not stop it
>But at the last moment... I sunk into my shadow, my arm getting in the right position inside the beast's mouth
>All I heard was a whisper as it happened
>"...safe... my... shadow..."
>But I could not think on that, as the beast bit down on my arm
>I thankfully managed to pull the trigger in time
>The beast's head exploded in a shower of gore and warping flesh
>"I-I did it... Holy fucking shit I did it..."
>And then Karansys pulled up my helmet and stabbed me in the neck with a concoction.
>It hurt like a motherfucker but there was a bigger issue
>Thankfully I had a mask on and the others didn't see my face
>I cannot risk it
>We lost a few watchers sadly... Nothing that could have been done to prevent that
>The Lion actually looked at me with respect now
>"Come, warrior. You did well."
>"T-Thanks... Heh. Beast slaying and saving the world feels great."
>That got a laugh out of both Lion and Karansys
>"Come. Let us head home, Little Warrior." Grinning, the lion led us out, him helping Karansys walk.
Well that was fun. Tired as hell now though. Gonna do more tomorrow, wrap up the Lion and all.
Small update soon. Ended up with a lot of things I had to do.

>Coming outside we saw another battlefield. It seems the enemies tried to ambush them... the Magos staying behind really saved their asses... Luther got smacked out of any treacherous thoughts too. So overall a good outcome.
>Beasts appeared and attacked them, alongside plenty of whispers and shadow versions of themselves trying to convince them to betray the others
>The watchers outside were... mostly fine. None died, some even appeared to take their own from inside the cave
>I was holding my hand close to myself, having nearly lost it, barely even feeling it, flesh having been ripepd, skin cut, and bones cracked
>Only reason I wasn't screaming from the pain was due to the fact that I couldn't feel it
>Thanks to Karansys' concoction
>That was all I was able to say before she grabbed the healing kit we made beforehand... well. Treatment kit. The proper healing will be done at the ship.
>Though for me it was... slightly different
>I had made a wraithbone... thing. Putting it around my arm I focused, wrapping the entirety of it around my arm, keeping it in place and unable to move
>As we started walking back toward the city we felt it... the planet itself becoming clearer, the corruption that was once spreading dissipating, the world itself looked brighter, calmer. Less... dangerous.
>I had asked the watchers not to teleport us... for I wanted to have a talk with Lion
>"Lion... I have something for you to give your Father. A... Message of sorts. Alongside some information that will prove useful."
>"This was not a test, was it? Why have we gone to kill that beast, tell me."
>"To prevent a future disaster. Nothing more, really."
>I hand him a box, nodded before looking forward
>"We shall take our leave before the Emperor arrives. We have other things to do."
>"Running away?"

>"Yes. It is not time yet. Not yet... Your brothers are in danger, Lion. And just like here... Just how I helped the Emperor find you, and help you, I shall do the same for your brothers."
>"Why? I know you all are not humans, so why?"
>I laugh before looking up at the sun
>"I have a dream. A foolish one, really. Your father is a great man, but even he in all his glory and brilliance has flaws. Hence my message for him. It may be considered arrogance, even foolishness. But it is necessary to my plan. Playing hero is just a fun way to go about it. Perhaps let others see you in a better light. After all... who doesn't like tales of a hero slaying terrible beasts for the good of the universe?"
>Lion went quiet as I chuckled, heading off to join the others again.
>As we left the forest we saw the Emperor's ships coming into the sky
>Time to get going
>It was a close one though, I really hadn't expected custodes to try and intercept us.
>The Lion was still with us however, and with a wave of a hand they let us leave
>Have I... been tricked? That was an unpleasant thought. Really unpleasant. The Lion already had contact with the Emperor.
>It was a test, wasn't it? Should've expected that... At least I'm being given a chance eh?
>"Lion... Could you tell yuor father something for me?"
>A nod
>"Beowulf has slain the dragon."
>My shit eating grin could be felt through my helmet as we entered the ship
>We powered up our ship and left Caliban. That went really well actually
>Well... at least we managed to test how good those healing vats were
>They were really good. Two weeks and my arm was as good as new.
>I suppose this success warrants a celebration eh? I'm sure the squats will love it.
Well today was terrible writing wise. Tomorrow should be better. I'll head off for a short sleep. Will update in around 4 hours.
My insomnia is going to kill me. I slept 1 hour and before that I was working on a project again. Updates today shall be better hopefully.

>Time passed and I am happy to announce that the healing vats have no side effects. >Besides becoming incredibly hungry afterwards, of course. Though we can't check how much they can really heal yet, due to obvious reasons.
>Either way, I have learned a very valuable lesson
>Stupid and ridiculous weapons work only once, when the enemy does not suspect you to be stupid enough to have them
>I am also installing boom-tlets inside my normal armor. In my feet as well.
>Both as a panic button thing, and because they were fun as fuck to use
>The whirligig saw was a slightly stupid-... a very stupid idea
>I just can't help it. I had to bring that thing to slay a beast. I'd lie if I didn't admit I was tempted to come wearing hunter-eque clothing
>Karansys was fine by the way. He had to go inside a healing vat like me, due to having some internal wounds but just for a day. Yilith not even that, a mere few hours.
>I also ended up with more training lessons for the stunt I pulled there
>Apparently "Hoping the enemy doesn't think you're crazy or stupid enough to actually use your ridiculous weapons and tactics" isn't a very good strategy
>My experience with video games would like to differ
>I, of course, did not mention that
>Nor my other habit of trying to beat the absolute shit out of the enemy over and over until they can't get up anymore
>Either way the mech project is going well, we are slowly improving both the physical parts and the programs for it
>Hopefully we can get it done by the time we find and have to go help another primarch

>I have... remembered something. What had happened in that cave, against the beast
>Those whispers were not of the warp abominations, they felt different. Very different.
>Perhaps even... shadowy?
>There was also the fact I sunk into my own shadow
>There were also whispers as it happened...
>'Safe... my shadow'?
>What does that mean? There has to be something about it
>How did I even fall into my own shadow? It doesn't make any sense!
>I can't even mention it to anyone! Let alone Yilith or Karansys.
>Thinking about it...
>The shadow felt... oddly comforting
>I am pretty sure I know what it is, but for some reason I just can't remember what
>I checked my shadow again, multiple times actually, but nothing
>It was back to normal
>Whatever weird feeling or entity it had was now gone
>Trying to check for any warp presence was hopeless as well
>It's not a demon, that's for certain
>So I guess that's good?
>Either way... it's another one to the ever increasing list of things to keep an eye on
>Just what is going on?
We can hope
Taking a bit longer for next update, checking lore again to make sure I don't make too many mistakes
File: Primarchs.jpg (242 KB, 1280x720)
242 KB
242 KB JPG

>I had another dream
>An omen perhaps?
>It reminds me of who I had to visit next.
>Eldrad was... someone I had to meet eventually. I was just postponing it due to him being... well... Eldrad. He's probably going to be a stuck up smartass with how he went about things
>I'll see about him... as for the primarchs
>The Gorgon shall be fine, I gave them information on it, they should easily get to him and there's nothing to my knowledge that would harm him.
>Fulgrim is fine as well... Though... hmm I sure would not mind giving him a visit. I'm sure that he, of all, would at least give me the time of day to gush out about the cool and intricate things you can make with wraithbone
>Vulkan is and always will be a good boy. Though I'm tempted to go visit just to say hi
>The Master of Charisma himself is more than fine, even going visiting would probably be quite hard... consdering that he might already rule the Inwit Cluster
>Rowboat Girlyman, Papa Smurf himself, leader of the Ultra smurfs... If I'm honest I don't want anything to do with him
>I do not want to see that god damn ultramarine symbol or I might end up losing all the trust I built with the Emperor
>I am probably being incredibly unfair towards him
>Especially considering the fact that he'd probably give me the time of day the easiest, being a future eldar fucker and all
>God I hate the Ynnari
>Ahem anyway
>He's fine

>I HAVE to visit the Angel. It is a law.
>I would like to touch the fluffy wings
>Perturabo... oh boy... He needs a lot of fixing and help...
>Mortarion... I need to talk to the Emperor about him
>Lorgar... he's fucked in the head.
>Again, talk to the Emperor mostly... I am really unsure how to fix him. Might have to... remove him from the picture
>The Khan? Oh I am going there. I am not only going to visit, I am going to race him. I do not care what Karansys, the Magos or even the Emperor would say, I am racing him. Not only am I going to race him, I'm going to win.
>I do not care how much time or how expensive it would be to make a jetbike fast enough for that, but I WILL make it and I WILL WIN.
>Konrad Curze... oh Konrad Curze... I have... an incredibly retarded and stupid idea on how I could help him. The Emperor, Karansys and Yilith will NOT be happy about it
>But it will probably be for the best
>Corvus... He should be fine.
>As for Alpharius and Omegon... I have no fucking clue. They confuse me.
I keep getting stuck on how exactly to proceed. I'll try to do more but I'm trying to avoid burning myself out.

>So I've had a talk with Karansys and... well... Eldrad knows I've been up to shenanigans
>And he's not happy about it
>Though, I don't really care
>Apparently he's been going on and on about me messing with the balance of the universe, causing unknown consequences and other totally omnious stuff
>Karansys seems to agree with me on the fact that he's probably full of shit
>He has been trying to get us to meet him to tell us about what we should be doing instead of this 'madness'
>But... I don't really care? I feel like he'll just nag at me for days on end about how us Eldar are not supposed to directly try and influence mon'keigh for 'useless' things, alongside how my projects are 'dangerous' and 'need to be stopped'
>I am quite tempted to accept and just send the Magos to talk to him
>I can already image it...
>"Eldar. State your purpose."
>"I am Eldrad I have come here to talk to the one who started this madness. Bring me that Eldar."
>"Negative. You have two more tries remaining. Please ask a question."
>"Are you- Ugh. It doesn't matter. Do you all understand what you've been doing? Do you have ANY idea how many futures you've destroyed, how complicated you've made my visions?!"
>"Our decisions have been made with a 98.5% accuracy acording to my calculations. Your visions are brough by illogical means, thus they are OBSOLETE."
>"Yes. You have one more try remaining. Please ask your last question."
>"Y-You insufferable-! Fine! I have come to offer you all to join me, come under my wing and I shall save you from your own foolishness, I'll even help you achieve your goals. As long as you agree to join me."
>"Negative, my goals are already being acomplished as we explore the unknown. You have failed to give a convincing argument with the alocated question. This conversation will be terminated. Goodbye"
>"What? You can't just do that. Bring the other eldar to me."
>"Negative. Goodbye."
>...you know? I might do just that
More planning oh boy. Writing's a pain when you have work and projects you have to do. Gonna spread out any updates whenever I can. I shall return as long as the thread is alive. No matter how long I take to write
Almost with work, in a few hours I'll get back to writing

>In regards to those... random teleports in time and space that kept happening to us
>I think I am starting to somewhat understand them and how they work
>I think either I'm causing some kind of instability, or something is doing that
>They seem to bring us closer to where we want, or to interesting places
>I am fully sure this is because of me
>I started paying a lot more attention, alongside meditation in the helm, near Karansys, and I've been hearing weird whispers again
>Slightly concerning but they don't feel malicious.
>We're starting to be able to somewhat control these... warps that keep happening. I don't know exactly how I did it, but I was able to change course towards Chemos
>We got really close to it actually
>It was... beautiful. Seems like Fulgrim has already started terraforming and retaking the planet
>I spent quite a bit of time investigating the planet and figuring out where Fulgrim was, alongside organizing and deciding what exactly to show and talk to him about
>I wonder if it'd be too much to give him a miniature of himself
>Wait... this is Fulgrim... hmm... what if I make a diorama of the Emperor and all his sons as a gift?
>Or perhaps... A blade. One to replace the daemon blade he's destined to end up with.
>Yes... That would work...
>Or I could be a dipshit and give him an anime figurine
>That'd be funny
>You know what? I'm gonna give him all of those. I was already working on a blade so it won't take too long

>It was... not good enough. I shall not give it to him yet.
>The sword is... missing something. Shape's fine, really fancy guard, pretty blade but... something's wrong
>Something's missing
>I did finish making a few good looking statuettes
>Mostly of animals from Earth
>Some ended up really nice
>I did make a really big one of a large serpent.
>The World Serpent
>I may or may not be acting like a smartass right now
>Oh and I made something else too
>A stupid anime figurine!
>What exactly did I make?
>A monster girl
>A snake one to be exact
>Yes I am smiling like an idiot
>What was even funnier, was the fact that the magos loves the anime one
>"What is this? Curious. Xeno but not xeno, human but not human."
>"Its features are, symetrical. Good."
>"Pleasing, very pleasing."
>"I shall study it longer"
>And then he took it
>And refused to give it back
>The Magos is a fucking weeb
>I convinced him to give it back if I gave him another one
>I made him an android girl
>A certain white haired android
>With her drone as well!
>Heh... Heheh...
>This is fun
>I should give Magnus a cyclops anime girl
>The fucking nerd would probably like it
>You know I'm probably wasting precious time again
>But this is funny. Really funny.
>Back to topic at hand... I'm probably going to be working on the sword while staying over
>Techically it should be a large if but
>Who am I kidding?
>It's me! I always succeed!
>...why do I suddenly have a bad feeling about this?
Tomorrow should be the last day I'll have so much work and things to do. Till then I should hopefully get the meeting with Fulgrim done some time soon
File: Fulgrim.jpg (153 KB, 1280x720)
153 KB
153 KB JPG

>By the time I was done scanning and investigating the planet, I had managed to almost complete the sword
>All it needed was a few more runes alongside a large... 'gem'
>What for? A surprise
>Also it looks pretty
>Quite proud of it, even if I can't call it mine and mine alone, having gotten help from almost everyone on board. Well minus the Skitarii and most of the squats
>I had decided to be a bit more... fancy this time
>I sent Feyfey to visit the primarch, offering a scroll requesting a meeting with him, alongside a small statue of a fairy
>I am glad I did
>Since Feyfey is quite eye catching when not in stealth mode
>The little thing actually tried to play with Fulgrim
>He seemed amused enough by it to agree
>After spending some time with the primarch, Feyfey returned with his response
>He agreed to meet me in one of his gardens, so we can discuss over tea
>I agreed
>Karansys is going to be following me while hiding though
>Expected as much
>Would really like to not have a babysitter at all times
>But I supposed being "Incompetent" and "Overconfident" are good reasons to warrant such a thing
>Back on topic
>I went down to the planet discreetly, really not wanting to bother being seen by others
>Went around cloaked into the Garden
>Only revealing myself when I was seated in my chair across Fulgrim
>He seemed amused
>I took a sip from a teacup
>"Hmm... Curious taste. Needs more sugar."
>"It has been one of my favorites as of late."
>We spent some time with idle chit chat, probably Fulgrim trying to get me into a relaxed mood
>It was the plan anyway
>"As much as I hate ruining such a pleasant mood... may I know why you've come to visit me, Eldar?"
>"A few reasons. Some important and on a grand scale, others... less important, more personal."
>"Hmm... Which would you rather us converse about first?"
>I smile
>"Less important. There is no rush." I put the teacup down. "I wished to show you some things I made. Have you heard of wraithbone?"

>"What a fascinating material."
>I grin, really satisfied with myself at this outcome.
>Fulgrim was actually impressed at some of the things I made
>He did accept them after a bit of persuasion
>He was wondering why I was snickering when I showed him the snake girl.
>Oh I do have to add. This wasn't done in a day, quite the opposite. I had spent an entire week talking and comparing things we made
>It was nice
>I even managed to complete the sword!
>It was far from a masterpiece but it had a very useful surprise hidden in it.
>I really hope it works
>"I have... a gift for you. A proper one."
>I hand him the sword, Fulgrim looking it over carefully
>"Wraithbone again? How nice."
>Looking it over more carefully he let out a humm before nodding
>"Not bad. It's a good blade. Though your inexperience clearly shows."
>"I am ashamed of it, but it is true. I have... added certain special things to it. As a token of good will. You will be able to ask others about it when the time comes, if you do not fully trust me
>"I shall take your word."
>"Fulgrim. I shall now give you a warning, alongside a message in regards to it. You may read it, but soon there will come someone who you may give it to. You will know who that will be when you meet Him."
>I breathe in deeply before continuing.

>He will not like this
>"In the future... you will encounter a species of serpentine xenos, the Laer. They are... an incredibly corrupt species and must be- will be destroyed. By you, actually."
>He raised an eyebrow
>"But that is not important right now. What is important is the following. On that planet you will find a very powerful blade. Do not touch it. Give mercy to any who have, and take them out while they are still themselves. For while it is powerful, it is corruptive. It contains the soul of a powerful monster. One that will bide its time until the right moment to strike. It will corrupt you, Fulgrim. It will turn you into nothing more than a puppet. Here."
>I hand him a small box.
>"Details in regards to it and the Laer. You may not trust me but I cannot allow that to happen."
>I turn around and look at the sky, seeing stars getting closer
>"Well I'll be damned. I have to take my leave now."
>"One question. Why did you help me? What would you gain from it?"
>"I hate seeing good men die, Fulgrim. And if I can prevent that from happening, then I will."
>We left the planet quickly afterwards
>I did add an extra message to the Emperor asking him to comfort Fulgrim. He hasn't shown it but I really don't think he's going to be fine with the bombshell I dropped on him
Alrighty-o. Fulgrim done. Was slightly fast paced but felt that random talk about art and the like would be uninteresting so that's that. Cya in 8 hours hopefully. I need proper sleep.
Awake from my sleep coma. Hopefully finishing writing some more soon.
Alrighty. If anyone's here, I am at the moment stuck on who to attempt to tackle next Perturabo or Konrad Curze. I do have to say in advance that my plan for Kondrad is probably batshit insane.
Maybe wait write the batshit insane story lines as a finale to the arc?

It is not persay that insane. But it is an incredibly stupid idea, which I think makes a lot of sense. But I started already writing for Konrad. Since it would need finding him as soon as possible.

I am also planning a proper meeting with the Emperor for a long time. Albeit how it will happen exactly I still can't figure out.

And that is not even getting to the proper interference of the Chaos Gods. A random eldar going around messing with their plans is not going to make them happy.

Either way writing has slowed down lately. I have to recheck and plan for the future story in regards to how all actions impact things. I am fully going overboard with this but it is fun.

>I have decided our next course of action
>A very risky move
>The Emperor will NOT like this
>It shall be one of my most direct interferences and, quite honest, it will be incredibly stupid and ridiculous
>Karansys was NOT happy about the proposal, having realized long ago how powerful the Primarchs are
>But I had no other choice
>Kondrad can be helped, he can become something besides what others call a monster
>To fulfil his true purpose
>Am I afraid I will fuck up?
>But it has to be done
>So we head to Nostramo
>To save the Night Haunter
>On the journey towards the planet, we had to... I had to prepare
>Days of endless mediation, of writing down important details, of training and preparing
>We started remodeling the ship, adding a special room
>One that will be needed for the plan to succeed
>I have to prepare as much as I can, to not be weak in front of him.
>I must plan exactly what to say, and prepare for any and all things that could happen
>I will not lie, I will not avoid the truth, I will succeed, I have to
File: Nostramo.png (431 KB, 728x670)
431 KB
431 KB PNG

>I had to inform everyone on the ship about what was about to happen, for we needed to stay on Nostromo for quite some time
>I may or may not have told them that if we succeed we will acquire a very large quantity of an amazing metal
>We require it for our ship, as well as the mecha project
>The instant I mentioned Adamantium, the Magos and the Squats became extremely insistent that we should head to Nostromo immediately
>The greed in their eyes is incredibly obvious
>Why am I not surprised...?
>As for me...
>I wonder how well I can combine it with wraithbone
>Talking about wraithbone
>I'm starting to think that I may have a wraithbone addiction
>I mean... We can probably raid the "nobles"
>They deserve it anyway
>Besides... I'm sure the Emperor wouldn't mind. We're helping him after all, so us taking a few... hundred... tons of adamantium won't hurt
>Either way, we arrived above Nostromo
>Some of us were excited, others incredibly nervous
>As for me? I was determined. I will save Konrad and redeem Nostromo.
>Well... help redeem it. Curze will still be the one doing most of the work
>I'll just prevent it from ending up like in the lore
File: NostramoAtNight.png (116 KB, 388x380)
116 KB
116 KB PNG

>We arived earlier than expected
>Konrad hasn't dug his way out yet
>It did come at a cost
>I heard laughter when we warped
>I REALLY hope it was just Cegorach
>Either way, getting here so early helps me a bunch
>We started digging down, either scaring or murdering those sent to fill it back up
>The Magos and the Squats have already started syphoning adamantium from the mines and storages of the 'nobles'
>They are way too giddy about it
>I knew I couldn't dig much, since Konrad was probably going to get out soon
>Still, helping him won't hurt
>I did prepare food for him beforehand
>Alongside something that, although I would love to avoid... it is necessary
>And well... He will be doing it anyway.
>Some fresh... long pork would be helpful in the long run
>I know how it sounds
>But this is Nostromo
I was going to do another update tonight but... eh. I'll do it in the morning since I might be busy with things tomorrow. I'll return in around 3 hours. Sleep schedule? What's that? Can I eat it?
I return half dead and with a vengeance.
File: 1672533059137851.jpg (191 KB, 620x857)
191 KB
191 KB JPG

>It took a few days but I could feel it
>The Night Haunter... no. Konrad, was close, very close
>I steady myself and signal for Karansys to come
>I took off my helmet but kept the mask
>I still don't want to show my face
>I felt the ground stirr as Konrad got near the surface, eventually breaking through and pulling himself up
>I gave him a hand
>He stopped, looked up, confused, before thinking for a moment
>This was a big point... c'mon Curze... Please take my hand...
>His eyes flashed
>Uh oh
>A vision?
>He let out a laugh before grinning
>Seeing the god damn Night Haunter himself grinning at me was quite unnerving
>He grabbed my hand
>And pulled himself up
>"You had a vision, I assume?"
>Oh the face he made when my mask smiled
>"How- Doesn't matter. I have made a choice."
>"What is your choice, Konrad Curze?"
>"I agree."
>"Well that makes things easier."
>"Wearing that mask will just delay the inevitable."
>"I know."
>"You really have to decide if you wish to be a coward or acomplish... something..."
>He laughs again loudly
>"Are you not hungry?"
>A chuckle as he starts walking towards the small tent-like structure we made
>"Just one thing..."
>He turns back, gets right in front of me, moves his face really fucking close and bares his teeth in a smile
>"Enjoy your body."
>I stare at him.
>He laughs.
File: KonradCurze.png (1.56 MB, 864x983)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG

>After Konrad had his fill of food... which was a ridiculous amount, might I add
>Alongside his first meal of Nostramo culture, a criminal
>And a well deserved rest
>He was ready for us to begin
>It was... a very long process, teaching him how things should work
>Mostly the philosophical part of things, laws, punishments and the like
>The spirit of the law, morals, and other things
>It was going to take a very long time, months, even years perhaps
>But we don't have time for that.
>A year, at most two is what I can help.
>I have allowed him to do his job
>That is, hunting criminals and putting them to justice
>I did mention if he ever had the chance... a vision, or something akin to it, to get someone to join him, to take it
>It did not matter that it would risk his image if it was denied
>If he wished to cure Nostramo of criminals he had to gain followers
>Willing ones
>And besides...
>I... did... technically... adopt... Konrad Curze
>The Emperor will not be happy with this
>Hope I don't ruin his "xeno bad" points
>Mostly due to it usually being true
>Either way, although it would technically count as me adopting him, neither he nor I view it as such.
>And I'll like to keep it that way, thank you very much
>Karansys, the Magos and Yilith have helped teach him things... mostly the former two
>Karansys did have spars with him from time to time
>They seemed to be enjoying themselves
>Karansys even commented that Konrad was helping him improve

>As for the Magos... He was showing him technology especially, but other things as well
>The Magos loves teaching others
>Which is nice
>Things were going... a bit bumpy, but overall nice
>The Magos and Squats are still raiding adamantium storages and mines
>Karansys and Konrad go off sometimes to murder criminals for fun
>To learn from each other
>Konrad seems to find me interesting and is trying to help me train as well
>The comments on my weakness were really unnecessary
>I also wish that he'd just tell me about the vision he had when he saw me
>Fucker just keeps smiling instead of answering
Unlimited sex between human men and Eldar women
More Curze some time later, need to stop being so sleepy.
Bumpity bump

Update: I'm unhappy with what I wrote so far, so I'll be scrapping it and redoing it all over again. Tomorrow.

Yeah this weekend's going to be way less productive than last one. More things to redo and fix oh boy.
File: Arbiters.png (1.51 MB, 774x1498)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG

>The moment came
>The turning point per say
>He found that boy, and had the vision
>To extend his hand in an offer? Or to slaughter like a beast?
>He offered his hand
>...good... good... now... you retarded kid... what will you do? Grab it and live or stab his hand like a retard and get slaughtered?
>C'mon... Work, stupid jedi mind powers
>And he grabbed his hand
>He brought the boy to the base we made for him, and started telling him what he wants him to do
>Join him in patroling and keeping the law
>It was... very rough at first but he soon got used to it.
>We have been looking for others after that
>Mostly Karansys and me
>Of course we just let Konrad to actually talk to them about it and make them join
>It was going fine, quite fast actually
>Konrad has still... killed a shit ton of people by torturing them to death but at least they deserved it... somewhat.
>We have also started sending threatening messages to the "nobles" of the planet
>May or may not have caused some to end up in unfortunate accidents
>And displayed their skulls on pykes outside their mansions
>Worked wonderful to scare the shit out of everyone, especially the other nobles
>Anihilating crime syndicates...
>Oh and of course, hoarding adamantium and upgrading the ship
>The Magos and Squats are having a fucking field day
>The Magos even convinced Konrad to bring some criminals to be made into servitors
>Which once he realized how bad it was he was more than glad to do
>I do not want to watch the process but Konrad loved it
>I need ear plugs for the screaming
>Wraithbone my love!
>Once again you've come and saved me!
>At least we're getting more manpower
>So that's nice?
>Though I really wish Konrad would stop being fucking creepy and appearing randomly out of nowhere to tell me how his day went
Don't think I can do more updates tonight. Got thrown into a surprise project and ended up with more work. Fun.
As always, open for any questions once I wake up from my incoming sleep coma.

I did forget to ask: should I do more of the... meanwhile style stories. To actually explain what is happening with the Emperor for example
i think those would be a good idea
I think it would be nice to see whats happening elsewhere in the galaxy
Alright. Might do that now, will probably help to stop being stuck.
Huh. Is the thread not getting bumped? That's odd... it's not near the bump limit.
Hope it's not autosaged.
Seems to be. Might be due to the thread being 2 weeks old. Sucks but what can you do? If the thread dies I'll just write up stuff in advance again. Hopefully this time not taking 2 years.
Would like to know the reason for the bumplock though.
File: mon-keigh.jpg (94 KB, 590x445)
94 KB
Well. I can't really seem to get anything done at the moment, so my previous statement remains. I'll make a new thread in hopefully a month or so, preferably with at least 12 posts already made. Well unless the thread is still alive in a few more hours, in which case I'll attempt to post the finished Konrad part of the story. It was a pleasure to write again, just wish I had done it sooner, I remember there were quite a few people that liked the story, and I like to think that I've improved.

Thanks for reading so far, Mon'Keighs.

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