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Nechronica is a game.
Parts are abilities and HP.
Skills are just abilities.
Damage can destroy you.
Madness will destroy you way faster.
Action Points determine how early and how often you act in a turn of combat.

You can re-fluff all skills and parts to fit your game/group and the setting will easily allow you to overhaul and replace the setting (we've had people mention or tell stories of at least three games set on Mars, a few in space, one on a sunken oil rig, one in a dimension made of thoughts and emotions, and People also use it to run anime giant robot games.)

>Where do I get an English translation of this Japanese tabetop RPG?

-The translation project wiki has/is a translation: https://nechronica.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page
-You can play Nechronica on Tabletop Simulator. Check the Steam Workshop for the resources.

Last thread! ( >>84782848 )
>Storytime! Imp looses her mind at a doctor's appointment!
>Civil Discussion of Homebrew classes!

Thread Question: How do you like your combat depicted?

I am a sucker for cinematic detail. I love a fight whether it's gritty or over the top where I can imagine everything the smells, the sounds, the camera angles. Whether I'm imagine it is live action, or anime, or weird-ass CGI I want to really sink my teeth into it in my visual imagination.

Feel the same way about chases.

When it comes to dramatic interpersonal moments sometimes I like that other times I like the 'visuals' to take a backseat to what is happening in the characters' heads, or just summer down when they aren't serving to enhance this interaction.

Also I enjoy a bit of slapstick comedy.

Thankfully my group essentially had three writers for players so there were delicious scenes. P^:
Since the nech thread is now up a again I’m going to take this mildly momentous time to remind everyone to post their enemy stat blocks since we didn’t really have room to get to it in the last thread with the image limit and all

>TLDR post nech enemy stat blocks plz
Any new translations out?
>Post enemy statblocks
Not gonna make them a pdf due to a lazy piece of shit, so you get one that's actually a high threat legion for spooking PCs.

>AP: 10
>Song [Action/3/0-1] Spirit Attack 1. When this attack hits, the target is marked.
>Attuned [Auto/None/Self] +1 to spirit attack checks
>Crawl in [Action/3/0] Unarmed 2. When attacking a marked target, get a +2 to the attack check.
>Crawl Out [Auto/None/Self] When Crawl in deals damage against a marked target, create 1d6+2 worms at range 0 or 1. This breaks a basic part on the target of crawl in.
>Crawl [Action/3/Self] Move 1. -1 to cost if moving towards a target that is marked.
>The ones that crawl in are lean and thin [Auto/None/Self] All worms are reinforced by 1d8 when the round ends.
My GM had a particularly gnarly Legion type he threw at us a couple of times:
>Corpse Locusts
>AP 8
>Swarm [Action/3/0]
>All units in range of this attack break 1 part
>add X to this Legion's count, where X is the number of parts broken as a result of this manuever
>this Legion takes half damage from non-blast, explosive, or Area attacks

I think i have the max AP/AP cost wrong, since it's been a while since we fought these things. They were deceptively dangerous when anything larger than them was also on the field though, since they would do unblockable chip damage and kept getting larger.
This was before we had many Blast or other appropriate attacks too, so they were quite durable even though they entered the battlefield as groups of 5 or something.
Good question. I don't know.

Thank you very much for the reminder.
>TFW the weekly game is on hiatus as the GM's computer died

I just want to be a dumb lizard eating people
File: CeriseMenaceL.gif (67 KB, 376x388)
67 KB
My game was postponed this week due to the GM moving. Which is a pretty good reason as far as things go, but I missed role-playing my autistic robot, especially since we'd left off last week on a cliffhanger.
>black lines became a transparent layer on export
That isn't supposed to happen.
File: 400 bHP per ton.png (1.54 MB, 743x807)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG
>>black lines became a transparent layer on export
>That isn't supposed to happen.

Did you figure out what caused it?
Is that a male-presenting Doll? How scandalous
File: Blanket.jpg (75 KB, 680x962)
75 KB
Post damaged dolls and dolls with obvious repair marks.
File: 20220623_210106.jpg (1.82 MB, 4032x2268)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB JPG
My GM partially fixed the issue by exporting in a different program, but didn't feel like reanimating the effect.
Have a group meme instead.
Oddly enough I don't actually have a lot of damaged doll art, which really surprises me now that I notice. Though I'm generally averse to going looking for gore in general when I look for art and stuff, so that's probably a big part of it.
Has he managed to save and extract the hard drive/ssd and it’s contents?
You have learned.
Which parts category is your favorite?

For me it's basic since they are all free except for extra treasures.
Second is Armaments because AT rifle is what I want in an attack part.
After that it's hard to choose between enhancements and mutations because mutations has animal legs which is amazing, but enhancements has boost which is just cheeky as hell and I love it.
Dolls are dependant on one another mentally. Do you enjoy depicting this necessary coping mechanism as destructive or beneficial?
File: 20220623_215823.jpg (166 KB, 1512x2016)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
I have a soft spot for mutations because it's super easy to fluff their acquisition and because it's fun to get creative with the particulalry horrible way they wind up growing onto your character. Enhancements are similarly fun in the latter way but tend to be more complicated to acquire sensibly without intervention from your Necromancer.

Armaments are cool and can easily be build-defining but they don't really tickle the creative center in my brain since they're kinda just something you pick up in a lot of cases. I do have an affection for ATR, Flamethrower, and Rocket Launcher specifically though, just because big guns are cool.
It depends on the fetter, but generally it makes the most sense to have it as beneficial. Making most fetters destructive runs contrary to the themes of the game.
Why do port's ears flop down?
Damn. Protoca had the most precious smile.
File: SPOILER_ChibiPortF.png (37 KB, 575x811)
37 KB
Fetters are kind of supposed to be beneficial (until they're not). I think the only exception to the general rule would be Hate, but that's still a coping mechanism for madness and isn't actually harmful until the fetter fills up, just like all the others.

Mostly because the reference I made for her in Code Vein had downward facing ears to avoid clipping with her hair and my GM mostly stuck with that when drawing her. Though she also has dog ears, so I guess it could be because they flop down normally unless she's intentionally perked them up for some reason. There's not a super deep reason for it, really.
File: IMG_20220624_123558_991~2.jpg (3.61 MB, 6881x3981)
3.61 MB
3.61 MB JPG
It's finally here lads.
With this my collection it's complete.
File: 1593453962611.png (489 KB, 670x697)
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489 KB PNG
What are they? Supplements? Manga?
Supplements, the right adds an extra class and parts for dolls plus a neat little scenario to play if you want.
And the left adds extra enemies from every level and new necromancer powers/story.
File: Protoca Head.png (10 KB, 171x198)
10 KB
I think there was also a joke at some point that when Port was stitching them on the did it upside down.
She almost never smiled at all throughout the game given how beaten down she was so... that tracks. Rare things are more valuable after all.
File: Go to bed.jpg (20 KB, 480x320)
20 KB
File: 2 savants.gif (1.41 MB, 520x293)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB GIF
Seconding this.
>The Void's Choir
>HP: 26 AP: 12
>Entrails x2
>Reflective +1 AP
>We Sing Hallelujah! [Action/4/1-3] B2+Ex+Chain 2
>Many Heads [Check/0/Self] Support 2
>Angelic Noise [Check/0/0-2] Support 3
>Cracked Flesh
>Armor Skin
>Faith like a Mountain [Auto/None/Self] Negate Move maneuvers used on you.
>Absolute Faith [Auto/None/Self] Reroll an attack check, as the cost of this maneuver, break a part
>Fire Sign [Auto/None/Self] When you critically succeed on an attack check, all enemies in the zone suffer a -1 penalty to all of their rolls and a +1 bonus to attack checks made against them.
>Opening to the Void [Action/3/0-1] U2+Chain 2, defends are ineffective against this maneuver. If the target is at range 1, they are moved to your zone
>Holy Demon [Auto/None/Self] +1 to Unarmed Attack checks. When you critically succeed on an unarmed attack check, the target must make a madness check.
>Hand of Death
>The Song Must Go On [Auto/None/Self] When an attack is negated through defends, you may roll chain as normal. This can only happen once per round.
>Grotesque [Check/0/0-1] Hinder 2
File: by Stormygeddon.jpg (84 KB, 1024x992)
84 KB
>>The Song Must Go On [Auto/None/Self] When an attack is negated through defends, you may roll chain as normal. This can only happen once per round.

I loik dis idea.
Consider it looted.
>>Faith like a Mountain [Auto/None/Self] Negate Move maneuvers used on you.

You have a lot of neat renames for enemy parts.
>>85051302 #
What sort of combat encounter this unit meant to be part of?
What what is this unit's role in that combat?
RAW, it's actually not needed because defends don't explicitly negate chain, only explosive and dismember, but the group doesn't run the game that way so it's a fun thing to toss in on occasion, when appropriate.

Thank you, renaming enemy parts, even if they don't do too much different from existing parts can do a lot to invoke certain feelings or impressions from enemies and liven things up.

It was an enemy in a penultimate encounter that it wasn't even the center piece of, though it certainly left its mark and had the main goal of encouraging the PCs to not clump up as they tend to do since anyone of them getting critted by it meant everyone was having a harder time.
>renaming enemy parts, even if they don't do too much different from existing parts can do a lot to invoke certain feelings or impressions from enemies and liven things up.

Do the players see the part names or something?
What other house rules do you use?
File: striker by benedickbana.jpg (3.57 MB, 2500x1875)
3.57 MB
3.57 MB JPG
They presumably would when you're declaring it, unless you think you just shouldn't show/tell the players anything about what's being declared against them so that a lot of reactions in the game are useless.

Other than "You can declare rapid/damage/check maneuvers while at 0 AP," it depends on the game/what the GM wants.
File: 1627500887415.png (951 KB, 1746x1746)
951 KB
951 KB PNG
NTA, but renames can be a pretty easy way of getting into the mood of things. I renamed basically all of Coleo's reinforcement parts whose names didn't exactly match what they were; she had Mecha Tentacle by the end of the campaign which I just renamed to 'Tail Grab' and Extra Eyes became Compound Eyes.

Meltie has a lot more extensive renames, like having no Jaw or Arm (changed to Ram and Manipulator, respectively) and her African Throwing Knife is a Fletchette Launcher.

These aren't details any of the other players ever see but they help a lot with me keeping things consistent in-character, and I imagine it helps a lot when actually running a game and having to juggle 3-5 NPCs in a scene. And it's also kinda fun to have your own parts
File: Garfield the Grafted.jpg (130 KB, 850x674)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Behold. A doll with Extra Head.
File: unknown-148.png (622 KB, 1280x905)
622 KB
622 KB PNG
>Post damaged dolls and dolls with obvious repair marks.
File: unknown-120.png (636 KB, 1280x905)
636 KB
636 KB PNG
File: 1641048046454.gif (91 KB, 693x981)
91 KB
What are you dolls food groups?

Mine are Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic.
Your doll eats rocks?

Mine eats coins.

I suppose you could say her tastes are more refined.
not 1000 year old foil wrapped protein and onions bars?
File: MeltieTilt.gif (70 KB, 600x601)
70 KB
>synthetic motor oil
>high grade hydraulic fluid
>17mm high velocity fletchettes (Lake City production preferred)
>freshly brewed Napalm
>black coffee

The coffee is more because she has dreams of starting up a jazz bar one day but the taste actually has grown on her.
Fresh, preserved, rotten, and wriggly.
File: 1897.jpg (87 KB, 884x751)
87 KB
>protein and onions bars

Are these really a thing?
Please tell me more. I am disgusted and incredulous but also want to hear more.
Oh anon just got bamboozled by the word filter for söy I still don’t know why it is still applied to this board in this day and age
Changing Sõy to Sôycaf would be a more unique /tg/ exclusive one
>party members
Nah, these guys are Sid's creations and that makes them Savants or Horrors.
Buzz and Woody are the easy choice for PCs, although I have no grounded ideas for which skills you'd give to either.

I guess Buzz could be a pure Romanesque Automata.
Armor Skin
Voice Effect
Laser Beam
Rocket Pack

Battle Maiden
I Am a [Toy]

Bowler Hat

Not really sure on Woody. Position is almost 100% a Sorority though.
>I am misses Nexbit! [Desperate maniacle laughing]

That whole scene is good role playing by both players.
correcto, protein and s o y
It makes more sense to have a big bad split into 3 battlefield units with 14 AP each then to have them be one unit with 42 AP right?
>42 AP
Anon, your boss would get 3-4 full rounds of combat before your party could even act.
Unless your boss is spending an ungodly amount of AP on talking you should not do that.
>>85081627 >>85082110
Dolls multiply by splitting into multiple dolls once they've accumulated too much AP.
The average doll has about 10 AP. You are essentially asking "Should the enemy get three whole dolls worth of attacking/maneuvers in before the PCs get to act" and the answer to that is "No, you dumb idiot." Even if they have the reactions/luck to survive that, you are expecting your players to sit through nearly a full round before they get to declare actions. It undercuts a lot of the fun of combat since paying/forcing enemies to pay for reactions like check or damage timing maneuvers is a big part of the action economy. Three enemies in the same general AP range is going to enable that more than having to sit through a fat stack of enemy attacks that get in before you're allowed to do anything. Even rapids won't be terribly useful because something with that much AP is likely going to have a fat stack of parts to eat the one or two rapid attacks the average party has.

For reference, even with a doll that has 15 AP, an enemy with 42 AP is getting off 13 attacks that cost 2 AP, 9 attacks that cost 3, or 6 at 4 AP before the fast doll gets one swing in. This will not be fun for the party to sit through.

So the tl;dr is that the system don't work too good if you go nuts with giving individual enemies a lot of AP.
>>85085205 Thank you for explaining this to me.
>"I've gone too fast, must go."
Man going back to look at my early enemy character sheets really shows me how far my enemy character sheet design has come.

The sheet from the fight in the Library with Suzie and the hounds from the game PortAnon is storytiming is really underdeveloped and also doesn't have all of its cells display correctly.
Motorcycle violence.
Will there be storytime?
File: 1651775728664.gif (1.34 MB, 509x480)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB GIF
With some minor luck: tomorrow after I get home from work.
So yes, assuming the thread is still up by then.
Most dolls I've seen have been played rather straightforward. Have you ever played a doll who was inscrutable to her own sisters in character? (Out of character is another question entirely.)
I haven't because I think it would make all interactions with my PC needlessly frustrating and cumbersome in ways that are unlikely to lead any sort of interesting development.

If a character cannot be understood by those around them they become less of a character and more a part of the environment that the other characters deal with rather than work with.
Don’t respond seriously to nogayms who don’t even read the manual
You'd be surprised, there are people who have played the game before who thinks that would be an ok fight.

You have to play a character people would want to talk to. If it's frustrating to interact with them, you've made a bad character.
I've played a character who lied to the other PCs before, but I'm not exactly sure that's what you mean.

I have one character who's kind of got a split personality thing going on but half the joke with that is that I don't know anything about the other half myself on top of the base PC's standard amnesia.
Some of us just really really don't know what we're doing as a new necromancer despite understanding the basics of the game being able to build and run a single character as a player.
File: this_is_an_example.gif (637 KB, 3362x1080)
637 KB
637 KB GIF
Something I will do is put sheets for all the horror of an encounter in single image. And have that image open in an image editing software that uses layers (I use GIMP because it's free, powerful, has more plugins you can install to make it more useful for you, and I want something that works even when I don't have an internet connection.)

I will then have a bunch of transparent layers above the layer with the horror sheets.

When combat starts I'll already have the image file open and the lowest transparent layer selected.

When a horror gets damaged I'll cross out lost parts and if necessary scribble a new Max AP value for the horror.

Then I will make the next highest transparent layer the active layer and repeat the process.

This lets me keep track of damage at a glance and also helps to later see the order things got damaged in since I can go backward or forward through the layers.

Here is a bunch of horrors from a combat test I did with my players with two layers progressively becoming visible over time.
>Nah, these guys are Sid's creations and that makes them Savants or Horrors.

Good point. I was more commenting on how doll appea can change drastically after combat and post-combat repairs.
>Nech rules modification idea
The count is capped at 20
Characters with more than 20 action points get a pool of bonus action points which can be used to reduce the cost of action manoeuvres to 1 and auto damage check or rapid manoeuvres to 0
Here is an image of the sheet I used for the fight Coleo Imp an Melico had with Suzie in the library.

Warning!: the text pointed to by the Green Arrow contains Spoilers, Apocrypha, and text that is misleading without the context of being in my head. Don't read that part if you don't want spoilers or that other stuff.

I knew a lot less about designing enemies back then.

My players, who either had much more GMing experience than me, had a lot more experience with the Nechronica system than me, or both, set aside time to give me feedback, answer questions, and work with me to make better combat encounters in the future.

The second frame in the GIF shows how I was keeping track of damage back then, however it also isn't completely accurate because I somehow screwed up the post combat saved version of the sheet resulting in some areas of the sheet that should be red, not being red.

Everything below the yellow line was for a scene that ended up not happening.

I didn't know where Imp and Melico would be at the start of the session so I'd prepared separate encounters for if one or both of them had not been in the library at the start of the session.

This sheet is crude compared to later ones I made.
Things that I added to later sheets include:
Separating things with lines created by selectively filling in cell boarders,
provisions for showing if parts with a once per turn use had been used yet in the current turn,
putting in a formula below each unit on the sheet to automatically tally up the manually input threat level of all the parts a unit has,
putting in a formula under each unit to automatically give a total part count for that unit,
Color coding on the far left to give a visual short hand for what each part does/is.
File: 1656192751784.png (683 KB, 733x375)
683 KB
683 KB PNG
I don't think I've ever seen AP go higher than 15 in a game before.

So I don't really know how the game behaves at AP counts above that and so don't have context for how this house rules would be useful.
I’ve heard about fan tweaks/supplements to Psychedelic to make them better to play, but I can’t find them on the wiki. Anyone know about them?
Strictly speaking I think all Auto manuevers cost 0 (although Cover only costs 0 by technicality). The idea is that Autos are on all the time, like a passive ability.

Going to echo >>85103682 as well. It's pretty rare that enemy AP ever goes over 20, even in my combats against enemies with purposefully high AP counts. If you want to mirror this effect then you can just give your Savant or Horror a lot of cheap parts; 0 AP defends, 1 or 2 AP attacks, 0-1 AP Rapids, etc.
I see what you're trying to do with the effect but I think you're overcomplicating things.
If your party gets defeated and you don't want the story of those characters to stop.

Have the players make or choose new dolls. Start them on an adventure, have them meet someone who needs them to take a package somewhere.

Meanwhi describe to each player how their past character wakes up in the dark and the floor and walls are moving.

When the new dolls peek at the package, or the old dolls break outrevral that package they are transporting contains miniature or dolls containing the old party and upon delivery. The delivery is to get them to someone or something that will transfer them into more functional and property sized bodies, if their caretakers prove steadfast and successful in getting them there.
I played a Psychadelic tweaked by the GM. It was fun once I found some niches that I enjoyed.

I had a lot of fun with Pawn's Gambit.

I made a giant enemy so big that it's head, torso, and limbs were all different units in different areas of the battle map do yoga.
File: Noel.png (17 KB, 523x526)
17 KB
This: https://nechronica.miraheze.org/wiki/Psychedelic_Rework
Is the rework currently up on the wiki, though I haven't played with it. I was the GM for >>85107773 though.

Psychs are a little weird because a lot of their Skills are taxed for being usable after being annihilated.
>Their class skill has an almost crippling madness cost unless you're already very stable and also hits all your sisters. Unless you can almost end the combat with it then it's going to be very niche.
>Distorted Power is a Rapid that doesn't reliably deny anything because the enemy can choose any two parts
>Embrace of Souls is neat, but not necessarily that helpful since it's just shuffling MP around
>Pawns Gambit basically lets you tackle and hold something permanently, probably one of the best skills in the game
>Shared Loss is neat, but limited to Horrors and it only reliably deals like 3-4 damage; the only class that could really leverage this skill is a Baroque with Mutated Being but that locks you out of Psych skills completely in vanilla.
>Throne of the Void is OK but dependent on your GM, and your part tax at character creation makes it hard to justify taking good movement options in the first place
>Twist of Fate is neat, it's a reverse Reroll
>Will to Refuse is expensive but being able to Defend half the field at any time is kind of neat

I just gave Noel (the character in question) an extra 'pick anything' reinforcement point for being a Psychedelic/Stacy. Between that and Pawn's Gambit she wound up being a pretty durable 'grappler' type character who gave excellent account of herself over the course of the short campaign but making the other skills work is a lot more difficult.

Frankly, just undoing the part tax feels like a nice improvement by itself.
Removing the part tax was the first thing that came to mind to me too. It just seems unnecessary when the skills don't seem that out of line with anything else. The usable after annihilation is neat but very much a gimmick.

The rework is interesting to look over. It looks like it's made to turn Psych into a very support-focused class. I don't dislike this, but it does feel bad to lose what it loses.
Throne of the Void kind of just feels *thematic* even if it's not all that useful. Maybe a form of un-hinderable move, but costing that would be the issue.
Vortex of Destruction feels like it needs some form in Nechronica's psychic powers. It's very horror-psychic. Very Akira. Invisible Beast from the fanmade Enigma class feels similar. Vortex destroying all Legions automatically is potentially powerful, but still niche and having to wait until the second turn to do so makes it even less useful. It's hard to say if it could be made good just by tuning the drawbacks. Maybe only one part broken to allies for a start? Even then it's still niche and expensive, and 4 damage auto-hit isn't *that* great since they can spread it out as they like.
>I don't dislike this, but it does feel bad to lose what it loses.
At some point in time, those reworks lost the addendum they had that they were made with the assumption that the groups using it kept the skills from the original that they did like (Romanesque losing Waltz, for example, is obscene). A homebrew approach from what was probably the first English fansplat.

Out of vanilla psych's kit, only Throne of the Void, Twist of Fate, and Pawn's gambit are actually worth considering. Twist of Fate is fine (mostly). Pawn's Gambit is effective, but frankly unfun because it's "Enemy in question just doesn't act, but essentially, neither does the psyche." It also doesn't help that the AP loss is written dubiously such that it could be read that it hits no matter what (unless the enemy has a part that explicitly says "This never loses AP, lol." There are always ways to play around it, but working as intended, it's arguably even less fun than dealing with a doll spamming electrigger/ball and chain.

Throne of the Void is probably the one that justifies the part penalty the most, which is funny because almost no one plays psychs that want to use it due to said penalty. It's just blanket immunity to range 0 Hinders as well as hinder moves. Something a meatsnake using baroque would be very interested in having. Since baroque is such a self-contained package for such a build, you could easily justify sticking psyche on as the subclass. It's doubly amusing because Thanatos doesn't need it because they have instantaneous. It's just that -1 to parts scares off the notion of playing a range 0 build.
>post nech enemy stat blocks plz

Why do you want them?

>It was an enemy in a penultimate encounter that it wasn't even the center piece of, though it certainly left its mark and had the main goal of encouraging the PCs to not clump up as they tend to do since anyone of them getting critted by it meant everyone was having a harder time.

Please tell me more. From my own experience, and talking to other necromancers, custom units often most make sense in the specific context of the combat encounters they were specifically created for.
>Out of vanilla psych's kit, only Throne of the Void, Twist of Fate, and Pawn's gambit are actually worth considering
It rips me up that Vortex of Destruction is so unworkable. It could be a great setpiece to a fight but the huge madness cost and friendly fire basically relegates it to the system's version of M.A.D.
Unless a campaign is just absolutely swimming in huge Legions its basically impossible to take unless your GM plans an encounter around it specifically.
Yep it’s an ability that requires the Necromancer to build a problem for it to solve in order for it to be useful, which is always bad.
File: download (1).jpg (206 KB, 817x1024)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
I need ideas. Ideas for military and industrial dolls! Most of the stuff I have rattling around in my head is kinda bland.

>person integrated into an artillery system as both the gunner, loader, and targeting comp.
>given cerebral enhancements for added accuracy and possibly integrated into the wider field communication network
>literally is the artillery piece. Can get up and walk for shoot and scoot shenanigans

>aerial gunner doll
>arms have been morphed into a quartet of leathery wings
>feet and lower legs have been highly modified, essentially as nimble and versatile as hands
>cranial and ocular mods for excellent eyesight and target tracking
>handed long-range rifles and other similar small arms to engage soft ground targets with
>can change their color to blend into the sky
>commonly fielded in flocks of twelve or more; sisters within each flock tend to resemble each other very heavily

>IT doll that's basically just a head and an arm with the appropriate data cables in each finger. She scoots through tight spaces and uses cranial mods to jack in and interface with electrical equipment in hard to reach spaces for trouble-shooting and limited repair work

I need ideas to steal inspiration for a game I'm planning to run pre-fall.
One type that immediately comes to mind (assuming you mean undead in general, not just player dolls) is antipersonnel explosive dolls.
>Dolls that just sit rooted into the ground soaking up sunlight until someone comes too close
>then they snap to attention and explode

>Dolls that burrow through the ground
>You only get to see a face pop up from the dirt before it detonates

>Dolls with minor mind-affecting abilities
>they lure as many in as close as possible before blowing themselves up

etc etc. Play to the horror of the setting, the sheer disposability of life. Corpse bombs made out of caustic acid and bile are cheaper than creating an actual bomb. Making them just sentient enough to want to "get a hug" or "say hi" is better than a detonation system. Life is dirt cheap and spent like water.
Courier dolls.

The speed of a van courier, the efficiency of a bicycle courier, the traversibility of a parkourist, the charisma and badging of a purpose built customer facing person, and the low overhead of undead slave labor.
Firefighter dolls.

Can go places human firefighters can't, carry more equipment (and carry safety gear for the people that rescuing to wear on the way out of a burning building instead of safety gear that the firefighter wears into and out of the building).

What makes fires dangerous is the heat the lack of oxygen the low visibility, and the danger of you falling or things falling on you. Undead are better at dealing with all of those things.
Looking at it with a clear head a couple ideas come to mind for giving it a new mechanical direction.
One is making it somehow scale off of the number of fetters in a state of madness, rather than giving madness points. Break a part for each one in madness? Although that would get potentially way too strong way too quickly, but it has at least some thematic potential as "this is a bad power I try and suppress; losing control makes it come out."
The other is making it somehow become easier to use or more effective when the user is annihilated, to tie in to the general theme of default Psychs. This would be too practical because it's never practical to get annihilated, but for Vortex at least it would make sense as a sort of "revenge" ability. The psychic's physical "container" just got broken, and now their power is flowing out uncontrolled. In that form maybe it would work better as a passive that buffs Distorted Power instead. Lets you spam it while "dead" if you choose to go all-in on Psych, among possible effects.
Stuff like that is on the docket, but doesn't actually quite fit into the setting I'm working with atm, as
>Life is dirt cheap and spent like water
Is actually the opposite of true in the established setting (of the campaign). The players will be playing dolls in a human city that is under the protection of several other benevolent/loyalist necromancers trying to stave off a raving madman much more powerful than them. The flavor of the month in the players' region is actually stretching 'life' and the individual as far as absolutely possible to try and support the ongoing war effort.
For example, say a family dies in a motor vehicle accident. The local necromancer will take the family and integrate them into the production chain somehow, dictated by their collective psych profile, and also do their best to keep the family together for the sake of their stability (because the last thing you want is a nest of arch welder arms to go berserk in your tank factory). In some families struggling to secure food, a member might volunteer for armed service and allow themselves to be converted into a Doll and in exchange the family receives an additional food stipend from the government. Also, the necromancers are doing their best to keep the current forces as stable as possible because the only thing saving their collective ass is presenting a united front (though they arent necessarily good at it; one PC in a previous game was absolutely spooked by their necromancer).

I actually already have a group of specialist sappers in the setting who are just heads encased in black spheres. They gather junk to use as improvised bodies/camouflage and sneak large bombs into valuable targets before riding the shockwave back to base for another round.

On the other end, the bad guy sometimes will prop up a gun with 30 rounds of ammunition and a hand rigged to pull the trigger if anything walks in front of it as a cheap booby trap.
Why are you running Nechronica? It sounds like you are doing everything you can to contradict the official setting and material.
>contradict the official setting
Having every single necromancer have no sense of right or wrong is boring so I wanted to try and explore what moral necromancers might look like during the actual Necromancer Wars. The dizzying highs and lows of the world at its most volatile and the art of necromancy at its most advanced before everything came tumbling down. It's also a prequel to another game and the good guys lose. I just like the idea of winding time back and letting the players get a look at how everything went to shit.
That's nice, but it still ruins the tone of the game and spoils most of the mechanics to treat Nechronica like a basic wargame. The entire madness system effectively does not matter with how you have things set up, since it's premised on things like fragments of memory that won't exist or matter at all when there's still an entire civilization going. Not to mention it sounds like you're hacking "doll" to mean just any undead, which completely destroys the sisterhood aspect that is so central to the game. It's good that you know that these characters can never win, but if the players you end up getting will appreciate it is another question.
All in all it sounds like a recipe for disaster. You'll get a lot of creeps who don't understand or care about the game. You really shouldn't run this or should seriously reconsider it.
Was Betty the spooked one?
>>85116592 #
>spoils most of the mechanics to treat Nechronica like a basic wargame. The entire madness system effectively does not matter with how you have things set up

As a player in both games so far the madness and memory fragment systems have been relevant in each game.

The necromancer wars are hell.
File: 1576083273738-4.png (1.1 MB, 1699x1120)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
>it still ruins the tone of the game and spoils most of the mechanics to treat Nechronica like a basic wargame.
I'm not treating it like a wargame. I'm running a traditionally formatted game set during the Necromancer Wars.
>The entire madness system effectively does not matter with how you have things set up, since it's premised on things like fragments of memory that won't exist or matter at all when there's still an entire civilization going.
The PCs will be watching their world crumble around them in real time as everything they love and care about turns to ash. That sounds like a perfect situation for a madness system. As for fragments of memory, that isn't hard to contrive a reason for. They can just be relatively new dolls without known providence; maybe their parents died on the front a long time ago and they starved to death after fleeing the war or something. Stuff like that is easy.
>Not to mention it sounds like you're hacking "doll" to mean just any undead, which completely destroys the sisterhood aspect that is so central to the game.
Dolls are any undead that is humanoid and sane enough to not be a Horror and also not part of a Legion (and also a girl, depending on how much of a purist you are). That's perfectly consistent with the setting book. I have other undead present as well; the aforementioned family assembly unit would be a Horror or Legion depending on how it was set up to work, but I'm specifically looking for Doll ideas right now. As for sisterhood, having to rely on your only friends during the apocalypse seems like an easy set-up, idk exactly what your hang-up here is.
>if the players you end up getting will appreciate it is another question.
The players already know the basic premise of the game, just not the specifics. I've run two other scenarios in the setting already.
>You'll get a lot of creeps who don't understand or care about the game
I don't play with randos.
That which is asserted without substance can be dismissed without effort. This game should not be run in Nechronica because it contradicts the fundamental tone of the game as presented by the Necromancer themselves.

Given what you deride as "purist" I feel confident in saying you already have creeps in your game or are one yourself.
>This game should not be run in Nechronica because it contradicts the fundamental tone of the game as presented by the Necromancer themselves.
I don't see why a group of dolls trying to not be destroyed as the world collapses violates the established themes of the game. You can argue it's not explicitly post-apocalyptic but it's not like I'm running a slice of life campaign on a farm or something

>That which is asserted without substance can be dismissed without effort.
He's the psych player from the game described in >>85108060.
>but how do you know
Because he's my only party member who regularly posts in these threads and he ran his own game for several years in which I played. I'm familiar with how he types. If you're going to continue being a cunt about it I can post the archived replays for both games I've already posted in older threads.
>Given what you deride as "purist"
I didn't deride anything. I said 'Dolls' as a category exclusively applying to girls if you're a hardcore purist about the system but in practical terms there's no reason it can't be applied to women/men/boys. If you statted out an undead man in Nechronica and he was at least mostly humanoid (and not part of a Legion) you'd stat him like a Doll (or a Savant, more specifically, but Savants are just Necromancer controlled Dolls/Dolls without personal will so I kind of see that as splitting hairs).
>I feel confident in saying you already have creeps in your game or are one yourself.
I don't understand how including NPCs who aren't exclusively lolis is supposed to make me a creep.
Betty (and probably more pertinently, Betty's player) didn't like Aker reorganizing her head so that her jumbled mess of a psyche started to make sense again. One of those things that's done for your own good but it's still a pretty massive invasion of personal space, you know?

Too bad for Betty she's government property but I guess that probably won't be an issue for all that long.
>in practical terms there's no reason it can't be applied to women/men/boys.
And there it is.
No. It cannot be applied like that. Dolls have a VERY clear description of what they are for and why they are created by necromancers. If something does not fit those specifications then it should be a Horror at MOST. Go back and read the rulebook. They are sisters. Every term refers to other girls. Female companions. This is absolutely 100% foundational to the game, from the description of mechanics to the intent behind how fetters are structured. That you so flippantly discard this and call anyone who thinks that the game should be played the way it was made to be played a "hardcore purist" just exposes that you want to abuse this game into something it was never meant to be. There are dozens of other systems that are more appropriate for wargaming. Please, use those and post in their threads instead.
And please don't play dumb as to why including boys and men in the group of SISTERS would be and always is a disaster. We've had the conversation on this topic enough times that it should be well known here.

>I can post the archived replays for both games I've already posted in older threads.
Please don't, you're already polluting the threads enough as it is.
File: BetterNot.jpg (247 KB, 1224x1445)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
Anon you can't even identify the correct genre of game I'm trying to run so I don't know how you expect me to trust your definition of Doll.
File: 1576083273738-1.png (1.07 MB, 1399x1599)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
>hulking dolls with hatchets and jaws of life integrated into their arms or hands for clearing debris and obstructions
>dolls maximized for climbing so they can bring water hoses up into high places or carry people down
>maybe dolls that spit/excrete fire retardant
>all of them are just generally fireproof
I dig it. Pretty good idea anon, thanks.

I'm stuck between imaging a porter with motorized wheels instead of feet and a swarm of dolls with various forms of flight departing from a massive warehouse a la the Amazon drone airship concept.

>random other idea that occurred to me
A street sweeper/garbage truck Horror that literally eats and then recycles trash. Bio-material (waste food, wood, paper, certain plastics, corpses) get used to repair routine wear and tear from toddling around town all day while things that can't be easily broken down get sorted out, aggregated, and compressed into cubes or something for repurposing later. A canny enough necromancer may be able to make one that sifts out individual elements or chemical compounds.

>Break a part for each one in madness? Although that would get potentially way too strong way too quickly
How many Fetters do you normally have in total though? I think the most I've ever had is, like, four.

A band-aid fix might be to make it only cost one Madness. It's already hitting every member of the party for four damage so it's not like there isn't a major drawback in the first place. Suddenly taking on 2-4 madness points to clear the board of Legions seems like a lot, especially since you can't even use it turn 1.
What were the creative processes behind Imp, Coleo, and Melico?
>One is making it somehow scale off of the number of fetters in a state of madness, rather than giving madness points. Break a part for each one in madness? Although that would get potentially way too strong way too quickly
A starting doll would need to be broken hearted to match the damage output of the original skill and merely changes it to "Instead of screwing you, you now have to already be screwed." which is not the improvement you think it is.

The "general theme" of being annihilated is one of psychedelic's big issues. You'd only have 6 AP when annihilated (8 if you grabbed limiter, but that's further pigeonholing your ability to contribute/survive) and most of those skills aren't that good. You could just play a class that doesn't get annihilated and can contribute somewhat effectively instead. The class's flavor is neat but the mechanics stop just shy of being an active detriment.

>custom units often most make sense in the specific context of the combat encounters they were specifically created for.
Doing that in sufficient detail would require spending a decent chunk of time refamiliarizing with old logs, PC sheets that have like 180~ favor, and such.
What was your inspiration to have Coleo be friends with a delinquent and a horse thief who pretends to be I respectful member of the upper class before the start of the game?

Were you setting her up to become daddy's little criminal kingpin with whatever the other two players made serving as her enforcers in her rise to power?

After all he would suspect the librarian's daughter of controlling the underworld.

No I want to play a cute doll who is secretly the don and chooses between their position and power, and turning against the Necromancer who's order provides the stability that makes their way of life possible.

Or perhaps decides that they would be a better necromancer and it says that to make their creator an offer they can't refuse.
Some of the answers you seek are in past sessions of the story time.
That said I am loving the image of Coleo petting Jiminy while deciding what her criminal empire does.

Cersei was not a horse thief before the start of the campaign. Coleo and Cersie have been friends for pretty much Coleo's entire life. If anyone knew, Coleo would know, if part of Cersie's family's wealth came from stealing and fencing horses.

I'll let PortAnon answer your question more detail.
Melico's player was completely new to Nechronica but did their research.
They also going into the game blind.

So they built a character who was very very fitting for a surviving fragment of the old world, or of a long dead necromancers army, surviving in the hostile and desolate age Nechronica usually takes place in where the necromancers of all turned inward and monsters control the spaces between there she has been influence.
File: 1611851260367.jpg (46 KB, 540x684)
46 KB
>>85095329 Looking forward to it.
a character concept came to me for the idea of a walking encyclopedia court who can remember all kinds of basic science and history facts but cannot remember anything about her own past who she is or even her name and will have major existential freakout upon first awakening
in fact her encyclopedic knowledge may actually hinder her ability to remember anything about herself or her past life
could you easily make this into something compelling for nech or would it break tone too much?
If they repair the streets as well maybe we'll finally not have so many God damn potholes and 1/5 of the street lights won't be broken.
>>85124011 #
That was one of the first ideas I had for a character when I found out about this system.

It's fun playing someone trying to cope with not knowing who the hell they themselves are but knowing more than everybody else about most things.

Haven't actually played that character yet. Most of the characters I have played have spent their time protecting things they are already attached to and very much don't want to lose, instead of somebody who is in the process of finding things to be attached to and care about because they don't even know who they are. Which is also fun, just not the same thing.
File: 1602177759038-1 (1).jpg (852 KB, 1200x1070)
852 KB
852 KB JPG
>What was your inspiration to have Coleo be friends with a delinquent and a horse thief who pretends to be I respectful member of the upper class before the start of the game?
Cersei's actually even more of a goody-two-shoes than Coleo is. Her parents own an apartment building and are fairly well-to-do. She's just also very canny when she's under pressure.
Very minor spoiler the horse's owner isn't even mad, just impressed, and winds up pestering Cersei a bit over how she managed to get an otherwise very mule-headed horse to listen to her so quickly, because he still cant figure out how.
Left to her own devices, Cersei mostly just likes to read about scientific oddities like the fossil she was showing off in her first appearance or otherwise partake in your standard 19th century upper-middle-class girly-girl nonsense.

Denver was an easy way to explain/justify Coleo's adventurous nature. To his credit, he's not really a bad kid. Just poor and too curious for his own good. Most of what he actually gets in trouble for is just sticking his nose into places he ought not to.

>could you easily make this into something compelling for nech or would it break tone too much?
I hesitate to say it would be 'easy' just because these things tend to wind up being pretty context dependent on your particular campaign, but I don't see how ot would break the tone of your standard Nechronica game. One of the expansion memories is basically 'you were probably a dog/pet' so pretty much anything is game unless your GM is shooting for something rather specific.
If you are taking both your Class slots in Stacy,
your character type is 'Junk"
>the repair equipment itself is starting to complain about the constant shelling
An amusing thought.

The unlimited BS works of Necromancy does probably offer up all sorts of civil benefits when it comes to infrastructure though. I almost expect that a lot of consumer goods that usually rely on batteries would instead be powered by the Ego Dimension in some way, like in that old HFY copy pasta where humanity becomes the dark lord faction and manifests Hell into the material world so they can power their targeting systems with captive souls.
I overestimated how many fetters you get, thought you could get a lot more over time, and the thoughts were meant to go with dropping some of Vortex's existing downsides. Kind of shooting in the breeze.
You can theoretically get like 8(?) fetters over the course of a game I think. It'd be possible to get Vortex pretty powerful that way but it would be an extra skills worth of Favor and all the additional maluses from being in a state of madness on a bunch of fetters. One of those things that would be neat as a one-time setpiece in a campaign but doesn't work with how the system wants you to play (a lot like the actual Vortex skill, amusingly).
Y not cort tho?
Unfortunately yeah. Dramatic setpiece skills are neat in theory, but the problem becomes that they can't actually be that practical to use or you'll use them all the time. And if they're super-situational then they're not worth the cost to take. Something like a "gets stronger in X circumstances" can help with that but that's not really how nechronica skills are built.

Stacy is really tanky so it makes sense to say that if you're going all-in on it you should play the tank position.
You could really justify any Position on a double Stacy. Though Alice might be more difficult since it seems like it wouldn't get along with Prayer.

Anon's point is most likely that Stacies kind of exist to get beat up which leans really heavily on Junk's damaged goods theme. I mean, the character art for the Junk is literally a doll whose missing all her limbs and not being upset by it (or pretending so for the sake of her sisters).
reminder: that the treasure for this character should either be a string bikini or a box of cigarettes
and that the doll should be a JK
i think we discussed this a few threads ago
The irony there is that lame beast (the skill that encourages being in a similar state) is best used with someone else being a stacy so that there's someone to protect you from being finished off.
File: 1602177659282-2.jpg (296 KB, 1448x2048)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
Hell of an hourglass she's got.
I don’t get it?
Can someone explain the joke
Resumption of the Storytime (finally)!
Previously: https://desuarchive.org/tg/thread/84782848/#q84898332
Sorry for the delay. There's some timeline confusion right here that had to get hammered out. Between that and the holiday weekend things took a bit (a lot) longer than I expected.

>Satisfied that they've extracted all they can from Clara, Imp and Coleo slip back out of the interrogation room.
>Melico wastes no time and immediately slinks out of the Library to follow up on their new leads.
>With nothing obvious to do herself, and not exactly eager to return to speaking with the police, Imp returns to the mess she made in the guest house.
>Coleo is absolutely spent from the excitement last night and this morning. She returns to the living quarters, intent on at least finding a place to lay down for a few minutes.
>The fluttering of oilcloth in the wind and the din of construction continue to disrupt the peace of the library as Coleo passes down the familiar literary canyon on the path to the home within her home.
>As she eventually stumbles into the Library's living quarters, she spots Cersei - unshackled and unescorted - talking with Denver. The former is standing, despite having two of three couches completely empty, while Denver is still laying down across the first.
>Seeing you Coleo his position, Denver waves without bothering to get up. "Scuti, c'mere. Hear about our Heiress' latest trick of befriended a man by stealing his prized race horse."
>Cersei bristles and holds very very still, as though she anticipates some terrible repercussion will strike from on high.
>Coleo pauses and blinks once, taking a moment to process Denver's meaning as she scuttles closer. "You're friends with the man you stole that horse from?" Then her eyebrows shoot up. "You stole a horse?!" She manages to keep her volume down. "When did this happen? The one from this morning?"

That, and IRL, Stacies are just Junk.
go Becky, Amanda, or Jill instead
I have no idea what he's talking about desu. There was a necromancer mentioned back in March who could use smoke as an offensive weapon but I can't find anything in the archives relating to dolls and cigarettes simultaneously.
>"I... yes." She deflates bit but keeps eye contact, as though looking away would constitute come sort of betrayal. "Yes, I stole Ash, and made Melico an accomplice. It was a foolish thing to do, and it could have had dire consequences, but I wanted us to be there for you both. Further, we needed to catch that woman. Didn't we?" The way her voice rises in pitch at the end suggesting that's more a hope looking to be confirmed than a statement of fact.
>Coleo clasps Cersei's hands in four of her own and smiles warmly, though it's a bit blunted by her own exhaustion. "We did need to catch her, yes. I can't... I can't go into specific details just now, but we do know she's connected to the fire. So thank you for jumping in to help, Cersei. Even if it was a bit rash for you, I'm happy I can trust you to be looking out for me." She leans forward and gives Cersei a firm hug before leaning back again, a mild smirk on her face. "But it sounds like it worked out anyway? What's this Denver was saying about you making a new friend?"
>Cersei pulls Coleo in and holds her close. "I'm happy I still- you- have..." She gives up on words for the moment and just settles for squeezing Coleo.
>Cersei stifles a choke at the the last two questions. "Well. It turns out Ash, while a thoroughbred of exceptional body, is a rather temperamental and eccentric beast. His owner Mr. Dunbar has started bringing him around to find something to improve his demeanor and get him race worthy. He caught me tying Ash back in place, and said he'd never seen Ash in such amenable spirits. He wanted to know exactly what I had done."
>"Honestly from there all I had to do was be truthful and good conversation and he was happy to let me off with a warning, and more than I ever thought I would want to know about the making of a race winner."
>Coleo snickers quietly at Cersei's story. "I suppose you can consider his oversharing your divine punishment in this case. But I'm glad everything worked out all right." She turns to look at Denver. "Speaking of, are doing all right yourself? I know you took a nasty kick trying to get that woman off the cart."
>Denver waves a hand but doesn't otherwise move from his position on the couch. "It just aches. I'll be fine. Bruises n' such."
>Coleo gives Denver a wry half-smile. "Well, if you need a proper bed to go lay down on then you can always ask. There are still more rooms in the guest quarters if you need to lay down." She turns back to Cersei, her expression softening a touch. "That goes for you, too." She reaches up with a hand and gently picks a small piece of refuse paper from one of Cersei's antennae. "You look like you haven't even seen a pillow in two days."
>Cersei glances at the bit of paper with surprise, then back to Coleo. She brings her upper set of hands together at her chest, and lower set over her skirt as she listens to Coleo. "No. You are right. I haven't." She looks aside a bit, an antennae twitching over a primary eye. "I just keep thinking about what happened, what could have happened, to both of you, to Windsor, Melico, and Imp." She takes a pair of steps as she talks, the tempo of her speech slowly rising.
>Denver shifts with a grunt and sits up on the couch, watching Cersei, who turns around to face both Coleo and Denver. "You nearly died. All of you could have died!" she croaks in anxious guilty fear, tears running down her face.
>Coleo's eyes widen slightly in surprise. She takes a couple steps forward and takes Cersei's lower pair of hands in her own, clasping them tightly. "Cersei, it's fine. We were in danger, but right now we're fine. Or... not fine. But yesterday, Suzie's plan was to kill me, Imp, and Melico and then burn down the Library while her goons scuttled the three of you off to only the Lord knows where. Today, we're all alive, you're all safe, and the Library is being repaired the very day after she tried to burn it down. Papa's hurt and in a bad way right now, it's true, but he'll get better. And Rasmus will too, after a time."
>Coleo allows a warm smile to creep in at the edges of her lips. "And this morning we chased down and jailed one of her little songbirds." She gives Cersei's hand a gentle squeeze. "So far, she's failed every single thing she'd set out to do, and-" She pauses and turns to look around, her eyes spinning as she scans for other persons who might be within earshot. As she looks back to Cersei she leans in a little closer and lowers her volume so only Cersei and Denver can hear her. "Now we know a few things Suzie didn't want us to." She raises herself back to full height and gives Cersei a wink. "But I can tell you both about that after the two of you get some rest, okay?"
>Denver levers himself up off the couch and comes to stand beside Coleo. "Cersei you could have gone home and hid the moment you realized something was wrong, but ya didn't. You went down to tell the Johnny's what you knew, then helped get Bill home and joined the bucket brigades." He bounces up and down a few times on his toes as he continues. The motion at odds with the the utter seriousness of his mien and words. "You not getting hurt isn't a sin. You not taking care of yourself though, s' not helping anybody cept' maybe that freakshow's people."
>"Lookin' forward to hearing about." Denver give's an only slightly pained grin to Coleo's alluding to the earlier interrogation of Clara Bluestone
>Cersei sniffs and dabs her face dry with a free hand as she squeezes Coleo's hands back. She gives a weary smile. "You are right, both of you"
>She takes a few breaths as she collects herself. "For now. I think I'll go find a room and try to get some rest. I look forward to hearing about what you found out." She pulls Coleo into another brief hug and pats Denver on the shoulder, before turning to walk off in the direction of the rear of the library
>Coleo watches Cersei as she goes, her cheery façade cracking a little as the moth disappears around a corner. She visibly wilts as Cersei leaves, bringing a hand up to rub idly at one tired eye. "What a day," Coleo mumbles under her breath. Her eyes wobble slightly as she tries to blink the sleep out of them.
>She turns to Denver, a mischievous grin playing at the edge of her lips. "I can't tell you too much yet, but I think we figured out how Suzie's been keeping eyes around the place. But I need to do some more digging before we move on anything." She rubs her other eye. "I should have something by tomorrow. Maybe the day after. Can you wait that long?"
>"Sure." Denver nods. "If you need any help just ask. Can you wake me up in a couple hours? I'll have to swing by home later today." He somewhat stiffly walks backward and flops back onto the couch before stretching out and settling himself back in for a nap
>Coleo's mandibles part as she fails to stop an involuntary yawn. "I'm going to see- . . . . Excuse me. I'm going to stop by Rasmus in the hospital this afternoon. I'll wake you up before I go." Her jaw clicks back together. She looks bleary eyed. "I think I need a bit of a rest myself. Still worn out from last night, let alone this morning." She begins to scuttle off in the direction of her room. "Nap well, I promise I won't sleep through my alarm"
A savant sleeps under a pile of rocks, not for the sake of camouflage, that is entirely coincidental, but because the weight and pressure remind her of hugs, and hugs remind her of the distant dim embers of what we would call friendship, but that she has long lost the word for.

She will fight this day to protect her territory as she has many other times before.

This day however will be her last, for she doesn't know it yet, but today is the day the dolls come.
I can't remember my name but give me a couple of months that I can build us a Zeppelin.
File: Centipede doll.jpg (185 KB, 1500x844)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
Adhesive pads by way of having lots of legs each ending in something that can grip.
>he isn't playing Simian C Luffie
>he isn't running an Alice purely revolving around Hinders, Defends, and Remote Attack
>he isn't recruiting every single Savant possible into The Crew
>he isn't going to be King of the Necromancers (female)
Weak shit desu senpai
File: 1656863003880.webm (2.85 MB, 1280x720)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB WEBM
How do you fluff your dolls regeneration and repairs?
File: Height.png (108 KB, 852x281)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
wtf is this even from?
>How do you fluff your dolls regeneration and repairs?
Kinda depends on the doll. My current PC is an adept surgeon so I've had quite a bit of fun detailing stuff like piecing together a replacement head for her sister out of a bunch of dogs. Other times she's scrounging mechanical parts for herself.

One of my characters essentially just had a healing factor. When she got hurt badly her insides would turn into primordial meat soup and bubble up around the injuries, rebuilding whatever was missing.
File: 1656598726111.jpg (266 KB, 2048x1408)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
>wtf is this even from?

Let me SauceNao that for you.
>Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road - 11
The Executioner and Her Way of Life
TV Series (2022) - 12 Episodes
File: 1654884470592.webm (2.45 MB, 1920x1080)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB WEBM
Pandaemonium definitely pulls off some tricks fitting for Nechronica. Though she's more on the level of a necromancer than a random doll or savant.
Do you have more height charts?
If so please share.
File: FQ1B9bsacAIQDcy.jpg (207 KB, 946x2048)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
So are both of those people just the same pile of worms?
I think the pink ones are the girl's and the darker red ones are the cloaked figures. It is kind of a mess visually, though.
A look into the mind of a necromancer.
It seems like that ability to have incoming damage from sources that don't have area explosive or aren't a Blast type attack would make them a huge chore to fight. If you're only doing one damage does it round up or down?

>piecing together a replacement head for her sister out of a bunch of dogs

Did you go back and tidy it up when you had access to more human looking skin and hair?

I think she probably also has the extra legs part given how her lower body seems to be doing a good job of putting up the appearance of being indestructible.

Was it postponed again?
What music gets you in a headspace to play or GM Nechronica.

This one's been helping me with figuring out social necromancers who have gotten mad in the era where all the necromancers have turned inward.
Or just any undead who has gone mad from isolation.


This one help me get in touch with what sort of mindsets can cause someone's motivation to raise the dead to stem from perceived psychological and emotional need rather than practical advantage for themself or the person or people raised from the dead.


Then there is string theocracy.
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>Did you go back and tidy it up when you had access to more human looking skin and hair?
It was never really addressed directly but her newest token iteration doesn't have a dog face, so it can probably be assumed that we got her some fresh skin grafts when we got back to town.

>Was it postponed again?
Nope! Though we pretty much spent the whole session yelling at my PC's mom. That's going to be a recurring theme, more likely than not.

>If you're only doing one damage does it round up or down?
It rounds up. And yeah, they are kind of a huge chore, although it helps that we have a standing homebrew rule that says if there are only Legions left on the field then the PCs can egress without contest. These swarmer things mostly existed to make certain zones uninhabitable (and also underscore how terrible a person our antagonist was). Once the other threats were cleared out then we skedaddled and didn't look back.
>orkoth worm saviour ascending to godhood and escaping the x-[REDACTED] labs.mp4
have you fallen too deep into the nechronciha hole when you no longer see undead flesh and gore as gruesome anymore
and instead start seeing all undead flesh as meat lego?
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>game I'm planning to run pre-fall.
>Biblical end-times
than zombie apocalypse. Depending on where you are, being undead doesn't always suck in absolute terms. It's still not great, but it could be worse.
>you are property of the State
>but the heads of the State have been carefully curated for mental stability, altruism, loyalty, and moral integrity
>this makes them weak in relative terms compared to more unhinged Necromancers who are better at tuning into the Ego Dimension but they also actually want you to perform well and not go crazy
>if they get merked you're going to be used as a CPU in murder a robot made to hunt down your fellows or you're going to get absorbed into the gestalt ego of a hellstorm
>you still get to see your family during your mandated R&R time (when breaks in shelling permit)
Your random Joe Schmoe on the sidewalk has about as much agency in the issue as the sidewalk he's walking on desu.
You don’t run games. You will never run games. Stop spamming your shitty off-topic trash here.

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