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Is this a good system for a game focused on psychological horror and extreme violence?

My players (one of whome was the GM) want a 2 month, 8 session, dark and crushing pallette cleanser after our long and ultimately noble bright ending campain before we plan our group chooses it's next long game.

If seems to also be a mix of exotic yet easy to learn system wise which is a bonus.
>Is this a good system for a game focused on psychological horror and extreme violence?
more than that it is the intended experience
Nechronical combat tends to be extremely violent, since your body parts function as your hitpoints to every combat consists of you getting dismembered (it's fine, though, since everybody is undead so you can reattach lost limbs after the fight), and maintaining your sanity and the chance of your relation to other party members becoming twisted are part of the core gameplay loop.
Though personally I prefer Nechronica as more nobledark than grimdark. The world's been fucked up, everybody's undead, but you're trying to make the best of a shitty situation and find a sense of belonging with your sisters.
Nihilistic yet hopefull nobledark is the best kind of nobledark
>Though personally I prefer Nechronica as more nobledark than grimdark.

Yeah that's the way most games tend to go and if you read the "ending of the dolls" page in the book, I think it's more or less the intended tone and theme.

Of course it's up to the GM and players in the end.
Tonally how far off is black souls from nech?
I see it mentioned in nech adj places but have yet to play it
How good nech fuel is it? And what are the best parts to take inspiration from
The two are not that deeply connected, outside both being able to be pretty dark and gruesome at times and leading to bittersweet stories, but then, hundreds of works can fit the bill. I won't spoil character names but some stuff below can be big deals for the game so feel free to avoid clicking the next spoilers:
>both Nechronica and Black Souls feature memory fuckery, you even can physically gather memory fragments in Black Souls 2
>this one can vary from Nechronica game to another, many GMs alter or straight up discard the idea of the Necromancer for their story for obvious reasons, but both Black Souls games feature a Necromancer-like force that is behind everything the protagonist must face
>both have yuri and traps

As for inspiration, the very things that are part of Black Souls inspiration can be used, that is dozens of fairy tales and other assorted stories, of which Lewis and Lovecraft works are the most important, serial killers, as well as From Software games: Dark Souls, Demon's, Bloodborne, AC and Sekiro.
It also features interesting ideas you might have for character archetypes, there are a couple of NPCs that hate the protagonist to death and just want to kill him each with a good motivation that can be adapted into an enemy and the same goes for the ones who help you.
I played a game of nechronica, really didn't like the combat due to how "gamey"(with I had a better word) it was and how you're trying to figure out which enemy poses the highest threat and use your wombo combos on it.

But the gm also sucked so maybe there's more to it.
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>Is this a good system for a game focused on psychological horror and extreme violence?
That's kind of the whole point of it. If you want an example, in my last session one of the party had their head ripped to shreds over the course of combat, so my character completely reconstituted a substitute head and face from the corpses of several wolves.
In a different game our nine year old cinnamon bun had a stress induced mutation in which her chest split open to reveal a new serrated muscle anchored to her ribs, which serves the explicit purpose of shoveling pieces of prey directly into her stomach.
In a different game we had two different characters remove their own limbs; one did it to get a set of mechanical upgrades because she was worried she was holding the party back. The other did it because she was disgusted with what her captor had turned her into, so she ended the fight by cutting herself apart.
Also you can start out with several parts that straight up have a 'Dismember' tag so you can probably do the mental math on that.

On the psychological side, one of my players held the head of her adoptive older sister as said head slowly dissolved into ash. The player had spent the game trying to find her.
I played a short campaign where I had the option to betray the party and trap them in an electronic limbo forever as their AI caretaker. She wound up consigning herself to deletion to help the other PCs escape.
More than one doll has wandered onto the implied scene of their own boody demise.

It's a pretty fun system really. But I'd caution you to go over the timing system in detail with your group and to make sure everyone is on the same page with that, because it's easily the most unintuitive part of the system for most people.
>since your body parts function as your hitpoints to every combat consists of you getting dismembered

Sound a lot like Runequest.
>Is this a good system for a game focused on psychological horror and extreme violence?
>My players (one of whome was the GM) want a 2 month, 8 session, dark and crushing pallette cleanser after our long and ultimately noble bright ending campain before we plan our group chooses it's next long game.
The default assumption is a fucked up world with horrible creatures. Tonally, the game is very dark, but "crushing" isn't quite apt. As was noted with the "ending for dolls" section and such, the intended tone is supposed to be uplifting in the end, but it's not supposed to be an easy road.

>I played a game of nechronica, really didn't like the combat due to how "gamey"(with I had a better word) it was and how you're trying to figure out which enemy poses the highest threat and use your wombo combos on it.
Really, that applies to any game with even remotely in-depth combat rules, unless it really goes out of its way to cockblock that or just doesn't allow any combos. It's also possible to build characters that go about it in other ways, though a new GM is unlikely to know how to engage with that method.
>Really, that applies to any game with even remotely in-depth combat rules
I mean not really, for other games you can potentially use Player Skill to analyze how you can use the stuff around the enemies to your advantage but since Nechronica abstracts so much it's not something that'll come up.
>I mean not really, for other games you can potentially use Player Skill to analyze how you can use the stuff around the enemies to your advantage
Many games don't bother with all the "stuff" that might be around an enemy. if they do, they're very often either heavily abstracted, are useless, become useless as the characters get stronger, or require skills or some such that a character might not have. Or you ask the GM if you can do something and they make up something on the spot, which can also happen in Nechronica.
TG: Have you ever had a Good-End for your campaign/Dolls?
I've had one bittersweet end, one good end, and two "you survived" ends.

In the bittersweet end, the characters all made it to the end, contained a necromancer tier threat and set up a small city state with the resources they'd accumulated toward the end of the game. One of the PCs had to go into permanent stasis due to flaws in her construction causing her constant physical pain, so the other PCs finished the campaign trying to manage their little city against outside threats but also trying to find a cure for her.

The game where I played the AI in >>83426722, the party managed to complete a couple hidden side objectives, which allowed my character to avoid deletion by being downloaded into an empty body, which let her escape into the real world with the other PCs. They ended that game by entering into a barren, unknown world. But it was real and they all made it out together.
"Shaka, when the walls fell"
"Noel, standing in ashes"
"Kiazi's children, their faces wet"
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>The GM, when he had to figure out how all this shit fit into a contiguous underground compound
Sure, tons of GM's don't make the environment part of the encounter. Necrhonica's just bad at it system wise due to how the game mechanics are (why use AP for that when I need like 7 for my wombo combo?) plus the whole mandatory combat at the end of the session bit.
>Necrhonica's just bad at it system wise due to how the game mechanics are (why use AP for that when I need like 7 for my wombo combo?)
How many combats have you actually gone through? While blowing all of a character's AP on a single attack can be effective, it's also very easy to fuck with/over since the enemy will only have that one attack to use defends/checks on. Having both played those characters and characters that are less one-trick ponies, personally, the latter are more fun and don't have that problem.

>mandatory combat at the end of a session
It's actually a decent way to structure oneshots/scenarios. If you have a GM using it for a longer game going "Alright, you're in a safe spot talking but we've got to put a stop to that to have a combat now because the session will end," then they're just an utterly silly person.
>psychological horror
I don't think so, players will easy attone with the "I'm just a doll" mentality
>there is no death and pain it's only temporal

kinda remembers me to deadpool
File: 1601514089811.png (2.61 MB, 837x815)
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2.61 MB PNG
Wombo combos are very easy to break from the GM's perspective. I invalidated one of my players' build completely by adding a single part to one of my pawns, which cranked the difficulty of the fight hard enough that I had to 'forget' to use it on the following turns or else I would have TPK'd them with no contest.

The real hardest part of balancing Nechronica combat is the dice. A single d10 is always going to be swingy as hell, even with Supports and Hinders, so you can get wildly different combat outcomes just based on the luck of your players. The truth is that the system really is intended to be something of a meatgrinder, and if you run the game without homebrew then your players should probably come prepared with several character sheets.

>mandatory combat
You can just choose not to have a combat encounter. I've gone 3-4 sessions at a time with no combat just because the party is doing a bunch of RP in a safe place. It's not exactly what the system is made for but in longer campaigns it can just happen that way.
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>ywn adopt a Doll
Why Live
Now this is a piece of OC I haven't seen before. You happen to have a story for this, anon?
File: long thumbs up.jpg (686 KB, 888x1051)
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No story. Only art. You can share your own stories if you want.
Has anyone ran Nechronica outside of the provided setting? Was it better or worse, tonally, than the OG setting?
Can someone post a pdf of nechronica? Kinda want to take a look at it
How would it work outside of its intended setting?
NTA, One campaign idea I have is that the PCs are child soldiers reanimated by an african warlord and necromancer. Another idea is that the PCs are awakened frankenstein-esque housepets.
File: SAD_MAIDS_2.pdf (5.46 MB, PDF)
5.46 MB
5.46 MB PDF
Here ya go, bud. This should be the most up-to-date English translation.

Do you mean outside of the setting in the book? I don't believe I've ever seen a storytime or played a game that takes place in the actual stock book setting, since there isn't much detail on it in the rulebook and the actual setting notes are all untranslated. Or aren't widely available if they are.

I've personally run two pre-fall games (or concurrent to the fall, more accurately), and am planning a third. The games I've been a player in are usually very far into the apocalypse and some of them have been so far after the fall that there isn't always a proper necromancer present.
I played in a 4 year campaign of Nechronica with the best storyteller I ever knew.

The game ended with the dolls (now basically demi-god heroic champions) traveling back to their home planet across dimensions and while on the way seeing a vision of all their loved ones and every character who died during the campaign entering the gates of Heaven. They then touched down on Earth, with the power to heal and free the earth and mankind from the post-apocalypse, and the final post narration noting that they became legends.

It was an emotionally brutal campaign. Pretty much every npc we liked died in the end, it was full of tragedy and painful loss and I unironically shed tears a number of times throughout. But the ending was pure hopeful catharsis.

Actually I think that's from a campaign my GM was in himself.
Neat pixel art.
I recognize this art style! Was this a commission?
File: 1644202964562.jpg (525 KB, 768x1024)
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Unfortunately I haven't had time to put together storytime for my current games. I really ought to just nut up and do it starting later this week so I can have something ready for these threads.
>Unfortunately I haven't had time to put together storytime for my current games. I really ought to just nut up and do it starting later this week so I can have something ready for these threads.

I eagerly anticipate reading it.
File: rave cave 00 main daz3d.jpg (293 KB, 1000x1300)
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Nechronica takes place underground?
Not by default, no, but you can make it. The default lore is a post-zombie apocalypse wasteland where everything is already dead and the PCs are at the whims of the Necromancers that animated them, barely hanging on to their sanity. Of course you could have them be escaped lab subjects, uplifted house pets, elderly people who learned too late that their old folks home was run by Umbrella Corporation, zombie child soldiers by african warlords, artificially-created fantasy demi-humans, etc.
You can put it just about anywhere.

Past threads have made numerous mention of games set on Mars or in various forms of space, in a virtual reality that is breaking down, in a bubble in the Edo dimension, and a gladiatorial arena.
How often did your combats involve any sort of engagement with things outside the listed mechanics?
That guy's my GM and referencing an OOC joke we were throwing around a few weeks ago. But it did come to light pretty recently that the campaign takes place in an absolutely gargantuan underground complex. The kind of scale where things are so open that flight is a very real tactical and strategic option. Apparently people are just waking up down here with no recollection of how they actually got in, and there's no obvious path out of the complex.

Nechronica's flexible enough that you can run it in a pretty wide variety of locales, and the nature of the characters being undead gives you a lot of leeway with turning what would be game-ending hazards in any other game into interesting puzzles. I had a string of sessions that took place on a massive defunct space station where the party actually got vented into the vacuum because we weren't paying attention. In most other games that would be game over, but in Nechronica it was a game of charades and zero-g pinball.
File: 1590019264619.png (6 KB, 831x49)
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Not super often in normal play. I'm in one campaign that the GM is explicitly using as a testbed for homebrew mechanics, so we'll hit something every two or three combats that has a non-vanilla attack type. I think the two he's pulled out so far are 'Barrage' - which is basically chain attack but you roll all the checks at the same time instead of in sequence - and another one I can't remember the name of. I think it was 'Wither' or something. Basically an attack deals 'Wither X' in addition to its normal damage, and if it lands then the target's next attack roll is hindered by X. Only the highest level of Wither on a target counts, and they don't stack.

These parts can't be acquired normally, but they can be salvaged from downed enemies depending on our luck. There are also some other parts for sale by NPCs that have custom effects, like a stimpack that gives two bonus AP on the first round of combat.
Parts acquired outside of normal progression don't count toward the party's standard Armaments/Mutation/Enhancement tree limits.
Woops. I forgot that I'd attached pic related.
That's a homebrew part I came up with for a short campaign which culminated in the dolls evading capture from hostile humans. Said dolls also had a bonus skill on their sheets labeled only 'DENY CAPTURE' in bright red, with the effect only reading 'DENY CAPTURE.'
If they flubbed the combat badly then they were going to get chopped up and used as cognizant but helpless CPUs for other enemy mechanized forces.
(Un?)Fortunately the NPC helper they recruited tipped the encounter balance comfortably into their favor, so they never got a chance to witness anyone get ripped to shreds. They did fail a madness check when they realized the robot trying to capture them was using an aware doll as a processing unit though, so that was nice.

Having played the game fairly regularly for the better part of a decade now, there was only one game that actually used the setting. That game was pretty good, though it wasn't the top. Really, part of the fun of playing a new campaign run by a different person is seeing what they'll come up with and being about as knowledgeable of how things are out of character as in character.
Legends pass and time ticks on, entropy prevails
Into the endless darkness every ship must sail
Ouroboros uncoiled, the circle ends tonight
One thousand years of history banished from all sight

The sun will set forever
Never to rise again
And in the coming darkness
We'll fight to the bitter end
Our legend passed from memory
It's time to turn the page
The sun has set upon the golden age
Is this game SNEED compatible?
File: nechronica.png (326 KB, 1920x1080)
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326 KB PNG
>Is this a good system for extreme violence?

She made them sane.
Did she make them well?
No. The citizens of Austin are a long long way from well, but they can now start the journey toward becoming less unwell.
>I really ought to just nut up and do it starting later this week

Gimme the DRU-er STORYTIME!
File: girlslasttourkeyart1.jpg (155 KB, 890x501)
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155 KB JPG
Tonight was game night, so I'll be able to start putting it together tomorrow after I get home from work. Either I'll have something worth sharing by tomorrow night or Thursday if the thread is still up, though it'll only be the first arch of this campaign since, well, it hasn't been played through yet.
No you won't
Well fine, if you want it that way.
>Game hasn't happened for 2 weeks already due to one cunt being MIA

It hurts anons, I just wanna rip and tear as my loli-devijho doll
What is the context of her being out to avenge her fallen creations?

Is the fact that they were defeated or lost a madness something that she needs to avenge us to defend her pride or is it more that she cared about them and wants to avenge them?
File: nVK.gif (235 KB, 500x500)
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235 KB GIF
Pls pls pls.
File: d03.png (67 KB, 200x212)
67 KB
File: 1568523402406.png (154 KB, 754x693)
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154 KB PNG
Fiiiine~ but only because you asked nicely.

Another caveat I guess: I'm not going to be able to share the whole picture because the campaign is in progress, so any memory fragment details and things like that won't be present unless the other players have specifically shared them with me. Hopefully it'll still be a fun read but it's not going to be quite complete.
What does SNEED stand for?
Has anybody set a game of Nechronica in rural France?
No, but Adventures of the Catacomb Cuties has a nice ring to it.
Its am older /tv/ meme. Don't worry about it.

Rural games seem to be pretty rare. I assume because it gets harder to direct the party in really open environments combined with the fact that your stereotypical apocalypse survival anything usually revolves around scavenging through the bones of the old world, which usually involves digging through cities.
I know it’s a /tv/ meme but I was wondering because it was capitalised what it was an abbreviation of
Short Nosed Electrically Enhanced Doggos perhaps?
man i love /osrg/ posters ability to come up with abbreviations
Didn't there use to be generals for Nechronica, with storytimes and whatnot? What happened to that?
>The real hardest part of balancing Nechronica combat is the dice. A single d10 is always going to be swingy as hell, even with Supports and Hinders, so you can get wildly different combat outcomes just based on the luck of your players.
For 0 favor dolls and new players, this can be an issue, but as they get a feel for their options, it becomes less of a wild swing in between madness (which trends downwards as campaigns go on unless the GM is really aggressive with spirit attacks/madness checks), supports (Bolthead is a +2 at T1 so almost any build can at least put that in), hinders, and skills like Judgment or Reckless, it's not that hard to build a PC that can manage fairly consistent performance, especially when they coordinate.

On the GM side, you have all those options and more, even just making stuff up like giving enemies expense, but reusable supports if you're really that worried about repeated misses making things a farce. Things going outta whack without recourse tend to be something like an ATR that's out of everyone's range or the GM assuming it's fine to have multiple enemies with 4 damage attacks for 2 AP because their dice are bad, only for the random chance mechanic to be random so the PCs get absolutely mauled. Point is, on the GM side, you have a lot of (rules legal) options for controlling the flow of the fight and usually what's attributed to dice luck is more on someone putting things together in a way that leaves things wide open to "ooops, dice!"
When they are no content, people don't force it to stay alive. Unlike the Dolls and other kind Horrors, the treads are not undeads.
Well, if you ignore the 2~3 retards who post one word messages and unrelated reaction pics.
Wouldn't that be Parisian more than any form of rural French?
File: 1597261821843.png (7.15 MB, 4093x2894)
7.15 MB
7.15 MB PNG
The game just isn't that popular, so there isn't much content and the threads tend to die as bot posts and human posters would be better replaced with bots slide the catalogue with bait. Eventually people stop maintaining the regular threads because they don't keep traction.
There's also no content treadmill; the game is basically done outside of the odd fan creation so you don't get the standard whinging about the evolving metagame like you would on a general for 5e or 40k. I hate that sort of discussion most of the time but it does tend to keep enough fuel in a thread's tank to help it hit bump limit. Fact is that the current ecosystem isn't friendly to slow content, and Nech doesn't have the fanbase to support fast content generation to fuel a regular general.

My griping out of the way, I'm Commander Shepard and these threads are still my favorite threads on the Citadel.

A lot of my time playing is spent in lower power level games, so that might be part of it (fewer supports, auto skills, etc.). I think the hurdle I and the other GMs in my group run into most often is that we don't really take into account enemy durability as well as we should. Foe example, in our last combat the GM had to retcon out an enemy because we were getting tabeled by what was supposed to have been a middle of the road encounter that he'd given just a bit too much juice too.

It was five dogs vs. two dolls. Individually the dogs weren't much, but they all had Drama of Death and the 1 Defend part they had meant that my character's rocket launcher didn't one shot them. So the combat went
>rocket launched
>down 4 AP
>dog lives with jaw and legs intact
>get pounced by 3 dogs
>DoD feedback loop
>can't escape dogs because they're faster than me and move more efficiently
>begin dying
>other doll can't help me because she's specced out for slaying Savants and getting mauled by the other two dogs
We worked it out but it wasn't fun at the time.
Drama of death is really powerful the more things in a group have it.

So it's a nice tool in the toolbox but you gotta be careful with it.

It sounds like your GM is learning.

Sticking drama of death on a group of relativity low powered undead with shotguns to help show they had been training to become a proto-SWAT Team meant to take on an outside context problem undead that was hiding out in their under defended and technologically backwards city helped sell that they were indeed a proto-SWAT Team once the violence started since they carefully picked and focused targets and were much more effective for it.

This did lead to the problem of them bogging down combat and being too a distraction from the party in a later combat, but that was also due to my rather hamfisted presentation of the situation and the fact that the sebsequent fight in question happened twice as the first iteration was retconned.
That right there is squiffy. You do have to be more careful with fewer dolls as they just have access to less parts and the margin for error is slimmer. Without knowing the defends/hinders involved, that's a reasonable expectation of 4 parts lost before the rocket doll would even get another go, with a worst case scenario being 9 (every single dog on the rocketeer crits). That's really just a gnarly set up from raw numbers, especially if said doll doesn't have flamethrower or something equally effective for range 0. 2 AP attacks, especially large blocks of them, are things that should be deployed very carefully, because that entire block is getting a go (or maybe 2) for every single action the PCs take. For that particular aspect one of the biggest bits of advice for a GM is "Use 2 AP attacks cautiously." The efficacy of reactions like check/defend maneuvers against attack spam like that gets dubious, since anything that cost AP means you're doing less before the next blob of hits. 3 AP attacks would have likely mitigated a decent chunk of your pain.

Following on that, Drama of Death is tricky because in theory, the thing to do would be to de-sync them, except this all depends on the GM making it possible. If they have 2 AP attacks (like shotgun) you can't even use stagger to trip them up and put them out of sync because they'll just align on the next attack block. Forcing reactions that costs AP can still do it, but that requires the GM giving them reactions that cost AP. Drama of Death forces the enemy to be really nasty, you can't split the damage or it becomes obvious you're softballing, which means someone is likely getting absolutely fucked.

>Drama of death with shotgun
That's either the "I actually want to just murder someone" or "I don't really understand what I'm using" because that's the equivalent of a rocket launcher blasting a PC every two count, with a pretty solid chance to crit for instant basic deletion on two zones.
>Nech doesn't have the fanbase to support fast content generation to fuel a regular general.
And what content that is made doesn't get discussed very much. There does generally seem to be an aversion to using unofficial (doll) parts and classes and such, whether that's due to GMs being cautious or what, it's hard to say outside of anecdotal evidence. That said, fuck it. Someone(s) pitch some concepts for class, parts, whatever and see what comes up.
File: 9mcafbvmscr01.jpg (66 KB, 1024x635)
66 KB
Ironically, I actually was supposed to have Flamethrower by now. I picked up rocket launcher instead because it was the way stronger option at the time. I'm building back up to it but right now her only other attack is African Throwing Knife, which isn't efficient against small Horrors (and like you noted earlier, the Stagger doesn't help much).

I should have more than enough Favor once we finish up our current round of jobs. Especially since our third player is finally back and his character turns into an absolute murder blender with support.
>There does generally seem to be an aversion to using unofficial (doll) parts and classes and such, whether that's due to GMs being cautious or what

Definitely cautious due to inexperience and being math challenged in my case.

I've been GMing since mid 2019. It's all been 1 very long game and it's the first one I ever GM's in the system and at the time I started my previous experience with Nechronica was a very short game a few years ago where everyone was new to the system and the translation was much rougher.

I've also played in a few short games along the way run by one or another of my players who are more experienced with the system then I am.

One of them is currently running a game I'm not in where each of the dolls is custom and there are other experiments going on with adding things to the system and changing things.
File: Erudite.png (456 KB, 1107x851)
456 KB
456 KB PNG
Erudite is a fan class I've heard mentioned many times before.

I haven't played it or watched someone play it yet.

What is it like?

I know it's a Blast Attack focused class. My question is more

> "What does the class do and excell in, both through the medium of Blast Attacks and in general? Also what things cause the class to struggle and what is it not good at?"
What are your thoughts on enemies that can reinforce into map areas adjacent to their own?

Like they have a part with reinforce that instead of creating horrors, or creating or increasing the number of a legion, in the same area as them, does so in an adjacent area.


> 1) The part haver is in Hades and can use reinforce to create units in Tartarus or Limbo.

> 2) The part haver is in Hades and can use reinforce to create units in it's own area or either adjacent area meaning Tartarus, Hades, or Limbo.

> 3) The part haver is in Hades and can use reinforce to create units only in the area directly adjacent to it and toward Eden, which in this case means Limbo. (Which yes means if it was in Eden it couldn't use this part to do anything except possibly throw away its own action points if it costs action points to use.)

> 4) The part haver is in Hades and can use reinforce to create units only in the area directly adjacent to it and toward Tartarus, which in this case means Tartarus. (Which yes means if it was in Tartarus it couldn't use this part to do anything except possibly throw away its own action points if it costs action points to use.)

> 5) The part haver is in Hades and can use reinforce to create units in it's own area or the area directly adjacent to it and toward Eden meaning Hades, or Limbo.

> 6) The part haver is in Hades and can use reinforce to create units in it's own area or the area directly adjacent to it and toward Tartarus meaning Hades, or Tartarus.
>>83456732 (continued)
I am mostly interested in your thoughts on 1, 3, and 4.
>What does the class do and excell in
High cost/risk for big effect is the general trend, especially with blast attacks. Its "support" is limited to the pure class skill and Jury Rigging. Jury Rigging can be extremely strong by effectively doubling the damage of an attack, though that's easily negated by metal case or other such things. Rocket Jump is great for its AP cost, but losing parts every time means you can only use it so much. Careful placement is liberating for how much it opens going "Fuck it, bombing this area" even when a friendly is there, though it does mean you can't go whole hog and pump up the attack with a big crit to instantly delete an area. Erudite is at its best when there's a large mob or a singular undefended target that needs to be smacked hard.

>what things cause the class to struggle and what is it not good at?
Area and explosive negation screw with the erudite hard and they don't even need to be automatic negation, just a part like metal case, because for the most part, you're only getting one big hit in per round. Blast's more "spammy" attacks (Blast Hammer, Flamethrower, and arguably Rocket Racks) aren't as good or can't be improved as easily as similar attacks in other categories.
File: 1628980416269.gif (7.39 MB, 450x318)
7.39 MB
7.39 MB GIF
The biggest thing to consider is how this impacts your party's ability to actually get into range the summoner. If everyone has Range 2+ attacks, or even Range 1, then summoning into the forward location isn't a massive deal since your dolls should be able to close into range and start hitting it with something (and your 0 range characters should hopefully be good enough to be shredding the mooks so they don't get out of hand). If your party is primarily Range 0, then summoning a bunch of Legions in a forward position makes a good speed bump for anyone not using Animal legs or Rocket Booster.

If you summon behind the summoner then the part acts more like a timer. Kill the big guy or else he's going to keep burying you in mooks until you get killed by the action economy.

1 is both rolled into one, and obviously makes it the most versatile. The caveat is that since the summoner can't actually reinforce on top of itself, the Legions are going to be paying a movement tax if the dolls are either in the summoner's zone or at range 2+, which helps to blunt their effectiveness against certain party makeups.

I think you could make a neat fight out of it. Maybe put the part on something pretty tanky with some supports and Hinders, make it a kind of commander unit. Then offload some damage parts on a pair of less durable Horrors to put your party on the clock.
It would be good for summons that explode.
How do Cluster bomb and concussive force interact?

would moving the target cause the chain part of the attack to miss unless the weapon making the attack has a range band large enough to cover the new position the Move 1 puts the target in?

or would the Move effects stack and all hit the enemy at once moving them multiple areas after the last attack in the chain?
File: Painwheel.full.1168903.jpg (653 KB, 865x1193)
653 KB
653 KB JPG
I feel like being able to spawn in a zombie bomb on command is actually super gnarly. Especially if you can spawn it between yourself and the party, since it effectively puts a wall in front of any character who's stuck on Move 1. At least if you include a method of triggering it on demand instead of letting the party walk by it.

That reminds me that I've been wanting to figure out a build that incorporates Zombie Bomb in some way for a while now, but it seems really difficult to justify taking over basically any other T2 Enhancement.
... Though it occurs to me that, thanks to a homebrew Skill, my character can actually force Zombie Bomb to hit the arms or head, or even crit if I wanted to be a mad bastard and burn 6 AP on it for some absolutely mad reason. Might be a fun meme to exploit at some point if I do actually have the balls to pick the part up.
File: latest.gif (1.06 MB, 500x281)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB GIF
Due to the Timing system, the target isn't actually moved out of the space until the attack concludes (since all Actions take place and resolve simultaneously) so you would apply Move 1 for as many times as you hit the target.
Same principle as Pilebunker; even though your attack moves the enemy, it doesn't invalidate any of their range calculations because everything is happening on the same Count.
>It would be good for summons that explode.

Put second form on the exploding summon. So it explodes leaving a different, non-explosive enemy behind.

>actually super gnarly.

As in an appropriate part for a boss or necromancer, or as in bad for making a fun encounter?
File: FP42gNB.png (339 KB, 518x861)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
Gnarly as in potentially very powerful. If you make it so that the boss can detonate them at will somehow, or make the bombs difficult for the party to ignore, then you've put a very powerful hazard on the field that they'll need to figure out how to deal with.

Though if your party has maneuvers for moving the enemy, then I guess there's nothing to stop them from playing a very exciting game of Hot Potato with the summoner.
For some reason I’m getting flashbacks to the first F.E.A.R.’s repeating cannon when you said that
Damage timing manoeuvres can only be used once per round though last time I checked so you wouldn’t be able to stack it
File: hinh-anh-ac-quy-co-sung.jpg (131 KB, 1680x1260)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
I just realized this is the perfect game for playing a hot anime boy with strange body parts and power and a level of edge that is entirely understandable given the setting.

I feel like my eyes have been opened after being closed for a long time.
>Damage timing manoeuvres can only be used once per round though last time I checked so you wouldn’t be able to stack it
It says you can apply Move 1 to an attack. I guess it depends on if the 'attack' is the attack roll or the entire 'Blast X + Chain Attack 1' but I guess you're actually probably right. Which makes sense but is kind of a bummer.
As >>83462392 noted, the attack can't pre-empt itself. Careful placement itself is in a bit of an odd place that should be changed to Auto. It was done as it was the understanding/translation of the rules was that rapids had to be declared before any dice were rolled, so declaring it was essentially gambling, since you were declaring to the enemy that you were betting that you would succeed in your attack roll with your once per round skill, and it was rapid so that you could use delight in corruption with it if you wanted. As it things are now, it'd have to be changed to a once per round Auto like Cover to keep that aspect of it being a "gamble." Also Concussive Force is damage timing so it wouldn't carry over to chains, and is limited to once per count. It'd be an interesting experiment to remove that limitation to let people juggle enemies with rocket racks for a big chunk of AP

NTA, but it'd most likely be bad for making a fun encounter because they'd be able to repeatedly make an enemy with a nigh-guaranteed, fairly high damage area attack that can only be avoided by not being in the same zone as it when it dies. Enemies with zombie bomb can easily make things very nasty against PCs that aren't ready for it.
>Careful placement
Fuck, meant clusterbomb there.
Concussive Force specifically says "You may apply Move 1 to blast attacks" and "you may use this multiple times per round but only once per count". (>>83456469)

So it sounds like you append Move 1 to an attack, wether it has chain or not.

If I'm interpreting this correctly, you can use it on an attack with Chain.

However if you use something like Extra Arms to Attack a second time as a Rapid, you can use Concussive Force on the Action attack OR the Rapid Attack, but not BOTH of them (or "more than one of them" if you have another part or skill that gives you a other instance of being able to attack as a rapid and you use it too)

Does any of this effect stacking moves?
>Enemies with zombie bomb can easily make things very nasty against PCs that aren't ready for it.

What are ways to be ready for it?

The one that come to mind for me are having animal legs and moving fast enough that you don't have to be in it's area


Being able to kill it/set it off from a distance with ranged attacks. Especially after another doll uses Wire Reel to launch it into a cluster of enemies.

>It was done as it was the understanding/translation of the rules was that rapids had to be declared before any dice were rolled

How do you know this contextual history?
We're you one of the volunteer translators or editor's, or were you using the system back way back when?
>Also Concussive Force is damage timing so it wouldn't carry over to chains, and is limited to once per count. It'd be an interesting experiment to remove that limitation to let people juggle enemies with rocket racks for a big chunk of AP


I'd want to build around Concussive Force, Cluster Bomb, and Careful Placement to once per turn force move mass numbers of enemies.
It's damage timing.
Yet it functions by retroactive changing the text of an attack action to have Move 1 appended to it.

So I feel like that Move 1 sticky note wouldn't fall off until the action completes, which would mean it would cary on until the chain completed.

So it's a question of

One damage timing per count
One damage timing causing a change to the action that brought about the damage timing and that change persisting for the duration of the single action, and only being able to do that for a single action per count.
Thank you.
That argument would mean that using spikes on Lawnmower means every attack in the chain gets that +2 damage or that Jury-rigging would apply to every attack in a chain. This would very quickly get absurd, even with just Erudite's kit where a Holic/Erudite could combine Heavy Payload, Jury Rigging (on some attacks), Fury, and Cluster Bomb (or just taking another class that has a good chain attack, really) to produce horrific damage output in a single count. One could also try to angle that getting a critical hit with meat snake would let you use horn to apply stagger to every hit in its chain as well.
File: 3c4.jpg (1.42 MB, 1592x869)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB JPG
File: 20220129_203046.jpg (44 KB, 585x575)
44 KB
>3 weeks now
Kill me.
Start without him, if missing player comes back, say his character got amnesia.
undead memory leakage is a classic for misses sessions
another thing you could do that might piss the player off is to have some other alternate personality wake up instead of the character
before having the actual character wake up with no memory of the events that transpired when the player gets back
this one is risky though
Replace your DM.
File: 8ab.jpg (93 KB, 640x891)
93 KB
>another thing you could do that might piss the player off is to have some other alternate personality wake up instead of the character
>before having the actual character wake up with no memory of the events that transpired when the player gets back
>this one is risky though

Dolls when the centipede starts speaking in Portuguese.
File: loli battle machine.jpg (102 KB, 770x770)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Stat me.
File: GearGraphic FlameThrower.png (931 KB, 1941x1433)
931 KB
931 KB PNG
Is their a way to put stagger on flamethrower?
Kek. I'd be surprised if the other players made the connection, though. Especially since she hasn't spoken Portuguese in front of them before. And I think we only ever found it in writing once.

Not RAW, I think. Stagger in the base game only exists on certain attack parts. You would need to homebrew a Skill or something to add it.
>Not RAW, I think. Stagger in the base game only exists on certain attack parts. You would need to homebrew a Skill or something to add it.

I figured this would be the place to ask for ways that are fan material.
It was A LOT of writing though.
File: Ham-Sandwich-1500x1313.jpg (353 KB, 1500x1313)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
The book is pretty vague on statting necromancers.

Could you make the necromancer itself a legion and have it try to flee the battlefield and the challenge come from killing it in time and facing the teams of more directly dangerous undead the necromancer spawns or that hang around trying to protect the necromancer as it flees?
Maybe? It's been a long time since I read the rule book but I think the necromancer is just an in-universe stand-in for the GM, anything he can do is to provide justification for what happens.
File: dungeons-dragons_L155.jpg (59 KB, 628x480)
59 KB
You can try digging around on the wiki for something, but Dolls to donuts a Skill like that would already be on the Erudite class. It's generally not something you'd want at the table anyway, imo. Putting Stagger on a chain attack is an iffy proposition to start with since you can already stunlock enemies with parts like Ball and Chain so Stagger on Flamethrower would be a quick way to take multiple pawns out of the fight completely.

Yeah but I don't think any of us (the players) got to read any. It was kind of a background detail.

The Necromancer is whoever reanimated the dolls, or otherwise lords over them at the time of the game. As far as the game cares it could be the toaster from New Vegas, just as long as it has the ability to actually direct the party in some way. But as >>83466266 says, the Necromancer roll largely exists to facilitate GM meddling. You can think of your typical necromancer as something analogous to pic related, but with an unhealthy preference for anime lolis.

So tl:dr is 'yes'
The book even says that Legions actually become more intelligent as they get larger, and particularly large ones can become fully self aware, so it isn't outside of the realm of possibility even in the standard book.
File: 1644359467782.png (33 KB, 434x461)
33 KB
>What is the sauce on this Do you know.jpg

I do not know either.

What game is that?
I wanted to make a character who abused Even Unto Tartarus with a 2 AP attack to attack every count, but in the test combat I ran, it was really hard getting to Tartartus through all the Hinder Moves the enemies had. Using Rocket Jump to Move 3 from Elysium would be hilarious.
There's Stunner in Blast from the Past, but that's restricted to range 0 and would only apply to one attack in the chain. As >>83466714 pointed out, spamming staggers is the antithesis of fun. Having been in a game where someone had horn and electrigger, that shit ensures anything that isn't completely immune is just not getting to do anything. Having a spot of stagger or a sister's kiss or whatever is fine, but making a build that's "the enemy doesn't get to act," is a good way to kill tension in a fight unless the GM just goes out of their way to invalidate it.

>The book is pretty vague on statting necromancers.
This is intentional as the necromancers are to be whatever the fuck the GM wants them to be. You could make them a savant, a legion, a horror, a savant whose individual hit locations are legions or horrors. There's still somethings you shouldn't be doing (giving enemies instantaneous or stagger are always the mark of a faggot), but generally you can justify "I'm a necromancer, I do what I want." Feel free to let your imagination run a bit wild with the concept, just try to make it so that they're mechanics aren't needlessly vague.
File: FEn-b7ZWUAAnSUB.jpg_large.jpg (504 KB, 1445x2048)
504 KB
504 KB JPG
That's Lobotomy Corp by Project Moon. The player runs an SCP-like corporation in charge of finding and containing certain types of paranormal phenomena. The game Library of Ruina takes place in the same setting, and it appears their upcoming Limbus Company will continue the timeline as well.

My impression is that there's quite a bit of inspiration you could crib from the setting for a game like Nechronica, especially in Library of Ruina, but I only have secondhand exposure to the series through one of my friends (and also the Slay the Spire mod, which is great btw).
Plainly as complex or simple as desired.

>A savant whose individual hit locations are legions or horrors.

How is this done?
File: 88253434.jpg (130 KB, 1200x630)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Any of you guys run or play in games with benevolent Necromancers?
I set a couple of games during the Necromancer Wars and at some point I got it into my head to have the players' necromancers be a set of 'loyalists.' That is, necromancers who were trying to prevent the apocalypse/preserve humanity or at least had aspirations beyond carving the planet into dead little fiefdoms. I like to think it made for a pleasant surprise for my group.
File: SPOILER_Leviathan.png (85 KB, 598x598)
85 KB
NTA but the one time that I statted up a massive boss monster I literally just made each hit location its own Horror on the map.
>two legs
>one ribcage
>the head
Though the party's win condition was to get a friendly NPC into Tartarus so they could 'escape' the map and deliver a nuclear football, not to destroy the enemy themselves. They were scaling it Shadow of the Colussus style and it would have taken too long to fight traditionally.

It worked out pretty well. Though I forgot to make the individual pieces immune/resistant to Move manuvers, so when the Psychedlic started hitting things with Pawn's Gambit the combat kind of devolved into the world's strangest yoga session. And I didn't give the individual parts movement manuvers of their own so...
>the legs do not have movement manuevers
That line got a good laugh from my players. I felt kind of dumb but it also wound up being a cool way for the psychedlic to contribute to the finale so I didn't beat myself up over it.
File: Noel Kahlida.png (27 KB, 318x320)
27 KB
Psychedelic's player here.

For context the two other Dolls had a combo that nuked an area really hard.
So making the giant robot do yoga helped both by getting body parts away from our arranged support specialist, and by clumping parts up into an area.

At least those were potential uses.
I'm running a high fever right now so I can't actually recall how the combat went.
So wait was this one of the "you survived" endings?
While out exploring one of your dolls step on a landline they hear a click as they step onto the ground but any explosion is yet to happen
She is yet to step off the patch of ground she walked onto
How would your doll and her sisters respond? with her possible nativity would she even recognise it as a landmine?
Noel has been blown up more than once.

She would probably telekinetically compress the mine so it doesn't go off and then step off of it and hurl it away.

Violet, if they aren't under fire, would wait for Dahlia to come and disarm the mine.

Kaja would laugh a broken laugh then wait while she tries to think her way out, or resign herself to the pain and lift her foot.
Shirley either wouldn't know what she stepped on was a mine or she would panic.
>Character 1 is a massive centipede mutant
>Extra legs
>crab legs
>mutated being
>cracked flesh
She's probably too naïve to understand the hazard, but the good news is that she could absorb the hit unless she triggered something stupid big like an anti-tank mine. She wouldn't be happy about it but she'd live. Coinflip on if she even registers she stepped on something before it goes off. If her party members noticed in time, they would both be experienced enough to recognize the threat and would attempt to defuse the mine; the Requiem might even know how to.

>Character 2 is a walking tank
>Metal Case
If the mine is big enough she could be in trouble, but once again she's going to be pretty resistant to anything that isn't going to leave a huge crater underneath her. Her and the other dolls are experienced enough to recognize the threat, but I don't expect that any of them could reasonably disarm the trap without setting off the explosive (except maybe the tank herself, but she's large and it would be in an awkward position). Most likely the other party members back off to a safe distance and then she orients her thickest armor toward the explosive before sacrificing the leg/foot. She should have a spare or two handy in most cases.
Probably not the worst hit she's taken on the trip so far.
File: Style.jpg (357 KB, 2500x2500)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
Do you have day 01 and 02?
>starting later this week
>make it so that the boss can detonate them at will somehow

How would you do this?

I imagine the summoner having to spend AP to make them, then spend even more AP to attack them and set them off would leave said summoner wide open to get mulched by any dolls that were still combat capable, which I imagine would be most of them if the party is strong enough to justify sending an enemy after them who can spawn suicide bombers mid combat.
Have you ever had your dolls try to steal horrors, legions, or savants from a "farm" run by a necromancer?

Like trying to steal this guy's birds ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2n4UlVDcWg ), but it's undead you want for parts or friendship, and the farmer is a necromancer.
Stat these menacing hounds in nech
Because of some of their abilities they may have some unconventional parts….
If you look at the pic closely you can tell they are from the book snow crash
if the thread archives post it on the nech thread that is always up on smug
File: Doll posting.png (5.49 MB, 1527x1850)
5.49 MB
5.49 MB PNG
If somebody wants a shitty drawing of their doll, and they neither can draw nor commission one, I'll happily provide !
Just make sure to describe them as much as you can and specify which Parts you want to show.
>If somebody wants a shitty drawing of their doll, and they neither can draw nor commission one, I'll happily provide !
>Just make sure to describe them as much as you can and specify which Parts you want to show.

I am interested.
I'm also very sick right now though.
After my fever breaks and I get some more sleep I may have something for you. Or some of my players might.

I know nothing about snow crash so I don't know what special powers these dogs have.
Post info about that and When I can brain properly I may be able to stag these boys.
There are places you should not go.
File: 4ac.jpg (4.93 MB, 3944x1154)
4.93 MB
4.93 MB JPG
Just picked up LC this week. Not too tough so far, just kinda grindy (though nowhere near as bad as Darkest Dungeon). Very atmospheric too, despite the charming art style some parts actually gave me chills.
It gets better once you're unlocked some mid-game stuff. Before then it's hard not to start over from day 1 every now and then
here is an article about them https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Rat_Things_(Snow_Crash)
they are basically mircofission powered dogs that can run fasted than the speed of sound and have to be constantly running at ludicous speeds as a cooling method or else they would overheat and explode
they are also very strong tough and fast being powered by a miniture nucleiar reactor
Nuclear doggos traveling faster than the speed of sound
Now there is a recipe for disaster
Whelp you know what tough scary enemies I’m putting at the latter half of my short campaign
Sounds like something with enough movement to cover the entire map and all of its attacks aside from zombie bomb take the form of something kind of like charge or the enhancement to attacks that crab legs gives
> 700 mph.

There are slower bullets out there.
File: 1627500887415.png (951 KB, 1746x1746)
951 KB
951 KB PNG
That thread is always up because smug has as much traffic as a one intersection ghost town. The last post in that thread was two years ago and its still up.

Throwing my hat into the ring I guess.
>light skin
>amber eyes
>eyes have no 'whites.' She has compound eyes made of overlapping pupils and irises
>dark hair
>hair is short because she had to regenerate her scalp, so it looks like she got a buzzcut a month or two ago
>pair of antenna that each curl into a spiral and sit pretty close to her head
>lower jaw is actually a pair of mandibles coverered with white chitin. She can manipulate them like a normal human jaw or split them open to swallow large portions of food or bite things
>a seam continues down from her mandible and splits the vertical middle of her neck, traveling down to where her torso ends and the centipede trunk begins
>skin only extends from her head down to her shoulders and first pair of arms.
>2nd and 3rd pair of arms are covered in chitin plates and the fingers on those hands end in sharp claws
>skin past her clavicle transitions into a mesh of dark overlapping chitin scales. This can hang loose on her skeleton or be pulled taught depending on if she's standing at her full 6ft 2in of height or not
>no organs in her torso, just bones and muscle, so she looks cartoonishly slim
>upper torso can open up along the middle seam into a massive mouth. A serrated muscle mounted to her sternum is used to cut up large chunks of meat for her to eat
>Centipede from the hips down
>her centipede trunk has 24 legs
>when standing, her trunk is ~2.5ft tall
>wider sections like a common garden centipede, rides on longer legs tho
>she commonly sits with the trunk coiled into a spiral, a bit like a snake

For pose it would be cool to see her with her torso extended and her mandibles open, maybe crawling up a wall hunting a small animal or something.
When she was a baby she would do things like bite holes in walls because she could smell termites inside.

She enjoys hunting rats squirrels and other things.
File: source-4-1.gif (2.28 MB, 560x286)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB GIF
>her centipede trunk has 24 legs

24 legs or 24 PAIRS of legs?
Pairs. She's like 14 feet long, legs are ~8 inches apart.
I knew I was missing something when I was writing that out and I looked right past that part like three times.
File: centipede wip 1.jpg (241 KB, 1766x1500)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
So here's a first draft to just see if I didn't forgot anything.
Antennas, eyes, 3 pairs of arms, to many legs, mandibles instead of normal mouth, the seam along the torso, no "organs" thus lean body but merges as with the insect part.
The 2nd and 3rd pair of arms are insect-like with claws.

That drawing is also an excuse, since I started to draw line by line, and saw the pose at the end. So I'll proceed to draw it again.
Also for the mouth, what kind did you imagine ?
Is something like that with big teeth correct ?
File: Jack_Skellington.png (81 KB, 321x730)
81 KB
Going to head myself off before I get lost in the weeds of my own autism: feel free to take some liberty with how I describe things if you have an idea you like or if something I describe would be a massive pain in the ass to draw. I've been picturing this character in my head for like two years now so I expect there to be some breakdown when I try to communicate how she looks in my head over 4chan posts.

Buuuut since you asked,
>no "organs"
No quotes, lol. Literally the only thing in her torso is her ribs, spine, and the muscle attached around her sternum (and a couple of tubes for respiration and things, but those are parralel to the spine). The actual 'mouth' where the food enters her digestive tract is at the start of the trunk. From the shoulders down its basically a sheet of skin/chitin scales and muscle wrapped around a ribcage and spine, so you get an effect kinda like Jack Skellington's suit here, where it tapers quickly down to a minumum point and levels out. You gave her more of a lean body builder's V-taper (which is probably not unreasonable, really, given she has Super Strength) but there literally isn't anything in there, so the effect is way more exaggerated than you might expect.

The tongue itself is barbed with teeth. Sort of like how a cat's tongue has those spines growing out of it but sharp. The seam is just where the skin opens and closes to let it out. She doesn't need to mess with it with her hands or anything.

You got all the broad strokes of it though. Also, your initial drawing for the flesh snake part looks like it's out of a nightmare version of Superman and is genuinely pretty fuckin' creepy.
File: 88637787_p0.jpg (2.99 MB, 2033x2985)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB JPG
My group has a set of 5 classes, 1 position, and an experimental idea for parts. I'll link the classes later if the threads still up. They aren't all nice and pretty, but they're functional and fairly well balanced (but definitely a little on the strong side, use with caution).

The classes:
Ice themed all-rounder, has a slight focus on debuffs in unusual ways (e.g. support move that forces targets to move an extra zone or the special skill that delays an enemy action by 5 counts)

Designed to either be very good at keeping other safe or doing huge damage spikes, either way it has high ap cost/large effect skills. The special let's you go back to max AP, at the cost of -2 to attacks (once per combat)

It's a fucking alien. Does a lot of weird shit, like make a zone so that it automatically support 1s allies and hinder 1s enemies. The special let's you invert enemy successes/crits into failures/crit failures

Literally just Fiddlesticks from League. A bit on the tanky side with defends and a bit of regeneration. The special is crow-storm

You know how Prayer has the whole "does a thing but 5 counts later"? Well, we keyworded that, made it more flexible, and then turned it into a class. Very strong class, but never right now. Special let's you extend or shorten the time it takes abilities to happen.

We're hoping to toss them onto the wiki in a while after we clean up the fluff text and do another few balance passes.

The request was more of a "post ideas and see what gets made" rather than a request for people to post their homebrew, but go ahead and post the actual stuff. It's fun to see what other groups come up with.

>How do you know this contextual history?
Been playing it long enough to remember the original translation where meatshield negated everything and Psychedelic was overpowered because shared loss and Distorted power were translated as the user being able to pick what specific parts were destroyed on the target.
I would describe nechronica as psychological body horror.
Your character is a puppet made out of dead people with the mind of a little girl, fashioned into the shape of a deadly weapon.
Combat has you ripping through literal hordes of zombies with a single blow because your character is a freak of nature. You don't have hp or anything like that, when you take damage your body parts are being ripped apart. Yet, your character can fight on like this is just a minor inconvenience. There is no pain, no bleeding out, no fainting. You can fight as long as you have functional body parts. And after combat, you can then repair your body by replacing parts or jury-rigging other dead people parts onto you.
There is literally a mechanic where your character gets more and more traumatized the longer she fights because her mind wasn't made for this kind of stress.
shit is fucked. And also amazing.
I swear to god, one day I will get my group to play in that zombie girl mad max game I always wanted to run. I might not have the supplement and it might ever be translated (though if I can get my hands on a scan of that thing, I will translate it my fucking self, my Japanese is good enough for that I'm sure) but I sure as shit can come up with some homebrew with the boys.
I will get them onto the zombie girl fury road and if it is the last fucking thing I do.
File: crop.png (928 KB, 861x648)
928 KB
928 KB PNG
Got to Gebura meltdown so far. The fight reassured me that everyone not decked in Aleph will be useless late game. And then that reward!
File: copy.png (1.22 MB, 640x1399)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
fugg, wrong image
File: 3e9.png (327 KB, 600x858)
327 KB
327 KB PNG
Wtf is going on in this crop?
Do I want to know?
Is it advised to have the dolls wake up with some knowledge that leads them on the path you want them to take, like "If you reach the dark tower, you'll be saved"?
She got bit by a nasty bug, they are getting the larva out.
Or using her as an antenna to track the bug's master.
Giving your dolls a clear starting goal or memories that tie directly into the current happenings instead of bits and pieces of ages long gone can have interesting effects and I'll advice doing it, at least at the start.
100% depends on your group and players. More experienced ones will make up their own goals with way less interferemce than newer ones.
>Tokyo Iriboshi Kanrikyoku
>CH 3
>PG 11

This is some funky shit I'd expect out of Gainax.
They at least need a clear direction if you’re going to stick with amnesia. That can be because they woke up in a place with only one exit, they've got a job, etc.

Nechronica is a bit scripted by its nature due to the phase system and how you have to set up combat so don't feel bad for quantum ogre-ing your players, especially if the alternate route they want to make/take winds up being especially loud.
Also what >>83483320 said.
File: IiWkWcz.png (11 KB, 834x107)
11 KB
>The truth is that the system really is intended to be something of a meatgrinder
It's weirdly not. It's arguably the least meatgrinder out of any game that actually has the potential for character death.

Under Damage in the Combat, Favor, and Karma section, it explicitly states that a doll with all parts broken can be rebuilt as long as the victory condition is fulfilled (there's a bit of wiggle here since escape can be a victory condition and dolls left behind with no move or attack parts are their own instance of "You Died". Annihilation is a specific state that causes the PC to be removed from play. For PCs, these occur when everyone has lost all their attack and move parts, one gets left behind when everyone escapes, or all dolls become broken hearted. The translation is a bit muddled in this regard, but assuming passages like this aren't just pulled from someone's ass, individual PC death is pretty uncommon as a doll can be rebuilt as long as someone pulls through. Admittedly, smaller parties make this less of a buffer against death.
>support move that forces targets to move an extra zone

Slipping on the icy ground means stopping is hard.
File: Ava Knife Hands.jpg (1.58 MB, 3120x4160)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG

One mega link, as promised.

Maid is my personal baby, Glacier was the first one we made, and Word Smith is the most recent one that still needs some time in the oven.

In my current game I'm playing Maid/Maid, making use of Golden Stopwatch with Twin Pistols/Order/Twin Pistols and then spamming Embalming until I'm at 0 AP or At Your Side to get out of Dodge.

One of the other players is using Glacier for Frozen Self (exceptionally useful) and is eyeing Icy Veins.

They're all one the strong side, but since most people are hesitant to use homebrew and GMs are usually willing to nerf homebrew, I think it balances out. There's certainly room for stupid shit like getting a 1 AP attack, getting a few to hit mods, and then using Golden Stopwatch to attack 20 times in a turn, so don't do that.
Gonna try and review these one at a time, starting with Glacier. Which is an odd concept but let's see where this goes
This would immediately receive a hard ban because of how this turns into guaranteed savant negation with even a little effort, requiring slapping space heaters onto everything. The fact that it's just "this location is out for the whole round" is what makes this busted. It's negate or get fucked, with no real middle ground.
>Support Move
"The must use full movement" is a needless qualifier that just fucks over better movement parts. You can't declare animal legs to move 1 and then go "No, actually, I meant to move 2!" when it gets hindered. Supporting the move would be the same. With that qualifier, it makes it so that a person could move 1 with animal legs, get hit by that and be forced to move 3. It might be intentional, but it's a frankly odd move to make the effect more powerful against more powerful parts.
>Creeping Chill
Outside of, potentially, fucking over enemy maneuvers. It's hard to see a real argument for this, especially as a special skill and for such a high cost.
>Ice Floes
Would be fine as a cost 1. The versatility does put it a little higher than lick jowels so +1 AP cost over that is fine.
>Frozen Self
Very expensive as a defensive maneuver but could occasionally be worth it. The "attack" is a major issue since it highlights the issue that the property has which is "the fuck do you do against it." You can get that attack against parts like African Throwing Knives that make less sense. In addition you can stick calamity on that bitch, because it's the attack type that gets the most modifiers.
It's expensive for its damage but it still means you can potentially negate a savant's ability to be a viable opponent, potentially outside the range of most hinders.
>Frost Barrier
Probably the weakest skill here and will hit one major problem. If you're using this more than twice in a round, you're probably the build that's destroying the encounter so you don't want to be wasting AP on this.
>Biting Cold
Frozen is a strong property as it is, letting it do more damage is a dubious prospect, especially in light of the subsequent skills.
>Icy Veins
Does this apply if you hit a horror for that +2 damage or do you specifically have to inflict the thing on savants? This essentially turns using your other skills into +AP next round.
>Freeze Solid
Astonishingly bad idea, especially when paired with the skills that buff Frozen. Get a crit to get even more damage for free (+3 vs Horrors when factoring in Biting Cold) or get +1 AP. This also raises the question of whether dismember or explosive doubles the damage Frozen adds. What compounds this is that it is the ultimate in the main issue of the Frozen property. If the savant is getting hit what do they do when this goes off? A doll with shotgun or sniper rifle can just spam shots until they crit to remove savants. Honestly trying to avoid drawing too many comparisons to other homebrew and such but the Frozen property just seems like an overpowered version of the property Fluid Sprayer has in Blast From the Past.
>There's certainly room for stupid shit like getting a 1 AP attack, getting a few to hit mods, and then using Golden Stopwatch to attack 20 times in a turn, so don't do that.
Finally, I can build the Jojo character I've always wanted.
It'd be hard to justify outside of meme games, but let's look at the mechanics.
>The Special
It's alright, expensive and powerful, but otherwise arguably fine.
>Confuse Ray
Making up brand new, single use attack types for specific skills is a strange tact that should really be avoided, especially when there's already a laser, which is a shooting attack. It's best to avoid making action timing attacks that are skills, since they can't be broken so it becomes impossible to neutralize the doll outside of complete destruction. As for the attack itself, it's not necessarily broken but would be irritating, unless enemies just don't move. It'd work better as a cheaper rapid or some such rather than an attack that can be spammed.
>Matter Transferal Beam
Maybe make it cost a bit more, but you could do some absolutely hilarious stuff, like work with a junk to have Defender of Eden and start in eden to bully one specific enemy very hard. Lack of counter play is an issue, though.
>Orbital Strike
Making it 3 count instead of 2 might be more reasonable, especially since it is spammable. This technically bypasses anti-area parts and maneuvers, but it's hard to see it as too strong since it has no interactions with anything to boost the damage it deals. On a less meme concept with less silly fluff, it'd probably be ok.
>UFO Drone
Bump up the cost to 1 AP per drone, or at least 2, and this isn't so bad.
Nice range but high cost. It mostly evens out as something you might take if you hate action timing.
>Surprising Probe
It's a meme. It should probably be cheaper with a lower effect.
Possibly the big ticket item for the class, the fact that it's permanent puts it a bit too much on the strong side and will likely be a thing you'll have to keep reminding everyone at the table for.

This one isn't really broken, though it wavers on the side of "Ok it's not overpowered, but it's a dumb meme that isn't appropriate for the game."
We've been back and forth of frozen for a while, it started as stagger but variable amounts of AP loss and then waffled around and is now basically a half dismember. +2 damage instead of 2x. Removes a location until end of round instead of forever. Doesn't have a check to compensate. The big thing with new effects like frozen is that you don't have all the defenses against them like you do dismember, explosive, etc. so it's really hard to judge. I'd probably allow anything that negates dismember to negate frozen as well (even if it doesn't make much narrative sense, just for balance purposes)

>Support move
The nice thing is that you can buff an ally's move so they can travel farther, counter a hinder move, or support an enemy's move so they end up in the middle of your party full of melee instead of 1 zone away. The reminder text is just so people remember to use the full movement and not stop early. Not that if you have a move part with variable movement, you must use the largest value

100% blatantly stolen from Sakuya who stole it from Dio. For a while it was literally named Za Warudo, but that was a little on the nose.
File: Corpse Frame Art.jpg (346 KB, 1504x1500)
346 KB
346 KB JPG

Grey was the 2nd class we did and I think it is a lot more elegant design wise. The fluff text and names are 100% a meme, but it's still pretty good mechanically.

>laser attack
This was mostly so you couldn't buff it with shooting modifiers, and there's not really a clean way to do that other than just swapping typing. The attack is similar to ball & chain in that you can sit there tagging one enemy to, in effect, stunlock it. But you're spending 3AP to do 1 damage. You /can/, but most of the time, you /shouldn't/

We actually did a test of this last night, keeping track was pretty easy, but we play online. The DM just scribbled some purple on the zone and called it a day. It being permanent is strong, but until the end of the round means you rarely get to actually benefit from it. Maybe until you leave the zone?
As a "fluff" thing, class tends to not reflect on who the character was in life or even have that much bearing on personality, you also used between twice in the second sentence of the description.
There's already wording for things that something isn't a move maneuver because it moves you into a specified zone (see maneuvers like Gathering in Elysium) and being immune to hinder moves (see hopper), so this property feels pretty redundant, especially when it's used both as a short hand for "Move that can't be modified" and being moved into a specific zone like Fall into Hades. Forgot to mention it when the Support Move was brought up before, but it is kind of shit to just introduce a property that fucks with situational parts like Hopper and Adhesive pads.
>Golden Stopwatch
This is an immediate no. Everything else that could ever come close to causing AP to rise above the current count has otherwise been avoided. Enemies with a higher AP that enter through any means specifically have their AP dropped to current AP-1, costs can't be reduced below 0, etc. Even ignoring that, this does mean that the GM has to work a good chunk harder on potential battles that have objectives that aren't "kill the enemy" because the maid could just wait until count 2 or 1, pop it and then just do the objective while everything's either at count 0 or exhausted all their reactions.
>Dispose of Trash
Basically take Junk with your choice of Dweller in Hades (fairly disgusting) or Even Unto Tartarus (Deserving of a firing squad with Drama of Death). The hypothetical balancer of the latter is that there's no easy way into Tartarus that can't get you fucked with somehow. This is a very powerful buff that's easy to achieve and doesn't even, potentially, require you to put yourself out of your local Stacy's protect range to benefit.

Goddamn, there's a lot to say here.
>Hell of A Maid
4 AP is pricy, except it's an extremely strong attack and a move that no one can do a damn thing about to stop, and it synergizes with the +1 damage and Even Unto Tartarus to make a build even more deserving of that firing squad. It's even action so if someone throws you out of tartarus and into Hades, you can just smash them with 4+Area again.
>Knife Throw
Come on, man, don't do African Throwing Knife like this. It's right there, the class gets ARM points, just put the ARM 3 towards that, or is this a racism thing?
>Don't Cry
Comes too close to scapegoat and also a cheaper and easier to use Embrace of Souls. The only caveat being that you're likely too busy being balls deep in Tartarus to be in range.
>At Your Side
This one's not too bad, but in the context of the rest of this class, this just gives a final way to get out of trouble on a class that can generally teleport where it wants to be with no ability to be stopped.
>Hail of Blades
This feels like what you're supposed to use with Golden Stopwatch to weasel around the fact that you're taking attack penalties. This will destroy encounters fairly, easily if the PC plays their cards right.

Ultimately this class is utterly busted and feels like it was maid in a vacuum. Even ignoring the special skill, this class is pretty much what someone would point to to say "See, Homebrew is utterly busted."
>+2 damage instead of 2x
The question was "how does this work with other properties that already multiply damage." This isn't even an obscure hypothetical since you have a skill that lets you add Frozen to any attack in the game, and you have a Frozen attack as a skill that does double damage to legions (via area).
>Removes a location until end of round instead of forever. Doesn't have a check to compensate.
That difference may be more academic than practical, since a savant with its defends or auto separate or whatever being frozen is probably not going to last very long, especially when getting shot at by the frost sniper who's has a good chance of freezing two of the savant's locations before count 8's rolled around.
>The reminder text is just so people remember to use the full movement and not stop early. Not that if you have a move part with variable movement, you must use the largest value.
Even your clarification can still sound like "Support Move 1 on an animal legs going Move 1 means you move 3." You generally shouldn't add extra text to "remind" people of things that are fairly self-evident (boosting a character's move maneuver means they move in accordance with that boost) as it's more likely to confuse than help.

Just gonna have to refuse to go over that one for now just because that seems like a nightmare to even grok its balance, let alone deal with a player who isn't a savant themselves at tracking things
Really, it doesn't need to be a unique property, especially when only one skill has it.
Expensive but strong, frankly hard to really conclude if the original skill is fine or not. On it's own, probably fine since it's really only once per round. What it turns into is dubious more from a character build perspective than a in-combat balance thing. Funnily enough, an enemy could meatshield away your precise to make you hit any sisters in the area.
>Cloak of Crows
Reduce the cost and the defend value to make it a little more fine to use outside of its optimal scenarios.
>Doll of Straw
A weaker Remain Dead.
>Inflict Fear
It having the specific property over move makes it worse. Just a "Move 1, this cannot be used to move the target into your zone." would work, but as it is, it is a mite too expensive and more limited than similarly cost, but more practical maneuvers (like wire reel).
>Harvester's Scythe
Not terribly good cost wise, but this just raises the question, did someone in your group get their attack part critted or dismembered off in the first count once or something? There seems to be a general trend of giving classes action timing attacks, some of which just remove the need for the PC to get an attack part at all.
>Straw for Brains
This one's just weird. Unless you're in a high favor game or the GM fucking hates you, you're probably not getting hit in the head hard enough for that "critical hits against the head are not critical hits" to matter much. Defend 1 on the head is strong, but it's a bit of a hard sell for -2 AP and -1 part on the head. Probably just going to be exploited by stacy's more than anything.
>Perfect Mimicry
This one's actually fine, save for the part that it means you can use the special skill uninterrupted by anything that's not a savant. The savant that's trying not to get frozen into a block of solid ice.
Not sure if it's intended or not, but this can be used to move anyone in any direction which seems strange considering the name and flavor text. Rapid unhinderable move 1 with a 0-1 range is strong though the trigger conditions might balance it out. If it could only be used on the user, it'd be fine.

Fuck that was a lot to go through. There's some neat ideas here (Support Move particularly), but there's a lot of "here, we solved movement so you can be where you want without having to buy parts or think too hard" or "You don't need an attack part. Here's something that can't break."

>This was mostly so you couldn't buff it with shooting modifiers, and there's not really a clean way to do that other than just swapping typing. The attack is similar to ball & chain in that you can sit there tagging one enemy to, in effect, stunlock it. But you're spending 3AP to do 1 damage. You /can/, but most of the time, you /shouldn't/
The problem is since it doesn't stack, you can't just keep tagging one enemy (at least not effectively) unless they're constantly moving. If it applied to any move used on them, you could be a cheeky shit with someone who has pilebunker or some such, but otherwise, it's just something that really should be a rapid (and turning it into a shooting attack) instead of something that can be spammed but is almost never worth it.
She Can't See Anything

That's a hell of a brand name and slogan, but what does the product do?
Hey it’s the other Aussie!~
My autistic brethren. :]
You having a good noon mate?
File: lbt8ii9q5ib71.jpg (2.74 MB, 2848x3891)
2.74 MB
2.74 MB JPG
>Knife throw
It's literally the same stats as handcannon except a different attack type.

It's +2 damage on a modifier, I'd put it at the end so it doesn't get multiplied by another modifier. And I'd allow things that negate dismember to negate frozen, since frozen has no explicit defenses, otherwise yeah, your savant is going to be a savant-sicle, just like they'd be a pile of confetti if they brought no dismember protection.

>Support move
We had that debate in our group, so we added the reminder text.

>Hail of Blades
It's there if you do score a hit, or are willing to pump supports into the roll, but you're also running a lot higher risk of crit failing.

>Golden Stopwatch
To me, Homebrew is the place to do stupid shit that would never see the light of day in an official release. So far, we've been using it with no issues. But we've also been careful not to abuse it (no cheesing battle objectives, no spamming low AP attacks, etc.) It depends very heavily on your group. We might offer a secondary special that's a lot more pedestrian.

>At Your Side
Funny enough, when building my current character I considered doing a hell of a maid build to see how it would play it, and At Your Side was the get out of jail free card. But, you need a sister to take damage to actually use it. So I considered taking a sniper rifle and getting hand of death as an early pick up, just so I could rapid timing shoot a sister if I needed to escape.

>Attack actions
Most of them are niche and not designed to be your bread and butter damage skill (Ice-ball and harvester scythe are the most normal and looking at 'em, I want to do some reworking). Parts are still more efficient or flexible. Also, honestly, we did it for Glacier cause when brainstorming skills we tossed in "Big Fuck-Off Ice Ball", which stuck, and the Alien needed a ray gun, and then it was a trend.

Yeah, we had it be in a handful more things, but it didn't pan out. It got left in the one ability
File: Mermaid Art.jpg (95 KB, 600x849)
95 KB
>Maid description text
I tried to keep it in the style of how Nechronica did the core classes and holy shit it is not my style. Someone else can write those.

Word-smith is somewhere between an idea and an experiment. The numbers seem about where they should be, but since it's all on a delay, they're a bit higher than normal? It is absolutely a "Can I, not Should I" class. I would play it because I helped make it. If anyone else tried to play it, good luck to 'em.

Looking over it again, there's a good handful of things that don't really track. Like, Pyrophobia being worded like an auto, but stated like a rapid. Inflict fear being a worse wire reel, Doll of Straw being a worse remain dead. It's gonna have to go back in the oven.

Of course "This is not considered a Movement Maneuver." or "This cannot be hindered" already exist, but the point of Transport is so that you can use a keyword instead of a whole sentence.

Overall, generally good feedback. Some (knife throw) less useful than others,

That's a good Spice, brother, but I ain't no damn Aussie. How're things in the land down under?
>It's Men In Black but with snaggletoothed anime chicks
I dig it.
File: Judge me harder mommy.png (1.58 MB, 1166x1333)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
>I would describe nechronica as psychological body horror.

Have you ever leaned into that?
Had people judge and abuse them for their appearance?
Or started with dolls who value their appearance and then take that away from them as they are forced to rebuild their bodies into twisted things beyond the bounds of traditional humanity in appearance?
File: klUhTC5.jpg (1.23 MB, 1360x1920)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
Two little problems there, one that translation ends at chapter 5, and the other that I do recognize the drawing style and can't shake off some less-than-wholesome associations it has.
The download link isn't working for me.
Is anyone else having trouble with it?

Why is her skin made of puzzle pieces?

being unable to see them and think about other works by the same artist that I may have issue with is a problem I am glad to not have.
>Is this a good system for a game focused on psychological horror and extreme violence?


>make it so that the boss can detonate them at will somehow
>How would you do this?
>I imagine the summoner having to spend AP to make them, then spend even more AP to attack them and set them off would leave said summoner wide open to get mulched by any dolls that were still combat capable, which I imagine would be most of them if the party is strong enough to justify sending an enemy after them who can spawn suicide bombers mid combat.

Seconding this.
>the Requiem might even know how to.

Why are Court and Requiem so often paired?
because it's not her skin
File: download.jpg (371 KB, 1920x2477)
371 KB
371 KB JPG
She's actually an Automata. She just has a whole lot of experience surviving out in hostile places and has been around for a long, long time.

You slap on a version of Psychic Claw that's cheap and can't be used on players. Make it 1 AP instead of 2 and it becomes a pretty mild AP tax, depending on how expensive the actual summoning manuver is
That would require friendly NPCs.
And nuance and empathy good enough not to default into outright "racism in a different language".
Someone who really wants to help the Dolls but is repulsed by their appearance and may not always be able to overcome it to help them.
File: Untitled.png (355 KB, 2103x855)
355 KB
355 KB PNG
So. Finally storytime.
A few disclaimers, this game is still in progress so... I do not actually have access to the other players' sheets due to spoiler reasons. This may lead to a little confusion on my end as I try and piece certain things together like progression.
There's also a lot of homebrew flying around, like the fact that all the player classes are custom, or the fact that this campaign is actually designed like a hexcrawl. Additionally, I'll be missing certain info like passed notes or detailed memory fragments meant for the other PCs.

Also, for the first time in a while I actually feel it's appropriate to put my namefag on, as this campaign happens to take place in the same setting as the Port Campaign/Tower Campaign.
Anyone who hasn't read that and wants to, archives below. If you don't, the content won't be immediately relevant to the events of this campaign; we actually only started hitting our first plot threads from the previous campaign this last week.
>Port Campaign
>A wanderer happens upon two dolls in stasis in the heart of an abandoned bunker. Together they must discover what they have all lost and try to reclaim what little remains.
>Part 1: https://desuarchive.org/tg/thread/66953607/#66966885
>Part 2: https://desuarchive.org/tg/thread/67067379/#67068207
>Part 3: https://desuarchive.org/tg/thread/69210513/#69220427
>Part 4: https://desuarchive.org/tg/thread/69780101/#69853900
>Part 5: https://desuarchive.org/tg/thread/71579421/#71589218
>Part 6: https://desuarchive.org/tg/thread/71958657/#71980453
>Part 7: https://desuarchive.org/tg/thread/74251433/#74298886
>Part 8: https://desuarchive.org/tg/thread/75185467/#75222528

Pic related are the custom classes available to the party; The Ghost, Cog, and Surgeon. We're still working out balance stuff with them as we play but we're also mostly balancing and building around fluff instead of raw power.

File: hometown.png (2.02 MB, 1203x809)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB PNG
Also, custom rules:
>Game has a loose time limit, and travel time is tracked.
>Normal reinforcement parts have to be bought in the party's home settlement or in the presence of an appropriate merchant. All the basic parts, plus a few custom ones, are available here as normal.
>Certain merchants out in the world may have custom parts with special effects.
>Favor is not handed out for combat. Instead, the party rolls for salvage on enemies who failed to escape the battlefield and can either use the appropriate parts to repair their own broken ones or salvage new reinforcement parts from downed enemies. Parts acquired this way do not count against/for the part tiers acquired normally through favor.
>Parts have qualifiers determining who can and cannot use them. For example, a character without hands may not be able to equip something like a pistol right off the bat. Parts or dolls can usually be modified to fit together with effort, but without proper facilities and materials it takes an inordinate amount of time.
>Favor is rewarded for the completion of jobs, dictated by the difficulty of said job and how well the party performed while completing their objectives. Rewards are split evenly between the party.
>Multiple jobs can be in progress at the same time.
>PCs can sleep. This both serves to help manage Madness at the expense of time and also may reveal plot threads or hints as the characters dream.
>Characters have Specialties. That is, interests and skills that do not directly affect combat; things like an affinity for a certain genre of music or a particular life skill. These are used for certain Action Checks outside of combat, like tracking an animal or identifying a noise, and can confer a +1 or +2 bonus depending on relevance.
>Karma works normally, and Skills can be acquired at any time as long as you have the appropriate Favor.
>There's also a hex map with various zones and landmarks on it.
File: Meltie2W.png (71 KB, 437x437)
71 KB
On to PCs
First, and my own character:
Name: Meltie
Position: Automaton
Age: 18
Starting Position: Limbo
Class/Subclass: Cog/Surgeon

Backstory: Home
>As far back as you can remember, you were always here, in this place. You remember the beginning; that lonely building, over the lake. You remember the trees felled. The first cabins raised. The walls. The trench. The promise this place would always be your Home. You remember all this… but what came before?

Premonition: Catastrophe
>It's just as well you don't remember any more of that tragedy and betrayal…
But, in order to understand what is happening right now, you may have no choice.

Memory Fragments:

>Mechanic (Mecha)
>Music (Jazz)

Treasure: Compass
>An old analogue compass emblazoned with an ‘A.’ It does not point North, but it does seem to point somewhere specific.

Starting Skills:
>Networked Mind
>Iron Guts

Starting Parts:
>Voice Effect
>Coffin (fluffed as thick armor)
>African Throwing Knife (fluffed as a fletchette launcher)
>Slippery (fluffed as armor sloping)

File: Sofia_L-Token_W2.png (56 KB, 575x575)
56 KB
I feel a bit silly filling this out since I only have partial access, but:

Name: Sofia Dulce Margarita De Santiago
Position: Court
Age: 20
Starting Position: Limbo
Class/Subclass: The Ghost
Backstory: [redacted]
Premonition: [redacted]
Memory fragments: [redacted]

>Anime and manga

Treasure: Her kimono

Starting Skills:
>Out of Sight
>Phantom Pain

Starting Parts
>Steel Bones

File: FeyrToken.png (65 KB, 1600x1666)
65 KB
Oct 10; Year 7
>It is warm day perhaps warmer than it maybe should be at this time of year. The sky is clouded as ever, but there are more breaks in the sickly pall above than usual, allowing for shafts of light to break through here and there. The party stands at the Sanctuary's pier, in the shadow of the observatory as the "shipwrights" do their final checks of the vessel they will be embarking upon.
>It is late morning, just before noon. The party is here for their first assignment as members of the Explorers. Present as an overseer and mentor is the D-Rank Explorer, Feyr. She scans the horizon idly as she waits, roosted upon an idle wooden crane.
>Meltie sits on the edge of the pier, legs pulled in like a spider in waiting. Her face's forehead rests on the pier's very corner, allowing her to peer down into the water. "I wonder how deep the river will go once we're embarked," she says idly through unmoving lips.
>"The amazingly deadly, Intelligent and Beautiful assassin stalks her prey." A voice drifts up from below the pier.
>Sofia's head pops up over the edge of the pier, directly behind Meltie.
>"Her target is none the wiser as she stares into the murky waters, waiting, and pondering." There's a pink blur of motion as Sofia scrambles from her awkward perch on the underside of the pier and then leaps on top of Meltie's broad, metallic back. "Boo! Did I get ya?"
>Meltie's head rotates one hundred and eighty degrees to look directly into Sophia's eyes. "The water is calm enough to be adequately reflective. I could see you hanging. And it is not very clandestine behavior to narrate your actions aloud." She blinks. "Also, the water is relatively clear today."
>"She's right you know." Feyr comments from her literal post. "Fun and games are fine at home, but remember to be more careful in the field." She hasn't turned to face either of them.
File: 20210825_210356.jpg (530 KB, 1612x1209)
530 KB
530 KB JPG
>"But that's less dramatic!" Sofia huffs, sitting down, legs crossed. "You're supposed to be the brooding team mate! The water totally should be murky to reflect your state of mind! Also-" She points dramatically at their harpy supervisor. "I am too awesome to let something like that interfere with my deadly assassin skills!"
>"... So she says," Feyr sighs
>"But I am thinking quite clearly?" Meltie tilts her head, looking mildly confused. "I only wonder how deep the river will be once we're embarked, as I can only spend a limited time beneath water before my air intakes become swamped." Her head rotates at the base of her neck to face the boat. "Though our transport looks steady enough. I doubt it will be of much concern."
>"GASP! Meltie! You just jinxed us!" Sofia hops to her feet and waves her arms around. "Begone evil spirits of irony, begone!"
>A larger manipulator arm unclamps from its place on Meltie's side and gently, but firmly, clamps Sophia's lips together. "Please do not shout on my back." Meltie's head rotates to face Feyr. "Is the first region we're crossing into on the ship's maiden voyage already charted?"
>"The fields?" Feyr answers. "Yes. We'll be there... if this thing moves as fast as expected, maybe two or three days. When the river forks, we'll be headed north toward parts less known."
>"Mpphmehh!" Sofia mumbles, trying to free herself from the claw-imposed silence. "Mpppph."
>"And we're to follow this course for approximately a month, collecting information as we travel on both the environment and the craft, correct?" Meltie's manipulator eventually releases Sophia's lips. And then not-so-gently pokes her in the nose.
>"So I was told." Feyr answers. "If the boat runs aground, we're to abort and return home. On that note; if you have to swim to shore, aim for the southern banks. The nearest bridge is in ruins; we'll need to pass through the City if we come ashore on the northern edge, or otherwise circle about through the Frost"
File: Tilda.png (35 KB, 639x639)
35 KB
>Sofia tumbles from the top of Meltie, twisting in mid-air until she lands in a gymnast's victory pose. "Freedom!" She heels turns to face Feyr, "Do not worry feathers! With the mighty Sofia Dulce Margarita de Santiago on your side we will accomplish our mission flawlessly!" she shouts, completely ignoring her previous statement about 'jinxes.'
>"I don't know why they wanted an assassin as skilled as myself to go exploring but I shall stab our ignorance in the night! Garrote the unknown! Silently Slay our sad state of simplicity and obtain the reward that awaits me!"
>Meltie shifts slightly under Sophia's dancing. "I will clamp your lips again," she says with only minor inflection.
>There is some giggling from behind the group, which catches the lot of them off guard.
>"It's good to see you're so spirited," Tilda Rosenberg, the unofficial 'mayor' of the Sanctuary and vendor of trinkets and artifacts, has somehow ghosted her way into their presence without drawing awareness from even the immaculately ninja-esque Sofia. This is not abnormal for her. "But before you go-" The workers on the boat are filing their way off, paying Tilda nothing more than a knowing smile as they move on, "-I have a gift for you both."
>She dangles a pair of jade-colored gemstone necklaces; the gems glow brightly, even in the daylight.
>Meltie perks up at Tilda's voice. She has to lift herself up and rotate several degrees on her tires to be face-to-face with Tilda. "Thank you, Ms. Rosenberg," she says with uncharacteristic sincerity as she reaches an arm out and takes one of the necklaces.
>Meltie turns the stone this way and that, admiring it in the light before looping it around her 'neck.'
>"You're very welcome, Ms. Meltie," The young(?) woman returns warmly. "And yours, Ms. Santiago." She proffers it to Sofia.
Sofia nearly jumps out of her skin at Tilda's sudden appearance. "Once again Aneki proves her outstanding stealth skills! One day I shall discover your secret!" She bounds forward to take her necklace. "Are these a gift for the most amazing explorers? Or powerful artifacts to help us on our quest?"
>"They're charms, to keep you safe," Tilda explains, taking a step back and folding her hands. "If you're in danger, they might keep you from harm. If you're lost, they might lead you home. If your heart is troubled, they might help you smile. All Explorers have one; consider it like a badge."
>A lighthearted giggling sound plays through Meltie's speakers.
>As Sofia touches the gemstone, the gem's radiant energy floods into her psychic perception and nearly overwhelms her with the impression of warmth, love, and affection.
>She gasps and reverently takes it and slips it around her neck. "Truly this is a Chekhov's gun of outstanding power and beauty! I will treasure it until I have to sacrifice it to save my teammates from dire peril!"
[Party members add the part Lucky Charm to their character sheets]
[When taking 3 or more unblocked damage, you may break this part instead. This part Regenerates at the end of combat.]
>"Just stay alive." Tilda says, smiling, "As long as this home has a place in your heart, you won't lose it... now, I believe your vessel is ready. Shall these gallant knights sally off to their great adventure?"
>Feyr snorts as she hops off her crane and glides onto the boat.
>"Yes!" Sofia pumps her fist in the air. "Onward! We ride our noble steed into the howling darkness to only return once we have dispelled the foul shadow of ignorance with the light of knowledge! … and knives. Awaaaaaay!" Sofia proceeds to board the boat as over dramatically as possible, performing a triple back flip somersault, only to land on the ships railing and nearly fall into the water.
File: RonTradBoat.jpg (26 KB, 600x427)
26 KB
>She's only saved by Feyr, who reaches out a taloned foot to snag the hem of her kimono and drag her back into the boat.
>"I do not think I am shiny enough to be a knight..." Meltie mumbles as she reorients her legs and raises herself up off the pier. Her voice suddenly becomes much more animated, and her face smiles happily. "But I think I could be gallant! I was made for that sort of thing, I think." She rolls over the pier on her wheels, careful not to stress the planks as her bulk passes over them.
>The emotion evaporates abruptly as she reaches the boat and carefully climbs, one foot at a time, onto the craft. "You really ought to be more careful, Sophia. Those sort of theatrics could get you injured if you didn't execute them responsibly."
>"Nonsense!" Sofia cries. "I am far to awesome to fall to mere gravity!" she shouts again.
>With little more fanfare, Feyr deftly unloops the boat and then awkwardly grasps the wheel with the clawed hands at the end of her wings. After confirming everyone is aboard and secure, she flips the engine switch, setting the little boat off toward the east. The boar is already near the head of the river, so it does not take long before they have exited Sanctuary's lake.
>And then the boat is away.

Some clarification: the party's first job in this campaign is basically to put their home settlement's first ever homegrown boat through its paces. It's something in the same vein as pic related, except there's no real shelter on deck, just a station for whoever is piloting the thing.
The party is to be compensated on their return and report of the boat's performance. Since this is Meltie and Sofia's first job, she's keeping an eye on them both to keep them honest and to ensure the two of them don't get into something they can't handle. It should be a milk run, but sometimes things happen.
Because I'm dumb and forgot to make this it's own post at the start:
Sanctuary is an actual undead settlement. With people and stuff and a semi-functioning economy. It's located on the coast of a large lake, and largely constructed around the aforementioned Observatory on the lake's coast and spider-webbing out deeper into the mainland.
The settlement itself isn't that large, and homes maybe half a thousand dolls of various kinds. There's enough people to feed a small local economy; dolls trade services or scavenged goods looted from the nearby ruins and have taken to using small metal chits as a form of currency.
More recently, there's been efforts to organize and manage expeditions attempting to map and explore the areas directly around Sanctuary, resulting in the formation of the Explorer Corps. Though only loosely organized, the Explorers are largely responsible for managing jobs that involve traveling out into the more dangerous areas outside of Sanctuary; their efforts mostly include evaluating combat-capable dolls and connecting them with work, risk assessment, and the compilation and recording of gathered knowledge. Most of the resources that come into Sanctuary do so through jobs offered and run by the Explorers.
Sanctuary, as it's name might imply, is an unusually safe place to settle. There are very few hostile undead in the area, and even the surrounding grasslands. Most of the undead in the town's walls are very basic, and if you statted them out you'd just get a doll with basic parts. Most dolls who are capable of surviving on the outside are already members of the Explorers, though a few remain independent; usually merchants or more free-spirited scavengers.

Lastly, Sanctuary is surrounded by a ring of black monoliths. No one really knows what they do or what they're for. There's a few dolls who have standing rewards for information on them, or for the locations of other monoliths outside of Sanctuary.
File: ub6t4ogwtm851.jpg (173 KB, 1000x1395)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
That arm belongs to her dad (I think he's her dad, anyway) who's in jail but sometimes is allowed to reach out of his cell through a portal and shoot thugs with his space gun.
It's very silly.

I kind of agree with you, but also don't? I get the vibe from the rulebook that players are supposed to be rotating through characters somewhat regularly, but I also agree that killing individual characters is pretty difficult without also just deleting the party.

I wonder if it's more common in Japanese games to try and force parties to flee. Nuke an unfortunate doll, but don't give your pawns the tools to chase aggressively. Or set up a combat that's going to be swingy by nature and trust your group to dip out if things go badly.
Idk. I slept like shit so maybe my brain is just wandering in circles.
File: Sachiko condom.jpg (173 KB, 1380x1006)
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173 KB JPG
You want your players to be afraid and disturbed? Add a dash of sex to the horror. Go Giger or Barker. Then everyone's going to have nightmares.
>people posting their group's homebrew classes.

I like this.
File: unknown (1).png (627 KB, 744x566)
627 KB
627 KB PNG
Actually lastly; there are no population centers outside of Sanctuary. At least not that the residents themselves know of. The closest thing would arguably the the ruined city East of Sanctuary, which is home to more than a few roving gangs of miscreants, outcasts, and mindless constructs.

>The voyage down the river is... largely uneventful to start.
>The first leg of their journey takes the boat through the local grasslands; a flat plain dominated by brown stalks tall enough for even Meltie to hide among them comfortably.
>There's not much motion or noise here except for the odd bit of movement in the grass, and the party passes without incident, spending an admittedly boring four days of travel simply milling around on the boat as they putter along.
>Eventually, the river splits into a trio of tributaries. One turning due south, which Feyr says empties into a small crater lake, one turning south west toward the ruined city, and one turning North East into an area that is not well charted.
>The group elect to travel north. Cautiously.
>Not long after they leave the fork behind, the land on the north bank abruptly transitions from brown grass into a gray, lifeless, petrified forest.
>Which is to say: very literally petrified. The trees, the ground, what might be the remains of plants; it's all gray stone.
>There isn't any noise at all from the dead forest as the pass. Or any motion, for that matter. They continue unimpeded.
>That night, the party can see glowing lights coming from an area out to the east. They're somewhere below the horizon, moving and pulsing slowly in the dark.
>The following morning, the party can actually see the top lip of a chasm in the same direction as the light.
>Through a little observation, they come to the conclusion that the lights themselves must be somewhere in the chasm; it appears that the lights never actually go out, just that the sun overpowers them during the daytime.
Oh god it’s this pasta again…
Hi anon~ :|
File: 26_1.jpg (1.35 MB, 2400x1800)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG
>On the seventh day, the dry grasslands to their south abruptly transition into what Feyr simply calls The Green.
>Apparently there's very little known about it, but the place is absolutely resplendent with plant life. True to its name, every leaf, stem, and blade of grass within the Green is... bright green. Everything is healthy, and the party can hear the sounds of animal activity from the river.
>Some of the animals even come up to the banks to drink, or gawk at the boat.
>Meltie doesn't recognize any, but Sofia is happy to talk her ear off about this bird or that rodent. They pass some time chatting idly.
>But in the span of a day, the boat has left the Green behind. The tributary veers northward to move deeper into the petrified forest, and the voyage spends another day in almost complete silence.
>Around this time, Meltie and Sofia note that the charms given to them by Tilda have become dimmer. Per Feyr, this appears to be normal as the gems get farther and farther from Sanctuary, though she can't provide a 'why' when asked.
>Well into that evening, the party hears a rumbling noise. Not long after they meet another fork in the river, this time splitting east and west.
>The boat begins to list with the current, pulling into the eastern fork. Which, the party realizes, is also the same direction as the rumbling noise.
>Feyr strains the boat's primitive propulsion systems, but does actually manage to steer them into the western fork.
>... a good thing, too. Because as the party passes the fork they can see the telltale mist from what must be quite a sizeable waterfall to their west. Which they realize should be in the same area as the chasm.
>That night, the party exits the river and hit open water, what they assume must be a large inland lake; unfortunately a sheet of fog has settled over the body of water, making estimating the size impossible.
>It also happens to make navigation back to the mouth of the river impossible, as it closes in behind them before they can even realize they've drifted away from shore.
>They attempt to just turn back, but it quickly becomes apparent that they're lost somewhere out in open water
>The party briefly floats the idea of sending Feyr up to try and scout, but quickly scuttle the idea. If the fog is too thick for them to see the sky, it might be too thick for Feyr to find her way back to the boat, which would leave Meltie and Sofia stranded alone.
>After some deliberation, they decide to try and use Meltie's compass to keep a consistent heading and find the shore. It doesn't point north but... it also seems to be keeping a consistent heading of it's own. It's worth a shot.
>They wind up meandering through the fog for a full three days in which little happens. On the morning of the third day it begins raining very heavily. It doesn't particularly bother Feyr or Meltie, but Sofia takes the opportunity to use Meltie's wide hull as an umbrella.
>No one is paying particular attention when the gray gravel shore finally fades in later that day, around noon. Meltie, who has been focused on her compass, manages to notice first.
>"Shoreline! Brake!" she calls, too late.
>Feyr reacts quickly but the inertia of the boat mostly foils her attempt. She's able to slow the craft enough that they only run aground instead of busting the hull wide open from excessive speed.
>The fog is practically a wall; as soon as the boat is out of the water the party is in daylight.
>The landscape before them is similar to that of the petrified forest, except there's no trees. Everything is some kind of stone; even the grass.
>In the distance, off to the east (Meltie can get her heading again now that she can see the sun), is a dilapidated skyscraper topped by a flat black rod jutting up into the sky.
>As she steps up to the edge of the boat, Meltie rotates her head to be right-side up and squints up at the object at the top of the skyscraper. "It resembles a Monolith. The object at the top. Do you think it is one? Or like one?"
>Sofia, meanwhile, throws herself off the boat with wild abandon. "LAND!" Sofia she shouts as she stumbles off the boat and drops to her knees, going to kiss the ground only to bang her head into a wooden post (the only actual wood in view) that promptly falls into the water and vanishes from sight. "Ooww." Sofia whines, picking a splinter out of her forehead.
>Feyr pads up to the edge of the deck. "...I think it is a monolith," she says, squinting at the discovered object. "That's a very strange place for one to be, but then I'm no expert. Not sure what's up with the spook lights either."
>Meltie's eyes pan down toward Sofia, then shift to scan the stony shoreline. The ground here is disturbed - there are several rents in the land here and there near the water. Crumbled stone and gravel at their sides mixes with dried mud. They do not look fresh, but it is clear they are 'new.'
>Various cameras on the sides of Meltie's chassis whir and whine "There's evidence of activity on the shoreline some time recently." Meltie cants her entire body left and right several degrees to try and give her sensors a better view of the area. "It's difficult to estimate age of the markings, but the wooden post Sofia knocked over seems like it would indicate semi-regular activity."
>Feyr hums at that, but shrugs. "We're not here to reach out. Just make a note of it for a possible follow up mission. Right now... We need to decide whether we keep going along the shore or take the boat back southward now that we've found the shoreline. I'll remind you; our allotted travel time is nearly half spent."
>Sofia stands up, still rubbing her head. "We could always interrogate them for information on the surrounding area. GASP! I'll get my knives~!"
She did actually say 'gasp' if you were curious.
>"Bad ninja." Feyr deadpans, flicking Sofia in the back of the head with the tip of her wing. "The Sanctuary's mission is to make friends, not foes."
>"OW!" Sofia rubs the sore spot on her head. "Again!"
>Feyr obliges, still deadpan, prompting Sofia to flop onto the ground and whine in exaggerated agony.
>Meltie blinks once. Something hums under her armor. "I note it more to say that we should be on guard for possible contact; hostile or friendly." The tires on the ends of her legs fold inward, revealing the conical tips of her legs. She tests the gravel with them once, twice, and then takes a few experimental steps to get a feel for the ground. "Should we take a closer look at the chasm before we turn back? I doubt that we'll have time to make our way to the building, or scale it, on this trip but there might be something of interest to find near the lip."
>"But it's so holey!" Sofia says, suddenly back on her feat. "Uh, not in that way... I mean... you know what I mean!"
>Feyr's eyebrow raises a tick, and she sighs. "She's not advocating we descend, just take a closer look."
>"It's not a hole at all. It's really more of a gorge. Or a small canyon." Meltie 'hmm's at her own observation and begins picking her way over the stony ground. "But yes, I would simply like to find the edge and peek in. A whole excursion would likely take more time than we have available."
>"Alright fiiiine! But don't blame me if all that's there is some boring rocks." Sofia huffs and marches toward the ravine
>Meltie continues forward wordlessly, her feet 'tink-tink-tinking' off of the stone.
>"...I'll provide overwatch, then. Since there's no fog here." With that, Feyr is in the sky.
File: wp3138065.png (859 KB, 1700x1116)
859 KB
859 KB PNG
>The walk over the petrified beach is uneventful, though the party does discover that the small formations that look like petrified grass blades are actually stone and not some sort of exotic plant. They also happen to be very sharp, much to Sofia's irritation. She has to be very careful with where she steps or the 'grass' will cut her feet to ribbons.
>As the party approaches the chasm, the air grows more and more still, and the ambient sounds of the beach seem to fade away. Even Meltie's heavy footfalls on the stone feel far away.
>Sofia's psychometry sense starts receiving... odd feedback. Her hair stands up on end and she can feel the air swirl around her even though there's no physical evidence of wind.
>Feyr seems to be flying lower, and closer to the group than before.
>"Ugh, the air feels like somebody just dropped their hairdryer into the bathtub." Sofia whines as she picks her way through the sharp stone grass. "You girls take me to the nicest places."
>There's a light hum as Meltie rotates the barrel of her fletchette launcher left and right over the horizon in front of her. "The air is actually relatively static, according to my instruments," Meltie says clinically. "And I do not recognize any particular anomalies in the area around us. The lack of movement in the air around such a large geological depression is a bit unusual. We would do well to keep on our guard."
>And finally the group is at the chasm. It yawns out below them, practically bottomless. Or at least so deep that the light can't reach. The skyscraper is still a ways north of their current position, but they can see that it actually extends off the cliff edge and down into the depths of the chasm for as far as they can see.
>Far below them are the lights. Iridescent green points that float through the air at apparently random heights. If there's any actual body to them, the party isn't able to see it from their vantage point.
>Meltie parks herself right at the edge of the 'cliff,' scooting her mass forward just enough so she can rotate her head to peer over the edge.
>"So the lights are active during the day, too." There's a hint of interest in her voice. "I was hoping they were related to an electrical source, but... I don't see anything leading downward, or anything they could be suspended from." Her head reorients itself to the 'proper' position and she scans the sides of the cliff. "Drones, maybe? The building could be their 'base.' So to speak."
>"It looks like a competent climber could scale the walls here. They're terraced - to a point. It looks like the building goes all the way down."
>Sofia drops some rocks down the hole, giggling as they bounce off of the wall and fall into the abyss. "Hey!" She calls to Meltie. "Think I can hit a light from from here?"
>She doesn't wait for an answer instead chucking the rock in her hand as hard as possible at one of the lights.
>As Sofia looks down into the chasm at the lights, watching her rock, the distance just seems to grow longer and longer. The terraces in the cliff-face seem to drift - and then race - away from her, and even the distance between the cliffs seems to yawn wider.
>'Oh, you want to play? Ooh-' The voice drifts out of her memory nearly as soon as it's heard.
>Then the rock strikes its target, and-
>'-you shouldn't have done tha~at~' A faint giggle drifts over her ears and disappears into the crannies of the past.
>-It's there, looming through the windows of her cockpit. The missiles explode, and they do nothing. She pulls frantically at her control stick. The world is sundered by a blade of emerald light.
>And then she's in the grasp of one of Meltie's armatures, its rubber-claws holding tightly to her, but not so tight - yet - as to cause pain.
>Stone cracks under Meltie's feet as she begins to backpedal, her clamp wrapped securely around Sofia's waist. She makes it two steps before Feyr careens into her from above and all three of them land several feet back in a tangle.
>Meltie is up first. Or, technically Sofia is, but only because Meltie is lifting her up. "「Why would you do that?!」" Meltie's voice is scrambled with static. The arm holding Sofia starts to shake her back and forth like an angry dog. "「Don't go throwing」 things at complete 「strangers」. Let 「alone」 unknown phenomena 「in」 a hostile 「envir」onment!"
>Sofia is holding something. It's small, black, shaped to fit a human hand, and adorned with various buttons.
>Just as soon as it's noticed, it crumbles into ash and disappears.
>Meltie catches sight of the object in Sofia's hand and pauses, but can't identify exactly what it is before it vanishes into the wind.
>Her expression returns to being completely neutral. She rotates Sofia so that Sofia is upside down and brings the assassin girl down so that the two of them are face-to-face. "Sofia, what happened just now? Why did you lean into the chasm? What was in your hand?"
>"Who cares?!" Feyr hisses, gasping for breath. "Idiot! Bad girl! Never do that again!"
>Sofia giggles airily. "I love fireworks!"
>Feyr swats her head with a wing.
>"「H」ope「less.」" Meltie mumbles as she orients Sofia so she's right-side-up before setting her back down on the ground (perhaps a little too hard). "We should get back to the boat before anything else happens."
>"Agreed." Feyr says sternly, before poking Sofia in the back. "March. No more shenanigans."

Let me know if the bracket thing is annoying to read. I have a formatting trick I normally do to quickly and easily denote when Meltie's voicebox is fucking up during roleplay because it has certain in character implications, but the trick I use doesn't work on 4channel.org so I'm improvising.
> 」
How are you doing that?
File: 7b1.png (1.76 MB, 1680x931)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
I googled「Jojo brackets」and clicked around for the correct ones. I think they're from the Japanese standard keyboard or something. IIRC Jojo's manga popularized using them for names and stuff.
Thoughts on Notepad Anon's homebrew/expansion?
>Thoughts on Notepad Anon's homebrew/expansion?

It's 4 in the morning and I still can't sleep.
Deliver me from insomnia.
I’m in the middle of a migraine episode and about to head to bed for the night
But is crowbar a part in nech or any of its supplements?
If not what abilities would you give it?

I know that feel anon
Sweet dreams when you do hit the bunk~
Just done Apocalypse Bird, gotta say it was more intense than any Core Suppression so far.
The crowbar isn't in by name, but you can pick up the Metal Bar t1 armament if you really wanted to. I'm not exactly sure how good it actually is, being a 3 AP attack that only hits for two damage, but it's there.
File: Old World Tools.pdf (53 KB, PDF)
53 KB
hello frens. an aggregation of parts i have made for the game over the last year or so. most of them have been playtested, but not all, so use with caution... but hopefully they can add some fun mechanics for you
apologies for that formatting. at some point i'll fix this and make it not awful
File: guncarriage02182022.png (1.87 MB, 2000x2000)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB PNG
different anon to >>83500744
>the expansion
i would not use it personally. however, that's not because i think it's bad. it changes some of the core conceits of the game to make it more accessible; if this is appealing to you then go for it.
however, adding more mechanics to the out-of-combat stuff really hasn't ever worked for me in the past. leaving it abstract and narrative not only speeds up play, but allows for greater freedom. he also forgot about the "gambling parts" mechanic, which is far more impactful than his aptitude (adding dice to a roll, instead of a +1 or +2 on a 2d10 system) and is underutilized by most players.
he also adds TNs and tools, which when combined with the 2d10 thing really adds unnecessary complexity; nechronica, in my opinion, shines when it's being played fast and loose. the expansion recalls to me PBTA games in that it falls into an awkward middle ground of not very deep and not very fast.
>in short
if you want a more mechanically in-depth, simulating experience, you're probably better off looking at tooling a GURPS game or something.
The first thought while looking at it is "Has this guy actually played the game?" and the number one thing that really sells this question is from the "advanced" health system.
>This turns Nechronica into a tactical game of deciding which parts to target, and what’s best to lose.
This has always been how damage worked, on both ends of the table. You have to decide what's ablative, what you need, and what you can justify losing if you have to and that's not always fixed. This really just feels like it adds extra HP to each location for its "severance" mechanic and requires banning a lot of potential "refluffs" since the optimal thing is to stick everything on the shoulders (only using spine/hips if the part forces you). One of the core behind damage is that a doll just does not give a fuck about shit getting blasted off unless it's an important part. This changes it so that a doll with a leg-part centric build can just lose all her reinforcements because the enemy hit her torso hard enough. "Lol, you lost your animal legs because you got hit twice in the body" is just an inherently worse way to play Nechronica. The scavenged parts entry is another one where it's hard to believe it was made by someone who actually played the game because everything but the helmet is only useful as an extra part to break.

Moving past that, there might be the occasional idea that's good to someone, but the system changes are in service of making the game something it's not. More complex, less creative, less free, less abstract, for little gain other than mechanical complexity. This feels like "Nechronica for people who don't want to play Nechronica."
>To me, Homebrew is the place to do stupid shit that would never see the light of day in an official release.
On some level, you are definitely right on that, and if it's just some funny shit you're working with to have some laughs in your group then more power to you. You did mention wanting to put things on the wiki, which is where the design flaws become an issue. A GM could homebrew your homebrew, but if they need to know the game and this new homebrew inside and out and change it to not break the game, it does raise the question of why they wouldn't just make their own thing if they have to put in the work anyway? This might just be a faggot's personal philosophy, but putting something up for "public consumption," it should be workable without the creator there to make judgement calls on how things interact or banning core parts.

>Some (knife throw) less useful than others,
Partially due to getting burned out spewing out words on so many things but there is a serious balance concern with it especially in the context of Maid and it's synergies that'd have taken more words to . The easy weirdness to point out is that "throwing weapons" already exist as parts (especially a throwing knife part) and are in the other attack categories so making a "new" category that covers attacks that already exist is just goofy. Outside of that, there's the more glaring issues, the ice ball being reusable (even if it is pricy) just means you can rapid it to go "lol, fuck you, you're negated" as long as the dice are slightly in your favor and nothing can rapid your ass back, outside of moving you out of range (incredibly unlikely considering its range). Every attack that is a part has the absolute final response of "break it to stop it." Even gothic, the most unkillable in that regard with the rip and tear + feast of flesh combo can still have its attack negated by getting broken and damage forces it to spend AP to repair.
>Hit the character limit again
Fucking hell
Really, of the 5, Wordsmith is probably close to being "acceptable" save for having to puzzle whether its shit. It is pertinent, however, to note that they do have the same thing that prayer has, in that a local stacy can ensure damage never interrupts you. Grey is probably the closest to a "good" state, where people could use it at their table without it breaking the game. Scarecrow needs fucking with but it's not too hard to see it reaching a state of being allowed at a table. Glacier needs both its property overhauled and its synergy skills adjusted.

Maid, however, just completely and utterly breaks the game. Its issue is it works too effectively with both junk and itself and knife throw demonstrates this very well. Before even factoring in the subclass choice, you can get Even Unto Tartarus, Knife throw, and Hell of a Maid to get 2 damage at 1 AP, which is pretty respectable. At 0 favor, you are making some sacrifices to forgo an attack part, but at 20 favor? You can pick up the teleport into tartarus and Lame beast. Now as the GM tries to murder you for being a fool, you only get more dangerous, you don't really have to worry about being rendered unable to fight because as long as you 1 part, you can keep shitting out knives for 2 damage at 1 AP. If you get moved out, you teleport back in for another big area damage. This is also without factoring in the subclass. You can take instrument of evil and shit out knives that deal 3 damage now, instead, or go for something less "efficient." The knife machinegun can't be stopped until it's completely destroyed, which is the problem with action timing attack skills.

Granted, that is a very specific build that you could spot and say "No, stop that." A requiem with a normal shotgun build can just take Hell of a Maid with their subclass being maid and start blasting everyone after it gets into Hades/Tartarus for 4 damage every 1 AP. Also combine dynamite with Hail of Knives. See what happens.
File: spriteclassart.png (432 KB, 2000x2000)
432 KB
432 KB PNG
ah, Blame!
File: 800.jpg (373 KB, 800x800)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
Perhaps one of the best/worst places to explore...
File: Centipede 3 from above.jpg (1.72 MB, 3899x2158)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB JPG
I'm sorry anon but I thought I had more time than that.
Now two days latter and I couldn't even properly ink it before showing.
I won't be able to work more on that since uni is starting again.
Hope you liked those little sketches !
Mischievous fairy !
I don't know what she planned, but that sounds painful.
Too much text tbf. I feel like there's way too many "I don't like nechronica, so I'll make it like my other ttrpg instead of changing systems" in that.
My thoughts are thus: this person does not hold Nechronica dear to themselves. They've probably never played it. They made a 5 AP cost Defend 1. They removed ablative locations by tying the lower ones to the upper, yet had the gall to assert they've made it important to decide what parts to break. Such absurdities speak to everything that needs speaking to. Anything that might represent a semi-useful idea is polluted by everything mechanical that festers around it. I sincerely hope no one that actually likes Nechronica ever finds a game, only to learn that its host intends to use these rules.

I would tell them to get out, but I don't have to. It is not worth my ire to bother. This was plainly made for a mercenary buck - and I hope its creator was stiffed on that buck. They'll be gone by next thread, because they don't actually care. Good riddance.
>"Did you notice the space warp?" Sofia says sidling up to walk between the two. "I think that's some sort of cursed ground where the souls of the past linger. It would make more sense if it was also a training ground buuuuut it doesn't quite fit that mold does it? My superpowers totally did some trippy shit there though, like I was in somekind of plane and somebody rrrrrreaaaaallly didn't want me to be. Hence the fireworks."
>Metlie begins picking her way back over the stone in the direction of the boat. "It sounds like you tripped a psychic phenomena." She blinks. "Plane. Fireworks. Do you mean you were hit by a missile?"
>"Well it was more of the giant green laser sword of death that killed me. Totally a final boss power."
>"Hey, rookies." Feyr says suddenly, looking to the east. "What time was it when we walked up to the chasm?"
>"Just after twelve o' clock." Meltie answers instantly.
>It suddenly occurs to her that the shadows on the ground are very long and that the sky is transitioning from purple to orange. The sun is coming up. "...「I don't like」that."
>"Ooooh, so it was a singularity!" Sofia says smacking her fist into her palm. "You know like a black hole? That's totally someplace really important for intrepid heroes!"
>"I do not believe that to be the case." Meltie's voice has mostly stabilized by now. "Let's just get back to the boat and return to Sanctuary. Hopefully we'll have only lost the one day."
>"I bet there's a magic temple inside!" Sofia continues, unperturbed. "Or some kind of god who'll train us in the ancient way or give us the macguffin or something."
>"The chasm might-" And Feyr stresses this, "-might- be explored at a later date. By a team which is actually prepared. We are going home as soon as possible."
>'That's a shame, but it'll be nice to see you again~! Next time, you can tell me a story~!' The voice that never spoke is left unheard.
If i made a Stacy/Stacy - Junk character
that just so happened to be a bikini JK/loli
would you:
1: Chuckle
2: Find it redundant
3: Find it based and redpilled?
kick you for unfunny repetitive joke
Some of these look pretty fun and snazzy
File: 54.png (1.28 MB, 1110x1554)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
File: huehuehue.gif (116 KB, 311x410)
116 KB
116 KB GIF
thanks, they have been so far
For some reason Gauss gun being an enhancement reminded me of this song
ha, that anime is part of why it became an ENH!
I have the black and white art of some of these girls-I definitely remember downloading that three headed dog girl who wears trashbags before.
>The boat is already in view. Have they really been walking that long?
>Meltie pauses. "The boat was not this close before, was it?" She scans in all directions with her external sensors. The fletchette launcher sways left and right as she does so.
>"Tiiiiiiime Shenanagins!" Sofia crows, throwing her arms up.
>"It's the correct location." Feyr also scans the area regardless, "But I don't see anything..." She moves up and inspects the boat. "It's a little banged up on the back, but should still sail, so let's get her going."
>Meltie nods. "Agreed. Climb on and I will push us off." She climbs halfway up onto the back, rather like a large crab, but keeps two of her legs planted on the shore.
>'Good luck, good luck, and remember to look down~' Said no one, to no one.
>Only as she boards the boat does the static feeling about Sofia recede. "I swear if my hair is all frizzy..." Sofia mutters as the boat is pushed into the water.
>"It's fine, shush." Feyr assures. (Though she still took a moment to look at Sofia and check.)
>Thus; the party boards the boat and sets sail, making a point to keep to the shore.
>They manage to keep with the shoreline for several hours, but at some point a hidden current starts to gradually drag the boat out into deeper waters.
>Feyr does her best to correct, but the boat's home-made engine struggles audibly
>Sofia mills about animatedly as she watches the shore. "Does anyone else hear John Williams?" And then a dark shape on the water encircles the boat. "Uh... I think there's something here."
>"There is something moving in the water." Meltie affirms. Something inside the turret of her fletchette launcher clicks.
>Feyr just barely turns to respond--
>--and then the water surges and something slaps the boat beneath the waves with all the grace and difficulty of a child pushing a toy boat into the water of their tub.
>Water and foam spray and the world fades into darkness.

File: Vash_the_thumb.gif (1.04 MB, 500x376)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB GIF
No sweat bud. It was fun to see your interpretation of her.
Nice idea with the tail distraction, btw. A lot of centipedes have a false head for confusing predators n' such on their tail, so extrapolating that to an ambush/deception tool would actually be a pretty clever maneuver.
Isn't Nechronical character and loli kind of redundant to mention? Like, it's the standard assumption that your character is a loli.
File: jeep2522.png (841 KB, 2000x2000)
841 KB
841 KB PNG
he means a slutty loli.
It’s by guy who draws cannibal porn. Of course it’s special.
>"But that's less dramatic!" Sofia huffs, sitting down, legs crossed.

Deadpool doll.
Well, that one Nechronica artbook that had pictures of Dolls for different purposes from before the apocalypse did have a sex Doll.
But I don't think slutty lolis really fit in with Nechronica. Vore-lolis, yes, that's just your average Gothic, but slut-lolis no. Dolls work better as creepy-cute than sexy.
File: armz02202022.png (572 KB, 2000x2000)
572 KB
572 KB PNG
definitely agree on that. there's something distinct about that feel that nechronica aims for. it gets lost if people are playing just straight up jk loli
This is a storytime thread, a homebrew thread, and a
Old World Tools is a neat name for a part list.
me looking for a gf
It's not very good per se, in great part due to the AP cost, but it's very humbling to get critted by and doubly entertaining to crit with, believe me.
It can be made alright by picking up baroque, but it sits in the same spot as Katana. There's a better part down the road that does the same thing but better.
She's quite genre savvy, aye. There's a good reason one of her specialties is just straight up anime; the only things in her house are a bed, a TV, and a massive collection of anime and manga. Aside from hanging out with Meltie and having whacky mind powers she's basically a stereotypical chunni NEET (and so is Meltie, sort of. Though for different reasons that should become apparent later).

I expect it works a little bit like Sniper Rifle in that it's a very 'meh' part most of the time but when it crits it gets very dangerous for lower Threat Level encounters.

I guess picking up God of Death and Super Strength would make it pretty OK. +2 to hit and 3 damage for 3 AP is a nice, consistent attack part. But at the stage you're throwing around that much power there are probably more dangerous parts you can get your hands on. Too bad it doesn't work with Horn.
Mathematically, it's a worse Butcher Knife. You're paying an extra AP 100% of the time for a hit bonus that only makes a difference about 20% of the time (either making a 5 into a 6 or a 10 into an 11). At 3 AP per swing, you're making 3, maybe 4 attacks per round with a starting PC, whereas something like Butcher Knife gets 3 swings for every 2 from the bar. My suggestion would generally be to only consider it on a build that isn't a primary attacker (say, a Protect Stacy with no other source of hit bonus). Otherwise, just take Butcher Knife and fluff that as a crowbar instead.

Eh, Sniper Rifle's main strength is that it lets you fish for long-ranged crits with Lullaby while not needing to gamble hugely on individual attacks. 1 AP for 1 damage is a fine trade, not to mention cheap enough that you aren't going to be compelled to reroll. But missing a 3 AP swing with that metal bar is going to really feel like a kick in the teeth.
Early Nechronica GM/player here, happened to see this while skimming the thread. Assessing parts and skills is something of a hobby of mine, so I'll go ahead and give this a look.
File: Old World Tools.pdf (45 KB, PDF)
45 KB
better formatting for you, appreciate you giving it a look
Due to brain problems and also the fucking character limit, completely forgot to address this point here in all the mechanical spewing.
>Of course "This is not considered a Movement Maneuver." or "This cannot be hindered" already exist, but the point of Transport is so that you can use a keyword instead of a whole sentence.
There's multiple major issues with this. The most immediate is that "cannot be hindered" and "You appear here, this is not a move" are two different things that have knock-on effects for what can and can't be done with them. You have one that's "Move but now it's completely unstoppable and ignores everything that could ever touch Move" and "Teleport that doesn't give two shits about anything. You go to the same destination no matter what." These should not both be covered by the same term. An easy example of how they'd interact with other Moves. When you declare Hopper, a cheeky shit way to mitigate it would be to rapid move the target in the opposite direction, effectively negating the Hopper at the cost of their own (possibly more expensive) single use Move (Move 1 towards tartarus and Move 1 towards Eden cancels each other out and has them back where they started). Compare this to Gathering in Elysium, an enemy can try and boost someone being affected by it, but they'll still be in Elysium regardless of how things shake out. The maneuvers that use the term "transport" seem to cover both.

For the ones that are closer to Gathering in Elysium (Let's just call them teleports for simplicity). There's only 3 and two are more likely to put someone out of useful range (unless running away), and the last one (fall into Hades) costs a madness point. All 3 are once per round and all 3 don't have any skills that synergize with being in certain zones. Easy, unstoppable, access to what is supposed to be the enemy's "safe zone" introduces a new can of worms that the other's don't.
>Still hitting the character limit
Now for the other aspect. "It's move but you can't stop it" is a really bad way to do it. From hinder moves, to effects like netgun, by making it a "Not!Move" you have made something that also ignores any potential things that might key off moves. A netgun like effect that increases cost? Doesn't matter if it doesn't call out Transport. Some sort of enemy with a terrain effect thing that interacts with move? You're not moving, you're transporting. An enemy with Immovable (negate both move and hinder move)? Get ye gone, scrub, this isn't Move, it's Transport. Even ignoring whether or not any particular maneuver with this property is balanced and how they stack up against core rulebook maneuvers, it'd be much better to just treat it as a property that gets added onto Move (call it Unstoppable or some shit) so it'd be Move 1 + Unstoppable so that anything that can otherwise interact with moves still do. Also by making these potent maneuvers skills, you're removing the consideration of having to manage your damage to retain use of your mobility.
My theory is that more fucked up stuff author makes on regular, the sweeter it gets when they actually do vanilla for once. And Mukade Tou fits the pattern.
Here, many words forthcoming.
I already got everything mostly typed up from referencing the earlier linked pdf, but thank you. I appreciate the glow-up.

>Reload X
This definitely has potential as a part property. Shooting parts by default need to be balanced around Lullaby as an almost mandatory build element, so this is an interesting alternative. Of course, it's certainly still possible to take weapons like that on Lullaby builds for a little extra initial burst, but I sort of doubt it's going to supplant Shotgun.
>Charge-Up X
Essentially the inverse of Reload, where you pay the cost upfront. It's worth noting that the Charger part from the Blast from the Past fan expansion does something like this, though in that case, the charge is optional and just boosts the next shot. I kind of prefer the implicit versatility that method presents, despite the fact I rarely see it used at anything below full charge.

>ARM 1
T1 ARM has always had that problem where PCs usually want Kung Fu and basically nothing else is notably appealing unless you're building for fluff over power. It leaves ARM 4 feeling kind of gross to take a lot of the time, which is a shame for ARM-focused classes.
>Tactical Light
This is good stuff. ARM doesn't have any inbuilt hinders at present, so it fills a niche on Limbo Shooting or Blast builds normally only filled by Gun Kata. The +1 to the next attack if it's at that target is nice bonus, but not the main draw. Naturally, we can ignore the question of how it helps you aim grenades or dynamite because Nechronica is nice and abstract about what a part actually is.
A purely Range 0 Shooting Attack? Sure, I'd take it. In terms of Damage/AP, it merely breaks even if you actually reload, but sometimes you just need to mag dump a monster that's trying to eat your face. Sure, Lullaby Shotgun does better damage if you crit, but this plays nice with Instrument of Evil, so it certainly has a place.
>ARM 2
Normally, T2 is the box of fun effects and weird experimentation, but for ARM that doesn't always work out due to the category's largely offense-focused nature. I'm curious to see what you've got here.
>Light Machine Gun
Let's not kid ourselves, this is just a statistically better Machine Gun. And that's a good thing, because the vanilla Machine Gun is barely even usable. Nothing in vanilla lets you hinder multiple moves with one maneuver, so this is extremely welcome for providing proper suppressive fire.
>Double-Barrel Shotgun
I feel like this isn't strictly necessary as a variant Shotgun, but there's nothing strictly wrong with it. It loses to vanilla Shotgun in the presence of Lullaby, but then, there are many things that lose to optimized Shotgun and it's very good to have alternatives presented.
>Military Armor
Scales, but it also gives you a +1 to your next Shooting/Blast attack. ARM does have a trend of being better within each tier than the other categories are on offense, but it only has one vanilla defense part in Metal Case, which is valuable for its inbuilt Explosive negation more than anything else. I feel like this is reasonable in competition with that, since sometimes Defend 2 is really what you need to deflect a Superior Katana or similar coming at your arms.
>ARM 3
>Armor Piercing Ammunition
I can immediately see the applications for this, though it works best on a specialist build due to how damage-doubling from properties applies against Horrors and Legions before their Defends. Most builds won't want to spend their sole available T3 ARM slot on this unless they're determined to play with a lower-tier weapon empowered via Instrument of Evil or similar.
For the sake of completeness, I'll go through and note the combos that can comfortably ignore the property loss, here.
Automag suffers no downside from it, nor does LMG, but those have fixed ranges anyway unless you're a newbie (or more experienced and a madlad) that's actually building Pure Requiem.
Sniper Rifle and Handcannon won't make use of this outside of meme PC builds.
Bear Gun is sort of middling (as it always has been), while Twin Pistols becomes actually respectable at Range 0.
Net Gun... oh wow, this actually makes Net Gun viable. Damn, that's actually pretty nice.
Anti-Tank Rifle obviously benefits from this, but you can't start with both T3s in vanilla chargen. Clearly the AP ammo would be a later pickup there.
Last of the relevant vanilla parts is Psycho Blaster, which gets all the more scary with this addition.
Oh, and you can tack the effect onto Gun Kata if you want to be extra silly.

>The Dolls have been enhanced, more than any other. With metal and lightning they will conquer
their foes. Nothing shall pass their armored shell.
This line seems like a description orphaned from its associated Part. Am I correct in that assessment or did it just slip in from somewhere?
On paper, it's got 2 damage per AP spent if you factor in the reload and hit all your shots, but I feel like most players who take this are either the chosen people of RNJesus that will nail all their shots or they're built for crit-fishing and looking to hose lethal amounts of bullets at something the instant their Count comes up (or hell, even before then via either Hand of Death or Extra Arms).
To be honest, I feel like it's too swingy and probably wouldn't allow it in my own games, but then, I'm innately used to one player being one of those chosen people and I usually see sources of front-loaded damage decimating encounters.
I'd definitely approve of it more if it had Charge-Up rather than Reload, like spinning up a TF2 minigun.
Also, this plus AP rounds is hilariously excessive but I respect anyone going that hard on their meme cannon.
This is weird, but not in a good way. 2 AP for a Support 1 at Range 0 isn't a sensible trade under even the best of circumstances, and Conversation checks at a penalty are just inviting you to critfail and land yourself like 3 Dependent fetters. Voice Effect is already in T1 here and has a range of 0~2 for a conversation check at neutral, but even then, it's one of the worst vanilla T1 ENH picks. This part being "wireless" makes me believe it should have a larger rangeband than it does. It also seems to imply you have to make your conversation check with the Sister you use the Support 1 on, but she may not have madness on you (or you on her) at the time and someone else might need the removal more... on the off chance either one succeeds at their roll with (probably) two 40% success chances. I suppose it's at least marginally better if you allow in-battle Conversation Checks to be supported (which I've been told apparently isn't a thing in vanilla, but definitely should be for how rare they are), but unless you're using the support on a conversation check someone else is attempting (which only gets a pass for being cute), you'd be better off just having a real Support to spend on that, like Forearm.
>Liquid Cooler
This is weird in a good way. It's very niche, but 1/Phase maneuvers are extremely rare and the occasional unhinderable Move is nice... especially if you view Pilebunker as a Move. I guess Adhesive Pads exists as an option to anyone that really wants it in T1 MUT, but there are many more appealing options in T1 MUT.
By default, having 2 "Bone" parts can be construed to mean 2 AP to move twice and then 3 from then on (until you lose your legs), assuming no extra movement parts. Of course, usually, you aren't moving yourself 3+ times in a fight unless your GM has given you a decidedly nonstandard battle phase (or if you just love building for mobility like I do), but parts like Wire Reel, Hopper, and Animal Legs are strong incentives to get this. Possibly Pilebunker too, depending on the GM's stance on what counts as a "Move" maneuver.
It's worth noting that because Boost and Rocket Pack exist, you should include the wording "(to a minimum of 0)" or "(to a minimum of 1)" for the Cost reduction in order to avoid any negative-cost nonsense, as the vanilla cost reductions all specify.
Frankly though, even with that edit, I probably wouldn't give this to players under normal circumstances. Any source of AP Cost reduction is inherently strong, and it makes it fairly trivial for most Melee/Unarmed builds to close the gap to a foe, especially when any Thanatos can get it at 0 Favor.
Like Liquid Cooler, this also becomes an ablative Torso part once you've spent its main charges.
>Synthetic Muscles
I think in the context of Supercharger as an alternative, you'd want that over this a lot of the time, but considered on its own it has a solid niche.
>Dazzler Missiles
This is a problem part. The default move is 3 AP, the same cost as firing and then reloading this, and because it says you can reuse it, you can mostly lock down a zone with it against anything that isn't tanky and/or extremely mobile. Sure, there are certainly a variety of different counterplay options to that available to a skilled GM, but it can be awkward to always have to plan encounters around a specific gimmick like this.
Honestly, I'm confused by this one when I compare it with the LMG. This one is reusable, has the same damage and area suppression, gets a more versatile rangeband, and can negatively impact enemy rolls. It's an Any location part, so you can put it on any build's bulkiest hitzone. In theory, it has the downside that you can blind yourself/Sisters with it if you use it on zones you/they occupy, but that's probably either completely irrelevant or will get other players annoyed at you for hurting their rolls. And will encourage the GM to give their monsters higher hit bonuses if it's run alongside, say, Waltz or Cold Light.

>Gauss Gun
This is a Rapid, long-ranged Pilebunker with a higher base damage (at the cost of not being Melee, and thus not being able to stack on such excessive amounts of damage). I mean, maybe it doesn't have AP rounds by default, but you can clearly combine them easily enough at like 10 Favor. Or at chargen, if you explicitly build for it.
As a player, I'd be filled with mischevious glee if I was offered a chance to take this, but as a GM I'd never want my players to have it for fear of what they'd do to me.
Once you charge it, it's a damaging Boost. That can be combined with Boost. Alternately, it can be used to shoot enemy snipers so that they're punted toward you, potentially out of their operational rangeband. It has all the silliness inherent to both Boost and Pilebunker and I adore it for that but I can't pretend it's balanced.
Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
And for the rest of you who are just here for the zombiegirls, have a cyborg.
Oh right, I should say that all in all, I had fun analyzing this stuff and thank you for making it!

Of course, it takes a fair amount of my energy from me to give detailed dissections, so if anyone else happens to want my impressions of stuff they might've posted higher up the thread (or haven't posted yet), I can't promise I'll get anything done right away, but I'll try to write something up if detailed anonymous feedback is desired.
File: dooldip2122022.png (985 KB, 2000x2000)
985 KB
985 KB PNG
im not gonna lie this part was just shat out and is more or less an afterthought
I may be wrong, but I find Supercharger to be a bit more niche than you're thinking here. However, I did straight up forget that Bone was 3 AP and not 4. I'll have to rejigger this regardless, but it is intended to be pretty strong... it is, after all, competing with Energy Tube as an AP related part, with the idea being that for most dolls this is trading versatility for AP reduction. Unfortunately I overshot and messed up my other part, because there's not really a situation I can even think of where you'd want Synthetic Muscles over Supercharger.
>Dazzler Missiles
Yeah, I honestly forgot it was being compared with LMG. I should probably remove the reusability, since it's just T2. I think as a single-use weapon that can be blocked, it's appropriate for the level it's at.
>Gauss Gun
This one I had in a game, and it honestly was not that bad, but my player is not that good. The Boost combo was something I didn't think of though and I'm wondering about how to fix it without making it irrelevant. The answer is probably "make it Action timing," as sad as that would be.

thank you for the feedback! i'll work a lot of this in. your perspective is very valuable
I suppose Supercharger is somewhat niche, yes but I'm sort of used to seeing a lot of builds with Animal Legs as their default mobility source. It does also bear noting that Drawn to Tartarus exists for Holics, so movement becomes hilariously low-cost with either of those mixed with the Supercharger.

Dazzler is probably fine as a 1/round, yeah.

And for Gauss Gun, I'd say Action timing on the attack and maybe a 1 AP cost to it could be fine as balancing considerations. It's the only source of Move on a Shooting attack, so it's certainly still got a niche. Even at Action, it still allows for plenty of cheeky plays via Extra Arms, Hand of Death, and Order.
File: FURD.png (2.89 MB, 1920x1280)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB PNG
You read Charge-Up in a way I totally did not... I completely didn't realize Charge-Up only asks you to Charge-Up once per Battle Phase. Should I retool it to ask you to charge up every time it's used, or do you think it's fine as-is with the 1 AP and Action timing?
Forgot to mention I decided to just give up on supercharger for now
Ah? I assumed the Charge-Up as being needed for each use. It makes the most sense that way, since it'd be crazy-strong if you could pay 3 AP at the outset and then spam out S3+Move 1 every count afterward.
I suppose in a mostly vanilla (read: base game + Dance of Distortion) context, 3 AP to charge then 1 AP to fire would likely be fair, since 3 damage is more than any single vanilla defend and forcing them to burn defends to not get pushed out of position is still an important contribution.
I really just build around vanilla because attempting to balance around homebrew is asking for trouble (see my posts above). I think my original intent for charge-up is less mechanically interesting than this version, because it's just inverted reload
Would you make it 3+2 then so they can't just spam it? Or would that make it bad
File: 2017-02-21-17-27-57.jpg (109 KB, 1200x800)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>Meltie wakes to find herself on a rocky beach, amidst bits of shattered lumber. The fog on the land here is still present but permits some sight. The cliffs jut harshly upward to either side, treacherous and imposing. Beyond, the lush greenery of a jungle fills the space.
>Granted, it is still subdued and somber, nowhere near as vibrant or lively as The Green. Far above and down the shore, she can make out the shapes of someone's roof arcing above the fog. There's a large building there
>Feyr is already awake.
>Her left wing is broken.
>Sofia opens her eyes, staring at the sky, and the obviously jungle trees. "Well that sucked."
>Meltie stands, shifting by degrees as she stands to shake off any excess water still pooled on her chassis. She spits out a mouthful of water before turning to scan the immediate surroundings. "I should have「shot it,」" she mumbles to no one in particular as she begins to move closer to Feyr
>Meltie's eyes light up with a gentle glow as she looks over Feyr's arm. "Would you like me to bind and splint that for you? I can't treat the break here, but I should be able to keep it from getting worse."
>Feyr eyes their surroundings. Despite her shattered wing-bones, her face doesn't betray much discomfort. Meltie likely only notices due to her experience treating the injured. She nods. "We should have some time."
>Meltie nods. A small compartment above her head opens up, producing a pair of small manipulators about the size of the average person's arms festooned with various first-aid supplies. She gingerly grips the broken wing and - snap - sets the bone without warning or comment. One of the manipulators dispenses a pair of thin metal rods, pressing them against the break while the second begins to wrap gauze tightly around the wing to secure the splint
>"You hurt this wing when you slammed into me earlier, didn't you?" Meltie asks idly. "I thought I saw you favoring one side, but I wasn't sure if there was a breeze or not"
>"It was fine," Feyr asserts, non-noncommittally. "We need to move." She eyes the building in the distance before sighing. "I can't fly like this, so..." She unclips her Lucky Charm and palms it. Its inner light is concentrated on the side pointing to Meltie's left. Straight out across the cliffs. "...we're going to need to do some hiking."
>"You can ride on my back, if you like," Meltie offers. Her eyes slide past Feyr to look into the jungle. "If you do, you should watch you head and keep an eye out for branches."
>"Messy messy," Sofia mutters, as she cleans and straighten her clothes and apparel. "I hate the jungle."
>"We haven't even entered it yet." Feyr comments. She stands on her own rather than pile onto Meltie.
>"Its principle!" Sofia shouts from the rear of the group.
>"...You are the loudest ninja I've ever met."
>"You will get used to it eventually," Meltie says in a noncomittal way as she takes up position just behind and left of Feyr.
>"You obviously don't know what a Ninja is." Sofia mutters, following.
>Feyr begins to lead the group into the jungle and vaguely South (assumedly), toward the Sanctuary, following the Lucky Charm.
>They walk for a few hours in relative silence, with just the sound of the water lapping below them at the foot of the cliffs or the occasional insect.
>Suddenly, the quiet is broken by a trumpet-like call from somewhere deep in the trees.
>"Even odds it's dinosaurs." Sofia says from the back, idly swatting a bug that gets too close.
>"... It shouldn't be," Feyr says, suddenly much more alert, "But it is. Never expected to hear that sort of sound outside of a movie or something. I couldn't tell you the kind, though. Probably not a predator."
>"Called it!" Sofia cheers, "Woo!"
>"It was an animal? Do you think it is alive?" Meltie asks.
>"Insofar as we are, at least," Feyr answers. "That one was in pain, I think."
>The call sounds out again.
Ah, if the charge isn't supposed to be paid before each shot, then 3+2 wouldn't really stop it from being spammed because a 2 AP shot will go down to 1 AP again if the user has Lullaby.
durr. oh well I'll just fix charge-up.
>"It would seem prudent to redouble our pace," Meltie says in a neutral way as her fletchette launchers tilt this way and that. "In case there are predators about that may pose a hazard to us."
>She blinks. "Or to you two, at least. I do not think I would be very appetizing."
>"Don't be so modest, Meltie!" Sofia slaps her hull, making a hollow thunk. "I'm sure dinosaurs can figure out Spam eventually."
>Meltie blinks and pauses to push aside a particularly large branch. "I don't understand what superfluous electronic advertisement has to do with this conversation."
>Feyr stops walking. "Problem; our injured friend is ahead of us somewhere. We'll need to route around."
>"Not that kind of spam!" Sofia replies as she hops over the intruding branch. "Spam like canned meat Spam."
>"Like the only people who like it live on a tiny island and have nothing else to eat Spam."
>"Would you like me to be in front if we're to continue through the underbrush, Feyr?" Meltie pointedly ignores Sofia's protestations.
>"No. I'll keep point." Feyr says, shaking her head.
>Feyr resumes walking, leading the party deeper inland. The sound of the injured dinosaur eventually grows quiet, and they are left once more with only the chattering of insects for company before Feyr decides to try heading directly southward once more.
>Meltie's external sensors whirr as she tries to keep as wide a view as possible on the group's surroundings. "It's odd," she begins, "that we've heard the call of an injured large animal, but I have not actually seen or heard any birds, rodents, or other animals of similar size. We have only heard or seen insects."
>"In before we find out there's a massive carnivorous swarm of insect Piranhas!" Sofia cackles at her own joke.
>Meltie's entire front half bobs up and down in an awkward mockery of a shrug. "I would be fine."
is there one big mega with everything translated so far?
File: 1631818684303.gif (1.72 MB, 600x440)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB GIF
Why do mutated, tortured, eldritch dolls get me hard?
The Anime Trove, but IIRC the core rulebook is translated in https://nechronica.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page

The translation has no pictures though.
yeah the wiki is the only link i had saved from last time I tried to get into this game
so I'm hoping for a translation and an original book pdf to look at together
The mostly-text file IS the translation, I don't think the Japanese RPG trove has the RAWs though.
>I don't think the Japanese RPG trove has the RAWs though.
well shit
On the bright side, it does have the RAWs for Zettai Reido.
You seem to have scared him off
File: Compies_edit.png (5 KB, 369x369)
5 KB
>"The consistency of post-war fauna is consistently inconsistent," Feyr informs, ducking around a large, hollow tree and up over its roots. "Some areas may have populations of undead birds. Some may have insects. Some may have dogs. Some may have any combination of the above. A seemingly complete ecosystem such as the Green was unheard of until we found the Green."
>A twig snaps above and behind them.
>Sofia draws her sword and spins around. "Movement," she says, uncharacteristically serious.
>Meltie lowers and freezes, fletchette launchers whirling for a target.
>There are three humanoids in the trees. Emphasis on 'humanoid' and not 'human.'
>They're some sort of frog mutants. They have slick, green skin, webbed fingers and feet, and powerful legs. Their heads are... mostly human from the jaw up, though their necks bulge grotesquely as they breathe. Two of them are carrying primitive spears.
>Just as soon as the party spots them, a swarm of small dinosaurs - compies, more specifically - swarm out from the trees ahead of the frogmen.
>Meltie shatters the quiet of the forest with a burst of gunfire into the frogmen's formation, but her snapshot goes wide.
>Sofia cuts down two of the dinosaurs
>Feyr flies up into the trees and bats a frog with a wing, knocking it off-balance
>Then the frogmen and the dinosaurs explode out of the underbrush, the two with spears and approximately half of the dinos descend on Sofia at once. The frogmen manage to both spear Sofia, but Meltie blows the torso of one wide open for its trouble.
>Sofia strikes back in her own defense, but the frogmen are able to keep her at bay with their superior reach.
>Meanwhile, Feyr is struggling to land a hit on the third frogman in the backline. To make things worse, the other half of the dinosaur pack is scrambling through the trees to nip at her wings and feet.
please post statted up enemies, with art if possible
that's where I have the biggest problem right now
>Eventually she's able to tear a respectable chunk out of the frog's arm with a well-placed talon swipe, but it ends in a trade as it lunges off the branch to tear at her bicep.
>Overall, between the coordination of the frogmen and the sheer number of smaller pests, things are going poorly.
>Feyr calls the retreat.
>Even as she tries to break away, one of the smaller beasts is able to leap up and tear a rent in her chest with it's claws, but it's nothing so serious as to impair her flying.
>As Meltie and Sofia break off, the frogmen try to focus on Feyr and prevent her retreat, but she's too nimble and the frogs simply wind up stumbling over themselves and the undergrowth as they give chase.
>Sofia dips into the underbrush as soon as she gets space. Meltie hangs back, offering covering fire with her fletchette launcher until Feyr can make distance from the frogmen.
>Meltie tries to shoo Feyr ahead of her, but Feyr remains adamant and turns to face the Leapers. After a moment, Meltie acquiesces with visible reluctance but luckily Feyr's not far behind her.
>The frogmen roar defiance as the party retreats. Howls farther in the forest echo their call.
>"It sounds like we wandered into their territory," Feyr grumbles as the party slinks off into the foliage.
>And she's probably right. The frogmen make no move to pursue the party as they retreat.
>Meltie slows to a halt as the cliffs come into view. Something rumbles underneath her hull.
>"Before we continue: I have enough material to provide some minor repairs to you two. Is there anything that must be seen to immediately?"
>Feyr points at Sofia.
>Meltie dispenses a length of tendon and muscle and starts reconstructing Sofia's mouth so that she can communicate (Sofia's jaw was knocked off at some point in the fighting). As she works she looks back over to Feyr. "Are you sure you would not like me to at least repair some of your arm musculature, Feyr?"
>"You two are more important." She says broodily, looking back to the jungle. "My mission's to make sure you guys get home."
>"What the hell were those things?" Sofia says the exact moment her jaw is halfway functional. Meltie brings up a manipulator to hold her head still. "They were like dinosaurs but like super powered.
>Feyr shrugs. "Some kind of mutated Dead."
>"Night of the Living Taurok up in here," Sofia says to no one in particular
>Meltie finishes with her work in a jiffy. There's a light 'snkt' as she cuts and ties off the new tendon holding up Sofia's lower jaw. "Though it is your job to look after us on the mission, the preservation of accumulated knowledge is vital to the continued success of Sanctuary. It would not be wise to throw yourself away on a gamble like this in the future, particularly since you are a veteran member of the Explorers." Meltie turns her head to actually look at Feyr. "Also; I am much more durable than you are, practically speaking. Though my memory is corrupted, it has always been my purpose to interpose myself between danger and those less protected than myself; you need not shield me.「A shield unscarred is denied it's purpose.」"
>Feyr doesn't meet Meltie's eyes. "It is because of my experience that I was more suitable for holding them at bay... and even without my wings, I'm the most nimble of the party. I don't want to put you into the mire and fail to pull you out."
>"I am built for being in the mire, for what it is worth," Meltie offers. "「I just need to get my all-terrain tires under me again!」" she says in an uncharacteristically bubbly voice. Her lips don't move on the second line.
>Sofia flexes her newly repaired jaw and flops onto a large rock. "Well, you two can fight about being the heroic one later, it's probably more important that we just got our butts kicked by some french chicken and roided up iguanas."
You can get pretty far by refluffing premade enemies from the core book if you're getting your feet under you. They're well put together and they should be pretty useful as training wheels or as a design aid.
What specifically are you having issues with?
You are suffering from taste and culture. I'm afraid it's terminal.
this would be better if the Double Stacy Junk had Damaged Goods.
>Sound a lot like Runequest.

Do tell.

You may be a /d/eviant and not know it yet. They have threads for that.
File: krabben.png (126 KB, 1990x1990)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
File: crab token.png (1.25 MB, 1900x1900)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
dolls are not for lewds, just play Ventangle instead you perv
File: token.png (149 KB, 650x650)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
Thank you very much.
>This story has dinosaurs too.
Your GM has taste.
File: medium-crab-swarm.png (52 KB, 800x800)
52 KB
File: LeaperColorFac.png (329 KB, 944x943)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
The whole jungle adventure arch turned out to be pretty whacky. I was hoping to get through way more of it during this thread but IRL stuff wound up getting the better of me.

In keeping with the bump theme, I at least manage to track down the Leaper token that I knew existed but didn't get cataloged in the campaign chat for some reason.
File: September.jpg (990 KB, 5100x3300)
990 KB
990 KB JPG
I wanted to ask before sinking any effort in as been thinking of homebrewing some stuff (mostly because I want more Nechronica in my life):
>What pitfalls should I avoid in homebrewing for Nechronica specifically?
Wanna expand on Adventure Phases a bit as imho they don't get enough attention in the rules, and I've got a couple of class ideas I wanna see if I can put in a reasonable and playable (i.e. not retardedly overpowered) state.
Anyone else been doing homebrew here who can give a few pointers?

>Pic unrelated, I just wanted drawfriend to know his work is still greatly appreciated.
File: Crabs.png (433 KB, 629x519)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
File: Crab girl.png (1.04 MB, 985x903)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
>Wanna expand on Adventure Phases a bit as imho they don't get enough attention in the rules
A good chunk of that is intentional. Trying to bolt more elaborate Adventure phase rules into the game starts raising a bunch of questions you have to answer like:
>Are you using favor to upgrade this or something separate?
>How are you handling refluffs where somethings have more practical use than others? As it is, it's not currently a big deal but if you wanted to expand those rules, it could be an issue.
>Everything mechanical that the players can pick up is focused on the battle phase or madness, save for rare examples like composure.

>Anyone else been doing homebrew here who can give a few pointers?
Two overriding ones:
>What works in your group and is fun is well enough for your group. No need for perfect balance if you're just planning on using it in your group.
>On the flip side, you need to make things that you plan on use by the public to be as tight as possible. You're not going to be there to answer the questions so it needs to be tight enough to reduce the amount of questions that can be asked and reasonably balanced enough that you don't need to have a ban list of parts/skills if someone takes a class.

And Important:
>Know what things do, or at least know where to look for the important players in core. No one's going to be too upset about your homebrew being more viable than Stinger, but there will be issues if your new part makes Meat Snake irrelevant. As you get more practice and experience with things, you'll eventually get a feel for what's good and what's not, but never be afraid to match up your stuff with what else exists in core.
>Things will not exist in a vacuum. Even a doll that doubles up on your homebrew class is still taking core parts and a position. Cross-classing is less of a huge concern, but still something to consider if it'd cause major imbalance.
>Conversely, you don't need to balance around every piece of homebrew that's ever been released. If something you're releasing will break the game or has a bit of overlap with some other piece? That's not a big deal, and realistically not your place to consider. However, if you intend, say, a bundle of classes to be released and used together, you should make it so that there's no wacky combinations that ruin everything.
>Always consider the counter to a part/skill. If the counter is either wildly expensive compared to the maneuver or there is "no counter" then there better be a damn good limitation that justifies why it's so hard to stop.
>There's frequently going to be a disconnect between what your intent is, what you write, and what people will try to make the maneuver do. Your goal is align them as closely as you can, but sometimes there will be a bit of weirdness. Try to have a bit of perspective when deciding how to fix things. Sometimes unintended interactions can make things more fun, other times, they should be ruthlessly exterminated less they snap the game in half.
New Thread. Link below.

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