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>Returning back to 809:M30, 48 Years before
Lorgar is founded.
>We return to Kyrus and Ghost, as the Imperial Heralds end their festivities, and recuperate themselves.
>With the pair in Kyrus’ quarters, discussing their plans for what is to come, or may come next.
>”Now then, Ghost, what should be our next plan of action?” Kyrus says while taking out a data-pad.
>”Wait, you’re asking me…?” That came out of left field, he’s usually the one with the plans.
>”You’re the one with the knowledge, that is how we may be able to change this galaxy’s fate.”
>”Well…ok then. *ahem* First things first, we have to increase your rank and influence within the Legion.”
>”I believe influence comes with the rank.” Kyrus writes that down as, “Objective One.”
>”True, but in order to fully prepare for what may come, you need to have a large presence before Lorgar is found.”
>Kyrus greatly ponders on this, as he has the fate of the Legion, and the Imperium at large on his hands.
>I can feel all of his emotions, ambitions, fears, etc. I gain further insight into his character and… more powerful, is this how it is to be a daemon?
>I then noticed both of us lost track of what we’re doing, I call Kyrus to attention.
>”Um… you good, Kyrus?”
>He snaps back to reality “Apologies, I was… deep in thought.”
>”Don’t worry I lost focus as well.”
>Kyrus clears his voice to continue “Now, what’ll be our second objective?”
>”That would be eliminating Erebus and Kor Phaeron as soon as possible.”
>”How will we go about that? They’re the Primarch’s closest aides, he’ll notice if something happens to them.”
>”We have to think about that when we got there.” I’m really not sure how we’ll deal with them.
>”Now the third objective is…?” Kyrus halts typing on his data-pad.
>”Curbing Lorgar’s religion and reaffirm the Imperial Truth.”
>”The Primarch feels very… strongly about religion, how do we convince him otherwise?”
>”By having him focus on different matters, like ethics or philosophy, and try to stray him away from religion as much as.”
>”We also have to be strict when affirming the Imperial Truth, since most of the Colchians are cultists, and some are probably corrupted.”
>With that said, by the time Lorgar is founded, the Legion will slowly replace the Terran Marines with Colchians.
>”…Say, Ghost, what was the name of the philosopher that took the logical route to religion?”
>”You mean… Spinoza?”
>”Yes, him! I believe his works will make an impression on the Primarch!” Kyrus says enthusiastically.
>”Hmm… Spinoza could work.”
>Kyrus punches in the remaining parts into the data-pad, which takes mere minutes to do.
>”Now, is that all, we aren’t missing anything?”
>”Purging Chaos and throwing a wrench into their plans whenever we encounter them, but that should be our constant objective.”
>”Agreed, now let’s this wrap up-“
>Right as Kyrus was finished his sentence, several explosives can be heard far in the background, with one being in the vicinity of where his Company resides.
>The alarms almost immediately go off, Kyrus quickly gets up, and shoves the data-pad in to a lockbox.
>He then rushes out of his quarters and runs towards where his Company resides.
>”Wait, what happened?!” I yell out, which causes Kyrus to slightly wince.
>”We’re under attack!”
>Kyrus runs through the halls of the warship, more explosions can heard in every direction, as Kyrus runs towards where his Company resides.
>When he finally arrives, the scene is grisly, as bodies of both Legionnaires and crew are strewn all over, their bodies being disproportionately mangled and torn asunder.
>The sight of a Space Marine’s mighty armor being almost entirely punctured to shit was a chilling sight, but Kyrus just walked over the corpses, and scans the area for survivors.
>”Commander… over here!” Kyrus quickly turns to see a severely wounded, yet stalwart Sergeant Pholas, leaning against the wall.
>As he slowly straightens himself up, with each movement is accompanied by a pain grunt.
>Part of Pholas’ face has been greatly scorched from burn damage and he has lost much of his right arm, while bleeding profusely from his many other wounds.
>Kyrus hastily moves to his aid, giving his shoulder to support the wounded Sergeant.
>”What happened here?”
>”Blasted Xenos!” he yells and coughs up blood, his breathing is raspy, as he looks towards the Commander with his one good eye.
>”Th-they appeared out of thin air and… well I think you can guess what happened.” Pholas chuckles lightly, to not disturb his already damaged body.
>As he talks, I can see that his life force is slowly dimming, almost flickering.
>”He’s starting to lose consciousness, wrap this up quick!”
>”I don’t want seem unreasonable, but what else can tell me?” Kyrus asked desperately at my request
>”They wore dark… jagged armor. Th-the one who looked like their leader, he shouted what sounded like orders, had plaster white skin and pointed ears.”
>Pholas looks away from his superior and stares at the ground, almost ashamed to have let this happened.
>”I don’t… I don’t know what their objective is, but they didn’t even bother finishing me off!” The Sergeant says with spite and bitterness, anger can be clearly felt from him.
“Shit… sounds like Dark Eldar, we need to tread carefully, Kyrus.”
>If it truly is Dark Eldar, why would they attack this far into Imperial space and early into the Great Crusade, as well?
>”Very well… I thank you Sergeant, your information was most valuable.”
>”G-glad *cough* to be… of service!” That was the last thing Pholas said before he fell unconscious.
>Kyrus carefully sets him down against the wall
>”…Is there anything you can do to ease his suffering?”
>”I can stop the bleeding and heal the smaller wounds, but that is going to take a bit of power.”
>”Do it.” Kyrus says curtly
>While Ghost heals Pholas, Kyrus turns to see the blood stained rooms.
>Even over the alarms, the room almost seems tranquil, if you ignore the surroundings.
>But this only caused wrath to rise. Kyrus’ face stayed unmoved, but I can feel it. His blood is just boiling at the sight of this, as he curls his fists, and quivers in rage.
>”Ghost, are you finished?”
>”I've finished… I was just letting you do your thing.”
>Kyrus inhales deeply and turns to exit the quarters.
>”…They will pay for this, Ghost, I swear this to you. They. Will. Pay!”
>After Kyrus’ exited the quarters, he ran what seem like hours, passing through the blood-stained halls.
>The bodies of the mortal crew covered the walls, with their faces contorted into painful expressions.
> I found out a way to spread my presence through the ship, as to pinpoint the location of the Dark Eldar. But it’s… strange, I don’t feel the presence of the anything else outside of the ship, as if something placed a blanket, shrouding the ship.
>As Kyrus follows my instructions and the occasional explosion, I thought of something.
>”Hey Kyrus… I just realized something.”
>”What is it?” He says while passing by another pile of dead mortal crew.
>”How come the Xeno invaders didn’t come to our quarters?”
>Kyrus stayed silent, as he turns the corner.
>”…I too, find it a bit perplexing, we were the most adjacent from where they first landed. But enough of that… are they close by?”
>I searched the ship again, this time I found them, and they’re close too.
>Kyrus spares no time and runs towards their location, and I can feel anger arising from him. Vengeance for his comrades was all Kyrus could ponder about.
>Another peculiar thing I’ve noticed is that I feel… stronger. Every time we pass by the piles of mortal crew. I could feel their anger, their resentment, their sadness.
>I even saw the crew’s last moments before they were ruthlessly cut down by the Drukhari.
>Ever since I became what I am, and following Kyrus into the Great Crusade, I’m greatly attuned to the darker aspects of emotions.
>Whether I like it or not, I’ve becoming more powerful and self-ware of my abilities, as the years go on.
>Then… I feel a spark of emotions, violent sparks. We enter a chamber that was nothing short of bedlam. Legionnaires fighting the Xeno invaders, the floor is covered with the blood of both crew and xenos, with the smell of burnt flesh permeate the room.
Good to see it back
Thank you for the kind words.
>”Hold your ground!” The booming voice echos, and only one person can pull that off, Virgo.
>The Dark Eldar are just running circles around, literally. As if, they’re trying to drag this out for some reason.
>This…this feels like a trap
>”Shit, it really is Dark Eldar, do not underestimate them.” I say to Kyrus
>Kyrus didn’t missed a beat and jumps right into action, digging his own Chainsword into their flank.
>As one is quickly brought down, the rest of them falls back.
>”Kyrus… It is good to see you.” Virgo says stoically, with Tael’vos at his side.
>However, greetings are cut short, as nets of arcane energy surrounds the group.
>Before they could react, they’re frozen into place, while being quickly enclosed by the Dark Eldar.
>”What!?” Virgo cry’s out, but it does nothing to solve their problem
>One is holding some sort of device, a small staff, with veins of light pulsing through it.
>Another steps forward, supposedly the leader, points towards Kyrus and smiles.
>That looked unnerved me, but I finally get to see for what they’re truly are, and what I see is… horrifying.
>Levels of dark emotions of which I’ve never felt before. I recoil back due to how repugnant it was, causing Kyrus to do the same, but it wasn’t enough.
>I can see their black, tainted souls. They feed from the anguish and torment of living beings. I sense the every present eye of Slannesh upon them, this is a very risky move for them.
>Since they killed everyone they’ve encountered, it’s not for slaves, what else could it be for?
>…Is it me they’re after? No-no… impossible, I perished the thought, but if it is true. have I compromised Kyrus and I?
>”Kyrus… what do we do now?” I can sense that, even now, is thinking of something.
>”I have a plan, but this may be extremely dangerous.” Kyrus speaks in his-well… our mind.
>”If these Xenos relish in emotions, then let us give them a taste of their own medicine.”
>”I believe I know what you’re talking about.”
>I concentrated all of our psychic might and absorbed all of the emotions I’ve gathered.
>All of the souls of the dead crew members converge upon me. All of the hate and resentment towards the Drukhari swell within the room.
>The whole ship shakes, as Kyrus and I become empowered with eldritch might and light up like a Christmas tree, the Dark Eldar become visibly concerned. But it is too late.
>I let out a large psychic blast, which destroyed the staff that was holding us, and the locking field dissipated.
>Virgo did not understand what was going on, but knew of an opportunity when he saw one, and attacked the distracted Xenos. The others took the initiative as well.
>The Drukhari begin to panic and start blind firing into us, with most of the shots missing.
>The leader begins to flee …that won’t do at all.
> The super-charged Kyrus grabs the leader and says “You’re the one who wounded Pholas.” He then proceeds to beat the ever living shit out of him, lashing out all of his emotions upon him.
>This power feels incredible, it feels… succulent. I must… I must have more. More, more, more!
>I begin to channel again, hoping to increase my already improved abilities, just a little bit more.
>The surface of the far wall contorts, as flashes of energy ripples through the chamber, revealing a tear into reality itself.
>I believe I bit off more than I can chew, as a wrap-rift opens right next to us.
>Being so close, it forces me to manifest into corporeal form, I guess I can’t call myself a “Ghost in the Shell” anymore.
>Streaks of psychic lighting and brilliant light bursts from the rift. As I gaze upon the rift, I can see… everything… yet nothing at the same time.
>The rift is like an unfiltered sea of emotions springing out, constantly in a state of change, anyone else would go mad at this sight.
>The psychic energy that erupted from the wrap-rift opening knocked everyone down, and began to pull me in.
>It is like a whirlpool and I can’t get out of it.
>”Kyrus, help me!”
>Kyrus, now back to normal, lunges to force me out of the wrap-rift.
>But it is futile, the rift is much too strong, and he risks getting himself pulled in.
>However, we’re finally able to meet face-to-face, after all these years.
>What catches me off guard is Kyrus’ expression, it was not one of sadness or anger, but rather a calm, astonishment. Like he was surprised to see what I truly look like, like a human.
>My grip slowly weakens before I have to completely let go of him, the wrap-rift closes the very moment Ghost enters it.
>It uttered with an earth-shattering sound and a burst of light. I reel back from the noise, as I see Tael’vos running right off the corner of my eye.
>I turn back to see Virgo… dead. I see some type of “virus dagger” stuck in his neck. His face has become almost charred black, with the look of an decomposing corpse, as if his life force has been drained. Ichor drooling from his mouth, his skin flacking. Along with his nose and ears rotting off, his eyes melt into his skull.
>The grief-stricken Tael’vos comes to his side… while my sense of hearing hasn’t returned, I could feel his cry, as he screams to the heavens.
>My grip slowly weakens before I have to completely let go of him, the wrap-rift closes the very moment Ghost enters it.
>It closed with an earth-shattering sound and a burst of light. I reel back from the noise, but quickly recover from it, as I see Tael’vos running right off the corner of my eye.
>I turn back to see Virgo… dead. I see some type of “corruption dagger” stuck in his neck. His face has become almost charred black, with the look of a decomposing corpse, as if his life force has been drained. Ichor drooling from his mouth, his skin flaking. Along with his nose and ears rotting off, his eyes melt into his skull.
>The grief-stricken Tael’vos comes to his side… while my sense of hearing hasn’t returned, I could feel his cry, as he screams to the heavens.
>Quite the turn of events, first raided by Dark Eldar, then Ghost being separated from Kyrus and thrown into the Warp. The loss of Virgo is also a great tragedy, but we now turn back to the Primarch of the 2nd Legion, where he will make his mark upon Elysium.
Journal Entry #31
>These past few years have gone by in a flash, but nothing much has changed… besides the “Star-Child.”
>”He is incredible-no… that is an understatement. He is far from the normal human, he has grown to become a giant in the span of several years. His skill, talent, and outright superior mind has frankly frightened me.”
>”Is he some kind of alien, cloaked in human form? From the trajectory from his crash, he looks as if he was dropped here from out of nowhere.”
>”I’m surprised not many people have noticed him, even though that has become difficult, my neighbors are quite the gossipers.”
>”It doesn’t really help that he goes to the Forum in the center city too, and I quote “To show the folly of their ignorance and uplift them.” The only lifting he did was throwing people that disagreed with him.”
>”…I digress, besides his little tantrums, he’s been a big help around here.
>He has such an incredible grasp of… pretty much anything placed in front of him, especially technology.”
>”Upgrading the equipment, improving the station, and really just fixing up the place.”
>”Though he’s not very talkative, and only really speaks to me or whenever spoken to.”
>”He’s also not one for jokes either, that I learned quickly.”
>”Today shouldn’t be any different-“
Agnes’ writing is cut off by the sudden chime of the intercom, the light next to the plaque “Entrance” illuminates.
>Someone that isn’t part of the personnel is wanting to enter, why come to this off-beat outpost? But she has a dreadful feeling about this, as she switches on the monitor connected to the camera outside.
>She sees a man with four armed guards, they look like security officers from Tolmar, with the man sporting the sign and uniform of the Administrative Branch. >Agnes sensed this was bad, but this is worse. She can’t ignore them, they’ll just probably break in. Getting involved with them in any kind of way is bound to be disastrous.
>She finally push the button to speak “Welcome to Outpost B-71, how can I-“
>”Just shut up and open the fucking door.” The man responds harshly
>”…Very well then.” Agnes complies and opens the door.
>”Since Octus isn’t here and the Ground Team is out on patrol, I guess I have to welcome them…” she gets up from seat. They’re likely going to wait in the foyer and what the hell was that guy’s problem?
Nice you see you're not dead. Welcome back.
Thank you. Honestly, I’ve been procrastinating for too long and meaning to actually post. I do miss my Necron friend.
Necron friend? I miss him too, but you know who else I missed? The first guy. Cupbearer friend.
We all await for his return. On a side note, do you how to get into tg archive, it doesn’t seem to load in for me?
>Agnes makes her way to the foyer and she is right, she sees the man leaning against the wall. While his guards form a perimeter around him. Agnes greets them, the man doesn’t even acknowledge Agnes’ presence until he gets up from the wall.
>“Look, I’m going to make this quick.” This is a man with no patience whatsoever, or manners for that matter.
>“I hear you got a decent mechanic with you… bring him here.”
>So that is what he’s after, why him, what need or use the Administrative Branch would require him for?
>She can’t seem to shake it off, but she can’t say no to them, she relaxes slightly and turns head towards the doorway.
>”Stellaris!” She yelps, that even surprised the man and his guards.
>”He can hear you?” the man asked
> Agnes turns back to him ”Oh, he can.”
>In a matter of seconds, they see a head peering over the side of the doorway, the eyes were the first thing they noticed.
>”You have called for me?” Stellaris says in a placid, nearly emotionless voice
>”Indeed, this man what’s to speak with you.” I don’t even know his name nor do I care to ask.
Sup/th/ is filtered as a dangerous website by many antivirus software so set them as exception. If not that try another browser maybe.
>Stellaris squeezes through the door, revealing the size difference between him and everyone else, they were taken back by this fact.
>”Oh shit… I heard that you were big, but rumors did not do you justice!” The man’s personality shifted greatly from uptight to a pleaser. He clears his voice.
>”Alright, the reason why I’m here is simple, I wish to recruit you.” Agnes’ eyes widened at the proposition, for her worst fears have come true.
>”I promise that you’ll be greatly compensated for your position, here’s a sample of the benefits.”
>The man reaches into his pockets and hands him a list of privileges and bonuses that come with the job.
>”You and your family will enjoy many services, including medical care.”
>He shoots a gaze at Agnes, then sharply looks back at Stellaris, shiver runs down her spine; how do they know?
>Stellaris’ face remained in a fixed expression, he then looked at the man.
>”Your visit here has confirmed many things, your recruitment of mechanics and engineers have not gone unnoticed, as well as the reasoning behind it. You're preparing for war.”
>Stellaris hits the mark, as his in-depth analysis has caused the man to become greatly distressed. While his guards remained stalwart, but obversely ready.
>”Ok then, so what if you got it figured out? I haven’t heard a reply yet.” The man’s face has turned sour, dropping the pleasantries and returning to his original tone.
>”My main concern is why the large need for professionals? Only less than a third of the city’s engineers are needed to build and maintain anything needed. His voice remained unchanged, as he finally decided.
>”This is all wrong… take me to your leader.”
>The man’s face returned to the friendly look he had when speaking to Stellaris and raised a smirk “So, you’ve agreed, I knew you'd come around.”
>”No… take me to your leader.” He says again, this time locking eyes with him, like preparing for something.
>”You mean my superior? Wait… you mean the Secretary of the Administrative Branch?”
>”Indeed.” Stellaris said softly.
>The man bursts into laughter, with his guards joining him.
>”You! You have the audacity to request such a thing?! Here I thought you were smart!”
>”It was not a request, but a command… again, take me to your leader.” Stellaris looked into the man’s eyes. This was different, the man suddenly froze, petrified is the better term. His body became stiff as a statue, he didn’t blink once.
>His guards took notice of this. “Sir, are you alright?” One of the guards tried to get his attention, to no avail. The man suddenly came back to life, like coming out of a trance.
>”I shall… take you to the Secretary.” There was no personality or emotion behind that response, he did it almost mechanically.
>But, Sir! You're actually going to obey him? The one guard, who looked clearly older than him, voiced his dismay.
>”Good soldiers follow orders.” That was all he said, it was barely human. Whatever Stellaris did to him, had a definite effect on the man.
>”What… did you do?”
>Stellaris looks at Agnes and says “Don’t worry, I’ll come back… this will only take but a brief moment of my time.”
>I don’t think he means that. I stray farther, the more I try to understand him.
>He’s a good kid… I just don’t know if I can hold on to him any longer?
>Stellaris follows the men and sets a course to the capital. To set things right, he thought to himself.
>Nearly half an hour later, they finally arrive in the busy city of Tolmar.
>Or at least it should be busy, the looming threat of war caused the city to fall into a state of emergency.
>With the city government building up the city defenses, the denizens have found life becoming difficult.
>Stellaris looks to see a mess of workers demolishing buildings, military personnel at the guard posts, and government officials arguing amongst themselves.
>It’s all wrong, if any half as competent as he saw this, they’ll have a stroke.
>He thought back to Agnes’ expression, how much it pained him to see her like that, but he must do what must be done.
>Stellaris already conjured a plan to rectify the mishaps made here.
>They continue to walk until they reach an imposing building, colloquially known as the Admin Sector, in which the Secretary resides.
>”Where does the Secretary stays?”
>”5th floor, 9th room on the right.” The man responded with no hesitation
>In the blink of an eye, Stellaris was gone, supposedly in the building.
>The man inhaled sharply and looked around frantically, as if waking up from a nightmare.
>”What the fuck happened?! Why am I here?!”
>”Sir, you don’t remember? You agreed to bring the mechanic to the Admin Sector.”
>”The shit?! I never agreed to that!” He yelled
>Moments later, they see a body fly out of the building and landing some feet next to them, it is-was the Secretary of the Administration Branch.
>The wide-eyed five ran into the building, heading towards the Secretary’s office. They see Stellaris with a number of scared assistants, drawing up a new defense plan for the city.
>”What the fuck did you do?!”
>Stellaris did not turn to face him and finished his schematics.
>”I gave the Secretary a way to make this process better and more efficient, he did not take it well… he said if I’m so smart, why can’t I do his job for him?”
>”So I obliged him, he then said over his dead body. I believe you saw the body, he should’ve stepped down to save face, then he may have seen his shortcomings.”
>”Y-you’re joking, right?”
>”I do not joke in any manner.”
>The man was aghast and at a loss for words, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.
>”However, I need someone who can be of use to me on the field.”
>Stellaris finally turns and steps mere inches in front of the man, if the size difference wasn’t evident enough, it is now.
>”I believe you should be sufficient for the task, what say you?”
>The man, now slightly less irate, processed this deal.
>He may have just been offered a position working directly under the new Secretary.
>With his skills shown today, the benefits may be immeasurable, he’ll be a fool not to accept!
>”Where can I start?” He says with a grin
>”Good, there is much work to be done.”
lmao the 2nd boy yeets the city's leader out the window.
How are these not quest threads?
What makes you think this needs to be on /qst/? Its more of a story isnt it?
This is writefaggotry not a quest you retarded newfag
>We now return to Ghost, sailing adrift in the Warp.

>Again… I am casted aside, again I found myself stranded in an unfamiliar place.
>Rebuked by the past and as the future stares indifferently, the present is almost never in my favor.
>I try to keep my conscience, personality, and individualism intact.
>Because at the end of the day, that is all I will have left.
>Even that could be robbed of me.
>But this time is different, this is a place I’m keenly aware of, as my time as a spirit.
>I open my eyes like a newborn would to bear witness to a new world.
>The Warp is everything I imagined it to be and more.
>It is chaotic, yet peaceful. Disgusting, yet beautiful. Unfathomable, yet intelligible.
>Here, all emotions, ideas, and thoughts are made manifest. An ever changing battlefield.
>Each of the major gods encompass whole swathes of territory for themselves, and participate in the Great Game.
>However, I do not find myself in any of their realms, thankfully.
>Nor have I encountered any hostile entities.
>I seem to have been brought to some remote part of the Warp, if that makes sense.
>But this has given one advantage, I feel… free, like I could do anything!
>As if I can expand my perception 10 fold, 100 fold, 1000 fold! Much more than being shackled to someone else.
>I gaze through the veil that separates here and real space.
>I can see the galaxy and everything that resides within it, some planets I recognize easily. Caliban, Nocturne, Macragge, Inwit, Olympia, Barbarus, Nostramo, and Colchis.
>Each of these planets houses a brilliant star.
>Terra contains but a single star. One dim, which is probably Malcador.
>But I see a star, wading through the dark seas of the galaxy.
>Burning so brightly, that I couldn’t mistake it for anything else but the Emperor.
>His sheer power causes me to squint.
>Can’t really do that, so it’s just a reflex at this point.
>I can barely make out another, much smaller presence, next to the Emperor.
>That aside, Horus and Leman should’ve been founded by now.
>With the Primarch of the 2nd Legion being the third to be found.
> However, I only count 17 stars on their own planet. Are some of the Primarchs missing?
>The Lost Primarchs will be the biggest obstacles, as I know next to nothing about them.
>Suddenly, a realization occurred to me.
>…Does Kyrus even need me anymore?
> Sadness slowly climbs into me as I reveal that fact to myself.
>He has the knowledge I’ve given him and we’ve already set our plans.
>This may be a blessing in disguise, Hell will freeze over if Big E or Malcador found out about us, especially with the whole “averting the future” thing.
>No, the less I interfere with events, the better.
>I’ll just assist from the side lines and help in anyway I can-
>”There you are, I was looking all over for you!”
>Voice came from every direction, as if enveloping the space I was occupying
>A large, shadowy form sprouted from in front of me. Whoever this entity is, it is powerful, far greater than I am at the moment.
>l need to… I need to run, but this the fucking Warp, where do I run to?!
>My attempt to flee is already futile, as the being has enclosed me in its presence.
>It looks 2-dimensional, but slowly gives itself more features and detail, before abruptly pausing.
>The entity looks down upon, with the creepiest grin you can put on a daemon.
>”Do you know who I am?”
>Its voice reverberates terribly, as if shaking the Immarterium itself.
>Why is it asking me that? If it gets me out of here, then fuck it.
>Ok, its form is grey-black color, if it is a major daemon or even a minor Chaos God.
>It would probably have an entourage of daemons with it, but it doesn't have anything like that at all.
>I then had a sinking feeling, I tried to throw the idea away, but I can’t think of anything else but that.
Sssssssssssssshit. Fuck you Malal you're not canon!
>“Correct! Well done, my little friend!”
>”FFFFFFUUUUUUUUCK, what did I do to deserve this?!”
>”Mind your manners, it is not every day one is in the presence of a God!”
>Malice continues to look down upon me, grinning like a madman.
>”Fret not, I’ve not brought you here for no reason.”
>Wait… he did what?
>”Were you the one who opened the warp-rift?”
>”Indeed, your power-up gave me enough room to do so.”
I feel like if it was 2008 again
What do you think Malal wants?
Anarchy and chaos and stuff. I feel like he'd like Space Wolves
>He added “You’ve been making waves, my friend! As well as, gaining the curiosity of my…brethren.”
>”But, I’m sure you have many questions, and I may or may not have the answers to them.”
>”So, I’m going to tell a few little secrets, as an ice breaker.
>I stayed ever so quiet, not knowing my fate, should antagonize him.
>However, I want to say my piece before he starts telling me shit that I don’t nor need to know.
>”Why are you telling me this, what could you possibly gain from this?
>He chuckled “You and I share the same goal, the destruction of Chaos.”
>”Wouldn’t that include you, as well?” I respond almost immediately
>”Of course! I would be going against myself if I didn’t.”
>That was a line I wasn’t expecting from him.
>”Back to the main topic, since the Eldar had their little gory-orgy and murderfucking that pink eyesore into existence. I have been making some serious backroom deals with the others.”
>”The others being?”
>”The Laughing God and the other three.”
>This is getting heavier by the minute.
>”To the Laughing God, I promised him a champion that would keep She Who Thrists at bay.
>”To the other three, I promised them a weapon to deter Slannesh.
>”So, what is this weapon you have?”
>”If you hadn’t already noticed, one of the Anathema’s children is missing.”
>”I did, what about it?” I didn’t really want to know the answer to that.
>”He is none other then the Primarch of the 11th Legion.”
>Shit! Did Malice got to one of the Primarchs early?!
>”Will you quit raging at every little thing? I'm trying to tell you something.”
>He sighed, obviously due to me
>”Look… this was needed, in order to reestablish the balance of power.”
>”Wait? YOU want establish balance?!” Hahahahaha
>I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony.”
>My entire form suddenly crumpled into itself, as if my world had crashed a 100 times over, if I’ve been fixed in place.
>I have no mouth and I must scream.
>It then occurred to me that I laughed at a Chaos God’s face, not the smartest choice.
>”Remember, you are within my domain.”
>Malice quickly calms down and unbinds me.
> 666
Satan approves of this thread
File: 1610340289958.png (433 KB, 946x1024)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
>”Thanks for the exposition dump. Now may I ask my own questions?”
>”You may.”
>”How do you know about me?”
>Malice stayed quiet for what seemed like forever.
>”…Since your little awakening on Blu'kar.”
>I’ve been on his radar for that long?
>”Why did the Dark Eldar attacked?”
>”They were sent by the Cabal.”
>”T-the Cabal knows of me? How?!”
>”Like I said, you’ve been making waves.”
>I have truly done it now, I got the attention of the Cabal, and probably compromised Kyrus and everyone else.
>I need to get back, I need to warn him!
>But how do I get out of here?
>Just focus on getting as much information from Malice, since he’s giving them out like candy.
>”So why him particularly? It can’t because he as your number?”
>”…Well if you must know.”
>Oh joy, more exposition.
>”He is the optimal daemon slayer. On his home planet, Lomoc, half of it lays in the warp.”
>This guy is already fucked in the head, great.
>”His world was devastated during the events of Old Night, warp storms destroyed the once pristine planet, infested with daemonic beings and the like.”
>”However, a fate that would lead others to ruin, Lomoc adapted!”
>”Her people harnessed warp powers and fought back.”
>”But they couldn’t catch a break, between the planet and daemons, they have to deal with Eldar next!”
>It sounds like this guy is a beast in the making, but if he is fighting daemons, then he has to know about Chaos or at least the Wrap.
>”So, what is he doing right now?”
>”The Dark Eldar raided his planet, so it became a three-way fight.”
>That doesn’t answer my question, but ok then.
>”He then crash landed in the middle of an skirmish between them, and he came out swinging”
>”Slaying Eldar and daemons alike, he quickly became a leader amongst them.”
>”However, they feared greater retaliation from the Drukhari, so they betrayed and sold him to them.”
>Holy shit… this Primarch sounds awesome, but they sold him off to the Dark Eldar? That’s rough.
>”Where is he now?”
>”He should be residing in Commorragh, right now.”
oh shit we gotta grab him
Last one for today
>”Commorragh?! Why is he in a place like that?!”
>”Don’t worry, he’s not in any discomfort, the Laughing God has his eyes on him.
>Since he’s in the Dark City, that explains why he was the second to last to be found.
>”Alright then, what now?”
>The space we’re occupying starts to fold into itself, all sorts of colors and changes appear.
>Like one is playing with clay putty, stretching and molding into impossible shapes.
>Malice remains unfazed by all of this, while I’m fucking terrified.
>Then a blue, animated gateway appears, and the being that steps forth is the Architect of Fate.
>”ooooh shit, it’s Tzeentch.”
>”Why, hello there!” The pitch of his voice changed several times.
>Malice is more then unpleased, while starring at Titsnitch.
>”You should’ve called, I would’ve cleaned up the place.
>”That’s not necessary, I only came here for one thing, give it to me.”
>Is he talking about me? He has to, but he somehow doesn’t see me.
>”…I don’t know what you’re talking about?”
>”Oh, I believe you DO.”
>The Immarterium shakes once again, but this time tears itself apart.
>I’m push into one of these tears by Malice, I am again sailing adrift.

Truly blessed thread
>To be honest, I’m getting really tired of being pushed around.
>It’s just reminding me of how powerless I am
>But, where the fuck is Malice sent me?
>This part of the Wrap is for more chaotic, like I am a boat in the middle of a raging storm
>I see portals… gateways that lead outside of the Immarterium.
>I wade along the portals, and I gaze before a giant gateway
>”Is… is this the Eye of Terror.” Never thought I would see this so up-close.
>Something doesn’t feel right to me… as I see nothing but the portals.
>I would imagine this would be packed with daemons.
>However, through the Eye, I see a star.
>A star shining so bright, that it practically hypnotizes me.
>I inch ever so closer, like moths to fire.
>The Eye suddenly illuminates and a horde of daemons appear form hiding.
>Where were they hidden?
>The daemons rush towards and jump into it, I guess a warp-storm is on the other side.
>I’m going to need to follow that star, I hope they don’t follow me.
Well that version of the second primarch is interesting.
And shit, being notice by two chaos gods, thats bad. And makes sense if the Cabal notices, with their phsykers, they probably are the one who told the dark Eldar to raid that ship.

Though easier things for Kor Phaeron and Erebus is for them to have an “accident”. Accidents happen, so sad an all that.

Still great to see you back Orator-anon!
>I follow the horde into the Eye, trying my best to stay on my course.
>The Eye of Terror is like a highway, with multiple exits, connecting the real to the unreal.
>I finally see an exit that leads to the star.
>It’s all or nothing from here on out.
>I push into the exit, I move between the space that borders realspace and here.
>I see multiple different “settings.”
>One, with a golden Chalice Bearer, bravely starring into the abyss
>Another, with a Tomb-lord at its peak, watching the death of stars.
>Then, I’m suddenly brought into a view of a planet, one with great fortresses.
>This place… looks familiar, but that’s not important.
>I can see the star, even brighter then before, it’s on top of a tower.
>Now this place really feels familiar, but I can’t put my metaphorical finger on it.
Time for a anon to meet a lorekeeper daemon?
Yes i am here
-Chari (aka, Mask/Canoptek man)
Nice little mention to the other isakei stories. Shame they're dead.
Good time of day,
Don't think I've seen you in crypt-anons dcrd... meh. I see this story is going well.
The invite expired, so I’ve been limbo for all this time.
>As I get closer, I can something feel a heavy presence.
>Is it the star’s doing?
>I finally make my way into the tower, lo and behold, I’ve found it.
>It is even more beautiful then I could imagine, it is like… I’m starring at an angel.
>”Who goes there?” a voice erupts from the star, it moved, this greatly startled me
>But now, I can see it that it is no star, but a man.
>The light emanating from is great, but I can just make out a face
>It is a face which I instantly recognize, a face that will forever be associated with bitterness, treason, and autism.
Oh hey it's been a long time from you are eldar anon. nice to see stories here again.
Holy shit, what’s up man, how long has it been? I heard your story is on hiatus?
I forgot there was an eldar anon story. Is Orator-anon Eldar-anon? What happened?
im well, i suffered from burnout after the 11th thread (I even forgot to archive it, thankfully someone archived it for me.) Im only now starting to write, i still miss some of the others like eldar anon and cup anon.

Anyway you said the link expired, heres a new one.
File: react_alfred.jpg (43 KB, 1280x720)
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Remember when you left /tg/? Before all this, before Word Bearer? You were gone seven years. Seven years I waited, hoping that you wouldn't come back. Every year, I took a holiday. I went to Florence, there's this cafe, on the banks of the Arno. Every fine evening, I'd sit there and order a Fernet Branca. I had this fantasy, that I would look across the tables and I'd see you there, with a wife and maybe a couple of kids. You wouldn't say anything to me, nor me to you. But we'd both know that you'd made it, that you were happy. I never wanted you to come back to /tg/. I always knew there was nothing here for you, except pain and tragedy. And I wanted something more for you than that. I still do.
>For fuck’s sake, I got thrown into the Wrap, had run out of it to get away from, not not but two Chaos Gods.
>Now, I’m with the setting’s biggest man-child!
>Can this day get any worse?
>Then out of no where, I see hand trying to grab me.
>I didn’t notice until now that Perturabo was standing over me.
>I see his gimlet eyes staring into my general direction, his expression could read as unamused at best, his aura is absolutely imposing and suffocating.
>I…I can’t breathe…!
>”You are no assassin, as you’ve somehow snuck in without me noticing right away. So reveal yourself and judgment shall be swift.”
>So he knows I’m here, yet doesn’t see me? That’s a Primarch for you.
>I couldn’t pull this off before, but force myself into semi-physical form.
>Now the (future) Lord of Iron can see me, and he is… slightly less unamused.
>”What… are you?”
Mon’keigh Eldar and I are separate individuals, I heard he lost his 2nd thread and haven’t much since.
Uh, well, I’m just a warp entity and followed a path out of the eye you see in the sky.
Yess its real, and your not crazy.
Tomorrow is going to be a good day, because I’m gonna make this bastard seethe like the fucking autistic man-child he is.
Do hope he at least manage to get on the path to improvement, just him and Dorn being able to works together, even if not friends, would do wonders for the galaxy.
Not to talk of him seriously leaning lots from Magnus to understand the warp, his genius applied to sorcery, that would make him indispensable with the astronomican and webway project.

And for Lorgar, he could philosophy debate him even better then most, and provide a far more sincere anti religious sentiment backed by reason and raw logic. Also only wanting to learn the truth.
If he can grow past his pettiness.
Anon, where do I find the second thread. I left off where ghost first entered Kyrus' head.
since when is faggoty fanfiction garbage allowed on this already garbage board? this doesn't belong here. and it's fucking terrible.
Since literally forever, it used to be way more common back in the day before newfags like you came by and decided we need 80 threads pet day on shitty 1-sentence questions paired with a picture of tits.
My last two threads are on the /tg/ archive.
>What am I? That’s a question I’ve yet to find a solid answer to, but this should suffice.
>”A Ghost in the Shell.”
>”Hmph.” That was all he uttered as he examined me.
>”Where did you come from?”
>Knew this question would come up
>”I came from that hole in reality you see everyday.” As I point towards the sky.
>This made Perturabo much more interested in me.
>”You’re from… there? So, you know what haunts me, right?”
>Should I tell him about the Eye, or even the Warp? If the Emperor finds out, there’s going to be Hell to pay.
>But since I’m here, I have to tell him, though only in small amounts.
>”What you see in the sky is called the Eye of Terror.”
>”The Eye… of Terror? Why do I see it? Where does it lead to?”
>”Easy, your questions shall be answered shortly.”
>I don’t why, but I have this sense of obligation or obedience towards him.
>Is this the effect of a Primarch’s aura?
>”You are different, Perturabo. For you are a son of the Emperor of Mankind.”
>Perturabo face for the first time I got here, turned into, for what looks like a smile.
>”I knew it! I knew I was destined for greater things! Those priests know nothing!”
>”Tell me, what is my Father like, my TRUE Father like?”
>There it is again, that overwhelming feeling of obeying him. It’s getting harder to keep myself from doing so
>”What you see in the sky is called the Eye of Terror.”
>”The Eye… of Terror? Why do I see it? Where does it lead to?”
>”Easy, your questions shall be answered shortly.”
>I don’t why, but I have this sense of obligation or obedience towards him.
>Is this the effect of a Primarch’s aura?
>”You are different, Perturabo. For you are a son of the Emperor of Mankind.”
>Perturabo face for the first time I got here, turned into, for what looks like a smile.
>”I knew it! I knew I was destined for greater things! Those priests know nothing!”
>”Tell me, what is my Father like, my TRUE Father like?”
>There it is again, that overwhelming feeling of obeying him. It’s getting harder to keep myself from doing so.

>”He is the Master of Mankind, he wages a grand crusade to reunite humanity under his banner. His gene-sons, the Primarchs, are to lead his Legions and conquer the galaxy, and you are one of those twen- …are you seriously crying?
>Perturabo’s eyes are swollen red and streaks of tears cover his face.
>”G-give me a moment…”
>What the fuck, you’re crying over this?
>It takes him a few minutes to recuperate.
>”Ahem. Mow then, where does this “Eye of Terror” lead to?”
>Wow, what a 180 in character.
>”The Eye leads to a realm known as the Warp, where all emotions and ideas accumulate, think of it as the Spirit Plane.
>Perturabo stayed quiet, probably ask-
>”So, why are you here? I assume you didn’t come here for no reason, right? Do you want something?”
>Rude, way to cut into my thought process.
>Besides that, there’s never something that evades him, isn’t there?
Going on lunch break.
I’m back.
>Honestly, I didn’t even know the star was Perturabo, or a Primarch for that matter.
>I just followed the bright light. God, I’m really am a fucking moth.
>But, I need to make the best out of this situation, since I got two Chaos Gods and the Cabal on my ass.
>Perty is also another issue at the moment, so this is my chance to change things for the better.
>”I have come to give you enlightenment.”
>Perturabo scoffs at this, as he looks at me with a condescending face, he closes the distance between us quickly.
>”What can you teach me?”
>Listen here, you little shit.
>”I will show you the ultimate consequence of your shortcomings.”
Ooooooo, now thats a way to say it.
>It’s time to set the scene.
>I cast an illusion over our area, as Perty notices the change happening.
>”What are you planning?”
>I make myself scarce and disappear from his sight.
>Hellfire is conjured around him, as he sees his oh so perfect homeworld in flames.
>”What is the meaning of this?” He growls, then he hears screams being silenced by bolter fire.
>He turns to see Warriors of Iron killing swathes of civilians, destroying everything.
>”Stop, you Philistines! Do you have no honor?!”
>But, they pay him no heed and continue their slaughter
>”I SAID STOP!” The Hammer of Olympia stomps his feet on the ground, shattering the ground beneath him.
>Motherfucker nearly broke the illusion.
>The Warriors turn to kneel before him.
>”My liege, you ordered us to cull the rebels.” The Warriors reply.
>”Preposterous! I gave out no such order!”
>The Lord of Iron was furious, his fists quivered at the sight of this barbarism and wanton murder. They had the gall to claim him as their liege.
> He then shouted at the top of his lungs.
>”Show yourself, coward! Undo this spell!”
>Not yet, the message hasn’t gone through.
>I changed the scene again, so he doesn’t find a way to destroy the spell.
>Now, we’re in the Throne Room of Lochos, and upon that Throne sits his sister, Calliphone.
>Perturabo looked aghast, as he saw his dear sister, nothing more than an old hag, with a snarl to her face.
>”Sister.” He then sees a tall, imposing figure in impressive armor, speaking to her.
>”Is that… me?”
>He couldn’t believe in any of this, he doesn’t want to believe. All of this is ludicrous to him, but looks up in time.
>”You were seen as a gift from the gods. Perhaps you were their judgement instead.You are a scourge on this world.”
>”There are no gods,” said Perturabo, his voice whispering around
the empty hall.
>”You deny that too hard, brother.”
>”How are you showing this?” Perturabo looks around, but sees nothing but hellfire surrounding him.
>A test. Yes, a test! He thinks to himself. He chuckles at the thought, believing he has figured out the purpose of all of this.
>I'm going to wipe that smug look off your face, real soon.
>”There are no demigods weaving our tapestry of life. We are all sinners, as the old Catherics of Terra had it, and we dwell in their hell.”
>”Your nihilism is contemptible, brother.”
>But there is something unnerving about all of this, like something is going to happen… it’s sickening to him.
>”You care for nothing but your dreams of utopia. What do real people matter? They get in the way of perfection.”
>That one stung, as all of his pain and emotions that were kept under wraps, manifested into a more daemonic form. This greatly startled Perty
>”There is no such thing as perfection. Humanity is too chaotic to accept true order.”
>”You cannot achieve the impossible so you rage like a child, and now you have unleashed this horror upon us because you can accept no compromise.”
>”People do not listen, they do not know what is good for them.”
>”People do not bow to you without love, without respect! Great tyrants rule with the blessing of their people, effective ones through fear. But no tyrant ever achieved anything through indifference. You have sulked your way to damnation. You refused to accept the love of the people. You were given the approbation of a god and an army to conquer the stars, and your first act was to decimate your Legion.”
>”Stop… please stop this.” Perturabo is on the verge of tears. But no, he must suffer.
>”You waste your men to prove a point that needs no proof, and then grow angry when no one notices and praises your self-sacrifice. Your petulance has cost this planet whole generations of its youth, bringing your Legion up to strength again and again.”
>”Nobody wanted them,’ he said. ‘The Emperor uses me for the most thankless tasks. My men are thrown against the worst of horrors, given the most gruelling roles. We are divided, our talents ignored, our might reduced to splitting rock. My father ignores me. My men go unsung. Our triumphs are unremembered. My brothers mock me as my men bleed. Nobody cares.”
>Use that fine mind of yours to judge its worth. Here is my version of the story – the Emperor of all mankind came here and found a son whom he valued. He saw an indomitable will, with unshakable determination. He recognised that you would not give up, that you would rise to best any difficulty, that the tedious to you is as necessary a challenge to overcome as the glorious, and neither are to be shirked. Seeing these qualities in you, your father set you difficult tasks, not because he saw no value in you, but the exact opposite – he can trust no one else to get them done.”
>Perturabo wondered to himself, is this really what he is, this pathetic excuse of man. No, he is not, he will not be this.
>”He underestimates me. They all do.”
>Now, for the finale.
Oh these are good, great show by ghost too. Being a warp entity gives so many powers.
>”For a long time, I thought you a fool to follow the Emperor. After all, he is a tyrant like all the rest. Look what he has done to you, I thought. He has brutalised you, and your wars have brutalised your home. But the truth is, brother, I have followed your campaigns carefully, and I noticed a pattern that disturbed and then alarmed me. Always you do things the most difficult way, and in the most painful manner. You cultivate a martyr’s complex, lurching from man to man, holding out your bleeding wrists so they might see how you hurt yourself. You brood in the shadows when all you want to do is scream, “Look at me!” You are too arrogant to win people over through effort. You expect people to notice you there in the half-darkness, and point and shout out, “There! There is the great Perturabo! See how he labours without complaint!” You came to this court as a precocious child. Your abilities were so prodigious that nobody stopped to look at what you were becoming.”
>The daemon Primarch lunges at her, carrying her off the ground by the throat.
>”No, get away from her!” >Perturabo charges to set his sister free, but it is too late.
>With a quick turn of his wrist, Calliphone’s neck is crushed like a twig, and releases her like an empty sack.
>”NOOOOO! CALLIPHONE! CALLIPHONE!.” He kneels to her side, he is nothing more than a sobbing mess, her face is not of anger or sadness, but pity.
>The daemon Perturabo looks at his past self, envious of how idealistic and foolish he was.
>”Iron within, Iron without.”
>”That was all he said, as Perturabo looked dumbfounded at all of this.”
>I made myself visible, as he’s still holding the body of his sister.
>”What I just showed you was a glimpse into the future. This is the price of your arrogance and ego.”
>”As I said, this is the ultimate consequence of your shortcomings.”
>Then out of nowhere, I see a hand trying to grab me and a face that could be only described as seething rage.
>It is futile, as the hand phases through me.
>”What was that supposed to be?”
>Perturabo’s breathing is heavy, his whole body trembling from the ordeal he just went through.
>”Why?” That was it, he had enough, I believe we can end it here.
>”To help you achieve enlightenment. You need help.”
>”You put me through hell under the guise of assistance? You are a daemon!”
>He had a point, but this was needed, he had to see what the worst of him was capable of.
>I hitted the point home.
>”You don’t have to do this alone. Accept me, and I shall show you the truth.”
>Still shaking, he extended his hand towards me.
>In mere moments, I fused my psyche with his.
>This feels… incredible, like I’m invincible!
>I then heard a loud thud, it was Perturabo falling asleep. I guess what he just went through would take the energy out of anybody.
>But he sleeps with smile on his face, for the first time, the Eye of Terror no longer haunts him.
Sorry, if you guys think me copying the scenes from Hammer of Olympia is cheating. I couldn’t think of anything else but this.
File: react_cheers.png (452 KB, 640x480)
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452 KB PNG
It's fine.
Not a problem. It was a fine choice.
I have a flight in few hours, so expect a light day of posts today.
Great to hear!
>Terra, around the same time.
>Kyrus looks towards the Throneworld, as their ship sails in its orbit.
>He hasn’t seen Tael’vos since the attack, as he has locked himself away.
>Kyrus thinks the Brother he once knew is gone.
>The damage dealt by the Dark Eldar was severe. >Both Space Marine and crew were killed in the dozens, many of which were under Kyrus’ command.
>Recruitment isn’t the issue, but time.
>They must continue with the Great Crusade, for too long they have toiled away.
>He then gets a notification from Lieutenant Crease.
This thread is too interesting to die
File: based.jpg (64 KB, 999x904)
64 KB
So is Ghost a demon? He sure acts like one. If so, since he has had contact with Malice, is he affiliated with him? Or maybe he's Tzeentchian because Tzeentch has designs for him.
how many months since cupanon last posted again?
I have returned and holy shit, this thread is still alive.
Ghost is a neutral daemon. Hell, he isn’t even from the Warp.
I think almost a year or so.
>”What is it, Lieutenant? Have you completed your tasks?”
>”I have sir, but that is not why I called.”
>Kyrus senses nervousness from him.
>”I-its that… you have been called by an official summons by the Imperial Palace. The Sigillite beckons.”
>Kyrus' eyes widen, but quickly calm down. It has been quite some time since they’ve talked.
>He stayed for only brief seconds.
>”Have a detachment ready, I shall be on the surface shortly.”
>He must be very careful around Malcador. As Ghost warned, one wrong move could spell disaster for they’re mission.
>Kyrus and company, now on Terra, make their way to the Imperial Palace.
>”Have you been to the Imperial Palace, Lieutenant? I mean, stepped foot within the Inner Sanctum?”
>”No, Commander. I have not.”
>”Well I have, the Sigillite gave me this position.” Kyrus says with a groan, he misses the days in the Ordinance.
>But he must not keep the Sigillite waiting.
>As they near the Palace, Kyrus feels the presence of a powerful being.
>He is astonished to be able to detect Malcador so easily and thoroughly.
>Is this the effects of being with Ghost?
>He feels himself strengthened already.
>He then sees it, the Palace, it still amazes him every time.
>But what quickly drew his attention was this immaculate light that overtook him.
>It was the Sigillite, flanked by Custodians, he looked at Kyrus with a warm face.
>”Greetings, Kyrus. It’s been far too long, my friend.”
>The marines knelt before him, as Malcador gestured to them to hastily rise.
>”I hope you’re not holding a grudge because of the promotion.” He is slightly ashamed of the act.
>”No, I do not, Lord Sigillite.”
>He detects a lie, straight away.
>*ahem* “Now then, I heard you were attacked by xenos.”
>Kyrus stayed silent, pondering why the Sigillite had called him.
>”Indeed, Virgo had perished in the attack.”
>Malcador was saddened, he was one of the names on the list.
>”He was a good man… has Tael’vos taken this well?”
>”Not at all, he’s shut himself out and… he is gone.”
>The two shared a moment of silence for Virgo, for Tael’vos.
File: 20220102_233947.jpg (25 KB, 421x480)
25 KB
Bump nigga BUMP
>Kyrus is the one who broke the silence
>”Lord Sigillite, I have… a confession to make.
>He is surprised at this, Kyrus is not to joke about things like this.
>As he leans in to listen.
>”I have gained enlightenment, and through this, my psychic abilities have blossomed.
>Again, the two shared a moment of silence.
>In this silence, Malcador looked into Kyrus, and sees that he indeed changed
>He feels a spark that wasn’t there before, was that what he sensed years ago?
>”Why tell me this?”
>”I wish to hone my gifts and reasoned that you are the most qualified to speak to.” That should be able to pass off as a decent answer, right?
>”Well Kyrus, I am truly flattered at the notion. But, we won’t have much to train… actually, how about right now!”
>Kyrus merely smiles, as he follows the Sigillite into the Imperial Palace.
Absouluty awsom, he gets to be trainsd in the psycic arts by the second or third most powerful psyker in the galaxy!
>While walking into the Imperial Palace, Malcador telepathically contacts his master.
>”What is it, Malcador?” The Emperor asks impatiently.
>”My apologies, if you were in the middle of something.”
>”No, no… just that we’re in this nightmare of an asteroid field and it’s a bitc-“
>The sound of rocks hitting their scapecraft can be heard.
>”For fuck’s sake, Julius! Learn how to pilot!” The Emperor bellows
>”Anyway, what were you saying?”
>”…I contacted you to report on the Imperial Heralds. I have one, Kyrus Legabath, with me. He says he wishes to improve psychic abilities.”
>”Legabath…? The Emperor hung on this name. As in, the son of the seeress?”
>”The very same.” Malcador hushed, to make sure Kyrus didn't overhear.
>”I thought you inhibited his powers?”
>”As did I, but he has somehow circumnavigated.”
>”Is he… corrupted?” The Emperor placed great emphasis on that last word.
>”No.” Malcador said coldly. >“That, I am certain… what I’m not certain is if he was humming “Rise of the Valkyries” earlier.”
>”Haven’t heard that jingle in a while. But, back on the main topic, there are too many strange events connecting the XVII. Increase surveillance and have Alpharius do some recon work.”
>”Understood, my liege.” Malcador closes the psychic channel and looks at Kyrus.
>”Is something the matter, Lord Sigillite?”
>”Nothing…perhaps I’m getting old.”
>The two share a short chuckle, as they reach the training hall.
Is this Nu-canon, where Alpharius is first found? Do you aim to have him have a big part in the story?
The Emps in your story reminds me of the one from TTS Emps.
Alpharius was with the Emperor all this time, since the rest of his brothers were whisked away.
File: 1639287286966.jpg (149 KB, 960x960)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Please dont blue ball us maygn shieeet
>Upon Elysium, Stellaris has finished defensive preparations, as everyone waits for war.
>The sudden and violent takeover of his current position has made himself many enemies.
>There were many assassinations attempts on his life, one even tried to kill him with a fruit peel, all were futile.
>Now Stellaris, along with Agnes, are now in a wing of the Admin Sector.
>”Where are you taking me?” Agnes asks, while constantly looking over her shoulder.
>”Don’t worry, there’s no one here.”
>The sound of their steps echoes throughout the halls, it is very eerie for Agnes.
>They stop before a sealed door, obviously done by Stellaris.
>He unlocks the door remotely, unveiling a large room, equipped with state-of-art machinery.
>”What is all of this for?” She looks uncomfortable, pondering the reason behind all of this.
>”For you.” Stellaris says passively happy.
>”All of this… for me?” Agnes still can’t understand why.
>”You’re sick, I’ve acquired sufficient resources to construct this.”
>”Stellaris…” Agnes looks away from him, dejected from all of this.
>”Why? You didn’t need to do all of this. You’ve already moved us into the city, what more do you want?”
>”Don’t you want this, a chance to cure you?”
>The air between them grew cold, as the Primarch stared into Agnes.
>Suddenly, an artillery shell lands near the Admin Sector, they can feel the vibrations from here.
>”I must go.” He quickly leaves, as Agnes stares at the machinery.
Sorry for the lack of posts, classes just started.
>Stelleris see the enemy’s bombardment, targeting key buildings and disturbing infrastructure.
>They’re competent, but he’s better.
>As the turrets he placed shoot the shells out of the sky.
>The walls have been improved, to the point where they’re sending sapper teams to breach, they then discovered the phosphorus mines.
>He enters his observation bunker, with hidden cameras around the city, he can watch and react to the enemy’s movement.
>In the bunker, several communication operators send Stellaris’ orders to the other forces.
>One of the operators says under his breath.
>”How’d he do all of this?”
>Another operator nudges.
>”Heard he took his job by force, just walked into the office.” The operators looked over to see if he heard them.
>”But I’ll tell you what, he’s either the best or worst thing to happen to this city, and this will prove it.”
>Stellaris hears them clearly, but he doesn’t care.
>The defense goes smoothly, every attempt the enemy makes is masterfully countered.
How can ghost be a demon if he isn't from the warp. I thought to be a demon you must come or live in the warp.
To my understanding, every spirit and everything related to it, are categorized as daemons in 40k. While Ghost does become empowered by emotions, his at best, a neutral daemon.
A human demon or something, that still retains good tastes in music and games.
>The once fierce fighting comes to a claw, as the enemy falls back, allowing them to have a moment of reprieve.
>”Did we win?” The reluctant operator chimed, the rest of team rally’s in enthusiasm
>”No.” Stellaris was a stoic chill that calmed everyone.
>”They’re planning something…check the cameras.”
>The enemy launches another assault, this time more aggressive and desperate than before.
>Before Stellaris could do anything, psychic lighting breaks out in the bunker, as a portal appears and three assassins jump out of it
>They spare no time in attacking Stellaris.
>One runs at him with the fury of an Eversor, another is a tech breaker, disturbing the instruments and making sure that no one knows they’re here, by sabotaging the equipment.
>The last is a seer, he seems to be the leader of the trio. He is merely observant, and orders the other two around.
>The berserker, enhanced by technology and psychic might, charges at Stellaris with full force.
>”The bigger they are, the harder they fall!” The berserker screeches, stabbing into Stellaris’ hand, as he blocks the attack.
>The assailant goes for the eyes, it is again blocked.
>Now, Stellaris has grasped both of the assassin’s hands and crushed them.
>The berserker, ignoring the pain, proceeds to headbutt the Primarch and blood gushes from the assassin’s forehead.
>”Just three? You think too lowly of me.”
>Stellaris returns the favor and headbutts the assassin. Blood, grey matter, and skull fragments shoot out like a grenade, covering everyone.
>The operators nearest to him are completely paralyzed with shock, while pricked by pieces of bone.
>He now looks at the remaining two assassins, drenched in viscera, with the twitch of a smile can be seen reappearing and disappearing.
>”You’re next.” The seer opens a portal and escapes, leaving the other behind.
>In a flash, Stellaris grabs the tech breaker by the throat.
>”Tell me, who sent you.” The assassins squirms, as they lock eyes.
>The tech breaker calms down, almost as if something has taken the life of her.
>”We… we were sent by the… Advisor.”
>A few of the operators gasped at this.
>The Advisor is one of the most powerful individuals on Elysium and has always protected the sovereignty of Tolmar. Very few know of who is behind the moniker.
>”Does the Advisor view me as a threat? I believe I’m quite the opposite.”
>The tech breaker’s eyes roll back, her body convulsing, frothing at the mouth.
>”Well, I must say, you’ve exceeded my expectations.” The voice that came out was one belonging to someone regal and dignified. This was not the assassin’s doing.
>”…Are you the Advisor?” Stellaris clicks his tongue, wishing more information out of the tech breaker.
>”You may refer to me as such. Truthfully, you caught me by surprise, when you managed to break through the mental barriers I’ve placed. Your powers must be incredible!”
>Stellaris falls quiet, back to his usual placid self.
>”Why did you send these three?”
>”A test. A way to gauge the little upstart that managed to control the reins of power.” There was venom on the Advisor’s tongue, clearly against Stellaris’ rise to authority.
>”Don’t you realize what you have done? You’ve placed a target on Tolmar and jeopardized the balance of power!”
>”It seems you’re more concerned with politics, rather than the city itself.”
>The Primarch is a practical analyst, even when his goals do not align with what he says.
>”You’re nothing more than an arrogant pup, a warmonger in the making, the safety of Tolmar was always in my best interest!
>The Advisor is a heartfelt autocrat, a contrast to Stellaris’ near indifference to most subjects.
>”If there’s any hope of reunification on this planet, Tolmar must stand. Without you in it.”
>”If you wished for prosperity and a greater tomorrow, then you should’ve done something. Tolmar-no, Elysium, is a shadow of its former self. You, the ones in power, plunged it into what is today. I, and I alone, am the only one to bring it out of its dark age. Her people have suffered long due to your negligence and it’s time to rise above the stars themselves.”
>Bodily fluids oozes from the tech breaker, as the psychic connection is putting great strain on her.
>“Do you believe you’re the first to do something like this? They used to say, ‘the path to Hell is paved with good intentions’ you're something more than a charlatan, a masquerading tyrant, a false Idol!”
>”You are an old sycophant, clinging onto the coattails of the past. You who dictate from closed doors, ever your self interest more important, you’re envious that another has taken your prized role. I pity you.”
>”You bastard!”
>The tech breaker couldn’t take any longer and expired
>Stellaris throws the body away, turning towards the operator team.
>”How is the battle?”
>The cameras turn back on to see they’ve driven back the enemy.
>”We… we won! We really won!” The team cheers for their victory, as Stellaris steps out of the bunker, witnessing the carnage the city has braced.
>”The stars await.” He whispers to himself.
Well thats an interesting obstacle for a primarch when conquering their home world.
I thought of it when I was writing this bit, liked it how it turned out.
>lmao old fuck gets rekt
Sorry, I haven’t anything.
>Stellaris’ victorious defense shocked everyone in Elysium, from there he began to consolidate power in the Capital, and commenced the conquering of neighboring regions.
>The title he was given, was destined to ring out in the coming centuries, and fully cement itself in the history of the Imperium.
>He was dubbed “Warmaster.”
>Some months later, in Olympia, in the garden of Lochos.
>Perturabo closes his eyes, giggling in pure joy, and opens them again.
>”Could you stop doing that? It's hours already.” Sure you don’t the Eye of Terror anymore, but come on.
>Perturabo gazes upon the sky. To finally appreciate it without… that, looking over him.
>He breathes in his surroundings, the flowers were handpicked by him, they have soothing properties. He didn’t care for such, but he saw the finer things in life.
>”I made this for Calliphone, it was perfect… but they use it instead for banquets and war meetings.” Perty mulls over this fact.
>”There will be one held today. I never attended, but I believe I will this time.”
>A voice can heard trying to get Perty’s attention
>”Bo!” Perturabo straightens in fear, still recovering the PTSD from the Hell he went through.
>He can’t summon the courage to face his sister.
Considering Pert has changed, some funny or interesting side thing, to practice his art and knowledge, if just try and make food. It is the culinary Arts, and theres a bunch of chemistry and production processes involved. So it would be some minor things to help expand what he can apply his genius too.
Plus, he also has superior senses to everyone, so if he says something tastes really good, it tastes REALLY Good.
Something that might be good to know, or for ghost to ask pert, how does Pert’s “power” function? Does he have an in built instinct for how the world works, does he automatically apply all the knowledge he has gained to everything he sees, does he see the flaws in everything (one theory for they he sees the eye of terror, a flaw in reality), etc.
This might help know how to best use his ability and push it.
File: Pert_deal_with_it.jpg (82 KB, 535x464)
82 KB
autism ultra instinct
Bumping a based thread.
File: 1627256483606.jpg (71 KB, 400x400)
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File: vzrsIoT.gif (3.91 MB, 720x404)
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3.91 MB GIF
>”Bo, I know you heard me.” Calliphone said in a pouty voice.
>”You’re going to have to face her, man.”
>Perturabo’s mind is in shambles, I try to organize it, but something is not letting me. Is it because he’s a Primarch or just high mental fortitude?
>He then turns around to face his sister, this is the Calliphone he knew. The quick one, the knowledgeable one, the caring one.
>He smiles and says “Greetings, dear sister. Isn’t it a lovely day?”
>”…Y-yes… quite lovely indeed.”
>She was confused at first, awe-strucked actually, to see brother smile was astonishing and not grumbling about everything was amazing.
>”Forgive me, brother. I was caught off guard by how… cheerful you are.”
>She smiled back, happy to see this new face on Perturabo.
>”Well, I figured I'd ask if you’re going to the banquet today… I know you don’t care for such events but-“
>“I’ll go.”
>Calliphone stutters in surprise.
>“You… will? I must, brother, you have changed.”
>He chuckles, another surprising thing to her.
>”I’ve achieved enlightenment…so to speak.”
>Within days, the honorable guests have arrived, occupying the halls of Lochos.
>The banquet is to be held at midday and will continue until nightfall.
>The guests filtered into the garden and marveled at its beauty.
>However, something steals their attention, it is Perturabo.
>He was here in attendance, this came as a shock to everyone that knew him
>The once cloistered, dull man is now conversing with the guests, albeit very brief and coarse.
>Then his foster father, Dammekos, the Tyrant of Lochos, calls for everyone’s attention.
>”I thank you all for coming here, it gladdens me to see that you’re all admiring my palace. But I digress, today we claim victory once again, all thanks to my gods-sent son. Who is, surprisingly, here at this moment.”
>They turn to look at him, give him a round applause.
>”Say Ghost… is this what appreciation feels like?”
>”Yes, it is.”
I’m going to a convention today, and I don’t when I’ll be back. So expect a light amount of posts.
it's fine bro.
I’m back, but only for a short time.
>Banquet goes unabated, as the guests fill up on fine wine and food.
>Perturabo’s presence is still awkward, to say the least.
>”Liking the atmosphere?” Calliphone appears beside him.
>”It is… I’m not displeased with it.” Perty didn’t like this, in reality. He’d prefer anywhere else.
>”But, you’re not happy either, go on and enjoy yourself.”
>He is still stubborn, even to the demands of his sister.
>Just then, I gained a premonition.
>I see three men, hiding amongst the guests, prepared for the right time. They then fired into the crowd, killing and injuring many, they targeted Dammekos.
>How is this possible? I never had this power before, is it because of Perturabo?
>”There are assassins in the crowd and they’re targeting Dammekos!”
>”You waited all this time to tell me now?” This irritated Perturabo to no end.
>”I just got the information myself.”
>His lack of psychic knowledge forced him to be mute, but he at least recognized my warning.
>”Sister, you must leave at once.”
>”Why is something the matter?” She looks worriedly at Perturabo
>”Just trust me.”
>She stubbornly argues with him and eventually agrees to leave.
>”Now then, how many are there?”
>”Just three? They think too lowly of me.”
File: Warp jump 1.png (137 KB, 500x500)
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137 KB PNG
File: Warp jump 2.png (188 KB, 500x500)
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188 KB PNG
File: Warp jump 3.png (224 KB, 500x500)
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File: Warp jump 4.png (625 KB, 500x500)
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625 KB PNG
Sorry for slow update, time flys when you don’t notice.
>He walks amongst the guests, scanning everything, hoping to discern the assassins.
>I then spotted the three, but something felt… odd about them.
>”There they are, on the left!”
>”Perturabo instantly identifies them and bolts at full speed.
>He knocks them out cold in under a second, as it took awhile for the people around to notice.
>”Guards, throw these assassins into the dungeons!” As the guards escort the prisoners, yelps and screams can be heard where Dammekos is, bolterfire scares many of the guests away.
>”Were there more than three, Ghost?”
>”I only saw three….” What a lousy premonition.
>He sighed in annoyance and ran towards the action.
>Perty was glad he asked Calliphone to leave, for she would be sickened at this sight.
>Several bodies cover the once perfect garden, as blood stained the ornate statues.
>The palace guards are fighting with the other assassins, guests frantically trying to hide and get away.
>Perturabo was more than furious, his once treasured gift to his sister, tarnished.
>”Surrender now or face death!” He shouted, the fighting ceased almost immediately, as all stared at him. This was not the command of a mortal man, but of an angered demigod.
>They stood in fear, they all did. Some surrendered, others didn’t, they met a swift end.
>One made a break for it, rushing out of the palace.
>”That one is remarkably fast.” Even Perty noted the assassin’s speed.
>It’s my time to shine and after that shoddy premonition, I’m going to have to.
>”I got this. Just stick your hand and open your palm.”
>I concentrated my power, though it didn’t take long, since I got a Primarch as a battery.
>Psychic energy bursts out of his hand, chasing and hitting the sonuvabitch directly, death was instantaneous.
>Perturabo was curious about this power, there were many things he didn’t know about the Warp and such.
>”Am I… capable of this?”
>”Well yes, if you train hard enough.”
>This was useful information.
And oh is that just the basics of what he could do.
Pert boy marveling on a basic bitch magic missile. Kek.
>After the assailants were defeated, Perturabo checked on Dammekos.
>The Tyrant of Lochos was already surrounded by his bodyguards, and was admittedly fearful.
>”Father…” that was a word he wasn’t used to saying.
>”The situation is under control and the assassins have been dealt with.”
>”Well done- did… Did you just call me, Father?”
>Dammekos looked at him with astonishment, never would he hear those words.
>Perturabo, now realizing how he had pushed everyone nearest to him, save for Calliphone.
>Perhaps establishing a relationship with Dammekos may not be the worst idea, but it will become a distant, unfeeling one.
>“Again, well done… you may go.” Dammekos is still somewhat shocked.
I going to wrap up Perturabo’s run, do a speech for Kyrus, and that’s it. It isn’t that I ran out of ideas, I just believe, I’ve made sufficient progression in the story.
Could skip ahead/do a montage of Ghost with Pert and what changes happen now that Pert isn't as much of an ass. Not to talk of the obvious experiments pert is going to do with his physic power. He has a reference point, thats more then enough for him.
Perhaps also what the word bearer has been up to now that he has some psychic training from Malcador as well.
Perhaps Bit E feeling something rippling in the warp due to Pert being changed and made aware of psychic powers. And all the things a walking STC would do with psychic powers eventually.
I like your name.
A walking memetic STC. We still got that sweet 2nd millenia shitposter psyche.
nigger bump

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