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Do talk about Fight Club.

>Previous Thread:


>What is fight club?
Actual games on /tg/. Post character images, stat them and then have them fight other characters in an arena. The goal is just to show off games you think are cool with waifus and/or husbandos.

>What can I do?
You got a game you think is cool? Stop arguing on the internet about it and come show us how it works. You got a character you want to see in action? Give us a sheet in the thread. You got a waifu you want statted? Post her! Provide a bit of context if there is any to be had.

>I want to know more!

>Next fight
Occultist Beulah vs Swordmaid Tsuki
A riveting match to be sure.
One (1) Courtesy bump.
Good to see it active again, eagerly anticipating the result of the match.
I think it would be good if we had a "so you wanna be an arena master" pastebin or something like that. Maybe include a link to a GURPS starter guide and just a quick overview on how exactly matches are run.
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Making it clear it doesn't have to be GURPS is important. Because of the original AM its been super GURPS heavy but its meant to be demonstrations of all games
For sure, but with almost every character being GURPS there are probably people who would want to run with them.
File: MapTool_9bEAou3Heh.jpg (1.01 MB, 2560x1440)
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1.01 MB JPG
Beulah and the crowd continue to trade insults even as the judge makes preparations to start the match. The tiefling becomes visibly angrier and angrier until suddenly her eyes grow distant and her expression slack. Just as the onlookers start to become confused by the strange shift in her countenance the gong sounds and the match begins. FIGHT!

Beulah Phantom Voices {6} <4> = The demons possessing Beulah urge her to begin slaughtering anyone she can.

>Round 1
Even after the gong sounds Tsuki continues to stand idly at the entrance. Nearby spectators urge her onward but she doesn't seem to hear them. Beulah, meanwhile, seems to come to herself, her gaze focusing on visible space once more. She begins chanting strange syllables while moving her now-glowing body in a bizarre but obviously meaningful fashion as she takes her first steps into the Arena.

Tuski Speed {6.25} | Beulah Speed {6.0} = Tsuki goes first.
Tsuki Absent-Mindedness Hearing {10} (Absent-Mindedness -5, Crowd Noise Proximity +4) [9] <12> = Tsuki doesn't realize the match has started.
Beulah Will {12} <5> = Beulah resists giving in to wanton murder.
Beulah begins casting Mage Armor (see sheet for details).
Beulah random direction <2> = Beulah decides to go west.
Beulah Steps {1} hex to the west.
File: MapTool_3cSgiWzUfu.jpg (880 KB, 2560x1440)
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880 KB JPG
>Round 2
Tsuki abruptly blinks and glances around as if seeing her surroundings for the first time. Seeming to have confirmed the presence of only two possible directions, she puts her head down and bursts into a flat-out sprint toward the west staircase. Beulah finishes her dance-like ritual and becomes cocooned in a shimmering transluscent purple light. Her movements likewise gradually carry her in a westerly direction.

Tsuki Absent-Mindedness Hearing {10} (Absent-Mindedness -5, Crowd Noise Proximity +4) [9] <7> = Tsuki realizes the match has started.
Tsuki random direction <2> = Tsuki decides to go West.
Tsuki Moves {6} hexes West and Accelerates to High Speed.
Beulah Mage Armor Thaumatology {13} <4> = Beulah finishes and critically succeeds casting Mage Armor. It costs her no FP and has a bonus effect.
Beulah Mage Armor Bonus Effect (DR +2) | (No Semi-Ablative) <1> = Beulah's Mage Armor grants DR [8] instead of DR {6}.
Beulah Steps {1} hex to the west.

>Round 3~4
Tuski continues dashing for the stairs. The purple-tinted Beulah begins and completes another combination of esoteric sounds and movement, this time manifesting a crackling black orb that hovers just above her left palm.

Tsuki Sprints [7] hexes west.
Beulah begins casting Witchbolt (see sheet for details).
Beulah Steps {1} hex to the west.
Tsuki Sprints [7] hexes west.
Beulah Witchbolt Thaumatology {13} <12> = Beulah successfully conjures a Witchbolt and holds it ready in her hand. She loses one FP from her Energy Reserve [3]/{4}.
Beulah Steps {1} hex to the west.
File: MapTool_KtOKG392uj.jpg (581 KB, 2560x1440)
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581 KB JPG
>Round 5~6
Tsuki reaches the stairs and ascends, forced by the verticality to reign in her speed. Beulah, now glowing like a multi-hued glass lantern, begins her own sprint for the stairs. The audience on her side continues to mock and boo at the occultic pariah. Having concluded her otherworldly utterances she shouts something back, but it's drowned out by the multitude.

Tsuki Sprints [6] hexes West, slowed by the first stair hex which automatically Declerates her.
Beulah Moves {6} hexes west and Accelerates to High Speed.

Tsuki Moves [3] hexes north up the stairs.
Beulah Sprints [7] hexes west toward the stairs.

>Round 7
Reaching the platform proper Tsuki glances back and forth, scanning for her opponent. Failing to spot Beulah, she advances a few feet across the platform until the tips of Beulah's spectrally-enveloped horns come into view. Tsuki continues forward, catching a full glimpse of Beulah's magically-ensconced form as she moves to place a pillar between herself and the Occultist. The crowd opposite can see Tsuki's furrowed brow betraying her uncertainty as she peeks past the stone obstruction. Beulah likewise catches sight of Tsuki and begins slowing as she reaches the base of the stairs.

Tsuki doesn't see Beulah yet so she continues north.
Tsuki Moves [4] hexes North and spots Beulah and her Witchbolt over the crenellations.
Tsuki Thaumatology Default {3} <11> = Tsuki does not recognize Witchbolt.
Tsuki Thaumatology Default {3} <16> = Tsuki critically fails to recognize Mage Armor, though the DR effect is obvious regardless and eliminates the possibility of a bad misunderstanding.
Tuski Moves her remaining [2] hexes north and stands behind a pillar.
Beulah Sprints [7] hexes west and Decelerates.
File: MapTool_obxI9rCimL.jpg (466 KB, 2560x1440)
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466 KB JPG
>Round 8
Tsuki drops into a low posture and slides around the pillar, keeping it between her and the tiefling. Beulah climbs the stairs rapidly, exuding fell and furious menace with every step. The effect is somewhat stifled by the continued mockery from the stands.

Beulah hasn't fought since Tsuki joined and Tsuki doesn't recognize Witchbolt, so she really has no idea what Beulah is capable of. The high ground doesn't afford too much advantage in this fight since Tsuki and Beulah are both wielding Thrusting Broadswords and thus have the same reach. The only advantage that leaves is a slightly easier time hitting the upper body from above. Tsuki decides that it's worth sacrificing this small advantage to draw Beulah in closer, presuming that a magic user will indeed have some means of attacking at range. She also concludes that Beulah requires a clear shot to her target or else she wouldn't have bothered approaching. She therefore chooses to go on the defensive until Beulah is closer.
Tsuki Crouches and All-Out Dodges [1] hex east behind the pillar.
Beulah Moves [3] hexes up the stairs.

>Round 9
Tsuki continues to stay low behind the pillar. Though she can't see her tainted foe through the stone mass, she can hear the approaching booted footfalls. The tension grows thick as Beulah marches straight across the platform, turning slightly and locking eyes with the crouching Tsuki as she passes the pillar's corner. For a moment time seems to stand still as the two combatants come face to face. The spectators lean forward in their seats, holding their breaths subconsciously, hungrily awaiting the next few moments.

Tsuki is certain now that Beulah either needs a clear shot or really can't attack at range. Given that, there's no reason for her to step out of cover while Beulah is still so far away.
Tsuki All-Out Dodges.
Beulah Moves [5] hexes south, making it past the pillar and eliminating Tsuki's cover.
File: MapTool_BDDlIpziOD.jpg (460 KB, 2560x1440)
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460 KB JPG
>Round 10
Tsuki scuttles toward Beulah, keeping her body low and tensing in anticipation of Beulah's assault. The Occultist meets her expectation by outstretching her left arm and releasing the condensed energies crackling above her palm in a torrent of darkness. The magic, rather than being loud, seems to drain all noise from the surroundings; the Arena goes eerily silent for a brief moment before the roar of the audience returns. Seeing the line of the attack before it even begins, Tsuki snatches her weapon arm out of the way with effortless alacrity. Beulah sneers and begins to circle Tsuki, her sword now the only obvious threat.

Now or never. If Beulah has a ranged attack she doesn't need to come any closer, so Tsuki needs to make a move. Still not knowing exactly what to expect, she chooses to close the gap as safely as possible.
Tsuki All-Out Dodges [2] hexes west, remaining Crouched and becoming adjacent to Beulah.
Crouching gives Torso, Groin, and Legs (Target -2), so Beulah chooses to try and blast Tsuki's weapon arm for the same penalty.
Beulah Witchbolt Innate Attack {16} (Right Arm -2, Range -0) [14] <14> | Tuski Dodge {12} (All-Out +2) [14] <7> = Tsuki Dodges Witchbolt.
Beulah Steps {1} hex northeast.

>Round 11
The battle joined, Tsuki swings her sword in a probing attack. Beulah deflects it vigorously with her own while falling back, beginning another conjuration as she does so. Both combatants begin to circle in a deadly waltz.

Tsuki's turn to go on the offensive. She sets up for the future with her Feint technique.
Tsuki Stands from her Crouch as a Free Action.
Tsuki Feint Broadsword {17} <8> | Beulah Parry* {16} (Retreat 0) <14> = Beulah suffers (Feint -7) against Tsuki until next turn.
Tsuki Steps {1} hex northwest in pursuit of Beulah.
Beulah switches Witchbolt to Shocking Grasp as a Free Action and begins casting Shocking Grasp (see sheet).
Beulah Steps {1} hex southeast.[/spoilers]
File: MapTool_3of8UPtMIm.jpg (444 KB, 2560x1440)
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444 KB JPG
>Round 12
Tsuki's first attack was a bait and Beulah's defense far too energetic. Tsuki brings her blade around for another pass, this time at the tiefling's face. In her overeagerness she misjudges the angle and the arc goes high, shearing a few stray hairs as it passes. As the assault carries both southward the Occultist finishes her ritual, her left hand itself now glowing yellow and sparking.

Tsuki hasn't actually seen Beulah cast yet so she doesn't know how long it will take. If she did she might consider going All-Out; even so, she wants to make the most of this opportunity, so she goes Committed.
Tsuki Committed Swing Broadsword {16} (Determined +2, Face -5) [13] <14> | Beulah Parry {12} (Retreat +1, Feint -7) [6] <9> = Tsuki barely whiffs. Wow.
Tsuki Steps {1} hex south after Beulah.
Beulah Shocking Grasp Thaumatology {13} <13> = Beulah successfully charges her left hand with Shocking Grasp. Energy Reserve [2]/{4}.
Beulah Steps {1} hex southwest.

>Round 13
The Swordmaid stays in hot pursuit, not giving Beulah a moment's respite. Tsuki snakes her blade out in another quick strike but Beulah parries this one more casually. The tiefling doesn't allow Tsuki to press her back and instead steps into her opponent, extending her luminous left hand. As Tsuki retreats to avoid it something seems to go wrong with the magic and Beulah's hand sparks and flashes blindingly before quickly fading back to normalcy. Beulah says something decidedly not-magical about this while the crowd laughs.

Tsuki Steps {1} hex southwest, becoming adjacent to Beulah again.
Tsuki Feint Broadsword {17} <15> | Beulah Parry* {16} (Retreat 0) <10> = Tsuki accomplishes nothing.
Beulah Steps {1} hex into Close Combat with Tsuki.
Beulah Shocking Grasp Judo {16} (Deceptive -4) [12] <17> | Tsuki Parry (Retreat +1, Deceptive -2) [13] <9> = Beulah Critical Miss.
Beulah Critical Miss <11> = Beulah "drops her weapon", discharging her Shocking Grasp harmlessly.
File: MapTool_mwREIfLfGb.jpg (454 KB, 2560x1440)
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454 KB JPG
>Round 14
Tsuki swings her broadsword in another quick cut, forcing Beulah on the defensive once more. As both edge southward, Beulah suddenly reverses her momentum and springs to Tsuki's side, whirling her own broadsword around in a surprise attack from the flank. Unable to bring her shield to bear, Tsuki barely manages to divert Beulah's blade with her own as she pulls back.

I think we've hit the rhythm. No reason for Tsuki to stop fishing for Feints with her superior skill.
Tsuki Feint Broadsword {17} <9> | Beulah Parry* {16} (Retreat 0) <12> = Beulah has (Feint -4) against Tsuki next turn.
Tsuki Steps {1} hex southwest after Beulah.
Beulah gives up on spellcasting at this range.
Beulah Steps (Committed +1) [2] hexes north around to Tsuki's weapon Side.
Beulah Committed Thrust Broadsword {16} (Two Steps -2, Deceptive -2) [12] <7> | Tsuki Parry {14} (Retreat +1, No Shield -2, Deceptive -1, Side -2) [10] <9> = Tsuki Parries and Retreats {1} hex southeast, adjusting her Side face away from Beulah.
File: MapTool_8PUcoCMiqj.jpg (442 KB, 2560x1440)
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442 KB JPG
>Round 15
Though very nearly effective, Beulah's sudden aggression also leaves a big and obvious opening in her guard. Tsuki repays aggression with aggression, turning to face her opponent and lunging forward with a fierce cut. Beulah tries to interpose her armored left arm but Tsuki's sword swings true and finds its mark: the tiefling's face. As the blade passes through the purple shimmer surrounding Beulah it abruptly loses almost all momentum, slowing until it comes to rest momentarily on the Occultist's red-hued cheek as if in a gentle caress. Ducking under the now motionless blade, Beulah rushes to Tsuki's flank once more and buries her swordpoint in the surprised Swordmaid's side. The audience hisses, upset that the object of their disfavor should draw first blood.

Tsuki Steps {1} hex northeast toward Beulah.
Tsuki Committed Broadsword Swing {16} (Face -5, Determined +2) [13] <11> | Beulah Judo Parry {12} (Committed Aftermath -2, Feint -4) [6] <7> = Tsuki hits Beulah's face. She could choose to instead hit Beulah's arm because of the failed Unarmed Parry, but the (relatively) unarmored Face is a better target than the armored Left Arm.
Tsuki Broadsword Swing {2d cut} <9> | DR [9] = No Penetrating Damage.
Beulah Steps (Committed +1) [2] hexes southeast to Tsuki's weapon Side again.
Beulah Committed Thrust Broadsword {16} (Two Steps -2, Deceptive -2) [12] <9> | Tsuki Dodge {12} (No Shield -2, Deceptive -1, Side -2, Committed Aftermath -2) [7] <12> = Beulah hits Tsuki's Torso.
Beulah Broadsword Thrust {1d+1 imp} <3> = [3] Damage * imp {2} = [6] Injury. Tsuki HP [7]/{13}.
File: MapTool_UwxIv1yLEp.jpg (467 KB, 2560x1440)
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467 KB JPG
>Round 16
Tsuki seems to realize that while Beulah's magic might be a threat, her sword definitely is. Reeling slightly from the injury she puts a few feet of distance between her and the Occultist. Tsuki's blade flashes out once more, but this time aimed at her opponent's weapon. The two fail to connect, however, as Tsuki's normally keen movements are blunted by the wound in her side. Beulah seems to welcome the space, stepping back even further and beginning a new chant.

Tsuki Steps {1} hex west away from Beulah and faces her.
Tsuki Broadsword Disarm {17} (Reach 1 Weapon -4, Disarm -2, Shock -4) [7] <10> | Beulah Dodge {10} (Committed Aftermath -2) [8] <9> = Tsuki fails to strike Beulah's blade.
Beulah uses the space to try casting again.
Beulah Steps {1} hex east.
Beulah switches Shocking Grasp to Witchbolt as a Free Action and begins casting Witchbolt.

>Round 17
Seeing Beulah begin to cast again, Tsuki recovers herself and lunges after, clearly intent on giving her no room to finish. This time her weapon arcs toward the tiefling's right arm in a slightly different attempt to disarm. Beulah is just able to bring her own blade up in time to defend herself, but as she steps back and completes her chant the building darkness above her left palm suddenly dissipates ineffectually. Beulah scowls at the wasted effort.

Tsuki has seen Beulah cast now so she can assume it will take two seconds again, allowing her to be aggressive.
Tsuki Steps (Committed +1) {2} hexes east after Beulah.
Tsuki Committed Broadsword Swing {16} (Right Arm -2, Two Steps -2) [12] <10> | Beulah Parry {12} (Retreat +1) [13] <13> = Beulah Parries and Retreats {1} hex east.
Beulah Witchbolt Thaumatology {13} <16> = Beulah fails to cast Witchbolt. Energy Reserve [1]/{4}.
Beulah Steps {1} hex east.
File: MapTool_LAMecyGARy.jpg (460 KB, 2560x1440)
460 KB
460 KB JPG
>Round 18
A space having emerged once more between the two, Tsuki advances carefully back into melee with the Occultist. Beulah takes her opponent's caution as an opportunity to begin yet another conjuration, continuing to back off. The crowd urges her to "get cut already".

Tsuki doesn't want to give Beulah room to cast nor tank her defenses.
Tsuki All-Out Dodges [3] hexes east and northeast toward Beulah's flank.
Beulah begins casting Witchbolt.
Beulah Steps {1} hex east.

>Round 19
Tsuki presses the tiefling closely with another fleet slash and Beulah once more knocks it aside with her own weapon. This time the growing magic in Beulah's spell hand fully manifests into a new black orb. The two continue to move eastward toward the center platform.

Tsuki Steps {1} hex east after Beulah.
Tsuki Feint Broadsword {17} <10> | Beulah Parry* {16} (Retreat 0) <11> = Beulah suffers (Feint -2) against Tsuki until next turn and Beulah Retreats {1} hex southeast.
Beulah Witchbolt Thaumatology {13} <10> = Beulah finishes conjuring a Witchbolt. Energy Reserve [0]/{4}.
Beulah Steps {1} hex east.
File: MapTool_CQVqrdJVib.jpg (509 KB, 2560x1440)
509 KB
509 KB JPG
>Round 20
Having drawn the Occultist's weapon slightly out of line, Tsuki's own flickers out to catch it. Once more she finds the target too small and their blades pass by one another to no avail. While continuing to retreat, Beulah raises her left hand and unleashes the conjured energies thereon in another voidal fountain. Tsuki contorts her body during the ephemeral silence and the blast passes her by, vanishing.

Awkward. Tsuki can't get in range to take advantage of her Feint without using Committed, which would make her an easy target for Witchbolt. She therefore chooses to go for another Disarm.
Tsuki Steps {1} hex east.
Tsuki Broadsword Disarm {17} (Reach 1 Weapon -4, Disarm -2) [11] <14> | Beulah Parry {12} (Retreat +1, Feint -2) [11] <16> = Tsuki fails to strike Beulah's weapon.
Beulah Witchhbolt Innate Attack {16} (Predictive -2, Range 0) [14] <10> | Tsuki Dodge {12} (Predictive -1) [11] <8> = Tsuki Dodges the Witchbolt.
Beulah Steps {1} hex east.

>Round 21
Beulah single-mindedly begins repeating the now-familiar chant while moving toward the center platform. Tsuki chases after her in a coiled stance, leaving no opening.

Beulah backing away without attacking means that she gets to Step and Retreat each time Tsuki attacks while Tsuki must play catch-up every other turn. Keeping her side to the wall means Tsuki can't reach it with Committed. Tsuki chooses to get a little tricky to achieve a better position.
Tsuki Wait (Trigger: Beulah moves further away; Action: Tsuki All-Out Dodges after her)
Beulah begins casting Witchbolt.
Beulah Steps {1} hex east.
Tsuki Wait Trigger = Tsuki All-Out Dodges {3} hexes east southeast and becomes adjacent to Beulah.
File: MapTool_cjdWbqQuz7.jpg (473 KB, 2560x1440)
473 KB
473 KB JPG
>Round 22
Catching up to the tiefling, Tsuki turns Beulah's own tactics upon her by rushing to the flank. The Swordmaid's blade shoots out in a savage cut to the leg. Once more, however, the blade's momentum is all but anihilated by the magic encapsulating the Occultist's body and the swordpoint does little but tickle Beulah's thigh as she slides away back toward the west. Much to the tiefling's mounting frustration, she stumbles over a syllable and the burgenoning magics in her hand disperse harmlessly again.

Tsuki now has a chance to reach Beulah's side with Committed and while Beulah's casting to boot.
Tsuki Committed Steps [2] hexes east southeast, turning to face Beulah's Side.
Tsuki Committed Broadsword Swing {16} (Strong 0, Two Steps -2, Right Leg -2) [12] <11> | Beulah Parry {12} (Side -2, Retreat +1) [11] <12> = Tsuki strikes Beulah's Right Leg as Beulah Retreats west and adjusts her Facing by one face.
Tsuki Broadsword Swing {2d cut} (Strong +1) [2d+1 cut} <9> | DR [9] = No Penetrating Damage.
Beulah Steps {1} hex west, keeping her right Side toward the crenellations.
Beulah Witchbolt Beulah Witchbolt Thaumatology {13} <15> = Beulah fails to conjure a Witchbolt. FP [10]/{11}.

>Round 23
Tsuki closes in on the fleeing Beulah while carefully maintaining her guard. Beulah in turn continues her westward movement while glowing and chanting anew.

Tsuki Wait (Trigger: Beulah finishes her Turn; Action: Tsuki All-Out Dodges after her)
Beulah switches Witchbolt to Shocking Grasp and begins casting Shocking Grasp.
Beulah Steps {1} hex west.
Tsuki Wait Trigger = Tsuki All-Out Dodges [3] hexes west after Beulah.
File: MapTool_fBOAwpl6iu.jpg (449 KB, 2560x1440)
449 KB
449 KB JPG
>Round 24
Tsuki follows her established pattern and begins the assault with another quick strike. Beulah responds likewise patternistically, interposing her blade and flitting backwards, this time completing her spell successfully. As her hand begins to shine like lightning, Beulah reverses and steps into the Swordmaid's pocket.

Tsuki Feint Broadsword {17} <10> | Beulah Parry* {16} (Retreat 0) <11> = Beulah suffers (Feint -2) against Tsuki until next turn and Retreats {1} hex west.
Tsuki Steps {1} hex west after her.
Beulah Shocking Grasp Thaumatology {13} <11> = Beulah successfully charges Shocking Grasp.
Beulah Steps {1} hex east into Close Combat with Tsuki.
File: MapTool_xhedE0SSNh.jpg (459 KB, 2560x1440)
459 KB
459 KB JPG
>Round 25
With Beulah too close to strike properly, Tsuki is the one forced to fall back. As she does so she swings her sword in another glittering crescent at the tiefling's face. Beulah stands her ground and brings her own sword up to parry but is too slow. Tsuki's blade passes through the Occultist's barrier with enough force to slice into her cheek. The wound is shallow but the shock of it seems to overcome the tiefling and she collapses, falling on her side away from Tsuki onto the hard stone, her blade clattering onto the platform beside her.

Tsuki can't really do enough damage to cripple a limb, so she decides to keep going for Face hits to try for a lucky Knockdown.
Tsuki Steps {1} hex east out of Close Combat with Beulah.
Tsuki Attack Broadsword Swing {16} (Face -5) [11] <7> | Beulah Parry {12} (Feint -2) [10] <12> = Tsuki strikes Beulah's Face.
Tsuki Broadsword Swing {2d cut} <10> | DR [9] = [1] Damage * cut {1.5} = [1] Injury and Major Wound for Face. HP [10]/{11}.
Beulah Knockdown HT {11} (Face -5) [6] <13> = Beulah fails her Knockdown by 5 or more resulting in a Knockout. She falls unconscious.

The Judge rises from his seat and pronounces Tsuki the victor, his pronouncement immediately accompanied by the gong and the opening of the Arena gates. The masses cheer the defeat of the tiefling. Tsuki looks around in perplexity, obviously confused as to why they are happier with Beulah's defeat than her own victory. Failing to ascertain the reason, Tsuki shrugs and turns to leave; like many things it will likely remain a mystery to her. Medics escort Tsuki and carry Beulah to the infirmary.

2 points to Tsuki. 3 points to Beulah. Medical outcomes, bets, and all other updates will be dealt with at a later time.
This one was not as hard for me mechanically as the previous fight but took longer overall due to the length. Like before I will go over my expectations, my tactical thinking, and rules issues.

I will admit that I 100% anticipated a Beulah victory. With Mage Armor and Tough Skin, Beulah can maintain a minimum of DR [7] on all parts of her body; certain parts were armored regularly as well, notably her Torso and Left (Spell) Arm. On top of that, Beulah opened the match with a Critical Success on the casting of Mage Armor, granting her (DR +2). Tsuki's swing is 2d, which is enough to penetrate even that but with little effect - or so I thought.

On the other side, Tsuki wore extremely light armor. Her Torso leathers provide DR {1}, and only against cut damage. She makes up for it with high Defenses thanks to her shield, but if Beulah had done even one more point of damage that first hit would have been a Major Wound and could have ended the match right there. I did expect Tsuki's Disarming technique to be more useful, but it turns out the penalties for initiating a Disarm are really awful and even once you've started it you still have to roll a Quick Contest of weapon skill, meaning that by RAW even if it's hard to avoid the Disarm initiation thanks to Feint penalties, the defender isn't penalized at all in the Quick Contest itself; that seems odd, but I don't know yet if it's worthy of a houserule. At any rate, Disarm seems like a technique only worth using if maxxed.
>Review 2
Tactically I learned some things. I realized that, unlike All-Out Attack, the extra movement from Committed Attack is not restricted, meaning that it can be used to both reach and face an opponent's Side. This is important because, firstly, defending against attacks from the Side is at -2, and secondly because you cannot Block or Parry attacks on the opposite Side. Furthermore, the Defense Bonus provided by a shield does not apply to attacks from the opposite side. This meant that using a Committed Attack to reach Tsuki's non-shield Side granted a total -4 to her Defenses.

More specific to Beulah, my conclusion is that she would have been better off sticking to her decision to ditch the spellcasting after engaging in melee, or at least persisting with Shocking Grasp. Witchbolt simply had too many points of failure: Thaumatology roll, Innate Attack roll, Active Defense. This is on top of taking three times as long as a regular attack. Shocking Grasp took just as long to cast but is not normally discharged on a miss; the Critical Miss result was an exception. Of course, Shocking Grasp has its own caveat: it requires a Grab to take effect. Beulah had enough DR on her arm to ignore anything Tsuki could do to it outside of a Critical, but it did mean that she had to get in close and stay close if she wanted to use it. Beulah might have done better if she was built with a couple more levels in Thaumatology since those fizzles cost her precious Turns.
>Review 3
Perhaps most obviously, I discovered how devastating Face Injuries are. The most important thing to note is that any "head" injury (Face, Skull, Eyes in Basic) is considered a Major Wound automatically. This means that as long as any damage penetrates DR a Knockdown roll must be made. The next thing that makes these so brutal is that Face Injuries impose a -5(!) to the Knockdown roll while Skull and Eye Injuries impose a -10(!!). Finally, there is a rule that applies on all Knockdown rolls: if you fail by 5 or more, you are KO'd instead of merely suffering Knockdown and Stun. The combined result of these rules is clearly demonstrated by the final round of the fight: even 1 point of Face Injury can easily KO a combatant with normal levels of HT. During the initial draft of the fight this actually occurred on the first Face hit, but then I realized I had forgotten to factor in Tough Skin to negate the last point of damage.

A number of rules issues arose, though some of them were mainly questions of what should be allowed in the Fight Club. For example of the latter, we have chosen to remove the special bonus that fencing weapons get to Parry when Retreating that is present in Basic. Judo and Karate get a similar bonus, and I wasn't sure whether we were allowing that or not. I have yet to hear back from the other Arena Masters about this, so the answer is still pending. Another is Prediction Shot, essentially the Ranged form of Deceptive Attack. It allows a Ranged attacker to take a penalty to their skill roll to give the defender half the same penalty to their Defense roll. I don't have enough experience to know how this option affects the game, but I went ahead and used it anyway since nobody else seemed to have an opinion.
Good fight, glad to see Tsuki prevail

Also is there a bracket for this tournament anywhere? I searched old threads but couldn't find one.
>Review 4
The very first big issue concerned Tsuki's Confused Disadvantage: when exactly does it trigger, and when do its effects end? Basic is very vague, saying that a "commotion" or two people speaking in the same room is sufficient. The GURPS editor Kromm on the forums suggests that it needs to be "around" a person, and merely witnessing something confusing at a distance is not sufficient. The exact triggering conditions for Confused were extremely important for Tsuki because the effects would have been quite crippling. A character suffering from Confused can't do anything at all except defend until they are attacked. If it had triggered, Tsuki would have been forced to idle at the Arena gate until Beulah got into position and started launching Witchbolts at her from the central platform. Thusly I did my best to synthesize a more precise definition: there must be a distracting factor immediately around the character's person, and the distracting factor must not be related to or caused by that person. Thusly a being surrounded by a crowd cheering for the character does not trigger Confused, but if said crowd started panicking for some other reason it would. Tsuki didn't notice the anger directed toward Beulah from the other side due to Absent-Mindedness, so she was unaffected.
>Review 4 addendum
Forgot to add that I also simply decided that Confused effects end when the distracting factor ceases to be present. While that may seem obvious, by RAW it never actually ends.

>Review 5
Beulah was built in a handwavy manner and I consulted with her creator numerous times to make sure I understood her properly. She's meant to mimic Basic Magic without actually using Basic Magic, which means that while by RAW her spells would take effect completely on the second turn, they're actually supposed to take two turns to cast and then a third turn to launch, at least for the attacks. Likewise a Critical Success on a Thaumatology roll to use one of her spells technically does nothing, but since again it was meant to mimic Basic Magic and Basic Magic does use Critical Successes I gave it one anyway. To my consternation the only rule for Critical Successes on spells is that the GM be "creative and generous"; it might be obvious but I prefer my rules more systematic. My thoughts were that the Critical Success effect should be worth some fraction of the points invested in the spell and perhaps should have to be specified by the player upon spell creation. In this case I couldn't decide between extra DR and removing the Semi-Ablative Limitation, which were worth 3 and 4 points respectively after all other Limitations were applied, so I rolled for it.

Another aspect of Beulah that differed from Basic Magic is that ordinarily spells require Concentrate Maneuvers to complete, but Beulah's magic uses Ready Maneuvers. This is a major advantage for Beulah's Advantage-based magic because while both allow Active Defenses, taking an Active Defense while Concentrating forces a Will-3 roll to not lose the spell in progress. I couldn't find a Limitation to mimic this but I didn't spend too long on it. I decided to stick with the RAW Ready maneuvers for Beulah's magic just so that she could try to use it in melee at all, little good that it did.
>Review 6
During the late-middle part of the fight Tsuki got caught in a rhythm wherein she would have to Step forward to attack, and then Beulah would Retreat and Step back on her own Turn, resulting in a growing gap. I compensated by having Tsuki All-Out Dodge intermittently to get her into melee again, but that was an imperfect solution because Beulah could still Step back on her own Turn after Tsuki closed with her. I eventually realized that a Wait Maneuver could be used to allow Tsuki to perform her movement after Beulah had Stepped, allowing her to start the next Round already in melee. At first I specified the trigger as "after Beulah moves", but after consulting with another Arena Master I was informed that "after Beulah's Turn ends" is a perfectly valid trigger and less likely to fail. Unfortunately my perfect solution has a flaw, at least in RAW: Wait Maneuvers can only transform into Attack, Feint, All-Out Attack, and Ready Maneuvers. Since this list is expanded in later books and the restriction seems pointless, I decided to unilaterally houserule that a Wait can transform into any Maneuver.

Another consideration was a rule concerning grappling, as I strongly considered having Beulah drop her weapon and go in hard with Shocking Grasp and her superior Judo over Tsuki's Wrestling. Grabbing an opponent can be done with one or more arms; Parrying an Unarmed Attack of any sort successfully allows the defender to get a free Attack on the limb. The question becomes, which limb? This was an important consideration since Beulah's Left Arm had DR {7} plate armor and her Right Arm did not. Basic doesn't seem to specify, so I concluded that it's the Parrying defender's choice of the attacking limbs. I will be adding this to my clarifications.
>Review 7
My last consideration was the penalty for attempting to grab an object since Beulah also considered trying to wrest Tsuki's shield away from her. In Basic, attempting to Grab a held object carries the same penalty as targeting the Hand: -4. ANTOG halves all Hit Location penalties for Grappling purposes, but doesn't specifically address Grabbing held objects, only body parts. After consulting another Arena Master we concluded that the ANTOG Hand penalty of -2 overrides the Basic one of -4 for the purpose of Grabbing objects as well.

There were a couple other minor issues, but nothing of import to this match in particular. Have no fear that I recorded those as well in my houserule document somewhere. There is an ever-growing "Unimplemented" section at the end that will be dealt with when I have time.

Alright, that's it! Thanks for watching! See you next time!
>quick overview
Man, I wish. GURPS genuinely is complicated, don't let any /gurpsgen/fag tell you otherwise. I love it but there's a reason it takes me so long to run fights and I know I still forget certain combat options. Original AM did it a lot faster but he's been a GURPS GM for much longer than I have. All that said it is something I will consider how best to approach.

I did put an item to that effect in the FAQ, but perhaps something more front-and-center is called for.
File: 1639037487474.jpg (1.62 MB, 3000x2318)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB JPG
Hasn't been updated with wins/losses but all the fights in are in the Archive and you can extrapolate from there if you haven't been keeping up.
Sorry pal, Beulah can't exactly abuse her range if the opponent can just stand on the other side of a stone barrier.
Dear holy fuck, the dice have adamantly refused to cooperate.

Beulah should've stopped fucking about with magic after it kept fizzing, and started doing sword things. She's decent at those, and mage armor would've carried the difference.

Also, why was it taking her two rounds to charge and one to cast? I could've sworn she was flinging them out every other turn in previous fights, did something change or were people handling it wrong?
Case in point, I have just been informed that >>82605387 is wrong and the -5 only applies if it's both a Face hit AND a regular Major Wound (i.e. > 1/2 HP). The automatic portion is only forcing a Knockdown/Stun roll. In this case I don't think it would have changed the outcome because she would still have been Knocked Down and Stunned, and Tsuki could then have merrily stabbed her in the face repeatedly, but still.

I checked with the creator and he explained to me that she is supposed to take two turns to cast and one turn to launch as explained here: >>82605501
File: JOHN SPACEMAN.png (122 KB, 256x256)
122 KB
122 KB PNG

I diagnose Beulah with DICE CANCER, and suggest that if she INSISTS on STANDING AROUND charging magic for SEVEN ETERNITIES, she may as well EMPOWER those spells sufficiently that she can DETONATE any objects providing COVER to the ENEMY


I mean, face stabbing is all well and good, but can it get through the shield that's still up? I kinda want to see if the caster can salvage this fight. All she really needs is another good nick...
Yeah her magic's kind of garbage. Only 13 skill and it takes forever. Witchbolt has the advantage of being harder to avoid since you can't Retreat against a Ranged attack unless you drop Prone, which of course carries a host of drawbacks.

I will admit it was a big rules mistake and there is a small chance that Tsuki rolls badly enough to not penetrate her DR multiple turns in a row. If there is enough popular insistence I can do Tsuki vs Beulah Part 2: Electric Boogaloo, but not at this very moment. I need a break.
I would not oppose a REMATCH, as this loss has made me BROKE as FUCK

Magical ranged attack in CC really needs some house rules. I was talking to OPAM and because its a projectile it can't be parried. There's some other stuff I don't remember too but basically its incredibly glitched.
Wow that was crazy
What a fight, holy shit. Beulah's a beast!
With Tsuki's win in the first bracket, I'll give her a proper introduction to the arena sometime tomorrow so the crowd can know her story.
Beulah's Shocking Grasp is an Innate Attack with the Melee Attack Limitation, so it's not Ranged. Since Melee Attack still counts as being Armed and Beulah's Shocking Grasp is supposed to be a Grab with her actual hand, I homebrewed a further Unarmed Limitation that makes it count as Unarmed for an extra -15% with all the extra drawbacks that implies.
>Ranged IA can't be parried
That's an awkward point, I agree. Implicitly if it's launched from the hands it should be parryable by parrying the arm, just like with parrying guns by parrying the firearm itself. My thinking is to make Breath and Gaze Innate Attacks use the current costs and be non-parryable and make the other versions cheaper and parryable by parrying the launching arm.
I don't know who that is.
Ahaha I just realized OPAM is OP AM and not the initials of some GURPS author. Yeah we had pretty much the same conversation.
I'm not going to do a rematch from the beginning. At most I would retcon the KO and continue from Round 25 with Beulah suffering Knockdown and Stun instead of KO. I feel very conflicted as I've already settled bets and updated everything and I don't like overturning the judge's ruling, but at the same time concluding a match on a rules error doesn't sit right with me either.
File: Thief_Leon.pdf (793 KB, PDF)
793 KB
793 KB PDF
An likely mediocre attempt to make some sneak stabby thief meat for the fight club, probably has quite a bit of room for improvement due to some embellishments, and pretty sure I fucked up the better armor rules along the line.

Annnd of course I messed up the name format for the art.

I am off to a good start
Properly formatted after spazzing out over three posts
If it was in the name of proper formatting all is forgiven. Your character is downloaded and I will start reviewing again once I've mentally recovered.
Hey cool I won my bet
Nobody's really said much about validity of the conclusion except a guy who lost a big bet so I made a strawpoll:
I've ran into an interesting question regarding ST-based innate attacks. For ST-based attacks with the Limited option, the damage from SW or TH is said not to be able to exceed that of the attack itself; but how does that resolve if you buy an innate attack at under a full die?

For my example, the attack is purchasing 2 partial die (for 2 total innate attack damage) and the character has a 1d-2 thrusting damage. What does everyone think?

A: Damage clamps beyond the limit as: min of [1d, 4] giving a possible range of 1 to 4.
B: ST based damage always provides at least 1 die, so 1d-2+2 = : 1d giving a possible range of 1 to 6.
C: Damage sums separately as: min of [1d-2, 2] + 2 giving a possible range of 3 to 4.

I dunno if some errata covers this, or if you're not supposed to be able to buy under a level of an innate attack.
I'm trying to look into it but I'm having trouble finding this. Can you provide me the source? I have Innate Attack in Basic open as well as Melee Attack (ST-Based) in Powers and I don't see the thing about not being able to add more damage than the IA itself in either. That said, based only on the information provided, I would probably have to go with C.
Actually there's a D option as well.

D: Take 2 as if it were a die average indicating a range of 1~3, meaning thrust could add up to 3 damage: MIN(1d-2, 3) + 2, range of 3 to 5
Oh, and you definitely are allowed to buy less than one level of IA as that's an explicit example in Basic:
>Some attacks do only 1 point of damage. This counts as 0.25 dice.
So ST-Based: Limited comes from Power-Ups 4; the contents of which I'll summarize:
ST-Based: Limited is a +30% enhancement as ST-Based with the following differences:
- It must be combined with the Melee Attack Limitation
-When making a cutting attack, you must use swing. When making a piercing attack, you must use thrust. You may use either for crushing.
-" The total damage added by your ST cannot exceed that of the Innate Attack. For example, Crushing Attack 1d (Melee Attack, Range C, -30%; ST-Based, Limited, +30%) could inflict a maximum of 2d damage, even if you had ST 100. All-Out Attack (Strong), Mighty Blows, etc., can still be applied to this capped damage."

So at issue is how the cap reacts with non-full dice damage.
I think some DR should have been knocked away with semi-ablative, though regardless all Tsuki has to do is kick/throw Beulah's sword away and keep juking her spells

Unrelated but what's the reason behind the fencing parry ban ? Since they limit encumbrance and have generally worse damage (worse or no swing), they should have a bonus like that, otherwise it's just style points.
Hmm, well reading this I thought of interpretation E, which results-wise is the same as B but the reasoning is different.
>2 damage is one "1/2" damage die according to IA
>1/2 die + 1/2 die = 1 die
>damage with ST-Based, Limited becomes 1d
I think that's what I would go with.
I looked into it and from what I could tell in Basic and on the official forums the DR doesn't wear down unless at least 10 damage is done all at once. It's apparently not cumulative.
>Fencing Parries
It was instituted by original AM. I know part of the reasoning was that fencing weapons aren't actually any better at parrying. I don't know if there was any specifically gameplay-focused intention behind it.
Okay, the math is a bit wobbly, but I can see it working that way. What do I do then with the swinging damage then using the same example? The damage for the same strength would have been 1d+2, but establishing 2 damage (Which floats somewhere between .5 and .6 dice depending on how you grok it) as 1/2d and limiting it there means it should drop back down to just 1d there as well.

So, for a 2 partial die weapon with 10 strength the damage profile would be 1d thrusting, 1d swinging; which honestly might be perfectly okay, since it gets the benefits of any strength increases or things that boost muscle powered attacks.

Yeah I think I'll roll with it and if it needs fussed with later it can be. I'll have a penultimate version of this monster hunter worked out in just a minute; I just need to make up their armor.
>wobbly math
Indeed, that's the problem with single dice having non-integer averages. A friend of original AM invented a houserule that uses d3s for damage instead of d6s which solves these breakpoint issues. I guess there's no reason I couldn't switch to that for the fights I run.
By RAW yeah it looks like both would be stuck at 1d... which is pretty silly, honestly. What exactly are you trying to make? Is it something you could do as a Natural Weapon (Pyramid 65) instead?
I'm a bit new to GURPS so I didn't know about that one. I'll play with it in that and see if it'll behave better that way.
File: Bandit_Bruna.pdf (2.21 MB, PDF)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB PDF
I posted this at the tale end of the last thread, figured I'd post it again in here for those who didn't see it.
File: 1449420858543_CHEN.png (172 KB, 437x597)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
Who is next? Annabel and Jones perhaps?
I don't know why a fighter/mage would waste their time trying to Hadouken the enemy when they can just be rushed down, and then switch to pure melee when their dual training means they have a disadvantage. You just end up with a character who is crap at two things instead of good at one.
Smart money would be to concentrate on spells that enhance her own speed and strength, or charge up her sword with electricity or fire or give it the impact mass of an anvil or something.
Most (maybe all?) of the fighters in the tournament aren't minmaxed.
this kind of gurps magic just seems like shit desu senpai
maybe belilah is just a bad build, but having to
>roll to see if you cast spell
>roll to see if you hit enemy
>enemy rolls to dodge
Is fucking awful
In most games, it's either
>spend limited per day resources, spell is cast automatically
>make a skill check to see if you can cast a spell at all, but you're not limited
but this version of gurps magic
>you have a limited pool of energy, and you gotta roll to maybe cast the spell
is shit.

Hopefully the other magical systems gurps uses are better.
Aight, consider this a final preview before I get everything else organized to submit it properly, but conceptually it's done. All that's left is checking my work, balancing and artwork.

Natural weapons posed a similar problem to Innate Attacks, so I slapped on a few additional correcting disadvantages and called it a day.

I chose weights arbitrarily for the gadgets; adding a pound to the buckler and weighing the gunlance the same as a full sized lance (though it is smaller, the weight should be about similar on account of being a dragon blaster).

So far as meeting the concept? I think she's shaped up nicely. Now it's just checking math and seeing that she works right. And finding nice art.
In an actual campaign there's definitely a use for speccing into some ranged attacks. But for 1v1 arena fights, if you can't hit them consistently before they get to you, there isn't much point.
Aw fuck I cut off some of the advantages of the minion. Oh well. The missing off the bottom on the sheet are "Infravision" and "Metabolism Control I"
Okay, scratch that, there's some goofy shit I must have messed up here; Ignore the "No Wounding" on the explosive bayonet. I must have derped that when I was doing final checks..
Actually fuck it all I'm sleep deprived and there are a ton of mistakes on here. Take it all with a grain of salt. I'm still finding math errors.
lol godspeed monhun anon, it's looking cool. Can't wait to see the final product.
>People complaining that magic is underpowered

Bro, it's the opposite. You are used to systems where magic is overpowered.
any attack that requires 3 (three) successful rolls to see if it even works is garbage.
Not to mention the combination of having to use limited resources AND to see if the magic even works (even for buffs) feels real shit in play.

It's not about power levels, it's about how annoying it is to use.
>any attack that requires 3 (three) successful rolls to see if it even works is garbage.
This is not an immutable feature of magic. Beulah's creator chose it to be slow to save points because they're only 100 points.
>Not to mention the combination of having to use limited resources AND to see if the magic even works (even for buffs) feels real shit in play.
3 turns is not that much in play. 3 turns to potentially end the fight immediately is fine, you saw that fight was 26 turns.
>It's not about power levels, it's about how annoying it is to use.
Annoyance is relative. I spend probably 3 turns aiming on average on gun characters. Turns go fast.
I'm not that anon, but the difference between earlier fights where it was played as taking two rounds to cast effectively and this fight where it takes three rounds to cast is pretty extreme.
Combine that with the fact that witchbolt is 2d+2 and a regular sword attack is 1d+1, meaning that if it takes three rounds to cast, witchbolt is actually WORSE dps-wise, and shocking grasp, only being 1d, is laughable at best.
Overall I can't help but feel as though the fight was rather mismanaged, no offense to the anon who ran it.
DPS is a spook when DR exists and shocking grasp has unique effects. Also, bro the bolt is ranged that's an enormous upside

The Arena is also HUGE.
She could just try to keep distance and hide, until she is fully powered. She can also jump from the bridge in the middle if she gets in a risky situation and continue shooting.

Hell, she can try hiding and attacking by surprise.
My complaint isn't about how long it takes to cast
it's about how many dice rolls you must make.
A regular attack in gurps takes 2 rolls to resolve, the attack plus the active defense. This is already somewhat slow compared to most other RPGs, but it's fine because both attacking and active defenses have lots of interesting options.
Adding an extra roll because magic is a shit idea gameplay wise, regardless of how strong magic is, and it feels extremely unfun to constantly fail to cast due to shit luck.

Again, this is not about power levels so don't come at me saying "but magic is way stronger than regular attacks to compensate!". It's not the point.

I don't know much about GURPS but I do know it has multiple different magic systems. I just hope that the others are less annoying to use.
the fact that she has to roll magic isn't that big deal really, with a 13 it's 80%+ to get it, she just got unlucky a couple of times
It's an unnecessary extra step. When doing something in combat, 2 rolls is already slow.
3 is just too fucking much.
File: Tiefling Warlock_Art.jpg (3 KB, 114x125)
3 KB
Man what a shitshow.
>3 turns to cast?
Every spell under Beulah's scheme takes two. One concentrate maneuver to prep the spell, and one to finalize it, at which point it goes into effect. The 'effect' of her attack spells is to generate a thrown projectile. In the early arena I considered this fair, with newer characters, that may not be the case.
>Too many rolls
GURPS is probably not for you.
That said, the way Beulah's magic is constructed, the casting roll is a balancing factor and not an absolute requisite.
>Balance in general
It would, frankly, be completely trivial to have her fire that spell once a turn as a shotgun spread with no casting roll within the same point allotment by getting rid of her melee spell. If you just want to maximize DPS, the game won't stop you, and I absolutely have examples of shit like "Integral forearm deployable 4d+16 cut monoblade" that cost all of nine points.
The points mean jack shit, and if Beulah's no longer balanced as intended for where the other competitors are going, someone can change her. The extra time AND skill roll can be removed from her spells for 6pts, which she had banked already. The effect of her spell generating a thrown projectile was also a houserule to bring it in line with how basic set magic works, and can safely be ignored, so then we're at "Beulah launches a fireball every turn sans aims," which, if that's how you want it, go for it. But she was balanced around the same axis as the characters in my actual games. All the early characters were, as people have commented.
Balance is not a concern.
The problem is how it feels to play.
Having what seems to be a limited resource (how do you get energy back? Can you get it back mid fight?) plus a roll to see if the spell doesn't fizzle just feels awful.
I've played games where you roll to cast
and I've played games where you just spend mana/stamina/slots to cast

but having both just sounds awful.
Different strokes. It doesn't even register to me, honestly. I can see how it's not as...elegant as it could be? But if I cared about that I really wouldn't be playing this.
>Can you get energy back mid fight?
Not usually. It regenerates at 'some speed' sort of depending. Typically every 10 minutes of rest, as fatigue is also a casting resource. The way Beulah's set up she has 4 energy reserved for magic that recharges at 1/hr independently, plus her 11 FP of which she can safely spend about 7 in a fight, which she regains at a rate of 1/10m of rest, per typical.
Also, her casting roll started off somewhat purposefully gimped. She can get her success rate up to about 90% for 3 points in the skill. If nobody has done that on her sheet by now, I genuinely don't know why.
Actually I do know why, it's because I left no instructions on how the character functions.
do the other magic systems in gurps work differently? or do they all have the resource+skill roll thing?
As I was saying above, Beulah's 'magic' is innate advantages dolled up with limitations to ape the basic set magic. You can simply not have those limitations if you so choose. The only reason she has to both pay fatigue and roll is that I wanted her abilities to be slightly cheaper and because I felt like it.
All of those I'm familiar with do so, though in basic magic it's possible to get good enough at a spell to not pay for it I think? I've never used it. I genuinely don't like any of the specific magic systems at all.
>All of those I'm familiar with do so
that's a shame.
Apparently Strawpoll is broken and shows 0 no matter what. Here I thought people just didn't care. Tried again with Google forms:

Haven't spoken with the other active AM about who's running the next fight. He usually does his far quicker and puts them up in about 12 hours from now, but he hasn't posted a fight card yet. If he doesn't volunteer I will start preparations for my next, which I guess would be Mizuki vs Usagi, but it certainly won't be up tonight.
File: 1534283895052.png (417 KB, 801x1025)
417 KB
417 KB PNG
Honestly it feels like the early characters were balanced a certain way and a lot of the new characters were just min-maxxed besides some meme champs
Which ones do you feel are min-maxed?
also checked
That's to be expected because Anna, Marcia, Beulah, and Grishnak were all made in tandem by myself, and I at least tried to ride some other early anons to match tone. And entertainingly, those characters are often still what I'd consider "A little narrow."

My plan had been to move onto doing event matches in that huge multi-terrain arena map, where people with skills would be relevant on teams; some of the objectives are underwater, up cliffs, across ropes, etc. And that might encourage people to broaden characters a little, once general adventuring skills, stealth, etc, could be helpful.

I might still do something like that eventually, but right now I've got other shit to do and I'm burned out. Setting up the tournament bracket made me realize how bored I was with the 1v1, set map duel format, but more invested anons are doing a better job with it than I would have anyway.
Fox girl and Usagi's 16 strength
I am upset that Belulah lost. Not because I care about the pink tart; but because she ruined my perfect betting record and wasted my coins.
File: Mizuki_Loses.jpg (413 KB, 1440x900)
413 KB
413 KB JPG
The slow buildup of complexity has been good for me. 1v1 in (mostly) featureless map to get a handle on the basics, then the tournament map with elevation, difficult terrain, cover, sprinting. Once the tournament is over I think I'll be a lot more confident in tackling all the various other rules a big multi-terrained arena will require. Stealth is something I am looking forward to seeing on a map that allows it.

>foxgirl is optimized
Holy kek, I hope you're not serious. She has DR 0 and HP 9. She can (probably) negate one hit with Luck, but anything beyond that and she's done. It's not like she does great damage either. I think she's less optimized than Cameron.
I was gonna go check but on the roster her character sheet is missing
Sheet was up, I just messed up the link on the Roster. I just pushed a fix, so you can either check the repository directly or wait for the Roster to update in a minute or two.
ahh makes sense
>Holy kek, I hope you're not serious. She has DR 0 and HP 9.
And here I thought Phillip was the most unoptomized character made so far.
you don't need DR if you never get hit :)
Lemme drop the 'betting guy' persona real quick and clarify something, just cause.
If Beulah had gotten the shit rocked out of her, I wouldn't have complained. I'd have played it up a bit but ultimately still enjoyed the fight, because that's how this stuff goes.
But, from my perspective, that's not how it went.

Instead, a whole lot of shit went sideways. We went from needing two rolls to cast to needing three for reasons I'm STILL unsure about, because I'm not a smart man and cannot into gurps. The dice grew what I can only assume was some kind of cancer. There was what I can't help but see as a significant misplay in the form of doubling down on the weirded up magic instead of just using the sword. And to top it all off, there was the fight-ending rules flub.
Any one of those things I'd be fine with, and any two of them I could probably deal with, but all of them combined leave me feeling dissatisfied and disappointed. I was, despite my best efforts, feeling rather salty about it for a while last night, and have since gotten over it.
I mean no disrespect to the guy who ran the fight, because I sure as shit couldn't have done it myself, but I can't say I like the result.

Be that as it may, whatever you guys decide about it I'll stick with and not complain about. After all, we're not here to bitch about fight outcomes, we're here to have fun and do games.
>So at issue is how the cap reacts with non-full dice damage.
Why would it be an issue when we know how to convert dice to adds and vice-versa? You can have an IA that does 2 damage, no dice. Or 2d+2. Or 1d-1.
Because ST-Based Limited says the damage added by your SW or TH cannot exceed the damage of the innate attack and exactly how results in different damage curves depending.

Thankfully I revised it to only matter for one of the attacks to the tune of losing 1 point of damage to the cap, which also is thankfully over the full die from ST or TH, so it can just be a flat penalty.

This only ends up being a problem when using ST-Based, Limited with innate attacks that deal less damage than your SW or TH, so it was just deciding how to rule on an edge case.
>We went from needing two rolls to cast to needing three for reasons I'm STILL unsure about.
I'm not clear here, reading the thing. The sequence of Beulah's casting has always been
>Cast (roll for spell success) and receive projectile
>Throw projectile (Attack roll)
I'm not seeing a third roll in there unless I'm totally blind.
>ending rules flub
If I may, there were two counter-flubs there.
1: Beulah's shield is semi-ablative, and there's a houserule I didn't write down in its description that alters semi-ablative to track damage instead of needing a 10pt hit to albate. (or else that'd never happen in most games except against, idk, trolls and greatweapon fighters.)
2: The -5 to her roll was a mistake, but she still would have failed the knockdown. There's a 40% chance she'd remained stunned the following turn. Combined with the error in her DR, this would probably have been fatal anyway.
This doesn't really improve matters any, as that's a whole other direction things could have gone, but her odds weren't great at that point.
>Dice cancer
Since I wrote up the character originally, this has got to be my fault. My rolls as a player are always unbelievably bad.
Man, it wasn't that long before some people decided to demonstrate just how much brain damage they are on.
If you're talking about me, man, I did admit I was not a smart man.
I have no idea if you're one of or all the people I'm talking about.

Something that might help with complexity is if people are willing to stick favored attacks or notes on tactics directly into their character sheets.
For my part I'm planning on having a writeup in the notes for monster hunter waifu. Even a short user manual for characters is probably great for AMs.
It's probably great for the character's chances of success as well. A lot of the characters are memes and rely on something the writer considers obvious, but the AMs might be unfamiliar with, considering they all seem to come from a specific circle of friends. Their understanding of GURPS mechanics is... interesting. I've never seen anyone before that focuses on the things they care about the most. Meanwhile, there have been some interesting decisions, which felt completely counter-intuitive to me.

So at the very least, detailed creator's notes would further the original goal of the thread, for us to educate and entertain each other. I'd be very curious to see what the SoS characters are all about for example.
>but the AMs might be unfamiliar with, considering they all seem to come from a specific circle of friends.
For what it's worth, I've never met the other active AMs before I started, but they have occasionally asked me for advice. I only knew the nito-usagi guy beforehand, and I think he's only run two...three fights?
>Their understanding of GURPS mechanics is... interesting. I've never seen anyone before that focuses on the things they care about the most.
I'd actually be really curious about this. I have as little interaction with the general GURPS-sphere as possible.
>Meanwhile, there have been some interesting decisions, which felt completely counter-intuitive to me.
Also interested in this. I'm always keen to learn how someone else runs/plays the same game differently.
>Detailed creator's notes.
Agreed. The first set of characters didn't have them because I honestly didn't imagine anyone else would even do this. I expected it to be a gag that died after the second thread.
If those creating characters have the rules mastery to suggest a favored tactic, I would of course appreciate notes to that effect.

I don't know if you were the same guy lamenting the lack of advanced tactics from Grishnak earlier, but either way I implore you to be more specific. I truly, honest to God, would like to hear from people who actually play GURPS about any possible rules misunderstandings or tactical oversights. I won't necessarily agree about every rule and there are a number of houserules in effect, but if I really am making rules mistakes or tactical errors I want to know. Things like "hey that's not how head injuries work" or "you can Wait for someone's turn to end" are much more helpful than vague insinuations.
We should stat Tee Hee Macaroni.
File: 1638403848592.jpg (237 KB, 1100x891)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
>not statting this madlad
I must see him statted immediately
Desperately excited to see the fate of Jones.
He's probably going to have to wait a bit. I haven't been able to get in touch with AM Chomsky today so it looks like tomorrow I'll be working on another. For now I will skip over Mizuki vs Usaki just in case Usagi AM gets interested in running her, so next up will be Morry vs February. I might get a Fight Card up tonight but I'm trying to finish a spreadsheet to understand GURPS combat math a little better.
File: Showcard.png (2.45 MB, 1800x922)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB PNG
I know everyone is very excited for the upcoming matches but now is the time for the Ludite's sideshow !

Today, a newcomer, Ninivelle Frillspawn, will contend with Mizuki and Lana. These two girls have had a rough patch against a wild troll during their last fight, but I believe they might be able to beat up an uppity summoner.

> Ninivelle Win : 1.3
> Lana and Mizuki Win : 1.6

Note : There seem to be a server error when I try to upload the sheets on catbox, I'll upload them latter. For now, you may checkout the mythweavers links.
File: 1628790390752.jpg (660 KB, 1920x2653)
660 KB
660 KB JPG
Here's the art for Ninivelle
File: 1628749784268.jpg (106 KB, 800x800)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
And for her eidolon
15 on Ninivelle
Come on, Mizuki, win a match for once! Even Steve managed it, you have no excuse! I would bet but I am broke.
Looks evil
Put some dinosaurs in the middle
Mizuki may as well have no HP. She's gonna die.
Fighter's tactics are all very cautious, with very rare use of committed attack, retreating back most of the time instead of sideslipping for a flanking attempt, there is a lot of Evaluate when it's not strictly necessary (another attack is almost always better than a turn spent on Evaluate), there is a lot of focus on trying to squeeze in disadvantages for humorous effect in combat (this isn't bad, it just never occurred to me), there is what feels like excessively harsh assumptions of what characters can figure out at a glance (all characters should be aware of what guns and magic are, at worst suffering TL or Unfamiliarity penalties).
For all that I mentioned characters being cautious, I don't remember any of them using Defensive attacks.
Of the original arena characters, none of them take advantage of polearms, switch grips or wear heavy armor despite the very powerful BFA rules (though maybe it's a problem with price, I have yet to try making a good BFA suit, $5000 is not a lot).
It's a general feeling I got similar to other "first contact" scenarios with insulated player, e.g. the group of ex-Marines who all through Reach is useless because you can always bum-rush enemies or failing that - shoot them. Or the GM who answered all rules question with "GURPS is not an autism simulator, this literally doesn't matter."
File: Round1.png (748 KB, 600x773)
748 KB
748 KB PNG
Alright guys. It is time for the fight.

> Round 1
Reacting first, Lana and Mizuki move forward. Lana draws her sword and readies an attack.
Ninivelle casts Mage Armor on Grolgania and moves sideways, while Grolgania rounds the corner and rushes toward Mizuki.
The Eidolon bites down onto Mizuki's left shoulder and tries to bring her down onto the floor. She deals 9 points of damage, but fails to trip her.

> Round 2
Lana charges Ninivelle. She makes a bloody impact, dealing 13 points of damage and causing Ninivelle to reconsider her position.
Mizuki unleaches her Iaijutsu Strike. She misses. (GODDAMIT MIZUKI.)
Grolgania charges Lana at the command of Ninivelle. Mizuki delivers a parting shot that fails to connect. Grolgania bites for 8 damage.
Ninivelle steps to the side and sucessfully dazes Lana.
File: Round3.png (745 KB, 531x883)
745 KB
745 KB PNG
> Round 3
Mizuki moves over to flank the Eidolon and fails her attack. Lana cannot act.
Grolgania launches a flurry of attacks but is unable to land any. She steps away from the flank.
Ninivelle casts Expeditious Retreat on herself and runs away.

> Round 4
The girls re-enter a flanking position and deliver their strikes. Grolgania's natural armor is unable to withstand the blades. She is dealt 18 points of damage.
Ninivelle uses her wand but fails to Daze Mizuki. Her eidolon lands a single bite on Lana, she inflicts 4 damage.
File: Round7.png (426 KB, 284x828)
426 KB
426 KB PNG
> Round 5
Lana misses but Mizuki stabs Grolgania, she loses 7 hp and cannot remain in this plane any longer.
Ninivelle summons 3 Fiendish Eagles and gives advice to one of them. She steps 5ft away.

> Round 6
Lana and Mizuki take a small break and drink a potion of cure. Healing for 4 and 6 respectively.
The eagles fly forward, smite good and attack Mizuki, one lands a lucky hit for 4 points of damage.
Ninivelle uses her wand on Mizuki but she saves again. Ninivelle gives advice to one of the eagle.
File: Round9.png (735 KB, 926x533)
735 KB
735 KB PNG
> Round 7
Mizuki kills one of the eagles. Lana moves forward and kills another eagle. The remaining eagle manages to scratch Mizuki for 4 damage.
Ninivelle does not trust the remaining eagle (Poor thing). She summons a new creature, dismissing the eagle. A small Lightning Elemental appears overhead.
The caster then scampers 60ft to the side.

> Round 8
The girls dash for Ninivelle but she is still a fair bit away. If they want to catch her, they are gonna need to split up.
Ninivelle uses her wand on Lana. Lana becomes dazed, Nini gives advice to her elemental and the elemental performs a flying charge, dealing 4 points of damage.

> Round 9
Mizuki is too slow to reach Ninivelle this turn so she attacks the elemental but her katana is deflected.
Ninivelle goes for another Daze on Lana but this one fails. She scampers back to her original position, 60ft away.
The elemental inflicts 6 points of damage on the recovering Lana.
File: Round 11.png (646 KB, 661x632)
646 KB
646 KB PNG
> Round 10
Mizuki deals 10 points of damage to the elemental and commands Lana to pursue the annoying brat. Lana retreats and gives chase.
The elemental slams Mizuki and deals 6 points of damage before suddenly fading away. Ninivelle sidestepped and summoned 3 Fiendish Ghost Scorpions around Lana.
She pats the one blocking Lana's path and tells it to go for the shins.

> Round 11
Lana tries to cut down the scorpion blocking her way and lands a powerful 10 point blow, but the scorpion is still crawling.
Mizuki runs over to assist, but is too slow to attack this turn and instead takes a flanking position.
The scorpions all full-round attack Lana. Not a single hit out of nine go through.
Ninivelle dazes Lana and scampers away.
File: Round13.png (780 KB, 643x805)
780 KB
780 KB PNG
> Round 12
Mizuki cuts one of the scorpion. The scorpions keep their focus on Lana but are unable to get a hit it despite their flank.
Lana recovers from her dazed state as Ninivelle skips to the other side of the building and dazes Mizuki with her wand.

> Round 13
Lana downs the scorpion in the doorway and repositions.
The scorpions target Mizuki instead, smiting her. Once again, none of their blows connect.
Ninivelle is bored, she encourages the healthiest scorpion and keeps Mizuki dazed for another round.
File: Round15.png (653 KB, 559x764)
653 KB
653 KB PNG
> Round 14
Lana cuts down another scorpion to prevent it attacking her friend. Unfortunately...
The remaining scorpion strikes with his stinger sucessfully thanks to her master's advice, he also manages to pinch Mizuki with one of his pincers. Dealing 7 points of damage (4 from smite). Mizuki resists the poison however.
Ninivelle is satisfied by her scorpion, she will make sure to give him a nice treat next time he is summoned. For now, she summons a Giant Frog and dismisses her previous critter. She cheers the frog, instructing it to use its tongue on the girls.

> Round 15
Lana gives her remaining potion to Mizuki, she drinks it to regain 4 hp. They hole up in the home for a second.
Ninivelle, seeing nothing come out of the home, casts Mage Armor on her Frog and orders it inside.
The frog moves forward and fires his tongue at Mizuki, she finds the amphibian's tongue coiling around her as she is pulled toward the creature's mouth. She is grappled.
I'm thinking of making a couple of more meme GURPS characters, but first, some questions for the organizers.
1.What is the proper Unusual Background level if the character has DR due to a divine blessing?
2.Are there any limitations on Ally other than the ones stated in the rules section?
File: Round16.png (604 KB, 616x672)
604 KB
604 KB PNG
> Round 16
Lana slashes at the frog's tongue, but she hesistates too much, fearing hurting her friend and is unable to land a clean blow.
Mizuki attempts to struggle herself free... AND SHE DOES IT !...
Only to be pulled closer by the frog's tongue attack, however it doesn't grapple her this time, she is brought into the range of the frog's bite, thankfully, her armor deflects his globby teeths.
Ninivelle cheers her frog but fails to daze Mizuki with her wand.

> Round 17
Mizuki lands a nice attack (9 damage) on the frog as payback she steps away from the doorway to make way for Lana.
Lana slahes at the frog but her blow is deflected by the magic armor surrounding the beast...
The frog hops toward the doorway at the command of Ninivelle. He fails to grapple with his tongue but lands a poweful bite onto Mizuki.
Mizuki slumps to the floor, having been reduced to -1 hp.
File: Round18.png (309 KB, 373x538)
309 KB
309 KB PNG
> Round 18
Lana, enraged, attempts to overrun the frog. Her mobility allowing her to dodge the maw of the creature, knock it prone and to move for Ninivelle.
Ninivelle cackles madly and points toward Lana's enraged figure. Frillspawn stops in surprise as she fails to daze her. She then scampers off 60ft away.
The frog gets up and looks over at Mizuki's limp body, Arena officials intervene in order to prevent him from attempting to swallow her. The frog insteads hops toward Lana.
File: Round19.png (477 KB, 414x799)
477 KB
477 KB PNG
> Round 19
Lana manages to reach Ninivelle !
Ninivelle 5ft-steps away and dazes her. The frog hops behind Lana and is encouraged to kill her by the smug summoner.
File: VICTORY.png (145 KB, 427x213)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
> Round 20 (OH GOD)
Lana is unable to act. The frog leaps and sends his tongue flying toward her, it sticks to her back and he bites down on the side of her torso.
Blood runs down onto the cracked tiles as Lana falls to her knees. Ninivelle approaches as her ennemy is grappled by her beast. She boops Lana on the nose before the swordgirl goes uncounscious.


> Harekina-Chan : What a fight ! It was very drawn out but full of actionnnn~ ! Ninivelle's tactics are probably going to be described as "cowardly" by some, but I just think she was playing to her strengths. What's are your thoughts Grug ?
> Harekina-Chan : I'm not sure she would agree to that~
I ran a small test at least in terms of BFA to try making a 'semi-full suit' (Aka torso arms and legs) and after stacking Cheap, Weak Limbs, and Weak Torso, I managed to get a +10 DR suit of plate mail to 4,304.8. The best equivalent I could find in GCS is Epic Plate from Dungeon Fantasy which gives +9 DR and would cost total 9,200.
In terms of 5000, BFA can actually give you a lot if you're willing to sorta minmax armor.
Also don't assume my math is accurate, I could have made a miscalculation, so testing my math yourself is advised.
Major correction since I redid the test and realized I fucked up in GCS and didn't set Cheap's reduction to effect CF. True price is actually 2,585. HOLY FUCK.
Interesting observations. As AM for the last fight this is how I was thinking:
>rare use of Committed Attack
Until I realized you could use it to attack someone's Side face the penalties seemed too harsh to justify it. Even then -2 Defense and losing Retreat are pretty bad and the cause of the one injury Tsuki sustained.
>no Sideslipping
This is a definitely a valid criticism. I didn't really consider how a Sideslip could easily turn into a Side attack the next turn with another Step. The it's only -1 worse too, so I should think about it more.
>many Evaluates
In the fights I ran, I only used it when a combatant couldn't get in to make an effective attack that turn or was abusing their greater Move to get free Evaluates. I would definitely never use it if attacking effectively (which excludes Move and Attack) is a possibility.
>disadvantages for humor
Personally I just tried to have Disadvantages trigger when they're supposed to. They're on the sheet so they're part of the reality.
>guns and magic familiarity
I haven't run a fight with guns yet but I agree that they should be generally recognized at TL 4. I think Steve was the only one outright unfamiliar with magic, which is totally in keeping with his character. In the fight I just ran, while Tsuki is familiar with magic she has no Thaumatology skill so her default to try and recognize specific spells is IQ -7.
>Defensive Attacks
The -2 damage seems pretty bad. Depending on the fighter this might make penetrating DR or causing a Major Wound outright impossible. Maybe once I finish mathing out all the combat options I will change my mind but my intuitive valuation of it is low.
Most of the characters have been built to model specific art rather than the other way around, so you can blame the lack of armor and polearms mostly on that.

I appreciate you laying out your thoughts. I will definitely be more aware of using Sideslipping for Side hits in the future.
Mizuki is going to have to commit seppuku to restore her honor here pretty soon if she doesn't shape up. Eaten by a frog is pretty low on the list of honorable ways to lose. Also, is it normal that in PF a level 3 Summoner can beat two level 3 martials by herself? I mean, I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but still.
File: frog.gif (1.43 MB, 498x280)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB GIF
>Eaten by a frog
Magic is just a whole different ballgame it seems. I still think we should have a magic and non magic section

Mizuki would be an Insane build at around 150 points. If she wore armour
It's 3.5 with another coat of paint, magic is the king. Though in Pathfinder they do get stiff competition in a 1-on-1 from gunslingers deleting everything with ranged touch attacks.
I think this got lost in the middle of the fight log.
Summoning isn't even the most dangerous thing a spellcaster can do (though it's certainly powerful at low levels).
And if you think this is bad, a Druid (or some different variants of Sorcerer or Wizard) can be even nastier in terms of summoning.
Grug is a good guy.
I think we've already pretty well explored purely mundane 1v1 combat, and a magic section doesn't really provide any extra balance. Magic that would be OP against martials is mostly OP in general, such as max level Obscurement to blind people. Depending on how you build it "magic" in GURPS can be just as save-or-lose as any D&D spell. That means that a magic league would still require the same restrictions and oversight if we wanted it to be competitive.
>Mizuki 150 point build
Sure, she would be much more optimized if she bought ST and wore armor, but that kind of misses the point of the character and the art. A better solution would be figuring out the right ratio at which $ can be traded in for more character points. Most of Mizuki's money went into making her weapons Fine, and really only because she wasn't spending it on anything else. A few more character points instead might have helped more.

>it's just 3.5
True, and I did understand caster supremacy at the theoretical level, but seeing it demonstrated as low as level 3 with zero save-or-lose spells was nonetheless impressive. Now I want to Ninivelle fight a Gunslinger to compare.

>Unusual Background
Not necessary, just give it a Divine power modifier and take some appropriate drawback as per Powers.
>Ally restrictions
None so far. If something super broken comes up we'll have to deal with it, of course.
Mizuki just keeps raking in L's.
Thank you. So, my takes on some of this.
>Lack of committed attacks, excessive caution
The -2 defense is risky for a lot of combatants. I tend to play them as I would a character in my game and "Not dying." is pretty high on my to-do list.
The mechanics of run-around attacks are a constant point of argument. I've used them more often after coming down on the side of 'front to rear means front to rear.'
I tend to use it more for the resistance to deception and feinting than for the to-hit bonus. I don't use it to 'hit more,' but to offset my own deceptive penalties or to allow ripostes against deceptive attacks, shit like that. Also a house rule that evaluate stacks can bypass the move and attack cap, as an in-between due to Heroic Charge being busted.
This is something I push more for the arena than real games, because I trust my players to play their characters and make those rolls when they feel it's appropriate. In the arena, I need the mechanics to play the characters for me, to some degree, so I use them to add more interest and flair to the fights.
>Harsh assumptions about what characters can figure out
I dunno that I've done this. Beyond possibly instituting fright checks for alien experiences, and a general house ruling of "-2 to active defenses if you don't understand the method of attack or can't have anticipated it well." This shouldn't apply to anyone and firearms at TL4 though. I mostly use it for monsters or truly esoteric magic attacks like near-invisible sword projections.
>Defensive attacks
A combination of somewhat questionable benefit in a lot of cases, and my plain forgetting it exists sometimes
>Heavy Armor and polearms
Partially this is designing characters as they're shown to me in art. Partially it's that I tend to favor strong concepts over mechanical optimization. Which isn't to say you shouldn't make your concept *good* by any means, but when acquiring equipment I look to that first, as well as "What can my character get access too in the world, what would they want personally," before just "What's absolutely optimal?"
I've had plenty of characters switch grips I think but I often forget about it. All the characters I actually play can't use defensive because they have shields, and reverse grip is rather situational. I enjoy a good reach weapon, but again, the character concepts weren't about that.
I also try to use BFA to balance armor for what's actually going on rather than just build what's perfectly optimal for combat. Arena like this? DR 3-6 kinda range is fair. My actual game where there's giants, ST18 vikings with daneaxes, and Faeries with adamant rondels targeting armor chinks at SL20 with a (3) weapon? Yeah, the party having access to DR 8-14 is fine.
Really it's just my stance that the points and the money mean literally nothing when balancing this game. I don't even use BFA because it's cheaper in cash. I use it because the weights of given armors are more in line.
>First contact with isolated players.
I can see it. I don't really recognize either scenario, but that'll happen with a game this complex, and one that even the authors seem to contradict and argue with themselves over how to use it 'correctly.'
Brunanon, I just reviewed your sheet. I realize there was no rule against it before, but Striking ST 4 as a "natural" trait seems excessive even with Special Exercises, which normally needs to be bought once per Attribute level anyway. I have amended the Rules to indicate that Special Exercises only permits up to two total levels of Striking/Lifting ST and may only be purchased once. If you want, I can just exchange two levels of Striking ST for one more level of regular ST and approve her for the Challenger bracket.
Thief Leon is approved. Thanks for your submission.

Momo is in Pending because I don't fully understand how Blindness and Scanning Sense (Extra-Sensory Awareness) are supposed to interact. These are the possible interpretations I see:
>Blindness penalties to combat still apply fully but Sense rolls can be made with ESA
That's my best understanding of the RAW.
>ESA effectively negates Blindness penalties due to being a very accurate sense
This seems like it would be the most logical.
>ESA should count as "superhuman vision" for the purposes of being unpurchaseable with Blindness
And this would be my corollary if the middle interpretation was true. The first interpretation doesn't seem unbalanced but also doesn't make much sense to me. ESA can detect down to "fine relief as perfectly as the human eye." Logically I don't see how you could possess a sense that accurate and still have combat penalties. The RAW version would require some strange explanation of how even though ESA is very accurate it's still awkward to fight with or something. I see you gave her Blind Fighting so clearly you anticipated penalties. Is the first interpretation the one you assumed?
Thief Anon here. Thank you kindly, but also made a V2 because I realized I messed up the equipment pretty hard due to not understanding GCS much. The rar contains a updated version with the equipment modifers properly on and calculated with some minor additional armor. Nothing has changed otherwise.

>already pretty well explored purely mundane 1v1 combat
Not really, but at 100/-50 there is a limit to how complex things can get and nobody's making any For Honor characters so far.
>The mechanics of run-around attacks are a constant point of argument.
I'd be interested to hear the arguments, because it seems pretty clear and simple to me, so maybe there's something I'm not seeing.
I could merely be ignorant, but I am interested in hearing what complexities still lie dormant in 1v1. Grappling has been done. Almost all attack options have been demonstrated to the best of my knowledge. At some point it mostly becomes a matter of picking the options with the highest mathematical chance of success which isn't really an interesting form of complexity since it can be done in a spreadsheet.
>runaround attacks
I don't find the runaround attack rule particularly debatable but I think you meant to aim that at >>82632572.
We've yet to see (of if we did, I missed it):
>really big shields
>hooking and armed grappling
>whips or chains
>different grips
>fighters with a long reach
>stop thrusts
>striking at weapons
>grab and strike
>fighters switching weapon skills on one weapon

Not Momo's author, but the correct use case is:
>Blindness removes your normal human vision
>Scanning sense gives you another sense with its own rules and limitations
There is not much room for interpretation here, it's all pretty explicit.
Any GM however can either ban or modify both ESA and Scanning Sense or just require some extra justification.

In the case of SS:ESA, the limitations are:
>you are always actively emitting psionic energy
>you rely on psionic energy working normally to use this sense; it can be jammed or stealthed against
>it distinguishes fine relief, but none of the other things human sight does (e.g. color)
>Perception is limited to a 120° arc in front of you (unless you buy up a very expensive enhancement)
>it has a range of 20 (barring enhancements)
With that in mind, the Blind Fighting is probably there to make sure she's not defenseless against anything that ignores her sense or slips past it.
File: BlindnessPenalties.jpg (39 KB, 419x354)
39 KB
>really big shields
Depends on how big you mean. Elizabeth used a large shield. If there's bigger than that we haven't done it yet.
Anna has Counterattack. It's not particularly complex, just applies a penalty to her opponent if she parries.
Cameron used them. Not really complex either.
>hooking and armed grappling
Anna has done this since the beginning.
>whips or chains
Haven't done this.
>different grips
Been done lots, both Defensive Grip and just recently Nito used Reverse Grip.
>long reach
Morry has a spear and we have a couple Ranged Challengers.
>stop thrusts
Original AM used these in fights multiple times.
>striking at weapons
I just did this (with intent to disarm) and Mizuki did it vs Morry.
>grab and strike
Cameron did this.
>fighters switching weapon skills on one weapon
I don't think we've done this yet.

>There is not much room for interpretation here, it's all pretty explicit.
Pic related is the reason I find it confusing. Those penalties are clearly based on the premise that you cannot sense your surroundings clearly without vision. The thing is, ESA gives as much detail about your surroundings as vision does minus color. Setting aside RAW for a moment, it makes no sense to me that you could be able to "see" as well as a completely colorblind person but still take massive penalties to fight. I did note the other drawbacks that you listed, the arc being the big one, but logically if someone is in front of you and within 20 yards the penalties from Blindness don't seem like they should apply. Of course, if we go strictly by RAW, I agree with you.
If it helps, think of it as
Anti-Blindness (Limited Range, Limited Applicability, No Peripheral, Psi)
Good news, Fight Clubbers! Our Medic reports that all four combatants from the last two fights are stable and will be fully recovered before their next fights.

Cameron Bleeding HT {10} <13> = Cameron Bleeds. HP [0]/{21}.
Cameron KO HT {10} <8> = Cameron remains conscious.
Nito Bleeding HT {12} <10> = Nito does not Bleed.
Medic First-Aid {17} <11> = Medic staunches Cameron's Bleeding.
Nito Bleeding HT {12} <9> = Nito does not Bleed.
Medic First-Aid {17} <10> = Medic staunches Nito's Bleeding.

The odds announcement for the next fight should be going up soon, but the fight itself won't be ready until tomorrow evening.

Tsuki Bleeding HT {12} <12> = Tsuki does not Bleed.
Beulah Bleeding HT {11} <10> = Beulah does not Bleed.
Medic First-Aid {17} <8> = Medic staunches Tsuki's Bleeding.
Beulah Bleeding HT {11} <7> = Beulah does not Bleed.
Medic First-Aid {17} <12> = Medic staunches Beulah's Bleeding.

I don't know if the "Anti-" prefix is something that exists normally in GURPS, but I get the gist of it. I will go with the RAW "penalties apply despite ESA" interpretation. Momo has been approved.
Yeah that works for me
>I don't know if the "Anti-" prefix is something that exists normally in GURPS
It doesn't, but it's a good way to summarise a lengthy explanation about how to handle advantages that act as mitigators to disadvantages and how to handle limitations in a mix of advantages and disadvantages.
If you're interested in a better explanation that I can ever provide, check out the Power-Ups series.
File: Morry_vs_February.png (1.67 MB, 1600x900)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
Dear audience, allow me to introduce the combatants for our next fight!

On the north side, Spearfighter Morry! This red-haired and breath-takingly fair young maiden fights with unbelievable speed and a weapon taller than herself. Having fought many times in the Arena, she is said to be both the fastest and the most skilled among the Challengers. Rumor has it that she keeps company with John the Fool on his drinking binges, and some even say that she can match him shot for shot. The audience whispers about these and other trivia as they watch her chat happily with the gate operator, leaning on her spear and smiling confidently.

On the south side, Midget February! This fighter's appearance is breath-taking in its own right, but for different reasons altogehter. Standing at just under four feet short, the young February is garbed in frilly entertainer's clothes, a holdover from her previous role in a circus. Strapped to her body is a small collection of razor-sharp throwing knives and one longer specimen. February tests the edges with her thumb while gazing into the Arena with a mad gleam in her eye, clearly eager to prove herself.

As always, the odds:
>Morry 1.2
>February 1.5
To place a bet, follow the guide here: https://gitlab.com/WhiteZhark/fight-club/-/wikis/Betting#placing-bets

The match is planned to take place within approximately 24 hours. We look forward to presenting our most excellent viewers with an entertaining fight!
10 on Morry
As you could see in the early rounds, a quick charge would be all that it takes to end Ninivelle. The issue was also that those particular martials had no ranged options or couldn't outspeed Ninivelle. If they had a Potion that would have put them at the same speed as the summoner, I'm sure they would have been able to prevail.

The situation was clearly in Ninivelle favor, as Grug said, being able to get close to Ninivelle was the real problem for melee characters. Lots of options could have allowed that to happen, the terrain, stealth, speed or just disregarding the distance with ranged options.
Mizuki should have invested in a Samurai longbow.
A yari at the least would be beneficial, yeah.
I'd probably focus on broadening her into more weapons instead of making her better at sword going forward, if it were me.
20 coins on Morry
I'm a little late to the party, but I think there are blockable and parryable limitations in Powered Up 8.
The limitations in PU8 are about blocking or parrying the projectile. My contention was that if the attack is launched from the arm or hand, it should by default be parryable by parrying the arm itself just like with firearms.

Switching weapons would take a lot of character points and make her even less effective for a long, long time. Even if she was just rebuilt to use a yari or longbow I'm not sure it would do her any good if her ST remained the same.
Mizuki doesn't need to switch weapons though. For four points she get spear to 13, or 14 if she adds it to her style and reconstrues it as some generic bushi style. She also has a perfectly serviceable fast draw; and that's more than enough to start the fight with Stick™ and then drop it and fast draw once the encounter moves closer.
If she were stronger, I'd suggest doing this with a nagae-yari, but that's too much for the poor girl.

You don't have to have all your weapons at max SL, you just need to be able to get out your max SL weapon fast once it's appropriate. Starting a fight at range with a pike or spear and then just throwing it away doesn't cost much.
File: 02_kibamusya_010_00.jpg (13 KB, 360x270)
13 KB
If it's only meant to try for an initial lucky hit before melee maybe she should just pick up a gun. That would give her even more range and greater damage should it actually connect. It's accurate to TL 4 Samurai warfare too.
TL4 is just muskets, blunderbusses, and flintlocks right? Basically just "use em once and get rid of em" guns.
It's arguable though that any character should invest the 1pt into Guns+0 and at least whing a pistol shit at the other guy before they start, and that's probably not a good place for the meta to go as a whole.
I do enjoy the historicity though, yes.
Would it be worth it to try and run something like that in Genesys or the system just not built well enough for AM?
Only potential issue I can see is how to handle story points. I suppose you can do similar to Conan and just give one side the "GM pool"
50 on Morry

based smug elf
I like seeing systems showcased so I say go for it.
I'm with >>82644597. I've never seen Genesys in action so I would be pleased if you did. Even if you don't think it's the most suitable system for the Fight Club the demonstration would be worthwhile.
File: file.png (2.38 MB, 1654x615)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB PNG
Alright. A teaser, if you will. I'm going to cook and then maybe fall back asleep for awhile before anything gets done with it, but I'd like to run a special event.

I've poked through and found some of our physically strongest warriors, and one interesting looking pig man. Usagi Limbcleaver, Anna the Landschknect, Sir Henry Corleigh, Bruna the Bandit, and Lucius Porcatus. They shall be entering through the grand arena's west gate.

At the north gate awaits them Frida Erkisdattir, recently deceased cryomancer apprentice, riding one of the great, blind, heat-sensing rime-worms of Niflheim.
File: MapTool_Q3EO1aUDWy.jpg (1.02 MB, 2560x1440)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
And after that special announcement, we bring you our scheduled match!

The gatekeeper on the north side, captivated by Morry's charms, jerks in surprise at the sounding of the gong. He collects himself and quickly sets about operating the opening mechanism. They lag behind their counterparts in the south by only a hair's breath, a mark of his professionalism. Both fighters steel themselves as their respective gates swing apart and the roar of the crowd washes over them. FIGHT!

Notation is the same as Tsuki vs Beulah. I will be exerpimenting with a new semi-houserule based on an extrapolation of DECIDE and the normal rules for Defending against an unseen attacker. The rule is that a character may declare a Defense at any time, even without a (known) prompting Attack. The main effect of this is that Retreats, Sideslips, and Slips can be used for limited off-turn movement even if the character was not Attacked. This solves the strange RAW problem of attacking giving an enemy more overall movement than not attacking. When a Retreat, Sideslip, or Slip is noted as the first action of a character in a Round, it's really them using the Retreat from the previous round just before their Turn starts.

Gatekeeper Reaction (Beautiful +4) <17> = Gateekeper Reaction [Very Good].
February has a Large Throwing Knife ready in each hand prior to match start.
Morry has her Heavy Spear ready in both hands prior to match start.
File: MapTool_na8gnzNKt0.jpg (947 KB, 2560x1440)
947 KB
947 KB JPG
February hurtles into the Arena at a pace altogether incongruous with her stature, making a beeline for the west staircase as so many fighers before her. The sight of her stunted form adorned in circus clothes running at full tilt with a knife in each hand incites both laughter and a strong parental urge to chide her for such reckless behavior. Morry sets off from her entrance at incredible speed in the opposite direction. While her opponent visibly pours all her bodily strength into the act of running, Morry seems to glide effortlessly at twice her pace across the Arena ground.

Morry Speed {6} | February Speed {7} = February acts first.
February has no Climbing skill so she has poor chances of ascending the middle platform directly. She has Range with her Large Throwing Knives, but her supply is limited. If she fails to take the high ground, Morry is free to take Cover behind crenellations or the walls of the platform itself. February has little choice but to go for one of the staircases.
February Direction <3> = February decides to go west.
February Moves {6} hexes west and Accelerates to High Speed.
Morry wants the high ground so that she may take Cover and not have knives rained down upon her, and she likewise possesses no Climbing skill. She elects to go for the stairs as well.
Morry Direction <4> = Morry decides to go east.
Morry Moves {11} hexes east and Accelerates to High Speed.
File: MapTool_HnowsdyESe.jpg (658 KB, 2560x1440)
658 KB
658 KB JPG
The red-haired beauty attains the eastern platform before February even reaches the western staircase. Morry scans the Arena for her opponent but the stonework hides them from one another. She sets off for the central area at the same inhuman velocity, speartip held ahead as if to part the air itself for her advance. February continues her comedic dash for the stairs.

February Sprints [7] hexes west.
Morry Sprints [13] hexes east.
February Sprints [7] hexes west.
Morry Sprints [8] hexes up the east stairs and is automatically Declerated.
The distance and angle prevents the combatants from seeing each other.
February Sprints [6] hexes east, ascending the first stair hex and Decelerating.
Morry decides to take the center so that she can each either side easily.
Morry Slips {1} hex west.
Morry Moves {11} hexes west toward the central platform.
Morry Vision {10} (Distance -7, Cover -6, Plain Sight +10) [7] <9> = Morry fails to spot the top of February's feathered cap over the crenellations.
February Vision {10} (Distance -7, Cover -6, Plain Sight +10) [7] <10> = February fails to spot Morry's bouncing red braids.
Morry Accelerates to High Speed.

Morry speeds along the crenellations on the south side of the central platform while February takes the west stair, cap feather bouncing gaily with each step. As the midget tops the platform she and the Spearfighter lock eyes for the first time. Morry's braids fly behind her as she adjusts course toward her pygmy foe, her impossible swiftness diminishing only slightly. February's eyes glitter under the sun like another pair of knives.

February Slips {1} hex up the stairs.
February Moves [3] hexes up the stairs.
Morry Sprints [13] hexes along the central platform's south edge.
February Vision {10} (Distance -6, Cover -1, Plain Sight +10) [13] <12> = February spots Morry.
Morry Vision {10} (Distance -6, Cover -1, Plain Sight +10) [13] <8> = Morry spots February.
Morry Decelerates.
File: MapTool_U7MW3n5NWB.jpg (512 KB, 2560x1440)
512 KB
512 KB JPG
February wastes no time launching her assault. Reaching up with her left hand she lets fly the first of her knives straight at the rapidly approaching Spearfighter, stepping forward into the throw. Despite February's practiced arm the distance is simply too great and the knife falls uselessly to the ground. A commentator remarks that she may have been thrown off by her opponent's speed or simply overeager. Morry zips across the platform unperturbed, halving the gap even as February readies her next knife.

February can see that Morry moves extremely quickly and that it will only take a couple more seconds before she closes the gap. February decides to start throwing even at this distance and with Morry partially behind cover because she won't get a chance otherwise. Morry must Dodge and decide whether to Drop as well; doing so will give her a bonus to her Dodge and place her completely behind Cover but will leave her Prone, giving February time to take position and throw more knives. She elects to remain Standing and use an Acrobatic Dodge.
February Retreats {1} hex west.
February Thrown Knife {16} (Distance -6, Cover -2) [8] <14> | Morry Dodge {10} (Acrobatics {13} <11> = +2) [12] <16> = February's knife goes wide. Throwing Knives [3]/{4}.
Review Note: The above was actually beyond maximum throwing distance, which is 2 * ST for a Large Throwing Knife. Oops. She should have used a Wait and thrown when Morry was closer.
February Steps {1} hex west.
February shifts the Large Throwing Knife in her off hand to her main hand as a Free Action with Quick-Swap.
Morry Slips {1} hex west.
Morry Moves {11} hexes northwest, getting halfway across the walkway.
File: MapTool_BNMqJErQhW.jpg (480 KB, 2560x1440)
480 KB
480 KB JPG
February edges toward the walkway as she pulls back her arm once more. The Midget flings another blade at Morry, the knife spinning end over end as it approaches the now much closer target. The red-haired woman makes a token attempt at ducking it, but the audience can see that it would have missed her regardless. Morry seems to slow subtly as she nears the diminuitive knife thrower as if looking for some opening.

February Slips {1} hex northwest.
February Thrown Knife {16} (Distance -4, Cover -2) [10] <11> | Morry Dodge {10} (Acrobatics {13} <10> = +2) [12] <16> = February misses again. Throwing Knives [2]/{4}.
February Steps {1} hex further northwest, preparing for short range.
Morry Wait (Trigger: February finishes her Turn; Trigger: Move to Range 3 from February)

If February noticed Morry's sudden hesitance she doesn't show it, instead whipping out another knife from her bandoleer and hucking it directly at her. The Spearfighter does an awkward tumble to avoid it but once more the Fates seem to favor Morry and the blade arcs over her head ineffectually. Recovering herself, she uses the opportunity to rush forward, finally bringing the fight to her range. Morry thrusts her spear forward in smooth synchronicity with her advance, forcing the Midget to backflip away.

February Slips {1} hex northwest.
February Fast-Draw Knife {15} <7> = February Readies a Large Throwing Knife in her main hand as a Free Action.
February Thrown Knife {16} (Distance -3, Prediction -2) [11] <15> | Morry Dodge {10} (Acrobatics {13} <14> = -2, Prediction -1) [7] <7> = Morry makes an incredible yet clumsy Dodge. Throwing Knives [1]/{4}.
February Steps {1} hex northeast.
Morry Wait Trigger = Morry Moves [5] hexes west-northwest, stopping at Range 3 from February.
Morry Feint Spear {20} <10> | February Dodge* {16} (Retreat 0, Acrobatics {15} <10> = 0) <14> = February suffers (Feint -8) against Morry until the end of next Round and Retreats {1}.
File: MapTool_RhGG6V299F.jpg (468 KB, 2560x1440)
468 KB
468 KB JPG
February draws and throws her last throwing knife with a fluidity to match her opponent. This time the blade flies true, but the red-haired woman reveals her true skill at last by leaping into the air, pulling her legs up and allowing the whirling steel to pass by underneath. Landing gracefully on the other side of the knife's trajectory she unleashes a double thrust with her spear. The Midget is caught almost entirely off guard, footing awkward after the last attack. She somehow evades the first stab but catches the second in her stomach as she stumbles backward, shuddering visibly when Morry rips the spearpoint out to step away.

February Fast-Draw Knife {15} <10> = February Readies a Large Throwing Knife in her main hand as a Free Action.
February Thrown Knife {16} (Distance -2, Prediction -2) [12] <12> | Morry Dodge {10} (Acrobatics {13} <11> = +2, Prediction -1) [11] <5> = Morry Dodges again. Throwing Knives [0]/{4}.
Morry Slips {1} hex west.
Morry Spear {17} (Telegraphic +4, Rapid -6, Size -1) [14] <12> + Repeat <10> | February Dodge {11} (Retreat +3, Acrobatics {15} <13> = +2, Telegraphic +2, Feint -8) [10] <10> + Dodge {11} (Retreat +3, Telegraphic +2, Feint -8) [8] <9> = February Dodges the first hit but eats the second and Retreats {1} hex west.
Morry Spear Thrust {1d+2 imp} <4> * imp {2} = [8] Injury and Major Wound to Torso. February HP [2]/{10}. February suffers (Shock -4) until the end of her next Turn.
February Knockdown HT {10} <7> = February does not suffer Knockdown.
Morry Steps [1] hex east.
File: MapTool_VKjWFBcouL.jpg (492 KB, 2560x1440)
492 KB
492 KB JPG
February reels from the pain but stays in control of herself. She draws her final knife, this one longer than the rest, and boldly slips past Morry's spear to get in close. The Spearfighter responds by flowing backwards, easily keeping the Midget at the end of her weapon. As Morry brings February back into line with her weapon she lashes out once more, forcing her opponent to give ground.

February is in a really bad situation now. She can't catch up to the speedy Morry with All-Out Dodges. She can either alternate Moves and Attacks or Move and Attacks and Attacks (these really need better names, GURPS). The latter sacrifices her Retreat but gets her another small chance to put damage on Morry.
February Bad Temper {12} <10> = February resists losing her cool.
February Fast-Draw Knife {15} <15> = February Readies her Long Knife in her main hand as a Free Action.
Review Note: This should have failed due to Shock penalties.
February Moves [5] hexes west into Close Combat with Morry.
Morry Retreats {1} hex east.
Morry Steps {2} hexes east.
Morry Feint Spear {20} <12> | February Dodge* {16} (Retreat 0, Acrobatics {15} <11> = 0) <15> = February suffers (Feint -7) against Morry until the end of next Round and Retreats {1}.
Review Note: February's Counterfeint should have suffered Shock penalties.
File: MapTool_7gIHqR0gSt.jpg (447 KB, 2560x1440)
447 KB
447 KB JPG
February's gaudy garb is stained red and desperation is written on her face. Keeping pace with Morry is clearly impossible and the knife thrower no longer has knives to throw. February clenches her jaw and charges forward, casting herself at the Spearfighter in a frenzied attack. Her knife flashes out like lightning toward Morry's leg, drawing a gasp from the crowd. The red-haired woman falls away from the strike in one of her now-trademark clumsy tumbles, as if bumbling on purpose to mock her opponent. Regaining combat posture Morry exploits her opponent's recklessness with another pair of precise stabs. With no way to reverse her momentum and harried by the previous onslaught February receives two more greusome stab wounds to the chest, tripping over her own legs and collapsing into a bloody heap.

February decides, out of necessity rather than fury, that she has no choice but to risk it all on an aggressive play.
February All-Out Attacks {3} hexes east.
February Long Knife {16} (All-Out: Determined +4, Size +1, Right Leg -2, Deceptive -6) [13] <9> | Morry Dodge {10} (Retreat +3, Acrobatics {13} <15> = -2, Deceptive -3) [8] <8> = Morry barely Dodges and Retreats {1} hex east.
Morry Steps {2} hexes east.
Morry Spear {17} (Telegraphic +4, Rapid -6, Size -1) [14] <12> + Repeat <9> | February Dodge {11} (Acrobatics {15} <9> = +2, Telegraphic +2, Feint -7, All-Out Aftermath -4) [4] <16> + Dodge {11} (Telegraphic +2, Feint -7, All-Out Aftermath -4) [2] <12> = February is hit by both attacks and critically fails her Dodge twice, meaning she Falls Over.
February Fall Direction <2> = February falls Prone to the northeast.
Morry Spear Thrust {1d+2 imp} <7> * imp {2} = [14] Injury and Major Wound to Torso. February HP [-12]/{10}.
February Death HT {10} <12> = February suffers a Mortal Wound and is incapacitated.
Morry Spear Thrust {1d+2 imp} <7> * imp {2} = [14] Injury. February HP [-26]/{10}.
February Death HT {10} <9> = February does not die.
File: MapTool_0f9d6sF2el.jpg (982 KB, 2560x1440)
982 KB
982 KB JPG
Morry stands watchful for a moment but when February shows no signs of movement she relaxes, looking almost embarassed over the carnage she created. The judge rises from his seat and pronounces Morry the victor, the gong following. The stands erupt in applause, impressed at the quick and skillful display from the beautiful young warrior. Morry takes a moment to bask in the adulation before making her way back to the north entrance. She passes the medical team as they rush to attend to the critically wounded February.

Morry 2 points, February 3 points.
>Medical Report
Patient February suffered extreme bleeding and expired before first aid could be administered. Upon arrival Chief Medic conducted a Revivification ritual and succeeded in resuscitating the Patient. Patient February then miraculously endured further blood loss before Chief Medic was able to staunch the wound. Patient February was afterwards transported to the operating room and underwent surgery successfully. Patient February is expected to recover her fighting strength in short order but the damage to her torso was extensive and unlikely to heal fully. Chief Medic assures the administration that she will be ready in time for her next match.

February Bleed HT {10} (Lost HP -7) [3] <14> = February Critically Bleeds. February HP [-30]/{10}.
February Death HT {10} <13> = February expires.
Medic Revivification {12} <10> = February is revived but immediately resuffers the effects of her injuries.
February Death HT {10} (Hard to Kill +2) [12] <10> = February survives.
February Death HT {10} (Hard to Kill +2) [12] <10> = February survives.
February Death HT {10} (Hard to Kill +2) [12] <8> = February survives.
Medic First Aid {17} (Lost HP -8) [9] <11> = Medic fails to staunch Bleeding.
February Bleed HT {10} (Lost HP -8) [2] <12> = February Critically Bleeds. February HP [-33]/{10}.
Medic First Aid {17} (Lost HP -8) [9] <11> = Medic fails to staunch Bleeding.
February Bleed HT {10} (Lost HP -8) [2] <12> = February Bleeds. February HP [-34]/{10}.
Medic First Aid {17} (Lost HP -8) [9] <7> = Medic staunches Bleeding. February HP [-33]/{10}.
February Mortal Wound HT {10} (Hard to Kill +2) [12] <5> = February survives.
February Mortal Wound HT {10} (Hard to Kill +2) [12] <6> = February survives.
Medic Telekinesis {16} <8> = Surgery receives (TK +4).
Medic Surgery {15} (TK +4, Chest -3, Lost HP -2) [14] <10> = Medic removes Mortal Wound.
February Mortal Wound Recovery HT {10} <12> = February loses {1} HP permanently. February HP [-34]/{9}.
I expected Morry to win this fight but in some ways it was closer than it seemed. Both fighters have average HP and zero DR. If Morry had caught a single one of those throwing knives it could have gone the other way entirely, but the dice were on her side. Even at the end February almost nailed her with a leg cut; had it landed, there was a solid chance that Morry would have been crippled and Stunned. No DR is scary. February was also pretty unlucky to be randomly paired against the fastest Challenger in the Fight Club. Given a slower opponent she might have had time to line up her shots and avoid throwing through Cover.

I did some spreadsheeting over the last couple of days to figure out the value of various attack options. One thing I discovered is that, given the levels of skill and Defense permitted to our Challengers, there is a break point where Telegraphic + Rapid Strike overtakes Deceptive for efficacy. Assuming a weapon skill of 16 and an opposing Defense of 13 after modifiers, it requires a defense penalty of at least 4 to reach the breakpoint. The bigger the penalty you can apply, the bigger the gap in efficacy. There are a couple of sweet spots where a plain Rapid is better but in most of the cases I tried either adding Telegraphic was more efficient or switching back to a single Deceptive was better. Morry had the good fortune to be one of the earlier characters who was approved before the SL cap was instituted; combine that with her Feint technique and she could stack huge Defense penalties with ease.
>Review 2
There are still gaps in my spreadsheet. Right now it only accounts for hit chance after factoring in skill levels and crits for both attacker and defender as well as average penalties inflicted by Feints. The next step is to add weighting for Hit Locations based on likelihood to end a fight. That will require considering damage for the attacker and HP and HT for the defender. For this fight Morry didn't need to bother with anything but Torso hits, though, because the minimum Injury she could inflict on February was still enough to cause a Major Wound and force a Knockdown roll. I've seen some bloggers factor in weighting for avoiding Critical Misses since some of the table results can be pretty bad for an attacker (e.g., dropping one's weapon). I can see the logic but I imagine you lose a lot of damage potential if you try to make sure your effective skill doesn't drop below 16.

I debated having Morry cancel her final attack after the first one turned out to be sufficient, but it didn't seem plausible that she would be able to both a) perceive that February was KO'd and b) stop the second attack all in the same moment. Consequently it ended up being massive overkill and the Medic had to break out Revivification for the first time under my watch, but I think it was the right call. Once the attack is declared, no take-backs.
File: 1637561885772.jpg (1.59 MB, 1341x2000)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB JPG
The was talk of Morry having a shield amulet. So like a magic talisman. When did she get 2 attacks?
File: VisionAngle.png (292 B, 900x193)
292 B
292 B PNG
I didn't have too many rules difficulties this time. The first to come up was figuring out when the (Plain Sight +10) modifier applies for Vision rolls. From what I can tell it always applies unless the target is actively trying to conceal himself, in which case it becomes a Quick Contest of concealment skill versus Vision without the Plain Sight modifier. I applied Size modifiers (labeled as "Cover") to the Vision rolls on the first round when Morry and February could possibly have spotted each other to represent the fact that they only had line of sight to the tops of each other's heads. I made a very sophisticated paint.net image with each pixel representing a yard to figure out the sightlines between the two.

Once February reached the upper platform I was planning on having her ascend one of the pillars to get a clearer shot. Morry ended up being too fast for February to enact it, but it did cause me to learn several rules. Jumping, like Climbing, is actually pretty tough to do in combat. The base formula for a high jump is 6 * (Basic Move + hexes Moved prior to Jump) - 10 inches. That's outside of combat, though - if you don't prepare for the Jump by spending two Turns Concentrating in combat, then you only get half that. That means that February would have had to spend three Turns in order to Jump high enough to land on top of a pillar. Then I read about Pull-Ups (just what they sound like), but they require an ST-based Climbing roll, so that was out for February; the books didn't list which Maneuver or how many to take either. Finally I read that you can spend two Move maneuvers with no roll to safely Clamber (I invented that term since there was no official name for it) on top of an object with examples given of tables and chairs but no rules for maximum height. The vagueness of these last two will receive attentions in my houserule doc at some point.
>Review 4
When February began throwing knives at Morry I read up on the Dodge and Drop rules. These too have some vagueries. For one, it describes it as being "similar" to a Retreat, but by RAW you can do both in the same Round unlike the other Retreat variants (Slip, Sideslip, Dive). Nextly, while it doesn't come right out and say it, the paragraph about using Dodge and Drop to avoid explosions implies that it allows a Step. The inconsistency of allotted movement bothers me, so I am moving to classify Drop as a Retreat option so that they can't both be used in the same round. I also intend to make the implied Step an official part of Drop since it doesn't make sense that you can Step in response to an explosion but not a bullet.

The Wait Maneuver is not very well defined in GURPS. I considered having Morry set her Wait effect to be All-Out Dodge toward February, but that prompted me to investigate when exactly Wait effects happen in relation to their triggers. I come from a D&D background, so to borrow that terminology, my question was: are Wait effects Interrupts (resolve immediately prior to the trigger) or Reactions (resolve immediately after the trigger)? One fellow AM argued that they can be either; another says Interrupt only. Certain common sense Waits don't function if they are Interrupts only, but Reactions allow for various silly interactions and what one might call "turn stacking". I don't have a good solution for this yet. I ended up having Morry simply Wait until the attack was completely resolved because the reduced Range penalty would be more beneficial to February's attack than the additional Dodge would be a hindrance.
>Review 5
February Falling Over made me consider the rule about Lying Down characters occupying multiple hexes. The only guidance offered about it in Basic Set is that "human sized" characters occupy two hexes when Lying Down. I had really hoped there would be a table based on Size Modifier. Since February is technically taller than a hex is wide by about a foot, I ruled that she still occupies two hexes despite being SM -1. Anything smaller than that can fit in one. I haven't looked at heights yet for SMs larger than 0, so that will need to be considered as well.

Okay, so now the elephant in the room - unprompted Defenses, or more to the point, unprompted Retreats. I really enjoyed this rule. When the two fighters closed to melee I found myself pondering the best spacing for each given the potential extra movement. The GURPS editor Kromm claims that Retreats aren't really supposed to represent a whole hex's worth of movement and that it's just a mechanic to make it easier to tell who has already Retreated, but I think that's total bunk. Not only does moving your character on the grid not leave any special mark showing that you Retreated, Martial Arts makes use of the fact that Retreat actually moves you in its Retreat variants. Since Retreats represent real movement that apparently anybody can do, there's no reason that it should only be usable when attacked. As noted at the beginning the rule is essentially a natural synthesis of DECIDE and the ability to Defend against unseen enemies. If a character can choose when and if to Retreat even when he cannot perceive an attacker, then he should be able to choose to make those same movements at any time.
>Review 6
The one unintended side effect of unprompted Defenses I noted is that Sprinting with less than Base Move 10 becomes pointless because it only adds 1 hex of movement and forbids Retreats. That's effectively the same thing as taking a normal Move and burning your Retreat before your next Turn starts except with more restrictions on how you can spend your Move. Perhaps Sprinting should still allow Slips since they must go forward and don't actually provide any Defense bonus.

Alright, that's it for Morry vs February! Thanks for watching, and feel free to discuss!

Nothing about a shield talisman on her sheet, but she does have enchanted Basic Move and Basic Speed which is why she can run so fast.
>2 attacks
Rapid Strike is an attack option that anybody can perform. It gives two attacks instead of one but imposes a -6 penalty to both. Morry combined that with Telegraphic which gives a +4 to hit but a +2 to the enemy's defenses. Thanks to the 3d6 bellcurve and the massive feint penalties she was giving to February it meant that she was likely to land both attacks and February was unlikely to dodge both.
File: 1637558279275.jpg (67 KB, 564x985)
67 KB
Yeah it was just something we were talking about when we created the character because the picture doesn't have any armour. I don't know if it ever came into practice. Whoever statted her up made her into a magic anime spear girl rather than just a spear girl which was a bit odd because she was originally just meant to be the spear archetype of the original characters. I was rather in favour of stating up this spear girl instead after her design choices actually even though she's actually a halberd girl
A halberd girl would be neat, I don't think we have one yet. I have to admit I do enjoy Morry's magic speed. It feels very liberating to play with her compared to characters that struggle to go up a set of stairs. I suspect that she can do very well against anyone who lumbers around slowly just by keeping distance and stacking Evaluates.
File: 1638398217757.jpg (151 KB, 1100x1340)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Yeah that arena is a bit big for 1v1 really.
File: file.png (6.54 MB, 3372x772)
6.54 MB
6.54 MB PNG
Alright. Let's kick this pig. No offense to our porcine combatant.
>Turn 1
The worm starts off towards the source of heat with little prompting.
Our intrepid crew make their way forward, racing for a ladder up onto the nearby ledge, and higher ground.
>turn 2
More movin’
>turn 3
The worm rolls its bulk up onto the first ledge, rearing back and crunching its way up there.
Frida gets down to hug the beast to stay stable during its lurching changes in elevation.
The party begins to reach the ladder.
File: file.png (2.58 MB, 1092x923)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB PNG
>turn 4
The worm starts kinking itself up on the eldge to ascend further
Anna starts up the ladder.
Everyone else mills around or spreads out
>turn 5
Worm Friend continues to awkwardly clamber along the rocks.
Anna ascends, Lucius starts after her.
>turn 6
The worm lurches further up.
Anna crests the ladder and Henry starts up.
>Turn 7
The worm begins to uncoil up onto the top ledge.
Lucius hears it up there and snorts a warning that they’re being pre-empted.
He crests the ladder, Anna draws her weapon.
>Turn 8
Worm has almost fully pulled itself up. Frida pushes herself up to balance and prepares her weapon.
Lucius prepares his gear as Henry tops the ladder.
Anna steps back to look the opposite way, not sure how the creature will coil to approach them.
File: file.png (2.77 MB, 1475x783)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB PNG
>Turn 9
The rimeworm is fully atop the hill and beings accelerating back to its full landspeed.
Henry readies his arms. Usagi pulls herself up, Lucius shoulders his shield to two-hand his spear for reach. Anna directs the group to start making for the spike-lined chasm to their northwest.
>Turn 10
The beast approaches
The group finishes preparing and climbing, Bruna pulling herself up last as the rest raggedly haul ass for the defensible crevasse.
>Turn 11
As the worm grinds nearer, the group approaches their positions. Bruna complains about running and hiding from “A literal fucking worm.”
>Turn 12
Our challengers race to choose the sight of their conflict as several tons of arctic invertebrate barrels down on them.
>Turn 13
The worm spies Anna by her heat signature. It sticks its head out over the lip of the crevasse and pauses as it contemplates how to actually proceed, being blind as it is.
Anna ducks back into the fork of the crevasse and gestures for the others not to run past.
Frida makes a riding (The Worm) check. [Tn 15, R8, Succx7] to direct it onward out along the outcropping to their south.
File: file.png (2.15 MB, 1157x766)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB PNG
>turn 14
The worm swings southwest.
Anna peeks the corner, the others spread out, Lucius clinging to the wall ready to jab his spear up at the creature.
>Turn 15
The worm comes into view and the party spreads out, waiting for it to make the first move.
>Turn 16
Usagi is the largest heatsource, so the worm comes after her. It peeks its front over the ridge and aims its head down, and with a sound like the bellows of hell, shoots a gale-force blast of supernaturally cold air at her. [TN14,R13,Succx1]
Usagi drop rolls out of the way [TN12,R8,Succx4] stepping a space aside and rising to a knee on her turn.
Lucius steps under the worm and Telegraphic AoA Strong’s straight up. (Elevation difference 3, weapon is reach 2, but actor’s height is 2.) [TN19, R16, Succx3] The worm is blind and incapable of dodging things that aren’t large heat sources slamming it, more or less. Lucius rolls [(4)+8 imp] and ablates the layer of ice around the worms body by twelve points. Of 64.
The others scramble for positions.
A long enemy on a VTT hexgrid, you're a brave, brave man.
File: file.png (1.77 MB, 1018x728)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB PNG
>turn 17
The worm slams down and races for Usagi. Frida rolls to stay aboard. [TN15 R4, Succx11!]
It moves to bite. [Maa-4, Size -4, Telegraph +4, TN8, R11, Failx3]
Anna steps aside and telegraph strongs the worm. [TN18, R16, Succx3][(5,5)+6=16cut]
Frida twists and spins up her kusari, and whips it at Bruna. [TN15, R8, Succx7]
Bruna ducks under it to advance. [Forward slip, TN 11R7,Succx4] and the flail zings over her head.
Frida rolls to keep it spun up. [TN15,R10,succ]
Usagi stands up and around the worm.
Bruna steps forward to take a swing at Frida’s legs. [TN15,R6,succ]
Frida rolls to dodge with a +3 due to elevation. [TN 12,r17, critfail]
Bruna hits for [(2,5,1)+3=11 cut] Frida is uninjured but the layer of ice around her body shatters instantly. The force of the blow knocks her aside, and she rolls DX[TN 12, R4, succ] to remain standing as she stumbles onto the worm’s head. She rolls to keep control of her flail again. [TN15,R12,Succ]
Henry committed attacks into the worm. [TN17,R13, succ] and does [(3,2,5)=8 cut] further ablating its armor.
Lucius TA Strongs [TN19,R12,succ] and hits for [(5)+6=11 imp] Whittling down the beasts armor further. The creature’s not lasting long against this lot of greatweapon fighters at all.

>Flail control rolls?
I hate how kusari work. I'll write up the houserules later. TLDR; "It doesn't unready if you miss in a swing but can make a check. If it's still spinning, make a control roll whenever your foot is fucked with, etc, like anything else. End-on throws follow existing procedure."

Oh I love running serpents and stuff. It's not really hard
>If the creature full moves, its body follows its head
>If it attacks or repositions, its ends can move independently around its central point
Might be a bit too late to be relevant, but Tip Slash is better than stabbing against homogeneous stuff.
>I'll write up the houserules later
Just use the whip rules. You keep overcomplicating things.
That's a weird one. The ice is represented by simple ablative DR, so damage type doesn't actually do anything. The worm itself is conveniently still a normal living thing though. It might not be unfair to apply homogonous damage typing to ablative DR, but that shit starts to get weird.
They...are, the whip rules? There's rules for Kusari specifically right under whips, the only thing I've changed is the ability to keep spinning them if you miss.
>The ice is represented by simple ablative DR
Ah, fair enough. My brain just went ice=homogeneous, but yeah DR has no special rules for that.
I don't know why I wrote whip instead of "basic".
Fair I guess. There does seem to be a consensus that the new guy's way of doing things is an upgrade.
I'm trying to match him on the technical details of everything, but I just ain't got the energy to keep up with that, and if there's a preference that I just run shit out of Basic Set instead of as I'd run my actual game, I really can't say I care to.
I think any system deserves to be shown at least once, even if it doesn't sound like it's suitable for a combat focused thing like fight club.
>Magical ranged attack in CC really needs some house rules. I was talking to OPAM and because its a projectile it can't be parried.

Treat it like parrying a gun in close combat:
"If a foe attacks you with a missile weapon and he is within reach of your melee weapon, you may parry"
At least give the poor woman some fucking shuriken.
Cool fight, I like big monsters like this
File: file.png (1.53 MB, 792x817)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB PNG
Yeah, sorry to disappoint. My enthusiasm for it just eroded. I can, at least, provide a last update.
>turn 18.
The worm slams itself into the three fighters on its ‘left’ They’re all shoved along in the path of the worm, making DX checks at -1 for knockback that they all promptly fail. (Bruna TN10,fx1. Henry TN 9,fx4,Lucius TN9,fx5) Everyone is knocked on their ass.
As it shifts it brings its spiked tail around at the most convenient foe and AoA telegraphs an attack at Anna. (-5 size, +4 telegraph, +4 AoA TN15. R5, Critsuccx10)
Anna is struck in the chest for [(4,2,2,5)+2=15pi+] which punches contemptously through her armor. The bitter cold of the stinger also deals [(3)=3 fat]
Anna is perforated, but critically succeeds on her knockdown [Tn12,r4] and passes consciousness [TN12,R9]
Anna steps away from the stinger in a daze and telegraphs through the pain at the worm tail. [TN20.R9] (It occurs to me I keep forgetting the worms SM, but it’s not been especially relevant since it can’t dodge.) And ablates its armor for another 15 points, down to 2.
Frida turns and makes a pass at Usagi with the chain this time, who sideslips out of the way.
Anon gets tired of transcribing all the rolls and reading backlogs about how the new tournament AM is better at his job and stops caring.

So I'm upgrading my hiatus to permanent retirement. Less on a basis of 'waah, that's mean,' and just, it's clear people want me to step up my game and I don't have the effort to give to this, so I'm going to do something actually productive with my time. I can do nightly microdungeons with my actual players for the same workload, so I'm gonna go do that.
shit happens, not a big deal man
>it's clear people want me to step up my game
Well, if it's not fun, don't do it, but people have been perfectly happy with whatever is posted.
The important things about this fight club are
>have fun
>showcase a system
>have fun

That said, I understand wanting to stop. I've been thinking from the start about showcasing some system I play but haven't done anything out of lazyness
I for one think the worm is really cool. I was looking forward to seeing if it would manage to take anybody down or just get mauled. I can understand wanting to invest the effort in an actual group instead though.
Kinda sucks, but that's fair. You do you dude.

Right now, if I had the tools for it, I might try to run a match using the Shivering One or Black Silence but I'm lazy and my computer is a borderline potato.
File: Annabel v Jones.png (1.59 MB, 1600x900)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB PNG
By popular (i.e. one anon's) demand, Annabel Proudchest has been bumped up the order. Jones may be the slightly more seasoned competitor, but we are yet to see if his replacement arm is a help or a hindrance. Annabel put up a good showing in anon's homebrew system but is largely untested in the GURPS arena
>Swordmaster Jones 1.40
>Annabel Proudchest 1.30
>Draw 2.00
Match starts and bets close in ~24 hours

Not heard of either of those, but they sound cool and digits demand you run one
They're in the directory. If I get enough inspiration to do it, I might. But that's a pretty big "if".

Also, 50 on Anna
also 50 on the our resident thiccy
I thought the point of the thread is to have fun and learn things from each other.
Spreading out more will only make it worse and shuriken are assassin weapons, not battlefield weapons.
That said, this is an arena, meme characters with meme weapons should be the norm.
Come on Jones, make me proud.
File: zfzj1n.png (2.87 MB, 2153x1626)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB PNG
Just for >>82655584
100 on Anna.
Shuriken were used as much as battlefield weapons by samurai as they would have been by ninja. Musashi was just as lauded for his shurikenjutsu as for his swordplay.
Literally just started clowning around with a big club later in life despite being the meme swordsman god
File: announcers.png (1.39 MB, 1338x871)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
>Nya~~ Harekina-chan here with an update on how the contestants are preparing. My co-host Grug the Destroyer is down in the pits. Grug-sama, what have you found out?
>Wow! And what about Chest-chan?
File: hahahaha.png (1.66 MB, 1085x1217)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG
Wondering if anybody would be interested in me occasionally showcasing unarmed/wrestling matches.
for sure! make sure to have a cool werestling ring as well
Absolutely! We've seen some grappling but not much in the way of striking martial arts that I can recall.
I love these two

Really want to see how she uses those non-combat skills on the fight. Making her OHOHOH have an actual effect was nice.
I guess I'll also need the consent of the original posters if I'm going to do it in this thread.
I made Bruna, Lillith, and Momo, idk if you'd want to use any of them but feel free if so.
I feel like it'd be entirely in line with the thread, it explicitly says everyone who wants to be an AM should do so and what is the ring if not an arena?
File: ok-stamp-1-1024x1024.png (265 KB, 1024x1024)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
I wonder how Grug ended up a commentator instead of a combatant. I think Harekina-chan must have tricked him somehow.

Non-weapon skill feints are neat because some have to be resisted by an attribute other than DX, which most fighters don't have in large supply. I don't recall if I remembered that when running her fight against Rusalka but it mattered little since she crit failed it.

You don't need permission to run a fight in the Fight Club friend, but if you want it anyway consider it given. If you mean for using preexisting characters, all of them are fair game except those marked "Retired" on the Roster:
File: 1637618019825.jpg (670 KB, 1920x2924)
670 KB
670 KB JPG
You don't need permission. That said most of the original champs were made for me by the original AM and I'm sure he'd be fine with it
He claimed to believe it was better than an actual sword! Wouldn't work that way in GURPS though since cut > cr.
File: round 7.png (510 KB, 493x807)
510 KB
510 KB PNG
Bets are closed. Game on!
>Round 1
The contestants race out the gate, Annabel just barely ahead of Jones. Both make a beeline for the staircase on the right of the arena

Both combatants have the same Basic Speed and DX. Annabel wins the tiebreak (Anna Initiative <6> | Jones Initiative <5>) even before accounting for her Combat Reflexes. Both characters randomly decide to move towards the eastern staircase

>Rounds 2-5
All movement. By the end of round 5 both contestants have made it to the bottom of the staircase.

>Rounds 6-7
The two eye each other for the first time as they top the stairs.
File: round 9.png (691 KB, 979x740)
691 KB
691 KB PNG
>Round 8
Annabel wastes no time in moving up and trying to ram her sword through Jones' chest. He is slow to get his sword up, but the blow goes wide anyway.
Jones circles slightly, sizng up his foe

Annabel fails her Control Roll for Overconfidence [6] <11> and goes for a Move and Attack instead of Evaluating. Annabel Saber {-4 from MaA, capped at 9}[9]<13> | Jones Parry [11] <13>
Jones Evaluate {+1}

Round 9
Annabel goes for another probing thrust, but Jones swats the blade aside with the barest flick of the wrist, keeping the point of his sword pointed squarely at Annabel.
Jones steps around to her side and launches a counterattack. Annabel retreats while warding off the blow

Annabel Feint (Saber) [17] <10> | Jones Parry* (Two-Handed Sword) [16] <9>, tie goes to defender. Jones Perception [11] <16> fails to realise it as a feint
Jones Counterattack* (Two-Handed Sword) (Evaluate {+1}, Deceptive 2{-4}) [13] <10> | Annabel Parry (Deceptive {-2}, Retreat {+1}) [13] <11>
come on you cowchested slattern gut him like a fish
>Round 10
Annabel steps back up and strikes for Jones' sword this time. The weapons clash and lock briefly despite his backpedalling, but she is unable to dislodge the heavier sword.
Jones takes another step back and continues to search for a gap in her defenses

Annabel Disarming (Saber) (Reach 2 weapon {-3}) [14] <11> | Jones Dodge (Retreat {+3}) [12] <15>
Quick Contest: Annabel Disarming [17] <14> | Jones Two-Handed Sword (2H Weapon {+2}) [18] <9>
Jones Step and Evaluate {+1}

>Round 11
Annabel keeps close and goes for another strike. Jones tries to maintain the distance as he leans away from the swing
Jones goes for a Committed slash to the neck. Annabel attempts to tumble under it, buit Jones alters his trajectory and catches her. Anna's momentum causes her to sprawl to the Northwest, blood gushing from her neck.

Annabel Feint (Saber) [17] <11> | Jones Dodge and Retreat* (Two-Handed Sword) [16] <10>. Jones Perception [11] <16> again fails to spot the feint
Jones Counterattack* (Two-Handed Sword) (Evaluate {+1}, Committed {+2}, Neck {-5})[14]<7> | Annabel Dodge (Acrobatics [12] <7> + 2) [13]<14>
Jones damage = [6] * Wounding modifer(cutting, neck){2} = 12 injury
Neck injury Table <9> = No effect. Annabel Major Wound HT [12]<15>
File: round 12.png (557 KB, 964x673)
557 KB
557 KB PNG
>Round 12
Annabel appears to still be conscious, but she lays immobile for a second before coming to her senses
Jones shows some mercy, going for a stab to the torso. Annabel rolls away, leaving her sabre and shield behind

Annabel Consciousness HT [12] <8>, Do Nothing, Annabel Stun recovery HT [12] <10>
Jones Two-Handed Sword (Telegraphed +4)[20]<10> | Annabel Retreating Dodge (Telegraphed {+2}, Prone {-3}, Retreat {+3})[12*]<8>
*Annabel no longer has the defensive bonus from her shield

>Round 13
Anna scrambles to her knees.
Jones attempts to scoop his sword under the saber and fling it out of Annabel's reach but can't quite get under it

Annabel Consciousness HT [12]<9>, Change Posture (Kneeling)
Jones DX[12]<14>
File: Round 15.png (505 KB, 1160x479)
505 KB
505 KB PNG
>Round 14
Annabel grabs the sword and returns to her feet.
Jones takes another swing at her before stepping back. Annabel manages to parry

Annabel Consciousness HT [12]<10>. Ready maneuver, substitute Step for going from Kneeling to Standing.
Jones Two-Handed Sword (Deceptive 1{-2})[14] <11> | Annabel Parry (Deceptive {-1}) [12] <9>

>Round 15
Annabel steps over and past her shield, lunging out as she does so. Jones steps back but the tip just catches him
Jones reels slightly from the wound as he takes another step back, keeping his sword point up carefully

Annabel Consciousness HT [12] <8>
Annabel Saber (Committed {+2}, Extra Step {-2}, Deceptive 1{-2})[14]<13> | Jones Parry (Retreat {+1}, Deceptive {-1})[11]<12>
Annabel damage [2] Wounding modifier {*2} = 4 injury. Shock penalty {-4} to Jones
Jones All-Out Defense (Parry) {+2}, Step backward
what a fucking fight
>Round 16
Glancing briefly over her shoulder at the buckler lying on the ground, Annabel decides to ignore it and draw her Stiletto instead as sher advances
Jones maintains the distance

Annabel Consciousness HT [12] <9>, Overconfidence [6] <11>, Fast Draw Sword Knife {-3} [10]<11>, Step forward
Jones Evaluate {+1}, Step backward

>Round 17
Annabel closes in and goes for another lunge. As Jones leaps out of the way, she over-extends and drops her sabre
Seizing the opportunity Jones unleashes a mighty counterattack, slashing along Annabel's ample chest. The crowd gasps as she drops to the ground, although she is still conscious

Annabel consciousness HT [12] <10>, Saber (Committed {+2}, Extra Step {-2}, Deceptive 2 {-4}) [12] <18>, Critical Failure [11] = Drop weapon | Jones Dodge Retreat{+3} [12] <8>
Jones All-Out Counterttack (Determined {+4} Deceptive 2 {-4}) [14] <11> | Annabel Dodge (Drop {+3}, Counterattack {-1}, Deceptive {-2} [10] <12>)
Jones damage [9] Torso DR {-1} Wounding modifier {*1.5} = [12] injury. Shock penalty {-4} to Annabel
Annabel Death check #1 HT [12] <7>, Annabel Knockdown check HT [12] <7>
File: Round 19.png (273 KB, 694x369)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
>Round 18
With a surge of vigor, Annabel attempts to kick up to her feet. She only manages to get up to a sitting position
Jones has learned his lesson about being merciful, and goes for a finishing blow

Annabel Consciousness HT (Dying{-1})[11] <3>. Annabel no longer needs to roll until next dying stage.
Annabel Change Posture Acrobatics (Acrobatic Stand {-6}) [6]<14> = Annabel is sitting
Jones Committed Two-Handed Sword {Deceptive 1 {-2}[14]<14> | Annabel Dodge (Sitting {-2}, Deceptive {-1})[7]<12>
Jones Damage [6] Torso DR {-1} Strong {+1} Wounding Modifier {*1.5} = 9 injury
Annabel Knockdown HT [12]<9>

>Round 19
Annabel scrambles into a kneel
Jones continues to beat down upon her. She manages to get her stiletto in the way, and there is a mighty CLANG as it shatters. The reverberations cause Jones to drop his sword.

Annabel Change Posture
Jones Committed Two-Handed Sword {Deceptive 2 {-4}[12]<5> | Annabel Parry (Kneeling {-2}, Deceptive {-2})[7] <4>. Normally parrying a weapon 20 times heavier would have no effect, but Annabel Crit Succeeds. The blade still shatters though.
Critical Miss <9> = Jones drops his sword, but Annabel's Stiletto is shattered.
File: Round 21.png (422 KB, 920x517)
422 KB
422 KB PNG
>Round 20
Annabel grabs her sword and rises to her feet
Jones drops to a kneel and retrieves his sword

Annabel Ready, plus Step to go from Kneeling to Standing
Jones Step to Kneel and Ready

>Round 21

Annabel drives her saber point towards Jones' face, but he scurries back
Jones takes another wide flat swing. Anna is too slow to get her sword back and in between. She collapses forward, stunned again.

Annabel Step, Committed Saber Attack (Determined {+2}, Face {-5}) [13]<6> | Jones Dodge (Retreat {+3}, Kneeling {-2})[10] <9>
Jones Step to stand from kneeling, Committed Counterattack (Determined {+2}, Deceptive 1 {-2})[14] <11> | Annabel Parry (Counterattack {-2}, Deceptive {-1}, Committed {-2}) [8]<11>
Jones damage [9] Torso DR {-1} Wound Modifier{*1.5} = 12 injury
Annabel Death Check #2 HT [12]<8>, Annabel Knockdown HT [12]<14>, Fall Direction <West>
>Round 22
When it is clear that Annabel is not getting back up or moving, Jones is declared the victor
Annabel Unconsciousness HT (Dying -2)[10]<12>
Jones could have made better sue of his superior reach, but Annabel did well to keep up close and avoid getting Stop Thrusted. Both fighters could really benefit from a little more armour.

There were a couple of GM fiats, namely around both of Annabel's crit successes, plus allowing the default between specialties on Fast Draw
Great fight, a lot more dramatic than I expected. The Swordmaster proves himself.

Doubters. Your Holdings have been updated.
God damn it. She didn't Ohohoho at him once. What do I even pay these girls for?
File: halfling well dressed.png (68 KB, 256x256)
68 KB
I'd like to present Steve the halfling. He is a level 1 character in my own system WBW. Its classless, but he has a roguish character traits: Skilled with a shortsword, lockpicks, stealth, and deception. He's very squishy, but very cunning and agile, so he will attempt to sneak up and stab his oponent. If he fails to get close, he'll try to skirmish with his sling from cover while hiding.
Steve the Halfling, eh? This is why the full name or title and name policy is a good idea. What does WBW stand for?
File: cultistofslaanesh.png (94 KB, 256x256)
94 KB
His Opponent is Kelaal Pleasuretongue, who dumped most stats to pump Charisma. He's essentially a cult leader: he is blessed with high saves against poison (basically immune to poison) and curses. He is also skilled in deception, has a troup of four companions (level 0 characters), and a band of servants. Kelaal is just as good at dodging as Steve and equally squishy, and I will say he has the advantage in this fight because of his companions, unless Steve ends it quickly and gets away.

Waylaid By Withcraft, and he goes by Steve the Sneak
File: sneaking kelaal v steve.png (2.38 MB, 1726x711)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB PNG

Traveling through the woods, we see who gets the surprise. At a long distance, both sides just roll perception (Cunning) to notice the other. Kelaal is the most perceptive of his group (+2), and rolls to beat Steve's passive Stealth (13). On a tie, nothing changes so steve stays hidden from Steve. Steve the Sneak rolls to notice Kelaals group witch is very easy being multiple people. He has plenty of time to prep for the fight: he stows most of his pack to get a +1 to Agility for an empty inventory (Kelaal has servants to carry shit, so always benefits from this). He readies some sling stones in a neat raised pile, and readies a smoke-bomb.

Steve then rolls to sneak to get closer, and with a strong success (beats Kelaal's passive by 4), he creeps up behind a boulder to dive for Kelaal's throat.
File: kelaal v steve surprise.png (1.19 MB, 1638x735)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
Steve the Sneak springs at Kelaal with a shortsword. Steve, despite having a very good chance at a crit, only hits. And although Kelaal is barely armored, his light armor (1d4) blockssteve's sword (1d8+1) solidly. Both combatants only have 8 HP, and a single hit could end things.
Both Keraal and Steve contest Intellect (+1 for both, and Steve has advantage, so rolls 3d10 drop the lowest). In WBW, everything is resolved simultaneously turn by turn, with some actions having priority (reach weapons, for example). Steve wins, and can declare his actions for the round after Kelaal declares his.
File: 1637822212690.jpg (70 KB, 566x680)
70 KB
Round 1
Kelaal declares actions first: He dodges, attacks twice with a dagger. Companions get 1 action per round, and they all attack immediately. One can intercept the halfling, a man with shield and spear. Both of them roll 8 total for the Agility contest (Steve's choice between AGI and STR) and on a tie Steve is unimpeded.
Steve thows down a smoke bomb first action, and rushes after Kelaal to stab him twice.
With the smoke bomb obscuring the whole area, Steve and Kelaal are both incredibly hard to hit if you have no Cunning, and all the companions miss their attacks.
Kelaal barely manages to strike with a dagger, but fails to pierce Steve's light armor. Steve misses, rolling a total of 14 (despite his 2 Cunning, the smoke still gives him a -1 and Kelaal is dodging).
Kelaal strikes again, a crit and a wound to the head! Steve is badly wounded by this and nearly killed, as his armor does little to stop the blade. Steve crits Keraal at the very same moment, but it isn't as impressive (terrible damage rolls for poor Steve).
C'mon Steve! Don't give in!
File: surprise.jpg (220 KB, 1200x816)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
Round 1 part 2
Steve is holding a dagger in his offhand, and since both Short Sword and dagger have the flurry trait, he gets and extra 2 attacks with the dagger at the end of the round.
Both of them are going to exert themselves to get an extra action. You can do it once without penalties each fight if your wearing light armor, so why not.
Kelaal gets one more attack in: miss
Steve's three desperate attacks at a penalty: two misses and a hit. The dagger finds a hole in Keraal's leather, just barely downing him.
Kerall is unconcious, but can Steve get away with 1 hp?
File: kelaal v steve downed k.png (808 KB, 1290x680)
808 KB
808 KB PNG
steve's roll to hit (18 total, needed 16). d6 is his damage and d4 is Keraal's armor
File: forest.jpg (7 KB, 303x166)
7 KB
Round 2
Steve flees, bursting out of the smoke pursued by 3 companions: a human named Jeremey with a spear (and garbage stats), a dwarf named Kraggy also armed with a spear (their cheap and convenient), and an elf named Lofl (insane godly stats) with a longbow. The most intelligent follower stays back to do medicine and try and save Kelaal.

Steve contests his AGI+STR against each of them each round: if steve wins, he outruns that one. One of them wins, they get an attack at disadvantage. Repeat until he's dead, grappled (can attempt with a strong sucess) or he gets away from all of them and can hide.
The man lags behind, and the dwarf keeps pace despite his slowness. Lofl the elf keeps pace, but both miss Steve with their attacks.

Round 3
Steve outpaces slow, clumsy Kraggy and Flofl who trips and eats shit (see his pair of 1s).
Steve is out of sight and may keep running or hide. Naturally, he's gonna hide.
File: kelaal v steve hide.png (1.28 MB, 1659x784)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
Round 4: Hiding
Steve rolls stealth with +4, for 18 total, beating both searcher's passive perception.
They each get an action to search actively, and he actively contests it (if he had a healing potion he'd drink it with his action instead, but with nothing better to do he'll get the hell out of there)
Steve wins all contests of stealth, and I'm gonna call it there.
Steve is victorious at 1 HP!

He managed to sneak up chase Kelaal around in the smoke and avoid getting downed in one hit long enough to run for the woods. He will have to come back later for all his food and supplies that he dropped though...
File: kelaal v steve fleeeee.png (1.17 MB, 1585x729)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
forgot the elfs 1s, good job Flofl, you would probably fuck steve up in 1 hit if you could hit him.

So all in all, I'd still say CHA characters are the strongest because of all their Companions. But if the companions roll badly, not so much.
Really interesting initiative system. How much room is there to "counter" someone once you know their actions? How do things resolve if they decide to attack and you decide to walk away? How many actions do full characters get per round?

Good work, Steve! A much better debut than our old Steve.
Steve vs Steve when?
Mad this is watermarked, I really want a high-quality version of this image.
File: gyaaaaaaaaaah.png (148 KB, 600x600)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
File: thegame.png (877 KB, 888x1181)
877 KB
877 KB PNG
best I could do with 30s of reverse image search. there's probably higher res scans of that book available
Thanks anon
File: Mizuki_vs_Usagi.png (2.06 MB, 1600x900)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
And the tournament continues! Anybody paying attention to the bracket was probably looking forward to this rematch!

Taking her position at the North Gate, Samurai Mizuki! This wisp of a foxgirl looks flatly out at the Arena and heaves an audible sigh, tail moving back and forth in furtive agitation. She lightly runs a pale hand over the hilt of her foreign sword before reaching up to pull her strangely decorated mask into place. Hiding her expression does little to conceal her obvious reluctance. Commentator Harekina-chan goes on at length about the string of defeats this supposedly-skilled foreigner has endured, most recently at the hands of her current opponent, earning a mixture of laughter and sympathy from the crowd and several violent ear twitches from the warrior-waif herself.

And standing by at the South Gate, the crowd favorite, Usagi Limbcleaver! This amazonian bunnygirl's voluminous assets are matched only by her refusal to hide them. Usagi slings her enormous axe over her shoulder and takes a look around at the nearby crowd. Spotting a young man watching her curiously she gives him a wink and a smile, but the spectator turns pale with fright and pushes his way through the multitude in the opposite direction. Usagi pouts only briefly before settling her gaze on the Arena, letting the tumult of the audience and the sun's warmth wash over her muscled body while she waits for the match to begin.

Usagi Sex Appeal {12} <16> = Usagi gets receives a [Bad] Reaction from the young man.

And the odds:
>Usagi 1.1
>Mizuki 1.6
Guide for betting: https://gitlab.com/WhiteZhark/fight-club/-/wikis/Betting#placing-bets

The match is scheduled to begin sometime in the next 24 hours, barring unforseen delays. Don't miss Kemonomimi: Round 2!
Yeah my friends built the characters and named them or I wouldn't have gone Steve

Characters get three actions a round, split in three turns that happen right simultaneously with each creature. You declare all your actions at once, and have to follow through on them, even if circumstances change. Only some actions are contingent, like if you are attacking someone and they flee, you can pursue.
Winning initiative means you can decide your actions after seeing the enemies actions: oh he's dodging? Better do aimed shots. He's gonna power attack three times? Better Dodge or parry, etc.
Characters can exert themselves to get an extra action, ease and frequency depending on armor
Alternately, how about Team Steve?
15 coins on Mizuki
30 on Usagi, because I like women that are taller than me.
Should Mizuki start wearing samurai armour? She's proved to be alarmingly squishy.
Mizuki is going to get bisected.
30 on Mizuki because I hate money
Any kind of armor would help at this point. She fucking jobbed to a frog.
At this point, I fear she might just straight up get killed in the current fight. If Usagi's Berserk prompts, it's likely over for her.
50 on Usagi
I've been bitten by bidding on these sluts too often. I'm not going to make the easy bid for Usagi but I'm not going to throw money away by voting on Queen Jobber.
Literally nobody thinks Mizuki has a shot at winning this. She's going to get demolished.
Well now you're making me wanna bid on the long-shot.
just think of the money if she pulls it off
Without liberal use of EE, proper use of retreats and steps alone would mean the bunny always rolls at a skill cap of 9.
With EE, Mizuki can only pray that dice follow a statistically probable distribution, leading to a long slog of a match where the bunny doesn't randomly one-shot her and instead takes blow after blow to the neck.
Duly noted, and ignored.

75 on Mizuki.
I want to believe.
File: Marg Cowstomper.png (861 KB, 1700x4400)
861 KB
861 KB PNG
>halberd girl
>Yeah that arena is a bit big for 1v1 really.

Did someone say "make a giant lass with a giant halberd", because say no more!

This came out pretty interesting. Not totally sure how legally, but I did my best.

Average skill, since Giants don't have great DX, and I didn't want to dump more into Polearm. This may be a good thing, because she hits for 5d+12 cut with a reach of 6.

Lower IQ, because... well it's a dumpstat here - Giants aren't actually low IQ, Marg Cowstomper is just a bit thick.

DR comes from a mishmash of crude wooden armour over her legs (human shields roughly strapped together) and a large barrel with eyeholes - the only nice bit being light plate gauntlets.

Plenty of disadvantages, mostly chosen by fitting the stereotypes - I thought a Manic-Depressive giant was amusing, and being afraid of insects when you're barely able to see them and your fingers are the size of some people's wrists makes sense.

...this could end up being more of an exhibition fighter than a recurring character, but I think she may be an interesting one at least!
File: _watto.png (330 KB, 600x364)
330 KB
330 KB PNG
50 on Usagi
I like the concept.
One note: there's -20 of attributes coming from presumably lowering her IQ beyond her racial template. This counts as a disadvantage, and means that Marg actually has 70pts of disadvantages. GCS has a Decreased Attribute disadvantage that is better to take under these circumstances.
I made the same error on my first Arena character.
In the arena, it would be counting against her disadvantage limit even if it comes from race, otherwise we'd risk getting increasingly autistic races (e.g. a cloud man who has 1 ST but is a flying cloud who zaps lightning at you).
File: previewmonsterhunter.png (752 KB, 2268x1960)
752 KB
752 KB PNG
I've made another sight check for that monster hunter challenger I was putting together. No stupid format errors I think this time.

Might need a judgement call on what exactly "half" of a characters points is for allies. Do they get built entirely on 50 points or do get to disadvantage down from there? Do they have a comparable disadvantage limit (25 points of disadvantages? 2 points of quirks?) I may have to completely redo the minion accordingly; but I'd be happy to if people can agree.

Soon as I fix anything you guys can see I'll get this formatted correctly and submit it.
File: Marg Cowstomper.png (825 KB, 1700x4400)
825 KB
825 KB PNG
Thanks for the spot!

Well I was thinking of removing Combat Reflexes anyway, so taking Fit with it lets us restore her IQ a point and get it to 50pts... and since I'd increased her DX by a point and lowered her IQ, which cancelled out but was hidden, I'll undo that and just have her at the default for the template - so her skill is at 13 now, but she's significantly smarter. Possibly a net advantage in how she'd be run.

Dumpstats are for looooosers anyway...
Half could also mean having 50 or more of your own points in it

Your dragomite is pretty good with just teamwork and feint and -4 to hit due to SM but Metatraits/Race don't count for the disadvantage limit so you could add more personality to it, also remember to pump perception and will back up after lowering IQ, currently your draconmite is incredibly disabled and will break down crying if someone raises their voice in it's vicinity (if she can even hear them in the first place)
>might need a judgement call on what exactly "half" of a characters points is for allies.
Players don't ever get to make their associated NPCs themselves.
File: MapTool_5IDyP1ruJv.jpg (416 KB, 2560x1440)
416 KB
416 KB JPG
Here's an exciting preview image of Usagi vs Mizuki. Let this kindle your imaginations while I get pulled away by other appointments before I finish writing everything up. These always take longer than I expect so I couldn't hold to the 24 hour timeline but it should be up by the end of today at the latest.

They definitely do for the Fight Club because I'm definitely not going to do that for anyone else.

I'll ask the AMs that I'm in contact with to see what they think. I don't have much experience handling Allies so can't give an immediate answer.
oh boy, time to make another meme entry
It's "half total". Every time the books talk about character point values, they talk about total.
2000 C-bills on the giga-nigga rabbit.
>Round 22
I'm honestly impressed
Can I use my coins to pay Usagi under the table to throw the fight? Asking for a friend...
Nope, and why would you? Mizuki should win under her own power.
In theory, the fox should be able to counter-attack rings around the giant rabbit and her giant axe.
Can she not see out of her mask?
File: 1638438127662.jpg (79 KB, 500x534)
79 KB
Mizuki could be the most op of all the challengers given (lots) of balancing and 40 more points and putting on some Japanese armour (folded 1000 times).

That said I'm still triggered as fuck about Usagi's strength score when we originally saying that 12 was an insane score for a female
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