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Do talk about fight club
>What is fight club?
Actual games on /tg/. Post character images, stat them and then have them fight other characters in an arena. The goal is just to show off games you think are cool with waifus and/or husbandos.

>What can I do?
You got a game you think is cool? Stop arguing on the internet about it and come show us how it works.
You got a waifu you want statted? Post her! Optionally provide a bit of context if there is any to be had.

Dropbox with all the characters made so far for GURPS: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/25p54bu6p9n4s0o/AADHAabWB0GqY-ttJswheQjda?dl=0

Basic fighters are made on 100 pts. There is talk of a middleweight division on 200 but nothing solid yet.
Fighters gain 2pts on a win.
File: Nito Ryu Fangirl.png (753 KB, 3400x2200)
753 KB
753 KB PNG
Who wants to name the OP image?
Here's her character sheet.
Awful idea. Won't be taking part.
File: Usagi Limbcleaver.png (622 KB, 3400x2200)
622 KB
622 KB PNG
Here opponent is from here >>82352245
But I made actual 100pt stats. Say hello to Usagi Limbcleaver. a 7'1 tall bunnygirl barbarian who thinks body armor is for fucking casuals, so she'll never wear it. The bracers on her arms are ok, for parrying. She also has an axe that can be wielded 1 or two handed as her primary weapon.
I know right? who the fuck wants to actually play games?
File: usagi-nito-turn2.png (2.24 MB, 1920x1040)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB PNG
Turn 1
The fighters approach
Nito goes first, and runs her full move forward.
Usagi runs forward her full move.
Nito has her longsword and heater shield out, Usagi has her axe.

Turn 2
Nito evaluates (+1) This will give her +1 on her next attack, and can be consecutively repeated up to +3.
Usagi all Out defense (dodge) and moves forward 3 spaces. All Out Defense (Dodge) is a maneuver that gives a +2 bonus to Dodge, and allows movement up to half move. Other All out Defense maneuvers only allow a step.

Turn 3
Nito evaluates. (+2)
Usagi steps forward and evaluates (+1)
File: usagi-nito-turn4.png (1.72 MB, 1920x1040)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
Turn 4
Nito steps forward; closing the distance to 1 and deceptive attacks with a one handed swing of her longsword (-2/-1)
Defense: Usagi Sideslip (+2) dodges to the north and avoids the attack.
Usagi responds with a swing of her axe in two handed grip, at Nito's right arm with a deceptive (-2/-1) committed attack (Determined)! This option gives her +2 to mitigate the -2 of attacking an arm.
Nito bats it aside with her shield.

Turn 5
Nito goes for a telegraphic committed determined attack to the face of Usagi, and Usagi barely manages to dodge thanks to the fact she gets to use bulletproof nudity rules. (+2 dodge for skimpy clothing)

Usagi Feints and wins the Quick contest by 2. Next turn Nito's defense will be at -2.

Turn 6
Nito attempts a deceptive, 1 handed swing of her longsword at Usagi, Usagi does not manage to dodge, this is a major wound. She rolls to resist knockdown, and makes it. She also gives into Berserk.
File: usagi-nito-turn7.png (1.45 MB, 1920x1040)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
Turn 7
Nito rolls for recovery from stun and succeeds; at the start of her *next* turn she will be able to act.

Usagi aims a determined telegraphic axe swing at Nito's head.
Nito attempts to block this pathetically but is far too slow; she has defense penalties from both stunning (-4) and being prone (-3), the telegraphed attack doesn't mitigate it. Usagi's axe flies towards her skull with instant death gleaming on its edge, before she realizes her foe is down (Berserk check success). The fight is effectively over now as that would be a fatal blow.

Analysis: I should have had Nito Ryu fangirl (erstwhile name of the heater shield longsword and shortsword girl) act more conservatively, use defensive attacks.
Old thread, for people who didn't catch it
File: fantasy_bow_girl.png (732 KB, 583x850)
732 KB
732 KB PNG
Let's do this!
How did Nito wind up knocked down and stunned?
Good question. Did anon skip a turn? Looks like there's a blow to the head at the very top of >>82365941's image.
Oh fuck I didn't copy the end of turn 6; aka Usagi's part. Here it is, continued from >>82365922

Usagi throwss an All out deceptive attack axe swing, swinging two handed, eating up the +4 bonus with the deceptive, for a -4/-2 deceptive attack, on top of her feint.
Nito attempts to block the axe with a retreating block for a +1 block bonus, but she's not fast enough against the berserk bunnygirl. Usagi embeds the axe in her torso for a whopping 15 injury.
Nito rolls for knockdown and stunning, and fails, but succeeds her consciousness check. She's stunned but conscious on the floor with the 7'+ tall berserk bunnygirl standing over her
File: 1638081637070.png (1.88 MB, 2996x916)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB PNG
The Backstabba Tribe are an infamous group of Goblins that often work as mercenaries, famous for their use of poisonous mushrooms in combat. It has become a tradition on the tribe to send some of the young runts (and backstabbing traitors) to the Arenas as a rite of passage. They often fight in 1D4+2 groups.

Fighting Style:
- At the start of the battle they ingest a potion made of Maniacal Shroom whose effects include hysterical laughter and frenzy - https://gurps4e.fandom.com/wiki/Berserk (these effects)
- Half of the fighters wield massive chained Iron-balls (Two-Handed Flail https://gurps4e.fandom.com/wiki/Flail_(Weapon)), the other half wields two short swords (https://gurps.fandom.com/wiki/Dual-Weapon_Attack), they don't wear armor or shields

Khoomer is a Necromancer, coming from the warm lands of the South. He joined the Arena to defeat the waifus and raise them as part of his Mummy Harem 1D6+3

Fighting Style (from Dungeon Fantasy)
- 10+ points in Necromany spells: Access to Necromancer power-ups, access to Foul Arms (DF 11 and Pyramid 3/01), and Necromancer perks (Lesser Lichdom, etc.) 10+ points in Necromancy spells including Zombie: Access to Ally Groups of skeletons or zombies. Can make their own Foul Arms. 20+ points in Necromancy spells
- His Mummygirls use the stats of Zombie/Skeleton - http://gurpswiki.wikidot.com/m:zombie
- He mostly stays on the sidelines and let his girls do the fighting, he is quite weak physically

A gentlemen that wants to try his luck

Fighting Style
- https://gurps.fandom.com/wiki/Great_Bear
Yep, that would do it.
File: 1638081737928.png (2.27 MB, 2995x1286)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB PNG
Darve is a farmer that lives close to the Arena. He hates the sound of the crowds, they disturb his tranquil life! So he decided to defeat all the other fighters and end this game for good. Rock Gnome here - https://sites.google.com/site/adventuresinarcadayn/home/gurps-fourth-edition/creatures-and-races-gurps-4e/dwarves-and-gnomes-gurps-4e

Fighting Style
- Darve has Giant Chicekns at his farm (they won several prizes!), and rides in battle one of his Giant Roosters - http://gurpswiki.wikidot.com/m:dinosaur-deinonychus
- Darve uses Pickaxe and a slingshot, tries to remain far away from the enemy and let his rooster do the job

Vlad is a recently awakened skeleton. He doesn't have memories of who he was, but he knows that he likes fighting. Despite his appearance he is a nice lad.

Fighting Style
- http://gurpswiki.wikidot.com/m:bandit-leader
- Instead of Broadsword he wields an Axe + Shield
- He has Medium Plate https://gurps4e.fandom.com/wiki/Plate
- High Pain Threshold (never suffers shock penalties); Immunity (All mind control); Immunity to Metabolic Hazards; Indomitable (can’t be influenced); Injury Tolerance (No Blood, Unliving)

A martial artist from distant lands that is lost. He wields a ladder as a weapon for some reason.

Fingting Style
He fights wielding a medium ladder made of steel
Okay, you guys got me, not sure how to make a martial artist, but found the concept funny
Alternately, ditching her shield altogether and keeping distance via a 2h grip on her longsword to gain its 2 yard reach, then retreating and/or using waits to hold Usagi at bay could have helped too.
Guess she should have overconfidence on her sheet since she took Usagi for a dumb babarian.

The bunny girl's victory only cements her opinion of civilized folk as weak
I recommend adding the characters made so far for other systems too on the dropbox.

Also perhaps a Discord channel?
Is anyone interested in seeing other anons homebrew systems tested in the chat?
We can probably sort all that shit up into various subfolders, yeah. A discord sounds aight to me if someone else wants to make it.
As long as fight club happens, and Grishnak is involved.
We care not for how the blood flows; only that it does.
100% yes.

Also Usagi is best girl.
Do I attempt to build another 800 point charecter in my hour reprieve, or do I wait till I get home and can make gsc files on my desktop.
It'll be better to get a head start.
>800 points
Do you plan to 1v1 Brother Hadriel? Mostly we've been working with a 100pt budget.
Also note that brother hadriel is not 800 points if you include his gear. He's closer to 1200 if you stat out his gun and armor as advantages.
File: 1638158183593.png (1.15 MB, 846x724)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
I have submitted two others worth 800 points. One lost to the champion hand to Canon and Missiles. The other would beat the Marine hand to hand, but gets obliterated by the bolter, having no dr on limb, head, or most of the torso.
Eh fuck it if there is an Arena master around currently. Put Gragrungra up against the GMO Buff Boy, I posted her sheet in the last thread I can repost her "sheet" again if you want.
File: Rose_Goblin.png (134 KB, 500x500)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
Link the previous thread in the OP, Reeee >>82337223

I'd considered making a discord channel. But I also don't want too much to happen 'behind the scenes' where it's not actually on /tg/. As my intent in putting these together originally was "I really wish shit happened on /tg/ these days."
But if we just have a place for AM's to plot and make sure character files get around, then I guess we could. As long as we don't all start posting discussion there instead of here like a bunch of queers.
Absolutely yes. Showing off demonstrations of shit made here would be the best expression of the point of the thing.

I'm awake. I dunno if I'll do any fights today, but I say that every day. I'll think about that and the discord thing while I cook breakfast.
I also started wondering last night if it may be worth trying to puzzle out the 'setting' or if it's better left vague. And possible doing dumb shit like backstage encounters or actual little adventures with the characters. Might all be missing the point though.
Yeah, I think that a Discord would help people organize better for these along the week while we prepare to make the threads on the weekends.

What you think?
A 'setting' might be neat, but it doesn't exactly NEED to be nailed down, it can be left vague and may even be better for it.
Speaking of fights, does anyone remember the queue we had going, and have any been left unfought? We should also consider initiating the unblooded characters.
Discord might be decent, if nothing else it can serve as a master list of all the threads and send out a ping when a new one's made.
File: Marianne Salzzzar.png (774 KB, 1700x4400)
774 KB
774 KB PNG
Here's a character type I've wanted to play for a while - a GURPS Medusa. Always wanted to see how well they might do in combat, due to the obvious. At this point level they're clearly a glass cannon, but snake hair may still win the day in a grapple.... maybe.

To fit into 100pts, because the race itself is 139 points, they're a Naive Backwater Medusa - a bit of hunting skill (because she can't eat rocks), and elementary noncombat magic that supports living rough.

Despite their social stigma and sheltered upbringing away from all those disgusting wormhairs (her mother's wording) she's been diligently practicing with Illusion Disguise to try and actually get in touch with civilisation... only to end up in an arena.
The art. You'd think there'd be more extremely niche images of unarmoured country bumpkin gorgons...
Bro, you need to chill
Sir, your Giant Dad sheet gives him a Lightning Zweihander. He has a Chaos (fire but hotter) Zweihander.
Also, Black Flame.
Well fuck you then.
File: Gorgon_Token.png (103 KB, 550x550)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
I'm not OP today, but another anon has pointed out the enchant discrepancy and it was addressed in a prior thread. (TL;DR "I thought the lightning effect would be more interesting.")
Fuckin' cool. In the bin it goes. Got a token together.
It's cool if people post art, but if you don't give any indication of what you actually want out of it, chances of anyone making a character from it aren't great.
If you just want to dump art there's usually at least two and a half character art threads though.
Nah, it doesn't need it. I just figured, yes, it might be neat.
As for fights unfought, I don't think there are any. The only unblooded 100pt fighter is the gorgon. Other than that, we have a second space marine, 800ptAnon's megazon, and an actual fucking dragon.
The only fighters yet unmade that I'm aware of are Bow Elf, and the sideshow bunch >>82366078 >>82366089
I plan to take a crack at that gnome at some point during the week.

If I've missed anything else, feel free to let me know 'bout it.
It's armortranny, you can tell he's really upset
Seconded, art's cool but we're here for fight club, so if you want all of those statted out you're probably gonna have to do it yourself.

Someone remind me what the megazon looks like, and let's pit it against the dragon. Either that or a space marine duel. I dunno, I just want to see some fights, but I'm sorely lacking in competence.
>someone posting pics means some made up anon is upset about something.
> outs himself as soon as the bait is waggles
>retard fails at reading.
File: CmTpyk3.jpg (3.5 MB, 3300x4800)
3.5 MB
3.5 MB JPG
This time with crown
And you felt the need to post in a thread you're not interested in participating in because...?
File: Marculaario.jpg (126 KB, 625x1000)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Don't feed the trolls.
So do you want that statted out, or nah? Any opinions on who they are as a character, how they fight, anything?
File: file.png (54 KB, 137x137)
54 KB
This was the art provided
Anon providing has requested she fight the space marine, I believe. Though I'm mildly unclear if he should have his gun. I'mma roll with yes.
Don't think I need to boot up VTT for this one. The distance froms tarting point to starting point is 18 yards. For my own reference, Gagrungra's combined grapple score is 67 (Wrestling), and Brother Hadriel's is 53 (Judo) Her strike score is 24 and his is 20.
If she gets ahold of him he's probably a dead man.
>Turn 1
Gagrungra dashes right out of the gate 15 spaces ahead.
Hadriel magdumps her. We don't usually allow deceptive ranged attacks, but he has no chance otherwise, her dodge is listed as fucking 19. He takes -8 to penalize it by 4. He magdumps 15 rounds for +2. Ranged attack SM mods aren't relative iirc, so he gets +1 for her size as well. Net TN is 15. He hits at 12. Gagrungra's dodge is penalized down to 15. But she forward slips a space to get +1. She bypasses him contemptously.
>Turn 2
Gagrungra is two spaces away, so she makes a commited feint-and-grapple with her extra attack to get close. This penalizes her ensuing defense by -2, but who cares. She makes her roll by 17. Hadriel makes his by 14, -3 to defend.
She deceptives for -8, leaving her SL still 16. Hadriel retreats a step to the side, 16-4 is twelve. He rolls eight and makes it.
He gives her another deceptive magdump but it's pointless.
>Turn 3
The mutant amazon goes for the grab again 17 vs 8, -9 to defend. Another retreat, and Hadriel is grabbed. Gagrungra takes an immediate to flip him around. 59 vs 53. MoS's 53 vs 49. Hadriel's had backwards.
He drops his gun and goes for his knife.
>Turn 4
Gagrungra grabs him with her other hand around the neck and controls his torso to set up a neck wrench. She takes -8 because fuckit.whynot. 56 vs 49 (-8 setup, -3 one hand; and -4 grappled by the back, respectively.) She gets her setup.
Hadriel tries to shank her with his knife. He succeeds but she dodges contemptuously.
>Turn 5
Gagrungra twists his neck. 75 vs 49. She wins by 26. He takes 39 crushing damage.
Brother Hadriel stays in the fight at -9HP
He futiley attempts to escape her grasp.
>Turn 6
She just keeps wrenching him. Back to 67 vs 49 Another 21 damage.
Hadriel passes death check one but fails his consciousness roll at beginning of turn.

That went about how I expected it to. Massive dodge scores are incredibly busted, and she just out strengths and out skills him in a grapple to too moronic a degree.
Even with my most busted ass harlequin/dark eldar archon conversions their dodge never goes above 18 lol.
Yeah. He would have had a much better chance if his gun wasn't RCL 3, but even succeeding by like 7 he's only hitting with 3 rounds, and she's succeeding her dodges by an equally stupid number. He'd have to have RCL1 to really stand much chance of getting past her stupid dodge.
I messed up the second shot because he didn't have quite the bullets for the whole thing, but I remember bolted mags as 32 and not 28, and didn't even look at that line. CLV.
Also, I can't see on her sheet why her dodge is 19. Enhanced dodge isn't listed and her speed+CR only brings it to 14, but I gave anon the benefit of the doubt that he just forgot to write something down, or I forgot something about one of her advantages. Mercy to phoneposters, this once.
He was a mystic (psychic) I played awhile back. Built to be a combination of a blaster and utility caster, could also use a spear in a pinch but mostly relied on his psionics. Tended towards a fairly cautious approach, generally trying to spread opponents out to make them easier to pick off.
>Also, I can't see on her sheet why her dodge is 19
Some sort of basic reading or math mistake, I made her while severly motion sick in the backseat of car with family, with a physical book by the light from the phone I was writing on.
I aslo messed up basic stat point cost and misread the weapon chart on Innate attacks.
So it goes. No worries.
Oh I should point out some discrepancies here.
Technically speaking, rigid armor applies to grapples RAW, but how this stops someone twisting your head around, I do not know.
It's entirely possible the armor has a locking mechanism, (But then there's no fight.) or adds its power-assist strength to his for grappling purposes. (But this isn't listed so I'd be pulling it out of my ass.)
Holy shit. New champion?
Although as stated by >>82369259, it should probably be rechecked for legality. Maybe a grudge match, with the victor confirmed as champ.
Are you wanting this guy in the 100pt bracket? If so, we could maybe have a mage duel between him and Beulah.
File: file.png (12 KB, 255x577)
12 KB
Here is both a midday bump; and a list of all the monsters in DF:M1 that our brave champions could be pitted against.
Also, who should the Medusa fight?
File: download.jpg (5 KB, 173x144)
5 KB
>Watcher at The End of Time

Definitely that one anon. Sounds weak. Definitely didn't body my party of 500 point fantasy characters.
Medusa could fight a Bronze Spider flanked by two Rock Mites, maybe. Idk, they sound cool
Let's do both SMs vs the Watcher as a House Fight.
Nah, watcher doesn't do nearly enough damage. He's just absurdly tough to hit, immune to most magic, and can slice apart unarmored-lightly armored goes with ease.
Bah, lame.
If you gave him a high AD melee weapon or decent future gun he could definitely do the job. It's almost the same points as a marine.
Note that DF monsters are balanced around 250pt and higher characters. The medusa will likely be ripped apart - her gaze won't work on golems/earth elementals, and her bow is low-skill and low-damage.

A swarm of goblins, or the dinosaur pack, is probably better.
File: file.png (307 KB, 472x489)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
Bronze spider is a man-sized clockwork contraption. Its DR is pretty good though.
Rockmites are DR 5 too, but they're not very skilled. The problem appears to be that if they bite you, they hold on automatically, and are full of magma, so that's going to absolutely blow.
I don't think a medusa can petrify either a robot or an earth elemental, though nothing in any of the statblocks makes it so, RAW.
She'd probably get shredded.
Yeah, we could just make his swords AD(100), say they're crazy xeno monoweapons, and have a go.
In that case, I guess never mind the spider and mites.
Could do the medusa vs, idk, didn't someone make an archer chick recently?
Speaking of 500 point PCs.. I have a few characters from a chaos wfrp game I ran in GURPs a while ago. Would anyone be interested in having them as a sort of boss fight? Several of the characters in here vs one of them and see how it goes?

Only one of them was built as an all out murder monster so I think it would be relatively fair.
Do it, top fun
Better if you couod also make the fights
Okay so I'll get a fight in a few hours once I get home. Gimme your vote for the first boss.

Stone Troll with armor and troll-sized shield/axe - incredibly dangerous fight

Norseman who can turn into a werewolf with ATR - another incredibly dangerous fight, but a bit better odds

Ubermensch Merchant of the Empire - Think a normal human but all attributes at 15 and decently skilled at a lot of things

Skaven Assassin Wizard - basically Corvo from dishonored

Beastmen Bray-Shaman - very powerful wizard

I'm ignoring all of their *many* allies for these fights
>Norseman who can turn into a werewolf with ATR This
Seconded, let's see the wolfman
Sounds good. I'll go with the pre-wing mutation version. I'll take all of the characters in the Dropbox and get a big arena to fight this out in.
I appreciate you breaking down the different maneuvers.
File: Celt1.png (124 KB, 500x500)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
He definitely did a better job than I did. I'll perhaps try to be better about it in the future.
It begins
File: 1637989920932.png (446 KB, 750x390)
446 KB
446 KB PNG
it sneedgins.
Our brave fighters walk into the Pit with an already turned Skin Wolf.
The Werewolf charges forward and stops in the middle of the arena. The Team attempts to wrap around it. Tiefling wizard starts casting Mage Armor.
A gentleman in the stands points towards Anna then makes a large heart sign with both arms above his head
Indeed he does! Let's see if he gets involved at some point in the future.
Who hasn't been in an arena match yet?
Damn, this is gonna be a helluva fight. Let's go Beulah, do a magic at 'em!
Just as an FYI; Grishnak's punch damage is actually 2d+2 but GCS plays fuck fuck games with me when I try to apply limited striking strength to a single attack only.

Sorry if any of the other notation like Beulah's magic is garbage. Reply me if it doesn't make sense.
Holy shit.

Okay, to give some background I use a slightly different health system than normal. It basically makes it so that you don't count hp and instead use fractions of hp to determine damage severity. Anyway, just an explanation.

Turn One of actual combat: The werewolf stepped and attacked twice with Extra Attack at Sword and Shield Girl. She manages to block the first hit with her shield but fails her dodge and retreat. She ultimately takes 46 damage to the left thigh and drops hard as her leg is cut out from under her. She makes her stun check but fails her break check and will die from blood loss within seconds.

Using his second action, the werewolf then stepped and attacked with another two strikes at Magic Spear Girl. She parries the first and dodges the second. She then unleashes a deceptive strike that Critically Hits. This critical hit also hits the Vitals as well. After the Werewolf's Injury Tolerance: Damage Reduction is figured in he takes 4 damage and a passed stun check.

Finally, Anna swings and nat 3 crits the werewolfs right arm for 12 damage after getting a double damage crit. The werewolf's right arm is now crippled for the next 6 rounds until it regenerates.
Oh yeah, Wizard Tiefling also damaged his left leg but didn't set him on fire.
File: Darve the Gnome.png (100 KB, 500x500)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
Goddam. Werewolf doesn't fuck around.
I'm being lame today, but I'm going to start on Darve
The Werewolf uses his left arm to impale Anna through the chest for roughly 78 damage total. Anna fails both stun and breaking checks and will bleed out within seconds.

He then steps towards the magical speargirl and fails to connect with a swing after she dodges again. Grishnak AoAs into a punch into the back of the head. He does good damage but the werewolf makes the Stun check.

Magical speargirl also stabs but the werewolf evades the attack.

Wizard Tiefling continues to do more damage to the leg of the werewolf, no ignition.
Holy shit, brother. Maybe we bit off a bit more than we could chew.
Good to see that demon waifu is being useful.
Come on Jonas, get a hit in!
Morry evades another strike before finally being laid low by a strike to the gut. She isn't broken so she could survive, but between the blood loss and infection from the wound, she might not make it without magical healing.

Tiefling warlock misses her attack.

Jones continues his cardio workout.

Grishnak AoA grabs and arm locks the werewolfs one working arm. He's setting up Jones for some lethal blows.
Hell yeah, arms may yet be taken
Lets go grishnak!!
Werewolf attempts to break free but barely fails (Grishnak gets a surprising amount of bonuses because he's only fighting one arm with both of his)
Werewolf attempts to bite on his second action but fails to connect as grishnak ducks out of the way.

Jones connects with a strong blow to the head that further injures the werewolf, He passes his Stun check yet again.

Tiefling moves into a better position.

A new fighter enters the arena!
Oh heavens, it's anarchy!
File: file.png (5.35 MB, 1920x1920)
5.35 MB
5.35 MB PNG
I forgot my image. God I've been doing that a lot.
Oh shit. Absolute chaos.

As an aside I find it hilarious everyone that's been running GURPS uses a different absurd combination of rules. Such is the nature of GURPS though.
>As an aside I find it hilarious everyone that's been running GURPS uses a different absurd combination of rules. Such is the nature of GURPS though.

This is honestly what pushes me away from GURPS.

I read here and looks pretty fun, but it doesn't look like a finished game. Looks like a game that is 75% done and I have to finish thmaking it myself.
GURPS is 100% playable out of the box with just the Basic set and a few setting specific books like High-Tech or Low-Tech but people who run GURPS tend to run it for a long time and in doing so find things they're not 100% satisfied with and make their own rules.
The original guy running this was running things basically 100% out of the book with a few edge rulings needing to be specified, but edge rulings that need specification are in every system.
Not unreasonable. It's perfectly playable out of the box, it just takes a very 'but maybe you'd like this better,' approach to the rules, so a lot of articles and splats have tweaks and replacements. And god knows my group house rules things to hell and back. (But I also hang out with game design dweebs, so.)

I think the best advice if this looks fun but you hate that shit is to check out the Dungeon Fantasy RPG. It runs off GURPS, but it's just a finished, somewhat streamlined set of rules for fantasy adventure with no extra bullshit to worry about if you don't want to.
('Streamlined' here meaning things like 'slams and falling damage now just have simple math instead of asking you to multiple HP/100*velocity and address a chart for numbers below 1)

In some fairness my "100% out of the book" includes:
>Houserules relating to unarmed and fencing parries
>Bastardizations of a Chris Rice article about martial style talents
>Bespoke halving of the cost of techniques to incentivize them
>All armor is made with a third party article
>Arbitrarily deciding that knockback does the attacker's thrust if the target hits a wall because 'something actually happens.'
>There are probably house rule assumptions I have forgotten were houserules somewhere
And then things from official material;
>Using the slam rules from DFRPG Exploits
>Completely ripping the grappling system out and replacing it with ANTOG From py3-34
>Advantages are calculated using multiplicative modifiers out of Powers
>Most of martial arts is in play
Which yeah, to a GURPSfag is still pretty much just "The rules in the book," but I can see how it'd make someone's head spin if they're used to just buying one set of fixed rules and playing them.
I feel GURPS is ultimately a game that close to demands the GM to love games as artifacts for their own sake instead of tools to play them to really get the most out of, if that makes sense.
Gonna be a few minutes before I get back on to finish this, sorry
No worries friend.

Friend wanted to do a thing. Gonna have Marcia, Morry, Anna and Jones fight an unseelie fae. Should be good times.
May not post the full blow by blow, but I'll make some notes.
This is my first time making a character sheet in GURPS and reading the fandom pages kind of helps, but buying skills and improving skill level stuff confuses the hell out of me still.
At least making the sheet feels fun.
File: file.png (223 KB, 286x871)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
Everyone has silver weapons for the fight, lest they not be able to harm their opponent.
>Turn 2-ish
THe creature glides forward and flicks its extremely long, barbed tail at Morry. She dodges.
Everyone repositions, defending or evaluating
>Turn 3
Faerie prepares a stop hit behind her as Morry circles around, not aware the creature has 360 degree senses
Jones swings and misses. Marcia moves in, Anna approaches cautiously. Morry swings for the back of the head and is struck ina stop-thrust by the faerie's tail. Straight through the heart and dies on the spot.
>Turn 4
She comes at Marcia and just, eviscerates it, crippling every limb but her shield arm instantly.
The creature's terror aura flares and Anna starts gibbering and fucking bolts. Jones, terrified of losing another arm, turns to do the same and just faints.
>Turn 5
The faerie hunter grabs jones limp body as Anna runs off and starts climbing the wall.
>turn 6
She rips his head offs. Anna almsot makes it to the top.
>Turn 7
Anna pulls herself over the lip and finds the creature has teleported to meet her.
>Turn 8
The creature tries to wrap her leg with its tail, but critfails. Anna turns to bolt again.
>Turn 9
Anna is grab from behind by the rppling black shape. It tries to pull her arms straight apart, wrenching one out of its socket and tearing the other off. She lives.
>Turn 10
The faerie huntress smashes her across the back of the head with her own arm, killing her.

Crazy what sort of alternate form you can buy when the character can technically only project it for a few seconds at a time.

The skills are a little confusing, yes. GCS helps but to explain succinctly;
1 pt gets you the skill at it's base score, relative to its governing attribute. +0 if it's easy, -1 if it's average, -2 if it's hard and -3 if it's very hard.
The next skill level costs 2 points. The third and every subsequent cost 4. Out of caracters, ask more if needed.

To put things in uh... more perspective, yeah. Trying to fight actual supernatural creatures with "just dudes" is kinda tricky. Kinda mentioned when you asked what it should fight, but hey.

The main thing about this one is extra arms are kinda busted with certain interactions, like multi-weapon attack and grappling (As each additional arm is a +3 bonus to checks.)

Prehensile tail with an unreasonable number of eyes is also a nasty trick.

When people say "GURPS is a toolkit", they mean it. You kinda assemble your own game from the parts, which is a lot of work (and a justifiable reason to dislike it), but you kind of have to in order to make something that plays the genre you want acceptably.

Just stay away from Douglas Cole articles.
>Just stay away from Douglas Cole articles.
Y'know, we've tried to search clarification for them from forum threads before, but nobody talks about them. The only mentions are Doug shilling them and I don't understand how he still gets paid, since it seems nobody cares about his jank.
And yeah, that's pretty much exactly it. You CAN play GURPS out of the box fine, but that's sort of like buying a toolset for a hammer and throwing the rest out.
Yeah, their standards for Pyramid are lower, which makes sense from a creativity point of view, but very annoying when you get outright unfinished work the author clearltly got bored of completing.

...such as all of Ritual Path Magic.
Anybody wants to hold a battle in another system?
Yeah. I love RPM conceptually, but once you start actually playing with it it falls apart in like twenty seconds.
We've made some homebrew attempts to fix it with something at least vaguely similar, but we hit some snags with costing things because points aren't real. I don't remember the specifics it's been so long, and it wasn't really my project.
Suffice to say, I love the flavor and construction elements of RPm but wish it wasn't jank as fuck.
I'm thinking about it. I'd like to show off Kamigakari at some point, and the homebrew I've been working on. Also maybe Car Wars at some point.
I'd have to re-teach myself Eclipse Phase, and while I own it I frankly never figured out how the fuck Riddle of Steel worked.
Not impossible I could even add some wargames to the lineup there. It'd be kinda interesting to do Tomorrow's War or one of these many, many spaceship games I own.
I might not get to any of that tonight, as it's already late, but preferences?
File: harpytoken_1.png (58 KB, 256x256)
58 KB
Have this harpy PC that I had from my time playing 3.5e Pathfinder.
Shame the game didn't get to finish, but it was fun while it lasted.
You got away with a token that anime at a Pathfinder table?
Wtf is 3.5e Pathfinder? Do you mean PF1e?
Coincidentally we all met on /a/.
File: 1617239210589.png (3.03 MB, 2480x3307)
3.03 MB
3.03 MB PNG
That's the dream. I need some anime Pathfinder in my life.
I run GURPS and I frequently have kemonomimi in my games.
File: file.png (191 KB, 743x1077)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
I like her concept a lot anon. Flyer will be a real pain in the ass to fight,
I'm assuming you're one of the anons above saying they've never made a character in GURPS before. If not, and I'm assuming too much, disregard my rambling.

So a few immediate problems;
Spells cost FP and she has 8 because of her low HT, which itself is dangerous but she IS a bird.
In essence, she gets 5pts of spells before she's too tired to fight effectively,
AT IQ12, Magery 2, and 1pt in each spell her spell level is 12, which works identical to a skill level, so she also has a 25% chance for the spell to just fail.
But you are on a pretty limited points budget, so here's some things we can do:
>Design a race for her. Disads of your race do NOT count towards your character Disad limit.
Being a bird, you could get a shitload of points for taking a vulnerability to crushing damage as a racial trait, for instance. That's probably not very smart, but it's an example.
>Pick quirks, you get five
They're not disadvantages so don't count. It's five free points for coming up with minor character details.
>Consider limitations for magic
Magery is fuckin' expensive at any level. If you tie some levels of it to an artifact, like a necklace, crown, or staff that acts as a focus, you can get a whole bunch of points off it for the vulnerability. Or we can give her some limitation like "It's wind magic so I can't cast while I'm touching the ground,"That's worth -30%, and can get you the third rank of Magery for free.

Also, her skills all have 3pts in them. The breakpoints are at 2 and 4, so 3 doesn't do anything. (You can earn points towards a skill from events in play to build up to a new level, is why they can be recorded.) So that's another 3 pts back there.

So here's my quick and dirty suggestions. We've rearranged some of her stuff, made Selfless an instinct, given her a magic power amulet for 10 mana, and changed magery to 'in-flight only,' but got one more.
(Edited for space)
File: 1617369492175.png (1.91 MB, 1286x1863)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB PNG
That's ALSO the dream, although GURPS is quite a bit more intimidating. Do you know if GURPS Furries is any good for kemonomimi related games?
File: Albedo.png (108 KB, 500x500)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
NTa, but some. But mostly things like "Cool grappling techniques you can do with claws," and "Some examples you maybe could use." Nothing I'd call essential.
There are very few character concepts you can't realize fully in the basic set. Other books mostly add options and resolution on certain subsystem.
These threads have really convinced me on melee combat in GURPS, it seems really cool. Is gunplay any good as well? I feel like Steve from Accounting isn't a typical example of gunplay.
You don't even need GURPS Furries. It does have some useful stuff in it though. as >>82377296 says it's nothing essential. A lot of kemonomimi stuff is sensory related and Basic Set has it.

Yes but some people think that the armor damage numbers are jacked. The actual gunplay is good though.
Pyramid 3/44 Alternate GURPS II has Survivable guns; basically high velocity rounds (most rifle rounds) have their damage halved, but get a (2) armor divisor. The result is much more satisfying.

I also personally recommend doing similar for the ballistic armors: Halve their DR but give them Hardened 1 vs Piercing damage.
in a setting where guns are not meant to be the be-all end-all in matter randomization like a kitchen sink setting, gunplay is okay, but you'll get annoyed at assholes dodging your bullets and teleporting up to you and stuff
in more realistic settings guns are extremely satisfying to use
explosives are even more satisfying to use
also terrifying to have used against you
File: huhuh.png (317 KB, 416x461)
317 KB
317 KB PNG
Are they jacked as in they're lethal? I feel like me and my table are fine with lethal guns. At least for modern times and earlier.
File: M_Dean.png (320 KB, 500x500)
320 KB
320 KB PNG
They're lethal but that's less the problem as shit like "5.56 is fully effective beyond it's listed operational effective range because the authors did spurious force calculations instead of research."
There's also shit like "RAW, rounds not penetrating your plates don't actually do anything at all." Except maybe make you roll fright as an optional rule in the book specifically about tactical gunplay. which has its own problems, like letting you just buy off the penalty for running and shooting because who cares.
...it's still good. It's fine. I will run a full-ass like, STALKER arena gunfight with some random scavs or something soon to show you. Now I'm kinda pumped for that, let me get my shit in gear. I'll dig out a PC and set somethin' up.
That sounds dope, go for it!
I have a thousand tiny houserules I've never written down to solve most of the gunplay issues from a few years of running and playing in modern and future settings and having several gun autists on the team
things like making a roll when someone gets shot to see if the round passes straight through or it tumbles, to see if they only take up to HP damage (blowthrough) or full bullet damage
File: file.png (893 KB, 1267x763)
893 KB
893 KB PNG
I haven't run anything with guns in AWHILE, so I may get a few minor things wrong. I'm sure some other GURPSbros more familiar can correct any mistakes. But I hope this at least demonstrates some of it.
Sergeant Dean, post-apocalyptic wolfman mercenary, is going to clear us a hallway. By himself like a retard, but let's see how it goes.
He looks vaguely similar to keanu reeves, he'll be fine
Please write them down and post 'em.
File: TL 9 Weapons.pdf (98 KB, PDF)
98 KB
>wants to make me do work
fuck off
maybe later
for now you can have this incomplete document of TL9 firearms because ultratech is dogshit
File: file.png (862 KB, 1231x707)
862 KB
862 KB PNG
>Turns 1-4
1: Dean lets go of his gun and pulls a flash from his LBG
2: Dean pulls the pin
3: Dean throws the grenade through the door and rolls fast draw to ready his gun again (w/patrol sling)
4: Dean runs to the doorframe and positions himself.
>Turn 5
The flash goes off. Dean AOD Dodges into the room.
(I remember something about being to Move-and-attack and fire on foes you couldn't see to begin with at a penalty, but I can't find it and don't want to stop and look for an hour.)
There's one occupant prone in firing position but she's been blinded.
>Turn 6
Dean takes aim. His target doesn't shake off the flash.
>Turn 7
Dean fires a three round burst. -4 range, +5 accuracy for aiming, -2 for prone target. One connects. Her cheap vest can't protect her from this angle, and she takes her HP in injury and stops moving.
File: file.png (319 KB, 425x684)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
>Turn 8
Dean leaves the room.
>Turn 9
Dean leans up against the fork in the hallway back from the corner.
>Turn 10-13
Grenade number two is drawn, whipped, weapon is re-readied.
>Turn 14
One moment of unpleasant silence.
>Turn 15
The grenade goes off.
Dean AoD's the hallway corner.
Two targets lean out of doorframes, having ducked the flash. The woman on the left has a 1911 and the man on the right has an SKS.
They both aim at him.
File: file.png (391 KB, 520x747)
391 KB
391 KB PNG
>Turn 16
Dean chooses the woman on the left to track for his dodge. He holds the trigger down on the man on the right. 9 rounds means +2 to hit. -3 for range. Half his torso and his left leg are in cover. He makes the shot by 8 (rolling a 7 vs 15.) The weapon is RCL 2, so we divide the MoS by that, add the one from succeeding at all, and 5 rounds threaten to hit.
His target isn't stupid and tries to drop and dive back into the room. His dodge is 8 and he gets +3 for the dive, but he fails anyway, rolling a 13.
One round hits his torso, coinflip, not covered
Second hits right leg
Third hits torso, coinflip, hits cover
Fourth same deal
Fifth hits left arm.
The first damage roll is trash and his armor actually mitigates it enough it's not a major wound. Good job, Kevlar.
The second and third hits cripple his left arm and right leg.
He falls unconscious in a heap inside the doorway.
1911 girl fires and misses, despite the +3 for her aim and two handed stance. She uses her step to duck back into cover.
>Turn 17
Dean advances covering the doorway with a wait
The doorway to his right is kicked open and a man with a Remington 800 levels it at him.
Handgun Girl peaks out but only enough head and shoulders to see what the hell is happening. Dean blats 3 rounds at her. They all hit cover.
>Turn 18
Dean hoses shotgun man. he critfails his dodge and eats shit.
Pistol lady leans out fully and fires. Deans eyes wern't on her so he can't dodge her aimpoint. She hits him twice. Leg and groin. His space-age pants stop the rounds but he takes two blunt trauma through the flexible material. One of it to the nads, and is at -2 shock his next turn.
>Turn 19
The smart thing to do would be to plug her, but Dean is a bastard and wants someone to drag home and play with. He runs up to rifle butt her. He hits despite the -2, somehow. (MaA is capped at 9)
She retreats back a step, then steps back again and fires. One round plinks off his plates. The other goes click. That was her last shot.
>Turn 20
Dean advances into her hex and just fucking stands there, pinning her to the wall.
She fasts draws her knife and, seeing he's mostly covered in Kevlar and plates, tries to ram it into his face. She's got no choice but to AoA to hit him here.
She had to telegraph for any chance to hit, and Dean barely slaps her hand aside as he lets go of his gun.,
>Turn 21
He grabs for her weapon arm. She stops him but does no damage in the process
She tries to desperately slip by him but doesn't.
>Turn 22
Dean feints a grab but his roll is shit
She tries to knee him in the crotch but that doesn't work either.

Well, there's guns. Since they were the point, I won't make you sit through "Dean slowly batters a woman into unconsciousness to drag her off and find out what the pharmaceuticals he raided last week do."
Are we allowed to use anything from GURPS? Are we TL4 with standard starting money or what?
I've just been rolling "TL4 with whatever gear your concept needs and you can justify." Trying to dance around the fucky money rules for a random fight thread on 4chan just wasn't worth my time when I started, so no wealth/points to cash/etc requirements have been enforced except for "Maybe don't spend forty grand."
Be reasonable and it'll be fine, basically. No VF Balanced cutting rapiers and such.
File: Scavenger F.png (389 KB, 500x500)
389 KB
389 KB PNG
she only telegraphed on Turn 20. I've got to stop trying to write these things at 5am
I missed the first part of this question, but same answer. "be reasonable." Anything deemed 'unreasonable' usually gets thrown in a separate folder and used for weird events or house fights. But as long as you make a fantasy fighter dude and not a clockwork spider with 4d sur arc burning laser vision, 'reasonable' is a pretty generous breadth.

I'm going to fall down now.
I'll maybe put that discord together tomorrow.
>Man I'm gonna do all this work for the thread when I get home
>Watch about 2 hours of anime with a friend, pass out during the 7th episode
>wake up, an hour before I have to go to work.
I did another fight with Usagi and Nito Ryu fangirl (anyone want to name her?) to try out some rules. Should I post it too?
>Should I post it too?
Yo are we gonna finish this fight or leave it hanging?
Is it just assumed that Sir Bearington's mere presence has won the battle?
File deleted.
GURPS is kinda dull, isn't it? Nonetheless OP deserves praise for actually playing games.
File: but when.gif (347 KB, 396x299)
347 KB
347 KB GIF
We want death! We want dismemberment!
>Steve stood up from his office chair he had in the corner of his room, tossing the signed fight paper work onto the table with a sigh.
>He stepped out of his 24ft by 24ft apartment, into the hallway. Two green highway signs one pointing to "'Fast Food'" The other to "Common" >The paperwork told him to replace, or repair his weapons at the workshop, which had to be at commons, as he had already gone down to "fast food"
>It was a single twisting road in an infinite floating void that lead to empty American fast food chains
>he had only gone into the McDonalds, but he was sure that the Workshop wasn't hiding in the Tacobell
>He wandered towards the commons past empty door frames that lead either to the void, or a brickwall.
>He descended down a stairwell, the firther he went the more it became a dark purple organic slope
>Suddenly he popped onto a balcony overlooking a medieval looking dining hall, full of people who had, or probably could kick his ass.
>Above his head was a sign "Stand here and to go to your habitation zones"
>A map of the commons stood before him labeling multiple things branching off from the dining hall; "HR" (Help and Requests/"Human Resources"), "Post Office", ect... ect...
>He ignored his questions and just scanned for "Workshop" when he found it he sprang forward and nervously speed walked towards it, keeping his eyes down.
>Gently opening the ancient wooden door to the Workshop he was greeted, by a series of of old tools forge and grindstone type stuff. Among the dozens of feet of old tool there was a dirty neon sign "TL5+" Amenities.
>He didn't know what that meant but he assumed it applied to him
>Next to the sign was a glass elevator he stepped in before hitting the option for the second floor
Not at all, but thank you.
File: wp-content-1.jpg (84 KB, 800x800)
84 KB
>The elevator went one height up stopping and letting him out to the factory.
>If there was an elevator for that why couldn't he have one to his apartmen.
>The factories celling was so far up that he couldn't see the elevator tube at the top.
>Around him were hundreds of machines some familiar and others not so, miles away there were walls, with windows at the top.
>None of the walls connected, so he could see that beyond them were more machines, despite that sunlight beamed from the windows.
>"Call that back down" a small voice spoke
>He failed to respond in confusion
>"The elevator, it will go to the celling if you don't, and nobody wants to wait for it to come down after that"
>Once Steve had called the elevator he spoke the first thing on his overwhelmed mind "How did you know I was here?"
>"The room change when I looked away, the room moves the machines you need closer to the entrance when somebody arrives, or that's the best I can guess."
>Steve thanked God that whoever this girl(?) was she didn't notice how dumb of a question that was.
>Stepping around the giant metal tube obscuring his vision, he made the realization that this room overlapped the space taken up by the dining room.
>That thought was dismissed when he saw he was talking to a little girl.
>"I need a new gun!" he said on instinct, once again feeling overwhelmed by this environment
>"...so do I that's why I'm here. All the tools to make something are around and all the materials are in here."
>His attention snapped to the impossibly tall stacks of plastic cabinets, rising from the ground every 50-400 yards or so.
>There were two only a few feet from each-other directly infront of him, both next to metal workbenches.
Man this was supposed to be short and fit into one post.
Well shit, figured something was going to go wrong by loading up 20 spells with one spell level each, but chose to sow and then reap instead.

As for Quirks, the ones I can think of that would fit are
>Spell Signature (Casts magic by flapping arms)
>Dishonest Face

But everything else sounds neat to me. Appreciate the once-over on the sheet, you are correct, I've never worked this system before but it's pretty fun to learn.
That was a long fight. It ended though, I've never seen THIS many good rolls. Like for fucking real, so many sub-10 rolls. I'm pretty sure the chances of that are miniscule. There was fuckall crits too. I wrote this all up in a text doc, and so I just made it into a PDF with pictures because it's way the fuck too long for me to post it all post by post at 2am.
I did make 1 mistake early on, I forgot that attacking a weapon has a penalty on top of the disarm penalty.
The custom damage houserules are interesting, I think I like them. The reason the fight was nearly 30 rounds was mainly due to the fact that there were some godlike rolls and I was also having both characters not do anything too retarded.

Spoilers for the PDF:
Nito lost but she managed to take Usagi down to REELING even after being motherfucking axed in the chest multiple times and barely clinging to consciousness.
What should the winner do to the loser?
Cuck her
Usagi is fighting for that man meat
Funny enough this is the second time I have created a 4k+ word writepost, that I thought would be 2k- words about an abducted office worker and twisted geometry. For the previous one I could at least get off to it. Last one also ended up in four posts due to poor char-limit management too.
>Steve moved towards the desk, putting his hands on the cupboard stack. Pulling on it caused half of the other ones in the factory expanse to start moving.
>His thoughts were held off by the awful clacking noise the stacks made, and the fact that they all moved at diffrent speeds.
>His brain actived as he tryied to think of how to make a gun, that question got thrown down the queue of questions
>If the girl didn't help him and was making her own weapon that meant she was a combatant not an employee, it made sence there were no employees at the restaurants either.
>"...so they have little girls caught up in this combat abduction shit?"
>"I'm not a child, I'm not organic either" she pulled on her dress to reveal two radiation warnings, and a series of lines spliting her silicon skin
>"What in the name of God!"
>The synth spent a second on interpretation "We were designed to target and terminate undesirables, the thought be hind our design was that we would be less conscious due to our cute appearance."
>Steve paused, and thought and then feelings of validation krept over him. He spread his legs and arms tilting his head back, palms to the sky.
>"I knew it, the government was conspiring to slowly root out undesirables, to think they would make emotionless killing machines that cast suspicion on the most venerable among us! A whole new low!"
>She wasn't emotionless and this was a fine example, disgust twisted through her circuits.
>She looked away with giggle, forcing a small smile "You know..."
>She made sure he saw her before continuing "I'm not emotionless... least of all when killing." She twisted he head to look at him with-out moving her body.
>Steve raised an eyebrow "I feel joy cleaning the world... and also you disgust me." Steve backed up, and she capitalizing on this slammed her left hand into the workbench denting it
>Steve failed the fright check by 2 (good attempt) the moment he could, ue darted for the elevator down, sprinting across the dining hall and returning to his apartment zone, he didn’t feel safe till he teleported into the elevator.
>The syth was left with a moment of satisfaction at the sadistic prank, before setting back to work.
All this stemed from an off-hand comment on how steve believed in conspiracies, and me considering this interaction interesting. J-sus.
File: NPC_Tuuliki.png (401 KB, 500x500)
401 KB
401 KB PNG
Glad to hear it, glad to help.

'morning all. I see we have an extensive Steve-based greentext and a fight in PDF form. I'll catch up on that once I'm fully cognizant.
I'm going to have to second >>82379902 "If you fight me you wager your man," fits bunnygirl Amazon to a T.
Also, spectacular writeup.
I dig it. The visual of the fast food void especially entertained.

Also, since it was requested.
NtuHH DZ5YV sans the space is the disco link.
File: file.png (161 KB, 611x877)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
I keep promising Kamigakari, so I'll show off a bit of it. Like D&D, it's a game that doesn't do a lot without a party, but the core mechanics are interesting.

As a setup, our heroine of the moment, Sakura Asagiri, is walking down the street when a man walks up behind and tries to detain her. He looks like he works for one of the shady corporations her friends have been dealing with.

She deploys her spirit barrier, separating her immediate surroundings into a brief moment of time to hide whatever happens from prying eyes, and her motorcycle gear is instantly replaced with her armor and sword.

Before turn 1 starts, we roll her spirit pool. 6,5,5,4. This will be important.
Sakura's initiative is ten. The agent's is eight. She goes first.
During her START timing, she spends a 5 from her spirit pool to active crystall install, bolstering her armor with an array of pinkish gems coursing around her on a magical wind. Her armor increases by 3.
She activates Spirit Control, her human racial talent, to flip the other 5 in her spirit pool to a 4.
Sakura has no need for her PREP timing this turn.
She makes a simple melee strike during her ATTACK timing, We roll 2d6 (Getting 3+2=5) and it to her ACC of 6 for 11 The bodyguards' evasion is 11 so she hits. We add the highest die (3) Times her attack rang (1 unless modified by an active ability,) and then to her physical attack of 12, to get 15 damage.
Unfortunately, badman has come prepared with magically enhanced Kevlar, and it flares to protect him from all but 5 of this. 35/40 HP for him.

On the enemy turn, he just makes an attack with ACC 16.* Sakura's build is a retarded dodge tank and her evasion is 11. So as long as she rolls above 5 she's fine. She gets a seven and succeeds.

Having succeeded on a reactive check, her talent Epigone Style triggers and she gets +1 Overflow; a token that can be spent as if it were any die number in her spirit pool until the end of the turn. She spends it and a 4 to trigger blade flash and make a free immediate attack. Leaving her with a 6 and 4 in her spirit pool. She hits with 4+6=10. So her final damage is 18. Friend Corporate's damage mitigation ability is 1/turn, so his armor is only 5. He gets slapped for 13 and goes down to 22/40
Since Sakura's not an interesting character to see in action, being mostly a tank, I'm going to construct the second turn as an example then let it drop I think.

At the start of next dice she'd roll two dice to replace the ones she spent, returning her Spirit pool to 6,5,4,2
Say this turn after her attack she rolls garbage on her evade, 1+2=3 and would be hit. She can trade that 5 in her pool in for the 1, and pass with a 6, get her overflow, and use the 4 to trigger blade flash again, use the 6 to ensure a max-damage hit, and finish the (brief, one-sided,) fight.

For a more balanced character, the game is all about trading dice in and out of your spirit pool to hit and defend, or accept a miss or taking a low-threat hit to take a die you need to charge up your abilities.

It just so happens that, despite being one of my favorite characters to see in the party, Sakura's abilities are "Dodge everything off raw stats," and "a stack of abilities to boost her DR if she ever is hit," making her borderline indestructible to anything but magic. So in a solo fight she either can't do the damage to ever win, or just shreds the target in a death by a thousand cuts.
It's her frenemy Ryoko's job to hit dudes for 60 damage with flaming sword waves from across the room.

Unaddressed * from the last post: Enemies generally have fixed attack/defend TNs for the players to roll against to speed up play, but they have their unadjusted scores after them if you'd really rather roll the dice. So the game's not locked into player-facing rolls.
File: Nigredo.png (107 KB, 500x500)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
Bump for now.
Personal to-do remains a fight for both the gorgon and harpy, as well as finishing Bow Elf and Darve the Gnome.
Still curious as to the resolution of this one. Did anon die or something?
I think he had to step off for a scheduled event that ran long and fell asleep, if my reading of above comments is correct. Maybe he'll be back today, maybe not.
I will retain hope he comes back around eventually.
Same, there's so much that hangs in the balance. Will Grishnak take another arm? Will Beulah gimp the werewolf's leg? What the hell is Sir Bearington gonna do with that steel chair?!?
How the fuck do you delete shit in the GURPs charecter sheet.
the delete key.
This thread is inspiring me to get back to work on my homebrew. GURPS is clearly the winner as far as interesting combat goes, but even then 1v1s are still basically decided by dice rolls unless one character does something intentionally dumb or risky. Actually, that makes me curious about something. I saw in one of the earlier fights a rule as being used where defenses had to be declared in advance of attack resolution. Is there alternate rule for initiative in general where actions must be declared/secretly chosen before anybody acts/they are resolved?
>Is there alternate rule for initiative in general where actions must be declared/secretly chosen before anybody acts/they are resolved?

I mean this is just how I run almost every game. But in GURPS specifically, typically I'll make my players roll either perception or the Tactics skill to 'figure out' what their opponents are doing. I rarely say something like 'Goon 1 makes an all out attack on you'.
As for declaring defenses in advanced, technically speak I think that optional rule is only intended for firearms, but I don't see why you couldn't use it for melee if you really wanted to.
Wouldn't that really slow down combat? If they're making Perception rolls to see what sort of attack is incoming (which, if I were a player, I would want to do pretty much every time) that means we're now up to potentially four rolls per attack (Perception, attack, defense, damage).
And I forgot to mention, rolling for hit location, stun, KO, death.
I mean it takes literally 5 seconds. Player rolls, pass = 'ok he's making an all out attack' fail = 'okay he's attacking you'
It's not like these go off every second. And in my experience, GURPS combat goes by quite quick once everyone is used to it. In this case, Stun, KO and Death are all literally the same roll, you roll against whatever your HT is. Personally I've found that the most slowdown comes from the player's themselves not planning ahead and going 'uhhhh' when it's their turn.
Here's the rules being discussed, I do believe.

You can also do a lot of stuff like "Just don't tell the players this was a feint," etc. That requires you know their SL by heart since you'll have to read their defense roll against it instead. There's a lot you can do (and that has been written,) to try and make combat more chaotic and give the players less perfect information, if that's your bag.
That's great, thanks for the link. I have to echo this comment >>82375125 though. I want to really try running GURPS sometime but setting it up is such a pain. I know I should probably just KISS but there's so many little tweaks and options that I find appealing that my GM workload balloons.

Anyway, I'm going to try and stat up a character now to get back into the swing of things since I haven't read the GURPS books in a a couple years. I also want to begin considering to what degree my combat ideas could be made into a set of optional rules for GURPS to save myself the workload of building a whole system.
Post here the rules for your system friend.
File: Seoniamh.png (114 KB, 500x500)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
Not unfair it all, it can be daunting. Really it's the sort of game where the best way to get into it is to be a player a few times until you figure out what's working/isn't to guide you to the bits you need.
I started GMing it almost entirely because I had an epiphany experience as a player of "Yes, this here is exactly what I want to do for people."
Yeah it is a bit like that. I usually keep it to almost entirely RAW from the books, rather than any massive homebrew. Though in the second Usagi v Nito fight I was explicitly testing out new rules.
The rules I usually use are 99.9% official.
But that's the nature of the beast and the thing is, just run it RAW. Basic set, maybe martial arts to begin with. You'll learn what you like. GURPS rules could be classified into tiers, from basic, intermediate, to advanced. Don't worry about advanced rules when you're starting out.
The combat stuff is still at the conceptual stage so I haven't written a rules draft yet. The core mechanism is secret and simultaneous selection of actions which are then resolved in action speed + character speed order. A hypothetical example:
>A-san and B-san are fighting
>A-san secretly decides to shove B-san
>B-san secretly decides to stab A-san
>their actions are revealed
>A-san has the greater modified speed, so his action resolves first and B-san is shoved backwards
>B-san's action resolves second, but because he is now out of range his attack whiffs

I talked a lot about my ideas in a thread about Fighting Game RPGs the other day: >>82215124

My goal was to make a combat system that was more dependent on player skill than luck and character strength. If I stapled it onto GURPS I would probably have to drop some of my design ideas (such as not using any randomness in combat) but even then I still really like the idea of WEGO turn systems. The houserule about requiring declaration of defense before attack resolution reminded me of that.

Yeah, once I'm in a stable situation I'm hoping to sneak into a GURPS campaign online somewhere.

Runs against my nature to not optimize everything to my liking in advance, but no doubt you're giving solid advice. I was considering trying to run a solo campaign to help myself ease back into GMing in general too. Haven't done it in so long that it feels intimidating all over again.
That's not a longsword
It's some kind of hand and a half. The longsword is characterized not so much by a longer blade, but by a longer grip. It could be a bastard sword but I was unsure.
Brosk the thread doesn't need to necessarily use GURPS. If you want to showcase a battle using your system you can do it, I know I would like to see it.

There are a bunch of characters who didn't got their chance to fight yet. Like >>82366078
Really interesting thoughts. I've seen a few interesting WEGO systems; the old 40k Inquisitor game worked off this in part, where even the number of your stated actions you'd get to perform this turn was uncertain.

The problem I've found is that in a lot of such games, you get something of opposite the intended effect. You want the players to try and second-guess one another, but oftentimes instead they'll settle into playing as if the other player isn't an agent at all. "I can't foresee or react to what he does, so I'll just hedge my bets as if he could do anything." Both players are driven to settle into this routine, and the game becomes predictable anyway. I found this effect especially egregious in Full Thrust's hidden orders system. Xwing improved on that concept somewhat, but I feel only somewhat.

I think the only game I've played where hidden information truly made me feel like I was outwitting my opponent within that realm is Netrunner, and it achieves that in a very particular way I'm not sure is extractable for use elsewhere.

I think I've seen a few dicepool settings use things like secretly distributed pools into attack and defense to play off this sort of mechanic as well. Did Riddle of Steel do something like this? I haven't read it in ages.

Anyway, I think you're onto some things. Definitely interesting examination and analysis. Best of luck with it.
How do I deliver finished charecters to you, do I just post the GSC file in Charecters channel?
Most people have been using various file hosting services. But if you want to dump them in the discord to have them placed in the dropbox, the characters channel is for that, yes.
I might not be available at all hours to do it though, and I'm pretty sure there are at least three other GURPS AMs that have been active and may not be in the disco.
I'm glad you appreciate it. The key to making the guessing game a real psychological challenge and not a crapshoot is by limiting the availability of actions at any given time. I talked about that here: >>82244237. If you've played the board game BattleCON, that's where I take a lot of inspiration.
I really need to try that game. I wish I had gotten into it when the physical game was in its prime. I found out about it after it was cancelled and I didn't feel inspired to only play online. I think I'll give Jinteki a shot just to see how the game works at least and mine it for ideas.
>Riddle of Steel
I haven't read it very closely as I spent more time mining Song of Swords. In SoS, the only secret declaration is Orientation (aggressive/cautious/defensive). Maneuvers and CP committed are not hidden.

Anyway, this is a bit off topic, at least until I turn it into a gameable rough draft. I just got off an hour long phone call and have to leave soon so I don't think I'm going to fulfill my promise of statting out a GURPS waifu tonight, let alone my homebrew, but I'll be back tomorrow at the latest. We haven't yet had a fighter who wields Nip'on, the blade of steel folded 10,000 times, so that's my plan.
What a sad sheet.
I wanted to AM tonight, but I'm borderline blacking out, and I have work tomorrow. Damn it.
It's alright. We don't have to have it going all the time.
You got any suggestions or are you just going to bitch?
Possibly quite literally a hand a half sword.

Assuming she's about 5' 6" out of armour, which is a little above current average for women I think, that sword grip is probably about 5" long and a couple of her fingers are on the pommel since without gauntlets she'd need 6.5" of space.

Not enough space for two hands to comfortably fit but much more than needed for one hand, Bastard sword is probably a good name for it since it doesn't fit into a neater category which is how bastard swords were previously named.
Americans wake up.
What are the stats on a giant slab of meat?
>Holy shit. New champion?
>Although as stated by >>(ME) , it should probably be rechecked for legality. Maybe a grudge match, with the victor confirmed as champ.
Yeah Gragrungra's point cost was off, and the main reason she won was due to a basic math area.
I also think there is something off about declaring her the champ, she was nearly double his points. I don't want to see DBZ/Naruto power creep as you just add more points to become champion.
Yeah, we should do different tiers.
Though I still want a rematch on that fight, who is the champion for 100pts by the way.
I don't think we have been doing it like an actual tourney, with brackets and such.

It would be fun if we did tho.
>80 casualities in 30 seconds
What the fuck, thought that this system was meant to resemble a realistic fight
I mean there should still be a fighter who has fought fights and hasn't lost.
Yeah... a realistic fight. Not a realistic battle.
If we count only fights with bracket fighters and not 'events,' like giant dad and the werewolf, I don't think Anna has actually lost.
Shit gets wonky if we count events, because then everyone has lost to something.
File: 1558730498774.jpg (545 KB, 1497x1947)
545 KB
545 KB JPG
Emergency Bump
I don't think Beulah's lost yet, though both her fights devolved into kicking the shit out of the enemy.
Yeah, I'm strongly considering giving her kicking as a technique and spending the two points to let her fight in heels and stamp-kick people for impaling damage with them. Fuck it.
Has she actually fried anyone with her eldritch blast? I'm fairly certain she's disabled everyone in either hand-to-hand or they had heart attacks and died.
There's something to be said about the half-devil growing hooves to kick the shit out of people.
I think she put a hole in a goblin with one, intimidated another to death, and disabled the other two by flailing about with assorted limbs. Then she fired off a bolt at Steve, tanked a bullet, and kicked him in the head.
It's interesting to see GURPS working so well, despite all the whining and pissing and moaning about the system I see here.
I mean, it fucking works. What else do you want? There's a reason it's survived this long.
Here as in /tg/ or here as in the thread?
In the former case, it's just what /tg/ does.
In the latter case, nobody complains about GURPS more than GURPSfags. We may love it, but it's basically designed to attract the sort of people who aren't going to be satisfied with anyone else's printed material.
As anon said earlier, its like a system that is just 75% finished. Most people want to play a finished system.
But the system is finished? You can just use whats in the Basic Set with zero homebrew and start playing.
File: Mizuki_Token.png (107 KB, 550x550)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
Samurai Mizuki completed and submitted to the arena masters! Token courtesy of the skilled token maker and thread regular.

Since Mizuki does not appear to be wearing any armor in her character portrait, I elected to give her no armor. Her baggy clothing makes it hard to tell, but she also seems rather slim, so her ST took a hit too; this I decided to be part of her foxgirl heritage and not an individual trait. To compensate, her combat skill levels are high and she has Extra Attack to hopefully cut down her opponents before they do the same to her. Defensively she has Enhanced Parrying +1, Acrobatics for Acrobatic Dodges, and Luck (Defensive) to avoid at least one lucky crit. Her weapons are the cheapest, shoddiest pieces in her entire homeland - so, of course, they are considered Fine by GURPS rules. She had to provide them herself since her Daimyou does not favor her enough to be considered a Patron.

By order of the Daimyou, Mizuki reluctantly (Laziness) journeys to the Arena, ready to face death for the sake of honor...
>sword not sticking up over the border
File: Mercenary Norse.png (100 KB, 500x500)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
The grip cuts off early in the original picture and the scabbard is really, really fuckin' long and pointing in the wrong direction. I probably could have swung the scabbard, but it's going the other way from her hand and the perspective with the frame would get fucky. I learned my lesson about that with things like the guy with the axe on the left here. It just makes the spatial position of the frame look all fucked up.
If it makes you feel better, I'm as mad as you.
By the way, the reason that we have tokens edges not going right to the borders is because it plays nicer with foundry that way.
If I were to make a called attack vs Usagi's tits to cut them off, would I get a bonus to the attack roll since they're so big?
No. The attack number assumes you're trying to hit "An object the size of the target as a whole" either dead center or 'anywhere.'
There is no given penalty for trying to cut someone's breasts off, but they're about the size of her head, so I'd probably assess it as -5 for one specifically, or -4 for either. Adjusted for her huge overall size, that's at -4 or -3.
We could use the SSR Table to actually calculate the difficulty of targeting them as objects, but that'd require me to math the actual size of her tits as spheres and cross-reference it, and I suspect it won't be different from my ballpark figure anyway.
File: 1637618019825.jpg (670 KB, 1920x2924)
670 KB
670 KB JPG
Anna is the champ so far. Had a few super lucky fights. I don't really know how its meant to work having magic mixed with mundane fighters though? They seem like completely different things unless we start giving the normal fighters magic weapons and that sort of shit and that seems like a slippery slope
They are a bit, but I try to, at the very least, balance the magic fighters somehow.
Beulah, for instance, may do more damage than an archer by some, but she has to make two rolls. (She must cast the spell successfully, then roll to hit with it.)
Her magic armor is good, but every 10pts of damage it loses 1DR. (I might even make it bespoke weak to crushing or not work against grapples or something.)
And that's reliant on her having four entire turns to cast the shield and cast the bolt before she can even think about throwing the bolt.
Magic's great, but it requires setup time she might not have against someone like say, Morry, who can run 10 spaces a turn.
File: 1637558279275.jpg (67 KB, 564x985)
67 KB
>she has Extra Attack
Really bad idea from what I've heard up the thread or in one of the other threads. That's 100 points right there. How many points is she meant to be?

idk the shield seems pretty broken. I doubt Anna would beat her even if on paper she should probably crush her in a straight fight. Morry's magic as well desu it suits her aesthetic and whatnot but it might be better just to roll up a normal Halberd or Naginata girl with armour if we wanted to keep the magic and non magic separate. Same as Steve can just mag dump Marcia. Its more interesting to see how they do against a third party with a difficulty just below raptors
Well now I'm curious
>Turn 1
Beulah casts, Anna closes from 18 to 12
>Turn 2
Beulah finalizes her shield. Anna closes from 12 to 5
>Turn 3
Beulah starts casting her bolt. Anna runs into C
>turn 4
Beulah finishes her bolt. Anna steps to 1 and prepares a Wait-stop
>Turn 5
Beulah moves to step into C inside Anna's parry range and jab her. Wait-stop triggers.
They both hit. Beulah parrys the blow and Anna fails her defense. The bolt is rammed into her chest and blows a hole in her, but she remains upright.
Anna commits to a deceptive attack despite the pain and barely makes it. Beulah fails to parry and her casting arm is crippled. She fails her KD and goes on the ground. Her shield DR is reduced to 5.
>Turn 6
Beulah rolls to recover from stun. Anna steps back to 2 and AoA overhands the sword into her Beulah barely wards it off then starts to get up.
>Turn 7
Beulah stands up and backs off. Anna performs another committed deceptive blow. Beulah doesn't parry and catches it to the face. Beulah is blasted from her feet and knocked out.

Anna's average sword damage is 11, swung. That DR 6 shield isn't going to stop that witch's arms from getting hacked off against that.
File: 1637787958910.jpg (157 KB, 1024x1701)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Based. How can Anna stop winning?

Ironic considering that the original waifu: The greatsword girl herself has turned out to be unstoppable

Thanks for doing the fight man
It's sort of a tough one. It's hard to defend against someone with a powerful reach C weapon with a sword. As the game insists you can't possibly use your arms to ward them off at any penalty for...some reason. She could have half-sworded but then she couldn't defend at all except a 50/50 dodge if Beulah stepped away. She was definitely put in a tough spot, and it's possible Beulah could have just, run away and thrown at -2 for the move and attack from 'way over there,' but the imbalance in ranged and melee move and attacks is retarded so I've just sort of been avoiding them.
>That's 100 points right there
getting it confused with ATR, friend.
File: 1637698157593.jpg (54 KB, 673x1015)
54 KB
It was a touch attack? Why can't you just parry their arm off like a normal person?

What's the difference? Is it like 2 attacks vs 2 actions?

Kinda want to see this waifu made up for a laugh they'd probably randomly be super op though
I've seen that image posted like 4 times now. Looks good though, redpill me on two swords plate armor waifu.
And yes, ATR specifically lets you do ANYTHING, including moving twice and doing an all-out-attack and then all-out-defense.
Extra attack is just that, you get to do one more attack for free everytime you do. There's some GURPS rules technicalities but this is NOT an attack you just get, you have to take some kind of attack maneuver. You still only have 1 maneuver, so you can't for example, all-out-defense and still get an attack. You have to actually attack in some way.
>It was a touch attack? Why can't you just parry their arm off like a normal person?
So you can only parry things your weapon can reach, and the greatsword is reach 1-2. So in C, you can't actually defend with it. But since your hands are full, neither can you defend with your arms. So you must dodge. But it's NOT a touch attack. It's conveniently a ranged attack fired in C, which has no penalty like other ranged attacks because it's not a weapon, just a projection of energy. So you also can't retreat from it.
Now Anna could end her turn in a half-sword grip to bring its range to C, but then Beulah steps away to 2 and nothing actually changes about this situation.
It's...a smidge jank.

The solution was to set up a wait to attack her before she could close to C, because she doesn't want to step back to 2 or we could still parry her with our long-ass sword. And having an unarmed attack parried is a bad fucking time. This way we can attack her as she comes in, at the same time she attacks us, in an attempt to penalize her defense. Unfortunately, it worked out backwards, but Anna's chestpiece ate enough of the damage for the bolt to not be lethal.
She was reeling at that point and Beulah probably could have just run away from her laughing and doing whatever she liked, but I've sort of been avoiding making decisions with certain information in mind. Like 'whether feints worked' or "How much HP the other guy has," since neither are things you can tell.
>The caster steps into range
Literal suicide
You'd think but she's actually about as decent a melee combatant as anyone else, she just has a somewhat worse weapon still fully capable of parrying, and worse armor coverage. Her grappling is garbage though, but that didn't come up.
Really if she took a random hit location and got a limb, she would have crippled it on the spot and probably ended the fight.
Beulah's sort of built to be a pretty effective hybrid melee caster, and that could have gone very differently with some very minor differences. She'd probably fair a little better against Morry or Marcia, someone who can't just slam a giant fuckoff sword straight through her shield spell.
File: 1637972913876.jpg (259 KB, 1600x1200)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
She's minor nobility like Anna. Trained to use a long sword but decided that two would be better. She's fighting in the arena to train and to acquire glory. She's vain and overconfident as well as suffering from typical Noble vices.

In reality its kind of just to see how someone with 2 swords does in GURPS considering they're pretty broken in D&D really. I did float the idea of making a low level Drizzit to see how much of a fiasco that would be. Also two swords irl is laughable really but people still seem to get drawn to the aesthetic

Jank indeed. There's a lot you could do. Just parry with the bottom of the blade for example but you'd pretty much want to be specifically trying to counter their attack. Sounds like a lot of the issue is the reach of the sword not being in C unless she's half swording? So grip adjustment isn't a free action? With some of this I wish I was a HEMA tard because I'd know what you'd be trying to do.

Pretty sure that fighting in full armour with swords was basically like wrestling but with crowbars irl

What have you been spending Anna's points on?
Fair enough. She should probably look into acquiring some better gear, or otherwise pumping defenses.
Yes absolutely Ogre v. barbarian Let's do it!
Put her to fight Usagi, that is going to be good
Isn't Usagi like 300 points?
Most of her points were spent on "I made everyone's martial talents wrong and had to adjust the costs up." This is true of a...bunch of characters before a certain point.
She's got 4 unspent points now.

As for the rest, yeah it's weird. There's some general consensus going on we should house rule it maybe, but that'll probably get talked over more.

Possibly. A lot of characters have this weird kinda meta thing going on, where they're dancing around their light encumbrance threshold because once you hit it your dodge gets one worse, and depending on where you are, more light armor may not actually help your survivability more than that hurt it.
I may spend her points on some kicking-related things. Mostly for the memes. If the sexy tiefling isn't going to have wrought-iron heels she can kick faeries to death with, why bother.

A different defensive spell would give her the option of casting both and then just fighting with her sword, if it was advantageous. Could be something to look into. She can only cast/maintain two of her spells at a time though, so two defenses means no manabolts.

Actually her Judo is fine, what was I thinking. Yeah, so between two defense spells and her casting arm free to judo parry, she could actually be pretty survivable.

Nah, she's only 100.

Anyway, I really owe the Medusa, harpy, and Foxgirl fights, in that order, before I do any more established characters. That's three unseen fighters we have to work with.
But I will take input on who should fight who from that lineup.
Medusa vs Foxgirl, then Harpy vs the winner?
Could. The biggest problem I'm having is I do NOT know how to even approach fighting this Medusa. Even in her cut down version that >>82367945 made, forcing HT+1 vs will opposed versus petrification every round is...wild. Even with the penalties on her side due to range during the approach.
You could close your eyes and try like hell, but anyone without a precision sense in hearing is penalized to death, and will have to navigate to her based on sound, while getting shot at with a bow. And can't really attack accurately with their eyes closed.
And lastly, her flavor spells are mostly that, but Shape Earth can be a game changer, since she can just put herself up on a pillar and plink away.
She is a fucking *rough* fight, even with her fairly basic combat skills.
File: 1637615109547.png (1.59 MB, 1000x1506)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB PNG
I mean pommel bashing sounds fun too. I don't really know enough about it sorry

>She's got 4 unspent points now.
Yeah I mean dodge and straight strength just seem busted to me

>Nah, she's only 100.
With 16 Strength? She must have some pretty glaring weaknesses

I want to see the fox waifu fight
In that case, pit the Medusa against the raptors. Maybe they can Clever Girl their way into victory.
File: 1637822212690.jpg (70 KB, 566x680)
70 KB
That does not sound beatable. I mean yeah you could get lucky rolls but you're going to win what? 2/10 times?
File: file.png (618 KB, 1012x697)
618 KB
618 KB PNG
>Turn 1
The raptors advance and she catches them in her baleful gaze. She rolls incredibly despite the negatives for range (a 5, beating her will by 6)
Penalized to success of 4,3,1,1 veruss the dinosaurs, they roll failure,1,1 failure, and all but one velociraptor are instantly turned to stone.
>Turn 2
Velociratpor approaches. It MaA bites for a random location, not recognizing what just happened as violence. It misses.
She steps back, gives it the evil eye, and it turns to stone.

Conical attack interacts strangely with Malediction. Malediction has no range to determine the shape of the cone, so I just rolled with "Range equal to width," as 15y sounds like about the point you can really make out a gorgon's eyes for her to glare at you.

I'd feel bad making her fight a character with some form of immunity to her attack, because it's so much of her points the rest of her isn't actually that good, which was the point. I don't think Miss Salzzzar is a good fit for the arena, but she *is* a really fuckin' cool character. She seems like she'd be fun to play in some sort of solo survivalist situation, trying to hack it in the swamps and avoiding monster hunters and such. She can't petrify anything she intends to eat, and that's where things probably get dicey out in the boonies.

Thanks for sharing, >>82367945
Yikes. Yeah, maybe she's a bit much.
Yeah. She'd be much more balanced in a real game. Things can sneak up on her, people can bring counters to her ability, and she's going to deal with a pretty hard life due to her outcast nature.
In a straight-up 1v1 fight versus an opponent not specifically geared to fight a medusa though, well. They're scary for a reason.

Foxgirl next. Vs Jones perhaps? They are both swordmasters of a sort, after all.

I'll find an opponent for the Harpy soon, but it has to be someone who can actually attack a flyer. Beulah, maybe.
File: ogre.png (78 KB, 200x200)
78 KB
Let's go ogre
File: 1637986375922.jpg (43 KB, 564x744)
43 KB
Foxgirl vs Marcia or Anna probably more objective. Even Morry
Sounds great, let's see how Jones is adjusting to his new arm.
Won't he just get slaughtered?
vs the foxgirl? probably not, she's just 100pts right?

Also, has anyone statted an archer yet?
Rolled 2 (1d2)

Oh shit. Guess I flip a coin. 1 for jones, 2 for "Anyone else."
Hard to say. The foxgirl is weak; too weak for her sword to have full effect despite her skill, even. She is phenomenally skilled, even having Extra Attack, but the strength issue holds her back quite a bit. Jones has an edge there. Neither wear armor.
Someone above has requested the bunnygirl versus a real ogre. Consider it on the docket.
No. One was requested and art's in the box, but I haven't gotten around to it. If you'd like to, be my guest. Else it'll be a bit.
I mean steve's wandering around with no shirt man. No DR at all means he'd just get cut to bits
File: file.png (501 KB, 1000x508)
501 KB
501 KB PNG
Alright. Miyuki is gonna fight Morry, because spear vs sword is a classic samurai duel.
It's circumstantial as hell, unfortunately. The better dodge is advantageous against someone like Anna to whom armor is a joke. Armor's definitely a benifit against Marcia or Miyuki who might have trouble penetrating it.
Dodge seems broken af man. Might be better trying to grab someone like that and just stab them a bunch
File: Mizuki.png (938 KB, 1700x4579)
938 KB
938 KB PNG

>tfw when I didn't even check the minimum ST for katanas
Well, at least it makes for a thematically lopsided build. Actual sheet attached.
Giant Weapons Perk It's what Morry uses for her giant spear
File: 1637990447700.jpg (38 KB, 519x810)
38 KB
She actually seems very strong on paper
File: file.png (728 KB, 1301x752)
728 KB
728 KB PNG
>Turn 1
Morry springs forward closing the gap to eight.
Mizuki fast-draws her blade into a defensive grip, steps forward, and evaluates her opponent.
>Turn 2
Morry steps forward and evaluates
Mizuki mirrors
>Turn 3
Morry steps to 4 spaces with a committed attack and lunges a -2 deceptive at the fox. Mizuki's evaluates cancel out the deception though, She critically succeeds the parry anyway.
Mizuki steps to range 2 and makes two deceptive slashes at Morry's spear haft. As Morry committed she can't retreat, and the -2 from the commit and the -1 from the deceptive leave her unable to notice the ploy and withdraw her weapon in time. The attempt to disarm her fails, but it still leaves Morry's weapon unready.
>Turn 4
Morry just uses grip master to ready her weapon though, and steps back to try a feint. It succeeds by 7. This could be bad.
Mizuki glides past it, opening with a feint of her own followed by a telegraph to the throat. The feint fails and Morry retreats.
>Turn 5
Morry steps back and exploits her feint with her own blow to the vitals.
Mizuki fails to dodge, uses her defensive luck advantage to reroll, and critfails it. She's stuck in the vital organs and slumps to the ground in a heap.She doesn't bleed out before help arrives. Hopefully the medical fox can do something about that. She's threatened with a lasting injury, but surgeryfox manages to reduce the duration from 4 months of slow healing to 1. Not that it will help her recover from this ordeal any faster. It takes three hours on the table and our Fox Bushi owes someone a shitload of money now. (None of this matters for recurring fights, but it is entertaining. Healing at a rate of 3 hp every 2 days, (One on her own and two from medical care.) it'll take her 18 days to reach full HP again.)

Oof. Just a couple really unfortunate rolls there. but sometimes that how it be. At least now Mizuki has some points to fix some things.
File: 1637644969896.png (889 KB, 882x997)
889 KB
889 KB PNG
Didn't expect her to just get drilled like that desu
I didn't know we had vlad the fucking impaler as a fighter. Holy damn.
Morry's pretty fucky man. Literally a magical spear girl
File: 1359818025769.jpg (33 KB, 277x278)
33 KB
Dang, I'm really disappointed. Can't even ascribe it to a failure of her build really, just got screwed by the dice. Hopefully she has her vengeance next time. Further inspiration to work on a non-random combat system.

Who's next?
She's very strong anon. Only Marcia would legit destroy her I think
Yeah. The feint was 14 vs 7 MOS, which was relatively unlikely and extremely fuckin' bad.
I won't just out and say "Feints are too swingy," but they are...well, they've got problems. A random roll being able to sometimes just make the opponent unable to defend. Well, I guess that's what crits already do so eh, but it still doesn't feel quite 'right' and at least crit hits only happen 2.5% of the time.
Something else to bitch about.
Vitals hits are no joke. They're 'arguments over whether they should be in the game," no joke, but mostly because AP bullets that are pi- can hit and get a 600% damage increase for a -3 penalty.
An unfortunate circumstance, but someday she'll reach her true potential.
"Yo, I'm not brolic but I bang niggas and I pop collas" - Morry RN
It wasn't structured like a realistic battle. It was just a series of 1v1s in rows of 20 people.
File: 1629615121871.jpg (128 KB, 434x434)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Americans are sleeping
File: file.png (1.21 MB, 600x920)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
Guess who's got mild insomnia and poor life choices, bitch.
File: 1637563578843.jpg (304 KB, 1004x1629)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
Based. Run a fight?
File: 1638398751909.jpg (185 KB, 678x945)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
Animu Priestess
File: 1638399730182.jpg (1.87 MB, 2120x3000)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB JPG
Animu viking
File: file.png (256 KB, 462x430)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
I might as well stay up and go buy processed semi-meats and other slow acting suicide products as soon as walmart opens I guess.
I'mma make a token for that Ogre. I wanna see him whomp this rabbit.
File: 1638398217757.jpg (151 KB, 1100x1340)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Feels bad man. I'm on a diet and its bullshit if that makes you feel any better

Do you know how red mages are meant to work in Final Fantasy? I have literally no idea other than that they're basically Bards
File: Ogre_Token.png (120 KB, 585x585)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
Not a fuckin' clue dude. I just know they put the orb thing on their sword to make it a staff and that's kinda rad.
File: 02_kibamusya_011_00.jpg (12 KB, 360x270)
12 KB
thanks for the protip

I hope you're right! If I have time this weekend I'll try to refresh myself on the combat rules so that I can try my hand at running a fight.

Guess it's just not me.

Mizuki has acquired Huge Weapons (ST), allowing her noodle arms to make proper use of the ten-thousand-fold blade. The other three were spent mainly on flavor, adding Quick-Sheathe (Two-Handed Sword), Chiburi, and one point in the Intimidation skill. Lying in the Arena's hospital ward, she cannot bring herself to think that her defeat was anything but a fluke. She has commenced visualization training of the next combat, vividly imagining standing over her fallen foe and flicking from her blade their base and lowborn blood. This may or may not actually be a delirium brought on by the incredible pain of her injuries and burning shame at having been defeated in a mere five seconds by some floozy with a pointy stick.

In FF1 they were just a hybrid of Fighter, White Mage, and Black Mage. They could wear Fighter equipment and got spells of both schools but their progression was slower.
File: 1638399092205.jpg (80 KB, 1280x1333)
80 KB
Sounds pretty cool. I think its like the post below says and they're all rounders. I think the Dragon Girl in FF9 is meant to be the strongest party member and she's a red mage

Lets see this bunny go down I guess


Yeah it made me want to spec Anna into weapon skill actually. get some fiat when the range rules are being too jank
File: file.png (453 KB, 1140x483)
453 KB
453 KB PNG
Alas I'd have no idea. I played like...halfway through FFX when I was like 16 then got bored and stopped? I have no recollection of it. I think I also played a few hours of the older NES and SNES games, but I didn't really enjoy them. That's the extent of my exposure to FF. Not my bag.
Very nice. I'm immediately fond of Mizuki. Like her whole thing and I'm a sucker for foxes.

Anyway, the show
Usagi comes back down, hype from her performance so far. Only to be met with a troll she can smell the rot-stench of from way over her. The announcer introduces him as "Lug." Lug has a big club. It looks smarter than him.
>Turn 1
Lug somehow goes first. (Even after I tuned his Basic Speed down. 6 for an Ogre, DFRPG? Really?) He trundles forward across the ring.
Usagi's gonna take this one a little cautiously and evaluate. This guy is fucking huge, even by her standards.
>Turn 2
Oh lawd he comin'
Usagi advances and evaluates again.
>Turn 3
Lug comes in and makes a commited swing. He...fucking crit succeeds, of course. Lug doesn't aim, and rolls for random hit location. Usagi is whomped in her enormous chest and sent back reeling one yard, falling onto her back on the ground. SHe is thankfully, however, not stunned.
On her turn, she pushes herself up, reeling.
File: 8AFHkf6.jpg (1.52 MB, 2560x1920)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB JPG
rng op
File: 1638403848592.jpg (237 KB, 1100x891)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
idk I just saw that picture I posted and figured it was probably a red mage. Cool concept
Little does Lug know, getting biffed in the tiddy was a calculated ploy to put as much cushioning as possible between bungirl and the mace. Get finessed.
You mean club?
The only real difference between a mace and a club is the care that goes into making it.
Also, brain is french fries, sue me.
File: file.png (777 KB, 1150x789)
777 KB
777 KB PNG
>Turn 4
"Lug smash bunny!" Emboldened, the IQ 7 genius makes a telegraphic AoA to her head. Usagi can't do much in her kneeling posture but bring her axe up to intervene.
Against only a TN of 9, she makes it! Her axe creaks worryingly from the force of the enormous blow though.
She finishes standing up and steps to reach 1.
>Turn 5
"Lug eat bunny!" I roll Lug's IQ+4 on a lark to see if he's smart enough to conscience backing away from food. He gets the idea and sways back to swing at her again. She jukes to the side under the swing.
On her turn she gets in up against him and swings for his left arm. Lug's dodge roll is bad. His arm is totally crippled. He makes his HT check because he's a big dumb bastard.
>Turn 6
Lug roars and steps back to swing again. Usagi ducks it and circles towards his right.
She steps in and tries to take his right arm too. She gets it, despite his attempt to retreat away. Lug falls down stunned, dropping his club.
>Turn 7
Lug recovers from stun.
Usagi steps around and AoA telegraphs his skull.
Critical success! Result 5 for double damage! She rolls a fucking 3 and a 1, and doubling it gets her to 'slightly more than average damage.'
The axe smashes the Ogre's forehead open and he dies instantly regardless.

The saving grace against dumber monsters is that without proper wrangling, the tards tend to have only a vague grasp on how fighting works beyond "Hit bad thing, thing fall down." IQ7 is one point above 'actual disability.' But still barely smart enough to work at McDonalds, according to one of the authors on the forums somewhere.

That how it do be. We guide our little mans as best we can, but as detached observers, there's only so much we can do.
It is a cool concept, yeah. The sword-staff thing is one of my favorite weapon ideas I'vee heard in awhile for high-fantasy shit.
Damn I had high hopes on that ogre
File: 1638398603568.jpg (91 KB, 736x945)
91 KB
That seemed super easy for Usagi
Reposting my OC for consideration, She's a princess who's skilled in archery - Princess Wysralia
Curious to see how rapiers work in GURPS?
File: Muspeljotun.png (397 KB, 500x500)
397 KB
397 KB PNG
This fight cheekily dedicated to dabbing on anon's that say shit like "3d6 isn't even random," and "Critical hits never happen on 3d6."
I thought he might get it to. If she'd failed her HT enough to be stunned, that woulda probably been that.
It kinda was. An ogre's defensive potential isn't great with that maul, as he can't really parry with it. (She can't parry with her axe either in most situations, but by having an intellect greater than that of bricks, she knows when to reserve it.) Usagi also benefits from a base 11 dodge, modified up from 9 as she seems to get a +2 benefit from wearing basically no clothes. which makes her hard as shit to pin down, especially for an ogre with only SL14 to work with. 'only' 14 makes my skin crawl, as this is the beginning of an expert in a field. I can feel myself slowly metamorphosing into fucking Doug Cole
I'm going to bed but there was one rapier fighter last thread. >>82353805
TLDR: RAW, Rapiers retain the full +3 from retreating dodges even though they're a weapon, only take half penalties form multiple parries,and you get -2 to disarm if you don't have one, as the strangest bespoke rule I've ever seen.
I usually houserule out the +3 armed retreats thing because the reasoning for it is incredibly spurious, imo. Parries are already usually better than base dodge anyway, they don't need to be 'absolutely retarded.' The counter is supposed to be that as very light weapons, a dude with a huge enough club can just smash through them, but it requires an 8.25lb weapon to even chance it, which even a zweihander can't manage. It's all a little jank.
Fencing weapons can keep their halved successive parry penalty though. That's a pretty serious bonus by itself.
Goes on the list. Along with Bow Elf and Darve.

Now I should really do real sleep. Or try. I won't though. At least I'm too tired to go to walmart now. Bullet dodged.
File: 1638398996543.jpg (825 KB, 1789x1678)
825 KB
825 KB JPG
Dodge does seem a little unbalanced. Anyway have a good sleep or lie down I guess
She pays for it with a perk and "will ever, ever wear any kind of body armor"
It basically means that she has pay out the tits for any kind of defensive upgrade because it basically has to be her dodge, especially as she uses an axe.
I don't feel like it's unbalanced, especially since the fight with Nito was so close.
If anything I'd perhaps lower her innate DR to 1 if it seems like too much. But basically it's still all the DR she's ever going to get.
Even with the +2, her dodge isn't even higher than her parry.
Correction: will NEVER, ever wear any kind of body armor
Before I drop;
Dodge seems a little unbalanced because once per turn you can step backwards for +3 to it. Against a single opponent, this is fine and dandy. Against multiple, spending your retreat wrong can mean eating shit.
It is 'better' than other defenses because it doesn't degrade, but it's also (usually) much more expensive to acquire, unless you do something dumb like Usagi's "I get +2 dodge because I will never, ever wear armor." which is really more of a genre convention option.
Dodge is also supposed to be halved when you drop to 1/3rd HP or below, but we've just...never really played with that rule because it unbalances things in the opposite direction; to where a character built to rely mostly on dodge, once they hit reeling, may as well just commit sudoku. 10 is already a coinflip. 5 is just 'pray.'
It's harder to deal with than other defenses because, solo, you can't just wait for the enemy to expend it the same way as the others, or eat up their retreat as part of a DWA or Extra Attack routine; Retreat's good against the whole thing.

And yeah, as Anon says, and to put it into some perspective: You want to parry better? 5pts bespoke or two skill levels. You want to block better? 5pts or 2 skill levels.
You want to increase your dodge? 15pts bespoke, 20 for +4 basic speed, or 40-80 for some combination of +4DX/HT, or some combination therof.
Once weapon SL's pass about 18, dodge tanking is left in the dust unless you sell your kidney.
New thread tomorrow when Anon wakes up?
File: 1638396549646.png (138 KB, 960x800)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
Guess its good to work on your SL's then. The Space Marine not being able to do shit scarred me

Almost certainly
>very light weapons
thats bullshit, rapiers weigh just as much as normal swords
the idea of them being these lightweight weapons that only sissies use is a bad meme, on par with "plate armor makes you move in slow motion"
File: 1638396904208.jpg (249 KB, 878x1200)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
*stabs you in pirate*
File: file.png (10 KB, 546x82)
10 KB
Damn straight they do. For reference a broadsword is 3lb. So 2.75 for a regular rapier makes sense to me.
>The Space Marine not being able to do shit scarred me
If your talking about the fight with Gragrungra her dodge was only that high thanks to multiple errors. It was nearly 1.5 times the actual number.
If you are talking about something else I haven't been paying enough attention.
File: 1638438127662.jpg (79 KB, 500x534)
79 KB
Yeah that was the one
File: UsagiCensorship.png (93 KB, 267x264)
93 KB
>using status markers to censor Usagi

Does Lug win this if he does an untargeted, non-telegraphed attack like he did the first time? Big throw if so.

Big fan of this waifu candidate; I've had this same image saved for years. In practice I don't know how meaningfully different hammer and shield is from sword and shield but I might try my hand at statting her if nobody else has.
I still want a rematch on that. I can't AM that because other people seem to care, and I haven't touched GURPs in nearly two years. I need to warm up.
File: conan.png (415 KB, 1600x900)
415 KB
415 KB PNG
Time for some Conan! I found the 2 cutest pregens in the quickstart. No point in pictures since it's abstract zone-based combat
>Round 1
I’m considering each half of the arena a zone, meaning both characters start at Medium range from each other. Since I'm treating both of them as player characters, to decide who acts first both make an Agility test. Hypatia wins and wastes no time loosing an arrow. She generates 4 success on her ranged attack, while Ulrike rolls Acrobatics to dodge and only generates 1. The attack hits, and also gives Hypatia 3 momentum for her margin of victory. She spends 2 of this to choose a hit location (head), and the remaining one to increase damage by one. She rolls a whopping 10 damage plus an effect (which is not useful here as she hit an unarmored location). This inflicts two Wounds on Urike, one for being 5+ damage, and one for reducing her Vigor to 0 (she only had 10)
Ulrike uses an Exploit, lining up for a devastating attack. She spends a fortune point to add a die, and succeeds, generating 3 momentum.

>Round 2
Hypatia presses her advantage, using a load of arrows to unleash a volley. This adds an extra die to both her skill and damage rolls. Ulrike takes penalties from her wounds, and even with her Agile talent fails to get enough successes. Again she is hit, with 6 damage to the torso and 2 effects, which is enough to bypass Ulrike’s armor. Two more wounds, which puts Ulrike on the brink of death.
Ulrike uses her free action to drop prone, a minor action to Aim (giving her 1 Momentum), and her standard action to unleash a crossbow bolt. She spends 3 momentum (leaving her with one) to add the maximum number of dice to her attack. Hypatia, however, easily dodges out of the way.
>Round 3
Hypatia looses another arrow. It is harder because her opponent is now prone, and Ulrike just barely manages to roll away, although it costs her a fortune point and her remaining Momentum
Ulrike attempts to recover at least some Vigor, least another hit finish her off. Even blowing her last point of fortune, it’s not enough

>Round 4
Hypatia uses a minor action to close the distance, moving up within Close range. This removes the penalty for shooting at a prone target, but introduces a penalty for being at non-optimal weapon range. However, she also gets 2 bonus Momentum, one of which she spends to add an extra die. Hypatia wins the struggle once more with a 2 momentum gain, which she spends to target the head again. The arrow sails straight through Ulrike’s eye socket, killing her instantly.

First time running, so there might have been some mistakes, but that's a pretty brutal death spiral
File: Shizuku2.png (2.98 MB, 2520x1900)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB PNG
Glad you like her! I think she feels extra sympathetic after that opening match.
>sucker for foxes
It only occurred me to me after making several foxgirl characters in a row for different campaigns that I might have a "type". Picrel is Shizuku, former character from a short-lived campaign.

Mizuki feels Ulrike's pain. I don't know what the timescale is in Conan but just going by rounds that was even faster. The dice are a cruel mistress.
Thanks for the run anyway! Like you say, she'd work much better in a game than an arena (and at 250pts or so), but it's still cool to see her in action.
File: Carbuncle.png (86 KB, 500x500)
86 KB
Yeah it's all weird. GURPS is correct in a lot of places, but then it others it clearly just went "But this has to be different because movies, or because someone in the author's game wanted to do a thing."
>Does lug win if he didn't telegraph?
The telegraph bonus directly cancels the penalty for kneeling, so it was actually a 'safe' bet in that case. Also I went back and checked the dice for you in foundry, and I forgot to give her the telegraph bonus, so no. It didn't change anything. The AoA was also 'safe' because you can only step the turn you push up from kneeling, so she couldn't attack him.
>Turn 1
Gagrungra advances from 18 to 3
Brother Hadriel fires five rounds and threatens to hit with all of them. Gagrungra dodges by 3 so two hit.
56 and 64 damage.
The bolt rounds detonate for 24 and 24 damage.
All are major wounds.
She makes all knockdowns, auto-fails consciousness, but makes both resultant death checks.

About what I expected.
Note: I'm not limiting damage on boltguns by target full penetration because they blow up in the target.
Very. If I get ambitious maybe I can have her hunted by some dudes to see how that plays out.
Well, it's a type to have, certainly.
Thanks for showing this off. It looks like an interesting set of mechanics. People keep talking about it so I've been curious. How's the core die mechanic work? What's an effect and how do you get it? Momentum is an effect-currency you get for MoS? That's rad, but where'd the bonus momentum in turn 4 come from?

I was not confident this thing would last, let alone be preparing to move onto its fifth thread in a week.
It's good to see there's still a sparkle of "Old /tg/" out there, when you actually put in the effort and give it something to do.
File: 1637954818238.jpg (221 KB, 600x900)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
Almost 6th thread time. Only sad thing is that its super GURPS heavy rather than showing off different systems. Still a lot of fun and people are getting used to GURPS
I'd like it if people showed off more stuff, yeah. I try to lead my OPs mentioning that.
I've poked a bit at KGK but it's not really fun to see working with one character. Though Sakura mirror match could be hilarious. (And take ten hours, I don't think she can really even hurt herself.)
I might demo some car wars at some point, I'm thinking.
I want to show off World of Five Nations when I have time. Love that game, nothing else quite like it.
File: IMG_20200705_161804.png (1.02 MB, 738x900)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
Nobody can deal with Usagi's MIGHT

Also are you guys going to do a Discord or not for these threads?
I could try doing a Savage Worlds battle or some other system, but I never used Roll20 or any of these online sites, I just play in person.

I have no idea how to include and use maps.
They want to keep the discussion on /tg/
Discord is where discussion dies.
Agreed, I am highly in favor of never forming a discord.
File: 1638469564866.jpg (255 KB, 1414x1000)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
Anna vs Usagi when?

cool picture for new op if someone else wants to do it
Link was already posted, >>82381903 and it's in the dropbox readme, but; >>82410481 >>82410487
It's there so people can catch announcements of the new threads, to give AM's character sheets, and talk about things circumstantial to the thread.
I think having it is useful, but these threads are expressly so things happen on /tg/, so posting ABOUT the thread should be kept to a minimum. Post in the thread whenever possible.

bump limit reached and beached
>NtuHH DZ5YV sans the space is the disco link.
Call me a brainlet, but I don't know where to put that n the link

It's discord.gg/(invite link)
I try to avoid spelling it out because of the sheer fucking number of crawlers looking for them to sling spambots anymore.
If >>82410910 is the case I'd recommend deleting the post to be safe.

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