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Previous Thread >>82293972
>What the fuck is this?
Last time, OP started a waifu character art thread, and I called him a fag, statted his waifu in GURPS, and had her torn apart by dinosaurs.
Now, we stat characters in games and have them fight stupid shit for entertainment; and also to show off a bit of mechanics.
You got a game you think is cool? Stop arguing on the internet about it and come show us how it works.
You got a waifu you want statted? I will put STDs on her character sheet and literally throw her to the wolves.
>So what's going on now?
I'm redoing that first fight in 5e for comparison. Then probably going to bed.
>What can I do?
Post some art, stat some characters, show off your game
Y'know, a thread where we do /tg/ shit for a change.

Dropbox with all the characters made so far for GURPS: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/25p54bu6p9n4s0o/AADHAabWB0GqY-ttJswheQjda?dl=0
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Anna is proof that Greatsword Girls are best girls so far
File: Anna.png (965 KB, 3328x2198)
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965 KB PNG
File: file.png (1.16 MB, 1293x829)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
So here we are. FIght #1 again with the same character restatted as a 5e Human Fighter/3 greatsword Battlemaster
Versus velociraptors that are probably going to kill her spectacularly.
Boardstate after Turn 1.
Character stats:
>>82302275 (Changed to BM after the fact. Has Parry, Riposte, Menace)
Enemy Stats:
I'd suggest hitting the start of the fight this is aping and giving it a once over, since comparing them is kind of the point.
Okay, Turn 1
The dinosaurs have init and move in cautiously enough to maybe get their pounce.
Anna runs down to raptor 3 in the bottom and fucking whomps on him, since diagonals aren't real in the base rules I guess.
Rolls raw over AC, hits for 12. Raptor 12 2/14hp
End turn 1

Anna should have used her bonus action to pommel bash the raptor for 1D3 with a chance to stun imo
File: file.png (227 KB, 554x436)
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227 KB PNG
I did not see anything anywhere in the PHB granting that option
Turn 2.
Big Raptor goes first, runs up and attacks
Bite missies despite advantage, claw hits. Anna takes 5 damage. 23/28hp
She triggers Riposte off the missed bite and rolls a 1. 3/4 SDice.
Raptor 2 moves.
Raptor 3 attacks. Anna is hit and takes 12 damage. 11/28
Raptor 4 moves and attacks. Anna takes 8 damage. 3/28
Anna attacks the big raptor. She does 13 damage and kills it*
Anna spends her surge to attack Raptor 3 She crits when her minimum was twice its remaining HP and it dies.
End turn 2
Use second wind.

1st +2 Fighting Style, Second Wind
2nd +2 Action Surge (one use)
3rd +2 Martial Archetype

They locked it behind paying for the handbook but its https://baldursgate3.wiki.fextralife.com/Second+Wind
File: file.png (258 KB, 872x378)
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258 KB PNG
Pre turn 3: Second wind restores. 5 HP She's 8/28. Good catch anon. >>82302735
Turn 3
Raptor 2 runs on down and attacks. Whiff.
Raptor 4 attacks. Crit. Ass damage, deals 6. Anna uses her Sdice for Parry and cancels it.
Anna critfails her attack.
End Turn 3
Riposte on the missed attack?
Why are we beating up all these dinosaurs?
Only 1 reaction per turn, and if the attack missed while another potential attack could have finished, holding the reaction to reduce that attack's damage was the better tactical decision.
File: 1637709348476.jpg (807 KB, 2600x1800)
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807 KB JPG
Yeah I'm not super familiar with the nitty gritty of the rules. She's probably dead this turn though

Waifu wars
OP is a bigger faggot than earlier OP
File: 1624449456179.png (368 KB, 428x428)
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368 KB PNG
Turn 4,
Raptor 2 hits for 7. We just take it and go to 1
Raptor 4 crits, deals 13 damage. Parry it to 3, we're at 5
Our turn. Last Sdice, We menace raptor 2. Damage snakeeyes, we reroll it to a 7 Add 4 for Sdice. Raptor 2 goes to 4 and doesn't care about the menace.
Turn 5
Raptor 2 hits us for 9 and we die.
End Fight.
There is no new image because it's not going to change.

Pounce is stupid and redundant with pack tactics. Being prone isn't a problem until your turn if the enemy has advantage, and then you just stand up. It cockblocks movement I guess but that's irrelevant if you're alone.
I really fucking hate moving being extraneous in my grid-based miniatures combat engine
If I had actually gone with Champion and had nothing to do but roll 1d20 in a real game, I'd kill myself by session 3.

See OP. We did it last thread both as a demonstration of GURPS and to clown on OP for not having games in his thread.
I started doing it again, same fight, in 5e just because I wanted to compare them and reaffirm to myself why I hate 5e. Also because 'comparing games so we can learn what we like and don't,' is part of the purpose of the thread.
Consider it a test-drive zone, if you will. Somewhere we can get together and learn things. If you want to show us all something, please do.

>Hey /tg/ why don't we actually play some games?
>Haha, who does that faggot?
About what I expected. Thanks for the feedback.
>>Hey /tg/ why don't we actually play some games?
>>Haha, who does that faggot?

You did it to yourself, retard.
File: 1637614929583.jpg (383 KB, 800x1001)
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383 KB JPG
Pretty unlucky with the raptor hit rolls honestly. Also that missed attack hurts. Also could have cut that fucker in half with that riposte earlier.

Probably would have been a pretty big difference at lvl 4 and at lvl 5 she might have crushed them.

We were playing GURPS earlier. Sword and board is yet to be properly tested but OP is going to bed
File: file.png (163 KB, 857x720)
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163 KB PNG
You're clearly missing context.
Now, stat a waifu or husbando in your system of choice and have them fight motherfucking dinosaurs or get the fuck out.
File: 1637558279275.jpg (67 KB, 564x985)
67 KB
Halberd girl
File: 1600384823852.jpg (620 KB, 2048x1954)
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620 KB JPG
Did what, made you call me a faggot? Come on now. We did GURPS all last thread.
You want me to dig out another edition? Y'wanna see how Kamigakari works? We can play some Anon's trash homebrew or something even.
My man, you're purposefully missing the forest for the trees just to be mad, and I refuse to be mad with you guys anymore.
Yeah kinda. S'what I don't like about 5e. There's very little way to look at a situation, assess it, then make a decision about any given attack. I just got 4 trading cards and was asked when to play them and on what.
File: 165126-Sepik.jpg (153 KB, 1280x1024)
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153 KB JPG
File: OP is peak retard.jpg (42 KB, 669x479)
42 KB
Why even try when you know there is no chance of winning? This is basically a ryona thread, it belongs on /d/ for fucks sake.
File: 1637478177086.jpg (1.12 MB, 1920x2716)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
Its definitely more simplistic but you were pretty outclassed and in a 1vMany situation. Its the economy of actions that means that 5 gobins can fuck up a much stronger fighter because they have 5 actions for his one. I thought that with riposte and action surge you might have had some fun with it even though its a much simpler system. With the extra shit in BG3 like the pommel strike and lacerating blow you could have had more options too.

I mean its not great but you have to admit that Battle Master isn't what you thought Champion was going to be surely?

Can always roll up this dumb elf and watch her get slaughtered
That's a human.
File: 1637377930986.jpg (258 KB, 1055x1350)
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258 KB JPG
Prove it
File: 1637477006925.jpg (133 KB, 800x1046)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
What is it at lvl 5?

Also the original point was to tear Anna to shreds because of waifufagging but she beat them in GURPS
File: Clipboard02.jpg (13 KB, 331x195)
13 KB
Dumb waifufaggot.
File: 1487176519397.png (28 KB, 655x509)
28 KB
If you want to do horrible things, then put my video game waifu into the arena.
File: 1637565408407.jpg (123 KB, 700x1000)
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123 KB JPG
Roll her up then. I'm not OP and I don't know how to DM anything
By not being a faggot like OP
File: Bjorn_Halft-Eyra.png (403 KB, 500x500)
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403 KB PNG
It was the same effective fight put to the same effective character in GURPS last thread. No concession for challenge rating was given, mostly as that game doesn't have said concept. Some guy just said 'yo fight velociraptors,' so we did.
You could have read the context and seen exactly why, but man that'd be too much effort wouldn't it?
>I mean its not great but you have to admit that Battle Master isn't what you thought Champion was going to be surely?
'course not even said that. It's definitely a better class from a design perspective, at level 3 at least.
As for the rest, well. Might be hard to explain. Steve Jackson wrote an interesting book on the history and design of wargames, where he laid out that he felt the foundational principles of the genre, or arguably of any game, is FORCE acting over SPACE and TIME. Force is, whatever it is, capturing pieces, doing damage. Changing the state. Space is our board and time is turns. (though Steve gets a bit autistic about simulation veracity. He's still Steve.)
My problem with the experience of being a martial in a game like 5e, in essence, is that once I'm in contact with the enemy, the SPACE portion of this is basically gone until one of us is dead, or needs to escape. One third of the foundational element of what a game on a map *is* is just *gone.*
There are games designed with no space correlation at all, or that at least de-emphasize it, but they're structured differently to account for that. At the end of the day it's not really the modifier complexity or different moves that make GURPS more enjoyable to me, it's that where I choose to put my little dude on the board from moment to moment actually matters.
I'm down, but it's 6am here. I hadn't really wanted to make a new thread just yet, but old one hit image limit in the middle of my doing shit. Not that it turned out to need images.
Point being; I'll gladly do it when I get up.
File: 1637709533763.jpg (146 KB, 1400x1400)
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146 KB JPG
Hmm idk. Its probably a shitty recommendation but playing BG3 would probably show you what's going on in that. Spatial positioning is super important in it and with a martial its more like jump to something kill it then jump to another thing to kill it. Its more like your front line Cleric stands there and does nothing I guess while a fighter or a ranger roams about killing shit.

Your damage goes through the roof at lvl 4 with great weapons feat and lvl 5 is meant to be the first real power spike in the game. I'm not saying that D&D 5e is good because I haven't played it but in BG3 you can do shit like disengage and hide while sneak attacking from range. There's a fair bit going on. Its hard to explain but when you have the jump spell on you're jumping like 20m to get into range to fuck a baddy up then jumping to the next one
Ryonachads we fucking win again.
Idea's neat but you sound like a massive faggot.
>Fight club
>Characters don't fight each other
>Instead you have them fight these gay dinosaurs so you can get off to killing people's characters
>People don't stat their own characters either, you do it for them

Shitty execution, go back and rework these issues if you actually want people to participate. Make some rules, then try again.
File: kizuna-stare.jpg (206 KB, 2048x1607)
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206 KB JPG
>OP asks what she should fight last thread
>someone says velociraptors
File: file.png (66 KB, 1796x280)
66 KB
Well, all that stuff's external yeah? You don't have a squad of guys (usually) under your control in a game, you've just got you. So if the mechanics for being just you aren't good, then what have you got? Like you're talking about stuff like "Well this happens at level or level 5," but man, if the game's not fun until I've been playing it for two months, something is wrong.
I get why it's fun in the abstract, but damn.
>Characters don't fight each other
Had to make more first.
>People don't stat their own characters
I mean, they can. Been askin'. Can only keep going until somebody actually does it.
I was more interested in the 'hey come show us how your favorite game works,' aspect than anything, but I get that's an even bigger ask.
>Instead you have them fight these gay dinosaurs so you can get off to killing people's characters
Dudeman, guy literally said he wanted to see her fight dinosaurs. It wasn't my idea. Every time I've asked what they want, except the 5e one which was done mostly for my amusement in demonstrating the gulf in autism levels between it and GURPS. This conceptually required me to use the same setup a second time.
File: 1419195032297.jpg (356 KB, 1280x1920)
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356 KB JPG
>gritty r**listic game
>fighters can dodge attacks from multiple opponents at once by bolting out and maneuvering around them
>it takes only a few seconds
>casual fantasy wargame
>fighters must stand and absorb hits with luck points
>luck points are not restored every turn
>can only perform a few actions every minute
Shameful display
File: 1614567969772.png (124 KB, 512x478)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
Right. I'm falling down. If the thread's still here later we'll see where it goes. If it's not, I'll be back Friday.
I'll also see about better guidelines and rules, and get together an outline of chargen suggestions at least for GURPS and add it to the dropbox for said.
Can do better, >>82303339 is right about that much. Next OP won't contain spurious references to events of prior thread that make me sound like a vindictive faggot.
File: 1637644969896.png (889 KB, 882x997)
889 KB
889 KB PNG
Yeah that's true. idk if you're a frontliner most people will be focus firing on your opponent I guess? Its why things like Pole arm fighters are so highly rated I think because they can crowd control and hold the line. Like I say I don't really know shit about D&D but Baulders Gate 3 is fun

I like it as an addition to waifu thread. Make stupid waifu or husbando builds then fire test them. Find who is the ultimate waifu!
File: Paladin.jpg (809 KB, 2560x1440)
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809 KB JPG
Do my stupid Paladin from Pathfinder
System of your choice.
File: 1637560104237.jpg (102 KB, 751x1063)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Are you offering to DM an arena?
Why does /tg/ have better taste in art than the art related boards. I find so much good art here.
File: 85220.png (681 KB, 900x1248)
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681 KB PNG
Looks like meat's back on the menu, girls!
you don't need to stat a character if they're already in pathfinder
Sounds cringe. You're a faggot.
Its from Kingmaker. Might be nice to see how they held up
Uh, what is she holding in her left hand?
Neat you took it to heart. Make some idiot-proof rules so a dumbass who's never played an RPG like me can understand, and I'll participate with OC.
It's a real shame WotC didn't go with their original idea of every martial class having a few of the battle master maneuvers, and fighters having all of them.
>Its the economy of actions that means that 5 gobins can fuck up a much stronger fighter because they have 5 actions for his one.
This isn't actually as true as people say it is. A level 3 fighter, for example, will pretty reliable oneshot a goblin per round (two when they action surge). The goblins are unlikely to kill him. A level 5 fighter can essentially end the fight in one action.

Action economy IS extremely powerful in 5e and 2-3 moderately threatening enemies become absolutely deadly when you're outnumbered, but that seems about right.
/tg/ best board
that's why
>"""Social""" Disease
File: 1637561885772.jpg (1.59 MB, 1341x2000)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB JPG
Post your waifu's for build ideas
File: Marcia.png (912 KB, 3338x2200)
912 KB
912 KB PNG
You might want to look at the last thread. We ran almost that exact build yesterday. Honestly it just slaughtered the goblins we sent in so we probably need to run it again with better enemies
>Leona Bonaparte
File: 1608201841139.jpg (178 KB, 840x1080)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Okay, not sure how to stat a woman with multiple personality disorder except each personality is her own physical person and they can throw snake kunai, have a stone gaze attack, and resurrect the dead. Especially each other.
File: 1605671956992.jpg (306 KB, 1188x792)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
Just make a Malkavian
File: 53806780_p2.png (756 KB, 1920x1080)
756 KB
756 KB PNG
3/4+ 4 7 2 2 4 2/6/—
Poisoned throwing weapons (expert shot).
Spells' immobilize 3+; resurrection 2+.
When resurrected a Elise regains all spent will.
File: file.png (3.07 MB, 1280x1449)
3.07 MB
3.07 MB PNG
I am awake, but a bit under the weather. Not sure how useful I'm going to be, but let's address some posts and make some rules.
As long as you think I'm being a queer and not that 'playing games is gay,' I'll take that as valid critcism.
Yeah man, I don't think you were right on all counts, but that doesn't make you completely wrong. I threw this together way too fast and a lot needs to be more clear.
Yeah, my understanding is that they bitched out of basically every interesting rule from the playtest because Helen from HR thought it was 'too complicated.' Throw out good game design because it's scary to normies; I guess it at least makes you money.

Okay, so onto some initial ground rules:
If you've already had a character made for a system, and that's how you want to participate, don't spam ideas unless the thread is otherwise dead of them. Just be reasonable. If you want to stick an ID to your ideas so there's a reference to who's idea it was on their sheet, even retroactively, go ahead. That'll never be a requirement, of course.
If you're writing your own character for someone's run, similar rules. Let other people do stuff.
Making the same character for different games is mildly preferred if appropriate, as this will let people compare how concepts work in different systems.
To elaborate on the OP "I will give your waifu crabs and throw her to the wolves," this was an unclarified reference to a 'rule' established last thread. Essentially, if you're getting a character done, contribute to their design and at least answer the gamerunner's questions, or don't be surprised when they fill in the blanks wrong or with petty spite. I don't feel remotely ashamed of jabbing a little fun if your participation falls short of your expectations. But a better description of what's needed and desired for each game does need to be worked on to help you out here.
File: 1637563578843.jpg (304 KB, 1004x1629)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
Morning man. Hope you start to feel better. Had any thoughts on what could be a good base encounter? Some middle ground of goblins and raptors
anon CR is undertuned as hell
strictly speaking, qualifying for deadly CR is a mildly difficult fight for good players
and because 5e is streamlined for babbies there's no tier above deadly fit for nearly impossible battles, probably so people don't actually consider using them in regular games.
File: 1350741574256.jpg (123 KB, 666x1200)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
>Running a fight
Be willing to make some characters, but see the above; make some effort to incentivize people to participate in that process. Maybe even explain more about chargen the first time.
Making rules about chargen submissions is on you. I'll try to make the GURPS one a decent example.
This is mostly for showing off combat systems but that's not actually a requirement. If you think your game resolves social disputes in an interesting way, go for it.
The main objective is to show us all a game you like. But if you want to show us a game you hate, go for it; but play it to the best of your ability so we can see why you think it's bad., Don't just hate-run something poorly on purpose.
If the game involves a lot of movement, consider drawing on your update images to show us what's going on. I didn't do this in the first thread and it sort of blew.

>Character Submissions: GURPS
So far most have been 100pts, but I won't enforce that. Just don't expect to fight other characters outside your 'weight class' as a matter of course, except maybe as a team. Disad limit will probably remain 50. Rising to 75 at 350+ points.
If you're just requesting a character, GURPS mechanically cares about who they are. You'll need to tell me about some of their disadvantages; which can be flaws OR virtues. A man with a chivalric code of honor and a compulsive streak of charity still has his actions constrained, which is what the game generally means. But physical impairment can work just as well.
Tell me about their gear too. What armor they're wearing and where, what weapons they're skilled with, etc.
Characters CAN have magical abilities, but they should fall within the realm of enhancing mundane combat. You can possess a shield amulet instead of armor, supernatural toughness, a magical touch attack, etc. Just leave the fireballs and telekinetically controlled blades at home for now. we'll figure that out later.
Detailed chargen will be added to dropbox later.
If this thread is still up when I'm done with work, I'll post one my 3.PF anime waifus if anybody wants to pit her against a gauntlet of wolves/skeletons/dinosaurs/etc.

>why don't you run the fight yourself
I haven't run 3.PF in years and I'm terrified of embarrassing myself.
File: Orc 1_Token.png (113 KB, 500x500)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
No, but I'mma make some orc warriors I think. Get a pair of 'em. Grishnak Arm-Taker and Nulgrun the Vast. See how that goes.
Nah man just do it. I fucked up majorly at least twice running GURPS last thread. Nobody gets every rule right every time, and the only people who are going to harangue you about it are faggots you shouldn't be caring about. As long as you're doing your best to show off a game, you've got nothing to be embarrassed about.
Also I have never even opened the PF1e corebook, so I'm neither more qualified nor motivated.
File: 1637387616799.jpg (77 KB, 500x750)
77 KB
I kind of want to see how a lvl 1 Drizzit would go in the arena with his meme 2 scimitar build. (ironically quite powerful in BG3 atm but they've changed the rules about Rangers so Rangers are basically the strongest class)

Also I realised that tripping blow > fearful blow on a battlemaster
wtf does this even mean?
File: 1626829275387.jpg (799 KB, 1224x814)
799 KB
799 KB JPG
>OP started a waifu character art thread, and I called him a fag, statted his waifu in GURPS, and had her torn apart by dinosaurs
Holy fucking based, I'm in. Great bread concept.
Surprisingly she actually "won" but at the loss of both her legs.
File: 1637788153644.jpg (2.29 MB, 1920x3046)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB JPG
Anna did nothing wrong
I'll throw it on the list, it does sound amusing.
I try, thank you.

I fucked up martial talents on all these characters, I have just been informed. They're meant to be Skills+2/pts per level not just Skills. So everyone has slightly too high an SL for points. Will fix as we go. Luckily one of my players knows the rules much better than me and keeps leaning over my should to correct shit.
>Yeah, my understanding is that they bitched out of basically every interesting rule from the playtest because Helen from HR thought it was 'too complicated.'
This is what the actual responsible people tell themselves now that opinion has shifted against them. In reality, during playtesting a huge number of players whined about martials having 'powers' breaking their immersion and being too good.
File: file.png (845 KB, 3338x2200)
845 KB
845 KB PNG
Ugh. what a shitshow. But what else can you do? Martials are going to have 'powers' in D&D because the core mechanics aren't actually complex enough to have gameplay without active abilities. That take always just sounds like "I want my game to be boring because that's realism," or "I wish I were playing something else."

Orc done. I might go back and give this guy a little more armor, but he's largely done. 20hp, high pain tolerance, and two natural DR isn't quite a substitute, but at this point level it's definitely something.
Do you want to keep the low-level limit or are higher end characters alright? I've got my PC from an old 5E Americana homebrew jank campaign that was dropped I'm tempted to throw your way. Should I post the character sheet or just give you a quick rundown?
I've run 5e once on a lark, mostly as a demonstration of why I don't like it, and don't really want to run it again myself.
GURPS workload is also pretty high, so someone else will have to field D20 games. You're more than welcome to.
I could also take a swing at converting D&D characters to GURPS, but beyond like level 5 it starts to all fall apart, because their advancement metrics aren't very compatible.
File: file.png (1.49 MB, 6643x2200)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
Any conversion from PF to GURPS would be fuckin' rough. But I could, I guess, start doing 200+ point characters? A fifth level paladin has a lot of stuff that'd be autistic to model and fairly expensive. I might be able to swinger her closer to 200-250pts
One of my players is conveniently playing a high-elf knight; so I functionally already have this.

Right so, that's our two girls from yesterday, one orc wrestler, and a menagerie of PCs, NPCs, and whatever I can google for monsters.
We want another fight? If so what? Otherwise, I'm probably going to either fuss with characters all night or call it quits until Friday.
Anon, BG3 is a videogame. It's closer to Divinity OS 3 than actual tabletop D&D 5e.
>beyond like level 5 it starts to all fall apart, because their advancement metrics aren't very compatible.
I had a feeling. I'd like to get into GURPS and might be interested in conversion, but right now I've been up a long ass time and would not retain anything about making characters that I'd read up on. If you're up for it anyway, or creating a fightfu waifu of the sort, she's an autistic level 10 Bear Barb/Thief Rogue with 20 Con, expertise in wrestling, climbing, slight of hand, knife fighting, and bear traps. The whole idea was being able to withstand just about everything except DM Fiat. All about defense and survivability, a turtle into cross-counter style. She also had a .45-70 revolver but that was the DM's idea not mine.
How can /tg/ be best board when /pol/ exists?
File: pSAX8e5.jpg (2.9 MB, 1098x2757)
2.9 MB
2.9 MB JPG
Here's a nonwaifu I want to see tear shit up
Hell, put him up against two waifus
It's a mesbg statline because the last time I touched an RPG was 4e DnD over a decade ago.
File: file.png (2.03 MB, 1280x720)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB PNG
>Hey anon, stat giant dad for me
Don't fuckin' mind if I do. You want actual no shit dark souls undead? I can swing that. He might be a lot of points, but now I'm too hype to care.
File: 1474777595864.jpg (202 KB, 1592x1427)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
I want as literal a Giantdad an interpretation as you can make it. So, technically undead if there's rules that make them take more damage, or something. Maybe he should classify as a ghost if he's invading. Note his STR/DEX are 16/10. He barely adept enough to use his Zweihander, and most of the damage comes from magical enchantment, but I imagine he has to be strong anyway in order to carry all that armor (assuming Father Mask doesn't carry it all like it did in 1.0).

Also, a suggestion for an opponent if no suitable one is found.
The unliving modifier reduces the damage you take from msot thrusting weapon types, primarily. I can give him bespoke weaknesses to divine magic and stuff but that won't come up just yet, so.
I'm going to give him lots of shit like High Pain Tolerance and good HT to represent poise.
My biggest concern is having anyone be too low a skill. They'll get clowned on, though truly ridiculous armor would keep him alive even through an AoA against most other lowish-tier opponents. You get bullshit like my one PC who has Knife 19 and an adamantine rondel dagger, and she'll just stab you 37 times in the kidneys through your armor gaps, so it's not something you can rely on forever.
I'll have to investigate enchantments because I don't really use raw damage magical weapons in my games. His sword already cost 18,000 Gurpsbux though; nearly six times as much as the next most expensive entire kit in the arena by itself. And I havn't enchanted it yet. And that armor is going to be...wild.
I figure the mask is just a device that grants lifting strength; easy enough.
File: 1637563781215.jpg (1.02 MB, 800x1200)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
Sounds like we need someone to """DM""" some pathfinder fights

How many points is he? A 100 point character going into two 100 point orcs doesn't sound that great

idk it was just an idea. We've still got that anon's elf bow waifu to do.

Husbando's are fine too
>How many points is he?
110, but I reiterate the points don't matter. I built him to MAYBE be a match for one of them, but even though he has a small points edge he'd probably get rocked because he doesn't use weapons. Unless he got ahold of them, then I dunno, his combined grapple score is pretty big, and I suspect he could do his thing. Game's like that.

Yeah, I'd like if someone could do some fights in other systems, but that's alright. Bit at a time.

Giant Dad is taking me awhile because I've called up both my GURPS and Dark Souls experts for opinions, and now we're roundtabling mechanics, as one does.
Decided to model lightning enchantment as "1d surge arc linked w/stun, 3 turn cooldown." added 10k to cost of sword.
His armor weighs 82 lbs and costs 25k, but provides DR of 12 almost everywhere. The mask is DR 14, can't be bypassed by evil, and emits light for no reason.
This guy's not going to be remotely balanced, but this is fine.
File: 1637381024212.jpg (50 KB, 530x740)
50 KB
Need a fight in the thread. Its only got the 5e stomp and links to the last thread
I'm thinking waifu's from last thread will fight giant dad when he's done. Unless you wanna see if one of 'em can take this orc.
Anna probably would have a chance I guess. Got the Judo. Giant dad would just crush both of them
File: Spoiler Image (436 KB, 1868x817)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
Got my waifu ready for any challenges.
File: 1637707558532.jpg (109 KB, 544x771)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Based. Giant Dad lets goooo
I'm thoroughly impressed, but even if we took away his armor and gun, he'd still just whip that knife through every other fighter so far presented. Also if it's not pasta, fix his weight yo.
Map unnecessary.
Turn 1
Brother Hadriel goes first and Judo feints with his offhand. Success by 7. Giant Dad succeeds by 3 and takes -4 to his defense. The space marine brings his knife in with his other hand in an AoA throat cut. Giant dad retreats at a net -1 dodge and fails.
His neck DR is 10, down to 5 from the (2). He takes 46 injury, but passes his knockdowns and unonsciousness.
Giant dad is immune to shock and swings back at his full SL. Brother Hadriel elects not to block. The blow connects and does nothing. 3 surge damage goes through the (arguably) metal armor, is absorbed by the space marines innate chest DR, and does nothing.
Turn 2
Brother Hadriel drops his knife in contempt and AoA deceptive grabs for the skull. Giant dad literally cannot parry, the unarmed weapon weight of this dude is too high. He tries to retreat again at net +2. He fails. His skull is grabbed in both hands.
Brother Hadriel performs an immediate head crush maneuver at -3. His net grappling modifier is 53-7. He succeeds by 37. Giant Dad resists with an MoS of 14. He takes 23 crushing damage to the skull. 10 is eaten by his armor and skull thickness. The remaining 13 is multiplied by 4 and he takes 52 traumatic brain injury and dies instantly as his head is crushed to a pulp.

Don't get into fights with space marines.
File: 1637789539950.jpg (67 KB, 268x262)
67 KB
kek that's hilarious

>A Space Marine's power armour is made of thick plates of hardened ceramite, making it incredibly resilient to damage.
lmao even that shock dmg does shit
File: gMlzKCL.jpg (122 KB, 750x920)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
How to say that I am an incel without saying the word incel. Also
Get fucked loser.
Because I think threads where people post pictures of women and gush over them without talking about games are stupid? Correct then.
>Oh no GURPS!
So do your own thing fag. Noncontirbuting whiners; forever noncontributing. Tale as old as time.
Yeah that's how it tends to go. GURPS doesn't handle armor...great? The aforementioned St12 sneaky-stabby PC can actually get through the chinks in his neck armor with her rondel, but not with enough damage left to hurt him. Armor divisors are a pretty shit system, but so is flat DR when it has to scale from sticks and stones up to plasma HEAT minimissiles.
Bolters are only (2) here and if space marines can hurt each other with them ever, then their armor can't really be hardened. Which means bog-standard modern day 40mm HEDP would just blow right through it like it wasn't there. But I'd have to see what modifiers Anon put on their armor, that sheet doesn't actually say.
I think armor works well enough when you think about it as a "realistic" armor vs something that makes for a fair fight. Power armor imo should be immune to a normal human with a tl4 dagger.

There are no other modifiers on the marines armor, so a lot of modern day light anti-vehicle weapons will murder a marine. I figure it's close to being lore accurate. As much as you can be in a universe as schizophrenic as 40k.
File: file.png (974 KB, 850x887)
974 KB
974 KB PNG
I think you took me the wrong way around, sorry. My complaint wasn't that she couldn't hurt him, that would be realistic, I agree completely.
My complaint was that she actually can ram that thing through his neck armor. Chinks drop it to 25, (3) knife drops it to 8, plus his 1 non-torso innate DR, 1d6+6 damage TA'd to neck arteries still hurts him on a better-than-average roll. Not a LOT, but that some TL3^ wolfgirl with a metal spike can shove it through TL10 51 nominal DR power armor and draw blood at all is eyebrow raising. Even if she would have to do it like 30 times to down him.

I think we're on the same page. I too play GURPS for the realism-ish autism, I just feel like how it handles damage and armor, especially as TL's rise, is...really sketchy, and more based on vague mathematical assertions by the author than anything like realism. You should see the shitfit High Tech gives my resident /k/ommandos.
File: file.png (631 KB, 3348x2200)
631 KB
631 KB PNG
Five hours later, I got back to what I was doing.
He could have more stuff but doesn't...need it, almost? I could round him out or make him more of a character, but it's hard to derive anything but a meme from a meme, I guess. If I was going to leave him an NPC, this is where I'd stop.
Except I might give him quickdraw (Speaking Stones)
File: 1606348435186.jpg (927 KB, 1720x2323)
927 KB
927 KB JPG
File: file.png (700 KB, 1477x511)
700 KB
700 KB PNG
Right, let's kick this shit.
Turn 1
Anna and Marcia close in.
Giant Dad rummages in his pockets
Turn 2
More closing. Giant dad drops his "Hello!" rock and bows.
Turn 3.
Giant Dad steps to his left and takes a false-start swing at Anna (Deceptive -1) He misses and she expends her retreat.
She steps back in and makes a feint thrust. It's ineffective.
Marcia gets here.
Go waifus go!
File: file.png (404 KB, 844x679)
404 KB
404 KB PNG
>Turn 4
Giant dad closes and makes an exaggerated overhand swing for Anna's head, but misses. She expends her parry on it.
Anna steps SW and tries to catch his leg with her parry hook (Armed grapple, telegraphed.) He dodges back and away.
Marcia runs full fucking tilt into him with her shield. Giant Dad's weapon is massive enough for him to parry this, but he fails the roll and is struck. The blow however fails to knock him over.
Giant Dad takes 7 crushing damage to the torso, but has DR 12. Since this is more than half his DR of force, we apply 1 blunt trauma, per house rules.
File: file.png (570 KB, 1090x656)
570 KB
570 KB PNG
>Turn 5
Giant dad steps back and makes a deceptive swing. Marcia blocks it anyway.
Anna steps Sw and tries to beat his blade out of the way. She succeeds by two points opening the way for Marcia, but steel finally catches steel and the enchantment discharges down Anna's arm. Her gloves insulate some of it, but she takes two points of burning damage, saves against convulsion, and goes to -4 shock as burning counts double. Enchantment goes on 3-turn Cooldown.
Marcia steps in and tries to pin his arm to the wall with her shield. Despite the -5 from the beat and his committed attack, the madlad fends her off.
File: 1637514654525.jpg (305 KB, 1920x2728)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
They really needed some enchanted weapons for this
Initiate Phase One
Power up the bass cannon
File: file.png (647 KB, 1029x710)
647 KB
647 KB PNG
>Turn 6
Giant dad AoD Parries, transfers to defensive grip, and slipes southward.
Anna steps back and AoD Dodges while she gets over her shock
Marcia tries to feint him with her shield, to no effect.
Turn 7
Giant dad steps away from the wall and exposes his back. He drops his defensive grip and swings at Anna. She fails her parry badly. She takes 10 injury to the groin and collapses unconscious.
Marcia takes the opening to try to run around behind and grab him. He tries to trip her with a judo parry but fails. She drops her shield and attempts to AoA him by catching her sword around her neck and squeezing backwards. Unfortunately he dodges forward before she can get in place.
Turn 8
Giant Dad rotates around and catches Marcia in the face, knocking her aside and unconscious.
He does two backrolls away, points down, and drops an "I'm sorry" stone.

A few bad decisions were made, as I'm trying to think in terms of 'this isn't happening in sequence,' and each fighters imperfect information. Marcia's last AoA was probably suicidal, but if she could have got her sword around his neck, the leverage from behind may have offset her strength deficit and let her wedge through his coif or crush his throat.

Not unpossible. I allowed it for concept on a dark souls lightning weapon build, but surge arcing at low TL can fuck the meta. would give fighters a reason to keep another set of armor though. Even just something with a (2) armor divisor AP point would help. But a lot of it is getting through his defenses, which he kept rolling well. Even when I keep forgetting he has decent acrobatics so he can dodge roll for +2.
>but surge arcing at low TL can fuck the meta.
Well that'd be on-fucking-point for Dark Souls that's for sure.
File: 1461247655146.jpg (33 KB, 480x396)
33 KB
Just something equivalent to +1 or +2 weapons I guess. Marcia should have just being lunging at him trying to hit something and Anna could have just tried to trip him or cripple limbs with her sword
Like Marcia can't really fight the grapple orc atm because she'd need to stay on the outside stabbing at him rather than let him get close. Her strength and weight is just too low
>Marcia should just try to hit something
She can't exceed 8 damage, she needed that pin.
>Anna should try to trip him
She did. Then tried to create an opening for Marcia to maybe grab him and failed, then had to spend a turn recuperating from shock, then was unconscious.
>+1 or +2 weapons
There's not really any 'magical betterness' enchantments. It has to be something specific. I'm sure you could come up with some if you wanted, but I think they're lame.

At the end of the day it's not even really this guy's build concept that's especially the problem, just that I gave him armor fitting his game lore for laughs.I'm more interested in the "Well what happens if X fights Y?" than any notion of balance in it, myself. Hell, I'll even bring brother Hadriel back sometime. Anon deserves an award for giving me something finished to work with. Maybe he can fight a USMC rifle squad.
I've got a list of D&D monster conversions http://gurpswiki.wikidot.com/dnd:monsters
There's a whole website dedicated to animals; complete with procedural adjustments for weight if you want it: http://panoptesv.com/RPGs/animalia/animalia.html
And you can grab the character sheet program here: https://gurpscharactersheet.com/ and try making stuff yourself, since you've been watching this whole time. I'm sure you're picking it up a little, yeah? I'll take whatever suggestions and such from those you guys want.

You might be surprised. Hell, I'll even run that one before bed. Why not.
Wouldn't Giant Dad be dead turn one from a decapitation?
File: 1637444837905.jpg (383 KB, 1920x2581)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
>and try making stuff yourself, since you've been watching this whole time. I'm sure you're picking it up a little, yeah?
Yeah I mean maybe a little. Can't really think of too much that I want to see right this second though. That anon who posted his elf waifu probably deserves a shake.

idk I think Marcia's strength is too low to fend him off. Would be cool if they were getting exp/items from their fights imo
Hopefully I can build some waifus in GURPS over ther weekend, this is a cool idea.
File: file.png (427 KB, 922x627)
427 KB
427 KB PNG
>Turn 1.
Marcia starts forward. Grishnak hams it up for the audience.
>Turn 2
Both fighters close.
>Turn 3
Marcia steps forward and waits on a stop thrust. Grishnak steps forward and AoD Parries.
Turn 3 ends in an expected but uninteresting state of affairs.

At the time I ran that, before I fussed over his sheet and decided it was too much, he had 30 base HP, so not in that case. If he had the 20hp he has now, you would be correct.
Elf Waifu
The spear one? Yeah I wanna do her next. I think I have some interesting mechanical ideas to slap on her. She's already bookmarked with art in the character sheet folder.
>XP and stuff
They do. Marcia's at 104 and Anna's at 107 now.
Items I'll worry about later. Anna is owed leg armor. Marcia could use a sword that isn't cheap trash.
Do it to it.
If I'm not around, other people can run as well. I know I've invited people to run other games, but if some anon just wants to do a second string of GURPS, go for it.
File: 1637449262154.jpg (620 KB, 1280x1920)
620 KB
620 KB JPG
I was talking about this post >>82303056

A spear or Pole arm waifu is logical though.

Yeah I like the idea of them getting stronger and getting better gear over time
>Turn 4
Marcia holds her stop thrust position.
Grishnak tries to psych her out with some big-man theatrics but she scoffs at him. (A restling based ruse was attempted and failed)
>Turn 5
Marcia holds her stop thrust position.
Grishnak is tired of this shit, roars, and comes at her. He DWA's a defensive feint and a grab for her weapon hand.
Marcia's stop-hit triggers, and she lunges. Grishnak crits the defense and bounces the thrust off his armor, Marcia interposes her shield to block his grab. They end in the same hex.
(Picture so far skipped for lack of interesting movement development)
>Turn 6
Marcia steps away and swings from the SW. Grishnak defends by performing an acrobatic dodge into her hex.
He tries his one-two again, feinting and grabbing for her arm, but it doesn't go over.
>Turn 7
Marcia backpedals and slashes, catching him in the leg, but he still slips forward with her.
Grishnak's high pain threshold means despite the man-crippling wound, the huge orc doesn't really care. He tries to grab anywhere he can with each hand separately, but she deflects both. Her parry of his left arm does damage, but not enough to penetrate his big defensive gloves and vambraces.
>Turn 8
Marcia steps back, feints with her shield then whips her blade at his face.
Grishnak dodges it and follows.
He commits a feint into a right hook at her face. The feint is spectacular but his attack misses barely.
>Turn 9
Marcia uses a deceptive blow followed by a shield bash. Grishnak dodges the bash, but her sword takes him across the chest.
Grishnak bellows and instead of feinting just fucking grabs her sword and shield and pushes them out of the way as a beat. I assign her cutting damage to his left hand because this is insane, but his heavy gauntler holds regardless.
(Cont for length)
>Incel is now a buzzword
Holy shit you are a faggot also
>Jumping into an art thread and bitching about the art.
You are as stupid as the system you run.
File: 1637707803633.jpg (75 KB, 573x900)
75 KB
F Marcia

Goblin Slayer deleted scenes follow
>Turn 10
Marcia steps back and sets up to dodge. Grishnak follows.
He makes grabs for both arms in an AoA again, but Marcia backpedals away from both.
>turn 11
She's got it now, the dumbass AoA'd
Marcia Swings both her sword and shield right at his face.
Marcia rolls minimum damage on her shield and tickles his jaw, and then critfails and DROPS HER FUCKING SWORD like a retard.
Grishnak steps up, shoves her shield, and grabs her around the torso with his other arm.
>Turn 12
Marcia tries toe scape the hold but can't
Grishnak restrains her dodge with his left hand and tries to punch her in the face. Marcia critsucceeds her resist, gets her dodge, but fails. Grishnak critfails the blow and loses his balance. -2 to everything until his next turn
>Turn 13
Marcia fails to escape.
Grishnak tries to grab her other arm, but she's small and flailing and he doesn't. He opts to try to squeeze her torso to make her shut up, but with two few hands nothing comes of it through her armor.
>Turn 14
Marcia still can't wriggle out of this.
Grishnak AoA's to grab her arm. He tries to coral her with his grip, fails, but her dodge whiffs anyway and he gets ahold. He takes an immediate action to wrench.
Marcia takes 6 crushing damage as he twists it, now free of the -3 for grappling two handed.
>Turn 15
Marcia AoA's to escape. Grishnak is at -4 for his own last turn and she *actually squirrels away from him* I will be damned.
She AoA'd though, so grishnak one-two's her in the face for obscene barbarian punching damage. Marcia is thrown backwards, off her feet and stunned.
Rough. Poor Marcia
File: 1600381512026.jpg (369 KB, 1690x2048)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
>Turn 16
She isn't out but she doesn't recover from stun
Grishnak AoA's forward onto his knees, grabs her arm in both hands and fucking goes to town to earn his namesake, basically wrenching her right arm the fuck off.
He gets the whistle and makes his bloodlust roll to give it up. Standing up to bellow and pose for a disdainful audience while Marcia fails her death check by 2, enough to survive with a mortal wound and be dragged off for immediate attention.

Marcia will be awarded 4xp once she's stable. Grishnak receives 2. Marcia will probbly get a new sword and, at this rate, a prosthetic swordarm. Grishnak declines any prize because he is Strong™
Grishnak's wounds need bandaging but won't slow him down much, despite the one she gave him across the chest being the sort that puts regular dudes on the ground.

Yeah tell me about it. I've had that happen to me in real games and it fucking blows when your weapon's just gone. She put up a damned fine show though. Guy only had 5 HP left before his conc check. Anna might have faired a little better against him...maaaybe. She has less reliable defenses, but she does have reach 2 and some big fucking damage.

>Jumping into an art thread and bitching about the art.
Wrong, retard. I posted like a fifth of the art of chicks with swords in both of these threads. My only problem was that we didn't need a third art thread on the board at once with nothing to do with games. So I made it about games. And people other than your sorry ass are enjoying both games AND art of hot babes with weapons. If you can't do both, why are you even here?
File: 1637708175313.jpg (592 KB, 816x1200)
592 KB
592 KB JPG
Anna's got judo too. Most of that raptor fight was grappling. idk Marcia needs to spend her points on strength or fencing really. Jab jab at bigger foes. Sword and board kind of needs you to be a bit of a unit rather than a 5'2 50kg little girl
File: Tav-Ref.png (367 KB, 540x672)
367 KB
367 KB PNG
Reasonable. Marcia's wrestling skill is actually excellent, but her strength isn't up to snuff, no. Though for the record, she's strength 11 which is on the middle-upper range for an average man in a realistic setting. It's just totally not going to fly in a grapple against a 7'4 screaming fucking orc. And Grishnak's not even super strong for an orc, he just ran out of points. Their respective grapple checks are 26 and 33, so they actually get close in certain situations, like if the big guy AoA's a maneuver.
Despite the Judo, Anna's grapple score is also 26. She's 1pt stronger but 1pt less raw skilled. Judo instead of wrestling makes most takedowns and throws much easier though.
Regardless, strength training is never a bad use of points.

A few other idle notes: I avoid having any fighters target vitals against each other most of the time. Even if it doesn't kill them, recovery is unlikely and it makes for generally worse fights. Animal and monster squads are fair game though. Also as a general house rule, you can't target the eyes. The game just breaks. You can do it if the enemy is pinned to the ground, and you don't get the penalty-halving for a grapple in that case. Unless you've pinned their head specifically, maybe.

Right, it's 5am here. I should get some sleep for once. We'll see how thread lasts. I may skip this week's Friday due to the holiday and set up more for next week instead. We'll see. Let's see if there's any replies we missed first.

Lmao. But yeah, this is one reason I downplay enchanted weapons and flashy combat magic a little bit. It can get too wild too fast.
Oh yeah, I seem to have her in the bin too. An archer could be cool, but depending on how cinematic you build them, not super fair in a 1v1. Between house rules, cinematic advantages, and armor-piercing arrows, god knows the foxboy in my current game would just machinegun most of the 100pt combatants seen so far.

Think that covers it. 'night all.
File: 1637710270769.jpg (332 KB, 1448x2048)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
Night op.

Marcia just seems to get pushed around far too much I guess.
File: 1637649889156.jpg (826 KB, 2318x2667)
826 KB
826 KB JPG
Bump before bed
File: G_DAD.png (1.31 MB, 1200x1200)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
is there a way for me to give you his file? I want to add a portrait to it (picrel)
>I statted some random's waifu and had my toys kill them in my game of pretend I played with myself.

I sincerely hope you don't earnestly feel like you accomplished or won anything in this story, OP.
he's already made more characters and made them fight each other in deathmatches in this thread, so your complaints are in the past
moreover, the dinosaurs weren't his idea anyways
What edition of GURPS is this? You using some additional handbook or core stuff?
>three critical results in two turns
Where can I get the template for these tokens? I'm thinking of running GURPS some time and these would help heaps for facing.
Unironically one of the best threads on /tg/. It's actually entirely /tg/ related. Bitches for Thulsa Doom, fighting for Thulsa Doom's amusement. If you don't know who Thulsa Doom is you're a newfag and I have nothing to say to you.
File: merric_rika_suzuki.gif (135 KB, 404x559)
135 KB
135 KB GIF
I've accomplished entertaining other anons, which is all I set out to do, and more than you probably will. There is no other goal or ulterior motive here, except wanting to do more /tg/ shit on /tg/.
This is 4e. At some point I'll write a full guide to what I'm using, but it's mostly just basic set, martial arts, the grappling rules from Py-34,and a few houserules. The armor is (usually) made with http://noschoolgrognard.blogspot.com/p/better-fantasy-armor.html, and I generally use low-tech for the weapons.
Right? And you hear people constantly whine that "Bellcurve dice are for pussies" and "Critical results never happen in GURPS." It's still about 5% that any roll is a critical, one way or the other.
Right here friend.
Glad you think so. And pretty much exactly my thought, yeah. I love me some bitches, but let's play some damned games.
Not sure I follow? You just want to volunteer that token for his blank portrait? I can do that.
Or did you mean you wanted his file to do it? Everything relevant to the GURPS combats so far is in the dropbox in the op.

I'll maybe spitball a thing or two today, but it's a holiday in burgerland, so I'm going to attend to that.
He said best board not diaper fire
File: 1637822212690.jpg (70 KB, 566x680)
70 KB
Yeah hope you enjoy thanksgiving man.
File: 1637787958910.jpg (157 KB, 1024x1701)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Would quite like to see Anna vs the Orc desu. Bet she fucks him up as long as she can half sword and use the pommel/crossguard
Needs a rondel or something too actually. Marcia might have done better if she'd had a dagger
File: file.png (1.86 MB, 1600x900)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB PNG
They both really need to spend a few points for the armed grappling technique.
The game bottoms out on autism a bit before that, but yes, Anna can halfsword for defensive benefits and a bonus to target armor chinks, but dudeman has none.

Burgergathering was brief this year, so sure. Our Thanksgiving throwdown can be Anna vs Grishnak Arm-Taker.
Give me a moment to allocate their reward XP first. And clarify some mechanics with the judges.
Even if Anna has received her new greaves, she won't be wearing them. The extra weight won't get her anything against a wrestler/boxer except making her dodge and speed worse.
File: Landshnekt roomate.png (4.21 MB, 1200x5754)
4.21 MB
4.21 MB PNG
Happy thanksgiving man.

Did Anna end up getting a masterwork sword or whatever from her last fight? Needs something that doesn't just bounce of armour.

What do you recommend spending her points on? Getting something like riposte would make her go a lot further I think
Anna already owned a Fine Greatsword. Giant Dad was probably a very poor showing because his armor was unrealistic. Anna already swings that thing hard enough to dent normal platemail for 4-5 damage on average, and there's some possibility she could actually cleave through it on a good roll. Light plate like Marcia's would barely slow it down.
My intent was to spend her two points on cancelling the penalty to hook a limb with her weapon.
A Riposte is not an improvable technique, but it is something she can do. Basically, you just take a negative up to -4 on your defense, and then apply it to any defense the enemy uses that weapon for next turn, and half it to all his other defenses. The problem is that unless you can keep your defenses above 12-ish even after the penalty, this is somewhere between dicey and suicide.
File: 1637788069601.jpg (284 KB, 1375x1500)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
Yeah honestly going for limb dmg with the greatsword seems like a winner. And no she needs something like the bonus action she got when she was a battle master. The ability to cut someone in half if they miss an attack on you is actually quite fun imo
File: file.png (2.36 MB, 1280x1532)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB PNG
There's some things that can represent it a little, but GURPS turns are already single seconds and it's VERY stingy with 'bonus actions' because they're absolutely broken.
She can take a -5 to impose a -2 defense as an immediate counterattack, and she can buy that up to...to +0? Are you fucking me martial arts? I can buy up a technique to just impose -2 parry against anything I parried for fucking free?

Anyway, one of my players would like to control a side so that there's more sense of actual competition and so I "Stop AoAing like a retard," end quote. We're having a mild kerfuffle over "He could maybe just try to grab her sword, take the damage because he's insane, and yank it out of her hands," which looks like it's going to involve "rewriting the rules for catching a sword because they don't work with the options we're using for grappling and are dumb in general."

Apologies for the delay while the judges squabble.
File: 1637615109547.png (1.59 MB, 1000x1506)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB PNG
Sounds pretty broken. She definitely needs a dagger.

We super need someone to do the same thing for Pathfinder but there's no Pathfinder threads that I can try to recruit from atm. I'm sure you're aware of the overwhelming amount of autisim needed to actually understand systems well enough to run them. I'd be hard pressed just to make character sheets that hold up. Let alone have no idea how progression in GURPss works. I've got a super fucky build from Pathfinder that I don't even really know how it works really but it would one shot everything up to probably Brother Hadriel so far

I have to go for an hour pretty soon but I'll be be back
File: file.png (1.23 MB, 1477x782)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
Dagger for what? Her sword is two-handed. She carries one all the time and can quick-draw it if something happens to her sword, but she can't really dual-wield with that thing. It's mostly for backup and if she needs to let go of the sword in a grapple.

And yeah, that'd be fun. Personally, I'd really like to see some fights in some true 'tism shit like Riddle of Steel. But I don't have the experience to remotely do it justice. I may make Weeb-mode Anna in Kamigakari at some point for laughs. I'm enjoying making a character across several systems for comparison.

GURPS progressions is just, get points, spend points, talk with the GM about what's a reasonable use of those points. In some campaigns, you're stuck with mundane skills and advantages or maybe cinematic stuff like weapon master and zany martial arts techniques. In others, you get stuff like one of my PC's who can do Hounds of Tinadalos warps-to-corners. It kinda just depends what lines we want to draw and where.

Just about set up here.
File: Hestia.jpg (835 KB, 2560x1440)
835 KB
835 KB JPG
>It's mostly for backup and if she needs to let go of the sword in a grapple.
Its literally for this

Here's the character sheet from Kingmaker. Its super hard to decipher but she's a meme build who basically uses her magic sword skills to crit for 100 dmg 5 times in a row until her magic wears out
>Turn 1
Anna advances forward 4.
Grishnak steps forward and hams it up for the crowd.
>Turn 2
Anna continues her advance.
Grishnak finishes his intro routine.
>Turn 3
Anna transitions to a defensive grip and evaluates her opponent.
Grishnak advances to range 4
>Turn 4
Anna steps back and evaluates again.
Grishnak AoD Dodges nearer.
>Turn 5
Anna feints at him and steps back, but Grishnak criticals his response and charges through, AoD Dodging again.
>turn 6
Another failed feint.
Grishnak closes right into her hex with an AoD Dodge.
Apologies for no pictures, but movements are pretty simple in a duel, so they seem like a waste when I could be posting more.
>Turn 7
Defensive feint from Anna fails
Grishnak closes, feints, but misses his blow to her head as she retreats.
>turn 8
Anna swings and missies
Grishnak closes again and makes a grab for her weapon arm with both hands. She parries the grab and slices his arm badly. Grishnak cares little for pain though.
>turn 9
Anna changes to halfsword and readies to stop hit.
Grishnak fails his overconfidence check and tries to barrel through in a DWA
The stop hit goes off. Anna criticals and rolls maximum possible damage. Grishnak takes her sword through the torso, and she draws it out to parry his blow. It skips off his vambrace and cuts his arm again for another 6 injury.
His massive pain tolerance allows him to remain standing.
>Turn 10
Anna Swings and is dodged
Grishnak swings wildly and is parried again, taking more damage to his arms.
>Turn 11
Anna catches Grishnaks arm with her blade in an armed grapple.
Grishnak tries to escape this, not wanting to get HIS arm taken. That's now how this works.
He escapes, but the exertion causes him to finally collapse from his wounds.

Good show. We're kind of joking that having separate players may be slightly unfair, as one of us is just a better player than the other.

Both fighters are granted 2xp.
I know next to nothing about GURPS, and so I'd like to ask why the game breaks when somebody goes for the eyes, and why going for vitals makes for worse fights. Wouldn't wounding either target be really good for an attacker?

The issue mainly comes down to the fact that the eyes are too easy a target at -9, while armor chinks are -10 anywhere but the torso. As primitive helmets can't fully enclose the eyes (a shot to the visor becomes -10, the same difficulty as slipping a blade into someone's armpit in plate) you get shit like fencers poking people's eyes out from 2 yards away with rapiers and dealing more damage than that example (halfsword thrust of a blade through a gap in the armor)

It's just mildly retarded.
So the eyes thing just makes RAW AoA's instant suicide. If you AoA you can't defend. If your armor is really good, you can accept a hit and some injury, so this is a choice. Now add in telegraphic attacks, which allow you to take +4 for letting the enemy defend at -2.
So say you're a guy in superheavy plate armor. You trust your armor, AoA, and miss.
RAW, the enemy AOA Telepgraphs, negating all but -1 penalty to hit the eyes, hits with near certainty, the eyes can't be armored at TL's that don't have ballistic glass, so you take the entire thing as direct brain damage, check knockdown at an obscene penalty, and then if you don't die, you die anyway because there are no brain surgeons at TL3.
This is also an argument you see a lot on the forums. "My players all made Rapier-26 fencers and just stab everything in the eye and kill it, what the fuck?"

Vitals likewise. They can end fights too quickly and, if I'm actually making death checks and recovery for these characters, internal blooding can't be stopped without surgeons who don't exist at TL 3-4, so you die. They can though be somewhat neccesarry for balance depending, as the rules largely just shit all over thrusting weapons.

The RAW rules for magical healing eliminate some of this because they instantly stop all bleeding with even a single point of recovery. But we don't use that because they're too easy.

And the armor gap thing, yeah. >>82324026 covered that fairly well, I almost forgot.
So yeah, vitals are fine and good, I just choose to not usually do them against other stable gladiators here because killing them outright on purpose is a faux pas. And eyes just, make certain parts of the game stop working right.

A lot ofthese descriptions are bad and miss details, like that Turn 10 actually being more "Anna sidesteps away and tries to take Grishnak's leg the fuck off with a swing." I have been chastized and will pay more attention.
Meanwhile the vitals is -3, while the neck arteries are -8, and the former is x3 damage multiplier and the latter is x2.5 damage multiplier. The other optional locations aren't any better.

Vitals as a hit location doesn't even refer to any specific area, it's just an apology for thrusting damage being bad and a way for guns to murder people even worse than they already do.

Fucking 5.56 NATO being 5d damage is absurd when an ogre who can trivially lift 115lbs with one hand in one second has trouble dealing the same damage with a swung greatclub.

So much for autistic realism angle then. Incidentally, are spears as good as rapiers at eye-gouging?
File: 1637378495417.jpg (1.5 MB, 3049x3811)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB JPG
Wow. I thought for sure that Anna was fucked when he dodged close. Grishnak's super hard to put away though seems like he won't go down without getting decapitated basically

Greatsword Girl is still best girl
File: Fantasy Craft.png (1.22 MB, 705x912)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
I got a build for the greatsword girl in FantasyCraft if anyone's interested. I can probably run some stuff in a while although I can't promise it will be as good as OP.
File: Alta-Nobleza-Acrotiria.jpg (236 KB, 1048x1500)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
So, what is the criteria between "get to join in" and "get ignored"?
File: 1637588511202.jpg (429 KB, 1800x2600)
429 KB
429 KB JPG
Yeah I'm keen. Post character sheet

Going to keep her as Anna?

Literally just hit OP up with ideas.

You might want to think about putting a tag on man.
He's tough as hell and feels no pain, yeah. If that first headpunch connected that may have been it.
I don't play at a TL where rapiers are real so I don't remember their rules. "Almost but not quite," iirc. I think they just get a precision bonus against armor chinks or something?
Do it to it dude, it doesn't have to be good, it just has to be fun.
The priority order is pretty much this:
If you post a finished character, even if it's out of scope and broken like the space marine, I *will* run at least one fight with it for your effort. If it's actually within scope for the events, ie; roughly the right points value, I will put it in the recurring fighters.
If you post a character that really enthuses me like giant dad, I'll strongly consider it.
If you post a character with an archetype or a concept I haven't seen yet, I'll put it on the list.
If you post a statted, out of scope character from another game entirely like "Make my level 15 3.PF Paladin" above, I'll...note it, but that's a lot of fucking effort. If I have to go look up a bunch of abilities in a game I don't know to do it right, the likelihood of my getting around to it drops like a rock.
If you post a picture that's an archetype functionally identical to a character that already exists and ask for it, I will probably ignore you just because I only have so much time in the day and don't want to make " a thing we've seen but very slightly different," unless you can sell me on how it's actually not.
If you post a picture and don't actually say anything about wanting it made, I'm going to throw it in my character art folder and move on.
I won't lie that there are some vagaries of personal bias but they mostly fall within the realm of "How much effort is this going to be and is the end product going to be something new or something we already have?"
I hate namefagging, but if people start really getting confused, I'll relent.
>I don't play at a TL where rapiers are real so I don't remember their rules. "Almost but not quite," iirc. I think they just get a precision bonus against armor chinks or something?
A few specific weapons like the Estoc ignore -2 in penalties to targeting chinks in armors, but by and large both are equally viable at stabbing an eye.
OK, does anyone know enough about the cruft on Sergal lore to stat one of their warriors?

All I know is that they're a furry velociraptor with ceramic armour and the emotional development of a 14 year old.
And apparently they're not all baby-eating edgelord rapists, General Rain Silves has just given the species a bad reputation.
I don't know shit about servals but I have the literal book on statting furries. If you can explain what I need to know about their combat capabilities, (size, core stats, etc) that are different from humans, I'll huck it on the 100pt to-do list.
I'm sure they have extraneous lifecycle details, but we'll not worry too much about that for arena fights unless they're relevant somehow.

Speaking of I should note that things currently on the to-do list are:
Magical Speargirl
!Elf from goblin slayer.
Things I've noted as requested but don't have the energy to approach right now:
That Pathfinder Paladin
This guy's >>82311240 character.
I'll probably need more details about those. The second one I can work with, I think.
If I've totally missed your request, just mention it, and I'll answer clearly on whether I intend to actually do it or not and why. There's a strong possibility I just forgot though.

As a note on requests; I'm not up on Lairs and Reptiles enough for "Race classX/ClassY" to mean much of anything to me just as a general FYI. Tell me about their gear and a few key abilities, and stats where important. If they're going in the 100pt bracket most magic gear or magic in general is probably out, but there could be exceptions.
File: 1614678541602.webm (729 KB, 1280x720)
729 KB
Yeah lets see the magical spear girl.

How long until Anna can up her Greatsword skills so she can do HEMA style shit?
Her skill's sufficient, it's just hard to quantify some of the sort of thing.
If I had to guess, I'd say she could DWA Sword/Judo? Then that sequence would be something like
>Sword Feint
>Judo grab torso
>Immediate takedown
But you'd technically need that hand free already according to GURPS? But there's arguments to be made, or doing a leg-hook sweep afterthe sword feint.
A lot of this stuff is less "She needs better numbers," and more "I'm a fag who needs to play better."
File: 1614608829713.webm (2.41 MB, 720x405)
2.41 MB
2.41 MB WEBM
idk its not like anyone really knows true sword martial arts these days besides some Eastern Euros. Kingdom Come Deliverance is the only really ubiquitous example of it these days
File: Greatsword Grill.png (194 KB, 1524x1078)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
Alright sorry about that I had to do some stuff.
Alright this is the greatsword girl's sheet I mostly tried to model her from the GURPS sheet as well as I could.
Sorry if it's a little hard to read FantasyCraft doesn't really have a great online readable character builder.
What 'level' is she? Her name's Anna btw
I read from the earlier threads that level 3 is roughly analogous to the 100 pts of GURPS so that's what I went with.
Chuck her against some Goblins and an Orc?
File: Battle1.png (904 KB, 1543x941)
904 KB
904 KB PNG
Alright the battle begins with two goblins and an orc vs Anna.
Initiatives are
22 for Orc
18 for Anna
15 for the 2 gobbos.
and we'll start from here.
Based. Go Anna
>that single path
Depending on how movement works she could Stamford bridge this.
Nah, check initiative, she goes after the orc. He's gonna be across the bridge before she can block it.
She's so fucked
That's why I said depending on how movement works, could be D&D analogue could be something else. The character sheet blinds me lmao.
idk man she's pretty lucky if she's played well. Out-grappled raptors and a orc
File: 1636123303341.gif (304 KB, 500x500)
304 KB
304 KB GIF
>she doesn't have the pauldrons on yet
>Any conversion from PF to GURPS would be fuckin' rough. But I could, I guess, start doing 200+ point characters? A fifth level paladin has a lot of stuff that'd be autistic to model and fairly expensive. I might be able to swinger her closer to 200-250pts

said it before i'll say it again
this is why gurps is fucking shit
you guys constantly weigh your points the same no matter what. every ability costs the same amount and there's no reward or boost for spreading your points thinly. This results in a situation where its always more optimal to buy the more and more broken 200+400+600+ abilities for every tier up you get while you ignore all of the littler things. It results in a really fucking gay game where you are playing even more rocket tag than 3.x.

At least with a competant healer a fight will usually last 4-7 rounds in PF, with 15+ for competently ie none in paizo's written material designed boss encounters
I wouldn't mind doing it, but I would probably only do fights with a party and your premades.
this sergal is actually really nice and could pass for a gnoll.
Based dubs and thread OPnigga.
because all of us are unrepentant weeaboos except the 40kids but we want to play and use character art that blends in to the game's source material better than anime screenshots. As a result most of the art threads on /tg/ are from the asian artists that know how to weave the best of 2d weeaboo shit with the cream of the crop of 70s 80s and 90s fantasy art. Not to say that erra didn't have its own legion of insufferable garbage, but thankfully it sank to the bottom like image comics.
File: 1637698157593.jpg (54 KB, 673x1015)
54 KB
Sounds good. idk its kind of arena based death matches idk how you can wrangle that? I've posted a couple of builds from Kingmaker up the thread other than that idk if you could convert Anna and Marcia to Pathfinder?

We probably need updated character sheets for them at this point though
just get me their character sheets or combine them with other people and I'll post a match for em.

I have plenty of my own PC's to throw in but I'm not going to enforce build rules, or anything, whatever your dm allows is fine with me. I'll be taking the death match arena aspect by throwing fights that will be beyond what most people are used to seeing in paizo's gay adventure path.
File: 1637568946813.jpg (53 KB, 564x1536)
53 KB
There are their 100 pint builds. They've had a few fights though so they have things like armed grappling now

>>82302611 Anna
>>82307955 Marcia
File: 1637496061723.jpg (57 KB, 429x530)
57 KB
Whats happening FantasyCraft DM? (AM? Arena master?)
I guess? That's not been my experience playing the game, but it does demonstrate that placing limits on building characters and just having players who aren't fags is important.
But you're right, there's a lot of the community that don't like, follow point-buckets or scaling or any other advice. Even one of the authors has a fantasy game where he considers a cleric with mace 24 to be 'merely competent,' despite the core book saying this roughly 'the single greatest peerless weaponmaster to have ever lived on earth.' Fuck Doug Cole.
>200,400,600+ abilities
Eh? Are you trying to play fantasy to 3,000 points or something? Of course the game's going to break.
>Ignore all the little things
Shit players are shit players, bro.

All I'm really getting is "GURPS is bad because it lets me play it badly." which...I guess from a certain perspective, that's fair. At least the combat is actually fun instead of watching numbers go up and down until the cleric runs out of spells.
>Fight will usually last 4-7 rounds
I mean, most of the 1v1 duels here against similar characters have lasted longer. Is your complaint that a fight in GURPS *can* last two rounds when I have a space marine smash some schmuck with a sword? Or that they last too long? I ain't following.

Thanks friend, I try.

>Updated character sheets
To base 3.PF builds on? Nothing that's changed has had any effect on anything at the resolution scale of D&D
They're in the dropbox in the OP and GCS is a free program, if you want to look at them before any major changes, but I'm not going to burn image limit on sheets where all that's actually changed is "two points were added to armed grapple," and "XP was banked for later decision."
Nah, man is saying he won't make the 3.pf sheets himself. Open up the SRD and do a thing.
A character sheet with anything you want them to use
Having a maptool token with macros if you have it is a bonus but not a requirement.
>there are there 100point builds
I though this was clear but I'll repost it
I will run fights as long as you guys give me their pathfinder sheets
>I don't follow
you already said earlier that things break if you start trying to compare builds above level 5, well, that's probably the issue I was running into. and why I consider it a problem. Level 6 and beyond for abilities can and does get into the 200 range easily if not more.

Most of my pathfinder boss encounters have lasted maybe 2-3 rounds given the fact I play a slayer/vanguard who does something like 1d8+32+6d6 damage per swing with a 15-20/x2 weapon and the ability to pounce, always act first and take a full round of actions during the surprise round, so I dunno man.

It's rocket tag all around.
Most pathfinder """""bosses""""" are just enemies that paizo thinks are bosses for some reason because theyre a little higher in hit dice.
thats why I said competently designed boss encounters
I wonder what the best version of these to use for a female swordwoman is. besides running away obviously

To say nothing of there being abilities higher than 100 points in the first place, and if you have enough enhancements to make something 600 points (I'm not sure this is even possible), why haven't you limited it any? IF you're gonna munchkin, at least get your effective things cheap.
File: file.png (11 KB, 360x117)
11 KB
Yeah, they're totally different games with totally different conceits about scaling and power levels. And that's fine. If you want the experience D&D gives, keep playing D&D, I won't give you any shit.
If the problem is you were told GURPS can "Do anything," and now that's not true well. The people who say that lie. My apologies on their behalf.

Also, could you maybe give an example of such abilities? I don't want to come out and say "I think this may be a system mastery problem," but, probably so? I mean, one of my PC's in my saturday game can warp to interior corners anywhere within two miles with preperation, and basically walk through walls and even use it as a dodge, and it cost her 20pts. I honestly can't imagine what the hell you spend 600 points on as a single ability.

Yeah this. The most expensive ability in the basic game is ATR and it's 100points and lets you take an entire extra turn per turn and break the entire action economy at no further cost or drawback. What the hell is possibly costing 600pts? At will lesser wish?
I like the way you try. This is the most /tg/ thread I've seen in ages. You're doing Glod's work, anon, never doubt that.
File: 20211126144432_1.jpg (734 KB, 2560x1440)
734 KB
734 KB JPG
idk man the character creation website just confused the shit out out of me. I rolled Anna up in Kingmaker?
I dont doubt I'm not "good" at gurps, but I spend probably a good 2 and a half weeks learning so I could make a 200-600 point build progression and constantly ran aground when trying to be good at multiple things in the way you can do in pathfinder or D&D. in gurps it seems to me like if you want to be good at anything you have to hyper specialize, and if youre' lucky you might be able to maybe MAybe dump some stuff into survivability.
File: 20211126144543_1.jpg (587 KB, 2560x1440)
587 KB
587 KB JPG

My berserker chimera's entire racial suite I play in a game with anon here is like 67 points and she's completely immune to pain, regenerates, has no vitals to target, can't have her limbs severed and has acid blood.

Short of shooting her with a TL8 20mm cannon, she's absurdly hard to kill. Rocket tag isn't as common as you think unless you're only playing "normal" humans and exposing them to low-fantasy magic and special weapons.
>character creation website
so you're a no games.
basically heres how you make any character.
obsidian portal. mythweavers, and other places that offer downloadable sheets, will get you a pdf you can fill out. that said, if you're just giving me a two handed fighter I can run with it, but this isn't really a sheet. I cant tell what feats you are taking, what equipment you have, etc. I'm lucky I can tell you are a human from the graphics.

have you ever filled out a tax form or signed a 1040 for a job? making a character sheet irl is no different, you just fill in the paper with the needed information and do any math that might be needed, like combining your different levels and classes
you're lucky I can recognize great cleave
looks like you also have combat reflexes and weapon focus. not sure what else.
idk I've only ever made a ranger in D&D before and the GM helped me heaps

Yeah pretty sure that's what it is
>if you want to be good at anything you have to hyper specialize,
>in a 200 to 600 build progression
What the fuck are you talking about?
It sounds like you didn't read the goddamn books. My player in a gang-campaign session I ran today, drove a stolen car (Along pretty empty streets in the early morning mind you) in spite of not having any driving skill.
IQ 12
Driving (automobile) Default: IQ -5
Easy task (+6)
= 13 Effective skill.
So driving a car without fucking up too badly, with NO SKILL just default, is possible for someone of merely above average intelligence. And you're going " if you want to be good at anything you have to hyper specialize,"
Nigga have you actually read the motherfucking books? Do you think that anyone who doesn't have Skill level 18 or better is incompetent? That's exactly the kind of retarded shit that >>82326034 was talking about.
this is a step by step guide.
here is one of my sheets on obsidian portal for example
It's not exactly simple since its level 20, but it should be easy to see where everything is supposed to go with a filled out sheet to comapre.
No doubt I am trying to afford skills too but I dont understand why you heard "pathfinder" and assumed I was trying to buy an 18 in every skill. I was trying to buy magic and special abilities, You know, like a fantasy game.

Yeah, anyone with 12 effective skill before task modifiers gets a +4 from a routine use, and essentially cannot fail at a basic use of that skill.

It's professional level. Anything more is exceptional.

Well if you're trying to buy magic that DnD characters have, I can see why. I've tried to build a few people of equivalent level, and martials come out to maybe 300pts at level 15, while wizards can be easily 1000 without serious cheese.
File: Untitled.jpg (3 MB, 6627x2200)
3 MB
That's fair, and don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to start shit. Just acknowledging that it's a game that maybe asks too much sometimes to get good enough at to make do what you want.
>Good at anything
I guess the question here is like, what's good? because a SL of like 13-14 is fairly competent at most things.
The game also has a bad habit of not putting, front and fucking center somewhere "You get +4 on mundane tasks with no threat or time pressure." And "You can extend the time an action takes for a bonus." Only hve Interrogation 10? That number's for grabbing a guy and demanding answers right the hell now. You take an hour to work it out of him, well you get SL 13 and that's much better. Ontop of, as >>82326205 points out, you should be assessing how easy certain tasks are to begin with. In essence, it sounds like you missed the part where you need to set DCs.

Instead of these arena characters, let me throw up a character I actually play in a real game here, at a bit over 200 points. A lot of her skills are not especially great, but they're all within a realm of at least passible competence to go adventuring with. And she even has some points left over to do magic tricks with her spear and javelins sometimes. Though she is ultimately a warrior first and foremost.
Her survivability is being HT 12 and fighting with a shield. I guess it depends what you think is 'survivable' but see >>82326163
>Magic and special abilities.
Generally require limitations to their usage. To steal some PF parlance, the base points cost is basically for the "At will" version and you have to modify it down by stipulating when and how you're allowed to use it.
Thanks for bearing with me here.

I do what I can. I just wanted to do /tg/ stuff on /tg/
Hey man, NTA but thank you for actually trying to teach him. Absolute bro. Exactly the sort of thing I was hoping this thread iwould be for.
Unless you're NTA, but didn't you say here >>82325935 that
> This results in a situation where its always more optimal to buy the more and more broken 200+400+600+ abilities for every tier up you get while you ignore all of the littler things.
And here >>82326138 to be good at anything you have to hyper specialize
What the fuck do you mean about hyperspecializing then?
> I guess it depends what you think is 'survivable'

There's a reason we let Vi hit something first to see if a strange new thing is especially deadly or not.
>I guess the question here is like, what's good?
I was just trying to make a teleporting gish. something you can just do with a few feats in pf.
>at will
It's not really my fault they dont offer significant discounts for usage limitations, instead you have to buy straight drawbacks, of which i bent heaven and earth just to make work. or at least the materials I had on hand favored those kinds of limitations over "uses per day"
see >>82326279
File: dz2g4rayenz51.jpg (8 KB, 284x176)
8 KB

It mainly illustrates how GURPS puts actual value on SV Cheats = 1

Bear in mind alternate abilities cost 1/5th the cost of the ability they alternate off of, but you can only have one at a time and have to spend a ready action to disable the current one and switch.
Well yeah but you have to understand the reasoning a little.
In PF if you can teleport, you get to move around, but the game has (vanilla anway,) no rules for facing or active defenses. In GURPS if you teleport, you can just kill a man. If he doesn't immediately sense you behind him and turn with an ability like precog parry, you smash him in the back of the head and he's done.
In essence, imagine if teleport in PF also read "And the target's AC becomes ten." Also just have a free crit and trigger sneak attack if you've got it.
I've seen that shit happen with the one character in my party who can teleport. She can only do it to corners and thus the bse of walls, but people who put their backs against a wall tend to just get their kidneys instantly deleted.
In essence, I think you're, perhaps, not appreciating just how powerful certain abilities really are in a different context.
File: Citrinitas-Spells.jpg (117 KB, 363x693)
117 KB
117 KB JPG

Here's the spells of our witch-surgeon in another game I'm playing. She's not a combatant, but she has a few offensive spells for fighting nonhumans (code of ethics; medical) and tends to stay in the back.
>In essence, imagine if teleport in PF also read "And the target's AC becomes ten."
it would be better then to have a drawback where the enemy doesn't get as disadvantaged, I mainly just wanted the mobility and because it was cool. in pf you can flank with yourself and thats about it. the main point of it is to avoid counter attack and to avoid being pinned down in one place.
File: 1.png (109 KB, 1465x1223)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
Complete shitshow sorry. The Kingmaker build was much closer to what I was trying to go for
File: 2.png (108 KB, 1395x1171)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
oh, and thats exactly what I meant when I said everything about rocket tag earlier. you cant give more points out, so say you and everyone else I complain about how little points I get, because once you can do this stuff you can just delete everyone with very low point combos, often at half the cost of what I was already building with. youre talking 200 points and you have the equivalent of a magic card tournament deck that just wins fights.
if it was then why?
I noticed you didn't take the same feats. is there some reason you couldnt take them this time?
if you know whats on your kingmaker sheet, why didn't you just copy it onto the new one?
File: Battle2.png (903 KB, 1542x939)
903 KB
903 KB PNG
Round 1
The orc goes first moving his full 30 ft. forward and attempts to threaten Anna but she passes the resolve check
she responds by walking into melee range and attacking him with her claymore using overpowering strike she hits and deals 4 damage applying the massive quality of her weapon forcing the orc to save or become sprawled (DC 4)
The orc fails his save rolling a 1 and becomes sprawled from the impact.
The goblins are next and goblin 1 takes a standard move and attacks Anna but misses and goblin 2 takes 2 standard moves and attempts to get into a flanking position

Round 2
The orc is up again he moves forward while still sprawled and attacks in spite of his penalty he rolls a threat which using 1 action dice becomes a critical unfortunately he rolls minimum damage and his attack deals no damage because of DR and Resistance
Anna decides to deal with the goblin first and attacks goblin 1 she hits for 8 damage forcing a damage save the goblin passes she uses fluid stance to switch into wicked dance and attacks the still sprawled orc with practiced strike using her dagger dealing 8 damage to him.
The goblins act with goblin 2 getting into a flanking position and attacking with his spear he hits but can't break the DR goblin 1 follows up with two attacks of his own hits once and also fails to break her DR.

Round 3
The orc repositions negating his sprawled state and attacks the now flanked Anna and misses.
Anna continues her attack on the goblin she misses her first attack and gets a threat on her second she uses one action die to make the goblin fail a damage save killing him. she then uses fluid style to switch to overpowering force stance.
Goblin 2 is still around and attempts to disarm Anna's greatsword twice his first check fails rendering him flat-footed but his second check succeeds disarming causing Anna to lose her greatsword and negating the flat-footed condition.
File: 1605665365304.png (612 KB, 606x629)
612 KB
612 KB PNG
The PDF's keep getting opened in AVG browser for some stupid reason so I can't edit them. Its super fucked. I used a character creator but it wouldn't let me pick the feats I wanted. The Kingmaker sheet is much more accurate

Well I play a catgirl in another game who has precision hearing, so you can teleport behind you but she can still hear you and targets via hearing and vibration just as accurately as sight.

She can shoot people around corners in the head by this. It's rad. There's countermeasures but you have to have them.
>I used character creation but
you are going full potato my good man. I'm trying to get you to take those training wheels off. you dont need one of those pieces of garbage holding you back. you can do all of this in excel if it so suits you. but for now, just get a real editable pdf, a notepad, a mythweavers account, etc. get some kind of paper or paper emulation, even a scanned sheet you fill in by hand is annoying but acceptable, and write out what you want.
Round 4
The orc begins by using a 5 foot step to regain flanking and then attacks twice using All out attack for two however he misses both times.
Anna uses her mix up trick to trip the goblin rendering him sprawled and follows up with an attack with her dagger but misses.
The goblin repositions getting rid of his sprawled state and stabs Anna for 1 point of damage.

And what I've learned from doing this (this was really an excuse for me to practice this system before I run a game in it)
Holy shit DR 5 is a lot more than it sounds
The orc and goblins can hardly damage this warcrime because I gave them all edged weapons like an idiot.
This system is cool but doesn't lend itself to descriptive combat like GURPS it's fun to play though.
I could keep this going but it seems like Anna will just wipe the floor with the remaining goblin even without her Claymore and the enemies just can't damage her fast enough to even really give it a sense of danger.
>countermeasures but you have to have them
You also need enemies to not be retards. Once they learn about corner teleporting wolfgirl of instant kidney deletion, they'll start doing 360 defenses.
If you have foes just stand in a row and get shanked one by one, they better be like less than IQ 10. They can also do other shit. Wolfgirls teleport to corners? Ok; every corner is now getting caltrops thrown in it. Fuck just caltrop everything. Buy silver caltrops or whatever. Is she fae? cold iron caltrops. Fuck her up. These are mundane countermeasures.
COol shit anon.
>Just an excuse for me to practice
That's reason enough. I got distracted by talking GURPS with these guys, apologies, but this sort of thing is definitely what I wanted to see from this thread. Learn more about your game, teach other people, it's all good.
I'm actually liking what I'm seeing. I'm liking that shit like knocking dudes down is just 'your sword is huge,' instead of some bespoke class ability.
One thing you could do and really, I should have done when I started, honestly, is explain some of the core mechanics better.
Wha'ts the die mechanic? What's a sprawl check?
Just stuff for us both to think about next time.

It occurs to me in retrospect the problem is that for high-power characters, the basic set way of calculating advantage modifiers gives you stupid numbers. There's an alternative calculation in Powers where you apply all the positive modifiers then apply all the limitations to the result, instead of just adding the percentages together. Has it's own problems, but it stops basic shit from becoming 140 points. I'm so used to it it didn't even occur to me that might be what you're running into.
Absolutely. Said character has just been hella lucky that most people who've seen her do it have then died. This is the sort of ability that it's important to use on isolated targets who don't get to tell anyone. That's not as true anymore, and this group of enemies is getting wise to the party's shenanigans.
>Corner caltrops
It's like plastering the corners but mean. Writing that down.
Gimme a few I guess. I have the core book. I bought it when I thought maybe it'd enhance my enjoyment of all the 3.5 material I already owned before realizing I never wanted to play it again anyway. I've never opened it, but hell, we'll see what we get.
File: 1637842085935.png (991 KB, 646x557)
991 KB
991 KB PNG
Yeah I played around with it a bit. Honestly I'd need to use Kingmaker to make anything other than a lvl 1 character or read the handbook obviously. A lvl 1 character is pretty easy to make I guess
Figgen bawls
anon do I need to get a youtube video or something? the link I gave you above goes over the whole process in autistic detail, it feels like youre having an anxiety attack more than "dont know how"
did someone beat you every time you got a bonus wrong ?
Watch I'll make a character in this very thread. you dont need any software.
File: 1602689955736.jpg (201 KB, 960x540)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
idk man
thanks man, I mostly just followed your lead and just sort of dove in without explaining but if we keep doing this I'll probably stat another waifu and try something different with more explanation of some of the mechanics. Maybe a whip build or something silly to show off some of the cool stuff the system can do and try to make a better fight.
File: file.png (17 KB, 585x683)
17 KB
I'm sure I forgot something, some difference to PF from 3.5 I overlooked. I haven't made a 3.5 character in like two years, and not one I've cared about in 12, but here you go. This guy was a riot to play when I did him for a one-shot back in like 2013. Just screams and power attacks, ready to die for glory and honor. Y'want a token too?
The boy has to learn. Pay attention. We're going to beat the nogames out of you.
File: Raider.png (36 KB, 248x248)
36 KB
Shit, missed this. Yeah dude go for it. It's been interesting. Never heard of Fantasycraft before so I'm keen.
Here's that token, just in case the answer was 'yes'
Level 9 Inquisitor Witch hunter/ Level1 justiciar
Name: Bernhir pyremith
A mystical hunting fellow who hates witches
Hitpoints, maximum, fuck the police: 80+20 (8*10+con*10)
We spend 30 points of buy to give him abilitie scores
Str 14
Dex 10
Con 14
Int 14
Wisdom 17 +2
Charisma 12
A +2 for being hyumin! not loik those nastee witches!
So what is his classes? Inquisitor (witch hunter) 9
so we go to the level 9 on the table and get those statistics
9th +6/+1 +6 +3 +6
and we add the line from justiciar prestige class
1st +1 +1 +1 +0
for a total of
BAB: 7
Base Fortitude 7
Base Reflex 4
Base Will 6
Then we literally just choose his feats, and write down all the class features he gets before moving on to spells.
You already know how to choose feats since you recognized there where feats missing that you wanted to pick, you just write down those feats for every level you would get one (1st, 3rd, 5th, Bonus feats from class or race)
So what features do we have?
Spells: from the inquisitor list
Per day uses: 1st 5 2nd 4 3rd 3
Known 0th 6 1st 5 2nd 4 3rd 4
Domain: We select an inquisiton for our domain, lets pick Heresy
We get these abilities from it
Righteous Infiltration (Ex):
Blessed Infiltration (Ex):
Word of Anathema (Sp):
Judgment (Su): 3 times per day Most bonuses give +3
Spell Sage (Ex):
Stern Gaze (Ex):
Cunning Initiative (Ex):
Knowledgeable Defense:
Teamwork feat (gain one every 3 levels)
Spell Scent:
Bane (Su):
Second Judgment (Ex):
Aura of Law

Human 1 Intimidate
Level 1: Persuasive
Level 3: Detect Expertise
Teamwork Feat 3: Shake it off
Level 5: Iron will
Teamwork 6: Coordinated Distraction
Level 7: Great fortitude
Level 9: Suppress Blight
Human 8 Bluff
Teamwork Feat 9: Duck and cover

all that before we get to skills, which is 6+int+1 from human per level to spend on any skill.

theres more to it then that but doing that barely took me an hour and It was a level 10 character.

all I did was copy stuff down
File: 1637725791101.jpg (977 KB, 3876x3240)
977 KB
977 KB JPG
if you go to the link here >>82326253
you'll find more detailed instructions for all of this shit, but the point of this>>82327135
is that you can easily see that I didn't need any fancy device to do it. no special sheet. This gay barely formatted thing may be awful on the eyes but it is a character sheet. theres no magic. You just write the stuff you need to know down.

Stalwart (Ex): At 11th level, an inquisitor can use mental and physical resiliency to avoid certain attacks. If she makes a Fortitude or Will saving throw against an attack that has a reduced effect on a successful save, she instead avoids the effect entirely. This ability can only be used if the inquisitor is wearing light armor, medium armor, or no armor. A helpless inquisitor does not gain the benefit of the stalwart ability.

do your eyes swim when you read bullshit like this? knowing you can always double check the source if needed, you can always write it down in a way you feel is helpful. This is how I would do it
Stalwart (ex): save negates for will and fort saves even on spells and effects that still affect you on a save.
or even SHORTER
Stalwart: Evasion but for fort and will
doesnt seem like theres a lot of people lining up to get their character smashed, do you mind if I wait till tomorrow to see if anyone else cues up? if no one else gives a shit I'll just run yours and maybe that two handed cleaver girl
Level 3 Fighter (Two Handed Fighter)
Name: Anna
Minor Noble who was patronised to fight in the local fighting Arena
HP: Max but I can't reverse engineer it 36?
STR 16+2
DEX 16
CON 14
INT 10
WIS 10
CHA 10

Weapon focus (Greatsword)
Power Attack
Combat Reflexes
Strong Grip
Cleaving Finish
Overhand Chop
Not at all. There's no rush. Might be a little absent because I really need to prep for my real game on saturday, but I'll check in.

you gotta buy stuff lad. Also you only get three feats at level 3 as a human Look, I will...give me a minute and I'll show you how to make this character in detail.
their 4th feat was great cleave
I did it in Kingmaker. I got a free feat and Overhand Chop and strong grip are just class skills. I was able to pick 3 feats at lvl 1 man.

Also She has a breastplate, vambraces, greaves and a masterwork greatsword as well as all the bullshit like pants and shes

All the rest I'd need to
oh, nevermind, i guess it was cleaving finish
Fucking ree.

>All the rest I'd need to
read the player handbook or something so I understood how it was decided
I'm going to contradict myself, not make the character, and go back to poking GURPS sheets with a stick.
I started writing up an explanation, and my brain realized it'd hit its D&D quota for the day and I wanted to die. I do not have the energy.
Maybe I'll make her in KGK for the lulz.
your feet selection seams fine to me

this is a pretty good start. I'd have liked for them to use something other than pathfinder kingmaker to do it but theres enough here to run a character.
Yeah it's enough. I just wanted to explain better like...what the process actually was. but considering you've tried to show him the actual rules a few times, I completely burned out on writing them again. Not tryin' to be a dick, my enthusiasm just hit a sudden wall.
File: 1637787843885.jpg (521 KB, 860x1214)
521 KB
521 KB JPG
I'm trying to convert the same character. She's been in GURPS and D&D 5e so far.

Its ok if I really wanted to sit down and read all that shit I would. Honestly if I was going to play Pathfinder for real I'd want a GM to explain shit to me and actually understand what the fuck was going on.

Sorry man its a pretty complex system. I'd probably want to start with a martial in D&D
File: 20211126172334_1.jpg (714 KB, 2560x1440)
714 KB
714 KB JPG
I'll try to explain why I don't want to get too into it. I'll show you my character from Kingmaker and if you can tell me what the fuck is going on I will legit give you a medal
File: 20211126172341_1.jpg (656 KB, 2560x1440)
656 KB
656 KB JPG
File: 20211126172346_1.jpg (632 KB, 2560x1440)
632 KB
632 KB JPG
Not even at the point where you really need to understand whats going on, I'm the one running the character after all, it just seemed like you didn't know how to even make the transfer from a video game to a paper medium.
>just write stuff down

like see here.
>what the fuck is going on
what is going on is that you're looking at a video game anon.
All you have to do to make a sheet for it is to get a sheet that works for you, pen and paper, excel, mythweavers, a pdf, a text file, html. and find the classes and feats you want to take, and write down their details on that sheet
File: 20211126172353_1.jpg (627 KB, 2560x1440)
627 KB
627 KB JPG
File: 20211126172357_1.jpg (626 KB, 2560x1440)
626 KB
626 KB JPG
I did write stuff down but I'd need to actually play to level 3 to get the HP and the BAB and refelx and fortitude

and to rietterate, do not get their details from kingmaker, get the details from nethys, or pfsrd
File: 20211126172402_1.jpg (631 KB, 2560x1440)
631 KB
631 KB JPG
I mean I know its a meme build that's min maxxed hard but there's legit 6 pages of feats
no you fucking dont man. you need to press alt f4 and use the player resources we've been posting at you.
there isnt 6 pages of feats anon, you are looking at a video game. this is not a video game. this is the table top game board.
File: 20211126172422_1.jpg (869 KB, 2560x1440)
869 KB
869 KB JPG
I'm saying Pathfinder is super complicated man. I tried to show you my build already

look I dont want to be an asshole but this isn't /vg/ I grew up playing neverwinter nights and learning from that. when you feel like making the jump to pen and paper like the rest of us you can come back here. I've already tried to show you its not as complicated as you are making it out to be, and in return you are flooding this thread with video game screenshots. Many of us have played this game anon. We know how it works.
It's cool dude, you don't need to be sorry.
It's just aggravating when you're trying to teach someone something and they're not having it. ...especially now that you just bluntly say you weren't gonna ready anything anyway, which would have been a good place to start.
>Pretty complex system
I can feel every wrinkle on my face and the flesh slowly sloughing off my bones. It's not you, I get where you're coming from, I just feel...really fucking old.
Not actually at issue with a quick glance at the source material? I don't understand what you're getting at. The reason it looks so complicated is BECAUSE it's a videogame, and is listing every imaginable trigger and modifier you can possibly do in a big obtuse bulletpoint list. What we're trying to teach you is significantly less complex than any of this.

It doesn't matter how many times you assert otherwise, /tg/ is for Traditional Games. When they throw out CYOAG and Jumpchain, maybe you'll have a leg to stand on. If literally demonstrating the function of literal fucking games isn't on topic for /tg/ then I don't know what the fuck is.
this is literally a charop thread with dinner and a show faggot
Don't worry about it man. I already tried to convert her.

Yeah sorry. I tried character generators before I tried Kingmaker. I tried editing a PDF but I kind of hit a wall with it.

I understand what you're saying. I just super got put off by it. Pathfinder seems way too complicated. I was just trying to make the point that its way too much for a bit of casual arena battles
>I wanted to make the point that its way too complicated for this game
you only made the point that you're an autist who doesn't want people to have a fun the way you like to have fun and discouraged two people from trying to help their fellow man.
>you're an autist who doesn't want people to have a fun the way you like to have fun
cool strawman mate. Just stop being an elitist dickhead. Yeah I shouldn't have posted that but so what? Telling someone to read a player handbook isn't really doing shit
we didnt tell you to read anything, just copy the things on your class page into the appropriate places in a character sheet you faggot.
File: file.png (17 KB, 780x670)
17 KB
I got tired of arguing and just made the thing.
Guyman, if you can play the PC game of the game, but can't copy like four things off a webpage about stuff you're ostensibly already playing a game with, I dunno what to tell you.
File: STC.jpg (288 KB, 1290x1600)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
Yeah good job man. I did that. I just couldn't work out saves and AC. Wasn't trying to be a dick just I'm doing shit in the background too
File: Soldier Placeholder.png (284 KB, 500x500)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
>Just stop being an elitist dickhead.
This wasn't addressed at me. And guy was going a little hard, but this shit is getting nipped in the fucking bud.
Since the last thread, I've been making characters, in three different systems. I've been running fights. I've been fielding any and all questions to try and teach people about these games in good faith. This is...what, now, my third straight day of effort into this little stage show.
You don't want to put in the effort to read a webpage. Below the minimum threshold to participate instead of just being spoonfed content.
Kid, if this is your definition of "elitism," you need your fucking head adjusted.
atleast fucking respond to the post instead of pussying out like a passive aggressive bitch
File: Demon2.png (362 KB, 500x500)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
"You forgot to click reply" is a weak defense for the charges of tourism and passive consumption.
Doing /tg/ shit takes effort. If you want to participate, you will need to put in the effort.
If you just want to watch content trickle in, you'll get what you get.
File: 1637444159944.jpg (3.11 MB, 2480x3508)
3.11 MB
3.11 MB JPG
I'm kind of done for now but I don't really want any real bad feelings. Trying to convert an already established character from one system to another when I didn't really create there character in the first place is a bit of an ask man. I tried. But I really can't spend hours reading up the specifics of how mechanics are defined. You know how it is in the the real world, at least in my experience, the new player basically goes "I want it like that" and the GM will help them build a character and explain it to them a bit.

I did try originally.
nah I just think most of you /tg/ types default to passive aggressive white woman like behavior because your pussies
It's fine guy. I'm not mad either, I'm just trying to explain how it is.
Nobody here even cares that you play the /v/ adaptations of games, we all do, but trying to use it to post a character is...kinda a faux pas on the level of "I showed up to animation club with go!animate files." Even if we can use it it's...wew.
I cannot wrap my head around how you can play the almost 1-1 adaptation and not...know how it works? I am just confused.
And that has...not, generally been my experience with games in the real world, but different crowd.

You have a good one, man. I remain enthusiastic about teaching people stuff, but you gotta work with us some. No hard feelings.
Whoa what a badass! I kneel...
>still has to respond instead of ignoring because hes petty
File: 1594934716968.png (136 KB, 323x282)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
>pot calling the kettle nigger
File: 1587759684372.png (135 KB, 695x291)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
> But I really can't spend hours reading up the specifics of how mechanics are defined. You know how it is in the the real world, at least in my experience, the new player basically goes "I want it like that" and the GM will help them build a character and explain it to them a bit.
>I did try originally.
>Its fine guy
Lmao fucking what?
okay, you do you I guess. I am not going to tell you are entitled faggot, but I will tell you how shit would go in just about any game.
>what do you mean you applied to join this game and you didn't build a character. Okay I pick someone else who wanted to play more than you
You seem to think highly of your own time, but not anyone elses, You are not a fa/tg/uy nor sir are you my nigger.
Guyman doesn't want to do the thing, I can't make him. I said my peace and I ain't gonna waste energy being mad about it.
The rest I dunno what you're even trying to assert. I told him in that very post if he won't put in the effort he's not getting anything, And your point is I said...the opposite of that? that it's fine if he just does nothing? I mean, it is but he also gets nothing. That's what's fine, his choice to not participate. He can go have a nice day back on /v/.
>the opposite of that?
You want to maybe explain your contention instead of just nitpicking grammar, or no?
File: 1601725154083.jpg (211 KB, 1448x2048)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
>You know how it is in the the real world, at least in my experience, the new player basically goes "I want it like that" and the GM will help them build a character and explain it to them a bit.
You're fucking stupid. You better be. Firstly, you don't fucking play games, you don't have any experience with them by your own admission. You play video game versions of RPGs and get bitchy when you get told to pick up the rulebook for a pen and paper version (because you want to play the pen and paper version). Second, that's not the real world, I've seen that shit fly under one circumstance and it involves that new player having her lips wrapped firmly around the GM's cock. Not doing that? You're not sitting at a table if you don't know the first thing about playing the damn game, You'll be lucky if you don't get tossed for showing this kind of hostility towards the notion that you might need to learn the game you're playing. Go bitch that you got gatekept super hard by the meanies on teeg so everyone else can know you're too fucking stupid to read.

Anyway, cute girl, kinda large sword. Thanks to everyone that's contributed to these threads the past couple of days the fights have been fun to catch up on before bed. Shame there's miscreants and white knights that just don't get the point, but I hope we can keep doing things like this. I've learned pros and cons to systems I kind of took for granted, and the stuff OP said a couple back about wanting it to matter where all the funny pieces are on the board really framed this frustration I've felt with wargame derived RPGs for a long time now. It feels like movement is always first on the chopping block, either too penalized or costly to be worth doing, completely ineffectual, or impactful but made cumbersome by how gamey some facing rules can feel. For all my gripes with GURPS it has some good ideas, and this thread has given me a better understanding of what I want out of games I design.
File: 180IQ anon.png (38 KB, 333x250)
38 KB
>white knights
I genuinely love my female swordwomen fighting in a mans world but what's the point if you don't fight mean shit that can put you in the grave?
File: unnamed (1).jpg (68 KB, 351x512)
68 KB
oh, and I should add, I've been tempted to add more facing stuff to my own home brew mechanics. I don't really like the extra layer of squishiness it adds sometimes, but I definitely respect it as a method to make movement a strong and useful option.
File: 1599918202703.jpg (357 KB, 900x772)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
Thanks friend. needed the boost. Was starting to get a little down about these last few hours. That I helped someone understand game design a little better's about the highest praise I can imagine from this.
And I'm glad you've learned some things. When I first decided to start a new thread, my hope was that we could talk about games. Not this game, or that game, but games in relationship to each other, with present examples of function to be compared. Maybe get people out of their generals to learn something just a little.
Game design's just a really fun topic. I could go off on it all day. Just kind of hard sometimes when people take any attempt to objectively understand what works and doesn't as saying they shouldn't enjoy anything. Another thing I felt might be helped by showing off even games I don't like in good faith.
Hell, I'd be interested to see another anon run things like different editions of D&D, Savage Worlds, etc. They're games I don't like at all, but maybe seeing them in motion I'd learn something I was missing.
I'm sure you'll figure something out. There's plenty of ways to approach it, and I'm sure something more elegant than 'your defense number goes down,' could be devised
And if you do get any games up and running, maybe we could show them off here. Have a little collab with the homebrew general even. I popped into the thread for that godawful Salvage Union playtest and demo'd its combat, I can absolutely put in the effort to show off things made here.

Apologies to all for the lack of content from me today. Tomorrow I need to get my ass in gear and finish prep for my game on Saturday, So there may not be as much then either. If the thread slips away, so be it, we'll pick it up again. Though maybe on wednesdays. I thought it over and the idea of running it through the weekend, both with my actual games going on, and the general state of 4chan on weekends, maybe not the smartest idea.
You added nothing to this thread. Just got upset I didn't want to spend hours doing something I didn't want to do. Where's the fights you set up? Where's the epic Pathfinder arena examples? You did fuck all except be an asshole in the end.

Cheers for derailing a good thread
you wont get an arguement here, work is killing me, fuck winter spenders
File: 1618955531662.gif (109 KB, 200x200)
109 KB
109 KB GIF
you are so unhinged I called you ESL you are now taking it out on passers by faggot.
I already told you I'd be doing pathfinder shit TOMORROW >>82327189
File: milkmaid.jpg (51 KB, 640x868)
51 KB
Man that character Anna has been the go to test in GURPS, D&D 5e and FantasyCraft. Wanting to get her rolled up for a new system so that we can continue the theme of the thread and actually compare game systems. Sorry that I tried to contribute but couldn't be fucked doing hours of research when most people have just been DM'ing their own systems. Really no need to get triggered at me. Should maybe have been clearer about the context
File: 1627863859610.jpg (1.12 MB, 2076x1620)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
>act completely triggered
>no need to get triggered at me
File: Citrine.png (439 KB, 550x550)
439 KB
439 KB PNG
See we're almost out of thread as I go to sleep at an inadvisable hour, again. I'll formulate a better OP and be back wednesday, but if someone makes their own thing before then, more power to ya. Make a better OP pasta I can steal shit from

Enjoy your weekend lads.
File: dino fight.png (944 KB, 1227x803)
944 KB
944 KB PNG
To honor those digits, here's a Level 5 Warrior/Highlander girl fighting some dinos (Medium Animals) in SotDL. By the books this should be a Hard encounter although difficulty estimates are kind of wonky with only one character. Let's see how she does
File: round 1.png (1.1 MB, 1712x816)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
First Round
Highlander girl opts for a Fast turn & goes for a charge, but whiffs, and retreats slightly
The raptors take Slow turns and close the distance. Two of them are able to sink their teeth in, but she fends off the third. She's not injured yet, but things are already looking dire
Second Round
Highlander goes Fast again, and attacks the dino directly south of her, injuring it in one hit. She makes her second attack against the dino to the right, attempting to shove it but she is unable to.
The raptors also go Fast and attack, but only one manages to land a measly 4 damage
Third Round
Highlander girl catches her breath, before trying to finish off the injured dinosaur. The dice gods are not on her side.
Again only one of the dinos is able to penetrate her whopping 19 Defense
Fourth Round
Highlander girl lands two solid hits (one inflicting maximum damage). The bottom raptor is almost dead, but holds its resolve.
The remaining two land some savage hits though, and our heroine is on the brink of collapse
File: round 5.png (623 KB, 1199x618)
623 KB
623 KB PNG
Fifth round
Highlander deftly finishes off one dino, and then again attampts a shove on the other. She succeeds this time, driving it back. The dino makes an Agility challenge to avoid falling in the pit, and succeeds. The remaining dinosaur attempts to finish her off, but without any backup is easily fended off. The shoved dinosaur takes a slow turn but is also ably defended against
File: 1637561099835.jpg (854 KB, 1398x1920)
854 KB
854 KB JPG
Good effort anon
File: round 6.png (454 KB, 905x505)
454 KB
454 KB PNG
Sixth Round
In desperation, Highlander goes for a driving attack. It is successful, but opens her up to a free attack. Fortunatley the other raptor is unable to get her as she forces its companion back. Again, it must make an Agility challenge to avoid plunging to doom, and again it succeeds. Lashing out in retaliation, it finally manages to bring about her demise

RIP Highlander girl, never underestimate the power of the Medium Animal
why do you post such cute tokens but only make grisly looking girls fight dinos?

OK, I found a wiki for their lore, hopefully the Combat and Weapons section has enough information to use.
They're pack hunters, and use speed and endurance to run down their prey. So I guess they're like the Brad Pitt Achilles, just sort of breaking into a jog and using momentum and athleticism.
File: matchup.jpg (280 KB, 1253x945)
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Alright, next matchup is Big Bertha versus Cute Musketeer. Dubs decide system
so close.
Dark Heresy
is this PF, 3.x, 5e, FantasyCraft or what?
Riddle of Steel
File: Carbuncle.png (86 KB, 500x500)
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Very cool. I keep hearing about SotDL and I've been curious about how it actually runs.
I mean, that cute swordgirl fought goblins last thread. And everyone got to fight the orc.
All these other cute tokens are for PCs that'd be a bit of a trip, but I can show them off next time maybe
Rad. Next time.

Caught this bitch on page 11 before it left, so nobody will probably see this, but thanks again all. See you soon.
Thanks for contributing op
Anytime, it's been grand.
I'd honestly like to see someone who enjoys it show off Savage Worlds.

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