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Been working on this shit a month or so I think. Province map coming along nice halfway done I guess?

Original guy making the mod quit and deleted all his progress so I am restarting from ther start I can't mopd, but i'll learn along the way I gues.

Fuck I am drunk.

Anyone even remember the gloria etalia thing? It was neat... roght?
this is not the general the general will be brought mkach on /tg./ and /vst/ once the privince map, river map and and some of the dejure stuff is fone..

done I mnean
right wiki link https://gloriaetalia.fandom.com/wiki/Gloria-Etalia_Wiki
This brings me back, quite a nice setting we made
File: 1497632359891.jpg (84 KB, 666x510)
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Feel good, even though I was not happy with what others did of my country.
Looking good so far, may have to start thinking of descriptions for individual regions in some of the places I worked on.

Which country?
Maybe we should try to write a campaign for it! I don't know what system, but a generic plot shouldn't be too hard.
Man, I tend to lose the worldbuilding threads of /tg/ (like the autia one) I still can add my own shit here tho?
The major big countries are generally done. But vassals are basically complexly empty.

Other things are of course mercenary companies, pirate troops etc.

Basically there is lots of place for new stuff, but you need to fit it inside one of the existing countries somehow.

Well independent mini-states can exist in Goldland, Janedi City-states and marches of Drache
File: 1597918145333.png (302 KB, 564x573)
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The Honorable Ecinevian League, I also create the Supprian Alliance.
About Ecinev, people didn't care about my lore and the way of life of the inhabitants. Feel bad.
Hmm, I don't remember much about the Merchant Empire beyond them being filthy rich and basically Indian Venice and they also were pretty high magic.

I never worked on any of their lore, so I honstly have noclue. I did open the wiki page now and they have solidly 2+ A4 pages of lore.

As for the Supprian Alliance as far as I remember their whole original lore aounted to "formerly part of the Treant Empire, currently Ally of the Merchant Empire" it was pretty barebones.

I think they are Hawaiian Swizerland now.
Same shit happened when I wrote Seem. I wanted to keep it an insignificant, semingly mundane but vaguely creepy place which is a benovelent hivemind.

Someone rewrite them to be a former dwarf cult or something. I still find it odd they were rewritten to dwarves. Though I guess it's my fault all the initial lore I wrote for the was a single poem and refused to elaborate to keep it 'mysterious'.
I haven't written much information about the Supprian alliance other than that they were allies of Ecinev.
I wanted to make a badass Venice Oriantale but it became a city of miserly near their pennies unable to fight. The cliché of the rogue banker. On the other hand, the writings on the city and the institutions are cool.
I had fun writing the three wars that formed the League of Ecinev against the Treant Empire, wars of the last hope Greco-Persian Wars style. I also wrote a secret report from the Ecinev government.

I don't know how to write in English and the Wiki site too well, but I really want to add my information to the Wiki.

>I think they are Hawaiian Swizerland now.

Rude, I feel you. But also I like this way of not writing everything about lore, à la Tolkien, of leaving mystery and mysticism in the story.

Ecinev's merchants were reaching Seem before Belara cut off this trade route.
Personally I liked Ecinev a lot. Did someone add a bunch of additional content to it after your initial posts?

Unlike Seem or the Westrasi retcons, I never felt anyone was making a blatant attempt to retcon the original spirit of the area, but sometimes that kind of stuff happens in shared settings, particularly early on if other anons feel the original author bailed and left behind an underdeveloped nation.
Yes, but it's mostly my writings that haven't been put in the wiki and 1d4chan.
yeah I think some of the earlier stuff didn't make its way onto 1d4chan, then got left behind since the wiki was initially based on 1d4chan content.
I don't think the Eciveans were made bad at fighting. There is a story of a tzn'wran mercenary fighting in the 14th war of wood and steel against the Eciveans. It was a draw, but would have been a victory if not for the hiring of foreign mercenaries by the Treants.

You can post lore you want changed here on 4chan and if there are no major objections I'll add it to the wiki for you. Just remember that any lore changes need to be posted on 4chan, no secret wiki editing in hopes no-one notices.
The only major addition to Ecinev is the detailed description of Ecinevan candles and special glasses used to detect ancient mana
Some stuff was just missed. It was pretty hectic when 1d4chan suddenly broke down.

Might be worthwhile to do thread archeology and go through all the threads to see what might have been missed, bit that'd be a mountain of work.
Orange looks like flipped wisconsin
Woah, nice seeing people still interested in it.
I remember making the spider-people, perhaps half of the Necro-lords and most dragons recorded in history, as well as that one tale of a primitive boy who got stranded on a ship floating in orbit with no oxygen.

Feeling nostalgic about Gloria-Etalia (and forgetting the name of the setting lol) I then made the "build-your-setting-with-pictures", thinking /tg could make something fun with whatever weird pics they have... never expected the thing to blow out of proportion, and I stopped actively visiting the threads after the third one...

Kinda weird remembering it all now...
Add to the wiki please

>The guardian & the Barrier

The Guardian is an artificial intelligince designed by one of the Gloria-etalia aliens in order to maintain an enclosed region the Westrasi sea. The westrasi Sea is cut off from the rest of the world by an impenetrable energy shield erected by otherworldy technology and there is no way in and out of it. There isnt even a way to see inside of it or outside of it, meaning that the Westrasi inside of the barrier are cut off from the rest of that world and have no way to communicate with anyone outside of the westrasi Sea

The purpose of the guardian is protect the Barrier and keep the primitive inhabitants of the planet from interfereing with the project and the enclosed population. It directs a massive swarm of robotic kill drones and even has an angelic looking chassis that it uses as an avatar when neccessary. More than once belarans and Morlouxians and suoxi and others have launched invasions to try and enter the barrier but they have all failed their armies effortlessly destroyed by the might of the Guardian. In the modern age everyone has given up on every trying to bypass the barrier to see what lies beyond it both the inhabitants of the westrasi Sea inside of it and the rest of the world outside of it

countries trapped inside of the barrier include
>chiefdom of Uraka
>Saramese kingdom
>free City of Betranox
>uroxian Federation
>Leixi-airoxian Commonwealth
>euraxian Kingdom
>Farisian Republic
>Araxian kingdom
>yoroi tribelands
>Vashian republic
>yoroslovan Kingdom
>Veranese city States
>Principality of suezi
>chiefdom of voroi
The "build-your-setting-with-pictures" setting, AKA Autia-Tismo actually ended up turning out quite well. There wasn't as many people involved as there was with Gloria-Etalia, but on the other hand, there was more consistency and less fighting among anons, while still ending up just as detailed because it lasted a lot longer.
File: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES.jpg (150 KB, 1920x1080)
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150 KB JPG
Truth be told, I'm really happy to hear that. All I wanted was to make a good thread that would please anons, and it seems that it worked. Hope more threads like that are made in the future.
what the hell, why are they all such similar sizes? Does your world have no history?

the legendary barrieranon returns

still butthurt one year later
File: Map_of_Gloria-Etalia.png (279 KB, 667x371)
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279 KB PNG
The small provinces are a game mechanic for the Crusader Kings 3 mod the anon is making for the setting

Actual map here (not sure if latest)
the project died because everyone went off in their own little directions creating fluff and stories and historical events without focusing on the actual countries, leaving it half-developed

plus lots of unoriginal bits, like the entire westrasi sea basically being renaissance europe
People have different interests. By the end of the thread most nations were developed enough, that only very detail oriented people would want to develop them further. I am in to that kind of stuff, but understand when others aren't.

Westrasi Sea actually had some pretty neat details and interconnections between nations. Personally I would rather have quality takes on popular tropes than stuff that is unique for the sake of being unique but doesn't fit into the rest of the setting well, but that is a matter of personal taste.
Good one. The drama over that makes me nostalgic.

(it's not getting added)
Oh the history bad guy is back too. Odd that mostly the trolls seem to be around now.

The project died a natural death. As these things get bigger it's harder for new people to join in so on average more leave than join and those who've been at it for a while get burn-out. 23 threads was a good run.

Also the history stuff now is useful for the DeJure map for the mod.
Ok cool anons, I will post then:

Warning, access to this document is only reserved for Grand Admiral, Sereníssimo, Admirals, Exarchs and the ambassadors-senators of the Leviathan Salon. Any citizen caught reading this document will have their tongue cut out, their eyes gutted, will be thrown from the top of the sixth floor of Ilion and their families and clients will be locked up in the Carceral fleet for 30 terms.
You have been warned.
Gloria protect.

The Merchant Empire's War Targets

1 The first expansionist desire of the Merchant Empire would be to conquer the island near New Belwed to serve as a trading post for its trade route north. It would not want to conquer New Belwed itself as she does not want a common border with the Pash Kingdom. The desire of the Merchant Empire is not necessarily to destroy all presence of Belara in the region as it is a very profitable trading partner. It's just that the Nouvelle Belwed strait is PRIMORDIAL. A war and a rapid annexation will be followed by a profitable peace for both participants. In addition, the wisest of the Ecineviens political class are barely beginning to realize the potential of trans-oceanic trade with the other side of the world, and a partnership / friendship with Belara is important.

2 In the event of war against Morloux, the first target would be the town east of Nulamore. The city will be taken, the port secured and the immediate surrounding territory controlled. The rest will be left to the administration of the Republic of Morloux. We have no will to maintain a border in front of Swe'Yus which risks us seeing as a future danger in the region. Our goal is profit and its protection, do not forget that.
3 If at this stage the conflict is not over, the Grand Fleet will take the western town of Nulamore. The same occupation procedure will be put in place. In the event of a protest from the Ivory Kingdom or Swe'yus, this city will become independent (and will become a puppet state). Trade between Morloux and the Treant Empire (be cursed a thousand times) will be annihilated and we will not have to bring the war directly to the Treants colonies of Morloux who will be at the mercy of our glorious corsairs.

May Etalia show us the way!
And now the Treant Wars:

Marvayos’ow accident: Short war, no information remain of this conflict. Location not found.

Delta War: Incursion of the Treants into the territory of the cities of the League located in the delta north of the future site of Grovetow(n). Quick reaction from the League which sent reinforcements. War ended between the two belligerents by a treaty where the League had to pay a small tribute to the Treants. The Treants declared friendship and security to all people living in the Delta.

First Treant War: Surprise and total assault by Treants forces on the mainland cities of the League. Throughout the war three major defeats killed the majority of the armed men of the northern cities of the League. Many populations fleeing the massacres cross the Gulf to settle in the peninsula, especially in Ecinev. They were easily supplied with food by barges going down the Pitas River.
The hinterland of the continent’s territories is so ravaged by war that the survivors are returning to a semi-nomadic way of life. The surviving cities remain cloistered behind their walls supplied by the sea.
It is said that the League navy found it's way by the flames of the cities sacked or besieged.
The undefeated Treant Empire imposes a humiliating peace treaty on the League, which loses half of its member cities. It was a shock and a trauma that forever marked the now so-called “Ecinev” civilization.
File: Merchant Empire.png (433 KB, 2591x1825)
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433 KB PNG
Second Treant War: New total assault of the Treants armies. Sacraliev, who has been besieged eleven times in less than half a century, is completely blockaded by the first Treant warships, the "Tree Galleys" or "Living Trees". The huge fleets of Tree Galleys ravaged the majority of the cities of the Gulf. With this new balance of power at sea, many coastal cities, now totally isolated, suffer a disastrous fate. The League suffers two more defeats on the continent, almost all the nobility of Ecinev and Barilev are slaughtered in a single battle. Three quarters of continental cities are wiped off the map. A naval war between the xebecs and the Tree Galleys bloody the gulf. The largest refugee fleets in the entire conflict are overtaken by the Treant fleet and sent to the bottom with all the refugees it transported.
"A time of woe, that even the ashes of the dead flew to escape to the towers of Herilow", poet unknown.
Isonow the seat of the League is razed, Ecinev who has become the beacon of all the refugees of this conflict takes it's place as the seat of the League. Ktarli’ov's great library and its vast collection of thousand-year-old books is set on fire, many scholars across the League commit suicide in grief at such a loss. There are no more mercenaries to hire, they are dead or have fled this part of the world. At this stage of this conflict, we can say that the westrasis populations of the north shore of the Gulf are undergoing genocide.

Merelicas, great Exarch and Navarch of Sacraliev, fights the Treants with his men on the city walls. Blood to his knees, drooling to his lip and cursing any Treants within earshot, he leads a desperate defense to save his city. A surprise attack by a reinforcing army combined with a daring and heroic exit from the garrison will result in the first defeat of Treants in this conflict.
Great victory of Bi'sedev: Half a day from Bi'sedev, a strong Treant army who fought the whole of the forces of the League is attacked on its rear guard and annihilated to the last by the first Supprian army newly formed. It was not the Supprians' first victory. Six days earlier, it had wiped out a Treant reinforcement army in a gigantic ambush in the Ttlukuyahanis Hills.

Epic victory of Faranev: The League army, pursued by the largest Treant army ever assembled, waged desperate rearguard fighting for five days across twenty kilometers. When it comes in sight of the city of Faranev, it abruptly turns around and fights for two days in pre-prepared entrenchments against the disorganized Treant army. On the second day, the rest of the League's cataphract cavalry managed to force a bloody way to Treant's command and kill or set it's generals on fire. The victory was total.

Battle of Cape Dirafa: Scientists of Ilion invent the first flame projectors. Grand Admiral Aartini Maltesia decides to gamble it all and provokes the Treant fleet at Cape Dirafa. Here, the League fleet annihilates the whole Forest Fleet with its new weapons. It is said that the last surviving Tree Galleys be pursued until the Celestial Empire.

As victory seemed to have changed sides, three reinforcing Treant armies marching through the Nanji territories turned around, go to the north of their empire and at a Treant request a status quo ante bellum was signed . The populace hailed the news as a victory, but the League generals knew that the retreat of the three Treant armies had nothing to do with the conflict. To this day we do not know why these reinforcements turned around. If these armies had continued on their way, Ecinev would have been razed.

During all these conflicts, the mobility of the fleet made it possible to move the League troops quickly and to clear the encircled coastal cities despite an unfavorable balance of power.
File: gagner-la-guerre-48646.jpg (511 KB, 818x1440)
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Third Treant War: Being on the defensive and knowing from spies that the Treants were gathering troops at the border to relaunch a surprise assault as in other wars, the Exarchs decided to get ahead of the Treants and launch their own surprise attack on the Empire Treant. It was a total success, the Treants did not expect such an unlikely action. The Treants camps were looted and burnt and the Treants armies routed in victorious campaigns.
Peace was signed, League territories were reclaimed, and the Supprian Alliance was recognized by the Treant Empire. The Treants never attacked frontally the Honorable League again, which would gradually become the Honorable League of Ecinev, the big winner in this conflict.

Here is the end of my text, I know that it is in contradiction with what other people wrote but I do not know how to put everything in tune.

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