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Got too much taks to do, but I'll be damned if I don't try to finish this chapter this week! I'll combine the two part of chapter 7 and try to go forward! Thought I'll have to go to work in 3-4 hours so there will be a time when my posts will be limited to bumps.

For those who are new or missed a previous storytime, here's the previous chapters organized by volumes as it was suggested to me! I'll post the link to the last chapter of a volume, and with it you can open up links to the previous storytimes!

Volume 1 is Chapter 1-5, HUMBLE BEGINNING IN THE BARRENS. This is the start of it all,

Volume 2 is chapter 6 to now, JOINING THE BIG (CARIBBEAN) LEAGUES!

As always, if you guys have comments, compliments, insults, critiques, or you want to post your own stories, pictures or turn this into a shadowrun general thread... feel free to do so!

Question of the day (asking again): How long between posts is too much to wait? Considering I'm really not fast to type and that Sunday is pretty much my only free time, should I write a whole chapter in advance then wait the next week to post it?
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So where we last left off, the group were in Dr Smiles' hosptial, licking their wounds after their disastrous encounter with Apex and his WYLD DAWGS, but mainly RipNTear the troll berserker adept and his gang the Firesnakes.

The runners were offered by Ares to get to Miami in the Caribbean League to get a lead on where to find the toxic dog shaman, and what he had planned to do with whatever info he had found on the chip inside the briefcase he nicked from the trolls and orks.

They had seven days to get to the south of what previously belonged Florida, meet 'Homie' the Knight-Errant lieutenant, and start their mission. Failure at anytime would be deadly for the group, as well as for the Barrens Community since Hope put the Commune on the line to save our skin.
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After the beating the group had (mostly Wolfhound), they took two days to rest and recover from any injuries.

Dice and Shortfuse, who were mostly unharmed, and by mostly I mean Homie shot the shaman in the leg as a warning shot while Dice just decided to hide during the encounter, each went on their way to settle some business, or pass the time.

The young teenage elf infiltrator decided to work with Hope to find a way for the team to travel all the way from Seattle to Miami, or at least take the quickest route with less country to cross as possible.

The two of them managed to find a scottish ork pilot named Douglas with his Renault Fiat Fokker Tundra-9. For those who don't know, it's basically an amphibious jet mixed with a cargo plane. With the added bonus of not needing an airfield to land. Perfect for corpos that want to load in stuffs wherever they want, smugglers and any other kind of illegal activities over long distances.

Only problem is that the price he asked was stupidly high, and the only way to pay it would be to do a little "milk run" for him when we arrived. Good news though, he would also find a fixer for us, so it will make our lives easier.
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Shortfuse on his end did what he do best. Socialize.

He spent his time helping with the good doctor and alleviate his work during the day, than shared a bottle or three of alcohol with him during the night. At first the practician was against it, since he purely viewed his relationship with the dwarf and the runners as just business, and helping the Commune, but after a few drinks he mellowed out a little.

It was at the second night that he revealed how a man like himself ended up in the Barrens, caring for the homlesses and the unfortunates, and having a whole building for himself comprised of some pretty great medical gear and installations.
"I studied medecine in the hope of joining DocWagon when I was young, you see. I liked helping people, and I thought that perhaps getting into the action might be even better, more thrilling. I worked there for less than three years, never touched a gun when I was there. Truth be told, my hands start to shake when I'm about to get violent. Fortunately it does not when I'm operating. Then EVO put their grubby paws on where I worked and 'recruited' some of us when our main HTR teams where somewhere else. I thought I'd be sent to CrashCart, it's like EVO's shameless ripoff of DocWagon... but no. I was sent to the main branch."

"So, where did it all go wrong then? EVO was paying less than DocWagon?"

"God no, in fact it was quite better. Nah, shit started to happen when I decided to hook up with a girl working in research and development... she told me some of the projects she was working from, or what her colleagues were doing, or simply what she read about previous projects... I was kinda disgusted... and althought she wasn't directly responsible for what she got herself into, I couldn't help but associate it with her. I'm a pretty shitty guy I guess... Let's just say our breakup wasn't a clean and simple one."

"So you dropped out of one of the Big 10, because you broke up? I find it hard to believe."

"That's not all of it. The real problem is that with the breakup she became... unhinged. Which pissed off her work-friends, which slowed down considerably what they were working on, which in turn pissed off her boss, and the boss over him, and rinse and repeat. I knew too much, and it was my fault that she got like this, so they pinned the blame on me. After that I was placed on a reserve of doctors used to treat VIPs..." Dr Smiles tone was getting deeper, as if he was trying to forgot something really bad that happened in his past.

"And, what happened?" Asked the dwarf, worried for the man and what he was about to tell.

"I let a kid die."

"Yeah, just as you hear it."

"But... why... how... what... please tell me..." Shortfuse, who had a Code of Honor to never hurt and always help children was taken by surprise that Dr Smiles, one of the pillar of the Community, who provided dirt cheap healthcare for the inhabitants of the Commune and saved the lifes of many, had let a child die in his care. He had a mix of anger, disgust and sadness as well as a hint of compassion on his face... the doctor had none of the latter, but a higer intensity of the formers.

"Happened around 9 years ago, soon to be 10. A high executive's son caught an incurable disease and needed immediate surgery. The executive had made in his life tons of enemies, and one of those clowns decided that now was the time to strike..."

"I... I don't like where this is going..."

"You should, or I'd asked you to leave and to never see me again... yeah, some the guy hired some shadowrunners, not too much unlike yourselves, and sent them to where I was operating on the boy. They busted in, intending to snatch the kid and use him as a ransom, but we were mid-surgery, and my hands... my hands..." tears fell down his cheeks, haunted by what happened that day. "My hands, they started shaking. It's a nervous thing, so cyberwares wouldn't have corrected it... and yeah, the runners weren't glad that their target couldn't be transported. I can't remember much of it past that point, but I know they were getting restless since they didn't had much time. I couldn't operate on the boy with my shaky hands, and the other surgeons weren't good in a fight either... I think... I think they got the greenlight from their employer to... kill the boy. They asked me to do it, so it would be painless... but... I was paralyzed in fear. Same for the other doctors, but me... fuck..."

"So they did the job?"
File: Shortfuse.jpg (54 KB, 512x512)
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"Yeah. One bullet. To the head... there was brain matter everywhere... some of the staff started screaming... the runners panicked and shot them down... everthing went wrong... I don't even know if the runners managed to escape or not... and then, when the angry father came in... he put the blame on me. My fault for not finishing the surgery eariier. My fault for loosing my cool and letting the runners gun down some of the practiciancs. My fault... for letting his boy die." He hid his face and shame with his arms, hoping that the alcohol would take him into a merciful torpor, or perhaps a coma that he wouldn't wake up.

"How... did you get here?" Shortfuse wasn't sure if he wanted an answer, but at the point he was he thought it would be better to finish the story once and for all.

"I hired runners... bloody runners... not one team. Multiple of them. One for extracting me, one for recover my equipment, one for distraction and mayhem... I lost count. I just know I dug a bit into the finance of EVO that day, thanks to the executive who in his grief left a keypass to access finance, and took a bit of the research finance from my ex too... god, I'm a fucking scumbag... I bet those two lost their jobs in the least... then I got here. There was some protection, yea, but I also had traps and lured feral ghouls in case EVO ever pointed their nose my way. It worked once, but then I had to fake my death, renamed myself Smiles... and I just hope I'm in the clear..."

"Thanks for sharing that with me. I don't know what I would have done that day if I were in your shoes.

"Better I guess."

"Well, I'll be heading to bed... I guess I'll see you later, friend?"

"See ya, buddy."

I made an approximate portrait of Shortfuse using artbreeder, so if there are people who wants to draw the characters in the future, here's mine!
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And that is how my dwarf raised the loyalty of his contact from 1 to 4. For those who are interested, the GM made his own system for upgrading contacts where you gain as much points for improving contacts as you gain karma in a run. I decided to spend most of what I accumulated until now to raise the loyalty of Dr Smiles from 1 to 4. I have spent it on other things people too, but I'm not sure if it's worth mentionning them now.

So after two days of R&R in hospital beds, the team was ready to go and eager to stretch their legs and beat up anyone standing in their way.

They met up with Douglas outside of Seattle, inside the Salish-Shidhe territory, in an open field near a forest.

What the team saw nearly made them turn tails immediately...

In front of them was standing a insult to aviation itself. Sure it was a Renault Fiat Fokker Tundra-9, like advertised... that is if you only read the ads. The thing was wielded together by torch, nails and I kid you not, glue and duct tape. It also smelled like shit, reason being that the pilot Douglas was hosting a chicken coops inside as well as a cow. The cow's name Antoinette.
BYTE: "God, oh god. Who's fault is it?"

Douglas: "Huh, what do you mean?"

BYTE: "Who found that hunk of junk and passed it to you as an aircraft?!"

Douglas: "Hunk of junk?! She'll make it from here to Miami in less than a day, Snow White! She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, you nerd!. I've even made a lot of special modifications myself."

BYTE: "Anything better than a mini-farm?"

Douglas: "Don't shit-talk a mini-farm man. Pretty good when you get hungry during flight."

BYTE: "But you're the pilot?!"

Douglas: "And?"

Dice: "Aren't you suppose, you know, to fly the... thing?"

Douglas: "You dudes worry to much, auto-pilot has been invented for guys like me to eat and bang chicks during flight!"

Dice, whispering to BYTE: "Wait, do you think he meant chicks as..."

BYTE, disgusted and forced to accept he'll fly in that pile of scrap: "I don't want to know..."
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So funny thing is, we all expected the GM to simply skim over the traveling part, with his description of Douglas' flying machine (The Jailbird) simply being a bit of exposition and another way to take the piss out of us...

We were oh so wrong.

Turns out that Douglas isn't a shitty pilot. He's not a pilot at all. He was reading a flight manual upside down when lift-off, he barely touched the controls at all during the flight and he kept burping or making fart noise everytime someone called him on the radio.

There was also tons of 'mini-games' where we had to roll on diverse tests, otherwise the plane will crash and we die a horrible death. Among such rolls where one when the auto-pilot simply disengaged and shutdowned, and Douglas couldn't give less of a fuck on how to turned it on. Even as the planned started descending in a straight line to the ground. BYTE had to get a crash course (no pun intended) on the matrix on how to repair the engine and the system, while Wolfhound had to rip off every part that was standing in the way to make a quickfix, and put everything he took off back to its place by memory.

One of his chicken even managed to get out of its cage and flew right off the plane... have you guys ever seen the rooster in Moana... yeah we got that kind of animal. The pilot then made a scene that if we don't get the bird he'll turn this plane around and we'll have to walk the rest of the way. With only a cable as a safety precaution, Dice then exited the cabin and used her Not!Batcape to glide to the animal and bring it back to us.
File: D2I6SlMUYAAePp9.jpg (59 KB, 770x1000)
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We nearly failed so many rolls during that last endeavour. First off Dice didn't have special gear like an oxygen tank for high altitude or never flew that high before. She nearly lost consciouness and only an edged roll helped her get to the chicken. Then there was the cable attaching her to the airplane that snapped in half, and it is only with improved reflexes magically boosted by the dwarf that Wolfhound managed to grab the cable in time and hold it until the infiltrator came back.

Meanwhile BYTE was screaming at the pilot on how such an incompetent retard could demand such a high price for flying this death-trap.

The rest of the journey wasn't any better, because while Douglas was drinking himself to near death while the auto-pilot was on during the day, then after our experience with him and our understandably angry attitude at him the ork went full paranoid.

He decided to activate all kinds of traps that he had installed (warned us at the last second when one of his chickens were walking too close to it), threaten us to blow up the plane if we moved out of our seats, stole the only parachute he had, went into delirious rants about how shadowrunners are a bunch of murder-hobos that want to steal his majestic airplane, and snorted lines of cocaine so he could stay awake if we did anything during the night.

Never again would the group be caught flying with an aircraft ever again... or so they hoped.
File: 1625529168768.jpg (60 KB, 833x550)
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After what felt like an eternity the plane has finally landed. Well it had to since it ran out of fuel. Luckily, even if he never learned how to operate his vehicle, he still had the bare minimum of intelligence of installing mods to alleviate his... skills.

Parachutes were deployed at each wing and at the back of the plane. Now instead of falling to their death, the group could hope for a one-way ticket to the hospital.

Despite the help from the mods Douglas put on his plane, it wasn't enough. Far from enough.

Wolfhound jumped out of his seat and yanked the controls out of the ork and had BYTE sit next to him as his copilot.

Truth is he never flew something like this in his life, but having the best reflexes he was the group's best shot at survival. Thankfully with BYTE overtaking the autopilot by his side he had a chance to succeed.

And he did.

But only thanks to an edged roll. Considering he only got 1 edge, it is a good that he managed to save the day.
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When The Jailbird landed, everyone exited it as fast as they could. The dwarf went to kiss the ground, tears flowing down his beard. Dice fell on her knees, having no strenght left to even lift a pinky. The albino decker and the street samurai were the last one to leave, still in a dazed at what they have just accomplished.

Then came Douglas, with a self-assured smug look on his face.

"Well lads, you've made it! We're near Orlando, at the coast line!"

"WHAT?!" That was the whole group expressing their incredulation that their good for nothing pilot couldn't even get them to their destination.

"Hey don,t look at me, we ran out of gaz. Ain't my fault."

Shortfuse: "YES IT IS!"

Dice and BYTE: "ASSHOLE!"

"Tutututut! I want to hear nothing of it! I got you near where you wanted to go, you just have to get a car and roll for like, 3-4 hours. Now all that's left is the payment."


Wolfhound: "We nearly did your job in your stead."

Dice: "BASTARD!"

Wolfhound: "And we would all have died if we didn't."

Dice: "IDIOT!"

"And what if it's because of your interferance we nearly died, eh? I could charge you extra for that."


"Y'all paid for a ride on The Jailbird. You rode it, you pay. I got some friends on the way here, they'll pick you up and you could start your run to repay us."

Shortfuse: "And what if we refuse?"

"Huuuuuuuuuh... I'm like, friends with the pirates around here... so if you get around those waters you're in trouble?"

Shortfuse: "We will so get you for this."

"Betcha won't."
The runners waited for two whole hour, while Douglas the shady pilot went to sleep after taking too much drugs and beers. The light of day faded out and the night took over.

Many times the group thought about leaving that useless bum alone and get on their way, but none of them wanted to walk the whole way from Orlando to Miami and if what Douglas said was true they would get in contact with a local fixer if they help (plus out of character we were craving some Karma points).

A boat finally got to the group. On board was a crew comprising of orks and humans, with one troll as extra security. All of them had glowing neon tattoos like pic related

One man who looked to be like the captain of the ship went to meet the runners. I don't know if there's a word for it, but his build was a mix of scrawny and /fit/ ... some anon suggested 'lean'.
The man spoke with a very broken english, under his clothes could be seen small tokens like small animal skulls, dolls and feathers and furs.

Shortfuse immediately recognizes that man as a practitionner of the voodoo tradition.

"Ah, ya 'mericans have finally arrived. I was expectin' you, yes-yes. Ya see, I have a special task for ya. Somethin' I think only ya can do, huhuhu!"

Wolfhound: "And what would that be?"

"Treasure huntin' my friends! I need ya to delve into da sea, and find me all the goodies inside a sunken ship, yes. After ya found enough, ya debt is paid!"

Dice: "How much is enough?"

"That is up for me to judge, huhuhu!"

Here's a picture of BYTE that I made on artbreeder! I don't know if it's what the player thought he looked like, but I think it's pretty close! Also tried to do Wolfhound and Dice, but artbreeder can't make decent orks, and couldn't make something close to Pepper.
Wolfhound: "There's just one problem thought."

"Oh? And what might that be, american?"

Wolfhound: "I've never swam in my life."

Shortfuse: "Me too."

Dice: "Yeah, never had time..."

BYTE: "Same."

That was our group looking at our character sheets and realising none of us put a single point in swimming. For starting one of our biggest runs in a land surrounded by the sea... we were not starting well.

"Well I should have expected that. One would think pigs are able to swim, but ya breed makes da exception. No matta. Ya, the big one, will definitely come with da team."

He then pointed menacingly at the decker with an irritated glare in his eyes.

"And ya? Ya look weak, and ya are lucky we are doing this at night, because of ya weak skin ya might have had problem there, ya see?Anything good ya can do?"

BYTE: "I... hum... can hack?"

"Ya matrix tricks will be useless underwata. So ya'd be useless too. Is that ya can do?"

BYTE: "I can pilot drones."

"Aaaaaaah, that would be much useful, yes-yes! We do have a drone attached to da sub. It got some tools, but before ya ask, da chainsaw is for cutting ship parts, not people."
"And what about ya, ya little girl? Ya seem too young to play with da big boys, yet you carry such a dangerous weapon?" He said while pointing at Dice's monofilament whip. "What can ya do to earn ya crust, huh?"

Dice, mimicking kung-fu poses: "I'm like, a super spy, I got gadgets, break into things, I can sneak my way in almost everywhere!... and I can also fly, or more like, glide... can fly too but it's easier to glide!"

"Aaaah yes-yes, huh huh, flying is pretty good underwata, no? And true there a pretty big fishies down there, but ya expect heavy security inside a sunken boat, huh?"

The young teenager's face grew red of embarrassement. The captain smirked at her expression, then opened up his arms in a welcoming fashion.

"Do not worry kid, ol' captain Hugo knows just what to give to ya. Princesses should stick togetha, and that is why I give ya the mission to escort my daughta Kara!"

"It's S1pr1t, captain!" Said a young teenager, dressed and tattooed similarly to her pirate brethren, exiting the captain's personal cabin with an angry pout.

The father looked half exasperated, half amused at his daughter trying to correct him on what to call her. He quickly replied with "What kind of name is Sp1r1t, huh?! I know ya like to honor my tradition, but it is silly, no? Also why replace the 'i's with '1's? Ya want to tell da world ya walk around with a big computa, huh?!"

"And ya, dwarf? I can sense da magic emanating from ya, a lot of it. Ya a wizard, hairy? Nah, ya look too poor for going to da fancy schools... shaman I think?"

"Got it first try, bravo."

"Aaaah, it is part of my skill sets my friend! Like my daughta might have hinted ya, I am a voodoo practicionna! I am in communion with da spirits of my ancesta, and da ruleas of da beyond!"

"Impressive. I'm personally in direct contact with my god, Dionysus."

"Huhuhu! The gall of that guy, ya say ya can speak directly with a god? Huhuhu! I hope what you say is true, because ya might need it tonight. I will let ya choose. Go with ya friends into da deep, or stay on da surface with us."

"Why stay on the surface? Could there be danger incoming?"

"Ya can say that. Let's just say we are racing against time, and ya might buy us more of it."

"in that case, I'll be better on the surface."

"Good choice my man, yes-yes!"

And that is how the teams got assigned. Wolfhound and BYTE would go down to the sunken ship aboard a submarine owned by the pirates, while Shortfuse would provide magical support and Dice would be escorting the Captain's daughter. The latter seemed a bit miffed that she would missed all the fun, the the teenage hacker would make sure her bodyguard would not get bored.
"Where are we going?"

"We're going to help the Captain gal-pal!"

The young hacker than sneakily embarked on a jet ski, and invited her new friend to join her.

"Wouldn't it help your father more if, you know, we don't get ourselves into trouble?" Even if she wasn't sure it was the right thing to do, her curiosity bested her good intention and she hopped in behind the other adolescent.

"Eeeeeeeh... no. Also just call him Captain."

"Why? You're afraid he'll throw me overboard or something?" The infiltrator said with a mockish smirk.

"Nah he'll do it only if you guys betray us, or you found a good loot and intend to keep the best share... or if the boys want your share and they think they can get away with it while the captain 'isn't looking' ".

She then started the engine, and luckily for them, the vehicle has been modified to be pretty silent. It was also painted black with small neon flames on the side.

"Then why do YOU insist on calling him Captain, and him calling you Spirit?"

The hacker went gloomy for a brief minute, hesitating if she wants to tel her life story to a complete stranger.. then she decided to use this opportunity to tell more about herself and also learn what she wants to know.

"Yeah, well, I always wanted to be a shadowrunner, you know? I mean, it's cool being a pirate and all, but I want to explore the big cities, gain huge loads of cash and party up in the nightclubs... I do some here, but like... not really? You feel me?"

"I... think so?..."

"Yeah, and my dad only sees me as his daughter, same for the crew. I want them to treat me seriously! I mean, I'm an accomplished decker! I got a cyberdeck worth more than some of the boats we use! I should get the respect I derserve!"

"I feel you girl."
The two teenagers then went on talking about the life at the sea, being a pirate, cool trideo films they watched recently and other kind of stuff that could interest adolescents.

Meanwhile Wolfhound and BYTE got installed inside a ridiculously spacious submarine. It was a Vulkan Electronaut (for those who don't know, it's like the cheapest submarine a civilian can afford), but that has been elongated and with nearly eveything unnessecary bolted out just to make space for six more passagers.

The sammie was installed at the back where he would be swimming to the sunken ship along with seven other divers, while the decker would be sitting next to the pilot to operate the drone.

The crew were also followed by a water spirit summoned by Captain Hugo, who took the shape of an old african woman clad with silky white robes. The Captain told the runners that she was insurance. If the spirit pops off, he'd know something is wrong.
File: 1437338332986.png (811 KB, 1003x797)
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811 KB PNG
So yeah at that point, we went from a serious gig by one of the big 10 to classy pirate adventures. For those who need it (and to preserve most of the post taken from the other thread, and add what I forgot to write), here's what every member of the cast were situated up to this point.

So Dice the elf infiltrator got a new BFF by getting along with the Captain's daughter on a 'reconnaissance' mission, and found out that the two of them share much more than a kindred spirit. It was pretty much a pleasant experience for the both of them despite their 'mission being surveillance in case of an incoming threat. While one may question how useful two loud teenagers scouting on a jet ski with painted neon green flames, offshore in the middle of the night may be... I'll leave it up to you. Meanwhile the rest of the crew went on more serious tasks.

BYTE the hacker, and Wolfhound the street samurai were assigned to explore the deep inside a submarine that has been pimped out by pirates, to a point where it has uncomfortably too much space... especially with almost everything that is needed to survive the ride has been bolted out of the vehicle. Each time the walls creaked under the water's pressure, the decker thought this would be the end of him, he could almost swear that layers of plating have been removed just to add a few centimeters of free space.. All in all, its an excellent way to develop claustrophobia!... and that right after the plane experience too!
Shortfuse the dwarf shaman of Dionysus decided to stay on the surface because
1) He totally refuse to go under the sea inside that floating iron coffin
2) He can't swim, so he's not eager to get in contact with water that's bigger than a bathtub
3) Captain Hugo told him there might be some complications, and using his magic could tip the balance in their favor.

The dwarf would have like if the Captain explained further what kind of risk he is talking about, or what kind of treasures should the group expect to find inside the sunken ship, but the master of the vessel kept his mouth shut.

Not sure what to do to pass time, he decided to take a swig from one of his many, many, hidden bottles of alcohol he keeps hidden under his coat.

Noticing the shaman having a good time, the pirate crew interrupted their jactivities and Shortfuse quickly made new friends, as well as empty his hidden reserve of beverages.
File: yTebafCMvmXK7atgiffKP3.jpg (1.87 MB, 1920x1297)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB JPG
"So, how'd ya discover that sunken ship?" That was BYTE who thought that he could break the monotony of descending into the deep. The answer he got from a crewmate wasn't that satisfying.

"Captain discovered it."

"Ok, but how?"

"We don't know."

"You guys might at least have a clue, no?" Now Wolfhound got his interest piqued, and being forbidden to smoke one of his classy Wolverine style cigar, he didn't have much to do except talk.

"Well... I think he found a map?"

"No, da captain had a tip!"

"How'd ya know?"

"Yeah, how'd you know?" Added the hacker.

The man who pretended to know more about their leader was an orc with orange neon tattoos, some of them highlighting his skeleton, and some being flames envelopping his bones.

"Well I saw da captain talk to a stranga, who got info from a friend, who learned from his sista that there was a huge magical storm here months ago that brought many surprises."

"Ah yes, that storm!"

"What storm?" Said the sammie.

"La Naomi! It was a mana storm that happened a few months back! It was terrible! Most of us had to stay indoor to not suffa the wrath of the sea!"

"Yes-yes. Terrible indeed."

"Many small ships sank because of it. Much profit for us it was right after!"

"That indeed."

"And da captain heard that the storm may have unveiled a ship, sunken hundreds of years ago, who might contain treasures!"
File: 1625522558362.jpg (301 KB, 872x1000)
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301 KB JPG
Wolfhound: "So a tropical storm brought a whole ancient ship into existence?"

BYTE: "It's magic man, don't question it."

"Yes-yes, like he says! It's magic man, don't question it!"

The descent went on without any problem. BYTE took some time to familiarize himself with the drone the submarine had. It was more of a utility tool than a fighting one, with things like saw, blowtorches, small arms and other stuff.

Wolfhound spent his time looking outside the submarine throught a window. The water spirit that Captain Hugo summoned was doing loopings and barrel rolls, vsisibly even her was bored out of her mind.

After a bit of time, the vehicle arrived at the location where the sunken ship was approximated to be. It was completely dark, and so far there was nothing catching their attention.
File: 1625538264797.jpg (254 KB, 1920x1080)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
"So what do we do?" Asked Ray Lau, the albino decker who got a new shade of pal stressed as he was to be stuck in the dark ocean.

"We could start searching, or ask the captain what to do next." Answered Harvey Hunt, the team's muscles.

"Won't do anything but make da captain angry. We ain't children. Now it's our time to start searchin'!" That was the crewmate with the orange tattoos, already grabbing his diving gear.

Resigning himself to his fate of swimming outside the extremely relative security of the submarine, Wolfhound donned a wetsuit and hoped for the best. Sadly, it wasn't tailored for his cyberclaws, so he'd have to leave his hands exposed to the very cold water. He wouldn't be able to use his rocket feet too, so his fighting prowess was moderatly reduced.

"God, I hope what we find is worth it... and I'm so gonna kill that bastard of a pilot... fucking Douglas"
Damn, fuckin pumping them out today
File: DnMF9eqU4AAUttZ.jpg (101 KB, 927x1200)
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101 KB JPG
More that I made two threads already and they died cause I overslept and I am now combining them... hopefully this one will stay alive.

Meanwhile on the surface, on board a black jet ski with neon green flames, two adolescents were talking about their favorite trideo show and who the female protagonist would date.

"I can't wait to see Kyla in the third season, she's sooo coooool!" That was Pepper, overexcited to share the same passion with someone else.

"I know! I just can't wait to see her and Tyler go together!" Answered the young pirate.

"Tyler?!" The elf infiltrator was almost insulted at that name. "Why in everything good ever made would Kyla go with Tyler?! He's a street punk!"

"So are you pointy-ears, nothing wrong with street scum if I can so myself." She had a smirk that the Dice failed to notice.

"It's called 'Kyla the Ninja against the Samurais of Darkness'! Tyler's no samurai, nor a ninja! It's obvious she'd go with Kenji!"

"HA!" The young decker chuckled a little, then looked at the infiltrator with a condescending attitude. "Don't you know Horizon shows always subvert? They even subvert the subvertation! It can't be this obvious, trust me!"

"How 'bout when we each go back home we watch the next episode? At the same time? We'll see who's right!" Pepper felt self assured that she would be in the right, fully unaware that Sp1r1t wasn't that interested in shipping.

"How 'bout we watch the next episode together instead, huh?"Despite both sharing the jet ski, Dice just realised then how close the two were standing next to each other. She opened her mouth once, closed it, then opened it again, unable to find anything to say. Completely embarrassed, she was grateful for how dark it was so the decker wouldn't see her face red of embarrassement.

The intimate moment between the two was cut short when Sp1r1t's cyberdeck beeped one time, then another, then more and more in quick successions.
The two adolescents went dead quiet. The decker then checked her cyberdeck, swore a few times in either Spanish or French, than accelerated on her jetski back towards her father.

"What's happening? Sp1r1t! What was that?!"

"Sorry girl-friend, but I think 'pa has been had!"

"Wait what?! Also did you just called him 'pa? Also what?!" The infiltrator was confused at how fast the situation just changed.

"I'll cut it short! The captain's got info from a corp of some kind, just before they went on their expedition! If he doesn't get out asap, he's dead meat!"



"What can we do?"

"For now, come to him as fast as we can, warn him, and hope we can evacuate..."

"Can't you just call him?"

"That'd be unwise, they're surely monitering any matrix activity in the area, it'll put us all at risk!"

"What if we distract them?"


"I got a plan!"
File: 1459371129817.jpg (45 KB, 564x669)
45 KB
Life was quite boring those last few weeks. Yup. Quite boring.

Matthew Flint was used to any firefight, the bomb shells and the shitty nature of war. It has been years since he oined Team Zero, a merc group working in the Caribbean League... and this assignement was the worst.

He has been following scientists for weeks now, helping them in their many endeavours, and those eggheads can't even get themselves into trouble even if they wanted to. The merc fel unnessecary, he frankly, he missed the action. Nuyens be damned.

He got a call from one of his partners, checking periodically if everything was in order. As usual, nothing out of the ordinary was coming up. Hell, even the big magical fishes that hunts people at night were not showing up.

As he was about to tell his comrade everything was calm, he heard a thump coming from behind him. Mind you, it wasn't the first time during this trip, it's just the waves. This one was probably that too.

Then just as some of his brother in arms were coming to greet him something on the ground rolled from beneath him... something round, and smelling of spices?
Suddenly a red smoke came out of the object on the ground. Matt's eyes as well as his friends were burning and in intense pain. Some of the dudes were clawing near their eye sockets, in the vain hope of dispersing the pepper gaz that has been tormenting their sight.

As they started to scream and roll on the ship's deck, a shadow landed in front of them. It had a tactical suit that fades throught the darkness, a long cape, a cowl that masked most of its face and a belt holding tools perfect for the trade.

Between two coughs Matthew only had the time to say this before falling unconscious.

" *cough* *cough* Is that... fucking Batman?! *cough* *cough* "
Meanwhile on Captain Hugo's ship, Nikos Galanis, the dwarf shaman managed to save just in time his last bottles from a band of really thirsty pirates who turned him upside down and shook him so more of the delicious alcohol would fall out of his pockets. Luckily for him, his pockets are well secured and the captain was keeping a close eye on his crew as they do not throw the dwarf overboard.

It was hard to see it in his position, but Shortfuse thought he saw a neon green stain in the distance. Then the stain grew and grew, slowly but surely. He called for the man in charge, who ordered his men to put the dwarf down, unfortunately not gently, as he grabbed a pair of binoculars and looked at the horizon.

Veins protruded from his wrists as he recognized his daughter on the jet ski, alone with no sign of her assigned bodyguard.

"Ya betta have a good explanation why my little princess left da boat, and why she is alone, dwarf. If anything, anything, happened to her..."
"They're coming!" Said Sp1r1t. She was on edge, taken aback by the sudden turn of events.

"Who's coming, Kara?!"

"It's...! It's... people! Corpos, no doubt! They're heading straight here!"

"What about Dice?" That was Shortfuse, worrying about the infiltrator.

"She went to distract them!"

"Alone?!" The dwarf couldng't imagine any way this would end well, but before he could say anything else Captain Hugo threw a spiteful glare at him for the way he spoke to his daughter.

"Da little princess is going to be fine, yes-yes. What little we can do for now, is to prepare for da incoming party guests, and to secure an exit for ourselves, and our boys below. Ya want to pay your debt dwarf? Then get ready to fight!"
Wolfhound wondered how he got himself there.

How did he go from a bloodthirsty weapon in criminal gang warfare, to a ruthless vigilante, to a badass shadowrunner... to now an appetizer for sea food.

Now you may ask, 'sea food'? How could it be? Are you going to say that our intrepid hero is about to face some terror of the deep? Why yes, of course!

You see the world of Shadowrun is also dubbed the Sixth World because of the return of magic, it comes and goes as a cycle and brings changes to the world. One notable change is the emergence of magical criters brought back from the rising levels of mana. Now take all your fancy myths about monsters dwelling in the sea and you got yourself some nasty surprises... like for example a KRAKEN who out of the blue managed to sneak up on the expedition and decided to take the ship as its new new or something.

Out of the six swimmers (including the sammie) only 4 remained, with 1 of them heavily injured and crawling back to the sub with his tail between his legs, and another who is trapped under debris.
File: a2840103801_10.jpg (106 KB, 734x734)
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106 KB JPG
As if there weren't enough troubles, the submarine with the pilot, BYTE and the drone on board couldn come to their aid because some MEGALODONS decided to take a stroll in the area. As if one giant shark wasn't terrible to deal with, the hacker had to deal with two of them chasing his ass.

The sub and the sharks were currently playing a deadly game of hide and seek, and the two carcharodon were dangerously close to winning.
File: C2in8CTXgAAu9bG.jpg (266 KB, 776x1200)
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266 KB JPG
Trapped between a hammer and a hard place, Wolfhound didn't have that many solutions in hand. Considering that the squid was pretty defensive about his territory, the street samurai thought it best to help the pirate trapped under the remnants of the sunken vessel instead of engagin into a fight like the others.

While not false, his reasonning didn't factor that the monster also considers the everything that was part of the ship his.

As soon as the sammie went to lift some heavy logs and dislodged the man under, a tentacle ensnared the shadowrunner, constricting with a force that would crush normal men.
File: 1509392963_image.jpg (52 KB, 1280x544)
52 KB
Now, even if Wolfhound was no mere metahuman, it doesn't mean that he didn't feel it. Even his bones that have been laced with titaniums cracked at a few places, mostly the ribs.. but Harvey Hunt is a badass, and he will never yield to anyone, even legendary sea monsters! Didn't stopped him from screaming at the top of his lungs though.

The other pirates tried to help... at first. They lifted their harpoon guns menacingly, then realised it's better to let the creature play with the hired help while they get the loot inside the sunken ship. Is it stupid? Yes, but we might have done the same in their shoes... or rather just plainly escape instead of risking our skin.

With barely no time to spare the merc called up to BYTE so the two of them could find a plan.
File: potc3barbossa.jpg (29 KB, 771x321)
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Above the water, it was a total all out war.

Apparantly, Captain Hugo wasn't the only pirate that had received a leak from his contact about where the sunken ship is supposed to be. In fact, there were multiple parties gathered at the same time.

Pepper Allen was currently on board of a ship belonging to the Atlantean Foundation, a AA corporation that specialised in research towards finding the lost city of Atlantis, also everything concerning the oceans, online entertainment and magic goodies... safe two say they were there for at least 2 or 3 of the four.

Also joining the festivities were other group of pirates and smugglers, duking it out with our pirate gang.

Captain Hugo and Shortfuse were both back to back on deck, throwing spells at any enemy ship that dared move too close to them. The epicness of the scene would have increased tenfold if it would have been a storming, or a whirlpool formed where the sunken ship was suppose to be.
"Well mista dwarf, looks like it might be our last scuffle!"

"I ain't betting on it, captain!"

"We're stuck here, half my crew is underwata, and I can't see any sign of them coming up! Plus Mista Bigg here won't hold the enemy boarding that much longa!"

As if on cue, the troll who belongs to Hugo's crew then lariat out of the sip with both his arms at least 5 invaders. He then shouted like a majestic gorilla, as if daring anyone else to try to pass through him.

"What about your water spirit? How bad is it?"

"She hasn't popped off yet, if that's what ya are asking... I ordered her to protect the sub, so I can't guarantee anyone's safety..."

"Hope it didn't decided to be a prick then, I don't want to meet my god today..."

"Neitha do I wish to see the spirits of my ancestors..."
Coming back to the ocean floor, there were a lot of awful things surrounding the sunken ship.

The two megalodons came really close to tear the sub apart. Only with the heroicsacrifice of Captain Hugo's water spirit did Byte escape from drowning in the ocean depth.

The lady stood in front of the two monsters and distracted them right before they land a hit on the vehicle, but unfortunately the distraction worked too well. The two sharks went to town on her and she dissipated into the water, as if a current took her away piece by piece.

Wolfhound on his end was currently being crushed to death. The Kraken was making sure the strange metahuman-frog-thingie was tender before swallowing him, and for a metahuman-frog that one was especially sturdy.

There were some intruders that penetrated the ship and it tried to stop them, but unfortunately it couldn't reach them in time. Now that they are inside it couldn't use its tentacles... someone was preventing... or rather ordering it to leave the ruined vessel intact.
File: 1605721095330.jpg (154 KB, 720x1280)
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154 KB JPG
BYTE's brain was processing everythign at an extreme speed trying to find a way to save his associate without costing him his life.

The drone he was piloting isn't equipped with weapons. Well it did have a saw, but it was made for cutting wood and metal parts, not against a live creature. It was also so small and fragile, if the squid just so much sneeze at it the decker might as well loose his only method of helping.

The pilot wasn't of any help, or rather he was, but entirely focusing on dodging the sharks. Being a really white and really skinny nerd, BYTE couldn't hope to take the controls away from the pirate and try something desperate, like ramming the sea monster.

After a bit of distressful thinking, the decker finally managed to find the best solution. Something he remembered having read a long time ago while he was aimlessly strolling the Matrix...

Megalodons and Krakens are natural enemies! Now was the time to let nature do its thing!

Imma go to work now, hope the thread will remain alive, I'm really excited to write the rest!
Then I'll keep it alive. I'm eager to see how things turn out, anon.
Another bump to prevent premature flatlining.
20 minutes pause, imma update the story.

Thank you >>80651170 >>80654150

Dude I need you to charge in direction of that thing!” Said BYTE, pointing at the colossal being killing his friend.

“Are ya Americans crazy?! No way! No-no! We have big sharks on our ass, can’t risk it!”

“I have a plan to save us all!”

“Listen Chinese white boy! Everybody knew there were risks! Ya friend knew it too, and thanks to him we can take the loot and live. Now let me worry about the fishies, yes?!”

“Listen here dumbass!”

The pilot became extremely irritated and was considering grabbing his hidden side-arm to silence the decker, but BYTE’s inner anger and determination couldn’t be deterred.

“Those sharks eat big squids, and vice-versa! Get them close and they’ll fight each other! Two birds, one stone! It’s our only way to get out alive!”

The pilot wished he had time to think about it but time was in fact running out. Deciding to follow his guts, he aimed the submarine towards the Kraken and went full throttle.

Do continue this riveting tale!
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Ask and you shall receive!

"Big guy, can you hear me?" BYTE's voice was cracking, obviously he was doing his best to keep calm in this situation.

"GYUUUUAAAARGH! YEEEEAAAARGH... YES, I... CAN... UUUUURH... HEAR YOU!" The sammie couldn't take the punishment much longer. I can't remember the stats the GM used for the Kraken, but judging by the number of dices he rolled, the bastard must have had like 16 to 20+ strenght. It's really a miracle that Wolfhound didn't die, or burned edge to survive.

"Can you deploy your claws?!"





Sensing another squeeze incoming, Wolfhound unleashed his claws into the tentacle constricting him while roaring with all the rage he could muster.

The cyberspurs sank into the beast, like a knife plunging into an elastic and squishy chicken. Blue blood tainted the already blue ocean, and gathered like clouds in an underwater sky

If the creature felt it, it was barely showing it. All its attention was on squashing the metahuman-frog ensnared by its limb, to see the light goes out in the diver's eyes and secure the vessel... for his master...

But right before it had the time to land a final blow on the merc, as if they were some fleshy torpedos, the two megalodons rammed into the kraken and viciously started taking huge bites out of it with the hundreds of teeth.

Those, the kraken felt it. It screeched and let go of Wolfhound, who drifted to the ocean floor. He was slowly loosing oxygen since his diving gear has been damaged, but fortunately it wasn't a pressing matter.

Against his better judgement, he decided to swim inside the sunken ship and try to find any treasures the other pirates might have missed, in the vain hope that at least this would compensate for his misery.
File: Ppimaa.png (393 KB, 701x800)
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393 KB PNG
Inside the Chandler, also known to as the boat owned by the Atlantean Foundation and defended by Team Zero, Dice the infiltrator was quickly loosing our edge against the ship's defense.

She managed to slow the advance of the research crew, but now the element of surprised as started to dissipate, and the mercenary group has started to organize themselves.

At that moment they were searching every nook and cranny, since the last thing they were told before Matthew Flint went unconscious is that they're being attacked by a fictional character.

Dice was smarter than them in this game of cat and house, because instead of staying on the vessel waiting to be found she deployed her Not!Batcape and flew into the night sky, waiting for an opportunity to strike.
File: 1605411694436.png (164 KB, 315x383)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
And the opportunity came indeed. Seeing that their teammates has been taken out, but not outright killed, the mercs regrouped around the fallen, with one medic patching up and the rest surrounding him for protection.

Reprehensive to use lethal forces, Dice took out her monofilament whip (a very deadly and completely forbidden weapon) and decided to try again to pull up a trick with it.

Why would she tempted fate again? Why would she justifies her street name on some poor unlikely innocent mercs? Well her only non-lethal approach is her pepper grenades and unfortunately it doesn't work on smart dudes who put on gas masks.
File: Pepper_Potts.png (828 KB, 1600x900)
828 KB
828 KB PNG
Fortunately she managed to live up to her name, in a good way, and tore apart their only protection against her. Not only the medic, but some of the guards too.

Once again she was recognized as the Dark Knight and unknowingly to her at the moment, she was caught on camera as each of the mercenaries carried a small recording device with them to send to their spyder manning everything Matrix related. Her notoriety went up quite a bit that night, and while it's always cool to be known as a ultimate badass in every media... it is also a bit detrimental to success for those trying to live in the shadows.

But that was a problem for another day. Having taken down the medics in each group and under heavy fire, she decided to use her Not!Batcave and bail out of the boat to join up with Captain Hugo and his daughter. She couldn't have done more on the Chandler anyway, except sabotaging the ship... but she didn't knew how and it was dangerous to do it alone in hostile territory with no clue on where to go.
Dice going all dicin' mode sounds perfectly plausible.
File: How I view Mister Bigg.jpg (187 KB, 1920x1080)
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187 KB JPG
"How is da situation Mista Bigg?!"


Captain Hugo was reaching his limit, flinging spellss after spell, narrowingly dodging incoming fire from the enemy pirates and barking orders at his crew. Mister Bigg the troll wasn't saying much, but it was enough for Captain Hugo to understand. At best they have 5 minutes before the ship sink. They couldn't stand where they were any longer and had to abandon the site.

"Alright boys! It is time to leave! We fought good, yes-yes, but we lack da powa to bring those fools down. Plus we can't tango with da big shots if they get here. Unfortunately we won,t have time to wait for that Dice gi-"

And right before he finished his sentence, Dice landed right next to him, promptly excusing herself for being so late and thanking the captain for waiting on her. Mister Bigg smiled as if he already knew it would happen, and Sp1r1t who was hiding inside the captain,s cabin had a giggle and exited her safe spot to embrace the infiltrator, all the while having a really smug and content attitude towards her father.

The latter lost track of what he was about to say for a second then shook his head like a dog and began anew his speech.

"Thanks to da little princess here, who following da directives I gave my daughta, sabotaged da corpos and their big ship, we now have time to get out of here and leave da mess to clean to them. Now if we don,t want to be part of da mess, we gotta leave now. Let's just hope that the boys are able to find their way home, yes..."

"Captain, if I may?" That was Shortfuse, who was partially agreeing with the captain, but had hope to give better odds of survival to their comrades below the depths.

"Yes, mista dwarf?"

"If we can spare but a few moments, we could each summon a water spirit to aid our friends below, and even gave them instructions on where to find us?"
File: 1459437744894.jpg (88 KB, 502x616)
88 KB
The thing is, I now summon spirits with an extra care in mind. Truth be told, after the Barrens Death Course where I used high level spirits to breeze the competition, thus partially foiling the GM's plans for the night, I got a Damocles Sword hanging above my head.

If I summon too many of them, if I make too many encounters trivial because of them, or become over-reliant of them... bad things would happen. Would it be a magical police hot on my trail? The spirit community treating me as a pariah? A magical gnome raping me in my sleep? I don't know, but like the G-Man once said, prepare for unforeseen consequences. So now I try to keep the summoning to a minimum, which is a shame considering that the first gift Dionysus gave my character inside the temple a while ago was a focus for summoning spirit.

"Ya know shortie, if there's one thing I dislike is being told what to do by a know-it-all american... but if there is one thing I despise above all else, it is to lose great gains because I decided to be pig-headed... especially after risking my neck. Mista Bigg, can ya buy us more time?


"Good-good... my dear dwarf friend, ya have proven yourself decent in battle, but now is when ya truly shine. If ya plan works, we survive and get da money, ya and your crew will have earned my eternal respect!"

Both of the magic practionners then started summoning their own spirit of water. Captain Hugo made some dance with chants and agitated some of his voodoo thingies (Dice swore she saw a miniature decomposed head for a split second) and another of his ancestor appeared. She was dressed similarly as the other one, but she looked older and more fragile. The pirate leader had a dissapointed look in his face.

Shortfuse took a swig from one of his last stash of alcohol, and spit some of it into the air. The drops in the air accumulated sea water and then merged with it, taking the shape of a semi-translucide sea serpant. It was a pretty cool force 5 spirit!
File: IYLiFyZ.png (703 KB, 651x576)
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703 KB PNG
Okay I'm going to sleep... I really hope the thread won't die again, on my part I'll do my best to not laze around almsot past noon.

If there's no Shadowrun thread in a few hours, I suggest your turn this thread into a general, I'll keep posting my stuff.

I think the best street names are the ones we earned, not the ones we choose for ourselves. Dice has a perfect way to live up to hers!

Truly, she at least has many ways to justify her street name.

Also, thanks again for the fascinating fable, and hopefully be seeing ya again in a few hours.
Don't you flatline on us!
Really hoping the gang manages to get some souvenirs from this.
I am awake! I’ll get myself some breakfast and I’ll start posting soon!
File: 1605405278698.jpg (107 KB, 876x1280)
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107 KB JPG
Have you guys ever been inside a sunken ship? I know that I don't, but something I can tell from a friend's experience and what I can see in pictures, it's a unique decor. It is as if everything is frozen in time, there's nothing moving, no life... yet life as claimed every centimeter of the man-made vessel. While you may think that everything down there is preserved as it was when it sank, it is also rotting away, just to a pace immensily slow to any of us. It's surreal.

Wolfhound couldn't find words for what he was seeing. Not long ago he was a simple street thug, yet an extremely brutal and efficient one, but still a hoodlum good for nothing else but fight other of his kind. And now, almost alone dozens of meters below the surface, exploring a treasure hold like in some fantasy simsense, the first man (excluding the pirates) to discover and explore that ruin... it kind of opened Wolfhound's eyes. He originally embraced the career of shadowrunning as a mean to gain quick cash and better track down Apex... but for the first time ever, he truly forgot about his revenge, the goal that has driven him for so long. Truly, at this moment, he simply enjoyed being a shadowrunner.

The pirate crew that he followed barely used the comms, most likely they each found something good that they want to keep for themselves, but sometimes the sammie could see one of them passing, with a large sack certainly full of golden shinies.

Thinking that the captain's cabin, and the cargo haul had surely been raided during his encounter with the kraken, Wolfhound decided to explore the crewmates' quarters... with a little luck someone could have snagged something good hundred of years ago?
Wolfhound could hear the ground quakes because of the titanic fight outside. The sunken ship made some increasingly menacing creaking sounds.

In game terms, time is running out. We don't know when, but it might be pretty soon. The three colossal monsters weren't having a gentle touch when fighting each other.

So he was racing against the clock, and now everything was on his shoulders to maximize the gains the party get...

Oh yeah, there's just this one tiny littly bitty thing that Wolfhound's player forgot when he made his character... he forgot to invest any points in perception and his intuition was low... so he had a snowball chance in hell to find anything good.
Luckily for everyone, Wolfhound had amazing cybereyes with loads of mods on them like vision enhancement for extra dice and an image link so he could share the feed with BYTE and add even more dice. Normally he couldn't share a wireless contact with the decker this far underwater, but the GM threw us a bone since he's a cool guy I'll never regret paying his pizza that night .

He did a first check inside the crewmates' quarters and it yield some positive results. He found a gold cup, some gold coins and other junk that has rotten away under some moss.

The boat shook, dust fell from the ceiling and it slightly started shifting towards the side. The sammie counted it as strike one, after the third strike he'll get out of the sunken ship for his safety.

He did a second test, and once again it was decent, but far from excellent. He found a jeweled necklace and an antique spyglass. Better than nothing he put those along with his meager lot inside his sack.

Once again everything started to shake. The boat wouldn't be able to take much more. There was a massive rift not far from the wreckage, descending into the near infinite abyss, and the vessel was dangerously leaning towards it.

Now everything was hanging on that last roll...

Don't keep us hanging!
So Wolfhound's player had a choice. Should he spend an edge to improve his chances at gaining better loot, or keep it for the angry marine life waiting just outside the wreckage?

Is there really a need to ask that question? He made the obvious choice any players would have made!

And it payed off! He made a critical success and along with finding a small chest, he also recovered a small cross. It was made of gold and embedded with gems. Even throught the wet suit, Wolfhound could feel something when touching the object... as if it was pulsating with life, or even something beyond that. Something that was resonating to his very core.

A flash of light spawned from the relic and the sammie heard a voice in his head...

"Art thee mine master?"
Before him was standing, or rather floating, an angel. She had wings made of pure light, an armor white as marble and trimmed with gold, and in her right hand she was holding a sword, shaped after the cross she was summoned with.

She flew around the street samurai with a grace that would make any elf pale with envy, with an uncaring attitude to the world surrounding her. It could have been raining fire, or she could be mounted on a pink elephant, she still would not batted an eye. All her attention was fixed on studying the man who summoned her... or, was it truly right to call it a man?

"Art thee truly a man? Or hath the nefarious Adversary twisted the shape the Lord hath given thee?"


"Men art not born with tusks. Nor doth those gents replaceth their limbs with metal."

"You've been asleep a long time, you missed a whole new world, awakening of magic, technology, metahumans... let's say, I bring you to the surface and in exchange you help me? Also drop the old timey linguo thing, it won't do you good up there."

The angel seemed a bit miffed by the mercenary's comment, but she agreed with his logic, and placing a hand on his forehead, she sparkled and said this: "I am in no comfort to serve a man like you, but I will comply. Free me from this watery grave, Master."
The merc and the angel swam out of the sunken ship, just in time to hear the other pirate divers screaming for help.

The kraken had fell the two megalodon sharks. One has been smashed into the ocean floor, with broken bits of its bones piercing throught his regenerative tissue, while the second one has been torned in half.

Something was strange with the monster... its wounds were slowly closing, and it seemed stronger, angrier, and sort of driven? As if it had a clear goal, and not just the primal instincts of a beast.

One of the three men that were with Wolfhound inside the wreckage was laying dead, with his sack of loot beside him. The creature placed one tentacle around it, as if it was trying to keep whatever was inside for itself.

It was clear that nobody could get out alive if the sea titan wasn't put down for good.
"Can you help me... huh... angel? By the way what is your name?"

"I have yet to receive a name, Master."

"Is it alright if I call you Angel?"

"Uninspired, but it is what I am. What is your name, Master?"

"My SIN has Harvey Hunt written on it, but truthfully I identify more with my street name, Wolfhound... also drop the 'Master' bit, I'm not a fan of it."

"As you wish, Wolfhound. The beast that stands before us has been enchanted by a servant of darkness, I can see it. Unless we strike it with everything we've got we won't stand a chance against it."

"Can you take it down? Last time I tango with it it nearly squeeze me to death."

"I cannot say for sure. I do not know the extent of the powers bestowed to it. Plus I am not sure I am enough against it."

"So that's it? We just lay down and die?"

"Not necessarily. I have yet to show you my true strenght."
"Wolfhound, as the man who found me, do you vow to take me to the surface?"

"I... huh, yeah... yeah! I vow to bring you up there!"

"Then by this vow inscribed into your heart of heart, I, Angel shall grant you my strenght. Take my hand, champion of light, and even inside the deepest abyss residing in the ocean, together as one we shall dissipate the darkness!"

The being extended her hand towards Wolfhound. Her otherwordly aura illuminated the surrounding site, and everything seemed to slow down, as if there was only the two of them and nothing more. The sammie took her hand and the two combined.

Wolfhound exploded in a burst of holy light. He felt better than he ever did before, better than all the best moments in his life combined. It was almost addictive, but instead of being degenerative, it was soothing. He felt like he was floating. Not like he was presently, in water, but rather as if he was on a cloud in heaven.

Needless to say, the street samurai was up and ready to fight the sea monster, and charged straight at it with his cyberclaws out.
File: wnmf5il.jpg (633 KB, 1783x1800)
633 KB
633 KB JPG
BYTE was sitting on the submarine feeling pretty useless right at the moment. He couldn't do any decking underwater, and he sure as hell wasn't feeling like brawling with a squid that tore a new asshole to two giant white sharks.

Imagine his surprise when he saw the team's muscle coming out of the wreckage with an angel by his side. Luckily, he kept contact with the feed from the sammie's cybereyes, as well as his other pieces of equipment and spied on their conversation. As soon as he saw that the two of them will fusion he started recording. No way in hell will this piece of pure badassery go unnoticed, plus he's pretty sure he'll gain some rep online for posting it.

The transformation the razorboy went through was incredible. While still looking like Wolfhound, his clothing took a pure white aesthetic trimmed with gold. The only part of him that remained untouched were all the implants he had installed on himself.

I have to go to work a bit, I'll try to come back soon.
File: 1593219487293.jpg (185 KB, 675x1198)
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185 KB JPG
I have a quick pause, so I'll update the story.

With the grace of a sea creature, Wolfhound was fighting and dodging the monster's assault as if it was a second nature to him. Yet it wasn't enough.

Tentacles were closing in on him more than once, and while he does plenty of damage, the monster's regeneration would grant it victory in the war of exhaustion the two of them were engaged in.

BYTE couldn't do anything but pull up a chair and crack open the popcorn (if there were any). He mused with the idea of activating the drone and send the little trooper to a glorious fight, and just as he was about to make his move he noticed two figures standing right next to the sub.

The two water spirits that Captain Hugo and Shortfuse summoned finally reached the submarine and were standing by, waiting to be noticed by the crew so they could deliver their message. Twe lady clad in pale cloths had a neutral expression on her face, while the sea serpent was looking around with anticipation.

"Da captain ordered ya to meet up at the second hangar. He will arrive in 3 hours. He expects ya in 5-6."


"We will protect ya during your trip."
File: 1607117970001.jpg (31 KB, 550x642)
31 KB
"I'll do you one better, help us take out that thing!" The decker said, pointing at the kraken.

"This is not part of my contract." Replied the spirit, with a monotone voice.

"And I don't intend to go there." Added the pilot.

The decker was starting to get exasperated with the pilot, and refrained from insulting him, his mother and every women in his ancestral tree. Choosing for a better way, he put a hand on the pilot's shoulder (who immediately despised it and put it away) and told him this:

"Look pal, I was right before with charging the pest, no? Just do this one last thing and we'll be on our way with the loot!"

"Only if I get a bigger share."

"There won't be a share if we don't act."

"And I won't enjoy it if we all die. Give it up white boy, I'm going back to base, this mission is a failure."

"I wouldn't do that if I were you."

"And why is that?"

"Because the captain will be pretty mad if he happens to know the mission is a failure, BECAUSE OF YOU."

"And who's going to tell him, ya?"

"What if I am?"

The pilot took out his pistol nad pointed it at the decker forehead.

"Dead men tell no tales."

"Drones do."

The drone that BYTE was in charge of operating exited its station and was quickly ascending in direction of the second hangar. Even better, BYTE had the wise idea to lock down the drone's controls so no one other than him could access it.

"This little beauty recorded everything we just said. Now do as I say and shut your trap, crewmate."
File: 1607108734410.jpg (286 KB, 1080x1349)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
Wolfhound with the added strenght of Angel were making progress, but not enough to take down the beast. It's many tentacles were formidable barriers as well as defense, defense that repaired itself over time. The dynamic duo wouldn't last that long, plus the damages over the oxygen tank the kraken did earlier were starting to show. It became harder and harder to breath, and being in a life or death situation certainly not help with cutting down on air.

"Wolfhound, the beast has been empowerd by a being of immense strenght!"

"Yeah I see it, what of it?"

"Its master is one of incredible might. I fear that our chances to win this battle dwindle by the seconds. Either we manage to put a end to the struggle now, or that would be the end of you."

"Fuck... can't say I'm ready for that yet..."

"Whatever happens, I will be there for you until the end."

"I don't know who you're talking to big guy, but hey! The cavalry's here!"

This was BYTE, who managed to 'convinced' the pilot to charge the submarine towards the monster a second time, with now the additional help of the two water spirits.
I got an uncle visiting, I don’t know when I’ll be free.

Keeping the thread alive a bit longer.
File: RXrdjJqUbCrd4d8ZEFTVGG.jpg (566 KB, 1280x720)
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566 KB JPG
Thanks, we're celebrating my uncle's 60th birthday.

The battle was amazing beyond words. Captain Hugo's spirit threw razor sharp currents of water at the beast cutting it apart bits by bits, while the sea serpant of Nikos Galanis went head on to bite the face off of the giant squid. The two of them struggled but the battle was obviously one sided. The watery danger noodle went throught the defenses of the cephalophod and he wasn't letting go.

Wolfhound, in his righteous holy fury that was inhabiting him, went to town on the kraken's back. He turned himself into a whirlwind of death and divine light and tore the monster a new cavity. He slashed and slashed and slashed, until the creature stopped moving and then he added more slashs.

The fight was won, and once again the team managed to pull out a win from a near impossible situation. About time too, since even with the angelic being enhancing him, his reserve of oxygen was reaching its end.

He swam to the submarine, and even with his fading strenght he managed to reach the vehicle in time.
Everyone was celebrating inside the sub, despite the loss of two of the crewmates.

Wolfhound was hailed as a hero and a motherfucking badass, and even with all the tension sadness wasn't part of the program. The pilot took out a bottle of rhum and everyone took a swig of it.

Success may have gotten to Wolfhound,s head, as he made one demand before they all go on their merry way.
File: 2yqtsx.jpg (76 KB, 623x401)
76 KB
The second hangar was a secret base, shared by many different pirate crew in one of the northern islands of the Bahamas. Truth be told, it works as a mix of a trade station for bandits and a dock for pirates, truly you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Why did Captain Hugo decided to go there after an all out war with different pirate gangs? Well if they are still fighting back there, it means the place is vacant. Also for any group that doesn't come back, the captain intended on taking all the credit for their unfortunate demise and rack up the rep.

Which works partly, as many scoundrel ships docked to the seonc hangar and their crew emptied into the bars. Captain Hugo was the first to order rhum and boast his talent as the one who took down his rivals. He made many enemies that night, but most were too tired to make a fuss, especially with Mister Bigg around... plus there was some kind of truce, so nobody could openly engage in hostilities.

The captain was about to make another speech and bother everyone with how good he was when a clamor interrupted him. It was coming from the docks.
Everyone gathered where the crowd was, wondering what was causing the ruckus.

Standing on top of a submarine, arms crossed and taking a victorious stance, Wolfhound came to the second hangar with the corpse of the kraken standing behind him, all with the theme of 'Sweet Victory' playing in the background.

That night, everyone forgot their old and new grudges. Everyone partied, dance, drank and sang the night away. Many took pictures with the fell beast and the street samurai, shook hands with him and shared a drink.

BYTE uploaded the whole fight between the merc and the sea monster into the net and it instantly gained a lot of views, like thousands and thousands of new people watching the clip every minute, it even for a brief second surpassed in popularity one of Horizon's most recent hit. There were people who wanted to give Wolfhound a new nickname and the most popular ones were 'Kraken Slayer', 'Holy Avenger' and the 'Sea Dog'. A poll was set and the one who got the most votes was the Sea Dog, surpassing Kraken Slayer by a few points. Wolfhound was henceforth known as 'Wolfhound the Sea Dog, Kraken Slayer'.

Cherry on top, as well as his own sack of loot, he also claimed the one from the second diver who died to the Kraken, which doubled the gains of the group, and seeing that his crew wouldn,t have gotten any share if not for the Shadowrunners Captain Hugo didn't claimed more than he already received (like he was planning in the beginning), and wiped away their debt.
This is going to get rather interesting from the look of things.
Yeah, nothing is comparable to the feeling of going from street runs to corpos runs, it's like another world!

That night everyone partied like fucking rockstars. Drugs, booze, women and more of the three that you could ever handle was plentiful.

Shortfuse even took reigns of the fiesta to crank it up a few notches, and made a prayer to Dionysus. He felt in the back of his mind his god's approval, which invigorated him to increase turn up even more everything.

Wolfhound and BYTE were sitting in the VIP section, ladies on their laps (paid hookers for BYTE) and legendary captains at their side. They drank expensive wines, ate spicy chicken wings, smoke cuban cigars and exchanged tales and jokes, as well as commlink contacts in case a crime lord would need a badass shadowrunner and raze the competition. For being in the low end of society, the two of them sure felt like they were on top of the world.
No doubt Dice is having a fun time as well...
Even when the party reached its highest heights, two important persons were missing the festivities.

Dice and Sp1r1t were away from everything, both hanging out on a beach, with a warm fire on the side and with stolen bottles of rhum, tequila and beers. Both were watching movies on the decker's cyberdeck.

They were in their own bubble in time and space. No troubles from a life of piracy or shadowrunning. Only two adolescent living the life, and having a good time.

"Holy shit look at that! I know it's fake drek, but they really made the decapitation scene with the Shogun intense!"

"Yeah, gal-pal. They sure ramped up the violence since Kyla was brought to the land of shadows." She was halfy viewing the show anymore, she spent as much time watching the trideo than she was looking at Dice.

"Well it's Kyla the Ninja against the Samurais of Darkness, do you really think they'd stay with the kid stuff?"

"Hey, girl-friend! I happen to like it, this more mature tone."

"Wanna watch the next episode? She just took the lord's castle while his son is calling up his cybord army!"

"Sure, sure. Wanna take a swig? I think we took way more bottles that we should, but I'd hate to leave it all here to waste."

"Should we? I've never drank alcohol before... except that one time in Dionysus' temple... but like, I don't think I've ever got drunk-drunk."


"I mean, black-out drunk... I-I... I... don't want to forgot the good times I'm having..."

"Well, let's just say some of the sweetest nights are the ones worth the risk of forgetting..."

Out of care, Sp1r1t then pressed the recording functionning on her cyberdeck and the two young teenagers drank and partied up the night, until they forgot anything and everything in the world.
A spot of happiness in a grimdark setting.
File: x1080.jpg (126 KB, 1440x1080)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Well, last post before going to sleep. Pretty impressed that the thread survived up to now. There's still a little bit more to add, and god damn how does 2D did all that? That's so much stuff to write...

Wolfhound woke up in the middle of the VIP section of the Second Hangar surrounded by the women from the day before, with one hell of a hangover. He was really thankful for his genetically enhanced metabolism, otherwise the amount he drank might have killed him.

Having nothing better to do than laze around with half asleep ladies, he quietly sneaked out of the hangar (he was caring enough not to bother other people) and decided to take a walk. First thing he saw was the team's shaman up early, and fresh as a rose despite drinking way more than he did. Must be a secret blessing from the god of debauchery he guessed. The dwarf was currently replenishing his hidden stash of alcohol, and I guess there's nothing more pirate-y than stealing from other pirates. He also took sausages and other kind of food, with one sòy-salami between his teeth.

He hasked where were the other two members, to which the jovial guy answered with "You might not want to bother them."
Bump so there's no need for another
Eagerly awaiting the next part of the aftermath.

Hope you uncle had a great day.
And another one before i nod off for a nap
Yeah he had good fun. At best we see each other once a year so being together to celebrate made him smile.

On a similar note, my schedule is tight for today, some of my family are away from home and I’ll be watching over their home. So I’ll have to help them pack up and all, but after today I’ll have way more free time to write. If possible I’ll write a few posts to keep the thread alive.

A bump to keep things running a bit longer.
Since we’re waiting on OP, let’s post some Shadowrun related topic. There has been no /srg/ for two days now, so posting here is as good as making a new thread.

Who’s your favorite mentor spirit? I remember the first one I played being the Dragonslayer, and I liked learning more about it in the Dragonfall game.
I've never had a mentor spirit, sad times.
Never played a magic user? I know I always picked the quality when I played one.
I've tended to avoid shadowrun magic. Makes the brain hurt
Can’t be worse than Matrix, no?
I’m a fan of Adversary because of 2D’s storytime, but I only played with Monkey.
Fair, I like Advesary too. But I always feel like a bit of an edge lord when I think of selecting it.
Personally edgelords are cringe only if you bother everyone with the act. Just act like the dead serious dark mage against enemies but friendly to everyone else, or the wacky Saturday cartoon evil and everything should go smoothly. Heck, if you tell other people your concept in advance so they could anticipate your character, you could do a Gepetto-like runner no prob. The only thing I really can’t do personally is neoteny because I’m not a teenager anymore, and being a 20+ years old guy rping a 14-16 years old boy is awkward.
Another one in anticipation for OP.
Anyone ever did a changeling? Seems fun but seems a bit snowflakish
Real sorry for the delay, I’ve been helping my folks all day, but I swear to you all I won’t go to sleep before updating the storytime. I’ll get myself burritos of relaxation, help a little more and then I’ll get to it. Nothing short of a electric shut down for the whole block can stop me.
Nah, I've only ever played the main cast of metahumans.

Np, never anything wrong with helping your folks.
File: 1db.gif (1.13 MB, 500x267)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB GIF

Wolfhound thought about it for the incredible lenght of two seconds, then said "screw it" and decided to find the two missing runners.

BYTE was the easiest to find, his legs sticking like a sore thumb out of a thrashcan. When questionning the few people awoke in the area Wolfhound heard that the two hookers he paid to hang with the decker were getting increasingly annoyed with the man, and wanted to leave. The hacker thought that the sammie paid them to do whatever he asked for the night and when he demanded that they find a quiet place to get intimate they just flat out and left. In a fit of drunken rage, he called them names and insulted their relatives, which happen to be plentiful in his immediate surroundings. He quickly got beat up and thrashed and left to sleep outside.

Knowing how the team's tech guy hates, like extremely hates, to be dirty in any occasion... Wolfhound thought it best to not be the one to wake him up.

Before leaving he also took a pic with his commlink to share with the rest of the team and their fixer.
File: RwLDA5r.gif (988 KB, 500x270)
988 KB
988 KB GIF
File: Shadowrun Tale.png (2.69 MB, 1909x1077)
2.69 MB
2.69 MB PNG
Dice in her case was harder to find. Sp1r1t chose her secret location well to get some alone time with the infiltrator, but even with no tracking or survival skills, she couldn't hide for long against a man with nothing better to do.

Plus they were on an island, so it's not like she had an ton of place to escape prying eyes.

Using the fool-proof of ' I'm circling the island until I find them ', the street sam got to them under 3 hours... he went to the opposite direction from where they were first.

Barely succeeding on his perception check, he managed to spot a large tent with sand camo on the beach and went straight there.
Wolfhound peeked his head inside the tent, curious as who could be inside and non-caring about silly things such as privacy and modesty.

On a makeshift mattress and covered with blankets were two teenagers, with over a dozen of empty bottles laying on the floor.

The street sam was wondering if he should wake them up, or leave them be, but Sp1r1t's gear took the decision out of his hands.

Sensing an intruder in the perimeter, the pirate's cyberdeck beeped and beeped frenetically, its alarm signaling to its master and her friend that someone broke the perimeter.

Not eager to be called a peeping tom Wolfhound activated his cyberlegs and rocket feet and dashed out of there as fast as he could and went into hiding. With a little luck, the super computer didn't recognize him.
"Ooooh, my fucking head... tone it down, please..."

That was Dice, who the sudden alarm woke up in a very foul mood. At least she was still polite to her new GF.

"Sorry babe, looks like we hadan unwanted visitor." Replied the other girl with a barely contained smirk.

"Oh god... did he took anything...? Oh drek, tell me he has't seen us?!"

The elf wanted to stand up and look around and see if anything was out of place, but the sudden rush made her instantly regret her decision.

"It's alright girlfriend, I scared him off, don't worry..."

"I don't feel any better, and I feel like my head is splitting apart..." Said the infiltrator, rubbing her temples.

Even when she was anguished, Sp1r1t still found her expression quite cute. Kissing Pepper on the cheek she then rummaged throught her bag and took out two bottles of beer.

"I know of one way to fix that."

Dice looked at Kara with an unamused expression after the latter gave an inviting wink.

"It's like 7h30 am Kara... you can't be serious..."

"Hey, I'm a pirate!"
File: 1398215933131.jpg (124 KB, 600x857)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
So, what kind of haul have we gotten out of the sunken ship you may ask?

Excellent question. You see, there might be tons of people who would not have been bothered to buy gold antiquities, but we had already one buyer in mind that would not hesitate to take our whole stock and even more.

People with a lot of money, are in our general vicinity, and know to have been particularly interested in acquiring the hidden treasures, especially the magic ones.

Yes indeed, we called up the atlantean Foundation!
The liason at the Atlantean Foundation was pretty pissed off at us for stealing the goods they were about to claim right from under their noses, and it took quite a bit of negotiating and paranoid planning as to make sure everyone get what they want and no backstabbing ensue.

First off, the group had Shortfuse use his assensing skill to determine what was magical among everything they got. Of course there was Angel's cross, but with it there was the cup found earlier (unfortunately despite our fixation on japanese cartoons it wasn't the Holy Grial), and a bunch of trinkets that would be better describe as pretty potent reagents belonging to the Aztec tradition. All in all it was rahter great. We decided to keep the cross for ourselves since we already know what it does. Unfortunately we couldn't use it on the regular, because first it would upset the GM to spam spirits like these(even if it's something we looted), and second because it has a pretty strong magical aura easy to detect, and in a game where infiltration and subtlety are key, we couldn't walk around with a beacon in the astral realm. For the cup and reagents we managed to get around 36K nuyens.

We also sold the Kraken's carcass to them, which gave an instant boner to the marine boilogists working for the foundation for a good 20K. Normally it would have sold for way, way, more... but we kinda used it to buy some kind of truce with the corporation. Still we made 56K in cash and a new powerful magical item, as well as really loyal (and more for some of us) friends for free just by doing a side gig.

All in all, the mission couldn't have gone any better... except that Wolfhound's injuries would take at least one to two days to heal, which would not leave that much free time before they have to meet Homie.
Whew, I've reached over 70 posts for a storytime... I think I've reached my limit. What's left would be expanded on the next chapter of Shadowrun Tale!


Thanks everyone was staying by, bumping the story to keep it alive, reading my work and just in general being good lads. Hope you had as much fun as I did, or even more, just as I hope to pay back all the good times /tg/ provided to me! I don't know when I'll post chapter 8, but one thing,s for sure, while I still have work to do my free time just multiplied at least 3 times over, so it might be coming soon!

Now I'll leave it up to you all to decide what to do with the thread. Lettiing it die, or completely turn it into a general since like previously said there hasn't been one in a while now. If you got questions, or want to talk or posts silly things about Shadowrun, you're welcome!

This is Shortfuse, signing out!
Based, thank you for the storytime. These have been very enjoyable so far.
This put a smile on my face friend.

Much appreciated good sir!

Looking forward to the next episode.
Going to create a 6 int ork chaos mage or mysad. Any suggestion on priority?
Never done a MysA before, what are you aiming to do? If you intend to go full cqc you might invest a bit in strenght and agility, but this might be MAD territory.
Giv me a sec anon, I'll make a new Shadowrun general since the old one's been down.
And that's a new general up. Once again, looking forward to the next storytime thread.
Well, that was nice. I'm going to archive the thread on sup tg. If you like what was written, just wait and see what's coming.

Looking forward to that.

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