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Nechronica Thread.

>Where do I get an English translation of this Japanese tabetop RPG?

-The wiki has the most up to date translation: https://nechronica.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page
-You can play Nechronica on Tabetop Simulator. Check the Steam Workshop for the resources.

>Last time:
-Battlemap alterations, alternatives, and butchery
-Part and skill rebalancing
-Explanation of basic system mechanics

Previous thread: >>80496327
File: Now give her a hug.png (1.14 MB, 779x3590)
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1.14 MB PNG
Thread Question:
Have you ever considered Necromancers that were never of this world to begin with?
I'll probably only have time to do this over the weekend, so just a heads up. Might ask you to repost this later on if this thread dies.
I'm confused.

Are you the artist or the anon who made the request?
File: Sitting on a swing.jpg (61 KB, 500x670)
61 KB
File: tg sisters.jpg (2.26 MB, 3213x3795)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB JPG
I'm the artist. Gonna be busy this week, so I won't be able to deliver till weekend.
File: c72.png (380 KB, 1024x512)
380 KB
380 KB PNG
I like how this trues sp hard to make Mercy seem scary but she still gets mogged on by based Medic
File: Ribs.png (40 KB, 1046x1046)
40 KB
Thanks senpai

Continuing storytime from the last thread:
Technically there's only one enemy this combat, the Leviathan.
However, since the Leviathan is so gargantuan, he is also technically the battle map.
The layout is as follows
>All Dolls deploy normally, except Eightball who deploys in Eden
>Leviathan's two front legs deploy in Limbo
>Leviathan's ribs deploy in Hades
>Leviathan's head deploys in Tartarus
>Each body part is it's own Horror (including separate tokens for each leg) and acts independently of the other pawns
>To win, the Dolls must allow Eightball to escape through Tartarus and then survive until the end of the turn.
Now that that's laid out, let's begin.
>The Leviathan's head acts first, roaring out a jet of flame down toward Betty and Noel, but the attack goes wide
>Eightball starts moving forward
>Noel and Betty start climbing the legs, causing whatever damage they can as they ascend. Feliz plinks the head, trying to draw its attention.
>As they savage the legs, the wounds they leave glow bright yellow against the gray bone. Hands reach up out of the rents.
>Eightball is moving up the legs now.
>Betty's Eviscerator crashes down on the Leviathan's upper leg, digging a trench through the bone that goes all the way down to the marrow. Fire explodes out from the wound, close enough to Betty to severely char her arm.
>Roaring fury, the Leviathan stomps and thrashes, trying to crush the Dolls against the bridge supports, but they're stuck on like a family of barnacles.
>Eightball leaps, pistoning her legs with enough force to carry her from the Leviathan's knees all the way to the beast's skull
>An oily black tendril from behind the Leviathan's sternum lashes out and smacks her down, halting her advance half-way. She's able to extend one of her arms far enough to catch a rib and keep herself from falling all the way back to the Earth.
File: Lev_Foot_Left.png (58 KB, 467x467)
58 KB
That ain't fair. Medic mogs like half the cast in his own game. Most of Overwatch's cast is really sterile though, that's true enough.

>The Leviathan spits another jet of fire at Noel and Betty. Noel is just a bit too slow, and catches a lick of flame against her midsection.
>Eightball heaves herself up again.
>The tendrils from the ribs are still fighting to hold her, but Eightball's unnatural strength is enough to overcome them and escape from their grasp; she flies upward with just enough momentum to get a grip on the Leviathan's neck.
>Sick of being thrown around by the Leviathan's thrashing legs, Noel gets a wild hair and grips one leg with her telekinetic grasp and yanks upward.
>The beast comes careening down, it's right knee pinned against it's ribcage, and lands with a thunderous crash.
>The Leviathan spits fire in almost random directions, failing to properly pick a target as it begins to panic.
>Feliz puts another hole in the Leviathan's skull
>A devastating strike from Betty detaches two ribs, sending them tumbling down into the river below.
>Eightball vanishes behind the skull of the Leviathan.
Eightball escapes the battlefield.
>The Leviathan has accumulated enough damage now that remaining on it is becoming hazardous; gouts of flame, the hands of grasping dead, and muscle-like tendrils all flail from open wounds. Even as the beast panics, new threats sprout from each new fissure like the heads of a hydra.
>Noel grasps the head in her telekinesis and drags it low, contorting the beast's neck at an unnatural angle.
>Red light flares behind the Leviathan's eye sockets.
>In a sudden burst of strength, the Leviathan frees itself of Noel's grasp and rears upward.
>The Leviathan reels back, embers and sputtering orange flame spraying wildly from splintered bones.
>Light spills from the nose and eye sockets for half an instant and then-
File: Triumph.png (41 KB, 387x116)
41 KB
Storytime paused for now, because I need to get some sleep, but a fun fact before I go:
Since the Leviathan was intended to essentially be the battle map, I didn't give any of the various parts any movement abilities. Not even the feet, because the idea that the feet would be able to move up to be in the same space as the skull seemed silly to me.
But I did not actually make them immune to movement.

Somehow, it completely skipped my mind that Noel had Pawn's Gambit. So this impromptu yoga session for the Leviathan was completely unexpected by me, and Noel and Feliz's players weren't even completely sure I would let Noel get away with it. There was quite a bit of laughing when I revealed that neither of the legs actually had any movement parts.

Things to be concluded tomorrow morning. For now, here's the party's victory anthem for this combat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hl9z8JVOxzk
>Giant artillery nightmare skeleton robot yoga.

I can confirm I both did not expect that go be possible and very much enjoyed making it happen.
That thing was a nightmare that had been built up all game, but we were also supposed to have been these exceptional badasses.

This definately made it seem like we were what we had been told we were taking on this thing so big it had different stacked horrors representing it's varius body segments.

Did Betty or Feliz use Boost to help further ball the Leviathan up or am I mistaken?
That art yours?
I can't remember if Feliz moved up to use Boost or not. DESU I've been kicking myself all storytime for not taking proper combat notes but I guess that's a lesson for next time.

>Sunlight bathes the hellscape for an instant. The head is gone.
>The bones beneath the Dolls' fingers begin to slough apart. Hands, arms, legs, heads, skulls, bones; all manner of parts and things come to form beneath their hands and feat and fall away.
>Their footings disappear and they are falling.
>As they fall, they glimpse the sky. A spot of blue has opened up above them. For the first time any of them can remember, they see the stars.
>A rumble shakes the bridge.
>Twelve eyes glare at them through the wall of smoke on the hills beyond. The earth reverberates with the thunder of their hooves.
>. . . Is that the sound of helicopter rotors?
>The nearest Leviathan crests the hill and roars calamity.
>A white spear pierces the smokey veil and splits the Leviathan's skull in half.
>Suddenly the party are illuminated by the stark white of electric searchlights. A helicopter is above them.
>"Excellent job, you three," a cultured voice shouts over the rotor wash as the helo touches down. A hand comes out of the light to help all of them.
>It's- It's Morte. Holding a cigarette in an overly long and elegantly engraved cigarette holder. It's smoke rises languidly even under the buffeting effect of the rotors. "A five star job all around, truly."
>"But..." Feliz gestures out over the smoke as she takes his hand.
>Noel nods her head where she floats. Then raises her voice to shout over the roar of the blades and the whine of the engines. "Where are Mara and Aker?"
>Betty reaches up to take his hand. "We're extracting from here?"
>Morte nods to Betty. "We are. Onto the craft and we'll away."
>He turns to Noel. "Mara is waiting for the three of you back at the airfield. Aker is-"
>There's a rumble that sounds like artillery fire, and one of the Leviathans topples over in a hail of white-hot explosions. Morte waves casually in that direction.
>There's a crash as one of the remaining Leviathans comes another step closer. Morte makes an annoyed face and takes a puff of his cigarette.
>He turns to regard the Leviathan and opens his mouth and the sound of whistling wind overwhelms everything. A spear of white smoke comes forth, and splits this Leviathan's skull just as it did the other.
>Morte turns back as if he's just finished brushing dust off of his shoulder. "Now please hurry onto the craft. The pinhole will close soon, and then you will be forced to walk.
>Betty hoists herself on board turns to look out at the bombardment raining on the other Leviathans. "Couldn't have done that earlier?"
>"Thank you sir." Noel smiles and levitates herself in turning sideways to scootch past Morte. "Don't touch me, I'm filthy." She says.
>Morte politely withdraws his hand from Noel and takes a grip on one of the handles secured to the passenger space's ceiling. His voice carries easily over the engine noise as the craft begins to pull up and away. "I'm sure you've noticed, but Baal's influence warps all it touches into a sort of festering parody of itself. It's impossible to explain concisely in the time we have, but essentially what he's done is found a way to create an active link into the Ego Dimension and he uses this to exert his force of will on quite literally anything and everything. The Leviathans are his transponders for the transmission."
>He pauses to take a drag of his cigarette. "It would almost be elegant, really, if his implementation weren't so brutalistic."
>Betty's face falls in disbelief. "And you had us walk into a warped whatsit? What was the backup plan if we didn't stay us goin' in?"
>"Anne mentioned they've entered it before without that being a problem." Feliz notes.
>"You're products of Necromancy, my dear," Morte answers casually. "You are yourselves products lifted from the Ego Dimension. You already exist on the border, moving there in a more literal sense means little enough."
>Betty turns from the mortar fire and moves further into the vehicle. "Whatever. Guess that explains why Occulus has been gettin' their shit handed to them."
>Noel nods as she suspends herself on two handholds and psychically binds a third set of belts around her torso in a display of admittedly well-earned paranoia.
>Feliz moves over to help Noel secure herself.
>"It is. And why they bother supporting us at all." Morte's tone takes a sour note. "I would throw them all into the Atlantic if I had my way, but as some of the enlisted like to say: 'there are bigger fish to fry.'" He takes another drag of his cigarette. The helicopter crests the smoke line, and the craft is finally in open sky.
>Morte's eyes glitter in a faint strobe in the moonlight and suddenly the sound of battle below abates.
>"Thanks Feliz." Noel says quietly.
>"Can't remember if I've seen the moon before. Don't know if I like it or not." Betty stares out at the open sky as the helicopter moves above the cloud cover. "Guess clouds feel too familiar by now."
>"Well my memory may be swiss cheese, but killing that thing felt, right. It's good to be back." Now firmly strapped to the wall Noel takes her hands off the handles and reaches into her dirty dress, whipping out the metal case, opening it and holding it out to Feliz.
>"Victory needle?" she offers.
>"...Sure." Feliz takes one.
>Noel grins seeing her friend celebrate a bit. "How about you Betty?"
>Betty looks over the collection of needles before taking one from the case. "Still don't get what the big deal is about these, but fine."
>Morte grins at the three of them. "For what it's worth, the three of you have earned some well-deserved R&R time. This incursion accounts for the destruction of nearly half of Baal's invasion infrastructure." He takes another drag. "We'll be landing back at the airport shortly, and you'll be shown to your quarters there where you'll be permitted to rest up before your next mission. While you're recovering, I would also recommend you take some time to name yourselves; it wouldn't do to have our all-star monster slayer team without a name."
>He lets the smoke out through his nose. "And, while it's on my mind, have you three encountered anything... alien during your mission? Not belonging to either our coalition or Baal. I've been receiving reports of 'lights from the sky' and other vague descriptors."
>"Something took out a Cerberus while we were heading to the airport. Figured one of the third light would've said something," Betty answers.
>Noel pipes up: "There was a blinding flash behind us, a deafening boom that threw us. The smell of ozone. And when we picked ourselves up the Cerberus had been mangled and de-shrouded, and was in the process of falling apart into smaller hostiles and it's head running on spider legs it deployed."
>"Third Light Cavalry was one of the reports. But I wanted to confirm." Morte looks back out into the night, his eyes tracing something along the ground. The hole in Baal's front is almost closed now. "My inkling is that an old player has come back into the game. The implications of that could finally turn the tide of this infernal war in our favor."
>Suddenly he looks at attention. His eyes flicker and the motor on the helicopter revs up. "Secure yourselves, girls."
>Betty rushes to secure herself into one of the seats and braces herself. Feliz does the same.
File: The_explosion.png (746 KB, 1200x595)
746 KB
746 KB PNG
>A beam of white light stabs down from the night sky, casting everything in stark shadow.
>A gust of dry heat and swirling wind hits the party with some force, but the pilot of their evacuation craft is already compensating. The craft shutters in the turbulence, but remains stable in the air.
>Noel closes the now nearly empty case and sticks it back in her dress. Being firmly tied to the wall already she reaches out to grab Feliz, just in case either of them gets loose.
>She looks at Morte. "Yeah. Kind of like that."
>Betty relaxes somewhat as the aircraft stabilizes, but remains seated. "So who's this old player? Must have some serious fire power to do that kind of stuff."
>Morte takes a long, slow, drag of his cigarette. It's all the way down to the filter now.
>"So Aqen walks again, does he?" He doesn't appear to be talking to any of the girls in particular.
>"He was one of the necromancers in charge of the Eastern seaboard, and one of the few remaining U.S. Space Force officials still operating. He and his brother went dark a short time prior to Occulus' rise to prominence in the region." He lets his smoke out through his nose.
>"I wonder where he's been..."


Hope you guys enjoyed the storytime.

This game was the 2nd one I'd ever run so there's quite a bit I wasn't completely happy with, namely how I balanced combat. I also didn't really get to wrap up Betty's story how I'd wanted, but the game had been running longer than I'd meant it to. The players still all had fun and I got to expand a little bit on the setting for the short game I'd run prior, so that was nice.

If anyone has questions or comments or whatever then I'll be checking in on the thread throughout the day. I also wouldn't mind tips or critique from and more experienced GMs that happen to be hanging around.
Never played Nechronica before, so dumb question: reading the sourcebook, I got the impression that the Necromancers are more like the BBEG than how they worked in your story. Is that something you did differently from the norm, or was my initial impression too narrow?
Also, am I correct in understanding from the book that the Dolls are normally completely artificial creations, and the memories they have aren't actually of their real past lives?
yes, I asked for requests last thread and filled that
>Lady Wolf in OP pic
Explain yourself right now. /tg/ doesn't give a fuck about PFF
>I got the impression that the Necromancers are more like the BBEG than how they worked in your story. Is that something you did differently from the norm, or was my initial impression too narrow?
The standard way to play the game places the Necromancer as the antagonist, that's correct. I had the Necromancer Baal fill this role for this game but technically speaking a Necromancer is just an individual who can make undead, so you can slot them into a variety of narrative roles if you like without much trouble. The game I ran prior to this had no hostile necromancers at all and instead had humans as the antagonists. Pic related.

>Also, am I correct in understanding from the book that the Dolls are normally completely artificial creations, and the memories they have aren't actually of their real past lives?
I don't think it's really a yes/no question. You can make Dolls that are just amalgamations of info pulled from the Ego Dimension or you can have practical immortality or you can make them be artificial constructs. The book leaves things pretty open. Rule of thumb is that a Doll's memory fragments are events that did actually happen, but it's up to you how accurate you want the memory to be and whether or not the Doll in question is actually a combination of several individuals.

For an example of how flexible things can be, I have played
>a virtual AI
>a discarded clone with memories from three different but related people
>a tank whose occupant and combat AI have almost merged personalities
>and a Doll who may actually be really for real alive
You can get very creative with the setting if you put in the work.
File: Alraune.jpg (378 KB, 1500x2147)
378 KB
378 KB JPG

>I got the impression that the Necromancers are more like the BBEG than how they worked in your story. Is that something you did differently from the norm, or was my initial impression too narrow?

Necromancers are assumed to be the BBEG of a campaign, particularly the PC's necromancer, though not necessarily of every scenario. Plenty choose to go a different route.

>Also, am I correct in understanding from the book that the Dolls are normally completely artificial creations, and the memories they have aren't actually of their real past lives?

They can be. Some people choose to interpret it as such, but many take it as the memories being the product of their real past life. After all, is it really worth caring about what you remember if it's all fake?
File: 1597874274018.jpg (621 KB, 3000x2711)
621 KB
621 KB JPG
ty anons, here is a flesh abomination to express my gratitude
File: 111.png (1.33 MB, 1280x926)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
Can super computers count as necromancers if they start doing System Shock like stuff?
Yes. Everything that can make people in some way is considered a necromancer.
Does it
>make undead
>make its own decisions
If you replied yes to both then it's a Necromancer.
I guess outfitting corpses with electronics to control them can technically count as making undead.
I just don't want to do the default rules and setting of "wasteland with mutant zombies". I thinking something about the small think tank town getting wiped out by the local super computer which fills the town with primitive versions of Strogg. A couple of kids seems to be spared but they still kind of dead, but not really dead, and obtained some metal parts. They need to find out what happened in town and with them, find their parents (whose faces they can't remember) and learn why no one came to the rescue.
Most games I've encountered or read stories about used their own setting instead of the stock setting.

Mars, other Earths, spaceships, and virtual realities, are things I can remember of the top of my head
File: Skull.jpg (161 KB, 443x1019)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
That sounds doable.
Parts, skills, positions, classes, and so on can all be easily re-fluffed as needed well keeping the actual mechanical effects.

And there's nothing stopping you from swapping settings.

This is one of the big strengths of the system that drew me to it in the first place.
Another was how compared to most other tabletop RPGs undergoing major physical modifications and reconstructions that have noticeable mechanical effects in game is way easier.

The amount of hoops you have to go through to replace your arm with one that has a flamethrow in it, or turn your legs into intricate transforming devices with a stability and load bearing mode and a high speed mode is insane when it's even possible in other systems.

Here it's just buy flame thrower and equipment in the arms region, or buy the animal legs part and refluff it.

But I wandered off topic into just talking about things that originally made me want to give the system a try.
>Lady Wolf
God I wish she would futa-on-male me.
Sorry but PFF is strictly anti-fag
It's probably there to troll you.
There's no way it could possibly be related to the thread question.

>Thread Question:
>Have you ever considered Necromancers that were never of this world to begin with?
>not even in the OP
File: Arbitrary File Name.png (735 KB, 696x767)
735 KB
735 KB PNG
Thank you for sharing inspiration music.
She was 6'10" ( 208~209cm ) tall.
Noel had Jack Skeleton-tier proportions, partially inspired by the cartoonish style on the art I used for her token. It would also go on to be the basis of Mara's style of warping her dolls in uncanny ways, though I didn't get to showcase that much.
Do you have more music?
Not that anon, but there are some excellent tracks in the Made In Abyss anime for a Nechronica appropriate atmosphere. One of my GMs even used a piece as the theme for a boss fight.
File: 1501257010664.jpg (92 KB, 652x580)
92 KB
It turns out hitting enter while typing captcha automatically posts. I didn't know that, and it caused me to drop both my picture and my link.
File: Oops.gif (1.32 MB, 300x300)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB GIF
(◠﹏◠) what is the most boneheaded thing you've done as a player in Nechronica?
For me it was trying to help another player build their character when I had no idea what I was doing.
Their doll was useless in combat.
Thankfully the GM allowed them to do a rebuild for free after session 1.
>My my my my

Do you have more?
DMs don’t always do this?
I always give players an opportunity after the introduction arc (usually 2-3 sessions) to retool if they’re useless
File: 1597874023675.jpg (819 KB, 1920x2367)
819 KB
819 KB JPG
just this one I think
File: Ominous.jpg (109 KB, 835x480)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Thank you.
Have this ominous she of a bloody kitchen knife on a floor in exchange.
File: The Love Witch (2016) .gif (2.92 MB, 540x296)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB GIF
The most alien of the the necromancers in my game is the most human looking.

The ascendant AIs and former living humans all look like nightmares or demons.

The legit alien looks human.
Somewhat relevant song for a, somewhat, recently ended campaign.

Is there context?
What is the connection between Nechronica and G-Darius's OST? I remember some pic about it from previous threads but without much context.
Space doll storytime incoming? I know there's been a couple of games with this kind of setting but I don't think any of them were ever really talked about in detail in the threads. IIRC one anon had players who lurked on /tg/ so he couldn't say too much.

Probably just someone who found a song they liked the mood of. After a cursory search on G-Darius I can't really find anything that jumps out as Nech-related.
G-Darius has really memorable "transcending" soundtrack.
That is an unnecessary detailed artwork.
Gotta appreciate the effort though
File: Slave Argilus.png (1.36 MB, 1280x1019)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG

>Space doll storytime incoming?
Probably not, props to those who do do it, but damn is it time consuming.

> I know there's been a couple of games with this kind of setting but I don't think any of them were ever really talked about in detail in the threads. IIRC one anon had players who lurked on /tg/ so he couldn't say too much.

Have there been a couple? Been mentioning this specific game on occasion for quite a while in these threads, don't recall anyone else talking about a space faring game. Some more details might be possible on the setting and such later if the thread's still around.


There was no grander connection, it was a track used for a combat though and inspired robotic enemies that showed up in that encounter. Remember to take inspiration from everything you can.
File: 1608909217427.jpg (109 KB, 769x960)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>Is it a good position/class combo? Probably not. Did I get to do cool team-up attacks with the other dolls? Hell yeah.

Please share your experience with playing a chariot.

What are the strengths and uses of the class in you experience?
What are the short comings of the class?
Is the class adaptable to multiple roles in battle or very narrowly focused?

You are the first person I've encountered who has played it.
File: All hail.jpg (57 KB, 640x564)
57 KB
Have you incorporated religion into any of your Nechronica characters?
I've been summoned! I should probably mention a few caveats: This is my first Nechronica campaign and character, and it's run by a very forgiving DM with some homebrew elements. So I may get some things wrong, forgive me for that. I'll still do my best to relay my experiences!

>What are the strengths and uses of the class in you experience?
I'd say they're really good at supporting your fellow sisters. I found myself frequently teaming up with others (especially our Sorority/Striker and our Automaton/Requiem) to deal more damage to enemies. Stable Platform compliments several abilities your sisters may have pretty nicely, and Mounted Weapons can help less combat-inclined dolls contribute if they're the one riding. Work as One is nice if you or your rider's positions have good Range: Self skills that are rapid, check, or damage. I may have shot myself in the foot there by picking Junk as my position, but I've still done pretty well. Plus I can still benefit from my rider's skills, like a lot of the aforementioned Automaton/Requiem's skills. Chariot can also be used for protecting and rescuing endangered party members, up to two if you use Extra Large. Cavalry Charge is really useful if your goal is to save a sister in danger and GTFO.

>What are the short comings of the class?
I'd say Chariot relies on your choice in positioning and teamwork with sisters far more than most classes. Junk isn't the worst pick for chariot, but with skills I can't really apply to any potential riders due to being auto, I could have picked better. Taking your team into consideration is something advised when making any character, but it applies even harder to Chariot. Any damage or die roll bonuses will come entirely from riders or whatever position you choose to go with.

>Is the class adaptable to multiple roles in battle or very narrowly focused?
Maybe? I've played around with ideas for what I could have done better, but I see it first and foremost as an assist class.
You mean IRL religions?
Because if a doll carries around pretty stone with a hole and believes that it gives her strenght to move forward, than it technically counts as being religious.
Or you mean dolls coming together and recreating Superbook episodes while chopping off limbs of zombies in the name of their Lord?
File: 20190912_203440.jpg (643 KB, 2448x3264)
643 KB
643 KB JPG
Pic related is technically Anglican. Though I don't really know enough about the church of England to be sure I'm portraying it very well.
File: Yes please.gif (289 KB, 500x290)
289 KB
289 KB GIF
Any and all of those would count and I would be interested to hear about them in your games.
Have her faith and relationship with god been something that has influenced her character?
She has unironically quoted scripture to the party and tends to be quite forgiving/understanding to people who have wronged her (except one so far, but no one's perfect).

She's arguably not a model Christian herself- she has a habit of sneaking into places she ought not be - but her moral foundations have their base in Christian teachings. And also she's nine, so she's just kind of a rambunctious trouble maker by nature right now.
>Nechronica + Fallen London
Yes or no?
File: Drink the sacred brew.png (365 KB, 750x464)
365 KB
365 KB PNG
How did she become christian?
File: 1627500887415.png (951 KB, 1746x1746)
951 KB
951 KB PNG
>What kind of Christian Creature is she?
I'm not 100% sure I take your meaning. Are you asking what she physically is? Like mutations and stuff?

If you mean temperamentally, see >>80666388
Physically she's a human/centipede hybrid. She acts mostly like a normal girl her age, except she has very strong predatory instincts and will habitually hunt animals smaller than herself; she drove squirrels functioanlly extinct within a city block of her home and, when she was a toddler, singlehandedly fought off a termite infestation. This also means that she has an affinity for meat in general, including human meat (to her own horror). The most notable thing about her history is probably that she appears to have actually been born instead of made. She apparently hatched from an egg and has a continuous series of memories in line with coming of age naturally.

She was born in England and her adoptive father takes her to church every Sunday.
It'll work but part of what makes fallen london/sunless seas/sunless skies good is the writing and it's abstractness. Emulating that style itself is hard and can lead to a mess of bland words. I would rather suggest you take inspiration on how the writer did things and then come up with your own settings.
Out of curiosity, how big is your group? Does your character aid in transportation?
Have you incorporated creative punishments and bullying into your codependent relationships between characters with traumatized glued together minds in undead bodies?
File: image_2021-08-04_151812.png (4.81 MB, 1641x2064)
4.81 MB
4.81 MB PNG
We're a group of five, and yeah she does. We've basically got this haphazard thing put together that lets me tow everyone around. We found a ripped in half truck, the bed with half of the actual car still attached. We fixed a second set of wheels that we found to it, attached a hook and chain to my Chariot's back bumper, and basically have it set up as an impromptu wagon. The other four usually ride in it, though one may occasionally ride with me. It's not much, but it beats walking.

Our Alice/Jacker is a big fan of Girls Last Tour and is dead set on finding a tank in the meantime.
>She was born in England and her adoptive father takes her to church every Sunday.

>The most notable thing about her history is probably that she appears to have actually been born instead of made. She apparently hatched from an egg and has a continuous series of memories in line with coming of age naturally.

>And also she's nine

She's not a construct - or if she is it's been very well hidden from everyone involved. As far as anyone can tell she had actual parents and hatched from an actual egg nine years ago.

If you're asking why I made her that young, I rolled for it and rolled low.
That's not a man.
You certainly have a knack for coming up with wild character concepts.

She's not HUMAN either.
She's a rock with a soul crammed into forcing it to generate a body for the soul.

She just happens to look oddly human by mineral alien standards.

I never realized Steven universe was in a nechronica-ish until now.
>Necromancers that were never of this world to begin with?

I have not tried that yet.
Yeah, that's Pearl from SU. She's not a guy, just a giraffe.

>You certainly have a knack for coming up with wild character concepts.
Acktshually I have to give my GM most of the credit on this one. When I made Coleo pretty much all I had in mind was:
>She's a centipede themed Baroque
>and I have it in mind she lived in a library so I can make the bookworm pun
Then when the game started she woke up to her dad knocking on her bedroom door with breakfast.
I definitely took the idea and ran with it, but it was a complete surprise to the whole party.

I've written up a good portion of storytime for this game if you're interested, though it's not complete/caught up to the current game yet. I can dig the archive links up after I get off of work.
File: Sensor types.jpg (151 KB, 857x1080)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Please post insane signs, notices, offers, warnings, posters, billboards, and other similar things for inspiration and use in a game. From the eccentric, to the slightly mad, to the wildly unhinged.

>>80523619 >>80523666 >>80568726

Thank you and have this.
File: 20210716_180922.jpg (2.14 MB, 4000x2252)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB JPG
File: Spoiler Image (149 KB, 1716x592)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
When your Necromancer assembled you from fragments of people across 5 centuries.
File: 1627939965020.jpg (90 KB, 1200x978)
90 KB

I have the perfect image for both of you.
Because I said I would: here are the links for the Coleo/England storytime for anyone who hasn't read and might be interested.
>Tags: England; Post Apocalypse(?); Mystery; 1880s; Librarians; Bug People; Animal People; Sandwiches; Constabulary; Disregard of the Constabulary; Trespassing; Psychosis; Body Horror; Serial Killers; NPC heavy; Character interaction heavy; light combat; WOOOOORDS
>Part 1
>Part 2
>Part 3
>Part 4
>Part 5
>Part 6
>Part 7

This is pretty incomplete because IRL stuff has kept me from compiling more (long hours, bought a house, other stuff) but it's still a decent chunk of content if you haven't read it. Now that the Dallas game is storytimed I might have time to start putting together more, kinda depends on how this week goes.
>I have to give my GM most of the credit on this one.

Thank you very much.

>I definitely took the idea and ran with it

That you did!

>it was a complete surprise to the whole party.
And it was a surprise to me just HOW COMPLETE of a surprise it was for some of you.

>I made Coleo pretty much all I had in mind was:
>She's a centipede themed Baroque
>and I have it in mind she lived in a library so I can make the bookworm pun

He also came up with Jiminy and I ran with him.
File: False Eyelashes.jpg (152 KB, 1099x1080)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Are these what her eyelashes look like?
Time distortion is brutal.
You know there are higher quality versions right?

Sample here and links in the description.
File: token brown bear 1c.png (36 KB, 850x850)
36 KB
Thank you.

If her torso were longer she could cosplay Noel.


I think Captcha is trying to tell me something.
I wonder what centipede omelettes taste like.
File: Mrak.jpg (29 KB, 300x319)
29 KB
If you by any chance know Russian, you can check out Masodov's books about six years old undead girls killing zombies in Black Moscow hoping to meet Lenin. Yes, that is a thing.
His books filled with unnecessary brutal gore, zombie apocalypses, little girls and have "satanic communism" aesthetic, as one guy put it well. The writing is surprisingly melancholic and beautiful in its own special way.
You can find all of his books (except for one) preserved here: https://whiteangelofsorrow.tripod.com/
Trilogy is meat and potatoes of Masodov: first story (Warmth of your hands) is about little girl and her dead friend killing everyone in the school and then fighting zombies. The second one (Darkness of your eyes) is already mentioned one, with Black Moscow and looking for Lenin, the third one (Sweetness of your gentle lips) is about summer camp escalating into some End of Evangelion bullshit. Other standalone story (Imps) is about Lenin and other little girl and has unnecessary convoluted plot. Short fiction stories also filled with pure trash and indecency.
Sure, some of this books were in a print in a year of our lord 2000, but they kind of, got banned (?).
Post tokens.
File: the-road.jpg (114 KB, 1280x720)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Tell us about more twisted literary oddities about really fucking strange apocalyptic situations.
>Have you ever considered Necromancers that were never of this world to begin with?

>Cannibalism everywhere. Even kids hunt adults "Beware! Children at play!" style, so they can get at least some food.
>If you kill some kid because you are too stupid to understand how friendship works at least have decency to properly bury that little girl. She can become upset because you dropped her into the hole without shoes. So upset and angry that she gets an ability to freeze things to "Cosmic Zero" which turns any metal into glass which can be mended into power armor.
>Beria had glasses which allowed him to see future and avoid Terry Pratchett's like Grim Reaper.
>Only sunflowers can grow in the black snow covering Black Moscow.
>Gagarin is a space wizard and will die only when his name gets completely forgotten by every human. He also apparently traveled back in time and used the wreck of his crushed spaceship to give cavemen fire.
>Main heroine can convince people to kill themselves for the greater good. Doesn't work on already dead so better to tear them apart or use mind bullets.
>Female squad of undead virgin soldiers calling themselves "Angels of Revolution" which collects blood from every living/dead/undead human in Black Moscow to use it as a fuel for everlasting fire of communism (which is located on top of a giant black ziggurat on a main street)
Унocи cвoй фopc oткyдa пpинёc, шиз.
Why is this a thing?
File: Tender Token.png (58 KB, 1219x1227)
58 KB

Just this one for now.
File: a9a.gif (133 KB, 379x387)
133 KB
133 KB GIF
Ew, no. She has normal hair.

Some people have deep-sested issues they never get help for. Mild suspicion she has a hoarding problem, or at the very least never cleans anything, because who just has enough roaches in their house to harvest parts for an art project?

>some of this books were in a print in a year of our lord 2000, but they kind of, got banned (?)
Why tho? Is the Russian publishing authority just really strict about certain things?
Sounds wacky.
>Why tho?
Because it's not. The books themselves are the fingerbox of the Russian literature chans.
>"only a few people have ever read the Actual OG Masodov"
>"his works are amazing, transcendent, incomparable lets discuss them"
>anons can't find anything that's alluded to in the prints they have
>even in their actual 2000s hardcovers
>"all the texts they have are FSB psyop fakes, which have nothing to do with the real Masodov"
>"these anons are not In The Know to get the Real Texts, they just don't understand"
Etc cetera et cetera
I put one chapter of one book ttrough the google translate and I don't even know what to say. So many adjectives, Lovecraft has nothing on this guy. Here is an overview:
>Little girl with white hair walks near the construction site.
>One of the builders chucks brick at her from the top and breaks her skull.
>Workers put her corpse into the hole near the foundation of the building. It is a ritual to somehow bless the newly constructed building so it doesn't collapse a month later. Apparently, construction workers are so incompetent that they use those rituals to somehow build houses and government even made an announcement about jews constantly sabotaging construction works to somehow save their face.
>Girl digs herself out from the hole at night. She kills all workers sleeping on site after their orgy with a piece of iron rod. She drinks their blood to mend the gaping headwound.
>The girl escapes to some apartment of withering elderly couple. The girl talks with a loopy old man about soup made out of kefir and Lenin. The girl believes that Lenin is undead and just stood up and walked away from mausoleum and government put a doll there. She believes that she knows where he is hiding but doesn't know the way there.
>She buys a roach eating cat from the couple and chucks it out of the window of 9th floor apartment.
>She strangles the old woman while asking her for the clues about the hiding spot of Lenin. In agony, grandma utters something about the local butchery. Girl drinks her blood and walks away while the grandpa just sits at the kitchen smoking.
>She finds the squashed body of a cat, drinks its blood and eats a couple of organs.
>She goes to the butchery.
I wonder if it is possible to make something similar to that mushroom which grows on insects. The one which kind of kills them but actually not.
File: siren.jpg (52 KB, 732x730)
52 KB
This is a thing.
What is it?
File: download.jpg (21 KB, 502x310)
21 KB

Well, thread's still around so here's some background on a space game.

The high concept is that at some point in the future, humanity managed to colonize pretty much the entire solar system. As things go, it soon enough found itself out of room, or at least desirable real estate. FTL travel was eventually developed, but there was a major flaw. No one who took the trip survived, not only that, but computers and other electronic systems fail to keep a ship on course so that even automated ships fail to come back. A solution was eventually found. A ship controlled by a biomechanical system could successfully navigate to distant worlds, and people could be cryogenically frozen to survive the trip. This lead to a golden era of expansion as any place with a sufficiently dissatisfied/pioneering population and enough money, or willing to make the right promises, could send out people to colonize another world.

Though the ships themselves were intelligent, and seemingly alien in mindset, they didn't feel like relying solely on themselves or what they could automate to get things done. To this end, the ships created crew to serve aboard them from young bodies. These bodies are sourced from the worlds they visit, as part of the price of services rendered. These unfortunate souls "live" by the whims and mercies of their creator, for though they no longer need to bother themselves with things like food to survive, their minds still crave sleep. The crews of the ships can only last so long without rest before their sanity frays, a sleep that only the ship itself can provide. As such, those raised to work aboard these ships are bound to it as there is no other option, beyond definite insanity.

File: Euphrates heart.png (35 KB, 800x800)
35 KB

Humanity spreads where it can and has spread itself thin. These ships are the only lines of communication between worlds, and the only means for anything to reliably travel between them. Cargo freighters and couriers frequently ply the space between worlds, often times being the only thing preventing a colony's complete collapse due from the lack of some basic need. The ships are, even now, the stuff of wild speculation and superstition. The crews, a thing to be feared by most as their inevitable, and often murderous, decline of sanity when separated from their master is one of the only things that is widely, and definitively, known.

It is in this uneasy place of superstition, fragility, and isolation that most worlds exist in. The fact that few worlds could do anything to defend themselves from a single ship of malicious intent is one that many choose to cover up, or ignore, for there is nothing that they can hope to do without dooming their world.

Major inspirations were Traveller and Event Horizon. Smaller influences included The Ship Who Sang, Homeworld Cataclysm, and Andromeda.
I'd like to run a campaign set in the Trench Crusade world, but I'm too lazy to write and too autistic to find people to play with. I'll just throw the idea around
Never heard about Siren games with multiple protagonists, powers of seeing from monsters POV, unkillable enemies which start as normal zombies but later mutate into old school Resident Evil stuff?
So if my understanding is correct: your players were the crew of a ship and the ship was their necromancer?

Kind of an interesting take for them to be dependent on the ship in that way. You mind expanding on what the core conflict of your campaign was?
>Well, thread's still around so here's some background on a space game.


One of the players here, the core concept was dealing with the whims of the ship. It started as being the crew of a looter/pirate ship that only visited dead/dying colonies and picked up the scraps. When an opportunity presented itself, we jumped ship, literarely, and became part of a different ship that our previous one attacked. At that point, the conflict changed to acting as first response crew and finaly ship-killer when the BBEG went into the final phase.
>board victim ship
>"Yes, hello. We are defecting."
Sounds fun. I assume the BBEG was your starting ship which you were escaping from? Or was this something nastier?
It was another ship. Our starting ship was killed by us via the McGuffin shortly after. Afterwards, we went on to investigate anomalies in the colonies that led us to the BBEG-ship. We also got shore-leave with the new ship, for whatever that's worth. The living don't take too kindly to the undead abominations that may or may not go insane at a moments notice afterall. Maybe in time there will be a proper storytime of things.
Are the ships deranged like capsuleers in EVE Online?
>Are the ships deranged like capsuleers in EVE Online?

No idea what those are like, but most likely not.

One of the players described the game as " grim, lonely (or perhaps "isolating"), and nihilistic." Which was mildly offensive due to no longer being 13. The isolation from the rest of humanity and the prospect that their current fate was one that they would stay in forever (or until they somehow "died") was a key element of the campaign.
EVE online Capsuleers act like they're players in an MMO. Because they are. But CCP made it canon that they have a tendency act like that way in the actual universe due to practical immortality warping their perspective on risk and such.
You could picture interacting with one of them being a bit like interacting with the protagonist of a Bethesda RPG: a total crapshoot depending on what the individual in question wants from you.

>grim, lonely (or perhaps "isolating"), and nihilistic.
Sounds like a pretty good Nechronica game.
Did you have a mechanic to represent their sleep dependency? Or would things just kind of start going wrong after a certain milestone in the story?
>Me Necromancing.GIF
File: silly git.gif (232 KB, 452x422)
232 KB
232 KB GIF
Dolls actually powered by thousands and thousands of cat souls.

Cats,being nearly impossible to wrangle in life, are even harder to wrangle in the ego dimention.

This is why dolls are irreplaceable resources for most necromancers and take lots of work to create.
File: An ELITE Necromancer.gif (1.18 MB, 293x293)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB GIF
This is what peak performance looks like.
Doll reactions to new parts very considerably.

Morte having a bad day.
File: Memory Fragment.gif (704 KB, 500x315)
704 KB
704 KB GIF
File: dIk6ik96.jpg (16 KB, 399x399)
16 KB
Took me longer to get the joke than I care to admit.
File: Conversation check.gif (2.07 MB, 800x450)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB GIF
With a bonus.
File: Failed disengage roll.gif (6.46 MB, 900x507)
6.46 MB
6.46 MB GIF
When you are the last doll to escape the map but the dice won't play ball.
I've not had that happen to me (as I've yet to have a GM throw a situation at the party where the wise choice was clearly to run) but that sounds bad.

You are the only target on the map for all the baddies.
File: DOOwJ8XVQAAw8hE.jpg:large.jpg (257 KB, 2048x1391)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
I am imagining a game where the Necromancer sends the dolls into the ego dimention to collect and return with cats.

Over and over and over until they go mad, escape, or subdue the necromancer.

No explanation is given, at least initially for why you're going to collect cats from the ego dimension.
Bonus points if they star off getting you accustomed to cats in the main dimension and talk about how cats are fluffy, proud, and wonderful. And then later on when asked why they send you to hell they just repeat their lines about how cats are fluffy, proud, and wonderful, and they clearly aren't happy or don't understand why you are upset.
>*throws screaming doll in the hell portal*
>*throws crying doll in the hell portal*
>*throws cursing doll in the hell portal*
How did you make one creature out of many tokens?
I wonder what percentage of cats in the ego dimention have collars because they were pets in life.
What the hell is a finger box?
I believe it is a toy. Usually a pretty wooden box with a hole for a finger which filled with feathers, fur, cotton.

>You could picture interacting with one of them being a bit like interacting with the protagonist of a Bethesda RPG: a total crapshoot depending on what the individual in question wants from you.

They operated on a different, seemingly inhuman perspective. They're not quite that erratic, but they are mostly inscrutable and aloof. Most greatly dislike ever explaining themselves to their crew and seem to almost enjoy leaving them in the dark. Beyond that, they're individuals so motivations and such obviously change.

>Did you have a mechanic to represent their sleep dependency? Or would things just kind of start going wrong after a certain milestone in the story?

None of the PC's were dumb enough to actually try something like "We'll go our own way with no ship," but if they tried, it would have manifested as madness that couldn't be removed by any mean slowly accumulating.
This looks like hell.
>hell is not other people
>hell is in fact, cats
File: Spoiler Image (3 KB, 249x38)
3 KB
My CPU fan has decided to take me on a wild ride through finals, so that's put a wrench in things.
I'm generally a bit more free next week and I'll give it a shot nonetheless, but I can't promise anything.
I fucking love stack, bros.
Contrary to popular belief, jet turbines do not make good PC coolers. You should really get that replaced before you tear a hole in reality or something.
The repair store said it'd take 1-2 weeks just to get the necessary parts shipped in, so I'm going to have to deal with the dimensional anomalies a little longer.
Can someone wedraw this with a Nechronica doll trying to blend in with humans?
You know what I'd like to do? Play a game in the 'canon' nechronica universe during the huge war that destroyed the world, not after. That seems like it'd be fun.
File: Scale.jpg (353 KB, 500x375)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
That was kind of the idea of the Dallas game, but about halfway through planning things I went off my own rails.

I'm not sure how much of the fall of humanity would really be a campaign. I got the idea from some of the background lore discussion in other threads that the fall came pretty quickly after things started going wrong; IIRC the fluff book's story ended with nukes being dropped on the first undead rebellion. I doubt things tapered off at all after that.

Not much room fir tabletop RPG in a nuclear exchange.
What was the idea for the Dahlia game?

In some ways, it'd be more stifling in the crazy shit you could put out if you're rolling with the "canon" setting as part of the reason necromancers are coming up with weird and wild shit is out of boredom.
>nechronica dill having to blend in with humans
I would play this setting honestly
File: Demizu Posuka.jpg (183 KB, 938x1164)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Kind of the same? Mostly I wanted to experiment with having a more benevolent Necromancer, partially because I don't really enjoy playing assholes and partially because I hadn't seen it done in other games myself. It was one of those things where I kept thinking to myself
>you know, surely not every necromancer is a callous megalomaniac. I wonder what you'd get from an eccentric altruistic
It just turns out that the answer to that question turns out to be 'martyr' more often than not in a setting like Nechronica. In my mind, anyway.

Humans being the antagonists was just something I thought would make a neat twist for the players.
I imagine whoever thought the solution to an undead rebellion was "launch nukes" probably had other countries nuking them on reflex.

Mutually assured destruction and all that.
I honestly wish more stuff was done with the canon setting. A crazy fuckworld where anything is possible has its upsides but I actually enjoy the canon world a lot, for what little there is of it.
File: unknown-3.png (148 KB, 353x402)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
I've been strongly entertaining the thought of running a game set right when everything goes to pot where the players are a set of 'utility' or office dolls; the kinds of undead you see in the fluff book that are responsible for civilian stuff, like pest extermination or an augged up accountant.

I'm not completely sure how I'd handle the plot though, and also not sure how I'd handle stuff like memory fragments. Need to think on how undead fit into society at this point, I guess.
>I'm not completely sure how I'd handle the plot though, and also not sure how I'd handle stuff like memory fragments. Need to think on how undead fit into society at this point, I guess.

I mean, is it really that hard? Dolls have their disjointed memories locked away in their fucked up heads, and the memories are triggered by certain arbitrary stimuli. That's pretty vague and easy to implement I think. Hell, just looking at a funny-looking cloud could trigger something. Any object or event could be a trigger.

Alternately, focus more on pleasing your human masters, since consistently poor results get you dismantled.
>I mean, is it really that hard?
It's more that I need to think about what's going on around the Dolls more than I otherwise would, because stuff like their families could still be in the picture since humanity is still around and it's more likely for them to find or actively maintain a connection to their old lives. It makes things more complicated.

Personally, it's nice that everything's left so vague as it means each person has to make their own calls and put their own spin on the world, even if using the "official" one. It works well with keeping PC and player understanding in line and functions well with the universal amnesia. Getting that feeling of discovery and finding things out would be a sad casualty of expanding the official setting.

Though this is coming from a nerd who likes shit that requires you to put your own things together like GURPS and Traveller.
I don't mind not knowing everything, but I am really interested in the creator's own takes on his creation. A pity most of it is locked away by being in Japanese.

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