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Hello everyone! I think I'm going to posts Shadowrun Tale every Sunday now since it has become my allocated me-time. After a copious breakfast with lotsa bacon, I am finally ready to write the next chapter of those runners' story. If you guys have comments, compliments, insults, critiques, or you want to post your own stories, or turn this into a shadowrun thread in general... feel free to do so!

For those who are new or missed a previous storytime, here's the previous chapters!




CHAPTER 5, Calm before the Storm
"We want to split up."

Those were the first words that came out of the shadowrunner group that day.

Not that long ago those dudes were racing against the best the criminal world in Seattle had to offer, put a dent into the japanese mafia and were general cool guys and a badass crew.

Unfortunately they all had different objectives, and they couldn't reconciliate them with each other.
Nikos Galanis, the dwarf shaman of Dionysus, wanted to raid a beer factory, currently occupied by a violent gang of orcs and trolls. He needed help to take back the place from them and give it to the commune, as well as making it operational to further his divinity's plan.

Harvey Hunt (or so his fake SIN says), more known as Wolfhound the ork street samurai, was on a quest to eradicate a infamous street gang called the WYLD DAWGS. Something he hasn't told anyone, is that the hounds that the yakuzas were using during the team's assault on them recently have been dogs raised by the notorious criminal faction, and that in his recent patrols in the poor parts of town he has seen more and more of them. As well as more tags belonging to to them. One thing's for sure, their leader, Apex, was gaining in influence in the underworld and Wolfhound couldn't tolerate it a second longer.

Pepper Allen, the young teenage girl elf infiltrator nicknamed Dice, in her case was running short on time. She felt that whatever poison her master Deadline injected her with could destabilize and kill her any day now. She could feel it in her guts, a kind of tingling that wouldn't leave her and increased with passing time. Her only cure? Kill every target her master has put on her list, to them duel him to the death and claim the antidote. Her only lead? Her target being a lone italian ex-shadowrunner named Lorenzo "Rockstar" Barone that went underground in Havana a decade ago.

Ray Lau, also known as BYTE the hacker, has always dreamed of living the high life, and to reach that ambition needed to do missions with higher pays. Sadly, it doesn't go with his partners with goals hanging in the low-pay grade.
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"Guys, you can't just split up like that! You had a good thing going!"

"Oh yeah? Watch me!"

Those were the team's fixer and the decker. The former was doing her best as to not let her partners fall apart, but the latter kept making her job harder and harder.

Hope: "Guys, I doubt you should each go your way. We just haven't found a good compromise yet!"

BYTE: "We spent over an hour, minute by minute, arguing with each other about our own needs! The brat's here wants to go to Cuba and hunt down some bloke who might have already croaked there already for what we know, Shortstuff wants to go in an abandonned brewery to tussle with some trogs and Big Guy wants to chase after a maniac and his posse of raving dog fetishists... notice a common theme? Yeah, they're doing it for free!"
"Then how about it you do like real shadowrunners do?"

The troll sat on her desk waiting for the group to come to its sense. The four of them looked at her with a blank stare.

BYTE: "Which is?"

Hope: "A service for a service?"

BYTE: "A service ain't money, Hope."

Hope: "I'm sure you'll find a way to cash in one way or another."
"So, how do we do this?" said the dwarf, anxious but curious about the turn of event.

Hope: "Well, what's urgent?"

Dice: "My life is! I'm dying here if I can't get the dudes on my list!"

Hope: "Well, yes, but he's in another part of the world. What's more, huh... closer to home?"

Wolfhound: "Well there's Apex's gang. I know of one of their hideouts I haven't demolished yet, so I want to take them out before they start moving or something."

Shortfuse: "How about the brewery instead? It's litterally next door! Can't have anything closer! Come on, pal! It'll be short work!"
File: 1593219487293.jpg (185 KB, 675x1198)
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185 KB JPG
" *sigh* Fine... well I'm up for it, only if we get to the WYLD DAWGS right after though."

Dice: "Well I can't get what I want right now, so I'll join too."

BYTE: "And what if I don't want to?"

Dice: "Then you're missing out on the possible reward a greek god could give?"

The hacker opened his mouth for an instant, closed it, thought about what kind of prize a mentor spirit could give to mundanes for a second and then said this:

"I swear, if your god gives us Midas Touch and my dick turns to gold because of it, I'll shave off your beard and feed it to you!"
File: BFqXdOuCQAEMsBt.jpg (34 KB, 492x744)
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Wolfhound: "So what's the plan?"

Shortfuse: "Well, I've been talking to residents of the Commune about if they want to help restore the brewery, and more importantly, if they want to join my religion..."

BYTE: "Really?"

Shortfuse: "Hey, it's important! I have a plan on how to run that facility, and for it I need believers! Plus my god needs more faithfuls to increase his influence in our world."

Wolfhound: "Ok, and?"

Shortfuse: "We'll attack tomorrow, under the cover of the night."

Dice: "Wa-wait! Tomorrow! Like, Tomorrow tomorrow?!"
File: 1605411694436.png (164 KB, 315x383)
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164 KB PNG
Hope: "Anything the matter Dice?"

Dice: "Well... huuuuuh..."

Captchat is GAYJA, kinda funny

Shortfuse: "What's the problem?"

Dice: "I just can't tomorrow..."

BYTE: "Chickening out?"

Dice: "Shut up, it's not it! Eugh... you know what, I'll be there! But don't be sorry if there are complications!"

And before the people in the room had the time to ask what kind of complications she was refering too, the infiltrator decided to run away in the night, finding shelter somewhere only she knew where to find.
I put the spoiler at the bottom of the text, somehow it comes back to the top... it's witchcraft I tell you.

The day that followed was heavy. Seattle always had that kind of a gloomy atmosphere with the regular sky obscured by the smog, smoke and toxic spirits flying in it, but this day was more special than the others.

There has been reports during those last few days about a particularly nasty storm coming this way to the West Coast.

The dwarf chose that day because it would impede any form of escape the gangers inside the brewery could take, as well as provide excellent cover from the outside to sneak in.
Speaking of sneaking in, the infiltrator was late to the run.She wasn't responding to her commlink either.

Shortfuse: "Do you guys think she choked on us?"

BYTE: "She better not be, not after I got soaked standing outside."

Wolfhound: "You could have bought an umbrella with some of the nuyens your older bro gave you."

BYTE: "I do whatever I want with my money, thank you!"

Wolfhound: "Any intel on what's inside?"

Shortfuse: "Hope told me there was some kind of meeting between the gangers inside and another group of outlaws. She doesn't know who though."

Wolfhound: "How many people inside?"

Shortfuse: "Can't talk about the guests, but the USB drive Dionysus gave me said there should be at least 3 trolls and around 10-14 orks. The big ones are family members, a dad and his sons. One's a bio-upgraded pain machine, another a mage possibly from the Aztec tradition, and the last one's an adept. Most likely their pa'. Their street name are 'Da Beast', 'La Muerte' and 'RipNTear'."

BYTE: "Charming. Anything else we need to know?"
"One thing, though I don't know what most of the ork recruits can do, I know two of them to be famous for blowing corpo's assets, or setting them on fire. They were part of an old gang that's not there anymore. Their name's Dyna-Might and Firestarter."

Wolfhound: "We might be cautious for traps then, don't want those two to blow up the place."

Shortfuse: "Yeah, good thinking. ALso very last thing, they hired a decker for extra security. I don't know anything about him, so be careful BYTE."

BYTE: "Speaking of careful, we're still missing the missy..."

Wolfhound: "I'll go get her."
File: wayne-residence-1400.jpg (132 KB, 1400x703)
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132 KB JPG
Everyone in the group had their own bubble, a private life that they kept to themselves or simply hasn't shared with anyone else. Well, it was the intention at first, mostly encouraged by BYTE who wanted some privacy and not bond with his fellow teammembers. Among those things that were supposedly kept secret where each other's hideout. BYTE was paranoid that if a member of the group got captured, he (or what he mostly think... she) would spill the beans and reveal all their secrets, and the decker was really not into going to his home on a comfy day and get his ass blown up because a bunch of pricks in suits planted a bomb behind his front door.

Something the street samurai hasn't told his friends however, is that when him and the infiltrator drank a lot of alcohol during their second mission, she has told him where to find her.

Pepper Allen lived in her old master's secret lair, which is in an abandonned section of the subway. It was a room made for storing up cables and other stuff needed for the proper fonctionning of the place, that has been renovated, made bigger and with a lot of cool gizmos everywhere. It even had a secret garage on the surface, and an hidden ladder to connect the two places.

It seemed that the infiltrator still hasn't left her home since the security measures haven't been activated yet.
"Hey kid, are you there?"

No response.

The ork noticed that the place was a mess, with clothing laying on the ground, and empty pizza boxes stacking into some corners. Even the teenager's breaking and entering tools were scattered around, with its bag still open and empty of its content on the kitchen table.

After a brief inspection, Wolfhound concluded that their infiltrator hasn't been kidnapped or assaulted, only that she was an unruly and dissorganized teenage girl, which was pretty normal he guessed, thought normal is probably not the best term when it applies to a kid with a murder whip.
oh this looks pretty interesting I always love story times
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"Kid, I'm going to enter your room... you're ok with that?"

"Go away!"

"Hoh, so there's someone here after all, heh?"

The sammie opened up the door, with a little bit more strenght than he had wished for, and what's inside completely took hmi by surprise.

Despite being Not!Batman, owning a monofilament whip and knowing how to use it, and driving her own Not!Batmobile, Dice's room was pretty girlie. It was a side of her that she hasn't showed anyone until now. With the exception of a few things like ninja stars stucked to the walls or her misplaced gear, the room had posters of celebrities, magazines about the latest fashion and plenty of girl clothing everywhere. Yet the person who the chamber belonged to wasn't visible.

"Where are you, Dice? We're all waiting on you."

"Please leave me alone!"

The voice was coming from a closet, locked from the inside.

"What's the matter kid? Why are you in there?"

"I-I... I just need to be alone!"

Wolfhound: "We got a job to do, and we're counting on you. Some of us could get hurt otherwise."

"Just delay it to tomorrow! I-I can't right now!"


"Because I have businesses to attend to!"

"What kind of businesses can you attend in a closet?"
File: 1625522558362.jpg (301 KB, 872x1000)
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301 KB JPG
"It's just... I... can't say it... but..."

"Trust me, if you got a secret, I can keep it."

"But I'll lose all credibility if I tell anyone!"

"Trust me, you'll lose more if you don't show up."

The infiltrator then exited her closet. She appeared as if she had barely slept at all, and her happy go lucky attitude was gone from her face.

"How can I be sure that I can trust you?"

"Tell you what, I think I know what's going throught your head right now. Tell me why you can't come, and I'll give you a secret of my own. Is that alright with you kid?"

"Promise you won't tell anyone? And promise you won't laugh at me?"


"Truth is... I'm afraid of storms."

"Ain't you a bit old for that?"

"You promised!"

"Sorry, I was just wondering."
File: Pepper_Potts.png (828 KB, 1600x900)
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828 KB PNG
"I grew up in a very rough place. In the Barrens actually, but there wasn't a Commune at the time. At least, none me or my parents were aware of. Us and soem friends were barely scraping by, and some days we had nothing to eat... I was mostly always left behind to watch over our shelter... and during the storms the thunder... it was so loud... and the rain was cold, wet, dirty, and it got everywhere. And each time there was a storm, a big one, something bad happened. First we lost some friends to organ-leggers... despite the thunder, I could hear their screams... then it was my father, from a turf war between gangs... he was caught in the middle of it... than my mother... she... was eaten alive by feral ghouls... nearly lost my own life when a Devil Rat's nest erupted from my shelter, and I had to run into the night, without food or anywhere to rest."

She then took a breather, and shudder when those memories she had buried resurfaced. After that she took a quick pause to gain courage and followed up on her story.

"I was on the verge of stavation when Master Deadline found me. He was walking inside an alleyway and I jumped at him with a plastic spoon I found in a trashpile, spoon that I sharpened and use for self-defense. He just laughed at y desperate attempt, easily disarmed me, and then offered to take me under his wing. Desperate as I was, I accepted his offer... he most likely saved my life that day..."

"And he then decided to poison you? He's kind of a jerk your master, no?" Said the sammie.

"Yeah... he is I think... I never thought he would do this. He trained me, fed me, gave a roof and clothings, he spent all that time and effort... just so I could eliminate some people off a list, and assassinate him, the best assassin in the world."

"Your master has watched one too many low-budget trideo films I think."

"Yeah, I guess you're right..."
"So, hum, if you don't mind me asking... what YOUR secret?"

"Well I did promise to tell you, didn't I?"

The street samurai then took out from his jacket a cigar and lit it up, before taking a smoke. The young teenage girl wasn't very pleased that the ork was smoking in her room, but she decided that it is better to not say anything if she wants to hear what her friend has to say.

"I'm afraid of dogs."

"Afraid... of dogs? Why are you named Wolfhound then?"

"Well, it's my name. Harvey Hunt is what's on my fake SIN, but I never had any other name than my street one... or perhaps I had one before I was 'rescued' by Apex and his WYLD DAWGS... but it sure ain't something pretty like Pepper Allen... might be something more alike 'experiment 626' or 'weapon-X'. "

"Wait... are you telling me you were like, born in a lab or something?"

"Well that's what I was told... my enhanced genetics and biowares would attest that too."

"Then, why are you afraid of dogs? That doesn't make sense if you were rescued by a dog-loving gang..."

"Simple. It's because I was treated like one. Got beat up, tortured even, malnourished, slept in cages, fought animals and other metahumans alike, sometimes I was sic on enemies of the gang just to be brought back up to where I was... it was hell. And the devil orchestring it was a Toxic Dog shaman, a man named Apex. He took me against my will to some surgeon, where they ripped the meat from me, and replaced it with this" he then showed his cyberlegs with skimmers on them, as well as his cybereyes and cyberclaws, "just to send me back in a ring to fight other blokes like me. I was bathed in so much blood and gore, I eventually lost my sense of disgust. That, or it was actually burned out of me."

"Oh god..."

"Yeah... it's not that I really fear dogs... but they bring a lot of unpleasant memories that I associate with them."
"I'm... very sorry for you..."

"Don't be. Plus I'll get even with Apex, sooner or later."

"Thanks. Thanks for being here with me."

"Well we still need you don't we?"

"Wait, I'm not sure if I ca-"

"Don't worry, we'll adapt the plan. Tonight, you won't leave my sight. Trust me."

The two shadowrunners then went back to their teammates, with the decker in a very foul mood for standing under the rain for over an hour. Following Wolfhound's insistance on being with Dice for the mission, Shortfuse applied to him an improved invisibility spell so the two of them could sneak together inside the enemy's base.

I'm going to go eat dinner, thanks >>80269009 for being there, and if you or anyone else wants to write anything or simply post pictures in the meantime, you are all welcome!
Based thread from a based OP
With Nikos' civil engineering knowledge, the four runners managed to discover an abandoned safety exit out of the brewery. The other three mercenaries wondered how a dwarf who lived all his youth in the streets managed to gather such sofisticated knowledge, but that would be a question for another day.

With Pepper's breaking and entering tools, and a Silence spell from the dwarf, they made short work of the locking mechanisms as well as an old alarm dating from when the place still belonged to the Corps.

The place was filthy, rusted, and falling apart at some places. Needless to say, it was perfect for Shortfuse. He kept mentionning to the crew that they just need to clean up a little, and have a coat of paint or two and the place will be up and running in no time. The rest of the gang was unconvinced.

Sneaking throught some tunnels, the group arrived at an intersection. One way went to the left in complete darkness, and the other went straight ahead, in complete darkness. Wolfhound decided to split up the gang to cover more grounds and find more clues... I mean, find the next victims.
File: 1607108734410.jpg (286 KB, 1080x1349)
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286 KB JPG
Shortfuse and BYTE took the path on the left, while Wolfhound and Dice took the path straight ahead.

They couldn't use lights to light up their way as to not give away their position, so to his great comtempt BYTE had to hold the shaman's hand while navigating throught the tunnels.

The two of them made regular pauses, since without Dice's natural gifts as an infiltrator, it would be harder to detect any traps. The two of them made regular checks for any magical or technologically advanced traps, both hoping that what awaits them isn't something crude like a shotgun and a string, or a giant rolling boulder.

Thanks a lot pal! If you got more to say, I'd be happy to see it! It's nice to read soem feedback, and it helps bump the thread!
After what felt like an eternity, the two shadowrunners found an assortment of rooms in the corridor. Most had their doors locked, and the hall was still in the dark. It looked more like a scene out of a horror movie

Once again, Shortfuse cast a Silence spell as the two mercenaries were walkind down the corridor, fearing that they might get the attention of anyone residing in one of the rooms.

One of said rooms' door was unlocked, even hal-open.

Inside was a lot of monitors, with a dwarf laying on the ground connected to them and facing away from the runners, right next to the wall.

Shortfuse expanded his Silence spell to the security room, and BYTE took out his sidearm.
File: 1624301960741.png (517 KB, 577x441)
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517 KB PNG
One bullet to the side of the head. One shot. Blood splattered on the walls, the body spasmed a second, than nothing. No sound. Quick and painless.

Not missing a beat, the decker plugged his own cyberdeck and connected his consciouness into the security terminal.

"Neat, they installed cameras... and turrets too!.

"You think you can handle 'em?"

"With my eyes close."

Having the situation under control, the decker decided to have a deeper look into the files of the security terminal, and after a minute of seaching, found one that looked interesteing enough, one that corresponds to the present date.

Both the shaman and the hacker were unaware of what was awaiting them.
Good stuff OP. Do go on.
Meanwhile the elf and the orc arrived at the end of the hall, which led to a staircase going upward. At the end of it was a door that opened to the brewery.

The delivery entrances for delivery trucks were open, with unmarked white vans stationned near. On one side there was the orks and trolls, wearing jackets with written on it FIRESNAKES and a patchwork of design, a mix of snakes and fires as unoriginal as that it.

What really took the cake though, were the other gang that disembark from the vans. Their jackets had the same style as the team's street samurai... raving dogs.

Thanks a lot pal! I'm slowing down because it's getting late, but if the story is not done I'll have it finished tomorrow!

That was the leader, RipNTear. The troll was towering everyone else, his sons included, by at least a a few feet. Among all the foes the group has seen, he was a giant.

"We got it Rip, you got what we asked?"

And this was the one in charge of the WYLD DAWGS, Apex. He looked like an elf from afar, but he was definitely a human. Most would consider an elf poser, and the likes of RipNTear and his goons were clearly inclined to show why their kind do not appreciate elves. While most men would back away as fast as they could in such situation, Apex clearly didn't pay any mind. Anyone ever saw the movie Quest for Camelott? Apex had the same kind of expression as Sir Ruber. The same kind of unhinged, clearly cartoonishly evil expression.

RipNTear nodded towards one of his boys, who fetched a briefcase and brought it to the exchange. Inside was some kind of chip and a credstick.

"Pardon what I'm about to say dear friend, but thanks to you I'll be able to make deals with higher powers. Ones that would surely pay higher for my goods!"
File: 72535626.jpg (228 KB, 733x720)
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228 KB JPG

"Ever the charmer, I see! Malamute! Bring in the dogs!"

One of the gangers went outside for a minute, then came immediately back him, with two dogs on leash.

Dogs was a very generous term here. Those were pure canine monstruosities. They had more muscle mass than most of the criminals that were in the audience. They were also drooling fresh blood, no doubt from a recent "meal" and were very agitated.

"Like I said! Here's some of my beaties! Got ten more on the way here like promised!"


"Oh, I only brought a few specimen in case this friendly deal goes... 'sour'. "
"I got a plan."

"Wait what? Waiiiiiiit!"

That was Wolfhound, who out of pure spite for his former boss and torturer, decided to turn the deal between the two gangs into a bloodbath.


He said, just as he boosted with his rocket feet and cut clean one of RipNTear's boys in half. Specifically, the one holding the briefcase.

There was a stunned silence for a second between the two groups, then the troll just shouted a loud "TRAAAAAAAAAITOOOOOOOOORS!" and the battle began.
File: 1625529168768.jpg (60 KB, 833x550)
60 KB
Panicked by the sudden battle, Dice grabbed her commlink and shouted as loud as she can "BYTE WE NEED THE TURRETS ASAP!"

To which she only got a short answer from Shortfuse "SORRY CAN'T RIGHT NOW!"

Yeah, despite taking over the security in the abandonned brewery, BYTE couldn't operate them to open fire on the lowlifes duking it out.

Why would that be?

Simple. BYTE was currently flatlining on the ground.
Bumping for continued storytime, rock on shortfuse.
File: yTebafCMvmXK7atgiffKP3.jpg (1.87 MB, 1920x1297)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB JPG
Wooohooo! Now I'm pumped!

Now how did that happen you might ask?

Why he made one of the biggest rookie mistake a decker could make. Which is opening up a file found inside an enemy's cyberdeck, without even checking if it was booby trapped or not.

BYTE took a rating 9 databomb and barely managed not to die on the spot, and he would have continued to do the bacon on the floor, bleeding from his nose and ears, if it was not for the dwarf casting a Heal spell as high Force as he could.

Shortfuse would have done more, if it were not for the cannon of a pistol pointed to the back of his head.
"You got him alive, that's as far as my generosity goes."

"Yes, thank you" responded the shaman, trembling at the tough that if his captor changed his mind at any moment his head would be splattered on the floor like the other dwarf in the room.

"Consider you guys lucky still drawing a breath, if it were for me I'd have you shot right now for wasting weeks of our lives."

The person talking to him was a human in full tactical gear, and what's more, the runners have met him before. Him and his team to be exact.

For the man standing behind Nikos was none other than the lieutenant of the Knight Errant team that participated to the Barrens Death Course.
File: 1437344728712.jpg (312 KB, 1250x1600)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
"Please tell me it's not about the race..."

"As if we'd be so petty... well scratch that. Some people got fired over it, but it was their fault for not accounting your team... surprising initiative. No. What you guys cost us today was that file, that your friend just destroyed by probing it like an amateur."

"Oh yeah, that's bad."

"Quite. Lucky for you, the Firesnakes still got a duplicate. If we manage to get our hands on it, we might not be so angry anymore."

"And if you don't?"

"Do you really need to ask that?"

That will be all for me tonight. I'll keep writing tomorrow, hope everyone like the storytime so far! If you got comments, compliments, critiques, insults, posts images or your own stories, or even make this a shadowrun general... FEEL FREE TO DO SO!!!
Looking forward to seeing what happens next.
Continue this riveting tale when you can OP!
bump, so I can get more time to gather my notes
File: hellhound.png (280 KB, 608x444)
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280 KB PNG
Meanwhile on Dice and Wolfhound's side, things were turning quite ugly.

Being in fewer number of men, Apex put two fingers in his mouth and whistled. The sounds that came from was eerie, and pierce the eardrums of everyone there. Not long after, two more dogs joined the frey, but something was strange about those dogs... if you can find anything strange after seeing the two roided ones.

They had charcoal black fur, and eyes as red as blood, with a malicious and vicious glint in them.

The infiltrator and the sammie had no idea what were special about those canines, but they quickly got a clue when the mutts' eyes began to glow orange and fire came out of their mouths.

Yeah, we got one guy who was afraid of dogs, and he got the privileged luck of fighting two that could bench press as much as him, and two others that can toast his ass. Wolfhound really wasn't in his element that night.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (97 KB, 1280x720)
97 KB
To the absolute surprise of no one, RipNTear went totally berserk when he saw that he got 'double-crossed' by Apex and the WYLD DAWGS. In an instant his hands were covered in acid using a combo of the Killing Hands and Elemental Strike, and he punched Wolfhound right in the guts.

The ork never had the time to draw a breath, much less react, before he was sent flying throught the whole battlefield by a troll adept having a critical success on his most devastating attack. In his flight, he broke throught at least two walls, as well are caving in the floor on which he landed on. It didn't help that the acid that was coating the troll's hands were now dissolving the armor jacket he was wearing, you know... just as an extra fuck you imma ruin your threads thing.

Like that, in one fell swoop, right at the start of the fight, we just lost our big guy. Yeah, things went to shit quickly.
Da Beast decided to tackle the two mutant canines on drugs armed with a highland forged claymore, and he completely cleaved one of them in half. Thought even if his everything was spilling out and its inside became its outside, the creature still somehow managed to jump at its aggressor's face and chew out a good chunk of it. Its brethren instead aimed for the nuts because hey, if you got a combat dog, wouldn't that be the first thing you'd teach it?
Da Beast's brother, La Muerte, on the other hand wasn't faring too well against his opponent. He decided he was the hot shit and tried to take on Apex in a mage vs mage duel. The troll should have picked on someone his own size because the dog shaman might be half his height, he more than makes it in magical potential.

Laughing like a maniac, Apex pointed his scrawny fingers towards the young troll and a sinister green glow pulsated out of his fingernails.

The troll suddenly started foaming at the mouth and began moving his limbs in saccadic fashion, as if he was puppetteered by a madman on cocaine.

He then raised both his arms, summoned a massive fireball (the troll surely had it cast at a high strenght, because a little blood could be seen running out of his nostrils), than lowered his arms to the ground and casted the spell at his feet.
File: b31.jpg (165 KB, 1596x914)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Yeah, that crazy fuck just launched a magical nuke at the middle of the battlefield and set fire to the infrastructure.

And if that wasn'e enough, remember the two orks mentionned earlier? One with a pyro-sadistic tendancy and another one who fetishizes explosions?

Yeah, Dyna-Might and Firestarter have been caught in the blast. While they were busy throwing grenades and molotovs at Apex's goons, they got torched in an instant, which lit up everything that was one them.

A cataclysmic BOOM shooked the very foundations of the abandoned brewery as well as the Barrens Commune and anything nieghbooring it.

Where the troll mage stood, only two very large incinerated feet remained. La Muerte was very muerte. You could even say well done.
File: 1626009750577.png (108 KB, 564x542)
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108 KB PNG
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Take your meds.
The only things that were relatively fine after that detonation were RipNTear and his son Da Beast, as well as the two hellhounds Apex summoned. The crazy bastard even fired his own mates, which is why if you ever meet a toxic mage/shaman/adept you have to eradicate them with extreme prejudice.

Apex had also mysteriously dissapeared, but I gues that's what bad guys do, so it was to be expected.

Seeing that his hotheaded son took the meaning of the saying to a new degree, the adept's rage went anew. He was hungry for blood, and he had to the intention to take his name litterally.

The only remaining foes ni this fight were the hellhounds, and Dice who made the only smart decision that day to stay hidden and patch up the Wolfhound before he internally bleed out. Unaware of the latter's existence (and sure he killed the sammie), the old man and his son went to town on the two paracritters.
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Not long after the two trolls enjoyed a blood shower, sepentine flow of water started crawling all around the ground, surrounding the two remaining fighters.

Wherever they went, the fire was extinguished and the gore was cleaned away. The trolls then started stomping the little buggers, still in a state of frenzy, but the more they squashed, the more they came.

Then the lieutenant of the Kinght-Errant squad came out with his crew with their guns lifted and ready to fire. They were followed by a very stressed and limping Shortfuse carrying a barely conscious BYTE.

The intensity of the staring contest between K-E and the remaining Firesnakes reminded me of pic related.
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"Adam Carter Snr, as well as Adam Carter Jnr, you two are under arrest for Terrorism, Murder, Corporate Espionnage and other absurdities I won't take the time to list. You will come with us, where our client will decide what appropirate punishment a SINless low-life like you deserve."



The whole squad then fired Stick-'n-Shocks rounds at the troll family, taking them out as if it was regular thrash off the streets.
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"Alright, Tau squad I want you to restrain them, bag them, and have them sent to the client ASAP. Omicron-4, 5 and 6, I want you to take a sweep of the perimeter. Find the copy or report its destruction. The rest with me. There's still two targets missing."

Dice heard all that professional mumbo jumbo thanks to her super upgraded headphones and knew that those guys were no joke. Problem is, Wolfhound was in no condition to move, even less duking it out with the super-cops. She was pondering if the best course of action would be to fight them and help the dwarf and the hacker flee, or to simply escape and tempt a rescue another time, but before a choice was made the K-E lieutenant cut short on her reflexion.

"We know there's two of you missing. Your small friend spilled the beans. Either you come out of your hole or we take them out."

The situation was pretty dire, but even in those circumstances the elf wasn't naive enough to simply walk out of her spot without negotiating first.

"What tells me you won't shoot us on sight?"

"Nothing, but right now your lives only have value as a set. So either I have you all right now, or I execute the dwarf and the albino and then track down wherever you hide and finish the set. Either you all live, or you all die."

"Fuck... well... hum... you'll guarantee that we'll live, right?"

"No. That is up to my employer. He ain't a patient man though, so the more he waits, the more will he be inclined to dispose of your bodies in a ditch somewhere."

"We got one of ours wounded here... can you give him medical assistance at least?"

"We'll see what I can do."
For the first time in their career, the shadowrunners were experienceing defeat, and a pretty grueling one too.

Both Shortfuse and Dice had been restrained and put up in an armored car, while their comatose friends were placed inside another, both going to an unknown destiniation.

While Dice was simply shackled, the shaman has been blinded with a bag and gagged, as well as having magical restraints put on him. A stain on the bag, made by a drool of saliva was visible on the cloth, the reason being that it is pretty hard to restain a mage after all, which is why you prefer having them unconscious if possible. As soon as they step into the van, Nikos have been made unconscious.

The only person who could weasel the group out of its situation was the infiltrator, who had no social skills... yeah I guess she took the Batman inspiration that far, eh?
“So, you’re telling me YOU LOST THE DAMN FILES?!”

“Yes sir.”

“And that at this very moment a Toxic is walking around with a copy of the very same files that YOU didn’t recover?”

“He has the original, sir.”


The conversation that was between the K-E lieutenant and an Ares Corporation department director.

The former took off his mil-spec helmet and looked like a young Clint Eastwood at the prime of his career, while the latter would best be described as Father from K.N.D when he’s not in his dark form.

Sitting quietly on a chair across them was Dice who was too scared to open her mouth, like a child when their parents are having a fight.
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The two corpos then stared at each other for a brief minute, each waiting for the other to crack under the pressrue, but betweem a jaded elite SWAT officer, and a man who probably never had anything worse in his life than a bad haircut... surprinsingly the former was first to lost composure. That's what social skills does for you.

Then the man in suit turned towards the infiltrator. Dice could feel her blood turning to ice in her veins as a chill ran down her spine. Whatever the man decide, her life and her partners' survival all depended on her. She was at his mercy, and felt as vulnerable as when she was injected with her master's poison.

The man took off his glasses, sat at his desk and opened up a bottle of whisky. He hasn't stopped looking at the elf like a predator do its prey.
"Why hello there gal! I'd share a drink with you, but I don't believe you're of age yet."

"Well I'm 21."

"So your SIN says, but we both know that's a lie, kid. Now I might appear calm right now, but I'm kind of livid and your team is partly responsible for it. True, you guys were not aware on what you were stepping in, for what I know you just wanted an abandonned brewery. You can have it... or rather, you can inhabit in it. As the recent buyer, I'd hate to have this place wasted and I'm sure you guys can put it back in top shape! Now, let's say a service for a service, heh? You poor people can work in that dump, and you help me recover a chip. Sounds fair, no?"

"Huh... well... I'm not really concerned about the brewery... I was doing a solid for a friend. I'm sure he'd like it, but it's not really up to me to decide."

"Okaaaaay... so you want money then? We can do that. Heck, there's less I have to deal with."

"Well that'd be fine for me, but I'd like to have my teammates to consult with me."

"Hate to break it with you kid, but some of them are in the hospital right now, or what your community call an hospital. You'll have to call the shots now,'

Fortunately, Dice knew that the man wanted to put pressure on her so they'd work for him for cheap. Luckily for her, she knew just what to do.
A quick phone call was made with Hope and Dice was escorted back to Dr Smiles' hospital.

If there's one thing to say about their fixer, other than picking shitty jobs, she can drive a hard bargain. The two of them went at it for hours before an agreement was found.

The infiltrator was able to reunite with her friends on their hospital beds, she was glad that they were ok and that Wolfhound's recovery was going swift.
Hope then entered their room, followed with the Knight-Errant lieutenant who was carrying a tablet with the corpo's face on it.

?: "Hello there gentlemen! I am so glad that you guys recovered so fast! Funny stuff, I was actually in need of shadowrunners right now!"

Wolfhound: "And who are you?"

?: "My name's Dean Vasquez, Director of Ares Macrotechnology Division of Oceanic Research and Development, but you can call me Mr Johnson!"

Wolfhound, pointing at the K-E lieutenant: "Ok, and what about him?"

Lieutenant: "Name's not important, but if you must call me Omicron Major."

Shortfuse: "Omicron doesn't sound cool though."

Dice: "Omicron, omicron... o-mi-cron... o-mie... I got it! We'll call you Homie!"

'Homie': "Don't."

BYTE: "Too late."
Mr Johnson, with a charming yet artificial smile: "Homie, haha, I like that! Yeah, that's the kind of fraternity we encourage at Ares. Speaking of Ares, there was an exchange earlier between the Firesnakes and the WYLD DAWGS, and it just so happen that some of Ares' property got stolen, and I want YOU GUYS to recover it for me! Ain't that nice?"

Shortfuse: "Woah we sure hit the big leagues.."

Mr Johnson: "That you did buddy!"

Shortfuse: "What's the pay?"

Mr Johnson: "Excellent question, direct too, I like that! Homie, tell them how much they'll get!"

Homie: "You will be paid exactly 1'115'000 nuyens, or the quivalent in whatever currency that you wish, as well as other benefits like the act of property for the recently bought brewery next door."

Shortfuse: "Wait, it was bought?!"

Mr Johnson: "As well as a budget of 10'000 nuyens in case you need short changes! You can also demand up to 15% of the total pay in advance, right now only, if you prefer to use that during your journey!"

Shortfuse: "Okay... is there more we need to know about the mission?"

Homie: "Well first off, we will meet again in one week at 22h00 local time at Miami."

BYTE: "But that's on the complete opposite side of the continent!"

Homie: "We trust you shadowrunners can find your own ways to get there."

Mr Johnson: "At your expense of course. I already spent so much on that little endeavour."

Homie: "Then when we meet we will brief you on what we know so far. Also remember, the concept of a mercenary like you guys is to be deniable assets. Once the mission starts, we will be gone, and there's nothing that will link you to us."

Mr Johnson: "And if there is..."

Homie: "You won't last long. Same for this community."

Shortfuse: "Are you ok with that hope?!"

Seeing as she wasn't responding, Mr Johnson took the initiative.

"She vouched for you all. She puts everything on the line for you. You got a good friend there, I suggest you don't dissapoint her."
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After the two envoys of Ares left the groupe decided to form a plan with their fixer. She wasn't saying much, tired after all the negotiations she made, and the Damocles Sword that was hanging over her Community.

Wolfhound: "Miami, huh?"

Shortfuse: "Seems like it."

Hope: "Huh-huh."

BYTE: "God, I hope we won't have to stay outside."

Shortfuse: "Pretty good chances though."

Hope: "Huh-huh."

Dice: "Well, I'm happy, we get closer to my target!"

Wolfhound: "Mine too."

Hope: "Huh-huh."

Shortfuse: "Are you okay Hope?"

Hope: "... Yes..."

Shortfuse: "You don't seem okay."

Hope: "Well, I had to bet everything on you guys to save your skins... and now... I don't know... I just hope you succeed, otherwise a lot of people will suffer for it."

Dice: "Thanks for sticking with us. We might not look like it, but we're grateful."

Hope: "As long as you all don't forget the stakes, I'll be there. Now get some rest and kick that Apex's guy's ass!"

Wolfhound: "Will do."

Dice: "Aye!"

BYTE: "I better not forget to stack up on solar cream."
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703 KB PNG
And that would be the end of Shadowrun Tale chapter 6, A WAR ON TWO FRONTS! See you all possibly next Sunday for the next chapter!

If you guys have comments, compliments, insults, critiques, or you want to post your own stories, or turn this into a image dump or a shadowrun thread in general (considering the last one got to page 11, that might be a good idea)... FEEL FREE TO DO SO! I'll be glad to read what you guys posted! Now I'll get myself some grub, and plan for next week!
bump, hope more people see this
Good stuff OP. Looking forward to seeing the next part.
Thanks a lot pal! I'm eager to show you what we've done too!
shadowrun bump
Haven't been on /tg/ in a while (covid killed my games so I kinda stopped lurking last year) but I'm glad that I stumbled on a new Shadowrun storytime of all things when I popped back in. Reading these right now from the first thread and enjoying quite a bit, nice work lad. Shall continue to read these as long as you write em
Thanks! That means a lot for me!

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